Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Artificial creation (based on genetic material of the Eternals of Titan)

Occupation: Warrior

Affiliations: ISAAC (master); Thanos (indirect creator); Chaos, Dionysus, Elysius, ISAAC-Prime, Stellarax, Tartarus (allies);
Earth-Demons (servants)

Enemies: Captain Mar-Vell, Drax the Destroyer, Eros (Starfox), Eternals of Titan, Mentor

Known Relatives: inapplicable, unless you consider ISAAC his figurative father, and thus Thanos his grandfather, and the rest of ISAAC's creations as his brethren

Aliases: Gaea, the Earth God; God of the Soil

Base of Operations: a subterranean cavern on Titan (the moon of Saturn)
--specifically, the stone throne in that cavern. I think his butt may have been glued to it!

First Appearance: Captain Marvel I#59 (November, 1978)

Powers/Abilities: Mostly he sat around in his throne and talked a big fight. He could, however, fire energy blasts able to shatter stone. He possessed some degree of superhuman strength (enhanced human to Class 10) and durability initially. All of his abilities were later magnified ten fold by ISAAC. He never got up off of his duff at his initial power level, but at his amplified level he was strong enough to floor Drax (Class 50 at the time) with a punch.
Being an "Earth-God," one might guess he could have had powers to manipulate earth and rock--but then one might be wrong, because he never demonstrated any such ability.

He was served by a small army of Earth-Demons, who would attack his enemies.

History: BTS - As part of a failsafe plot in case of his defeat, Thanos created hidden programming within ISAAC (Integral Synaptic Anti-Anionic Computer), the controlling force behind Titan, the base of a band of Eternals. After his defeat, ISAAC's programming kicked in and it initiated a plot to destroy all life on Titan and eventually in the universe. Using Titan's Life Wells, ISAAC created a number of warriors to implement the plot. One of these was Lord Gaea. All of the Eternals of Titan were defeated and captured by ISAAC and its agents.

(Captain Marvel#59, 60) - Captain Mar-Vell and Drax came to Titan to assist the Eternals. They first encountered Lord Gaea, who revealed his own connection to Thanos, and then set his Earth-Demons on the two. The two defeated the mass of his minions, but Lord Gaea then revealed that ISAAC, and thus all of Titan, was against them. The two prepared to go after ISAAC itself, and Lord Gaea raised his arm to blast them from behind. Drax had aniticipated the cowardly attack and whipped around and blasted Lord Gaea's hand, knocking it upwards, so that it struck the top of the cavern above him. Lord Gaea was seemingly squashed under the falling rocks caused by his blast.


(Marvel Spotlight II#1, 2) - ISAAC resurrected all of his agents, including Lord Gaea, amplified their powers ten-fold, and sent them after Drax, Mar-Vell, and the Eternals of Titan. Lord Gaea initially managed to batter Drax around, but when Drax was taken out of the fight, Mar-Vell called on his inner reserves and blasted Gaea out of commission.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench and Pat Broderick.

The Life Baths still exist, and the recipe for Lord Gaea and his cronies must still exist somewhere in ISAAC's programming. In fact, there's no reason to think his power amplified form died at all. I'd love to see these guys go after Genis-Vell.

What kind of numbnuts cancelled Captain Marvel in the middle of this stor?. Perhaps the wheels had already been in motion, but the run by Moench and Broderick is a highpoint in the series, comparable to Starlin's original Thanos saga. Meanwhile, during the final days of this title, there's an ad for this great new series: The Human Fly! It's a crazy world we live in, kids.

He's obviously named after, but has no direct connections to:


Presumably also creations of ISAAC via the Life Baths, these were the minions of Lord Gaea. They would attack others en masse and demonstrated no particularly impressive abilities, with the exception of strength in numbers. They were relatively easily overwhelmed by the power of Mar-Vell and Drax.

--Captain Marvel I#59





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