Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Artificial lifeform of extraterrestrial origin (Titan)

Occupation: Nihilist

Affiliations: ISAAC (Central computer of Titan); Thanos (Creator);
Chaos, Dionysus, Elysius, ISAAC-Prime, Lord Gaea, Tartarus (ISAAC’s Agents);
led a band of Thanos-Thralls

Enemies: Captain Mar-Vell, Drax the Destroyer, Elysius, Eternals of Titan, Rick Jones, Gertie;
the people of Earth
(especially Washington, D.C. and Kentucky)

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: Lord Stellarax

Base of Operations: Titan, one of Saturn’s moons; formerly Earth--Washington DC and Kentucky

First Appearance: Captain Marvel I#59 (November, 1978)


Powers: Stellarax could generate and project powerful bursts of energy from his hands or from his left eye. He coud fly and form bulletproof energy shields. He almost certainly possessed some degree of superhuman strength and durability. He initially required an energy mace to utilize and focus his powers. The mace also possessed some device that could blackout the power to an entire city.
Later, when re-created by ISAAC, his powers were enhanced ten-fold.


He used an inter-planetary ship, which carried a death-ray, apparently powerful enough to obliterate the entire planet Earth.




BTS - As part of a failsafe plot in case of his defeat, Thanos created hidden programming within ISAAC (Integral Synaptic Anti-Anionic Computer), the controlling force behind Titan, the base of a band of Eternals. After his defeat, ISAAC's programming kicked in and it initiated a plot to destroy all life on Titan and eventually in the universe. Using Titan's Life Wells, ISAAC created a number of warriors to implement the plot. The first of these was Stellarax. All of the Eternals of Titan were defeated and captured by ISAAC and its agents.

(CaptMarv59) - As Captain Mar-Vell and Drax the Destroyer arrived on Titan, ISAAC sent Stellarax to lead a band of Thanos-Thralls on a mission to Earth--a mission of conquest!!!
However, no sooner had they left Titan, when Stellarax revealed that he had been made perhaps too well. Feeling loyalty to neither Thanos, nor ISAAC, he vowed to conquer Earth for himself, and then return to Titan and conquer ISAAC as well. When one of the Thralls attempted to inform ISAAC of his betrayal, Stellarax incinerated the Thrall. None of the other Thralls voiced any opposition.

(CM60) - Stellarax and his crew arrived on Earth, in Kentucky. He made several appearances across the state, telling those to spread the word that he was coming to conquer.
Back on Titan, ISAAC began to suspect Stellarax's betrayal.

(CM61) - Rick Jones, and his girlfriend, Gertie, returned to the USA to investigate Stellarax's appearances. They followed his ship to Washington, DC, where they were taken prisoner by Thanos-Thralls.

(CM62) - Stellarax brought Rick Jones and Gertie aboard his ship, hoping to utilize their knowledge of Earth. He sent the ship into orbit, while he himself headed into the city, where he caused a city-wide blackout and made clear his intent to conquer or destroy them all. Meanwhile, Captain Mar-Vell and Drax returned to Earth, and Mar-Vell went after Stellarax and sent Drax after the ship. After an even battle, Mar-Vell learned how to metabolize Stellarax's energy blasts, and returned his power back to him, overwhelming him. Just as he collapsed, he gave the order to the Thralls to activate the Death-Ray.
Aboard the ship, Drax was making some headway against the Thanos-Thralls: He was much more poweful than they, but their numbers seemed limitless. He was too far away to stop one of the Thralls from firing the Death-Ray. Rick Jones, however, managed to grab the ship's position controls and redirect the beam so that missed the planet's surface by a quarter-mile--burning a large hole in the atmosphere in the process.
Mar-Vell shattered Stellarax's weapon, restoring power to DC, took Stellarax, boarded his ship, and headed back to Titan.



(Marvel Spotlight II#1, 2) - ISAAC resurrected/reformed each of his servants and took humanoid form and joined them in battle against Mar-Vell and his allies. Stellarax attacked Mar-Vell, hearly battering him into submission, when ISAAC transported them down to the building in which the Eternals of Titan were held. ISAAC commanded Stellarax to destroy Drax first, and he was succeeding when Mar-Vell intercepted the blasts, giving Drax a respite. Drax then rallied his inner reserves and blasted Stellarax to smithereens.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench and Pat Broderick.

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