Real Name: Amanda Chaney

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Public Relations liaison for Force Works

Group Membership: Works staff

Affiliations: Rachel Carpenter, Force Works (Century, Iron Man (Stark), Moonraker, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman (Carpenter), U.S. Agent), PLATO, Recorder, Fisher Todd

Enemies: Bodyguard Cadre (Kiwi, Onyx, Skewer, Slug), Broker, Cybermancer, Iron Man (Tony Stark), VIRGIL

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of OperationsThe Works in Ventura, California

First Appearance: Force Works#4/1 (October, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: None. She was a blonde, blue-eyed, curious and smart specialist for public relations. For some people her curiosity was too much.

History: (Force Works#4/1) - Stark introduced Veronica Benning to Fisher Todd and Amanda Chaney in the Works' foyer.

(Force Works#4/2) - Amanda and Fisher got their briefing from PLATO, who apologized for Stark's absence. He showed them files on Force Works members and the other people living in the Works. Amanda was saddened by the bad publicity caused by Wonder Man's death and was very concerned about the possible public backlash the induction of Century could cause. She wanted to talk to Iron Man about Century and get an interview with Century himself as soon as possible, but PLATO informed her that the team was currently in Slorenia. Amanda went over the edge upon hearing this because Slorenia was a non-NATO country with internal problems. Fisher asked Amanda to calm down when suddenly Rachel Carpenter entered the room. Amanda berated her because she was disturbing an important meeting and Fisher left with Rachel. Amanda then asked PLATO to play all info again.

(Force Works#5/2) - Upon Force Works return Amanda confronted Iron Man because she couldn't reach Tony Stark all day. She wanted to discuss certain things before she could handle the team's public relations. Her questions included the status of Century and the Recorder, Force Works mission in Slorenia and the angry unanswered messages from NATO, SHIELD, the Avengers and the U.N. She thought it couldn't go on like this and wanted to speak Stark, but Iron Man told her that he would talk to Stark about everything.

(Marvel Comics Presents#166/2) - Amanda gave Spider-Woman a ton of fanmail including about a dozen of one guy.

(Force Works#8) - On Christmas Amanda helped the Carpenters decorate the Christmas tree. Fisher screwed up again in trying to gain Julia's attention and Amanda wished him better luck next time. A few minutes later Scarlet Witch complimented Amanda on the decorations, but she told Wanda that Rachel and Julia did the most work. The first guests for the party arrived and Wanda sent Amanda to welcome them. She had fun at the party for a few hours. Then the Recorder's filming started to annoy her and she began a conversation with Century, who began to have flashbacks again. Worried about him she got the Scarlet Witch to help him, but Century was okay. Later on Fisher and Amanda tried to find out again who Iron Man was by asking him directly (although it was PLATO posing as Iron Man that night). They didn't get the info they wanted.

(Force Works#9/2) - Before Simon Williams' funeral Amanda started a memo about it when Century entered her office. She had already awaited him because she wanted to know him better and they had a long talk about his amnesiac and the flashbacks he had since he lost his battle-staff Parallax for the first time. After listening to him for awhile she felt sorry for Century.

(Force Works#10/2) - Amanda and Century attended the funeral, but they stayed away from the crowd because Century felt responsible for Wonder Man's death. Amanda, who read the mission report, told Century that he wasn't because Scarlet Witch's hex-power brought him to Earth and he didn't bring the Scatter with him deliberately and that he was important to the missions the team had since then. Century thanked her.

(Force Works#15) - Alongside all people living in the Works Amanda was captured by Broker and his slaves and put into a hyper-stasis capsule. With the combined effort of U.S. Agent, Century and PLATO everyone was freed and Broker defeated.

(Force Works#16) - Amanda talked to Fisher about the problems he had with the fact that Spider-Woman was together with Moonraker, but he told her that he had no problem because he got used to it in the last six months. (it was a crazy time during the Crossing and many things weren't as they seemed)

(Force Works#17) - At the meeting where Iron Man put Cybermancer on the team Amanda told Iron Man that her instant induction made a mockery of the normal consultation process. Later on she was shocked when Iron Man informed the team that two people were killed at Avengers Mansion and that Hawkeye was the main suspect.

(Force Works#18) - Hawkeye was just freed by U.S. Agent and War Machine and because it was Cybermancer's mistake she screamed at Amanda for no good reason. They tried to contact the rest of the team, but PLATO couldn't find them anymore ad their ship had dropped off his screen. Amanda and Cybermancer agreed to contact Iron Man and the Avengers. PLATO told them that the location Force Works was headed was called Vietnam by Moonraker, but Amanda didn't know such a place. Rachel Carpenter knew that it was a country and wanted to show it to Amanda, but it was gone from her books. Rachel then told Amanda about the strange things happening in the Works like things appearing and disappearing all the time. When Rachel told her that she didn't know Moonraker at all Amanda began to think about Moonraker's time with them and was surprised that she couldn't remember anything about him joining the team. She looked into the mission logs together with PLATO and everything about Moonraker was there, but Amanda felt like she only remembered things that she knew never happened. She ordered PLATO to scan the Works for irregularities and he found temporal radiation contaminating the building. After seeing a sub-basement level on the Works schematics she decided to go there. She took the elevator and PLATO disappeared before she reached the sub-basement where she was greeted by the voice of VIRGIL. She asked VIRGIL the right questions and learned that he and the technology on this level was created by Timely Industries a corporation founded by Tony Stark in the future.

(Force Works#19) - Iron Man found Amanda snooping around in the sub-basement level. He told her that she had seen too much to let her go. She escaped into another room where she found Suzi Endo kept in a cryogenic chamber. Iron Man destroyed the door's lock while Amanda tried to send out an emergency call heard only by Rachel. Amanda told her to call the Avengers because Stark was behind everything. Iron Man than entered the room and killed Amanda by shooting her right in the face *wffraakkk*.

(War Machine#22) - Amanda's corpse was seen by Century in the Works' sub-basement. He beat up Cybermancer and teleported Amanda's body to the surface.

(Iron Man I#324 - BTS) - Scarlet Witch informed the Avengers about Amanda Chaney's death by Iron Man's hand.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (writers), Tom Tenney (pencils) and Rey Garcia (inks).

In Amanda's MCP appearance the normally blonde had red hair like Mary Jane Parker. This was likely a mistake by the colorist.

Amanda became Tony's third female victim in the Crossing after killing Yellowjacket (Rita Demara) and Marilla in Avengers stories.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Amanda Chaney has no known connection to:

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Force Works#18, p17, pan3(main image)

#8, p16, pan1 (body shot)
#19, p8, pan1 (shot dead)

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