Real Name: John "Johnny" Domino (legally changed from Johnny Domingo)

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Earth-93060) human mutate ("Ultra") and technology user (see comments)

Occupation: Adventurer, jazz saxophonist

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: The Academy of the New Elite (Feline, Flygirl, Waver), Annetta Arlington, Lt. Carleton Briggs, G. Lawrence Bushnell, Felicia Campbell, Roger Carrington, Chalk (Tommy Kwan), Commissioner Tartan, Contrary, Sgt. Maureen Dade, Doctor Oliver, Doctor Rosen, Eddie Domingo, Bill Doran, Firearm (Alec Swan), Freex (Anything/Lewis Phillips, Boomboy/Ray Golic, Cayman/Evan Murayama, Old Man, Plug/Michael Rafani, Pressure/Valerie Sharp, Sweetface/Angela Salazar), Raul Gonzales, Joe Green, Hardcase (Tom Hawke), Henrietta Hawkins, Janet, Jim, Kawalski, Mary, Adam Neilson, Prime (Kevin Green), Professor Papillon, Prototype (Jimmy Ruiz), Ranger (Bob Campbell), Frankie Raye, Ginger Robinson, Ruby, Henry Russell, Scarsone, Sludge (Frank Hoag), the Solution (Drop Kick/Troy Wilde, Outrage/Vurk, Shadowmage/Aera, Tech/Lela Cho), the Strangers (Electrocute/Candy, Grenade/Hugh Fox, Lady Killer/Elena la Brava, Spectral/David Castiglione, Yrial, Zip-Zap/Leon Balford), Supervisor Nguyen, Teknight II (Theodoric), Sally Wagner, Gale Yee;
    formerly Atom Bob (Bob Hardin);
    Earth-616 natives: Gambit (Remy LeBeau), Wolverine (James Howlett)

Enemies: Barbieri, Gordon Bell, Bloodfly, Brazen, Byter, Calhoun, Deathmask, Gangsta, Generator X (Matt), Guy Hunt, Lightshow (Rikki), Mangle (Jeremiah Sturm), the Night Man duplicate, NuWare (Art, Broadhurst, Brock, Garrison, Gwendy, J.D. Hunt, Lance, Whitley, others), NuWareWolves, Russell Peters, Pilgrim (Bob Hardin), Rafferty, Rhiannon (Rita Diamond), Rigoletto (Edward Robinson), Sammy, Sanders, Shalidaz, the Silver Daggers (Ken Wing, others), Tashaa, Teknight, TNTNT (Naiad, Neuronne, Torso, Tugun, Tyrannosaurus Rex), Wolf (Nikolai Apocaloff), Zara;
    Earth-616 natives: Arcade (indirectly), Candra, Loki (Loki Laufeyson)

Known Relatives: Eddie Domingo (father), Rhiannon (mother), "Gramps" Domingo (paternal grandfather, deceased)

Aliases: "Baby," "Bat-Boy," "Bub," "Hero," "Kid," "King of the Night," "Little Johnny," "Mask-Boy," "Masked Man," "Meddler," "Mister," "Pal," "Sir," "Son," "Weird-Eye," "Zorro the Lone Avenger of the Night" (nicknames)

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout Earth-616;
    formerly Playland-by-the-Beach amusement park, San Francisco, California, USA, Earth-93060;
    formerly Johnny Domino's apartment, San Francisco, California, USA, Earth-93060

First Appearance: (as Johnny Domino) The Strangers I#1 (June, 1993);
    (as the Night Man): The Night Man I#1 (October, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: The Night Man had the ability to psychically "hear" the intentions of those who seek to commit evil acts. He could "hear" these thoughts better the closer he was to the person seeking to commit the acts but he could not hear the evil intentions of those who didn't realize their intentions were evil. For example, he was unable to hear evil intentions from the young boy Guy Hunt, who was raised to think his evil actions were normal.

    He could survive without any sleep at all, though he did require occasional rest.

    The shrapnel lodged in the Night Man's brain interferes with the psychic abilities of others, protecting him from psychic-based attacks such as the brain-frying abilities of Neuronne. It also left his eyes permanently dilated, granting him the ability to see in perfect darkness but forcing him wear dark glasses in the daylight due to his eyes' sensitivity to light.

    Johnny Domino was highly trained in the martial art of aikido and he was a fair seamster, able to repair his own damaged costume.

    As the Night Man, Johnny used a variety of crimefighting equipment including a grappling hook, rope composed of a nearly-unbreakable fiber, a pocket-sized audio recording device that he usually kept attached to his belt for the purposes of recording audio evidence of crimes, a  knife and a small handgun that he only used on rare occasions. He wore a padded costume equipped with infrared lenses in the mask allowing him to see heat signatures, the larger of which had telephoto capabilities for zooming and enhancing anything seen out of it, tasers built into the costume's gauntlets that could also project electricity several feet in distance from his fists, a bulletproof kevlar cape and small storage packs on each boot that housed additional equipment such as gas pellets, smoke bombs, a lockpick, a fingerprinting kit, a small laser torch and an ultrasonic screamer device.

    He once wore an underwater variation of his costume composed out of a wetsuit that was equipped with a portable oxygen tank, goggles that allowed him to see underwater and plastic flippers to assist with swimming.

    Johnny owned a Mazda Miata that held a hidden compartment in the hollowed out back seat where he stored his Night Man gear in case of emergencies.

    Before he moved out of his apartment and into the Playland theme park, his apartment contained a hidden storage area that housed his Night Man gear. Once he moved into the Playland theme park's Tunnel of Horrors, the Night Man had an advanced computer system installed that could access police records and broadcast radio signals.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 6'2")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 180 lbs.)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

(The Night Man/Gambit#2 (fb) - BTS) - Johnny Domingo was born as a result of a whirlwind romance between Eddie Domingo, a student studying abroad, and Rhiannon, a secret cannibalistic sorceress.

(The Night Man/Gambit#2 (fb)) - When Eddie discovered Rhiannon's true nature, he shunned her and Rhiannon promised to leave him alone forever, a promise Eddie hoped would also extend to their son Johnny.

(The Night Man I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Raised alone by his father, who told Johnny his mother had died, Johnny Domingo had taken up aikido by the age of five at the urging of his father, who wished to raise his son right.

(The Night Man I#16 (fb) - BTS) - Johnny was very close with his paternal grandfather, who taught him that a person should be judged by his deeds rather than his race, religion, color or name.

(The Night Man I#10 (fb) - BTS) - Johnny Domingo practically grew up in the Playland amusement park where his father worked as a security officer. Somewhere between age five and six, Johnny discovered the hidden area behind the fake rocks in Playland's Tunnel of Horror attraction and over time, he familiarized himself with all of the hidden tunnels meant to be used to service the park's attractions.

(The Night Man I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Growing up, Johnny was taught by his father to always play the hand he was dealt.

(The Night Man I#23 (fb) - BTS) - At age 11, Johnny popped his shoulder out of socket.

(Skybox Ultraverse trading card#77: The Night Man (fb) - BTS) - By age 14, Johnny had earned a black belt in aikido despite having never encountering true violence.

(The Night Man I#16 (fb) - BTS) - Johnny often rode around with his friends attempting to find dates.

(The Night Man I#23 (fb) - BTS) - Johnny and his father Eddie went on a vacation to Baja in 1987.

(ULTRA-Monthly I#1/4 (fb) - BTS) - Johnny became known as a talented jazz musician, specializing in playing saxophone.

(The Night Man I#16 (fb) - BTS) - When Johnny entered show business, he changed his last name from "Domingo" to "Domino," as it sounded snazzier and better for business. Not long after, Johnny's paternal grandfather began acting coolly towards Johnny, disapproving of Johnny changing his last name. Unaware of why his grandfather was acting differently, Johnny began to lose touch with his grandfather.

(The Night Man I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Despite his busy schedule playing at jazz clubs, Domino continued to put a lot of time into his martial arts training.

(The Night Man I#12 (fb) - BTS) - At some point during his music career, Johnny Domino visited New York and the east coast.

(Hardcase Premier Edition (fb)) - Domino was playing at a jazz concert at the Hollywood Bowl when the superhero Hardcase rushed onto the stage and punched through the floor, much to Domino's surprise. Domino then watched as Hardcase leaped up and hurled a bomb from the stage into the air, where it exploded harmlessly.

(Hardcase Premier Edition) - When Hardcase fell back to the ground and through the stage, Domino ducked his head into the hole created by Hardcase's crash landing and asked if Hardcase was okay, to which Hardcase replied that he'd felt better.

(Skybox Ultraverse trading card#21 - The Night Man (fb) - BTS) - Johnny Domino played at an all-night jazz club in San Francisco.

(The Strangers I#1/The Strangers I#2 (fb)/The Night Man I#1 (fb)/Ultraverse Origins#1/2) - On his way from the San Francisco jazz club performance in his Mazda Miata, Johnny Domino was hit by the careening Powell Street cable car that had just been hit by the lightning-like Jumpstart effect.

(The Strangers I#1) - The hit stopped the cable car and some of its passengers got out to check on Domino. A crowd soon gathered around the crash and several of the cable car passengers noticed that Domino had a piece of metal lodged in his head. Police soon arrived and made their way to Domino, remarking that they would need to get some ambulances to the area.

(ULTRA-Monthly I#1/4 (fb) - BTS) - Domino was taken from the scene of the crash by ambulance to Davies Medical Center.

(The Strangers I#1) - Domino was immediately sent into the operating room, where Dr. Rosen admitted to his nurse Janet that leaving the piece of metal in Domino's skull might kill him but removing it definitely would. Rosen then expressed doubts that Domino would live through the day.

(ULTRA-Monthly I#1/4 - BTS) - Despite six hours of surgery, doctors were unable to safely remove the entire piece of metal lodged in Johnny Domino's brain and he remained unconscious in critical condition. Reports of the accident in San Francisco and Domino's condition were published in ULTRA-Monthly magazine published by comic book publisher Al Baker.

(The Strangers I#2) - Unconscious and with the piece of metal still in his head, Domino remained alive. When Mary and another nurse came to check on him, Mary noted that Domino was still clinging to life despite Dr. Rosen's earlier prediction that he wouldn't make it to the night. Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Domino's father, a security guard.

(The Strangers I#3) - As word about the new superhero team called the Strangers spread over the radio at Davies Medical Center, the nurses noted that the Strangers were empowered on the same cable car that had hit Domino. One of the nurses asked how Domino was doing and the other explained that there had been no change in his condition. Noticing Domino's sleeping father in the room, the nurses considered waking him but decided not to, completely unaware that Domino had opened his eyes in the dark room.

(The Night Man I#1 (fb)) - Though Dr. Rosen remained unable to remove the piece of metal from Domino's head due to it being buried too deep in the brain lobes, Johnny Domino ultimately recovered as his brain learned to work around the shrapnel, leaving Domino's eyes permanently dilated and forcing him to wear dark glasses to protect his newly-sensitive eyes from light.

(The Night Man I#1 (fb)/Ultraverse Origins#1/2) - Eventually recovering enough to be released, Domino thanked Dr. Rosen for saving his life and as he left, he thought himself lucky that the only longterm effect of the crash would be having to wear dark glasses for the rest of his life. Walking home, Domino walked past a man and heard screaming about how he was going to kill a girl but Domino quickly noticed that the man was not actually screaming, only thinking, the words.

(The Night Man I#1 (fb)) - At first thinking his brain accident had left him crazy, Domino wondered whether he was truly crazy or if he had somehow gained the ability to hear thoughts. Concerned that a woman might truly be in danger, Domino decided to follow the man and after witnessing the man purchase a knife, Domino reported the man to police officer Jim and his partner, only to be brushed off when he was unable to provide any proof of the man's supposed intentions. Subsequently following the man to a beach side restaurant, where the man made a date with waitress Ginger Robinson, Domino was eventually spotted and chased by the man. Escaping and returning home, Domino was unsure if he should continue pursuing the man until an explosion rocked his apartment, confirming Domino's suspicions that he was not crazy.

(The Night Man I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Realizing he had been changed by the brain injury, Domino donned a stealth outfit with night vision goggles and set out to test his newfound abilities by going after criminals. On his first night, he nearly stopped a bullet.

(The Night Man I#1) - Knowing he would need to stop the evil intentioned man from murdering a woman the next night, Domino again put on his stealth outfit and went after two burglars. Able to hear the burglars' thoughts of shooting him, Domino shot first, hitting the burglar Sammy in the hand and prompting the other to attack. Domino defeated the burglar but fell from the roof when the piece of masonry his grappling hook was attached to broke. Catching his fall on a tree, the battle-damaged Domino caught up to and defeated the escaping Sammy, injuring his arm when he blocked a pipe swung by Sammy and fleeing the scene when the police arrived.

    The next day, Johnny Domino visited the restaurant where Ginger Robinson worked and the two struck up a conversation, as Ginger was a fan of Domino's music, until Johnny noticed a nearby woman watching him. Not sensing any evil intent from the nearby woman, Johnny asked Ginger out, hoping to prevent her murder by keeping her from meeting the evil-intentioned man, but Ginger declined, instead asking Johnny to call her another time. Later that afternoon, Johnny purchased a motorcycle then visited his father Eddie at the Playland-at-the-Beach park where he worked. The two discussed Johnny's recovery until businessman Russell Peters arrived to gloat about his intentions to purchase Playland and replace it with real estate. When Eddie followed Peters to keep an eye on him, Johnny used his father's security passwords to access the police internet to check on the evil-intentioned man, whom he identified as Victor Omar, and he later learned how to access their internet at any time using his father's access codes.

(The Night Man I#1/Ultraverse Origins#1/2) - Surprised to see that Victor Omar was listed as a missing person and unaware that the man he met was not the real Omar, Domino donned a new and improved stealth suit and ventured out as the heroic Night Man, more determined than ever to keep Ginger from being murdered.

(The Night Man I#1) - Arriving early as Ginger's restaurant, the Night Man attempted to warn the exiting "Ginger" to stay inside for her own safety and was surprised when "Ginger" was revealed as the face-stealing murderer Deathmask. In the ensuing battle, the Night Man was knocked down a small cliff, where he discovered Ginger's faceless corpse. Horrified at Deathmask's brutality, the Night Man noticed Victor Omar's face nearby and deduced that Deathmask had earlier killed and impersonated Omar to get to Ginger. Soon overhearing the boat motor of the escaping Deathmask, the Night Man commandeered a local man's speedboat to pursue, soon catching up and battling the insane Deathmask. When the Night Man forced Deathmask to stab himself in the scuffle, Deathmask leaped into the water to swim towards the Night Man's faster boat, only to be seemingly devoured by a shark. Sensing no evil intent from the shark, the Night Man considered adding a cape to his costume to protect himself from cold then drove the boat back towards the shore, not noticing Deathmask's hand rise from the water.

(The Night Man I#2) - Unable to sleep with Ginger's death on his mind, Johnny Domino decided to go for a motorcycle ride through town, soon hearing the murderous intentions of the twisted Mangle, who announced plans to destroy the NuWare company. Rescuing a young boy from Mangle as the Night Man, Johnny learned the boy was runaway Adam Neilson and the Night Man returned Adam home, lecturing his family on working their issues out for Adam's sake. Johnny then decided to visit his doctor regarding his inability to sleep and when night fell once more, he ventured to the NuWare offices to warn owner J.D. Hunt about Mangle. Hunt refused the Night Man's assistance and warned the hero against ever coming near him again and as the Night Man left, he noticed a photo of Hunt's son Guy and wondered if Mangle's evil intentions were directed specifically towards Guy. Avoiding public attention as he left NuWare, Johnny later visited his father, who was concerned about Johnny's inability to sleep following his accident. When his dad reminded Johnny of men throughout the ages who had played the hand they were dealt, Johnny was inspired to continue his investigation into Mangle and thanked his dad for knowing just the right thing to say.

    The next night, the Night Man tracked down Guy Hunt to question him about Mangle and learned that Mangle was Guy's former history tutor Jeremiah Sturm, who had went insane and required an exoskeleton after apparently falling down a flight of stairs. When Guy mentioned Sturm's love of San Francisco's Ferry Building, the Night Man left to investigate the building and was attacked by Mangle, who thanked the hero for saving him the trouble of tracking Night Man down. During the subsequent battle, Guy Hunt showed up and assisted the Night Man by pointing out Mangle's weak collarbone. Successfully breaking Mangle's collarbone, the Night Man still proved unable to physically harm the exoskeletoned Mangle and Mangle ultimately fled when Guy's bodyguards fired on him. The Night Man pursued but found Mangle gone, suspecting that perhaps he had not given the entire truth about Mangle.

(Break-Thru I#1) - As agents of the enigmatic Aladdin organization reported sightings of the Night Man, unsure whether or not he was an ultra, to their superiors, the Night Man searched an alleyway for Mangle. A homeless man questioned the Night Man about recent colors appearing in the sky but the hero claimed he was busy hunting a murderer and didn't have time for colors in the sky. He then ran off to continue his search.

Freex I#6) - Unaware that Mangle was manipulating the teenage Freex group into going after J.D. Hunt, the Night Man continued searching for Mangle, ignoring a mob that seemed to be connected to the colors in the sky. After his search found only more forming mobs, the Night Man decided to break into the Hunt mansion to speak again with Guy Hunt. Arriving just as Mangle was about to attack Guy, the Night Man punched Mangle but was attacked by Freex, who had been told the Night Man was a villain. Despite the Night Man's insistence that Mangle was after Guy Hunt and Freex member Plug's suggestion they give the Night Man a chance to talk, Freex continued their attack and the Night Man was knocked out. By the time he regained consciousness, Freex, Guy and Mangle were all gone and the Night Man was more determined than ever to find Mangle.

(The Night Man I#3) - Unsure of how to locate six people in a population of six million, the Night Man overheard a reverend arguing with some youngsters about the volume of their radio and the hero opted to reach out to Freex using the radio. Purchasing radio equipment from an electronics store, the Night Man broadcasted a radio message to Freex explaining Mangle's manipulation of them to further his own vendetta against J.D. Hunt. Despite hearing the Night Man's message, Freex remained mostly convinced that the Night Man was a villain but the curious Plug used his electronic interfacing abilities to enter the car stereo and listen to the entirety of the Night Man's message. Claiming they needed to stop so he could use the bathroom, Plug entered a pay phone and communicated Mangle's location to the Night Man. Arriving at Moffett Field just in time to prevent Mangle from attacking Freex member Pressure, proving himself to most of Freex, the Night Man briefly fought and defeated Freex leader Anything, who was convinced Mangle could cure their superpowered conditions.

    Focusing on Mangle, the Night Man overheard his story about being tortured by Guy Hunt while tutoring the boy and being experimented on by J.D. Hunt, which had left him in the body-repairing exoskeleton. Realizing that while the Hunts truly deserved punishment, they did not deserve the cruelty intended for them by Mangle, the Night Man rescued Guy Hunt, who seemed momentarily impressed at the Night Man's will to fight for certain principles. During the fight against Mangle, the Night Man ultimately learned that he could not sense evil intent from the torturous Guy because Guy was raised to think his actions weren't evil and managed to defeat Mangle by sticking a wrench into Mangle's exoskeleton and shooting the villain through the stomach. As medics arrived to tend to Mangle, the Night Man warned J.D. Hunt that the businessman was now on "his list" but the Hunts brushed off the Night Man's threats. J.D. ordered the Field's military personnel to arrest the Night Man but they refused, having seen the Night Man attempting to stop Mangle. A soldier subsequently informed the Night Man that Freex had escaped capture.

(Break-Thru I#2) - As the mobs formed by the sky colors grew more out of control, the Night Man was overwhelmed by an anti-Ultra crowd. Using his grappling hook to escape the mob, the Night Man became more determined than ever to find Freex, as he was concerned the mobs would only drive the youngsters deeper into hiding. The Night Man eventually located the group hiding out in a forest as the mobs were calming down and offered to help them but they refused, admitting that while they now trusted the Night Man, they still didn't trust the world at large. The Night Man promised to keep Freex's existence a secret and expressed hope that they might meet again before disappearing into the woods.

(The Night Man I#4 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Johnny Domino settled with the city of San Francisco over his cable car accident and he used the settlement money to purchase a new Mazda Miata with a vanity license plate that read "DOMINO." He also equipped his new car with a hidden compartment to house his Night Man gear in case of emergencies. The Federal Communications Commission eventually began an investigation into the Night Man's recent unauthorized radio broadcasts. Not long after, a newspaper article was written by John Harkness for The San Francisco Bullet about the Night Man's actions saving the Hunts from Mangle and a photo of the Night Man battling Mangle made the front page. In the same paper, an article written by Tori Glover quoted Naval Captain Christopher Dugan as stating Ultras such as the Night Man and the Strangers were nothing but a boon to the San Francisco area and that he was glad to have them around. Another article in the same newspaper written by Mike Vitalson reported on the FCC's investigation into the Night Man's unauthorized radio broadcasts and questioned whether the broadcast was from the real Night Man and what the harm was if it was.

(The Night Man I#4) - Deciding to make a regular habit of walking through the streets of San Francisco in the mornings to sense possible evil intent, Johnny Domino visited a magazine store, where he read the San Francisco Bullet newspaper articles about his activities as the Night Man and observed the other customers discussing whether he was an Ultra or not. He then hopped in his Miata and drove up the hill where his accident had occurred, thinking about what all the accident had cost him but also thinking about how he was still alive while Ginger Robinson was now dead. When he visited the restaurant where Ginger had worked, Johnny was confronted by the woman who had watched him that afternoon: Rita Diamond (secretly the ancient sorceress Rhiannon). Claiming that she knew Johnny from his music, Diamond invited him to play saxophone at her fiancée Roger Carrington's homeless relief benefit and Johnny at first declined but, after thinking it might do him some good to play again, ultimately accepted the offer.

    That weekend, Johnny Domino played at the benefit with Joe Green on keyboards and Sally Wagner on drums. Enjoying being able to lose himself in music again, Johnny noticed Russell Peters in the audience but ignored his presence to finish his concert forty minutes later. After the show, Johnny was introduced to Roger Carrington, to whom he took an immediate dislike, and Russell Peters chatted with Johnny as well until the power went out.

(The Night Man I#4/The Night Man I#5 (fb)) - Immediately taking off his glasses to see in the dark, Johnny noticed a hooded figure snatch up a woman and he telepathically heard the figure's intent to kill. Making his way through the crowd, Johnny realized the figure saw him and, uncaring, the figure snatched up another woman before escaping into a trap door in the floor. Rushing outside, Johnny located the hidden compartment in his Miata and donned his Night Man costume. Returning to investigate, the Night Man found the room empty and used his suit's tasers to activate the trap door. Following it into an old underground path, the Night Man avoided several traps until he located the hooded figure. Learning that the figure drew adrenaline from dying people to create an elixir that prolonged life, the Night Man fought the figure, soon unmasking the figure to reveal Rita Diamond, who proclaimed herself to be the 4700-year-old Celtic priestess Rhiannon. When one of Rhiannon's captives awoke, Rhiannon remarking that the Night Man intrigued her as she escaped via a hidden door. After saving Rhiannon's captive, Johnny Domino returned home to ponder why he was so intrigued by Rhiannon's interest in him.

(The Night Man I#5) - While attempting to track down Rhiannon, the Night Man appeared at the scene of a murder and offered to help police Lt. Carleton Briggs and Sgt. Maureen Dade investigate. Despite his attempts to explain his prior encounter with Rhiannon, the Night Man was met with mistrust and a refusal to share information from Briggs, prompting him to leave to continue his own investigation. Returning home to review a tape he had recorded at the crime scene, the Night Man noticed a brochure for the Golden Gate Recreation Area. Attempting to narrow his search down even closer, the Night Man researched police reports going back 4700 years and noticed ritual murders occurring in the area every six years. Still curious about Rhiannon's interest in him, Night Man searched marriage records on Rita Diamond and decided to visit Roger Carrington in an attempt to get more information. When the hero mentioned Diamond possibly doing something wrong, Carrington flew into a crazed state and attacked, with the Night Man sensing an intent to kill. Noticing that Carrington appeared to be almost hypnotized, the Night Man recognized the effect as similar to how he felt about Rhiannon, soon deducing that Rhiannon had some sort of power over men. Stunning Carrington long enough to search his apartment, the Night Man discovered water droplets on a car outside despite there having been no rain. Upon tasting a droplet, the Night Man determined it to be ocean salt water and after learning from his father that Fort Point was most likely place to find salt water within the Golden Gate Recreation Area, he visited Fort Point.

    As the hero suspected, Rhiannon appeared at the far end of the Fort and playfully flirted with the Night Man, who admitted an unnatural attraction to her (see comments). Despite the attraction, the Night Man refused to allow Rhiannon to continue murdering and he pursued her to the roof, where Rhiannon captured him in a neat and suggested he prove his right to live. Rhiannon then revealed that the Night Man had one hour to free himself or risk death by courtyard cannon, with his survival proving to her his right to live by her side.

(The Night Man I#5/The Night Man I#13 (fb)) - Freeing himself mere seconds before the cannon went off, the Night Man grabbed Rhiannon, refusing to let her go free to continue murdering, and when Rhiannon realized that the Night Man would not falter from his moral code, she knocked him off-balance and he toppled over the edge of the roof. Hanging by a loose wire, the Night Man was offered a hand by Rhiannon, who grabbed the wire and suggested they could live together above humanity. Refusing, the Night Man instead used his taser to send an electric shock through the wire that caused Rhiannon to topple from the roof herself. The Night Man reached a hand out too late to  rescue Rhiannon and she seemingly fell to her supposed death.

(The Night Man I#5) - Saddened by the loss, the Night Man realized that he had chose to remain alone rather than with someone like Rhiannon and he returned home, where he broadcasted himself playing a blues song on saxophone over the radio.

(The Night Man I#6) - Johnny Domino worked out in an attempt to forget his attraction to Rhiannon, unaware that J.D. and Guy Hunt were training the TNTNT team to kill the Night Man. Johnny's workout was interrupted when his father Eddie visited the gym to inform him that Russell Peters had bought the last publicly-owned beach aside from Playland, prompting Johnny to decide to have a talk with Peters. Later that night, Johnny headed home, passing a duo of FCC regulators attempting to find his radio broadcast signal, and opened the hidden compartment containing his costume. When the Night Man subsequently ventured out into the city on his motorcycle, he was witnessed by TNTNT's Neuronne, who followed him to a meeting with Russell Peters at the construction site on his property. As the Night Man argued with Peters over him buying up the beach front property, the Night Man sensed evil intent and looked up to see an attacking TNTNT. Warning Peters to get to safety, the Night Man attempted to swing away but was met by gunfire from TNTNT member Tugun. The TNTNT's Torso then attacked the Night Man, pummeling the hero until he attempting to flee into the fog. Met by Neuronne, the Night Man turned to avoid her, only to slip in water projected by the TNTNT's Naiad and fall into a large pile of dirt. Hiding amongst the fog and dirt, the Night Man then went on the offensive, grabbing Neuronne. Neuronne fought back with her brain firing powers, only to have her powers reflected back upon her by the shrapnel in the Night Man's brain.

    When Torso returned for another attack, the Night Man grabbed a buzz saw from the construction site and used it to terrify the paraplegic Torso into fainting. He then went on the hunt for the remaining TNTNT members, soon tracking down Naiad by sensing her evil thoughts. When Naiad noticed the movement of water in the air due to the Night Man's presence, she fired a blast of water which the Night Man electrified using his suit's tasers to take down Naiad. Hiding back into the fog, the Night Man then tricked Tugun into firing his guns at the TNTNT's leader, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and then ventured out of the fog to goad Tyrannosaurus Rex into attacking, tricking the musclebound Ultra into punching Tugun. The Night Man then jumped onto the back of Tyrannosaurus Rex and attempted to take him down with his tasers, only to be tossed aside by his thick-skinned enemy. Refusing defeat, the Night Man then tricked Tyrannosaurus Rex into further attack, dodging each time as Tyrannosaurus Rex hit beams to the construction site, eventually bringing the entire site down on top of himself. Emerging victorious, the Night Man returned home and soon broadcasted another radio show from a new location, announcing his defeat of the TNTNT and insinuating J.D. Hunt was behind the attack.

(The Night Man I#10 (fb) - BTS) - When a youngster named Tommy Kwan was a shot and killed in a gang fight at Playland, one of the responding police officers remarked on how the death was too small for people like the Night Man or the Strangers, to which Playland security officer Eddie Domingo replied that the Night Man might surprise them.

(The Night Man I#7 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Johnny Domino was asked to play saxophone at the opening of the Francis Xavier Hotz Museum but he declined, preferring to keep his nights free.

(The Night Man I#7 (fb)) - Around midnight, the Night Man apprehended a trio of jewel thieves, unaware the fight was being witnessed by Nikolai Apocaloff. When one of the thieves escaped the Night Man, only to be downed by Apocaloff, the Night Man confronted Apocaloff and questioned him about his involvement, noting that Apocaloff seemed to draw a lot of blood as he struck the thief. Not sensing any evil intent from Apocaloff despite feeling as if the man seemed very cold, the Night Man thanked him for the assistance before he was interrupted by a nurse screaming that a woman, Mrs. Waycross, had been murdered.

(The Night Man I#7) - Hours later, Apocaloff met with J.D. Hunt and expressed interest in killing the Night Man despite Hunt's insistence that the Night Man was his to kill. The two eventually came to an agreement that Apocaloff would not seek out the Night Man but would be given the right to kill the Night  Man in self-defense if the Night Man sought him. Unaware of what had transpired between Hunt and Apocaloff, Johnny Domino was meditating when his father Eddie entered his apartment to see if Johnny would be attending the opening of the Hotz Museum. Surprised out of his meditation trance, Johnny explained that he had declined the invitation to play at the Museum to keep his nights free and his father simply muttered "ah" and departed, leaving Johnny to wonder if Eddie suspected that Johnny was the Night Man. Later visiting the Museum as the Night Man, Johnny watched from outside, figuring there was too much money in one place to not keep an eye on things. While outside, the Night Man was met by Lt. Carleton Briggs, who admitted that the Night Man seemed to be doing good work even if he felt the hero was hiding too much. The Night Man asked for Briggs to trust him if they were to take down J.D. Hunt and the two discussed earned trust until the Night Man sensed evil intent from inside the Museum. Asking Briggs to protect the bystanders, the Night Man agreed to work with Briggs and swung off to confront the evil he sensed.

    Finding a werewolf inside, surrounded by several corpses, the Night Man, unaware that the werewolf was Apocaloff, engaged the creature and during the fight, Johnny's father Eddie attempted to stop the werewolf, only to receive a slash from the wolf. Once he determined Eddie to be okay, the Night Man renewed his fight with the werewolf, now fueled by anger that the werewolf had not only involved a civilian but one that happened to be his father, and the hero eventually knocked the werewolf from a two story window. Witnessing the werewolf turn in mid-air and run off, the Night Man checked on Eddie and later that night made a radio broadcast directed at the werewolf, promising to bring the creature in dead or alive.

(The Night Man I#8 (fb)) - Having recognized the werewolf's slash marks during his battle with the creature as being similar to the ones left by Nikolai Apocaloff during his earlier encounter with the man, the Night Man returned home and copied a recording taken by his telephoto eye lens from his pocket-sized recording device to review. Playing back the recording, the Night Man confirmed the werewolf was Nikolai Apocaloff and made a hard copy screen capture from the video to use as evidence.

(The Night Man I#8) - Several city officials discussed the fight at the Museum between the Night Man and the werewolf and Lt. Briggs came to the Night Man's defense, explaining that the Night Man leaped in to attack the werewolf. Eddie Domingo also came to the Night Man's defense, claiming that the hero had proved himself several times as one of the "good guys." Unaware of the political discussion about him by the city officials or Nikolai Apocaloff's hunting of him, the Night Man ventured to the offices of Lt. Carleton Briggs, where he found Briggs in the arms of fellow officer Sgt. Maureen Dade. Apologizing for the random time of his arrival, the Night Man congratulated the two officers on their romance, provoking Briggs to angrily remind him that he was not on intimate terms with the hero. Remarking that if Briggs still didn't trust him then he would leave, the Night Man prepared to depart but Briggs stopped him, admitting that the Night Man had proved himself.

    Revealing that he had discovered who the werewolf was, the Night Man provided the hard copy photo of Nikolai Apocaloff to Briggs and Dade. Asking if the Night Man was expecting him to put out an APB on Apocaloff based on the Night Man's word, Briggs angrily reminded the hero that he was not a professional authorized to act on evidence the police had but the Night Man smiled, replying that it was also not professional for Briggs to be making out with a patrolwoman. Some time later, Lt. Briggs phoned the Night Man and at first revealed how he had failed to trace the Night Man's number to a particular address. When the Night Man revealed that his number cut in on other phone lines, Briggs grumbled and informed the hero that he had been informed that Apocaloff was taking a hike on Mt. Tam. The Night Man rushed over to Mt. Tam and began his search for Apocaloff, much to the joy of the park ranger there. As night fell, the Night Man sensed evil intent and traced it to Apocaloff in a glade surrounded by large trees. Witnessing Apocaloff's transformation into wolf form, the Night Man confronted him and the two began a fierce battle. When Apocaloff's claws proved unable to penetrate the Night Man's extra kevlar armor, Apocaloff ran off into the forest to test the Night Man's abilities before another showdown.

    Stalking the hero, Apocaloff soon pounced on the hero, forcing the Night Man to shock the werewolf by activating his tasers in the stream Apocaloff was standing in. The Night Man then fled, soon luring Apocaloff into a trap using his cape and recording device and downing the werewolf by hitting him from two sides with his tasers. When Apocaloff awoke, he found himself tied to a tree and the Night Man explained how he was able to trick the creature before walking away, remarking that he would let the park rangers take care of him. Figuring the Night Man had forgotten about his ability to return to his human form, Apocaloff transformed himself and slipped out of the ropes, only to be again confronted by the Night Man, who admitted he had not forgotten about Apocaloff's abilities and simply needed Apocaloff to change into his human form so he could be properly bound. Punching the human Apocaloff in the face, the Night Man then tied him up once more before Lt. Briggs and Sgt. Dade arrived to take Apocaloff into custody. Briggs thanked the Night Man for his assistance but remarked that he still had to treat the Night Man as an outsider unless the hero wanted to reveal his true identity. The Night Man responded by departing the scene, thinking to himself that at least progress had been made with the police, and when he arrived back at his motorcycle, the Night Man found a note on the motorcycle signed by Rhiannon.

(The Night Man I#9) - Unaware that Nikolai Apocaloff was plotting his revenge from prison and J.D. Hunt was activating the Teknight robot to take down the Night Man, the Night Man investigated Rhiannon's old underground lair for clues that she might still be alive. Forty minutes later, Johnny Domino visited his father at the Playland park in an effort to spend more time with him. After spending some time together, the two returned to Eddie Domingo's office and overheard radio reports of a robot attacking police officers. Claiming that the donut he had eating wasn't sitting well, Johnny excused himself and immediately went into action downtown as the Night Man. When the Night Man attempted to get through the police barricade to help, an officer refused to let him pass since he worked outside the law and the Night Man responded by swinging off under threat from the officers. Entering the prison, the Night Man found officers battling the robot Teknight and when Officer Scarsone announced that it was not the hero's fight, Briggs and Dade came to his defense and the Night Man was allowed to assist. After failing to short circuit Teknight with his tasers, the Night Man used his unbreakable fiber rope to pin the robot's arms open, preventing him from accessing the cell housing Nikolai Apocaloff. Before the two villains could flee, the Night Man hit Teknight with a high pressure blast of water from a water hose, knocking the robot off-balance, but Teknight responded by nearly breaking the Night Man's jaw. When the two villains exited the prison, however, they were hit by high pressure adhesives fired from an unidentified assailant on the roof and were both ultimately downed as the Night Man watched.

    Making his way to the roof, the Night Man confronted the man who assisted him and was about the unmask the man when he unmasked himself as Eddie Domingo. Revealing that he had known his son Johnny Domingo was the Night Man since his first appearance on television, Eddie explained how he had followed Johnny when he left, wishing to assist him against Teknight. When Eddie suggested that he could teach the Night Man more, the Night Man refused, claiming the work was too dangerous for someone Eddie's age and that Eddie provided enough support by just being a reminder that Johnny wasn't alone in his war on crime. Eddie reluctantly agreed not to getting physically involved in the Night Man's cases and followed up by asking what was up with the Night Man's "weird eyes."

(The Night Man I#10/The Night Man I#21 (fb)) - With his father Eddie now knowing his identity, the Night Man accompanied him back to Playland, one week following the death of Tommy, where Eddie suggested the Night Man make Playland his official base of operations. Familiar with the hidden tunnels that serviced the park attractions, the Night Man thought the suggestion was a great idea and the two discussed it until the Night Man noticed what appeared to be a police chalk outline standing up and looking through a nearby window. Immediately putting his mask back on, the Night Man informed Eddie that someone appeared to be outside but Eddie assured the Night Man that the park's security systems would have picked up movement. Admitting that he also did not sense any evil intent, the Night Man went back to the conversation with Eddie, who asked that the hero inform him of everything he knew about Ultras, unaware that the seemingly living chalk outline had fled into the nearby woods.

    Later, the Night Man and Eddie Domingo began moving the Night Man's base to Playland's cave-like Tunnel of Horror attraction and Johnny was excited at how well the hidden tunnels within the Tunnel of Horror attraction would suit his needs as the Night Man. When Johnny spotted the chalk outline again inside the tunnels, he put his mask back on and attacked the chalk outline. Noticing that the outline itself emitted a strange energy, the Night Man attempted to match it with his tasers but was knocked down and the outline fled into a drain pipe. As Eddie came to the Night Man's aid, he revealed to the Night Man that the chalk outline resembled the outline of the corpse of Tommy Kwan, who had been killed in the park one week earlier. After checking police records on Tommy Kwan in Eddie's office, the Night Man visited Gale Yee, the former girlfriend of Tommy Kwan. Not long after Yee identified Ken Wing as Tommy's murderer, the Night Man heard the evil intent of someone intending to kill Yee and he doubled back to ensure Yee's safety. Busting through Yee's window to find her being confronted by the Silver Daggers gang, the Night Man battled the gang and soon found himself teaming up with Tommy's chalk outline to rescue Yee. Once Gale Yee was safe, the chalk outline dissipated and the Night Man returned to Playland, soon summoning Ken Wing. When Ken arrived, the Night Man claimed Tommy Kwan had been a friend of his and that they shared a bond before saying goodbye to Ken. Confused as the Night Man silently stepped back, Ken was soon confronted by Tommy's chalk outline and the Night Man watched as the chalk outline killed Ken to avenge Tommy's murder. That night, the Night Man broadcasted over his radio signal, wondering if he had done the right thing.

(The Night Man I#12 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, J.D. Hunt put out a sizable reward for the capture of the Night Man.

(Firearm I#15 (fb) - BTS) - Firearm caught one of the Night Man's radio broadcasts as he was leaving San Francisco.

(The Night Man I#11) - The Night Man broke into J.D. Hunt's NuWare offices in an effort to learn more about the Ultras Hunt employed and he discovered several robotic suits of armor. Keeping himself hidden, the Night Man witnessed designers Art, Gwendy and Lance working on what they called Teknight II. Curious about Teknight II and its use of nanotech and human pilots, the Night Man waited until the designers left to get a closer look at the armor but he was soon met by the TNTNT's Tyrannosaurus Rex. As the Night Man battled Tyrannosaurus Rex, Teknight II secretly activated with the consciousness of the long-deceased Visigoth King Theodoric. Unaware of Theodoric's consciousness inside Teknight II, Lance soon donned the Teknight II armor and used it against the Night Man, who ultimately fled into the air ducts to escape.

(The Night Man I#12) - Returning to NuWare the following night, the Night Man witnessed a NuWare truck leave and sensed evil intent from the man wearing the Teknight II armor inside the truck. Leaping onto the back of the truck, the Night Man secretly accompanied the truck to San Jose Airport, where he witnessed NuWare agents moving a strapped down Teknight II onto a plane. Silently entering the plane, the Night Man checked the newly-added boot packs on his costume, laying out all of the gadgets he had stored inside, until the NuWare agents entered the plane and it took off, bound for New York's Ultratech headquarters. When the plane experienced turbulance, the Night Man was knocked around and the NuWare agents investigated the noise, locating the Night Man. The hero attacked the NuWare agents and, aware of J.D. Hunt's reward for the apprehension of the Night Man, the NuWare agents fought back, prompting the Night Man to toss a glue pellet towards them. Failing to hit anyone with the pellet due to the rocking plane, the Night Man instead opted to fight the agents with his fists and when the agents opened the cargo bay with the intent to hurl the Night Man out of the plane, the hero instead hurled two of the agents out.

    When the plane landed at Newark Airport, the Night Man secretly departed and hopped onto a train into the city. Leaping off at Grand Central Station, the Night Man jumped through the Station and made his way to the Ultratech Headquarters in Manhattan. Realizing he couldn't just go in without being seen by commuters, the Night Man instead ventured into the sewers in an effort to get inside the building by going underground, only to come face-to-face with the muck creature Sludge.

(The Night Man I#12/The Night Man I#23 (fb)) - Mistaking Sludge for an Ultratech sentinel, the Night Man hurled a smoke bomb at the creature but proved surprised when Sludge expressed no intentions of preventing the hero from entering Ultratech Headquarters.

(The Night Man I#12) - Leaving Sludge to his sleep, the curious Night Man continued on his way but soon hid when he overheard the Solution group also entering the building. Watching the group from a distance, the Night Man wondered who they were and how many ultras were involved in the Ultratech plot.

(The Solution I#13) - The Night Man continued to watch the Solution group as one of its members, Outrage, sensed that the group was not alone in the sewers. Upon seeing the Solution's Shadowmage use magic to seemingly remove the door into Ultratech Headquarters, the Night Man weighed his options and decided to follow them through the doorway. Emerging right in front of the Solution, revealing his presence, the Night Man tossed a smoke bomb and attempted to escape into the shadows behind one of the boilers but the Solution's Drop Kick easily saw through the smoke with his infrared vision.

(The Solution I#13/Giant Size Prototype#1 (fb)) - While the Night Man battled Drop Kick, the armored Ranger arrived to apprehend the Solution for trespassing on Ultratech property. Quickly realizing that Drop Kick was way more trained in martial arts than he was, the Night Man surrendered and suggested they talk it out first.

(The Solution I#13/Solitaire I#10) - Drop Kick agreed and the Night Man explained that he had tracked Teknight II there. The two then regrouped with the rest of the Solution, who had taken down Ranger and convinced him to talk as well. They soon all agreed to meet with Ultratech's head Gordon Bell to sort the entire situation out.

(The Solution I#13) - As they boarded a freight elevator to Bell's office, the Night Man warned that J.D. Hunt was likely setting the Solution up for something. He then revealed more about Teknight II to the other heroes and the Solution's leader Tech suggested they would figure the entire situation out. When the heroes arrived at Bell's office, the robotic Gordon Bell attacked them all, forcing the Solution to duck for cover while the Night Man jumped up into the air duct system.

(Giant Size Prototype#1/Solitaire I#10) - As tensions calmed between Bell and the heroes, the Night Man emerged and was present in Bell's office when a fight between the armored Prototype and Teknight II boiled over into Bell's office.

(Giant Size Prototype#1) - When J.D. Hunt appeared on television talking about the Ultratech buyout, Gordon Bell was devastated at the news and the Night Man angrily announced they had, in effect, helped Hunt buyout Ultratech by unknowingly diverting Bell's attention and making the company look bad so Hunt could take over the company at a cheaper price. Refusing to allow Hunt to take his company, Bell knocked all of the heroes aside and flew up into the sky.

(Prototype I#13) - The Night Man was present alongside Teknight II and the Solution group as J.D. Hunt attempted to complete his hostile takeover of the Ultratech company.

(Giant Size Prototype#1) - When Gordon Bell began attacking and destroying Ultratech Headquarters in an effort to prevent Hunt from taking it, the Night Man and the other heroes ran from the skyscraper as an incensed Hunt demanded to know what Bell was doing. Shadowmage quickly got a protective shield spell around the Night Man, Hunt, Bell's secretary Felicia Campbell and the assembled heroes as Ultratech Headquarters collapsed.

(Prototype I#14 (fb)) - The Night Man, the Solution, Prototype, Ranger and Felicia Campbell watched as Gordon Bell rampaged.

(Solitaire I#10) - As Gordon Bell continued his destruction of Ultratech Headquarters, the Night Man and the Solution escaped back into the sewers beneath Ultratech Headquarters.

(Advance Comics I#69 - BTS) - Information and images of the Night Man were featured on trading cards in the "Ultraverse II: Origins" trading card set printed by Skybox. An article about the trading cards and the ultras was written by Dusty Grant and featured (including the Night Man) was featured in the magazine UltraWatch.

(The Night Man I#13) - Still in New York, Johnny Domino saw Rhiannon in a night club and ran after her, recalling the events of their last encounter and Rhiannon's seeming death. Losing her in the crowd, Johnny grabbed a newspaper from a nearby vendor and read the headline about someone cutting out people's hearts. Immediately recognizing the work of Rhiannon, Johnny donned his Night Man gear and visited the Center Street NYPD precinct to inform them that he knew who was heart-ripping murderer was. Insisting he was the heroic Night Man, Johnny suggested the police phone Lt. Briggs in San Francisco to verify his story but the police Commissioner Tartan laughed at the idea of working with the Night Man following his involvement in the disaster around Ultratech Headquarters. Despite the Night Man's protests, the commissioner refused to work with ultras so the Night Man departed the precinct, soon finding a police squad car and using its computer systems to locate an address for Rhiannon (using her alias of Rita Diamond) in New York.

    Visiting the address, the Night Man was spotted by Rhiannon, who welcomed the Night Man into her home. Providing champagne, Rhiannon recounted how she had survived her seeming death by riding the waves to a rock but the Night Man interrupted her to ask about the cutting out of people's hearts. When Rhiannon explained that she needed the hearts for the elixir to keep herself alive, the Night Man exclaimed that there would be no more murders and Rhiannon responded by activated metal restraints on the Night Man's chair, trapping him. She then invited the Night Man to join her but he refused and Rhiannon revealed that the restraints would release in an hour, by which point she would be gone to acquire another heart, unaware that the Night Man had noticed a jewelry box with the name Henry Russell on it.

    Having escaped Rhiannon's trap, the Night Man spent the next day stalking the jewelry store owned by Henry Russell and later resumed his search for Rhiannon until he was confronted by Commissioner Tartan, who informed the Night Man that another hero, Firearm, had also arrived in New York and that Tartan wished to talk with both heroes. Admitting that he had never met Firearm and that Tartan had missed his chance to work together, the Night Man commented that he had other work to attend to and jumped off a four story roof, disappearing into the night by hitching a ride on a passing truck. Thirty minutes later, the Night Man jumped from the truck downtown and made his way to the home of Henry Russell, who immediately recognized the Night Man from television. Explaining the situation with Rhiannon and the jewelry box with his name on it, the Night Man asked Russell to show him all possible entrances to his home so that he could make sure they were secure. Russell did as instructed and the Night Man prowled the house checking every possible entrance until he came to the living room, where he found a letter to Henry Russell from Rita Diamond. Quickly rushing upstairs to check on Russell, the Night Man found him dead with Rhiannon holding his severed heart.

    Pursuing the escaping Rhiannon into the Russell family graveyard in the back yard of Russell's estate, the Night Man's infrared lens picked up heat emanating from behind one of the gravestones but when he investigated, he found only a cat. Rhiannon then revealed herself and gloated about she somehow knew he would find her at the Russell estate before lowering into a trap door behind the gravestone. Tying rope to the stone, the Night Man followed her into the hole and found a subway tunnel, quickly realizing Rhiannon had escaped on a subway train.

(Firearm I#15 (fb)) - While in San Francisco, Firearm was consumed with thoughts about the serial killer Rafferty and wondered if the local San Francisco hero Night Man would help him against Rafferty if he were able to find the hero. Having tracked Firearm from New York, the Night Man appeared as if on cue before Firearm and demanded answers as to why Firearm came all the way from New York to San Francisco just to find him. Having heard of a serial killer murdering ultras, the Night Man asked if Firearm's agenda was to find the killer, whom Firearm revealed was named Rafferty. When Firearm admitted he had originally been hired to find Rafferty but now wished to kill him after Rafferty got Firearm indirectly involved in his activities, the Night Man asked how Firearm seemed to know so much about Rafferty when no one else did. He followed up by informing Firearm that he had been confronted by the police in New York in regards to Firearm's activities.

    After revealing that most of the information he had on Rafferty's activities were due to phone calls from a gloating Rafferty himself, Firearm invited the Night Man to join his crusade against the serial killer, warning that Rafferty could easily go after the Night Man as well, and the Night Man assured Firearm that if Rafferty brought his murders to San Francisco, he would be all over the case. Night Man then asked what had brought Firearm back to San Francisco in the first place and Firearm revealed that Rafferty had phoned Firearm to say he would be killing a member of a San Francisco ultra team. The Night Man admitted his suspicions of which team Rafferty planned to go after but refused to help, as he had no proof that Firearm wasn't working with Rafferty. When Firearm angrily claimed he could've killed the Night Man at any time, the Night Man promised to warn the team about Rafferty without revealing their location in order to keep a promise to the team. He then departed, promising that he would find Firearm and report back once he warned the young heroic ultra team.

(The Night Man I#14) - Shortly after returning to San Francisco from New York, the Night Man battled and defeated Neuronne by tying her up. He then escorted her to the police, threatening to knock her out if she attempted to use her powers. When the Night Man phoned Lt. Briggs to turn in Neuronne, Briggs informed the Night Man that the vigilante Firearm was looking to warn the Night Man of danger. Before the Night Man could fully take in what Briggs was warning about, he sensed evil intent and seconds later, the serial killer Rafferty attacked him. Awaking surrounded by Rafferty's agents, the Night Man was informed that Firearm had been contacted and Rafferty, who revealed his intentions to kill every single ultra, expressed curiosity if the Night Man could survive his agents for the ten minutes it would take for Firearm to arrive. Despite the injuries earlier suffered at Rafferty's hands, the Night Man held his own (even beheading one of Rafferty's agents) for seven straight minutes before collapsing due to blood loss. Before the Night Man could be finished off, however, Firearm and Freex member Old Man arrived and took out the remaining agents. With his second wind, the Night Man finished off the final agent of Rafferty by hurling his knuckled knife into the fleeing agent. The Night Man then warned that Rafferty was still hiding somewhere and when the trio turned on the lights, they discovered that Rafferty was communicating through a remote control tape recorder.

    Regrouping with the rest of the Freex outside, the Night Man sensed a sniper on a nearby rooftop and pushed Neuronne out of the line of fire just as her teammate Torso arrived to save her, taking the gunshot himself. Freex member Cayman then presented the group with his teammate Plug, who had also been hit by the sniper, and the Night Man remarked on how there must be chaos throughout the city that night.

(The Night Man I#14/Firearm I#15/Firearm I#16) - As the Night Man and the others watched, Firearm then received a phone call from Rafferty, daring Firearm to guess where he was at and what he'd just done. After a moment or two, Rafferty gloated that he had killed "the big one" in Los Angeles.

(Firearm I#15) - Disturbed to hear that Rafferty had killed "the big one," Prime, Firearm told the Freex to leave and bury Plug somewhere safe while he went after Rafferty himself. The Night Man offered his assistance and when Firearm commented that he would call, the Night Man replied that he would be there to help, call or not.

(Ultraverse II: Origins trading card#63: The Night Man - BTS) - At some point, the Night Man was assessed by the enigmatic Aladdin organization. In Aladdin's file, it was noted that the Night Man had not yet caused conflict with the organization's goals, which had not made him a priority for Aladdin to concentrate on. It was also noted that the Night Man did have enmity with J.D. Hunt, whose NuWare company was an Aladdin affiliate. The information and a photo of the Night Man was placed in the Aladdin assessment file with a note mentioning that the Night Man had a strange way of involving himself in life-threatening situations almost as soon as they appear.

(Ultraverse Master Series trading card#35: Mangle - BTS) - In prison following his recovery from wounds suffered during his attempt to kill Guy Hunt, Mangle plotted to have his revenge on everyone whom he felt wronged him, including the Night Man.

(Ultraverse Master Series trading card#65: The Night Man - BTS) - Over time, the Night Man learned that being a hero was one of the hardest things in the world, especially given his ultra powers. He also learned that the world could be a better place.

(Ultraverse Master Series trading card#71: Tugun - BTS) - Over time, TNTNT member Tugun developed an intense hatred for those who had defeated him, including both the Night Man and the Strangers.

(Freex I#16) - The Night Man attended the funeral of Plug alongside Plug's Freex teammates and their allies.

(The Night Man: The Pilgrim Conundrum Saga#1) - Still determined to learn the mystery of Teknight II, the Night Man came upon a battle between Teknight II and the heroic Strangers, interrupting it as he announced himself on Teknight II's side. When the Strangers attacked him, thinking he was in league with the supposed "villain" Teknight II, the Night Man quickly stopped fighting and commented on how tired he was of fighting ultras. Asking why the Strangers were after Teknight II, the Night Man learned that they had found a piece of Teknight armor dropped by their enemy, Pilgrim, and that the Stranger Electrocute had seen Teknight II enter a building and Pilgrim emerge afterwards. After Teknight II explained his origins as an ancient king reincarnated within the Teknight armor and how Pilgrim had earlier revealed his plan to him in an attempt to get Teknight II to join his cause, the Strangers' Atom Bob questioned why Pilgrim would reveal his plans and the Night Man deduced that Pilgrim likely wanted the Strangers to learn his plan from Teknight II. Learning that Pilgrim's plan involved seven bombs set to go off in seven hours, each intended for one of the seven Strangers, the Night Man decided to help the Strangers against Pilgrim, as Pilgrim had not accounted for his involvement. Atom Bob thanked the Night Man for his assistance but commented that since it was a Strangers case, he would have to operate under their supervision. The Night Man agreed and suggested the Strangers each go after one of Pilgrim's bombs while he provided mobile backup until the Strangers radioed him upon finding a lead on Pilgrim. Quietly asking Teknight II step in to aid the Strangers if he could not, the Night Man suggested they all get to work before departing on his motorcycle.

    Thinking of the loose ends to the Pilgrim's plot as he rode off, the Night Man soon sensed evil intent nearby and summoned the Strangers' Lady Killer, who was searching for a bomb in the nearby area. Leading Lady Killer to where he sensed the evil, the Night Man knocked Lady Killer aside just in time to avoid an attack from one of the Pilgrim's agents, Brazen. Learning from Lady Killer that Brazen only had powers at night while her partner Gangsta had powers by day, the Night Man suspected Gangsta was hiding somewhere in the fog with the bomb Lady Killer was seeking. Reaching out with his powers, the Night Man soon found Gangsta hiding out on the path leading to a nearby cliff and he attacked the villain.

(The Night Man: The Pilgrim Conundrum Saga#1/The Strangers: The Pilgrim Conundrum Saga#1 (fb)) - After defeating Brazen, Lady Killer joined in the Night Man's fight against Gangsta, ultimately dangling Gangsta over the cliff until he revealed the bomb's location, and the Night Man defused the bomb.

(The Night Man: The Pilgrim Conundrum Saga#1) - Moments later, the Night Man received a communication from the Strangers' Zip-Zap from J.D. Hunt's Pyramid headquarters and the hero rushed off to assist the young Stranger. Zip-Zap informed the Night Man that the Pilgrim's agent Zara was atop the Pyramid and despite Zip-Zap's complaints that the Strangers didn't need help, the Night Man accompanied Zip-Zap in climbing the side of the Pyramid, saving Zip-Zap after the young speedster hit Zara's mystic field. While Zip-Zap subsequently dealt with Zara, the Night Man located Zara's bomb and disarmed it. Zip-Zap then received a communication from his teammate Atom Bob, who informed the two heroes that the Pilgrim's agent, Generator X, was at Candlestick Park. Arriving there twenty minutes later, the Night Man learned of Generator X's abilities to generate various things from Atom Bob before Generator X appeared and caused fear amongst the heroes. Atom Bob led Generator X back into Candlestick Park, buying the Night Man enough time to recover and fight through Generator X's powers enough for the two heroes to take Generator X down.

    Leaving Atom Bob and Zip-Zap to take care of the bomb near Candlestick Park, the Night Man departed, acting on a hunch on where the next bomb would be, and met up with the Strangers' Spectral as he was battling the Pilgrim's ally, Lightshow. Failing to land a hit on the intangible Lightshow, the Night Man witnessed Spectral change his color to red and fly into a savage rage to defeat Lightshow. Realizing Spectral had lost control, the Night Man used his tasers to knock Spectral out but the strain knocked him out as well, preventing either hero from disarming the bomb near Spectral. Having received word that the Night Man had suspected a bomb location, the Stranger known as Yrial deduced that the bombs were located in such a way to form a square and the center of the square would be at Twin Peaks, where she was attacked by another Pilgrim agent, Powerhouse. With the Night Man unconscious, Teknight II came to Yrial's aid and together they defeated Powerhouse. During the battle, the Night Man regained consciousness, dismantled the fourth bomb and informed the Strangers of the pattern in the bomb locations he had discovered. Shortly after Powerhouse's defeat, the Night Man and the other Strangers arrived on the scene.

(The Night Man: The Pilgrim Conundrum Saga#1/The Strangers I#19 (fb)) - Explaining the pattern that he and Yrial had both discovered on their own, the Night Man dismantled the fifth bomb.

(The Night Man: The Pilgrim Conundrum Saga#1) - Atom Bob commented that the pattern to the bombs was obvious when he thought about it, further remarking that they still didn't know where the final two bombs were, why Pilgrim was attempting to blow up San Francisco and who the criminal really was. Silently watching, the Night Man gave a small grin as he thought to himself how he might have deduced Pilgrim's identity.

(The Strangers: The Pilgrim Conundrum Saga#1) - The Night Man was present as Atom Bob expressed suspicions that one of the final two bombs must be at the Strangers' headquarters due to Pilgrim's hatred of the team. The heroes then departed towards the Strangers' headquarters, with the Stranger Grenade jokingly offering to race the Night Man there. Unaware that Teknight II and Electrocute found and shorted out Pilgrim's sixth bomb, the Night Man arrived at the Strangers' headquarters at the same time as Grenade to find Zip-Zap, Yrial and Spectral battling a bomb-holding Pilgrim and his ally Byter, the Night Man joined the Strangers in pursuing Pilgrim into their headquarters. Inside, the Night Man and Lady Killer overheard a blast from Grenade and regrouped with him against an escaped Zara, who seemingly teleported away with Pilgrim. Realizing they still had Pilgrim's final bomb to deal with, the Night Man reminded everyone that Pilgrim was first seen outside the headquarters and the heroes rushed back outside, where Zip-Zap pointed them to the bomb's location and the Night Man disarmed it.

    With all seven bombs disarmed, Lady Killer remarked that while they had saved the city, they still had no idea who Pilgrim was, at which point the Night Man replied that he knew Pilgrim's identity. After explaining the clues that had led him to his deduction, the Night Man accused Atom Bob of being Pilgrim, using his abilities to disguise others as Pilgrim whenever the two identities needed to be in the same place at the same time. At first denying the accusation, Atom Bob ultimately snapped and boasted that he was indeed Pilgrim. Attacking their teammate, the Strangers pursued Pilgrim into another room and turned himself into part of the wall, only to have the Night Man confirm his presence by the headaches he suffered from due to Pilgrim attempting to block Night Man's evil sense. Pilgrim then attacked the heroes but they each took their own shots at their former teammate, forcing Pilgrim to down the Strangers and flee into Coit Park. Saved from the blast by the shrapnel in his brain, the Night Man pursued and detected evil intent from a tree, which he attacked, forcing Pilgrim back into his normal form. Pilgrim followed up by knocking out the Night Man and the Strangers ultimately defeated their former teammate. Awaking in Coit Park just before dawn, the Night Man figured Pilgrim had been defeated since he had not heard bomb blasts and he departed the scene.

(The Night Man I#15) - Following his fight alongside the Strangers, the Night Man visited his sleeping father Eddie, feeling glad to have someone that he knew he could really trust no matter what. Surprising his father awake, the Night Man expressed his feelings to Eddie as he looked at a photo of his parents and suggested they do something together since it was Christmastime. Agreeing to the idea of getting dinner and seeing a show, Eddie told the Night Man to take off his mask if he planned to stay around. Later that night, Johnny Domino accompanied his father to the San Francisco Opera House to see a showing of the opera Rigoletto. As the show ended, Johnny and Eddie noticed a hunchbacked man get up and leave the show as he muttered to himself and when they left the Opera House, a bomb went off across the street at City Hall but Johnny opted not to change into his Night Man gear, commenting to his father that there was nothing for the Night Man there.

    One week later, the hunchbacked man led a robbery at a jewelry store dressed as Rigoletto, quickly drawing the Night Man's attention. During the confrontation with the Night Man, Rigoletto admitted to being at the Opera House and bombing City Hall and claimed that the Night Man represented the hands of the city that murdered his daughter. Rigoletto ultimately downed the Night Man and escaped and the Night Man returned to his Playland headquarters to look over police records, hoping to find a clue to the identity of Rigoletto's murdered daughter. Night Man eventually came across a police record for Ginger Robinson, the woman the Night Man failed to save during his first outing as a superhero. More determined than ever to stop Rigoletto, the Night Man began going undercover at all major city functions to catch Rigoletto. When Rigoletto attacked the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, the Night Man revealed himself and confronted Rigoletto about Ginger. Admitting that everything he did as the Night Man was inspired by his failure to save Ginger and that he strove to never let something like Ginger's death happen again, the Night Man battled Rigoletto's goons until Rigoletto began to come to his senses. When Rigoletto prepared to disarm his bomb, his agents turned on him and hit the failsafe switch, preventing the bomb's disarming. The Night Man quickly busted down the door and rushed everyone to safety moments before the bomb went off, killing Supervisor Raul Gonzales. The Night Man then watched as Supervisor Annetta Arlington said a few words about Gonzales' death and when she asked about the Night Man, he replied that he only wished to know if Rigoletto had survived.

    Later, on Christmas Day, Johnny Domino visited with his father and expressed hope that Rigoletto had survived. As they turned on the radio, they both heard a news report that the Board of Supervisors had voted to reopen Alcatraz as a prison for ultravillains and also to sell Playland to Russell Peters. Johnny looked over at Eddie as the radio continued, informing them that the votes were led by Annetta Arlington and passed due to the loss of Gonzales' vote.

(The Night Man I#16 (fb)) - The Night Man arrived on the scene to confront a man who had killed police officer Thomas Gross. When the Night Man ordered the man to put down the gun and exit his vehicle, the drug-addled man instead attacked the Night Man, nearly choking him to death, until the hero downed the man with his tasers.

(The Night Man I#16) - Johnny arrived at the hospital to visit his dying grandfather and ran into his father Eddie as Eddie was leaving the hospital room. Eddie informed Johnny that his grandfather was doing as well as could be expected and grumbled that his grandfather still wanted a cigarette despite his condition. Unsure if his grandfather would like to see him after losing touch over the years, Johnny nonetheless went inside and his grandfather asked Johnny to watch the Street Beat television news program with him. Following a news story about the Night Man's encounter with the man that had killed Thomas Gross, Johnny's grandfather berated Johnny for hiding his true last name of Domingo from the public. Despite Johnny's attempts to explain that using the last name of "Domino" was good business, Johnny's grandfather grew more and more agitated until he suddenly had a seizure and passed out. Immediately summoning a nurse, Johnny waited outside in the waiting room, thinking about how he had lost touch with his grandfather, until Dr. Oliver came out to inform Johnny that his grandfather had been stabilized. When Johnny blamed himself for upsetting his grandfather, Dr. Oliver assured Johnny that such seizures were to be expected from such an ill man. Oliver then suggested Johnny go home, promising to notify Johnny's father if his grandfather's condition worsened.

    Unable to sleep overnight, Johnny met with his father the next day and was invited to accompany his father to the hospital that afternoon but he declined, feeling as if his grandfather didn't wish to see him. That night, the Night Man was patrolling the city, thinking about his grandfather, when he heard gunfire. Investigating, the Night Man found a neighborhood riddled with gang violence and he soon called away from the thugs when he heard a woman's scream. Finding a woman holding her bleeding son, the Night Man checked the boy's pulse and found him to still be alive. Quickly getting the boy to an ambulance and summoning emergency crews to check out the area for other injuries, the Night Man was informed by police that there wasn't much chance of catching the thugs. Apologizing for not being able to provide more information, the Night Man excused himself to check on the injured boy and was told the boy would survive. The boy's mother thanked the Night Man for saving her son's life and departed in the ambulance, leaving the hero to think more about his own family.

    Deciding to visit the hospital, the Night Man entered the room of his grandfather, who felt honored that the hero would want to visit him after all of the great things he had done. Remarking that a wise old man had once taught him that a person should be judged by deeds and not their race, religion, skin color or name, the Night Man removed his mask and revealed his identity to his grandfather. Realizing all of the good his grandson had done despite his last name, Johnny's grandfather apologized for how he had treated Johnny and Johnny admitted that he just wanted his grandfather to know the truth and that Johnny loved him. Johnny's grandfather then expressed his own love and pride for Johnny before quietly passing away holding the hand of a tearful Johnny. Still holding his grandfather's hand, the Night Man took solace in the fact that he made things right with his grandfather and repaired a relationship he never should have lost.

(The Night Man I#17) - Spotting a winged villainess robbing a penthouse, the Night Man attacked her. Introducing herself as Bloodfly, the criminal kicked the Night Man in the back of the head and flew off. Reaching for Bloodfly, the hero lost his balance and fell from the rooftop, roping a flagpole on the way down and pulling his arm as he saved himself. Returning to his Playland headquarters, Johnny nursed his overextended muscle with the help of his father Eddie and the two discussed the city's agreement to sell Playland to Russell Peters. Promising Eddie he would make sure Playland wasn't sold, Johnny departed and visited Russell Peters' office in the San Francisco financial district in an attempt to convince Peters to cancel his acquisition of the park. While arguing that he had come to appreciate San Francisco more since his cable car accident, Johnny touched Peters' briefcase and immediately sensed evil intent to bribe someone. Thinking he had perhaps found the secret to Peters' downfall, Johnny ended his conversation and departed. Later that night, the Night Man confronted Lt. Briggs in his office's parking lot and expressed his belief that Peters was paying bribes to secure his acquisition of Playland. Briggs suggested the Night Man secretly find proof before he opened a file on Peters and ten minutes later, the Night Man relieved his father from watch duty at Peters' office.

    Two hours later, the Night Man witnessed Russell Peters leaving the office and trailed him to a meeting with the person he was bribing, only to be interrupted when he sensed evil intent from the nearby Bloodfly. Annoyed that he had to miss catching Peters in the act of bribery, the Night Man reluctantly ran out to attack Bloodfly before she hurt someone. When his tasers proved ineffective against Bloodfly, the Night Man used his ultrasonic screamer device to ward off the villainess. She tossed the Night Man aside and attempted to flee into the air but the Night Man sprung himself into the air using a flagpole and wrapped his rope around Bloodfly, causing them both to fall. Using the hard-skinned Bloodfly to cushion his fall, the Night Man then tied her up and ran off to continue his investigation of Peters, only to find the area empty. Replaying the video footage he had recorded before being interrupted by Bloodfly, the Night Man enhanced the footage using his infrared lens and discovered the identity of the person Peters was bribing: Supervisor Arnetta Arlington.

    Driving to Arlington's home, the Night Man ran into Arlington's driving field and was nearly hit by Arnetta Arlington's car (see comments) as it crashed. While Arlington was stuck in her carseat by the airbag, the Night Man absconded with Peters' briefcase of bribery money. Later, the Night Man broadcasted over the radio about he had stopped two people from acquiring illegally what they could not legally get and warned them against trying again. Concluding the broadcast, the Night Man turned on the police band radio to learn that Bloodfly had escaped custody and he nearly laughed before grabbing his pulled shoulder in pain.

(Firearm I#18) - When Firearm apprehended Rafferty and communicated with police to send over any ultras to aid in taking care of Rafferty's reinforcements, the Night Man, Lady Killer, Anything and the heroic Prime were nearby and the Night Man commented to the police officer that Firearm could consider the heroes on their way.

(The Night Man I#18) - Unaware that the Night Man was trailing her, Arnetta Arlington met with Russell Peters in a San Jose Arena bathroom and confirmed with Peters that the Night Man had stolen the bribe money Peters had given her. When Arlington demanded double her usual bribe, Peters reminded Arlington that the thief caused her to crash and get caught in the airbag, preventing her from truly confirming if it was the Night Man or not. After Arlington thought she heard something and became anxious, Peters reluctantly agreed to pay her a second time for faster results and suggested they meet out in the waters near Playland to avoid further intrusion from the Night Man. As soon the two parted ways, the Night Man emerged from the bathroom trash can (eeeewww), having gotten the entire conversation between Peters and Arlington on his recording device. Forty-five minutes later, the Night Man was riding his motorcycle through town, thinking about how he'd like to catch Peters and Arlington red-handed, when he was nearly knocked off his motorcycle by Bloodfly. The two briefly fought until Bloodfly broke away and the Night Man returned to his Playland headquarters to think about his plans to prevent Peters from destroying the park. Thinking about how everything he needed was there in the park, the Night Man looked over photos of his past enemies to remind himself of the reasons he could not stop the work he did as the Night Man.

    Later that afternoon, Johnny Domino purchased a wetsuit and noticed Gale Yee in the store. Realizing she had only met him as the Night Man, Johnny attempted to introduce himself but she immediately (and gruffly) said she was not interested in him. Around 11 o'clock that night, the Night Man donned his wetsuit and scuba gear and hid out beneath Russell Peters' yacht as "Peters" (secretly the Night Man's old enemy Deathmask) boarded the boat to sail out to his meeting with Arnetta Arlington. Holding onto the boat using his gear, the Night Man tailed "Peters" as he arrived at his meeting and secretly boarded the yacht to record video and audio of "Peters"' meeting with Arlington using his telescopic lens and recording device. Unfortunately, Arlington heard the hero and shined her flashlight at him, catching him off-guard and temporarily blinding him. Arlington quickly departed the scene, leaving "Peters" to fire at the Night Man, who easily kicked "Peters" in the face. When "Peters" then attempted to smash the Night Man with a fire extinguisher, the Night Man used the extinguisher to pin "Peters" from getting to his gun and gave "Peters" two options: give Playland back to the city and remain a public benefactor or continue to fight and go to jail. Admitting that it wasn't usually Peters' style to back down, Deathmask pulled Peters' skin from his face and revealed that he had murdered Russell Peters earlier that night so that he could have his revenge on the Night Man.

(The Night Man I#19) - As the Night Man and Deathmask fought furiously aboard Russell Peters' yacht, the Night Man announced that he had become the Night Man for the purpose of stopping Deathmask and Deathmask replied by proclaiming he had survived death so that he could take the Night Man's face as his own. Revealing that, after he had survived his first encounter with the Night Man, he had killed several and assumed their identities, always keeping tabs on the Night Man's activities, Deathmask gloated about how he had killed Peters that morning for the purposes of finally confronting the Night Man personally. Claiming he had added to his arsenal since their first meeting, the Night Man hit Deathmask in the face with his tasers but Deathmask felt no pain from the attack. The Night Man then followed up with his ultrasonic screamer, causing Deathmask pain, but Deathmask took advantage of the Night Man's close proximity to stab him through the knee. As a storm rocked the yacht back towards the shore, the injured Night Man pulled his gun on Deathmask but the boat rocked the hero overboard. Deathmask frantically sped away and the Night Man attempted to get Arnetta Arlington, who was still trying to flee both the Night Man and the storm, to pick him up but Arlington left the Night Man behind, forcing the hero to swim to the shore.

    Deathmask soon crashed the yacht into the Playland shore and the injured Night Man arrived on the shore shortly after. As Deathmask fled onto the park ferris wheel, the Night Man found his father Eddie and ordered him to work on putting out the fire caused by the crashed yacht. Despite Eddie's fears that the Night Man was too injured to continue on, the Night Man pursued Deathmask on the ferris wheel and the two fought a pitched battle on the ride that resulted in Deathmask grabbing a ladder dropped for the Night Man by the park helicopter. Unfortunately, the helicopter's engine shorted out due to the fire and it crashed, swinging Deathmask off into the waters where a shark was swimming. Departing the ferris wheel, the Night Man reunited with Eddie Domingo and when the local news arrived, the Night Man gave a statement requesting that the city donate Playland to the local children. Having made it back to the shore, Arnetta Arlington appeared and announced her plans to fight for the Night Man's request at the next supervisors meeting. Knowing Arlington only agreed to help because he had evidence she took bribes, the Night Man welcomed a new ally as Arlington further commented that she would make an official proclamation that the Night Man was a civic treasure. As the Night Man was praised by the populace, Gale Yee watched and thought to herself how no one would believe her about how much harm ultras cause.

(The Night Man I#20) -  Bloodfly grabbed the Night Man and dropped him from the air into the river. As he emerged on the shore, Bloodfly greeted him and gloated about her plan to make his life as miserable as possible before ultimately killing him. She then flew off and the Night Man returned to Playland, happy that Arnetta Arlington had pushed through the bill making Playland a civic treasure, where he began searching the internet for clues about Bloodfly. Hours later, Eddie Domingo visited his son and the Night Man informed Eddie of the research he had found into lepidopterists with connections to cloning. Following a quick snack, Johnny Domino decided to venture out to check on the research he had found and as he was leaving Playland, he ran into Gale Yee, who apologized for her earlier rudeness at the scuba store. Johnny commented that she had no need to apologize, as he knew she'd recently lost someone, and his remarks made Yee suspicious of how Johnny would have known she had lost someone. Quickly claiming he had seen Tommy Kwan's death due to being at Playland at the time, Johnny learned that Yee hated not only the Night Man but all ultras. When Yee mentioned that her grandmother had been murdered right in front of the Strangers as well and claimed ultras only attract trouble, Johnny disagreed but invited her to dinner to continue the discussion. Yee agreed to think about it and suggested Johnny call her before departing.

    An hour later, Johnny attempted to find lepidopterist Professor Papillon at UC Berkeley but was told Papillon left the university in 1989, settling at Oakland's Stuart Building before an earthquake destroyed it. Upon learning that Papillon had a female graduate student that he was close to, Johnny left and traveled towards the Stuart Building as the Night Man. Along the way, the Night Man noticed Bloodfly's wings in his rear view mirror and he swerved to avoid her attack. Bloodfly commended the Night Man on his avoidance and flew off, promising to return for another attack later. Shortly after investigating the condemned Stuart Building, the Night Man began searching all offices on all floor until he came across a room housing cocoons with human/butterfly hybrids inside. Shaking one of the hybrids that attempted to choke him, the Night Man was subsequently attacked by Bloodfly and when he attempted to use his ultrasonic screamer against her again, she swatted it from his hand. After missing two punches against Bloodfly, the Night Man tried to glue her wings together but she avoided the glue and sent him flying over a rail. Using his rope to swing around to a lower floor, the Night Man worked his way back up but became surrounded by Bloodfly's hybrid mutants. With no other option, the Night Man used his grappling hook to pull down the building skylight onto Bloodfly. The mutants then rushed to their creator, shifting the weight in the condemned building, and the Night Man narrowly escaped as the building collapsed. Seeing a seemingly deceased Bloodfly in the rubble, the Night Man assumed all of the mutants were destroyed in the building collapsed and he left the scene, hoping that perhaps his life could get back to normal and unaware that some of the cocoons remained intact.

(The Night Man I#21 (fb)) - At some point, Tommy Kwan's chalk outline (now dubbed simply Chalk) silently witnessed the Night Man unmasked and sharing coffee with his father, as well as Johnny Domino rushed off into action as the Night Man.

(The Night Man I#23 (fb) - BTS) - Over the course of his heroic career, the Night Man encountered small-time criminals such as Calhoun and Sanders, whom he left to the regular police due to the low level nature of his crimes.

(The Night Man I#21) - Johnny and Gale Yee went out in Yee's neighborhood, unaware they were being watched by Chalk (Tommy Kwan's sentient chalk outline). Over dinner, Johnny and Gale talked about Tommy Kwan's death and when Gale mentioned her grandmother had been on the cable car hit with the Jumpstart, Johnny remarked on how both Gale's grandmother and her boyfriend had been on the cable car. Gale immediately grew suspicious, noting that she had not mentioned Tommy being on the cable car, but Johnny covered up his mistake by claiming he thought she had told him that. When Johnny asked if Gale had also been on the cable car, Gale sternly said no and Johnny quickly changed the subject, unaware that Chalk was watching them and thinking of a way to communicate the Night Man's secret identity to Gale. Chalk then watched as Johnny kissed Gale goodnight and once he had left, Johnny went into action as the Night Man, thinking about how nice it was to just be Johnny Domino for awhile. Almost immediately upon donning his Night Man gear, Johnny was blindsided by a punch from Chalk. At first unable to find a weapon capable of harming Chalk, the Night Man eventually used his portable laser torch to set Chalk's ablaze, forcing Chalk to flee.

    Rushing over to Gale's apartment, the Night Man attempted to warn her about Chalk but Gale refused his protection and ordered him to leave. While watching the apartment from afar, the Night Man was attacked by gang members led there by Chalk but the Night Man easily took down the thugs, prompting Chalk to flee once more. Pursuing Chalk to an old magic shop, the Night Man arrived in time to see the front of the shop explode and a small gem (Reality-616's Reality Gem) bounce out of the wreckage at the feet of Reality-616's Asgardian Loki.

(The Night Man I#22) - Face-to-face with Loki, the Night Man demanded to know who he was and what had happened to Chalk. He quickly sensed the most evil intent he had ever sensed and repeated his demand to know who Loki was. After hearing Loki's origin and desire to acquire the Reality Gem, the Night Man reached for the Gem but Loki warned against taking the Gem from him.

(The Night Man I#22/The Night Man vs. Wolverine#0 (fb)) - The Night Man then instead tackled the Asgardian god and Loki hurled him away.

(The Night Man I#22) - Landing near the Reality Gem, the Night Man grabbed the Gem but Loki beckoned behind the hero and asked if he truly had the Gem. Turning around, the confused Night Man saw a duplicate of himself. The duplicate was quickly blasted by a duplicate Loki and the true Loki explained to the even more confused Night Man how the Reality Gem manipulated all realities and possibilities, and the Night Man's acquisition of the Gem had brought forth a version of himself that had not acquired the Gem that was subsequently blasted by that version's Loki. Despite Loki's earlier threats that he would kill the Night Man if he touched the Gem, the Night Man decided to hold onto the Reality Gem and another Night Man duplicate appeared. Loki then gloated that he had threatened with the intention of tricking the Night Man into touching the Reality Gem. Laughing as he teleported away, Loki promised to return for the Reality Gem once the Gem had its way with the Night Man.

(The Night Man I#22/The Night Man vs. Wolverine#0 (fb)) - Still holding the Reality Gem, the Night Man was nearly driven mad as every decision or choice he made spawned more Night Man duplicates that had taken the alternate choice.

(The Night Man I#22) - Eventually using the Gem in an attempt to pull all duplicates into the whole of himself, one of the Night Man duplicates then tried to become one with the Reality Gem itself, only to be disintegrated with a loud scream. One of the remaining Night Men then used the Reality Gem to destroy all Night Man duplicates without their own duplicate Reality Gems, reducing the number of variant Night Men down to seven. A remaining Night Man then announced that while one Night Man had tried and failed to absorb the Reality Gem, they were all still duplicates of the real Night Man. The others remaining all claimed to be the real Night Man and one explained that only one of them existed as what the original Night Man would have become if his life had been uninterrupted. The Night Man duplicates then began fighting amongst themselves, each wishing to become the sole Night Man. One watched from a short distance away as each of the Night Man duplicates dropped their duplicate Reality Gems. When six duplicate Reality Gems had fallen to the distant one's feet, he attempted to use the combined duplicate Reality Gems to destroy the other duplicates. When that failed, the other duplicates each attempted to do the same and eventually, only the true Night Man was left. Now knowing what the Reality Gem was capable of, the Night Man was conflicted on what to do with the Gem, causing a new duplicate to splinter off that decided he must fight Loki to the death. Loki then returned to reacquire the Reality Gem and the Night Man duplicate immediately attacked and was killed by Loki. The true Night Man then admitted he knew his own limitations and willingly allowed Loki to depart with the Reality Gem, unaware that a new Night Man duplicate was lurking in the shadows behind him.

(UltraForce I#10 - BTS) - From his base on Vahdala, Loki expressed intrigue about Earth-93060's ultras, mystically viewing the activities of the Night Man as he thought of how his trickery had won the Reality Gem from the hero. While continuing his monologue about his acquisition of Reality-616's Infinity Gems, Loki monitored a "sinister" Night Man duplicate created by the Reality Gem, noting that he would watch to see what sort of mayhem the Night Man duplicate would create.

(The Night Man I#∞ (fb)) - After having seen the other ways his life could have been from the splintering Night Man duplicates, Johnny Domino decided to take more time to just be his civilian self, someone who loved jazz and Gale Yee.

(The Night Man I#23 (fb) - BTS) - Wishing to get his feet wet as a jazz musician again, Johnny began playing saxophone at various jazz clubs throughout town, unaware that Loki's duplicate Night Man was still around and thinking he was the true Night Man. When the duplicate Night Man saw a sign advertising Johnny's playing at the Blue Parrot club, the duplicate became infuriated and, thinking Johnny was the duplicate instead of himself, the duplicate Night Man began trying to track down Johnny, even setting up a password system with his father Eddie and Lt. Briggs to ensure they would think the real Johnny was an impersonator.

(The Night Man I#∞ (fb) - BTS) - Unaware that a jealous Rhiannon was murdered Chinese women every time he saw Gale Yee, Johnny continued enjoying his life and set up a gig playing with Frankie Raye and the Blue Jays at a local jazz club.

(The Night Man I#23) - While playing with Frankie Raye and the Blue Jays, Johnny Domino was confronted by the Night Man duplicate. Still thinking Johnny was the duplicate, the Night Man duplicate tackled Johnny mid-performance and the two fought despite being evenly matched. Each insisted they were the true Night Man but when the duplicate accused Johnny of murdering two Chinese women, Rhiannon appeared and confessed to the murders herself.

(The Night Man I#∞) - When Rhiannon asked if the two Johnnys knew why she had killed the women, the duplicate remarked "to conquer the unknown" while the real Johnny muttered "to keep yourself alive." Rhiannon happily admitted to both reasons, adding that she also chose the two Chinese women in particular because Johnny had been seeing the Chinese Gale Yee instead of her. She also claimed to another reason but playfully refused to tell, prompting Johnny to proclaim that none of what Rhiannon had to say would convince him to join. The duplicate on the other hand, willingly agreed to join Rhiannon to gain the power to better comprehend the whole of the universe. Johnny argued that Rhiannon was still a murderer and that the cost of more power would be Rhiannon killing more people but the duplicate replied that the cost was human organs, which could be harvested from those already dead rather than killing anyone. He then assured Johnny that he was still sworn to protect people from evil by evolving to become good enough to handle such evil and that he still opposed Rhiannon murdering anyone. When the duplicate agreed to accompany Rhiannon to Stonehenge ceremony to acquire mystic power, Johnny punched the duplicate, only to be knocked out from behind by Rhiannon. Recovering after Rhiannon and the duplicate had left, Johnny decided that, while the duplicate was correct in that any Johnny Domino should strive to be the best man he could, joining Rhiannon made him worse.

    Donning his own Night Man gear from the hidden compartment in his car, Johnny drove to his father Eddie, who pulled a gun on the Night Man when the hero proved unable to provide the password established by the duplicate. Insisting that he was the really Johnny Domino, the Night Man was ordered to pull back his mask, which Johnny used to disarm Eddie. Eddie then physically attacked the Night Man, still not convinced he was the real Johnny, and the Night Man ultimately grabbed Eddie's gun and forced Eddie to back off, promising Eddie that he would not let the duplicate steal his life. Angrily leaving, the Night Man traveled to Stonehenge just as the duplicate completed a mystic ceremony and Rhiannon opened a mystic portal.

(The Night Man I#∞/The Night Man II#1 (fb)) - Diving to tackle the duplicate as the mystic ceremony splintered reality, the Night Man disappeared alongside Rhiannon, leaving a newly empowered duplicate to wonder what had happened.

(The Night Man vs. Wolverine#0) - Emerging from a mystic portal inside an Earth-616's Murderworld, the Night Man at first thought he was in Playland until he asked some nearby "guards" to take him to Eddie Domingo and they had no idea who Eddie was. When the "guards" started to get tough with him, the Night Man realized he was in another reality and punched out a "guard," escaping to buy himself time to think. Jumping down into a maintenance tunnel, the Night Man found himself facing the Earth-616 mutant hero Wolverine, who assumed the Night Man was a robot created by his foe Arcade.

(The Night Man II#1 (fb)) - For a brief moment, the newly-empowered Night Man duplicate still on Earth-93060 witnessed the true Night Man battling Wolverine on Earth-616.

(The Night Man vs. Wolverine#0) - The two then furiously fought one another until Wolverine was finally convinced of the Night Man's story about being from another world. After Wolverine explained who Arcade was and what Murderworld really was, the Night Man agreed to help get them both out of Murderworld. When a series of machine guns popped up to lay down a wall of gunfire, the Night Man used his rope to turn one of the guns on the others, destroying them to reveal a robotic "Laughing Sal" clown. A trap door then opened beneath the two heroes, depositing them into a river of sticky taffy, and the Night Man nearly drowned in the taffy until Wolverine was able to rescue him. The two then discovered an exit into a room with light-up floor patterns showing the way out but with enough danger and distractions to keep the two from concentrating enough to follow the pattern. As Wolverine flew into a berserker rage, the Night Man kept his cool long enough to get them both to the exit, much to Arcade's dismay. Once outside, Wolverine invited the Night Man to accompany him back to civilization, where he would introduce the hero to other superhuman groups, but the Night Man declined the invitation, preferring to figure things out on his own.\

(UltraForce/Avengers#1) - As Earth-93060 was restructured and created anew from the shockwave of Nemesis' destruction, both the Night Man and the Night Man duplicate felt the pain of the restructuring reality. Following reality's restoration, the Night Man still found himself on Earth-616.

(The Night Man/Gambit#1 (fb) - BTS) - Living homeless on Earth-616, the Night Man quickly realized he was more powerful on Earth-616 but his body soon began breaking down and he decided to go to the only person he knew, Wolverine, for help.

(The Night Man/Gambit#1) - Venturing to the Xavier Institute in Westchester County, New York, the Night Man cut the Institute's motion detectors in case Wolverine's ally were not as brotherly as Wolverine. Caught moments later by the X-Men's Gambit, who tossed a couple of charged cards towards the Night Man as a warning, the Night Man fired a taser blast at the mutant and the two exchange blows with the Night Man struggling to explain himself and what was happening to his body. As the Night Man feared he was losing control of his powers and himself, Gambit managed to stun and bring him inside the Institute. Noticing cellular degradation on the Night Man's face, Gambit injected him with sleeping meds until the hero could be properly looked at by a doctor and the Night Man muttered about Rhiannon knowing where two worlds connect before he passed out. Watching events unfold from Earth-93060, Rhiannon considered traversing to Earth-616 to the Night Man, having grown tired of the duplicate's lack of interest in her magic. When the Night Man duplicate also began deteriorating, Rhiannon decided to travel to the Night Man on Earth-616 and brought forth the duplicate in an attempt to merge them together and restore the Night Man to normal. Unfortunately, Rhiannon's plan did not work, as Earth-616's Candra pulled the duplicate to her, preventing Rhiannon from restoring the true Night Man.

(The Night Man/Gambit#2) - The degrading Night Man refused Rhiannon's involvement and tried to warn Gambit about Rhiannon's manipulative nature but Rhiannon claimed the Night Man was delirious and asked if Gambit was willing to do anything to save the Night Man as she secretly pulled out two daggers. They were all soon interrupted when the Night Man duplicate, transformed into a feral state by Earth-616's Candra, attacked the Institute. When Gambit rushed off to deal with the duplicate, the Night Man begged Rhiannon to take him back to Earth-93060 and spare Earth-616, warning that he would die before letting Rhiannon spread her cannibalistic magic there. Minutes later, the Night Man struggled to his feet, determined to stop Rhiannon, and he soon came upon Gambit, who had dazed the Night Man duplicate. At first thinking the duplicate had been transformed by Rhiannon, the Night Man was surprised when Rhiannon returned and downed both Night Men and Gambit. The weak Night Man again begged Rhiannon to spare Earth-616 and Rhiannon nearly ripped Gambit's heart out to reempower herself and restore the Night Man but was interrupted by the arrival of Candra.

(The Night Man/Gambit#3) - The Night Man and his duplicate soon began circling one another, chanting, and Rhiannon expressed suspicions that neither could survive without the other. In the distraction of the Night Men encircling one another, Candra grabbed Rhiannon's knife and when Gambit pulled out two charged cards, Candra hurled the knife at Rhiannon. The Night Man jumped to save Rhiannon, intercepting the knife. As he lay dying, the Night Man informed Rhiannon that he began dying upon arrival on Earth-616  and he asked Rhiannon to leave Earth-616 be if she truly cared about healing him and returning to Earth-93060. Gambit then suggested Rhiannon leave, having gotten the blood she claimed to need from the Night Man's sacrifice, and an angry and tearful Rhiannon warned against ordering her around when she just witnessed her son die. An emotional Rhiannon then pulled the blade from the Night Man's chest and gained immense power from his blood, threatening to destroy all of Earth-616. Quickly realizing that her son's final request was to leave Earth-616 be, Rhiannon calmed and transported herself and the dying Night Man duplicate back to Earth-616. Back on Earth-93060, Rhiannon communicated with the real Johnny Domino, who sat up confusedly in his grave. Unsure of what was going on, Johnny watched as mourners arrived to attend his funeral. Rhiannon explained that the mourners could not see him as of yet. She then informed Johnny that she could see he had a life to go on with while she and the Night Man did not. Still confused, Johnny watched as Rhiannon went to join with the other mourners and Rhiannon tossed him a pair of sunglasses, claiming she couldn't do anything about his eyes and suggesting he see a neurologist someday. Johnny then began playing saxophone as he saw Gale Yee, his father Eddie and even Rhiannon attending his funeral (see comments).

Comments: Created by Steve Englehart, Rick Hoberg and Tim Burgard.

    In the early issues of the Night Man, it was difficult to determine if the Night Man was truly an Ultra or not. In issues#1-2 (as well as #4 & the 1993 Ultraverse trading card), it is stated that the Night Man IS an Ultra but one whose power is only to sense the evil intent of others. However, in issue#3, it's stressed a couple of times that he is NOT an Ultra. Break-Thru I#2 also suggests the Night Man is not a true Ultra.

    The article about the Ultraverse II: Origins trading cards featured in Advance Comics I#69 was written as if it were an in-universe article in the UltraWatch magazine. As such, that must mean that the trading card set exists within Earth-93060 and I can almost guarantee that many of the cards (especially the ones including the Night Man) were likely unauthorized within that reality.

    The Marvel Chronology Project lists Firearm I#17 as an appearance of the Night Man but I could not find him anywhere in the issue.

    In Night Man I#17, Night Man visited Arnetta Arlington's home and notes that the approaching car must be Arlington herself. However, the car is nearly identical to the one Russell Peters used earlier in that same issue and when we see the person driving the car, it is drawn to somewhat resemble Arlington (i.e. heavier build) but the car's airbag prevents any clearly identifiable gender-exclusive parts from being seen. Also, the coloring on the person shows a Caucasian person with brown, somewhat wavy hair (i.e. Russell Peters) despite Arlington being an African-American woman with black hair. Since Night Man notes that it must be Arlington, we can only assume that the person trying to run over Night Man with a red car was indeed Arlington as he noted, especially considering that Night Man grabs the briefcase of bribery money from her, but it seems as if at least the colorist thought the person was to be Russell Peters, given the skin, hair and car color in that scene. Additionally, Russell Peters confirms in the Night Man I#18 that he had given Arlington the briefcase full of bribe money and it had been stolen from her, further confirming that the person in #17 should have been Arlington.

    The character of Chalk (the sentient chalk outline of Tommy Kwan) was never identified by the name Chalk in his only appearance in the Night Man I#10 but he was identified by that name in an editor's note in the Night Man I#18.

    The various duplicates of Night Man created by the Reality Gem in the Night Man I#22 make it a little confusing to determine which exactly is the original Night Man going forward. At first, the Night Man I#23 seems to suggest that the one who stars in that issue is the original and the duplicate is the one acting as Johnny Domino, with the two confronting each other at the end of the issue. However, the Night Man I#∞ establishes that the Johnny Domino one was the original, feeling as if he needed to focus more time on his personal life and he did just that until the other Night Man began messing with his life and eventually sided with Rhiannon, at which point he took up the mantle again.

    The Marvel Chronology Project lists Night Man's UltraForce/Avengers#1 appearance as occurring in between the stories of the Night Man I#23 & the Night Man I#∞ but I'm not sure exactly how that would work because UltraForce/Avengers#1 shows the Night Man duplicate with his Celtic powers and he did not receive those new abilities until the end of the Night Man I#∞. I think it's more likely that the UltraForce/Avengers#1 appearance occurs after the events of the Night Man vs. Wolverine#0 since the Night Man I#23 goes immediately into the Night Man I#∞, which itself goes immediately into the story in the Night Man vs. Wolverine#0.

    The ending of the Night Man/Gambit#3 was a little confusing. It seems to show the deceased Johnny in the afterlife, now free of his Night Man identity, but Rhiannon tells him that she had provided him such a life and she tosses him his glasses. She also mentions that his loved ones couldn't see him as of yet. If that's to be taken literal, then perhaps Rhiannon found a way to resurrect a normal human Johnny and her spell would wear off soon, allowing him to reunite with those he loved. She also says that the Night Man did not have a life to return to (possibly because the duplicate had assumed his life while he was trapped on Earth-616?) so she may have been vaguely suggesting that the duplicate was buried instead of the true Johnny. Then again, the interaction could have just been Rhiannon interacting with the Night Man in the afterlife and the funeral his loved ones were going to was Johnny's actual funeral. Hard to say since we never got a chance to see the Night Man again after that mini-series...

    Rhiannon being revealed as the Night Man's mother in the Night Man/Gambit#2 gives a much grosser meaning to Rhiannon's attempts to seduce the Night Man and his admission of being attracted to her in her early Ultraverse appearances...ew.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-93060's Night Man
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