Real Name: Evan Murayama

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Ultraverse) human mutate/ultra

Occupation: Adventurer

Group Membership: Academy for the New Elite (Feline, Flygirl, Waver), Exiles-Strike, Freex

Affiliations: Boneyard, Contrary, Hardcase, Iron Clad, Lukasz, Mantra, Night Man, Old Man, Pixx, Prime, Ruby, Rush, Ultraforce, Warstrike ('Strike)

Enemies: Aladdin, Argus, Blast, Boneyard, Contrary, Entity from the Moon, Fire People, Guardian of the Cave, Lonestar, Lost Angel, Lord Pumpkin, Maxis, Monsters of the Fire People, Night Patrol, Prometheus, Prime-Evil, Rafferty, robot brain-thingee, Rocket, Rune, Savior of the Fire People, Tulkan Fleet and the Alien Elite (especially Stummp, Foxeye), Velvet Fist, Wrath

Known Relatives: none

Aliases: "Bogboy" (nickname from Hellblade), "Gatorboy" (nickname from Ray/Boom Boy's )

Base of Operations: formerly Strike's cabin, Hunter Mountain, upstate New York;
    formerly Strike's mansion, Manhattan;   
    formerly Mobile across California, especially San Francisco;
    formerly the subterranean world of the Fire People
    formerly formerly
Mt. Shasta, Northern California;

First Appearance: Freex#10 (April, 1994)


Powers/Abilities: Able to transform into human and back, he spends most of his time in the form of Cayman, since his human form is painful and he can only remain in it for minutes at a time. Cayman has superhuman strength (class 10) and durability (thick reptilian skin). He also possesses dense, sharp claws, which can easily rend flesh. He is exceptionally intelligent and remains cool during most conflicts (except around Contrary).

Height: (human) 5'10" ; (Cayman)  6'6"          Weight: (human) 160 lbs.; (Cayman) 400#        

Eyes: (human) ; (Cayman) Yellow   



History: Cayman's history is unrevealed. See comments.

(Freex#10 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, he was recruited by Contrary to serve in her Academy for the New Elite.

(Freex#10) - Contrary brought Freex member Ray/Boom Boy to Mt. Shasta against his will. Cayman was instantly jealous of the attention Contrary showered on Ray, but he still followed Contrary's directions to pretend to attack her to test Ray's willingness to protect her. Contrary stopped the flight just as Ray floored Cayman.
    Later, when the Freex tracked Ray to Mt. Shasta, Cayman and the rest of the Academy attacked and easily overpowered the invaders who were exhausted from their trip.

(Freex#11) - Cayman argued with and fought Ray again before being stopped by Contrary. When the Freex broke free, Cayman turned against his teammates and helped them escape. When Ray announced that he had decided to stay with Contrary to gain an education. Cayman decided to join the Freex.

BTS - The Freex were again joined by the Old Man.

(Prime I#13/2) - Prime traveled to the Midwest in an effort to confront the monsters of the Fire People that had crawled up from their underground city.  The Freex were also investigating this--under the direction of the Old Man--and they ran into Prime while searching the China Lake Naval base.

(GS Freex#1) - After the standard fight of mistaken identities/motives, Prime joined the Freex and the Old Man in an investigation of the tunnels of the Fire People. In the depths of the realm of the Fire People, they found a number of statues with the appearance of the a number of unidentified superhumans, but also of what appeared to be the Freex themselves.
    During their trek, Cayman discovered his interest in Val/Pressure.

(Freex#12//Ultraforce I#1/2) - The Freex, Old Man, and Prime were attacked by several of the Monsters of the Fire People, and Freex attacked one after it grabbed Val. Michael/Plug located a group of headpieces that the Freex put on, allowing them to control the Monsters. Prime returned to the surface as the rest of the Freex continued their journey, encountering the Guardian of the Cave.

(Freex#13) - An image of Prometheus appeared and proclaimed the Freex to be the Someday Champions he had sought to create. However, upon realizing that they were surface dwellers, he sent the Guardian after them again. They used their headgear to stop the Guardian, but unwittingly awakened the Savior of the Fire People. On the trek back to the surface, Cayman expressed his love for Pressure, who harshly rebuffed him, though she did then apologize, telling him that she had just wanted to make it clear that if he got involved with her, he'd end up getting hurt. On the surface, the Freex were targeted by the Night Patrol.

(Freex#14) - Contrary helped the Freex defeat the Night Patrol, and then Ray rejoined the Freex. During the battle, Cayman suspected that someone was backing the Night Patrol, and he turned out to be right (Contrary was doing it to make the Freex feel like they needed her). They went back down to the realm of the Fire People, during which time, Cayman expressed his frustration at how the Freex seemed to dismiss him, but adored Ray. They found the Savior breaking out of his containment, but Ray forced the door to the Savior shut again, and he then elected to stay behind to hold the door in case the Savior threatened to break out again.



(Freex#15) - Arriving in San Francisco back on the surface, Cayman returned to his human form, previously unseen by the other Freex, and pretended to be a new runaway. When they seemed to accept him, he returned to the form of Cayman, surprising them all. He then showed the others how to make the crowns from the Fire People disappear from site.

(Firearm I#15) - Back on the surface, Rafferty told Firearm that he was going to kill one of the Freex, then beat him senseless and sabotaged his gun. The dazed Firearm stumbled after him and instead collapsed amidst the Freex.

(Freex#15) - The Freex and the Old Man joined forces with Firearm in an effort to stop Rafferty, the killer of Ultras. The Freex fought the Night Patrol again, but Rafferty fired an arrow at Cayman. Michael dove into its path, taking an arrow in the chest and dying.

(Firearm#15/2) - Firearm refused to allow the Freex to join him in going after Rafferty.

(Freex#16) - The Freex attended the funeral for Michael, along with the Academy members, Contrary, the Night Man, and Ruby. After the Freex had fended off another assault by the Lost Angel, the Old Man goaded the Freex into a fight. They defeated him, proving that they were now ready to stand on their own. They decided to head back down the tunnels and visit Ray, but on the way, they were pulled through a time warp.

(Freex#17) - The Freex arrived in ancient Egypt, where they encountered an early group of Someday Champions (recipients of the nanotech/wetware power created by Prometheus) as well as Rune (in the guise of the Priest of Amon-Ra). Cayman expressed his sadness and guilt over Michael's death, then lost himself volunteering for labor for the better part of a month. The Freex helped drive off Rune when he attacked Analla (one of the Someday Champions).
    The Freex then returned through the time portal back towards Los Angeles. However, upon returning they had gained a new member, AJ, whom they all remembered as if he'd been with them all along (in place of Michael).

(Godwheel#0) - Cayman, along with Val, Feline, and Flygirl where teleported to Vahdala by the god Argus, who sought their help in recovery the three items of the Crucible of Life. Argus had also summoned Boneyard, Hardcase, Lord Pumpkin, Lukasz, Mantra (actually possessed by Necromantra), a Prime skin husk (which Necromantra transformed into Prime-Evil), Warstrike.

(Godwheel#1) - Argus tried to force them all to obey him; while Necromantra, Lord Pumpkin, and Prime-Evil agreed to serve Argus (for their own agenda), the others broke free and fled. Rune impersonated Val and replaced her with the others on their quest to gain the items of the Crucible to prevent Argus on the others from getting them.

(Godwheel#2) - Relocating to the Godyacht with the others, Cayman noticed Val was behaving differently. Cayman was sent alongside "Val" and Flygirl to Techtopia, pursuing the Windsword, but "Val" nearly sacrificed Cayman to distract Primevil so "she' could claim the sword. Ultimately, Feline snatched the sword first and saved Cayman, and the group returned to the others.

(Godwheel#3) - When the heroes returned to Vahdala, Val found them and revealed Rune's duplicity. Cayman joined with the others in opposing Argus (merged with Lord Pumpkin), Rune, and Necromantra, but the tide was ultimately turned when Argus attempted to summon aid from Earth-616's Loki (or another like-minded Asgardian), but instead brought Thor. The thunder god created an interdimensional portal through which they banished the Crystal Crown--one of the Crucible's components--and Argus went after it. Thor teleported the heroes back to their Earth while he returned to his Asgard.

(Freex#18) - Val and Cayman returned to Earth, as Contrary tried to forge an alliance with the Freex, but AJ recognized that she had ulterior motives and resisted her. Contrary incapacitated the Freex  with a disruptor weapon that affected their helmets, and she then took AJ away to her citadel for further care.
    Cayman and the rest of the Freex found themselves trapped in the realm of the Fire People, and they heard the Savior stirring in his containment chamber.

(Black September Infinity) - The Infinity Gems warped all reality in the Ultraverse.

(All-New Exiles#7 (fb) - BTS) - Cayman ended up in a swamp. Seeking to bond with a new team, Cayman was easily duped by some robot brain-thingee into assaulting the Exiles.

(All-New Exiles#7) - Cayman attacked the Exiles (Siena Blaze, Hellblade, Amber Hunt, Reaper, Shuriken, Strike), nearly defeating them all one-by-one, but the combined power of the group defeated him. The thingee then showed up, drugging everyone present for plans unknown. Cayman teamed up with Hellblade to demolish the thingee, and Cayman barfed after seeing its brain. Cayman joined the Exiles.

(ANE#9, 10) - Aladdin sent Rocket and Blast to attack the Exiles, while Lonestar and Velvet Fist seduced the individual members and turned them against each other. Cayman was an easy victim for Velvet Fist. Even after losing his powers, Evan helped fight Rocket and Blast. Strike was able to figure out what was going on, and rallied the team to drive off both groups.

(ANE#11) - The Exiles returned to "Ground Zero" to investigate their possible involvement, and were attacked by a number of ultras seeking the bounty on their heads. Meanwhile, Maxis revived, located the Exiles, and defeated them.

(Ultraforce II#12) - Ultraforce arrived and fought Maxis, giving the Exiles time to revive. The two teams then collapsed a skyscraper on Maxis, seemingly destroying it.
And then an armada of spaceships, the Tulkan Fleet, showed up to attack them.

(Ultraverse Unlimited#2)-The Tulkan Fleet was revealed to be responsible for the destruction of "Ground Zero." They had caused similar or worse damage across countless worlds in their single minded pursuit of their enemy, Demonseed. The teams split up to deal with separate groups of the Tulkan Fleet; Cayman teamed with Strike and Topaz against Foxeye and Stummp. Cayman was stunned by Stummp, and when Strike tried to take him down, his back was broken by Stummp's tail. Enraged, Cayman and Topaz took out both Stummp and Foxeye.
    The Tulkan Fleet developed problems in their starships due to pursuit of Demonseed through a sabotaged warp, and were forced to return to their homeworld for repairs. Maxis recovered and confronted the heroes again, but the leader of the Tulkan Fleet revealed that they had long ago destroyed Ozama, the planet for which Maxis had been accruing power. Maxis was despondent without purpose, but the ultras convinced him to join forces with them.

(Ultraforce#13) - Cayman took Strike to the hospital.

Comments: Created by Gerard Jones and Ben Herrera.

    While it is not specifically detailed, the fact that Cayman was able to wear the Fire People's headgear seems to indicate that he was one of "Wetware Mary's" (aka Contrary), meaning that he was injected as an infant with nanotech designed by the Fire People. See Contrary's and the Fire People's profiles for more detail on this.

    An alternate reality version of Cayman was seen during Black September Infinity. He was one of the only characters from the Freex to survive Black September.

Pressure has no known connection to:

Freex#15, p7, panel 3
    p5, panel 1
Freex#10, p3
Freex#13, p10, panel 7

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