Classification: Terrestrial building

Creator: Iron Man (Tony Stark)

User/Possessors: Rachel Carpenter, Amanda Chaney, Force Works (Century, Cybermancer (Earth-9528's Suzi Endo), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Moonraker ("Slade Truman"), Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff), Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter), U.S.Agent (John Walker), Wonder Man (Simon Williams)), PLATO (Piezo-Electrical Logistic Analytic Tactical Operator), a Recorder, Consuela Sanchez, Fisher Todd, VIRGIL (Virtual, Integrated, Rapidly-evolving, Grid-based, Intelligent Lifeform); formerly Stark Industries (Tony Stark, others)

First Appearance: Force Works#1 (July, 1994)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Built into the side of a natural canyon, the intentionally inaccessible Works existed as a multi-story "smart building" composed of glass-like and polymer materials with built-in defenses, sensors, self-repair and self-sufficiency systems. It was also equipped with a semi-sentient computer system known as PLATO (Piezo-Electrical Logistic Analytic Tactical Operator), which handled the daily running of the building. The building contained a hangar level that housed several of Force Works' Hex-Ship aircrafts (including the Pegasus and the Bellerophon) with underground vehicle access from the nearby Pacific Highway and a communications hub equipped with a fax machine, video conference capabilities and the Chaos Computer, which could assess and predict threats based on a combination of input data and probabilities using the Scarlet Witch's probability-altering hex powers.

It also contained a recreation deck with pool and gymnasium, a large atrium, a fully-functional kitchen and living space consisting of rooms containing flat-screen televisions, computers, with at least one room containing facilities to house Spider-Woman's daughter Rachel and her nanny, Consuela. The Works also housed various laboratories (including one for combat testing and a tech-lab that Fisher Todd worked out of) and the virtual reality training area known as the Vroom Room, which projected realistic, holographic battle simulations created of "hard light." The main level of the Works had elevators leading to all other levels.

The Works' sub-basements contained a large temporal weapon designed to cover the Earth in temporal energy. The weapon was protected by the Works' own defensive systems and Earth-9528's semi-sentient VIRGIL computer system, which was installed to maintain and protect the weapon within the sub-basements.

History: (Force Works#1 (fb) - BTS) - Located in Ventura, California, the Works was created for use by the research and development arm of Stark Industries. Whenever someone asked Tony Stark how a project was coming, he would tell them it was "in the Works." Eventually, the R&D division moved out of the Works, leaving only a skeleton crew for operating the building, while the semi-sentient computer system PLATO handled the day-to-day running of the Works.

(Force Works#1) - Following the dissolution of the west coach branch of the Avengers, Iron Man took his allies Scarlet Witch, U.S.Agent, Spider-Woman and Wonder Man to the Works, where he revealed its existence to them and suggested it would make the ideal headquarters for an organized superhero team. Impressed by the building, the heroes were soon met by PLATO, who appeared in a holographic form and displayed a holographic schematic of the entire Works complex for the group while Iron Man explained the various rooms and decks of the Works. PLATO then explained that those who chose to stay would find the Works a very agreeable place to live but Iron Man interrupted and explained that no one had chosen to stay as of yet. Iron Man then revealed that he wanted to start a team of heroes that would be based out of the Works but that Scarlet Witch would lead. Scarlet Witch admitted she was still thinking about it but Wonder Man whole-heartedly agreed to join. He then asked someone to show him the communications hub so that he could fax his Avengers resignation to New York, prompting PLATO to release a holographic cursor to lead Wonder Man in the direction of the hub. Happy to see Wonder Man's enthusiasm, Iron Man invited the other heroes to relax in the Works' living quarters while they made up their minds on whether to join Iron Man's new team. Showing Spider-Woman the room in the living quarters that he had furnished with facilities to house Spider-Woman's daughter and nanny Consuela, Iron Man impressed Spider-Woman enough to agree to join his team on the condition that she would be able to work and have time for her daughter. Iron Man told Spider-Woman she would not regret her decision to stay and commented that he would have PLATO arrange for Rachel Carpenter and Consuela to be transported to the Works. Iron Man then left to visit the Scarlet Witch in her room, where he admitted that he needed her as leader of his team to help keep everyone together but she interrupted him and announced that she would also stay. Minutes later, the Scarlet Witch visited U.S.Agent in the combat testing laboratory, where she managed to convince him to stay on with the new team with a new costume and weaponry. Afterwards, Scarlet Witch met with Iron Man and Wonder Man, who suggested that he and the Scarlet Witch return to the former Avengers West Coast compound to retrieve the team members' personal effects. Iron Man then gave Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man a set of collar studs to allow PLATO to monitor their locations and then led the heroes into the Works' hangar bay, where Iron Man showed off his team's fleet of Hex-Ships before announcing his departure to the East Coast. Iron Man then flew away from the Works to inform the Avengers of his new team's founding.

(Force Works#2) - Following a battle with the alien Scatter that cost Wonder Man his life, Iron Man returned to the Works via a Hex-Ship, announcing his return to PLATO and asking PLATO to begin a diagnostic search for the status and location of the other members of his team, which was now calling itself Force Works. Shortly after, PLATO completed his diagnostic and concluded that Wonder Man had perished in an ionic explosion and that he was unable to locate Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman or U.S.Agent. Iron Man's search was interrupted by an incoming call from the Black Widow, who informed him that they had taken a group of Kree terrorists into custody and that another alien, Century, was also in their presence. Century quickly teleported himself into the Works, where Iron Man had PLATO scan Century. Interrupting PLATO's vocal analysis and asking PLATO to finish the scan for later review, Iron Man demanded answers from Century about the Scatter's origins and plans. While not sure of his past history with the Scatter due to a patchwork memory, Century agreed to take Iron Man to the Scatter's location and Iron Man agreed, in hopes of locating his missing teammates, and asked PLATO to keep an eye on the Works before Century teleported himself and Iron Man away. As Iron Man and Century found the missing Force Works members and battled the Scatter, a Rigellian Recorder that had been in the Avengers' custody arrived inside the Works and was quickly noticed by PLATO, who seemed less-than-thrilled that the Recorder had decided to remove itself from Avengers custody  in favor of monitoring Force Works. Eventually, Century managed to teleport the entirety of Force Works back to the Works compound, where Iron Man ordered PLATO to run a full update of recent events and to scan the Force Works members as a safety precaution.

(War Machine I#4) - At the Works facility, U.S.Agent, Scarlet Witch and Spider-Woman watched on television as their former teammate War Machine fought the army in Imaya, Africa.

(Force Works#3) - From the Works' Chaos Computer Vault, Force Works viewed data on the alien Scatter in hopes of preparing for the Scatter's inevitable attack on the team. While there, Iron Man revealed to the Scarlet Witch the Chaos Computer itself, which could predict and assess threats by combining input data with the Scarlet Witch's probability-altering hex powers. As the Scarlet Witch attempted to combine her powers with the Chaos Computer to better predict the Scatter, U.S.Agent practiced in the Vroom Room against holographic soldiers until Spider-Woman arrived and commented how terrified she was of the Scatter after receiving psychic feedback from them during Force Works' last battle against them. Minutes later, PLATO led Century to his living quarters within the Works, where the Rigellian Recorder interrupted them and confessed his interest in Century. PLATO and the Recorder's arguments over the Recorder's ability to cloak himself from PLATO's sensors was interrupted by a summons from the Scarlet Witch, who had learned that the Scatter's next attack on Earth would occur in Houston, Texas. While Force Works was subsequently in Houston battling the Scatter, the Rigellian Recorder witnessed the Chaos Computer predict a 97% certainty of an imminent crisis in the nation Slorenia. The Recorder quickly canceled the Chaos Computer's warning of the crisis and commented to himself how interesting the events were.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#159/1) - Hours after their battle against the Scatter in Houston, the Force Works team argued about whether to track down their missing former Avengers teammate, Hawkeye, in the Works kitchen. Iron Man did not think it was a mission that warranted Force Works' involvement but Spider-Woman disagreed. As Force Works' leader, Scarlet Witch ruled that Force Works would not get involved, prompting U.S.Agent to venture out on his own in search of the heroic archer.

(Force Works#4) - Scarlet Witch exercised in the Works' Vroom Room, battling hard-light holograms of Master Pandemonium's demonic horde. As her anxiety over recent events increased, the holograms began to reflect her thoughts, showing holograms of Scarlet Witch's father Magneto and the recently deceased Wonder Man. When Wonder Man holograms began appearing, Scarlet Witch ordered PLATO to end the simulation and announced that she was going to the Chaos Computer Vault. Once inside the Chaos Computer, the Scarlet Witch began using her hex powers to manipulate the data flow in an attempt to learn more about Wonder Man's ionic form. Her computer search was interrupted by the sudden spike in the probability curve heralding a major crisis in the nation of Slorenia. Surprised at the sudden crisis, Scarlet Witch ordered PLATO to get the other members of Force Works down there immediately. PLATO quickly traveled throughout the Works to round up the other Force Works members. Appearing to Spider-Woman in her living quarters and U. S. Agent in his bed to announce the crisis, PLATO also interrupted Century as he was watching an episode of Beavis and Butt-Head. As Century teleported immediately to the Chaos Computer Vault, PLATO commented to himself how it really freaked him out when Century instantly teleported. PLATO then appeared in the Works' foyer, where Tony Stark was introducing his physical therapist Veronica Benning to the newly-hired Force Works staff of public relations agent Amanda Chaney and technical chief Fisher Todd. PLATO summoned Tony away and after Tony explained that PLATO would continue the meeting, Force Works was on their way to Slorenia in their Pegasus aircraft.

(Force Works#4/2) - While Force Works were in Slorenia, PLATO continued the meeting with Amanda Chaney and Fisher Todd inside the Works. PLATO generated holographic analogs of the various Force Works team members, the first being Scarlet Witch, whom Chaney commented about whose history was public knowledge. PLATO moved on to U.S. Agent, whom Chaney then commented was notoriously difficult to handle, according to his computer file. When PLATO continued on to Spider-Woman's file, Fisher Todd commented "wow" and then asked to know Iron Man's secret identity when PLATO moved on to Iron Man's file. PLATO explained that he could not discuss Iron Man's identity despite Todd's high-level security clearance. When PLATO moved to Wonder Man and mentioned Wonder Man's recent death, Amanda Chaney commented that Wonder Man's death was bad publicity that Force Works did not need. PLATO then continued to Century, mentioning Century's mysterious origins and unofficial status with Force Works. Chaney then explained that she would need to speak with Iron Man about Century's status with the team and also mentioned wanting to schedule an interview with Century. When PLATO reminded Amanda that her interview would have to wait until Force Works returned from their Slorenian mission, Amanda Chaney angrily asked how she was expected to run the team's public relations smoothly if Force Works recruited aliens and got involved in foreign wars. Fisher Todd tried to calm Amanda but their argument was interrupted when Rachel Carpenter entered the room. Amanda told Rachel that she shouldn't be in their important meeting but Fisher offered to take Rachel on a tour of the Works facility. Once Fisher and Rachel had left, Amanda Chaney asked PLATO to replay the team's holographic files.

(Force Works#5) - Shortly thereafter, within the Works' Chaos Computer Vault, the Recorder accessed the data flow and was found by PLATO, who informed the Recorder that the Chaos Computer Vault was off-limits to the Recorder. Noticing a priority one crisis on the computer screen, PLATO announced that he must contact Force Works but the Recorder told PLATO that he would tell no one and that his memory banks would store nothing of PLATO's encounter with the Recorder. His data manipulated by the Recorder, PLATO agreed. The Recorder then cleared the crisis in the Computer Vault and asked PLATO if there was something he wanted, to which PLATO replied "No, nothing. No problem at all."

(Force Works#5/2) - As Fisher Todd continued his tour of the Works for Rachel Carpenter, the two visited the Vroom Room, where Fisher created a holographic analog of the Rhino. He then dissipated the hologram, explaining to Rachel about the Vroom Room's holographic technology and how it helped Force Works train. Rachel eagerly asked Fisher to show her more but Fisher replied that he was somewhat busy as Force Works' technical chief. He agreed to show her more simulations in the process of doing his maintenance on the Vroom Room's virtual reality suite. Unbeknownst to the pair, the enigmatic Rigellian Recorder accessed the Vroom Room's controls outside and activated the advanced alien Scatter simulation, engaging the door locks in the process. While Fisher and Rachel were trapped inside the Vroom Room, the Force Works returned from their mission to Slorenia. Amanda Chaney immediately spoke with Iron Man concerning Century's status with the team and Force Works' intrusion into Slorenian affairs. Unable to locate Rachel, Spider-Woman asked PLATO if he had seen Rachel and PLATO replied that she had went into the Vroom Room with Fisher 17 minutes earlier. Finding the Vroom Room's doors locked and a level 9 simulation running, Spider-Woman ordered PLATO to open the Vroom Room but PLATO found himself unable to comply. Busting through the wall, Spider-Woman jumped into battle against the Scatter analogs and Fisher Todd used the distraction to slam a wrench into the Vroom Room's inside control panel, deactivating the program. With the simulation over, Spider-Woman angrily blamed Fisher for putting Rachel in danger despite Fisher's insistence that the program activation was some sort of malfunction. Spider-Woman then grabbed Rachel and demanded that Fisher stay away from Rachel.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#166/2) - Following an attempt on her life in a mall parking lot, Spider-Woman discussed the event with Scarlet Witch, U.S.Agent and Century at the Works. After declining Scarlet Witch's suggestion of never leaving the Works facility, Spider-Woman was stopped on her way back to her quarters by Force Works' public relations agent, Amanda Chaney, who gave Spider-Woman a stack of fan mail. Reading the mail, Spider-Woman was flattered about one that stated a man wanted to be with her and asked to not be ignored, unaware that the man was actually the gunman from the mall and was still plotting her death.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#168/2) - The following week, Spider-Woman recovered from a gunshot wound at the Works, surrounded by her Force Works teammates, who assured her she would be ok. Spider-Woman confessed that she should have known that the earlier fan letter was from the same guy who had shot at her at the mall and later succeeded in shooting her as she picked up her daughter, Rachel. After Force Works let her recuperate in peace with Rachel, Spider-Woman admitted that, since her identity was public, she needed to quit being a superhero and get herself and Rachel into government protection. Rachel commented that she liked where both of their lives were at that point and asked Spider-Woman not to give up. Upon Rachel's suggestions, Spider-Woman rescinded her decision to quit and asked Rachel to clear the plates away from her bed, which reminded Rachel of the shooter's license plate numbers.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#171/2 (fb) - BTS) - When the Works' Chaos Computer detected an impending crisis in the Hong Kong area, the Recorder was the first to learn of it and erased the Chaos Computer's data flow on the impending crisis, thereby ensuring that the crisis would continue to grow in proportion.

(Force Works#6) - From the Works' Chaos Computer Vault, U.S. Agent and Spider-Woman discussed a recent distress call from Suzi Endo in Hong Kong to the Stark Enterprises emergency flagging system. U.S. Agent informed the others that the link to Stark Enterprises went dead ten minutes after receiving the distress call. PLATO deduced that the incident could be responsible for recent anomalies in the far east that he had detected. When PLATO mentioned that the Chinese mainland had been silenced by an electromagnetic event, Spider-Woman asked why the Chaos Computer would not have alerted Force Works to the crisis. PLATO then admitted that he did not have an answer, as his memory showed no record of the event despite the Chaos Computer registering the problem hours earlier. Spider-Woman then asked for someone to find Century while she visited the Works' communications hub, where the Scarlet Witch had been informed of the crisis via PLATO. Upon learning from Bethany Cabe of Stark Enterprises of the disappearance of both Iron Man and War Machine, Scarlet Witch began gathering Force Works together in the Works' hangar level in preparation of a mission to Hong Kong. PLATO appeared in Century's living quarters to summon him for the mission and Century explained that he did not hear the team alert, as he was in a meditative state, attempting to recover lapsed memories. As Century teleported to the hangar level, PLATO commented to himself that perhaps Century wasn't the only one with faulty memories. PLATO then wondered why he was not aware of the Hong Kong crisis while Force Works boarded the Hexship Pegasus. Prior to leaving the Works towards Hong Kong, the Recorder insisted that he accompany the team and Force Works did not have time to argue against it.

(Force Works#8) - On December 25, Force Works celebrated the holidays within the Works facility, with Century watching a televised broadcast of A Christmas Carol while Spider-Woman, Rachel Carpenter and Amanda Chaney decorated the Force Works Christmas tree. Fisher Todd soon arrived and gave Rachel her present, a hover board that he had created in the Works' lab. Rachel immediately took to the hover board, dropping the "Mr. Muppet" doll that Spider-Woman had given her as a gift in favor of the board. Still blaming Fisher for the earlier incident in the Vroom Room, Spider-Woman picked up the doll and gruffly commented to Fisher that she was wrong about what Rachel was interested in, intentionally making Fisher feel guilty for overshadowing Rachel's mother with his own present. Curious about why Fisher felt guilty, the Recorder visited the Works kitchen, where U.S. Agent was making some egg nog. The Agent quickly gave the Recorder a video camera and told him to record the holiday festivities in hopes of getting the Recorder out of his own hair and shortly thereafter, at 8:12p.m., Force Works' guests began arriving for the celebration. Scarlet Witch ran to greet the guests, catching Rachel on her hover board along the way, and found Tony Stark in the Chaos Computer Vault, grumbling due to Jim Rhodes' unavailability to make it to the Christmas party. Scarlet Witch convinced Stark to join the guests, which included Erica Sondheim, Felix Alvarez, Abe Zimmer, Bambi Arbogast, "Happy" and "Pepper" Hogan, Bethany Cabe, Phil Grant, Captain America, Living Lightning, Hank Pym, and Agatha Harkness, all unaware that Hawkeye was breaking into the Works. Rachel Carpenter eventually brought U.S. Agent to meet with Hawkeye, whom she ran into while hover boarding, and the Agent tried to convince Hawkeye to join the Christmas festivities. At 11:00p.m., Tony Stark gathered together the old members of the west coast branch of the Avengers and apologize for his recent behavior, unaware that Hawkeye was listening in another room and had muted the sound just as Stark regretted Hawkeye's absence. Stark and the other former Avengers West Coast members returned to the party shortly thereafter, where Rachel informed U.S. Agent that Hawkeye had gotten mad and left. As the party wound down, Century retreated to his quarters, where he replayed the Recorder's recordings of the party, focusing on the moment where his own memories became fractured.

(Midnight Sons Unlimited#8 - BTS) - When the Scarlet Witch was briefly captured by the extradimensional Clave race, she attempted to contact the Works but received no response due to the Clave's negation field.

(Force Works#9 (fb) - BTS) - The Works' Chaos Computer registered a crisis in Kagoona Crossing, Queensland, Australia, but could not get a tangible focus on what exactly had occurred.

(Force Works#9/2) - From within her office in the Works, Amanda Chaney recorded a personal log of recent events, commenting that while Christmas had only just gone, the work was mounting up. She began to record her thoughts on the Wonder Man memorial service that Force Works was to attend that afternoon but was interrupted by Century, who had arrived for his interview with Amanda. While Amanda interviewed Century to learn more about the amnesiac alien, Scarlet Witch confided in Spider-Woman about the danger that Force Works were living in. Spider-Woman confessed that, while she did consider leaving the team with Rachel due to the dangers the team faced, she felt she had made the right decision to stay at the Works. Shortly thereafter, Century wound down his interview with Amanda Chaney as the Force Works members gathered on the Works' main floor in preparation to leave for the Wonder Man memorial service.

(Iron Man I#317/1) - Upon learning that Iron Man was posing as the Crimson Dynamo against Titanium Man to avoid an international incident, Scarlet Witch contacted the Black Widow from the Works facility and offered the assistance of Force Works. When Black Widow was told not to involve Force Works in favor of keeping the fight strictly a Russian affair, Scarlet Witch agreed to stay out of it but warned that when Iron Man returned to the Works, she would be speaking to him about leaving Force Works out of the loop. As Scarlet Witch signed off, U.S.Agent and Spider-Woman commented to one another that Iron Man was in trouble and would be receiving a dressing down upon his return. 

(War Machine I#14/Force Works#11 (fb)) - After tangling with Slorenia's Black Brigade, War Machine contacted Scarlet Witch at the Works and informed her of the ethnic cleansing going on in Slorenia, feeling that Force Works could use the new information since they had already been involved in Slorenian affairs before. Scarlet Witch told War Machine that she appreciated the information and asked that, when he got back stateside, War Machine contact her for more details. War Machine then stated that he was glad Force Works was there to pick up where he had left off in Slorenia and Scarlet Witch ended the communication.

(Force Works#11 (fb)) - In the Works' meeting room, the Force Works team voted to return to Slorenia and investigate War Machine's information further.

(Force Works#13) - Within the Works facility, Scarlet Witch suffered an intense migraine while questioning U.S. Agent on his recent disappearance from Force Works when he took care of some past business in San Revilla. The Agent refused to go into any details, prompting Iron Man to further question the Agent until the Scarlet Witch interrupted him to remind Iron Man of his own recent disappearances due to personal business. Witnessing the argument, Rachel ran to her mother but was brushed aside as Spider-Woman and Century dealt with the Chaos Computer Vault's detection of a crisis at the super villain prison, the Vault.

(Force Works#15 - BTS) - After witnessing an alien spacecraft go over his head in downtown Ventura, California, the U.S. Agent attempted to contact the Works, hoping to warn his Force Works teammates.

(Force Works#15 (fb)) - Spider-Woman was training in a Vroom Room level 9 program while Scarlet Witch and Iron Man argued over her role as field leader for Force Works. Ten minutes later, shortly after noon, the Works was attacked by the alien spacecraft that was recognized by Century, who had been awakened from his meditation.

(Force Works#15 (fb) - BTS) - Century recognized the aliens as part of the Broker's slave-levy. Escaping into the Works' sub-basements, Century noticed that many of the parts in the sub-basements were from Timely, Wisconsin and attempted to contact the other members of Force Works using his communication stud. Unable to raise any of his teammates, Century began teleporting from place to place in order to stay one step ahead of the Broker's slaves.

(Force Works#15) - Receiving no response from his attempts to contact the Works, U.S. Agent stashed his motorcycle in a brush of cacti and, from a nearby overlook, watched as the alien spacecraft stopped, hovering over the Works. Sneaking into the facility using its circulation systems, U.S. Agent learned from a communication console that PLATO had been rendered offline and soon took cover when the craft's aliens passed by, carrying with them the comatose Fisher Todd. Investigating further, U.S. Agent found the kitchen empty with food for three set out and also found Amanda Chaney's dictaphone on the floor. He then ventured into Spider-Woman's empty living quarters, where he saw remnants of one of her psi-webs before going one floor below to the Chaos Computer Vault. Plugging his photonic generator into the Computer, U.S. Agent was able to pull up video of the last ten minutes that the Computer was online, from which he learned the status of his teammates prior to the attack. He was then found by one of the aliens but managed to escape the alien into the Works' atrium, where he found a group of aliens guarding Agent's comatose teammates. Battling them until the one called Slug captured him within his pseudopods, U.S. Agent was rescued by Century, who had randomly teleported himself into the atrium. Century quickly teleported himself and the Agent away from the battle and into the Works' sub-basements, where the U.S. Agent asked about the machinery being from Timely, Wisconsin. When Century explained that the Broker wished to re-enslave him. U.S. Agent asked how much Century would go for. Thirty minutes later, U.S. Agent met with the Broker on the cliffs outside of the Works, where the Broker offered the Agent's teammates and allies' freedom in exchange for Century. Once the Broker revealed that he controlled his slaves via brain stem parasites that he manipulated via a device on his hand, the Agent agreed to the Broker's offer and "Century" seemingly teleported in, only to moments later reveal himself as PLATO, who was generating the illusiory form of Century using the Agent's photonic generator as a power source. The Broker immediately ordered his slaves to murder PLATO, the Agent and Century but Century managed to sever the Broker's hand during the battle. With the hand containing the brain stem parasites no longer part of his body, the Broker was quickly attacked by his own slaves. Century prevented the Broker's slaves from killing the Broker and later, back in the Works' atrium, while the Force Works teammates were being restored to normal, Century decided to accompany the Broker's slaves as they returned to their various homeworlds. When U.S. Agent commented that Scarlet Witch would miss Century more than anyone else, Century further explained that he had hoped to question the Broker himself during his journey in hopes of learning more about his past. Upon making sure that Century really wanted to go, the Agent approved Century's leave of absence on behalf of the team and Century teleported onboard the Broker's ship just as Rachel Carpenter regained consciousness.

(Force Works#16 (fb) - BTS) - Scarlet Witch phoned Iron Man from the Works facility, wanting to know when Iron Man planned on visiting the Works next.

(Force Works#16) - Spider-Woman and Moonraker participated in a Vroom Room program set in Nantucket and after six minutes, fifty two seconds had elapsed, Spider-Woman ended the program. Moonraker and Spider-Woman then shared a kiss that was interrupted when Fisher Todd and Amanda Chaney arrived. Moonraker commended Fisher on his design of the Nantucket program and Amanda commented to Fisher how it must be hard for him to see Moonraker and Spider-Woman together after he had held a crush on Spider-Woman for so long. Spider-Woman and Moonraker returned to Spider-Woman's quarters, where Spider-Woman quietly admitted she might be in love before Moonraker asked when the other members of Force Works would be returning from the New York Avengers reunion, commenting how he was even beginning to miss U.S. Agent. As Spider-Woman began to make an omelette, she looked down and noticed that the eggs were still in their package despite her having just cracked one open. Shortly thereafter, Scarlet Witch and U.S. Agent arrived back at the Works in a Hexship. While Scarlet Witch and U.S. Agent landed the Hexship, Rachel Carpenter asked her mother, Spider-Woman, about who had given her the flowers she was placing into a vase. Spider-Woman reacted as if Rachel should have already known who, telling Rachel not to tease her mother, before Scarlet Witch and U.S. Agent entered the room to greet Spider-Woman. U.S. Agent gave Rachel a New York baseball cap and when Scarlet Witch asked Spider-Woman what she had been up to, Spider-Woman looked down to see the flowers still wrapped despite having just cut them. Rachel then asked Scarlet Witch who Moonraker was and when Scarlet Witch replied that it was Rachel's mother's boyfriend, Rachel commented that she had never seen him before.

(Iron Man I#321) - Tony Stark contacted the Works compound, hoping to speak to Scarlet Witch but found himself speaking with Moonraker. Stark informed Moonraker that he would be arriving at that time the following day and asked Moonraker to gather the rest of Force Works, as Stark had someone he would like the team to meet. Moonraker asked why Stark was being so suspenseful but Stark replied that, given recent circumstances, he would rather wait to explain himself in person. Moonraker reluctantly agreed to inform the others but commented that Scarlet Witch wouldn't like it very much.

(Force Works#17/War Machine I#20 (fb)) - Iron Man and Earth-9528's Cybermancer trained in a Vroom Room session set in Hong Kong before being interrupted by U.S. Agent, who ended the program, and Scarlet Witch. Iron Man then introduced Cybermancer as a replacement member for Century in the Force Works, much to the Scarlet Witch's aggravation, as she was team leader and it was the first she had heard of Cybermancer joining Force Works. Iron Man apologized and promised he would explain everything at the team meeting. Minutes later, Iron Man held a team meeting, where he introduced the rest of the team to Cybermancer as Suzi Endo, the woman they had met during their earlier conflict with the Mandarin. Iron Man continued on, apologizing for the abruptness of Cybermancer's membership, and informed Force Works of the recent murders of the Inhuman nanny Marilla and the former Avenger Yellowjacket (Rita DeMara). Iron Man then produced video evidence that Hawkeye appeared to be the murderer and that, since he was their ally, Hawkeye was Force Works' responsibility. Despite Iron Man and Cybermancer's insistence that they go after Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch decided on making the situation a team decision and announced that they would handle the situation their own way, rather than Iron Man's way. While Iron Man and Cybermancer subsequently followed U.S. Agent to Hawkeye and attacked, Moonraker visited the Works' Chaos Computer Vault, where Rachel Carpenter witnessed Moonraker go into a trance before yelling seemingly random statements involving Monsieur Khrull and someone named Lua. Already scared because she had no prior knowledge of Moonraker, Rachel ran to retrieve Spider-Woman while U.S. Agent returned to the Works and stormed away. Scarlet Witch asked the Agent what was going on, only to be shocked when Iron Man and Cybermancer carried the unconscious Hawkeye into the Works compound. Angry that Iron Man had attacked Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch announced that she could no longer trust Iron Man, who asked if Scarlet Witch was resigning from Force Works. Scarlet Witch instead told Iron Man that he was resigning before PLATO interrupted their argument to inform the team of Moonraker's collapse. Both Iron Man and Scarlet Witch rushed to Moonraker, with the two continuing their argument, and found Spider-Woman by Moonraker's side. A shaky Moonraker insisted that he was fine and that he had been scanning the crisis web at the Chaos Computer Vault and found anomalies that he had PLATO check out. Moonraker then revealed that the country of Vietnam had disappeared off their maps but much to his surprise, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch and Spider-Woman had no knowledge that Vietnam had ever existed. Despite their strange lack of knowledge, Scarlet Witch noticed a spike in the Chaos Computer exactly where Moonraker said that Vietnam should be and ordered Moonraker and Spider-Woman to recruit Fisher Todd to pilot them to the coast of Cambodia. She also ordered U.S. Agent to stay with Cybermancer at the Works facility to watch over Hawkeye and Iron Man explained that he had to report on Hawkeye to the Avengers, saying his goodbyes to the Scarlet Witch. Remaining by Hawkeye's side, U.S. Agent promised to make things right and ordered Cybermancer to leave the infirmary. The Agent then had PLATO link him to Jim Rhodes at Worldwatch HQ.

(War Machine I#20) - One hour after contacting Jim Rhodes, where he informed Jim of the suspicions of Hawkeye for murder, U.S. Agent brought Jim to the Works to visit Hawkeye in the Works' infirmary. After introducing Jim to Cybermancer, the Agent took Jim to the infirmary to check on the unconscious Hawkeye. As the two looked at Hawkeye, U.S. Agent commented how bad things had been recently and Jim asked for the Agent to fill him in. Once he had explained the recent murders and how Iron Man had used the Agent to take down Hawkeye, U.S. Agent admitted that Jim Rhodes was the only person he thought to contact. Jim then revealed that he had lost his War Machine armor and that War Machine seemed to be history. After later learning that Iron Man's video evidence implicating Hawkeye appeared to be doctored, Jim contacted the Agent at the Works facility to inform him of the possible framing of Hawkeye. Jim also mentioned that the only person capable of fixing the footage would have been Tony Stark and the Agent replied that the theory about Stark doctoring the footage did not sound any more credible than Hawkeye being a murderer. Rhodes agreed but commented that, until they had more information, Hawkeye would need protecting. Shortly thereafter at the Works, when U.S. Agent was preparing to move the unconscious Hawkeye to a safer place, he was confronted by Cybermancer, who demanded that the Agent either leave Hawkeye where he was or turn him into the authorities. Agent declined, and Cybermancer attacked him, only to be met by the Warwear-armored War Machine, who defeated Cybermancer and escaped the Works in a stolen Hexship with U.S. Agent and the unconscious Hawkeye. As the trio departed, War Machine explained to the Agent about his Warwear armor and Hawkeye regained consciousness.

(Iron Man I#322 - BTS) - The Wasp informed Black Widow of War Machine, U.S. Agent and Hawkeye's escape from the Works compound.

(Force Works#18) - While investigating a Chaos Computer hotspot near Cambodia, Moonraker noticed that his datalog was not providing their location and deduced that he, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman and Fisher Todd were out of range of the Works' satellite uplink. He attempted to contact the Works via communicator but found that they were in a radio dead spot as well. Back at the Works, Amanda Chaney questioned Cybermancer about U.S. Agent's escape with Hawkeye, who was unable to identify War Machine due to his recent change of armor. Cybermancer grew irate, feeling that she had already failed Iron Man, who had recommended her for Force Works in the first place. When PLATO proved unable to raise the away team, Amanda Chaney asked PLATO to continue trying to get a signal on the other Force Works members and Cybermancer asked if she should attempt to contact Iron Man for help. Chaney replied in the affirmative, feeling that they had wasted enough of their own time trying unsuccessfully to find their missing teammates. She then asked PLATO for the team's last known location and PLATO replied that they inbound near Cambodia and seemed unaware of any country called Vietnam, which Moonraker had referred to the area as. No one else seemed to have heard of Vietnam either until Rachel Carpenter recalled Vietnam from her school encyclopedias. Confused as to why no one else had heard of Vietnam, Amanda Chaney agreed to take a look at Rachel's books and sternly reminded Cybermancer to contact Iron Man. A short time later, Amanda sat down with Rachel in hopes of finding information on Vietnam but they were unable to find it in Rachel's World Book Encyclopedia. Rachel swore she remembered tracing it into her school book and exclaimed that the Works must be haunted, citing examples such as her watch running backwards and everyone's instant acceptance of Moonraker as a member of Force Works despite only meeting him the day before. Amanda briefly laughed off Rachel's accusations until she realized that she could not recall anything about Moonraker actually joining Force Works. Immediately going to the Works' computer system, Amanda pulled up the file on Moonraker and read that Moonraker had apparently been a Force Works member for months. Knowing that information to be false, Chaney had PLATO run a diagnostic of the entire Works complex to check for irregularities that might explain the conflicting information about Moonraker. PLATO did so and soon learned that the Works was contaminated by high level temporal energy. When PLATO proved unable to determine the source of the temporal contamination, Amanda had him display a schematic of the entire Works facility, where she discovered the sub-basement levels that she previously had not been aware of. Amanda then decided to investigate the sub-basement levels and PLATO informed her that while he could allow her access, he was only able to maintain his form up to level 16 of the sub-basements. As Amanda passed level 16, PLATO dissipated and Amanda found herself within the sub-basement levels, where she was met with the computer system known as VIRGIL. VIRGIL introduced himself as being created by Tony Stark in the future.

(Force Works#19) - Left in the Works for her own safety, Rachel Carpenter noticed in the Works' communications suite that an important communication from the Avengers was coming through. When she asked for PLATO to inform Amanda Chaney or Cybermancer, Rachel heard only silence while Amanda Chaney was still in the sub-basements of the Works speaking with VIRGIL. She was soon surprised by the arrival of Iron Man, who had teleported into the Works. Iron Man quickly began threatening Amanda, exclaiming that she had seen too much. Amanda ran into another room of the sub-basement, sealing Iron Man behind a door, only to find the cryogenically frozen body of Earth-616's Suzi Endo. Using a laser to cut through the door's locks, Iron Man broke through the door and Amanda opened an emergency channel to anyone within the Works. Rachel answered and Amanda yelled for help, asking for Rachel to contact the Avengers, but Iron Man killed Amanda in mid-communication. Iron Man then ordered VIRGIL to commence with chronography protocol Siege Perilous. VIRGIL did as he was ordered by powering up the sub-basement chronal weapon's tachyon grid and engaging its chronographic array. VIRGIL then established a link between the weapon and the Starcore satellite. Iron Man commended VIRGIL on following orders and announced that he would return after he attended to some things. In the main floors of the Works, Iron Man and Cybermancer searched for the hiding Rachel Carpenter as Century returned from space. Wondering where the other Force Works members were, Century asked what Iron Man was not telling him and Iron Man replied that recent events had turned Force Works and the Avengers against Iron Man. Before Iron Man could finish attempting to gain Century's aid against the other heroes, Jim Rhodes appeared in the Chaos Computer Vault, warning Century not to believe anything that Iron Man said. Rhodes then had Rachel reveal what she had heard over Amanda's communicator and Century attacked Iron Man, noticing that Iron Man's repulsor was charged. Cybermancer quickly fought back against Century and Jim Rhodes ordered Century to teleport Rachel to safety. Once Century had teleported away, Jim Rhodes attempted to talk sense into Iron Man, who refused Rhodes' help. Jim Rhodes donned his War Machine armor.

(War Machine I#22) - Within the Works' Chaos Computer Vault, War Machine confronted Iron Man, who warned War Machine to leave. War Machine declined, claiming that he didn't like the idea of his trusted friend betraying everything he held dear. War Machine then warned Iron Man to power down his armor and surrender but Iron Man attacked War Machine. The two battled furiously, with Iron Man ripping the Chaos Computer from the Vault and slamming War Machine underneath it. As the battle between War Machine and Iron Man escalated, Century teleported outside of the Works with Rachel Carpenter. Rachel commented that Century needed to rescue Amanda Chaney from the Works' sub-basement and Century agreed to do so, telling Rachel to stay outside. Teleporting inside the sub-basement, Century found the corpse of Amanda Chaney and was attacked by Earth-9528's Cybermancer. Upon defeating her, Century inquired if PLATO was active within the sub-basements, only to be met by Earth-9528's VIRGIL computer system. Century inquired as the active machinery within the sub-basements and VIRGIL explained that were part of Siege Perilous, a program designed to bathe the Earth in temporal energies. Century immediately demanded the program be shut down but VIRGIL replied that he was unable to comply and then informed Century that the temporal weapon would go off in 21 hours, 16 minutes. The battle between War Machine and Iron Man progressed, with War Machine gaining the upper hand. When War Machine hesitated to kill his former friend, Iron Man blasted War Machine then flew off, ordering VIRGIL to execute Defense Command Mordred, allowing VIRGIL to utilize lethal force in defending the temporal weapon contained within the Works' sub-basements. The rest of Force Works and Black Widow soon arrived to find the Works nearly destroyed by War Machine and Iron Man's battle, and Century informed the others of Amanda Chaney's death. Century then explained the situation in the sub-basements and Black Widow asked if Force Works could spare Century to teleport her back to the Avengers. Shortly after Black Widow, Moonraker and Century's departure, Scarlet Witch, U.S.Agent and Scarlet Witch were attacked by analog PLATO forms sent by VIRGIL.

(Force Works#20) - VIRGIL informed Cybermancer that Force Works would probably attempt to penetrate the Works' sub-basements sometime within an hour and Cybermancer explained that she had absolute control of the Works' defense systems and that defense command Modred was in place, effectively making the Works a death trap. Above the sub-basements, Scarlet Witch ordered VIRGIL to shut down the computers but VIRGIL refused, explaining that Scarlet Witch's vocal commands were no longer recognized. VIRGIL then warned Force Works and War Machine to leave the area or experience bio-function cessation. VIRGIL then released numerous computerized analogs against the team and the heroes encamped themselves on level four of the Works. War Machine eventually sent drones into the sub-basements to disable the holo-grid, forcing Cybermancer to target the heroes individually instead of swarming them with VIRGIL analogs. Backing away from the elevators, Force Works, War Machine, Fisher Todd and Rachel Carpenter were no longer considered a threat by the Works' defense systems. While they were momentarily safe, Force Works began trying to establish a communications link with the Avengers at Janet Van Dyne's South-Hampton estate.

(Iron Man I#324) - Century, Moonraker, and the Black Widow teleported into the Van Dyne estate, where they immediately established a communication link with the rest of the Force Works team. Once the link had been established, Black Widow contacted Force Works at their Works facility, where Scarlet Witch announced that the temporal weapon designed by Iron Man in the Works' sub-basements was being protected by the Works' own defense systems. Scarlet Witch further explained that the Works' defense systems had activated analogs of PLATO to defend the temporal weapon and then asked if the Avengers had learned about Iron Man's recent murder of Force Works public relations agent Amanda Chaney. Scarlet Witch then asked about the Wasp's condition following her injury by Iron Man and explained that Force Works would continue trying to get into the Works' sub-basements to disable Iron Man's temporal weapon.

(Force Works#20) - While Force Works spoke with Black Widow at the Van Dyne estate, Rachel asked Fisher if Amanda Chaney was truly dead and Fisher replied that he was sorry. Five minutes later, War Machine and Spider-Woman ventured into the Works' heat-exchanger while Scarlet Witch, U.S. Agent and Fisher Todd projected holographic analogs of Scarlet Witch and the Agent, which were quickly destroyed by VIRGIL. Soon learning of Spider-Woman and War Machine's presence in the heat-exchanger, Cybermancer attacked them personally while the Works' began heating up the area housing Scarlet Witch, Fisher, the Agent and Rachel. Shortly thereafter, PLATO appeared on the screen of the Chaos Computer by employing the free will given to him by Tony Stark during his creation. Wishing to help, PLATO initialized the Works' temportal, allowing U.S. Agent and Scarlet Witch to aid Spider-Woman and War Machine against VIRGIL and Cybermancer. Using her hex powers, Scarlet Witch managed to reset VIRGIL's systems to zero, effectively destroying his programming. War Machine commented that VIRGIL still existed within the sub-basements computers and suggested that they get Fisher Todd to dismantle the computer system to ensure safety. He also determined that the Scarlet Witch's resetting of the system aborted the programming of Iron Man's temporal weapon but that the trigger for the weapon was still onboard the Starcore satellite. As Force Works desperately tried to come to terms with recent events, Scarlet Witch explained that the team's imperative now was to join up with the Avengers and bring Iron Man to justice. Not long after, most of the team left the Works for the Van Dyne estate, leaving Fisher Todd behind to care for Rachel Carpenter and dismantle the computer systems of Iron Man's weapon.

(Force Works#21) - Following Iron Man's death, the members of Force Works watched as PLATO played a posthumous video of Tony Stark addressing Force Works and thanking them for being a part of the team he had founded. In the briefing room, Scarlet Witch confided in Century that the video was emotionally painful to watch and Century assured her that Iron Man had died attempting to save the world from the evil that he had helped unleash. While Scarlet Witch wondered if, had the whole of Force Works been present, she could have redeemed Iron Man, U.S. Agent brought Earth-616's Suzi Endo to meet her Earth-9528 counterpart, Cybermancer in the Works medi-bay. Inside, Suzi denounced her Earth-9528 counterpart, claiming that she could never become what she saw in front of her but Cybermancer warned that Suzi might not realize what she could be capable of. Cybermancer then started ranting about how Force Works had doomed themselves as Kang was their only savior but U.S. Agent informed Cybermancer that she would soon be moving to the Works' brig until the superhuman prison Vault could pick her up. As Scarlet Witch and Century continued talking, discussing Century's recent return to the team, Spider-Woman and Fisher Todd investigated a part of the temporal weapon that Iron Man had placed in the Works' sub-basements. The weapon soon charged up and Earth-9528's Simon Williams and Ultron stepped through its portal and began battling Spider-Woman, Fisher and U.S. Agent. Scarlet Witch was interrupted in her visit to the ruins of the Chaos Computer Vault (which were under the Works' self-repair) by PLATO, who informed her of the scanner aberrations in the Works' techlab. Century soon teleported to the Scarlet Witch's side and the two heroes made their way towards the techlab, only to be met by Earth-9528's Simon Williams. Simon attacked the Scarlet Witch, knocking her unconscious. Simon then knocked Century aside and went to the brig, where he freed Cybermancer as U.S. Agent battled Earth-9528's Ultron. Simon soon reported his actions to Ultron and announced that they would be retrieving Cybermancer's armor. PLATO quickly appeared to Earth-616's Suzi Endo and told her to hide, as Simon and Cybermancer were converging on Suzi's location. Suzi instead began contemplating donning the Cybermancer armor herself just as the temporal weapon's portal began sucking objects into itself like a black hole.

(Force Works#22) - Scarlet Witch regained consciousness in Century's arms and immediately asked for a communications response from the other Force Works members. Spider-Woman responded from the Works' tech-lab as the portal was pulling nearly everything not nailed down into it. Spider-Woman explained the situation to Scarlet Witch who, together with Century, rushed to meet the Earth-9528 intruders while Spider-Woman and Fisher dealt with the imploding temporal portal. Scarlet Witch and Century eventually located the intruders in the Works' atrium, where Scarlet Witch attempted to convince the intruders that she could help them find a home on Earth-616. During the conversation, Cybermancer's arm began to disappear and Earth-9528's Simon Williams suspected Scarlet Witch's hex powers to be responsible. Cybermancer angrily rejected Scarlet Witch's offers to help her just as U.S. Agent and Spider-Woman arrived and began battling the intruders. Cybermancer subsequently disappeared completely and Scarlet Witch ordered Century to teleport everyone to the tech-lab, hoping that by shutting down the temporal portal, they could stop the energy decay affected the Earth-9528 inhabitants. Ultron-9528 soon disappeared as well and Simon Williams also began showing signs of the energy decay. Realizing that there was nothing Force Works could do to save him, Simon jumped back through the temporal portal, sacrificing his own life to save Earth-616 from being drawn into the portal. Earth-616's Suzi Endo then appeared and used Cybermancer's control gauntlet to fly the Cybermancer armor back through the portal as well, causing the portal to explode. Afterwards, Force Works met in the Works meeting room, where they discussed the future of the team in Iron Man's absence. Most of the team decided on taking a break from Force Works before PLATO appeared and announced that the Chaos Computer Vault was back online and detecting a crisis in Washington state. Deciding to worry about their future after the crisis, Scarlet Witch ordered the team into action and PLATO asked if he should call a cab for Suzi Endo.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Tom Tenney and Rey Garcia.

While PLATO and VIRGIL added additional functions of the Works itself as its computer systems, they both have their own Appendix entry. Therefore, most of the functions that they added to the Works are listed within their own profiles and not necessary in this profile of the Works building.

Since the Force Works members went their separate ways after their Washington state mission, it's very possible that the Works facility is still out there in Ventura, California with PLATO still maintaining its day to day activities.

Profile by Proto-Man.

 The Works has no known connections to

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