Real Name: Amber Hunt

Identity/Class: Alternate Earth (Earth-93060/Ultraverse) human mutate ("ultra")

Occupation: Warrior; former student

Group Membership: Exiles-Deming,  Exiles-Strike, Ultraforce

Affiliations: Juggernaut (confidante); Entity, Iron Clad, Phoenix Force, Prime (Kevin Green), Reaper, Ripfire, Siren, X-Men;
Kurt (former boyfriend)

Enemies: Aladdin, Blast, Demonseed, Entity, Genie, Harvest, Malcolm Kort, Lonestar, Moloch, Progeny, Qune, Rocket, Sixx, Supreme Soviet, Tulkan Fleet and the Alien Elite (especially Gormada, Aquan), Velvet Fist, that brain creature;
formerly Foxfire, Hellblade, Maxis

Known Relatives: none

Aliases: moonchild; Entity (alternate future version of herself only--see comments)

Base of Operations: Headless Cross, Arkansas (Ultraforce HQ)
Strike's cabin, Hunter Mountain, upstate New York;
Strike's mansion, Manhattan;
the Stronghold (The Exiles I Island headquarters off the coast of California)
Parkmore High School;
--All in the

First Appearance: Exiles I#1 (Ultraverse) (August, 1993)

Powers: Amber can fly and project heat and flames, to an unknown level. She has minimal physical combat training or skills.
Her powers have been temporarily enhanced one two occasions:
    First by the entity from the Moon, in which case she could generate and project various forms of radiation, at least along the entire light spectrum.
    The second time was by the Phoenix Force, in which case she could tap into some fragment of its virtually limitless power.

History: Amber Hunt was a seemingly normal high school student, although a stuck-up, airhead bee-yatch.

(Angels of Destruction#1/4) - Reveling in the power her beauty granted her over the male species, Amber drove two best friends to beat each other into unconsciousness, simply because each one thought he might have a chance with her.

(Exiles I#1-4) - until she was infected with the Theta Virus under unknown circumstances. The Theta Virus caused the development of superhuman powers initially, but was uniformly fatal unless treated properly by means known only to Dr. Rachel Deming. Deming and her rival, Malcolm Kort, were investigating the Theta Virus for reasons of their own, and Deming was treating and training the victims, who became the Exiles. Kort sent the Supreme Soviet to capture Amber, while Deming sent the Exiles. The Exiles fought off the Supreme Soviet and brought Amber to the Stronghold, where they explained her predicament and their plan.
Before Amber's treatment could be started, the Exiles sent to save their newest find, Timothy Halloran, who would become known as Mastodon. The Exiles again tangled with Kort's agents, and this time they lost their would-be recruit. Dr. Deming gathered up the rest of her agents for a full-out assault on Kort's base, just as Amber decided to go ahead with the treatment. Deming told her she'd start when they returned, but the struggle with Kort's agents took longer than planned, and Amber saw her life ticking away. Eventually, she tried to jury-rig the process herself. Not surprisingly, thing's went awry and she overloaded the power core of the Stronghold. As Deming's assistant tried to get things back under control, Amber was struck by an energy bolt from the entity on the moon. This bolt pushed the overloaded core beyond its limits and it exploded, killing most of the returning Exiles members, and everyone else on Stronghold. Every one, that is, except Amber herself, who rose from the explosion loaded with energy and no longer in her own mind.
--Note: this series took place over a period of 18 hours.



(Break-Thru#1, 2) - The entity from the moon took control of Amber Hunt, forcing her to release increasing levels of power. Beginning with infra-red and moving up the spectrum, these levels soon threatened to reach dangerous heights. Various organizations and groups of Ultras tracked the energy manipulating Amber to the Moon. Under various means and with various motives, the groups traveled to the Moon. After the Ultras pounded on each other for awhile, Mantra learned of the entity's origins and a portion of its history. Eventually, Prototype attempted to download the data, which overloaded his armor. Yrial, Shadowmage, and Mantra combined their magical and empathic powers to channel the overloading entity's power to another realm. It was uncertain whether the entity itself returned to its own world, was banished to another realm, or was destroyed. The influx of energy into Amber Hunt ceased abruptly, preventing the world from being consumed by Ultra-Violet rays. Amber temporarily lost her mind and was last seen howling at the moon with a pack of wolves.

(Black September Infinity) - Following the dissolution of Nemesis by the Black Knight of Earth-616, Amber was chosen by the Reality Gem to be the vessel with which to remake the Ultraverse. Amber disrupted the reality created by the Time Gem, and prevented the energies released from Nemesis from destroying all reality. However, following this and her separation from the Reality Gem, she was sent back to Earth, mad as a hatter (without the benefit of mercury, of course) and howling at the moon again.

(All-New Exiles Infinity) - Shuriken and Strike individually, for different reasons, tracked down Amber in the Arctic wasteland. Virtually mindless, she fought back and was injured by Shuriken. In pain, she released the last of her stored energy from the entity, which ripped a whole in the fabric of reality. Through this whole were brought Siena Blaze, Juggernaut, and the Reaper of Earth 616, and all 6 of them were briefly sent to the Godwheel. Cain Marko took an immediate shine to Amber, and adopted a protective role over her. After a few brief adventures, Reaper, hoping to return to his own world, used his scythe as a conduit between Blaze and Amber, whose energies reacted explosively.


(All-New Exiles#1) - As a result of the combination of energies, the six were transported back to the Ultraverse Earth, although they found themselves at ground zero of an explosion which had just destroyed approximately one third of Manhattan, New York. The six were uncertain if they were the cause, although everyone else was more than happy to blame them. They fled back to the penthouse apartment of Strike, and saw themselves as exiles from the rest of the world--and so they called themselves...the Avengers...I mean...the Exiles!
They briefly fought Qune, an agent of Aladdin, who escaped them. Amber continued to walk around in a daze, although she did seem to react if her buddy Juggy was in trouble (all MU's characters' powers were apparently reduced by 50% or more in the Ultraverse).

(All-New Exiles/X-Men#0) - Seeking to locate the missing Juggernaut, the X-Men used the aid of Gateway to access the Ultraverse and confronted the Exiles. Of course, the two groups fought for awhile until another threat (some nameless demon thingee) united them. The X-Men returned to their own world, but the three Exiles from Earth 616 were unable to follow them, because the monster would eat them. Yes, really.
Amber recognized the monster, calling it Firewalker, and as it was cast back into its realm, it cried out, "MOTHER"--perhaps meaning that it was somehow Amber's offspring?? (don't ask me, it could just as easily have been the first of two words of equal letters).

(All-New Exiles#2, 3) - Hellblade attacked the Exiles, apparently seeking vengeance for the devastation of Manhattan. In mid-battle, he grabbed Amber from behind, threatening to kill her, and she unleashed a burst of flame that destroyed Strike's apartment. Amber prepared to unleash a second blast, but Shuriken dropped her with a drugged star, saving the rest of the team from further injury. This sent the Juggernaut into a pointless rampage until Qune attacked again. However, when Amber awakened, she was back in full control of her mind, and she attacked Qune, nearly killing him, before he escaped again. She claimed that her insanity had been purged, along with a good deal of her power.

(ANE#2/2) - "Red Shift: Phoenix Resurrection Chapter Five" - Amber felt the call of the entity again, and preyed that she would not be responsible for further deaths and/or destruction.



(Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis) - The mother ship of the Entity tore open a dimensional portal and pulled the Phoenix Force from Earth 616 to the Ultraverse. The Phoenix Force and the mother ship battled, and the Phoenix Force was injured and forced to take a human host. After first using the super-hero Prime, it then sought out Amber Hunt. Amber allowed the Phoenix Force to merge with her, hoping to control it and prevent it from injuring any others.

(Phoenix Resurrection: Revelations) - Rex Mundi sent his agents, Quattro, to destroy the Phoenix Force, but this battle drew in a number of other teams of warriors, including the X-Men (who had been pulled into the Ultraverse again), Ultraforce, the Exiles, the Solution, and others. Amber/Phoenix used the distraction to send a fragment of her consciousness to investigate the mother ship, and learned of its connection to the Entity and herself. The mother ship drew the Phoenix Force out of Amber and then began to use its power to force the Earth into the sun, in order to reunite with a fragment of itself that had been trapped in the sun in its initial crash, millions of years ago.
Amber, now back in her right mind again, joined with the other Exiles and other teams to oppose the mother ship. Using what she learned from her investigations while merged with the Phoenix, Amber directed Wolverine to destroy the ship's main power conduits and control mechanisms. Finally, Amber united her power and mind with Gate, recreating the portal to Earth-616, through which the Phoenix Force was driven.

(ANE#4) - Amber joined forces with Ghoul (the last of the original Exiles) to investigate the desecration of some of the Exiles' graves. This led the Exiles and Ultraforce into a conflict with some giant, cockroach-like, extraterrestrial (apparently one of the Progeny) which had been collecting animal, vegetable, and mineral specimens for an unknown purpose.
    --Eric J. Moreels tells me that this being was Maxis.

(ANE#5) - The Exiles relocated to Strike's cabin on Hunter Mountain, where they were attacked by the enigmatic extra-terrestrial, Harvest. Ultimately, Amber and Sienna's powers buried the alien under an avalanche. They were then confronted by the Tradesmen, who sent the Juggernaut back to Earth-616 (just in time for the Onslaught storyline).

(ANE#5/2) - Amber and some of the other Exiles fought against Sixx, a creature which appeared to be a sentient hologram, derived from their version of the Danger Room.

(ANE#6) - The Exiles investigated an underground complex which belonged to Genie, the head of Aladdin, who wanted the Exiles heads for some unexplained reason. They fought against a slime creature named Moloch, which tormented them with their inner thoughts and memories. Amber and Sienna managed to hold Moloch off long enough for the Exiles to escape.

(ANE#7) - Amber befriended Cayman, who had been duped by some robot-brain-thingee into attacking them. Cayman joined the Exiles after learning the thingees intentions (?) and they destroyed it.

(ANE#8) - Maxis attacked the Exiles, but Amber's power proved sufficient to nearly destroy it and drive it underground to recover.

(ANE#9, 10) - Aladdin sent Rocket and Blast to attack the Exiles, while Lonestar and Velvet Fist seduced the individual members and turned them against each other. Strike was able to figure out what was going on, and rallied the team to drive off both groups.

(ANE#11) - The Exiles returned to "Ground Zero" to investigate their possible involvement, and were attacked by a number of ultras seeking the bounty on their heads. Meanwhile, Maxis revived, located the Exiles, and defeated them.

(Ultraforce II#12) - Ultraforce arrived and fought Maxis, giving the Exiles time to revive. Amber directed her full power against Maxis, hoping to overload and/or destroy it, but succeeded only in allowing it to overcome its dependence on a human host. However, the two teams then collapsed a skyscraper on Maxis, seemingly destroying it.
And then an armada of spaceships, the Tulkan Fleet, showed up to attack them.

(Ultraverse Unlimited#2)-The Tulkan Fleet was revealed to be responsible for the destruction of "Ground Zero. They had caused similar or worse damage across countless worlds in their single minded pursuit of their enemy, Demonseed. The teams split up to deal with separate groups of the Tulkan Fleet. Amber fought against Gormada and Aquan, and learned that she had depleted the remainder of her Phoenix power against Maxis, and was left once again with only her flame power. Initially taken aback by the loss of her powers, she was swatted aside by Gormada, but rallied and managed to finish off Aquan.
   The Tulkan Fleet developed problems in their starships due to pursuit of Demonseed through a sabotaged warp, and were forced to return to their homeworld for repairs. Maxis recovered and confronted the heroes again, but the leader of the Tulkan Fleet revealed that they had long ago destroyed Ozama, the planet for which Maxis had been accruing power. Maxis was despondent without purpose, but the ultras convinced him to join forces with them. Maxis opened a dimensional warp, sending the Black Knight, Sienna Blaze, and Reaper back to Earth 616.

(Ultraforce#13) - Aladdin showed up to arrest the Exiles, still thought to be responsible for Ground Zero. Cayman is allowed to take Strike, his back broken in battle with the Tulkan Empire agents, to the hospital. Shuriken fled. Ultraforce vouched for the Exiles, and attempted to explain the Tulkan Empire's involvement. The Aladdin agents agreed to grant amnesty to Amber and Hellblade, as long as they joined and were watched over by Ultraforce. A similar offer was made to Maxis, and two others who had participated in the recent battle, Iron Clad and Ripfire, also joined. The Exiles officially disbanded.

(Angels of Destruction#1/4) - Amber mused on her life and her differing levels of power. She was secretly observed by Witch Hunter and the demon Qualero.

(UF#14, 15) - Amber tried to force Maxis to restore her higher level of power, but this proved impossible. Hardcase returned to the Ultraverse and to Ultraforce, explained the nature of Demonseed, and successfully led Ultraforce against him.

Comments: Created by Steve Gerber, Tom Mason, Dave Olbrich, and Chris Ulm (writers) and Paul Pelletier (penciler).

Real Time? Marvel Time? Ultra Time? Miller Time? Who knows?

Major case of changing writer's syndrome. Gerber, Mason, Olbrich, and Ulm wrote Exiles I#1-4.
Break-Thru was by Gerber, Gerard Jones, Mike W. Barr, Steve Engelhart, James D. Hudnall, Tom Mason, George Perez, James Robinson, and Len Strazewski.
All-New Exiles Infinity, ANE#1-3, and ANE/X-Men#0 were by Terry Kavanaugh.
ANE#4 was by Ian Edginton, who also wrote the Phoenix Resurrection.
ANE#5 was by Kavanaugh again, and 5/2 was by Ben Raab.
ANE#6 and 7 were by David Quinn.
ANE#8 was by Mark Paniccia.
ANE#9 and 10 were by Ann Nocenti.
ANE#11 was by Phil Crain.
The Ultraforce and Ultraverse Unlimited issues were by Len Wein.
Not counting back-ups, etc., that's six separate writers for the All New Exiles alone, average out at less than two issues per writer. The book had potential, but the characters, plotlines, etc. changed every issue or two.

In Phoenix Resurrection: Aftermath, in an alternate future some fifty years of the future, Amber had been cured of the Theta Virus, and had merged with the entity from the moon. In that time period, she is known as the Entity is was a secret ally of Glorianna Mundi, herself a descendent of Rex Mundi and an agent of the Entity. Foxfire, Autumn Rose, uncovered her true goals of extermination of humanity, and her alliance with the Progeny. Foxfire then led Earth's forces to destroy the Progeny.

I'm looking for Amber's brother, Michael. Have you seen him?

I try to avoid Roman numerals, but there's not really a good way to classify the two Ultraverse teams, the Exiles, without them. Please don't e-mail me to tell me the numbers should be different, or I'll be forced to jam some hot dogs down your throat and stuff a pack of starving dogs up your butt.

Neither of the Ultraverse Exiles teams have any known connection to:

Sienna Blaze is also a native of Earth 616 and a former member of the Upstarts, @ Uncanny X-Men Annual#17/2

Juggernaut of the Exiles is Cain Marko of Earth 616, @ X-Men I#11, 12

Reaper of the Exiles-Strike is Pantu Hugareb or Hugares of the Mutant Liberation Front, @ New Mutants#86;
No known connection to:

Unless otherwise stated, individuals from the Ultraverse have no known connection to any of their Earth-616 or other reality counterparts. Hold on to your britches, and I'll get them all covered by the year 2016. I promise.

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