Real Name: Century

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial composite (Hodomur); symbiotic extraterrestrial technology user (possibly magical item)

Occupation: Adventurer, teleporter, & warrior
    former slave, teleporter & instrument of vengeance

Group Membership: None; formerly Revengers (Anti-Venom/Eddie Brock, Atlas/Erik Josten, Captain Ultra/Griffin Gogol, D-Man/Dennis Dunphy, Devil-Slayer/Eric Payne, Goliath/Tom Foster, Virtue/Ethan Edwards, Wonder Man/Simon Williams), Force Works (Iron Man/Tony Stark, Moonraker, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Spider-Woman/Julia Carpenter, U.S.Agent/John Walker), Broker's Bodyguard Cadre (Esh-Uta, Kerth, Kiwi, K'kkt, Onyx, Plisken, Skarla, Skewer, Slug, many more)

Affiliations: Avengers (Black Widow/Natasha Romanova, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Crystal/Crystalia Amaquelin, Deathcry/Sharra Neramani, Iron Man/Tony Stark of Earth-96020 (Teen Tony), Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Hercules, Giant Man/Hank Pym, Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff, Swordsman/Phillip Jarvert of Earth-921, Thor/Odinson, Vision, Wasp/Janet Van Dyne), Azimuth, Rachel Carpenter, Amanda Chaney, Deadpool (Jack, "Wade Wilson"), Death's Head (Minion), Elder Cotati (Swordsman imposter), Dreamguard (Willie Walkaway), Suzi Endo, Free Spirit (Cathy Webster), Thirty, Jack Flag (Jack Harrison), Edwin Jarvis, Luna (Luna Maximoff), Luna imposter, Masque (Madame Masque's bioduplicate), Nohm (Quo Modari), Officer Graham, Officer Barry Jardine, Orphan, PLATO, Marianne Rodgers, Fisher Todd, Tuc, War Machine (James Rhodes), War-Crimes Tribunal (Algol Hokk, Quo Modari, Rigellians, Skrulls, many others), Wonder Man (Simon Williams), Dr. Su Yin;
    formerly Broker, Imogen, Recorder "RE-404", Scatter, Warlord Chu

EnemiesAvatars of the Madarin, Avengers (Ant-Man/Eric O’Grady, Luke Cage, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Doctor Strange/Stephen Strange, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Iron Fist/Danny Rand, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Jessica Jones, Mockingbird/Bobbi Morse, Moon Knight/Marc Spector, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Thing/Ben Grimm, Thor/Odinson, Wolverine/James Howlett), Black Brigade, Broker, Cybermancer (Suzi Endo) of Earth-9528, Ember, "greenshirt" Anachronauts, Immortus (Nathaniel Richards; posing as Kang), Imogen, Iron Man (Tony Stark), "Last", Lore, Malachi, Mandarin, Mantis imposter, Neut, Shane Mundy, Prashardians, Recorder "RE-404," Alf Robbins, Scatter, Serpent Society (Anaconda, Boomslang, Bushmaster (Quincy McIver), Coachwhip, Cottonmouth, Fer-de-Lance, Puff Adder), Sixteen, Starstealth, Tobias, Tyrmean brain-stem parasites, Ultron of Earth-9528, VIRGIL, Volkhvy, Warlord Chu, Wonder Man of Earth-9528;
    formerly Broker's Bodyguard Cadre, Orphan, Thirty, Nohm

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Big-Blue (by War Machine), Deliverer (called by Broker's Bodyguard Cadre)

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout Earth
    formerly: The Works outside Ventura, California
    formerly: "Scatter Worlds"
    formerly: Broker's spaceship
    formerly: Unnamed planet circled by the moon Memoriam

First Appearance: Force Works#1 (July, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: He was a genetic creation consisting of the hundred strongest and most able surviving Hodomur. He possessed all their memories and instinctively used the knowledge he needed. Therefore he was an expert on many topics and a very skilled fighter especially with a battle-staff. He could also levitate himself, usually just a few feet off the ground but higher if need be. He was very tall, had red tatoos all over his body and his lifespan was fixated on 100 years, but since becoming amnesiac he couldn't remember how many years he had still left. In deep meditative trance he was sometimes seen levitating. Once he showed the ability to project energy beams from his hands (see comments). He had a symbiotic rapport with Parallax (follow the link) which bound the multiple personalities Century was composed of into a unified self. Through Parallax he possessed the ability to travel through interdimensional space among many other abilities he wouldn't have had without it.
    Amnesiac through Broker's mind-wipe and interdimensional traveling, Century couldn't remember much about his past and often had to search for the right words which led to Century sound like a thesaurus when he often used three similar words to express himself. Single memories returned when he was confronted with something from his past or he dreamt about it. After losing Parallax for awhile, memories of his composite minds loosened and even after Parallax was returned to him he continued to remember bits from the lives of the Hodomur he was composed of.

Height: 6'7"
Weight: 215 lbs.
Eyes: White (no visible pupils)
Hair: White

(Century: Distant Sons (fb) - BTS) - After the Hodomur's homeworld was destroyed after attacks by Lore and the Scatter, the surviving Hodomur went to their moon Memoriam and created Century, a being composed of the strongest and most able survivors with a 100-year lifespan to track down Lore and destroy her. On his search for Lore, Century encountered the Broker and was enslaved by him. Broker blanked Century's mind except for his urge to find Lore and sold him to the Scatter who needed somebody to keep track of Lore to find their future meals. Over the years he led them to many worlds.

(Century: Distant Sons (fb)) - Years ago Century led the Scatter to the planet Prashard and the child that would become Broker's slave Skewer lost his family and everyone he loved. After that, Century continued to serve the Scatter.

(Force Works#2 (fb) - BTS) - Century led the Scatter to the "Last's" world.

(Force Works#1) - Century was drawn to Earth by Scarlet Witch's hex-powers. He helped Force Works against Starstealth when the Kree attacked him. He tried to warn his new team mates of the Scatter when they landed, but he couldn't prevent Force Works' abduction except for Iron Man. Because of amnesia he couldn't give Iron Man any more info about the Scatter.

(Force Works#2) - Century was brought to the Vault by Black Widow and Vision, but he didn't stay there and teleported to Iron Man and tried to help him. After PLATO studied Century and his staff Parallax, Century told Iron Man that his staff had observed the Scatter's departure and therefore he could bring himself and Iron Man to them. For the first time Century teleported another person and soon arrived with Iron Man on "Scatter World". They saved their team mates from the Scatter and Century transported them all back to Earth by using the Scatter's transmute platform. On Earth Century told Force Works that he detected a dimensional gulf for the Scatter's invading swarm that headed to Earth.

(Force Works#3) - Century worked on a tactic with Force Works against the Scatter, and was granted quarters at the Works. Later he joined Force Works in Houston to fight off the Scatter's first attack, but the Scatter had already planted a device in Houston, and Century remembered that the Scatter used the world they attacked last to destroy the next. Century teleported with Scarlet Witch and U.S. Agent to the Scatter's energy source where they were attacked by Scatter elite warriors. When Century realized that the Scatter were following his routes he worked out a plan with Scarlet Witch and changed their route with her help. Earth was saved, and Century teleported back to Earth with Scarlet Witch and U.S. Agent.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#159/1) - Early in the morning Century was in the kitchen and watched while the others discussed with Iron Man if they should search for Hawkeye.

(Force Works#4) - Century was watching "Beavis & Butt-Head" when he was called in to join Force Works' next mission in Slorenia. After being shot down by Ember he was knocked out by the villain like the rest of Force Works. Century and Force Works were opposed by Black Brigade when they gained consciousness again.

(Force Works#4/2 - BTS) - Force Works' public relations manager Amanda Chaney was angered when she learned from PLATO that Century had been inducted into the team. She asked to speak with Iron Man about it and wanted to interview Century as soon as possible.

(Force Works#5) - Century went with Force Works to Slorenia's ruling council the Tabissara. Later Scarlet Witch enhanced Century's tracking skills to a mystical level and Century found out that Ember's hideout was the old palace outside of Tblunka. Century joined Force Works on their mission to the castle. Black Brigade followed them, and Century helped Spider-Woman and Iron Man to fight him when he attacked them. After Ember fell to his death, Century and Force Works returned to America by Iron Man's order.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#166/2) - Century was present when Spider-Woman told the rest of the team about the shooting at Ventura's Yancy's mall.

(Force Works#6/Marvel Comics Presents I#169/2-171/2) - Century joined Force Works on a mission in Hong Kong. He fought with them against the Mandarin's Avatars. After defeating Q'Wake he sensed that a familiar energy signature empowered the Avatars. He sought to track it to its source and teleported away, leaving Spider-Woman at Lich's mercy. Century resurfaced in Mandarin's castle, knocked out Warfist and then jumped to War Machine's aid. Mandarin hit Century and War Machine with a powerful blast, and they both disappeared with only Parallax being left behind on the ground.

(War Machine I#9/Marvel Comics Presents I#171) - Century and War Machine awakened miles away from Mandarin's castle. Century spoke with War Machine about the extraterrestrial power the Mandarin wielded until pain rushed through his body. Century freed War Machine from his armor and they went through the deserted land. Again Century felt the pain and he started to hear voices. Controlled by one voice he attacked Rhodes, but Century gained control over himself again. They met Su Yin and Century saved her from Warlord Chu's soldiers. At her place Century began to speak in different voices again. They retrieved War Machine's armor from the desert and Century used his knowledge about the Mandarin's energy source to shield the armor from Mandarin's anti-tech field. When Warlord Chu's army attacked, Century and War Machine fought them, but again Century lost control and became useless.

(Iron Man I#311) - Trying to control his own mind, Century fought Chu's soldiers. Warlord Chu arrived and offered Century and War Machine to join him in his fight against the Mandarin. They took his offer and went with him.

(Force Works#7) - In Chu's camp, Century sat on the floor and played a game he just remembered to have played when part of him was a child. Century collapsed for a short time, but he got better and rode with War Machine, Su Yin, and Warlord Chu and his army to Mandarin's castle. On their way they met Force Works.

(War Machine I#10) - Century and War Machine welcomed their comrades and Century spoke with Stark about certain ideas to fight the Mandarin's anti-tech field. When Warlord Chu attacked, angered by his own men's interest in Stark's words, Century once again became useless when another part of his mind took control over his body. After Warlord Chu was gone Century rode with Force Works and Chu's former soldiers to Hong Kong. On their way, he had a conversation with Scarlet Witch about his problems. In Hong Kong, Century fought alongside Force Works against Mandarin's soldiers to get to one of Stark Enterprises' labs. There Century helped Stark with all his knowledge about Mandarin's power source in order to build a resistance for Iron Man's armor. Soon he joined Force Works in another attack against the Mandarin.

(Iron Man I#312) - Century watched as Iron Man attacked the Mandarin himself. He lost control again and afterwards told his team mates that the Mandarin wasn't yet the master over the powers he possessed. Back at Stark Enterprises Century told Force Works that he traveled without them to Mandarin because he had sensed the rings. He was shocked when he learned that Mandarin's other energy source was the Heart of Darkness. Through Century's words Iron Man realized that all these items were with the Mandarin because of his nature and he knew how he could change this. When the Avatars attacked again, Century fought beside Force Works against them until Iron Man surrendered to execute his plan. Mandarin was defeated, and Iron Man brought Parallax back to Century.

(Force Works#8) - On the day of Christmas around 7:45 PM Century watched "A Christmas Carol" on TV. Around 10:15 PM he talked with Amanda Chaney and after telling her that he didn't like Christmas some flashbacks forced Century to sit down. He hoped that he would soon remember who and what he really was. At around 11:15 PM Century watched himself on tape talking about his past again and again.

(Force Works#9/2) - Amanda Chaney called Century into her office and interviewed him. They talked about his symbiotic connection with Parallax and the many personalities composing him and how they disintegrated when Parallax was gone. He told her that since that day memory fragments kept returning to the surface. He thanked Amanda for her sympathy and then went to Wonder Man's funeral.

(Force Works#10/2) - At Wonder Man's funeral Century stayed offside and told Amanda that he felt guilty for Wonder Man's death. Amanda assured him that he wasn't responsible and that Century should fill the gap Wonder Man left.

(Force Works#9) - Century joined Force Works on a mission in Australia. He fought against dream creatures until Alf Robbins was calmed down and led Force Works to the place where he left his partner Shane Mundy behind. There Force Works were attacked by another giant dream creature.

(Force Works#10) - In a nightmare Century fought dozens of duplicates of himself until he woke up. Afterwards Century and Force Works were led to the alien Orphan by Willie Walkaway. Century saw the energy levels rising and they were attacked by dream creatures again. They disappeared when Shane Mundy died inside Orphan. Willie Walkaway became Orphan's new hero Dreamguard, and Century left Australia with Force Works.

(Captain America I#437) - Century joined Force Works in helping Free Spirit and Jack Flag defeat the Serpent Society.

(Force Works#11 (fb)) - After being informed by War Machine about terrible things happening in Slorenia, Century and the other Force Works members voted to return to Slorenia and investigate further.

(Force Works#11) - While the other Force Works members went undercover in Slorenia, Century stayed on the hex-ship Pegasus, circled above Slorenia and stayed in contact with his team mates. Without a warning the Recorder knocked him out with a wrench.

(Force Works#12) - When Century gained consciousness again he attacked the Recorder. After a brutal fight Century beheaded the Recorder and teleported down to Earth to help his friends. With one hit he pushed Ember into Volkhvy's Program and the machine and Ember were destroyed. Century and Force Works returned to America and decided to bring the evil Recorder to the Vault.

(Force Works#13) - Century joined Force Works to stop a breakout by the Starstealth Kree from the Vault. Century soon located the cause of the problems in the Vault's system and teleported to its source. It was the evil Recorder, but Century couldn't get through the Vault's force fields and so Iron Man just short-circuited the Recorder. A short time later the Avengers and representatives of the War-Crimes Tribunal arrived and wanted to take the Starstealth with them.

(Iron Man I#319) - Century trained with Spider-Woman and U.S. Agent in the Works' Vroom Room against holograms of Ember and Black Brigade.

(Force Works#14) - Century joined a team consisting of Avengers and Fore Works members and went with them to the War-Crime Tribunals spaceship. He learned from Rigellians that the evil Recorder was customized by the Kree. When the starship's controls were gone Century immediately went to the Rigellian's tech-lab, but the Recorder wasn't there. He teleported Starstealth members to the ship and Century got rid of Zamsed. After that Century teleported himself and Scarlet Witch to the Recorder and Wanda destroyed the Recorder once and for all. After the threat was over Century enjoyed the sight of Earth from space and wondered if his own home was as beautiful as Earth.

(Force Works#15 (fb)) - One day Broker and his slaves found Century and attacked the Works. He remembered them and fled into a secret chamber beneath the Works.

(Force Works#15) - Century returned to the surface and saved U.S. Agent from Broker's slaves. He teleported himself and U.S. Agent back to the chamber Century had found. Century and U.S. Agent both wandered about the chamber and then Century told U.S. Agent about the attack and that the alien behind it had once been his owner. U.S. Agent and Century worked together to trick Broker with PLATO posing as Century. With the Broker distracted by the illusion Century had the chance to cut off Broker's hand wearing the control bracelet that he used to torture his slaves with the Tyrmean brain-stem parasites on their necks. Century stopped the slave Skewer from killing Broker because he still needed him. Century said his goodbyes to U.S. Agent and left Earth with the slaves on a mission to bring them all back to their homeworlds and learn more about his own past.

(Force Works#16) - Once again Century stopped Skewer from killing Broker and once again explained to him that they needed Broker to reach their homeworlds.

(Century: Distant Sons) - After a nightmare from his past Century woke up and returned to the bridge. Broker's navigation files were still not encrypted and Century went to Broker's cell to force him to give them the locations the crew couldn't find. Kiwi was brought back to his own world, and Century decided that Onyx would be brought home next. After some training Century was called to the bridge where he was attacked and overpowered by his crew. They were once again under Broker's control through the parasites, and Century was now given a parasite too. After a first taste of pain inflicted by the parasite Century was brought to a cell and learnt from Broker that it had been Slug--who was still under his control through nanite servitors--who helped him regain control over the slaves. Century was brought to Memoriam where Broker revealed Century's origins and his participation in Prashard's destruction. When Imogen and her allies arrived, Century was sold to her, and Century recognized her from a time he couldn't remember. Century teleported Imogen and her team to a neighboring dimension where they were attacked by the surroundings and trapped in a force-bubble in which Azimuth brought them to her city. Century knew Azimuth from a forgotten past, and she freed him of the parasite, but before she could tell Century more about Imogen she was attacked by her. Century went after Imogen and knocked out 30, but Imogen stopped Century before he could reach her. Suddenly Broker, who followed Century and his new owner, attacked the city. Broker lost control over his slaves and Century decapitated hiim. Century returned with the slaves and Imogen's former allies Nohm and 30 to Broker's ship. Not knowing how many years he still had left Century asked Skewer to set a course to Earth because Century wanted to go back to his chosen home.

(Force Works#19) - Returning from to Earth, Century found Iron Man and Cybermancer at the Works. Iron Man told Century that everyone had tried to kill him and that he needed Century's help. Century stopped believing in Iron Man when he charged his repulsor against Rachel Carpenter after she tried to tell him that Amanda Chaney warned her of Tony Stark. Century hit Iron Man and was in the process attacked by Cybermancer. Century then teleported Rachel to safety before Iron Man could kill her.

(War Machine I#22) - Century teleported Rachel Carpenter to the outside and promised her to help Amanda Chaney. Century teleported to the secret basement he found some time ago and discovered Amanda's corpse. Cybermancer attacked Century, and they fought until Century knocked her out. Century learned from the basement's computer VIRGIL that in around twenty one hours Earth would be bombarded with high-band temporal energy. Century teleported with Amanda's corpse to the outside where he met U.S. Agent, War Machine, and Black Widow. A short time later, Force Works returned and, when all were together, Century told them what Stark had planned for Earth. Century then teleported Black Widow and Moonraker to Avengers Mansion.

(Iron Man I#324) - Together with Moonraker and Black Widow, Century arrived at Avengers Mansion. He told the Avengers about the temporal weapon Stark had triggered. He also told the Avengers that Moonraker had inherited the soul of Gustav Brandt better known as Zodiac's Libra to them. A short time later Century teleported Vision, Moonraker, and Crystal to Tony Stark's arctic bunker. Tony wasn't surprised and revealed the bunker's true nature to be a giant tank. Century fought with his team mates against the monstrous construct and saved Vision from being crushed. Marianne Rodgers spoke to them telepathically and Century teleported with his team back to Avengers Mansion, but midway Moonraker was lost, and Century only returned with Crystal and Vision.

(Avengers I#394) - Century was at Avengers Mansion when Neut attacked. He was knocked out by him like nearly everyone else. He regained consciousness a short time later after Neut had been defeated by the mutated Wasp.

(Avengers: Timeslide) - Alongside the Avengers, Century fought Anachronauts in front of Avengers Mansion. Inside Avengers Mansion the heroes broke open the mysterious door in their subbasement. Behind it was a portal that sucked the heroes into time-space, but Century wasn't unfamiliar with this place and told the Avengers to grab Parallax so that it could guide them to their destiny.

(Iron Man I#325) - Century returned from the time-stream, opened a portal for the Avengers and teleported them into Tony Stark's arctic bunker.

(Avengers I#395) - Century joined the Avengers, Force Works, and their allies against Kang (in reality Immortus posing as Kang) and his army.

(Force Works#21) - Century and Scarlet Witch listened together to Tony Stark's last recording, and Century told Wanda that he had seen Stark die as a hero. On their way through the Works, Century told Wanda that he wanted to stay on Earth, but he didn't tell her that he had fallen in love with her. Suddenly the Works was attacked from the inside, and Century joined Wanda to find the attacker. It was Wonder Man from an alternate Earth, and he knocked Scarlet Witch and Century out.

(Force Works#22) - Century tried to comfort Wanda when they gained consciousness again. After that they hunted down Cybermancer and her allies and confronted them. Cybermancer suddenly began to dissolve, and Wonder Man attacked Wanda, thinking her responsible. Century fought Wonder Man, but after Cybermancer was gone, Century noticed that the alternate Ultron started to manifest the same energy decay. Century teleported Force Works and the extradimensional Wonder Man and Ultron back to Kang's time-gate in the Works before they dissolved. Century watched Ultron dissolving, Wonder Man returning into his collapsing timeline, and the portal exploding after Cybermancer's armor was returned through it. Afterwards it was decided to disband Force Works. Century planned to travel around on Earth to learn more about his adopted home. The Chaos computer alerted Force Works of a situation in Washington, and Century joined them one last time on a mission.

(Avengers Annual III#1 (fb) – BTS) – Century accepted Wonder Man’s invitation to join the Revengers out of a sense of honor to him and recognition of the cycle of life. 

(New Avengers Annual II#1) – The Revengers savagely attacked Avengers Mansion where the team was overwhelmed by the shock of the attack. With support staff Victora Hand and Wong also at risk, the Avengers were swiftly defeated, with the Thing being the last standing and the mansion nearly destroyed. They then turned to Avengers Tower.

(Avengers Annual III#1) – The Revengers damaged the tower, then turned to give a media report on the Avengers’ failings. The Avengers attacked, quickly containing Wonder Man, then they teleported the Revengers to Citi Field, where the villains were swiftly defeated. They were each interviewed about their motivations.


(Marvel Comics Presents III#6/2) - Century had coffee at Two Live Brew with Nightwatch, Death's Head and Deadpool, who boasted about how much cooler the hero Raze was compared to them (Deadpool published a comic book about Raze at the time and made millions). When Raze and his Man-Comdoes (Knife Nurse, Psi-Ster, QP, Shatterstick) attacked Deadpool his drinking friends did not help him.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Tom Tenney & Rey Garcia.

   Century also appeared in the 1990s Iron Man cartoon as part of Force Works. Just look to the right to see how young he looked in the cartoon and although it is not pictured he used Parallax too.

    Century never found Lore and will never find her because she was destroyed on Earth by the Scarlet Witch and the spirits of the Nexi Lore had killed over the years. I wonder if Century was really just drawn to Earth by Scarlet Witch's powers or if he went there because it was the next logical target for him to find Lore. I also wonder if he is still alive because he couldn't remember how old he really was it could've been that he only had a few years left of his 100 year lifespan. Sure I don't know any Hodomur personally, but Century looked like a very old man with all the wrinkles and the white hair.
    Fortunately, in the Marvel Universe, even if he only had 5-10 years left, he'd never reach the point of death...in spite of writers who don't get Marvel Time making 6 month and 1 year leaps every few stories...

    Century's past with Azimuth and Imogen remained a mystery. There are possibilities that can be read about in the profiles for Imogen and Azimuth.

    "Beavis & Butt-Head" was an MTV cartoon show about two teenage degenerates. Marvel had the rights to publish comics about them at the time Force Works was published. The "Beavis & Butt-Head" comic ran from 1994-1996.

    Century claiming to know the energy source that empowered the Avatars was wrong as it was the Heart of Darkness and he couldn't have met it before personally, but with all the foreign memories in his mind the memory could've come from them. Later in the same storyline he said that he knew the Mandarin's rings and sensed their energy which is more likely to be true. At the same time he let it sound like he only sensed the rings all along and that he knew the Heart of Darkness only from stories.

    Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" is the world famous story about the Christmas hating miserable Ebenezer Scrooge and the three Ghosts of Christmas which turned him into a good man. In one of the several cinematic adaptations Scrooge was played by Patrick Stewart most famous for his role as Captain Picard or to us Marvelites as Professor Xavier in the X-Men movies. The Ghost of Christmas Past even has a profile on the Appendix.

    The status of affiliates from the Crossing (Elder Cotati/Swordsman, Moonraker, the alternate future counterpart of Luna and Tuk) should stay under suspicion as they were possibly Space Phantoms allied with Immortus (posing as Kang in the "Crossing") and would not be true allies to Century and the other heroes.

    In the "Crossing's" final showdown on the pages of Avengers I#395 Century was able to shoot energy beams from his hands and Parallax was missing throughout the story. He never showed this power before or after that. It was probably just a mistake by that issues' artist or somebody else.

    Parallax's appearance changed all the time as each new artist used his artistic license on it and Force Works had many different artists.

I missed Century's appearances in MCP#159 and MCP#166, but eventually I saw him badly colored and drawn into the background in both issues. The story in 159 was published the same month as Force Works#1, but it couldn't have occured before the first storyline was finished because the whole team was on Earth in this story. The other appearance can be kept after their return to America after Force Works' first mission in Slorenia.

Century has an entry in Marvel Legacy: The 1990s Handbook.

Profile by Markus Raymond

Century has no known connection to:

Memoriam has no known connection to:

Parallax has no known connection to:


It was the moon to the Hodomur's homeworld. Neighboring races built a monolith on Memoriam as a grave marker after the destruction of the Hodomur homeworld to honor their dead. Years later Broker returned with Century and his other slaves to Memoriam to tell Century his origin and his races' demise before selling him to Imogen.

--Century: Distant Sons






    The battle-staff Parallax was given to Century by the Hodomur as a device to track down Lore. It enabled Century to sunder the fabric of dimensional space, manipulate coordinates, and open doorways from one reality to another. Parallax could also discern transfer coordinates of other portals and create a portal to the same location. It could be used as guidance through space/time and other no-spaces used as corridors by teleporters. Short distance teleportation worked as well as long distance teleportation throughout space. On Earth he learned to teleport more people than only himself, but it needed training because of the strain caused by his symbiotic connection to Parallax. The creation of a portal required Parallax to be spun to cut open the substance of space revealing a pathway. After the user was drawn into the warp alone or with others he/they had to follow the coordinates described by Parallax until space reopened at Century's chosen destination.

     In addition to its teleportation abilities, Century needed Parallax to stabilize his mind. It had always to be near him, and after he had lost Parallax for awhile Parallax could never fully stabilize Century's mind again. It could map the dimensions of space/time and through Scarlet Witch's hex-powers it could even reveal everything on the mystical landscape. It could scan many different things concerning their properties and detected any energy form it once encountered. Parallax could also be used like a conventional weapon and the sharp blades could easily decapitate someone.

In the "Hand of the Mandarin" crossover Parallax was in Mandarin's possession it was revealed that his rings and Parallax knew each other. Mandarin could use Parallax for teleportation and connected to his rings and the Heart of Darkness also as an energy weapon to blast everything away.

(Iron Man I#324) - Iron Man found a way to block Parallax from opening a portal into his arctic bunker with a specifically calibrated force field. Around the same time Immortus found a way to abduct people from the corridor Parallax created to teleport Century and others through and let Moonraker be abducted from it by the future version of Luna.

--Force Works#1 (Century: Distant Sons (fb), Force Works#1-6, Marvel Comics Presents I#169/2-171/2, War Machine I#9, Force Works#7, War Machine I#10, Iron Man I#312, Force Works#9/2-10/2, Force Works#9-10, Captain America I#437, Force Works#12-16, Century: Distant Sons, Force Works#19, War Machine I#22, Iron Man I#324, Avengers I#394, Avengers: Timeslide, Iron Man I#325, Force Works#21-22

Century body shot: Force Works#10, p19, pan2
Century head shot: Century: Distant Sons cover
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Force Works#9-10 (March-April, 1995) - Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (writer), Jim Calafiore (pencils), Rey Garcia (inks), Nel Yomtov (editor)
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Iron Man I#319 (August, 1995) - Terry Kavanagh (writer), Tom Morgan (pencils/inks), Nel Yomtov (editor)
Force Works#15-16 (September-October, 1995) - Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (writer), Jim Cheung (pencils), Rey Garcia (inks), Nel Yomtov (editor)
Century: Distant Sons (February, 1996) - Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (writer), Jim Calafiore (pencils), P.L. Palmiotti (inks), Nel Yomtov (editor)
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Marvel Comics Presents III#6/2 (August, 2019) - Tim Seeley (writer), Reilly Brown (artist), Jordan D. White (editor)

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