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Real Name: Uatu

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial Watchers (distant past to modern era)

Occupation: Watcher of sector W7598310 (the Sol system)

Group Membership: Watchers (Acba, Atul, Emnu, Engu, Edda, Egma, the One, Qyre, high observer Yruku, Uravo, Zoma and others)

Affiliations: Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur), Avengers (Black Knight/Dane Whitman, Black Panther/T'Challa, Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Crystal/Crystalia Amaquelin, Firebird/Bonita Juarez, Hank Pym, Hercules/Heracles, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Mantis, Sersi, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Swordsman/Jacques DuQuesne, Thor, Vision/"Victor Shade", Wasp/Janet Van Dyne), Kayla Ballantine, Blue Marvel (Adam Brashear), Brethren, John Byrne, Julius Caesar, Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell), Celestials, Colonel Bel-Dann, Collector (Tanneleer Tivan), Colonel America (Trenton Craft), Cosmic Congress (Lord Chaos, Death, Eternity, Galactus, In-Betweener, Infinity, Master Order, Oblivion), Damage Control (Lenny Ballinger, Robin Chapel, John Porter, Bart Rozum), Deathlok (Michael Collins), Defenders (Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Hulk/Bruce Banner, Dr. Stephen Strange, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Valkyrie), Dr. Stephen Strange of Earth-311, Dreaming Celestial, Her, Edifice Rex, Epoch, Fantastic Four (Ant-Man/Scott Lang, Black Panther/T'Challa, Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Susan Richards-Storm, Medusa/Medusalith Amaquelin, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Ms. Marvel/Sharon Ventura, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Thing/Ben Grimm), Fantastic Four of Earth-7712, Fantastic Force (Devlor, Huntara/Maria Alvarez, Psi-Lord/Franklin Richards, Vibraxas/N'Kano II), Foursaken (Jamie Braddock, Godfrey Calthrop, Ned Horrocks, Amina Synge), Four Muses, Future Foundation (Ahura, Ant-Man/Scott Lang, Bentley-23, Dragon Man, Adolf Impossible, Kor, Leech, Artie Maddicks, Medusa/Medusalith Amaquelin, Mik, Miss Thing/Darla Deering, Onome, Alex Power, She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Tong, Turg, Vil, Wu), Gaea, Gladiator (Kallark), Grandmaster (En Dwi Gast), Gravity (Greg Willis), Agatha Harkness, Hood (Parker Robbins), Impossible Man (Impy), Illuminati (Black Bolt/Blackagor Boltagon, Dr. Stephen Strange, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Professor X/Charles Xavier), Inhumans (Black Bolt/Blackagor Boltagon, Gorgon, Karnak, Medusa/Medusalith Amaquelin, Triton), Justice League of America (Atom/Ray Palmer, Aquaman/Arthur Parks, Batman/Bruce Wayne, Captain Atom/Christopher Nathaniel Adams, Firestorm/Ronald Raymond, Flash/Wally West, Green Arrow/Oliver Quinn, Green Lantern/Kyle Rayner, Martian Manhunter/J'onn Jonz, Plastic Man/Patrick "Eel" O'Brian, Red Tornado, Steel/John Henry Irons, Superman/Clark Kent, Wonder Woman/Diana Prince, Zatanna Zatara), Rick Jones, Queen Kalthea, Ka-Zar (Kevin Plunder), Karant Kiar, Kraven the Hunter (Aloysha Kravinoff), Kronos, Living Tribunal, Dr. Cassandra Locke, Lyja the Laserfist, Magistrati, Makkari, Mistress Love, Willie Lumpkin, Lunatic Legion, Molecule Man (Owen Reece), Lilandra Neramani, Nova (Sam Alexander), Odin, Omegex, Quasar (Wendell Vaughn), Empress R'Klll, Raksor, Franklin Richards, Reed Richards Rocket Group of Earth-8212, Nathaniel Richards, Valeria Richards, Santa Claus, Scrier, Southpaw (Sasha Martin), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Sun Tzu, Supreme Intelligence, Stranger, Time-Keepers, Leonard Tippit, Time Variance Authority, Ute, Venom (Mac Gargan), Kristoff Vernard, Volcana, Adam Warlock, X-Men (Bishop/Lucas Bishop, Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, Colossus/Piotr Rasputin, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Emma Frost, Marvel Girl/Rachel Grey, Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, Psylocke/Betsy Braddock), Xxan Xxar, Zarrko the Tomorrow Man (disguised as Doom's aide Boris), Zero/One (see comments)

Enemies: A'Sai, Abraxas, Akhenaten, Authority, Doctor Doom (Victor von Doom), Doctor Midas, Exitar, Exterminatrix, Leader (Samuel Sterns), Nick Fury, He-Who-Summons, Immortus, Living Laser, Lunatic Legion, Magus, Mephisto, Messiah, Mindless Ones, Orb, Prosilicans, Red Ghost (Ivan Kragoff), Super Apes (Igor, Miklho, Peotor), Red Hulk (Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross), Starblasters, Sun-Stealer (Xakku), Time-Twisters, Tempus

Known Relatives: Ulana (wife), unnamed son, Ikor (father, deceased), Aron (nephew, deceased), Qyre (cousin), Zoma (cousin), Ecce (ancestor), Antiphon (ancestor, see comments)

Aliases: None;
    "my friend", "the doer" (nicknames used by the Blue Marvel), "Big baldy" (nickname used by the Flash), "Mr. Peepers" (nickname used by Green Arrow), "You idiotic alien" (nickname used by Her), "Y'bleedin baby man' (nickname used by Mr. Hyde), "big bald man" (nickname used by Hulk), "Mister Watcher" (nickname used by Sam "Nova" Alexander), "ancient one" (nickname used by Proctor), "Baldie" (nickname used by Red Hulk), "That ol' fuddy dud" (nickname used by Sersi), "Ol' big dome" (nickname used by the Thing), "The man on the Moon", "That moon-faced so-and-so" (nicknames used by Quasar), "my love", "shared heart", "song of my heart" (nicknames used by Ulana).

Base of Operations: Observatory in the Blue Area of the Moon;
    formerly mobile across the universe;
    formerly the Watcher's homeworld T37-X

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#13 (April, 1963)

Powers/Abilities: Uatu possessed all the conventional powers of a member of the Watcher race, which were considered well beyond human comprehension. Among his recorded abilities were telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, astral projection and clairvoyance. Uatu could generate powerful energy blasts of unrevealed composition (possibly the Power Cosmic). He could fire them from either his hands or his eyes. He could also use the energy to create protective force fields, barriers and globules of shimmering syntho-matter. Uatu was able to alter his appearance, shifting the color of his skin, shrinking or growing in size at will and even impersonating other members of his race though he rarely used this ability. He could manipulate the space/time continuum in various ways, causing time to speed up, aging people in moments, or effortlessly creating multiple rifts through time and space, summoning or transporting specific individuals at will. Uatu can leave a fully interactive afterimage or send out an invisible, electro-image of himself capable of investigating planets on its own. Like all Watchers, Uatu is virtually immortal provided he is regularly exposed to delta rays and no longer has to eat or sleep. Curious by nature, he was considered something of a rebel for breaking his oath of non-interference on more than one occassion. Uatu had a self confessed love for humanity, often finding himself moved by man's actions. He was an expert in the construction and use of various types of alien technology and well versed in the history of the universe. The Watcher had a semblance of omniscience, often aware of events and people centuries ahead of time. His eyes were the repository of all his knowledge and memories. This information could be accessed and shared by others after the organs were removed from his body.

Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Bald


(Tales of Suspense I#53 (fb) - BTS) - Eons before the birth of Earth, the beings that would become known as the Watchers lived on T37-X, a world in a distant galaxy where they inhabited floating cities. Highly intelligent, peace loving and moral, they were beyond war, crime and dishonesty. The Watcher race had even uncovered the secret of virtual immortality: regular exposure to delta-rays that revitalized the cells in the body, granting an additional century for every treatment.

(Tales of Suspense I#53 (fb) ) - Uatu was born into a prestigious family, one of the sons of the well regarded Ikor, who served on the world governing body. In time, Uatu became a member of the council as well. He was present when his father presented the council with a startling proposition: Ikor wanted to start sharing their vast knowledge with less fortunate races in the galaxy. Uatu agreed with his father, but they were opposed by Emnu who felt that it wasn't right for inferior peoples to profit by their toil. He was eventually overruled and agreed to accompany Uatu, Ikor and a fellow councilor on their universal goodwill mission. The foursome was subjected to an experimental treatment with cosmic anti-matter isotopes that allowed them to fly flaster than the swiftest spaceship by converting their bodies into living energy. Using these forms, they travelled to Prosilicus, a world considered rather primitive by their standards. They decided to land and share their knowledge, figuring their help would make them centuries more advanced. After gaining the Prosilicans' trust, Ikor shared the secrets of nuclear energy, explaining how this almost unlimited form of atomic power could be beneficial to society. Satisfied, the Watchers departed to study a cosmic phenomenon that kept them distracted long enough for the Prosilican society to descend into a nuclear war that all but wiped out their civilization. When Uatu and the others passed by the planet again, they were horrified to see what they had indirectly caused. The few survivors approached them and bitterly condemned the aliens for unleashing the "demoniacal force" that destroyed them. Unable to undo the catastrophe, Ikor decreed that from that moment on his people would become a race of Watchers: observing and recording, but never partaking in the affairs of others.

(FF II#16 (fb) - BTS) - The Watchers were assigned to serve the Living Tribunal, functioning as the ongoing scribes of the Journal of Life upon which the Living Tribunal base Their judgements. As such, the Watchers are forever under the Tribunal's protection.

(Hulk III#29 (fb) - BTS) - Uatu and the other Watchers decided to collectively break their oath when they moved the red hole of Dargala outside the galaxies to significantly hamper the lifeforce absorbing phenomenon from generating Omegex. The Watchers reasoned that if they did nothing to slow down this unstoppable engine of planetary destruction, there would soon be nothing left to watch.

(Marvel Point One#1 (fb) - BTS) - Once every three years, the Watcher shares all he has learned with his homeworld. This transfer process causes him to slip into a fugue state for exactly 42 minutes. During this period, he is completely unaware of the world around him and vulnerable.

(Fantastic Four I#400 (fb) - BTS) - Like all Watchers, the sum of Uatu's knowledge gets stored within the massive Watcher known only as the One, who functions as their living depository.

(Tales of Suspense I#54 (fb) ) - Honoring Ikor's wishes, Uatu roamed the galaxy observing events without interfering. However, he was sorely tempted when after centuries of following a cloud of nuclear waste, dumped into space by an unidentified race, he realized it was about to hit an inhabited planet where it would decimate the thriving, unknowing population. The Watcher was torn, well aware he could easily avert the disaster but also vehemently opposed to breaking his most sacred oath. In the end, even though it pained him, Uatu decided not to interfere. Moments later, as if fate would have it, he was surprised by a sudden supernova that slung one of the uninhabited planets in the system out of orbit. Luckily enough, the rogue planet happened to be on a collision course with the cloud. The two stellar phenomena clashed, neutralizing both on impact. Witnessing this made Uatu realize that he had done the right thing by not doing anything. Revitalized by this indirect confirmation of his father's decree, he realized that all he was destined to do was look, listen and record.

(Marvel 1602#6 (fb) - BTS) - After a centuries long journey across the universe, Uatu decided to settle down in the Sol-system to observe his very first young solar system.

(Quasar#47 (fb) - BTS) - By his own acknowledgement, Uatu was present 4.6 billion years ago when the Sun spewed forth the elements that formed the planets. He witnessed Earth's chance collission with a rogue comet that caused the creation of the Moon. He watched as Earth's atmospheric gases coalesced into oceans and studied the evolution of life, from the single-celled towards more complex and diverse life forms.

(Marvel 1602#6 (fb) - BTS) - Uatu eventually erected his abode in the Blue Area of the Moon.

(Quasar#30 (fb) - BTS) - The Time-Keepers authorized the installation of an extradimensional portal in his home from which he could study alternate Earths.

(Original Sin#0 (fb) - BTS) - Uatu's main reason for studying other realities was finding one where his father Ikor's decision to actively help less advanced races did not end in disaster. Much to his own grief, he failed to find any. The extradimensional portal allowed Uatu to keep tabs on tens of thousands of alternate realities at once. The energy generated by opening so many dimensional fissures at the same time was used to power his home.

(Dark Avengers#176) - Uatu observed the work of the Celestials' first host who were busy reshaping the world. This event was witnessed by the time-lost Thunderbolts.

(X-51#12 (fb) - BTS) - About 150.000 years ago, Uatu watched the arrival of the mysterious monolith that the Celestials sent to Earth for reasons beyond his knowing. He watched how it headed for Africa and made landfall in the Great Rift Valley where it began to mutate the local wildlife.

(Marvel 1602#3) - The Watcher studied Earth around the year 1600, fully aware there were unusual events taking place. He noticed transient singularities that produced particle showers considered only hypothetical in this sector of the universe. The brief existence of these particles caused a mounting strain on the world. Uatu realized that if this continued unchecked, the planet Earth would be ripped apart, leaving only a cloud of dust and electromagnetic patterns.

(Marvel 1602#3 - BTS) - He became aware of the mystic Stephen Strange and subtly, without trying to break his oath, tried to make the mage aware of what was going on.

(Marvel 1602#5) - After observing the rapidly escalating conflicts between the various forces on the planet, Uatu decided to make his presence known to Stephen Strange by abducting his astral self and bringing it to the Moon.

(Marvel 1602#6) - The Watcher explained to a stunned Strange where he was and what he had been doing: subtly pushing his mind for the past month, speaking through his mouth as him. Uatu stressed that the paratemporal strain that caused the heroes from four centuries in the future to manifest now would end the world within six months. However, he had also learned, in conjuncture with the other Watchers, that the destruction of the planet would set off a cascade effect that would eventually result in the annihilation of the entire omniverse. Uatu went on to state that in four hundred years someone would build a chronal engine powered by an unstable simalternity which, in the 1600s, would become a microscopic simultaneity, essentially an infection that the universe tried to "cure" by creating antibodies in the form of the heroes native to the simalternity's era. The Watcher concluded by telling Strange he had to help him save Earth, giving him access to all his knowledge to help accomplish this task.

(Marvel 1602#8) - The Watcher witnessed the events that led Strange, his lover Clea and Sir Nicholas Fury to conclude the Native American Rojhaz was the one who needed to be returned to the future to prevent the imminent destruction of all that is. With the return of Rojhaz (actually Steve Rogers), the alternate reality would be doomed to vanish. However, the other Watchers granted Uatu a pocket universe (Earth-311) where the reality continued to exist.

(Marvel 1602: Fantastick Four#5) - The Watcher continued to study Earth-311, and was accidentally spotted when Otto von Doom took the floating island nation of Bensaylum high up into the clouds. Uatu quickly vanished, though many believed to have stared into the eyes of God. Some time later, the Watcher was the only one who witnessed how Jon Storm's shipwrecked girlfriend Rita drowned all alone on the ocean while begging the gods above to help her.

(Fantastic Four I#204 (fb) ) - Somehow finding a way to intervene without breaking his oath, the Watcher prevented the complete annihilation of the planet Xandar by saving its four largest cities, encasing them in gigantic forcefields. Over time, the Xandarians would construct a network of tunnels between the floating cities.

(Fantastic Four I#188 (fb) - BTS) - At an unrevealed point in time, the Watcher appeared on the planet Poppup. The inhabitants deemed him boring, seeing as all he ever did was stand around and observe the actions of others.

(Citizen V & the V-Batallion#2 (fb) ) - Some time after World War II, Howard Stark and Nathaniel Richards became aware an advanced being was living on the Moon. Through unrevealed ways, they managed to travel to the Watcher's home where they were detained. In the end, the two explorers were allowed to leave thanks to the aid of the V-Battalion who petitioned the cosmic being to spare mankind for the scientific excesses of a few.

(Original Sin#8 (fb) - BTS) - A little after 1958, Nick Fury managed to infiltrate the Watcher's home during one of his 42 minutes of fugue. He bugged the place, allowing him to secretly keep tabs on Uatu's activities throughout the years.

(Original Sin#5 (fb) ) - Nick Fury thought himself unseen as he kept Earth safe from alien invasions and intrusions, though Uatu quietly watched how he burned worlds, destabilized galaxies and dethroned gods.

(Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel#3 (fb) ) - In 1962, shortly after president Kennedy awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Blue Marvel (Adam Brashear) was forced to retire after the public learned he wasn't white. Furious over this, Brashear flew to the Moon to vent some of his frustration, tossing the medal in the lunar dust before going on a rampage. When he almost tore the Moon in half, the Watcher decided to meet Adam to try and calm him down. Annoyed, the Blue Marvel's first words to Uatu were that even on the Moon the first thing he saw was "an uppity white man trying to keep him down". Uatu briefly turned into a black man himself, which caused a slight chuckle. The Watcher explained that he had found racism was a universal truth: all humans and aliens judge one another on appearance and pedigree while in the end they go the way of all flesh: to dust. He recounted how among the Kree there's a class war between pink and blue skins which tears their society apart, begging the Blue Marvel not to let the same happen to "this precious world". Their conversation was cut short when an alien invasion force appeared, forcing the Blue Marvel to once again defend his planet.

(X-51#12 (fb) - BTS) - Roughly a decade before the start of the modern age, Uatu's gaze fell upon graduate student Abel Stack who had just completed his well received doctoral thesis on computer heuristics. He watched as over time Stack developed a microchip that would enable computers to process information like a human being, finally culminating in the creation of the Xeno-Engramatic Robot Organism (X.E.R.O).

(Marvel: The Lost Generation#12 (fb) - BTS) - Through unrevealed ways, Stephen Strange met and befriended the Watcher and would visit Uatu on the Moon in his astral form. Shortly before the start of the modern era, the Watcher became aware Skrull emperor Dorrek VII had ordered a large scale invasion of Earth, with an armada already on its way. Strange was present in Uatu's observatory when he picked up that the First Line had launched a counter offensive.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation#12) - While the fight between the Skrull battlefleet and the First Line's vessels broke out, Uatu picked up a temporal disturbance caused by Earth-700's historian Cassandra Locke who had been time jumping from the 22nd Century to investigate rumors of Skrull incursions during the 20th century. Uatu caused Cassandra to materialize in his lunar domicile while Strange hid from sight. After explaining who he was and why he had drawn her to him, the Watcher showed Locke images of the First Line and their allies fighting aboard the lead vessel of the Skrull armada. Witnessing events that were not part of any official historical records, Cassandra immediately realized the rumors were true.  She watched as Uatu explained that the Skrulls had been aware of Earth for eons, but that the empire had taken a special interest in the planet since the dawn of the atomic age. Standing by while heroes and villains alike fell before the Skrulls, she begged Uatu to interfere. When he refused in light of his non-interference oath, she decided she had to act and stop this slaughter before the Skrulls won and all of history was changed.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation#12 - BTS) - The First Line managed to destroy the Skrull armada, while Cassandra continued on her journey into the past to uncover more evidence of Skrull duplicity.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation#12) - Using information his systems gleaned from Locke's thoughts and memories, the Watcher determined that following the Skrull incident the governments of Earth would be willing to invest in ways to help fight off a subsequent incursion. He learned that Reed Richards, Hank Pym and Bruce Banner would prove instrumental in the creation of a new generation of heroes. Uatu also informed the astral form of Stephen Strange that the doctor might play a part in what was to come.

(Tales To Astonish I#74 (fb) - BTS) - Shortly after the incident that gave him vastly superior intelligence, Samuel Stern (the future supervillain Leader) began a telescopic study of the Moon, fascinated by the mysterious Blue Area he discovered. He learned a highly advanced being was living on the Moon when he sent a satellite to probe the area. Seemingly unaware that he was being watched, Uatu went about his business, travelling to various planets for study and observation. Sterns grew obsessed with the Watcher, building ever more powerful telescopes to follow his exploits, eventually even finding his home planet, filled with scientific wonders. Sterns was determined to somehow reach that world and claim these inventions for his own.

(Fantastic Four I#13) - After having watched the arrival of the Fantastic Four and the Red Ghost and his Super Apes on the Moon, Uatu decided to interfere. He was not willing to allow the conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union to spill over to his domain and intervened, stopping the fight between the Thing and the Apes by encasing them in unbreakable globules of syntho-matter. After trapping the Red Ghost in a similar way, the Watcher briefly recounted his origins, claiming he did not care if mankind destroyed Earth, but the Moon was his domain. He then decreed that only the FF and the Red Ghost would be allowed to fight it out. He then vanished back inside his abode, while Thing returned to his teammates and filled them in. Moments later, the Watcher used his powers to transport both teams to what he deemed a fitting combat area on the Moon. During the fight, the arrogant Red Ghost decided to invade the Watcher's home, but he was soon overwhelmed by the many awe inspiring vistas he encountered before Uatu forcibly removed him from the premises. Moments later, Mr. Fantastic used a paralysis gun to disable the villain, causing the Watcher to declare the FF had won the battle. He then went on to say his mission was over, now that mankind had reached the Moon. Uatu claimed he would from now on only observe them from a far off galaxy, but left them with the notion that space is man's heritage, imploring the FF to make sure they were worthy of such a precious gift.

(Fantastic Four I#20) - Uatu became aware of the accident that transformed laboratory technician Owen Reece into the deranged Molecule Man. Fearing that a madman with control over all forms of matter might even destroy the Watchers themselves, he enlisted the aid of the Fantastic Four by sending a mysterious ball of blue, flaming energy to New York that gained the team's attention. The blue sphere also contained a teleportational gate to a pocket dimension where Uatu greeted the FF and told them all they had to know. The Watcher made himself scarce until the FF managed to trick the Molecule Man into dropping his wand (that he believed was needed to focus his powers). Uatu sent his blue energy sphere to capture the villain, assuring the Fantastic Four that he would take Molecule Man away to a place where he would never menace anyone again. The Watcher also said he had undone all the damage caused by the Molecule Man, before vanishing himself (see comments).

(Tales of Suspense I#49/2) - Somehow aware he was a comic book character on Earth-1218 ("our" reality), Uatu addressed the readers to inform them of the threat of the alien Sneepers. He recounted how the warlike Sneepers had been aware of mankind for ages, using their advanced telescopes to keep tabs on humanity's progress. Though the Sneepers at first felt Earth was populated by primitives not worth conquering, they grew increasingly concerned as soon as the Industrial Revolution brought "the age of machines". The Sneepers were unable to reach Earth, but instead started working on ways to kill humanity by affecting the tides or poisoning the atmosphere. However, when they witnessed the first atomic explosions, they decided not to strike at all, figuring the climate of paranoia and mistrust between the various nations who possessed atomic weapons would eventually lead to mankind's own annihilation. Pleased, the Sneepers watched and waited. Uatu then insisted the readership heeded his warning, adding "for you are free to act, but I may only observe and hope!" 

(Tales of Suspense I#50/2) - The Watcher introduced the readers of Earth-1218 to the story of Wilbur Weems, who lived in a haunted mansion even though professional ghost whisperer mister Jordan convinced him otherwise, in order to allow the spectre to continue to reside there undisturbed.

(Tales of Suspense I#51/2) - Uatu told comic book fans of Earth-1218 the story of Vince and Paul Harding, two 21st century brothers. While Vince, a flying car salesman, was all about business, his younger brother Paul was more of an idealistic dreamer who dreamed of exploring space, looking for intelligent life. Believing mankind to be the most advanced species in the galaxy, Vince told him to forget the dream and go into business with him. Paul persevered, becoming an astronaut and travelling to various alien planets only to find little more than barren worlds or simple wildlife. Each time he returned, Vince mocked his brother. Finally finding intelligent life on an outer planet, Paul was thoroughly demoralized when it seemed it was merely a primitive tribe. He left before the chieftain could hand him what he thought was a mere piece of wood, though in reality it was a plaque honoring Dogmar Arkor for inventing the cobalt anti-matter bomb, which ultimately bombed his race back to the stone age.

(Tales of Suspense I#52/2) - The Watcher showed the readership of Earth-1218 how three hundred years into Earth's future, young Kenn Bentley was mocked for being selfless and kindhearted by a greed oriented society consumed by the desire for more profit. Eventually, Kenn met and married Valeria Reynolds who received similar scorn. That all changed when Kenn and Valeria were approached by an advanced alien race that had used their computers to determine the couple was best suited to lead their world. Kenn and Valeria were promptly crowned their king and queen. The Watcher added that this proved no one can ever really know who is a winner and who is a loser, even one who has observed the universe for ages.

(Tales of Suspense I#53/2) - The Watcher observed a team of doctors performing cardiac surgery. He realized that he possessed the knowledge to save their patient's life. He then reminded himself he was sworn never to interfere, thinking back on the disaster of Prosilicus untold years ago that caused the institution of that oath.

(Tales of Suspense I#54/2) - Uatu remembered how comparatively briefly after he became a Watcher, he was torn between acting to save an entire world from a radioactive cloud when it became clear to him the best course of action was inaction.

(Tales of Suspense I#55/3) - Uatu encountered master scout Xakku, a member of the Guna race who had secretly come to the Moon in preparation of stealing the Earth's sun to replace their own dying star. Aware there was a Watcher on the Moon, Xakku first pretended he was stranded and in need of assistance. As soon as Uatu explained he could not help or act because of his oath, Xakku dropped the pretense and explained his true mission. Xakku mocked Uatu for his great power and seeming helplessness to actually do anything. Uatu, apparently intrigued by the technology necessary to accomplish the feat Xakku described, questioned him at great length on how the device functioned. Xakku laughed at his helplessness again, until he turned and saw that while Uatu had kept him distracted with questions, his ship had sunk deep into a bog. Xakku suddenly realized that his own oxygen tanks were running low, and he would soon suffocate without help from Uatu. Uatu reiterated his vow not to interfere with the lives of others, and walked away, leaving Xakku to die.

(Fantastic Four I#29 - BTS) - The Watcher was off in a far, distant galaxy observing matters beyond human comprehension. However, he foresaw that the Fantastic Four would enter his home during this absence. The FF were kidnapped by the Red Ghost and the Super Apes who took them aboard a space shuttle bound for the Moon for a complicated revenge scheme. After a three day journey, the Red Ghost dropped the heroes on the barren lunar surface, content to know they would suffocate in the airless vacuum. The team managed to tunnel their way into the Watcher's home.

(Fantastic Four I#29) - Uatu sent a spectro-image of himself to greet the foursome. From their minds, he gleaned the reason for their presence there and invited them to take shelter in his home. He did warn them to be mindful not to tamper with his possessions, since they were so alien and far advanced not even the brilliant brain of Reed Richards could hope to fathom them. To prove his point, he had Mr. Fantastic try out a device that sped up evolution at ten thousand years a second. He also showed a tiny trinket that housed a shrunken down, uninhabited planet actually thirty times larger than the Earth's sun. Lastly, Uatu pointed out a mysterious artifact from a remote galaxy he had been studying for centuries. He then took his leave, allowing the FF to look for a device that was able to halt the Red Ghost's ship from returning to Earth. While his three teammates kept the Super Apes busy, Mr. Fantastic prepared a device inside the Watcher's dome. The Red Ghost decided to enter the premises, determined to find out the powerful weapon that was able to prevent his ship from leaving. During the altercation, Ivan Kragoff was tossed into a matter transmitter that teleported him to an unknown point in the universe. The fight was over, Uatu returned to the Moon and sent the team back to the planet of their birth. The FF reappeared on New York's Yancy Street. Overjoyed to be home, the Thing kissed a lamppost.

(Tales of Suspense I#56/2) - The Watcher was observing the effects a floating wave of anti-matter had on an uninhabited planet in a distant galaxy. Shortly after he witnessed how, through anti-matter fission, the world created an exact copy, Uatu was alerted to trouble in galaxy 5. Following the source of the micro-brain waves he picked up, Uatu transformed into living energy and almost instantaneously travelled to the alleged source of the trouble. Landing on a nearby moon, he sent his invisible electro-image to investigate the situation on the world in question. Uatu found a world at war, a peaceful civilization forced to defend itself against barbaric invaders. He soon discovered the reason the soldiers fought so bravely: their young queen Kalthea. Uatu immediately fell in love, convinced she was the one. He even broke his oath of non-interference by saving her life and sending the barbarian rabble packing. Kalthea fell for Uatu, offering her kingdom if he wanted to marry her. Though he truly loved her, he knew that a Watcher was not allowed to marry, because it would interfere with his sacred duties. Figuring that telling her of his feelings before he left would only hurt Kalthea, he pretented to spurn her advances, calling her realm "ridiculously insignificant" and its queen a "foolish, female sovereign". Bursting out in tears, Kalthea told the Watcher to leave. Changing back into living energy, he returned to his home on Earth's Moon, still reeling with grief over a lost love that never was.

(Tales of Suspense I#57/2) - The Watcher was on a moon orbiting planet T-37X  when he was spotted by a band of roving space pirates out to loot a world's natural resources. After determining T-37X contained large quantities of gold and uranium, they settled down on the moon to build a delta-ray cannon that would force the world to surrender. They incorrectly figured the Watcher would not intervene. Instead, Uatu disabled the cannon and banished the marauders to a distant world. He explained to the stunned looters that while his oath prevented him from interfering with other races, he was, however, free to act in the defense of his own, revealing that T-37X is the ancient home planet of the Watchers.

(Avengers I#14) - Moments after the Kallusians had abandoned their hidden arctic city to continue their war against the Yirbek, Uatu appeared in the abandoned base to reflect on what had just occurred.

(Strange Tales I#134) - When Kang the Conqueror travelled back to medieval Earth, planning to take over King Arthur's court in order to conquer the planet in a time well before there were superheroes, Uatu decided to alert the Fantastic Four. When he came to the Baxter Building, he only found the Human Torch and Thing were present. With no time to lose, Uatu sent the two FF members into the past where they fought Kang, forcing him to flee. Shortly after the battle had ended, the Watcher returned to bring the heroes home.

(Fantastic Four Annual I#3) - The Watcher decided to indirectly interfere when Doctor Doom used technology to send legions of supervillains to attack the Fantastic Four on the wedding day of Reed and Sue Richards. Uatu whisked Mr. Fantastic away to a laboratory world, allowing him to pick a device he felt could aid him. After swift but careful study, Reed chose a Sub-Atronic Time Displacer. Uatu sent him back to Earth with the device and watched from afar as Mr. Fantastic activated it and sent all the attackers back to their immediate past, with no knowledge of what they'd done. Uatu then reclaimed the device itself.

(Fantastic Four: The Wedding Special#1) - Uatu allowed Reed and Sue Richards to honeymoon in the Blue Area's city, even providing an opulent banquet hall and assuring the newlyweds they would be the only beings in the galaxy he would not be watching that night.

(Tales to Astonish I#73/2) - Uatu welcomed the Hulk who had been forced by the Leader to come to the planet of the Watchers to look for the Ultimate Machine. The Watcher explained that he could do nothing to stop him, which the Leader (who kept in telepathic contact with the Hulk) understood as an open invitation to simply steal it. However, as soon as the Hulk had located the device, he was struck by Amphibion of Xantares who had also travelled to the Watcher's homeworld to take the Ultimate Machine.

(Tales to Astonish I#74/2) - Though his oath prohibited him to directly intervene, Uatu figured that not taking action would mean the fighting behemoths would wreck his entire collection of priceless artifacts and devices. Therefore, he teleported the two combatants to a barren battlefield where he watched how they fought over the prize they'd both come to claim. In the end, the Hulk managed to beat Amphibion, prompting the Watcher to deem him the winner. After teleporting the Xantarean champion home, Uatu invited the Hulk to take what he needed. As soon as the Hulk retrieved the Ultimate Machine, which the Watcher described as the most powerful, most dangerous device of all, he was returned home by the Leader. The villain donned the helmet, known as the storehouse of all the knowledge in the universe, and was instantly rendered catatonic by it.

(Tales to Astonish I#75/2) - The Hulk left the Leader's lair with the Ultimate Machine. Unsure what to do next, he decided to put the device on, figuring it would give him an idea. He was immediately bombarded by waves of information, but throughout the cacaphony the Hulk heard the voice of Rick Jones who was in need of help (thanks to Uatu's subtle influence). The Hulk took off the machine and threw it aside while he went to save Rick. Uatu then retrieved his treasure, figuring it was now forgotten and unwanted and besides, it would still be many millennia before mankind would be ready for it anyway.

(Fantastic Four I#48 - BTS) - When Uatu learned that the Silver Surfer, herald to the world eating Galactus, would be passing through the solar system, he decided to violate his oath and hide Earth. Using his matter mobilizer, he first shrouded the planet in an artificial fire shield. When he noticed that the flaming skies caused mass hysteria, he replaced it with inorganic space debris that obscured the world from view.

(Fantastic Four I#48) - The Watcher appeared in the Baxter Building to discuss the matter with Mr. Fantastic. After several hours, the two brought in the others just as the Silver Surfer entered the system. The Surfer saw through the Watcher's illusion and entered orbit. When he was over New York, the Human Torch tried to intercept him but the space traveller dodged the teen and landed on the roof of the Baxter Building where he immediately signaled Galactus. Uatu observed the Surfer and told the team the damage was done and that they needed to plan their defense. Thing nevertheless struck the Silver Surfer, who was thrown off of the building. Uatu calmed the FF, telling them the Surfer wished to fall, because it was the easiest way to depart. He then sensed the arrival of Galactus' ship and described to the team that his testing devices were sampling the Earth's elemental composition and had found the needed compounds. Uatu then stood with the heroes as Galactus emerged from his vessel, announcing that the planet would sustain him.

(Fantastic Four I#49) - Uatu addressed Galactus in an attempt to reason with his fellow cosmic being. He tried to convince Galactus to spare Earth, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. The Watcher warned Galactus not to underestimate these "puny creatures", and that he would stand with them as well. Incredulous that a Watcher would violate his sacred oath, Galactus still didn't budge. The FF attacked but were unable to halt him, forcing Uatu to stop the fight before they ended up getting killed. He sent them back inside the Baxter Building, telling them to wait until he called for them. However, when Galactus started to assemble his elemental converter on top of the building, the team rushed out to take him on. Once again, the Watcher appeared to stop them, assuring the FF they did not yet have the means to stop Galactus. He also showed them just how the converter would rob Earth of its life energies. Then, he sent the Human Torch to Galactus' worldship to collect the one weapon capable of holding off the worldeater. While the three remaining FF members attacked the converter in an attempt to buy time, the Watcher became aware of Alicia Masters who had struck up a friendship with the Silver Surfer. The blind sculptress had managed to convince the herald that mankind was worth protecting. Fascinated but worried that the Silver Surfer's change of heart might upset his plan to defend Earth, Uatu commented to himself he hadn't anticipated this development.

(Fantastic Four I#50) - The Watcher and the FF witnessed the fight between the Silver Surfer and Galactus. Uatu commented that Galactus considered himself beyond good or evil, he does what he must because he is Galactus. He then continued to mentally guide the Human Torch home, who had succesfully located the Ultimate Nullifier. Uatu told Mr. Fantastic to take the weapon, instructing him to carefully wield the tiny but destructive device. They then went forth to confront Galactus with it, who was shocked to see the Ultimate Nullifier in the hands of a human. The Watcher freely admitted he was the one responsible for this and once more pleaded with Galactus to spare mankind, asking him to see past their frail, human frames and appreciate the seed of grandeur within them. Tired of fighting over a mere meal while the universe is limitless, Galactus promised to leave Earth alone if Reed Richards surrendered the Nullifier. Uatu instructed Mr. Fantastic to cooperate, assuring him that the word of Galactus is living truth. Shortly afterwards, both Uatu and Galactus vanished.

(Fantastic Four I#60) - After Doctor Doom had stolen the cosmic powers of the Silver Surfer and went on a rampage, Uatu kept himself apprised of the situation through his temporal viewer. He considered involving himself in the situation, realizing it would only take a mere hand gesture to reach Earth. However, he decided not to break his oath again and departed for sector 34 where he noticed a new humanoid race was about to evolve. As he departed, he noted that upon his return the battle on Earth would have ended, though only an entity far wiser than he could know what the outcome would be (see comments).

(Thor I#165 (fb) ) - When monitoring a space trap he had set up to study stray meteors from distant worlds, Uatu was surprised to find a cocoon containing Him inside. Figuring he had unwittingly altered the course of another's life, Uatu felt the need to violate his oath by releasing the cocoon and placing it aboard a satellite bound to return to Earth.

(Fantastic Four I#72) - Uatu appeared in the Baxter Building to warn the Fantastic Four of the Silver Surfer who had gone on a rampage, seemingly unaware of the destruction his cosmic powers were causing. He was taken aback by the fact only Crystal, the Human Torch and the Thing were present. While they were mulling over whether or not to intervene, the Surfer flew by, grazing the Baxter Building while continuing to do even more damage. Uatu vanished, but not before telling the FF that the Silver Surfer is like a child, playing with forces he does not understand, which as a result might "hurl the human race into the maelstrom of total extinction". While the three FF members went into action, Uatu caught up with Reed and Sue who were on a train with their young son Franklin. The Watcher halted the train and asked to speak with the two founding FF members. Reed was immediately ready to help, as was Sue but Mr. Fantastic forced her to stay behind to look after Franklin. Uatu sent Reed to his fellow FF members, causing Sue to wonder what they could do against the all-powerful Surfer. The Watcher corrected the Invisible Girl, telling her there is only one being that deserves that name and his only weapon is love.

(Avengers Annual I#2) - When the Avengers used Doctor Doom's time platform to return home following an encounter with the Scarlet Centurion and a team of alternate reality Avengers, they were met in the timestream by Uatu. He explained that the Scarlet Centurion was actually at one point the villainous pharaoh Rama-Tut who after running into an electro-static disturbance in the relative timestream ended up in the past which he decided to conquer as the Scarlet Centurion. He then revealed that the Centurion would reappear in the 40th century where he would take on the guise of Kang the Conqueror to plague the Avengers again (which, from their relative temporal point of view he already had). The Watcher then erased the knowledge he'd shared from the Avengers' minds, claiming it was best that no man knows the fate or hour he'll meet his maker.

(Silver Surfer I#2/2) - Once more addressing the readers of Earth-1218, Uatu recounted mankind's encounter with the alien, reptillian looking Krills, who managed to get a human ally by promising the cowardly Canadian Lou a gorgeous bride, who only turned out to be beautiful by Krillian standards.

(Silver Surfer I#3/2) - The Watcher turned to Earth-1218's readership to tell them of an alien who had come to Earth disguised as an Earthling on an infiltration mission. However, upon landing, he hit his head and suffered memory loss. When he came to, the amnesiac alien tried to warn the authorities of the crashed space shuttle and the log book he uncovered that told of the mission. Eventually, he was foiled by a scientist who deduced the man's true identity, leading the alien to state he was the first spy who uncovered himself.

(Silver Surfer I#4/2) - Uatu recounted to Earth-1218's comic fans how the alien conqueror Tim Boo Ba was ready to take over Earth, only to be foiled by a small, human child who accidentally spilled some water.

(Silver Surfer I#5/2) - The Watcher told the readers of Earth-1218 the tale of of Roco, a common criminal desperate to escape the police. He read about an experimental, atomically powered rocket that could stay in orbit indefinitely and figured it would be his best bet. After making his way to the launch site, the police on his heels, he was stunned to find the atomic powered rocket was actually a miniature model controlled from the ground.

(Silver Surfer I#6/2) - Uatu told comic readers of Earth-1218 of shape-shifting alien invaders who took the form of TV-sets in an attempt to influence the thinking of the viewers.

(Silver Surfer I#7/2) - The Watcher shared a tale of a kind but ugly, and therefore lonely man with his Earth-1218 audience. The man piloted a digging machine on a one-way journey to the Earth's core where he discovered a civilization who "see with their hearts" and not their eyes in the dim light. They offered him acceptance and love.

(Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine!#6) - Doctor Doom, possessing the Cosmic Cube, travelled to the Moon to obtain the Watcher's Ultimate Machine. Uatu tried to warn him it had previously killed the Leader, but Doom dismissed this, claiming Sam Sterns had long since recovered. Uatu prepared to fight Doom, but before a physical altercation could take place, the FF's Thing intervened (the FF and their ally the Black Panther had travelled to the Moon in a craft constructed by the Silver Surfer). Doom used the power of the Cube to generate semblances of the FF's enemies which kept the heroes busy while he continued his attack on Uatu. Von Doom feigned to be incapacitated after the Watcher struck him and retrieved the Cube. Uatu used the Cube to send away all the faux foes Doom had created, but then the Doctor showed his hand, blasting the Watcher and retrieving the Cube. He then banished Uatu to a dimension where he could better heed his ageless vows.

(Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine!#7) - The Watcher eventually freed himself from his dimensional exile and appeared in the Baxter Building, much to the surprise of the Black Panther and the FF.

(Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine!#8) - The FF wondered why the Watcher was there, feeling he only showed himself during matters of significant importance. Their question was indirectly answered when they saw video footage of the Avengers fighting off an Atlantean invasion, with Namor the Sub-Mariner leading his undersea legions and a bevvy of monstrous sea creatures in an attack on the surface world.

(Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine!#11) - Shortly after they failed to prevent Doom from stealing the power of Galactus, the FF and their allies reconvened in the court of Asgard's ruler Odin. They asked the all-father to use his power to check in on their allies. They saw how Uatu was on the Moon, using his devices to observe an unknown topic of interest, leading Thing to comment the Watcher was "takin' in some sci-fi pitchur".

(Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine!#12) - After the FF and their allies had defeated Doom using the Cosmic Cube, the Watcher appeared to remind Reed Richards that the artifact was still supremely powerful. He announced to Reed that this would be the true test of his wisdom, daring him to make the right choice in spite of possessing absolute power. The Watcher silently watched how Mr. Fantastic used the power of the Cosmic Cube to repair all the damage Doom had caused, erasing the memory of the entire event from the minds of all involved except for Galactus and Uatu. Reed then commanded the Cube to hide it somewhere it would never be found again. Before departing, Galactus commented that few humans would have made a similar choice.

(Fantastic Four I#113) - Aware of the coming threat of the alien Over-Mind, Uatu travelled to the Baxter Building to warn the Fantastic Four. With only Reed and Sue Richards present, the Watcher announced he had once again violated his oath to tell them to be beware of the Over-Mind. He then vanished, leaving the two FF members to ponder his words.

(Fantastic Four I#114) - In the dark about the mysterious Over-Mind, the Fantastic Four asked their sorcerous nanny Agatha Harkness to use her powers in an attempt to contact Uatu. Harkness complied, sending her essence through mystic means to the Moon where she sought out the Watcher. He expected her arrival and agreed to share what he knew of the Over-Mind.

(Fantastic Four I#115) - The Watcher appeared before the FF, telling the team what he knew of the Over-Mind. He told them of the enemy prophesized to crush the universe, showing the heroes Grom's origins as champion of the Eternals before leaving them with the ominous warning that the Over-Mind had already tested their powers and found them no challenge.

(Fantastic Four I#116) - The Watcher kept himself hidden during the final hours of the FF's fight against the Over-Mind, observing how the alien forcibly recruited Mr. Fantastic, which led the remaining FF members to implore Dr. Doom to aid them. In the end, after the final confrontation between the Over-Mind and his ancient enemy the Stranger, Uatu appeared to the FF to assure them that even though they lost their fight against the Over-Mind, this allowed the Stranger to gain the upperhand and win the day. He then vanished, leaving the FF to wonder why they felt so moved about a defeat.

(Avengers I#101 (fb) ) - Aware of the dangerous energies growing inside Leonard Tippit, a kindhearted accountant who was in actuality a nexus being, Uatu decided he had to act to prevent Tippits' powers from destroying Earth. Fearing that a direct confrontation might evoke an equally disastrous response, the Watcher manipulated him from afar, giving him nightmares about the Avengers for weeks before appearing to him in person. Uatu helped unlock the full power of his brain. Uatu then claimed Tippit had to kill five innocent people who in the future would cause armageddon. Tippit reluctantly agreed and started out on this quest, which the Watcher knew would bring the Avengers into the fray.

(Avengers I#101) - Uatu kept himself hidden during the confrontation between Tippit and the Avengers, who were on hand to prevent Leonard from killing his first victim. During the battle, Tippit was beaten back which gave the team the chance to activate the mentality retrogressor Iron Man had quickly constructed (subtly guided by Uatu). The device expended enough of his energies for the Watcher to safely remove Tippit from the earthly plane. Despite the Avengers' protests, Leonard agreed to go along with Uatu, even somewhat happy to finally be relevant for once.

(Marvel Team-Up I#7 - BTS) - The Asgardian rock-troll Krylk the Cruel managed to steal a temporal crystal from the Watcher which he planned to use to freeze time around Asgard so he could kill Odin and the others. He also froze time on Earth, figuring he didn't want to risk the heroes of Midgard to come to the gods' aid.

(Marvel Team-Up I#7) - Uatu watched as Spider-Man and Thor, both mysteriously unaffected by the crystal, teamed up to defeat Kryllk. He then showed up to reclaim his property, briefly explaining to the heroes what had happened. He then sent them home while he continued to ponder the question whether or not it was merely luck that Kryllk somehow missed Thor and Spider-Man.

(Avengers I#118) - Uatu appeared in Dormammu's dimension just as the dread lord and his Asgardian ally Loki were planning to merge his realm with Earth. The Watcher assured Dormammu he had merely come to observe this merger, even as the combined forces of the Avengers and Defenders charged in to stop the villains. The heroes rejoiced to see the Watcher, figuring he would aid them but Uatu once again explained that, though he cherished them, he would do nothing to help them in any way. In the end, the heroes of Earth prevailed, defeating Dormammu and accidentally turning Loki mad after he was exposed to the Evil Eye. The Watcher explained how Dormammu had been defeated by one of the Scarlet Witch's hexes and then openly wondered why he had sensed fear in the mind of the Vision during the fight. When the android Avenger told Uatu he didn't know, the Watcher didn't pursue the matter and kept quiet while Doctor Strange sent everyone home. The Watcher then contemplated just why he treasured the heroes so much: they saved their dimension while all he did was saving memories of them doing it.

(Giant-Size Fantastic Four#2) - The Watcher became aware of Tempus' scheme to manipulate the Fantastic Four's mail carrier Willie Lumpkin into accidentally activating the time platform the team had taken from Doctor Doom. As a result of Lumpkin's time jaunts, a series of temporal paradoxes were created that reduced mankind to mere savages. Uatu decided to interfere, appearing before the FF when they returned from an outer space mission. He explained what had happened and sent them into the past to prevent Lumpkin from changing history. Mr. Fantastic and the Human Torch were sent to save George Washington who got captured by British soldiers after Lumpkin's arrival spooked his horse, preventing him from escaping. Uatu then sent the Thing and Medusa to 1928 Chicago to stop Willie from giving stock tips to the mob. With Willie saved and Washington rescued, the FF then focussed on fighting Tempus. Following his defeat and the restoration of the timeline, the Watcher brought the team and Willie home, though he did wipe the latter's memories of the events.

(Doctor Strange II#6 (fb) ) - When Dormammu's sister Umar attacked Doctor Strange and Clea, the mage remembered the words of Uatu after the Defenders and Avengers had beaten Dormammu and Loki: eventually the evil would be reborn, regenerated by the worship of those who invoke his name. Seeing as he was the biggest threat to this cosmos, Strange was more than a little concerned.

(Avengers I#128 - BTS) - To commemorate the time of the coming of the Celestial Madonna, the Watcher used his powers to cause a star to appear over Avengers Mansion.

(Captain Marvel I#39 (fb) - BTS) - Spending so much time observing humanity and its superheroes made Uatu long for an existence spent doing more than observing. Generating the Madonna star made him feel a little like a hero, but when he learned that the Kree Mar-Vell had become protector of the universe, he grew resentful over not having a life like that.

(Captain Marvel I#38 (fb) - BTS) - When the Lunatic Legion, out to kill Captain Marvel, arrived on the Moon to plan their assault on the renegade Kree officer, Uatu invited them to use his abode as their base of operations, much to the Kree's surprise.

(Captain Marvel I#36) - Aware of the fact he would soon face Captain Mar-vell in a lethal conflict over the fact the Lunatic Legion had constructed a base in his lunar abode, Uatu the Watcher reviewed the origin of his foe: from honored Kree soldier to defector to protector of the universe. He then girded himself for his grim task: murdering Captain Mar-Vell.

(Captain Marvel I#37 - BTS) - Following a lead, Captain Marvel travelled to the Moon while his companion Rick Jones was forced to reside in the Negative Zone. Bored, Rick decided to take the "vitamin C" pill given to him by his singing partner Rachel "Dandy" Dandridge. In reality, it was an LSD type party drug that caused Jones to hallucinate. The drug's effects also messed up Captain Marvel's senses.

(Captain Marvel I#37) - Captain Marvel entered the Watcher's home, growing ever more unsure because of the drugs, where he ran into Uatu who immediately attacked him. Though Marvel tried to defend himself, he was too disoriented to evade the Watcher for long. However, Uatu sensed his foe was not well and felt there was no honor in killing him while he was this way. Instead, Uatu rendered him unconscious while he presented Marvel's body to the members of the Lunatic Legion who were waiting deep inside his home.

(Captain Marvel I#38) - The Watcher could not bear to watch as the Lunatic Legion placed the captive Captain in the Protonic Disintegrator that was bound to destroy his mind. However, just as the device was activated, the three hours Marvel could exist in the positive matter universe were up, causing him to instantly switch places with Rick Jones in the Negative Zone. Once there, he used his cosmic consciousness to cure himself of his madness, then indirectly manipulated the unconscious body of Rick to bang the Nega Bands together so he could return to the Moon. Captain Marvel defeated the Lunatic Legion while Uatu watched. The Legion's leader Zarek begged the Watcher for help, but he ignored him as Marvel knocked him out. The Watcher then turned away to get a communications rod. Uatu refused to explain to the stunned Marvel why he had betrayed his oath, only that he had committed a crime beyond reckoning for one of his race and that there was only one thing left to cap a life of dark disgrace. He activated the device and spoke the words: "I am unworthy". Almost immediately, the Watchers Atul and Engu appeared in his home to collect him for final judgement. Uatu went with them, as did Captain Marvel who jumped in the teleportation beam.

(Captain Marvel I#39) - As soon as they arrived on the Watchers' world, the trio were confonted by Captain Marvel who wished to speak on Uatu's behalf during the coming judgement. Outraged by the fact a Kree had entered their planet, Engu and Atul decided to subdue Marvel in the shroud of stasis for the duration of the trial (eventually Marvel was able to free himself by banging his bands, somehow causing Rick Jones to appear as well). Uatu summoned all his fellow Watchers and explained that he asked to be judged, for the others could not do so because it would violate their oath. He then took out a wafer thin metallic device that quickly turned into the Temple of Justice where the trial was to take place.

(Captain Marvel I#39 - BTS) - At the same time, Rick Jones and Captain Marvel found themselves under attack by a vicious rackcat called Mad Eye. Their struggle was observed by Uatu's young nephew Aron.

(Captain Marvel I#39) - Uatu's trial was well under way, led by the elderly Watcher Emnu who had originally opposed Ikor's proposal to actively involve themselves in the affairs of other races. Emnu was about to read a list of Uatu's transgressions when Captain Marvel and Rick Jones entered the hall. Marvel repeated his request to speak in Uatu's defense and was granted permission. Emnu then recounted the numerous times Uatu had broken his oath, interfered or otherwisely engaged directly in the affairs of mankind. He was interrupted by Captain Marvel who wondered what was so wrong with Uatu's benevolent acts, even pleading that all the Watchers could benefit from this. Just then, the rackcat Mad Eye caught up with them and attacked, knocking C.M. for a loop while all the Watchers did nothing. Rick Jones begged them to intervene, but all refused except young Aron who was halted by the others before he could act. In the end, Jones and Marvel knocked out Mad Eye and C.M. used this incident to illustrate his point: by doing nothing, the Watchers allow bad things to happen and that can't be good. Emnu countered that a Watcher should not think in "good" or "evil", merely see the truth in what is. By getting directly involved, a Watcher diludes this sacred truth. Uatu agreed with this assessment, promised he would err no more and was cleared of all charges, to the astonishment of Rick Jones who was amazed by the proceedings.

(Captain Marvel I#40) - Following his trial, Uatu teleported himself back to the Moon, along with Captain Marvel and Rick Jones. He told them he would like to thank them for their help, if such a thing was a Watcher's right. Uatu then silently watched the two merge forms to fly back to Earth.

(Fantastic Four Annual I#11) - Rededicated to his oath of non-interference, the Watcher did nothing but stand in the Baxter Building and observe while the FF realized that a cylinder of vibranium, accidently shot to the 1940s during a fight, had given the Nazis the upperhand during World War II. His silence made the Thing furious enough to want to beat answers out of him, but Reed stopped his teammate while continuing to figure it out for himself. The FF then used the time platform to travel to 1942 where they teamed up with the Invaders, Uatu checking in on them and gently nudging the heroes along. After the teams had managed to retrieve half of the vibranium (figuring the other half was destroyed), the timeline seemed to be restored. Thing still felt something didn't add up. Uatu appeared, giving a slight smile to confirm the Thing's suspicions.

(Marvel Two-In-One Annual I#1) - Fueled by the still silent Uatu, the Thing realized the FF's mission into the past was still far from accomplished. But the Watcher would not speak, causing Thing to charge him, only to be forcefully repelled by Uatu's forcefield. Thing then noticed that the timeline was slowly being altered, with the most recent skyscrapers suddenly vanishing. He tried to question the Watcher some more, hoping to get an answer from gauging Uatu's responses, leading him to the conclusion that the other half of the vibranium must be the cause of the problems. Quickly using the half the FF had retrieved to pinpoint the remaining metal, Thing jumped on the time platform and was transported back to 1946 where he teamed up with the Liberty Legion to fight off a Nazi attack on New York City.

(Marvel Two-In-One I#20) - Ever silent, Uatu guided the Liberty Legion to the Thing who was fighting for his life against U-Man, Master Man, Brain Drain and several other super powered Nazi agents. In the end, Thing recovered the missing vibranium, learned of Uatu's involvement in getting the Legion to his location and then bid the heroes adieu before returning back to his own time. There, the Watcher was waiting for him in the Baxter Building, only vanishing after Ben put the two pieces of vibranium back in their storage cylinder.

(Fantastic Four I#188) - Shortly after the Molecule Man had taken over the body of Reed Richards and went on a citywide rampage, the Watcher appeared before the FF and their house guest the Impossible Man. Despite the Invisible Girl's passionate pleas to tell them why he had come, Uatu kept silent. Eventually the FF decided to stop wasting time, leaving Uatu behind to go search for Reed, very much unaware how much effort it took the Watcher not to break his oath. He then appeared in New York City to observe the fight against the Molecule Man, which ended when he once again lost his wand. With Reed back to normal, the FF returned to the Baxter Building where they found Uatu waiting for them again. Thing told "Jumbo" the show was over and to take a hike, but Mr. Fantastic allowed the Watcher to stay for what he had about to say: because he'd recently lost his stretching powers, Reed decided to quit the team. As the various team members took in the news, Uatu didn't speak up, but all involved realized he had come to observe the end of the Fantastic Four.

(Avengers I#173) - Eager to see if any of the major cosmic forces had picked up on his existence, Korvac covertly checked in on many of them including Uatu. He was pleased to find no one knew what he was planning.

(Avengers I#177) - As soon as the Avengers forced Michael Korvac to show his true, all powerful self, Uatu and the other cosmic beings suddenly became aware of him. As the Watcher began to observe him, Korvac grew furious that his plan for a subtle takeover of the universe had been thwarted and savagely assaulted the Avengers and their assembled allies.

(Fantastic Four I#205) - From a lone asteroid, Uatu observed the goings-on in the conflict between Xandar and the Skrull Empire, which had become even more complicated since three FF members had joined the fight on Xandar's side. The Watcher also checked in on the FF's fourth member, the Human Torch, who had remained on Earth to pursue his studies.

(Fantastic Four I#211) - Shortly after the FF had succeeded in petitioning Galactus' help in defeating the all powerful Sphinx (Anath-Na Mut) who had taken over Earth, Uatu wistfully contemplated the outcome of the coming confrontation. If the Sphinx prevailed, Earth would be unrecognizable, but if Galactus beat him, the devourer was no longer honor bound not to eat the planet (as part of the deal struck by Reed Richards to secure his aid). Either way, Uatu claimed he would mourn the Earth's passing.

(Fantastic Four I#212) - Hours before the confrontation between Galactus and the Sphinx was to take place, Uatu reviewed the events that had led up to the battle for Earth, focussing specifically on the FF's involvement.

(Fantastic Four I#213) - Uatu was present in Egypt to witness the fight between Galactus and the Sphinx that ended with the devourer crushing the Ka Stone, the Sphinx's source of power. He then sent the Sphinx's now mortal form back into the distant past, where he was doomed to find the Ka Stone and start the cycle of events that had led him to this point all over again. Now ready to at last consume Earth, Galactus was interrupted by Uatu who assured him that he would not be feasting on the planet today. As if on cue, Mr. Fantastic and the Human Torch arrived, with Reed holding what he claimed to be a hastily built, makeshift Ultimate Nullifier (in reality it was an empty steel shell). Uatu probed Mr. Fantastic's mind during the showdown, making it impossible for Galactus to read Reed's thoughts. Unwilling to risk possible destruction, Galactus chose to leave. Uatu then explained to the surprised FF members what he had done, calling the mind probe not a violation of his oath, in fact he did it to even better comprehend the situation he was tasked to watch. He then vanished, with a knowing smile on his face.

(Marvel Graphic Novel#29) - Uatu told the readers of Earth-1218 about the time the Hulk and Thing were abducted to the planet Maltriculon where they, according to the Watcher, shared a rather silly and trivial adventure. But that was okay, Uatu reasoned, because he enjoyed collecting those as much as the tales of cosmic proportions, adding that no one's perfect.

(Uncanny X-Men I#137) - Uatu explained to a Rigellian Recorder what had led to the X-Man Jean Grey becoming the evil Dark Phoenix entity. He then watched as Jean, the X-Men and their mentor professor Charles Xavier were beamed aboard a Shi'ar warship where they were met by empress Lilandra, determined to see Phoenix punished for destroying a Shi'ar vessel and causing the annihilation of the D'Bari homeworld. Xavier cleverly used his knowledge of Shi'ar law to call for the Arinn'Haelar, a duel of honor for Jean Grey's life. The duel was held on the Blue Area of the Moon, where the X-Men faced off against the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. During the confrontation, Wolverine briefly wound up inside the Watcher's home, but Uatu swiftly forced the unreasonable Canadian to vacate the premises. Along with the Recorder, Uatu witnessed the climax of the battle that ended when Phoenix sacrificed herself, committing suicide and dying in the arms of Cyclops. This act puzzled the robotic Recorder, but Uatu explained that the capacity for self-sacrifice was what made Jean and all of mankind virtually unique in the cosmos. She could have lived to become a god but she chose to die as a human.

(Fantastic Four Annual I#18 (fb) ) - Not long after the Phoenix incident, Uatu was contacted by the Supreme Intelligence and the Skrull Empress R'klll. They had sent representatives of their respective empires to observe the encounter between the X-Men and the Shi'ar Imperial Guard but Raksor and Colonel Bel-Dann had started fighting during the conflict and continued to do so. Both R'Klll and the Supreme Intelligence agreed this situation would be a fine opportunity to once and for all determine which one of their empires was superior, preferring this duel to another long, drawn out space war. Uatu was asked to serve as arbitrator, praised for his impartiality. The Watcher accepted the offer and retrieved Raksor and Bel-Dann from the Blue Area where they'd been fighting their guerilla war. After he showed them their government's mission, he sent them on their way and began to study their fight.

(Marvel Graphic Novel#1) - The Watcher took in the news of Captain Mar-Vell's imminent death from cancer with restrained passivity.

(Fantastic Four I#240) - Uatu watched from a distance as the Inhumans' floating city of Attilan, forced to leave Earth because of its overwhelming pollution, arrived at its new home: the Blue Area of the Moon, not too far from his own observatory.

(Incredible Hulk II#279) - In a somewhat unprecedented move given his usual modus operandi, the Watcher appeared before the eyes of the world during the televized parade honoring the Hulk's recent presidential pardon. Uatu presented Hulk with a rememberance crystal, calling it a gift from all the races he'd aided and all the planets he had helped. The gesture left Hulk speechless, which prompted the Watcher to add that he should "merely accept and cherish it in silence, most fortunate of men". He then vanished in a blinding flash that somehow caused all the recording devices and cameras to momentarily jam.

(Marvel Team-Up I#127 (fb) - BTS) - For an untold number of years, on Christmas Eve, Uatu allowed himself to reach out to a handful of people, however indirectly. He did this so for one night he could be as a brother to those strange and magnificent beings called men. This tradition truly touched the usually reserved, all-knowing entity.

(Marvel Team-Up I#127) - On Christmas Eve, Uatu was drawn to the plight of Arthur Chekov's drug addicted granddaughter Bette. He appeared in Forest Hills, Queens, right outside the home of May Parker which drew the attention of Peter Parker who ran out and was shocked to see the Watcher who immediately put him in his Spider-Man costume. Without saying a word, Uatu handed him a jewel containing the face of Bette Chekov, leading Spider-Man to go looking for her while the Watcher returned to the Moon to watch his progress. Speaking to himself, Uatu tried to justify this latest infraction of his oath by calling the threat Bette was about to face no less deadly than the Over-Mind or less awesome than Galactus. He continued to watch Spider-Man trace down Bette who found herself in the middle of a botched cocaine heist. Spider-Man was unable to prevent her from getting fatally gunned down by the mobsters chasing her. The Watcher reappeared to observe the scene for himself, which made Spider-Man so furious he threw the gem at the unresponsive Uatu. The bauble exploded on impact, shattering into a glowing, glittering dust that bathed Bette, restoring her health to the point she could still be saved. Uatu urged Spider-Man to take her to the nearest hospital, while he returned to the Moon to reflect on what he had experienced tonight. Uatu was moved to tears by Bette Chekov's fate, which he noted, would be judged insignificant by his fellow Watchers. Uatu concluded his musings by feeling pity for the others, seeing as through Bette he had witnessed the revelation of infinity within a single human heart, adding: "I am humbled... and I know joy."

(Amazing Spider-Man I#246) - Uatu studied the daydreams and fantasies of Spider-Man and several of his associates. Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) imagined a life for herself as Spider-Man's carefree ally and lover. J. Jonah Jameson amused himself with the notion of finally beating Spider-Man and exposing him for the public menace he is while Mary Jane Watson fancied herself the biggest star ever to hit the Broadway stage before she reminded herself of her tragic family background. Finally, Spider-Man fantasized about being so popular the FF and Avengers were fighting over him. He then swung into action to save a bookish, bespectacled student from being bullied, which in turn made the teen dream he could be like Spider-Man.

(Fantastic Four I#261 - BTS) - Uatu became aware the FF were coming to his home on the Moon to ask him to help them in the search for Reed Richards (who had been abducted by the Shi'ar to stand trial for saving Galactus). He contacted the other Watchers who, given the situation, allowed him to intervene.

(Fantastic Four I#261) - The FF entered Uatu's observatory, with the Human Torch quickly flying off and getting lost. Uatu greeted the Invisible Woman and the Thing and even returned the errant Human Torch while they travelled light years to a vessel that was part of the Galactus Survivor Fleet. There, they were greeted by XXan Xxar, leader of the delegate council who took the FF to Reed, who was being tortured pending his trial. Thing immediately went to free his teammate, causing Xxan Xxar to order his guards to set their weapons to kill and stop the humans. Fed up, Uatu stopped the fighting by encasing every combatant in a force sphere as he reminded them there were matters of grave concern that concerned every living thing in the universe. Uatu then joined the FF in the great council hall of the Survivor Fleet, where he pleaded in favor of Mr. Fantastic's actions, claiming there was more to Galactus than meets the eye and that mortal minds could only comprehend a tiny fraction of his overwhelming power and purpose. Uatu's words were almost sufficient to convince the council to reconsider, but the arrival of the strident majestrix Lilandra of the Shi'ar made that Reed's death sentence wasn't overturned.

(Fantastic Four I#262) - Figuring the upcoming trial of Reed Richards needed to be chronicled, Uatu went back to Earth to collect the artist John Byrne, who was writing and drawing the licensed adventures of the Fantastic Four for Marvel Comics. Uatu delivered Byrne in the middle of the court room where the M'ndavian based trial was already underway. Uatu listened to the testimony of the various survivors, including the Skrull Karant Kiar. He reminded the hot headed Human Torch, who was getting influenced by the horrendous stories of Galactus' atrocities, that the M'ndavian justice system also took his opinion into consideration. Uatu then told Storm he had a job for him, sending the impetuous junior FF member to Asgard to implore Odin to plead on Galactus' behalf. Moments after he had sent the Torch on his way, the Watcher calmed down a worried John Byrne before launching Mr. Fantastic's defense. Uatu addressed the assembled crowds and Reed Richards, asking him how he'd plead to the charges brought against him. Reed immediately responded that he was guilty, which sent a shockwave of outrage and excitement through the crowd. He went on to explain that it was hard to deny the fact he was accused of: he did save Galactus' life because he felt the devourer played a significant part in the order of the universe and therefore he must also be part of a greater good. Annoyed, Lilandra wanted to know what proof Reed had that the deaths of uncounted billions were part of some greater good. In response, Reed told the Majestrix that all he had to offer was logic and faith. The Watcher commended the Earthling for his intellect and line of reasoning and then introduced his second witness: Odin of Asgard, who came upon the request of the Torch. The arrival of the all-father took all those present aback, which Uatu cleverly used to get Odin accepted as a credible witness. Odin recounted the origins of Galactus, making a convincing case that the devourer was as much a natural force of the universe, like the solar wind or a supernova. While his testimony was convincing, it still didn't persuade everyone. Then, Nova (Frankie Raye), the latest herald of Galactus, blasted the M'ndavian orbs to make way for the arrival of Galactus. His presence intimidated most of the court's members, including Lilandra, though Uatu approached him without fear. In order to make one, final appeal the Watcher combined his power with Galactus to summon Eternity who revealed the universal truth to all who were present. This effectively convinced everyone that Reed's actions were justified which ended the case against him. Byrne and the FF were then returned to Earth where the Watcher reappeared later in the artist's studio to insist he quickly committed this tale to paper before the full majesty of the cosmic truth faded from his mind.

(Fantastic Four Annual I#18) - Colonel Bel-Dann and Raksor continued to fight for months. Their violent struggle eventually drew in the Inhuman Royal Family who had since relocated to the Blue Area of the Moon and the visiting Fantastic Four, who were present to attend the wedding of Black Bolt and Medusa. After unsuccessfully trying to intervene and resolve this brutal tug of war between the evenly matched Kree and Skrull warriors, Mr. Fantastic and Black Bolt enlisted the Watcher's help. With Uatu's assistance, Reed Richards helped to sell the idea that both parties had managed to attain victory, because they cooperated against the FF and the Inhumans. Playing along, Uatu ended the contest and returned both combatants to their native peoples.

(Fantastic Four Annual I#22 (fb) - BTS) - Moments before the destruction of the Baxter Building, Uatu used his powers to teleport most of the Fantastic Four's important equipment and personal possessions. Among the items he retrieved, allegedly to "study" them, were the Fantasti-Car, Doctor Doom's time platform, a painting of Agatha Harkness and various spare uniforms.

(Thor Annual I#12/2) - Uatu reviewed the history of the Inhumans, studying the events of 3000 years ago that led up to the flying members of the species to secede and leave Attilan in their floating city Aerie. After a rough  and bloody start and adding farm land to sustain their population, the flying Inhuman civilization thrived. In the 1920s, a plane crashed on the sky island. The only survivor was a small baby boy the Inhumans raised as their own. The child would one day be known as the Red Raven.

(Secret Wars II#6) - Aware the Beyonder would soon take his newfound role as protector of life too far by doing away with Death itself, Uatu decided he had to act. He invisibly travelled to the Denver, Colorado apartment of the Molecule Man (Owen Reece) and his lover Volcana (Marsha Rosenberg), hoping to speak with the all-powerful Reece privately. The couple was sitting down for dinner when Reece became aware of Uatu's presence and demanded he showed himself for Marsha's sake. Uatu complied, eager to speak with Owen. He was a little disappointed when the Molecule Man didn't want anything to do with him. Finally, Marsha offered to listen to what the Watcher had to say. Revealing his concerns regarding the Beyonder and his current path, Uatu begged the Molecule Man to help save the Multiverse by stopping the Beyonder before he could undo all that is.

(Uncanny X-Men I#201) - After Rachel Grey used her telekinesis to repair the Shi'ar holo-empathic crystal containing the essence of her alternate reality mother Jean, Uatu noticed the resurgence of the Phoenix Force on the Moon. The Watcher wondered where this would all lead to, but consigned himself to the fact he could do nothing but watch.

(Uncanny X-Men I#203) - The Watcher observed how Rachel Grey embraced her legacy as the Phoenix and started her travel to the M'Kraan Crystal, planning to cause a new big bang before the Beyonder would destroy the universe.

(Fantastic Four Annual I#21) - When the High Evolutionary decided he had need of the Inhumans' Terrigen mists, he traveled to the Moon with his Gatherers and Eliminators to attack Attilan and acquire the mists. Uatu and his nephew Aron, who he had taken under his wing, were both aware of the Evolutionary's presence and overall plan. Uatu went to talk with the mad geneticist, ordering Aron to watch from a distance. The Watcher assured the High Evolutionary that he would not interfere in any way, even if he was well aware of what his goals were. Pleased, the Evolutionary waited right outside Attilan for his troops to carry out their mission. However, the combined forces of the Inhumans, their royal family and the newly arrived Fantastic Four proved too much. The surviving Gatherers and Eliminators fled back to the Evolutionary, who teleported them away. This was all observed by the Watcher from a nearby rooftop but he refused to reveal to the FF where their enemies had gone off to, once again repeating that he only watched. Aron then showed himself, ready to tell the heroes all they needed to know. Before he could speak, a visibly annoyed Uatu silently forced him to keep quiet before taking him away. Disappointed, Aron followed his uncle's orders.

(Fantastic Four Annual I#22/2) - An hour after the official opening of Four Freedoms Plaza, the Watcher returned all the objects he had taken from the Baxter Building without making his presence known. Reed and Sue Richards eventually deduced the Watcher was responsible and travelled to the Moon to inquire why. Uatu explained that he regularly borrows artifacts for closer study, usually returning them the next instant. In this case however, it took longer than expected because another urgent matter had come up. After sharing some knowing glances over this obvious fabrication, the two parties parted with the Watcher dryly adding "be seeing you".

(Web Of Spider-Man I#34) - The alien A'Sai, equipped with a weapon that once belonged to Galactus, took a bet that he could capture the Watcher in his own home. A'Sai managed to surprise Uatu and bind him in energy rings. Once he was done gloating over the fact he had brought down a cosmic being, A'Sai attempted to force Uatu to turn over and explain his own equipment and weaponry to him. Uatu refused and warned A'Sai that he could be killed by the safeguards of the equipment if it were improperly used. A'Sai convinced Uatu to enter into a wager: the winner getting A'Sai's Galactus-weapon or Uatu's technology and the knowledge of how to use it. The fact that Uatu agreed made A'Sai even more aware of the potential power of the weapon. After perusing a number of intergalactic contests, A'Sai chose a football game on Earth: Spider-Man and a group of young kids versus a group of older kids. In the end, Uatu's side won, even though A'Sai attempted to cheat by feeding his team power. A'Sai thought to break his promise, kill Uatu, and steal his equipment anyway. However, before he knew it, Uatu had claimed victory, and teleported the Galactus-Weapon into the heart of a star. Uatu then punished A'Sai, but only for his attempt to renege on their bet. He transformed the alien into a living playing card, a joker, and placed him in a deck used at the Bally's Grand Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#17/3) - On Christmas Eve, the Watcher prevented one of the three Wise Men, who was once again following a wandering star, to take Earth as a gift for the newborn he was going to meet. Uatu managed to convince the sage to spend some time on Earth, showing him all the inherent good of mankind that made the being realize Earth should remain as is. He then departed, leaving the Watcher a Christmas gift: a pair of shades.

(What If II#8) - Uatu focussed his attentions on Earth-89120, a reality in which Tony Stark failed to prevent his competitors and enemies from using armor and weapons technology they had stolen from him.

(What If II#9) - From his lunar observatory, the Watcher began to study events on Earth-105709, fascinated to see what would have happened if the new X-Men had died on their first mission against Krakoa the Living Island.

(Quasar#6) - Uatu's studies of Earth-105709 were interrupted by Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) who was chasing the Living Laser from Earth to the Moon where the escaped criminal entered the Watcher's dome. Quasar followed him inside and gave chase, eventually running into the Watcher in his observatory. Desperate to escape, the Laser headed straight for the portal looking into Earth-105709 and disappeared. Quasar, flummoxed by meeting the cosmic being, clumsily tried to make conversation. Uatu kept quiet and teleported the hero out of his home, becoming aware at the same time of the Red Ghost's presence within the walls of his domicile. Ivan Kragoff had once again come to the Moon to steal Uatu's treasures, but found himself ousted in a similar fashion. Uatu then watched as the furious Red Ghost tried to take Quasar's Quantum Bands as payback for having indirectly exposed him. The young Avenger eventually managed to beat Kragoff and took him back to Earth, with Uatu looking on.

(What If II#9) - Uatu returned to his studies of Earth-105709 in time to witness how a new team of X-Men, comprised of Beast, James Proudstar, Namorita, Siryn and Wolfsbane had taken up the mantle of their fallen predecessors.

(Silver Surfer Annual I#2/5, Iron Man Annual I#10/4, Uncanny X-Men Annual I#13/3, Amazing Spider-Man Annual I#23/4, Punisher Annual I#2/4, Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual I#9/5, Daredevil Annual I#5/5, Avengers Annual I#18/4, New Mutants Annual I#5/3, X-Factor Annual I#4/4, Web of Spider-Man Annual#5/6, Avengers West Coast Annual I#4/5, Thor Annual I#14/5, Fantastic Four Annual I#22/5) - After most of Earth's heroes banded together to prevent Lord Ghaur, Llyra and their allies from using the Serpent Crown to return the Elder God Set back to his native dimension, Uatu the Watcher met with the Elder God Gaea. Uatu filled her in on what had happened, recounting in full detail the history of Set, his followers, the Serpent Crown and how he was eventually thwarted by Demiurge and Gaea's son Demogorge. A concerned Gaea thanked Uatu for his insights, but assured him that they still should be aware that Set might one day triumph.

(Excalibur I#25) - Uatu observed how Phoenix (Rachel Grey) effortlessly slammed Galactus' herald Nova (Frankie Raye) from Excalibur's lighthouse on Earth to the Moon after she announced that her master had deemed Phoenix's continued existence a threat. Surprised she was still alive after getting hit that hard, Uatu asked her if she had so little faith in the handiwork of him who made her. Excited to see the Watcher, Nova asked if he was planning to interfere like he did when he first encountered the FF. Uatu assured her those days were done: his only charge was to observe. Flaming on and heading back to Earth, Nova told the Watcher to stay tuned, guaranteeing him a show he would not soon forget.

(New Warriors I#6) - Chased across the Blue Area by the New Warriors and the Inhuman royal family, the crazed, powerful Indian mutant Star Thief (Ditmal Pirvat) happened into the Watcher's home. There, Uatu showed Pirvat the glories of the cosmos, convincing him that the stance he had taken against man's exploration of space was wrong. Star Thief realized it's rather the exploitation of space that needed to be battled. Uatu then released Star Thief into the custody of the heroes.

(X-Factor I#68) - After X-Factor had fought and defeated Apocalypse and his Dark Raiders on the Moon, a confrontation that ended with Cyclops choosing to send his deadly ill young son Nathan into the future, Uatu  reflected on what he had witnessed. The Watcher praised Cyclops for his decision to do what was best for his child instead of following his own desires and dreams.

(Damage Control III#4) - Uatu observed how the Silver Surfer brought most of the Damage Control crew to attend a meeting of the Cosmic Congress. They had gathered to discuss the matter of Edifice Rex, the newly cosmically powered anal-retentive Damage Control employee Rex Randolph. After a while, they summoned Rex himself who cheerfully explained what he was planning to do with his newfound power: erase all of existence so at last the universe would meet his standards of cleanliness. All the cosmic beings save Master Order were horrified by this notion, but as Lenny Bellinger pointed out, were too afraid to lose to oppose Rex directly. Edifice then returned to Earth to start his plans, with Uatu and the Damage Control team hot on his heels. Quickly, all of Earth's available superhumans were mobilized for a final confrontation but, as Uatu observed, the threat of Edifice Rex was ultimately defused by Damage Control director Robin Chapel who simply told Rex he was fired. Getting terminated immediately seemed to demoralize and depower him, leading an exasperated Uatu to comment "And I thought I'd seen everything...".

(Avengers Annual I#20/2) - Uatu studied the history of the peoples of Subterranea, starting back over a million years ago when the Celestial Ziran the Tester created the Deviants right up until recent times, ending with the attempt of Brutus, then ruler of Deviant Lemuria, to conquer the entire underworld.

(Avengers I#334) - Uatu was present when the Brethren managed to gain control of the Collector's ship (actually arranged by the Collector in an attempt to eradicate mankind so he could collect the final survivors.). Led by Thane Ector, they crashed the vessel on the Moon which attracted the attention of Quicksilver and a delegation of Inhumans. The Brethren managed to capture Quicksilver, which brought his fellow Avengers to the Moon to fight alongside the Inhumans for his freedom. The heroes found the Brethren almost impossible to beat, but the fight only ended when Ector decided to teleport his forces to Earth figuring it a much more worthy prize. Uatu then showed himself to the assembled heroes, insisting he accompanied them on their exploration of the downed ship. He was present when the team found the Collector trapped and rendered inert in one of his own stasis cages, warning the Avengers that if the Brethren can do this to an Elder of the Universe... what hope would there be for Earth?

(Avengers I#337) - The Watcher appeared before Hank Pym who was studying the Brethren's origins. Pym took Uatu's presence as a sign he was on the right track comparing them to a pestilence. Before Hank could ask any follow-up questions, Uatu vanished, without ever saying a word.

(Avengers I#338) - Uatu made it a point to be present in person during the final confrontation between the Brethren and the Avengers. Thane Ector stormed the mansion to kill them and the Collector, who had been staying with the team since they freed him from his cage. The Avengers tried to protect the Collector, but were just as shocked to find the Elder wasn't powerless after all, in fact he had orchestrated the crash of his own ship. Now revealed in a new, powerful looking form, the Collector swore the human race would die this day.

(Avengers I#339) - The Collector reduced most of the Brethren into living clouds of lethal dust who would wipe out mankind. While the Avengers were busy trying to control this new threat, Uatu approached the Elder of the Universe to discuss matters. The Watcher remarked that Tivan deep inside must feel what he was doing was wrong, since he tried to hide this scheme from him. Uatu added that humanity does not deserve this, reminding the Elder that he knew full well man's destiny is greater than ending up a pitiful specimen in an intergalactic zoo. The Collector scoffed at this, telling his old friend that like him, he does what he does because he must. Tivan pointed out that Uatu had enough power to stop all this, but chose not to act because it is his role in the grand scheme of things, just as he has his own part to play. The Collector ended their discussion by inviting Uatu to weep for humanity, "but do not dare judge me." The Collector then continued his attack on the Avengers, but was ultimately defeated by a Brethren powered Uni-Mind, generated by Sersi and the surviving Brethren members Fool and Thane Ector. Before he was pulled away by the Uni-Mind, the Collector called out to Uatu for help, but the Watcher reminded him of his earlier statement: all he was allowed to do is watch. The fight ended with Thane Ector and Fool dying from the strain of forming the Uni-Mind. Uatu later visited with Sersi and Captain America who were trying to come to terms with the events. He offered his silent agreement to Cap's statement that, in the end, Sersi had helped the Brethren become the noble race they always longed to be.

(What If? II#27) - Uatu studied Earth-917, in this alternate reality Namor the Sub-Mariner joined the Fantastic Four after their initial encounter.

(Quasar#25) - Uatu and a great number of his fellow Watchers travelled to where Galaxy 71867 had once been, now completely consumed by a giant blackhole created by Maelstrom. Uatu explained to Egma, the Watcher of the sector, who Maelstrom was and how he gained sufficient power to cause this current level of devastation. As Uatu and the others further discussed the events, they witnessed the arrival of the Prime Celestial host who also did nothing but watch. The Watcher Edda approached Uatu, amazed that even the most powerful among the spacegods could do nothing. Uatu commented that if the universe were to end, he was at least thankful the end would be a spectacle of unparalleled visual magnificence. As the black hole continued to grow, Edda asked if Uatu could hold him when and if the end should come. In the end, Uatu and all the other assembled Watchers and cosmic beings (Celestials, and the newly arrived Galactus, the Elan delegation and some Rigellians) bore witness to how the hero Quasar and Infinity stopped the machinations of Maelstrom and his master Oblivion, cancelling out the black hole and restoring the universe.

(What If? II#28-29) - Uatu studied Earth-28918, in this world Steve Rogers prevented the assassination of Abraham Erskine, inventor of the Super Soldier Serum. This allowed for the creation of far more super soldiers, America winning WW II ahead of schedule and the slow degeneration of the US into a totalitarian regime ruled by president for life Steve Rogers (secretly the Red Skull). The real Steve Rogers was eventually discovered in the arctic ice and revived. Outraged, he assembled a team of heroes to take his country back.

(Infinity Gauntlet I#3) - Well aware that Thanos of Titan had come into possession of the six Infinity Gems, in effect becoming the most powerful being in all of creation, Uatu was one of the many cosmic beings who were assembled during the meeting Eternity called with the Living Tribunal. He witnessed how the all-powerful Tribunal dismissed Eternity's demands to intervene on his behalf. Before vanishing, the Tribunal reasoned that Thanos merely sought to replace Eternity's importance in the universe with his own, a prime example of the universe's oldest canon: natural selection. Eternity followed suit, leaving Uatu and the other cosmic beings in attendance to be addressed by the recently resurrected Adam Warlock who proposed they committed to a battleplan of his design. Uatu refused to cooperate, citing his oath of non-interference. A fact Warlock regretted, figuring the current crisis might have allowed him to put aside this resolve. Uatu then watched as Epoch, Quasar, the Stranger, Mistress Love, Sire Hate, Lord Chaos, Master Order, Kronos and the Celestials signed on, followed by Galactus who initially felt ill at ease taking orders from a mortal. Uatu, foreseeing the coming involvement of Earth's heroes, then travelled to Thanos' floating space altar where he waited for the inevitable confrontation. The arrival of the Watcher was a signal for Thanos and his aide Mephisto that hostilities were about to commence. The Mad Titan promised all who dared oppose him a most glorious doomsday. Some time later, the Watcher witnessed the arrival of Earth's superheroes, ready to fight Thanos to the death.

(Infinity Gauntlet I#4) - Apart from Uatu and those on his altar, Thanos froze Earth's heroes using the Infinity Time Gem. The Titan's brother Eros noticed that the Watcher was still free to act, realizing that Thanos was in need of an audience to flaunt his godhood before. Uatu kept silent and watched as Mephisto convinced Thanos to unfreeze the heroes, even tricking him into fighting them without the benefit of his cosmic senses. The heroes struggled valiantly, but all perished in the end. Even Adam Warlock's attempt to use the Silver Surfer's speed to capture the gauntlet failed. Then, Uatu witnessed the arrival of the cosmic beings, with Eros thinking he wished his end would come soon, feeling the universe is a place he no longer wanted to be a part of.

(Infinity Gauntlet I#5) - The Watcher observed the initial, immense and indescribable confrontation between the cosmic beings and Thanos. From a distance, he commented that many of nature's edicts had fallen victim to the assault, even sensing a near total collapse along the spectrum of reality. Uatu feared he was watching the end of the universe. But amidst the chaos and carnage of entire dying solar systems, Uatu was struck by the mysteries of the souls as he watched how Thanos' unrequited love Mistress Death used her own power to keep Starfox and Nebula safe. As Uatu noted from Eros' mind: "her hatred for Thanos must reach unfathomable depths." Uatu then watched how the various cosmic beings tried to best Thanos in individual combat, from the Celestials hurling entire worlds at him to Mistress Love and Sire Hate and Lord Chaos and Master Order's dichotomic assaults. Stranger, Epoch and Galactus shifted to pure energy to combat the Titan but were beaten as well. Kronos tried to use his control over time to disorient Thanos but found that assaulting one who wields the Time Gem with chronal energy is like trying to drown an ocean. In the end, Uatu witnessed how even Thanos' alleged allies Mephisto and Death turned against him. Thanos froze all of the cosmic beings in place, only leaving Uatu, Eros and Nebula to directly witness the arrival of Eternity who was ready to take on Thanos. Eternity charged, but in the end Thanos prevailed. By beating Eternity, Thanos shed the flesh and became the center of all reality. This led Uatu to conclude a valiant effort to save this plane of existence had failed. But while everyone was concerned with Thanos' ascendance, his alleged granddaughter Nebula approached his abandoned physical shell which still held the Infinity Gauntlet. Nebula succeeded in grabbing the gauntlet, immediately replacing Thanos as the reality's supreme being. Uatu noticed the sudden bombardment of all this new knowledge was almost too much for Nebula's nihilistic, fragile mind to bear, but he was relieved she did not seek salvation by condemning all that is to oblivion.

(Infinity Gauntlet I#6) - The Watcher bore witness to the final act of the Infinity Gauntlet affair, which ended with Adam Warlock obtaining the gems and assuming his new role as the all-powerful, supreme being.

(Impossible Man Summer Vacation#2) - Uatu, his cosmic level patience stretched to the limits by the Impossible Man's wild and crazy hijinks, decided to break his oath and give the Popuppian a hint to the location of one of his missing children.

(Quasar#30) - Invisible to anyone else, the Watcher went to see Wendell Vaughn in his New York offices. He requested the aid of Quasar in retrieving the renegade Living Laser who escaped into the Multiverse through Uatu's extradimensional portal and had replicated himself in seven alternate realities where his copies were causing trouble. The Watcher feared that the Time-Keepers would rescind the use of the portal if he did not deal with the matter, but his oath prevented him from taking direct actions. Quasar agreed and went on a wild goose chase across several realities, capturing the divergent Living Lasers with his Quantum Bands. However, in one alternate reality he suddenly found himself chased by his old foe Maelstrom who sent a burst of incomprehensible force at him that caused the hero to disappear from the entire Multiverse.

(Quasar#31) - Uatu observed Quasar's plight, while trying to explain to Quasar's furious companion Her what it meant that Quasar could not be found in the Multiverse. She wanted to know what lies beyond the Multiverse, causing Uatu to admit he did not know, only that there were speculations about a thing called the Omniverse. Her then attempted to enter the extradimensional portal only to receive a stern lecture from Uatu who told her he'd programmed the screen to shut down as soon as anyone tried to enter it from this end, thereby preventing Quasar to return. Her stood down and watched. In the end, Quasar returned from Earth-148611 (the New Universe) using the power source known as the Star Brand. He went to see Uatu, who was pleased to see the hero had survived though slightly disappointed Quasar couldn't tell him anything more about the Omniverse.

(Avengers I#344) - Uatu noted the arrival of a cloaked Shi'ar vessel in Earth's orbit, containing several of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard who had been sent to retrieve various components needed to constuct the Kree's Psyche-Magnitron in what would prove to be the opening volley of the Kree-Shi'ar war eventually known by the Avengers as "Operation: Galactic Storm".

(What If? II#35-39) - Uatu involved himself in a convoluted scheme instigated by the Time-Twisters (disguised as their counterparts the Time-Keepers who they had imprisoned) to eliminate four nexus beings across the Multiverse. All this in an attempt to save themselves from Immortus who threatened the entire Multiverse in his new form as a temporal wave. In the end, Uatu proved instrumental by involving the Time Variance Authority and convincing them to send an alternate reality FF to meet with Nathaniel Richards before he would become Immortus. The four members of Earth-8212's Richards Rocket Group managed to convince Nathaniel to reconsider, thereby ending the immediate threat. Uatu left before the overjoyed T.V.A. employees could give him proper credit.

(Slapstick#1) - The moment unwitting teenager Steve Harmon entered a portal to the alien Dimension X, becoming Slapstick in the process, alerted a variety of sensitive superhumans, including Uatu who admitted that in all his eons of observing, he never had so strong an urge to interfere.

(Warlock & the Infinity Watch#1) - Uatu was present as astral observer during the trial of Adam Warlock. Eternity had asked the Living Tribunal for a hearing, seeking to prove Warlock was mentally unfit to wield the Infinity Gems. In the end, the Watcher observed how the Tribunal agreed with Eternity's assessment and ruled against Warlock, forcing him to abdicate infinite power.

(Infinity War#4 - BTS) - Uatu felt a grand, cosmic event was imminent.

(Infinity War#4) - As the Magus used the power of his collection of Cosmic Cubes to freeze the universe in preparation for a dimensional takeover, Uatu was joined on the Moon by Thor. The thundergod was sent back to his actuality by Galactus who wanted to use Mjolnir as a relay point for his ship's instruments. Together, they watched how the Earth and the Moon were slowly merging with the Magus' nightmarish version of reality.

(Fantastic Four I#369) - Uatu was studying the effects the Magus' scheme had on Earth, when he spotted how his rogue nephew Aron abducted Alicia Masters. Though it visibly upset him, he felt he could not betray his oath.

(Infinity War#5) - Uatu rejoined Thor who was still on the surface of the Moon, allowing Galactus to use his hammer Mjolnir to transmit data. Though he was aware of the valuable role he was playing, the thundergod still felt he could be of more use aiding Earth's outerdimensional expeditionary force. Uatu agreed with him, but reminded the eager thunderer that they all had roles to play in the grand scheme of things, even if they didn't necessarily agree with them.

(Infinity War#6) - After he sensed that Mjolnir had relayed all the necessary information, the Watcher used his powers to send Thor back to his allies who were readying themselves for a final assault. As the Avenger vanished, Uatu admitted he was secretly praying for the heroes' success.

(What If? II#41) - The Watcher admitted to having difficulty observing the events on Earth-92941, a world without a Fantastic Four to fight off Galactus. Instead, that reality's Uatu helped the Avengers fight the devourer, but was forced to actively engage Galactus to save Earth, an act that led to his death. Earth-616's Uatu was troubled by watching himself perish.

(Fantastic Four I#371) - Uatu watched in silence as the Puppet Master involved the FF in finding his missing stepdaughter Alicia Masters. Mr. Fantastic, Thing and the visiting Sharon Ventura eventually travelled to the Arctic where Aron was hiding. Before they left, they told Philip Masters he couldn't come because someone needed to alert the Avengers should they fail. As he watched them teleport away, Philip was determined to help save his stepdaughter.

(Fantastic Four I#371 - BTS) - Aron watched from a distance as the trio arrived near his base in the Arctic. There, they found Alicia strapped to an intricate contraption that connected Alicia's mind to an artificially created universe hovering over her head. Just then, Aron appeared, announcing to Mr. Fantastic, the Thing and Sharon that they'd be the next inhabitants of this mini-universe that was founded on Alicia's hopes, desires, fears and visions.

(Fantastic Four I#372 - BTS) - Unwilling to idly stand by while others fought for Alicia, the Puppet Master used his radioactive clay to sculpt a statue of the most powerful being he could think of. Deciding on the Molecule Man, Masters forced the weak-willed Owen Reece to come to Alicia's aid. At the same time, Aron had placed Reed, Ben and Sharon inside the tiny universe governed by Alicia's subconsciousness. However, he soon had to contend with the Molecule Man who had come to free Alicia.

(Fantastic Four I#373 - BTS) - Thanks to Sharon Ventura, who was secretly working for him, Doctor Doom became aware of an unidentified source of incredible energy in the Arctic. Doom ordered his men to pinpoint its location and prepared to obtain the source of his power which was Aron who fell prey to Doom shortly after he had finished fighting the Molecule Man. The device absorbed a fair amount of his cosmic power, causing the Watcher to faint while Doom triumphantly left with his prize.

(Fantastic Four I#373) - As the FF emerged from the cave, they found Uatu had come down from the Moon to be with Aron. However, Uatu refused to tell even Mr. Fantastic who or what had caused his nephew's defeat.

(Fantastic Four I#374 - BTS) - Uatu took the comatose Aron back to the Moon, where he was placed inside a stasis chamber that monitored his condition. At the same time, Doctor Doom transferred Aron's Power Cosmic into a specially designed battery he planned to use as the power source for a new armor which incorporated the energy absorption technology. Doom decided Uatu was his next target.

(Fantastic Four I#374) - Uatu was tending to Aron when he picked up the imminent arrival of Doom. Wearing his new armor, Victor breached the Watcher's lunar abode, announcing his arrival by yelling that he had come to claim the power inside Uatu.

(Fantastic Four I#374 - BTS) - Unable to interfere directly per his oath, Uatu instead summoned the Fantastic Four and Lyja the Laserfist from Earth, tearing them away from their fight with the "Secret Defenders" (Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, Hulk and Spider-Man).

(Fantastic Four I#375) - Uatu gave the FF the briefest of explanations for abducting them, only pointing out Doom was nearby, powered by Aron's cosmic energies. Uatu then departed, announcing he was returning Aron to the Watchers' homeworld to face a jury of his peers for the crimes he had committed.

(Fantastic Four I#375 - BTS) - Uatu returned shortly after the FF, with some timely assistance from the Inhuman royal family, managed to overload Doom's new armor which forced Doom to flee.

(Avengers I#357) - Uatu made a point of ominiously appearing in Avengers Headquarters, breaking up what at that point had been an enjoyable dinner party. He looked all those present in the eye, coldly and calmly, and then disappeared in a flash of light, while all the Avengers heard the word "BEWARE" in their minds. The thoroughly shaken up Avengers were cheered up by Sersi, who told her teammates to not let "that old fuddy-dud" spoil their night.

(Quasar#47) - Uatu was interrupted in his monologuing by the Star Brand-powered Quasar who had come to the Moon to call in the favor the Watcher owed him after the affair with the Living Laser. Quasar wanted to know where his girlfriend Kayla Ballantine had disappeared to, but Uatu refused in light of his oath. As the Watcher left the room, suddenly one of his videoscreens sprang to life, showing where Quasar might find the Quantum Bands he'd recently lost. Quasar departed, in search for his bands, figuring the Watcher had indirectly helped him: once he'd retrieved the bands, he could contact Epoch and rely on her cosmic awareness to find Kayla.

(Avengers I#363) - Uatu became aware of the presence of Proctor and his outerdimensional band of Gatherers once the Avengers pierced the villain's cloaked citadel. As soon as Proctor revealed he was able to travel across dimensions by using Ute, a captive, alternate reality Watcher, Uatu appeared in the citadel. Proctor mocked the ancient one, wondering if he had come to rebuke him. Uatu kept silent and did nothing but watch his fallen dimensional counterpart with profound grief in his eyes while the fighting around him continued. In the end, Proctor was defeated by the Avengers, causing him to set off his base's self destruct sequence. Before vanishing, Uatu told the heroes the danger was not over yet. He added that fate is not inevitable, urging them to leave and remember his words.

(Infinity Crusade#2) - When the mysterious entity known as the Goddess seemingly abducted a fair number of religious or spiritual superheroes, Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man and the Vision used the schizophrenic Alpha Flight member Aurora (whose second personality is a devout Christian) to lead them to Paradise Omega, the Goddess' base on the far side of the solar system. After delivering her and seeing the Goddess' defenses up close, Reed Richards decided to visit the Moon on their way back to consult with Uatu.

(Infinity Crusade#3) - Not willing to directly interfere or break his oath, the Watcher allowed the three heroes of Earth to remain in his observatory while he just "happened" to review all he knew of the Goddess and her intentions. He showed how psychic emanations from Paradise Omega had universe wide effects, as war and strife suddenly and inexplicably seemed to cease. He refused to answer the question if the Goddess' intentions were good or bad, calling those rather subjective terms before teleporting Mr. Fantastic, the Vision and Iron Man back to Avengers Headquarters along with their Quinjet. Once more alone on the Moon, Uatu admitted that he wished Reed and his companions the best, if only because he sensed dire peril in the Goddess' intent.

(Deathlok I#29/2) - Uatu observed a crossroads moment on Earth-7484 involving the first Deathlok (Luther Manning), now known as the Demolisher who was transported to Earth-616 by Timestream. This event was noticed by Godwulf, who called it a most dire harbinger.

(Starblast#1) - Uatu was captured by Nygorn, a member of the band of alien freebooters known as the Starblasters. He took the Watcher from his citadel on the Moon to the Starblasters' ship the Dark Seed where Uatu was subjected to the mental probing torture devices of Insidio. Once the Watcher was hooked up, he was directed to tell them all he knew of the Star Brand, the supreme power source originally from Earth-148611. Uatu complied, telling them of the recent history he had observed, with the hero Quasar returning from the "New Universe" using this power. Eventually, the brand was transferred to Quasar's girlfriend Kayla Ballantine who was desperate to get rid of it. Pleased, the Starblasters' leader Skeletron ordered Uatu detained, telling his underlings he did not want him killed or able to escape. They then successfully managed to capture Kayla.

(Quasar#54 - BTS) - Quasar went to Uatu's observatory to inquire where his missing girlfriend might be, only to conclude he had been captured. Realizing the scope of the possible danger, he assembled a team of international heroes best suited for space travel.

(Quasar#54) - While the Starblasters were busy trying to investigate how to remove the Star Brand from their captive Kayla Ballantine, Uatu appeared to be similarly incapacitated and unable to reason or even defend himself. In reality, the Watcher was fully capable of freeing himself at any moment. However, he chose not to because he was extremely curious to visit where the Starblasters were going in their search for the origin of the Star Brand.

(Starblast#3) -Just as the Starblasters had arrived on the Stranger's Laboratory World to present Kayla, their resident scientist Insidio was ready to dissect Uatu, starting with his eyes, figuring the Watchers were known for their keen sight. Fed up and sensing the event he had sought to observe was imminent, Uatu burst free from his bonds and departed. He then reappeared right near the Stranger just as the cosmic being was getting ready to transfer the Star Brand from Kayla to himself. The Watcher begged to observe the event and was allowed to do so. The transfer did not proceed smoothly, because Kayla subconsciously refused to give up the power. The Stranger then entered her mind, pretending to be God, come to free her from the curse of unwanted power. Kayla complied, but as a result half of the outerdimensional New Universe Earth ended up merged with the Stranger's laboratory planet.

(Quasar#56) - Uatu, the Stranger, Quasar and Skeletron were all surprised by the sudden dimensional merger. Uatu observed that the Stranger had acquired the Star Brand while Kayla had disappeared. He then addressed the Stranger about the shift his planet had made, which the alien being tried to take in stride. The Stranger decided to first come to terms with his newfound power, forcing Quasar to get some answers from Uatu who tried to hide behind his oath. The protector of the universe didn't take no for an answer and wanted to know what he was doing there, shirking his duties as the Watcher of Earth. Uatu replied that he had devices in place to record whatever might transpire in his absence, adding that he felt his higher priority was to observe events here. He then excused himself to study Earth-148611. Quasar joined Uatu in the New Universe, finding him on the Moon that he called his home. Uatu admitted that his people long since wondered about unimaginably distant universes and that being present in this alternate universe had him more stimulated since countless centuries, with his seven senses fully engaged, processing new, raw sensory input. Uatu admitted to Quasar that Kayla was to be found somewhere on Earth-148611.

(Starblast#4) - Uatu observed the end of the Starblasters conflict when the Stranger cleverly used his final battle against Skeletron to transfer the Star Brand to him, while shifting Earth-148611 to the 616-realm, trapping the newly empowered Starblasters leader in an otherwise empty realm of existence.

(Quasar#57) - The Living Tribunal was less than pleased with the Stranger's decision to introduce a completely alien, outerdimensional planet into existence. He proceeded to pass judgement on the cosmic being, not even admitting Uatu to view the proceedings. In the end, the Living Tribunal decided to completely seal off the Earth of reality-148611, in an attempt to limit its potential contamination.

(Quasar#58) - Uatu was one of the hundreds of spectators of the Runner's Galactic Marathon that Makkari and Fastforward competed in. Uatu was seated right near the finish when Makkari grabbed first place.

(Fantastic Four I#387) - Well aware of the machinations of his rogue nephew Aron and his obsession with the Fantastic Four, Uatu briefly returned to his lunar observatory to review the team and their shared history. The Watcher considered this cherished relationship, fearing it would soon come to an end. He briefly considered the thought of saving the FF from the fate he felt was in store for them, reminding himself it would have been far more preferable if he had not shown himself to the heroes when they came to the Moon years ago. Though he wished to be able to interfere, Uatu decided to keep quiet.

(X-Men II#40) - Foreseeing the chronal crisis caused by Legion (David Haller) returning to the past to kill the man who would become Magneto, Uatu joined his fellow Watchers while they backed up a Shi'ar delegation led by Lilandra, determined to prevent the disaster.

(Fantastic Four I#397) - Just as Aron, disguised as Uatu, was about to destroy the Fantastic Four who had just realized Aron's true identity, the one, true Watcher of Earth appeared in Four Freedoms Plaza. He ignored Aron's pleas to join him in renouncing the One. Uatu declined, claiming that this would only lead to madness: if the One would perish, so would they. Aron then vanished, followed by Uatu though he did leave behind a component of a mysterious weapon the FF eagerly took possession of.

(Fantastic Force I#7) - After Huntara saved the Invisible Woman from certain death in an alternate reality, Kristoff Vernard used the Watcher's trans-spacial deliverance system to take them to the heart of the interspatial issue. It teleported the Fantastic Four and Fantastic Force right inside the central gem of the One, who was surrounded by Uatu and hundreds of other Watchers assembled to confront the Celestials.

(Fantastic Four I#400) - After regaining their bearings, Earth's heroes got Huntara to teleport them to Uatu who was one of the many hundreds, if not thousands of Watchers assembled to watch how the Celestials' fight against their champion the One was progressing. The Watcher, though cautious, confirmed to the FF and their allies that his nephew Aron and his ally the Dark Raider were a clear and present threat to the FF's reality (in actuality, Aron was busy constructing machinery to convert the Sol system into his own pocket dimension). He then explained the situation, detailing how the Celestials and the Watchers had been at odds for millennia, finally resulting in the Celestial judge Arishem evaluating the One, the Watchers' repository of knowledge, declaring him a threat to the cosmic balance of power. The gathered heroes were dumbstruck by the Watcher's inability to defend himself, resulting in the Fantastic Force's leader Franklin Richards lashing out at Uatu with a bolt of mental force that led him to briefly share the Watcher's thoughts. This was enough to overwhelm the teen, with Uatu leaving and also secretly dropping yet another component of the mysterious weapon the FF's technical advisor Ant-Man was constructing.

(Fantastic Four I#400 - BTS) - Uatu vanished, leaving the heroes to figure out what to do next. The Invisible Woman ordered a contingent to try and stop Aron using the newly assembled weapon Uatu was somehow responsible for. The remaining heroes, led by Nathaniel and Sue Richards, tried to stop the Celestial Exitar by piercing its outershell.

(Fantastic Four I#400) - Uatu observed how Exitar killed the One, then followed how Earth's heroes ended the conflict with Sue Richards blasting the Celestial's inner consciousness to shreds. He then joined them to oppose his nephew Aron who was well into the process of turning the Sol system into his very own pocket dimension observatory. Uatu engaged Aron, easily overpowering him with his vastly superior powers. Uatu forced his nephew to become living energy which he then redirected into forming the core of the One's inevitable regeneration. However, this act caused the Watchers' High Tribunal to pass judgement on Uatu, stripping him of his rank for having used his powers against another Watcher. Though weakened and defrocked, Uatu still retained sufficient cosmic power to return the Fantastic Four and Force safely to the Moon, where Boris and their interstellar craft the Stealth-Hawk was ready to take them home.

(Silver Surfer III#112) - Uatu appeared to the Silver Surfer in sector 8310.27 Omega after the former herald of Galactus spotted his presence. The Watcher explained his reason for watching the Surfer: he was about to embark on a journey none in this known section of the universe had ever successfully attempted. The Silver Surfer invited Uatu to join him in order to get a more accurate account of the events. The Watcher refused, preferring to merely observe.

(Silver Surfer III#114) - The Watcher observed the plight of the Silver Surfer who had found himself chopped to pieces by the inhabitants of Iridax.

(Fantastic Four I#416/2) - Even though he was no longer officially a Watcher, Uatu continued to study and observe the people of Earth, including alternate realities where their lives took totally different turns. He examined an Earth where Reed Richards had actually befriended his archenemy Victor von Doom in college. Reed helped von Doom to safely contact the afterlife to save his mother, while Victor made sure Reed's original starship was properly insulated against cosmic rays, preventing the creation of both Doctor Doom and the Fantastic Four.

(Uncanny X-Men I#335) - In the hours before the Onslaught entity manifested itself on Earth, Uatu went to Earth to observe how Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur) emerged from his restoration tank, accompanied by his manservant Ozymandias. When Apocalypse spotted his "old friend", he told the puzzled Ozymandias this meant the "Age of Wonders" was rapidly coming to an end.

(Fantastic Four I#415) - Uatu and Apocalypse travelled to New Jersey where Apocalypse, standing by the shoreline looking at Manhattan, followed Onslaught's plans with Franklin Richards with great interest. En Sabah Nur was curious to find out why Onslaught had the young child kidnapped at great personal risk when he was still years away from fully developing his powers. He also wondered just why Uatu was drawn there, seeing as the Watcher only appears during critical moments. Uatu kept quiet, while Apocalypse gently mocked his oath of non-interference.

(Uncanny X-Men I#336) - In the wake of Onslaught's electro-magnetic pulse that crippled much of New York City, Uatu and Apocalypse observed how ordinary citizens persevered in the face of total disaster. Apocalyse admitted to being impressed, both by the mere humans doomed bid for survival and Charles Xavier's willingness and strength to visit this much damage upon the world. Uatu corrected him, reminding En Sabah Nur that Onslaught wasn't merely Xavier or Magneto, it had evolved into a new lifeform as far ahead on the evolutionary scale as homo superior is from homo sapiens. Intrigued, Apocalypse wondered if Onslaught would be that which will survive.

(Cable II#35) - Uatu continued to observe the plight of New York's heroes during the Onslaught conflict. He specifically focussed on Cable and the Invisible Woman who found themselves caught in the eye of Onslaught's psionic hurricane and approached by Apocalypse. After a brief fight, the villain offered to help free Franklin Richards, if Cable was able to help the ancient one access the astral plane where much of Onslaught's might resided. Uatu watched them go and later, after the mission proved a failure, met with Apocalypse to discuss what had happened.

(Onslaught: Marvel Universe#1) - Mere hours after the heroes' final stand against Onslaught, the Watcher solemnly eulogized what he called the "age of heroes" to Apocalypse by reviewing what it had cost to defeat Onslaught. In great detail, he recounted the apparent death of the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom, the Hulk and most of the Avengers. Hovering over the wrecked city, Uatu concluded his job was done, while Apocalypse almost cheerfully announced that while the age of heroes had indeed ended, the age of Apocalypse was about to begin.

(Ka-Zar IV#10) - When a clone of Thanos tied the Savage Land's terraforming equipment into an alien dimensional power source to terraform the cosmos, the Watcher's home was suddenly overrun by the verdant green jungle. Ka-Zar, racing through dimensional portals on the run from who he believed was Thanos, spotted Uatu trying to free himself from the vines.

(Marvel Team-Up II#5) - Uatu observed the machinations of the supervillain Authority who succeeded in getting Spider-Man to retrieve his possession: the Globe of Ultimate Knowledge. Once Spider-Man realized he had been duped, he grabbed the Globe which was Uatu's cue to appear, revealing he had to wait until the Globe was in the hands of someone who would surrender it to him willingly, and he then claimed the Globe. The knowledge obsessed Authority begged Uatu to take him with him, to make him like him. Uatu told the Authority that he knew too much already and that the Globe was not meant for mortal minds. He then proceeded to erase the knowledge of its existence from the Authority, his underlings the Specialists, and Spider-Man.

(Deadpool III#11) - The Watcher became exceptionally nervous when his machines detected a temporal incursion created when Deadpool and his ally Blind Al accidentally travelled several years into the past. Fearing a temporal paradox or even worse, the Watcher watched with bathed breath how the sociopathic hitman and his blind compatriot briefly pretended to be May and Peter Parker before returning to their proper time period. Once he'd concluded the universe had survived relatively unscathed, the Watcher let out an audible sigh of relief.

(Fantastic Four III#7) - Uatu sensed Franklin Richards' rapidly expanding power growing out of hand when he was being chased by Gatecrasher and the Technet for that very same reason. Though the fate of all might hang in the balance, Uatu reminded himself he could do little more than observe.

(Spider-Man I#94) - Peter Parker continued to be plagued by the death of criminal Joey Z. Intrigued, the Watcher studied various alternate realities where the events had distinctly different outcome before returning to the core reality (Earth-616) where he actually preferred events turned out the way they did because that is the order of things.

(Deadpool III#24) - Uatu was aware of an approaching danger that might surpass Galactus. Before he could investigate further, he was incapacitated by the bliss inducing power of S'met'kth, the Messiah who happened to pass over the Moon on its way to Earth.

(Galactus: The Devourer#6) - Uatu witnessed the events that led the Shi'ar and a contingent of Earth's heroes to defeat an unstable Galactus who was feasting on bio-energy instead of a planet's lifeforce. In the end, just as he was about to decimate the Shi'ar throneworld Chandilar, the heroes turned the devourer into a newborn star.

(X-51#12) - When the Celestial monolith returned to Earth once again, Uatu began to study it more closely. Looking into the future, he found out it was in some way linked to Abel Stack's creation X-51, formerly known as Machine Man. However, as soon as the living robot touched the monolith, he vanished and Uatu was unable to track him.

(Avataars: Covenant of the Shield#1) - Uatu witnessed how the cosmic powers (Eternity, Infinity and the Living Tribunal) were pleased with the Shaper of World and his four muses' creation of Eurth, deeming it fit to be made permanent.

(Fantastic Four III#46 (fb) - BTS) - Sensing the approach of the extradimensional chaos agent Abraxas, out to get his hands on the Ultimate Nullifier, the Watcher hid the location of the device in the mind of three alternate reality Johnny Storms.

(Fantastic Four Annual 2001 (fb) - BTS) - In preparation for his conquest of the Earth-616 reality, the extradimensional cosmic being Abraxas assaulted Uatu on the Moon, taking half of the Watcher's signature broche and incorporating it into his own outfit. Losing this piece of jewellery somehow caused a type of debilitating dementia in Uatu, who promptly forgot everything he knew, even his own identity.

(Fantastic Four Annual 2001) - The Fantastic Four arrived on the Moon, hoping to get some answers from Uatu regarding an alternate reality Nova (Frankie Raye) who had suddenly appeared on Earth inside the decapitated head of her former master (which was Abraxas' doing). The FF found the Watcher near the point of total panic, unable to remember anything. When Reed Richards failed to get Uatu's computer systems back online, the FF returned to Earth to look for clues there.

(Fantastic Four III#46) - The FF returned to the Moon, joined by the alternate Nova, the Silver Surfer, Moondragon and Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell). Meeting in the home of the now near comatose Watcher, Reed used a thought projector to bring the heroes up to speed about what they knew of Abraxas. Just then, the villain unleashed an army of macrosized microbiotic warriors out to collect the Watcher. Reed ordered the Silver Surfer to hide Uatu which he did by shunting him to an unknown location, moments before he himself fell prey to the creatures. With Uatu gone, the creatures departed and Abraxas briefly showed himself to taunt the heroes. Later, Moondragon used her telepathy to figure out why they needed Uatu: the Ultimate Nullifier. Later still in the Baxter Building, Reed Richards used his equipment to determine in which of the myriad alternate Earths Uatu had hidden the Nullifier's location info.

(Fantastic Four III#49) - After Franklin and Valeria Richards combined their power to recreate Earth-616's Galactus, who subsequently fought off Abraxas, it was up to Mr. Fantastic to realign reality by using the Ultimate Nullifier to destroy existence. With the rebirth of reality, Uatu was restored to normal and appeared before the FF to provide some much needed exposition. He assured them reviving Galactus caused Franklin to exhaust his cosmic powers, showed that the Silver Surfer had been restored to life and that the Invisible Woman was now pregnant with the child she miscarried years ago.

(Marvel: The End#4) - When Thanos of Titan rewrote history by going back to ancient Egypt to prevent the pharaoh Akhenaten from becoming a universe threatening force, absorbing his power in the process, the cosmos' primary principalities gathered to discuss a course of action. The ever present Uatu was among them.

(Marvel: The End#5) - From a distance, Uatu watched how Thanos was opposed by the heroes of Earth, the Celestials, Ego the Living Planet, Mephisto, the pantheon of godheads, the Kree Supreme Intelligence and most of the cosmic beings including Eternity.

(Marvel: The End#6) - Uatu, along with every other molecule in existence, was absorbed by Thanos. Though the Mad Titan figured that he would be content as (being the ruler of) all that is, he found it lacking. After some subtle guidance from Adam Warlock whose unique nature ensured his continued survival, Thanos surrendered to Death, restoring all he had destroyed in the process.

(JLA/Avengers#1) - When the mad Oan scientist Krona, native to a Divergent Continuum, weakened the barriers between Earth-616 and his home reality, the Watcher decided to investigate this new actuality. Appearing on the Moon, he was fascinated to find the headquarters of the Earth's premiere heroes, the Justice League of America. Uatu decided to look in on them, which greatly concerned the heroes, especially because the Watcher did not respond to Martian Manhunter's telepathic probes. The volatile Aquaman was ready to go out and force the alien observer to tell what he was doing. Before they could do so, the Grandmaster appeared in the JLA's base to tell the heroes Uatu was harmless, before revealing what was going on. Even after the Grandmaster left and the Justice League began to plan their course of action in retrieving the 12 items of power from both universes. The Flash decided to stay behind, seeing as the Speed Force seemingly did not exist on Earth-616, adding "someone's got to stay and keep big baldy here company."

(Avengers/JLA#2) - While the "contest" between the JLA and the Avengers to collect the items of power continued, Uatu kept peeking through a window of the Watchtower. His silent gaze made several JLA members nervous, especially Firestorm who was in need of a bathroom break but desperately afraid the Watcher could see through walls.

(Thor II#37) - When Loki trapped the essence of Tarene into the Destroyer armor, Uatu travelled to Asgard to warn Odin of a moment crucial to billions upon billions of lives. If Thor was to fight and defeat the Destroyer, the young girl would never fulfill her role of galactic importance. However, Uatu also hinted that if Thor survived, an alternate future where the Thundergod ruled as a bloodthirsty, violent despot might well become unavoidable. Faced with this knowledge, Odin was torn: unsure whether or not to interfere on his son's behalf.

(Thor II#38) - Uatu watched as Odin finally decided to travel to Earth and rescue his son, casting Tarene's essence out of the Destroyer. With Thor saved, a grim Uatu concluded the dark future he foresaw had now become unavoidable.

(She-Hulk I#7) - Uatu, along with his fellow Watchers Qyre and Zoma were called before the Magistrati court of justice as representatives of their entire race. The case involved the alien race known as the Recluses who had kept their planet hidden since the dawn of time but had since been discovered by Qyre. Refusing to be watched, the Recluses turned to the Magistrati, demanding their sovereign right to privacy. Uatu greeted Jennifer Walters, who had been assigned to serve as temporary judge before the suit began. Speaking on behalf of his fellow Watchers, Zoma reasoned with Walters that Qyre was the only being who had actually seen the Recluses. None of the other Watchers had ever seen them, because of their agreement not to share knowledge during their gatherings. Hoping to find an acceptable compromise, She-Hulk suggested that Qyre simply wouldn't participate in any future Watchers gatherings to prevent any knowledge of the Recluses' existence from being (inadvertently) shared. When both parties agreed, the Magistrati caused Qyre's mouth to vanish, ensuring he kept his end of the deal.

(Alpha Flight III#11) - Uatu was thoroughly lost trying to make sense of the convoluted time travel conundrum Walter Langkowski's Alpha Flight had gotten themselves into in their attempt to prevent Omega Flight member Flashback from dying.

(Marvel Knights: Four#8) - Uatu spent the day watching the Fantastic Four as they continued to work normal jobs following their bankruptcy. He viewed the fight that broke out when the Sub-Mariner blatantly sought out the Invisible Woman and put the moves on her, only to be caught in the act by Mr. Fantastic. With an entertained smirk, Uatu thought to himself: "Oooh, this is gonna be good..."

(Marvel Knights: Four#9) - Uatu continued to watch the fight between Mr. Fantastic and the Sub-Mariner, which was interrupted by Johnny Storm who needed the team's help in finding Javier Fornes, a boy who had gone missing in Central Park. The Sub-Mariner offered his assistance and dove into the park's numerous ice covered ponds, eventually locating the drowned lad. As Javier was reunited with his inconsolable mother, Uatu couldn't help but wonder if of all the universe's sorrows there was one more profound than a mother's after losing a child.

(New Avengers: Illuminati#2) - Uatu watched from a distance as the Illuminati covertly gathered the six Infinity Gems. When they had completed the set, placing them on the gauntlet worn by Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic briefly became overwhelmed by the sudden sensations. He ignored his teammates' warnings to take the glove off, revelling in the power when Uatu appeared to chastize him. The Watcher told him how disappointed he was in them, after breaking his oath countless times to help mankind because he believed that given the chance humanity could accomplish anything. But man was not meant for this kind of power, it's well beyond any human's understanding and would only end in total destruction. Mr. Fantastic took off the gauntlet and told Uatu to take it, but the Watcher refused, feeling that no one being in the universe should possess all of the gems. When it also proved impossible to make the Infinity Gems wish themselves out of existence, Mr. Fantastic decided to share the individual Gems with his fellow Illuminati, a decision Uatu regretted. As he vanished, he told the heroes he feared what would happen once they'd been discovered. Still, he was profoundly grateful Reed Richards was strong enough not to give in to the temptation of absolute power.

(Beyond!#5) - After watching the Stranger (who posed as the Beyonder) force a variety of heroes to fight each other to the death, Uatu decided to appear on the makeshift Battleworld. His appearance startled the "Beyonder's" latest batch of heroes and villains: Deathlok, Firebird, Gravity, the Hood, Kraven, Medusa, Hank Pym, Venom and the Wasp who briefly confused the Watcher for the enigmatic Beyonder. A fight broke out, with Pym turning against his allies and blasting them all unconscious. Uatu observed how the overwrought Pym broke into tears after "winning" the challenge.

(Beyond!#6) - Hank Pym is the winner of the game. Uatu watches as the Beyonder talks to Hank Pym who wants three things: to be returned to Earth, to see who the Beyonder really is (leading to the Stranger to show himself) and, finally, he demanded the experiments stopped. The Stranger refused to do this, but did offer to resurrect Hank's teammates. However, he then revealed they were not dead, merely shrunken down. They do battle until Deathlok pointed out that they would probably win given the fact this was the first time the Watcher had shown up. Stranger, fearing defeat, cancelled the experiment and left, which caused his Battleworld to start falling apart. Gravity held the patchwork planet together long enough for the others to make it to the ship, but he perished before they reached Earth. All the heroes attended his funeral, but Uatu then revealed Gravity's death is not the end of his story.

(Fantastic Four I#531) - The Entity, an eternal cosmic being responsible for altering the rays that gave the Fantastic Four their powers, revealed to the team he had always kept his natural curiosity. This, he claimed, is what makes life worth living, calling immortals like Uatu the Watcher beings who stopped living because they lost their way.

(GLX-Mas#1/2) - After Squirrel Girl took down Thanos, the Watcher appeared to confirm she had indeed took down the actual Titan, not a robot, clone or simulacrum.

(GLX-Mas#1/6) - Uatu joined Santa Clause and the members of the GLX on the roof of their headquarters to celebrate Christmas, conveniently keeping quiet about the fact the bright star they spotted was actually the corpse of their former teammate Grasshopper (Neil Shelton) burning up in the atmosphere.

(What If?: Fantastic Four#1) - Uatu watched the events surrounding Hector Espejo.

(Thing II#4) - Lockjaw approached the Watcher, desperate for someone to remove the sliver of lunar rubble from his paw. Uatu, though welcoming to his Inhuman neighbor, refused to help him, seeing as it would be a breach of his oath of non-interference.

(Uncanny X-Men I#472-473) - Uatu came to Earth to witness the coming of the First Fallen, watching as the X-Men and their reluctant allies Jamie Braddock and the other Foursaken tried to cope with the potentially universe ending destructive force of the male counterpart of the Phoenix. Uatu even bended his oath a little to explain to the dumbstruck X-Men the background of the First Fallen.

(Civil War#1) - Uatu appeared in the Baxter Building to observe how most of New York's heroes discussed how to proceed following the Stamford incident. A fair number of them wanted to register with the government, in effect becoming licensed agents, while a similar number felt strongly against that. The presence of the Watcher led Doctor Strange to conclude things did not bode well.

(Black Panther IV#18) - Uatu showed up in Wakanda to experience the wedding of the Black Panther and Storm. His presence made a fair share of people uneasy, including T'Challa who felt his wedding day hardly counted as an event of cosmic importance. Nevertheless, the day went off without a hitch.

(She-Hulk II#16 (fb) ) - During the wedding of Storm and T'Challa, the She-Hulk chatted with Uatu. Their encounter was taped and shown on TV as part of the wedding coverage.

(Civil War#4) - Visibly saddened, Uatu observed how Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man and other pro-registration heroes unleashed a cybernetic clone of Thor, nicknamed Clor, on their former comrades in arms. Despite the Invisible Woman shielding her allies, the construct managed to kill Goliath (Bill Foster).

(Black Panther IV#20 (fb) - BTS) - Invited to the Moon by the Inhumans, the Black Panther and his wife Storm travelled to Luna while discussing the Moon's most well known inhabitant the Watcher. Storm still wondered why Uatu made a surprise appearance during their wedding. T'Challa revealed the Watcher's presence might not have been too foreboding, since he had video footage of Uatu smiling after the wedding ceremony.

(Eternals III#6) - Uatu sensed the impending awakening of the Dreaming Celestial resting underneath San Francisco. So afraid of the consequences, the Watcher dared not look.

(Civil War#6) - The Watcher decided to pay a visit to Doctor Strange who had been on a self-imposed exile on the North Pole. The mage refused to take sides, because he felt there was no right and wrong in the debate, merely friends with different perspectives. Uatu wanted to know if the mage was not tempted to end the conflict, seeing he could stop this quarrel with a gesture or whisper. Strange told his old friend that is exactly the reason why he chose to remain above the fray, feeling it was not his place to influence the evolution of the superhuman role. Uatu admitted that, as a Watcher, he was more than a little familiar with that stance. He did wonder what the supposedly impartial Strange sought to accomplish with this meditative fast, only to learn it was intended to favor whoever's victory is best for mankind and spills the least blood.

(Fantastic Four I#544) - Uatu was visited on the Moon by the "new" Fantastic Four: Human Torch, Thing and the visiting Black Panther and Storm. They wanted to get Uatu to answer what happened to Gravity's body, since a tiny blackhole had appeared over his grave. The Watcher showed himself, but remained silent, leading to Storm threatening him with the Ultimate Nullifier she had retrieved from his home. Uatu assured the team threats were not necessary and offered the heroes to use his repository of knowledge, the Cyclopedia Universum. Much to Uatu's surprise, it only took the supremely focussed mind of Ben Grimm mere moments to retrieve the information the FF needed.

(Fantastic Four I#550) - Uatu joined his fellow Watchers in observing Eternity's death. However, he decided to break his oath when the FF and their ally Doctor Strange were in need of a being capable of performing the proverbial "cosmic surgery". Uatu offered his help and instantly returned to Earth to retrieve Gravity, who was trying to keep a low profile in his hometown of Sheboygan, Michigan. Uatu reasoned that, if he hadn't acted and Eternity had died, his viewing choices would have been sorely limited. Still, even after his direct involvement had secured victory, he decided he'd broken his people's most sacred law, and teleported away to accept punishment.

(Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel#3) - Uatu spotted the Blue Marvel once again moping on the Moon about the fact his wife of many years had actually been a government agent ordered to assure his compliance to government missions. To start a conversation, Uatu picked up the medal of honor Adam had dropped in the lunar dust back in 1962 and reconnected with his old friend. Adam was less than amused to see the medal, wondering if Uatu had come to gloat. The Watcher merely stated he had observed the proceedings, assuring Adam he'd seen enough to know his wife was indeed human. Adam didn't care, telling Uatu she should have told him, since he told her everything about him to begin with. Intrigued by this obvious falsehood, Uatu pressed on to find out Adam was slightly lying. The Watcher then insisted the hero recalled their last encounter in 1962, which ended with the equally disillusioned Adam still doing the right thing. Snapped back to reality, Adam flew off, thoroughly convinced he could not ignore the latest threat to Earth: Anti-Man.

(X-Factor III#24/2) - On his search to find a way to reverse the Scarlet Witch's mutant gene negating spell, the Beast sought out the Inhumans on the Moon. When they proved unable to help him, he even reached out to the Watcher, who refused to tell him a single thing, yet subtly motivated McCoy to continue his search.

(World War Hulk: Frontline#4/3) - When the Hulk returned from Sakaar and took over New York City, Earth's heroes tried to oppose him. Uatu recorded a few less successful alternate Earth attempts by heroes like Aquarian, Peregrine, the Blazing Skull, Blistik, Cadaver, Captain Rectitude, Frog-Man, Gladiatrix, the Great Lakes Initiative, Hypno Hustler and Thunderclap, who he all beat with a mere flick of his finger.

(Age of Heroes#3/2) - Uatu visited the Blue Marvel in his base on the bottom of the Mariana trench. He sensed his friend was brooding and torn by indecision, which surprised him given the fact Adam's powers made him uniquely qualified to serve mankind. Brashear explained that he felt this modern age of heroess was so different from what he was used to: politics and decorum often getting in the way of heroism, with the public distrusting its heroes. Uatu tried to cheer up his friend by noting there was an air of optimism with regard to Earth's heroes even he had never seen before. When that failed to motivate Blue Marvel, Uatu reminded him that if he felt he wasn't able to master his fear, he could always refuse the challenge and retire... again. Just then, the Blue Marvel's computers alerted him to an alternate reality villainous Hyperion making trouble in Uzbekistan fighting the Winter Guard. Before Adam took off to deal with the threat, Uatu told him he'd been given a second chance and to not let himself down. Inspired, Adam beat the villain and actively resumed his superhero career.

(Hulk III#4) - Uatu appeared on Gamma Base in Nevada's Death Valley to observe the fight between the Hulk and Red Hulk (Thunderbolt Ross). Just as the Watcher was reminding himself aloud he was not to interfere despite his deep concern, the Red Hulk ambushed him. The gamma irradiated powerhouse kept slamming into Uatu, making sure his alien victim would be quiet for a long time.

(Hulk III#41 (fb) - BTS) - Uatu sensed the red hole of Dargala would soon generate a new Omegex. He figured the Red Hulk might be able to defeat this nigh unstoppable, race killing weapon of war since he had already proven able to strike a cosmic being. Uatu decided to make sure the creature's next target was the Red Hulk.

(Eternals IV#5) - Uatu observed the actions of the Dreaming Celestial in the Dreamscape, where it was busy cataloging everything any living being had witnessed during its lifespan. The Celestial was joined by the Eternal Makkari who was not only curious about what the space god was doing, but also why the Watcher was there. The Celestial explained Uatu's function was to witness, observe and see. He did note, however, that since his activation this particular Watcher had intervened on 337 seperate occasions, leading him to conclude this particular Watcher was evidently defective. The Dreaming Celestial concluded that he would alert the Fulcrum about this situation as soon as he had finished his work.

(Eternals IV#6) - After the Dreaming Celestial, in an act of uncharacteristic kindness, subtly resurrected Thena's human child Joey, the Watcher approached the Space God to ask if perhaps he was defective, even offering to alert the Fulcrum on his behalf. The Celestial insisted however that Joey was not dead, merely asleep like the rest of mankind as a result of the Song of the Sleeper it had recently started. With a knowing smile, Uatu couldn't help but agree.

(Fantastic Four I#562) - Uatu attended the funeral of the alternate Susan Richards who had been posing as the FF's nanny.

(Marvel Comics Presents II#11 (fb) ) - Uatu witnessed what appeared to be the death of Trenton Craft, better known as Colonel America. He was spotted by some bystanders who gave a description to the police, leading detective Stacy Dolan and her partner Mahoney to investigate the unknown suspect with the big bald head.

(Secret Invasion#7) - During the final confrontation between Earth's heroes and Queen Veranke's army of Super Skrulls, Spider-Man quipped that things really weren't that bad, considering the Watcher wasn't there. As if on cue, Uatu appeared in the heart of the battlefield to quietly watch how the heroes slowly overpowered the Skrulls. In the end, the shapeshifting infiltrators activated their secret doomsday weapon the Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) who suddenly shot up to giant size and began to turn into a living bio-weapon.

(Secret Invasion#8 (fb) ) - Uatu watched how Thor managed to save both the heroes and the remaining Skrull soldiers from dying by using his hammer to teleport the Wasp into another dimension (the Microverse). He then observed how the last of the Skrull forces were routed, with Norman Osborn getting to kill Queen Veranke on live television, instantly becoming one of the most beloved people on the planet.

(Mighty Avengers I#20 - BTS) - Briefly after returning from Skrull captivity, Hank Pym learned from Carol Danvers of the many, varied tragedies that befell the planet during his absence. The final, most bitter memory, was the Skrull incident, known as the "Secret Invasion", that the Watcher bore witness to.

(Incredible Hulk II#606) - Uatu appeared at a parade thrown for the Fantastic Four and their allies Bruce Banner and Skaar after they defeated Tyrannus. Not speaking, Uatu intently stared at Banner moments before he spotted his supposedly deceased wife Betty in the crowd.

(Avengers IV#11) - Uatu monitored the attempts of the Hood to restore his superpowers by acquiring the Infinity Gems. When he already possessed three of them, he was confronted by the Avengers. Uatu observed the battle, with Thor, Namor and Red Hulk tearing into the villain to prevent him from getting the fourth gem. The Watcher noted that the Hood didn't grasp the gems' danger or their potential power otherwise he could have simply willed his foes out of existence.

(Hulk III#26) - Uatu visited the Red Hulk who found himself stuck on an asteroid caught in the event horizon of the mini-black hole he had come to close with Thor. Without showing any sign of emotion, the Watcher told Red Hulk of his impending doom, adding that sadly enough he was forbidden to intervene.

(Hulk III#27) - Uatu watched how Red Hulk's attempt to escape by jumping across other asteroids failed. Eventually, the Red Hulk was rescued by Thor who flew him to safety.

(Hulk III#28) - Uatu temporarily abandoned his post to travel to the red hole of Dargala. His absence from Earth was noticed by the Watchers' council of observers who sent the Watcher Uravo to find him on the planet. After scanning the globe and failed to locate him, she returned to Panorama where she met with high observer Yruku. He revealed that the council had feared Uatu might have become somewhat unhinged after the Red Hulk attacked and absorbed a little of his power cosmic. However, even though Uatu had broken his oath many times, Yruku admitted he'd hate to lose Uatu as a Watcher. He gave Uravo permission to scan for his mindspace using a sacred focal point that could lead her to him.  

(Hulk III#29) - When she caught up with him in the feared red hole of Dargala outside the galaxies, the first thing Uatu said was that she shouldn't have come here. Together, they discussed the origins of the phenomenon and the dreaded Omegex that was about to emerge. When the Omegex was reformed, it automatically started scanning for its next victims which it would then hunt to extinction. Though Uatu and Uravo were undetectable themselves, the Omegex did pick up the DNA pattern of the Red Hulk (some strands were apparently still on Uatu's cheek after Hulk had pounded on him). The Omegex departed for Earth, which Uatu and Uravo agreed was most unfortunate.

(Hulk III#31) - Uatu and Uravo tracked the course of the Omegex who had just entered the universe, finding his way to Earth by following Uatu's original energy trail. Uravo wondered if the engine of destruction could be stopped or even thrown off course, but Uatu assured her the cycle could not be broken.

(Fear Itself#1) - Bristling with anger, Odin observed how his son Thor joined the Avengers in Broxton, Oklahoma where the city of Asgard had fallen during the events that became known as the Siege. He then spotted Uatu had appeared next to him, which did little to calm him down. Odin cursed out the Watcher, aware Uatu had come to witness the rise of Skadi, which the all-father considered his greatest failure. After calling the observing alien "a titanic mute baby too dumb to be of use." While Odin continued to rage and boast his own importance, Uatu gave a slight smirk and quietly walked away.

(FF I#3) - Uatu decided to monitor in the Baxter Building to monitor the meeting Valeria Richards and Victor von Doom had called with Diablo, AIM, the Wizard, the High Evolutionary and the Mad Thinker to discuss the question how to defeat Reed Richards. Somewhat annoyed and worried, Mr. Fantastic yielded the floor to his daughter Valeria. Before she could start, Uatu appeared which frightened the hyper-intelligent toddler to no end.

(FF I#4) - The Watcher continued to observe the meeting in the Baxter Building, with the supervillains discussing the best way to deal with Reed Richards. Uatu kept quiet when an exasperated Reed Richards pointed out that he was nothing like the alternate reality Reeds comprising the Council of Reeds that Valeria had called them to combat.

(Hulk III#41) - With the Omegex on Earth and about to kill Red Hulk after a fierce battle, Uatu appeared to observe the events. Spotting the Watcher, the Red Hulk begrudgingly told "baldie" he'd gotten his closure and that he shouldn't have messed with him. Then, he changed back to his human form, preferring to die like a man. With the Red Hulk gone, the Omegex figured its task was complete and ceased to exist. Stunned, Uravo wondered if Uatu knew this would happen from the start and if it wasn't meant as a way to get revenge on the Red Hulk. Uatu explained his reasons, with Uravo realizing he had done so much without ever violating any of the Watchers' protocols in the process. Uatu added that was not exactly true: observing a fact is to affect it, after all. He concluded his observations by noting that life is so fleeting a thing, they had to act occasionally or else there would be nothing left to watch and with so many worthwhile things to see that would be a shame.

(Deadpool Team-Up#884) - Honor-bound to observe anyone and anything, Uatu nevertheless dreaded watching Deadpool because the merc with a mouth did so many things. Finally biting the proverbial bullet, he went to work and appeared before the deranged assassin just as he was using the restroom. Excusing himself, Uatu promised to wait outside for him. Deadpool decided to escape through the window to continue the mission he'd been sent on by the voices in his head. Uatu caught up with Deadpool inside an elevator, startling him so much he opened fire which damaged the lift controls. Trapped in the elevator, Deadpool was eventually forced to use some explosives to free himself, since Uatu refused to act as per his oath. The Watcher was stunned to see Deadpool actually allowed himself to get maimed in the explosion, though the mercenary quickly healed up. The voice then told him who his target was: an apparently innocent, young puppy roaming the hallways. Deadpool was getting ready to kill it, which angered the Watcher so much he broke his oath and hit Deadpool in the face to protect "that cute little puppy". While they were fighting, the pup revealed its true form: a multi-tentacled monster that attacked the two of them. After getting Deadpool to safety, Uatu decided to break his vow to keep the puppy safe and attacked. When the creature hit the Watcher in the eyes, he grew furious and lost control, eventually biting the monster to death. Shocked by his own ferocity, the Watcher asked Deadpool to keep this incident to himself, in return Uatu promised to stop observing him and respect his privacy. However, he did send his underling, the Assistant Watcher to keep an eye on him (see comments).

(Mighty Thor Annual I#1) - Uatu was getting ready to break his oath of non-interference once again when he sensed the threat of the Other. Before the Watcher could spring to action, he was visited by the cosmic being known only as Scrier who assured Uatu he would take care of the matter. Uatu, though a little wary of the mysterious Scrier, could do nothing but trust him.

(Avengers vs X-Men#10) - Uatu was baffled when Hope Summers hit the Phoenix Force-empowered Cyclops with one blow from the Earth to the Moon. As he watched the cosmically enhanced Scott Summers recover on Luna and blasting off to counter the attack, Uatu couldn't help but realize this should not be possible.

(New Avengers III#3) - When the Illuminati decided to reunite the Infinity Gems in an attempt to fight off an invading universe (an incursion), Uatu was one of various cosmic beings who felt the gauntlet's return to power.

(Guardians of the Galaxy III#2 - (fb) ) - Uatu quietly observed the meeting King J-Son of Spartax had with the primary powers in the known universe to discuss the future of Earth. He watched as J-Son, along with young Annihilus, Gladiator of the Shi'ar, the Kree Supreme Intelligence, All-Mother Freyja of Asgard and Y-Gaaar of the Badoon Brotherhood eventually decided to effectively quarantine Earth, fearing their involvement in interstellar affairs once they'd actively join the galactic community a generation from now.

(Nova V#2) - Shortly after donning his father's old Nova helmet and turning into a Xandarian agent, young Sam Alexander tried out his newfound powers, eventually blasting all the way to the Moon where he encountered Uatu.

(Nova V#5) - Following a prolonged fight against the Chitauri armada, Nova (aided by the Guardians of the Galaxy) retrieved the Ultimate Nullifier. He decided to hand the weapon of mass destruction to Uatu, who was observing the engagement. The Watcher accepted the weapon and, before heading to Earth, Nova told Uatu he hoped it'd be okay if he'd come to the Moon sometime for a visit.

(New Avengers III#8 (fb) ) - On his way back to Earth after a mission in space, Iron Man encountered Uatu who showed him the corpse of the Living Tribunal lying on the Moon. Already troubled, Tony Stark became convinced everything was truly broken.

(Nova V#7) - Uatu watched Sam Alexader's early, fledgling heroic steps as Nova, hoping the welcoming, initial phase of superheroics would be enough to prepare him for the cosmic threat of Thanos and his lieutenants.

(Nova V#8) - Uatu monitored the coming of Thanos' hordes from his abode on the Moon, growing ever more concerned for Nova and the other heroes of Earth close to his heart.

(Wolverine V#2) - Uatu appeared to Wolverine, moments after he'd succesfully stopped a possessed young boy who had been terrorizing his neighborhood using an advanced energy weapon of supposedly alien design. Seeing the Watcher made Wolverine realize there was decidedly more going on.

(Wolverine V#4) - When Wolverine managed to prevent a plane filled with Latverian nanites from crashing into New York's Yankee Stadium, Uatu briefly appeared before him to remind the hero of the importance of this particular achievement.

(Original Sin#6 (fb) ) - Aware the Infinity Formula keeping the original Nicholas Fury alive was about to give out, Uatu visited Fury on his satellite in deep space just as Nick himself figured out he was dying. Seeing the Watcher made him realize the severity of the situation, though he cursed Uatu for still doing nothing to help out while he kept an entire world safe.

(Guardians of the Galaxy III#6) - Uatu was understandably terrified by the presence of the extradimensional entity Angela on Earth-616. He watched how the self-proclaimed angel engaged Gamora on the Moon. While he invisibly witnessed the fight, the Watcher realized Angela's presence was a sign of true trouble coming. When the Guardians came to Gamora's aid, Uatu observed how Angela beat them all back with very little effort, prompting him to comment this was quite impossible. Eventually, through a supreme effort, the Guardians managed to take her down. Uatu showed himself, which proved to the team something momentous was going down. Though he had sworn not to interfere, Uatu did tell the galactic heroes the name of their assailant: Angela.

(Mighty Avengers II#2) - Uatu appeared in the Blue Marvel's headquarters and, very subtly without even saying a single word, roped the hero into springing to action, aiding a team of Avengers in New York to deal with the threat of Thanos' lieutenant Proxima Midnight.

(Nova V#10) - Frustrated and confused by his new role as Nova, feeling his power entitled him to be among Earth's mightiest heroes instead of living as a cipher among the New Warriors, Sam Alexander flew to the Moon where he sought out Uatu. The Watcher refused to give him a straight answer, instead he showed him the various fights he'd observed the original Nova and New Warriors in. This convinced Sam that Nova and the Warriors really were necessary in the grand scheme of things.

(FF II#13 (fb) - BTS) - Hoping to procreate, Uatu began seeing the female Watcher Ulana who moved in with him. After an unrevealed amount of time, Ulana became pregnant.

(FF II#13) - The Impossible Man teleported the Future Foundation inside the Watcher's home, figuring they would be safe there from Doom and his new allies Kang, Annihilus and Ravonna. Uatu was less than pleased by the sudden intrusion and was ready to show his uninvited guests the door when Ant-Man (Scott Lang) pulled out the Ultimate Nullifier and threatened to use it if the Watcher didn't cooperate. Sensing Lang's desperation (and well aware the "Nullifier" was just a prop), Uatu played along, even letting himself get tied up with some dimestore clothesline Ant-Man happened to bring. Then, Ulana came to check on Uatu, surprised to find the FF there. She revealed they were dating, much to the surprise and joy of the younger Future Foundation members. Uatu then asked to be released because he really needed to use the bathroom, pointing the equally desperate Leech to the guest restroom down the hall. While the FF set up shop inside his home, Uatu talked to Ulana about what had just transpired. She told him he finally sensed how much he loved the Earthlings, especially those under their roof. Uatu replied he felt they were as much family to him as her and their unborn child.

(FF II#14) - Uatu and Ulana watched as the FF prepared to go into battle against Doom and his allies Ravonna, Annihilus and Kang. The evening before the final conflict, Uatu allowed everyone use of the Japanese hot springs he'd once built for Sue Richards on her honeymoon. He then spoke with Ant-Man, who had been using the Watcher's archive to plan the mission and also learn more about Uatu and his origins, including the incident on Prosilicus that led to their oath of non-interference. Lang wondered why the Watchers had quit helping people after only a single setback, after all they were not to blame for the fact the Prosilicans used the atomic energy to blow themselves up. In Scott's mind, Uatu could have acted a lot more often, for example by saving his daughter Cassie. He asked Uatu the rhetorical question how her death was supposed to be for the greater good. The next morning, the two Watchers saw the FF and their allies off, while they looked after the junior members of the Future Foundation.

(FF II#15) - While the FF pressed their attack on Latveria, heading for Doom, Uatu appeared next to Doom to watch him become the Annihilating Conqueror by absorbing the power of his allies Kang and Annihilus. Considering himself omnipotent and in no mood to be mocked, he savagely attacked the Watcher when Uatu called his actions predictable. Uatu was knocked out, along with the FF who arrived on the scene. In the end, only Ant-Man was left standing.

(FF II#16) - Uatu recovered in time to watch how Ant-Man (using Pym particles to hugely increase his strength) crumpled Doom's armor, crushing the tyrant's arms in the process. Elated he had witnessed the moment the univere changed, Uatu teleported himself back to his home on the Moon where Ulana and the junior FF members were concerned by his bruised and battered appearance. However, they wanted to know how Ant-Man was beating Doom, which Uatu refused to reveal. Ulana convinced him, telling him these little ones had been so brave, that should warrant a single indulgence. Even though Uatu felt the three fastest ways of communication in the galaxy were telepathy, teleporation and tell a human, he told them anyway, if only to prove his point to Ulana. After Uatu had explained the inventive use of Pym particles, it only took the hyper-intelligent children moments to realize this was the way to unlock the all-powerful Destiny Force. Seeing Uatu's point about not sharing information with humanity, Ulana offered to wipe their memories clean. With a reluctant sigh, Uatu told her he'd tried that in the past, only for them to figure it out again five minutes later. Smiling benignly, Ulana commented that such frail bodies housed such strong spirits. Uatu then rushed back to Earth to witness the final moments of the fight between Doom and Ant-Man, that ended with the arrival of the Living Tribunal who had come to the Watcher's defense. Normally, a mortal striking a Watcher would be none of his concern. But because Doom had claimed the mantle of godhood, he should know better. The Tribunal removed Doom's additional power and punished him: for every evil deed, a new scar would appear on his now healed face. This still didn't slow Doom down, as he focused the power of his armor to blast Ant-Man. However, his aim was off and he accidentally shot and killed his goddaughter Valeria. Almost catatonic with grief, Doom was neutralized and, as the Watcher observed, Valeria had actually been nothing but an illusion cast by Kang's associate Ravonna.

(Fantastic Four IV#16/2) - Uatu and Ulana joined the party the Fantastic Four, the Future Foundation and their allies threw in the Blue Area of the Moon to celebrate their recent victory over Dr. Dooms. Mr. Fantastic was worried about Johnny Storm though, after learning of an unhinged, alternate future version of the Human Torch. The Watcher tried to advise him, saying it was only logical to worry about the young, even admitting that with fatherhood fast approaching he could no longer foresee everything either. Reed promised Uatu the support of his family, not expecting the Watcher to respond in kind only to be surprised when he did. Uatu was then dragged along by Franklin to participate in a game of Twister with Sentry #459.

(Wolverine V#13) - The Watcher appeared to see if the depowered Logan would accept the offer of the Microverse virus who wanted to restore his lost healing factor in return for using him as a host. He refused, thereby indirectly signing his own death warrant.

(All-New X-Men#25) - In a somewhat uncharacteristic display of judgemental pro-activity, Uatu visited Hank McCoy to berate him for transporting Charles Xavier's original five students from the past to the present. He chastized McCoy for bringing them there under false pretenses, showing him a variety of alternate futures (most of them horrific) that were the consequence of the Beast abusing reality. To add insult to injury, Uatu informed the heartbroken Hank that he had guaranteed that the happiness, love, respect and adventure he craved for his friends might not happen now. Beast begged Uatu for help, only to be turned down. Before he vanished, the Watcher told Hank McCoy he was disgusted by him.

(Original Sin#0) - Uatu was approached by Nova (Sam Alexander) who was desperate to find out if his father was still alive. Hoping to get an answer from the usually unresponsive Watcher, the young hero brought him a gift: a piece of rock from the battlefield where the X-Men and the Avengers recently stopped the Phoenix Force. Uatu accepted the gift and allowed Nova inside, where he quietly showed him his extradimensional portal from which he monitored an almost infinite number of alternate Earths. Nova then realized why Uatu was searching so many divergent realities and told him he'd hoped his father had been right too. Touched, Uatu told the overjoyed Sam that his father Jesse was alive.

(Original Sin#1 (fb) ) - The Watcher became aware of his impending demise. Though he felt fear, he did not try and escape his fate.

(Original Sin#7 (fb) ) - Spurred on by the semi-mad ramblings of the supervillain Orb, Doctor Midas, his daughter Exterminatrix and a contingent of sentient Mindless Ones travelled to the Blue Area of the Moon to raid the Watcher's home. Even though Uatu spotted them, Midas still got off a blast that destroyed the main spire of his domicile. Uatu continued to fight off the Mindless Ones while Exterminatrix located the armory and grabbed whatever she could carry. At the same time, the Orb was fascinated by Uatu's behavior and finally realized the cosmic being was afraid because he'd seen what was coming. Then, using one of Uatu's own weapons, Orb shot the Watcher and proceeded to remove one of his eyes. Shortly after the villains left, Nick Fury (alerted to the situation because he bugged the citadel) arrived and found the now one-eyed Watcher. While the equally eye-endowed Fury couldn't help but appreciate the irony, a contingent of Watchers covertly arrived to observe what was to come.

(Original Sin#8 (fb) ) - Ready to take on whoever did this, Fury asked the Watcher to tell who did this to him. When he refused, even revealing he'd been aware Fury had been covertly operating as an outer space one man hitsquad, the old soldier grew furious and told he'd bugged the citadel years ago. When he failed to reason with Uatu, who claimed he'd seen too much, Fury only saw one final course of action to discover who was behind all this: shoot the Watcher and take out his remaining eye to learn what he needed to know to keep Earth safe.

(Nova V#18) - Nova came to the Moon to see Uatu and was shocked to discover his corpse instead. Overwrought with emotion, Sam returned to Earth to tell the Avengers of the news.

(Mighty Avengers II#10 - BTS) - As soon as the Blue Marvel learned Uatu had died, he travelled to the Moon. There, he was met by the Watcher's lover Ulana with whom he talked about Uatu and his fondness for mankind. Ulana, bound by the Watchers' oath, was not allowed to tell Adam who had killed Uatu. However, she did ask him to act as godfather to their newborn son during its formative phase as a neophyte Watcher. Adam, aware this would honor his lost friend, happily accepted the responsibility.

(Original Sin#8) - Doctor Midas returned to the Blue Area, along with his daughter and the Mindless Ones, because he felt there was still power to be claimed in the Watcher's citadel. He even decided Uatu's corpse had power, planning on eating him to gain his strength. He was opposed by Nick Fury and the heroes who had been roped by a Fury LMD into finding out who killed the Watcher. In the end, Fury managed to defeat Midas, even blowing up the Watcher's home so no one could lay claim to its contents. From a distance, a teary-eyed Ulana said goodbye to Uatu, though his body had not been found.

(Original Sins#5/3) - A bearded, moonfaced man wearing a hat who looked an awful lot like Uatu submitted himself to a SHIELD lie detector test, revealing he was actually the Watcher and had faked his own death (see comments).

Comments: Created by Stan Lee (writer), Jack Kirby (pencils), Steve Ditko (inks).

Ah, to interfere or not to interfere... that is the question. The Watcher has an uncanny knack for finding loopholes, cheats and liberal interpretations of "I can do naught but observe, honest." The earliest chronological example of this disconnect happened in Fantastic Four I#20 in which he warned the FF about the Molecule Man and then very graciously undid all the damage the villain had caused before promising to take him off the FF's hands. How is that not interfering in the affair of lesser beings, Uatu? And that's not even counting the influence of the observer effect: studies have shown that people act notably different as soon as they are aware they're being watched. Having Uatu allegedly only show up during major crises signifies the magnitude of the problem at hand. That alone should count as indirect interference.

On a totally unrelated note, I couldn't help but feel the Watcher was citing the Beach Boys when he stated in 1967's Fantastic Four I#60 that "only an entity far wiser than I can know..." Sounds like someone's been listening to the 1966's hit God Only Knows... Way to be hip with the hepcats, daddy-o Lee!

It's difficult to determine when most of the "Tales of the Watcher" stories that appeared in Tales to Astonish and Tales of Suspense actually took place. They might be from years if not centuries in the past, or even the future. Still, without any evidence to the contrary, I figured it might be best to insert them using the chronological publication dates.

The same goes for the Watcher's appearances as the narrator of the What If?-series. Uatu has the ability to observe events from any point in time, so pinpointing when he saw what is a tad superfluous: the Watcher knows and sees all. Therefore, only the What If?-issues where he does more than introduce the story have been included, for instance the marvellously convoluted, dry-as-Sahara-dirt Time-Quake event. You're welcome.

Another reason for not including most of Uatu's other What If? appearances: just who is he talking to? In the early Tales of the Watcher vignettes, the case could be made he is using the comic itself to directly address the readers of "our" reality 1218. But in What If? he always introduces his tale by telling the reader how things went in "your" 616-reality, before continuing on, waxing poetic in a Rod Serling sort of way. But how could the 616-readership have access to comics published on Earth-1218 or is What If? secretly an omniversal comic published in all actualities? Guess only an entity far wiser than I can know...

Filling out the affiliations of a nigh omniscient being whose sacred task is watching and knowing everyone in the universe and beyond is... a tad daunting. It's pretty obvious the Watcher knows everyone. But, for clarity's sake, I've limited the list to people who actually met and directly interacted with Uatu.

The events of Deadpool Team-Up#884 are so extremely out of character for the Watcher, it might as well be part of one of Deadpool's fevered fantasies. But with no obvious evidence to the contrary, let's agree that Uatu going on a cannibalistic killing spree is canon. Speaking of which, the whole "Psssst... I faked my own death" sequence in Original Sins#5 is obviously intended as a joke as well. But seeing as Uatu will undoubtedly return at some point, it's not the worst way to set up a backdoor resurrection ;-)

And, last but not least, for those of us who feel that continuity is dead in the New/Marvel Now... The Marvel Point One issue that established Uatu was vulnerable for a little under 45 minutes every 3 years was published in 2011 and lo and behold, 2014 brings Original Sin that started with the Watcher's death. One minor plot point, though: what's the immediate need to transmit all he'd seen if his eyes still retain that information, even after death? Not to mention the question where all the Watcher's data is being stored at and for what purpose. Some sources claim he doesn't keep records around, though he's been repeatedly seen reading and writing in a book of sorts. Does the information he gathers get solely stored in the One, and if so... how does that explain the Ultimate Machine which is supposed to house all the Watchers' knowledge as well. Ah, questions... Uatu ask someone who knows, really.

The Watcher makes a semi-cameo appearance in Scarlet Traces: The Great Game#3. On an ancient map of the solar system, we see icons identifying the inhabitants of each planet. On the Moon on the right a Selenite from H.G. Wells' First Men In the Moon and on the left, a familiar looking figure.
--The Mysterious Commenter (I don't remember who mentioned it on the group)

Antiphon is identified as being one of Uatu's ancestors. If this Antiphon is meant to be the Proemial God known as Antiphon the Overseer, then his connection to the Watchers (as their possible progenitor) has never been officially confirmed and thus remains fanfic speculation. -- Donald Campbell

Uatu the Watcher received profiles in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#12, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition#21, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z#14 and Marvel Encyclopedia: Fantastic Four.

Profile by Norvo.

Uatu should not be confused with

  • Ute the Watcher - his less fortunate, captured alternate--Avengers I#363
  • Aron the Watcher - his less than dutiful nephew--Captain Marvel I#39
  • "The Watcher" - benevolent shapeshifting alien--Amazing Adventures I#5
  • The Critic - his slightly more vocal counterpart--Sensational She-Hulk I#14
  • or any other "Uatu" or "Watcher" characters

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Original Sin#1 (July, 2014) - Jason Aaron (writer), Mike Deodato (pencils & inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
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Original Sin#5 (Early September, 2014) - Jason Aaron (writer), Mike Deodato (pencils & inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Original Sin#6 (Late September, 2014) - Jason Aaron (writer), Mike Deodato (pencils & inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Original Sin#7 (Early October, 2014) - Jason Aaron (writer), Mike Deodato (pencils & inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Original Sin#8 (Late October, 2014) - Jason Aaron (writer), Mike Deodato (pencils & inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Original Sins#5 (October, 2014) - Chip Zdarsky (writer, pencils & inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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