Earth-311 (1602 A.D.)

Type: Alternate Earth

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Presumably vibrational attunement, time-travel (see comments)

Dominant Life Form: Humans, also present are small dinosaurs and mammals that shouldn't exist in that time period.

Significant Inhabitants: Aesir, "Ancient One", David Banner, Brotherhood, Ananias Dare, Virginia Dare, Donal the Old Man, Count Dougan, Queen Elizabeth, Grand Inquisitor, Jean Grey, Benjamin Grimm, Harry, King James, Carlos Javier, Master Carlos Javier's Select College for the Sons of Gentlefolk, Matthew Murdoch, Henry McCoy, Natasha, Captain Nelson, Peter Parquagh (plus unseen aunt and uncle), Petros, Sir Richard Reed, Jon Storm, Susan Storm, Clea Strange, Dr. Stephen Strange, Scotius Summerisle, Templars, Thor, Toad, Brother Tomas, Robert Trefusis, Otto Von Doom, Vultures, Sister Wanda, Werner, Witchbreed, Wotan, unnamed agent of the Pope (all of Earth-311);
    Formerly Sir Nicholas Fury of Earth-311
    Formerly Rojhaz (Captain America of Earth-Cap Versus President-For-Life)
    Formerly Uatu the Watcher of Earth-616

Significant Locations: Great Britain
    Domdaniel, Spain
    Doomstadt, Latveria
    The Roanoke Colony, America

Significant artifacts: Eagle's Shadow, Fantastik, Moor's Head, Virginia Maid,

First Appearance: 1602#1 (November, 2003)

History: (1602#8 (fb))- Earth 1602 AD. was created when Captain America from a possible future of Earth-616 was sent into the past of that dimension. The presence of Captain America so early caused ripples and time itself to alter in such ways as bring forth the Age of Marvels. These alterations happened in the present, past and future so people were born that should not have been until centuries later.

Having appeared on the American continent in 1587, Captain America met Native Americans there who, thinking him to be part of another tribe, accepted him.

(1602#5 (fb))- Sir Richard Reed led the ship Fantastik across the Atlantic Ocean seeking the New World. In the Sargasso Sea, approaching a strange curtain of light, most of the crew fled, but Reed, Captain Grimm and their friends Johnny and Susan Storm stayed aboard and rode through the light. Reaching land they found they'd been changed and now had fantastic powers. Elsewhere in the world a strange golden ball fell from the sky and ended up as a gift to the Templars. They continued their journey Westward helping those in need as they went. They made it around the world, but after leaving Russia they vanished and were assumed to have died, though they were actually captured and held prisoner by Otto von Doom in his castle in Latveria.

(1602#4 (fb))- Sir Walter Raleigh tried to set up a colony on Roanoke Island and they were cruel to the natives. This colony lasted only a few months. More colonists came and Virginia Dare was born. These colonists were starving when Rojhaz found them and began to help them. As his fellow Indians moved on, Rojhaz remained with the colony and helped them to gather food and fight off attacks from dinosaurs. Sir Walter Raleigh and the colony's first governor (Virginia's grandfather) sailed back towards England, but were killed by the Spanish along the way. The colony was largely forgotten by England.

(1602#1)- After a week of red sky over London and reports of bizarre weather from the rest of the Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth met with Dr. Strange and Sir Fury. Strange told them of the powerful Templar treasure that was coming to him and Fury agreed to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Fury and Peter Parquah met in shadow with Matthew Murdoch and arranged for him to protect the Old Man, Donal. Strange embarked on an astral journey to learn the cause of and cure for the odd weather. Virginia Dare and Rojhaz sailed to England from Roanoke. The Grand Inquisitor sent a message to King James suggesting a partnership and prepared for the execution of Werner. Fury was attacked by an assassin, but bested him. Werner was rescued by Scotius, Robert, and Grey and they took him to Javier's school for the Witchbreed.

(1602#2)- Fury went to speak to Carlos Javier and saw his students in their training. Peter was sent to bring Virginia Dare to the Queen. Matthew met with Natasha, who was to escort him, and they began their journey. Count Otto Von Doom assigned a squad of his men to follow Murdoch and Natasha that they may lead him to the Templars' weapon. Petros told James that the Grand Inquisitor accepted the offer to work together. James hinted that it would be beneficial to them if the Queen were to die. Virginia and Peter got to know one another as they headed to the palace, while Strange felt compelled to go to the palace himself. While meeting with the Queen, Virginia was attacked by one of Doom's flying assassins and carried away. The assassin fell back to the ground scarred, but Virginia was gone, having turned to a gryphon.

(1602#3)- Rojhaz scaled the wall to follow Virginia and on the roof he encountered Strange. Together they captured Virginia and turned her back to normal before Fury arrived. The Pope, having heard rumors that the Grand Inquisitor was dealing with King James, sent Brother Tomas to investigate. Tomas tried to kill him, but the Inquisitor was able to turn the steel blade on Tomas himself. Werner spent some time with John Grey, which made Scotius jealous. Stopped by a storm, Matthew and Natasha tried to buy horses from some soldiers, but the soldiers instead started a fight. Natasha beat them all and they took some of their horses. After telling Fury that Strange was to attend to Virginia she met with the ambassador from Latveria. As Peter brought Strange to Virginia, Fury tortured the captured assassin and learned that he'd been sent by Doom. It was too late, however as a gift from the ambassador had killed the Queen.

(1602#4)- Virginia woke up and was told what had been happening. After the Queen's death there were riots and King James of Scotland was marching down from Scotland to take the throne. Seeing the Witchbreed as evil, James ordered Fury to capture or kill Javier and his students. Natasha betrayed Matthew, knocking him off of a bridge. Doom entered his dungeon to see his prisoners. He told Reed that the Queen had been killed and about the odd weather and the two discussed science. Peter took a message to Javier from Fury suggesting they surrender. Virginia told Strange about her colony and he realized the cause must have come from there. Natasha, working with Doom's men, met up with the Old Man, had his servant killed and captured him and the weapon. Matthew arrived to rescue the Old Man, but was also captured.

(1602#5)- As Fury and his men prepared to attack Javier's school Strange informed him that Doom had captured Matthew, the Old Man and the weapon of the Templars. Fury arrived at the school, where Carlos did surrender. Petros told James that the Inquisitor was impressed with Javier's capture and that he wanted the Witchbreed turned over to the Inquisition. James took offence to this. The Grand Inquisitor said they would wait to see what James did, then had Petros meet with Toad in the Vatican. Doom began to study a strange item the Old Man was carrying, but when Strange visited Donal in his dreams, the Old Man told him that what Doom examined was not the real weapon. Clea told Virginia about the crew of the Fantastik. Imprisoned, tensions grew between Werner and Scotius. Strange, Fury, and Javier met and Strange told them that the world was ending, but that Reed was still alive in Doom's prison. They agreed to raid Doom's castle and Fury, Dougan and the Witchbreed went aboard the Eagle's Shadow. Javier and Grey combined their powers to life the ship out of the water. On land, Strange passed out and Peter went for help.

(1602#6)- Uatu brought Strange to the moon and told him that in the future something, likely a human being, would be sent to the past and create an infection of the timestream that would destroy everything. The Watcher gave Strange the knowledge to save the world, but told him he could not tell anyone while he lived. The crew aboard the Eagle's Shadow continued their flight to Latveria as Petros went to Doom to warn him of their coming. In the dungeon, Grimm began shaking the castle walls. The ship arrived at Doom's castle and they engaged Doom's forces. Grimm's wall-shaking allowed both Murdoch and Susan Storm to escape. Murdoch brought Donal to the real weapon of the Templars, his walking staff, as Susan freed her brother, Sir Reed and Captain Grimm. Donal used the weapon and it began to rain, allowing Robert to use his ice-powers to their full extent against Doom's men. The crew of the Fantastik confronted Doom, who raised the golden item to the sky. It was struck by lightning, leaving Doom badly injured. With Jean over-exerted, the Eagle's Shadow nearly fell from the sky, but was caught by Thor, who had taken Donal's place. Murdoch parted from the group and an almost dead Doom asked Natasha to hide his scarred face. Petros returned to Spain to tell the Inquisitor what had occurred in Latveria and that James had arrived in London and had Strange and his associates taken prisoner. However, the Toad had betrayed them and Petros was captured.

(1602#7)- About to be burned at the stake, the Inquisitor prodded the pope's agent into bringing him his belongings. He, Petros, and Wanda easily escaped and the Inquisitor took Toad with them by a chain. On the Eagle's Shadow, the crew decided to head to the New World. King James refused to send any money to the Roanoke colony and decided to keep Virginia and Rojhaz in his court. He also refused to stop Strange's execution. Scotius and Werner had another argument and Scotius realized that Werner really didn't know that "John" Grey was actually a girl. Jean died and was given a pyre. Strange was beheaded and Clea stole his head from a pike, then joined Rojhaz and Virginia and set sail for the New World. James sent Peter with Banner to also sail to the New World with intent to kill Fury. The former Inquisitor tried to sail to the place he'd sent his Witchbreed allies over the years, but the currents led him closer to the Roanoke colony.

(1602#8)- Rojhaz explained his past in the future to Clea and Virginia. The Eagle's Shadow arrived in Roanoke and, to stave off James's wrath, Fury had Ananias declare the colony captured by the newcomers. Javier sensed the coming of three other ships, and dealt with the Inquisitor's ship himself by having Robert freeze it in ice, but leaving them alive. Reed organized the others to search for the temporal anomaly and Scotius tried to apologize to Werner. Virginia, Rojhaz, and Clea arrived and Clea channeled her husband, who explained things to the others. Virginia showed them where the anomaly was and Reed began studying it. When Banner's ship arrived, Fury slaughtered all aboard save Banner, whom he couldn't find, and Peter. In England, Murdoch threatened King James. Javier asked for the Inquisitor's help, and Donal turned into Thor again, but before they could begin their task, Rojhaz ran away. Fury and Virginia tracked him down and Fury knocked him out and carried him to the anomaly. The heroes activated the time-portal as Fury carried Rojhaz through. Time reconfigured itself and events on Earth-616 once again occurred the way they should have.

    However, the High Tribunal of the Watchers allowed the universe to live on as a pocket dimension, which they presented to Uatu as a gift. Seeing that the world did not end, the assembly of heroes went their separate ways. Banner, irradiated by the temporal energies, became a hulking monster and Peter was bitten by a spider, which had also been irradiated. Reed and Carlos discussed what they would do now and decided they would get Ananias to declare the colony independent of England and set up a society where all people would be welcome, regardless of their shapes or talents.

Comments: Created by Neil Gaiman, Andy Kubert and Richard Isanove

As this profile gives away just about every thing in this series, I hope you aren't reading it here first.

The means of accessing this Earth were certainly the normal means (vibration attunement, et cetera) while this altered Earth stood in the place of Earth-616, but now that it exists as a pocket dimension owned by Uatu, that may or may not be the case.

by Patrick D Ryall

Should not be confused with:

David Banner

The right-hand man to King James, Banner was at his side at all times. After Fury's betrayal, James sent Banner to the New World to kill him. Fury slaughtered the rest of Banner's crew. As Fury carried Rojhaz into the temporal rift, Banner nearly killed him, but was stopped by Virginia Dare in the form of a hound. When the time rift began to explode, Banner tried to protect Peter and was irradiated by the energies released. Afterwards, Banner mutated into a massive hulking creature and wandered off.

--1602#2, 4, 5, 7, 8

David Banner is the timestream's answer to Bruce Banner, the Hulk of Earth-616.

Donal, the Old Man of the Templars

Donal was the master of the religious order called the Templars. At some point a mysterious golden ball fell from the sky and was given to Donal and his order as a gift (this ball having traveled from the future with Rojhaz). When the Pope and the King of France combined their armies to destroy the Templars, Donal was among those who escaped by staying in Jerusalem and guarding a great treasure there. When the world appeared to be on the verge of Armageddon, the treasure was offered to Dr. Stephen Strange, who accepted. The Old Man set about bringing the weapon himself, with only one of the Templars, posing as a deaf-mute servant and brought with him the golden sphere. He also sent three other carts, heavily protected, as diversions at least one of which was attacked and raided. Donal made it to Trieste, where he was to rendezvous with help sent by Fury, but instead encountered Natasha, who killed his servant, and stole the treasure in the name of Count Doom. Matthew Murdoch arrived and tried to stop Natasha, but he and the Old Man were both captured and taken to Doom's dungeons. As Donal hoped, Doom studied the golden ball and when Fury and Javier's forces invaded Doom's castle and Murdoch was able to free the two of them, the Old Man went to his walking stick. Even though it meant his damnation, Donal used the stick and unleashed Thor. Existing within Thor as he was active, Donal saw as Thor helped Fury and Javier's crew defeat the forces of Doom and free Sir Reed and friends, then guided their ship to the New World by controlling the weather. Once there Thor allowed Donal to come forth again and he told his fellows the history of the weapon. He also admitted that enjoyed being Thor much more than a sore and tired old man, and for this he was damned. When needed to become Thor again to help stop the time portal, Donal refused, fearing that if he did so, he would never allow himself to become old again. When Susan Storm convinced Donal that he should allow Thor's sharper mind to find a solution, he was touched by her concern and was willing to help them. After Thor aided in solving the problem, he left to seek counsel from his father Wotan, who could find a solution for them.

--1602#1 (5(fb, BTS), 1(fb), 1, 4, 5, 6, (7), 8

Donal is 1602's version of Donald Blake, once Thor's secret identity on Earth-616.

Count Otto Von Doom, Otto the Handsome

A friend of Sir Richard Reed, Otto Von Doom, called the Handsome, was the ruler of Latveria. Doom's father engaged in breeding studies, which were condemned as heretical by some, such as the Grand Inquisitor. These studies yielded humanoid creatures that served Doom. When the four from the Fantastik came to his country, he captured them and imprisoned them. He would often go to the dungeon to speak with Sir Reed of scientific ideas (most often he wanted to speak of explosives, poisons and machines) and use what he learned for his own purposes. He sent three assassins to England; one to kill Fury, one to kill Virginia Dare, and one, his ambassador, to kill the Queen. Though the first two were unsuccessful, the mechanized gift he'd sent the Queen succeeded in killing her. He also had some of his men follow Murdoch and Natasha to the Old Man of the Templars that he might take the treasure for himself. He'd paid Natasha and she betrayed Murdoch and brought he, the Old Man and the treasure to Doom's castle. Doom studied a strange golden sphere that the Old Man had been carrying, not knowing it was not the real treasure. When Doom's castle was attacked by a boatload of heroes, Doom engaged them in battle. During this, the four from the Fantastik were freed from their prisons and confronted Doom. Doom raised the golden sphere to the sky and it was struck by lighting, but it did not release the power Doom craved. Instead, he was nearly killed and horribly disfigured. When she found him, he asked Natasha to hide his face.

--1602#2 (1 (BTS), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

He is the Earth-311 version of our Dr. Victor Von Doom, of course.

Doom's Creatures

The product of Otto Von Doomís fatherís breeding experiments, there are at least two types of creatures who serve Doom after being spawned in birthing pens. Bald men who could somehow fly, known as Vulture-Fliers were used as soldiers and assassins by Doom, two of them sent to England, and as an air force of sorts that was put into action when Javier and Fury's forces attacked. Another type of creature, short servile men, worked in various roles around Doom's castle.

--1602#1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

The Vulture-Fliers are reminiscent of Spider-Man's enemy, the Vulture, on Earth-616.


The second-in-command of Sir Fury's armies, Dougan has served with him on many occasions, including when they went to Carlos Javier's school to capture the students there. When Fury decided to betray King James and invade Latveria with Javier and his students, Dougan accompanied him and aided in defending their ship from Count Doom's forces. Dougan then went with the heroes to the Roanoke colony and likely stayed there after Fury disappeared into the time portal.

--1602#5, 6, 7

Dougan would be the equivalent of Earth-616's Dum-Dum Dugan.

Queen Elizabeth

After reports of strange weather came from all over her land, the monarch of England had her physician Dr. Stephen Strange and her head intelligence officer, Sir Nicholas Fury meet to discuss the situation. Strange told them of a weapon being sent to them from Jerusalem and she had Fury use his men to protect it. Later she met with Virginia Dare, first-born of the English colonists in the New World and witnessed Dare being attacked by an assassin. She ordered Strange to attend to the girl. When the Queen accepted a gift from the Latverian ambassador, a mechanical toy musician, she was killed as the clockwork device set off a poisonous gas.

--1602#1, 2, 3

For more about Queen Elizabeth, see the profile for Earth-Elizabeth I Executed

Sir Nicholas Fury

An orphan, Nicholas Fury had no family or riches, but excelled on the battlefield and was noticed for it. He was knighted and eventually Sir Nicholas Fury served as the head of Queen Elizabeth's intelligence service. When the Queen had Fury meet Dr. Stephen Strange to learn of the Old Man bringing a weapon to them, Fury contacted one of his men, Matthew Murdoch, and arranged to have him protect the Old Man. Fury was then the target of an assassin, but defeated and captured him. Fury went to his old friend Carlos Javier to see if he could learn anything from the assassin's mind, and he learned that there were two more assassins coming. Fury had his assistant, Peter Parquagh, attend to matters involving Virginia Dare as he himself beat the captured assassin to learn who had sent him. He got Doom's name from the prisoner, but not in time to prevent the death of the Queen. Now taking orders from King James, Fury was told to go to Javier's school and capture or kill all there. Fury obeyed, but sent Peter ahead to ask Javier to surrender to avoid bloodshed. Fury imprisoned Javier and his students, but upon learning that an old friend, Sir Reed, may still be alive and a prisoner of Doom, Fury decided to betray King James. Releasing Peter and asking him to return home, Fury claimed he was taking the prisoners to sea to kill them, but in reality he was helping them invade Latveria. The attack was a success and Fury freed Reed and his crew, along with Murdoch and the Old Man of the Templars. Now a fugitive from England, Fury went with the others to the New World. Upon reaching Roanoke, Fury convinced Ananias Dare to proclaim they had taken over the colony, so that James would not think they were working with the fugitives and monsters. When James sent Banner, with Peter and a crew of soldiers, to kill Fury, Fury killed all of them save Banner, whom he could not find, and Peter. He told Peter that he saw that nothing he'd ever done mattered now, that he no longer cared about saving the world, and if Peter wished to kill him to gain favor with James, he would allow it. When Rojhaz went missing before they could send him through the time portal, Fury had Virginia take the form of a hound and tracked him. Rojhaz told Fury that he wanted to stay there and help America grow, but Fury tried to explain that the world would end if he didn't go back. Fury asked Rojhaz to trust him, then knocked him out with a rock and carried him through the portal and disappeared as it closed.

It is unclear whether Fury was sent to Earth-Cap vs. President for Life

--1602#1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

He would be 1602's version of our Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD.

The Grand Inquisitor/Enrique

Born a Jew in the Ghetto of Venice, when he was five years-old he strayed from home and was taken and baptised by a priest. Enrique begged to be returned to his family, but the priest refused, saying that if he went back his sould would be damned. Enrique grew up within the Church and became a clergyman, meeting Carlos Javier. Realizing that they were both Witchbreed, born with strange abilities, the two men became friends. Javier gave Enrique a gift, a helmet which shielded his mind from Javier's mind-reading abilities. As they grew older, the two men worked to different ends. Enrique rose the rank of Grand Inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition and used his position to further his cause of Witchbreed inheriting the Earth. Whenever a Witchbreed was put to trial, Enrique would spare those who could pass as human and kill only those with visible mutations. Of those he spared, he had Toad go to the Vatican to act as his man there and kept Petros and Sister Wanda in his service as they, unknowingly, were his own children. The rest were sent to a settlement across the North Atlantic to await the Inquisitor's orders. Javier and his Witchbreed students opposed Enrique's actions. The Inquisitor struck up a deal with King James that would give him a better footing in England and allow him to be rid of Javier. When the Pope learned of this deal, he sent Brother Tomas to investigate, but Tomas killed him. When the Queen was killed by one of Count Doom's assassins, the Inquisitor allowed James to believe he had done it for him. The Toad betrayed Enrique, however, and an agent of the Pope came, captured Enrique and his assistants and tied them to stakes. Enrique tricked the man into destroying all his important notes, then easily escaped. Destroying his fortress, Enrique and the twins fled the country intending to join the loyal Witchbreed across the ocean (His Brotherhood of Those Who Would Inherit The Earth). Their ship was blown off course, however, and came near the Roanoke colony, where Javier asked Enrique's help in saving the world from the temporal anomaly. that was destroying it. Enrique complied, and once the world was saved asked only that he be allowed to leave and that Carlos raise the twins, never telling them that he was their father.

--1602#1 (7 (fb,BTS), 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Earth-311's version of Magneto of Earth-616.

Jean "John" Grey

Jean was a Witchbreed girl capable of moving things with her mind. Becoming a student of Carlos Javier, she posed as a male so that she could serve as his page and apprentice. She fell in love with fellow student Scotius, but they could not be together. When a new student, Werner, came to the school, Jean began a friendship with him. This caused Scotius to become jealous. The students were captured at the order of King James, then Fury agreed to enlist their air in attacking Latveria. To get to Latveria, Jean and Javier linked their minds and lifted their ship, the Eagle's Shadow out of the water and flew it to Doomstadt. The stress of keeping the ship aloft during the battle was a great drain on Grey and caused brain damage. After the battle, the ship sailed on the ocean to the New World, but Grey passed away along the way. Having requested not to be thrown into the sea, Jon Storm carried her body into the air and Scotius burned it away with his eyes. Werner believed he saw the image of a great bird in the flames.

--1602#1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Jean Grey AKA Phoenix of the X-Men on Earth-616 is the inspiration for her.

Captain Benjamin Grimm

Acting as the Captain of the Fantastik, a ship designed by his friend Sir Richard Reed, Grimm set sail towards the New World. On the Sargasso sea however, the ship encountered a strange light. Much of the crew was afraid and left the ship but the captain remained with Sir Reed, Master Storm and Susan Storm. They passed through the light and were granted strange powers, Grimm having become incredibly strong and being made out of rock. They continued their journey around the world, acting as heroes when needed. After passing throigh Russia the group was imprisoned by Count Otto Von Doom, Grimm held in a very small room in the dungeon where he didn't even have room to sit. He spent years bashing against one wall and over time it began to crack. During a raid on Doom's Castle, Grimm continued his wall-shaking, which freed Susan and she was able to free the others. After a confrontation with Doom, the quartet joined the crew of the Eagle's Shadow in sailing to the New World to prevent the destruction of creation. After that was complete, they remained in Roanoke.

--1602#4 (5(fb), 4, 6, 7, 8

This is the timestream's answer to Ben Grimm, the Thing, back on Earth-616.


A guard at Temple Bar, Harry thought he heard something, but his partner didn't take him seriously. Unseen by them Clea levitated overhead and removed her late husband's head from the pike it had been placed upon.


I suppose it is possible that this is the Earth-311 counterpart of Harry Osborn, but who is to say for certain? He's probably just some guy.
    --Isn't there a Harry's bar frequented by the X-Men?

King James of Scotland

King James believed the Witchbreed were of the Devil and that unless they were killed, God would be displeased. When offered, King James accepted a deal made with the Grand Inquisitor. He would give the Inquisition all Witchbreed captured in England, if the Inquisition helped James become King and helped make the English more willing to have the Witchbreed killed. When the Queen was killed, James marched to London to take her throne and ordered Sir Nicholas Fury to go to Carlos Javier's school. James did not, however, come through with his part to deliver the Witchbreed to the Inquisition and Fury betrayed him and freed the prisoners. James responded by imprisoning Fury's associates and beheading Dr. Stephen Strange. James sent his right hand man, Banner, and Fury's assistant, Peter, to the New World with orders to kill Fury, though their mission did not succeed. After his coronation James was the first man to rule over Scotland and England and was making strides towards conquering Ireland. Then, one night Matthew Murdoch paid him a visit in the dark of night and made James realize he was not invulnerable.

--1602#2) (1), 2, 3, 4, 5, (6), 7, 8

Carlos Javier

A Witchbreed with powerful mental abilities, Carlos Javier was once friends with Enrique, giving him a helmet that made it impossible for Javier to read his thoughts. The two broke their friendship and became enemies when their goals in life became in direct conflict with one another. With Queen Elizabeth's permission, Carlos went on to open Master Carlos Javier's Select College for the Sons of Gentlefolk where he would find Witchbreed children and train them in the use of their powers. His students opposed the Enrique, now the Grand Inquisitor, who was burning Witchbreed at the stake for his own reasons. When the Queen died and the Witchbreed-hating King James took the crown, Javier's friend Fury was ordered to capture or kill Javier and his students. Out of trust for Fury, Javier and his students surrendered and were put in the Tower of London. When Fury needed to attack Latveria to rescue Doom's prisoners and the weapon of the Templars, Javier offered his students as an army and, linking his mind with Jean Grey's, helped propel a ship through the air to Latveria. The rescue was a success, but Jean died as a result of the stress. Carlos and the others went to the New World and sought a solution to the coming end of the world. Carlos enlisted the aid of his once-friend Enrique and the world was saved. Enrique asked only to be left alone and asked Carlos to look after his twin children. Javier and the other remained in the Roanoke colony.

--1602#2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Javier is the equivalent of Earth-616's Charles Xavier, Professor X.

Henry McCoy

McCoy was a Witchbreed child whose apelike appearance caused a stir in his village. Hearing accusations that she had been impregnated by an ape, McCoy's mother took ill and died. Not long after this, his father also died, leaving McCoy an orphan. During this time he was ridiculed by people, until he learned of the great strength and agility he possessed. Eventually he came to be a student of Carlos Javier. When King James sent Fury and his army to capture the Witchbreed at the school, Fury asked them to surrender to avoid a fight. Javier understood and so his students surrendered. McCoy was with them as the team traveled to Latveria to fight Count Doom, staying on the ship to defend it from Doom's men. The group of heroes then went to the New World to deal with the problem of the temporal anomaly. McCoy seemed to enjoy learning what he could from Sir Reed. When that problem had been dealt with, the group decided to stay in the Roanoke colony.

--1602#2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

His counterpart on Earth-616 is Henry McCoy, the Beast.

Matthew Murdoch

As a child in Ireland, Matthew was adventurous and one day wandered into a cave where he found an oozing green liquid. Matthew tasted the liquid and went blind, but his other senses were increased and he became very agile. In his adulthood, Matthew became an intelligence agent of sorts, posing as a balladeer traveling from town to town he worked on missions for the likes of Sir Nicholas Fury, being paid two large diamonds as a standard fee. One such mission was to escort the Old Man of the Templars on his trip to England. For this mission Matthew teamed with Natasha, a fellow agent. However, Natasha betrayed Matthew this time and knocked him off a bridge to go off and get the Old Man's treasure for Count Von Doom. Matthew survived the fall and went to the Old Man's rescue, but Natasha and Doom's men captured him and locked them both in the dungeon of Doom's castle. During Javier and Fury's attack on the castle Matthew was able to get free and took the Old Man to the weapon. After Doom was stopped and the prisoners were free, the other heroes went to the New World, but Matthew parted with them finding his own way to England. There, he visited King James one night putting a scare into him and telling him to keep his sticky fingers off Ireland.

--1602#1) 2(fb), 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8

This is the timestream's attempt to recreate Daredevil, Matt Murdock of Earth-616.


Matthew Murdoch called Natasha the most dangerous woman in Europe. She was a widowed woman who worked as an intelligence agent. Having worked with Matthew Murdoch and Sir Nicholas Fury on numerous occasions, she was brought in to go along with Murdoch to protect the treasure of the Templars. When a storm stranded the two in an inn with a group of rowdy soldiers, Natasha tried to buy horses from them. The soldiers instead caused trouble and Natasha took them all out by herself. They simply took some horses and continued on their way. Natasha was, however, actually working for Count Doom and betrayed Matthew, knocking him off a bridge. She continued on to the Old Man and captured him, his treasure and Matthew when he returned to help. She and Doom's men took the prisoners and treasure to Doom. When Doom's castle came under attack, Natasha decided to steal what she could, having grown bored with the Count. Before she could leave she was knocked out by Susan Storm. After the battle Natasha found Doom badly injured and disfigured.

--1602#2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Natasha is the 1602 equivalent of Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff/Romanova of Earth-616.

Captain Nelson

For five years Captain Nelson's ship was employed by Matthew Murdoch to take him on his travels, though Nelson and his crew did not know the true reason that Murdoch traveled the world.


Captain Nelson would be the Earth-311 equivalent of Matt Murdock's partner Foggy Nelson.

Peter Parquagh

An orphan, Peter was raised by his Uncle Benjamin and his wife, until one year, on his birthday, Sir Nicholas Fury came to his door. Fury had known Peter's parents and sought Peter to enter into his service. He became Fury's assistant, helping him on all manner of assignments. Peter was sent to escort Virginia Dare as she met with the Queen and was present when she was taken away by one of Count Doom's assassins. When Virginia was recovered he was sent to Dr. Strange to have him attend to her. Fury then sent Peter to Carlos Javier's school with a message that he should surrender when Fury's armies came, to avoid bloodshed. When Fury planned on betraying King James he released Peter from his service, telling him to return to his aunt and uncle. Unfortunately, however, Peter was captured and questioned by King James, then sent to Roanoke with Banner to attempt to kill Fury. When Fury had slaughtered the rest of the crew, he told Peter that he would let him kill him if he wanted, but Peter simply left. After Fury and the heroes had resolved the situation with the time portal, Virginia offered Peter to stay with her and her father in the colony. Peter accepted, planning to get his aunt and uncle out of England to join him. He was then bitten by a spider that had been exposed to the portal's temporal energies.

--1602#1, 2, 3, 4, 5, (6), 7, 8

Peter is, naturally, the counterpart of Peter Parker, Spider-Man of Earth-616. His aunt and uncle would be Aunt May and Uncle Ben and his parents, Richard and Mary, who were also intelligence agents on Earth-616.


Not knowing who his father was, Petros and his twin sister Wanda were eventually captured by the Inquisition and put to trial for being Witchbreed. The Grand Inquisitor, who was actually their father, spared their lives and kept them in his service. Petros being superhumanly quick (quick enough to run across the ocean, even) acted as the Inquisitor's messenger relaying information to and from the Inquisition to such parties as Brother Toad, King James of the Scots and Count Otto Von Doom. When James offered him a title of his own in exchange for his services, Petros turned him down. When the Inquisitor was betrayed by Toad, Petros was captured and tied to a stake with his sister and the Inquisitor. The three escaped and fled the country, intending to join the Inquisitor's other loyal Witchbreed, but were blown off course towards the Roanoke colony. After the problem with the time anomaly had been dealt with, the Inquisitor asked Javier to care for the twins and never tell them that he had actually been their father.

--1602#1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Petros is the 1602 equivalent of the regular universe's Pietro Maximoff (or whatever his last name is these days), AKA Quicksilver.

Sir Richard Reed

A brilliant man, Richard Reed designed a ship, the Fantastik, and set sail to the New World to seek knowledge. The ship was captained by Reed's friend Ben Grimm and also aboard were Jon Storm and his sister Susan, whom Reed fell in love with. On the Sargasso sea, the ship encountered a strange light. Most of the crew left, leaving only the four friends to sail through the light. These four were altered in incredible ways, Reed becoming pliant and able to stretch his body into shapes. The four continued their journey Westward and acted as heroes when they were needed. Circumnavigating the globe, the quartet made it past Russia when they were captured by Count Otto Von Doom and held prisoner. Here Reed was kept in a dungeon, being visited by Doom for discussions about science which Doom would put to use. Reed spent many years there giving him much time to think. Eventually the quartet did escape in the midst of an attack on Doom's castle. After a confrontation with Doom, they joined the crew of the Eagle's Shadow and sailed the New World seeking to save it from a temporal anomaly. Reed studied the problem and came up with a solution. With the other heroes the world was saved and Reed spoke with Ananias Dare about declaring the colony independent of England.

--1602#4 (5(fb), 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Sir Reed is the equivalent of our Reed Richards.

Jon Storm

A hotheaded adventurer, Master Storm killed a man in a duel and was sent abroad by the Queen. Jon, and his sister, joined the crew of the Fantastik. When the ship approached a strange light, most of the crew left, but Jon stayed with Reed, Susan and the Captain and passed through the light, which endowed them with strange abilities. Jon, now capable of creating and controlling flame, stayed with the others as they traveled the world acting as heroes. They were eventually captured by Count Otto Von Doom, who captured them. Jon was imprisoned under a waterfall where he could not use his powers. He spent years there until they finally escaped during a raid on the castle. After a confrontation with Doom they joined the crew of the Eagle's Shadow, traveling to the New World and Jon aided in the funeral pyre of young Jean Grey. They remained in the Roanoke Colony after the world had been saved.

--1602#4 (5(fb), 4, 6, 7, 8

He is Earth-311's Human Torch.

Susan Storm

Betrothed to a man she did not love, Susan fled London on the Fantastik with her brother and fell in love with Sir Richard Reed. When much of the crew fled out of fear of a strange light, Susan stayed with Jon, Reed and the Captain. Sailing through the light, the four of them gained abilities, Susan becoming invisible. She traveled around the world with the others, acting as a hero where necessary. Eventually the quartet was captured by Count Otto Von Doom and Susan was kept as an ornament in his bed chamber. Freed during an assault on Doom's Castle, Susan freed the others and they confronted Doom. They then joined the crew of the Eagle's Shadow in sailing to Roanoke to save the world. Befriending Donal, Susan was able to convince him to become Thor when it was necessary. They all stayed in Roanoke after the world was saved.

--1602#5 (5(fb), 5, 6, 7, 8

Susan is the Invisible Woman of Earth-311.

Clea Strange

A Queen in a distant dimension, she was at some point aided by Dr. Stephen Strange and swore to be his wife. They were married and she often aided him in his magical rituals. When the Queen had Stephen attend to Virginia Dare, Clea helped him with that as well. She told Virginia about the crew of the Fantastik who had gained strange powers and become heroes. When Stephen was taken prisoner of King James, he made Clea swear that she would not interfere. Though she would have preferred to simply kill James and his men, she held by her oath while her husband was executed. She retrieved Stephen's head from the pike it had been placed upon and communicated with the dead man and he told her to take him to America. Secreting Virginia and Rojhaz aboard their ship, they all traveled to Roanoke. On the trip Clea preserved the head in a barrel of brandy (along the way a sailor drank from some of this brandy and went insane). At the colony, Clea used the head to channel her husband that he might communicate with the others. She stayed with the group as they worked to solve the problem of the time hole, after which she returned to her home dimension.

--1602#1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8

She'd be the timestream's recreation of Clea, Dr. Strange's longtime love on Earth-616.

Dr. Stephen Strange

In his youth, Stephen Strange was kidnapped by foreign sailors and taken to a slave market in Ankhara. He was sold to a doctor and learned many things during his time with him. Offered his freedom if he retrieved secret herbs from the East, Strange went on that mission. Climbing high into the "mountains beyond the indes" he nearly died but was rescued and brought to a distant monastery. Here Strange learned much of magic. Strange completed his mission and gained his freedom, then saved Clea from trouble in her distant land and took her as his bride. Returning to England he did a favor for the Queen, who made him her physician. When Strange weather had plagued England and the world for some time, the Old Man of Templars offered a powerful weapon to Strange for safekeeping. Strange felt very certain that the world was coming to its end and told this to the Queen, who had him meet with Sir Fury to discuss it. Strange meditated to learn more of the Strange weather, but found few answers. One night Strange felt oddly compelled to go to the castle and take certain materials with him. He did this and found Virginia Dare had changed form. Strange was able to return her to normal before her transformations became known of by others and the Queen, just before being herself killed, assigned him to care for the sick child. Sensing that Fury's agent and the weapon of the Templars had been taken by Count Doom, and that Sir Reed and his allies were also prisoners there, Strange was able to convince Fury to betray the new King James and attack Latveria. While further investigating a means of saving the world, Strange passed out and was spiritually brought to the Moon by Uatu the Watcher. Uatu explained to Strange what had been happening and gave him a vision of all the knowledge he needed, but he could not tell anyone of it while he lived. King James had Strange imprisoned and Stephen had Clea swear not to interfere. Strange was beheaded for treason. Clea took her husband's head from the pike it had been placed upon and communicated with him. She brought his head to America where, freed from his oath of not telling what he knew, he could advise, through Clea, the others. After the world had been saved, Clea asked the others to bury the head with his body.

--1602#1 (4(fb), 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

He is, of course, Earth-311's very own copy of our Dr. Strange.

Scotius Summerisle

As a young boy, Scotius worked on boats until it was revealed that he was Witchbreed. He was attacked and branded by the fearful populace and very nearly killed. Eventually, however he came to Carlos Javier's school and became a pupil. Here he met Jean Grey and they fell in love, though they could not act on it as Jean had to pretend to be a man. On one mission for Javier, Scotius and fellow student Robert rescued Werner from the Inquisition. When Werner started a friendship with Jean, Scotius was jealous and angry with him. Even as the students were captured, then preparing to fight in Latveria the two men argued. When Jean's overexertion left her dying, Werner asked Scotius how "he" was doing and Scotius yelled at him and told him to stop the pretense. When he saw how surprised Werner was, he realized that he really didn't know she had been a woman. Upon reaching Roanoke, Scotius attempted to apologize to Werner, but was told it was unnecessary because, though he didn't realize Grey was a woman, Werner did believe he had feelings for her. Scotius remained in Roanoke with the others after the world had been saved.

--1602#1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Scotius is the Earth-311's recreation of Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops of the X-Men.


In the Ninth century Norsemen brought what appeared to be a simple walking stick to Jerusalem from the Northlands. Two hundred years later it was discovered by Hugh de Payns, who had the Templars protect it and keep it secret so that nobody would know Thor existed, a fact which could harm the Church. The staff was passed on from each master of the Templars to the next and never used, until the year 1602 when the world seemed like it was ending. Donal, then the Templars' master contacted Dr. Stephen Strange and agreed to have him care for the staff. On the way to giving him this though, Donal was captured by Count Doom. Seeing that he needed to do something, Donal used the staff to unleash Thor. The Thunder Godís coming greatly aided the heroes and Doom was stopped. Thor then aided the ship in reaching the New World by calling upon the winds to hasten them. Once there the god returned Donal. Thor was needed again to help deal with the temporal anomaly and after that was done with, he left to the Gard of the Aesir (the world of his people) to rejoin his lady Sif and his father Wotan. He planned to have Wotan advise them on how to free Donal.

--1602#6, 7, 8

This is the timestream's alteration of Earth-616's Thor.


A Witchbreed loyal to the Grand Inquisitor, Toad served as the Grand Inquisitor's connection in the Vatican. When Brother Tomas went missing, he tried to tell the Pope that he had likely been killed by bandits. This story wasn't entirely believed, but at that time the Church was more concerned with the activities of Otto Von Doom. When the Church did turn upon the matter, however, and threatened to kill Toad, he betrayed the Inquisitor. Going to Domdaniel with the Pope's agent, when the Inquisitor escaped being burned at the stake, he took Toad with him, uncertain what to do with him. He was with them as they left the country heading to the Inquisitor's other loyal Witchbreed, but were blown off course towards Roanoke. He was last seen on the boat and it is uncertain if he survived to join them upon reaching the colony.

--1602#5, 6, 7, 8

He is clearly the 1602 duplicate of Brotherhood of Evil Mutants member Toad.

Brother Tomas

An agent of the Pope, Tomas was sent to Spain to investigate rumors that the Grand Inquisitor was dealing with King James, and to kill the Inquisitor. Before he could complete his mission, however, the Inquisitor magnetically took Tomas's knife from him and used it to kill Tomas.


Roberto Trefusis

The nephew of Sir Francis Drake, Robert was his cabin boy in his youth. Robert was a Witchbreed, born with the ability to turn water into ice. When his powers became known, he ended up being schooled by Carlos Javier. In Javier's school he was also trained to use his abilities for missions. On one mission with Scotius, Robert snuck into the Inquisition's fortress in Domdaniel and saved Werner from being burned at the stake. When King James sent Fury's men to the school to capture the Witchbreed there, Robert surrendered with the others at the request of Fury and Javier. Robert then went with the group as they invaded Doom's castle in Latveria. In this battle, the lack of moisture in the air at first limited Robert's abilities, but when Thor arrived, bringing torrential rain with him, Robert used this to bring down all of Doom's vulture fliers. The group then traveled to the Roanoke colony and remained there after the problem with time was solved.

--1602#1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

He's the timestream's attempt at recreating Bobby Drake AKA Ice Man. Ice Man is not related to Sir Francis Drake, unless as a distant descendant.

Unnamed Agent of the Pope

This unnamed agent of the Pope threatened to kill Toad if he did not betray the Grand Inquisitor and Toad did just that. Going to Domdaniel this clergyman captured the Inquisitor and his two assistants and prepared to burn them at the stake. The Inquisitor begged that the clergyman not destroy his notes and items kept in his desk, so the clergyman had all those items brought to the stake and set them on fire. But he had played into the Inquisitor's hands, as he'd wanted the notes destroyed and to be given his helmet. The Inquisitor escaped from the stake and killed the Pope's man.

--1602#6, 7

It should be noted that in the real history the Pope during 1602 was Clement VIII. Unless the timestream edited him out with an Earth-311 version of Baron Strucker or J. Jonah Jameson or Luke Cage or someone, he was likely the Pope here as well.

Sister Wanda

Not knowing who her father was, Wanda and her twin brother Petros were at some point brought before the Inquisition for being Witchbreed. The Grand Inquisitor, who was actually their father, spared them and kept them in his service. When the Grand Inquisitor was betrayed by Toad, Sister Wanda and her brother were prepared to be burned at the stake, but easily escaped. The three of them, and Toad, fled the country by ship intending to go join the Witchbreed loyal to the Inquisitor. The winds and the current, however, carried them close to the Roanoke colony and after the Inquisitor helped Javier and the others correct the damage to the timestream, he asked Javier to raise the twins, and never tell them that they were his own children. Sister Wanda's powers included sensing and banishing Dr. Strange's astral form and probably included hexes similar to her counterpart on Earth-616.

--1602#1, 2, 4, 7, 8

She's Earth-311's counterpart of the Scarlet Witch, of course.

Werner/"Sir Angel"

The Inquisition learned that Werner was a Witchbreed and attempted to take him prisoner. When he fled, they captured his mother and said they'd kill her if he didn't come back. He did so, and they killed her anyway. On the day he was to be burned at the stake, he was rescued by Scotius Summerisle and Robert Trefusis and "John" Grey. They took him to Master Carlos Javier's school for Witchbreed and he became a student. Here he met "John" Grey and struck up a friendship, which caused Scotius to take a disliking to him. The students were captured at King James's order, then went to Latveria with Fury to fight Count Doom and Werner went with, continuing his friendship with Grey and continuing to aggravate Scotius. When Grey was dying from the stress of overusing her powers, Werner asked Scotius how "he" was doing and Scotius yelled at him to stop the pretence that Grey was a man. Werner was surprised and Scotius realized he hadn't known Jean was actually a woman. Embarrassed and ashamed, Werner refused an offer to participate in Grey's funeral pyre. Upon reaching Roanoke, Scotius apologized to Werner, who told him it was unnecessary as, even though he'd though Grey was a man, he thought he had been in love with him. Werner remained in Roanoke with the others when the world had been saved.

--1602#1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Werner is the 1602 version of 616's Warren Worthington III, the Angel.

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