Real Name: Alex Tennyson

Identity/Class: Human magic user/astral being

Occupation: Manager of Mushrooms Occult Suppliers

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Allegra Bazin, Adam Tennyson;
formerly Damek the Earth-Shaker

Enemies: Craig Blenholt, Elaine Tennyson Blenholt, Chester, Damek the Earth-Shaker, Darkhawk (Chris Powell), NYPD, Vault Guardsmen

Known Relatives: Adam Tennyson (son), Elaine Tennyson Blenholt (ex-wife), Damek the Earth-Shaker (unspecified future descendant)

Aliases: "The Destroyer of All That is Good," "Killer," "the Murderer of Wishes, Prayers and Love," "the Shatterer of Hope"

Base of Operations: Soho, New York, USA

First Appearance: Darkhawk I Annual#2 (1993)

Powers/Abilities: Alex Tennyson possessed the mystic Object of Power, which he learned to use to project an astral aspect of his own personality in the form of the Dreamkiller. While the Dreamkiller existed separately from Tennyson, Tennyson could direct the Dreamkiller's actions and could also see, hear and feel whatever the Dreamkiller experienced. Tennyson could also use the Object of Power to reabsorb the Dreamkiller back into his physical body.

The Dreamkiller aspect itself existed in incorporeal form, allowing it to phase through solid matter at will and move across the air as if weightless. If so desired, the Dreamkiller could also assume a solid form with which to interact with the physical world. In his solid form, the Dreamkiller possessed superhuman strength sufficient to easily smash through a thick metal door that was bolted shut and durability sufficient to withstand energy blasts from the armored Darkhawk and survive crashing through a building. Dreamkiller could also project an unidentified (possibly magical) energy from his fingertips that could harm even armored opponents.

Height: (as Tennyson): 5'1" (by approximation); (as Dreamkiller): 6'6"
Weight: (as Tennyson): 123 lbs. (by approximation); (as Dreamkiller): Variable (400 lbs. in solid form)
Eyes: Brown; (as Dreamkiller): Red
Hair: (in both forms): Black

History: (Darkhawk I Annual#2 (fb)) - Alex Tennyson was the manager of the Mushrooms Occult Supplier store and intensely studied the works of mystics Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo. When his obsession with literature about Strange and Mordo jeopardized his job, Tennyson took out his frustrations on his wife Elaine, beating her. His act witnessed by his son Adam, Alex left his family behind, feeling as if the world of mortal concerns was too small for him and that he needed more out of life. Soon learning that Philippe Bazin had died, Tennyson hoped to access Bazin's collection of mystic artifacts and when he saw Harley Stevens transformed by the Object of Power on the news, Tennyson decided he needed to somehow acquire the Object of Power for himself. Learning that the Object of Power were never found following Stevens' battle with Darkhawk and Ghost Rider, Tennyson attempted to find the man who had found the Object of Power while his wife Elaine ultimately traveled to Mexico, divorced him and subsequently married Craig Blenholt, convincing the courts that Tennyson's son Adam would have a better life with Craig and herself. Focusing only on obtaining the power he sought, Tennyson ignored Elaine's life and placed flyers around the local mall seeking to find the person who had the Object of Power. Soon hearing from Chester, the man who had found the Object of Power, Tennyson met with Chester and offered three thousand dollars for the Object of Power but when Chester wanted more, Tennyson grabbed the Object of Power from Chester's hands and bludgeoned Chester with it. Realizing he had accidentally killed Chester, Tennyson felt extreme guilt and attempted to phone his son to assure Adam they would be together soon but Craig Blenholt answered and told Tennyson that neither Elaine nor Adam wanted to speak to him. Feeling as if Blenholt was keeping his family from him, Tennyson took to using his occult knowledge to research and bombard the Object the Power with all sorts of energy wavelengths, focusing on a being of power unlike the monstrous form Harley Stevens had once assumed. Eventually, Tennyson's work paid off and he managed to release an aspect of himself in astral form as the Dreamkiller. Tennyson then accompanied his Dreamkiller aspect to an empty lot of land, where Dreamkiller displayed his power to Tennyson. Tennyson quickly realized that he could now kill his enemies without worry, as Dreamkiller could do the killing for him, and he began to work towards getting what he wanted out of life. Wishing to acquire Philippe Bazin's mystic artifacts, Alex Tennyson phoned Bazin's daughter Allegra and feigned an interest in selling the Object of Power back to Bazin.

(Darkhawk I Annual#2) - Holding the Object of Power, Alex Tennyson announced that it was time for vengeance and released the Dreamkiller. Tennyson reminded Dreamkiller of what he needed to do and Dreamkiller responded that he knew what to do, as they were both aspects of the same being. Dreamkiller then flew to Soho, where he evaded the security systems of Craig Blenholt due to his incorporeal form before solidifying to smash down Blenholt's heavy security door. Announcing himself to the shocked Blenholt as the Shatterer of Hope, Destroyer of All That is Good and the Murderer of Wishes, Prayers and Love, Dreamkiller smashed Blenholt's bed while exclaiming his intentions to kill both Blenholt's dreams and Blenholt himself. Tennyson monitored events through his Dreamkiller aspect's eyes but when Tennyson's son Adam, awoken by the commotion, entered the room, Dreamkiller halted his attack and apologized to Adam before transforming into incorporeal form and flying off into the night, hoping to find something else to vent its rage on. Eventually, Dreamkiller came into conflict with the NYPD and a SWAT unit was called in but Dreamkiller easily fought the police, the attack soon making the local news. While meeting with Allegra Bazin about Allegra's fears of the man offering to sell her the Object of Power, Chris Powell saw a news report on Dreamkiller's attack and recognized the Object of Power on Dreamkiller's belt. Quickly exiting, Powell activated his amulet to transform into Darkhawk and go after Dreamkiller, soon finding him in Soho, still battling the police. Noticing that some of the police on the ground looked dead, Darkhawk ordered Dreamkiller to halt his attack and blasted him with energy from his amulet, only to have Dreamkiller laugh that the attack tickled before walking on air to Darkhawk and punching him. Darkhawk used his grappling hook to swing with the momentum from Dreamkiller's punch but Dreamkiller fired a blast of energy from his fingertips, hitting Darkhawk before slamming Darkhawk into the ground. Feeling as if his rage and shame had been vented, Dreamkiller decided to depart, dissipating back into Alex Tennyson's body as Darkhawk was left wondering what had happened. Tennyson then phoned Allegra Bazin again and demanded to have all of Philippe Bazin's objects of power, prompting Allegra to inform Chris Powell about the phone call. Chris subsequently visited Mushrooms Occult Supplier based on a tip from Allegra and the owner informed Chris that Alex Tennyson was due to start work when the store opened. When Tennyson arrived for work, Chris confronted him as Darkhawk and asked what Tennyson knew about the Dreamkiller, prompting Tennyson to release the Dreamkiller against the hero. A fierce fight ensured with Darkhawk getting pummeled but Darkhawk soon realized that Dreamkiller needed direction from Tennyson and took him hostage, warning Dreamkiller to cease his attack or risk Tennyson's life. Unfortunately, the nearby police recognized Dreamkiller from his earlier attack on the police and fired tear gas, distracting Darkhawk while Dreamkiller rescued Tennyson and flew off, gloating at how Darkhawk had lost his trump card. Chris Powell then returned to the Elmhurst Hotel where his family was staying and thought about what he should do about Dreamkiller.

(Darkhawk I Annual#3 (fb) - BTS) - Craig Blenholt moved Elaine and Adam out of the city before Dreamkiller could further even the score between Tennyson and Blenholt.

(Darkhawk I Annual#3) - Dreamkiller battled the Darkhawk (at that point split as a separate being from Chris Powell) in Manhattan, where Darkhawk blasted Dreamkiller with energy from his amulet, briefly hurting Dreamkiller. Dreamkiller responded by leaping onto Darkhawk and crashing him through the Marcy's Bargain Basement store. Darkhawk soon managed to materialize a gun, which he used to blast a hole in a nearby pipe, releasing water that hit exposed wires to electrocute Dreamkiller. Upon Dreamkiller's defeat, Darkhawk was met by a squad of Vault Guardsmen, who apprehended Dreamkiller in an energy-charged cage designed to keep him from returning to Alex Tennyson's body. En route to the Vault, Dreamkiller's transport vehicle was torn apart by Damek the Earth-Shaker, freeing Dreamkiller, who reluctantly decided to work with Damek to avenge his defeat by Darkhawk. As they departed, Dreamkiller mentioned that he needed to stop and even the score between Alex Tennyson and Craig Blenholt by attacking Blenholt's family before the two villains went after Darkhawk but Darkhawk interrupted the conversation, having found them first. Dreamkiller quickly punched Darkhawk, who activated his armor's stealth mode, confusing both Dreamkiller and Damek. Dreamkiller quickly decided to force Darkhawk to reveal himself by taking the nearby Chris Powell hostage, forcing Damek to blast Dreamkiller to save Powell. Admitting that he had been taught in the future that his ancestor Dreamkiller was a hero but he had seen only bloodlust and rage, Damek then placed Powell out of harm's way before teaming up with Darkhawk against Dreamkiller. Once Dreamkiller was knocked unconscious, Alex Tennyson revealed himself by calling out in anger. Tennyson then tried to run for it but Darkhawk grasped Tennyson's leg with his grappling hook, causing Tennyson to trip and drop the Object of Power. Damek then took the Object of Power from Tennyson, who was arrested by the arriving police. The police assured Darkhawk that a containment truck was en route to handle Dreamkiller and Darkhawk turned the Object of Power over the police, warning them to keep it away from Tennyson and Dreamkiller.

Comments: Created by Danny Fingeroth, Aaron Lopresti, Andy Mushynsky and Don Hudson.

Craig Blenholt is called Victor by the Dreamkiller once in Darkhawk I Annual#2.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Dreamkiller has no known connections to:

Craig Blenholt

Craig Blenholt was a man who wooed Elaine Tennyson with his charm and the two were soon married. The two filed for full custody of Elaine's son Adam, angering Adam's father Alex, who felt as if Craig was keeping him from his family. After learning how to release his Dreamkiller aspect, Tennyson sent Dreamkiller to kill Craig, who was saved when Adam arrived and witnessed Dreamkiller, recognizing Dreamkiller's voice as his father's. Following this encounter, Craig moved his family out of the city but Dreamkiller nonetheless continued to plot his revenge against Blenholt.

--Darkhawk I Annual#2 (Annual#3 - BTS,

Elaine Tennyson Blenholt

Elaine Tennyson Blenholt was the ex-wife of Alex Tennyson. During a particularly bad day at work, Alex Tennyson returned home and took his frustrations out on Elaine, beating her until their son Adam witnessed the events, prompting Alex to leave his family. In time, Elaine traveled to Mexico, where she filed for divorce against Alex. Returning to the United States, Elaine met Craig Blenholt and got remarried, filing for full custody of Adam. Elaine later moved out of the city with Craig and Adam following Dreamkiller's attack on Craig.

--Darkhawk I Annual#2 (Annual#3 - BTS,


Chester was a man who acquired the Object of Power following Harley Stevens' usage of the mystic artifact. When he saw a flyer asking about the artifact, Chester phoned Alex Tennyson and the two agreed to meet, where Alex offered three thousand dollars to Chester for the Object of Power. When Chester tried to get more money, Alex grabbed the Object from Chester and bludgeoned him with it, accidentally killing Chester.

--Darkhawk I Annual#2d

Adam Tennyson

Adam Tennyson was the son of Alex Tennyson who witnessed Alex's abuse of Elaine. After Elaine divorced Alex and later married Craig Blenholt, full custody of Adam was given to Elaine and Craig treated Adam like his own son. When Alex learned how to release his Dreamkiller aspect, he sent Dreamkiller to kill Craig but the commotion of the attack woke up Adam, who recognized his father's voice emanating from Dreamkiller. Feeling as if Adam had suffered enough at his actions, Alex ordered Dreamkiller to return and Dreamkiller shamefully apologized to Adam for the attack. Adam was later moved out of the city with Craig to escape Dreamkiller.

--Darkhawk I Annual#2 (Annual#3 - BTS, 

images: (without ads)
Darkhawk I Annual#2, p6, pan3 (Dreamkiller, main image)
Darkhawk I Annual#2, p8, pan2 (Dreamkiller, headshot)
Darkhawk I Annual#2, p4, pan2 (Alex Tennyson holding the Object of Power)
Darkhawk I Annual#2, p4, pan3 (Alex releasing his Dreamkiller aspect)
Darkhawk I Annual#3, p6, pan4 (Dreamkiller blasted by Darkhawk)
Darkhawk I Annual#2, p17, pan4 (Craig Blenholt)
Darkhawk I Annual#2, p17, pan5 (Elaine Tennyson Blenholt)
Darkhawk I Annual#2, p18, pan9 (Chester)
Darkhawk I Annual#2, p8, pan1 (Adam Tennyson)

Darkhawk I Annual#2 (1993) - "Dreamkiller" story - Danny Fingeroth (writer), Aaron Lopresti (pencils), Andy Mushynsky, Don Hudson (inks), Nel Yomtov (editor);
Darkhawk I Annual#3 (1994) - "Future Shock" story - Danny Fingeroth (writer), Steve Ellis (pencils), Andy Lanning (inks), Nel Yomtov (group editor)

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