Real Name: Virginia Dare

Identity/Class: Extra-Temporal/dimensional (Earth-311) human mutate

Occupation: Child

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Queen Elizabeth, Peter Parquagh, Rojhaz, Clea Strange, Dr. Stephen Strange

Enemies: Assassins of Count Otto Von Doom, King James

Known Relatives: Ananias Dare, unnamed mother (deceased), unnamed grandfather (deceased)

Aliases: "the Virginia Maid"

Base of Operations: the Roanoke colony

First Appearance: 1602#1 (November, 2003)



Powers/Abilities: When upset or angered, Virginia would be transformed into white animals. Those witnessed included a white deer, mountain lion, horse, gryphon and hound. Over time she seemed to develop the ability to transform at will.


History: (1602#4 (fb))- Virginia was born just after the colonists had reached Roanoke and she became the first English child born in America. As an infant her mother died. Virginia's grandfather, the first governor of the island, and Sir Walter Raleigh had been returning to England for aid, but were killed by the Spanish and the colony was almost forgotten. It was only when Rojhaz arrived and helped the colonists that they had any chance of survival.

When Virginia was eight she and some other children were playing on the mainland having wandered away from the adults. There Virginia found a strange light floating in the air. Virginia touched it and became a white fawn. Rojhaz tracked the fawn and kept it safe until nightfall, when it became Virginia again. On two more occasions, when Virginia was upset or angered, she transformed. Once into a white lion and once into a white horse. Each time Rojhaz brought her to safety and kept it a secret from everyone.

Eventually, when Virginia was fourteen, the colony was facing hard times and no new colonists were coming, Ananias sent Virginia to England to raise support for the colony.





(1602#1)- Virginia and Rojhaz, aboard the ship Virginia Maid, sailed to England to ask the Queen for more support for the colony.





(1602#2)- Virginia met Peter Parquagh and got to know him as he escorted her to the Queen. While meeting with the Queen, Virginia was captured by one of Count Doom's assassins. Though the assassin was knocked out, Virginia transformed into a Gryphon.

(1602#3)- Dr. Strange summoned Virginia back to the rooftop and Rojhaz caught her in a net. Strange performed a ritual that returned the girl to normal before anyone else could learn what happened. Taking ill worse than ever, Virginia was left in Strange's care.


(1602#4)- When Virginia awoke she was told what had been happening. She also told Dr. Strange about her powers and the colony.

(1602#5)- Clea Strange told Virginia and Rojhaz the story of Sir Reed and the Fantastik.



(1602#7)- Virginia met with King James, who told her that he had no intention of aiding her colony and, in fact, intended to keep her and Rojhaz as part of his court. Virginia and Rojhaz formed a plan to rescue Dr. Strange and Peter from the Tower of London, but Clea told them not to do so. They witnessed Strange's execution, after which Clea came to them and brought them to the Virginia Maid to sail back to America. Clea confronted Rojhaz about his actually being from the future.

(1602#8)- Virginia listened to the story of Rojhaz's past in the future. When they reached Roanoke, Virginia was reunited with her father, then told the heroes where to find the strange light. When Rojhaz went missing, Fury convinced Virginia to help track him and she became a hound, leading Fury to Rojhaz. When she saw Banner preparing to kill Fury, she pounced upon him and was talked off by Peter. After the world had been saved, Virginia convinced Peter to remain in Roanoke.






Comments: Adapted by Neil Gaiman, Andy Kubert and Richard Isanove

For more on the legend of Virginia Dare you can check out this website

Dim I Nticoudis wrote in: "However the information on her relatives seems a bit lacking. The historical Virginia Dare was born on August 18, 1587 to Ananias Dare and Eleanor (Ellinor, Elyonor) White. See: first governor the Roanoke colony was John White, her maternal grandfather. Born circa 1537 and last mentioned in 1593. See: and Her maternal grandfather was likely the John White who died in May, 1606. His estate was left to his sister Bridgit White." - Obviously, this will remain unconfirmed information, as the profile only deals with the MU Dare seen, and her family tree could very well be different in this timeline.

In the standard Marvel Universe, Varnae the vampire has been accredited to destroying creating a vampire which ruined the Roanoke colony. It is possible that the timestream was altered in such a way that that vampire did not come to the colony on Earth-311. Another possibility is that Rojhaz fought off the vampire.

There is a paperback anthology entitled "Tales of the Slayers" (published by DarkHorse Comics), which has different pieces of professional fanfiction about Buffy Summers' predecessors. One of them is a very riveting and imaginative story that basically asks "What If...Virginia Dare had been the first American-born Vampire Slayer?" That's not the actual title, of course. I just couldn't resist phrasing it, that way.
  In any event, perhaps it was the Earth-311 version of Ms. Dare who slew Varnae's vampirized Viking maiden.

by Patrick D Ryall

Virginia Dare should not be confused with:

Ananias Dare was Virginia's father and governor of the colony on Roanoke island. His father, the first governor was the murdered by the Spanish on his way back to England and the colony was nearly forgotten. Ananias's daughter was born just after Anaias and his wife reached the colony and his wife died when Virginia was still an infant. Ananias believed the colony would not have lasted if not for Rojhaz's help. To help gain support for the struggling colony, Ananias sent his daughter to England to provoke interest in having more colonists come. When Nicholas Fury and his allies came to Roanoke after betraying King James, Ananias welcomed them. Fury had Ananias declare that Fury's men had taken over the island to prevent James's anger. When Virginia was safely back with the colony, Ananias did all he could to help the heroes.

-- 1602#4 (4 (fb), 1 (BTS), 8

Virginia Dare of Earth-616 was part of the colony of Roanoke who starved during their first winter in America (Also, vampires. See comments). A handful of survivors are taken in by natives and Virginia died in the form of a white deer shot by a hunters arrow, as in the legend.


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