Want to join the few, the proud, the...people who know a lot about a bunch of useless trivia on guys that most people have never heard of?

If so, then maybe you can join the Masters of the Obscure

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Mark Gruenwald ...the original Master of the Obscure. One of my favorite writers, he always used the little guys and stayed true to continuity. He is greatly missed.



Snood (3257++ as of 06/04/2024)    Jeff Christiansen.

I'm the author/creator/owner of the site and have done somewhere around 1/5 of the profiles (this percentage keeps going down, now that I'm getting more and more contributors (and due to busy family and work life)...If it doesn't have someone else credited, then I did it. With many of the others, I put in the images, and/or did a lot of the editing). I'm a boarded Veterinarian Surgeon. I'm married (with two kids) and live in Satellite Beach, Florida (on the East Coast, an hour South of Orlando). I started collecting back in 1978 and I've got a collection of over 39, 000 currently (not including perhaps 1000 or more doubles). I've always loved the various incarnations of the OHotMU, and wanted to get the obscure characters some time. I got further motivation by working with the Beetle and the folks at Spider-Fan around 2001. After reading a "Website for Dummies" book, a little trial and error, some help from some friends, and a few thousand curse words, my website has come true.
    When the site started out (and for quite awhile) I did everything. Then some profiles started trickling in, and I added images and missing info, converted them to HTML, etc. Eventually, I started getting so much stuff and was doing so much editing that I no longer had time to do my own profiles. So now I've got 12-15 people regularly submitting profiles, a couple of editors, and I'm starting to figure out the delegating responsibility is a good thing. Fortunately, I've got good help!
    In addition, the work of the Appendix got me an "IN" at Marvel.
I was:

First Appearance: Columbus, Ohio, July 15, 1970
First Appendix Appearance: Aan Taanu (summer 2001)

Proto-Man (1748)

Real Name: Jacob Rougemont
Class: Human technology user
Occupation: Administrative Assistant, freelance writer/researcher; former retail associate
Affiliations: Gracey Grandstanders, Masters of the Obscure, OHotMU; formerly the Wings
Aliases: Art, the Rouge, "Big Tuna," "Mixtape;" formerly Safety Monkey, Aquaman, Jacobey, Jacobo
Identity: Publicy known
Citizenship: United States
Place of Birth: Clarksville, Tennessee
Education: BS in Internet and Web-based Technology (with a minor in Studio Art)
Base of Operations: Clarksville, Tennessee
First Appearance: June 22, 1982
First Appendix Appearance: Ultimator (1/8/2002)
Powers: Able to superhumanly multi-task; able to locate and find the most trivial bits of information, especially pertaining to Marvel Comics
Equipment: A Mead #2 0.7mm mechanical pencil, my computer, many old video game systems, a slew of vinyl records & movies
History: Growing up, the first comic I ever owned was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures SC (which collected TMNT Adventures#1-3 mini-series), published by Archie. The first Marvel book I ever bought was Uncanny X-Men I#293, from back in 1992. I remember buying Fantastic Four I#370, also back in 1992. Of course, the arcade game Captain America & the Avengers introduced me to the Avengers and I began collecting Avengers West Coast. Once Avengers volume 3 came out, I was collecting any Avengers book and my collection is going strong, with its weakest point being the first issues of volume 1. At a time I collected a lot of first appearance books, I picked up X-Force I#116 in 2001 and I was instantly hooked, eventually collecting the entire run of X-Force/X-Statix from X-Force#116 until X-Statix#26 (as well the characters' later appearances in mini-series & random issues, not to mention the X-Cellent!). Currently, I collect any book with Avengers in the title (Avengers, Avengers Forever, All-Out Avengers, Savage Avengers, plus random one-shots & minis here & there), any of those nifty "Facsimile Editions," Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (& various minis), She-Hulk, Strange Academy, X-Men Legends, Back Issue, Alter Ego and Retro Fan magazines (latter three from TwoMorrows Publishing) and naturally, any Marvel Handbook that comes out!

Comments: Created by my parents
Proto-Man's Appendix Profiles


Chadman (1645)

Real Name: Chad Anderson
Clinical social worker, documentary filmmaker, author of "The Mushroom Murders" graphic novel and memoir "Gay Mormon Dad," blogger at
Group Membership: Marvel Comics Official Handbooks team
Enemies: Bullies in any form
Known Relatives: Mike (partner), Jaxon and Asher (sons)
Aliases: Chadman, Chadley, Chadford, and various other Chadisms
Base of Operations: Salt Lake City, Utah
First Appearance: Springfield, Missouri (November, 1978)
First Appendix Appearance: Ngh the Unspeakable (1/29/2005)
Chad spends a lot of time at his keyboard and a lot of time at the gym, and he generally has a book in hand.
History: After Archie Comics cancelled their Ninja Turtles and Mutanimals series, I picked up an X-Force comic on a whim and became an X-Men fan for a few years. Quickly disenchanted with the dozens of titles out each month in that group, I picked up Avengers 1 by Busiek and Perez and discovered the rest of the MU! I'm now a HUGE fan of back issues, and love obscure Marvel history. I've done my share of creative writing, but am probably best 'known' for various Survivor competitions staged on the comicboards sites. In 2006, I joined the Official Handbooks team and got the pleasure of seeing my name and entries in comic ads, the books themselves, and even a couple of Essentials books I helped proof. Chad is currently profiling his way through the Daredevil series, picking up a project he started years ago.


Prime Eternal (1454 + + + + + + + +)

Real Name: Michael Hoskin
This is the guy I ask for information when my own sources are lacking. He is a wealth of knowledge on most aspects of the MU. He did the quite impressive and thorough Encyclopaedia Olympianna and contributed info on Warlord Kaa, Godzilla, Fat Man, and a bunch of others. Now he's joining the group and going to contribute some Cowboys, Monsters, and other characters. In addition, Prime Eternal is one my Editors, helping to polish up and double check the profiles before sending them on to me.The Prime One is also one of the former editors, adding content and reformatting the profiles before they reach me, in order to dramatically cut down on my workload!
Michael is also a contributor to the new line of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.
Michael has served as:

First Appendix Appearance: Update on Fat Man (2/7/2002)
E-mail :

Grendel Prime (1013 +)

Real Name: Marc Riemer
Identity/Class: Extradimensional human technology user
Occupation: Unrevealed
Group Affiliations: Avengers, Exiles, Fantastic Four, Micronauts, Shi'ar Imperial Guard, U-Foes, Atlas era
Affiliations: Bengal, Living Lightning, Monkey King, Namor, Northstar, Noh-Varr, Quasar (Vaughn), Rom
Annoyances: Red Skull, Impossible Man and deadlines
Alternate Earth counterparts: Boomslang
Base of Operations: Melbourne, Australia; occasionally mobile across alternate dimensions, esp. the Ultraverse
First Appendix Appearance: "Porcupine Puss" (5/24/2005)
Comments: I'd lurked on this site for a couple of years before deciding to take the plunge into the dire (wraith) world of html and submit the occasional profile.


Bad digicam Markus Raymond (780 +++)

Markus not only takes care of the editing but also the arduous task of
adding all the profile links to the Appendix's multitude of pages. This
is a ton of work, and it takes a BIG load off of the rest of the editors!

Real Name: Markus Raimund Ettlinger
Identity/Class: Human (really)
Occupation: Salesman
Affiliations: Feneberg, Masters of the Obscure, OHOTMU
formerly: Gallus, Marvelmaniacs
Enemies : Dr. Oetker, Mr. Nobody (MC2 character), NFL SuperPro, Wasps, the sun
Aliases: Markus Raymond
formerly: Amanda (don't ask), Dark Blood, Kartman, Misanthrop, Mr. Nobody, OMCDerStinker (and variations of this one), among others
Base of Operations: Bregenz in Voralberg, Austria
First Appearance: 28.05.1981
First Appendix Appearance: U'Sr'Pr (12/26/2003)
History: I was raised to become a Marvel Zombie. Before the age of 7 my grandmother read Care Bares (Marvel licensed) to me. My own comic reading career started with He-Man (Marvel licensed), Transformers (Marvel licensed), Mask (DC, how could I) and Spider-Man (Marvel). Spidey was joined by the Avengers a short time later and then I became addicted. As a collector I entered comic-shops with the maniac laugh of a super-villain. In the last couple of years I began to buy more original comics than translated ones and thanks to E-Bay I got some nice little packages from the 80s and 90s like Marvel Comics Presents, Strange Tales Vol.2, Sensational She-Hulk, Hellstorm and so on. Sometimes I'm lucky and older stuff gets sold as well, but for each title I get there's another one I miss (like the original Namor series). My collection is growing and for the first time in my life I'm really gaining weight (which is a good thing for a weakling like me).
Comments: Created by my mother and a judicially undefined contributor.
I have no known connection to:


MarvellousLuke (656 +++)

Real Name: Luc Kersten
Identity/Class: Time displaced Human
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Group Membership: Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe team, Masters of the Obscure
Aliases: Luke, Skywalker
Base of Operations: The Netherlands
First Appearance: December 31, 1985
First Appendix Appearance: Challenger (7/31/2013)
Powers/Abilities: Graphic Design skills

Favorite Characters: X-Men, Death's Head (Freelance Peacekeeping Agent), the Sub-Mariner, Captain Britain, Agents of Atlas, Clan Destine, Thunderbolts, The Twelve and everything Golden Age;


Norvo (536)

Real Name: Jef Willemsen
Occupation: Mild mannered reporter and freelance copywriter, specializing in the entertainment industry.
Aliases: Jeff, Jeffrey, Sjef, 'Hey, you, kid!'
Affiliations: Anyone who will pay me. Or feed me.
Enemies: Deadlines. And the people who remind me of them.
First Appearance: Early January 1982
First Appendix Appearance: L.D. 50 (8/20/2013)

History: Born in early 80s Holland to loving parents who handed him his first Marvel comics, unwittingly setting in motion a chain of events that led to a lifelong love affair with the funny pages. Many a back issue bin led me to grow a collection of late 70s and early 80s comics that continue to warm my heart. Claremont's X-Men, Byrne's Alpha Flight and FF and the ever so eerie DeMatteis/Gillis Defenders remain favorites to this very day. And let's not forget Thunderbolts or John Ostrander's late 90s ever so excellent Heroes for hire.

Favorite Marvel characters: The more obscure the better, which apparently makes me a perfect fit here. As much as I love Spidey, Wolverine and Iron Man, I adore lesser known characters even more because of their untapped potential. I still say an Avengers team with Dr. Druid, Deathcry, Mechamage, the Swordsman and Magdalene would sell like hotcakes. Do they still sell hotcakes?

Other interests: I've chronicled Chris Claremont's many, many mind control incidents on a blog called Chris Claremont: Mind Control Central. What started out as silly running joke in 2008 ultimately grew into over 200 posts detailing some of Claremont's most memorable stories. As an unexpected side-effect, my innocent little lampooning of a beloved writer's most prominent hang up proved quite popular among several rather disturbing online fetish groups into hypnosis and mental domination. Ah well, que sera...


Loki (508 +)

Real Name: Stuart Vandal
Affiliations: Masters of Evil ... erm, the Obscure 

Base of Operations:
London, UK.
First Appearance: Scotland, 1970

First Appendix Appearance: Updates on Wardog (8/11/2002)
Powers/Abilities: Sad and growing knowledge of superhero characters from around the world. Disturbing amount of knowledge of the Doctor Who universe.
History: Started collecting comics in the late 1970s, the stereotypical Marvel zombie. Read some British stuff, mainly 2000 A.D. In the early 1980s, evil local comic shop owner introduced me to independent comics and broke my resistance to DC - resulting in me becoming the single biggest customer at both of the major comic shops in the area. Early ninties saw me leaving comics purely for financial, spacial and temporal related reasons, with only the occasional return to the comics world. A chance comment on an American message board disparaging non-US superheroes got my back up, leading me to start researching them, which in turn led me to the Appendix.

During the 1980s, I collected virtually every Marvel universe title, as well as much of DC and various independents. There is a room in my parents' house which contains nothing else but my collection, and there is literally no space in my flat for me to bring them down.

E-mail :

Spidermay (422)

Real Name: Giuseppe Mainardi
(Marvel) Zombie 
Group Membership:
Masters of the Obscure
Formerly Andrea Stefani, Marco Polo, Giuseppe my comics seller
Known Relatives:
The Scientist, Spider
Base of Operations:
Foggia, Southern Italy
    formerly Rome;
    formerly Southern Italy
First Appearance: May, 1970
First Appendix Appearance:
Astrologer (2/21/2005)
To shift between the reality and the Earth-616 Universe with extreme ease.

(Sub Mariner I#57) - @1980 - Namor the Sub-Mariner fought Ares to defend Venus. My first remembrance, the Marvel Universe entered in my life (before 1980).
(Avengers#167) - @1983 - The Avengers explored the Guardians of the Galaxy's spaceship. Charlie-27 mistook the Beast for a space monkey. George P?rez ruled! It was my transformation in True Beliver: I said: "These are the comics I like far more than the others"; the others were: Superman, Batman, Tex, Disney(s), Asterix and many others.
(God Loves, man kills) - @1986 - After years without a publisher house in Italy, the Marvel Comics were back !
(Unknown X-Man#1) - @1991 - My first Marvel fan fiction comic.
(The Wondrous Wasp#1) - @1999- My first web site, in honor of the Wonderful Wasp.
@2011 - I have 70% of the Marvel Comics production printed in Italy. It translates to about 10000-11000 issues of the USA production.
Comments: Spidermay tends to forget "spaces" before the # sign, and to miss some "not to be confused to" entries :-).


Ron Fredricks (305 +)

Strong interest in Atlas & Timely publications. He also does a lot of image cleanups and expansions for older profiles.
First Appendix Appearance: Background info on Moonglow (1/30/2015)

John Kaminski (299)

Real Name: John Kaminski
Occupation : Professional Ne'er-do-well
Base of Operations : South Bend, Indiana, USA
History : He started collecting comics 30 years ago
Favorite characters : Marvel monsters, Fantastic Four, Invaders, 1950's Avengers, Avengers
First Appendix Appearance: "Dr. Shrinker" (3/8/2005)

Minor Irritant (260)

Real Name: Rob London
Class: Normal human (but Canadian, so not that normal)
Affiliations: Masters of the Obscure, OHotMU
Enemies: People who leave the hyphen out of "Spider-Man"
Aliases: "Bobert"
Place of Birth: London, Ontario
First Appearance: September, 1985
First Appendix Appearance: Teraknid (5/22/2005)
Powers/Abilities: Rob possesses a vast knowledge of Marvel Comics minutia, with a particular focus on Spider-Man and his galaxy of spin-offs and supplementary titles. Also, he has a weird extra tooth.
History: During a local murder investigation, an 8-year-old Rob was given a copy of Spider-Man: Dead Ball, in which Spider-Man and the Montreal Expos battle the Green Goblin, at the police station. From that point on, he embarked on a Sisyphean quest to accumulate and record all Spider-Man knowledge.

Thor2000 (244++)

The resource for any mythological character, able to contribute the real world "histories" to any of the "gods."
William's been submitting some profiles on the more obscure gods of the Marvel Universe, complete with their
history in mythology, as well.

Real Name: William Uchtman

About: I'm a writer, author and paranormal historian with special interests in mythology, world history and paranormal research. My expanded interests include television, film, comic books and cryptozoology (the study of unidentified animals). My earliest comics were Avengers, Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man, Justice League, Supergirl, Superman, Batman, and She-Hulk, but now that I’ve cut back on my comics buying (I’m now on disability due to depression and autism), I only pick up the handbooks. I’ve been writing for several years; in high school, I used to write ghost stories and biographies for fictional super-heroes in a Marvel/DC Universe and create my own comic strip, “Horror Inc.,” kind of an Addams Family/Far Side horror satire. Today, I still write bios for mythological characters and haunted locations from film and television. The highlights of my life have been publishing two books, “Volunteer Ghosts” and “Ghosts Coast To Coast” (now both out of print), a credit in the book “Weird Tennessee” and my short stint with the Appendix people.”
First Appendix Appearance: Ahpuch (1/18/2002)


Madison Carter (221)

Real Name: Madison Carter
Identity/Class: Human
Occupation: Wanderer; independent video store manager; freelance writer
Aliases: Madman; Mad Dog
Base of Operations: Dallas, Tx
First Appearance: May 5, 1976
First Appendix Appearance: Manphibian (1/22/2003)
Powers/Abilities: Though he has no superhuman powers of his own, Madison apparently is watched over by a being who keeps him safe from fatal injuries. When delivered, he was showing no discernable heartbeat or breathing. Over the years since, he has fallen head first off a second-story balcony onto asphalt, fallen out of the back of a truck moving at least 30 mph, been thrown 30-40 ft. from a go-cart, been shot at numerous times, fallen down three flights of stairs (missing every single step until the last one in one incident), fallen out of a 25 ft. tall tree, been involved in over a dozen vehicular crashes, among other events. He has yet to break, crack or fracture a single bone. Perhaps he is just injury-prone and really #*@!ing lucky.
History: Never officially "began" to collect comics, they were just always around. Ended up running my own comic shop, which lasted from 1992 until 1998. Original claim to Marvel fame was getting my name in OHOTMU Update '89 #6, in the Data Update section. Also did a write-up on the later adventures of the "Jack Kirby Monsters" in JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #28. Since joining the Appendix, I have managed to snag a swanky gig working freelance for Marvel, like many other Appendix contributors. So far, my work has been published in Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone and the Monster Hunters#1 (where I was the primary, though not head, writer), the All-New OHOTMU 2006 A-Z#1-12 (and Update 2007#1-2), Legacy Handbooks 1970s-1990s, Spider-Man Handbook: Back in Black, Outlaw Files, and Civil War Files.


Stunner (193++)

Real Name: Gabriel Shechter
About: Where to start about me?...well, I was born at a very young age, as is the tradition in my family :) I was born 7/27/87. Aside from comic books, I enjoy gymnastics, wrestling (amateur not professional), and writing poetry and music. I have been reading comic books since 1997. My favorite heroes would have to be Thor, Spider-Man, Hulk, and Captain Marvel. I have too many favorite villains to name. My dream is to write for Marvel Comics some day, and as a teenager already have so many ideas that I have trouble keeping track of them. My among my favorite writers are Kurt Busiek, Peter David, Chris Claremont, Stan Lee, Jim Starlin, Tom DeFalco, J.D. Demattais, Paul Jenkins, Roy Thomas, Steve Englhart, Roger Stern, and Mark Gruenwald among many others. Until I came into contact with people from this site, I had never met anyone who knew more about comics than I do. But now I realize how little I really know. I'm not a huge authority, but I really enjoy the site and writing whatever profiles I can.
First Appendix Appearance: General (2/8/2003)

Donald Campbell (178)

After months of supplementing and correcting errors in profiles, Donald jumped in feet first on the monster-sized Werewolf by Night profile
First Appendix Appearance: Co-writer on Werewolf by Night (12/11/2004)

Beetle (143)

Kim Henckel... The Appendix's first contributor (not including Snood!).
Kim is the moderator at the Marvel Universe message board and author of the Marvel Guide, a great resource for tons and tons of characters. The Beetle's page was part of Snood's inspiration to start the Marvel Appendix.
How did I become interested in comics: I actually don't remember I think I got my first Anders And [Donald Duck] comic when I was about 2 years old, and I've collected comics ever since. I do remember when I began reading Marvel Comics though. I got a Fantastiske Fire [Fantastic Four] #4 from my maternal grandfather in summer '83. I was hooked and the next day I went out buying my first Edderkoppen (Spider-Man), and all other Marvel  comics I could get my hands on, my very first american Marvel comic was Amazing Spider-Man #280, featuring the Sinister Syndicate
Favorite Marvel Characters: Spider-Man, Daredevil, Human Torch II, Wasp, Hawkeye, Nova, Beetle, Electro, Death-Stalker, Cobra, Baron Zemo II, Moonstone II and a dozen of other well known and especially obscure ones like Goldbug, Boss Morgan, Ani-Men, White Rabbit, Walrus, Shades and Comanche
Favorite Comicbook Writers: Roger Stern, Marv Wolfman, David Michilinie, Kurt Busiek, Christopher Priest, Peter David, Joh Ostrander, Keith Giffen, Mark Gruenwald, Stan Lee and Doug Moench
Favorite Comicbook Artists: George Perez (no one above no one even close to being beating Perez as my favorite artist)
All-time Favorite Comics: Spectacular Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil, , Master of Kung-Fu (Moon Knight, Tomb of Dracula, Avengers, West Coast Avengers, The Man Called Nova, Thunderbolts, Black Panther, Spider-Girl, Captain Marvel, Suicide Squad, Star-Man (the series by Roger Stern), Teen Titans/New Titans, Legion of Super-Heroes, Bat-Man, Detective Comics (okay I admit a few DC titles have been good) ;-)
My monthly list of must haves: Avengers, Spider-Girl, Thunderbolts, Black Panther, Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker: Spider-Man and Captain Marvel
First Appendix Appearance: The Grip (10/11/2001)

AvatarWarlord72 (135)

Real Name: Michel Gariepy
Base of Operations: Penticton, B.C., Canada
First Appearance: February 2, 1972
First Appendix Appearance: Caviar Killer (2/4/2007)
Occupation: Customer Service Specialist, father and husband
I began collecting comics when I was 11 years old and it all started with GI Joe. I did have many others before that but not on a monthly basis. I then started my major comic collecting and began buying the Silver Surfer and within a few months of that I had to buy any Marvel comic on the racks I could find. I started playing the Marvel Superheroes RPG with friends and loved making the Character Stats up for new never-before seen characters to put into my games. Over the years, I began trying to complete as many past series as I could and by the time I turned 21, I had too many comic boxes and ran out of room to store them all. I ended up selling off some of my collections just to make space available; well that's when I met my wife ... I had to put my collecting on hold for a few years but with thanks to the Appendix site, I picked up where I left off and now my wife is into collecting comics and I have 2 wonderful children who seem to be interested in this phenomenon now as well. I collect anything Marvel or affiliated with Marvel comics and my favorite ones are in order of preference: Fantastic 4, Silver Surfer, The Avengers and Captain America. My wife collects A Nightmare on Elm Street, Marvel Zombies, Friday the 13th, Night of the Living Dead and any other horror comics. My kids collect Anime and Sonic the Hedgehog comics monthly. In a nutshell: I live in a small house and I need a bigger one to store my collection in, well someday, someday soon ...


David Lawrence (131)

Real Name: David Lawrence
Base of Operations: American Southeast
First Appendix Appearance: Sando & Omar (10/27/2006)

Patrick D Ryall (107)

Patrick D Ryall (the "D" is for "the Blazing Skull") has declared himself an independent nation, but he is currently located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He promises not to limit himself to the lame, strange and silly characters of the Marvel Universe, but they are his specialty. His own web site, Book of PDR, the Official Nonsense Homepage is a testament to his own strangeness.
And Patrick's added a page collecting all of his profiles at the Contains2 website!
First Appendix Appearance: Basher (8/29/2004)

Copeinator123 (98)...

First Appendix Appearance: Bucky (of Earth-98339) (5/7/2020)

Zerostar (89)

Real Name : Bill Lentz
Enemies : Howard Mackie; Writer X (aka Howard Mackie or Devin Grayson)
Known Relatives : A lot, to be sure.
Base Of Operations : Here and there, mostly here...
Powers : If I had powers, I wouldn't tell you...
Pretending  to be Kakashi from Naruto in profiles
History : Well... Again, there's a lot. Some interesting... Some  not...
Interests : Way too many current comics, 2099 comics, alternate future/reality  comics of all kinds, really... Reading Manga. Creating pro wrestling videos. Reading Manga. Recording super lo-fi "songs". Reading  Manga.
Disturbing Comment : "X-Nation 2099 wasn't so bad, really. Well, the first 3 issues anyway."
First Appendix Appearance: Splice (9/8/2002)


Artist, janitor, comic enthusiast
First Appendix Appearance: Sensational Hydra (1/17/2004)

Changeling (79)

another voice from the UK, with a specific interest in the Marvel UK characters. He's also been kind enough to shoulder the Sleepwalker load!. Also a writer for the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe

Real Name: Richard Green
Class: Human Mutant/Technology User, UK citizen
Occupation: Health Care Assistant, Musician
Affiliations: Cornerstone (a local covers band), the Love Cult (a tribute to the Cult), previously S.T.R.I.K.E. Psi Division
Base of Operations: Cannock, Staffordshire
Powers: Limited psionic potential, including mental communication with fellow band members, and to a lesser degree other musicians. Ability to attract the most bizzare happenings.
Equipment: Westone Bass, Ibanez Ergodyne Bass, Ashdown Max 300 Amplifier, Boss Overdrive Pedal, Tascam Porta Ministudio07
First Appendix Appearance: Joseph Hauer (5/27/2002)
History: As a boy I was very much into Dr Who. I then got into the Transformers comics, which had back up strips like Spider-man and Iron Man. During my years as a music student I began collecting more and more. My favourites are Daredevil, Spidey, X-Men, New Warriors, Ravage 2099, Cardiac, Deathlok (Michael Collins), Sleepwalker, Alpha Flight, Cloak and Dagger, Generation X, Ghost Rider, Blade, Power Pack, pretty much all the Marvel UK characters, including (of course) Captain Britain (During my time at S.T.R.I.K.E I worked closely with his sister Betsy honest). I now juggle work and music when not trying to fill the large gaps in my comics collection.

Skullogeist (79)

Real Name: Anthony Flamini
Identity/Class: Human technology user
Occupation: student
Affiliations: Amalgam Comics: The Archives
Enemies: (currently) Wil Wheaton (of Star Trek: TNG); The Olsen Twins; Senator Trent Lott; the Peanuts Gang; Michael Bolton; Mr. Snuffalupagus;
(formerly) the population of Banksville, Nebraska
Known Relatives: None
Aliases: None
Base of Operations: New Brunswick, NJ
First Appearance: a hospital (January, 1979)
First Appendix Appearance: Access (11/28/2002)
Powers/Abilities: Skullogeist possesses the uncanny ability to spend hours upon hours trying to figure out the component parts of Amalgam Comics characters.
History: Skullogeist began reading Marvel and DC Comics as a kid in the early 1980s after compulsively watching episode after episode of SUPER FRIENDS.  He never regularly collected any title, but rather bought various mini-series and story arcs that he found particularly interesting.  Among his favorite comic "events" were REIGN OF THE SUPERMEN, BATMAN: KNIGHTFALL, AGE OF APOCALYPSE, KINGDOM COME, JOKER: LAST LAUGH (well, the core titles, anyway) and, of course, DC VS. MARVEL and the subsequent AMALGAM COMICS. 
AMALGAM COMICS changed everything for Skullogeist, who thought that it was the most original and refreshing idea to come out of the comics industry in years.  Skullogeist, who always knew a good deal of information about the "big guns" of DC and Marvel, began to learn about the more obscure characters in his obsessive quest to accurately catalogue the component parts of every character in the Amalgam Universe.
Comments: Created by Ron Zimmerman; retconned by John Byrne

Per Degaton (72+)...John McDonagh, aka Doc Savage

...always there to contribute real world history and literature info into entries, where appropriate. He gave great back history on the members of the fourth Lethal Legion, and a bunch of others. Now he's started doing profiles that cross-over with other media.

First Appendix Appearance: Background info on Coldsteel (5/16/2002)

G Morrow (65)

First Appendix Appearance: Walter Declun (10/17/2007)

Darc_Light (61)+...

Real Name: Michael King
Identity/Class: Human/Brood
Occupation: Archivist of Brood History/ Brood Propaganda Minister
Affiliations: Agent of the Brood Imperiatrix, member of the Brood Propaganda Ministry, Member of The Fang Liberation Front (Down with Shi'ar Aerie Domination!), Member of The Masters of the Obscure, Member of The Noh-Varr Legal Defense Fund. (Free Noh-Varr!), Supporter of Wild Child, Ally of the Atanteans, Devlor, The Doctor, The Morlocks, Neophyte, Runner, Squidboy
Enemies : Anyone who ever hurt Kyle Gibney/Wild Child, The Church of Humanity, The Cockroach Conspiracy, The Cybermen, Cyclops, The Daleks, All Demonic Entities, The Devil (by all his names), The Director, Frieza (DBZ, DBGT), Galactus, The Grandmaster (Elder Of The Universe), Hoppered The Gauntlet (Trigun, Manga Only), The Marauders (particularly Scalphunter), Mesmero, Mister Sinister, Mistress Death, Mystique, The Obliterator (Elder Of The Universe), People who hurt/kill children, Sabretooth, The Secret Empire (For what they did to Kyle Gibney/Wild Child) The Sentinels, The Shi'ar Military, SHIELD, Sire Hate, Storm, Thanos, Trunks Briefs (Future Trunks only, DBZ, DBGT), Valerie Cooper, (for what she let the Secret Empire do to Wildchild), Vegeta (DBZ, DBGT),Weapon X (For killing Tar Baby and Ape and turning Kyle Gibney/Wild Child into a whatever-the-heck-he-is-now), Nicholas D. Wolfwood (Trigun, Anime Only)
Known Relatives: Classified for their own protection
Aliases: Darc_Light
Base of Operations: A top-secret base in Northwest Florida
First Appearance: July 31 1977, in Grand Forks, North Dakota
First Appendix Appearance: Josey Thomas (12/6/2003)
Powers/Abilities: Incredibly Obsessive. I also like to draw all kinds of characters and creatures.
Favorite Characters: Adam X The X-Treme, Adric, Ape, The Brood, The Brood Empress, Cannonball, Champion (Tryco Slatterus), Changeling (Garfield Logan, DC Comics), Chapel The Evergreen (Trigun, Anime Only), Kogu AKA Gokua (DBZ), King Cold (DBZ), Deathbird, Devil Dinosaur, Devlor, Prince Dezan, The Doctor (Doctor Who), Ego The Living Planet, Fang (Of the Shi'ar Empire, all of them), Godzilla (Dark Horse, Toho and Marvel), Jeice (Ginyu Force, DBZ), Kaite Trevisick (Trigun), Moon-Boy, Morlocks, Namor the Submariner, Noh-Varr (Marvel Boy), Pretty Boy (Reavers), Rictor (Julio Esteban Richter), The Reavers, Runner (Elder Of The Universe), Skin (Angelo Espinoza), Skrulls, Son Goten (DBZ, DBGT), Tar Baby, Vash The Stampede (Trigun), Wild Child (Kyle Gibney), Yamcha, (DB, DBZ, DBGT) Zarbon (DBZ), Zazie The Beast (Trigun) and lots of minor characters like Batwing (Jimmy Santini), Bliss, Berzerker, Bobo (The Atlantean),  Giganto, Gnork (Ogron), the Neophyte, The Ogron race, Primal (Adam Berman), Scaleface, Shinobi Shaw,  Squidboy, (Samuel Pare), Sugarman, Wolf Cub (Nicholas Gleason), Wulff and most of the people and creatures listed on this site.

SQUEAK (57)...

I started reading comics in 1977 with Marvel Two-in-One #36. The cover had superheros, dinosaurs, and rockets, everything a 13-year old needs in life (and yes, the villain of that issue, the Jaguar Priest, has never again appeared, dooming me to a lifelong appreciation of the obscure). Many many years later, I'm still reading, and even had the good fortune to marry a woman who reads comics too!. Our collection is up to over 16,000 comics, nowhere near the owner of this site, but still on the unwieldy size. At the moment, we're tucked out in Pullman, Washington. When I returned to grad school a few years back, I started a Marvel Two-in-One web site, The Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Home Page, as a stress release, and then got sucked into working on Marvel's Fantastic Four Encyclopedia and a couple years worth of their Handbooks. As my "real" job required more attention I mostly left the Handbooks, but I still occasionally hang around the Appendix here and fill in a few holes with some of the under-appreciated MTIO villains or personal favorites (here's a list of my Appendix entries).
First Appendix Appearance: Ranark the Ravager (12/29/2003)

Ronald Byrd (52)

Ronald Byrd has job experience in education, journalism, and state legislature (none of which, so far, apparently sounds quite good enough on a resume for a better job). He's been reading Marvel comics since the early 80's, coming on board just in time for Phoenix's funeral. He is the creator (but not the maintainer) of the Unofficial Wolverine Chronology (, which WILL eventually be updated (the site manager has a life, after all) with, among other things, information from "Wolverine:  The Origin" despite that title's total waste of a fascinating character's potential history) and has contributed information to ,,,,,,,  A contest-winning short story of his can be read at He has submitted plot synopses to several Marvel titles and, although unsuccessful, at least received positive feedback from a number of Marvel editors, including the late Mark Gruenwald; with the permission of Jason Liebeg, he submitted a set of potential resolutions for "Heroes Reborn," which Mr. Liebeg did not use but did call "a hell of a read."
First Appendix Appearance: Updates on Dromedan (7/5/2002)

Omar Karindu (47++)

He takes his name after the former guardian of the Star of Capistan, @ Defenders I#42...and now you know as much as I do!
Omar has extensive knowledge of the MU, and also supplies a wealth of background info on characters as they relate to other forms of media, past literature, etc. Omar was one of the first contributors to the site.
First Appendix Appearance: Steeplejack (11/1/2001)

LV (45)

Graham Weaver
First Appendix Appearance: Death Master (12/27/2004)

Jean-Marc Lofficier (45)
He wrote for Marvel, among many other stories, most of the wonderful "Book of the Vishanti" back-ups that gave such great details on many, many obscure and otherwise forgotten characters. He often supplies us with great inside tidbits on these characters.
    He's also given us permission to publish two "lost stories," intended for publication, but which just never made it:

Check out his official site at that has all his Marvel, DC, Image, etc. credits (and more).
First Appendix Appearance: Background info on Cagliostro (2/8/2004)

Kyle Smith (40) former editor

He was the second contributor to the Marvel Appendix. He was the first contributor with whom I had no previous association.
Kyle passed away in 2009. Read his Obituary and below how he presented himself.
My real name is Kyle SIMS.  I use the name Smith to increase the likelihood that somebody will recognize from where I reference my former e-mail address,  When this is read or heard, the only person, thus far, to give me a response other than, "Stinkpalm?"  after all the years I've had this address has been the fine designer of this obscure web-site (hint: go watch Clerks). 
   I reside in Las Vegas, Nevada, born and raised here the span of my entire life, that being 23 years. Despite what's portrayed so often in the movies, not everybody lives in a trailer here (I really hate it when they do this, especially with strippers since some of them live in upscale neighborhoods because of the amount of money they make).  I'm a graduate assistant at UNLV working on my masters in criminal justice.  My specific area of study is the relationship between crime and religion.  I do this just in case my dreams of becoming a comic bookwriter/artist don't pan out so that I have something to fall back on. 
   Comicswise, my interest mainly lies with superheroics, specifically with Marvel characters, but
that's not the only thing I know about.  Currently, I read anything by Frank Miller, Garth Ennis, and Neil Gaiman.  I'm more selective with other writers but I like certain works done by Morrison, Busiek, and Larsen just to name a few.  Personally, I think that Millar and Bendis are overrated (what's so great about these guys?).  Maybe my knowledge of things criminal colors my outlook with Bendis, seeing how simple, predictable, and straightforward most of his stories are.
First Appendix Appearance: Azrael (10/30/2001)

Sammy7D (39)...

My name is Sam. I started collecting comic in 1998. I read most of the comics that are published but my favorites are Avengers, Thunderbolts, and X-Force. After I started reading comic books I started looking on line for many of the characters I read about. When I found this website I started posting lots of requests until I got offered to write some profiles--and I did, even though I only know about pretty recent obscure characters.
First Appendix Appearance: Alanna Neramani (6/27/2002)

HBK123 (37)
First Appendix Appearance: King Viktor (of Earth-18136) (5/2/2020)

Greg O'Driscoll (34)...

Formerly our Former Swords and Sorcery editor. After giving lots of good supplemental info in mythology and other literature, he's jumped in and started doing profiles from the Conan Universe, and other areas as well. Then he faded from existence...
In addition, he writes his own line of comics under
Cyborg Caveman Comics. Check it out!
First Appendix Appearance: Man-Bats of Ur-Xanarrh (2/16/2002)

Gauntlet: Dark Rider (28)

I've been reading comics since about as long as I could read, discovered Marvel through Transformers, GI Joe and mid-'80s Spider-Mans, found a comics shop in '93, and got hooked on collecting.
Realising the implausibility of my lifelong dream of becoming a supervillain and/or a robot, I settled for mastering as much useless trivia on them as I could, while spending as much time living on the net as possible, becoming something of an authority on villain-teams and early '90s stuff that nearly everyone else hated.
First Appendix Appearance: Suzi Endo (5/23/2002)

Elf with a Gun (26)

Hi there. My name is Chris Biggs. I am a woman living in the state of Indiana, USA. I have a degree in Commercial Photography, though finding work out here is a little hard sometimes, since everyone wants to hire 'experience' rather than someone straight out of school. (Currently I'm working at a small paper where I'm getting some exposure and some 'experience' in one of my chosen fields of endeavor). My other choices are artist and writer; in fact one of these days I may yet achieve one of my dreams of working on some of my favorite comic book characters, if I can get myself to stop cat-vacumning and start working on developing my talents.
First Appendix Appearance: Zey-Rogg (9/1/2003)

Caliban ...(22+)
caliban, was one of my editors , helping me out by putting images with files that are sent in, and doing any necessary editing. He is currently inactive :
Name: Eric Timothy Engelhard
Born: 1/28/78
Lives: Urbana, IL
Works: Grad student in astrophysics, University of Illinois.  Also part time at G-Mart comics,,  the rockingest comic store in central Illinois.
Started Collecting: late 1991.  I was in the 8th grade. Never stopped.
Size of Collection: Every Marvel super-hero comic from 1973-present. That's my goal anyway, I'm about 300 issues short.  So that translates to about 48 long boxes worth, ~13,000 total.
Favorite Marvel Chracters: Warlock, Silver Surfer, Thanos, Spider-Man, Caliban, Thor, Avengers
Number of Different Marvel Index/Handbook Issues owned: ~170.  Only thing ever published that I'm missing are the great Olevshky indexes, vol. 1 & 2
Favorite Marvel Creators: Jim Starlin, Mark Gruenwald, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, J.M. Demattetis, Steranko, Roger Stern, Bill Mantlo, Paul Jenkins, John & Sal Buscema, Kurt Busiek, and of course, Winslow Mortimer.
World Authority On: Spidey Super Stories.  No one comes close.  Of course, no one has ever challenged my knowledge. You can read my ridiculously in-depth (and just ridiculous) reviews at
Stupid Comic Geek Party Trick: Seriously, if I'm drunk enough, my friends and I play this game where they shout out a random number between 1 and 470, and I'll describe the exact cover of Amazing Spider-Man for that issue, and then I go to my collection and pull it out and show them. I've only been wrong once in the past year.
First Appendix Appearance: Luareians (11/5/2001)

Chuck D (20)
Let's see, I'm a 25 year old lawyer currently living in Cincinnati.  I was raised on Marvel comics by my dad and always loved the OHOTMU (except for the ones on the little cards! ugh!).  Glad to be able to contribute to a GOOD version of the OHOTMU.
First Appendix Appearance: Tuatara (1/21/2002)

Julien Vive (18)

First Appendix Appearance: Papa Jambo (12/9/2015)

The Squid (17)...Nick Hill...
is currently pursuing his masters in business degree and has lived in Salem, OR his entire life.  He has collected comics for about 9 years now, 90% of which are Marvel.  He is an avid Marvel Comics action figure collector, his favorite line being the underappreciated Secret Wars line.  He also enjoys customizing action figures, having over 120 custom figures, all Marvel of course, ranging from Surtur to Hammerhead.  Outside of comics his interests are history, mythology, and watching bad movies.
First Appendix Appearance: Ghaszash Nyirh (4/22/2002)

Henrique Ferreira (17)
a native of Portugal, Henrique writes for the Spider-Fan website. He has done several characters for Spider-Fan, as well. He's been kind enough to reformat some of these to post to the Appendix site as well...and Stunner's been nice enough to reformat others of his.
First Appendix Appearance: Walrus (1/12/2002)

Wolfhead (17)...Valerio Pastore...
He writes the Shogun Warriors profiles, in exchange for my covering some wolf-type characters, so he can write about them for his fanfic.
He also helped write all of the Euroforce profiles
First Appendix Appearance: Rok-Korr (2/20/2003)

Mike Castle (16)
Real Name: Astemir Makoev
Occupation: Student, comic book fan, administrator of the Russian Marvel Wiki
Base of Operations: Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Russia
First Appearance: February 9, 2002
First Appendix Appearance: Comments on the Sherlock Holmes profile (1/29/2019)

Mikel Midnight (15)

Mikel has offered us profiles of members of the Captain Britain Corps, Evan Dorkin characters, and a smattering of metafictional heroes. He also kibitzes a lot.
Place of Residence: Northern California
Real World Ambition: Get a real job
Favorite Marvel Character(s): The Captain Britain Corps
Favorite Mid-Afternoon Snack: Mixed Nuts
His Origin in 20 words or less: Born Queens NY, then on to Florida, Arizona, the United Kingdom, Michigan, and California ... with diversions along the way.
The first Marvel comic he reads when he gets home is: Supreme Power
And when he's reading that comic or writing profiles he listens to: Reel Big Fish and various other members of the worldwide ska community, or my new favorite band, The Used.
First Appendix Appearance: Captain Albion (1/3/2004)

Skippy Farlstendoiro

Base of Operations: Spain
First Appendix Appearance: Detail on Spanish language for Ojo Macabra (c. 2006)

Spaceknight (12)

First Appendix Appearance: G-Men (10/6/2002)

OmegaTherion (11)

Real Name: Martin A.
Occupation: Teacher
Base of Operations: Southern Connecticut;
   formerly Western Massachusetts;
   formerly Pittsburgh, PA;
   formerly British Columbia, Canada;
First Appearance: October 1970
First Appendix Appearance: Ultron Extreme (6/20/2008)
Powers/Abilities: Able to spend a whole day trying to figure out who that was in Galactus' stasis chamber way in the back of a single panel of of one issue of Last Planet Standing. Can buy more comics in a day than I can read in a month.
History: While I'll admit to a brief childhood fascination with Superman, I've been a Marvel fan nearly from day one. One of my earliest memories is my copy of Marvel Treasury Edition#18, where the reprint of the first meeting of Spider-Man and Ghost Rider (from Marvel Team-Up I#15) scared the pants off me. When the Orb whipped off his helmet to reveal his mutilated face, I completely freaked out. Nightmares for weeks: thanks, Ross Andru! After that, it was lots of Spider-Man and X-Men, with Alpha Flight and the New Mutants both big parts of my teen-age years. There was a period of inactivity, when my 20s coincided with a period in comics history known as the 90's, but I've been going strong and catching up ever since. For whatever reason, being Canadian, my favorite hero is now Captain America, and I've been putting together MC2 profiles lately for the Appendix.

Flank McLargehuge (11)

has been extremely helpful in the computer know-how department , establishing a group e-mail, and helping us to figure out some of our HTML problems.
He hails from sunny, glorious Fairbanks, Alaska, where he's a Theatre student in his fourth year at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, with no graduation in sight, or intended either.  The fact that, behind the blue hair and hawaiian shirts he's a comic geek isn't something he bothers to share with many of his friends -- most of them simply wouldn't understand.  Besides acting and comics, Flank is a college radio DJ under the name MC Escher at UAF's student station:  where he plays quirky, charming, underplayed bands with names like The Weakerthans, Soul Coughing, Man or Astroman, The Impossibles, Prozzak, Ugly Duckling, jimmy eat world, and Plastilina Mosh, on a show called Mastering the Art of Falling Down.  Flank's special section of Marvel Universe obscurity is the home of Marvel's early-'90s teen heroes the New Warriors, and includes Power Pack, Darkhawk, Cloak & Dagger, and the heroic Green Goblin, among others.  His current favorite books include Thunderbolts, New X-Men (though the continuity freak in him would rather ignore that), and Captain Marvel.
First Appendix Appearance: Volx (1/21/2002)

Luis Olavo Dantas , the Daevanator (11)

Former formatting and image coordination editor. Another guy who started out with lots of helpful info, and then finally decided to jump in himself! Best know to his fellow Counter-Strikers and Warcrafters as Epistemologia Escatologica, Luis' best resource is his persistence at web searching. He has a strong, vivid memory of comics read years ago. This has proved useful time and again. His secret is a strong love for 1970s comics. He was born at January the 9th, 1969. Is something of a prodigy, since Dantas is a rather common Brazilian surname. He's known for his strong personal opinions on child parenting and for his interest in compared religions. As of late he has taken to comment on Buddhism and Hinduism, leading to his choice of alias as "The Daevanator".

First Appendix Appearance: Ballox/The Monstroid (10/24/2002)

Alexander Knowles (10)

Hails from the Bahamas and has an interest in the Olympian gods of which he provides profiles on.

First Appendix Appearance: Co-writer of Aphrodite (4/10/2003)

Mick Martin, The Anti-Grimm (10)

Mick was an
assistant editor , helping me out by putting images with files that are sent in, and doing any necessary editing. Makes my job much easier, and gives me more time to do my own files! Mick is currently on hiatus from the Appendix, but we hope to have him back soon.
...I've been reading comics for twenty years and I'm a foaming mad Hulk nut. Most of the characters I provide will probably be Hulk and/or Defenders related. One of my goals is to get as many Defenders related profiles done before Omar Karindu can steal them from me. I post quite a bit on the Hulk and Defenders message boards at the Alvaro Comic boards under the name "The Anti-Grimm," so feel free to say hi if you're ever in the area.

First Appendix Appearance: Talos the Tamed (2/17/2002)

Cisco (8)...Francisco Araujo da Costa
A Brazilian student of Advertising who learned much more than he should have from comic books. He permanently hunts for and reads old and obscure comics, reads fiction he will only understand when he's older and more experienced, and writes fanfiction for the Marvel Dark Lore. His favorite characters are the Black Panther, Captain Ultra and Daredevil.
Yes, Captain Ultra. Does anyone have problem with that?
Cisco also redesigned the index page and helped out by fixing lots of broken links.
First Appendix Appearance: Manslaughter Marsdale (5/20/2002)

Kevin Garcia (7)
Also one of the writers for the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe
First Appendix Appearance: Drug Lords (7/15/2012)

FortMax (7)...
Name: Mike McTighe
Location: Charleston, SC
Nicknames: FortMax, Mikey, Doom
Class: Marvel Expert (still learning more everyday)
Areas of Expertise: Daredevil, X-Men, Cyclops, X-Factor, Wolverine, Pre-WWII history, and Dr. Doom
Bio: I was born in Boston.  My first Marvel comic was X-Men #160 when I was five years of age.   At age 18 I still read, only much more so.   My knowledge of Marvel is more like a historic knowledge.  I can tell you about the time when a bandaged Dr. Doom (pre-Iron suit Von Doom) went back into the past to WWII and wreaked some havoc on Hitler as "Hans".  But for the life of me I can't tell you what issue it happened in.  Guess thats the breaks.   I joined the site last year and love it.  This is the only place where I know people who know more about marvel than me, its cool.  Plus the best part is I wrote the bio for the most obscure character of them all "Bronek".
First Appendix Appearance: Bronek (3/5/2002)

Caesar Godzillatron (7)
First Appendix Appearance: Madam Web (12/20/2002)

Nyssane (7)
Clint Theron
First Appendix Appearance: Poundcakes (8/21/2007)

Mike Podgor(ski) (7)

Mike Podgor is called so because he was birthed from a gory pod sent from beyond the stars to Earth. While he may have amazing abilities beyond the ken of mortal me, he doesn't know about them and largely just writes stories and draws comics. He dwells in the frozen north of Ohio with his sole companion, the star-hound Lucas, and whiles away his days perfecting his craft. Earth's atmosphere may be driving him insane, so be wary around him, but he is mostly harmless.

First Appendix Appearance: Son of Santa (8/8/2007)

Wolfram Bane (7)

First Appendix Appearance: Mu (12/11/2001)

Reddie (6)
First Appendix Appearance: The Gibborim (8/17/2005)

The Voice of Doom (6)
Real Name : James Murton
Identity/Class : Normal human
Occupation : Schoolboy (sob)
Affiliations : None
Enemies : All who dismiss obscure characters... mwah ha ha... oh, and Scrappy Doo
Known Relatives : Way too many to mention here
Aliases : Slug-Man, Scooby-Doo II
Base of Operations : Derby, England
First Appearance : Derby, England, (March 1989)
First Appendix Appearance: Mingo (8/22/2002)
Powers : Disturbing amount of trivia on the 'Avengers under Siege storyline, as well as the ability to find countless ways to annoy my friends and family.
History : I got into comics through the animated series' of Spiderman and X-Men, and became hooked! Sure, I started late, but my uncle, the internet and the old black and white Essential reprints helped me make up for lost time. I currently collect 3 British comics which reprint Spiderman, X-Men and the Avengers from 3 or 4 years back.
Comments : Do not dismiss 60s comics as poor near me. Just don't.

DragynWulf (5)
Real Name: David Wiltfong
Relatives: Wife and beautiful daughter
First Appearance: Nixon was President, Monday Night Football debuted on ABC, the Beatles broke up and Jimmy Hendrix and Janis Joplin both die drug-related deaths. Some movies released that year were M*A*S*H, PATTON, LOVE STORY, and AIRPORT.
First Appendix Appearance: Taskmaster's Avengers robots (10/27/2006)
Favorite Marvel Characters: Taskmaster, Thunderbolts, Thunderbolts (Counter-Earth), Thunderbolts (CSA), U.S.Agent, She-Hulk, Yellowjacket (Pym), Moonstone (Sofen), Baron Zemo (Helmet), Hawkeye (Barton), Squadron Supreme (Earth-712), Sinister Squadron, and others.
My Monthly Must Have: Any Taskmaster appearance, THUNDERBOLTS, EXILES, ASTONISHING X-MEN, CABLE & DEADPOOL, and all Handbooks. I buy other comics when I can afford them these days.
Other interests: Wrestling and movies (horror, suspense/thrillers, sci-fi, comedy)
Comments: I'm the owner/webmaster  of the and big time Taskmaster fan. I handle the Data Corrections for the OHotMU Handbooks, a moderator for the online encyclopedia as well as the message boards. I've also been a moderator at various other message boards online over the past 6 years as of 2006.

Peteparker (5)

Real Name: Nathan Elliott
Class: of 2010
Occupation: Nuclear Physicist; Grad Student
Affiliations: Masters of the Obscure
Aliases: AnotherPeteparker, Spidy207
Base of Operations: Albuquerque, New Mexico
First Appearance: November 17, 1979
First Appendix Appearance: Katherine Pryde of Earth-1298 (12/30/2009)
Powers: Able to use comics or the web to put off doing any work that really needs to be done, a.k.a. procrastinate.
Equipment: Thousands of digital comics and a trusty copy of GIMP
History: I was always a fan of heroes, beginning with being an avid watcher of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, but only infrequently was able to get comics when I was sick or on family road trips.  (Some of which included various parts of the Maximum Carnage Saga, just try reading that sporadically with no prior knowledge of any character but Spidey).  The first series I specifically purchased was the Death of Superman, hopping on the '90s bandwagon of collecting books that seemed like they would be worth more money someday.  It wasn't until the late '90s X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons that I converted back to buying Marvel books, and it's been a torrential love affair ever since.  For several years, I was able to buy every comic I wanted to read every week, which resulted in a 'collection' of more than 5000 mostly worthless books.  My most recent interests are in alternate realities, most notably the Exiles and What If? books.

Hawkguy (5)

My name's Scott Greenwood and I live in England with my wife, Andrea, and two sons, Lucas and Kai. I've been a Marvel fan since I was 5 and grew up on 1980s comics particularly Power Man/Iron Fist, Iron Man and Moon Knight. My main interest is in street-level heroes (Moon Knight, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Ghost Rider etc).
First Appendix Appearance: Javelynn (1/2/2014)

Sasasych (5)
First Appendix Appearance: Robert Fragosi of Earth-200111 (4/20/2020)

Mike Fichera (5)
First Appendix Appearance: Co-writer on Seymour O'Reilly (10/14/2004)

Zuckyd1 (5)

Real Name: David A. Zuckerman
Identity/Class: Presumably human
Aliases: Known as zuckyd1 on most major websites
Affiliations: (moderator), The Complete Marvel Reading Order
Base of Operations: New York, NY
First Appearance: April 11, 1974
First Marvel Appearance: Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89#8 (Data Corrections: Manikin)
First Appendix Appearance: James Xavier (01/2021)
History: I started collecting comics in 1984 when I was 10. I had previously picked up the odd issue here and there, but it was the original handbook series, along with Secret Wars, that truly sucked me in. I became aware of this vast interconnected universe, and I wanted to learn as much about it as possible. I stopped collecting when I went away to college. Then about 10 years ago I sold the bulk of my collection. I held on to a few favorites, including of course all my handbooks. I found out some new handbooks had been published in the interim, bought those, one thing led to another, and now I'm hooked again.
Other Interests: genealogy, listening to progressive rock, collecting any sort of reference material about fictional characters/worlds/etc.
Personal Motto: "Umm, actually..."
Email: zuckyd1 @ gmail

Hugo V. Negron (4)
Birthday 12/25/68.  Reside in Illinois.  Currently finishing up the thesis requirements for an M.A. in Clinical Psych while working as a Forecast Specialist for a silver jewelry importing firm with the intent to go on for a PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psych (there's more of a return on your scholastic investment using psychology in the business world, I've learned!). I've been a Marvel/Iron Man fan since I was 8 years old (thanks Dad for hooking me into comics).  Used to be a big medieval/fantasy buff (anyone still remembers how to play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons out there??), so the concept of a modern day knight in shining armor really took hold of me - and it's never let go!  Soon to be married on 10/12/02 to a fellow psych major.  Hobbies? Besides reading Iron Man, that is - chess, basketball, biking.
First Appeandix Appearance: Updates on Half-Face (5/25/2002)

Shiryu (4)

Roberto Branca

Hi, I'm Roberto. I was born in Italy back in 1982 and I've read Marvel comics since I was 10, hooked by Roger Stern's Avengers and Spider-Man, and JM De Matteis' Captain America. Today, I read most Marvel characters, with a preference for Thor. For nearly the last 10 years I've been the moderator of the Avengers Assemble boards over at, and I've been one of the contributors to the "Assembled 2" book. I spent most of the last 15 years in good old England, but, at present, I work in Italy as chiropractor and part-time translator.
First Appendix Appearance: Daillus the Daring (5/3/2014)

CrazyIvan (3)
First Appendix Appearance: Co-writer on Spider-Man 2099 (12/5/2003)

BKole (3)....
First Appendix Appearance: Vendetta of Earth-1298 (3/26/2005)

Peter Kroon (3)...
from the Netherlands. Peter writes for the
Spider-Fan website. He's contributed the White Dragon and Photon.
First Appendix Appearance: White Dragon (2/14/2002)

Nemedian Chronicler (3)

Real Name: Thomas Person
Occupation: Retirement Center, Security & Safety Officer. Air Force Veteran
Aliases: Crom, Mitra, Aesir, Set, and the list goes on like that. Whatever the Hyborian people choose to call me.
Affiliations: Loki (Stuart Vandal)
Enemies: Outside Thoth-Amon I hope nobody.
Base of Operations: Goose Creek, SC
1st Appearance: Watertown, SD
1st Appendix Appearance: Sabia (11/12/2004)
History: My 1st comic was a fresh right off the rack issue of the Amazing Spider-Man. A short while later I picked up an issue of Conan. From that time on I would pick up an occasional issue of whatever seemed interesting at the time. At the age of eleven, I had about 25 comics. At that time I felt like I had every comic in the world. As I got older I joined the Air Force and my mother stuck about 200 comics of mine in her attic. After 10 years and two major military operations later (Just Cause [Panama] and Desert Storm [Kuwait]) I got out. By this time my collection was around 5 to 6 thousand issues and hundreds of titles. Marvel, Image D.C., etc. Now I actually have time to read them. I found the Appendix while searching for info on Umbu the Unliving. I choose to do profiles on Conan characters because (1) He's my favorite character and (2) He kills 90% of everyone he meets, so each issue there is always a fresh supply of new obscure characters around....for a while.
Favorite characters: This is just a sampling of who I like.

Favorite comics: Stray Bullets, Sin City, Teen Titans (The Judas Contract), Savage Sword of Conan, Preacher, and any comic with the above characters. Still I love all my comics and graphic novels.
Other interests: Movies (new and old), Star Wars, Star Trek, PC Games, basically any girl repellent activity which I guess is O.K. cause I'm happily married to one. Helping my kids with homework then teaching them useless info about comic characters, 80's music. Also writing, because I would not be doing this if I didn't like it so much. Finally driving and caring for my 16 year old Mercedes-Benz 300E.

Monzo (3)...
Matt Karpowich
First Appendix Appearance: Decathalon (3/19/2005)

Clay Jodee (3)
First Appendix Appearance: Hamir the Hermit (8/19/2007)

The_Valiant_One (2)
First Appendix Appearance: Colossus (Earth-652975) (9/15/2017)

Mark Caithness (2+)...
hails from the UK and helped expand the puny, incomplete Night Raven entry into the extensive work in progress it now is. In addition, he's now going to start doing some profiles on the Marvel UK characters (well, Yi Yang and Dr. Claw, anyway).

First Appendix Appearance: Yi Yang (3/4/2002)

Fatum (2)
Base of Operations: Hungary
History: I have collected comics since kindergarten.
I was born in the same month and year as Spider-Man's black suit debuted or the first issue of the Secret Wars and the Ninja Turtles (according to the cover dates).
First Appendix Appearance: Preserver (6/6/2010)

ExWhaler (2)
Real Name: Jim Mullins
Identity/Class: Human (?)
Occupation: Professional fool
Affiliations. Masters of the Obscure; others classified
Enemies: 90% of the world's population, at large
Known Relatives: More than I could name, honestly
Aliases: HartWhale, "J"
Base of Operations: Boston, MA
First Appearance: Milford/Hopedale Regional Hospital; October 1979
First Appendix Appearance:
Damek the Earth-Shaker (6/20/2003)
Powers/Abilities: ExWhaler is has no true superpower, but is remarkably talented in the usage of sarcasm and humor as weapons; and is very adept at missing the obvious.
History: ExWhaler learned to read through comics, and hasn't looked back since. He shamefully admits to have slightly fallen from the fold recently, and hangs his head.
Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Don Heck. Despite popular belief, "ExWhaler" is not a reference to hunting actual whales; it instead refers to the late, lamented Hartford Whalers of the NHL. In my opinion, ExWhaler was an inspired creation; but has been mishandled by other creators since.

Barry Reese (2)
I got to work with Barry on the Marvel Knight Encyclopedia (he wrote the Ghost Rider / Blade sections), and then I drafted him into the Handbooks
First Appendix Appearance: Nighthawk (Neal Richmond of Earth-S) (1/17/2005)

Spiderpool (2)
Real Name: Kevin Smith (no, not the director! It's my real name!)
Class: Borderline human
Occupation: Video game store guy
Affiliations: Proto-Man; Masters of the Obscure
Aliases: Spidey, Hal, 129, Merc-with-a-Mouth
Base of Operations: Clarksville, Tennessee, sometimes referred to as Hell
First Appearance: October 31, 1980
First Appendix Appearance: Co-writer of Black Swan (12/8/2004)
Powers: Extensive knowledge of video games and occasionally, comics. Ability to magnetically pull other automobiles into his own.
Equipment: Nintendo DS and pretty much any video game system; a Game Informer magazine, as well as Tips & Tricks; Wizard and ToyFare mags too...basically, any magazine in print that relates to fanboys
History: My first comic was a ratty issue of Amazing Spider-Man that someone gave me. It was missing a cover. A bunch of random Marvel issues later, I began collecting Deadpool base.

Al Soupless (2)
First Appendix Appearance: Garbler (10/16/2018)

Al Sjoerdsma (3).another guy from Spider-Fan, kind enough to share a profile with the Appendix.
First Appendix Appearance: Stoneface (12/12/2002)

David Sexton (2)

I finally roped him into writing some profiles on characters he created for the Marvel to follow
First Appendix Appearance: Shamhat Saraswati (10/26/2016)

Angelo Mammone (2)
First Appendix Appearance: image assistance on Igron (10/13/2013)

Jop (1)
First Appendix Appearance: Dan Blake (1/6/2021)

Merzah from Prague (1)
First Appendix Appearance: Jane Crawlins (1/1/2009)

Cheyne (1)...
Name: Mike Cheyne
How Did I Become Interested in Comics?: For a Christmas present one year, I got one of those "Big Box of Comics from One Particular Year." It turned out that most of these were Marvel from the Acts of Vengeance crossover. I didn't understand anything, but I reread every one of those stories time after time trying to make sense out of it. Naturally, the box did not contain the ending stories
Favorite Marvel Character: Spider-Man, although it is very easy to write bad Spidey. I also like villains, especially the lesser-known, not-so-powerful guys, such as the Trapster. He's cool.
My Specialty: Umm, not much. I'm not a comic authority, just a fan that specializes in writing one-shot character profiles. Why one-shot? Because my collection is so miniscule, and I don't collect much comics anymore. In fact, that's what stuns me as I read through the profiles on this way-cool site, finding out such tidbits that the Fox OF ALL PEOPLE came back, while the poor old Baron Zemo imposter schlub is still in comic book limbo. I do know a lot about the early Silver Age period, know a ton about G.I. Joe, have a pretty good knowledge of Spidey, and saw about every episode of X-Men on TV. Oh yeah, I know all about Secret Wars I. Yeah, take that.
Why Are You Writing Profiles?: Well, I dunno. I just acquired and read the entire Atlantis Attacks series as a lark, read a cool backup story, and decided to write a profile. I'm just happy to find this place so many beloved characters!
Website: Um, none. You're a mite late I used to work at the fabulous NitCentral, dedicated to nitpicking everything and everywhere. But time got in the way, and that regular gig is no more
Other Interests: The Avengers (not the comic, the British TV show); Major League Baseball; and in a neither so obscure nor unimportant vein, Christianity.
First Appendix Appearance: Lady Karlot (4/6/2002)

Somebody (1)
Real Name: Gerard McMenemy
"Bio": Hails from somewhere in Scotland, started reading US comics regularly through UK reprints [came in in the depths of the Clone Saga - and liked it! :)], and spends too much time making banners for comicboards.
First Appendix Appearance: Gaunt (2/2/2004)

Cypher (1)
Graham Willis
First Appendix Appearance: Franklin Richards of Earth-811 (9/30/2004)

Odd Rob (1)
Rob Pickering
First Appendix Appearance: Co-writer of
Baron Brimstone (9/16/2006)

PaulAllen (1)
First Appendix Appearance: Monark Starstalker (1/9/2007)

Jordan Brodie (1)
First Appendix Appearance: Co-writer on Iron Man 2020 (11/10/2003)

Continental Op (1)

First Appendix Appearance: Co-writer on Dracula (10/29/2002)

Mike O'Sullivan (1)
First Appendix Appearance: Kid Reaper (10/28/2018)

Little known fact: All photographs of stunningly handsome brown-haired dudes wearing white t-shirts and blue jeans taken in 1950 is him.

Roger Ott (1)
First Appendix Appearance: Iron Man armor 16 / sentient armor (2/2/2020)

Jesus Arias (1)
First Appendix Appearance: Wheelie (09/07/2021)

Bob Almond
 Bob was the inker for the Black Panther, one of our favorite titles, for an outstanding run of over three years. In addition to helping to convince his co-storytellers to use the obscure characters we enjoy so much, he's also given us lots of inside information on the characters as they've been used, and why or why not things went they way they did. We're very thankful for all his its pretty frickin' cool to a Marvel Zombie like me to be able to communicate directly with a member of the House of Ideas.
In addition, Bob has been mind enough to provide some nice images for some of the Black Panther, Hostess, and other characters.
I've been a Marvel Zombie since '76 and my fave title is the AVENGERS of which I own every issue of all the volumes.  I'm fairly competant with Marvel obscura but things get fuzzy around the late '80s, early 90's.  I have some of the Marvel indexes, I'm trying to find and own all the Olshevsky ones, and I own all the OHOTMU editions except the last one(36) to the 3-ring binder version.  I was lucky that Marvel sent me 35 of these free in my comps but cut the comps before 36 arrived:-(  My fave artist is George Perez, who inspired me to become a pro artist in the first place, but other faves include John Byrne, Frank Miller, Michael Golden, Klaus Janson, Josef Rubinstein, Terry Austin, Neal Adams, Jim Starlin, Jim Steranko, Mark Framer, Tom Palmer, Bob Layton, Gene Day,  Adam Hughes, Bernie Wrightson, Jack Kirby, John Buscema, Carlos Pacheco, Jeff Jones, Alex Ross, Sal Velluto(of course!) and numerous others.  I enjoy the stories of Grueny, Mark Waid, Kurt Busiek, Fabian Nicieza, Peter David, Roger Stern, Priest(of course!) among others as well as many of the Marvel writers in the '70s and early '80s like Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, Gerry Conway, David Michelanie, Bill Mantlo, Doug Moench, Chris Claremont, Jim Shooter, and some I'm certain I forgot.  While I have very long runs of many/most Marvel titles over the years I've cut back over time.  My present books I'm buying (as opposed to 'reading' since I'm 2-3 years behind due to deadlines!) include: Avengers, Defenders/The Order, Thunderbolts, Captain Marvel, Thor, Black Panther(duh!) and usually a couple of related limited series and a few cool trade collections each month.  Just a few past projects I've worked on include Warlock and the Infinity Watch, Bloodshot, JLA, a bunch of Malibu series like Siren and Foxfire, Star Trek: DS9, Ultragirl, and even Starmasters by Grueny (too bad it ranks among my early horrific work:-P).  Presently I'm marking the third year on the critically-acclaimed Black Panther title which has been my most enjoyable experience to date.  And please visit The Bob Almond Inkwell at

First Appendix Appearance: Background information on Lion God (4/26/2002)

First Appendix Appearance:
Comments on Miss Locke (9/10/2016)

Brandon Nash

First Appendix Appearance:
Comments on Isaac Javitz (6/16/2022)

Wayne Lenihan ...
he gave me lots of great info on the Conan characters...appearances and chronology, and clears up anything that confuses me in my surface knowledge of the Hyborian era.
Wayne says: "I'm married with a daughter, 18 , son 16. I'm 45 yrs old , work as a train driver, live in Toowoomba Queensland Australia although I come from further west. Ive been interested in conan comics since 1980 & until the age of the internet was the only conan fan I knew of. my other interests  include motorcycling,fishing,gym& bush walking."

Carycomix (Greg) - always happy to provide...interesting/random tangent concepts on dozens and dozens of profiles.

Mike McDermott

First Appendix Appearance: Issue summary for Ricky North (7/31/2013)

First Appendix Appearance: Update text on Night Raven (1/6/2019)

First Appendix Appearance: Update text on Those Who Sit Above in Shadow (7/13/2020)

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