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Real Name: Agatha Harkness

Identity/Class: Human magic user (possibly Pre-Cataclysmic era to the modern era; certainly as early as the 17th century)

Occupation: Witch;
                       formerly private magic tutor;
                       formerly governess;
                       formerly leader of the witches of New Salem, Colorado

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Avengers (Black Knight/Dane Whitman, Black Panther/T'Challa, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Crystal/Crystalia Amaquelin, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Hercules/Alcaeus, Human Torch/Jim Hammond, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Mantis, Moondragon/Heather Douglas, Hank Pym, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Sersi/"Sylvia Sersi," Swordsman/Jacques Duquesne, Tigra/Greer Nelson, USAgent/John Walker, Vision/"Victor Shade," Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff, Wasp/Janet van Dyne, Wonder Man/Simon Williams), Code: Blue ("Fireworks" Fielstein, "Jock" Jackson, "Mad-Dog" Rassitano, "Rigger" Ruiz, Lt. Marc Stone), Doctor Druid (Anthony Ludgate), Darkhold Redeemers, Ebony, Dakimh the Enchanter, Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Susan Storm-Richards, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Gabriel the Devil Hunter, Glamor (Glynis Zarkov), Illusion (Ilya Zarkov), Impossible Man, Firestar (Angelica Jones), Jack Holyoak, Inhumans (Black Bolt/Blackagar Boltagon, Crystal/Crystalia Amaquelin, Gorgon, Karnak, Luna/Luna Maximoff, Maximus/Maximus Boltagon, Medusa/Medusalith Amaquelin Boltagon), Khalid Inshallah, Edwin Jarvis, Lyja, Alicia Masters, Mechamage, Namor the Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie), Nova (Frankie Raye), Nova (Richard Rider), Ann Raymond, Nathaniel Richards, Roberta, Doctor Sandford, Scrier, Shaman (Michael Twoyoungmen), Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd), Sleepwalker, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Margali Szardos, Jules St. Thomas, Tommy & William, Sharon Ventura, Uatu the Watcher, the witches of New Salem

Enemies: Annihilus, Ch'thon, Dormammu, Ego the Living Planet, Frightful Four (Medusa/Medusalith Amaquelin, Sandman/William Baker, Trapster/Peter Petruski, Wizard/Bentley Wittman), Galactus (Galan), Hayward, Hellphyr, Immortus, Kang the Conqueror (Nathaniel Richards of Other-Earth), Lore, Macrobots, Magus, Magneto (Max Eisenhardt), Master Pandemonium (Martin Preston), Mephisto, Necrodamus, Necromancer of Counter-Earth, the Others, Over-Mind (Grom), Samhain, Nicholas Scratch, Salem's Seven, the Seekers, Tabur, Ultron-7

Known Relatives: Abigail Harkness (likely relative), Nicholas Scratch (son), Salem's Seven (Brutacus, Gazelle, Hydron, Reptilla, Thornn, Vakume, Vertigo) (all grandchildren) and an unidentified husband.

Aliases: "Aggie" (nickname used by the Thing), "Auntie Agatha" (nickname used by Franklin Richards), "Dame Agatha" (nickname used by Thornn), "old woman" (nickname used by Master Pandemonium).

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
                               formerly Whisper Hill, New York, USA;
                               formerly Four Freedoms Plaza, New York City, USA;
                               formerly Avengers West Coast Compound, Palos Verdes, California, USA;
                               formerly the Baxter Building, New York City, USA;
                               formerly New Salem, Colorado, USA

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#94 (January 1970)

Powers/Abilities: As a witch, Agatha possessed the ability to tap into the universe's infinite supply of ambient magical energy (arcana) and manipulate it for a variety of effects. Her full abilities were never revealed but she was capable of casting energy bolts with a high degree of potency and control, erecting defensive screens composed of magical energy, creating lifelike illusions, forcing her will on people to calm them down or intimidate them, teleporting over great distances or to other dimensional planes and casting her thoughts over great distances. She was capable of levitation and could project her astral self across the globe and even into different dimensions. Practically immortal, Agatha was extremely knowledgeable in most mystic matters mystic. She had also been known to exhibit (limited) prescience, control over the elements (creating downpours at will), manipulating magnetic forces, leading seances, performing exorcisms and aiding in resurrections. She was a capable tutor and a strict but caring governess who, despite her age, still drove a car.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White, (blonde in youth)

History: (Silver Surfer III#135 (fb) - BTS) - Five centuries before the fall of Atlantis, a young Agatha Harkness briefly encountered the godlike entity known as Scrier.

(Nova II#6 - BTS) - At an unrevealed point, Agatha traveled to northern America and helped found the town of Salem, where she presided over the local coven.

(Nova II#6) - As a result of a fight against the Sphinx, Firestar (Angelica Jones) ended up in the town of Salem circa 1692, during the time of the infamous witch trials. Thinking her a witch because of her mutant powers, the villagers tried to burn Firestar at the stake. Enraged, she attacked the townsfolk until Agatha Harkness contacted her telepathically and guided the young girl to her. Choosing not to reveal her name, Agatha told Firestar that she was a witch, the leader of Salem's witch coven in fact. Agatha revealed she approved of the witch trials, deeming them necessary for her people to survive and flourish. In fact, Agatha herself submitted members of the coven for trial, in order to cull the weak. She then asked Firestar to help her select the next victims, threatening to stop her from returning to her own time if she refused.

(Nova II#7) Sensing she was from the future, Agatha felt it was essential that Firestar helped her select which coven members to sacrifice to the witch trials. Horrified at the notion, Firestar passionately pleaded with Agatha to seek alternatives. After carefully considering her options, Agatha decided to leave Salem with her coven and start a new life, apart from humanity. This decision would lead to the founding of New Salem.

(Fantastic Four I#185 (fb) - BTS) - At one point, Agatha married an unidentified husband. Their union bore a son whom they named Nicholas Scratch. Agatha tried to raise him as best she could though Nicholas suffered from dark urges early on.

(Fantastic Four I#94 - BTS) - Agatha left New Salem, offering her services as a governess for several decades and garnering quite the reputation when she retired.

(Fantastic Four I#94) - Agatha was approached by Reed and Sue Richards to act as governess to their young son Franklin. Although she'd retired, Agatha felt she couldn't refuse after learning whose child she'd be tutoring. When the Fantastic Four took Franklin to meet Agatha at her home in Whisper Hill, she invited the team to stay the night. Agatha stated that Franklin would sleep in her room and showed the FF to guest quarters in her spooky mansion.

(Fantastic Four: Domination Factor#2.3-3.5) Just as the FF was ready to settle in for the night, the Thing's body was inhabited by his future self, sent back into the past by Doctor Strange to retrieve a slice of the golden apple of Idunn that was located at Whisper Hill. Rattled by the journey, Thing embarrassed himself by calling the formal Ms. Harkness "Aggie," adding insult to injury when he blatantly starting going through her belongings. The moment he spotted the slice, Agatha made it to her wit's end and took the golden artifact with her to her bedroom. Later that night when she slept, Ben entered Agatha's bedroom to retrieve the object. However, the Frightful Four launched a surprise attack, something he'd totally forgotten. Agatha slept through the skirmish with Wizard, Trapster and the Sandman, only waking up moments after the future Thing got the golden apple slice and was transported back.

(Fantastic Four I#94)
- Incensed at the sight of the Frightful Four in her house, Agatha used her magic powers and a little help from her familiar Ebony to defeat Trapster, Sandman and the Wizard with shocking ease. In the aftermath, the FF agreed she was more than capable to keep Franklin safe.

(Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comics Magazine I#3 - BTS) - The Invisible Girl broke down crying after talking on the phone with Agatha and Franklin. While she knew Harkness would keep her son safe, Sue missed him terribly. Mr. Fantastic gave her and Crystal permission to visit Franklin. En route to Whisper Hill in a skycar on loan from the Black Panther, Crystal was teleported away by her pet Lockjaw.

(Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comics Magazine I#4) - Agatha tried to ease Sue's concerns about Crystal's sudden disappearance. Their conversation was disrupted when the teddy bear Sue was holding mysteriously vanished and popped up in Franklin's playpen. Agatha claimed to have missed the incident. 

(Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comics Magazine I#5) - Agatha informed Sue that Reed was on the phone. Mr. Fantastic requested that Sue and Crystal return home to the Baxter Building as soon as possible was shocked to learn of Crystal's disappearance.

(X-men: The Hidden Years I#9) - Agatha calmly listened to Sue complain about how she'd been forced by her husband to stay with Franklin while the FF and the X-Men went into space to check up on the possible threat of the alien Z'nox race. Crystal replaced Sue on that mission, and Agatha correctly remarked how much that frustrated the Invisible Girl.

(Fantastic Four I#103) - As the Fantastic Four prepared to face Namor and Magneto, Reed ordered Sue to take Franklin to the safety of Agatha Harkness' home in the Adirondacks before joining them. Reluctantly, Sue obeyed and rushed Franklin to Whisper Hill. Once there, she was surprised to learn Agatha already knew all about the crisis and Sue's need to get back. As the sobbing Invisible Girl took off, Agatha told Franklin that one day she'd tell her just much she knew.

(Fantastic Four I#107) - Agatha was watching Franklin outside her home on Whisper Hill when Sue arrived. Deciding to surprise him by turning invisible, she was shocked when Franklin noticed her presence. Unfazed, Agatha assured Sue that Franklin was extremely alert and might simply have heard her approaching. As Agatha changed the subject and went in to make tea, the Invisible Girl wondered what the old woman was hiding from her.

(Fantastic Four I#109) - Agatha called Sue to scold her for missing her appointment to visit with Franklin. Sue had been unable to go see her son because she was stuck at the Baxter Building monitoring Ben, Reed and Johnny as they risked their life on a mission to the Negative Zone. Agatha wasn't impressed and hung up on Sue, who broke out in tears.

(Fantastic Four I#110) - Agatha arrived with Franklin at the Baxter Building as Mr. Fantastic was trapped at in the Negative Zone. After a rescue attempt failed, Agatha offered to help out. Requesting a candle and a piece of chalk, she drew a mystical pentagram on the floor of the Baxter Building and started chanting. Her mystical spell caused millions of faux Mr. Fantastics to fill the distortion zone. Reed took advantage of this diversion and quickly made his way back.

(Fantastic Four I#111) - In the aftermath of Reed's rescue from the Negative Zone, Agatha announced she'd be taking Franklin back to Whisper Hill. Wanting to spend some time with her child, Sue tagged along. Reed and Johnny, however, had to find and fight Ben Grimm, whose transformations into the Thing had turned him irrational and aggressive. Sue and Agatha watched news reports of their eventual altercation and Agatha told her to go comfort Franklin, sensing that the news had disturbed him. Startled, Sue claimed there was no way Franklin could have heard it from two rooms away with the door shut. Agatha replied that she didn't say he *heard* them then quickly offered that it might have come to Franklin in a childish dream.

(Fantastic Four I#112) - Agatha took the Invisible Girl to her ritual room on Whisper Hill, where she showed Sue what her teammates were up to thanks to her magic crystal orb. Convinced that she should be at their side while they prepared to break up a fight between the Hulk and the still crazed Thing, Sue quickly said goodbye to Franklin and headed back to New York.

(Fantastic Four I#113) - Sensing the approach of the alien Over-Mind, Agatha used her thought-casting abilities and appeared before Reed and Sue, warning them of a grave danger awaiting the Fantastic Four. Unable to give them any detailed information before the strain of contacting them became too great, she urged the FF members to flee while there was still time.

(Fantastic Four I#114) - In order to gain more information on the identity of the Over-Mind, Agatha Harkness offered to use her magic to contact Uatu the Watcher on the Moon. Using Ben and Johnny's powers to boost her own abilities, Agatha projected her astral image across the vastness of space. Appearing inside the Watcher's citadel, Uatu welcomed Agatha and agreed to fill her in on the Over-Mind, claiming it wouldn't make a difference anyway.

(Fantastic Four I#115 - BTS-) - Agatha Harkness used her powers to facilitate two-way communication between Uatu on the Moon and the FF in New York as Uatu recounted Over-Mind's origin.

(Fantastic Four I#116) - After the Over-Mind mind-controlled Mr. Fantastic and turned him against the team, a teary eyed Sue was visited by the mental projection of Agatha Harkness. She told the Invisible Girl to keep fighting and showed her the one person who might be able to help end the crisis: Doctor Doom.

(Fantastic Four I#117) - Agatha entertained Reed, Sue, Ben and Alicia Masters at her Whisper Hill home despite experiencing troubling premonitions. Her suspicions were proven right when an exhausted Johnny Storm fell out of the sky, claiming Crystal had vanished. Agatha used the mystic crystal orb in her ritual room to help locate her. After considerable effort, Agatha managed to reveal Crystal and her pet dog Lockjaw were still alive but was severely exhausted afterwards. All she could tell the desperate Johnny was that the girl he loved was beyond the normal world they knew.

(Fantastic Four I#120) - Sensing the approach of a strange, alien force that could threaten all of mankind, Agatha used her thought-casting abilities to warn the Fantastic Four of the coming danger. Thanks to Agatha's head's up, the FF soon met Gabriel the Air-Walker, Galactus latest herald.

(Fantastic Four I#123) - When Galactus caused worldwide panic by declaring he'd destroy Earth if the Silver Surfer refused to serve as his herald again, Reed Richards called upon Agatha Harkness to help out. The Surfer was willing to follow his old master anywhere in this universe if that ensured Earth's survival but Reed insisted the Surfer stay behind as Galactus departed in his worldship. The reason for this became apparent when Agatha used her magics to project Reed's image and voice across the globe. Reed had rigged Galactus' vessel so it would transport him to the Negative Zone. Since the Zone isn't part of the regular universe, the Surfer wasn't obligated to follow Galactus there.

(Fantastic Four I#127) - While Franklin visited Whisper Hill, Agatha surprised Reed and Sue by telling them of an incoming emergency call seconds before the alarm on the Fantasticar parked outside Whisper Hill went off. She refused to reveal how she was able to foresee the emergency.

(Fantastic Four I#129) - Agatha's mental form appeared to Reed, Sue and Ben in the Baxter Building, asking if they could come to Whisper Hill at once to collect Franklin. She claimed matters had arisen that made it impossible for her to continue to care for him. Sue rushed off to get Franklin.

(Fantastic Four I#141 (fb)) - While Annihilus was secretly observing the Invisible Girl and Franklin Richards via his inter-spacial monitors, the villain noticed Agatha Harkness and decided she would be perfect for what he was planning. Agatha, perhaps sensing she was watched by a malevolent presence, made sure Franklin was nowhere around. Not too long after that, Annihilus forcefully abducted Agatha, completely demolishing her home in the process. Harkness still managed to send a cry for help to the FF.

(Fantastic Four I#134 - BTS) - After receiving a mysterious summons from Agatha Harkness, the team rushed to Whisper Hill and found that both the house and its owner had mysteriously vanished off the face of the Earth, leaving only a smoldering crater.

(Fantastic Four I#140) - Agatha Harkness used her magics to take control of Sue's car as Sue was returning with Franklin from a holiday in Pennsylvania. Shocked at first, the Invisible Girl was glad to see Franklin's former governess, especially since he was having mysterious issues she had already called Reed about. Agatha offered to help and teleported all of them away. When Reed grew worried that Susan and Franklin hadn't returned home, the FF tracked down the site where Sue encountered Agatha. Scanning the area, Reed picked up radiation native only to the Negative Zone and feared the worst. Rushing back to the Baxter Building, they were stunned to learn Annihilus had invaded their headquarters. Using his cosmic control rod, he overpowered the team and dragged them into the Negative Zone.

(Fantastic Four I#141) -Annihilus revealed how he'd manipulated Agatha into helping him kidnap Sue and Franklin. The villain was planning to use a gene transmuter to harness Franklin's mutant energies and use them to replenish his dwindling powers. Sue looked on in horror while Agatha explained that in the Negative Zone, her powers are halved. As it turned out, half her potential was still enough to inform Reed of Annihilus' scheme and the FF rallied to beat the villain. Agatha teleported everyone home, but watched impotently as Franklin's exposure to the gene transmuter was about to overload his powers. In the end, Mr. Fantastic was forced to shut down the mind of his own son.

(Avengers I#127) - Agatha acted as the comatose Franklin's nursemaid as she accompanied the Fantastic Four to Attilan for the wedding of Crystal and Quicksilver.

(Fantastic Four I#150) - Ultron-7, his head mounted on the massive robot called Omega, crashed the wedding of Crystal and Quicksilver. He quickly unleashed a citywide mental barrage that attacked the Avengers, the FF and the Inhumans alike. However it had an unexpected effect on Franklin, who woke from his coma and inadvertently used his own powers to create a feedback loop that force fed Ultron's power back to him, causing an overload that destroyed the robot's head. Agatha then accompanied the still slightly groggy Franklin back to his overjoyed parents.

(Fantastic Four I#150 - BTS) - Agatha attended the wedding of Quicksilver and Crystal.

(Avengers I#128) - Returning to New York with the Avengers and the Fantastic Four after the wedding of Crystal and Quicksilver, Agatha found herself under attack from Necrodamus, who used mystical lightning that not even Thor could manipulate. However, Harkness easily dispelled the assault, explaining she'd been suspecting the attack for quite some time (but not revealing the culprit). The FF offered to help her deal with whoever was threatening her but Agatha surprised everyone when she declined their assistance and announced she was quitting as Franklin's governess to help tutor the Scarlet Witch in the ways of magic. A little startled but intrigued, Wanda accepted the offer. Agatha was taken to guest quarters by the Witch, who apologized for the accommodations not being what Harkness was used to. Petting Ebony, Agatha explained she was happy to be staying anywhere, seeing as her Whisper Hill home had recently been destroyed. Sensing the approach of Necrodamus, she suddenly became quite strict, sending the visiting Vision away and demanding Wanda stayed with her every second until the "cock crows." Seconds later, Necrodamus manifested himself in the closed off room, ready to steal Agatha's immortal soul, figuring it would help rid himself of his deformed body. Agatha turned the soul stealing spell on Necrodamus, which had the unforeseen side effect that the aged wizard was reborn in a new, powerful form. Agatha sent the transformed Ebony to fight him but the cat creature was no match for Necrodamus, who defeated Harkness. Forced to fight him alone, the Scarlet Witch used her hex powers with little success. However, with a subtle boost from Ebony (undoubtedly fueled by Harkness), Wanda got off a hex that destroyed Necrodamus's box of spirits who, now free, attacked their captor. With the threat of Necrodamus passed, Agatha turned out to be all right, with Wanda suspecting all of this might simply have been a test. Giving a knowing grin, Harkness didn't confirm nor deny this while Maximoff concluded that at least having Agatha around wouldn't be dull.

(Avengers I#129) - Looking for the Celestial Madonna, Kang the Conqueror attacked the Avengers. He captured Mantis, the Scarlet Witch and Agatha Harkness, figuring that, according to the incomplete history of the time period, one of them was destined to become the Celestial Madonna. Kang also took Thor, Vision and Iron Man, using them as living batteries for his powerful Macrobots. Kang teleported all of the Avengers away except for the Swordsman, who he claimed was a weakling and a blunderer. Moments after Kang vanished, Swordsman was telepathically contacted by Agatha Harkness, who used her powers to direct him to Kang's base in Egypt, where she and the others were being kept. However, as he reached Egypt, Swordsman lost the link with Harkness because Kang had discovered what she was doing and knocked her unconscious.

(Giant-Size Avengers I#2) - Agatha remained unconsciousness as Hawkeye, Rama-Tut and the Swordsman managed to free the Avengers inside the Macrobots. They led the charge with Vision freeing and carrying Harkness to safety as Wanda and Mantis joined the fight. In the end, Mantis was revealed to be the Celestial Madonna. Harkness witnessed how Swordsman sacrificed his life to save Mantis in the end.

(Avengers I#130) - Returning home to New York with the Avengers, Harkness attended the meeting during which it was decided to bury the Swordsman in the temple gardens of the Priests of Pama in Vietnam. However, Agatha insisted that she and the Scarlet Witch remained behind to continue Wanda's studies.

(Avengers I#133) - Continuing Wanda's training, Agatha eventually managed to get Wanda to animate a chair though the experience was quite draining and she quickly lost control over the creature which prepared to attack her. Agatha used her own sorcerous abilities to return the potential threat back to being a seat.

(Avengers I#134) - When Moondragon arrived at Avengers Mansion to help out and learned the team was in trouble in Vietnam, she tried to persuade the Scarlet Witch to accompany her. However Wanda, quite clearly not herself, violently attacked Moondragon while Agatha quietly watched. Fighting the high priestess of the mind to a standstill, Wanda then announced she'd be going back to her room to continue studying with Harkness (see comments.)

(Avengers I#135 - BTS) - Carrying a tray of food, Jarvis came to check on Wanda and Agatha. The butler was stunned to find both Wanda and Agatha had disappeared.

(Giant-Size Avengers I#4) - Finding herself trapped and kidnapped by Dormammu, Agatha was eventually freed by Wanda. She took on Dormammu long enough for Wanda to assure their escape from his realm. Impressed by her charge's progress, Agatha announced Wanda's instructions were finished and she would learn on her own from that point on. Some time later, she attended the double wedding of both Wanda and Vision and Mantis and the Cotati, officiated by Immortus.

(Avengers I#137) - Agatha Harkness traveled back to New York with the Avengers as Vision and the Scarlet Witch embarked on their honeymoon. Hawkeye couldn't believe Vision and Wanda were married, calling his synthezoid teammate "a sly boy." Slightly irked, Agatha Harkness corrected the archer, pointing out it was actually enlightening on the Vision's part to seek a life with "her" Scarlet Witch. Upon returning to Avengers Mansion, Jarvis was relieved to hear Wanda was safe and happy to see Harkness was with the Avengers as well. Again, Agatha felt the need to speak up when she assured the slightly embarrassed butler that men do not "have" Agatha Harkness, claiming she, as ever, walked alone. Adding: "Only through the love of others, a mother's for her son, perhaps...or a woman's for herself and her man...only through others may Agatha Harkness know peace." She then took her leave of the Avengers but not before telling them that while Wanda would never be a great witch, let alone a sorceress, she would be very good.

(Fantastic Four I#185 (fb) - BTS) - Agatha's son Nicolas Scratch, now the leader of the witches of New Salem, convinced the others that Agatha Harkness' interaction with the Fantastic Four and others had betrayed their existence to the public despite the fact that she had actually never mentioned them to anyone. He similarly convinced them that she must be executed for this perceived treason.

(Fantastic Four I#181) - Agatha, sensing she was being pursued by powerful witches, abducted Franklin Richards, hoping that his powers would help ward off her enemies. However, she was unaware that Franklin's powers had been contained by his father for the boy's own safety.

(Fantastic Four I#182) - The witches of New Salem abducted Agatha and Franklin, taking them from Whisper Hill to New Salem.

(Fantastic Four I#184 - BTS) - As the Fantastic Four arrived in search of the missing Franklin, the witches sent the Eliminator construct to Whisper Hill to destroy all evidence that it had ever existed. The FF feigned defeat until the Eliminator destroyed itself after the destruction of the mansion.

(Fantastic Four I#185) - Reed tracked the Eliminator's shell to New Salem, which Scratch and the witches disguised using illusions to appear as a normal town. The FF completed their investigation and were prepared to leave when Agatha created a wall of flame to force them to realize that there was more going on than what they could see. The deception over, Scratch and the witches revealed themselves, and Scratch animated a number of stone gargoyles to attack them. As the heroes overcame them, Scratch led the witches to take control of Ben, forcing him to beat both himself and Reed into unconsciousness. He then covered Sue in mud to use her as a missile against Johnny, dropping them both in the process.

(Fantastic Four I#186) - Scratch used Franklin as a hostage to force the FF to stand back during Agatha's trial. The FF escaped, overcoming the Salem's Seven in the process, and confronted Scratch at the trial. As they argued that Agatha had never mentioned the existence of New Salem or any of its inhabitants, and that it was actually Scratch's actions that had revealed them. Scratch slew one of the warlocks who asked them to elaborate and the rest of the witches recognized him for the evil that he was. Using the spell of Eternal Banishment, Agatha led them as they sent Scratch to the Dark Realm. Feeling she no longer fit in with her people, Agatha opted to return with the FF to New York

(Fantastic Four I#187) - Upon returning to the Baxter Building, Agatha still admitted to feeling guilty for the way things ended between her and the people of New Salem, especially feeling responsible for the way her son ended up. As soon as they arrived home, they found the place in shambles and their house guest, the Impossible Man, unconsciousness. As the Fantastic Four set out to confront whoever was responsible for invading their home, Harkness was left in charge of Franklin and Impy.

(Fantastic Four I#187 - BTS) - Agatha put Franklin to bed and even put the loopy Impossible Man to bed for a while. At the same time, the FF, minus Mister Fantastic, located the home invaders: Klaw and the Molecule Man.

(Fantastic Four I#187) - Agatha reported back to Reed, who was feeling miserable about the fact he'd recently lost his stretching abilities and could not help his teammates out. Agatha ever so gently chastised him for feeling sorry for himself when he still had his biggest superpower: his brain. Properly motivated, Reed raced to his lab to quickly slap together a hand weapon that could take on the Molecule Man, only to be taken over by the villain when he touched his supposedly decorative magic wand, unaware that the wand contained the Molecule Man's mind.

(Fantastic Four I#188 - BTS) - Molecule Man quickly escaped with his new body as the Watcher appeared at the Baxter Building. Not saying a word, Uatu merely observed the FF as they frantically decided on a course of action.

(Fantastic Four I#188) - While chasing down the Molecule Man-possessed Mr. Fantastic, Sue checked in with Agatha at the Baxter Building, who informed her the police had come to take Klaw away. Also, the Watcher had disappeared.

(Fantastic Four I#191) - As the disbanding FF were clearing out and Agatha promised Franklin they'd be going on holiday, Susan Storm-Richards was offered a starring role in an upcoming Hollywood picture by Imperial Studios, a company owned by Namor the Sub-Mariner. Deciding to take the part and unaware of Namor's ownership of the studio, Sue made plans to go to California with Franklin and Agatha. The normally unflappable governess told both Ben, Johnny and Reed she would not soon forget them.

(Fantastic Four I#193) - Agatha accompanied Franklin on a visit to the set, where they were all surprised to find the Impossible Man had followed them to California, ready to be in the movies as well.

(Fantastic Four I#194) - Ever so slightly amused, Agatha watched from a distance how Impy tried to impress the Imperial Studio executives in hopes of being hired. At the same time, the Invisible Woman tried to reach her husband, only to be shocked when she saw the head of the studio was actually Namor the Sub-Mariner.

(Fantastic Four I#195 - BTS) - Agatha took care of Franklin while Sue continued work on the movie as she was forced to help Namor fight off the Seekers of Atlantis.

(Fantastic Four I#196) - After a long day of shooting, Sue returned to her trailer to see Agatha and Franklin. Much to her surprise, she found Johnny and Ben waiting for her. The trio decided to go out for dinner with Harkness offering to stay behind and look after Franklin so the three of them could have a chance to catch up.

(Fantastic Four Annual I#13 - BTS) - Over the course of several weeks, Agatha Harkness sat for Alicia Masters who wanted to make a sculpture of her.

(Fantastic Four Annual I#13) - The Fantastic Four and Franklin were present during the unveiling of Agatha's statue. The aged witch was touched to see Alicia had captured her as she still regarded herself: a young, powerful sorceress, defiant and proud. Emotional because she was confronted with this part of her she'd considered lost for a long time, Agatha thanked Alicia for her brilliant work.

(Marvel: Two-in-One I#47) - On his birthday, the Thing played a blindfolded game of hide 'n seek with Franklin, unaware Agatha, the Human Torch and the Invisible Girl used their powers to place various obstacles in his path. As the game concluded, Ben removed his blindfold to find Agatha and the others had a giant birthday cake waiting for him in the family room.

(Avengers I#234 - BTS) - Watching over the comatose Vision, Scarlet Witch recounted her origins to the Wasp and She-Hulk, who had decided to keep Wanda company. The Witch told them, among other things, about her time as Agatha Harkness' apprentice.

(Fantastic Four I#204) - Agatha came to collect Franklin, who was playing Cowboys & Indians with his mother and the Thing in his father's laboratories. Despite the fact they were having fun, Harkness insisted the child came along since it was time for his lessons. Moments after they left, the Fantastic Four were surprised by the sudden appearance of Xandar's ruler Adora, who was being chased by a Skrull soldier.

(Fantastic Four Annual I#14) - Agatha invited the Fantastic Four and Franklin to accompany her to New Salem where she, as the most powerful New Salem witch, was to perform the annual Ceremony of Renewal, which purified the mystical abilities of all of Salem's inhabitants. However, Nicolas Scratch and the Salem's Seven disrupted the energy flow, using it to open an energy portal to Scratch, returning his power. Scratch, in turn, returned full power to the Salem's Seven, who overpowered the Fantastic Four. Scratch then used his power to immobilize the other witches while he had the Seven perform a separate spell that would simultaneously return him to Earth and destroy the Fantastic Four. A number of heroes, including Captain Mar-Vell, Nighthawk, Quasar, the Avengers (Captain America, Falcon, Iron Man (Stark), Ms. Marvel (Danvers), Vision, Wonder Man) and even the US Army, attempted to break through the magic shield of the Seven to no avail. Scratch succeeded in taking control of the Fantastic Four but Agatha transported Franklin Richards to the site of the Seven's spell. Drawing on Franklin's resurfacing power to help protect them from Scratch's counter attacks, she tossed the Seven back to New Salem, and banished Scratch back to the Dark Realm.

(Marvel: Two-in-One I#66) - After a solo mission involving the mystical Serpent Crown, the Thing decided to check in with Reed Richards at the Baxter Building in hopes of getting some more information on the artifact. Instead, Ben found Agatha Harkness on monitor duty at FF headquarters though she was more than ready to fill him in on the dangerous nature of the Serpent Crown. She even insisted she contacted her former pupil, the Scarlet Witch, to aid the Thing and Stingray in their efforts to recapture the Crown.

(Fantastic Four I#222 - BTS) - Hoping to free himself from the Dark Realm his mother banished him to, Nicolas Scratch managed to pierce the dimensional veil enough to telepathically reach out to Franklin Richards, guiding him to opening the portal to the Negative Zone. Using this portal to Earth, Scratch took possession of Franklin's body.  Not yet revealing his identity, the FF fought the possessed Franklin to a standstill and decided to take the child to Agatha Harkness as Gabriel the Devil-Hunter was made aware of the situation and decided to go to Whisper Hill as well.

(Fantastic Four I#222) - Agatha was ready to conduct a seance in hopes of casting out the evil spirit from Franklin. However, they were interrupted by Gabriel, who introduced himself and offered his services. Due to his added power, Scratch was forced to make himself known, much to the shock of Agatha, who realized the only way to cast Scratch out was by taking Franklin to New Salem. aware this was undoubtedly a trap.

(Fantastic Four I#223) - Even though the freed Salem's Seven managed to set up a trap on Scratch's orders, the FF beat them. Agatha joined her power with Gabriel to use the souls and inner strength of the FF as weapons against Scratch, who was forced to relinquish control of Franklin. Manifesting on the earthly plane, Nicholas was terrified to face his mother. In tears, Agatha stripped her son of all his magical powers as punishment for his crimes. She then said goodbye to Franklin and the FF, figuring her place was in New Salem, hoping she might be able to atone for Scratch's misdeeds and, if nothing else, keep watch over him and the Salem's Seven. After a heartfelt, teary-eyed farewell, Agatha saw Franklin and the Fantastic Four off.

(Vision & Scarlet Witch II#3 - BTS) - Through unrevealed ways, the Salem's Seven managed to escape and captured Agatha Harkness, deciding to punish their grandmother by burning her at the stake. Using ancient rope-binding techniques, the Salem's Seven (except for Gazelle, who was against the plan) made sure Agatha couldn't defend herself through magical means. Harkness seemingly perished in the fire.

(Vision & Scarlet Witch II#3) - Surviving the destruction of her physical form, Agatha aided Vision and the Scarlet Witch when they found themselves trapped by the Salem Seven while on a hike. Agatha even directed Wanda in their fight against her grandchildren, which climaxed with the Scarlet Witch being infused with all the magical energy residing in New Salem. Unsure whether or not she had dreamed of Harkness' presence, Wanda followed Agatha's suggestion to use the power to make her fondest wish come true: have a baby with the Vision.

(Vision & Scarlet Witch II#4) - Contacting Wanda from the other side, Agatha Harkness assured her old student that she was quite dead before warning her she'd be facing mortal danger a month from that day on All Hallow's Eve (Halloween).

(Vision & Scarlet Witch II#5) - On Halloween, the Scarlet Witch conducted a seance to talk to the ghost of Agatha Harkness, who tried to warn her from the threat of her grandchildren and Samhain but it was already too late. Wanda was pulled into the Land of the Dead by Thornn and as soon as she was there, the Salem's Seven revealed to her that they needed her then-unborn child to return to Earth.

(Vision & Scarlet Witch II#5 - BTS) - Samhain watched as Wanda fled from the Salem's Seven and other ghosts. He created illusions to slow her down for his servants but the Scarlet Witch was able to fight them all off.
Samhain then created illusions of Wanda's mother Magda and her adoptive parents, Whizzer and Miss America. Agatha then appeared, still at the stake, and told Wanda not to believe everything she saw as it was Samhain's work, whom she couldn't oppose. Samhain appeared behind Wanda and told her that he wanted her child to support his form in her world. He then explained to Wanda that he was still around because the tome he was bound to still existed in a million fragments after it was burnt, which made Samhain as good as immortal as the book could never be destroyed. As Samhain began to transfer himself into the child. Scarlet Witch tried to fight Samhain but again her powers proved useless and she soon passed out.

(Vision & Scarlet Witch II#5) - Desperate to help Wanda, the ghost of Agatha appeared before Vision and instructed him and his allies Glamor and Illusion to reassemble the Druid Tome and destroy it, thereby cutting off Samhain's link to Earth. Samhain became a pure energy being but because he had already finished the spell, he was still preparing to take the form of Wanda's child. Agatha Harkness escaped from the stake to attack Samhain, who was no longer invincible on Halloween after he losing his form. Agatha redirected Samhain's energy into the Salem's Seven to trap him in the Land of the Dead forever.

(Avengers West Coast I#50 - BTS) - At some unrevealed point, through unrevealed means, Agatha Harkness returned to physical life. Sensing her former ward Wanda Maximoff's mental condition was precarious following a string of devastating losses, she decided to look her up, unaware Wanda was being targeted by Immortus, Master Pandemonium and several other villains.

(Avengers West Coast I#50) - Agatha arrived at Wanda's cottage while she and the others were away on a mission that led them to resurrecting the original Human Torch. Wanda's babysitter had a devil of a time locating her twin boys Thomas and William (unaware that, as creations of Wanda's magic, they only existed while their mother actively thought of them.) Marking her arrival by calling forth a thunderstorm, Agatha nevertheless assured the startled babysitter not to worry, for she was here to assist her in governing her most difficult charges.

(Avengers West Coast I#51) - After returning to Palos Verdes with the Human Torch and meeting Iron Man (back on active duty following his "Armor Wars"), the emotionally upset Scarlet Witch went back to her cottage with the recently rebuilt Vision to find Agatha Harkness waiting for her. Shocked to see Agatha alive and well, Wanda had little time for questions as Harkness turned the subject to her concerns about Thomas and William. Ignoring Wanda's claims that the boys were perfectly normal, Agatha pointed out there can be no such thing as "normal" when their father was a synthezoid and their mother a mutant. Harkness then forced the indignant Scarlet Witch to confront the truth: her boys disappeared whenever she stopped thinking about them. This fact caused Wanda tremendous emotional distress, causing Agatha to ask Vision, who had recently lost all his emotions, to comfort his wife.

(Avengers West Coast I#51 - BTS) - Acting on orders from Mephisto, Master Pandemonium had concluded two fragments of the hell lord's soul were contained within the Scarlet Witch's children. He set out to recover them, fighting the Avengers until he and his minions reached the Scarlet Witch's cottage.

(Avengers West Coast I#51) - Agatha Harkness stood ready to repel the demon horde but Pandemonium told her not to bother. To prove his point, he blasted her with a breath of demonfire that blasted right through her spells, knocking the witch out. Agatha quickly recovered but could not prevent Pandemonium and his demons from abducting William and Thomas. In the aftermath, Harkness calmly discussed the situation with Hank Pym who, as a scientist, had trouble swallowing Agatha's resurrection claims. Wonder Man chimed in, mentioning he saw something quite similar on an old episode of Bewitched, only for the overwrought Scarlet Witch to furiously latch out at the Avengers for making light of the situation. Wanda then begged Harkness to help them, which the witch did only after insisting the Avengers accompanied Wanda to her destination. She then created a portal that delivered the team to Pandemonium's realm, staying behind herself but keeping in touch telepathically.

(Avengers West Coast I#52 - BTS) - Agatha had sent Ebony along as well, ordering her dark familiar to disguise himself as one of Pandemonium's demons.

(Avengers West Coast I#51) - Harkness monitored the team's progress telepathically and, like the Avengers, was shocked when they entered Pandemonium's citadel to find that the villain had absorbed Wanda's children, using the helpless babes to replace his lost limbs.

(Avengers West Coast I#52) - While the Avengers battled Pandemonium, desperately trying not to hurt Thomas and William, Agatha Harkness' meditation was interrupted by the Human Torch and his associate Ann Raymond, who were curious to find out what was going on. Harkness filled them in, assuring the two that the team was being watched (by Ebony).

(Avengers West Coast I#52 - BTS) - Convinced there was more to the creation of Thomas and William than met the eye, Agatha realized they were in fact born of two of the missing shards of the soul of Mephisto. Quickly coming up with a plan, Harkness somehow came up with the two remaining pieces of demon's soul and sent Jim Hammond to Pandemonium's dimension to deliver them.

(Avengers West Coast I#52) - After Hammond handed Pandemonium the final pieces of soul, the villain placed them in the pentagram on his body, only to find there was still a hole remaining through which he was sucked out of existence, making place for the newly restored Mephisto. The hell lord was then attacked by Ebony, who had assumed his monstrous form and proceeded to rip Mephisto shreds. Agatha then contacted the stunned Scarlet Witch telepathically, instructing her on how to cast a spell that caused him to flee. Harkness then transported the Avengers and Ebony back to Earth with Wonder Man caring for the unconscious Wanda. Pressed for answers, Agatha revealed she had used her powers to make Wanda forget she ever had twins, thereby sparing her the agony of missing that which she seemingly never truly had in the first place. The Avengers were stunned to hear this, especially Wonder Man and the USAgent, but Agatha assured them it was the best, most humane course of action.

(Avengers I#313) - Agatha Harkness was returning to the cottage where she was taking care of the shocked and stunned Scarlet Witch when the cottage was suddenly lifted up into the air and taken into orbit by Wanda's father Magneto.

(Avengers West Coast I#55) - Agatha was still at the site where Wanda's cottage had been when Wonder Man arrived, stunned by the missing domicile. Harkness explained that it felt as if whoever took the house specifically waited for Agatha to leave before making his move. USAgent then walked up, informing them he'd located the house in Earth's orbit. Wonder Man and the Agent took their leave of Agatha, heading for a Quinjet to rescue their fellow teammate.

(Avengers West Coast I#55 - BTS) - By the time USAgent and Wonder Man had reached the house, Magneto had already convinced Wanda to turn her back on humanity and actively fight against them as the Dark Scarlet Witch. The trio captured Wonder Man and USAgent, heading back to Avengers Compound where they overpowered Agatha Harkness and the others while waiting for the team to return and make their move.

(Avengers West Coast I#56) - Wanda overcame the Wasp, adding her to the collection of restrained heroes. Ignoring Agatha's pleas to come to her senses, she began to humiliate Wonder Man, performing unspeakably lewd acts on him while the others were forced to watch.

(Avengers West Coast I#56) - Agatha watched helplessly as Wanda continued to torture Wonder Man until even Magneto had had enough. He ordered her to stop just as Hank Pym entered the scene, ready to rescue his teammates. He was unceremoniously knocked out by Quicksilver, who popped in out of nowhere and announced to his father and sister that he was ready to join them on the path that would make them masters of the world.

(Avengers West Coast I#57) - When Magneto, fed up with the constant interruptions, decided it would be best if they returned to Asteroid M, the restraints that held Agatha and the Avengers in check vanished. Agatha kept to herself as the Avengers rapidly prepared a rescue mission into space.

(Avengers West Coast I#61-62) - Agatha Harkness proved instrumental in helping the Avengers West Coast fight off Immortus, who was ready to use the still unstable Scarlet Witch's status as a nexus being to reshape and alter time however he saw fit. Sensing his involvement, Harkness kept herself hidden when Immortus kidnapped Wanda and the Avengers. She did cast a spell that trapped an after image of Immortus on Earth. Forcing it to tell her all of Immortus' plans, the shade complied and revealed to the witch what his true self had planned for the Scarlet Witch by order of the Time Keepers. Using Ebony as an anchor to this reality, Agatha astrally projected herself via Immortus' shade into limbo where she watched the Avengers fighting Tempus. Quickly locating the near catatonic Wanda, the old sorceress attempted to reach out psychically to her old charge in an attempt to get her to resist and reject what Immortus wanted her to become. Harkness was spotted by Immortus, who attempted to banish her but not before the Scarlet Witch fully came to her senses. With his nexus being gone, Immortus faced the wrath of his masters, the Time Keepers, as the Avengers and Agatha returned home safe and sound.

(Avengers West Coast I#63) - Agatha and the Avengers went to visit Wanda in the hospital, where she was recovering from her most recent ordeals. After consulting with Wanda's physician, Doctor Sandford, the team returned to their Palos Verdes headquarters. Wasp and Hank Pym invited Harkness to stay at the compound for the time being, figuring it would be good for Wanda and her recovery, seeing as she always considered Agatha to be like family. Harkness happily accepted, also announcing she was intrigued by the situation with the unfortunate cat woman Tigra, who had recently gone missing. She offered her help in locating the miniaturized, feral were-woman.

(Avengers Spotlight I#38) - Aware of the fact Tigra was still around roaming the wilds near Avengers Compound, Agatha and Ebony tracked her down. Agatha Harkness attempted to summon up the Balkatar from the Land Within to assist her. However, Tabur answered the summons instead, and slashed Harkness across the face. He then transformed Tigra back into her more humanoid appearance, intending to make her his mate. However, Tigra rejected him, and fought him with Agatha Harkness. Agatha finally cast Tigra's cat-soul into Tabur's body, transforming him back into a normal cat. Harkness proved essential in restoring Greer Nelson to her former self, now in control of the demonic Cat People aspect of her personality.

(Wonder Man II#13) - Still suffering from an ionic instability as a result of his recent exposure to an exploding Nega-Bomb, Wonder Man was struggling to keep himself in check as Agatha and the others teleported Wonder Man and the other members of the expeditionary force to the dimension containing the Magus' focal point.

(Infinity War I#3) - Hoping to reach the distant dimension that contained the source of the mysterious energy receptors that were targeting their dimension, the heroes of Earth relied on Scarlet Witch to find an appropriate mode of transportation in light of the fact Doctor Strange had disappeared, having been forcibly recruited by Galactus to investigate the same matter. Wanda quickly contacted Doctor Druid and her former mentor Agatha Harkness, who both agreed to help out. When the Invisible Woman spotted Harkness, she was more than a little relieved and welcomed her old friend.

(Fantastic Four I#368) - Catching up with Susan Richards, Agatha couldn't help but comment that she felt Sue was under a great strain. The Invisible Woman commented she had no choice given the circumstances of Mr. Fantastic being captured but wondered if Agatha would be willing to return to her old job as Franklin's governess once the current crisis was over. Flattered, Harkness nevertheless informed Susan she currently had other commitments that required her attention. However, as soon as she met Franklin again, she sensed how the untrained boy's powers had grown to dangerous levels. Hugging the overjoyed child, Agatha informed the visibly concerned Invisible Woman it might well be prudent she rejoined them after all.

(Quasar I#38) - Quasar, newly returned from a meeting with the cosmic principalities in the Dimension of Manifestations, joined the Avengers and the other members of Earth's expeditionary force as Agatha Harkness and the other mystics finished their teleportational chants. Moments before disappearing, Quasar couldn't help but think he preferred quantum teleportation to this occult way of instantaneous transport as he found the occult way creepy.

(Warlock & The Infinity Watch I#8) - As Warlock, Thanos and the Infinity Watch were ready to move on from the outer dimension containing the Magus's energy receptor relay station, Earth's expeditionary force arrived courtesy of Agatha Harkness and the other mystics.

(Alpha Flight I#111) - Agatha was with Shaman in the outer dimension he'd helped the heroes of Earth reach, however his thoughts were with his daughter Elizabeth and his fellow Alpha Flight members back home.

(Infinity War I#4) - Agatha Harkness and the mystics kept to themselves, focusing on keeping the spell that brought them to this dimension active as Earth's expeditionary forces engaged Thanos and the Infinity Watch. Their fight was interrupted by the arrival of Galactus, his herald Nova, the Silver Surfer and Doctor Strange. The devourer transported everyone aboard his ship to plan their next move. Figuring the easiest way to compare notes was exposing everyone to a cerebral scan of their most recent memories, Galactus activated a device that probed the mind of Agatha and all the others, sharing all they knew with each other. After Galactus and Gamora left to cure Eternity from his Magus-induced catatonia, Warlock decided to reassemble the Infinity Gauntlet, only to be captured by Magus as soon as the Infinity Gems were joined. Captain America then ordered Doctor Strange, Agatha and the other mystics to return to Earth to see what they could do to help. 

(Wonder Man II#14) - Fighting Warlock, Thanos and the Infinity Watch further destabilized Wonder Man's already questionable sanity. He was relieved to see Wanda was relatively safe, chanting with Harkness and the other mystics. After they were all aboard Galactus' ship, Wonder Man forcibly demanded to see Wanda, causing Agatha to take offense at the "young man's" rude behavior right before she, Wanda and the others returned to Earth on Captain America's orders.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme I#46) - Acting on Captain America's orders, Doctor Strange returned to Earth with Agatha and the other mystics to try and see if they could do anything to help fight off Magus' ever-growing presence. As soon as they arrived, the mystics noticed everyone was frozen in their tracks in preparation for the Magus' takeover. The experienced sorcerers quickly concluded Magus was trying to replace the universe with his version of existence, pointing out the doppelgangers were early signs of his scheme. They then encountered Sleepwalker, seemingly the only creature unaffected by the Magus' scheme. While Shaman instantly attacked the new arrival, Harkness urged the Scarlet Witch to hold back, sensing no evil in him. After Strange used the Eye of Agamotto to confirm Sleepwalker was indeed on their side, Agatha deduced that they could use his unique powers to serve as a conduit through which Charles Xavier, Moondragon and the other psychic talents on board Galactus' ship could focus their power and help stir up a rebellion against Magus' impending rule. Sleepwalker complied, having already been contacted by Xavier. As he went to work, the mystics joined Strange, who wanted to check on Clea and his other friends. Surprised they were still able to move, the mystics were even more surprised when an army of demons emerged from Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. Doctor Strange tried to protect Agatha from their assault, but Harkness coldly pointed out she wasn't exactly helpless while blasting the demons with magic bolts. They were then confronted with a duplicate Doctor Strange, figuring it was his Magus created doppelganger rather than Strange's Counter-Earth counterpart, the Necromancer.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme I#47) - The Necromancer brought Agatha and the other mystics into the Sanctorum, chaining up Earth-616's Stephen Strange while callously entertaining them with a rendition of Willkommen from the musical Cabaret. He then dispatched his guests to another dimension, rendering Harkness comatose so she couldn't participate in the mystical chants required to return. However, the Necromancer had forgotten about Ebony. Though Agatha was unresponsive, the mystics managed to contact her familiar and through her, were able to come back to Earth. Agatha soon recovered as Stephen took on and beat his Counter-Earth counterpart and another one of Magus' duplicates. With Sleepwalker actively serving as conduit for Xavier and the psychics to help fight Magus, Doctor Strange decided to return to Galactus' ship. All the other mystics accompanied him, save for Agatha and Ebony who remained behind to deal with any leftover demons that may pop up in his absence.

(Infinity War I#6) - Even though she was back on Earth, Agatha found herself swept up by the Magus' power once he acquired what he believed to be the fully functional Infinity Gauntlet. He trapped Harkness in his throne room with all his other opponents, displaying them as his prizes to Adam Warlock who sought to oppose his dark double.

(Darkhold I#4) - After the Scarlet Witch had briefly reverted to her Ch'thon possessed form, Agatha visited Wanda, who was on forced bed rest. The old sorceress calmly stated that the affliction Wanda suffered from wouldn't be healed with a day or even a year of bed rest.

(Darkhold I#5) - Hoping to find a cure for the Scarlet Witch, Agatha sought out Doctor Strange, who quickly confirmed Harkness' suspicions: the Scarlet Witch had been affected by a spell from the Darkhold. They decided the best way to deal with the problem was by seeking out a band known as the Darkhold Redeemers, who attempted to use the book of sins for good.

(Darkhold I#6&7) - Their search for the Redeemers led Harkness, Strange and the Scarlet Witch to Hawaii where the Darkholders were in the middle of attempting to prevent their enemy Maywood from using the Darkhold "memory spell" to repeat the events of the Pearl Harbor attack. They also encountered Modred the Mystic during this struggle. In the aftermath, the Redeemers aided in ridding Scarlet Witch from her Ch'thonic infection.

(Fantastic Four I#371) - Agatha resumed her duties as Franklin Richards' governess in hopes of helping to temper the growing inferno of power she sensed within him. She was officially welcomed back to Four Freedoms Plaza by the Invisible Woman and though Sue was nice to Harkness, the old witch sensed Sue's demeanor had changed. As the Invisible Woman was called away to check out an FF emergency flare, Agatha realized Susan had grown colder.

(Fantastic Four I#372) - The superhuman police task force Code: Blue was ordered to arrest the Human Torch at the Baxter Building for unintentionally destroying most of Empire State University during an attack by Lyja, Paibok the Power Skrull and Devos the Devastator. Though Johnny was willing to come peacefully, the Invisible Woman attacked them and caused a commotion that attracted both Agatha and Franklin. Turning himself in, the Human Torch said goodbye to his nephew. Agatha in turn told Sue that the tenants had called an emergency meeting in the conference room. She offered to attend in her place but the sorely annoyed Invisible Woman told Harkness she'd handle it herself.

(Fantastic Four I#374) - When Franklin overheard his parents fighting, his powers immediately flared out of control. Agatha quickly used her magic to subtly calm him down but as he fell asleep in her arms, Harkness couldn't help but realize she feared what the child she loved as her own was becoming. Yet, she didn't dare warn the others because they were already besieged by too many adversaries to be able to handle this as well.

(Fantastic Four I#375) - While the Fantastic Four and the Inhumans were fighting a cosmically powered Doctor Doom on the Moon, Franklin subconsciously used his powers to stay in telepathic communication with his parents. Overwhelmed, he began to lash out, destroying his toys. Agatha tried to calm him down mystically again but the two engaged in a battle of wills that Agatha lost when Franklin blasted her with a psionic burst that knocked the old sorceress out, leaving the frightened Franklin to wonder what he'd done.

(Fantastic Four I#375 - BTS) - Not too long after the incident, Reed's time traveling father Nathaniel Richards arrived at Four Freedoms Plaza. He helped take care of Harkness, who had sustained a head injury after hitting it on some furniture when she was swung across the room.

(Fantastic Four I#375) - The FF were surprised to see the injured Agatha when they returned home from the Moon but were even more shocked to see Franklin sitting on his grandfather's arm.

(Fantastic Four I#376) - Agatha Harkness, using her borderline telepathic abilities, sensed Nathaniel Richards wasn't being truthful about the purpose of his visit. Richards claimed he'd come to warn the FF that selling Reed's patents to the government to help pay for the destroyed Empire State University would lead to Sentinels taking over in the near future. In reality, he had come to kidnap Franklin, taking him into the timestream to a place where he could safely learn to control his rapidly expanding powers. Agatha privately conversed with Nathaniel, asking if he was absolutely sure there was no alternative before agreeing to help him even though she assured Nathan it would mean the FF would hate them for it. The urgency to act increased when Franklin overheard another fight between their parents and both Nathaniel and Agatha saw the power rise up in him. A little while later, while chatting with Reed in his lab, Nathaniel knocked his own son out and, joined by Harkness, set out to collect Franklin for his unscheduled trip to the future. They were opposed by the Invisible Woman, who was ready to fight her father-in-law. Agatha bought Nathaniel the time he needed by attacking Susan with spells, trying to confuse her mental state by subjecting Sue to images of Malice, claiming the entity that once controlled her had returned and was trying to take her over. Despite Agatha hoping this would lead Susan into wasting time fighting harmless illusions, the Invisible Woman laughed it off, explaining she'd always known about Malice. In fact, she was a lot less sweet and naive as she'd led others to believe. She then took out Agatha by placing an invisible force bubble around her head until she passed out. Unfortunately, even with the help of the visiting Sharon Ventura, Reed and Sue could not prevent Nathaniel from taking Franklin. Moments after they'd gone, Agatha came to and the Invisible Woman was ready to flay her alive for betraying them. Harkness didn't try to apologize but did say that she felt Nathaniel was tormented by the choices he was forced to make in order to help save them all. Reed would hear nothing of it and was ready to chase after his father when the time portal opened once again to reveal Franklin had returned... but now as the teenage Psi-Lord.

(Fantastic Four I#377) - Furious at Agatha for siding with Nathaniel Richards and allowing him to take Franklin, the Invisible Woman cursed Harkness out, demanding "the old witch" packed her bags and announcing that she never wanted to see Agatha again. The teenage Franklin listened to his former governess trying to apologize, stressing it was necessary but Sue would hear nothing of it.

(Scarlet Witch I#1) - After another nightmare in which demons attacked and injured her and all those her, Scarlet Witch contacted Agatha magically. The two of them discussed the most recent nightmare with Wanda admitting she was afraid the dreams might be signs she was once again headed for a nervous breakdown and might even become evil again. Agatha tried to assure her old student that it was not the case. She suggested the dreams may be caused by the fact she was this reality's nexus being and promised to continue to investigate the matter. Later, after demons attacked the Avengers in reality as they had in the Scarlet Witch's nightmares, Wanda contacted Agatha to inform her of the events. Harkness revealed she had found a possible clue and asked the Scarlet Witch to join her in the New England village of Unity, where the local library contained several ancient and obscure books that might help them figure out what was going on.

(Scarlet Witch I#1 - BTS) - While Wanda flew a Quinjet to New England, refusing the help of the other Avengers, Agatha drove herself to Unity.

(Scarlet Witch I#1) - The two old friends met in New England with Agatha driving Wanda to the library, explaining they would need to find the book of Eibon, the Celano Fragment, the Pnakotic manuscripts, the Vermis Mysteriis and especially Karkoth's Ensorcielammia or the infamous Necronomicon. Wanda was worried that such abominations were still in existence but Agatha replied it was abominations like that which might be her only hope. When they entered the library and approached the man who appeared to be the librarian, they were shocked to find it was their old enemy Master Pandemonium.

(Scarlet Witch I#2 - BTS) - Agatha mysteriously vanished as soon as Pandemonium attacked. He used his magics to fight Wanda, transporting her to a demonic realm where she was confronted with corrupted forms of her Avengers West Coast teammates, who had been turned into demons by Pandemonium.

(Scarlet Witch I#3) - While Wanda fought the altered Avengers in Unity, Agatha Harkness appeared at the Avengers Compound in Palos Verdes to check on the team. When she discovered they were gone and possibly abducted, she used her psychometry skills on War Machine's helmet to learn where the Avengers were. The mask told Harkness to return to Unity, which she immediately did.

(Scarlet Witch I#3 - BTS) - Master Pandemonium and his forces had captured the Scarlet Witch. Deranged after being tortured in Mephisto's realm for the longest time, Pandemonium revealed his plan to make Wanda his lover through a magic bonding ritual.

(Scarlet Witch I#3) - Agatha Harkness arrived and used her magic to disrupt the Master Pandemonium's ritual of bonding with the Scarlet Witch. Pandemonium sent the controlled Avengers against her but Harkness quickly teleported away, appearing next to Wanda. After freeing the Scarlet Witch, the old sorceress quickly dispatched the demon-controlled War Machine (magnetically pinning him to the wall) and Living Lightning (by creating a downpour). The two witches then focused their attention on Pandemonium, combining their power and beating him...only to reveal the true mastermind as the outer dimensional sorceress and nexus being Lore, who was preparing to replace Wanda.

(Scarlet Witch I#4) - Lore overpowered Agatha and the Scarlet Witch while explaining her goals, after which Wanda managed to cast a hex that forced Lore to assume physical form. Lore rose an army of the dead to attack Wanda but the Witch managed to grant them eternal peace. Agatha recovered to join the fight but a stray blast freed Pandemonium, who grabbed and pinned Wanda. Lore, caring little for her ally, blasted both of them and then seemingly destroyed Pandemonium when he complained about the treatment. The Avengers were released from Lore's control as she gathered energy into herself. Lore then attempted to summon forth the spirits of all of the Nexi she had ever slain in order to drain their powers and rejuvenate herself enough to destroy Earth-616. However, the spirits of the Nexi turned on Lore, tearing her apart. The Scarlet Witch then hurled Pandemonium's sword into Lore, who apparently exploded.

(Force Works I#8) - Agatha traveled to The Works, the Ventura, California headquarters of Force Works to spend Christmas Eve with the team and their associates. Catching up with the Scarlet Witch, leader of the superhero team, Agatha grew annoyed with the Recorder who, true to his nature, insisted on recording the gathering for posterity.

(Force Works I#10/2) - Agatha Harkness attended the funeral services for Simon Williams, also known as Wonder Man.

(Tales of the Marvels - Wonder Years I#2) - During Wonder Man's funeral, Agatha was so overcome with emotion, Spider-Man had to comfort her.

(Fantastic Four I#416 -BTS) - After Onslaught kidnapped Franklin Richards and took him to his newly erected citadel in Central Park, the powerful child tried to psychically call out to his parents. Agatha Harkness sensed his cry for help and went to Four Freedoms Plaza, unaware that Onslaught had twisted Franklin's psychic summons, turning it into wraithlike manifestations of the FF's greatest foes.

(Fantastic Four I#416) - Agatha arrived at the Baxter Building in time to help save the Invisible Woman from an attack by "Malice." Dispersing the Onslaught-created wraith with her magic, Agatha hugged her old friend and revealed that the physical manifestations were Franklin's doing, ensuring the boy was still alive.

(Generation X #20 - BTS) - While he was staying at the Massachussetts Academy following his parents' seeming death, Franklin Richards told Artie and Leech he used to have a witch as a nanny, assuring the slightly scared duo that Agatha was actually a beautiful, good witch.

(Silver Surfer III#135 - BTS) - Agatha became aware of a growing threat involving the Silver Surfer, the ancient mystical entity calling himself Scrier and the otherworldly Others.

(Silver Surfer III#135) - When Alicia Master refused Scrier's offer to cure Silver Surfer (who was suffering from a "soul virus" after losing a battle against the Others), Scrier teleported away. Distraught, Alicia considered contacting Doctor Strange to help out when the sculpture of the mage in her workshop transformed into one of Agatha. Harkness telepathically contacted and comforted Alicia before teleporting Masters and the ailing Surfer to Whisper Hill, where she immediately began working on enchantments to cure him. However, the otherworldly power of the Others was too great for Agatha to take on alone. Even worse, the virus had begun to eat away at the Surfer's control over his cosmic powers, which threatened to explode if he wasn't helped. Agatha and Alicia were surprised by the arrival of Scrier, who remembered Agatha from centuries earlier. Scrier offered to help once more, prompting Alicia to reconsider and allow his help. However, Scrier's only way of solving the Surfer's crisis was by killing him. Moments later, the discorporeal Silver Surfer was confronted by his old enemy Mephisto.

(Silver Surfer III#136) - While Mephisto and Silver Surfer had a battle of wits, Agatha and Scrier watched as Alicia Masters tended to her dead lover's silvery remains. Suddenly, both Agatha and Scrier picked up the presence of Norrin and Mephisto. Agatha wondered if Mephisto might be the reason Scrier had kept himself hidden all these centuries, only for the entity to scoff at the idea. He then decided it was time to bury the Surfer's remains, even though the upset Alicia demanded that she needed more time. Agatha guided Scrier to an old graveyard right behind Whisper Hill where Norrin Radd was to be buried. After the funeral, Alicia wanted to leave right away but Agatha insisted she stay the night, telling Masters it was time for the seance.

(Silver Surfer III#137 - BTS) - During the seance to contact the spirit of Norrin Radd, the hell lord Mephisto managed to overcome Agatha and take over her body. Quickly warping it into a form reminiscent of his own, Mephisto reveled in the fact that he now walked the earthly planes in physical form for the first time in ages.

(Silver Surfer III#137) - Using Agatha's mystical powers, Mephisto attacked Alicia and Scrier, who had trouble holding his own against the possessed sorceress. At the same time, Norrin Radd's disembodied spirit approached Alicia Masters, who willingly allowed him to share her form. While Mephisto savagely attacked his old enemy, Scrier used his influence to strengthen Agatha's consciousness trapped inside her body until the witch was powerful enough to actively try and wrest control of her own form. In the end, with the help of Scrier, Mephisto was cast out. As Silver Surfer's spirit left Alicia as well, Agatha and Scrier combined their powers to restore Radd to his original body, still buried in Harkness' backyard. Scrier and Silver Surfer then joined forces to try and stop the threat of the Others while Agatha remained with Alicia, telling the sculptress it would take long months of meditation to cleanse herself of being possessed by Mephisto. Regardless, she felt the experience served her well, seeing as she now had intimate knowledge about the very nature of true evil.

(Silver Surfer III#137 - BTS) - Troubled, Agatha told Alicia that her old lover Ben Grimm had only recently been restored back to life, unaware that the Thing had actually been stuck on Counter-Earth. Confused by her feelings for both Ben and the Surfer, Alicia requested to be teleported home. 

(Silver Surfer III#137) - Silver Surfer returned to Whisper Hill, figuring Alicia would be waiting there for him. Instead, Agatha met him and informed him she'd transported her back to her New York studio.

(Avengers III#10) - Agatha, already expecting her former pupil, warmly welcomed the Scarlet Witch when the Witch arrived seeking advice about herself, her feelings and the strange way her hex powers had been acting since her recent infusion with Morgan le Fay's magic. Agatha told Wanda about the changing nature of her powers. Confirming that she was no longer being affected by Morgan's magics, Harkness revealed that the encounter had caused Wanda's powers to mature before their time. Agatha insisted that the Scarlet Witch learned to control them as the results could be disastrous. She then revealed for the first time that Wanda's power were actually tied to the chaotic, magical energies of the Elder God Ch'thon (Wanda having been born on Wundagore Mountain, Ch'thon's ancient prison) and that her "hex bolts" had always been subconsciously generated bursts of chaos magic. Harkness assured Wanda she could learn to control these "chaos grenades" as the Witch called them. When Wanda wanted to know how she'd been able to summon the deceased Wonder Man, the old witch couldn't help but laugh over the fact that the Witch still understood so little about her powers. Harkness explained to Wanda that she'd become Simon Williams' anchor to the living world because he loved Wanda more than life itself. All she had to do, Agatha assured Wanda, was love him back. Encouraged by what she'd learned, Wanda returned to Avengers Mansion.

(Avengers III#11 - BTS) - While facing Wonder Man and a number of deceased Avengers that had been resurrected and enthralled by the Grim Reaper, the Scarlet Witch was captured and tied up at Avengers Mansion while the Reaper and his team went out to deal with the other Avengers. Agatha Harkness, sensing she was needed, traveled from Whisper Hill to assist the Scarlet Witch.

(Avengers III#11) - Agatha arrived at Avengers Mansion just as Wanda had freed herself. Harkness managed to stop the Scarlet Witch from racing after the Grim Reaper, convincing Maximoff that the battle could only be won through magic. She helped Wanda as she summoned chaos magic to not only restore Wonder Man back to life but cancel out the Grim Reaper's control of Wonder Man and the other dead Avengers. As Wanda, with extreme difficulty, brought Simon back to life, Harkness watched as Williams yanked his brother Eric through the rift between our world and the realm of the dead as well before it closed.

(Avengers: Forever #9 - BTS) - While reviewing his complex personal history, Kang the Conqueror recalled how he once kidnapped Agatha Harkness during his quest to find the Celestial Madonna.

(X-Man #59 - BTS) - While visiting the Fantastic Four to learn more about his powers, X-Man (Earth-295's Nate Grey) had a conversation with Franklin Richards. When the subject turned to their favorite Avenger, Franklin said it was Scarlet Witch, not because of the costume as X-Man figured, but because she was best friends with his nanny Agatha Harkness, "a real witch from Salem, not just another mutant like us." Nate Grey replied he'd like to meet her someday.

(Maximum Security I#3) - When Earth was infected with the spore of Ego the Living Planet, who quickly began taking over the entire world as he grew, Agatha Harkness joined fellow magic users Mechamage, Margali Szardos, the Scarlet Witch, Dakimh, Khalid Inshallah and Jules St. Thomas in an attempt to cast Ego out via magical means. Their spells failed to do the trick, however, ultimately forcing Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) to absorb Ego's essence into his body and save Earth.

(Witches I#1) - Agatha Harkness was one of several magic-users (along with Belasco, Brother Voodoo, the Enchantress and others) who sensed the release of the Hellphyr from the Tome of Zhered-Na.

(Doc Samson II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Jack Holyoak studied under various mystics, including Agatha Harkness.

(Avengers I#503 (fb)) - When Agatha's spells that prevented the Scarlet Witch from remembering her lost twins wore off, the emotionally unstable Wanda went to Whisper Hill and demanded to know why people thought she once had two children. Harkness tried to soothe her former charge but Wanda grew furious.

(Avengers I#503 (fb) - BTS) - Using her reality altering powers, Wanda transformed Whisper Hill into her new home, creating illusions of her lost twin boys and the Vision. She also forced Agatha Harkness to join the "perfect little family" that she happily played housewife and mother for.

(Avengers I#503) - When the Avengers realized Wanda was responsible for the recent string of tragedies and attacks against them, they located her at Whisper Hill with some assistance from Doctor Strange. While the team fought Wanda, Colonel Nick Fury led a team of S.H.I.E.L.D agents into Whisper Hill, where they discovered the decomposing remains of Agatha Harkness with Fury commenting she'd been rotting there for a long time.

(Marvel Tarot I#1) - Ian McNee consulted his newly acquired First Tarot deck on Earth's archetypes. He learned that Agatha Harkness was listed as one of three High Priestesses, along with the Scarlet Witch and Storm (Ororo Munroe). However, the deck couldn't confirm if Agatha was alive or dead.

(Avengers IV#29 - BTS) - During the Phoenix Five crisis, the Avengers decided they needed a powerful telepath to aid them in their fight against the five mutants inadvertently empowered by the Phoenix Force and causing global havoc. Agatha Harkness was among the potential candidates the team reviewed.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee (writer), Jack Kirby (pencils) and Joe Sinnott (inks).

It's never been explained who was controlling Wanda when she attacked Moondragon in Avengers I#134. At the time, it must have appeared as if Agatha was the one pulling the strings, but she's never been seen doing something like that since (well, sure, back with Firestar in Nova, but she was young then). I guess it's more likely both Wanda and Agatha were being manipulated by Dormammu, who kidnapped them shortly afterwards.

So, is Agatha alive or dead? Well, she's beat death before so it's not unthinkable she'll pop up when you least expect her. Some consider the "aunt Agatha" person that Wanda Maximoff kept mentioning when she was still hiding in Transia following her meltdown to be proof Agatha Harkness was already among the living again. However, I've decided not to include her in this profile, seeing as it's altogether possible she was merely one of Wanda's delusions.

Jack Kirby allegedly based Agatha's appearance on actress Agnes Moorehead (1900-1974) who at the time played the witch Endora on the hit comedy series Bewitched.

All in all, apart from the unconfirmed reports from Transia, Agatha Harkness has been dead for a decade or so and she was barely used since the mid 1990s to begin with. A shame to have one of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's final collaborative creations languish in obscurity. I'd say get her back, get her in a movie... Even if Bea Arthur is no longer available to play the crotchety ol' crone.

Agatha Harkness received profiles in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#1 (1983), Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition#4 (1986), Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition#17 (1987), Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition#1 (1993), Marvel Encyclopedia Vol. 6: Fantastic Four (2005), Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z#5 (2006), Mystic Arcana: The Book of Marvel Magic and the Marvel Tarot.

"First, there's the matter of Agatha's age. Since she is definitely an old woman (in both appearance and powers) in the late 20th Century and yet apparently a young woman in the late 17th Century, it's reasonable to assume that she (as a powerful sorceress) ages more slowly than normal humans. However in Silver Surfer #135 she states that she saw Scrier die "five centuries before Atlantis fell". Which suggests that she was alive over 20 thousand years ago. My theory is that she was actually born in either the late 16th or early 17th Century but at some point travelled back in time to 18,5000 BC, perhaps even in her astral form.

Secondly, there's the matter of Agatha's extended family. Seeing as she's always been called 'Miss' Harkness and no story has claimed otherwise, she was never actually married to the "husband" that impregnated her. It's even been suggested by her granddaughter Gazelle that the person wasn't exactly human, perhaps even a devil-type of demon. This seems likely given the fact that their son was named Nicholas Scratch (both names are synonyms for Satan). Speaking of Nicholas Scratch, he's the father of the Salem's Seven, children he had with at least two unidentified wives. This means Agatha has several daughters-in-law."
- Don Campbell

Profile by Norvo

Agatha Harkness should not be confused with

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X-Men: The Hidden Years I#9 (August 2000) - John Byrne (writer, pencils), Tom Palmer (inks), Jason Liebig (editor)
Maximum Security I#3 (January 2001) - Kurt Busiek (writer), Jerry Ordway (pencils), Mark McKenna, Paul Ryan, Will Blyberg (inks), Tom Brevoort, Marc Sumerak (editor)
Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comics Magazine I#4 (May 2001) - Erik Larsen (writer), Ron Frenz (pencils), Bruce Timm (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comics Magazine I#5 (June 2001) - Kurt Busiek (writer), Ron Frenz (pencils), Bruce Timm (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Witches I#1 (August 2004) - Brian Patrick Walsh (writer), Mike Deodato Jr. (pencils, inks), John Miesegaes, Axel Alonso (editors)
Avengers I#503 (December 2004) - Brian Michael Bendis (writer), David Finch, Olivier Coipel (pencils), Danny Miki (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Marvel Tarot I#1 (2007) - David Sexton (writer, pencils, inks) Jeff Youngquist (editor)
Avengers IV#29 (October 2012) - Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Walt Simonson (pencils), Scott Hanna (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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