These profiles represent (for the most part) individuals. Certain collective beings may be found here as well. Heroes and Villains, Cosmic entities, and civilians are the major examples.

D-18 (Wolverine/Fantomex/Noh-Varr foe)

Da Costa, Emmanuel (Hellfire Club, Sunspot's father) - by Norvo

Da Costa, Roberto (Sunspot)

da Lima, Renata (Nata)

D.A. Loran (Daredevil character)

Daak (prison warden, Thanos victim) - by Chadman

Daak, Abslom of unrevealed reality (Maruthea, Bonjaxx's Bar patrons, Dalek slayer)

Daakor (Axi-Tun, Nova foe)

Daboia, Russell (Hellcat and Avengers foe) - by Proto-Man

Dad (Daedalus Darquill)

"dad of mad" (Captain Hip)

D'Addario, Tina of Earth-Greenberg

Daddy (Zebra Daddy)

Daddy Do-Right (Daredevil character)

Daddy Longlegs (Spider-Woman foe)

Daddy Wronglegs (Punisher/Fantastic Four foe) - by Markus Raymond

Dadi, Abu Ho (Bagmom)

Dae, Kwong (Calculator, Happy Campers)

Daemon (X.S.E. foe) - by Grendel Prime

Daemon, Alisabeth (Lady Daemon's sister)

Daemon, Megan (Lady Daemon)

Daemond (Morbius foe)

Daffy (Trouble-Shooters, 1950s adventurer)

Dagda (Celtic God) - by Will U

Dagger (Old West, el Sombro foe)

Dagger (Tandy Bowen)

Dagger (Alicia Masters) of Earth-7316 (Millennial Visions) - by Proto-Man

Dagmar, Jenn (WFET news anchor)

Dagon (Conan god) - by Will U and Greg O

Dagon (Baron Karza robot) - by Grendel Prime

Dagoth (demon, Dr. Strange foe)

Dahlgren, Nikki (Brand Corporation, Mosaic character)

Dahlia ?? (She-Hulk character) - by Will U

Dahlia (vampire, Dracula/Blade foe)

"Dahlia the Demon" (Dahlia)

Dahn, Sawalha (Farnoq Dahn, Hulk character) - by Stunner

Dahn, Jalfaha (New Warriors character)

Dai'andral (Shi'ar, killed by Vulcan) - by Chadman

Daillus the Daring (Asgardian god) - by Shiryu

Daily, David (Sleepwalker character) - by LV

Daimon Hellstrom (Hellstorm)

Daisuke (Downer)

Daisy (Omega Flight foe) - by Proto-Man

"Daisy" (Rose, Phillip Hayes)

Daisy ?? (social media influencer, Millie the Model ally) - by Chadman

Daisy the Frost Giant (singing Jotunheim giant) - by Chadman

Daisy Etta ("Killdozer")

Daito (Snakeroot)

Daïzonest, Kuhrra (Brazilian mutant, Wolverine foe) - by Loki

Dakari (Shi'ar, Rom character)

Daken of Earth-13133 (son of Wolverine, Horseman of Death) - by Proto-Man

Dakimh the Enchanter (Man-Thing/Spider-Man character)

Dakini (Hydra, Captain America foe) - by Chadman

Dakir, Abu (Mogul)

Dakkamite Elect (Power Platoon)

Dakkon (Conan foe) - by Grendel Prime

"D'Aknopf" (N'Grith)

Dakor, Yogi (Terrible Trio)

Dakota Kid (Frank Yarrow, Old West sheriff) - by Grendel Prime

Dakota Kid (Old West outlaw) - by Grendel Prime

Dakota Kid (Cliff Morgan, Old West, Rawhide Kid foe) - by Grendel Prime

Dakr't (Skrull, Carpiax IV)

Dal (Kree soldier)

Dalabuur (alien, Silver Surfer character) - by Stunner

Dalca (Vlad the Impaler agent)

Dale (Brood)

Dale (Deadpool foe)

Dale, Frank ("A Man Destroyed", TV movie character)

Dale, Dr. Marc (Professor X ally)

D'Alescio, Marguerite (Legion of the Damned)

Daley, Gary (encountered Zagan)

Daley, Rupert (encountered Joe the Jinn)

Daley, Susy (Gary's wife)

Dalia the Shape-Changer (Spider-Man/Valkyrie foe)

Dalili (Conan character)

Dalindra (Kâli, Cult of Kâli)

Dallas, Commander Frank (Silvereye)

Dallas Kid (Old West hero) - by John Kaminski

Dalton, Alec (Super Soldiers) - by Changeling

Dalton, Amanda (18th century witch) - by Spidermay

Daly, Pam (Roadkill creator)

Daly, Samuel Clement ("Scoop" Daly)

Damadan, Yassin (Elektra character)

Damage (Punisher and Wolverine foe)

Damascene (Bible John)

Damasco (Rockhouse Operation)

Damask (Wasteland dimension, Rose of Purity, Defenders character)

Dam-Ayido (Damballah)

Damballah (African/Voodoo God)

Damballah (Brother Voodoo foe)

Damballah (spawn of Set)

Dame Aramanthe (Satana character)

Dame Efford (Fantastic Four character)

Dame Kackle (Golden Age, Defender foe) - by Grendel Prime

Damek the Earth-Shaker (Darkhawk ally) - by The ExWhaler

Damiano, Nick (Phoenix (Rachel Summers) character) - by Chadman

Damien (Enclave)

Damien (Blade character) - by Markus Raymond

Damien, Richard of Earth-760207 (wealthy businessman, Spider-Man character) - by Proto-Man

Damien Kravenov of Earth-91918 (former pet of Kraven)

Damiru (Shanna the She-Devil foe)

Damoc, Dal (Wayfinder)

Damocles (Thor foe)

Damola (Jabari tribe)

Damon of Earth-665 (police officer, noticed Forbush Man leaving crime scene) - by MarvellousLuke & Proto-Man

Damon Conquest of New Universe (Justice foe)

Damon the Man-God (Ka-Zar foe) - by Grendel Prime

Damos (Darbian, Fantastic Four foe)

Dampyre (Star Masters foe) - by Prime Eternal

Damson (Warpies)

Damyish, Harith (Starlord foe)

Dan ?? (Ophrah Industries security guard)

Dan ?? (friend of Don Smith)

Dana ?? (clerk at Supreme Court)

Danad (Sagittarian)

Dana'e, Tana'ri (alien Intergalactic Network reporter) - by Proto-Man

Danak (Denak)

Dan-Ayido-Hwedo (Damballah)

Danby, Sharps (Old West, Jim Torgan victim)

Dance, Willie (X the Marvel)

Dancer (Tri-Man)

Dancer, Ben (Two-Gun Kid's mentor) - by John Kaminski

Dancer, Jack of Ultraverse (Foxfire ally) - by Grendel Prime

Dandre (Kree, Ultra-Girl "mentors")

Dandridge, Rachel (Rick Jones co-act, Mordecai P. Boggs client) - by Prime Eternal

Dandruff, Clairol possibly of Earth-665 (Captain Mar-Vinn character, Not Brand Ecch)

"Dandy" (Rachel Dandridge)

Dane (Litter)

Dane, Clark (professor, encountered the Gool)

Dane, Elias (horror character) - by Prime Eternal

Dane, Lorna (Polaris)

Dane, Zala (Zaladane, Polaris' alleged sister)

Danette of Earth-79213 (Conan character) - by Sammy 7D

Danforth (police chief, Daredevil character)

Dangbe (Damballah)

D'Angelo, August (Julie Angel relative, Roxxon)

D'Angelo, Juliette (Julie Angel)

Danger (Damballah)

Danger (Marvel Italia, Euroforce member) - by Wolfhead & Loki with help from Angelon Mammone

Danger Kong (digital entity created by Emulator)

Danger Mina (Damballah)

Danger Mouse (attended Saturnyne's trial on Earth-622)

Danger Peanut (squirrel)

Dangerous Dan (fugitive, Homer Ghost character)

Dangor of Inniverse

Danh (Damballah)

Dan Houeza (Damballah)

Dania (Red Raven)

Daniel ?? (psychotherapist, Daredevil character)

Daniel ?? (knocked down by Sabretooth)

Daniel (Savage Land tribesman) - by Proto-Man

Daniel, Darrel (Man-Thing character) - by Future

Daniel, Milo (Darrel's father)

Daniel, Zoe (Darrel's mother)

Danielle (Jotunheim Frost Giant assigned to Canada)

Daniels (Spear, Mangler's brother)

Daniels (Mangler)

Daniels, Chris (Suicide)

Daniels, Drew (Texas Twister)

Daniels, Henry (1950s, encountered Zeraphon)

Daniels, Jack (Power Man character)

Daniels, Jack (fallen angel Lucifer host)

Daniels, Marcus (Blackout)

Daniels, Norman (dated Judy Parker)

Daniels, Norman (museum director) - by Chadman

Dann (Ruby Scarab creator)

Danner, Hugo (The Real World's first super-hero) - by Per Degaton

Danni (squirrel, Squirrel Girl ally)

Danning, Lt. (LAPD officer)

Danning, Mr. (Uncanny Tales) - by Future

Danning, Donald "Dilbert" (1950s, "Boot-Camp" Brady character)

Danning, Sandra (1950s, Leopard Girl foe)

Danning, Sheila (Hawkeye foe) - by Prime Eternal

Danny ?? (art student, Blonde Phantom character)

Danny ?? (Mona Rand victim)

Danny ?? (1950s ghost) - by Spidermay

Danny ?? (Organization)

Danny ?? (Cloud's template)

Danny ?? (bystander during Apocalypse attack)

Danny ?? (police officer)

Danny Boy (Sentry foe) - by LV!

Danny Guitar (drug dealer, Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Dan Petro (Damballah)

Dansen Macabre (Night Shift member, Shroud foe) - by Norvo

Dansker (Satana foe)

Danson, Marc (Guardsman, Guardsman (Pascal Tyler) foe)

Dant, Lester Leroy (Daredevil character)

Dante (Shadow Consortium member)

Dante, Aurora of Earth-8107 (Lightwave, Iceman's half-sister)

Dante, Ed of Ultraverse (friend of Firearm/Alec Swan)

Dantes, Dr. Edwina (Shadow City)

Danting, Dennis (Golden Age, Silver Scorpion character)

Danting, Mrs. (Golden Age, Silver Scorpion character)

Danton Vayla (Brotherhood of Baal)

Danu (Gaea, Earth-Mother goddess)

Danvers, Carol (Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel)

Danu (Celtic Gods, Gaea)

Danvers, Joseph (Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) father) - by Spidermay

Danvers, Joseph Jr. (Carol's younger brother)

Danvers, Marie (Carol's mother) - by Spidermay

Danvers, Paul (Guardsman, Guardsman (Pascal Tyler) foe)

Danvers, Steve J. (Carol's brother)

Danville, Sen. Owen (former US Army colonel turned anti-mutant senator) - by Proto-Man

Dan Yi (Damballah)

Dao (Wolverine foe)

Dap (extraterrestrial employee of Funtzel Intergalactic Towing & Recovery)

Daphne (Riot)

Dara (Atlantean, Namor's cousin) - by Chadman

Daramulum (Aboriginal God)

D'Arbanville, Clementine (Northstar character)

Dar-Benn (former Kree leader, Avengers character) - by Markus Raymond

Dar'bikk (Shi'ar, X-Men foe)

Darby, Mr. (Venom character)

Darby, John (Old West, Red Wolf foe) - by Grendel Prime

Darby, Randall (Shocker/Paralyzer)

Darceneaux, Genevieve (Gambit lover) - by Zerostar

"Darcey, Darren" (Strange Ones)

D'Arden, Mansfield "Manslaughter" (champion bar fighter)

Dare of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character) - by Skullogeist

Dare, Ananais of Earth-311 (1602 AD)

Dare, Dan of Odhams Earth (attended Special Squad Christmas party)

Dare, Dan (sci-fi hero)

Dare, Gordon Fitzwilliam (Silver Squire, Freedom's Five)

Dare, Hugh Fitzwilliam (Sir Steel, Freedom's Five)

Dare, Ian Fitzwilliam (Templar, First Line)

Dare, Janice (Hilda Zemo)

Dare, Rossalyn (Squire's wife)

Dare, Virginia of Earth-616

Dare-a-Day Davy of Odhams Earth (Pow! staff)

Daredevil (Ideaverse, Headless Horseman's horse)

Daredevil (Matt Murdock)

Daredevil of Earth-1610 (Raymond Connor, vampire) - by Grendel Prime

Daredevil of Earth-8982 (Richard Fisk)

Daredevil of Earth-8545 (Vi-Locks)

Dare-Double (Hostess, Man With 999 Faces)

Darek (future time traveler, 1950s World of Mystery) - by Ron Fredricks

Darg (Zeraphon)

Dargil (Alpha Flight foe)

Daria (Prime Sentinel, Generation X character) - by Norvo

Darin (Javelin, Spaceknight of Galador)

Darius (Conan foe) - by Spidermay

Darius (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Dark (demon, foe of Red Sonja)

Dark, Professor (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Dark Aegis of Earth-534834 (Marvel Action hour, Iron Man foe) - by LV!

Dark Agent of Chthon (Nezaral)

Darkangel (Angel of Death)

Dark Angel (Deb and Don Ritter, Kro and Thena's kids) - by Prime Eternal

Dark Angel (Marvel UK)

Dark Angel of Earth-7888 - by Jean-Marc Lofficier, Doc Savage & Snood

Dark Art (She-Hulk foe) - by Norvo

Dark Claw of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character) - by Proto-Man

Dark Counsel (Watcher, Realm of Blackbodies, partial entry)

Dark-Crawler (formerly Night-Crawler)

Dark Design (Hidden)

Dark Destroyer (Midnight Sun)

Dark Dreadnought (Firefrost)

Dark Druid (Mordred the Evil)

Dark Dweller (Thor foe) - by Prime Eternal

Dark Forbush-Man of Earth-665 (Forbush Man/Irving Forbush)

Dark God (Rune)

Darkholme, Raven (Mystique)

Darkholme, Raphael-Raven of Earth-797 (Mystiq, New Exiles)

Darkholme, Rogue of Earth-1043 (Brotherhood, Millennial Visions)

Dark Horse (Devourer of Souls' steed)

Dark Hunter (Franklin Richards aspect)

Dark Huntress (Selene, Black Queen)

Dark Kleenex of Reality-88131 (ALF ally) - by Grendel Prime

Dark Knight of Astralon (Medieval World/Skrull playground)

Dark Lady (Tisiphone, Furies)

Dark Legion (Lilin, Vengeance foe) - by Markus Raymond

Darklens (Weirdworld villain) - by Prime Eternal

Darklock, Ajar'l of reality-8116 (Empirical galaxy)

Darklock, Cula of reality-8116 (Ajar'l's mother)

Darklock, Lena of reality-8116 (Ajar'l's wife)

Darklock, Ravol of reality-8116 (Ajar'l's son)

Darklock, Woolfor of reality-8116 (Ajar'l's father)

Darklon (sorcerer)

dark lord (Mephisto)

Dark Lord (Pluto, Olympian)

Dark Lord (false god of Black Talon)

Dark Lord (Khult)

Dark Lord of all that is Evil (Mephisto)

Darklore (Adam Warlock character)

Darklove (Ghost Rider foe) - by Markus Raymond

Dark Mairi of the Shore (Spider-Man character)

Dark Man (Thor foe)

Dark Man (Marvel UK, Spider-Man foe)

"Dark Man" (Abraxas)

Dark Master (Moondark's master)

Dark Messiah (Daredevil foe)

Dark Moon of Earth-9209 (alternate Moon Knight)

"Darkness" (Predator)

Dark Night of the Soul (Brain Drain)

"Dark Nut Detective" of Earth-20226 (Bat-Squirrel/Tippy-Toe)

Dark Ock (Octopals member)

Darkon of Earth-8107 (Camelot-era demon servant of Mordred)

Dark One (Wyrm)

Dark One (5th century, Brogar, King of the Picts)

dark one (sea snake, slain by Garrok)

Dark One (Deacon Frost)

Darkos Edge (Satana foe)

Darkoth the Death-Demon (Fantastic Four/Thor/Excalibur character) - by Spidermay, Per Degaton & Snood

Dark Overlord of Earth-58472 (Howard Movie Adaptation, alternate earth Howard The Duck foe) - by Madison Carter

Dark Prince of Deceit (Pluto, Olympian)

Dark Raider of Earth-994 (Reed Richards, Fantastic Four foe)

Dark Rider (Salem Witch Trials, Spider-Man foe) - by Spidermay

Dark Rider (Marauder, Team America)

Dark-Riser (Former foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Dark Roger (Starfox character) - by Markus Raymond

Darkshorn (Myth-Realm, Hulk foe)

Darkstar of Earth-987 (Soviet Super-Soldiers)

Darkstar of Earth-3470 (Soviet Super-Soldiers)

Darkstrider (Shang-Chi foe) - by Spidermay

Dark Tower (Chess Set)

Darkveil (Darnell Wade, drag queen mutant) - by MarvellousLuke

Darkwater of Eurth (Hydro-Man counterpart) - by Proto-Man

Darkwave (Flood character)

Dark Wind (Daredevil/Wolverine character)

"Darkest Night" (Wayeb)

Darla ?? (Bratpack/Fatboys, Daredevil character) - Chadman

Darlene ?? (Deadpool foe)

"'Darling' of the Roller Derby" (Blue Streak)

Darnak (Levians)

Darque, Jonathan (Magma, Roxxon Oil Company)

Darquill, Daedalus of New Universe (Justice foe)

Darrance, "Deadshot" (Black Widow foe)

Darrell ?? (friend of Calvin, Li'l Kids comedy character)

Darren of Earth-93121 (Knights of Justice)

Darrow, Melissa (Magdalene, possible name)

Darryl ?? (Sleepy Hollow resident, Johnny Blaze character) - by Proto-Man

Darter (Spider-Man/White Tiger foe) - by Minor Irritant

Darth Vader (Marvel Universe version of the Sith Lord) - by Loki

Darth_Vapelord (Flatman's online gaming friend) - by Proto-Man

Daruma (Widdle Wade's dog)

Darvin, William (Hydra agent, Team America foe) - by Chadman

Darwin, Glenn (Sun Girl foe) - by Grendel Prime

Daryl Rutabaga of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character)

Dasam, Saddam Abed (Elektra foe) - by Markus Raymond

Daschundkicker, Fritz (Nazi agent, Winston S. Quaill character)

Dash of Earth-928 (Spider-Man 2099 character) - by Zerostar

Dashire, Iman (Mandala, Gemini member)

DaSilva, Enrique of Ultraverse (Prime/Lizard foe) - by Grendel Prime

Dass, Vishnu (Gargoyle character)

Dastoor, Aloba of Earth-92131 (Monsoon, Haven's brother, X-Men '92 cartoon)

Dastoor, Radha of Earth-92131 (Haven, X-Men '92 cartoon)

Databus (non-sentient executive assistant, Tony Stark ally)

Data Pirate of Earth-928 (Spider-Man 2099 foe) - by Zerostar

Datavore (Fantastic Four creature) - by Proto-Man

daughter of the matriarch of the Eyriennes of Other Earth

Daughter of Creation (Dr. Victoria Frankenstein)

Daughter of Mephisto (Mephista)

Daughter of the Moon (Selene, Black Queen)

Dauntless (Alec Dalton)

Dauoi, Mortimer (Project: PEGASUS, zombie scientist) - by Grendel Prime

D'Auria, Jack (Shriker)

Davalte, Lupos (Conan foe) - by Spidermay

Davan, Rieg (Powerhouse)

Dave ?? (encountered Thing from Planet X)

Dave ?? (NYPD)

Dave ?? (Mr. Fear (Saxon) foe)

Dave ?? (reporter, Daredevil character)

Dave ?? (V.I.G.I.L.)

Dave ?? (college friend of Victoria Anderson)

Dave ?? (Channel 4 cameraman) - by Proto-Man

Dave ?? (paramedic, New York City)

Davenport, Jacqueline (The Ripper)

Davey ?? (Daredevil character)

Davi Naka (Madripoor god, Sword Master character) - by Grendel Prime

David ?? (security guard of Cleo Vanderlip)

David ?? (attorney, Daredevil character)

David ?? (Postman of the Chicago Morlocks)

David, James (Rumbler)

David, son of Jesse (King David)

David, Varen (Hercules, Golden Age hero)

David, Dr. Vincent (Golden Age, Hercules (Varen David) father)

Davidoff (Russian agent, Black Widow/Daredevil foe)

Davidson, Paul (Nova character)

Davies, Charles (Cardiac foe)

da Vinci, Leonardo robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

Davis (Jann foe)

Davis (Winston Walker bodyguard, Spider-Man foe)

Davis (SHIELD agent)

Davis (Mercy Corporation)

Davis (detective, Pulse character) - by Chadman

Davis (S.H.I.E.L.D. agent)

Davis (squirrel, Squirrel Girl ally)

Davis (Glenville, Long Island, Human Torch (Storm) character)

Davis, Andrew (Spider-Man character) - by G Morrow

Davis, Anthony (Ringer/Strikeback)

Davis, Avril (S.T.R.I.K.E. Psi Division)

Davis, Daniel (Deathgrin)

Davis, Ginny (Marvel romance character) - by Grendel Prime

Davis, Harley (Motormouth, Marvel UK)

Davis, Leila (Spider-Man, Thunderbolts character) - by the Beetle

Davis, Leroy (Missouri Marauders)

Davis, Mr. (Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Davis, Raymore (scientist, empowered Human Top (Bruce Bravelle))

Davis, Reuben (Zohar)

Davis, Rocky (Yellow Claw foe)

Davis, Sgt. (S.H.I.E.L.D. commando unit)

Davis, Tommy (vampire victim)

Davos (Steel Serpent)

Davros, Theodore "Theo" (Therak, Deathweb)

Dawes, Harry (encountered Stone Men)

Dawes, Vic of Odhams Earth (Python pilot, attended Special Squad Christmas party)

Dawkins (V.I.G.I.L.)

Dawkins, Morgan (vampire, Vampire Tales)

Dawn (Hellbent)

Dawn Star (Old West, Red Warrior character)

Dawood, Mrs. (Inhuman, Champions character) - by Chadman

Dawson, Andy (Reaper's son)

Dawson, Benito (Red Rim Canyon rancher, Texas Kid character)

Dawson, Big Daddy (Ghost Rider/Blaze foe)

Dawson, Duke (Satan Squad)

Dawson, Gary (Big Daddy Dawson)

Dawson, Louis (Reaper)

Dawson, Nathaniel (Old West Quaker lawman, Kid Colt character)

Day (Mister Jip servant, Cloak & Dagger foe) - by Markus Raymond

Day, Jackson (Corruptor)

Day, Phil (1931, Daily Bugle editor)

Day, Wilbur (Stilt-Man)

Day, Zelda (Princess Python)

Daya (Inhuman of Utolan, Maternal Council of Elders)

Daydra (Sagittarian, Hulk character)

Daydreamer (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

Dayelite (Lightning Bolt foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Dayes, Shabby (Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) character) - by Markus Raymond

Daylight (M.U.D. foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Dayne, Gloria (Fontanelle)

Daystar of Earth-398 (Photon (Rambeau), Queen's Vengeance)

Dayton, Beverly (romance character) - by Grendel Prime

Daze (Warrant foe) - by Ronald Byrd

Daze, Harry "Happy" (Nova/Spider-Man foe)

"Dazz" (Burt Worthington)

Dazzler (Burt Worthington, X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Dazzler (X-Force)

Dazzler (Alison Blaire)

DC (Deathcry)

D'Chel the Deceptor (Dark God)

D'Compose of Earth-87119 (Inhumanoid, Earth Corps foe) - by Grendel Prime

Ddraig Goch (Welsh Dragon)

De Diamond, Maxwell of Earth-9413 (Death Wreck character)

De Diamond, Olivia of Earth-9413 (Maxwell's daughter)

de Glasse, Antoine of Jarabesht (Lord High Protector)

de Guadalupe Santiago, Maria (Silverclaw)

de la Fuente, Horacio (Silver Surfer character) - by Markus Raymond

de la Joya, Maria (Sister Maria)

de las Heras, Maria Aracely Josefina Penalba (Hummingbird)

De Lys, Catherine of Reality-80324 (Paradox character)

De Lys, Vincent of Reality-80324 (Catherine's husband)

de Manger Beacoup Ducanard, Alphonse of Earth-15110 (Ducanard)

De Molen (Netherlands, Superhelden Agenda)

de Noli, Pedro (Trovao)

de Peyraud, Renee (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

De Rico, Ramon (Jaguar)

de Ruyter, Andreas (Black Panther and Storm foe)

Deacon (Old West, Cliff Macklin's horse)

Deacon (Lifeline, Harriers)

Deacon (Shroud foe) - by Prime Eternal

"Deacon" John (Deadzone)

Deacon, Ray (Mister X, wrestler)

Deacon, Richard (Fly)

Deacon, Tina (NYPD detective, Daredevil character)

Dead (Marvel (Mark Holly) foe)

Deadaim (Spider-Man foe) - by Spidermay

Deadair (Death Sponsors, Mojoverse, X-Men foe)

Deadbolt (Dark Riders, X-Men/Wolverine foe) - by Chadman

Dead Cert of Earth-5555 (Death's Head (FPA) character) - by MarvellousLuke

Dead Clown of Earth-88469 (Force America foe) - by Grendel Prime

Dead Diamond (Living Diamond)

Deadeye of Ultraverse (Exiles (Deming) character)

Deadeye of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character) - by Skullogeist

Deadeye (Mutant Liberation Front) - by Prime Eternal

"Dead-Eye" Derrick (World War II fighter pilot) - by Grendel Prime

Deadeye Dick (Wolverine foe)

Dead George Pelham (early 20th century, Street Arabs, Runaways character) - by Loki

Dead Girl (X-Statix character) - by Proto-Man

Deadhead (Headshop)

Deadhead (Nova foe) - by Spidermay

Deadline (Sunfire foe) - by Kyle Smith

"Deadly Delilah" (Delilah, Spider-Man foe)

Deadly Diamondhead (Diamondhead/Arch Dyker)

Deadly Ernest (Alpha Flight foe) - by Norvo

Deadly Headley (vampire)

Deadmaker (Spider-Man foe) - by Minor Irritant

Deadmaker (Gregori Anatolovich, Deadmaker's father)

Deadman (Dead Donnelly)

Deadpool of Earth-1036 (Millennial Visions) - by Proto-Man

Deadpool ("Wade Wilson")

Deadpool (Foolkiller/Greg Salinger, Mercs for Money)

Deadpool (Madcap, Mercs for Money)

Deadpool (Slapstick/Steve Harmon, Mercs for Money)

Deadpool (Stingray/Walter Newell, Mercs for Money)

Deadpool (Terror, Mercs for Money)

Dead Ringer (Captain America foe)

"Deadshot" Darrance (Black Widow foe)

Deadspot of Earth-982 (Spider-Girl foe) - by Minor Irritant

Deadzone (Moon Knight foe) - by Markus Raymond

"Deaf Melon" Washington (Swamp City)

Deal, Ed (Iron Man character)

Dealer (Spider-Man foe, Hobgoblin ally) - by Stunner

dealer (Mr. Fantastic & Miles H foes)

Dean, Constance (mother of Golden Age Ka-Zar (David Rand))

Dean, Jason (Photon)

Dean, Jim (1950s, father of Baby)

Dean, Martha (1950s, mother of Baby)

Dean, Walter (Satana foe)

Dean Smith (Daredevil character)

Dean Wilkerson (Marvel UK, Rick Jones character) - by Loki

Deane, Lois (1950s, girlfriend of Mac Grant)

Deaner, Mrs. (former teacher of Maya Lopez)

DeAngleo, Devlin (Hulk foe) - by Minor Irritant

Dearborn, Arthur (Sunturion, Roxxon operative)

Dearth, Donny (Imperium Emporium)

Dearth, Tortuga (Imperium Emporium)

Dea-Sea (Kree, starship captain)

Death (Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse)

Death (Firebolt (Sloan) )

Death (Kx'ulthuum)

Death (Captain America foe) - by Markus Raymond

Death (Rune)

Death of Earth-5701 (Archangel)

Death of Earth-92131 (ancient Egyptian mutant, X-Men '92 cartoon) - by MarvellousLuke

Death of Earth-19411 (Back Issue magazine, pleased with everyone staying dead) - by Proto-Man

Death Adder (Serpent Society member, Scourge victim) - by SQUEAK

Death Adder (replacement, Serpent Society member) - by SQUEAK

"Death Angel" of Ultraverse (Lost Angel)

Deathbird of Earth-88469 (Dead Clown foe) - by Grendel Prime

Deathbird construct (Yon-Rogg creation, Captain Marvel (Danvers) foe)

Deathborg of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character)

Deathcharge (Namor foe) - by Kyle Smith

Deathcry (Shi'ar, honorary Avengers member) - by Elf with a Gun

Death-Dealer (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Death-Dealer of Earth-8410 (C-28, Baintronics)

Deathdevil (metafictional version of Daredevil) - by Chadman

Death-Flame (Demon-Fire, Morbius foe)

Death God (Abdul Alhazred)

Deathgrin (Nightwatch foe) - by Spidermay

Deathgrip (Captain Mar-Vell foe) - by Spidermay

Deathgrip (Dazzler foe) - by Spidermay

Death Hand (Simon Bretnor, Shang-Chi foe)

"Deathless One" (Black Tarantula)

Deathlight of Eurth (Blackout/Living Laser counterpart) - by Proto-Man

Deathlok the Demolisher (Luther Manning) of Earth-7484

Deathlok (John Kelly, Siege)

Deathlok of Earth-10511 (Avengers/X-Force character)

Deathlok (Peter Parker/Spider-Man) of Earth-11045 - by MarvellousLuke

Deathlok-Cyborg of Earth-8799 (Luther Manning clone, Millennial Visions)

Deathlok L17 of Earth-10511 (General/Peacelok)

Deathlok Prime of Earth-10511 (Deathlok)

Deathlok Prime of Earth-10511 (General/Peacelok)

Death-Lord (Yama Dharma, The Nest)

Death-Maiden (Valkyrie, Brunnhilde)

Death Maker (Cosmic Blade foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Death-Man (Pluto, Olympian)

Death Man (Mortus)

Death Master (Comicsville foe)

Death Master (Night Raven foe) - by LV

Deathmaster of Eurth - by Proto-Man

Death Metal of Earth-8410 (Marvel UK)

Death Ninja (Ghost Rider foe) - by Madison Carter

Death Priestess (Nekra Sinclair)

Deathraven of Earth-691 (21st Century, Killraven foe/brother)

Death Reaper (Nekra's daughter, Gambit foe) - by Minor Irritant

Death's Boatman (River of Darkness)

Death's Head (Daredevil foe)

Death's Head (Death-Stalker, Daredevil foe)

Death's Head (Freelance Peacekeeping Agent) - by Changeling & Snood

Death's Head (Minion) (Marvel UK)

Death's Head V (Vee)

Death-Shield (Spider-Man foe) - by Zerostar

Deathsong of Earth-1136 (Ferret foe) - by Grendel Prime

Death-Stalker (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Death Stalker (Villains for Hire member) - by Hawkguy

Death-Sting (Iron Fist's half-sister) - by Chadman

Deathstorm (Spider-Man foe) - by Per Degaton

Deathstroke (Spider-Woman foe) - by Omar Karindu

Death That Walks (Tomazooma)

Death Tiger (Black Panther foe) - by Grendel Prime

Deathtoll (War Machine foe, Kâli worshipper) - by Prime Eternal

Deathtrap (Deadpool foe) - by Patrick D Ryall

Deathunt 9000 (Anachronauts)

Deathurge (Messenger of Death, Avengers/Doctor Strange/Great Lakes Avengers, etc. foe) - by Norvo

Death Watch (Children of the Dreaming Star, Microverse)

Deathwatcher (Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Death Wreck of Earth-8410 (Marvel UK)

Debb of Earth-691 (31st Century, Major Victory character) - by Markus Raymond

Debbie ?? (Punisher character)

Debon (Spider)

Debt-Worm (used to torture Blinky)

DeCade, Lenore (vampire, Dracula ally)

Decapitating god (Kah-Tah-Dhen)

Decathalon (Marvel Age character, lost in the vaults somewhere...) - by Monzo

Decay (Acolytes, Heroes for Hire foe) - by Norvo

Decay (Exemplars) - by the Beetle

December (demon, Hellstorm character)

Decent, Dash (inept space hero)

deChanteaux, Alphonse (Hand/Elektra target) - by Chadman

Decibel (aka Riot, Heavy Mettle)

Decibel, Anton of Earth-712 (Doctor Decibel)

Decimator (viral swarm)

"Deckelbaum" (Quintronic Man)

Decker (criminal, Daredevil foe)

Decker, Dran (WW2, Terror foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Declun, Walter (Damage Control, Wolverine foe) - by G Morrow

de Cordova, Fred (Johnny Carson's producer)

"Deco Devourer" (Crazy Magazine character)

"Decoy-5" (Mister Justice character) - by Ron Fredricks

Decyst, Daniel (Hulk character) - by Caesar Godzillatron

Dee, Jimmy (criminal informant, Spider-Man ally) - by Proto-Man

Dee, Dr. John (Elizabethan occultist and immortal) - by Loki

Dee, Johnny (X-Men foe) - by Chadman

Dee, Kimberly (Catwalk, Skrull Kill Krew)

Dee, Lorna (actress)

Deed-a-Day Danny (boy scout do-gooder)

Deena ?? (Inhumans character)

Deep (Spider-Man character)

Deep-Sea Dan (Dan Barrow, Sub-Mariner character)

Deep Sight (Marvel Italia, Euroforce member) - by Wolfhead & Loki with translation aid from Angelo Mammone

Deep Throat (Effigy)

Deep Throat (Gerard Arthur Dolan)

Deerborn, Delilah "Dee Dee" (Geiger)

Deering, Lt. (Captain America character)

Deeters, Wendell of Ultraverse

Deever, Milton (Nightmare victim) - by Grendel Prime

DeFalco, Louie "Lou" (DeFalco Gang)

DeFalco, Sid (DeFalco Gang)

DeFalco, "Tommy" (DeFalco Gang)

Defender (Golden Age hero) - by Grendel Prime

Defender (Puppet Master robot, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Defender (Akkers security robot, Doctor Who foe, Maruthea, Bonjaxx's Bar patron)

Defender of Justice (Old West, Aguila)

Defender of the Dozy (Macho-Man, British/Klaktonian hero)

Defense Commissioner Newsome (WWII defense commissioner, killed by Circus of Death) - by Chadman

Defensor (Contest of Champions, hero from Argentina) - by Prime Eternal

"Defiler" (Magdelena Kale)

Defiler (Avengers West Coast foe)

Defoe, Adrian (Viskid)

de Fontaine, Valentina Allegro of Earth-79101 (SHIELD)

Degenerate of Ultraverse (Solitaire foe) - by Grendel Prime

DeGioia, Barbara (Blazeye, Metahumes)

Degrogotti, Babs (made out with criminal Carmine)

DeGroot, Christine (Danish freedom fighter)

DeGroot, Josef (Danish freedom fighter, Christine's father)

DeGuzman, Randolph (Darkholders)

Dehman Doosha of New Universe (Psi-Force/Crasniye Solleetsi) - by Prime Eternal

Dehn, Randy (FBI, Man-Wolf character)

De Horst, Mike (Jim Hudson character)

Deilla (Arko's wife)

Dehydrator (H.E.A.T. leader, Hydrators foe)

Deianeira (Hercules' wife) - by Will U

Deimos (Olympian God, Dr. Strange foe)

Deity (Wayeb)

Dekker (Lunatic Legion)

Dekker, Carl (1950s vampire) - by Spidermay

Dekker, Lyle (Ameridroid)

Del, Hugh (Peter Parker character) - by G Morrow

Delacourt, Paul (Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Delacroix, Jerome (US Army, Venom clone enemy)

Delandan, Carl (Spider-Man/Mockingbird foe) - by Prime Eternal

Delandra (Half-Queen of Biphasia, Werewolf character)

Delaney (NYPD officer)

Delaney, Deanne (Iron Man character)

Delano, Erik (Hellstorm foe) - by Grendel Prime

Delano, Kristian (Seeker 3000, doctor) - by Prime Eternal

Delany, Capt. (NYPD police captain) - by Proto-Man

Delarosa, Marty (Guardsman)

Delator, Maxy (homeless man, Eddie Passim ally)

Delazny, Charles L. Jr. (Enforcer)

Delazny, Charles L. Sr. (Enforcer's father)

Delbert (Tantrum)

Delectrode (reading motivation kit, Spider-Man foe) - by Proto-Man

DeLeon (Julian's grandmother)

"Delgado" (Masters of the Matrix)

Delgado, Francis Xavier (spy for Mister Jip, former Catholic priest, Cloak & Dagger foe) - by Markus Raymond

Delgado, Marco (Acolytes, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Delgado, Luz (H.E.A.R.T.)

Delgado, Marrisa (NFL SuperPro character)

Delgado, Robert (Spitball, Brood Mutants)

del Hierro, Blanca (Order of Deacons)

Delight, Heater (Starfox character)

De'Lila (Skrull, Fantastic Four foe) - by Prime Eternal

Delilah (Doc Samson foe)

Delilah (Spider-Man foe) - by G Morrow

Delinquent (Infant Terrible)

DeLionatus, Anton (employed Spider-Squad)

Deliverer (Century)

Delman, Isabel (Bainwood Jury, found Bainwood not guilty)

Delon, Frances (Spider-Man character) - by Grendel Prime

DeLorentti, Maria of Ultraverse (Witch Hunter)

Delores (member of the Waterboys, Punisher foe)

Delph'goram, Shanga Fia (Shanga the Star-Dancer)

Delphi (Morlock) - by Chadman

Delphos of Earth-7614 (Sword in the Star)

Delphos (Shi'ar Imperial Guard) - by Prime Eternal

Delsoin, Antoine (Hypno-Hustler)

Delta (Warzone)

Delta Nine (Atlantean clone)

Delta Strike (squirrel, Squirrel Girl ally)

Deltite (LMD, secret leader of S.H.I.E.L.D.) - by Prime Eternal

Del Toro, Angela (White Tiger)

Del Toro, Marisol (White Tiger's sister)

Del Toro, Rey (White Tiger's brother) - by Chadman

Deluge (Avatars of the Mandarin)

Deluge (X-Men foe) - by Prime Eternal

Delusion (Dusk)

"Delusion" (Realm of Madness)

Del Wolverine, Ricardo (Santa Mafiosa soccer player) - by Loki

De Mal, Marc (Brute Force foe)

"de man" ("Demon")

De-Man (Derek Hoffman)

Demeityr (Eternals of Titan, lover of Sundragon) - by Prime Eternal

Demelza (Captain Britain character)

Dementia (Tia, Cadre)

Dementia (Nightmare character) - by Markus Raymond

Demeter (Olympian goddess) - by Will U

Demetrius (Iron Man foe)

Demi-God (Strike Force One, Hercules clone)

Deming, Dr. Rachel of Ultraverse (Exiles)

Demiurge (sentient life-force of Earth's bio-sphere)

Demo (D-Man)

Demogog Montano (Technarchy of Eopia)

Demogog Tansteele (Eopian Technarchy, Dark Guard character)

Demogorge (God Slayer) - by Will U and Per Degaton

Demolisher (Iron Man foe, Drexel Cord's robot)

Demolisher (Durok)

Demolisher (Deathlok)

Demolition Derby (Hostess character, Spider-Man foe) - by John Kaminski

Demolition Dunphy (D-Man)

Demolition Man (D-Man)

"de mon" ("Demon")

Demon (worked with Davey Drew, Golden Age)

"Demon" (1950s mutate/mutant) - by AvatarWarlord72

Demon (Demonicus)

Demon (Thor foe)

Demon (KISS)

"Demon" of Earth-8107 (robot used by Chameleon to capture Dr. Strange) - by David Lawrence

Demon (Project: Glamor)

demon (possessed Ed Windhart)

demon (servant of Aan Taanu)

demon (possessing Soulfire)

demon (The Hood foe, sought Hood's cloak) - by Proto-Man

"Demon Baby" (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Demon from Beyond (Xotli)

"Demon from the Deep" (Venus foe) - by John Kaminski

demon from the Quadriverse (Dr. Strange foe) - by Donald Campbell

Demon-God (Xotli)

Demon Huntress (Selene, Black Queen)

demon in a bar possibly Marduk Kurios or Mephisto

"demon in the black robes" (Frankenstein monster foe)

Demon in Your Head (Uncanny Tales)

Demon Lord (Pau-Styss)

Demon of the air (Ghost Flyer)

Demon of the Blood-Jewel (Equinus/Titan foe)

Demon of the Caves (Spider-Man/Thing foe)

Demon of the Dark (Necrodamus ally)

Demon of the Darkhold (Chthon)

Demon of the Della Gems (planet of the Aris)

Demon of the Diamonds (Namor character)

"Demon of the Dunes" (Martu, Arabian Knight foe) - by Markus Raymond

"Demon of the Lake" (Imp)

Demon of the Mask (Dr. Strange foe)

"Demon of the Moon" (Anamelech)

Demon of the Sands (Bloodstone foe)

Demon of Smoke (summoned by Zeriti)

Demon that Devoured Hollywood (movie, Jason Roland)

Demon Within of New Universe (Dehman Doosha)

Demon without Humor (Ekl'r)

Demon Druid (Mordred the Evil)

Demon Druid (Dredmund Druid)

Demon Druid (Ultimus, Kree Eternal)

Demonhand, Fafnir (Hyborian era)

Demonicus (Minions of Mordo)

Demon Mask (Devil Rider)

demon master of Orleans Cooper (Gambit character)

Demon-Mother (Kthara)

Demonolater (Wolf-Men of Valusia)

Demon Rider (Devil Rider)

Demon Rider (Kushala, Old West Sorcerer Supreme) - by Proto-Man

Demon Shade (Kull foe)

Demon-Slayer (Destroyer of Demons)

Demonstaff of Earth-8710 (Thor/Dargo foe)

Demon Sun of Earth-9010

Demon-Woman (Zephra)

DeMore, Jay (Crooked Man)

Dempsey (High Evolutionary's first New Man) - by John Kaminski

Den Vakre (Thor/Deadpool foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Denak (Dr. Strange character) - by Spidermay

Denakk (Denak)

DeNatale, Robert (Spider-Man foe) - by the Beetle

Denbrow, Pete (Old West, Dakota Kid (Yarrow) foe)

Dendrok (New Inhuman Elite)

Denebo Aruc II (Denebo Aruc III's father)

Denebo Aruc III (Gorvernor of Wukar)

Deng (Dr. Strange foe)

Denham (Metallak)

Denham, Paul (Legion of Living Lightning)

Deniro, Palmer (Paladin)

Denis ?? (Daredevil character)

Dennehy, Robert (WFET news anchor) - by Chadman

Denning, Gale (1950s, Robert's wife)

Denning, Paul (Paladin)

Denning, Robert (1950s, horror character) - by Grendel Prime

Dennis, Marty (architect, Eric Masterson friend) - by Prime Eternal

Dennis, Melinda (Sir victim)

Dennis, Peter (FBI, investigated Markham Moros)

Dennison (Kingpin henchman)

Dennison, Richard "Rick" L. (Firebrand)

Denny ?? (encountered Hungry One)

Denny ?? (college friend of Victoria Anderson)

Dent, Dee of Ultraverse (Siren's aunt)

Dent, Hal (Wyoming Kid, Old West character) - by Grendel Prime

Denti, Carl (X-Cutioner)

Denti, Carla (Captain Ultra character)

Dentifris, Pierre (le Beaver)

"Dentist" (Band of Baddies)

Dentist (Dr. Ned Zane, Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Denton, Alvin (Defenders character) - by Chadman

Denton, Dr. Doyle (WW2, Phantom of the Underworld)

Denton, Dr. Oliver (Slapstick foe)

Denzile of Earth-8394 (Kamado)

Deol, Adhira (Grid's mother)

Deol, Anoop (Grid's father)

Deol, Devi (Grid's sister)

Deol, Dinesh (Grid)

DePaul, Alex (rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. agent) - by Prime Eternal

Dephine (Aerian, Ka-Zar foe)

DePrayve (Werewolf foe) - by Prime Eternal

"Department H Wolverine" (Weapon X synthoids)

Depression (Mindscape, Sleepwalker foe)

Depresso (Xavier's School Rejects)

Deputy Dopy (Avengers character) - by Proto-Man

Deputy Beauregard Feiffer (Fantastic Four character)

Deragon, Vince (Las Vegas crimelord, hired Terror Inc.) - by Chadman

Derath (Black Goliath ally)

Derek ?? (driver, possessed by Mosaic)

Derevkova, Anya (Black Widow, World War II)

Dering, Randolph (Moorlands Monster)

Dermot (Seeker 3000)

Derneg (Conan character)

Dernier, Jacques (French resistance, Sgt. Fury ally) - by Prime Eternal

DeRoma, Matthew ("Scrier Jr.", Spider-Man foe) - by Minor Irritant

Derrick and his Wife (Psychobabble personality)

Derrick, "Dead-Eye" (World War II fighter pilot) - by Grendel Prime

Derrin (Sons of the Serpent, Daredevil foe)

Derringer Kid (Old West character) - by Grendel Prime

Derry, Jim (1948, Namora foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Dervish (criminal mutant, X-Men foe) - by Chadman

Derwyddon (Gargoyle character) - by Chadman

Des (Highwayman victim)

des Wakandas, T'Challa of Earth-9591 (Ruins) (Black Panther Party)

Desadia (Gabriel the Devil-Hunter's partner)

Desalvio, J.B. (Goliath/Wasp foe) - by Proto-Man

Descard, Phil (Lord of the Plants, Berserkers)

Deseronto, Kateri (Coldheart)

Desert Demon (Dibbuk)

Deserter (Hostess character, Captain America foe) - by John Kaminski

"Desert Lizard" (Ghost Miner's pet)

Desford, Cressida (Dominic's mother)

Desford, Derek (Dominic's father)

Desford, Dominic (X-Factor character) - by Markus Raymond

Desidera (Inhuman) - by Chadman

Designate (Thor Girl)

deSilva, Carlos (Pacer, Gene Dogs)

Desinna (Spider-Man, aliens)

Desire (Thor foe)

Desiree, Charisma (Blade/Morbius character) - by Markus Raymond

Desiree, Newton (Charisma's father)

Desiree, Zinnea (Charisma's mother)

Desjardins, Guy (Weapon X) of Earth-199406

Desmond ?? (Werewolf foe)

Desmond, Alan (HYDRA foe) - by Prime Eternal

Desmond, Sir Phillip (scientist, Alan's father)

Desolation (Hungry)

D'Espana, Lolita (Captain America (Jeff Mace) character)

Desperate Dennis (Macho-Man idol)

Despoiler of Planets (Terminus)

Destine, Florence (ClanDestine, older clairvoyant) - by Proto-Man

Destine, Garth (ClanDestine, deceased member) - by Proto-Man

Destine, Gracie (ClanDestine, X-Men character) - by Proto-Man

Destine, Lance (ClanDestine, deceased member) - by Proto-Man

Destine, Maurice (ClanDestine, alias Maurice Fortuit)

Destine, Nathaniel (ClanDestine character) - by MarvellousLuke

Destine, Rik (ClanDestine member) - by MarvellousLuke

Destine, Sherlock (ClanDestine, deceased member) - by Proto-Man

Destine, Thaddeus (ClanDestine, 14th century) - by MarvellousLuke

Destiny of Earth-8310 (Paul Destine)

Destiny (Irene Adler, X-Men character) - by Norvo

Destroyer (communist)

Destroyer (Buck Franklin)

Destroyer (Shiva, The Nest)

Destroyer (alternate reality Asgardian god, proposed Thor animated series)

Destroyer (Maruthea, Bonjaxx's Bar patron, Doctor Who foe)

Destroyer (Lorelei, Asgardian)

Destroyer (Shiva, Weapon X robot)

Destroyer of Earth-983107

Destroyer (S'met'kth the Messiah)

"Destroyer of All That is Good" (Dreamkiller/Alex Tennyson)

Destroyer of Demons (Ghost Rider foe) - by Spidermay

Destroyer of Dimmorz (Grimm, Conan foe)

Destroyer of Galaxies of "Earth-93112" (Magus)

Destroyer of Life (Tryphon)

Destroyer of the World (Firebolt (Sloan) )

Destroyer of Worlds (Rune)

Destructoid (Diamondhead weapon) - by John Kaminski

Destructon (Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Destructor (Ms. Marvel foe) - by Spidermay

Destructor (Spider-Man (Octavius) foe) - by Minor Irritant

Detective Barton (investigated Walter Hamill)

Detective Burnings (Ruby Thursday character)

Detective Butler (Morbius character) - by Markus Raymond

Det. Chief Inspector Macadamia (Chrrt-chuk who pretends to be a spy)

Detective Mike Corson (NYPD detective, Howard the Duck character) - by Chadman

Detective Craig (White Tiger (Del Toro) character) - by Chadman

Detective Crocket (Daredevil character)

Detective Dan (Lightning ally, Texas detective) - by Proto-Man

Detective Davis (Daredevil character)

Detective Davis (Pulse character) - by Chadman

Detective Fonti (Deadpool character)

Detective Greene (NYPD detective, Cole North ally)

Detective Tim Haley (1950s, caught Mac Grant)

Detective Harry (Spider-Woman (Drew) character)

Detective Hayes (investigated Walter Hamill)

Detective Hobbes (Ben Urich foe)

Detective Inspector Kate Fraser (Dracula foe)

Detective Izzo (Generation M character) - by Chadman

Detective Kurtz (Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Detective Larson (Daredevil character)

Detective Li (Iron Fist character)

Detective Love (Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Detective Mantegna (Ben Urich character) - by Chadman

Detective March (California police detective, west coast Avengers ally) - by Proto-Man

Detective McBain (Oddball, Elton Healy)

Detective Ed Morgan (1950s, caught Mac Grant)

Detective Patterson (Generation M character) - by Chadman

Detective Fantome (Les Heroes de Paris)

Detective Jacob Raven (detective, Spider-Man character) - by Minor Irritant

Detective Reznor (Daredevil character)

Detective "Dick" Richards (Westside Ripper)

Detective Ross (Nighthawk character)

Detective Scudder (Spider-Man character) - by Stunner

Det. Benny Simmons (Heroes for Hire character) - by Proto-Man

Detective Sloat (police, Daredevil character)

Detective Vernon (NYPD, Karen Page character)

Det. Sgt. Murphy (police officer, Thor ally)

Det. Sgt. Rizzo (Code of Honor character)

Detroit Mike (Sofia Strange ally)

Deuce the Devil-Dog (Blind Al's dog; formerly Foggy Nelson's dog) - by Chadman

Deuteronomy (Howard the Duck foe)

de Valdez, Santiago (Old West vampire) - by Loki

De Valerie, Alfred of Ultraverse (Firearm character)

Devane, Marcus Randall (Morelle Pharmaceuticals, Project: Sandstorm)

DeVanens (Hellstorm character, mentioned only)

DeVasquez, Christina (Hector's daughter)

DeVasquez, Hector (She-Hulk character) - by Will U

Devastator (Ultimo)

Devastator (Kirkov Petrova, Russian super-spy, Hulk foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Deveraux, Magrite (Banshee character) - by MarvellousLuke

DeVere, Dr. (Project: PEGASUS)

Devereaux, Dr. (Daredevil character)

de vica Severtes, Benedicto (Brass Bishop)

"devil" (Chane foe)

Devil (Lucifer)

Devil (Davy Jones)

"Devil" (1950s, made deal with Clarence Hopkins)

"Devil" (Otherplace, Belasco)

Devil (Mephisto)

Devil (Marduk Kurios)

Devil (Hellstorm)

Devil (Catherine)

"Devil" (Order of the Black Sun)

Devil of Earth-81297 (demon glimpsed in a dream by Earth-616's Daredevil) - by Chadman

"devil-ape" ("winged horror")

Devil Breaker (Stephen Loss)

devil-condor (Kull character)

Devil Dinosaur

Devil Doctor (Fu Manchu)

Devil-Dog (Deuce)

"Devil-God" (Golden Age, Mystic Comics dinosaur) - by Ron Fredricks

Devil Grip (Ghost Rider foe) - by Madison Carter

Devil-Hunter (Gabriel)

Devil Incarnate (Cyrus Black)

Devil Rider (Red Wolf/Johnny Wakely foe)

Devil Rig (Ghost Rider character) - by Loki

Devil-Slayer (Defenders member) - by Chadman

Devil-Slayer of Earth-85133 (Danny Sylva, MAX adventurer) - by Markus Raymond

Devilspawn (four-armed supervillain, Spider-Man Magazine) - by Proto-Man

Devil-Spider (Hobgoblin/Roderick Kingsley)

Devil-Spider (Hobgoblin franchise, Spider-Man foe) - by Minor Irritant

Deville, Arcadia (X-Force ally) - by Prime Eternal

DeVille, Gloria (Captain America (Mace) character)

DeVille, Hellyn (Dracula character)

Devil of the Pits (Rotath)

Devil's Heart (Dracula foe)

Devil Who Dares of Earth-717

Devine, Anton (Hellstorm character)

DeVito, Davida (Lascivious)

Devlin, Marc (Tyr, Gene Dogs)

Devlin, Michael of Earth-Shadowline (Knight of St. George)

Devlin, Monte (Terrier, Litter)

Devlor (Inhuman, Fantastic Force member) - by Chadman

Devlunn (used Resurrection Stone)

D'Evo (Shi'ar Death Commandos) - by Chadman

Devon, Mr. (Pleasureland)

Devonshire, Charles (Vulture/Jimmy Natale character)

Devonshire, Walter (Stilt-Man foe, Daredevil character)

DeVoor, Albert E. (Nth Command, Interlocking Technologies, Fantastic Four foe) - by Proto-Man

Devos (Fantastic Four foe) - by Prime Eternal

DeVoto, Heidi (actress posing as Vanessa Fisk, Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Devourer (Thor/Thing foe) - by Grendel Prime

Devourer (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Devourer of Babes (Ehrthold)

Devourer of Men (Jagrfelm)

Devourer of Souls (Mephisto)

Devourer of Souls (Conan foe) - by Greg O & Snood

Devourer of the Dead (Ammut)

Devros (Kree soldier, the "Brood King") - by Darc_Light

DeWinter, Roxanne (photographer, Spider-Man character)

Dewitt, Kearson (Iron Man foe) - by Chadman

Dewlap (Frogs of Central Park)

"DeWolff, Jean" (Yuri Watanabe)

Dewoz (Inhuman) - by Chadman

Dex (pawn of Morlun)

Dex (security officer)

Dex ?? (student, Cammi Benally/Drax ally) - by Chadman

Dexam (Micron, Alpha Flight ally, Captain Marvel foe) - by Grendel Prime

"Dexter" (Aliens cartoon)

Dexter, Dr. (Gena-Sys scientist, Genetix character) - by Loki

Dr. Aaron Aikman of Earth-31411 (Spider-Man)

Dexter, Dr. Ambrose (Nyarlathotep)

Dexter, Ben (Old West sheriff, Black Rider character)

Dexter, John (pre-modern, vanished in mall)

Dexter, Louis (Dead Ringer)

Dexter, Simon (mystically enhanced human, Black Widow (Claire Voyant) foe) - by Loki

Dexter, Spike (Hedgehog)

Dey, Rhomann (Nova-Prime)

Dezan, prince (Skrull, Avengers character) - by the Beetle

DeZoan, John "Johnny" (Deadzone)

DeZoan, Marge (Deadzone's mother)

D'Gard (Gene Nation, X-Men character) - by Chadman

Dhasha Khan (Iron Fist foe)

Dherk (Ka-Zar character)

Dherk of Atlantis (Dherk)

D'Hiver, Luciane (Diadem)

D'Hu-Tsien, Conal (Sharyd)

Diabolik of Odhams Earth (attended Special Squad Christmas party)

Diabolik (Zirksu)

Diabolique (Vengeance foe)

Diableri of Chaos (Proemial Gods)

Diablo (smoke creature, fifth dimension) - by Prime Eternal

Diablo the Volcano Man of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character)

Diadem (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

Dialonzo, Hector (Dynamo, Techno-X)

Diamond, Chucky (Thor character) - by Norvo

Diamond, Elk (50s mutate) - by John Kaminski

Diamond, John (Ace Diamond)

Diamond, Phillip (jewelry store owner, Man-Bull foe) - by Chadman

Diamond, Robert of Earth-93070 (Captain America)

Diamond Android (Mole Man creation, X-Men character) - by Norvo

Diamondback (Cage/Power Man foe)

Diamondback (Debbie Bertrand, Daredevil/Spider-Man foe) - by Markus Raymond

Diamondback LMD (Captain America character) - by Markus Raymond

Diamond Hammer (Metahumes)

Diamond Head (Captain America foe)

Diamondhead (Nova (Rider) foe) - by Chadman

Diamond Patch of Warp World (X-Brotherhood, Wolverine/Emma Frost fusion) - by Minor Irritant

Diamonde, Yvette (Martyr, Ruined)

Dian Cecht (Tuatha de Danann)

Diana (Warheads Bina Troop, Death's Head and Die-Cut character)

Diana ?? (Sofia Strange foe)

Diana, Lady Knight (18th century, Hellfire Club)

Diana Prince of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character) - by Skullogeist

Diane ?? (encountered Pan)

Diane ?? (Bacchae)

DiAngelo, Chic (crimelord, Cloak & Dagger/Power Pack/Dragon Man foe) - by Chadman

Dianne (Golden Age, "Princess of the Atom"; Mita/Microverse, Captain America character)

Diarmad (Microverse, Marionette ally) - by Grendel Prime

Diaz, Jesus (X-Statix character)

DiBacco, Achille (Bird-Man)

Dibbs, Lionel (Inhumans foe) - by Prime Eternal

Dibbuk (Omega the Unknown foe) - by Chadman

DiCasto (1950s, Marvel Boy (Grayson) foe)

Dice (Skrull Kill Krew)

Dice, Mr. (Dr. Cross ally)

Dichinson, Ricky (stock trader, Bloodshed's brother, Spider-Man ally) - by Chadman

Dichinson, Wyndell (Bloodshed)

Dick (talk show host) - by Chadman

Dick Tracy of Forbidden Planet (comic shop ad)

"Dick, Clark" of Earth-90113

Dicken, Roger (Crusaders, Captain Wings)

Dickerson (Metahuman Investigations Committee)

Dickie ?? (Daredevil character)

Dickie (Brimstone)

Dickie (Richard Easton)

Dickie ?? (Ghost Rider character)

Dickinson, Alice (Alice Hart)

Dicky (Euro-Trash organizer)

dictator of unidentified Communist country (1950s)

dictator (Iron Man foe)

Dictionary Dawson (Yancy Street Gang)

Die-Cut (Marvel UK)

Diego, Donna (Scream)

Diego, Manuel (Dr. Strange character)

Diering, Mark (Brother Nature)

Diesel (Zebra Daddy's thug)

Diespiter Optimus Maximus (Zeus)

Dietzel, Bart (Blockbuster)

DiFazzio, Tony (Punisher foe)

Di Forbushio, Joe of Earth-665 (guest editor for Snafu magazine, reported on sports) - by MarvellousLuke & Proto-Man

Digger (Outcasts)

Digger (Roderick Krupp, Night Shift member) - by Norvo

Digger (Spider-Man foe) - By Henrique Ferreira, Reformatted By Stunner

Digitek (Marvel UK character) - by Changeling

Dijyen (Inhuman of Utolan, Flint's father)

"Dilbert" (Donald Danning)

Dilby, Lucius (Spider-Man/Doctor Strange foe) - by Norvo

"Dill" (Howard the Duck foe)

Dill, D.D. (Doctor Dill)

Dillman, Nick (Daily Bugle, Daredevil character) - by Chadman

'Dillo (Armadillo)

Dillon (Golden Age, Black Marvel character)

Dillon, Allison of Earth-982 (Aftershock)

Dillon, Maxwell (Electro)

Dilpepper, Dunbar (Gus Beezer character)

Dimbura (Dr. Strange character)

Dimensional Man (Dracula foe)

dimetrodon ("Twilight World")

Diminutio (Marvel Boy (Grayson) foe)

Dimitra (squirrel, Squirrel Girl ally)

Dimitri ?? (Special United Nations Council on Nuclear Armaments)

Dimitri ?? (Savage Land Mutates victim)

D.J. (X-Student, New X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Djinn of Ultraverse (Jinn)

Dmitri ?? (Avengers character)

Dmitri ?? (Captain America character)

Dmitri ?? (Vlad the Impaler victim)

Dimmbulb, Suzanne (Captain America character)

Dimples (Avant Guard) - by Loki

Dimri of Earth-20051 (Watcher, Fantastic Four character)

Din (Dinu)

Dina ?? (Millwood citizen)

Dina ?? (Kirsten McDuffie roommate, Foggy Nelson fling)

Dinaldo (Kull foe)

Diné (Inhuman) - by Markus Raymond

Dinello (Front Line reporter) - by Chadman

"Dingaling Duck" (Alden Maas' Wonderworld)

Ding-A-Ling, Auntie (Hostess, Thor foe)

Ding-A-Ling, Cousin Bee (Hostess, Thor foe)

Ding-A-Ling, Cousin Bye (Hostess, Thor foe)

Ding-A-Ling, Grandma (Hostess, Thor foe)

Ding-A-Ling, Ma (Hostess, Thor foe)

Ding-A-Ling, Pa (Hostess, Thor foe)

Ding-A-Ling, Sister (Hostess, Thor foe)

"Ding-Dong" (Doctor Bong)

Dini (Shadow City)

Dini, Waldo (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Dinkelbach, Lars (Eagle, STORM)

Dinkins (mayor, Crippler (Carl Stricklan) character)

Dinkins, Jewel of Earth-9011

Dino (Devlin DeAngelo agent)

Dino-Byte (Moon Girl creation) - by Chadman

Dino Knight (alternate Moon Knight)

dinosaur (encountered by Henry Burke)

Dinosaur Man (Stegron)

Dinosauric D.J. (Behemoth Jack)

Dino-Steel of Earth-99476 (Dinoworld, Iron Man counterpart) - by Loki

Dinotorch of Earth-99476 (Dinoworld, Human Torch counterpart) - by Loki

Dinu (Inhuman) - Chadman

Dinu, Angela (Vlad the Impaler's second wife)

Dinu, Gabe (Vlad's son, Black Panther foe)

Dinu, Nicolae (Vlad's son, Black Panther foe)

Dinu, Vlad (Vlad the Impaler)

Dio, Jackie (Underworld)

Dio, Mr. (Underworld's father) - by Chadman

Dio, Vincent (Mr. Pain)

Diomedes (Trojan War)

Diomedes (Hercules foe) - by Will U

Dion (Iron Man foe)

Dione (Sinbad's daughter)

Dionysus (Olympian god) - by Alex K and Prime Eternal

Dionysus (Isaac's agents)

Dior, Coco (reporter, Daredevil story)

DiPalma, Angela (Madame Angela, vampire)

Dippel, Konrad (Konrad von Frankenstein)

DiPriggia, Matteo of Earth-717

Dirac of Earth-791 (Star-Lord foe)

Director (Wonder Man foe)

Director François Borillon (Marvel Italia, Director of Euromind) - by Wolfhead & Loki with help from Angelon Mammone

Director White (director of Brand Corporation, Mosaic foe)

Dire Wraith Queen (Volx) - by Flank McLargehuge

Dirge (Crossing, War Machine foe) - by Prime Eternal

Dirk ?? (Googam character)

Dirkreich, Frederick (employer of Torg, Tigra foe)

Dirt Nap (Dark Riders, Wolverine/Venom foe) - by Chadman

Dirty Jake Jones (Spider-Man character) - by the Beetle

Disaster (Slaughter/Nial Coward foe)

Disciple of Earth-7888 - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

Disciple of the Claw (Adam-X the X-Treme)

disciple of the Elder Singer (People of the Whole Moon Hawk)

Disciple of the Old Gods (Gargoyle, Son of Pan)

Disciplinarian (Cloak and Dagger foe) - by Changeling

Disco (Laid-Back Commandos)

Discord (Bellona)

Discordia (Bellona)

Discus (Power Man foe)

Discus of Ultraverse (Wrath foe) - by Grendel Prime

Disintegrosaurus (metafictional, Avengers/Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

"Dispatcher of Destiny" (Father Time)

DisPater (Pluto, Olympian)

Disruptor (Richard Raleigh, Spider-Man foe)

Distorter (Hulk foe) - by Kyle Smith

Ditillio, Mickey (Project: Glamor opponent)

Dittomaster (Damage Control foe) - by Prime Eternal

"Diva" of Ultraverse (Solitaire character)

Di Varni, Roxanne (18th century, Louis Stark ancestor)

Di Varni, Vincent (18th century, Louis Stark ancestor)

Dive-Bomber (Brood Mutants)

"Divider" (Encoders)

Divider of Souls (Visimajoris)

Divine Wolf (Shu-Hu, K'un-Lun warrior)

Divinity of Counter-Earth (Franklin) (Doctor Doom's Generals, Fantastic Four foe) - by Norvo

Divinity Drake (Aamshed)

Diwata (Bathala)

Dixon, Jane (NFL SuperPro's girlfriend) - by Markus Raymond

Dixon, Keith (NYPD, Civil War: Front Line) - by Chadman

Dizzy the Hun (KISS character)

D.K. (Spider-Man foe) - by Minor Irritant

Dkamas (Alpha Primitive, attacked Unspoken)

D'Kay (Ghost Rider & Iron Fist foe) - by Markus Raymond

D'Keigh (Ares foe) - by Grendel Prime

D'ken (Shi'ar, X-Men foe)

Dlonk, Deniz (Yondu character)

Dluga, Tomas (Elsa Bloodstone character)

D'Lutz (Skrull, Kree-Skrull War)

D.M. (Dormouse, White Rabbit henchman)

D-Man (Captain America character) - by Chadman

D'Melza (Nanda, Charter Federation)

D-Minus Man (D-Man)

Dmitri ?? (Vulture/Jimmy Natale victim)

Do, Johnny of New Universe (Dehman Doosha)

Doadi, Venice of Earth-23233 (White Widow)

Doan, Bethel (Serpent Men of Starkesboro)

Dobbs (World War II, Wax Man)

Dobbs, Harry (Mr. Gamin victim)

Dobbs, Henry (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Dobbs, Sherry (Henry's wife)

Doberman (Dogs of War)

Dobronski, Agent Clyde (S.H.I.E.L.D. agent during superhuman Civil War) - by Proto-Man

Dobronski, Donnie (Clyde's son)

Doc (She-Hulk foe) - by Will U

"Doc" (Dr. Jefferson)

Doc (Lilin, Midnight Sons foe) - by Markus Raymond

Doc Carter (1950s, physician)

Doc Draggett (Old West, Kid Colt foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Doc Fantastic of Earth-11113 (Five for the Future)

Doc Flaky (Crazy Magazine character) - by Loki

Doc Hackem of Earth-982 (MC2, J2 character)

Doc Iron (Victor von Doom) of Earth-200781

Doc Kabel (Papa Doc)

Doc Mason (Old West town doctor)

"Doc Ock" (Carolyn Trainer)

Doc Ock (Doctor Dark)

Doc Parker (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Doc Rock (Zirksu)

Doc Samson of Earth-93070

Doc Virtual of Ultraverse (Wrath foe) - by Grendel Prime

Doc Watson (doctor, Deadly Dozen ally) - by Prime Eternal

Doc Wonder of Reality-200080 (18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt)

Docteur Q (Les Heroes de Paris)

Doctopus (Octopals member)

The Doctor (Doctor Who) - by Loki

Dr. Aubrey Agee (X-Men character) - by Norvo

Dr. Agony (WW2, Captain America foe) - by AvatarWarlord72

Doctor Anarchy (Fight Man foe)

Dr. Andrews (psychiatrist, paid by Kingpin)

Doctor Angst (Band of the Bland)

Doctor Angst (Jonas Mueller, Spider-Man foe) - by Minor Irritant

DoctOrangutan (1959 Avengers/Fight Man/Agent X foe) - by Markus Raymond & Mikel Midnight

Dr. Algus (Arlo Samuelson foe)

Dr. Paul Allen (A.I.M. agent, Bobbi Morse's ex-fiance)

Dr. Anderson (Namor character)

Dr. Anderssen (Tanya Anderssen's father)

Dr. Mike Arlen (physician, Namor the Sub-Mariner character) - by Chadman

Dr. Arric (Grey Panther)

Dr. Ivan Asimoff (xt science-fiction author, Doctor Who character)

Dr. Paul Atwell (Young Allies character)

Dr. Jerry Baker (Sluj creator)

Dr. R.A. Barney (Daredevil character)

Dr. Barnum (Dr. Octopus associate)

Dr. Barret (doctor who owned clinic)

Doctor Barrow (English scientist, Invaders character)

Dr. Hillman Barto (Adarco scientist, Annex character) - by Chadman

Dr. Max Bassaraba (Shaman character)

Dr. Bear (gun-wielding bear in doctor's uniform, Squirrel Girl foe)

Dr. Belheur (spy, posed as Dr. Jonlon's assistant)

Dr. Albert Bendix (Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) foe)

Dr. Elizabeth Benning (Omega Flight foe)

Dr. W. Lee Benway (mad scientist, Spider-Woman/Hulk foe)

Doctor Bernstein (Avengers character) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Betty of Earth-20051 (Marvel Adventures, Fantastic Four foe) - by Grendel Prime

"Dr. Bing" (Doctor Bong)

Dr. I.S. Bischoff (Isbisa)

Doctor Blake of Earth-8107 (physician who treated Namorita)

Dr. Timothy Bleary of Reality-88131 (ALF ally) - by Grendel Prime

Doctor Bloodshot (Dr. Eye foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Doctor Bloom (Slime Man foe)

Dr. Noah Boddy of Earth-67 (Spider-Man foe) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Bradley Bolton (football star turned computer scientist) - by Chadman

Dr. Simon Bondy (encountered Peter Maher)

Doctor Bong (Howard the Duck foe)

Doctor Bongface of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character)

Doctor Boreland (Wolverine (Laura Kinney)/Honey Badger (Gabby Kinney)/Deadpool/Jonathan foe) - by Markus Raymond

Doctor Brack (Reese family friend)

Dr. Bradford (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Dr. Brimm (1950s, killed by Jane Bryant)

Dr. Joseph Browning (Uncanny Tales)

Dr. Brunner (Thor character)

Dr. Bug Keeper (Mantis Man foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Dr. Burke (Initiative character)

Dr. Caldwell of Earth-50136 (28th century, invented indestructible metal) - by Chadman

Dr. Wilma Calvin (Ka-Zar/Man-Thing character)

Dr. Calvin (Iron Man foe)

Dr. Cargill (Spider-Man character)

Dr. Roger Carlysle (Marvel Boy (Grayson) foe)

Dr. Jason Carrington (ophthalmologist, Matt Murdock character)

Dr. Carson (Captain Marvell (Mar-Vell) character)

Dr. Reginald St. Martin Casey (Nighthawk character)

Dr. Wombo (1950s, former owner of Taranta)

Dr. Woodrow Cather imposter (Dire Wraith, Avengers foe) - by Donald Campbell

Dr. Chandra (Damocles Foundation scientist) - by Prime Eternal

Dr. Chen (Mandarin character)

Dr. Chia of Earth-88469 (Sadistic Six, Dead Clown foe)

Dr. Chow (Shang-Chi character)

Doctor Clark (Project: PEGASUS) - by Proto-Man

Doctor Claw (Captain Britain foe) - by Mark C

Dr. George Clinton (AIM founding member)

Dr. Dwight Clive (Howard the Duck character)

Dr. Cobbwell (Professor Cobbwell)

Dr. Comb (Hairball foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Dr. Confort (Ms. Marvel character)

Dr. Conrad (1950s, Cedar Grove, Vermont physician)

Dr. Peter Corbeau (STARCORE administrator) - by SQUEAK

Dr. Cosgrove (Thor character)

Dr. Earl Cowan (Red Ronin pilot) - by Prime Eternal

Dr. Coyles (Hornet character)

Doctor Crawdaddy (cartoon-like mad scientist crawfish, Spider-Ham foe) - by HBK123

Dr. Mariah Crawford of Earth-92131 (Kraven lover, Spider-Man '94 cartoon) - by Markus Raymond

Dr. Crispin (Hannigan Electronics scientist) - by Proto-Man

Doctor Crocodile (Captain Britain character) - by Loki

Dr. Jacob Cromwell (impersonated by Baron Blood)

Dr. Cross (Namor foe) - by Markus Raymond

Dr. Curtis (Jonathan Storm's physician)

Dr. Cyber-Ock (Octopals member)

Dr. Cyclobe of Earth-8410 (Baintronics)

Dr. Marc Dale (Professor X ally) - by Grendel Prime

Doctor Danger (Kid Colt and West Coast Avengers foe)

Doctor Dark (B-Sides/Fantastic Four foe) - by Markus Raymond

Dr. Vincent David (Golden Age, Hercules (Varen David) father)

Doctor Death (Doctor Nemesis/James Bradley)

Doctor Death (Fire Ball foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Doctor Decay (Water Kidz comics, Hydrators foe)

Doctor Decibel of Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme member) - by Norvo

Doctor John Dee (Elizabethan occultist and immortal) - by Loki

Doctor Demon (Silly Seal/Ziggy Pig foe, 1940s cartoon-y wolf) - by Grendel Prime

Doctor Demonicus (Godzilla/Shogun Warriors/Iron Man/Avengers foe)

Dr. Dentist (dental-themed superhero, Spider-Man Magazine) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Denton (Slapstick foe) - by Patrick D Ryall

Doctor Destiny (Kevin Mulheam, S.T.R.I.K.E. Psi Division)

Dr. DeVere (Project: PEGASUS)

Dr. Devereaux (Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Dr. Dexter (Gena-Sys scientist, Genetix character) - by Loki

Dr. Ambrose Dexter (Nyarlathotep)

Doctor Dill (Sub-Mariner foe) - by John Kaminski

Doctor Dino (dinosaur-like supervillain, Spider-Man Magazine) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Ditray (Squirrel Girl's pediatrician)

Dr. Domino (pre-FF mutate, Strange Tales) - by John Kaminski

Doctor Donaldson (Avengers character) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Nigel Donlevy (Krobaa victim)

Doctor Doom (mad scientist, Homer Ghost foe) - by Grendel Prime

Doctor Bob Doom (She-Hulk foe) - by Will U

Doctor Doom of Earth-13729 (Valeria, ruler of Hell realm) - by Proto-Man

Doctor Doom (Victor von Doom)

"Doctor Doom" (Miss Locke)

Doctor Doom of Earth-Dr. Doom was Dr. Strange and Dr. Strange was Dr. Doom (Stephen Strange)

Doctor Dope (Strend & Minth foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Dr. Dorcas (Namor foe) - by Chadman

"Doctor Dork" (Doctor Dark)

Dr. Dowlati (Inhumans character)

Doctor Bohemia Downes (Mercy Corporation)

Doctor Dream (Nightmare foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Doctor Drearr (Sun Girl foe) - by John Kaminski

Doctor Dredd (Rom/Torpedo foe) - by Grendel Prime

Doctor Dreer (Vision (Aarkus) foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Doctor Anthony Droom (Doctor Druid)

Doctor Druid (Anthony Ludgate Druid, former Avenger...first super hero of the Marvel Age) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Claudia DuBois (medical doctor, Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Dr. Eagland (Cole North ally)

Dr. Ecstasy (Night Cat character)

Dr. Paul Edmonds (Avengers character) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Ross Ekker (Golden Age, Vision foe) - by John Kaminski

Dr. Ellington (Daredevil character) - by Markus Raymond

Dr. Ellis (Ken Ellis)

Dr. Jurgen Enderle (built hand for Colonel Klaue)

Doctor Everett of Earth-8107 (scientist working for Kingpin)

Doctor Eye (superhero, Spider-Man Magazine) - by Proto-Man

Doctor Eyeball (Berzerker Man foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Dr. Falten (searched for Strange Ones)

Dr. Faro (Iron Fist character)

Doctor Faustus of Earth-8107 (master of hypnotism, Kingpin ally)

Doctor Fear (WW2, Blazing Skull foe) - by Spidermay

Dr. Hans Feldstadt (Hulk foe)

Doctor Feeny (post-WW2, horror character) - by Madison Carter

Dr. Ferris (1950s doctor)

Dr. Field (Daredevil story)

Dr. Fine (oncologist, Aunt May/Foggy Nelson character)

Dr. Vincent Fishler (Bridge)

Dr. Seth Forrest (Power Broker Inc., Hawkeye foe)

Doctor Foster (Lorna character)

Doctor Foster (possible Horseman of Apocalypse, X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Dr. Francis (Golden Age, Human Torch character)

Dr. Fredericks (Ms. Marvel character)

Doctor Friday (Brother Voodoo/Moon Knight foe)

Doctor Fright of Earth-57780 (Spider-Man foe) - by Grendel Prime

Dr. Fronter of Reality-5391 (scientist)

Dr. Frost of Earth-8181 (S.H.I.E.L.D. agent)

Dr. Peter Fulton (1950s psychiatrist) - by Ron Fredricks

Dr. Garibaldi (1537 AD, Order of Hydra ally)

Dr. Sean Garrison (Wallflower's father) - by MarvellousLuke

Doctor Geist (Hydra, Captain America foe)

Doctor Glitternight (Werewolf foe)

Dr. Gloss (surgeon, Daredevil ally) - by Chadman

Doctor Glover (Psi-Ber Sentinel creator)

Dr. Ruhart Gnaan (Arthur Nagan, Gorilla-Man)

Doctor Goodwrench (Avengers West Coast foe)

Dr. Gorff (LMD research control center, Black Widow character)

Dr. Charles Goss (mutated Vulture/Jimmy Natale)

Dr. Karl Gottfried (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Dr. Grand (Ringmaster/Maynard Tiboldt)

Dr. Charmaine Grand (Rogue/Gambit foe) - by Chadman

Dr. Graves (Shinobi Shaw's scientist, X-Force foe)

Dr. Grimm (WW2, Captain America foe) - by John Kaminski

Dr. Hans Groitzig (WW2, Patriot (Mace) foe) - by Ron Fredricks

"Dr. Gruber" (scientist, employee of Frederick Dirkreich)

Doctor Hale (Lance Brant character)

Dr. Halsey (S.H.I.E.L.D. physician)

Dr. Thomas Haney (FACADE designer)

Dr. Hantmarr (Latverian scientist, Daredevil foe)

Dr. Philip Hardaway of Ultraverse (TurboCharge's father)

Dr. Hardy (Crossbones character)

Dr. Anson Harkov (Project: PEGASUS)

Doctor Harpoon (Squid-Man foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Dr. Hartmann (Daughters of the Dragon foe)

Dr. Edwin Earl Hawkins (Giant-Man ally) - by Markus Raymond

Dr. Richard Hawkins of Earth-730834 (Avengers character)

Dr. Benjamin Healy (1950s, Suspense character) - by Markus Raymond

Dr. Hedison (Alpha Flight character) - by Spidermay

Dr. David Heimerdinger (Deathlok technology creator, Wolverine character)

Dr. Heisenberg (Adrian Eiskalt's psychologist)

Dr. Hennessy (Spider-Man/Dracula character)

Dr. Hildebrant (Nighthawk character)

Dr. Hinton (1950s author, killed by Baby)

Doctor Hoggarth of Reality-8116 (Altarix native, Syzygy Darklock character)

Dr. Sheri Holman (mad scientist, Black Panther foe) - by Chadman

Dr. Hopper (Terminus victim)

Dr. Fox Hu (Cybertek Systems Inc.)

Dr. Hudson (Fangu foe)

Dr. Michael Hunt (Typhoid Mary foe) - by Markus Raymond

Doctor Hurt (Suture)

Doctor Hydro (Namor foe)

Dr. Pons Indenbaum (Project: PEGASUS)

Dr. Didier Ines (Deathless Frenzy creator, Black Widow character)

Doctor It (Zone foe)

Doctor Jackson of Earth-18121 (Matt Murdock's ophthalmologist) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Jaimison (encountered Ned Glinsky)

Dr. Jakkelburr (coroner, empowered Crusher)

Dr. James (killed by Gael)

Dr. Jefferson (Dr. Octopus associate) - by G Morrow

Dr. Jenning (vampire story)

Dr. Walter Jenning of Earth-58472 (Howard Movie Adaptation)

Dr. Jennings (marine biologist, Defenders character)

Doctor Jensen of Earth-21923 (medical doctor of Isleton, California) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Sidney Joern (Fortress)

Dr. Jones (Basil Kilgrew)

Dr. Jones of Earth-98101

Dr. Ricardo Jones of Earth-21766 (NASA astro-biologist, jealous Fantastic Four foe) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Jonlon (scientist, created device to transport humans to Thought-World)

Dr. Segismund Joshua (Damocles Foundation scientist) - by Prime Eternal

Dr. Jurk (Mad Monk)

Dr. Kaity (Human Fly character)

Dr. Kapany (Brand Corporation, Mosaic foe)

Dr. Andrew Kappelhoff (Project: PEGASUS)

Dr. Karlbad (mad scientist, Ape trainer)

Dr. Kar-Sagg (Kree scientist, creator of Midnight Sun) - by Prime Eternal

Dr. Rudy Katz (Typhoid Mary ally/victim)

Dr. Keller (Special United Nations Council on Nuclear Armaments)

Dr. Martin Keller (Gordon Sanders victim)

Dr. Mark Kells (traitor, Lance Brant foe)

Doctor Kelly (Spider-Woman (Drew) character)

Dr. Frank Ketterson (oncologist, Daredevil character)

Dr. Kev-Lar (Kree Imperial Militia) - by Norvo

Dr. Yuri Kiev (Red Guardian android creator, Black Widow foe)

Dr. Kimble (Cybertek Systems Inc.)

Dr. Adler Klaus (Nazi scientist, Sgt. Fury foe)

Dr. Anton Klaus (1950s, slain by vampire Clyde O'Reilly)

Dr. David Klein (Dr. Jacob Weisenthal's nephew)

Dr. Knight (encountered Killer Ryan)

Dr. Konda (encountered Norton Dunlap)

Dr. Kopern (Mr. Graybar's psychoanalyst)

Dr. Boris Korpse (Black Cat character) - by Minor Irritant

Dr. Louis Kort (Thing character)

Dr. Kraft (physician, Daredevil character)

Dr. Krause (Namor foe) - by Chadman

Dr. Kronton (Doomsday Man creator)

Dr. Kurarkill (Iron Man foe)

Dr. Charles Laing (Candace Nelson's academic advisor)

Dr. Leah (associate of Dr. Segismund Joshua)

Dr. Carolyn Lepre (Crossbones character)

Dr. Thomas Lewis (Broadway Project)

Dr. Emilio Licciardo (Foundations scientist) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Ling (Sandra Ling's father, Shang-Chi character)

Dr. Martin Livingstone (WW2, Young Allies ally) - by AvatarWarlord72

Dr. Alexander Locke of Earth-700 (First Line character) - by Norvo

Doctor Loomis of Reality-8116 (Altarix native, Syzygy Darklock character)

Dr. Loughridge (Ararat scientist, possessed by Venom clone)

Dr. Franz Lubischt (Nazi, Genesis Coalition)

Dr. Lund (Power Broker Inc.)

Dr. Shawna Lynde (Thor character)

Dr. Karl Lykos of Earth-99476 (Dinoworld) - by Loki

Dr. Maureen Lyszinski (X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Dr. MacKenzie (Captain Britain character) - by Loki

Dr. Daniel Madrox (Multiple Man's father, former Los Alamos scientist) - by Proto-Man

Doctor Malice (Spider-Man foe, Kenner See-a-Show cartoon slide) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Karl Malus (Spider-Woman/Captain America) - by Prime Eternal and Will U

Doctor Mandibus (Silver Surfer character) - by Stunner

Dr. Markham (1950s scientist) - by Ron Fredricks

Dr. Marcus (1950s mad scientist) - by John Kaminski

Doctor Marin (Darkhawk foe)

Dr. Markov (Human Torch/Toro foe) - by John Kaminski

Dr. Terrance Marney (Half-Men creator)

Dr. Matheson (psychiatrist)

Dr. Alice Joyce Maxfield (Spider-Man/Dracula character)

Dr. Margaret Mayfair (Project: PEGASUS)

Dr. Edwin Maxwell (Gamma Base personnel) - by Spidermay

Doctor McKay (X-Men character)

Doctor Megalomann (video game, Captain America foe) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Melloncamp (scientist, Freaks ally)

Doctor Merle (1950s, encountered "Stranger from Space")

Dr. Meroux (Robert Bloch character)

Dr. Metellus (Morlocks foe) - by Darc_Light

Doctor Midas (Marvel Boy (Noh-Varr) foe) - by Markus Raymond

Dr. Leslie Miglietta (Spider-Man character)

Doctor Mime (First Line member) - by Norvo

Doctor Minerva (Minn-Erva, Kree; Captain Marvel/Avengers/Ms. Marvel foe) - by Markus Raymond

Doctor Minkly (Bloodstone character)

Dr. Malcolm Modern (Mutant Town freelance scientist) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Molle (handwriting expert, Karen Page's trial)

Doctor Molinari (Invisible Woman's obstetrician) - by Proto-Man

Doctor Molnar (1930s, slew two Horhaga Brothers)

Doctor Morg of Odhams Earth (Pow! staff)

Dr. Morgan (1950s, encountered "Demon") - by AvatarWarlord72

Dr. Morgan (Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) character)

Dr. Morphine (Punisher character)

Dr. James Mortimer (Sherlock Holmes character)

Dr. Muller (Inhumans foe) - by Markus Raymond

Doctor Murrow of Earth-2812 (Fantastic Four foe)

Dr. Musclefists (Brain Drain)

Dr. Myers (Inhumans foe)

Doctor Mynde (Captain Mar-Vell foe)

Doctor Nemesis (Invaders character) - by Ronald Byrd & MarvellousLuke

Doctor Nemesis (Ant-Man foe)

Doctor Nero (Spider-Man character) - by Ronald Byrd

Dr. Franz Neumensch (Golden Age, Cherub)

Doctor Neutron (Havok and Wolverine foe)

Doctor Nial (Inhuman doctor)

Dr. Nieman of Earth-8107 (Red Skull agent)

Doctor Giles Niven (Space Saver, Marvel Two-in-One character)

Doctor Nod (vitamin supplement developer, Great Lakes Avengers foe) - by Proto-Man

Dr. No-Good (Blizzard foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Dr. Noiro (Orion Rex)

Dr. Curtis Nolan (archeologist, Deadpool/Thor character)

Dr. James Norcross (stole Bell of Ikonn)

Dr. Norton of Earth-8107 (Spider-Man character)

Dr. Alice Nugent (Doctor Spectrum, Iron Man character)

Dr. Jeannine O'Connell (Project: PEGASUS)

Doctor October of Earth-928 (Spider-Man 2099 character)

Dr. Octopus (Otto Octavius)

Dr. Octopus of Earth-8377 (Lew Stringer What If?) - by Loki

Dr. Octopus (Carolyn Trainer)

Dr. Octopus (Timeslip character) - by Proto-Man

Doctor Odd (Howard the Duck character)

Dr. Ogada (Damocles Foundation)

Dr. Olsen (scientist, served Nazis)

Doctor Oratz (former head of Dallas, Texas hospital burn ward)

Doctor Orgesky (mutated Elk Diamond)

Doctor Paine (Morbius and Venom foe) - by Barry Reese

Doctor Panshin of Reality-791 (xt, Haalmhad)

Doctor Parker (pre-FF scientist) - by Madison Carter

Dr. Charles Parker (1950s horror) - by John Kaminski

Dr. Dawn Parker of Earth-95132 (Johnny Domino's surgeon) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Parkes (encountered Un-Human)

Dr. Howard Petrovic (surgeon, Owl foe/reluctant ally) - by Chadman

Doctor Phobia (Phobia)

Dr. Randall Pierce (bio-armor creator, Brute Force)

Dr. Felipe Picaro (vengeful scientist, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) foe) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Plant Brains (Warlord foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Dr. Plaque (Dr. Dentist foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Dr. Pow (Deadline character) - by Markus Raymond

Doctor Powers (Professor Power)

Dr. Taylor Prescott of Earth-92131 (Skull Mesa founder, X-Men '92 cartoon) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Pym of Earth-907 (Avengers)

Dr. Benjamin Rabin (Spider-Man foe)

Dr. Hellen Rachelson (Project N, Count Nefaria scientist) - by MarvellousLuke

Dr. Raker of Earth-691 (Keeper, Killraven character)

Doctor Ramsey (Captain Britain character)

Dr. Donald Rankin (Mimic's father, X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Dr. Rarque (Speedball character)

Dr. John Redfield (scientist, Frank Miller's friend)

Dr. James Reeves of Earth-92131 (scientist turned jungle man, Spider-Man '94 cartoon) - by Markus Raymond

Doctor Reich (Howard the Duck foe)

Dr. Jason Rivera (Project: PEGASUS)

Dr. Roberts (Daredevil character)

Dr. Roberts (Spider-Man character)

Doctor Rocket (She-Hulk character) - by Madison Carter

Dr. Rogan (Kingpin's doctor) - by Chadman

Dr. Rosen (Daughters of the Dragon character)

Dr. Peter Rostov (1950s, insomnia specialist)

Dr. Claudia Russell (werewolf, Ravencroft psychologist)

Doctor Ralph Ryder (AIM, Captain America foe)

Dr. Ephesus Sadd (modified Mister Fear's gas, Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Dr. Samuelson (Iron Man foe)

Doctor Sanderson (Isbisa)

Dr. Glenda Sandoval (War Machine character)

Doctor Saturn (Old West, Ringo Kid foe) - by John Kaminski

Dr. Anita Savvy (Namor character)

Dr. Richard Savvy (Anita's husband)

Doctor Sax (Dazzler foe)

Dr. Sbaitso (treated Tony Stark)

Doctor Scarabeus (Hulk foe) - by Loki

Dr. Harold Schmidt (1940s scientist, Microman ally)

Dr. Dennis Schoolcraft (superhero scholar)

Dr. Earl Schreiber (1950's monster) - by Loki

Dr. Schwanig (Doctor Doom's scientist)

Dr. Scorpion (Snake King foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Dr. Scott of Earth-41715 (host to parasitic worms)

Doctor Shark With Teeth (Squid-A-Tron foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Dr. Bradley Shaw of Earth-8107 (Nephilia, Spider-Man foe) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Cindy Shelton (Grasshopper ally, Roxxon employee)

Dr. Carolyn Sheridan (Sluj creator)

"Dr. Shrinker" (Iron Man foe) - by John Kaminski

Dr. Sibelius (X-Men character)

Dr. Glenn Silas (Blade foe)

Dr. Singer (Avengers character) - by Proto-Man

Doctor Singh (sentient automaton, Liddleville science professor) - by Norvo

Doctor Sinn (magic user, Imp foe)

Dr. Skarab (Living Mummy character)

Dr. Leonard Skivorski (psychotherapist, author, Doc Samson's father) - by Chadman

Doctor Slob (Captain Wolly foe)

Dr. Smarter of Earth-6799 (Spider-Man 1960's Cartoon, encountered Plutonians)

Dr. Dennis Smedley (archeologist, rediscovered Witch Queen's tomb)

Dr. Smith (Journey into Mystery)

Dr. Armstrong Smith (W.H.O. computer database developer) - by Chadman

Dr. Smythe (Terminus victim) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Snyder (Daredevil character)

Dr. Tricia Solaro (forensic expert, Matt Murdock character)

Dr. Pernell Solomon (Avengers character) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Dmitri Solzyn (Spider-Man/Hulk character) - by Grendel Prime

Doctor Spectrum of Earth-616 (Krimonn) - by Omar Karindu, Snood & Hugo V. Negron

Doctor Spectrum of Earth-616 (Billy Roberts)

Doctor Spectrum (Martha Gomes, Thunderbolts foe) - by Markus Raymond

Doctor Spectrum (Dr. Alice Nugent, Thunderbolts foe) - by Markus Raymond

Doctor Spectrum of Earth-616 (programmed Joseph Ledger simulacrum, Squadron Supreme of America)

Dr. Springer (encountered Ralph Halley)

Dr. S'Rell of Earth-691 (31st century, medical officer of Sol III)

Dr. Archibald Stancheck (Project N, Count Nefaria's scientist) - by MarvellousLuke

Dr. Lola Steimle (Nazi doctor)

Dr. Kurt Steinem (Deadly Dozen foe) - by Prime Eternal

Dr. Steiner (operated Black Talon, WW2)

Dr. Rudolf Stern (Sh'mballah pawn)

Dr. Berthold Sternberg (Infinity Formula developer)

Dr. Stewart (Phantom of the Underworld, Golden Age)

Dr. Farley Stillwell (Spider-Man character) - by Minor Irritant

Dr. Harlan Stillwell (Farley's brother, Spider-Man character) - by Minor Irritant

Dr. Shannon Stilwell (scientist, Spider-Man foe) - by Minor Irritant

Dr. Stokes (Brand Corporation)

Dr. John Storm (mutated Terror/Laslo Pevely)

Dr. Susan Storm of Earth-1116 (Fantastic Four story)

Dr. Karl Strang (Golden Age, encountered "devil-god")

Doctor Strange (Iron Man foe)

Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange)

Doctor Strange of Earth-8748 (Millennial Visions) - by Proto-Man

Doctor Strange of Earth-Dr. Doom was Dr. Strange and Dr. Strange was Dr. Doom (Victor von Doom)

Dr. Stephen Strange III of Earth-22490 (Defenders, Millennial Visions 2001)

Doctor Strangefate of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character) - by Skullogeist

Doctor Stranger Yet (Creators agent)

Dr. Sandra Stulley (Florida State Beekeepers Association, Ant-Man (Scott Lang) ally) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Sugar (Dr. Dentist foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Dr. Sullivan (Daredevil character)

Dr. Svenson (doctor, Avengers ally) - by Prime Eternal

Dr. Brian Swaine (X-Statix ally) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Max Sweikert (Nazi surgeon, Deadly Dozen foe) - by Prime Eternal

Dr. Sykes (Owl's doctor) - by Chadman

Doctor Synne (Captain Britain foe)

Dr. Tambura (Followers of the Light)

Dr. Darrell Tanaka of Earth-92131 (Skull Mesa resident, X-Men '92 cartoon) - by Proto-Man

Doctor Tank (Jet Man foe, Spider-Man Magazine character)

Dr. Tannenbaum (GLA/GLX foe) - by John Kaminski

Dr. Thatcher (Nighthawk character)

Dr. John Thomas (X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Dr. Thunder Bolt (Fire Star Woman foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Doctor Time of Earth-57780 (Spidey Super Stories, Spider-Man foe) - by AvatarWarlord72

Dr. Tinner (Dr. Doom ally) - by Markus Raymond

Dr. Trash (Reptil foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Dr. Judas Traveller (Spider-Man foe) - by Minor Irritant

Dr. Travis (Captain Britain character) - by Loki

Doctor Tricky (Fight Man foe)

Dr. Jack Tryon (medical doctor, Night Nurse (Linda Carter) associate) - by Grendel Prime

Dr. Ted Twaki (Spider-Man character)

Doctor Va-Va-Va-Voom of Earth-97102 (Dr. Doom)

Dr. Van Eyck (Klaus Kruger victim, DD ally)

Dr. Martin Vandenburg (Micronauts character)

Dr. Vargas (HEART Clinic, Eli Wirtham/Cardiac ally)

Dr. Bruno Varoz (Electro the Marvel foe) - by Spidermay

Dr. Aloysius Vault (IT, the Living Colossus foe) - by Prime Eternal

Dr. Cyrus Virro (1950s Atlas Foundation scientist, creator of M-11 the Human Robot) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Volkh (Bogatyr)

Dr. Volton (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Dr. Ludwig von Cluck ("Duckworld")

Doctor Wacko (Bullet Man foe, Spider-Man Magazine character)

Dr. Joseph Waking-Bear (Spider-Man character)

Dr. Henry Wallace (Willie Evans, Jr's doctor, Reed Richards' former teacher) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Warren (Dr. Strange character)

Dr. Cedericke Waterfield (Night Raven story)

Dr. John Watson (Sherlock Holmes' friend & biographer)

Dr. Susan Weaver (Spider-Man character)

Dr. Webber (1948, Namora character)

Doctor Weed (Plant Man foe)

Dr. Weinberg (S.H.I.E.L.D., Rabble Rouser)

Dr. Weird (Big Little Book)

Dr. Jacob Weisenthal (Morbius character) - by Markus Raymond

Dr. Marcus Welby (Nighthawk character)

Dr. Wendell (Project Gladiator, Man-Thing character)

Dr. Frank Weston (1950s scientist, encountered "White Whale")

Dr. Earl Weygard (Silver Surfer ally)

Dr. Wheeler (Alamagordo Project scientist) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Myron Wilburn (Project: PEGASUS)

Dr. Willis (Avengers character) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Willis (Hawkeye ally)

Doctor Whiplash of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character)

Doctor Whoosh (teleporter, potential X-Statix recruit) - by Chadman

Doctor Whozonfirst of Reality-88131 (ALF character) - by Grendel Prime

Dr. Wilcox (Captain Marvell (Mar-Vell) character)

Dr. Wilcox of Earth-7484 (Luther Manning Clone-CIA)

Dr. Amos Willard (Shadow Hound of Cardiff Moor neighbor)

Dr. Williams (Daredevil doctor) - by Chadman

Doctor Withers (Project N, Nefaria's scientist) - by MarvellousLuke

Dr. Woolsey (Alamagordo Project scientist) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Wrench (Mindcontroller foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Dr. Wright (Gena-Sys scientist, Genetix character)

Dr. R. Wright (encountered Johnny Downes)

Dr. Wyatt (Happy Hogan character)

Dr. James Xavier of Earth-92131 (Professor X great-great grandfather, X-Men '92 cartoon) - by Zuckyd1

Dr. Yedlin (Silver Surfer character)

Dr. Yen (Black Widow's brainwasher) - by Prime Eternal

Doctor Yes (Venom foe) - by Minor Irritant

Dr. Yesenia Rosario (scientist, Ms. Marvel/Spider-Man character) - by Chadman

Dr. Yesterday (Slapstick foe) - by Markus Raymond

Dr. Su Yin (Iron Man character) - by Markus Raymond

Dr. Ned Zane (The Dentist)

Doctor Konrad Zaxon (Hulk foe)

Doctor Zero of Earth-Shadowline

Dr. Zeus (Spider-Man character) - by Prime Eternal

Dr. Zialus (imagined enemy of the Marvel/Mark Hawkins)

Dr. Zoltan of Earth-8107 (Dr. Doom employee, Spider-Man foe) - by David Lawrence

Doctor Zu (Atlas Foundation scientist) - by Proto-Man

Dodge, Officer Clair (Typhoid character)

Dodgeball (Punisher foe) - by Minor Irritant

Dodgson, Clare (Captain Universe) - by Proto-Man

Dodson, Lorina (White Rabbit)

Doe, James of Earth-712 (Skymax the Skrullian Skymaster)

Doe, Jane (Dalia the Shape-Changer)

Doe, Jane (Uno)

Doe, Jane (Dusk, "Slingers")

"Doe, John" (Hybrid)

Doe, John (Nighthawk (Richmond))

Doe, John (Werewolf, Jack Russell)

Doe, John (Gun Runner)

Doe, John (Zombie, SHIELD Howling Commandos)

Doe, John (Colonel America)

"Doe, Val" (Valkyrie, Brunnhilde)

Doe Eyes (Old West, Arrowhead character) - by Grendel Prime

Doerner, Hal (Falcon character)

Dog (Agent foe)

Dog of Ultraverse (mutant assassin, Ultraforce foe) - by Grendel Prime

Dog (Origin series, Wolverine foe) - by Stunner

Dogbolter, Josiah W. of Earth-5555 (Doctor/Death's Head (FPA) foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Dog-boy (Doggerel)

Dog Brother #1 (Immortal Weapons, ancient)

Dog Brother #1 (Immortal Weapons, predecessor)

Dog Brother #1 (Immortal Weapons, Iron Fist character) - by Minor Irritant

Doge of Venice (Spider-Man story)

Dog-Faced Boy (Circus of Lost Souls)

Dog Filled with Fear (Sassafras)

Doggerel (Nightmare character) - by Markus Raymond

Doghead (Blackheart's Spirits of Vengeance, Ghost Rider (Ketch) foe)

Dog Hulk of Earth-53147 (Dog Bruce Banner, Cat Thor ally)

Dogman of Earth-21516 (Bird of Prey foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Dog O' War of New Universe (Forsaken)

Dog Pound (M.O.N.S.T.E.R.)

Dogsbane VII (squirrel, Squirrel Girl ally)

Dogwoman (Dorkham Asylum)

Doherty, Robert of Earth-741 (Captain Empire)

Doka (Snakeroot)

Dolan (Old West, Steam Rider's father)

Dolan, Eustace P. of Forbidden Planet (comic shop ads, Spirit character)

Dolan, Gerard Arthur (Ghost Rider (Ketch) character) - by Proto-Man

Dolan, Mike (Jack Frost foe) - by Grendel Prime

Dolan, Professor (pre-FF character)

Dolan, Robert "Bob" (Old West, Steam Rider)

Dolan, Sean (Bloodwraith)

Dolan, Vivian (Butterball)

Dollar of Earth-88469 (elder assistant to Revenue)

Dollar Bill (Defenders character) - by Chadman

"Dollmaker" (WW2, Dran Decker)

Dolly (xt child, 1960s Journey into Mystery) - by Ron Fredricks

Dolly (vampire-hunter, Blade character) - by Markus Raymond

Dolly, Jake (Brothers Grimm)

Dolly, Nathan (Mister Doll/Brother Grimm)

Dolly, Priscilla (Madame Doll, Mister Doll's wife)

Dolly, William (Brothers Grimm)

Dolman, Gray (Spider-Man/Spider-Woman foe) - by Minor Irritant

Dolomite (Marvel UK, Dragonfly)

Dolores (Undead MC)

Dolos (Olympian god of lies) - by Proto-Man

Dolph (Knights of Pendragon foe) - by Markus Raymond

Dolus (Dolos)

Dom of Earth-928 (Ninja-Nostra member) - by Proto-Man

Dom (DD foe, Insomnia henchman)

Domblue, Ethan (Sin-Eater)

Dome (Joy Boys)

Domenic, Paul (Master Builder, Berserkers)

Dominator of Earth-982 (MC2, Wizard's Warriors)

Dominatrix (Vixen)

Dominex (Avengers/Thunderbolts foe) - by Proto-Man

Domingo ?? (el Condor henchman) - by Chadman

Domini (wife of Dracula)

Dominic ?? (Gavin Thorpe employee)

Domino (Conspiracy/Scourge)

Domino (Neena Thurman)

Domino, Johnny of Earth-95132 (Night Man)

Dominor (Inhuman watchman) - by Chadman

Dominus (Avengers/Fantastic Four/X-Men foe)

Dominus (Inhuman soldier)

Domitian (Infinity Watch foe) - by caliban

Domnail (Irish chieftain, Bran Mak Morn character)

Don of Dons (Don Salvatore Vischetti)

Don Salvatore Vischetti (Night Raven foe) - by LV

Don Santiago de Valdez (Old West vampire) - by Loki

Don Scarpone (Kral Skrull mob boss)

Don the Bomb (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Don the lobster (cyborg crustacean, former partner of Gomi & Bill)

Donahue, Dolly (Defenders ally) - by Chadman

Donahue, Floyd (Skrulls of Kral)

Donahue, Coach Patrick (Our Lady of Hope Parochial School teacher, drug dealer)

Donal (leprechaun of Cassidy Keep) - by Proto-Man

Donal, Stephanie (Defenders foe, Yandroth pawn) - by Chadman

Donal, the Old Man of the Templars of Earth-311 (Donald Blake counterpart)

Donalbain, Mal (Cat foe) - by Proto-Man

Donal Ban of Guildern (Dark Angel/Wild Thing character)

Donaldson, Dr. (Avengers character) - by Proto-Man

Donaldson, Prof. of Earth-8107 (Vulture victim)

Donaldson, Linda (Secret Empire agent, posed as Beast's friend within Brand Corporation) - by Prime Eternal

Donaldson, Neil (Termite)

Donar (Star-Gods)

Donar the Mighty of Earth-398 (Thor (Asgardian) )

Donarr (Inhuman)

Donatello (Ghost Rider (Ketch) foe)

Donder, Jerry (vampire, 1975 AD)

Dongen, Dolph (Danger, Euroforce member)

Donlevy, Dr. Nigel (Krobaa victim)

Don Moroni (Spider-Man foe)

Donna ?? (Arlo Samuelson's girlfriend)

Donna ?? (sister of Kelly, Captain Marvel character, mutant)

Donna ?? (Parker Industries, dated Clayton Cole)

Donna ?? (Bouton, Nebraska student)

Donnelly, Dean "Deadman" (sheriff of Clearwater, Gunhawks character) - by Prime Eternal

Donnelly, Everett (Frost)

Donner (encountered Afran Mistforms)

Donner of Earth-333333333 (Nazi agent of Baron Knuckleduster)

Donnie ?? (Lucifer victim) - by Proto-Man

Donny ?? (Church of Lucifer)

Donny ?? (Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Donoghue, Kirk (Blaze)

Donohue, Bill (Korean War soldier) - by Grendel Prime

Donoratti, Sal (mobster, Daredevil foe)

Donovan (Iron Man foe) - by Markus Raymond

Donovan, "Big Ben" (Marvel Knights foe)

Donovan, Hazel (Power Man (Luke Cage) character)

Donovan, "Lefty" (Hobgoblin imposter) - by Henrique

Donovan, "Little Ben" (Big Ben's son)

Donovan, Milla (Daredevil's wife) - by Chadman

Donovan, Paul (Thunderbolts Gang)

Donovan, Ray (FBI agent, former NYPD, Spider-Man ally) - by Prime Eternal

"Don Shreck" of Earth-88194 (Terror/Shreck)

Don Vincenzo Pardo (Deadpool foe) - by Patrick D Ryall

Don Vito Torrancio (Delilah victim)

Doodle, Elmer (1950s US Marine, "Boot-Camp" Brady character)

Doole, G.P. of Earth-8107 (millionaire arcade collector)

Dooley (Thaddeus Smythe's chauffeur)

Dooley, Peter (Lorna, the Jungle Queen character)

Dooley, Roger (Shield I, Cockroaches)

Doolin, Emmy (Wolverine foe)

Doolin, Sgt. (Wolverine character)

Doolittle, Abner (Night People, Nth Command)

Doom of Earth-2301 (Mangaverse, Avengers foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Doom, Dr. Bob (She-Hulk foe) - by Will U

Doom, Viktor of Earth-38191 (Caliph Doom)

Doombear (Dr. Doom-armored brown bear, Squirrel Girl foe) - by Chadman

Doombot A76 (X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Doombringer (Power Man/Iron Fist foe) - by Grendel Prime

Doombringer (Wolverine foe)

Doomprayer (Iron Man "foe")

Doomsday Machine (Ultimo)

Doomsday Man (Silver Surfer/Ms. Marvel foe) - by Spidermay

Doomsman (Andro, Dr. Doom foe)

Doomsman (Fantastic Four foe)

Doomsmith of Eurth (Dr. Doom counterpart) - by Proto-Man

Doomstomp ("Who Wants to Be a Thunderbolt?" competitor)

Doop (X-Statix member) - by Proto-Man

Doopool of Warp World (Deadpool/Doop fusion)

Doorman (Crazy Magazine character) - by Loki

Doorman (Plasmer character)

Doot of unrevealed Earth (Maruthea, Bonjaxx's Bar patron)

Dopey Duck (Howard the Duck)

Doppelganger (X-Factor foe)

Doppelganger (evil Spider-Man counterpart, Carnage ally) - by Proto-Man

Doppel Shock (Fleer Ultra Spider-Man, Spider-Man foe) - by Minor Irritant

Dorcas, Dr. Lemuel (Namor foe) - by Chadman

Dore, Adrienne of Earth-712 (American Eagle's wife)

Dore, James Sr. (American Eagle)

Doreen ?? (Matt Murdock character) - by Chadman

Doremus, Janice (Janice Cord/Eve Doremus)

Dorhun (Inhuman warrior) - by Grendel Prime

Dorian (Speedball character)

Doris ?? (killed by husband, Daredevil character)

Doris (Landau, Luckman and Lake lab experiment) - by Patrick D Ryall

Doris ?? (Mr. Wallace's secretary)

Doris ?? (Lucy Chamber Bont's friend)

Doris ?? (Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Doris ?? (Daredevil character)

Doris ?? (elderly woman turned Inhuman) - by Chadman

Dorma (Nebulon)


Dorman, Jake (Midtown High, Spider-Man character)

Dormouse of Earth-238 (Crazy Gang)

Dormouse (agent of White Rabbit, Spider-Man foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Dorn, Ral (Dragon Lord, Dragon Riders)

Dorn, Sibyl (Brethren)

Dorrek I (Skrull emperor) - by Donald Campbell

Dorrek VII (Skrull emperor, Avengers/Fantastic Four foe) - by Chadman

Dorrek VIII of Earth-721 (posed as Earth-616's Hulkling)

Dorrek Supreme (Kree/Skrull hybrid, formed Knights of the Infinite)

Dorrit (Sisters of Grace)

Dostoyevsky, Fyodor robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

Dot 33 of Earth-928 (Avalon Five)

Double, Alison (Captain Britain character) - by Loki

"Double Bonus" of Earth-691 (31st Century, Punishers)

Double Clawed Cat Full of Red Hell Fire With Her Head Against the Wind and Comes Not Quietly From the Great Sea Road (Hellcat)

Double Edge of Ultraverse (Solitaire foe) - by GrendelPrime

Double Helix (London Morlocks, X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Double-Tap (Johnny Blaze foe)

Doubting Tommy (private investigator)

Doucheblade (Howard the Duck)

Doug ?? (It's Amazing Crew)

Doug ?? (Ghost Rider (Ketch) character)

Doug ?? (young entrepreneur, Great Lakes Avengers neighbor) - by Proto-Man

Doug ?? of Earth-2301 (Sentinel Force)

Doug ?? (Sally Floyd ally) - by Chadman

Dougan of Earth-311 (Dum-Dum Dugan counterpart)

Doughboy (shapeshifting artificial being, Arnim Zola servant) - by Chadman

"Doughy Boy" of Reality-8417 (Herald of Galactus, Golden Oldie ally) - by Loki

"Dougie" (Douglas Arthur Cartland)

Dougie ?? (Starkesboro's Night Patrol)

Douglas (WW2 major, Red Skull victim)

Douglas, Arthur of Reality-19454 (Drax-Man)

Douglas, Heather (Moondragon)

Douglas, Howard (18th century vampire)

Douglas, Jesse (Blaze Carson foe) - by Loki

Douglas, Lemo (Golden Age, Hercules (Varen David) foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Douglas, Pamela (Sundragon, Moondragon's cousin)

Douglas, Sam (NYC Fire Department)

Douglock of Earth-9620 (captured & turned into living computer system by Black Air)

Dourdevil of Earth-83138 (Earth-Grit, Daredevil counterpart) - by Loki

Dove, Honey of Earth-8107 (actress) - by David Lawrence

Dove, Honey robot of Earth-8107 (Mysterio's robot) - by David Lawrence

Dover (champion fighter employed by Mr. Hyle)

Dovinia (Changelings, Woodgood character) - by Loki

Dowlati (Inhumans character)

Down, Dan (Gambit character)

Downer (Daisuke, sleep-inducing Inhuman) - by Chadman

Downes, Doctor Bohemia (Mercy Corporation)

Downes, Johnny (1950s mutant) - by John Kaminski

Downing, Alicia (former Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters guidance counselor) - by MarvellousLuke

Downunder (Tag Team)

Doy, Mervin (Blonde Phantom foe)

Doyle (Inventor henchman, Ms. Marvl (Kamala Khan) foe)

Doyle, Douglas (Night Raven character) - by Loki

Doyle, Nikki (Wild Thing) of Earth-8410

Dozer, Jonathan of Earth-7481 (Apeslayer)

Dozer, Maureen of Earth-7481 (Apeslayer's mother)

Drabny the Fixer of Earth-9602 (Amalgam Character)

Drac de Ferro of Earth-99101 (Laberinto hero, Avengers/Iberia, Inc. member) - by Loki

Drachiss of Earth-9218 (Hulk foe)

Draco (Spider-Man foe, Spider-Man: Invasion of the Dragon Men Book & Record Set)

"Draco" (Order of the Black Sun)

Draconis (Blade foe) - by Markus Raymond

Dracula ( you need an explanation?)- A literal MONSTER of a profile -by the Masters of the Obscure

Dracula, Vincent of Earth-57780 (Spidey Super Stories character) - by caliban

Dracus (Thor foe) - by Grendel Prime

Draghignazzo of Earth-Shadowline (Dr. Zero)

Drago, "Blackie" (Vulture)

Drago, Bull (convict, Totem foe)

Drago, Leon (scientist, horror character) - by Grendel Prime

Drago, Raniero (Vulture)

Drago, Zoltan (Mister Fear)

dragon of Lanjau (Conan foe)

dragon (shrunken to lizard size, 1950s)

dragon (Camelot, encountered by "Jean Grey")

Dragon ("Committee of Five")

Dragon of Earth-Shadowline (Dr. Zero)

Dragon of Earth-597 (Excalibur character) - by Loki

Dragon (xt, Silver Surfer "foe")

Dragon (Night Blade foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Dragon (hero, Dragonlord foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Dragona (Deviant, Delta Force) - by Prime Eternal

Dragona (heroine, Spider-Man Magazine) - by Proto-Man

Dragonblood, Ulysses (Deviant, X-Force ally) - by Prime Eternal

Dragon Bone (Shadow foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

Dragonclaw (Rage/Harris Porter, Silk character)

Dragonfire (Night-Raven foe) - by Loki

Dragon Face (Old West, Apache Kid foe) - by Grendel Prime

Dragon Fist (Strike Force One, Iron Fist clone)

Dragonfist of Earth-982 (MC2, Spider-Girl foe) - by Future

Dragonfly (Veronica Dultry, Ani-Men/Femizons/Masters of Evil) - by Chadman

Dragonfly of Earth-7712 (Fantastic Four)

Dragonfly (Marvel UK, Supersoldiers) - by Changeling

Dragonfly (Marvel Italia, Task Force member) - by Wolfhead & Loki with translation aid from Angelo Mammone

Dragonfly (Karsano, Spider-Man character)

Dragonfly (Meiko, Spider-Man character) - by the Voice of Doom

Dragon King (Fafnir of Nastrond)

Dragon King of Earth-982 (MC2, Spider-Girl character) - by Future

"Dragon Lady" of Earth-148611 (New Universe, Justice character)

"Dragon Lady" (Miss Locke)

Dragon-Lord (Namor foe) - by Prime Eternal

Dragon Lord (Lord Tuan)

Dragon Lord (Yü-Ti, son of Tuan)

Dragon Lord (Marvel Spotlight) - by Prime Eternal

Dragon Lord (Ral Dorn) - by Prime Eternal

Dragon Lord (Skagerackrakor)

Dragonlord (elemental villain, Spider-Man Magazine) - by Proto-Man

Dragon Man of Earth-13182 (Fantastic Four Consolidated)

Dragon Man (Draco)

"Dragon of Idlewood" (Kodom Shath foe)

Dragon of Justice of Earth-93121 (summoned by King Arthur) - by Grendel Prime

"Dragon of Moondark Mount" (dragon, Savage Tales character) - by Loki

Dragon of the Moon (Defenders foe) - by Chadman

Dragon of Wall Street (Black Knight/Heroes for Hire character) - by Norvo

Dragonpaw (Nocturne character) - by Per Degaton

Dragonrider (Atlantean, Fathom Five member) - by Chadman

Dragon's Daughter (Salamandra)

Dragon Shade (F.O.O.M. character) - by AvatarWarlord72

Dragon-Slayer (Gilgamesh)

Dragonsworth, Patsy (Gingerbread Man creator, Howard the Duck character)

Dragonus (Werewolf/Dr.Strange foe)

Dragonus (Kronak ally)

Dragon who Sleeps Outside the City (Shou-Lao the Undying)

Dragonwing (Rising Sons)

Dragoom (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Dragoom of Earth-80219

Dragoon (Dragon-Men of Ligra, Howard the Duck/Marvel Zombies character)

Dragorr (Gnome's giant robot body, Namor foe)

Dragunov (Punisher character)

drake (Doctor Bong mutate)

Drake (Namor character)

Drake (criminal, Daredevil character)

Drake (Daredevil foe)

Drake, Chance (Old West saloon owner) - by Grendel Prime

Drake, Denny (Starion)

Drake, Sir Francis of Earth-58472 (Howard the Duck's famous cousin)

Drake, Martin (photographer, romance character)

Drake, Robert (Iceman)

Drake, Demosthenes Q. (Draco)

Drake, Divinity (Aamshed)

Drake, Jessie (mutant, Typhoid Mary ally)

Drake, Malcolm (Dragon of Wall Street)

Drake, Marlene McKenna (wife of Frank)

Drakion Destructoid (Fantastic Four foe) - by Proto-Man

Drakla (Miss America foe)

Drakonmegas, Cassandra (ex-wife of Beelzeboul)

Drakonmegas, Mikal (Hellfire)

Drakula (Howard the Duck)

Drall (Endrionic, Lethal Legion member) - by Proto-Man

Dralla (Middle Ages hero) - by Spidermay

Dran, Damon (aka Indestructible Man, Black Widow/Captain America/Daredevil foe)

Drang (brother of Sturm, Thor foe)

D'rango Y. (Skrull)

Draper, Sally (Bainwood Jury, found Bainwood not guilty)

Draugr (710 AD, Order of Hydra)

Drax-Man of Reality-19454 (Arthur Douglas, Daily Guardian photographer, Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon) - by Loki

Drayne, Brian (Brain Drain)

Dread (Conan's dog)

Dread (Ghost Rider (Ketch) foe) - by Proto-Man

Dread, Arkady of Earth-1211 (Others)

Dread, Marie of Earth-1211 (Others)

Dreadbot (Mad Thinker's robot) - by Proto-Man

Dreaded One (Psi-Wolf)

Dread Liege (Shadowqueen)

Dreadlord of Eurth (Baron Heinrich Zemo counterpart) - by Proto-Man

Dreadlox (viral swarm)

Dreadknight (Iron Man foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Dread Persuader (Mephisto)

Dreadstar, Kalla of Earth-8116 (Dreadstar's daughter)

Dream Creature (Beast Man)

Dream Crystal of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character)

Dream Demon (Morpheus/Robert Markham)

Dream Demon (Thor foe) - by Prime Eternal

Dreamer (Glorian/Thomas Gideon)

Dreamer (Mara, The Nest)

"Dreamer" (Beautiful Dreamer)

Dreamer (Zalkor)

Dreamer (Job Burke)

Dreamguard (Force Works ally) - by Markus Raymond

Dreamkiller (astral being, aspect of Alex Tennyson, Darkhawk foe) - by Proto-Man

Dream Maker (Count Nefaria)

Dream Master (Captain America (Jeff Mace) foe) - by Grendel Prime

Dream Master (Count Nefaria)

"Dreamwalk" (Altjira)

Dream-Weaver (Glorian/Thomas Gideon)

Dream Weaver (Dr. Strange foe)

Drearr, Dr. Neculai (Sun Girl foe)

Drebb, Zachary (Aquarius, Zodiac Cartel)

Dredd, Joseph of Forbidden Planet (Judge Dredd, comic shop ad)

Dredge of Earth-93122 (Death Wreck foe)

Dredmund Druid (Captain America/Nick Fury foe) - by Prime Eternal

D'reel of Reality-791 (Lorq, Star-Lord foe)

Dreel (xt, Entari, Men on the Wall foe)

Dreeme (son of Noyo & Laynnen, Conan character)

Dreer, Dr. Maxim (Doctor Dreer)

D'rehn (Shi'ar, Starjammers foe) - by Chadman

Dreir, Alexandra (daughter of David)

Dreir, David (Human Fly foe) - by Grendel Prime

Drenkov, Igor (Hulk foe) - by Stunner

Drew (Illuminator)

Drew ?? (wedding guest of Doug Hutchinson)

Drew, Alton (It character)

Drew, Babe (It character)

Drew, Bobbie (Golden Age, Hercules (Varen David) character)

Drew, Cory (It character)

Drew, Davey (Golden Age hero) - by Ron Fredricks

Drew, Desmond (Black Talon)

Drew, Gerald "Gerry" of Earth-982 (Spider-Man, son of Jessica Drew)

Drew, Jessica (Spider-Woman)

Drew, Jonathon (Spider-Woman's father)

Drew, Merriem (Spider-Woman's mother)

Drew, Patience (Namor character)

Drey, Amber (Dracula character)

Dribble, Doris (Norman's wife)

Dribble, Norman (Macho-Man, British/Klaktonian hero)

Drihn Van Le of Ultraverse (Orange Lotus Cult)

Drill (Power Tools)

Drin (Order of the Black Sun)

Drinkingproblem, Ted (Star Soccer TV show presenter)

Driscoll, Amy (Jock's daughter)

Driscoll, Anne Darrow (Jock's wife)

Driscoll, Jock (Swamp City architect)

Drive (Inhuman, Medusa agent) - by Chadman

Driver, Harold (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Driver Reese (Wolverine foe)

Drivin' Drake (Howard the Duck)

Drivin Ivan (Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Dro of Earth-950108 (Searchware of the Clave)

Droga (Conan foe)

Dro'ge Fenu Edu (Skrull scientist) - by Grendel Prime

Dromedan (Deviant mutate) - by Prime Eternal

Dromek (Conan foe)

Drom the Backwards Man (Spider-Man/Iron Fist foe) - by Markus Raymond

Drom the Spirit-Weaver (The Warriors of a Thousand Galaxies)

Drone R-11 (Galactus' servant, Dazzler character) - by GrendelPrime

Drone-X (Drones)

Droog (Hulk foe)

Droom (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Droomedia Rex (Droom)

Droopy (Shrunken Bones)

Droplet of Ultraverse (Flood's imaginary friend)

Droth of Earth-700089 (1960s cartoon, Fantastic Four foe) - by Loki

Drothor (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Drrf (diminuative Jotunheim Frost Giant) - by Chadman

Drudd, Simon (pre-FF scientist) - by Madison Carter

Druff, Dan (lazy man, "the Stingiest Man in the World")

Drug Dealer (Spider-Man character) - by Stunner

Drugunda Thal (Thongor)

Druid (Doctor Druid)

Druid (Dredmund Druid)

"Druid Ghost Rider" (Ghost Rider character) - by Loki

Druid King (Hyborian, Hamand foe)

Druid, Anthony (Doctor Druid)

Druig (Eternal) - by Prime Eternal

Druig (Enclave)

Druker, Kurt (Enclave)

Drumm, Jericho (Brother Voodoo)

"Drummer" (Danny Bellaman)

Drummond, Leland (Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Dryad (X-Student) - by MarvellousLuke

Dryans, Donald (Salmon Stunt Man)

Dryden, Jon ("A Man Destroyed", TV movie character)

Dryminextes (Human Torch and Son of Satan foe)

Dryrot (Spider-Man foe) - by Changeling

D'sean (NYX character)

D-7 ("Killdozer")

du Lac, Augustine (Black Knight)

du Paris, Bennett of Earth-295 (Exodus)

Duamutef (Horusians)

Dubiel, Beatta (Bloodlust, Femme Fatales)

DuBois, Dr. Claudia (medical doctor, Daredevil character) - by Chadman

DuBois, Helene (Dracula character)

DuBois, Jacques (Dracula character)

DuBois, Zelda (Princess Python)

Ducanard of Earth-15110 (Howard the Duck foe)

DuChailu, Marie (Number Two/Madame Menace, Rat Pack)

DuChamp, Jean-Paul "Frenchie" (Committee appearances only)

Ducharme (Shang-Chi character) - partial entry

Duchess Belladonna (Microverse, Slug body-swapper)

Duck, Dewey of Earth-Superhelden Special (Donald Duck's nephew)

Duck, Donald of Earth-Superhelden Special (Spider-Duck)

Duck, Huey of Earth-Superhelden Special (Donald Duck's nephew)

Duck, Louie of Earth-Superhelden Special (Donald Duck's nephew)

Duck Deity (Howard the Duck character)

Duck Doom of Earth-93726 (Ducktor Doom)

Duckknight Detective (Howard the Duck)

Duck-Girl (Beverly Switzler)

Duck-Man (Howard the Duck)

Ducktor Doom of Earth-93726 (armored duck from 2099 A.D., Spider-Ham foe) - by Mike Castle

Ducktor Doom 2099 of Earth-93726 (Ducktor Doom)

"Ducotron" (Retrievers of Atlantis)

Ductor Doom 2099 of Earth-93726 (Ducktor Doom)

"The Dude" (Renegades)

Dude in the Really Rad Armor (Speedball foe) - by Prime Eternal

Dudek, Josef (1950s Polish defector) - by Grendel Prime

Dud-Man (D-Man)

”Dudikoff” (Tigra foe)

Dudley, Homer (1950s, Joe Tully's former boss)

Duende (1522 AD, Order of Hydra)

Duet (Slice and Dice)

Duet of Ultraverse (Firearm foe) - by Grendel Prime

Duff (Fantastic Four character, Brain Parasites host)

Duff, Eric (Ewan's son)

Duff, Ewan (Dracula foe)

Duffer (WW2, Captain America imposter)

Duffy of Earth-8410 (Death Wreck)

Duffy, Thomas (Polestar, Great Game)

Dufour, Arthur (Matt Murdock character) - by Chadman

Dugan of Earth-730834 (SHIELD)

Dugan, Mickey (Yellow Kid; possible name)

Duggan, Earl (Marvel horror, voodoo killer) - by Ron Fredricks

Duhl, Elsbeth (Man-Thing character)

Duhl, Roland (Nightmare Boxes, Man-thing character)

Dukas (Human Fly foe)

Duke (Bobby Lathrop's dog)

Duke (Barbara Norriss' dog)

Duke ?? (Tiger Shark victim)

Duke (Kingpin agent)

Duke (Corporation)

Duke ?? (Jaime Rodriguez co-worker) - by Proto-Man

Duke of Earth-5555 (Erin)

Duke, Errol (Foreigner doppelganger)

Duke Bleys (S'ym)

Duke Ctranj of Eurth (Dr. Strange) - by Proto-Man

Duke Stratosphere of Earth-928 (Dr. Doom 2099 character) - by Zerostar and Snood

Dukes, Fred J. (Blob)

Duktor Strange ("Duckworld")

Dulb (Fomor)

Dulouz, Jack (Doctor Sax)

Dulpus (Deviant, Avengers foe) - by Stunner

Dultry, Margaret (Dragonfly's sister)

Dultry, Veronica (Dragonfly)

Dumas, Napoleon Caesar (Abdul Alhazred agent)

Dumballah (Damballah)

Dum-Dum Dugan (Timothy Aloysius Cadwaller Dugan)

"Dum-Dum Klum" (Francis Klum (Mysterio) )

Dummy (Journey into Mystery character) - by Madison Carter

Dummy (X-Student, Special Class) - by Norvo

Dumog of Earth-691 (31st Century, Formalhauti)

Dumuzi (Tammuz)

Duna of Other Realm

Dunbar, Samantha (Lancer) of Counter-Earth (Franklin)

Duncan ?? (encountered Cyclops (monster), pre-FF)

Duncan ?? (Namor character)

Duncan, Dave (Scarecrow character)

Duncan, Fred (X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Duncan, Jess (Scarecrow character)

Duncan, Kenneth William (Lady Gorgon victim, Punisher character)

Duncan, Paul (corrupt Mutant Civil Rights Task Force agent) - by Proto-Man

Dundee (pool enthusiast, "Wall-Eyed" Pike ally)

Dunderhead (D-Man)

Dunk (Duncan Sebast)

Duner, Major (Captain America character)

Dunlap, Brian (Ogre, Factor Three)

Dunlap, Mr. (1950s director)

Dunlap, Norton (Marvel Tales charcter) - by Spidermay

Dunlop, Brian (Boost)

Dunn of Earth-94157

Dunn of Earth-691 (31st Century, Punishers)

Dunn, Dan (co-Supreme Serpent, Sons of the Serpent) - by Prime Eternal

Dunn, Fiona (Brotherhood)

Dunn, Henry (1950s, bookkeeper) - by Ron Fredricks

Dunn, Mr. (Masked Marauder)

Dunne, Charlie (Indiana Jones character) - by Loki

Dunph (D-Man)

Dunphy (I.N.S., Daredevil character)

Dunphy, Dennis (D-Man)

Dunphy, Duke (romance character)

Dunphy, Ruth "Rufus" (D-Man's sister) - by Chadman

Dunsinane, Dominic (Domino)

Dunton, Abigail (Visioneer)

Dunton, Sam (Visioneer's son)

Duntumbla (Grosgumbeekian)

Dupe, Won Ton (Spider-Man foe)

Dupen'th (extraterrestrial Webb member, New Mutants foe) - by Proto-Man

Dupont, Roussel (Rapido)

Dupres, Anthea (Daily Bugle reporter, ClanDestine character) - by MarvellousLuke

Duquesne, Rene (Crimson Cavalier)

Duran (Hskelon, Die-Cut victim)

Durand, Vincent (1950s, voodoo victim) - by Ron Fredricks

Durango (Reno Jones foe)

Durant, Phillip (Mad Slayer)

Durbuur (Darbian, Cloak&Dagger character, no pictures)

Durge of Reality-691 (Badoon soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy foe)

Durgg of Reality-691 (Badoon soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy foe) - by Markus Raymond

Duro, Maria (el Sombro character)

Duro, Ramon (el Sombro charater)

Durok the Demolisher (Thor and Silver Surfer foe) - by Luis Dantas

Durrance, Teddy (Hodiah Twist ally) - by Jean-Marc Lofficier & Loki

Dursa (Conan character)

Durst (the Warden, Yelena Belova foe)

Duryea, Kurt (Freeware)

Duval, Clémence (Poodle, Litter)

Duval, Horace (Julius Keaton)

Duval, Pierre (French resistane, WW2) - by Spidermay

Duvario (Gonra of the Sword foe)

Durzzak (Conan foe)

Dusa, May (Medusa, Gorgon)

Dusk (Hellbent)

Dusk (Nightmare foe) - by Markus Raymond

Dusk ("Slingers", Mephisto/Puppet Master foe) - by G Morrow

Dust (Dazzler foe) - by Norvo

Dust Daughter Queen of Earth-13729 (queen of underworld beings) - by Proto-Man

Dust Dragon (Allergen Gang)

Dust Johannsen (Hellstorm character)

Dusty (Morlocks)

Dutch (Jerry Donder's dog, 1970s)

Dutch Oven (West Coast Avengers would-be member/foe) - by Proto-Man

Dutta (Fantastic Four foe) - by Prime Eternal

Dutton (V.I.G.I.L.)

Dutton, Chief (Daredevil character)

Duxon, Richard Millnest ("Duckworld")

D'Var (Shi'ar scout) - by Proto-Man

Dvorak, Sybil (Skein/Gypsy Moth)

Dwane, Stephen (encountered Kusoom)

Dwarf (Darkhold)

Dweeb-Man (D-Man)

"dweller-in-darkness" (Wyrm)

Dweller-in-Darkness (Fearlord, Dr. Strange foe)

  • third victim (Thor character)
  • fourth victim (Thor character)
  • Dweller in Darkness (Si-Fan, Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

    Dweller in Darkness (Red Lord)

    Dweller in Dreams (Time Traveler/Enigma Force)

    Dweller in Shadows (House of Shadows)

    Dweller in the Pit (Zug)

    Dweller on the Threshold (Rom foe) - by Donald Campbell

    Dweller of the Pool (Pthassiass)

    Dworman, Jim (Cybertek Systems Inc.)

    Dwyer, Marissa (Candace Nelson's friend)

    Dyam, Carter (Brightsword, Young Gods)

    Dyke (Kinsmen)

    Dyker, Arch (Diamondhead)

    Dyker, Archibald (Diamondhead)

    Dyker, Archie (Diamondhead)

    Dykon (Beginagains)

    Dylan, Phillip "Philly" (Punisher character)

    Dylon-Cir (Lunatic Legion)

    Dynamic Man (Golden Age hero, Twelve member/foe) - by Norvo

    Dynamite of New Universe (Mike Crawley)

    Dynamite (Generation M character) - by Chadman

    dynamite dinosaur (Behemoth Jack)

    Dynamo (Hector Dialonzo, Techno-X)

    Dyngo (Snark, Inhumans foe)

    Dynorr the Stalker (Sub-Mariner foe)

    Dyoahn (Kalibar's daughter)

    Dyskor the Purveyor (Dr. Strange character) - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

    Dyson, Edward "Eddie" (Payback)

    Dyson, Dr. Gina (Coldblood ally) - by Markus Raymond

    Dyson, Lawrence of Earth-80219

    Dyson, Leander (Satana character)

    Dzilos (Brood member) - by Darc_Light

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