Real Name: Willie Walkaway

Identity/Class: Human conventional weapons user (Australian citizen; Aborigine); possibly magic user or mutant (see comments)

Occupation: Orphan's dreamguard
    formerly: Police Deputy

Group Membership: Dreamguards
    formerly Force Works (honorary), Kagoona Crossing Police Department

Affiliations: Force Works (Century, Iron Man (Stark), Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman (Carpenter), U.S. Agent), Officer Graham, Officer Barry Jardine, Orphan

EnemiesAlf Robbins, Shane Mundy
    formerly: Orphan

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Kagoona Crossing in Southwestern Queensland, Australia

First Appearance: Force Works#9 (March, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: He iss a skilled athlete and uses a large war boomerang as weapon. He possesses vast knowledge about his ancestor's traditions and their land. As a possessor of the "dream-sight," a telepathic connection with Orphan was easier for him to sustain than for others. He can speak telepathically with Orphan, felt Orphan and its manifestations before others, and controlled Orphan's powers without endangering anybody while awake or asleep.

(Force Works (fb) - BTS) - Willie Walkaway was raised on the old traditions of the Aborigines. Over the years he forgot the teachings and became a cop in Kagoona Crossing where he lived like a white man for three years.

(Force Works#9) - Walkaway and his partner Jardine were checking for trouble-makers after the pubs had closed. Walkaway left the car with a flashlight when he thought that he saw something behind a fence, but there was nothing there. Shortly after he was back in the car, Alf Robbins jumped onto the window followed by several monstrous beings. Willie and his partner watched on as the monsters headed to Kagoona Crossing.

(Force Works#9 - BTS) - Walkaway and Jardine returned to Kagoona Crossing. Walkaway realized that they needed the "old ways" to stop this and suddenly remembered everything his grandfather had told him. He changed into a tribal outfit and went into town to fight against the monsters.

(Force Works#9) - Walkaway saved Iron Man from the monstrous beings with his war boomerang. Afterwards he asked Force Works and the police to follow him. He led them to Alf Robbins and told them that he was the focus of it all. The monsters vanished after Robbins got an adrenaline shot from Iron Man. A short time later Walkaway told Force Works why he had changed from a cop into a tribal warrior. He questioned Robbins and learned that Robbins and his partner went through the Dreaming Country which was the reason why Robbins' dreams came to life. Walkaway led Force Works into the Dreaming Country after they were informed that people all over Kagoona Crossing where seemingly trapped in their dreams. Walkaway was in the Works Wagon when a giant, red-glowing skeleton attacked them.

(Force Works#10) - Walkaway dreamt about a time millennia ago, and the word Orphan was repeated in his head over and over again. Suddenly Orphan spoke to Walkaway and he learned the alien's story on Earth since it crashed there and how the Aborigines found it and how they controlled its powers for generations with chosen Dreamguards. Walkaway learned that Mundy was now in controlling Orphan and told Orphan to stop him, but Orphan didn't understand why it should. Walkaway asked to be let go, and when he was back in reality only the dead Alf Robbins was there, but it took only a few moments until Force Works returned from their nightmares. Walkaway explained to them the situation and led them to the child-like alien Orphan. Walkaway's nose began to bleed again, and he told Force Works that this meant another attack by Mundy. He fought Mundy's nightmares alongside Force Works until they vanished when Orphan killed Mundy. Walkaway decided to stay with Orphan as its new Dreamguard and he told Force Works that he would teach Orphan a few things about Earth and Scarlet Witch gave him a Force Works communicator just in case he needed them. Walkaway thought for a second that this made him a member of Force Works, but he immediately discarded this idea.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Jim Calafiore & Rey Garcia.

    I don't know what the dream-sight was, but it enabled Willie to speak telepathically with Orphan and saved him from a nightmare. It could be magic taught to Willie by his grandfather or a mutation inherited over the many generations of Aborigine Dreamguards coming from his tribe. It could also be that the dream-sight was just based on belief in Aborigine traditions. Therefore it could've been that Orphan just opened up to Willie because it saw thoughts it already knew from its former Dreamguards.

Profile by Markus Raymond

Dreamguard has no known connection to:

Officer Graham has no known connection to:

Officer Barry Jardine has no known connection to:

Officer Graham

A member of the Australian police department, Graham sent out an emergency call picked up by Force Works on their way to Kagoona Crossing. He fought the monsters attacking Kagoona Crossing alongside other policemen. He fought with Spider-Woman against the monsters and followed Deputy Willie Walkaway to the problem's source, Alf Robbins. After the situation was clear he informed Force Works who Robbins was and that he had robbed a bank in McNamara Station with his partner Shane Mundy.

--Force Works#9



Officer Barry Jardine

A member of the Australian police department, Barry had nightshift with Walkaway. After midnight they drove around in the area to check for trouble-makers after the pubs had closed. Barry stayed in the car while Walkaway did the walking. Alf Robbins jumped onto their car window when they wanted to leave. Monsters followed him and Barry froze in fear when they headed for their little town. He fought alongside other policemen against the monsters until Force Works cleared the situation. A short time later he informed Walkaway and Force Works that all people asleep at the time of the monsters' attack were now in a coma like they were trapped in their dreams.

--Force Works#9

Dreamguard body shot: War Machine#9, p9, pan4
Dreamguard head shot: Force Works#9, p1, pan4
Officer Graham head shot: Force Works#9, p4, pan1
Officer Barry Jardine head shot: Force Works#9, p1, pan3

Force Works#9-10 (March-April, 1995) - Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (writers), Jim Calafiore (pencils), Rey Garcia (inks), Nel Yomtov (editor)

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