Real Name: Unrevealed; presumably Damek

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Earth-Damek) human (?) mutate (?) 

Occupation: Warrior; later, would be hero and performer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Dreamkiller; later, befriended Darkhawk; presumably other heroes as well

Enemies: Darkhawk initially, then Dreamkiller

Known Relatives: Somehow related to Dreamkiller/ Alex Tennyson, no others known

Aliases: The Earth-Shaker

Base of Operations: New York City, USA, Earth-616

First Appearance: Darkhawk Annual#3 (1994)

You've seen my skill.Powers/Abilities: Damek wielded an “earth staff,” which allowed him to manipulate any earthen matter, as well as generate earthquakes. Damek used these abilities in a variety of ways: including offensive flurries of rocks and stones; defensive shields and barriers; and was also able to propel himself through the air on slabs of rock. Damek may have also possessed super-strength and durability; though this is unrevealed.

History: Most of Damek’s early life is unknown; only that he was raised to revere Alex Tennyson as an heroic ancestor; and to view Darkhawk/Chris Powell as a great adversary of his lineage.

(Darkhawk Annual#3) - Around the end of the 21st Century, Damek destroys an entire city block, in an impressive display of his power. The three others present, sufficiently impressed with Damek’s abilities, agree that he is prepared for his journey.

The woman, Jhaz, leads Damek to an apparatus suspiciously similar to Dr. Doom’s time platform, all the while speaking of her envy of Damek’s chance to return to the ancestor’s history. Damek assures himself Jhaz’s envy will grow when he returns with the impaled head of The Powell.

Jhaz, Rok and the unknown stooge.After a short confrontation between Darkhawk and the Dreamkiller, Damek arrives in Queens, much to the shock and dismay of Chris Powell. Darkhawk swoops down just in time to save Chris from anything more than a threat.

During their fight, Darkhawk becomes trapped, leaving Chris alone against Damek. Using his wits, Chris is able to convince Damek of his legendary power, a delaying action that allows Darkhawk’s return to the battle. With Damek’s momentary defeat, he reveals his purpose: the redemption of his Tennyson’s name. Knowing Tennyson as a cold-hearted killer, both DH and Chris are confused by the revelation long enough for Damek to escape.

Damek soon locates the armored transport containing Dreamkiller, and arranges his early release. Initially surprised by Dreamkiller’s ferocity, Damek nevertheless agrees to aid in Dreamkiller’s personal vendetta; and again attacking DH.

DH finds surprises them, though, and both men focus on the fight at hand. When DH seems to have the upper hand, Dreamkiller resorts to attacking and threatening Chris Powell. Disgusted by his ancestor’s behavior, Damek turns against him; aiding Darkhawk instead.

With their combined might, both Dreamkiller and Alex Tennyson himself are easily defeated and captured. Soon after, the time travel apparatus returns to carry Damek back to his own time. He refuses to take the trip, however, and willfully traps himself in the present.

(Darkhawk#50) - Inside Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, Damek is revealed as a mysterious performer; using his powers to repel speeding trucks. Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up.

(Darkhawk#50) - Damek assembles amongst Spider-Man, Nova, Speedball, and Savage Steel to help Darkhawk repel an invasion of the Mahari race. The heroes are easily beaten, however. 

Comments: Created by Danny Fingeroth and Steve Ellis. Damek's relationship to Tennyson was never clearly stated. Although I doubt there would be any interest, the door is wide open for a Damek return appearance.  

Profile by The ExWhaler 

CLARIFICATIONS:  Damek the  Earth-Shaker should not be confused with:

Darkhawk Annual#3 (1994) - Danny Fingeroth (writer), Steve Ellis (pencils), Andy Lanning (inks), Nel Yomtov (editor)
Darkhawk#50 (April, 1995) - Danny Fingeroth (writer), Tod Smith (pencils), Ian Akin (inks), Nel Yomtov (editor)

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