Real Name: Steve Rogers

Identity/Class: Extra-temporal (Earth-460/Earth-Cap Versus President-For-Life and Earth-311) human mutate

Occupation: Protector of the Roanoke Colony, former superhero

Group Membership: formerly a tribe of natives

Affiliations: Daredevil, Spider-Man and other heroes of Earth-Cap Versus President-For-Life
Ananias Dare, Virginia Dare, Queen Elizabeth, Sir Nicholas Fury, Grand Inquisitor, Captain Ben Grimm, Carlos Javier, Henry McCoy, Peter Parquagh, Sir Richard Reed, Jon Storm, Susan Storm, Clea Strange, Dr. Stephen Strange, Scotius Summerisle, Thor, Robert Trefusis, Werner (all of Earth-311)

Enemies: President-For-Life of Earth-Cap Versus President-For-Life
Assassins of Count Otto Von Doom, King James (of Earth-311)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Captain America

Base of Operations: the Roanoke colony

First Appearance: 1602#1 (November, 2003)

Powers/Abilities: Rojhaz has the same fighting ability and peak-human strength, stamina, agility, etc. as his mainstream counterpart.

History: (1602#8 (fb))- While all his heroic allies were growing older and dying, Captain America remained youthful and continued fighting to make the world better. At some point the President-For-Life came into power and heroes were being captured and killed off. Captain America fought against the President, who had him captured, shot in the head and sent through a hole in time so that he'd not leave any remains to inspire others.

For a time the Captain experienced only pain, until waking up in 1587 A.D. in America. He met and joined a tribe of Natives and became known as Rojhaz. One day his tribe came across the English colony at Roanoke, who were starving to death. Rojhaz and his tribe helped the colonists. Here he also saw the infant Virginia Dare, firstborn English colonist in America. Seeing her as a symbol of his America, he determined not to let anything happen to her.

Rojhaz's arrival in the past affected the course of time, creating counterparts of the modern era of what was Earth-616.

(1602#4 (fb))- When Rojhaz's tribe moved on, he remained with the colonist and helped them. He taught them when to plant crops and how to hunt. He helped them build and protected them from dinosaur attacks. When Virginia turned into a white deer, Rojhaz tracked her and kept her safe until she returned to normal. He did the same thing when Virginia transformed into a white lion and a white horse. They kept the transformations secret from everyone.

(1602#1)- Rojhaz escorted Virginia as she made her way to England aboard the Virginia Maid.

(1602#2)- When Peter Parquagh arrived to take Virginia to the Queen, Rojhaz refused to let her go without him. During the meeting with the Queen an assassin of Count Doom flew off with Virinia, but Rojhaz grabbed a circular tray and threw it, knocking the assassin from the sky, but Virginia was still missing.

(1603#3)- Rojhaz climbed to the roof after Virginia and found Dr. Strange there. Working together they managed to capture Virginia, who had turned to a gryphon, and return her to normal before Sir Fury arrived. He told Strange about Virginia's transformations and her illnesses after them, but that this time her illness was worse. Rojaz remained at Virginia's bedside as she rested and Strange told him that the source of the strange weather afflicting the world was in that room.

(1602#4)- Rojhaz made soup for Virginia as she was recovering.

(1602#5)- As Clea explained the story of Sir Reed and the Fantastik, Rojhaz stood by listening.

(1602#7)- Rojhaz went with Virginia as she met King James. With Virginia he formulated a plan to rescue the imprisoned Dr. Strange, but Clea advised them against it. They witnessed Strange's execution, after which Clea came to them, got them to board the Virginia Maid and head back to America. Clea confronted Rojhaz with the fact that it was he, not Virginia, who was from the future.

(1602#8)- Rojhaz explained his past in the future to Clea and Virginia as they returned to Roanoke. When it came time for Rojhaz to be returned through the time portal, he fled. When Fury followed him, he told Fury that he didn't want to go back. He wanted remain there to help America grow without all the killing. Fury asked Rojhaz if he trusted the other Nick Fury he knew, and used that trust to draw Rojahz near. Fury knocked Rojhaz out with a rock, then carried him through the anomaly.

Comments: Created by Neil Gaiman, Andy Kubert and Richard Isagnove.

Up until the future point of divergence, Rojhaz's allies/enemies/relatives would all be the same as those of his Earth-616 counterpart, but I'll not list those here.

The time-travel device used by the President-For-Life was different then the common means of temporal travel. Instead of treating time like a flowing liquid, it apparently simply punched a hole in time itself. This is why it had such dire effects and nearly destroyed all of Creation.

Once Rojhaz was sent back to his timeline, reality in Earth-616 restored itself to its normal course. However, the Watcher's superior granted Uatu a pocket dimension that preserved the altered reality, Earth-311.

by Patrick D Ryall

Rojhaz should not be confused with:

Spider-Man and Daredevil were two of the heroes that worked alongside Captain America. When they'd grown old they were captured by the someone (probably working for the President-For-Life) and killed.

--1602#8) 8 (fb)

The President-For-Life was apparently Zebediah Killgrave who had taken over the Presidency of the United States on Earth-460 and used his powers to stay in that position. When Captain America fought against his regime, the President-For-Life had him captured, shot and sent through a hole in time so that there would be no remains to inspire other people fight against his will.

--1602#8) 8 (fb)

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