Real Name: Fisher Todd

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Technical chief for Force Works

Group Membership: Works staff

Affiliations: Rachel Carpenter, Amanda Chaney, Suzi Endo, Force Works (Century, Iron Man (Stark), Moonraker, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman (Carpenter), U.S. Agent),
Kim, PLATO, Recorder#"404", War Machine (Rhodes)

Enemies"greenshirt" Anachronauts, Apocryphus, Bodyguard Cadre (Kiwi, Onyx, Skewer, Slug), Broker, Cybermancer, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Recorder#"404", VIRGIL;
alternate versions of Ultron & Wonder Man

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of OperationsThe Works in Ventura, California

First Appearance: Force Works#4/1 (October, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: He was an expert on all the technical stuff in the Works including the holographic devices, computers, planes and weapons. He was able to fix nearly everything in the Works! He was also able to pilot a Hex-ship and use voice-controlled cannons. In his first mission he showed that he was a pretty good marksman. Except for his technical skills he was a really nice guy. His crush on Spider-Woman constantly proved to be a problem for him.

(Force Works#4/1) - Stark introduced Veronica Benning to Fisher Todd and Amanda Chaney in the Works' foyer.

(Force Works#4/2) - Fisher and Amanda got their briefing from PLATO, who apologized for Stark's absence. He showed them files on Force Works members and the other people living in the Works. Fisher was impressed with Spider-Woman. He also wanted to know who Iron Man was, but PLATO couldn't give them that info. Fisher had to calm down Amanda when they learned that Force Works was currently in Slorenia. When Spider-Woman's daughter Rachel entered the room, Fisher left with her to give her a tour through the complex.

(Force Works#5/2) - Todd showed Rachel the Vroom Room, a training facility with hard light holograms. He showed her a simulation of the Rhino and promised to show her more simulations while running maintenance on the Vroom Room. From the outside the evil Recorder activated a level nine program with the Scatter as enemies. Fisher couldn't deactivate it from the inside and thought it was a malfunction. Spider-Woman, who just returned with Force Works from Slorenia, broke through the wall to save her daughter from the Scatter holograms. Fisher crashed the Vroom Room controls to deactivate the program while Spider-Woman fought them. In the end Spider-Woman was mad at Fisher and told him to stay away from her daughter.

(Force Works#8) - On Christmas Fisher gave Rachel a hover board and she immediately dropped her mother's present to fly around with the board. Big mistake as Julia got angry at him because Rachel liked his present more than the Talking Muppet she gave to Rachel. Fisher was sorry, but it was already too late. Later Fisher had a good time at the party in the Works. At the party he asked Iron Man, who was actually PLATO in disguise, who he really was, but he got no answer.

(Force Works#15) - Fisher was caught by Broker's Bodyguard Cadre and kept in a hyper-stasis capsule until Broker was defeated by Century, U.S. Agent and PLATO.

(Force Works#16) - Fisher was running maintenance on the Vroom Room again and saw Moonraker and Spider-Woman kissing when he entered it. Amanda talked to him about his problems with Spider-Woman's new relationship, but he told her that he got used to it after watching it for six months (this was all part of the Crossing madness).

(Force Works#17) - Fisher was present at the meeting in which Iron Man inducted Cybermancer into Force Works. He stayed quiet even when Iron Man showed them evidence that Hawkeye was a murderer. Later Fisher accompanied Scarlet Witch, Moonraker and Spider-Woman to a mission at the coast of Cambodia as he served them as pilot of Force Works' plane Pegasus. At the coast Fisher flew the plane into a weird energy curtain and inside the plane was hit by bird-shaped things until the plane's systems flat-lined.

(Force Works#18) - Fisher managed to land the plane without killing everyone on board. Because he had no powers he took a voice-controlled cannon to accompany the team to the outside. Shortly after the team left the plane it exploded although Fisher was sure it wouldn't. He tried to stay funny which Wanda didn't like too much. After a walk through the jungle they found the temple of Agaphaur where the team was attacked by Apocryphus and greenshirt Anachronauts. Fisher killed one with his cannon. Apocryphus hit him and Fisher was thrown into the jungle. Fisher used the cannon's sensor system and found a boy named Kim in the jungle. A greenshirt Anachronaut found Fisher and together they watched the boy transform into a monstrous being with wings. Fisher knocked out the Anachronaut and told the mutated boy that he was on his side.

(Force Works#19) - Todd brought the boy to his team with Spider-Woman's help. Fisher learned through Moonraker and Scarlet Witch what had happened to the boy and that Kang was behind everything. When he saw how cold Spider-Woman acted towards Moonraker he asked Wanda if he had missed something and she told him that she would tell him later.

(War Machine#22) - With Moonraker's help Wanda's team including Fisher returned to the Works. Shortly after arriving there Fisher saw Amanda's corpse that was brought to the surface by Century. Fisher stayed with Force Works and Wanda ordered him to get PLATO back on line.

(Force Works#20) - Fisher tried to repair the system, but in the fight between War Machine and Iron Man too much was destroyed. Spider-Woman talked to him about how bad she felt that her love for Moonraker was just a lie. When they heard gunfire they ran towards it to help their friends. When he arrived at the fighting scene Wanda asked him to disable the defense hologram grid and Fisher tried it by destroying the main thru-deck power junction, but the only reaction his shot caused was another angry-looking Iron Man hologram. The team moved away from the elevator and no more holograms attacked. At a safe spot without holonet (it was destroyed in the fight between Iron Man and War Machine) the team began to plan. Fisher and Wanda found a heat-exchanger on the Works' base schematics that looked unprotected and Wanda sent Spider-Woman and War Machine out to get to the sub-basement level from there. In the chaos Rachel asked Fisher if Amanda was really dead and he comforted her. Fisher then created holograms of Wanda and U.S. Agent to test the defense hologram grid, but they were destroyed immediately. Meanwhile the air circulation overheated the building and Fisher couldn't do anything against it. PLATO activated himself again and helped Fisher to figure out the temporal device that brought Wanda's team back to the Works. Together they managed to use it to bring Wanda and U.S. Agent to the sub-basement where they destroyed VIRGIL's control pads and system.

(Force Works#21) - Tony Stark sacrificed his life and Fisher and everyone else in the Works listened to his last recorded message played to them by PLATO. After the message was over Fisher continued to work with Spider-Woman on the temporal portal in the Works' techlab (it was part of a time-corridor they found in the sub-basement). Fisher wasn't sure yet that it was safe and suddenly he was proven right as the portal charged itself and two figures stepped through it. Spider-Woman saved Fisher from Ultron's (an alternate version) first attack and then helped U.S. Agent against him. Fisher tried to contact Wanda, but she didn't respond. Before he could try again Fisher was knocked out by the second attacker (an alternate version of Wonder Man).

(Force Works#22) - Still in the lab the gate started to suck in everything around it. Fisher and Spider-Woman contacted Wanda and Fisher told her that the gate was manifesting a chronic instability probably caused by the fact that the world on the other side of the portal was dying. He couldn't close the portal because the implosion would cause severe damage to their own reality. He also told Wanda about the two intruders that came through the gate, but Wanda already knew about them. Fisher tried to fix the problem and Spider-Woman wished him good luck. Wanda teleported with the intruders to the techlab after Cybermancer was consumed by an energy decay. Fisher explained that everyone from the dying reality would be consumed by the same energy decay. He still didn't know how to close it when Ultron had disappeared. Wonder Man began to disappear as well and jumped through the gate and the gate almost shut down. Suzi Endo sent back Cybermancer's armor through the gate and it was shut down in an explosion. Fisher watched it for some time and it stayed close. Afterwards the team met to discuss their future. Fisher wanted to go on vacation to test his new board. When the team left for another mission Fisher seemingly went with them.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (writers), Tom Tenney (pencils) and Rey Garcia (inks).

Force Works had many different artists and therefore Fisher's look changed a lot.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Fisher Todd has no known connection to:

images: (without ads)
Force Works#18, p3, pan5 (main image)

#8, p3, pan5 (on Christmas)
#20, p1, pan4-5 (blue-eyed Fisher)

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