Type: Alternate Earth

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Presumably vibrational attunement (although people can use computer to match its modulated signals and at least view the Earth but not visit it)

Dominant Life Form: Cosmic beings, gods, humans, mystic beings

Significant Inhabitants: The Avengers (General America, Giant-Man, Iron Man, Wasp), Balder the Brave, Bullseye, Captain America, the Devil Who Dares, Matteo DiPriggia, President Eisenhower, Elektra, General Ewing, Princess Fen, Galactus, President Bill Gates, Gerard, the Giant Shogun, General Ulysses Grant, the Hand, the Human Torch, Jackson, Nikita Krushchev, Lenin, Abraham Lincoln, Logan, Loki, Captain Leonard McKenzie, Muninn, Matt Murdock, Namor, Foggy Nelson, Odin, Old Devil, Owl, Quantrill, Scarface, Sif, Speedball, Premier Josef Stalin, Stick, King Thakorr, Thor, the U. F. F. F. (Cmdr. Rudion Richards, Natasha Romanoff, Iliana Rasputin, Piotr Rasputin), Lieutenant von Doom, We-Pi-Ahk the Eagle Spirit, the Wasserreich, the White Skull, the White Skulls, Private Wilson

First Appearance: What If?: Captain America#1 (February, 2006)

History: (What If?: Daredevil#1 (fb)) - In 1857 Japan, a man known as the Old Devil was offered a job by one known as the Owl to work for the Giant Shogun of the Yakuza. The Old Devil declined the offer, explaining that he only protects his local village where he had settled his son Masahiro. The Owl offered an enticement by flinging a volcanic rock into the eyes of Masahiro, blinding him. The Old Devil immediately stabbed the Owl and as the Owl lay dying, he explained that the Old Devil needed to follow his owl to the Shogun's hidden palace in order to restore his son's sight. Upon doing so, the Old Devil met with the Giant Shogun and was given his task to kill the Westerners docked at Edo Bay and to deliver their weapons to the Hand. Before he left, the Old Devil asked that Stick watch over his son. As the U. S. S. Everett arrived in Edo Bay, carrying the cabin boy Matthew Murdock and his friend Foggy Nelson. After realizing that everyone onboard had been killed, Foggy and Matthew tried to escape the Old Devil that had killed them but Foggy was killed in explosion caused by the Old Devil igniting the gunpowder onboard the ship. When the Greek ambassador who had led Old Devil onto the ship returned to the Shogun with news that the guns had been destroyed along with the ship, the Old Devil admitted that it was he who had set the guns ablaze. The Shogun angrily attacked the Old Devil and admitted that there was no cure for Masahiro's blindness. The Shogun also killed the Greek ambassador and then ordered the Old Devil killed as well. Following the disposal of the Greek ambassador and the Old Devil's bodies, the Shogun ordered the ambassador's daughter Elektra placed with his other geishas in hopes that she might be "interesting" in a few years.

 (What If?: Captain America#1 (fb)) - In August of 1863, Corp. Stephen Rogers arrived at Jayhawkers' camp on the Kansas/Missouri during the American Civil War and asked one of the other men about his confrontation with Quantrill's Raiders, a band of local bushwackers. He soon met Col. Buck Barnes, the field commander of the Redlegs Regiment, who announced the men's orders to torch Jackson County for their aid to the rebels. During the torching of the town of Osceola, Corp. Rogers was told to kill every man, woman, and child. He instead hid with a group of children inside a barn while Col. Barnes helped loot the town. When Barnes confronted him and reminded Rogers that he had a gun, Rogers argued that the fight was about freedom but Barnes explained that it was all about money. Angry, Rogers turned his gun on Barnes but Barnes attacked back. An eagle soon came to Rogers' aid, tearing at Barnes' face, at which point Rogers loaded the children onto Barnes' horse and ordered them not to stop. Barnes managed to shoot Rogers in the back just as the children escaped and as he died, Rogers was drug away by two white horses. Passing in and out of consciousness, Rogers awoke to find himself face-to-face with Private Wilson of the Third Indian Home Guard at Fort Gibson, who had been adopted by the Shawnee Indians when his parents were killed and raised a free man. After the other soldiers left thinking they had done all they could for Rogers, Wilson slipped back inside and explained to Rogers that he was destined to find a soldier who could bring union to all people. Wilson then used the magic of his Shawnee heritage to return Rogers to life, looking on the outside as he did on the inside, improving his physique. Just as Col. Buck Barnes arrived to retrieve his "traitorous" soldier, a blast of the mystical energy from Wilson hit Barnes in the face, transforming his face into that of a white skull. Barnes then ordered his soldiers to open fire on all soldiers present in Fort Gibson. Wilson came running out to face Barnes but Buck shot Wilson dead and killed many others before Rogers confronted him, dressed in Native American garb. He quickly defeated Barnes by hurling his shield and summoning a mystic eagle to aid him. As the Civil War came to an end, Rogers was promoted to Captain and named "Captain America" by the newspapers. With his help, the American Civil War ended a year earlier than it did on most other Earths.

 (What If?: Captain America#1 (fb) - BTS) - After the Civil War, Captain America met with Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses Grant.

 (What If?: Daredevil#1 (fb)) - In 1877 Japan, Stick honored his word to the Old Devil by training young Masahiro to cope with his blindness and discovered that Masahiro had the strange ability to sense his surroundings as echoes. Once Masahiro's training was complete, Stick explained that he must use his gift to break the Shogun's grip on the Japanese Emperor as the Devil Who Dares. In order to learn more about the Shogun, Stick had Masahiro take employment as a servant to the Shogun's geishas where Masahiro took a liking to Elektra. Not long after, Masahiro attempted to halt the Hand from attacking what appeared to be a defenseless woman as the Devil Who Dares before discovering that the woman was actually Elektra, who had trained with the Hand for ten years before parting ways with them. Realizing who each other were, Elektra and Masahiro shared a kiss. The two soon continued their vendetta against the Shogun until the Shogun deduced that Stick had some connection to the Devil Who Dares and had him poisoned. With his dying breath, Stick revealed that the Shogun had hired a Westerner to hunt the Devil Who Dares down using a gun and that he had once stood by as the Shogun murdered Masahiro's father. Elektra and the Devil Who Dares soon took their fight directly to the Shogun, following him up a hill where his hired gunman shot down Elektra. The gunmen, Matthew Murdock, soon realized that the Shogun was behind the death of Foggy Nelson twenty years ago and allowed Masahiro to gain his vengeance on the Shogun. Once the Shogun was killed, Masahiro discovered that Matthew had only grazed Elektra's temple and not killed her. Masahiro and Elektra were soon after wed, with Matthew serving as best man.

 (What If?: Captain America#1 (fb)) - In the years following, Captain America helped suppress the rise of the K. K. K. and sparked a Native American culture craze. Thanks to him, the Indian Wars of the 1870s never occurred as they did on most other Earths. Once Buck Barnes broke out of jail, he took the name of the White Skull and used the remnants of the K. K. K. to form his own hate group called the White Skulls.

 (What If?: Sub-Mariner#1 (fb)) - In 1920, sailor Leonard McKenzie and Atlantean Princess Fen fell in love and watched the sunrise in the Antarctic. Just as Fen revealed that she was pregnant, the duo was attacked by a group of Atlanteans who shot at Leonard. Fen jumped in the way of the gunfire as Leonard killed the Atlanteans and then rushed to his lover's side. Fen asked that the two of them sail to the other side of the world to escape her father's wrath. Months later, Fen gave birth to a son whom she asked to be named Namor and she then perished.

 (What If?: Wolverine#1 (fb)) - In Spring 1926, a man named Logan arrived in Rat Portage, Ontario to visit a friend named Gerard who owned the Blackheart bar there. He turned in some animal pelts and then went inside the bar where Gerard congratulated him on the birth of a son by punching him. Gerard then ordered the bar to clear out while he talked with Logan. Gerard then explained that the punch was to hold his reputation amongst the bar-goers and that the mother of Logan's child could stay and work at the bar as long as Logan remained there with her. Gerard also announced that he was dying and that he was about to make a trip to Minnesota for treatment but was making a stop in Chicago to speak with some organized crime leaders about supplying them with alcohol during the U. S.'s Prohibition. When Logan asked what all of that information had to do with him, Gerard explained that he wanted Logan to take over running the Blackheart. Logan declined the invitation and then left for the wilderness. Later that night, Logan was awakened to the sound of the Blackheart exploding. He immediately rushed to the bar only to find Gerard running out of it on fire. With Gerard's last words, he explained to Logan that no one survived the explosion and that the arsonist was Scarface, the man whom Gerard was supposed to meet in Chicago. Logan soon made his way to Chicago where some of Scarface's goons were giving him a beating. A local pickpocket Matteo DiPriggia broke up the beating by giving the sign for police and the goons left. Matteo then introduced himself as the "go-to" guy around those parts and Logan decided to get Matteo to help him find Scarface. In the time that followed, Logan paid Matteo to provide him with information regarding Scarface and Logan eventually decided to confront Scarface at the Metropole Hotel on Michigan Avenue. Logan then infiltrated the Hotel, turned up the pressure on the boiler downstairs, sealed the entrance to the basement, and then got inside the Hotel proper. After taking one of the guards, Logan found himself surrounded by crooked cops in Scarface's employ. The cops proceeded to beat Logan unconscious and capture him, leaving him in Scarface's office where Logan awoke to find the arsonist explaining how he hated the name Scarface. Logan then revealed that he knew Scarface's true identity of "Dog," a man whom he had battled years ago. Soon after, the explosives that Logan had set while turning up the pressure in the boiler room went off, destroying the Hotel and "Dog" along with it. Not long after Scarface's death, Matteo was once again confronted by Logan, who announced that he would now need more guns and bullets.

 (What If?: Sub-Mariner#1 (fb)) - By 1941, Fen and Leonard McKenzie's son Namor had grown into an adult, watching his friends swim outside of Honolulu. When his friends asked him to join them, Namor declined, claiming he couldn't swim and returned home where he attempted to cut the wings from his ankles. His father found him and explained that Namor should never been ashamed of who he was. Namor explained that he hated his Atlantean heritage just as the Atlantean King Thakorr arrived at his home and tried to explain Namor his heritage. Angry and hateful towards the Atlanteans who shot his mother, Namor attacked King Thakorr but was interrupted by the Japanese attack on the Hawaiian Pearl Harbor. Namor's father was soon killed during the attack and Namor quickly joined the attack against the Japanese in his desire for revenge. After saving a group of kids, Namor turned his back on Atlantis and was offered a job with the United States government. Two years later, Namor was fighting for the U. S. government alongside its other operative, the android Human Torch. Soon after an autograph session, the U. S. aircraft carrier housing the Torch and Namor was attacked and the Human Torch was shot down. Following his shooting, the Torch fell into the ocean and Namor dove in to find him, only to disappear from the public eye afterwards.

 (What If?: Wolverine#1 (fb) - BTS) - After being arrested and sent to Riker's Island in 1946, Matteo DiPriggia wrote a biographical novel about his experiences with Logan.

 (What If?: Fantastic Four#1 (fb)) - In 1951, Soviet Premier Josef Stalin authorized a manned space flight which resulted in the spacecraft's four occupants getting exposed to cosmic radiation. Soon after their transformation, the foursome were dubbed the U. F. F. F. (Ultimate Federalist Freedom Fighters) by Lt. von Doom of Latveria and began their work for the Soviet government with Iliana Rasputin serving as KGB liaison. In the time that followed, the U. F. F. F. went on missions in Czechoslovakia, Finland, the Caucasus, Ukraine, Hungary, Irkutsk, and West Berlin where they discovered that Stalin had been killed and the KGB had taken over their unit. Soon after, the U. F. F. F. Commander Rudion Richards said goodbye to his captive father and explained that the U. F. F. F. were being sent to Cuba because America could not accept Soviets so close to its shores. In Cuba, the U. F. F. F. were confronted by America's Avengers. A battle soon erupted between the two teams when Giant-Man stepped onto Soviet territory with the Avengers emerging victorious when Rudion Richards teleported the U. F. F. F. away following the injury of most of its members. Rudion soon arrived at the KGB headquarters where they ordered Natasha to vaporize Rudion for his insolence but Natasha instead vaporized the KGB leaders themselves. With no ruler for Russia, the U. F. F. F. became the new leaders and they dedicated Russia to equality.

 (What If?: Sub-Mariner#1 (fb)) - Thirty years after Namor's disappearance, he met with a U. S. government agent concerning Vietnam. The agent explained to Namor that Ho had the flu and Namor replied that Ho was now dead. The agent thanked Namor for his help and then explained that a signal from Ice Island in the Atlantic was saying "Namor." Namor was soon sent in to investigate where he discovered Atlantis itself under attack from Nazi genetic beings called the Wasserreich. Namor soon confronted the Nazi scientist responsible for the Wasserreich, who had taken advantage of the Human Torch's inert form in an attempt to melt the ice caps. Against his orders, Namor managed to free the Human Torch and hurl him into the air where he exploded in a ball of fire. Namor then opted to stay and help free Atlantis from Nazi rule while the U. S. government erected a statue of Namor that was placed next to one of the Human Torch in honor.

 (What If?: Captain America#1 - BTS) - The modern-day General America clashed with the hate group the White Skulls near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D. C.

 (What If?: Fantastic Four#1 - BTS) - Bill Gates won his second term as President of the United States and pushed his Climate Control Agenda.

 (What If?: Daredevil#1 - BTS) - The playboy industrialist Matt Murdock wrote a best selling book about his ancestor, Matthew Murdock, the Civil War hero and world traveler. He also narrated the audio version of his book.

 (What If?: Thor#1) - When Galactus attempted to devour Asgard, home of the Norse Gods, Thor and numerous warriors stood opposed to the cosmic being. While Loki tried to "help" Thor destroy Galactus' machines, Galactus' herald killed the Lady Sif, throwing Thor into a fit of rage. In his anger, he killed the herald. Before he could continue the fight against Galactus, Galactus announced that he was impressed at Thor's power and offered Thor as a place as his new herald in exchange for sparing Asgard his hunger. After seeing the other Asgardians tired from battle, Thor reluctantly agreed to become Galactus' new herald. Sometime later, after Thor had led Galactus to devourer numerous worlds, he was contacted by Odin's servant Muninn, who informed Thor that Odin was dead and Asgard was ruined due to Loki. Galactus agreed to allow Thor to return to Asgard but warned that Asgard would now be his next meal. Arriving on Asgard, Thor found Loki on the throne. Seeing Galactus not far behind him, Thor freed the captive Asgardians and ordered them to escape to Earth as Galactus devoured Asgard. Once on Earth, Balder the Brave became one of Earth's premier superheroes, even recording an interview that explained Asgard's fate to the public.

Comments: Created by Tony Bedard, Carmine DiGiandomenico, and John Stanisci.

This reality would be an alternate Earth because certain characters were born in completely different time periods than on Earth-616.

Wasp was never referred to as "Wasp" but only as Jan, but I think it is a safe ASSumption that she used the codename of Wasp just like Giant-Man was still Giant-Man in this reality.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-717 has no known connections to

The Avengers

The Avengers were America's premier superhero team in 1951 and due to Soviet threats from Cuba, they were sent to Cuba to investigate. While there, they got brought into a battle with Russia's U. F. F. F. until U. F. F. F. Commander Rudion Richards teleported his team away.

They were: (from left to right): Giant-Man, General America, Iron Man, and Wasp (not pictured).

--What If?: Fantastic Four#1 (fb)

Balder the Brave

Balder was essentially the same as his Earth-616 counterpart up until Galactus first attempted to devour Asgard. With Thor gone as Galactus left, Balder was captured by Loki and the Frost Giants when Loki assumed the throne of Asgard. When word of Asgard's ruin reached Thor, Thor left Galactus against his master's wishes to free Asgard from Loki's rule. Galactus soon arrived to devour Asgard for Thor's betrayal and Thor managed to free Balder, whom he ordered to get as many Asgardians as possible and escape to Earth. As Balder left for Earth, he said his goodbyes to Thor and eventually arrived on Earth where he became a respected hero.

Balder had superhuman strength, stamina, resistance, durability, and longevity.

--What If?: Thor#1


Matthew Murdock was a cabin boy working on the U. S. S. Everett in 1857 when the Japanese Old Devil attacked and killed the crew, Matthew's friend Foggy Nelson included. For twenty years, Matthew was determined to gain vengeance on the masked devil that had murdered his friend, eventually hiring his guns out to the Japanese Giant Shogun as Bullseye. During the battle between the Giant Shogun and the Devil Who Dares, Matthew realized that the Shogun was responsible for Foggy's death and allowed the Devil Who Dares to kill the Shogun. After the battle, Matthew was the best man at the wedding of Elektra and the Devil Who Dares.

--What If?: Daredevil#1 (fb)

Captain America

Corp. Stephen Rogers was a patriotic young soldier during the American Civil War who was stationed at the Jayhawkers' camp at the Kansas/Missouri border. When orders came to destroy Jackson County, Rogers hid and protected some of the children there until he was confronted by his commanding officer, Buck Barnes. The two ended up fighting over the ideals of the War and Barnes shot Rogers before Rogers was drug off by two escaping horses. Rogers was soon found by Private Wilson and taken to Fort Gibson where Wilson managed to return Rogers to life using Shawnee magic and help from the eagle spirit, We-Pi-Ahk. Rogers came to just in time to halt Barnes' slaying of those at the Fort. He was later promoted to Captain and given the name of Captain America by the papers. After the Civil War, Captain America halted the rise of the K. K. K. and battled Barnes (who was now called the White Skull) and his hate group the White Skulls.

Captain America had peak human physical attributes and the ability to manifest an eagle composed of mystic energy from the center of his shield.

--What If?: Captain America#1 (fb)

The Devil Who Dares

Masahiro was the son of the Old Devil circa 1857 Japan. As a child, Masahiro was blinded by the Owl and as he grew up, he was trained by Stick in the martial arts. Eventually, Masahiro was trained to break the Giant Shogun's influence on the Japanese Emperor by becoming the costumed Devil Who Dares. During one of his attacks, he met Elektra and fell in love, together defeating the Shogun with the help of the American Bullseye. Following the Shogun's defeat, Masahiro married Elektra.

Masahiro had a superhuman "radar sense."

--What If?: Daredevil#1 (fb)

Matteo DiPriggia

Matteo DiPriggia was a low-level worker for the mob in 1926 Chicago during the heyday of Prohibition. When Logan arrived in Chicago looking for mob boss Scarface, Matteo broke up some thugs who were beating on Logan by giving the sign of police nearby. Matteo then introduced himself and given his connections, Logan employed Matteo to get him information and supplies in order to take down Scarface. Following Scarface's death, Matteo went back to his old job until Logan once again found him and announced that he would need more guns and ammo. Matteo then joined Logan in punishing other mob bosses and crooked cops. In 1946, Matteo was arrested and sent to Riker's Island where he wrote a biographical novel about his experiences with Logan.

--What If?: Wolverine#1 (fb)


Elektra was the daughter of a Greek ambassador who once aided the Japanese Giant Shogun in 1857. When the Shogun had Elektra's father killed, he ordered Elektra to be sent with the other geishas and Elektra grew up hating the Shogun. After secretly training ten years with the Hand, Elektra began attacking the Shogun and came into contact with the Devil Who Dares, whom she fell in love with. Following the defeat of the Giant Shogun, Elektra and the Devil Who Dares were married.

--What If?: Daredevil#1 (fb)

Princess Fen

Princess Fen was the daughter of Atlantean King Thakorr who shared a love with the sailor Leonard McKenzie. Together they had a son Namor and Fen died soon after naming him.

Fen, like all other Atlanteans, could survive indefinitely underwater, able to breathe in water and resist the pressures of the deep.

--What If?: Sub-Mariner#1 (fb)


Galactus was the same as his Earth-616 counterpart up until Thor killed his herald. Impressed by Thor's power, Galactus offered to spare Asgard if Thor would become his new herald. In order to spare the other Asgardians, Thor accepted and began leading Galactus to savage worlds deserving of destruction until Thor went against Galactus' wishes and left to free Asgard from Loki. Galactus warned that he would now devour Asgard for Thor's treachery and followed Thor to Asgard where he devoured it after Thor ordered most of the population to escape to Earth.

Galactus had the same cosmic powers that his 616 counterpart had.

--What If?: Thor#1

General America

A descendant of the Civil War-era Captain America, General America was the premier superhero of America who battled terrorists of all kinds. In 1951, he joined the Avengers and went to Cuba with them to deal with the Soviet threat there. While in Cuba, he led the Avengers against the Russian superteam the U. F. F. F. until Rudion Richards of the U. F. F. F. teleported his team away from the battle. In the present, he battled the White Skulls himself in Washington, D. C.

He presumably had the same peak human physical attributes that his ancestor, Captain America, had.

--What If?: Captain America#1 (seen only in a picture), What If?: Fantastic Four#1 (fb) (fully seen); (What If?: Fantastic Four#1 (fb), What If?: Captain America#1 - BTS,


Gerard was the owner of the Blackheart bar in Ontario, Canada in 1926. When he learned he was dying, he summoned Logan to the bar and offered him a place as owner. Logan declined the offer but that night, Gerard's bar was destroyed by the mob boss Scarface and Gerard died telling Logan who the assailant was.

--What If?: Wolverine#1 (fb)


Hank was a member of America's Avengers in 1951 and was sent with the rest of the team to Cuba due to it being a Soviet nation. While there, the Avengers were confronted by Russia's U. F. F. F. and a battle quickly ensued between the two teams. In the course of the battle, Rudion Richards turned Giant-Man's size-controlling dial up to its limit and Giant-Man grew so tall that he went unconscious and stopped breathing. With most of the U. F. F. F. also injured, Rudion Richards teleported his team out of the battle, leaving the Avengers to care for their own.

Giant-Man could grow to gigantic size by changing a dial on his belt.

--What If?: Fantastic Four#1 (fb)

The Giant Shogun

The Giant Shogun was a Yakuza crimelord circa 1857 who controlled most of Japan through his influence. He once blackmailed the Old Devil into killing those onboard the U. S. S. Everett by blinding his child and later killed by the Devil and the Greek ambassador who let the Devil on the ship for their failures. His influence grew as the years passed and the child whom he once blinded became the Devil Who Dares, a constant thorn in his side. When the Devil Who Dares attacked him with his former geisha Elektra, the Shogun took the battle to the top of a local volcano where the heroic duo were aided by the Shogun's hired gun Bullseye. During the battle, the Shogun was thrown into the volcano where he perished.

--What If?: Daredevil#1 (fb) (#1d,

The Hand

The Hand was an ancient Japanese ninja syndicate, even old in their heyday of 1857. They eventually fell under the control of the Giant Shogun but they secretly trained one of their geishas until she parted ways with them. The geisha, Elektra, soon began attacking the Hand due to their connection to the Giant Shogun.

--What If?: Daredevil#1 (fb)

The Human Torch

The Human Torch was an android government agent during World War II and went on many missions with Namor, eventually considering him family. When the Torch disappeared toward the end of War, Namor continued his government work in secret. Years later, the Torch's inert remains were converted by a surviving Nazi scientist into a bomb that the Sub-Mariner disposed of.

The Human Torch could burst into flame and control fire.

--What If?: Sub-Mariner#1 (fb) (#1d,

Iron Man

Iron Man was very similar to his Earth-616 counterpart. He was a member of the Avengers in 1951 and was with them in Cuba when they were sent to deal with the Soviet threat there. He aided his Avengers teammates until Commander Rudion Richards of the U. F. F. F. teleported his team back to Russia.

Iron Man wore a suit of armor equipped with boot jets, an energy lariat, and superhuman strength and durability.

--What If?: Fantastic Four#1 (fb)


Jackson was a child who visited the park that was in honor of the Human Torch thirty years after the Torch's disappearance.

--What If?: Sub-Mariner#1 (fb)


James was a Canadian living in 1926 Ontario as a fur trapper. When he was summoned to the Blackheart bar, he discovered that he had a son and was asked to take over as owner of the bar. He declined and later that night, the bar was destroyed by a Chicago mob boss named Scarface. Tracking him to Chicago, Logan encountered Matteo DiPriggia, who gave Logan information on the mob boss until he was able to destroy the Chicago Hotel that Scarface based him out of. Following Scarface's death, Logan met again with Matteo and announced that he would need more guns.

Logan appeared to have a superhuman healing factor. He may have also had mutant bone claws due to his past battle with Scarface left Scarface with three scars across his face, suggesting that Logan had the three claws that his Earth-616 counterpart had.

--What If?: Wolverine#1 (fb)


Loki was the same as his Earth-616 counterpart up until Thor became Galactus' new herald. In Thor's absence, Loki took over the throne of Asgard following Odin's death and ruled it with an iron fist, capturing most of its famed warriors. When news of Loki's evil reached, Thor led Galactus to Asgard where Galactus devoured it along with Loki.

Loki had the same superhuman strength, stamina, resistance, longevity, durability, and mystical knowledge that his Earth-616 counterpart.

--What If?: Thor#1 (#1d,

Captain Leonard McKenzie

Leonard McKenzie was the sailor father of Namor. He raised Namor until he was twenty-one, when Atlanteans tried to explain Namor about his heritage. The explanation was interrupted by the attack on Pearl Harbor where Leonard was killed.

--What If?: Sub-Mariner#1 (fb)


Muninn was a servant of Odin and appeared as a talking crow. When Loki took over Asgard, the dying Muninn located Thor and explained Loki's crimes before dying.

--What If?: Thor#1 (#1d,

Matt Murdock

Matt Murdock was a playboy industrialist, as well as an accomplished writer. He wrote a book about his ancestor Matthew's exploits which he narrated in its audio version.

--What If?: Daredevil #1 - BTS


Namor was the son of Captain Leonard McKenzie and the Atlantean Princess Fen. When his mother died shortly after naming him Namor, Namor was raised by his sailor father in Hawaii. Upon reaching adulthood, Namor met with his grandfather King Thakorr, who tried to explain his Atlantean heritage. During the discussion, Pearl Harbor was attacked and Namor joined the fray saving lives. Afterward, Namor turned his back on Atlantis and became a U. S. government operative for years until he was sent to investigate an underwater disturbance. He soon found Atlantis and the Wasserreich, Nazi genetic constructs patterned after himself. During the battle, Namor and all present were destroyed by a Nazi bomb.

Namor could survive underwater and had superhuman strength, durability, and flight.

--What If?: Sub-Mariner#1 (fb) (#1d,

Foggy Nelson

Foggy Nelson was a crewman on the U. S. S. Everett circa 1857 and friend of Matthew Murdock. When the other crew were killed by the Old Devil, Foggy was killed trying to get to safety with his friend Matthew. Following his death, Matthew became determined to avenge him.

--What If?: Daredevil#1 (fb)


Odin was the same as his Earth-616 counterpart up until he died in Thor's absence from Asgard.

Odin presumably had the superhuman strength, stamina, resistance, longevity, durability, and "Odin Power" that his Earth-616 counterpart had.

--What If?: Thor#1 (#1d,

Old Devil

The Old Devil was a renowned protector of his village in 1857 Japan who was contacted by the Giant Shogun. The Devil declined the Shogun's offer but was blackmailed into killing the crew of the U. S. S. Everett when the Shogun blinded the Devil's son Masahiro. After killing the crew, the Devil deliberately blew up the gunpowder onboard the ship to keep the Shogun from keeping the guns onboard. For his "failure," the Shogun ordered the Old Devil's death.

--What If?: Daredevil#1 (fb)


The Owl was an operative of the Giant Shogun in 1857 Japan. He was sent to coerce the Old Devil into working for the Giant Shogun and when he flung a volcanic rock into the eyes of the Devil's son Masahiro, the Old Devil stabbed the Owl through the eye. With his dying breath, the Owl told the Old Devil to follow his owl to the Shogun's hidden palace.

--What If?: Daredevil#1 (fb)


"Dog" was a mob boss basing himself out of 1926 Chicago. He had a past with the Canadian fur trapper Logan with the scars to prove it. Years after the battle, "Dog" (now calling himself Scarface) set fire to the Blackheart bar, killing Logan's friend Gerard, Logan's child, and the mother of his child. Determined to get revenge, Logan travelled to Chicago where he destroyed Scarface's Hotel headquarters with Scarface inside, killing him.

--What If?: Wolverine#1 (fb) (#1d,


Sif was the same as her Earth-616 counterpart up until she perished fighting Galactus' herald during Galactus' first attempt to devour Asgard.

Sif had superhuman strength, stamina, resistance, durability, and longevity.

--What If?: Thor#1 (#1d,


Stick was an old martial artist friend of the Old Devil in 1857 Japan. He came into the employment of the Giant Shogun and when the Old Devil was forced into aiding the Shogun, he asked Stick to care for his son in his absence. Following the Devil's death, Stick withheld his word by training the Devil's son Masahiro into becoming the Devil Who Dares, an opponent of the Shogun. Eventually discovering Stick's connection to the Devil Who Dares, the Giant Shogun had Stick poisoned.

--What If?: Daredevil#1 (fb)

King Thakorr

King Thakorr was the King of Atlantis and upon Namor's reaching adulthood, he visited the surface world in an attempt to convince Namor to return to Atlantis. While he was there, Namor's home was attacked along with the rest of Pearl Harbor and Thakorr left when Namor shunned him. Years later, Namor was sent to Atlantis to investigate a disturbance involving his name. When he arrived, he watched as Thakorr was enslaved by the Wasserreich. Thakorr and the other Atlanteans were freed by Namor only to be destroyed by a Nazi bomb.

Thakorr could survive indefinitely underwater, like all other Atlanteans.

--What If?: Sub-Mariner#1 (fb) (#1d,


Thor was the same as his Earth-616 counterpart up until Galactus attempted to devour Asgard. He led the warriors opposed to Galactus until Galactus offered to spare Asgard in favor of making Thor his new herald. Thor reluctantly agreed and began leading Galactus to savage, violent worlds that he deemed deserving of destruction. When news of Loki's takeover of Asgard reached Thor, Thor went against Galactus in order to free the Asgardians, only to have Galactus devour Asgard as punishment for his treachery. Thor managed to get some of Asgard's population to escape to Earth before Asgard's destruction and then returned to Galactus' service.

Thor had superhuman strength, resistance, stamina, durability, longevity, and the ability to control the Power Cosmic.

--What If?: Thor#1

The U. F. F. F. (Ultimate Federalist Freedom Fighters)

The U. F. F. F. were a group of Soviet cosmonauts who were sent into outer space in 1951 by Premier Josef Stalin. While in space, they were bombarded by cosmic radiation and given superhuman powers that they used to aid the Soviet government. After numerous missions, control of the team was passed to the KGB who ordered the U. F. F. F. to defend Cuba from the American Avengers. During the battle, Iliana Rasputin was seriously wounded, prompting Commander Rudion Richards to retreat back to the KGB headquarters where he confronted his superiors. The KGB head ordered Natasha Romanoff to vaporize Richards for his insolence but she instead vaporized the entirety of the KGB, opting to turn Russia into a land based on equality instead of violence or murder. In the years that followed, Russia became a prosperous country under the U. F. F. F. rule and welcomed peace.

They were: (clockwise from top):
Rudion Richards, who had the ability to open gateways in space that he project his body through, allowing him to project parts of himself to other locations.
Natasha Romanoff, who had the ability to transform into and manipulate electro-magnetic energy.
Piotr Rasputin, who was permenantly transformed into living steel and whose intelligence decreased as time passed.
Iliana Rasputin, Piotr's sister, who could mystically become invisible unless she wanted to be seen.

--What If?: Fantastic Four#1 (fb)

Lieutenant von Doom

Lt. von Doom was the one who introduced the U. F. F. F. to Premier Josef Stalin following their transformation in 1951. He was from Latveria which, in 1951, had just entered into the U. S. S. R.

--What If?: Fantastic Four#1 (fb)


Jan, like her Earth-616 counterpart, was a member of the Avengers in this reality, although in the year 1951. When the Avengers were sent to Cuba to deal with the Soviet threat there, she aided in the battle until Giant-Man was rendered unconscious and stopped breathing. She then tended to him until the Soviet U. F. F. F. teleported back to Russia, leaving the Avengers to aid their own.

She had the ability to shrink in size where she would grow wings capable of flight. She could also project bio-electric stings from her hands.

--What If?: Fantastic Four#1 (fb)

The Wasserreich

The Wasserreich were genetic constructs created by the Nazis using cell samples from Namor. Years after the end of World War II, a surviving Nazi scientist used the Wasserreich to take over Atlantis. While the scientist transformed the android Human Torch into a bomb, the Wasserreich enslaved the Atlanteans until Namor arrived and freed them. The Wasserreich, Namor, and the Atlanteans were all destroyed by a leftover Nazi bomb following the Wasserreich's defeat.

Each of the Wasserreich had superhuman strength, durability, and the ability to survive indefinitely underwater.

--What If?: Sub-Mariner#1 (fb) (#1d,

We-Pi-Ahk the Eagle Spirit

We-Pi-Ahk was a deity of the Shawnee Indians around the time of the Civil War. When Corp. Stephen Rogers was taken to Fort Gibson, We-Pi-Ahk was summoned by Private Wilson there and reincarnated Corp. Rogers as Captain America, making him on the outside as he was on the inside.

We-Pi-Ahk often took the form of an eagle made of energy and was able to empower others with mystic force.

--What If?: Captain America#1 (fb)

The White Skull

Col. Buck Barnes was the commanding officer at the Jayhawkers' Camp during the American Civil War and while he claimed the War was about freedom, he secretly figured it was all about the money. When his Camp received orders to destroy Jackson County, he led the men in attacks against the town of Osceola. Finding Corp. Stephen Rogers protecting children, Col. Barnes ordered Rogers to kill the children. When Rogers refused, Col. Barnes shot him and left him to be drug off by escaping horses. Barnes later tracked Rogers to Fort Gibson where he interrupted Rogers' transformation into Captain America. Blasted in the face by mystical energy during Rogers' transformation, Barnes' face took the appearance of a skull and he was defeated by the newly-transformed Captain America. After escaping jail, Barnes took the codename of the White Skull and with the remnants of the K. K. K., formed a terrorist group called the White Skulls which soon became an ongoing enemy of Captain America.

--What If?: Captain America#1 (fb)

The White Skulls

The White Skulls were a terrorist group founded by Col. Buck Barnes using the remnants of the K. K. K. Following its formation, the White Skulls soon became an ongoing enemy of Captain America and his descendants, including General America.

--What If?: Captain America#1 (fb) (#1 - BTS,

Private Wilson

Private Wilson was an African-American during the American Civil War who grew up a free man due to his parents being killed as a child and his being raised by Shawnee Indians. On the outbreak of the Civil War, Wilson voluntarily signed up to free other men like himself and was stationed at Fort Gibson. When a dying Corp. Stephen Rogers was drug into the Fort by horses escaping the town of Osceola, Wilson tended to Rogers' wounds and explained to Rogers that he was destined to find Wilson. Wilson then used his Shawnee mystics to summon We-Pi-Ahk the Eagle Spirit, who reincarnated Rogers in peak human physicality. When Col. Buck Barnes arrived at Fort Gibson seeking his "runaway" soldier, Private Wilson tried to fight back but was shot dead.

Private Wilson had Shawnee mystic training as a medicine man.

--What If?: Captain America#1 (fb) (#1d,

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