Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extratemporal  (Alternate timeline/future, Earth-MC2) Human mutate?

Occupation: Professional wrestler

Group Membership: Arthur Weadon's operatives

Affiliations: Darkdevil, Maria Hill, Kaine, Killerwatt, Mr. Abnormal, S.H.I.E.L.D., Arthur Weadon

Enemies: Carnage, Golden Goblin, Ladyhawks, Spider-Girl

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City of Earth-MC2

First Appearance: Spider-Girl#21 (June, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Earthshaker possessed superhuman strength (Class 20) and durability, and was a skilled combatant and wrestler.

History: (Spider-Girl#21)-Earthshaker was a professional wrestler who aspired to getting a multi-million dollar contract with the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation. He hit on the idea of defeating superheroes in combat to earn the Federation's attention. He started a crime spree specifically to draw out superheroes, reasoning that a future sports superstar would never be sent to jail. Earthshaker robbed a jewelry store, and ran into one of the Ladyhawks. He proceeded to beat her unconscious, and left her lying in an alley. After his next jewelry-store robbery he was confronted by Spider-Girl. He asked her to go home, because he only wanted to fight men, but she refused to go away. The other Ladyhawk and the Golden Goblin arrived, joining in the battle. Earthshaker was upset because he didn't consider any of them top tier superheroes, he was hoping for opponents such as Speedball or the Silver Surfer. Earthshaker was holding his own until Spider-Girl started using her ability to repel objects, creating a barrage of trash that kept him at a distance. She then webbed his feet to the ground and all three heroes lashed out at him until he toppled over.

(Amazing Spider-Girl#9) - Earthshaker was recruited into Arthur Weadon's team of superhuman ex-cons, and worked alongside Mr. Abnormal, Killerwatt and Kaine. In their first assignment together, they were charged by S.H.I.E.L.D. to guard "Specimen 297," the remains of the criminal Carnage. While Earthshaker rode shotgun with Kaine in the truck carrying the container, they were attacked by a S.H.I.E.L.D. squad which was out to covertly take the container from them. They were aided by Darkdevil, but the agents escaped with the container.

(Amazing Spider-Girl#10) - Earthshaker and the rest of the team were reassigned by S.H.I.E.L.D. to assist in apprehending Carnage.

(Amazing Spider-Girl#11) - Earthshaker, Mr. Abnormal and Killerwatt were sent to bring Spider-Girl in for questioning. They managed to run across her in the city, but Spider-Girl had no time to bother with them, and quickly evaded their attempts to capture her.

(Amazing Spider-Girl#12) - Mr. Abnormal, Earthshaker and Killerwatt went into battle against Carnage but were swiftly defeated.

(Amazing Spider-Girl#15) - Earthshaker was on maneuvers in the Pine Barrens alongside Kaine, Killerwatt and Mr. Abnormal when Kaine received a call for help from Spider-Girl.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Pat Olliffe and Al Williamson.

The source of Earthshaker's strength was never revealed; perhaps he had undergone treatment at Power Broker, Inc., like so many of the signed members of Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation.

PROFILE BY FUTURE and Prime Eternal

CLARIFICATIONS: Not to be confused with:


Spider-Girl#21, page 14, panel 4

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