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Real Name: Alec Swan

Identity/Class: Alternate Reality (Earth-93060/Ultraverse) normal human (British citizen)

Occupation: Private investigator;
   formerly special agent (Squire) of the Lodge;
   formerly British military (Special Boat Services)

Group Membership: None;
   formerly the Lodge;
   formerly British military (Special Boat Services)

Affiliations: Clay Blake, Dana Bradley (loose), Clare Brody (loose), Jeffrey Bradley, Ed Dante, Alfred De Valerie, Doris, Freex (AJ, Anything, Cayman, Plug, Pressure, Sweetface), Samuel Garrett, Hardcase (Tom Hawke), Kirby (dog), Prof. MacTavish, McDonald, Moto, Old Man, Prime (Kevin Green), Mrs. Ross, Ernie Shadrack, Penny Slater, Sludge, Ben Travers, Vinaigrette (all Earth-93060)

Enemies: Aladdin, Eric Bateman, John Calvin, Archie Candle, Duet, Agent Faulkner, Kalvin, Tommy Locke, Virginia Lockwood (The Lodge), Night Man, Lovecraft, O'Malley, Rafferty and his henchmen, Ramon, Mr. Ross and his enforcers, Col. Samuels, several sasquatches, Shreck, Sportsmen (Andre, Carmine, Davenport, Lonny, Mace, Marley, Mosley, five others), Darren Summers (all Earth-93060)

Known Relatives: Ellen Swan (wife)

Aliases: Firearm

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, USA;
   formerly London, United Kingdom (all Earth-93060)

First Appearance: Firearm I#1 (September, 1993)

Date of Birth: 3/30/1957 (see comments)

Powers/Abilities: Alec Swan is a smart and cunning man with athlete-level fitness and endurance. He has been trained in multiple forms of hand-to-hand combat, including judo combined with simple brawling. He is resourceful in survival and killing techniques, having been trained in elite covert black ops. He has excellent proficiency in using and adapting to guns and firing with deadly accuracy, particularly with a special handgun that has an additional end-barrel attachment to fire explosive shells. He has a license to carry handguns. Swan also has excellent skills in knife-throwing as weapons. Swan has a distinctive vertical scar over his right eye.

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 205 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


(Firearm#0 (fb) - BTS) - From the lower class, as a boy Alec Swan enjoyed old black-&-white comedic movies with a faux scary edge, such as Abbott & Costello facing gangsters pretending to be monsters.

(Firearm#5/1 (fb) - BTS) - Swan was an avid book reader as a child.

(Firearm#17 (fb) - BTS) - Aged 19 and a British soldier, Swan married Doris, but after both had affairs around the world and discovered they didn't really love each other, the two divorced. Swan also saw action in the Falkland Islands war against Argentina, including a nearly deadly encounter with a Argentinian man-fly ultra (but was saved by two Argentinian soldiers and a British Army gherka (sic; presumably meant to be spelled Gurkha)). He also owed a debt of gratitude to an IRA (Irish Republican Army) terrorist.

(Ultraverse Origins (fb)) - Swan made his way into the elite British paramilitary Special Boat Services, excelling in accurate kills. He shifted to the covert British organization called the Lodge and dealt with paranormals and super-powered ultras, incurring a distinctive facial scar. His skills with firearms earned him the codename Firearm. His position as "Squire" (non-powered agent) sometimes involved murder/assassination.

(Firearm#3 (fb) - BTS) - Swan had a mission in Algiers where he was alone against a group of killer robots and had to destroy them individually.

(Firearm#10 (fb)) - One mission saw Swan sent to Eastern Europe to rescue Prof. MacTavish from werewolves.

(Firearm#0 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, the brutal man Duet cultivated an enduring and violent rivalry with Swan, but Duet went quiet, and he was almost forgotten by Swan.

(Ultraverse Origins (fb)) - Swan gained notice from command, but he was made expendable and set up to be killed during a cooperative venture between the Lodge and the US covert counterpart Aladdin, a two-man team from each, each with an ultra to be snared as having gone rogue. However, Swan was the only survivor in the ensuing gunfight. He soon learned the truth and resigned.

(Skybox Ultraverse trading card #93) - Swan had been with the Lodge for five years when he left.

(Ultraverse Origins (fb)) - Secretly taking his special gun with him, Swan decided to move overseas to get away from the UK and the Lodge.

(Firearm#7 (fb) - BTS) -  Inspired by books by Chandler and Twain, Swan elected to try Los Angeles, USA.

(Ultraverse Origins (fb)) - Swan became a private investigator, but now hated the Firearm nickname. He secretly hoped to run a bookstore one day.

(Codename: Firearm#2/2 (fb) - BTS) - In Swan's first week in LA, he couldn't board a bus, as he had not realized buses required exact fare, but a poor Latino teenager donated him a dollar without a word. This gave Swan an initial positive view of LA amidst the negativity.

(Firearm#0 (fb) - BTS) - Swan made a habit of carrying stamped envelopes with him so he could post items to himself that were too dangerous to hold at the time. His reputation had grown, and his permit to carry a handgun was common knowledge among the local police.

(Firearm#5 (fb) - BTS) - Swan went to Mexico City to investigate a black market organ ring that eventually involved sea monsters. He relaxed later at a cafe, joking with a French man.

(Firearm#1 (fb) - BTS) - Swan had to change offices several times and found it was best to keep a low profile after a killer cyborg attacked his first office. He changed his operations to responding to an answering service and kept a small quiet office with low rent held by friendly landlord Moto.

   At some point, Swan stopped Ben Travers' daughter from becoming one of the undead, resulting in Travers and Swan becoming good friends.

(Firearm#2/1 (fb) - BTS) - Swan had a case involving a vampire city councilman and a flying hippopotamus.

(Firearm#18 (fb) - BTS) - Swan's life became chaotic, messy both emotionally and physically. He would rely on cheap microwave meals and sleep for long periods between cases. For a while, he paid Moto's sister to clean his place once a week.

(Firearm video) - Investigating Charley Cant, Swan watched police officers interview him at the police station until the demon-enhanced Duet arrived and shot up the place. Swan continued his investigations, finding leads in the film industry. Duet later kidnapped Swan and almost killed him, but Swan escaped.

(Firearm#0) - Having been hired by Blake to investigate blackmail material, Swan arrived at the murder scene of Blake instead, where he was questioned by Detective McGinty. The murdered man's son Clay Blake sought to hire him but Swan initially brushed him away and sent mail to himself containing dangerous evidence he didn't want to carry. He picked it up the next day from friend Ed Dante. Pursuing leads, Swan followed actor Darren Summers to find Blake had been blackmailed into snuff films, but Clay was now involved. Finding the snuff film set, Swan also saw Duet as the demon Hakeldama began to materialize in response to incantations and blood offerings. Swan's interference saved Clay, but the demon bonded with Duet until Swan killed him after stopping other gunmen.

(Firearm#1) - Lawyer Ernie Shadrack hired Swan to bring in the ultra-powered bail jumper O'Malley, which resulted in a fierce fight until the burly ultra was downed. After visiting his office, Swan took up the case of Clare Brody, who was missing her fiancee Arnie Tate. Swan investigated, soon turning to police friend Ben Travers, but the trail led nowhere. However, Tate had been hunted and killed by the Sportsmen, ultras who hunted and ate people for sport, and Swan's investigations alerted them. They sent out men (including ultra Marley) to kill him on the road, but Swan instead killed them using his special gun.

(Firearm#2/1) - Recovering in his apartment, Swan then visited Travers again and gained a new lead with other missing cases of two people (stuntman Danny Velez and villain Matt Maple) linked in the past to actor and hero Hardcase. Swan found Hardcase battling several men in heavy armored battlesuits and helped overpower them. Exchanging information, Swan discovered that both Velez and Maple had fitness training but since become overweight before going missing. Checking later with Travers, he found most other missing persons were ex-military now overweight. Pondering the situation while driving home, Swan was attacked by two Sportsmen hunters (Davenport and Mosely), who trashed his car and carried him away.

(Firearm#3) - At the Sportsmen's base, Swan was introduced to the eight Sportsmen there and what they were doing. They announced that he was their next prey to be hunted on their vast forest grounds with the newly kidnapped Brody as incentive for him to perform well. Swan was given a sporting chance with a gun hidden in the forest while the ultras hunted him. Using his military training, Swan successfully killed several and stumbled across a car for a getaway, but it was trapped with a bomb. Narrowly escaping, hurt and weaponless, Swan turned to hunt the Sportsmen while the hunters thought that he was dead.

(Firearm#4) - Swan entered the Sportsmen's castle via the moat, took weapons from the weapons cellar and killed several murderous kitchen staff and rescued Brody before heading to the dinner room where the Sportsmen had assembled, expecting Brody for dinner. Instead, Swan had the kitchen staff bring him in under the platter dome and used surprise and guns to kill several more Sportsmen, but he was forced to retreat against their ultra powers and stumbled into their trophy room. Swan found his special gun and grabbed it.

(Break-Thru#1) - Swan was followed by Mosely, who knocked his gun aside and picked it up.

(Firearm#4) - Other Sportsmen scrambled in, preventing a clean kill by any one of them. But Amber Hunt's sudden energy emanations far in the sky distracted the Sportsmen, allowing Swan to recover his gun and kill the rest except Mosely, who flew out the window to chase Hunt's light. Swan shot remaining staff still loyal to the Sportsmen and escaped the castle.

(Firearm#5/1 (fb) - BTS) - Swan alerted police to the Sportsmen's compound and organized transport back south to his home.

(Break-Thru#2) - The moon Entity's manipulations, enhanced by Hunt, continued to affect many ultras. Back in Los Angeles, Swan watched as Solitaire fought off rioters and Moon Cultists on the street, but didn't intervene. Eventually the Entity's adverse influences stopped, and Swan made a wisecrack remark to Solitaire.

(Firearm#5/1) - The night after the Sportsmen fight, Swan walked home but saw two people up on a tall building's edge. He rushed up to see one ultra (Ramon), deranged and still influenced by the moon, encouraging another ultra (Ellen) with small wings to step off the edge to fly. Seeing the danger, Swan knocked out Ramon and spoke with Ellen, who was lonely and suicidal. Swan spoke friendly and shared his takeaway dinner, talking her down from the ledge. Later, he received a call for a new case from Russell Green, desperate for Swan to find his son (secretly the superhero Prime), and went to his house.

(Firearm#6) - Russell revealed his son was Prime. Later, Swan gathered his thoughts while Moto again encouraged him to meet his niece. Deeply concerned about the Prime case, Swan compromised and went to a covert Lodge outpost disguised as a bookstore staffed by Agent Yates for information, but then he owed the Lodge a future favor. He was told near-rogue Col. Samuels was the key and directed to a secret facility. Breaking in and knocking out a number of guards, Swan found Prime unconscious and bound in chains in a lab surrounded by scientists and Samuels.

(Prime I#10) - Seeking to control the powerful Prime, Samuels tortured Prime, but Swan shot the pain machine and Kevin Green slipped out of the degenerating Prime shell. Swan swung in on a rope and rescued the youth, and the two escaped bullets running outside. Swan told the boy it wasn't the powers that defined an ultra but the person inside. Swan tackled soldiers with a depowered Kevin unable to help due to a control collar. Samuels approached gloating, but Kevin broke free with a new Prime body, more aggressive in design (with a scarred eye like Swan's). Humiliated, Samuels slit his throat amidst a ruined operation. Prime and Swan departed on good terms.

(Firearm#7) - In Seattle, Dana Bradley, secretly an ultra, hired Swan to find her ex-husband Jeffrey and retrieve her daughter Stacey, but Dana lied that Bradley had become violent when the reverse was true. While investigating, Swan fought off thugs, slyly hired by Dana but made to look they had been sent by Jeffrey. Swan tracked Jeffrey and Stacey to the Seattle Space Needle, where Jeffrey declared it was Dana who had become unstable. Revealed and telekinetically flying, Dana threw Swan over the edge and almost let him fall before flying home. The case closed, Swan flew home.

(Skybox Ultraverse II trading card #61) - Swan was included in covert organization Aladdin's assessment of active ultras and affiliates. Swan's single-handed disruption of Col. Samuels' operation made him a threat to Aladdin and the assessment was to terminate Swan.

(Firearm#8) - Shadrack hired Swan to track down bail jumper Tommy Locke, who'd crossed into Canada. Arriving in Dawson City, Swan stopped a mugging of loner psychic McDonald and helped him and his wolf-husky dog Kirby home. Swan later found Locke, who colluded with Eric Bateman hunting sasquatch in the snowy wild. Swan handcuffed Locke just as vengeful sasquatch attacked; Swan was unavoidably also a target until Kirby (sent by McDonald) saved him. Kirby also killed Bateman before he could shoot Swan, but was injured. Although not fond of dogs, Swan carried Kirby through a snowstorm back to McDonald's lodge, and the dog was saved. Swan left the next day, and McDonald alerted Swan of another premonition: a bad man named Rafferty.

(Firearm#9) - In Pasadena, Ms Rule hired Swan to protect her daughter Cathy from her soon-to-be-divorced husband John Calvin (an ultra of wolf-like appearance), but Calvin was a criminal involved with stolen jewels and an ultra friend with morphing powers. The investigation led to a chase and protracted gunfight inside a parade float factory, but Swan's skills and special gun secured the criminals' deaths.

(Firearm#10) - The Lodge called in their debt, sending Swan a plane ticket to London, UK, where Lodge agent Archie Candle assigned him a mission to pursue the consciousness of the now-deceased Prof. MacTavish, uploaded before his death into his self-created cyberspace haven called Glasgow, coded for only himself and four others; Swan was to learn what he could for the Lodge. Three other Lodge agents (Bales (since dead), Patel and Faulkner) had been sent in first but not returned. Unwittingly drugged, Swan was hooked up to the computer and his consciousness sent into MacTavish's Glasgow. Swan "woke up" in the sci-fi cyber-city where double agent Faulkner immediately hunted him, blasting a large hole in Swan's avatar's chest.

(Firearm#11) - Still in cyber-Glasgow, Swan was resurrected by MacTavish for the megalomaniacal Faulkner, who now controlled this cyberspace realm. Faulkner revealed the death of any human hooked up to the computer outside would further destabilize cyber-Glasgow and demanded to know from Swan of any further Lodge incursions. Instead, Swan grabbed MacTavish and escaped into the streetscape. MacTavish set up a trap while Swan diverted Faulkner and his cyborg cronies in blazing gunfights. At a computer within cyber-Glasgow, MacTavish contained Faulkner only in a sub-cyberspace realm mimicking cyber-Glasgow where he was king and Swan was killed. Meanwhile, MacTavish ejected Swan from cyberspace, and Swan woke up in the real world. Swan then beat up Candle as punishment.

(Firearm#12) - Back home in Los Angeles, Swan shared quiet time with Ellen, their relationship developing. But elsewhere, the ultra serial killer Rafferty's murderous spree across America had started.

(Firearm#13) - Swan farewelled Ellen at the airport for her short work stint in Las Vegas but was too scared to return her "I love you." Swan's next case took him to Philadelphia where Samuel Garrett hired Swan to find the killer of his son, Ben Garrett, a flying ultra who didn't want to be a hero. Rafferty sent a mobile phone to Swan's hotel room and introduced himself by call, declaring he'd eventually kill every ultra. Toying with Swan, Rafferty announced his plan to give information to Swan of each next target. Swan headed to Georgia to warn and protect elderly ultra Darren Lynch. Distracted by Rafferty's armed henchmen, Swan underestimated Rafferty (who was in another state) as the killer had lethally poisoned Lynch's food. Rafferty called and directed Swan to New York for the next ultra targets.

(Firearm#14) - In New York, Swan found an earlier Rafferty victim Mr. Bates. Investigating more, Swan found and warned the ultra Vinaigrette. Searching further, Swan heard from a bartender (actually fed information by Rafferty) to head into the sewers to find Sludge. Swan immediately found Rafferty and more henchman firing at the super-strong Sludge; the villains scattered although Rafferty still fired a well-aimed arrow into Swan's shoulder. Rafferty gave Swan the option to disarm nearby bombs or pursue him; Swan chose to negate the bombs, but Rafferty had wired a two-way switch so that while Swan deactivated the sewer bombs, he also unwittingly triggered a bomb elsewhere that killed Vinaigrette. Rafferty later told him by phone, sending Swan into a rage, wanting to kill Rafferty instead of apprehend him.

(Firearm#15 (fb)) - Swan followed Rafferty's next direction that he was targeting a young team in San Francisco (and it wasn't the Strangers). He shrugged off an attempted interview from a local TV news reporter, with Swan and the killings gaining increasing profile on the news.

(Firearm#15) - Night Man confronted Swan, suggesting Swan's collusion with Rafferty or direct involvement in the spate of killings. Swan dismissed this, and a truce was reached; Night Man promised to send word to the young team (the Freex). Swan briefly wandered the San Francisco streets thinking of Ellen until Rafferty called and sent him to Sutro Tower. Swan went there early to tackle Rafferty, but the foe clubbed him bloodily from behind till unconscious. Swan awoke and grabbed his special gun, but it was rigged to explode, and Swan narrowly escaped. Stumbling through the park, he found the Freex with the Old Man.

(Freex#15) - Told by Rafferty that the next target was Night Man, the armed Old Man and Swan went to track down Night Man and Rafferty, telling the Freex to hide. Meanwhile, Rafferty's henchmen attacked the Freex, with Rafferty killing Plug.

(Night Man I#14) - Swan and the Old Man tracked down Night Man, who was fighting a Rafferty double plus henchmen against criminal ultras Neuronne and Torso. The heroes were too late to stop the murder of Torso but Rafferty's crew was apprehended afterward. The Freex appeared with Plug's dead body.

(Night Man I#14/Firearm#15/Firearm#16) - The gloating Rafferty called Swan to say that he had just killed Prime (although he had only blown up a Prime body's head, with Kevin unharmed within his lower body)..

(Firearm#15) - Dazed, the Freex.Night Man and Swan parted ways with Swan stating he would take down Rafferty. Emotionally unsteady, he rang Ellen to steady himself and proposed marriage. Briefly stunned, she accepted.

(Firearm#17) - Alec Swan and Ellen married in Las Vegas with an Elvis impersonator presiding. Later honeymooning in a local hotel, Swan assured Ellen the marriage proposal wasn't in response to the stress from Rafferty. Pushed into killing an ultra baby manifesting healing powers, Rafferty was soon caught in a siege in a cathedral. Setting explosives rigged against any ultras entering, Rafferty made a public demand that he would only meet Swan. Seeing the TV report, Swan left Las Vegas immediately for the cathedral and, watched by surrounding ultra heroes, entered the church to confront Rafferty and save the baby.

(Firearm#18) - The news reports continued as Swan, hidden from camera, shot his way past Rafferty's henchmen, trying to get to the serial killer himself. Wounded and half expecting to die, he went through regrets and things he still wanted to do in life. Swan secured a henchman and brutally interrogated him to free the eight hostages there, and then found the baby. Rafferty confronted Swan while he still held the baby and a furious battle saw Rafferty die in flames and Swan stagger out, badly wounded and holding the baby. Glad he'd save the baby, Swan fell dead but the ultra baby healed him and brought him back to life for paramedics to administer aid.

(Codename: Firearm#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - Swan somehow gained a replacement special gun. (This may have occurred during the "Black September" reality reset event).

(Codename: Firearm#2/2 (fb) - BTS) - Concerned her husband was having an affair, Mrs. Ross hired Swan to investigate. Although aware that Mr. Ross didn't want to give his wife grounds for divorce, Swan targeted the husband's nightclub for evidence.

(Codename: Firearm#0/2) - While musing over the contradictory ugly yet seductive natures of Los Angeles, Swan found incriminating photos in the nightclub's office but was discovered by Mr. Ross' enforcers. The fight inside spilled downstairs onto the club's main floor.

(Codename: Firearm#1/2) - Swan brutally fought the enforcers off and wandered outside but gunmen in a car shot and attacked him, making Swan drop his special gun.

(Codename: Firearm#2/2) - Swan took the fight to the car's armed occupants, causing the car to crash and burn, the enforcers eliminated. Swan reported his success to Mrs. Ross from a phone booth.

(Codename: Firearm#3/2) - Seeking ingredients to cook a curry dinner for Ellen, Alec Swan was caught up as one of various customers held hostage by gun-toting cop-killing ultras (Shreck, Griffin, Kalvin, Lovecraft, Remo, 3 others) robbing the supermarket. A foolish hostage was killed, letting Swan tackle a criminal, but the others just shot their own to try to get to Swan, and the chase led into the shop aisles.

(Codename: Firearm#4/2) - Swan craftily killed the other criminals sent after him. This left only Shreck guarding the hostages, and he forced Swan's surrender by threatening to kill the civilians.

(Codename: Firearm#5/2) - Swan skillfully threw a knife in Shreck's arm, and the two fought intensely as Shreck mutated into a vampiric form. But when Swan realized his foe wasn't an actual vampire, he took him down with a spraycan exploded with a gun while the hostages escaped to the waiting police. Swan made his way home, bypassing the police, to find Ellen asleep. Swan realized he had to make personal changes and stop embracing life-threatening situations as he was married now with the hope for children.

Comments: Created by James Robinson & Jerry Bingham.

    Alec Swan makes various in-story references to past missions and cases; I've slotted them in where I think they fit.

    In Malibu Sun #29 (Malibu's promo magazine), James Robinson described Firearm as having the soul of Phillip Marlowe, but who's forced to act like Mike Hammer. He's also initially named Alexander Swan in Malibu Sun #29 and Alexander Swann in the 1st Skybox Ultraverse trading card set (cards #13, #79 & #83) of 1993.

    Physical stats are taken from 1st Skybox Ultraverse trading card set (card #83) from 1993--although the card states his hair is black, despite it being brown on all trading cards and comics.

    Firearm#0 came with the (low-budget) Firearm live action 35-minute movie (starring James Jude Courtney as Alec Swan) on video cassette, which was limited to 10,000 copies. The video was part 1, the comic was part 2.

    The cyber-Glasgow story and the short back-up stories' action sequences by Gary Erskine in Codename: Firearm#0-2 remind me of Geof Darrow's Hard Boiled. Great stuff!

    James Robinson wrote the script to Firearm Annual #1 but decided not to go ahead with it due to what he described as a "bad feeling about Malibu" at the time.

    The Malibu Sun March 1993 Preview magazine showed an initial character design (at right) for Firearm by Jerry Bingham. While the teased plotline and gun remained the same, the character's look was different: clothing, leg brace, more armaments, hair color, face, scar location. This looks a lot like the human half of Requiem, a character from 1993's first Ultraverse trading card set. It may be that Firearm was initially intended to be possessed by the demon in issue #0, resulting in the human/demon hybrid shown in the trading card, but Firearm was subsequently redesigned to make him more accessible(?) or perhaps easier to film for the (low-budget) video. Maybe the different artist assignment away from Bingham resulted in the different look.

    AFAIK, there is not evidence that the Ultraverse had a sliding timescale like Reality-616, so presumably Swan's date of birth is accurate.

    This profile was completed 7/30/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Alec Swan (a.k.a. Firearm) of Earth-93060 name has no known connections to:





Clare Brody

Clare Brody hired Alec Swan to track down her fiancee Arnie Tate, who had gone missing. Swan found that Tate had been hunted and eaten by elite ultras called the Sportsmen. Selecting Swan as their next prey to be hunted, the Sportsmen kidnapped Brody and used her as leverage to ensure that Swan fought back as prey while being hunted. When the Sportsmen thought Swan had died during the hunt, they sedated Brody to be carved alive for cooking but, secretly alive, Swan stopped the kitchen staff. She presumably escaped with Swan once the Sportsmen and any remaining loyalist staff were eliminated.








--Firearm#1 (3-4

Ed Dante

A former jockey, Ed Dante was a close friend of Alec Swan and fellow British expatriate with whom Swan would sometimes reminisce. Dante provided the safehouse for the mail that Swan would send to himself that were too dangerous to carry at the time.










Moto was the landlord of the small upstairs office operated by Alec Swan. Moto ran a small sushi restaurant on the ground floor with excellent sushi and would often encourage Swan to meet his niece. For a while, Moto's sister cleaned Swan's apartment.






--Firearm#1 (6-7

Ben Travers

Ben Travers was a police officer in Los Angeles and friend of Alec Swan, especially after Swan stopped Travers' daughter becoming one of the undead. Swan and Travers caught up regularly as friends. Travers helped interview low-level criminal Charley Cant when the demon-enhanced Duet came into the police station and shot up the place. He gave Swan a lead on a missing persons case on Arnie Tate, which led to another missing man Danny Velez. He also helped Swan with information on the Bradley case in Seattle and the John Calvin case in Pasadena.








--Firearm#1 (video, 1-2,7,9

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Codename: Firearm#1/2 (June, 1995) - James Robinson (writer), Gary Erskine (pencils), V. Williams (inks), Hank Kanalz (editor)
Codename: Firearm#2/2 (July, 1995) - James Robinson (writer), Gary Erskine (pencils), V. Williams (inks), Hank Kanalz (editor)
Codename: Firearm#3/2 (July, 1995) - Ian Edginton (writer), Gary Erskine (pencils & inks), Hank Kanalz (editor)
Codename: Firearm#4/2 (August, 1995) - Ian Edginton (writer), Gary Erskine (pencils & inks), Hank Kanalz (editor)
Codename: Firearm#5/2 (August, 1995) - Ian Edginton (writer), Gary Erskine (pencils & inks), Hank Kanalz (editor)

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