Membership: Hunt Leader, Hunters, Contributor of Reverend Nice

Purpose: Hunting people with the latest technology

Affiliations: Sam Buchanan

Enemies: Annex, Sam Buchanan, Sachs, Joey Starrs, Rebecca Taylor, Vengeance (Michael Badalino)

Base of Operations: secret Headquarter in New York City

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#152/3 (late April, 1994)

They were rich folks bored with hunting animals for sport who decided to hunt people instead. One day they chose Lt. Rebecca Taylor as their next victim because her training at the NYPD made her a thrilling hunt.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#152/3) - The Big Game Posse attacked the limousine of Joey Starrs and killed him and his chauffeur Sachs. Rebecca ran away and met Vengeance, who found out that she was supposed to be the next victim of the Big Game Posse. She believed him and they took off on his bike. A hunter shot them and Rebecca was badly injured. Vengeance took out the hunter and was surrounded by the rest of the Big Game Posse when he took care of Rebecca. The Hunt Leader told Vengeance that they let him go if he handed over the head of Rebecca.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#153/3) - Vengeance didn't give them the head of Rebecca and attacked the Big Game Posse. Some of their members were injured. The Big Game Posse activated their shadow cloaks when something was approaching from the air. They watched the fight between Vengeance and Annex, and Hunt Leader formed a plan in his head. They ambushed Annex at the hospital where he brought the still living Rebecca Taylor, and they knocked him out with a gas bomb. They left Rebecca in the hospital because she was now their bait for Vengeance. They took Annex to their headquarters and tied him up with some restraints which neutralized his powers. Hunt Leader planned to use the mechanisms of the Annex armor to produce weapons to kill Vengeance. Sam Buchanan showed up and told them that he hated cop killers, but he wanted to help them combine his anti-occult gun (the Exorcist) with the technology of Annex to kill Vengeance.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#154/3) - The Big Game Posse attacked the room where Rebecca was visited by Badilino, who turned into Vengeance when he was out of their sight. He killed a hunter and put two others through the wall. Hunt Leader was in the headquarters of the Big Game Posse and used Annex's armor to send a bunch of anti-occult weapons to the hunters. They deactivated their shadows cloaks and shot Vengeance. He went down, and a hunter joked that the next blast would take of the head of Vengeance.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#155/3) - The hunters had been too cocky, and Vengeance got up again. He beat them to the ground, but they activated their shadow cloaks again by the order of Hunt Leader. Annex deliberately sent them too much energy which made them visible again. Vengeance took them out permanently. Annex overloaded the technology in the headquarter and Hunt Leader fled. Annex destroyed the headquarter of the Big Game Posse. Hunt Leader got out at the last moment, but he ran into the arms of Sam Buchanan, who killed him for being a cop killer and failing to kill the Vengeance with exorcist technology.

BTS - Although Vengeance tried his best to finish them off forever there was still a survivor who became a contributor to Reverend Nice.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#172/4) - As one of the biggest contributors of Reverend Nice the former Hunter went up to him backstage and told him about the Big Game Posse and their fight against Vengeance. He told him about the woman Rebecca Taylor who Vengeance pretended to protect. Reverend Nice took him into his office and wanted to know more about the this lady cop Vengeance was protecting.

COMMENTS: Created by Chris Cooper, Reggie Jones and Fred Harper

by Markus Raymond

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Hunt Leader

He was the leader of the Big Game Posse and took care of tactics and decisions for the hunts. He was among the Big Game Posse when they first attacked Rebecca Taylor. He made the plan to use Annex's armor to their advantage and was present when he was caught and taken to their headquarter. He made the deal with Buchanan although he was afraid of him. He managed the attack on Vengeance from the headquarter and supported the Hunters with anti-occult weapons. He had to watch how his plan went awry and ran away when the systems in the headquarter were overloaded by Annex. He was killed by Sam Buchanan for his failure.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#152/3 (153/3-155/3




The Hunters

The Hunters were the ordinary members of the Big Game Posse. They took their orders from the Hunt Leader and had their fun hunting people. Some of them were badly injured or even murdered by Vengeance through the fights with him. At the end they were history and the Big Game Posse was no more.

Two names were mentioned by the Hunt Leader (Holbrook and Treborn), but it stayed unclear who the Hunters behind these names were.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#152/3 (153/3-155/3


Contributor of Reverend Nice

He was a former member of the Big Game Posse and was among them when Vengeance was protecting Lt. Rebecca Taylor. After the Big Game Posse was done he became one of the biggest contributors of Reverend Nice, because he faced Vengeance himself and knew that the words of Nice were true. He told Nice about the connection between Taylor und Vengeance. Nice took him into his office and wanted to know more. With the knowledge Nice got from him Taylor was murdered.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#152/3 (?) (153/3-155/3 (?), 172/4



Joey Starrs

Joey Starrs was a well known crimelord in New York and was called bloodthirsty by the media. Lt. Rebecca Taylor went undercover to find out more about him and managed to get to his side. Starrs died when the Big Game Posse attacked his limousine. His body burnt in the exploding limousine wreck.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#152/3



Sachs was the chauffeur of Joey Starrs. He was extremely loyal to Starrs and even lied for his boss. After the limousine was attacked by the Big Game Posse he tried to avenge his boss with his gun. His attempt failed and he was shot dead. His body burnt in the exploding limousine wreck.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#152/3



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Marvel Comics Presents I#152-155 (late April - late May, 1994) - Chris Cooper (writer), Reggie Jones (pencils), Fred Harper (inks), Richard Ashford (editor)
Marvel Comics Presents I#172 (late January, 1995) - Chris Cooper (writer), Reggie Jones (pencils), Fred Harper (inks), Richard Ashford (editor)

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