Real Name: Grom

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Eternals of Eyung) mental collective

Occupation: Self-proclaimed galactic conquerer;
    former superhero, gladiator

Group Membership: Eternals of Eyung;
    formerly the Defenders, Chorus

Affiliations:  Dr. Octopus (Otto Octavius), Eternals of Eyung, the Purple Man, Thunderbolts (Atlas, Baron (Helmut) Zemo, Blizzard (Donnie Gill), Joystick, Radioactive Man, Smuggler (Conrad Josten), Songbird, Swordsman (Andreas Strucker) );
    formerly Vera Cantor, Chorus (Al Gentle, Theodore Kroeber, Philip le Guin, Georgia Orr, Ursula Richards, Mindy Williams), Cloud, the Defenders (Beast, Doctor Strange, Gargoyle, Hellcat, Hulk, Iceman, Nighthawk, Silver Surfer, Son of Satan, Sub-Mariner, Valkyrie), Dolly Donahue, Mad Thinker, Null the Living Darkness, the population of Millwood, New Hampshire (Aaron, Dina, Joe, Ted, Terry, others), Puppet Master, the Scarlet Witch, the Squadron Supreme (Amphibian, Arcanna, Cap'n Hawk, Doctor Spectrum, Golden Archer, Haywire, Hyperion, Lady Lark/Skylark, Moonglow, Nuke, Power Princess, Shape, Tom Thumb, Whizzer), the Strangers' prisoners, the Vision

Enemies: Beast, Chaos King (Mikaboshi), Defenders (Beast, Doctor Strange, Gargoyle, Hellcat, Hulk, Iceman, Nighthawk, Silver Surfer, Son of Satan, Sub-Mariner, Valkyrie), Doctor Victor von Doom, Doctor Stephen Strange, Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Mister Fantastic, Thing), Gargoyle (Christians), Gigantans of Gigantus, Grandmaster, Hulk, Makkari,  August Masters, Mikaboshi, Miracle Man, New Thunderbolts (Atlas, Blizzard (Gill), Joystick, MACH-IV, Photon (Genis), Radioactive Man, Songbird, Speed Demon), Nighthawk, Chorus (see roster above), Quasar, Scarlet Witch, Silver Surfer, Son of Satan, Squadron Supreme (Amphibian, Arcanna, Cap'n Hawk, Doctor Spectrum, Golden Archer, Haywire, Hyperion, Lady Lark/Skylark, Moonglow, Nuke, Power Princess, Shape, Tom Thumb, Whizzer), Stranger, Sub-Mariner (Namor), Valkyrie (Brunnhilde), Vision, the Watchers

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: Champion of Champions, Overmind

Base of Operations: Currently unrevealed;
    formerly Millwood, New Hampshire;
        Doctor Strange's sanctum sanctorum;
        an unidentified world in the Microverse;
        the planet Eyung (now destroyed), Andromeda galaxy;
       presumably active in the war on Gigantus

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#113 (August, 1971)

Powers/Abilities: The Over-Mind can lift (press) approximately 10 tons without his psionic energies. With the aid of those energies, he can lift (press) 70 tons. 

    Over-Mind possesses superhuman physical attributes derived from his alien nature as well as vast psionic powers. overmindgrom-ancient-armor

    Over-Mind's body is far superior to a human being's in strength, endurance, and resistance to injury.

    He is also virtually immortal. 

    He can read minds, project mental illusions, and possesses psychokinetic abilities.

Height: 10' 
750 lbs 
Dark red (formerly black)

(Fantastic Four I#115 (fb)) - Grom was a powerful conqueror of the warring race of Eternals of Eyung untold millennia ago. 

    The merciless and cruel Grom helped destroy many planets and enslave many races, and fully enjoyed the spoils of war.

    Grom participated in arena-style games and won hundreds of combats against men and beasts.

    He eventually participated in the ultimate game, and was pitted against a fully armed battalion of slaves fighting for their freedom.

    When he defeated them, he was declared the Champion of Champions, the highest position among the Eternals.overmindgrom-ancient-armor-challenge

(Fantastic Four I#115 (fb) - BTS / All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#6: Over-Mind entry ) - Grom was presumably involved the Eyungians' assault on the Gigantus, an immense Dyson sphere. 

    After millennia, the Eyungians realized they had attacked a world too immense for them to handle and that they might eventually be overwhelmed. 

    Fleeing Gigantus, the Eyungians dropped a number of anti-matter Reaction Bombs that destroyed Gigantus. 

    However, a massive fleet of Gigantans escaped their world's destruction and they assaulted Eyung, dropping their own Reaction Bombs on it.

(Fantastic Four I#115 (fb)) - The Eternals faced the pending destruction of their planet. 

    Millions of Eternals across the planet entered synthesizing chambers, and their minds were transferred into the form of Grom, who'd been selected to live on as the powerful Over-Mind.

    Needing time to assimilate all of those minds, Over-Mind was put into suspended animation and sent, via interstellar beamer, into "the trackless voids beyond the galaxies" (presumably an intergalactic space) in a capsule.

    The Eyungian leader prophesied:

"From beyond the stars shall come the Over-Mind, and he shall crush the universe!"

(Fantastic Four I#115 (fb) - BTS) - Eyung was destroyed, and the Eternals of Eyung perished. 
(Fantastic Four I#115 (fb)) - In a state of suspended animation, the Over-Mind drifted, incubating, with protective spore growing and disguising his still form from chance discovery. overmindgrom-spore

(Fantastic Four I#115 (fb)) - Eventually, Over-Mind awoke with his powers fully realized. He formed the spore into a space-craft and, prepared to began conquering and destroying, headed toward Earth

(Fantastic Four I#114 (fb)) - After arriving on Earth, Over-Mind hid his ship in a junkyard beneath several old cars (which he lifted into place with his mind). He then took mental control of the mayor of New York City.

(Fantastic I#113) - Through the mayor, the Over-Mind had the Fantastic Four arrested by the police. He then planned to control the president, military generals, and every ruler on Earth to achieve supreme power.

(Fantastic Four I#114) - Over-Mind took to the streets and made the people around him see him in normal clothes when they reacted to him nervously. When he saw the Fantastic Four aboard their ship using their powers, he decided to test them out. He traded blows with the Thing and dissolved the clothing illusion he'd been using. After shattering a pillar on the Thing, he turned the Human Torch's flames back on the Torch in a sphere of altered energy. He then dissolved the Invisible Girl's force fields and pounded the Thing again. Determining that he had learned all he needed, he put the illusion of his disguise back on and erased the memory of the battle from the heroes' minds. Over-Mind returned to his ship in the junkyard, chased off a snarling dog, and recorded his exploits on the Tablet of the Eternals. He then hid his ship behind the wrecked cars again.

(Fantastic Four I#115) - Noting the extreme intelligence of Mister Fantastic, Over-Mind determined that this would be his best pawn in this battle. He mentally controlled Mister Fantastic, who battled his teammates and left to join Over-Mind.

(Fantastic Four I#116) - Over-Mind mentally tormented Mister Fantastic before realizing that the hero had managed to leave a trail for his teammates to follow. The other three Fantastic Four members attacked, and Over-Mind reveled in battling them. He effectively held off the heroes while boasting of how he would conquer the universe. After Human Torch and the Thing were defeated, Over-Mind and Mister Fantastic turned to terrorizing the citizens of New York. The other three heroes -- with new ally Doctor Doom -- soon attacked again, and Doom used a psionic-refractor to turn Over-Mind's powers back on himself. Over-Mind eventually shorted out the machine and defeated Doom. As Over-Mind gloried in his power, he was startled by the sudden arrival of the Stranger, who stated that he was a similar being to Over-Mind except that he was a composite body sent from Gigantus. Before Over-Mind could react, the Stranger shrunk Over-Mind, sending him to a lifeless microscopic world where Over-Mind would be powerless to conquer anything.

(Defenders I#114 (fb)) - After many months in the Microverse world, Over-Mind was driven mad with loneliness. He was eventually discovered by the demonic alien Null the Living Darkness, who took mental control of Over-Mind. Null tried to bring Over-Mind back to Earth, but instead arrived on the parallel world Earth-712 (home of the Squadron Supreme). 

    Still determined to conquer this Earth/universe, Null guided the Over-Mind's shattered psyche and set into motion its plan to take control of Earth's politcal leaders, starting with the head of the most powerful nation of that world, President Kyle Richmond of the United States of America. 

(Defenders I#115 (fb) - BTS) - Over-Mind used too much power in the process of trying to take over Kyle Richmond, damaging his consciousness.

(Defenders I#115 (fb) - BTS) - Null someone utilized a biological construction of Richmond, which housed Null's essence while Null continued to evolve. 

(Defenders I#115 (fb) - BTS) - Meanwhile, the psychic collective from Earth-616 that would later be designated Chorus -- having failed in its attempt to save the life of Kyle Richmond-616 and having instead saved the criminal August Masters, who was responsible for Kyle's death, by shunting him out of reality to Earth-712 -- followed Masters to Earth-712 and then imprinted the memories of Richmond-616 onto Richmond-712.

(Defenders I#112 (fb)) - Over-Mind began planting seeds of world domination over a period of time, inviting world and political leaders to the White House and mentally controlling them as well. Null (in Richmond) invoked martial law over the country, claiming there was a conspiracy to overthrow the government, giving himself control over the country. Months later, Over-Mind and Richmond met the Squadron Supreme at their space headquarters, where Richmond revealed their evil plot to the heroes. In a pitched battle, Over-Mind defeated one hero after another until all eleven of them were unconscious or incapacitated, though Hyperion escaped unexpectedly. Over-Mind turned the country against Hyperion, and mentally subjugated the rest of the Squadron to act as his personal force. 

(Defenders I#112 (fb) - BTS) - After the Over-Mind had other satellites blanket Earth in Argonite radiation, Hyperion dismantled Rocket Central and used its lead-lined walls to construct an underground base. Unable to travel to Earth-616, he instead sent an interdimensional distress call.

(Defenders I#112 (fb)) - Using the Squadron and his power, Over-Mind started several conflicts and wars until he ruled the world. He then turned his attention to space, and set up base on the moon where he used his knowledge of Eternian science to build a fleet that would lead him to the stars.

(Defenders I#113) - Over-Mind led the Squadron Supreme in the building of the fleet from the moon base, and he repeated the prophecy that would guide him to seek the vengeance the Eternas of Eyung craved. Chorus helped Hyperion bring several Earth heroes (Beast, Doctor Strange, Gargoyle, Nighthawk, Scarlet Witch, Silver Surfer, Son of Satan, Sub-Mariner, Vision, and Valkyrie) to Earth-712 to oppose Over-Mind and Null. The heroes engaged in several battles with the Squadron on the moon until the Squadron was defeated. When Over-Mind stepped into battle, he shook off blows from Hyperion and the Hulk. 

    However, August Masters then murdered Pres. Richmond, causing Null the Living Darkness to be released upon the world, and Over-Mind collapsed, his prophecy on his lips.

(Defenders I#114) - In order to grow more powerful, Null began to leech off the energy from the millions of minds in Over-Mind's form, causing Over-Mind to writhe in pain. Chorus gathered all the heroes into itself and engaged in a massive battle with Null. Both beings exploded in an energy burst, and Chorus entered Over-Mind's form. When Null gathered the last of Over-Mind's energies, Chorus entered Null and caused him to cease to exist. Chorus then took over Over-Mind's body, the minds of the Eternals now no longer in control of his form.

(Quasar I#16 (fb)) - The Eternal minds were not repelled, but somehow were stunned and held in check while Chorus controlled Over-Mind's form. 

(Defenders I#115) - Chorus in Over-Mind confronted the real Earth-712 Kyle Richmond about the real Kyle's death. He then returned to Earth-616 with the other Defenders and the maddened August Masters.

(Defenders I#116) - Over-Mind moved into Doctor Strange's mansion and decided to remain with the Defenders. Now referring to himself as an 'us,' Over-Mind sensed a loneliness in Doctor Strange. In an attempt to comfort him, Over-Mind used the Cauldron of the Cosmos to show Strange the recent love developments between Son of Satan and Hellcat, Beast and Vera Cantor, Sub-Mariner and Valkyrie, and Gargoyle and Dolly Donahue. Feeling enlightened, Strange and Over-Mind flew into the air and put on a fireworks display for their teammates.

(Defenders I#117) - Chorus attended a funeral for Kyle Richmond, then went on a quest with Doctor Strange and Gargoyle to allow each of Chorus to bid goodbye to their past lives. Chorus apparently shifted Over-Mind's form into each of theirs as they confronted their pasts. The being, in Over-Mind, decided to remain with the Defenders.

(Defenders I#120) - Chorus in Over-Mind helped track down the missing Son of Satan through Patsy's connection with him. He then flew with the Defenders to find him.

(Defenders I#121) - The Defenders battled psychic constructs made by the Miracle Man, then found the villain and Son of Satan in a monastery. To demonstrate his powers, Miracle Man brought new life to a town in Indonesia, impressing Over-Mind. Realizing the corruption of the villain's powers, Over-Mind attacked, but Miracle Man turned his powers back on him. Hellcat and a weakened Over-Mind combined their mental talents to drive Son of Satan's Darksoul out of Miracle Man, defeating the villain.

(Defenders I#122) - Chorus in Over-Mind joined the Defenders in wishing well Hellcat and Son of Satan on their engagement, meeting new member Iceman, and going out to dinner.

(Defenders I#150 (BTS) (fb)) - When Cloud sent out a distress call to Earth about stars disappearing in space, Over-Mind was the only one to respond. He blanked his departure out of his teammates' minds (they wouldn't notice he was gone for several months) and went to space to investigate. There, he seemingly perished in the void, according to Cloud.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#40/4 (fb)) - Chorus in Over-Mind wandered aimlessly for a time searching for a purpose. He soon came across the town of Millwood, New Hampshire, and the population of 800 suffering from exposure to toxic chemicals. He used his powers to affect the population's brains so that they would see their world around him as normal, and their natural healing abilities kept them alive.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#40/4) - When government agents discovered the toxic spill, they were shocked to discover the town still living. They were led to Over-Mind by Joe and Ted and found Over-Mind was teaching a classroom full of children. When the agents saw the Over-Mind, Terry, Dina, and Aarron were among the students that explained his origins to the agents. After some coercing from the agents and the kids, Over-Mind released his mental hold on the town. The citizens quickly became ill again and Over-Mind left them to their fate with a tear in his eye.

(Quasar I#16 (fb)) - When the Squadron Supreme appeared on Earth-616, their extradimensional brain patterns were sensed by Over-Mind. The Eternal minds were reawakened, and the minds of Chorus were consumed by the Eternian minds and Over-Mind's true personality returned. 

(Quasar I#13) - Over-Mind, who'd been living as a vagrant, made his way to the junkyard where he'd buried his spaceship years before, and found it still intact. He then found the Squadron Supreme (Dr. Spectrum, Haywire, Skylark, Moonglow, Power Princess, Shape, Whizzer) and took mental control of them. They boarded his ship, and he took off to find and destroy the Stranger, that mission being more important to him that global domination. When Quasar investigated, Shape and Haywire were sent to detain him and left behind.

(Quasar I#14) - Over-Mind and his five Squadron slaves arrived at the Stranger's homeworld, and Over-Mind used his vast intellect to get past the Stranger's defense system. A mental scan revealed that the Stranger was not on the planet, but there were dozens of captives there. Over-Mind sent the Squadron to investigate the planet. Later, in the control center, Over-Mind sensed Quasar, Hyperion, and Makkari on the planet, and realized that he could not mind-control any of them. To distract them, and to garner a stronger army, he let loose all of the Stranger's captives. 

(Quasar I#15) - Over-Mind took mental control of some of the captives to join his personal army. By tracking Over-Mind's emanations, Quasar tracked him down, and Over-Mind tried again unsuccessfully to mind-control him. Over-Mind told Quasar that unless Quasar brought the Stranger to him then Over-Mind would telepathically kill the entire Squadron. When the Stranger arrived with Quasar, he walked into a telepathic trap that Over-Mind had set for him. 

(Quasar I#16) - While Over-Mind continued attacking a depleted Stranger, he explained his origins to Quasar. The slightly recovered Stranger began to trade psychic blows with the Over-Mind, and the two foes remained in battle for many minutes. Some of Over-Mind's mental slaves, including the Squadron and some of the Stranger's captives, battled the Earth heroes, and served as a distraction for the Stranger. Over-Mind soon released his control of his captives to gather more energy for his mental battle with the Stranger. Over-Mind was slowly triumphing, until the Stranger revealed that he was not, in fact, a product of the Gigantans, but that he had only met such a being once before it had perished. When dozens of Watchers materialized above the battle, a sense of paranoia overwhelmed Over-Mind and he lost his focus and fell before the Stranger, lapsing into a coma. 

(Fantastic Four: Foes I#1) - The Over-Mind (who'd returned to Earth under unknown circumstances, and whose mental state was unknown) attended a conference alongside several of the Fantastic Four's biggest enemies. At the conference, the Puppet-Master proposed a major villain alliance, and Over-Mind and others walked out in embarrassment. Over-Mind did not realize that the Mad Thinker had taken a sample of his DNA.

(Fantastic Four: Foes I#4-5 - BTS) - The Mad Thinker used the DNA samples he'd procured from the villains in a major plot that involved the Fantastic Four building a prison in the Negative Zone and capturing there enemies there. Most of the villains later revolted and battled the FF. Over-Mind's involvement in these proceedings is unknown.

(New Thunderbolts I#12 (fb) - BTS) - Purple Man found Over-Mind and used his powers to subjugate Over-Mind to his control. Over the coming months, he used Over-Mind's telepathy to keep track of activities in the city. Purple Man spread his pheromones throughout the city through the water supply, and used Baron Zemo's moonstones to open portals to control people out of range of his voice.

(New Thunderbolts I#1-11 - BTS) - Over-Mind continued to unwillingly help Purple Man by tracking the Thunderbolts and others through the city.

(New Thunderbolts I#12) - Purple Man had Over-Mind follow the Thunderbolts' activities while monitoring all those under Purple Man's control. Purple Man was eventually defeated. What became of Over-Mind is unknown.

(Thunderbolts I#108) - Over-Mind telepathically monitored dozens of heroes and villains' (including Dr. Octopus) efforts to quell the rising chaos of super-powers being granted to much of the world's population by the mysterious Wellspring of Universal Power. Baron Zemo and Grandmaster battled to control the energies while Over-Mind ensured everyone else was doing their part. When the time was right, Over-Mind telepathically drew everyone together, learning supremely about humanity through the experience, and fielded the energy into a mighty blast that helped Zemo to win over Grandmaster, effectively 'saving the day.'

(Chaos War: Chaos King#1) - Over-Mind was among the souls enslaved by the Chaos King as he tried to erase all of existence.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, John Buscema, and Joe Sinnott.

"From beyond the stars shall come the Over-Mind,
and he shall crush the universe!"

    In his original appearance, the Over-Mind's arrival on Earth required the intervention of Uatu the Watcher to defeat him. Since then, he has spent much of his history under the thrall of others, including Null the Living Darkness, Chorus, the Mad Thinker, and the Purple Man. Over-Mind's sporadic motivations (as in why hasn't he tried conquering the Earth since leaving the Stranger's world) could perhaps be attributed to his mental instability... perhaps the Eternian minds aren't fully gestated or something.

    His name was first spelled Over-Mind. The rule of thumb is that the first spelling is right.

    Originally, the planet was not identified, and it was just shown as the world of the "Eternals." Later, it was called Eternus, but was eventually retconned to Eyung in Quasar I#14-16.

    An alternate-reality version of the Over-Mind traveled back in time to (then-current) Earth-712 to help the Scarlet Centurion defeat the Nth Man in the Squadron Supreme Graphic Novel.

    Whenever I read the entry on Overmind, I smile as I realize that he is what Superman was originally intended to be – a villain with artificially induced telepathic powers. Indeed, I believe he was originally created to be Superman in reverse.
--Anthony Durrant

    Over-Mind received an entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe II#9. 

Profile by Chadman;
further images added and a few corrections/clarifications by Snood.

Grom, the Over-Mind, has no known connections to

The citizens of Millwood, New Hampshire

Joe  Ted  Aarron  Dina  Terry

(Marvel Comics Presents I#40/4 (fb)) - The town of Millwood, New Hampshire, which was in an economic slump, was exposed to a toxic spill and got very ill. When Over-Mind came to the town, he mind-controlled them into seeing the world around them as normal, a process that jump-started their own ability to heal themselves. Over-Mind spent time with the kids in the classroom teaching them about the world. 

(Marvel Comics Presents I#40/4) - When government agents showed up to investigate the toxic spill, they were shocked to see the state the town was in. Joe and Ted directed their questions to the Over-Mind, who was teaching the kids in the school. Aarron had questions, Terry helped explain Over-Mind's origins, and Dina implored the Over-Mind to release his mental hold on them. The government agents did so as well, and Over-Mind released his hold. The people quickly became ill again. The agents called ambulances to treat them right away.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#40/4 (40/4 (fb), 40/4

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