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Real Name: Dar' U Sorrin (Maximum Power Retriever)

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Reality-93060/Ultraverse) extraterrestrial (Ozama) technological sentient being

Occupation: Adventurer;
   former probe

Group Membership: UltraForce (Ghoul, Hellblade, Amber Hunt, Iron Clad, Prime (Kevin Green), Prototype (Bob Campbell), Ripfire, Topaz)

Affiliations: Jake Alexander, Gorask 1223 (creator), Hardcase, (all Reality-93060)

Enemies: Demonseed, Hardwire, Elizabeth King, Siren, Tulkan Empire, Tyrannosaur;
   formerly Exiles(-'Strike) (Siena Blaze, Cayman, Hellblade, Amber Hunt, Reaper, Shuriken, 'Strike) (all Reality-93060)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York, USA;
   formerly Ozama (far distant space) (all Reality-93060)

First Appearance: All-New Exiles#8 (May, 1996)

Powers/Abilities: Maxis is an extremely powerful sentient extraterrestrial robot of unrevealed metal that is rapidly reconfigurable, although it usually maintains a tall bipedal form. At its base level, Maxis has superhuman strength, quick reflexes and had a virtually indestructible shell, although it was quickly damaged by energy blasts and needed several months to self-repair (although this was from an already damaged state). Extreme self-repair mode can take a liquefied form to seep into cracks and even soil -- away from external interference.

   Maxis' core programming is to seek out superhumans ("ultras") and code their powers into its memory matrix. Initial observation and touch provided it with rough mimic abilities, but Maxis needs to use its long extendable coils to wrap around a person, usually reaching inside the mouth and subdermally, to read the genetic code of a person and determine that person's genetic potential. At full function, this could take about a minute, but in a damaged form, the coding would take longer. The coding of an individual would leave that person unconscious for several minutes. Once Maxis has coded a superhuman's power(s) into its matrix, it can duplicate them. This makes it near unstoppable with current power codes providing near invulnerability (on top of self-repair circuits), advanced mastery of multiple forms of combat, superhuman strength (50+ tons), advanced polymorphic abilities, weapons generation (including projectiles, stun beams and magnetic field blasts). Its initial bank of coded powers seemed to be limited to 10 powers, but apparently expanded once on Earth after interaction with ultras augmented its abilities.

   Maxis can generate interdimensional portals to specific dimensions; however, such portals have not been witnessed for providing means of access across vast distances within its own dimension. It can configure portal generation via a beam from its chest unit, or (via specific nanotech programming) alter its entire form to provide a frame like a doorway.

   Significant damage necessitates the shifting of power to different functions. Despite its formidable power, it has been programmed to never use fatal force. Maxis' programming is alien in nature and it is unrevealed if it is decipherable/alterable by humans. It also has universal translator circuits. It developed a jawed mouth with fangs and tongue plus mandibles, presumably from coding and using ultras' powers.

   Initially driven on its singular mission to code ultras' powers, once this purpose was over, it became subservient to a team assignment.

Height: Variable (usually ~12')
Weight: 500 lbs. (by estimation)
Eyes: Red
Hair: Inapplicable/none


(All-New Exiles#8 (fb) - BTS) - Hunting for the devastating creature Demonseed, the Tulkan armada became butchers themselves, destroying civilizations where they thought the being lurked. The Tulkans had an infamous reputation and next targeted the Ozama civilization. Brilliant Ozaman scientist Gorask 1223 sought funding from Ozama's ruling governors with a device that would code powers from superhumans (Ozamans called "specials") from a distant world ("ultras" on Earth) and embed these codes in willing local warriors to fight Demonseed; however, Gorask was ridiculed for the concept. Gorask continued his work on his Dar' U Sorrin probe (Maximum Power Retriever) in private, but progress was slow due to lack of support.

(All-New Exiles#8) - Gorask finished his probe, which resembled the haunched Ozaman form, just as the Tulkan fleet attacked Ozama, quickly destroying Ozama defenses. Gorask still launched the Maximum Power Retriever, rolled up in its protective sphere, through a warp tunnel headed to Earth.

   The probe arrived on Earth, targeting the most suitable area for ultras, although warp travel damaged some of its functions. It crashed into a building and attacked Elizabeth King, who was unaware of her power to re-channel energy. It found it had to bond with a host and bonded with her at the molecular level to copy her power into its matrix, but this caused her pain. The probe detected more suitable ultra signatures at a nearby "Heroes" cemetery (containing several of the deceased original Exiles (Deming's group)) where Amber Hunt (a surviving member of the original Exiles) stood accompanied by new teammate Shuriken.

(All-New Exiles#8 (fb) - BTS) - The probe arrived and quickly knocked out Hunt and Shuriken. It copied Shuriken's and Hunt's ultra power codes, leaving them unconscious, while still completely encasing King's body as host.

(All-New Exiles#8) - The pair's silent tracking bugs brought the other new Exiles (Siena Blaze, Hellblade, Reaper, 'Strike) to the cemetery, where they engaged it in battle. The probe's damaged translation circuits gave a garbled response that the Exiles interpreted as "Maxis" for its name and it duplicated the powers of many of the ultras during the fight: Shuriken's ninja speed, Siena Blaze's electromagnetic blast and Reaper's paralysis scythe. Maxis retreated from the intense blasts from Blaze and the recovered Hunt, but had Hellblade in its coils. Maxis still needed to fully copy various ultra powers into its matrix; shifting its own power between defense, mobility and memory affected its capacity for recording. Maxis released Hellblade, having copied his powers into its matrix, then went for the two missing ultra power codes: Siena Blaze and 'Strike, but Maxis' attempt at a dual download gave Elizabeth King sufficient freedom to desperately call down lightning bolt energy and channel it at Maxis. Further blasts from Blaze and Hunt severely damaged Maxis and it liquefied, sinking into the cemetery soil to begin shutdown. Its homing unit found a buried ultra corpse to slowly begin self-repair. Above ground, the Exiles fled with no time to investigate as police approached.

(All-New Exiles#11) - Months later, Maxis had finally leeched enough remaining bio-energy from the ultra's corpse and resurfaced, sliding its way to another ultra for scanning in a nearby tomb (Iron Clad, whose body was in hibernation from seeming death). Maxis encased Iron Clad, using him as a host, and advanced to the nearby site where the Exiles were engaged in a chaotic battle against numerous ultra mercenaries amongst New York ruins called Ground Zero. Discarding Iron Clad, Maxis absorbed the villainous Hardwire, then turned to new targets (including Tyrannosaur); it deemed ultras already coded as expendable. Maxis' hunt turned to the fleeing Exiles, who had retreated into the sewers and encountered Siren and Ripfire plus his cohorts. Maxis smashed through the concrete and overwhelmed all those there, knocking out in fierce battle those it had met before and incapacitating those whose powers it absorbed by smothering them, then evicting them unconscious seconds later. Nearby, covert Aladdin forces watched and (incorrectly) pronounced the Exiles dead.

(UltraForce II#11) - Meanwhile, near Ozama, the Tulkan fleet detected the spatial rift (used by Maxis to travel to Earth) and followed, believing it was used Demonseed. Back on Earth, Aladdin sent footage of Maxis surrounded by bodies and the devastation of Ground Zero to UltraForce and requested their help. UltraForce (Black Knight (Dane Whitman), Prime (Kevin Green), Prototype (Bob Campbell), Topaz) mobilized immediately.


(UltraForce II#12) - UltraForce arrived and confronted Maxis, who read their "special" powers. Considering options to incapacitate them so as to record their power codes, Maxis utilized already recorded powers from its matrix, generating and hurling throwing stars (recorded from Shuriken), then recalibrating its arm into stun guns (from 'Strike). Maxis easily knocked away Prime's strength attack, then it grabbed Topaz by the throat, and quickly duplicated and stored her powers into its matrix, its speed of recording powers having advanced. Maxis discarded her unconscious form, but had to contend with Black Knight and Prototype's pincer attack, which it easily overcame. Detecting no "special" powers in either, it readied to move on, but Amber Hunt's sudden arrival forced it to rethink strategy due to her high power levels and Maxis' unsustainable capacity to respond. It chose the strategy to re-record her power code so that she would be left unconscious, but Hunt resisted this time and fought back, causing unexpected electromagnetic power transfer and an explosive overload that left Hunt unconscious and ejected the host body (Ripfire). Maxis recovered quickly, now able to maintain physical cohesion without the need for a host body, and set off to continue its mission, but a combined attack from UltraForce and the other assembled heroes collapsed a tall building on top of Maxis. The heroes then turned to face the arrival of the Tulkan fleet.


(Ultraverse Unlimited#2) - Beneath Ground Zero, while UltraForce was distracted battling Tulkan forces and the Alien Elite, Maxis' self-repair function restored its corporal structure and it rose from the rubble. Finding no new "specials" nearby, it resumed its mission searching. Maxis climbed to street level where the fighting had just ended with UltraForce victorious. Black Knight expected a fight but Maxis, having scanned them already, made no move. The Tulkan leader suddenly teleported down and told of his mission to exterminate the Demonseed, informing Maxis that it was the last of Ozama; the Tulkans then departed. Maxis considered its options, revealing its warp travel capacity, which Black Knight, Siena Blaze and Reaper immediately capitalized upon to return home to Reality-616. At that point, Aladdin helicopters arrived, demanding the remaining heroes' surrender.


(UltraForce II#13) - The heroes informed Aladdin's Jake Alexander of the Demonseed threat and he ordered Hunt and Hellblade join UltraForce. Aladdin wanted to disassemble the now docile Maxis for study, but Iron Clad vouched for the robot and offered to join the team to keep it free. While the devious Aladdin scientist agreed, it was also so that Aladdin could secure Maxis if Aladdin discovered the robot had coded all the powers of UltraForce and the team would then be redundant. Rapid team changes were made: Prime, Siren and the critically injured 'Strike left, while Ripfire joined and Ghoul returned. The new team traveled to UltraForce's base and discussed what to do about Demonseed, but Hunt focused on claiming back the power unintentionally transferred to Maxis. Hunt blasted Maxis to destroy its body, but found it was now near invulnerable. But then Hardcase's sudden return, after being locked away in Limbo after the reality-altering Infinity Effect, shocked the team.


(UltraForce II#14) - Hardcase explained his part in the origin of Demonseed as a creation in Limbo; oddly, Maxis was absent from the briefing. Demonseed's new destruction sent UltraForce (including Maxis) to Ground Zero, where they confronted the now giant villain.


(UltraForce II#15) - Prototype's impatient attack quickly let Demonseed absorb most of UltraForce, leaving only Ghoul, Maxis, Hunt and Hardcase standing, somehow immune to their foe. Maxis' scan caused significant bioelectric feedback, but yielded information for a strategy; Maxis and Hunt's combined attack of opposing magnetic field blasts weakened Demonseed so that all could escape. Regrouping at Headless Cross and rejoined with Prime, with Maxis augmented by Hardcase's nanotech, the team returned and attacked in full unison. Demonseed was weakened further. Maxis formed an interdimensional portal to Limbo (utilizing Hardcase's nanotech); Hardcase forced Demonseed back through to Limbo and Maxis reconfigured into its usual form. Whilst Ripfire had sacrificed himself in the battle, the team looked to the future...


Comments: Created by Mark Paniccia, Joyce Chin, Terry Pallot.



Profile by Grendel Prime.

Maxis has no known connections to:

Gorask 1223

Gorask 1223 was the scientist of the alien Ozama civilization who created the nanotech probe Dar' U Sorrin (Maximum Power Retriever, later known as Maxis on Earth) in an effort to endow local individuals with powers he had witnessed far away on Earth superhumans via his dimensional telescope. Despite the ruling governors' ridicule, he continued with his plan as a defense against the destructive creature Demonseed. The delay meant the powerful Tulkan fleet, zealously hunting for Demonseed, slaughtered their quickly through the Ozama people as Gorask, alongside his assistant Karsol, launched the Dar' U Sorrin probe down a warp tunnel headed to Earth. He was very likely lost with the rest of the Ozama civilization before Maxis could return.




--All-New Exiles#8

Elizabeth King

Miss Elizabeth King was a superhuman ("ultra") unaware of her power to absorb and re-channel energy. By chance, she became the alien robot Maxis' first target to imprint ultra powers. Maxis' damage during interstellar travel meant it had to rely on a living host and used her to hold its form. Maxis penetrated King's body at the molecular level to scan her power and copy it into its matrix. The process was suffocating and it only the timely intervention of the Exiles (Siena Blaze, Hellblade, Amber Hunt, Reaper, Shuriken, 'Strike) that freed her. However, Maxis returned to her to complete data processing but she resisted, unwittingly calling on her power in a bolt of lightning that she re-channeled against Maxis. Additional help from Blaze and Hunt completely overwhelmed Maxis and sunk into the ground. The Exiles fled as police arrived and she was likely taken to hospital.








--All-New Exiles#8


Ozamans were a very advanced civilization in far interstellar space, but were targeted by the unforgiving Tulkan fleet zealously hunting for the destructive creature Demonseed. Brilliant Ozaman scientist Gorask 1223 devised a probe to code alien super-powers as a defense, but the ruling governors ridiculed him. As such, Ozama's defenses were no match for the Tulkan fleet and the Ozama civilization was obliterated. Gorask's probe, later dubbed Maxis, continued to Earth; however, the Tulkan fleet found the Maxis' spatial rift for travel and followed it. Later, Maxis confronted a Tulkan leader, who stated it was the last of Ozama.

   Ozamans lived in large floating cities in their planet's atmosphere. Little is seen of the Ozama people; bipedal with claw-like hands, they are green with spikes along their spine. Gorask chose to make his robot probe in his own image, but it's unrevealed if Maxis' giant form reflects the Ozama people's height.








--All-New Exiles#8 (UltraForce II#11

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