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Real Name: Tara Richards

Identity/Class: Extradimensional/alternate reality (Reality-6311) human mutate

Occupation: Guardian of the sacred timestreams, adventurer

Group Membership: None;
    formerly Fantastic Force (Black Panther/T'Challa, Devlor, Lyja the Laserfist, Psi-Lord/Franklin Richards, She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters, Vibraxas/N'Kano II);
    formerly "Fearsome Foursome" (Devos the Devastator, Klaw/Ulysses Klaw, Paibok)

Affiliations: Paul Alvarez, Avengers (Crystal/Crystal Amaquelin, Deathcry/Shaara Neramani, Giant-Man/Hank Pym, Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff,Thunderstrike/Eric Masterson, Vision/"Victor Shade"), Black Panther (T’Challa), Captain America (Steve Rogers), Code: Blue, Sgt. Enriquez, Fantastic Four (Ant-Man/Scott Lang, Dr. Doom/Kristoff Vernard, Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Sue Storm, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Koshima, Namor (Namor MacKenzie), N'Kano, Nathaniel Richards, Isaac Sandor, Raphael Suarez, Thor (Thor Odinson), Warlord Kargul, Watcher (Uatu)

Enemies: Aron the Rogue Watcher, Batch-13, Celestials, Crimson Cadre (Eelak the Agile, General Ator, Glaboo, Margoyle, Pulssus, Rootar), Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Dark Raider (Reed Richards of Earth-944), Deadly Doris, Doombots, Dreadface, Go-Devil (Michio Ishimori), Grey Gargoyle (Paul Duval), Inhuman Genetics Council (Arkadine Arcadius, Cynas, Furgar, Porcal, Sapphiras, Targon), Klaw (Ulysses Klaw), Lord Moses, Morgan le Fey, Onslaught, Puppet Master (Phillip Masters), Red Ghost (Ivan Kragoff), Seeker (Uys), Shatterstar (Arides), Sons of Sinaju, Super-Apes (Igor, Miklho, Peotor), Vangaard (Johnny Storm of Earth-721), Wakandan Lords, Zarathustra

Known Relatives: Nathaniel Richards (father; see comments), Cassandra Richards (mother, deceased), unidentified brother, Nedra (maternal grandmother), Brigit (maternal aunt), Franklin Richards (nephew), Kargul (foster father), Reed Richards (half brother), Ted Richards (uncle);
    extended family through Reed Richards;
    Nathaniel Richards (Kang/Rama-Tut/Scarlet Centurion/Iron Lad/Immortus and various divergent counterparts; descendents);
    Paul Alvarez (alleged brother)

Aliases: "Warrior princess of Elsewhen," "true heir to the dragon throne";
    possibly Mary Alvarez

Base of Operations: Elsewhen;
                                  formerly Fantastic Force Loft, Soho, NYC, New York,
                                  formerly Paibok's command vessel in orbit of Earth,
                                  formery mobile

First Appearance Fantastic Four I#377 (June, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Huntara possesses no known superhuman abilities, though she is highly skilled and trained in various forms of (outerdimensional) combat. She also has some tactical skills.

    Huntara heavily relies on a psiontech scythe that she can summon from subspace. The scythe is able to cut through most materials and energy constructs, can detect a wide array of energy patterns (including teleportation) and  possesses the capacity to dimensionally redistribute any force directed against it. The scythe allows Huntara to open teleport portals to any location she can imagine, including different dimensions and various time periods. Travel through these portals is usually instantaneous. 

    Huntara wears battle armor she can also summon from subspace. Her gear comes equipped with a pistol of unrevealed make.

Height: 6'
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black


(All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#5 - BTS) - Huntara was born on Earth-6311 as the daughter of Nathaniel and Cassandra Richards.

(Fantastic Four I#390 (fb) ) - For unrevealed reasons, Nathaniel Richards brought the girl who would become Huntara to the palace of warlord Kargul in Elsewhen. Along with the infant Franklin Richards of Earth-616, she received training in the art of war. Kargul's most fearsome gladiators and cutthroats oversaw her education.

(Fantastic Four I#390 (fb) - BTS) - Over the years, as Huntara grew up and completed her training, Nathaniel Richards used Kargul's temporal viewing pool in Elsewhen to study the sacred timelines. He learned of a coming threat and decided to take action without informing anyone.

(Fantastic Four I#390 (fb) ) - After Nathaniel left Elsewhen to fight the coming threat, Kargul appointed Huntara and Franklin, now known as Psi-Lord, as guardians of the sacred timestream.

(Fantastic Force I#5 (fb) - BTS) - Aware of the potentially devastating capabilities of Franklin Richards, Kargul secretly ordered to keep close tabs on Psi-Lord. Should his powers grow beyond his control, she was to destroy him.

(Fantastic Four I#377) - Huntara arrived in New York City using her teleportation lance, defiantly announcing she had come to find "the four who must be destroyed." Her arrival caused consternation, especially when she destroyed an approaching lorry which drew in the police. Huntara was spirited away by Klaw who had witnessed her arrival and realized she might be out to destroy the Fantastic Four as well. Klaw guided Huntara to the Manhattan courthouse where the team was attending Johnny Storm's trial. Klaw and Huntara burst through a wall of the building ready to attack, just as Paibok and Devos showed up to do the same. Figuring they had similar goals, the four villains teamed up.

(Fantastic Four I#378) - Huntara attacked the Invisible Woman, only to watch her scythe bounce off an invisible forcefield. During the fight she switched her attention to Mr. Fantastic who tried to figure out why she was attacking them. Huntara explained she had come as guardian of the sacred timelines and that the FF's existence is anathema that threatens the chosen realities. She was cut short by Daredevil who had joined the fight against her. Huntara easily dodged his attacks and then stabbed Reed in the back with her psionic scythe. Huntara got ready to kill the others, but the arrival of the Avengers forced her to retreat. She teleported herself, Klaw, Devos and Paibok away.

(Fantastic Four I#379) - Huntara, Klaw and Devos gathered on Paibok's vessel orbiting Earth. Impressed and worried by her fighting prowess and aggression, Devos subtly inquired if other members of her race had similar skills. Huntara proudly confirmed that Elsewhen had many mighty and brave people. She then listened to Paibok as he laid out their next scheme.

(Fantastic Four I#382) - Huntara teleported herself and the Fearsome Foursome to the devastated, empty Four Freedoms Plaza where they soon came across the mutated form of Sharon Ventura laying in stasis. Klaw immediately realized she could be used to their advantage, while Huntara grew ever more distrustful of Devos.

(Fantastic Four I#382 - BTS) - Huntara helped the others set a trap for the team and waited for them to return from their mission to Latveria. When the FF and their allies Psi-Lord and Lyja did, they were so shaken by the apparent death of Mr. Fantastic and Doctor Doom that they didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.

(Fantastic Four I#382) - Huntara decided to engage Psi-Lord, much to Franklin's own surprise. After all, they were both guardians of the sacred timelines. Huntara defended her presence by claiming Psi-Lord was a disciple of Nathaniel Richards, the great traitor. To force him to see the truth, she teleported the both of them away before Paibok could execute his plan to capture the FF.

(Fantastic Four I#383) - Huntara dragged Psi-Lord from Elsewhen back to Earth-616's New York City, taunting him in an attempt to get Franklin to admit the truth: Nathaniel was simply using him as a pawn in a greater scheme that threatened the sacred timelines. She asked him to abandon Nathaniel's cause and return with her to Elsewhen. When Psi-Lord refused, she reluctantly left without him.

(Fantastic Four I#389) - Huntara responded to Psi-Lord's mental summons and made her way towards his location in the great void between myriad dimensions. Psi-Lord explained that he had recently faced the great enemy Nathaniel had always warned them about: the Dark Raider, a villain crossing alternate realities to kill every Reed Richards he can find. Because the Dark Raider was intimately familiar with his abilities, Franklin feared it was actually Nathaniel in disguise. Huntara sensed his distress and comforted Psi-Lord, offering her aid because they are bound by blood: she was after all his father's only sister.

(Fantastic Four I#390) - Huntara returned to Elsewhen with Psi-Lord to beg warlord Kargul's aid in fighting the Dark Raider. Kargul revealed he had long been aware of the Dark Raider and that he was but a "peripheral annoyance" in the grand scheme of things. According to the warlord of Elsewhen, the true threat was Nathaniel Richards. Huntara watched on as Franklin's argument with Kargul grew heated and ultimately violent. Forced to pick a side, Huntara joined Franklin and helped him escape Elsewhen.

(Fantastic Four I#391) - Sensing the Dark Raider would soon strike on Earth-616, Psi-Lord and Huntara returned to Four Freedoms Plaza only for Huntara to grow concerned when Franklin was suddenly struck with mental agony (caused by the death of the FF at the hands of an alternate reality Galactus).

(Fantastic Four I#392) - Huntara and Psi-Lord were still on the roof of Four Freedoms Plaza with Huntara looking on as Franklin quietly struggled to keep the psychic entity Malice in check in his mind. They were soon greeted by the arriving Black Panther, Devlor and Vibraxas who had come to the FF for aid. The volatile Devlor yelled at Huntara to get her to answer, bu
t she promised to slap him with his scythe for his insolence. Their discussion was cut short when Psi-Lord felt the arrival of the Dark Raider. Huntara and the others, including Namor and Raphael Suarez, aided the FF in their fight against the enemy who stood revealed as Earth-944's Reed Richards. When the Raider revealed he had an Ultimate Nullifier, all seemed lost until Psi-Lord and the Invisible Woman forced the Malice entity into his mind to disorient him. Huntara then witnessed the Watcher taking the Raider away and quietly sat by as the Fantastic Four decided to break up.

(Fantastic Force I#1) - In the wake of the Fantastic Four breaking up, Psi-Lord wondered what his next step might be. Huntara urged her nephew to return to Elsewhen to continue their search for the great enemy who may or may not be Nathaniel Richards. However, when Klaw decided to invade Four Freedoms Plaza, Huntara and Psi-Lord were joined by the visiting Black Panther, Devlor and Vibraxas. Their team up convinced Franklin they could be a fantastic force for good. Though somewhat reluctant, Huntara agreed to stand by him and the rest of the team for now.

(Fantastic Force I#2) -The Fantastic Force set up shop in their own loft headquarters in New York's SoHo neighborhood, courtesy of Black Panther. Huntara was displeased with Vibraxas' dismissal of the property and wanted to teach him the proper way to show respect. Franklin restrained her, but she warned him that treating this as a child's game would end in death. Some time later, Huntara oversaw the training of Devlor whom she felt had performed terribly in the recent fight against Klaw. Their session was interrupted when Franklin sensed the arrival of Zarathustra and Lord Moses' men who had come for the omnivirus. Despite the team's best efforts, they were not an effective fighting force. Huntar grew furious at Vibraxas for interfering in her personal duel against Zarathustra. The in fighting partly allowed their enemies to escape with the virus. After the fight, Vibraxas blamed Devlor for their failure, leading Huntara to slap him around for his insolence.

(Fantastic Force I#3) - Huntara tried to hone Vibraxas' combat skills, but the Wakandan was still too overconfident and reliant on his vibrational powers. She showed him strength was not always sufficient to carry the day. During their roof top sparring session they were attacked by the Inhuman Seeker who had come to collect Devlor. The Seeker used a stasis beam to knock out Huntara and Vibraxas and he continued his search for Devlor. When she revived, Huntara attuned her scythe to the Inhuman's energy signature, allowing them to follow him. Before they could get to Devlor, the Seeker had already concluded that his target was "The One," leading him to falsify a termination report and leave. 

(Avengers I#383 - BTS) - Huntara accompanied Vibraxas for a visit to Wakanda.

(Fantastic Force I#4) - Huntara reluctantly agreed to go clothes shopping with Franklin, feeling uncomfortable in civilian clothing. The Richardses discussed a newspaper article by Paul Alvarez about Doctor Doom's alleged return to Latveria (secretly a disguised Nathaniel Richards). Their day out was cut short when they were drawn into a fight against Captain America and the Super-Adaptoid Batch-13. Huntara teleported the team to the scene of the battle, but she was unable to prevent the Adaptoid from copying her lance and abilities. In the end, teamwork allowed them to exile the powerful synthetic to an uninhabited plane of reality. 

(Secret Defenders I#25) - Huntara and the other members of the Fantastic Force watched as Psi-Lord overwhelmed by a sense of all present danger, without ever learning its source (the arrival of the demon Slorioth).
(Fantastic Force I#5) - After a long day of training Devlor and Vibraxas, Huntara struck out on her own and decided to check out the nightclub Rave. Changing into her civilian clothes, she ignored the bouncer who didn't want to admit her. Inside, the atmosphere reminded her of Elsewhen though she soon had to intervene when Deadly Doris tried to force herself on a girl. Huntara's firm action gained her the respect of Doris' gang who invited her to their table. Later that night, she fell prey to the villain known as Dreadface. It used her to get close to his true target Psi-Lord, and Huntara was forced to aid the psychic entity in taking over her nephew's body. However, as soon as she was free of its influence, Huntara used the psi-power of her scythe to cast out Dreadface, furious at being abused by it. Huntara forced the creature to retreat back to the cold beyond from which it came.

(Fantastic Force I#6) - Huntara and her teammates foiled the Grey Gargoyle's latest scheme and delivered the villain into the hands of Code: Blue.

(Fantastic Force I#6 - BTS) - Journalist Paul Alvarez had grown obsessed with Huntara after first encountering the mysterious heroine, leading his fellow reporters to tease him about his "crush." Alvarez prepared to visit the Fantastic Force upon Franklin' request to discuss his latest article on Doctor Doom's return to Latveria.

(Fantastic Force I#6) - Upon Vibraxas' request, Huntara and the others intervened in the turf war between the Sons of Sinanju and the Wakandan Lords. Their skirmish drew out Go-Devil, who tried to use his psycho-savant powers to fight off the team. Vibraxas managed to defeat him singlehandedly. In the aftermath, one of the Sons of Sinanju tried to shoot the young Wakandan in the back. Vibraxas lashed out, unintentionally killing the man, much to the shock of Huntara and the others.

(Fantastic Force I#7) - After accompanying Vibraxas to the local police station where sergeant Enriquez determined he acted in self defense, Huntara and the others headed to the Fantastic Force loft. On the way, Huntara chewed out the Wakandan for using excessive force. Upon arrival, they were greeted by FF ally Lyja who had come to request the team's aid in helping find the Human Torch who stormed off after a fiery apparition of Susan Storm. As if on cue, the flaming form appeared in the loft, telling them to go to the Moon. Psi-Lord was ready to follow this lead, but Huntara used her scythe to track the apparition's source: it emanated from Latveria. Teleporting the heroes there, they soon learned the newly resurrected Doctor Doom was actually Nathaniel Richards. Huntara immediately attacked him for transgressions against time and reality. Richards further infuriated her by calling Huntara his daughter.

(Fantastic Force I#7 - BTS) - The Fantastic Four and their allies were confronting Aron the Rogue Watcher in Uatu's abode on the Moon.

(Fantastic Force I#7) - Huntara was unwilling to listen to Nathaniel's explanations and claims that he was actually secretly working for Kargul. She brought him to his knees and was ready to execute him for his crimes until Psi-Lord stepped in and ordered her to stand down. She grudgingly agreed, but swore she would eventually kill him. Nathaniel then filled them in on the situation: he had used the fiery apparition as a tool to manipulate them, but for a good reason. Believing his grandfather, Franklin offered the Fantastic Force's aid. Using Doom's trans mat device, Nathaniel took them to Uatu's observation dome where Ben, Johnny, Ant-Man and their new ally Kristoff Vernard tried to get Sue Richards out of the Negative Zone. Huntara easily teleported her out. Combining forces, the heroes agreed to follow Aaron and Uatu through a nearby cosmic rift. It landed them in the middle of a war between the Watchers and the Celestials.

(Fantastic Four I#400) - Upon Franklin's instruction, Huntara teleported the heroes to Uatu's location. Uatu explained the current conflict between the Watchers and the Celestials which he knew would end when the Celestial Exitar would eliminate their race from this particular reality. Huntara did not understand why the Watchers wouldn't act to defend themselves, and Psi-Lord tried to telepathically convince Uatu to act. Instead, the Watcher teleported away but not before leaving a final piece of a weapon that might save them all. Using information gleaned from Uatu's mind, Franklin filled the heroes in on Aron's scheme to survive the Celestial war by converting the Milky Way into his own private, pocket universe.

(Fantastic Four I#400 - BTS) - Franklin and Sue Richards decided to split up the teams to fight both Aron and the Celestials.

(Fantastic Four I#400) - Huntara teleported a team consisting of Ant-Man, Kristoff, Thing, Psi-Lord and Vibraxas to Aron's anomaly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. To defend himself while he finished his plans, Aron summoned foes from the FF's past to keep his opponents busy. Huntara was seen fighting Dragon Man, Red Ghost and his Super Apes, Annihilus, the Mole Man and his monsters, Devos the Devastator and Namor the Sub-Mariner. Aron's scheme was thwarted when Ant-Man grew to giant size, smashing the device.

(Fantastic Four I#400 - BTS) - Sue Richards ended the Celestial war by entering Exitar and conversing with its conscious.

(Fantastic Four I#400) - Now free to act, Uatu showed up in Aron's pocket universe to eliminate the threat of his fellow Watcher. Uatu converted Aron to living energy that would one day serve as the core of the regenerated form of the Watcher known as the One. Huntara watched as Uatu was then stripped of his role as Watcher by the others as punishment for taking a life. His powers ebbing away, Uatu made sure all the heroes were safely returned to his former citadel on the Moon. 

(Fantastic Four I#400/2) - Huntara attended the memorial service honoring the life of Reed Richards.

(Fantastic Force I#8) - Huntara and the Fantastic Force welcomed Lyja to their ranks just as they were getting ready to involve themselves in a number of crises. The Inhuman's refuge on the Moon was in a state of environmental collapse, Atlantis had risen to the surface, causing massive geological upheaval, and the Inhuman Crimson Cadre was attacking Hawaii. The Fantastic Force decided to go to the Moon, but the sudden arrival of Nathaniel via holographic form told them otherwise. He urged them to go to Hawaii to recover the deadly atmo-gun. Agreeing with Nathaniel, Huntara opened a portal to the Hawaiian islands.

(Fantastic Force I#8/Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising I#1 - BTS) - Nathaniel had sent the Fantastic Four to deal with the crisis at the Great Refuge. They decided to shrink down the entire city of Attilan so it could be evacuated and relocated more easily.

(Fantastic Force I#8) - Arriving in Hawaii, Huntara's scythe protected her from the atmo-gun's debilitating effects. She managed to fight of f Crimson Cadre member Eelak the Agile, but her abilities proved useless against the amorphous blob Glaboo. In the end, Psi-Lord managed to herd the Crimson Cadre around the Atmo-gun and then used his powers to cause it to erect an impenetrable negative zone barrier around them. Their opponents dealt with, Psi-Lord ordered Huntara to destroy the atmo-gun to prevent Nathaniel from getting his hands on it. Upon returning to their loft, the team was stunned when Paul Alvarez barged in to announce Huntara was actually his long lost sister Mary Elizabeth.

(Fantastic Force I#9) - Huntara outright dismissed Paul Alvarez's claims, but Psi-Lord feared the story of his sister getting abducted during a camping trip by a man wearing armor similar to his own sounded plausible and not beyond what Nathaniel might stoop to. He figured they needed answers from the man himself. To locate his grandfather, he contacted nearly every mind on the planet. Witnessing this massive display of strength worried Huntara who feared she might have to end her nephew. She then teleported them to Castle Doom where they intervened in a fight between Nathaniel and a mind-controlled Johnny Storm and Nathaniel.

(Fantastic Force I#9 - BTS) - While Psi-Lord used his powers to clear the Human Torch's mental confusion, Nathaniel decided to beat a hasty retreat.

(Fantastic Four I#9) - Well aware of Nathaniel's ways, Huntara was ready to stop him from using Doom's transmat device to teleport out. Huntara then tried to force Nathaniel to reveal her origins, but he only told his daughter to "look for answers within." Unwilling to deal with the heroes any further, Nathaniel further destabilized Psi-Lord's mental buffers, causing him to lose control and psionically manifest Tattletale, his former, four-year-old self.

(Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising I#2) - The sudden arrival of Franklin Richards' Tattletale persona confused the Fantastic Force and the Human Torch. For a moment, Huntara feared this might be an old contingency plan of Doctor Doom's, but Psi-Lord sensed it truly was him before Tattletale vanished again. Psi-Lord pretended he could fix the issue with some slight modifications to his armor, but Huntara feared his control was slipping and that she might have to kill him after all.

(Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising I#2 - BTS) - Nathaniel Richards had escaped to New Atlantis where Morgan Le Fay and the Inhuman Genetics Council had joined forces. Nathaniel befriended them in order to procure a sample of the mutating Terrigen Mists.

(Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising I#2) - Huntara's scythe allowed the Fantastic Force and the Human Torch to follow Nathaniel to Atlantis. Sneaking around to find Nathaniel, they were shocked when Psi-Lord manifested Ego Spawn, another previous aspect of Franklin Richards. The heroes had little time to worry about that, because the Inhumans Genetics Council had found them. Not willing to waste time fighting the Council, Vibraxas caused a cave in that allowed the heroes to take the fight directly to Morgan who had kidnapped the FF, Thor and Namor and was ready to use the Ebony Blade against them. Huntara managed to hold her own against Morgan, but ultimately the altercation ended when Nathaniel caused the miniaturized Great Refuge to return to its regular size. After Psi-Lord freed the other heroes, they all watched from a distance as the domed city of Attilan slowly grew to cover the continent of Atlantis. In the aftermath, the Human Torch stunned everyone by announcing he was joining the Fantastic Force.

(Fantastic Four: Unplugged I#2) - As Reed's alleged half-sister, Huntara was invited to the reading of Reed Richards' will (see comments).

(Fantastic Force I#10) - Huntara, Devlor and Vibraxas were unpleasantly surprised by the arrival of Black Panther who was furious at the team's recent involvement in the death of a gang member. Things went from bad to worse when Johnny Storm barged in and announced everything was fine now that he had taken over as team leader. Huntara balked at his leadership and was ready for a fight until Psi-Lord and his ectoid avatars broke up the engagement. Franklin deferred leadership to Johnny while he worked to restore his mental control. As Johnny's first mission, he resolved to retrieve the stolen Omnivirus from Zarathustra. Thanks to the ectoid Ego-Spawn, they located the virus inside Mount Ararat.

(Fantastic Force I#10/2) - While the team prepared to head out, Huntara was visited by Franklin and his avatars. He explained his decision to appoint the Human Torch as team leader, asking Huntara to accept his leadership for now while he went to Elsewhen with his Ectoids to work on his recovery. Huntara grudgingly went along with his wishes.

(Fantastic Force I#10) - Huntara delivered the team and Black Panther inside Zarathustra's base under mount Ararat. She quickly went looking for a rematch with Zarathustra, but the FF's mission went belly-up when Zarathustra's master Lord Moses arrived to make short work of the heroes.

(Fantastic Force I#11) - After explaining how he would save humanity by decimating the population with the Omnivirus, 
Lord Moses took his leave of the imprisoned heroes. Shortly thereafter, Huntara managed to break loose. Even without her scythe, she freed the others who took the battle to Lord Moses. In the end, Moses hurriedly lauched the rocket which was stopped by Devlor and the Human Torch. Zarathustra engaged Huntara and the others long enough for Moses to escape. After returning home to New York and making sure Zarathustra and Moses' men were behind bars, Huntara's scythe picked up a psychic summons from Franklin in Elsewhen. Taking the team to the realm, they found it under assault from Vangaard who had deemed the realm to be in need of destruction.

(Fantastic Force I#12) - The Fantastic Force and Black Panther were no match for Vangaard. Huntara even damaged her scythe trying to disable their enemy. By striking him, she created a psychic link that allowed her to learn his origins. Now aware they needed more time to prepare if they wanted a chance to defeat him, she teleported the heroes to safety.

(Fantastic Force I#12 - BTS) - Elsewhere in Elsewhen, Psi-Lord and his ectoids watched the coming of Vangaard from Warlord Kargul's palace. Kargul was ready to give his life to fight Vangaard, but Franklin took his place at the last minute. Forcing his powers into overdrive, he caused a massive anti-matter explosion that ultimately barely fazed Vangaard.

(Fantastic Force I#12) - Huntara watched in horror as the explosion filled the skies over Elsewhen.
Desperate, she attempted a new strategy: aware that Vangaard was actually an alternate version of the Human Torch, she convinced Johnny Storm to calmly approach and reason with his counterpart. The strategy worked and Vangaard spared Elsewhen from destruction.

(Fantastic Force I#13) - Following their victory over Vangaard, Huntara and the other Fantastic Force members were celebrated by the people of Elsewhen. Huntara was pleased to see Kargul's chief scientist Koshima had adapted Franklin's Psi-Lord armor so he was now once again in control of his powers. In honor of the FF coming to Elsewhen's aid, Kargul officially cleared Franklin and the others from any and all charges against the realm. This inspired Huntara to remain in Elsewhen, feeling her place was not on Earth but "midst the spires of Synchronopolis." Franklin found this surprising, especially with the looming question of her lineage. She assured her nephew it didn't matter: "Be I Tara Richards or Mary Alvarez, the "truth" is, I am Huntara of Elsewhen. And no caprice of birth could ever alter that fact". Huntara said goodbye to her team and teleported them back to New York.

(Fantastic Four I#416) - During the Onslaught crisis, Huntara left Elsewhen and aided the Fantastic Force in keeping Four Freedoms Plaza safe from a swarm of psionic copies of the Fantastic Four's enemies. Her scythe dispatched a copy of Red Ghost and his Super-Apes. In the aftermath, she listened to Mr. Fantastic rally the team's allies for their final confrontation against Onslaught.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco (writer), Paul Ryan (pencils), Danny Bulanadi (inks).

    Mysterious origins, battle scythe, skimpy outfit, a big gun and plenty of pouches... Yes, the 90s is strong with this one! I've always liked Huntara, even if she's basically a cross between the Gatherers' Magdalene and Century. Apparently, having a lance or scythe allows you to teleport. Someone should tell the Grim Reaper.

    How do you solve a problem like Huntara? Apparently, by literally having her choose to remain in limbo without ever having to resolve the question about her origins. With the FF missing post Onslaught, you'd think she would have cared about and for her now orphaned nephew? It took over a decade for The All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe  A-Z#5 (2006) to confirm her actual origin as a native of Otherworld (Earth-6311). Of course having Caucasian parents doesn't mesh with her Hispanic features... but on the other hand, Huntara's skin tone originally bordered on cantaloupe.

    Fantastic Four Unplugged I#2 conveniently doesn't explain how or why Reed Richards would list Huntara in his will. His apparent death occurred barely a day after the first time they met as enemies in Fantastic Four I#378.

    Huntara's brief alliance with Paibok, Klaw and Devos was never officially called "Fearsome Foursome."

    I believe it was Jonathan Hickman who claimed/revealed that the Nathaniel Richards seen in these stories was an alternate and corrupt Nathaniel, who was known as "the Beast."

    Huntara received a profile in The All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z#5 (2006), which was expanded in New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z hardcover#5

    This profile was completed 3/28/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Norvo

Huntara has no known connections to

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Fantastic Force I#1 (November, 1994) - Tom Brevoort, Mike Kanterovich (writers), Dante Bastianoni (penciler), Ralph Cabrera (inker), Mike Rockwitz (editor)
Fantastic Force I#2 (December, 1994) - Tom Brevoort, Mike Kanterovich (writers), Dante Bastianoni (penciler), Ralph Cabrera, Sandu Florea (inkers), Mike Rockwitz (editor)
Fantastic Force I#3 (January, 1985) - Tom Brevoort, Mike Kanterovich (writers), Dante Bastianoni (penciler), Ralph Cabrera,Donald Hudson (inkers), Mike Rockwitz (editor)
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Fantastic Force I#4 (February, 1995) - Tom Brevoort, Mike Kanterovich (writers), Pino Rinaldi (penciler), Ralph Cabrera,Sandu Florea (inkers), Mike Rockwitz (editor)
Fantastic Force I#5 (March, 1995) - Tom Brevoort, Mike Kanterovich (writers), Dante Bastianoni (penciler), Ralph Cabrera(inker), Mike Rockwitz (editor)
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Fantastic Four Unplugged I#2 (October, 1995) - Mike Lackey (writer), Adriana Melo (pencils), Tim Dzon (inks), Nel Yomtov (editor)

Fantastic Force I#13 (November, 1995) - Tom Brevoort, Mike Kanterovich (writers), Pino Rinaldi (penciler), Ralph Cabrera(inker), Nel Yomtov (editor)
Fantastic Four I#416 (September, 1996) - Tom DeFalco (writer), Carlos Pacheco (penciler), Bob Wiacek, Harry Candelario, P.Craig Russell, Al Milgrom (pencilers), Bob Wiacek, Harry Candelario, P. Craig Russell, Al Milgrom (inkers), Suzanne Gaffney (editor)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z hardcover#5 ()

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