Real Name: Suzi Endo

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Cyberneticist

Group Membership: "Team War Machine" (Parnell Jacobs, Glenda Sandoval, War Machine (James Rhodes), War Machine Armored Support 01 (Bethany Cabe), War Machine Armored Support 02 (Lt. Jake Oh) );
former employee of Stark Enterprises

Affiliations: American Eagle, Force Works (US Agent, Spider-Woman, Iron Man, Century, Scarlet Witch), Mockingbird, PLATO, Ronin (Clint Barton), Tigra, Fisher Todd, Ultimo, War Machine (James Rhodes), Wonder Man (Simon Williams)

Enemies: Anton Aubuisson, the Avatars, Bainesville Ten, Cybermancer, Eaglestar International, HAMMER, Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn), SHIELD, Skrulls, Morgan Stark;
formerly American Eagle, Ultimo

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Cybermancer

Base of Operations: Stark Enterprises Hong Kong branch; The Works

First Appearance: Force Works#6 (December, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Suzi Endo possesses no superhuman abilities. She is an expert in Cybernetic technology. Her armor granted her supheruman strength (Class 25 or higher) and speed, as well as the power of flight. It was equipped with shock rays to stun opponents, siphon functions to shut down any technology, heat seeker missiles, and hard-light knife-blade missiles and bombs. Its formidable durability could be augmented by its hard-light cyber-cloak, which could become as hard as Adamantium. Its sensors could detect any biological, radioactive or kinetic signal within an undertimed radius. Its internals comkputers allowed her to calculate the trajectories and arcs of incoming projectiles or opponents and avoid them at a moment's notice.

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 111 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

History: (Marvel Comics Presents#170/2 (fb))- Tony Stark visited Stark Enterprises' Hong Kong division, where Suzi Endo showed him holo-displays of her work.

(Force Works#6)- Workers in the SE cybernetics division alerted Suzi to the loss of contact with China. She observed that there was no electromagnetic activity on the mainland at all. Then the lights went out as the Avatars attacked Hong Kong. Suzi ordered an evacuation, and sent a call for help, which was received by Stark Enterprises and relayed to Force Works.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#170/2 (fb))- As the Avatars attacked SE HK, Suzi hid in the sub-basement, emerging an hour later to find the building in ruins, and her work destroyed.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#170/2)- Suzi watched Force Works defeat and chase off the Avatars.

(War Machine I#10)- Stark and Force Works arrived at SE HK, and found Suzi unconscious. After she recovered, she directed Stark to the building’s commlink, before being checked for injuries by Su Yin.

(Iron Man I#312)- Iron Man and Su Yin brought Suzi in on their plan to create a techno-organic virus to defeat the Mandarin. Stark trusted her with his secret ID. Afer the Mandarin was defeated, she sought Stark’s signature on papers needed to get the cybernetics division back in order. When War Machine thought he recognised the Chu-janitor, she claimed to have only hired him that day.


(Force Works#16)- Suzi returned a call from Stark, accepting an offer of a new job, telling him she would be on the next flight to LA.

(Iron Man I#321)- Suzi arrived in LA, watched from the shadows by Cybermancer.

BTS- Cybermancer captured Suzi, and took her place

(Force Works#19)- In the last moments of her life, Amanda Chaney found Suzi stored in a cryo-unit in the Works’ secret basement.

BTS- Force Works found Suzi, removed her from the cryo-unit and took her to their medi-bay.

(Force Works#21)- Suzi recovered in the FW medi-bay. US Agent took her to meet Cybermancer, and she was shocked and horrified by what she could become, and considered Cybermancer a "timely warning" of what not to become. When the future-versions of Ultron and Wonder Man arrived and defeated FW, PLATO advised Suzi to first remain in her room, then hide somewhere. But, wanting to fight back, she took the Cybermancer costume.

(Force Works#22)- Suzi showed up, wearing a Cybermancer gauntlet, and used it to remote-control the rest of the costume into hurling itself through the open temportal, sealing it closed. She then decided to return to Hong Kong to work on reverse-engineering the remaining Cybermancer gauntlet.

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report#1) - At some point Suzi rebuilt the Cybermancer armor and took over the mantle of her alternate future counterpart. She was active in Hong Kong and the neighoring islands.

  After attending a Stark cybernetics conference in New York, she used vacation leave to remain in the United States a few weeks longer. She presumed that she wouldn't have to register when the SHRA was passed because of her connections to Stark and her non-resident status.

(Civil War: Frontline#8/3) - During an attempt by Cybermancer to prevent a bank heist three civilians were killed and Suzi was arrested by SHIELD agents. During the heist Comet Man, was injured as well.

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report#1) - She was deported to Hong Kong to avoid a diplomatic crisis.

(Iron Man IV#33 (fb) - BTS) - Suzi received a message from Tony Stark wherein he told her that the world was coming to an end and that she had to board a shuttle to Tony's secret satellite.

(Iron Man IV#33) - Suzi soon realized that she was called by Stark for her expertise in cybernetics. When she was joined by War Machine she told him about a message only Rhodes could access. She was shocked when she saw that Rhodes had been turned into a cyborg. Together they listened to Stark's message. Stark's message sow dissent between Suzi and Rhodes, but they soon reconciled without fighting each other when Skrull ships found the satellite. Suzi connected Rhodes to the satellite, giving him full control over it. With Rhodes in control the satellite turned into a giant robot.

(Iron Man IV#34) - Suzi kept Rhodes informed about their shields and the current activities of the attacking Skrulls. After all, but one ship, had been destroyed Suzi informed Rhodes that his armor had been repaired. She also noted that the satellite's cloaking device was reactivated and that the satellite was moved to a Molniya orbit. War Machine left the station to go after the last ship and kept contact with Suzi. After destroying the last ship that had attacked the satellite, Suzi gave War Machine the nearest location of a Skrull attack in Tatischevo, a nuclear weapons depot. When War Machine was sent away by Crimson Dynamo, Suzi informed him that the Russians would be loosing without War Machine's help and sent him back down. War Machine was caught by the Skrulls.

(Iron Man IV#35) - War Machine reestablished contact with Suzi, who was glad that he wasn't dead. She told him that he was still above Tatischevo and told him to do some damage on the Skrull ship first to give her time to even the odds against the attacking Skrulls in Russia. Suzi used Skrul codes to enable War Machine to take control over the Skrull ship he was currently on. War Machine attacked one of the other ships and ultimately three warships were destroyed. After fighting together with the Winter Guard against the Skrulls, War Machine tried to escape, but Russian jets followed him. Suzi informed War Machine that he couldn't outrun them at his current power level, but Crimson Dynamo saved War Machine.

(Dark Reign: New Nation#1/3) - Suzi was surprised that War Machine wanted to go after enhanced polar bears. She was also concerned about his health, but War Machine only wanted to fight and implied that it was probably time to go home for her. Suzi stayed and kept War Machine informed about his targets controlled by Anton Aubuisson, a former colleague of War Machine. Suzi told War Machine that he couldn't kill Aubuisson because his presence in the Arctic was sanctioned by Canada, the United States and the resident Anunquit. War Machine destroyed Aubuisson's control rod and the bears killed him. Suzi then decided to go home like War Machine had asked her to do.

(War Machine II#4) - War Machine told Bethany Cabe to contact Suzi Endo and ask her to find a solution to heal Eaglestar's test subject of the Ultimo virus. With the info Suzi got from Bethany she found out that the virus was spread by touch and that it infected almost instantaneously. She suggested a chemical firestorm to eliminate all infected subjects, but War Machine wanted something non-lethal. Suzi only warned him that millions could get infected if only one test subject reached Aqiria's capital city.

(War Machine II#5) - Suzi worked on a contagion for the Ultimo virus. War Machine allowed her to hack his firmware so that he could absorb the Ultimo virus and buy her more time. Suzi used the time to calibrate the EMP on the War Machine Satellite (War Machine space headquarter), which Parnell Jacobs then flew to Aqiria. Parnell released the calibrated EMP and it destroyed the Ultimo virus. Suzi then joined War Machine in his quest to find the people in the US that provided Eaglestar with the Ultimo virus.

(War Machine II#6) - Suzi used a counter frequency to hide "Team War Machine" approaching the home of War Machine's mother Roberta Rhodes within Arizona's Navajo reservation to avoid HAMMER's jurisdiction. They were confronted by American Eagle, who easily crushed Suzi's rifle and then beat up War Machine's allies. They still managed to distract American Eagle long enough for War Machine to reach the nearby Mackelroy Army Base when Jahe Oh dressed up in a spare War Machine suit to fight American Eagle.

(War Machine II#7) - "Team War Machine" took a jeep to Mackelroy Army Base. Suzi told War Machine to not blow up everything because they needed the base's databanks to prove they were working on the Ultimo virus. She then watched as Ultimo's head rose from the wreckage and attacked War Machine. After the head was taken down Suzi downloaded all data on the Ultimo experiments from Mackelroy Army Base and learned that Ultimo's CPU got split into three units and stashed in three different locations in the US. Suzi sent Cabe, Oh and War Machine to the three locations to destroy the CPU units.

(War Machine II#8) - Suzi and Parnell accompanied War Machine on his way to Morgan Stark, who had taken Stark Solutions' part of Ultimo's CPU with him. Ronin (Clint Barton), Mockingbird, Tigra and Wonder Man attacked "Team War Machine". Tigra knocked out Suzi and Parnell on their plane and knocked them out. War Machine then used his magno locks to incorporate both planes into his armor forcing Wonder Man, the biggest threat to him, to save Suzi, Parnell, Tigra and Mockingbird. While Wonder Man carried them back to the surface Suzi revealed to him how US Agency for Alien Quarantine and Technology assistant director Reginald Gunderson gave Ultimo tech to private organizations. Witnessing Ultimo's rebirth around Morgan Stark, Suzi contacted Bethany and Jake to learn if they were able to destroy the other parts of Ultimo's CPU. She was glad to learn that both were successful. Suzi watched War Machine fight Ultimo and when Ultimo self-destructed informed Parnell that Ultimo couldn't bind with human tissue. She was shocked like everyone else when Ultimo converted all vegetation into metal.

(War Machine II#9) - Suzi watched the situation enfold and kept "Team War Machine" informed about everything. When Ultimo tapped into War Machine's neural net once again she tried to separate them once again, but Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn) arrived to foil her plans and attacked War Machine to force his separation from Ultimo. While War Machine and Iron Patriot fought Ultimo, Suzi informed them that Ultimo would continue to explode over and over again to spread. She informed War Machine that he couldn't kill Ultimo because it was liquid metal and watched War Machine and Iron Patriot tap into Ultimo's neural net to convince it to abandon its genocidal ways. They succeeded and Suzi informed everyone that Ultimo rebooted itself and purged its programming.

(War Machine II#10) - When Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn) attempted to take control over Ultimo (because he was the one that convinced Ultimo to purge its genocidal programming), War Machine stole Ultimo and gave it to Suzi to take it off planet and teach it right from wrong. With Suzi inside of Ultimo they flew into space.

(War Machine II#11 (fb) - BTS) - Suzi taught Ultimo how not to murder for two weeks.

(War Machine II#11) - Aboard Ultimo, seven miles above Portland, Oregon, Suzi was contacted by James Rhodes from prison and he told her to not break him out, but do something else for him. Suzi sent part of Ultimo to Osborntech Laboratories in Bancor, Maine to infiltrate the facility and give Team War Machine some intel on the whereabouts of James Rhodes' cloned body.

(War Machine II#12 (fb) - BTS) - Suzi was aware that Osborn could hack into Ultimo and overhear everything they say, so Suzi decided to lie about their plans including the proximity the cloned body of Rhodes had to be in to transfer Rhodey's mind into it.

(War Machine II#12) - Rhodes contacted his team and Suzi, still aboard Ultimo, informed him that she would transfer his mind into the cloned body as soon as the clone was within a 100 miles radius. When Osborn interrupted the conversation Rhodes told his team to evacuate immediately.

  While HAMMER attacked the imprisoned War Machine and Team War Machine Suzi infected the Bainesville Ten, a group of corrupt politicians and other people of influence Team War Machine had tried to expose, with droplets of Ultimo-tech. At the same time she transferred War Machine's consciousness into his cloned body aboard Osborn's Helicarrier. Unaware of the happenings Osborn didn't pay attention to Suzi, who finished the transfer of Rhodes' consciousness, activated the Ultimo-tech inside the Bainesville Ten, who were now forced to see their crimes over and over again, and deleted all files Osborn had on Team War Machine. She then appeared with Ultimo and extracted Rhodes in his new body from Osborn's Helicarrier.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Dave Taylor.

Presumably, Suzi is still employed by Stark Enterprises.
--Although, that incarnation of Stark Enterprises somewhat crumbled when Stark vanished during, <shudder> Heroes Reborn. Stark Solutions was its successor, which was eventually retitled Stark Enterprises. Who knows what went on during all of that time.--Snood.

The way it looked in Civil War: Front Line Comet Man got injured in that scene. Maybe he worked with Cybermancer or maybe he joined the Initiative and tried to apprehend her and was injured by her. We will never know.
--Markus Raymond

Suzi received as Cybermancer an entry in Civil War: Battle Damage Report and a half-page profile in Iron Manual Mark 3.

Profile by Gauntlet: Dark Rider

Clarifications: Suzi Endo should not be confused with:

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