Real Name: Kevin Green

Identity/Class: Alternate Reality (Earth-93060/Ultraverse) human mutate (ultra)

Occupation: Vigilante/super-hero, student

Group Membership: Gross Babies (Culebra, Dragonfly, Duey, Elven, Gunk, Prime, Wicca), Ultraforce (Black Knight (Dane Whitman) of Earth-616, Contrary (possibly Mary), Ghoul (Johnathan Martin), Hardcase (Thomas Hawke), Hellblade (Jefferson Kotto), Amber Hunt, Iron Clad (Spencer Collins), Lament (Sarah Walks Unseen), Maxis (Maximum Energy Retriever/Dar’U Sorrin), Pixx (Penny Burka), Prototype (Bob Campbell), Prototype (Jimmy Ruiz), Ripfire (Matt McKinney; Ch'iarr), Siren (Jennifer Pearson), Topaz, Wreckage (Jack Prosper)

Affiliations: Alternate (Regina), Arena, Sy Bernstein, Joe Blades, Kelly Cantrell, Dr. Chee-keh, Choice, Bill & Chelsea Clinton, Coco, Contrary, Cromwell, Culebra, Dragonfly, Elven, the Entity, the Exiles (Earth-616's Siena Blaze, Juggernaut, Reaper; Shuriken, 'Strike), Firearm (Alec Swan), Flood, Foxfire, Freex (Anything, Cayman, Plug, Pressure, Sweetface), Ghoul, Newt Ginggrich, Giles Gittelsohn, Gunk, Dr. Hardaway, Hardcase, Hellblade,  Hiruko, Amber Hunt, Iron Clad, Lament, Liberty, Mantra (Eden Blake), Mantra (Lauren Sherwood), Mastodon, King Melitor, Night Man, Old Man, Phade, Pixx, Prime race, Prototype (Bob Campbell), Prototype (Jimmy Ruiz), Ripfire, Rush, Sludge, Colonel Samuels, Siren, Solitaire (loose), the Solution (Dropkick, Outrage, Shadowmage, Tech), Spider People (including the Shaman), the Strangers (Atom Bob, Electrocute, Grenade, Lady Killer, Spectral, Yrial, Zip-Zap), Tanya,  Topaz, TurboCharge, Warstrike, Wicca, Wraths;
    Earthforce of Earth-96535 (Angel of Destruction, Hellblade, Painkiller, and Whipslash), Prime-15180;
    Avengers of the New World;
    formerly Bunz Beach Gear, Debbie Cantrell, Doc Gross,

Earth-616: Avengers, Banshee (Sean Cassidy), Beast (Hank McCoy), Bishop, Black Knight (Dane Whitman), Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), Siena Blaze, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Crystal, Giant-Man (Hank Pym), Green Goblin (Phil Urich), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Jubilee, Juggernaut, Reaper (Pantu Hurageb), Rogue, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Starfox, Storm, Thor, Vision, Wolverine, X-Men

Enemies: "Angels," Aquan, Atalon, Al Baker, Book, Cabal, Colonel Carpenter, Charlene, Bill Clinton of the New World, Enriquo DaSilva, Death Dance, Anton Delacroix, Demonseed, Doc Gross, Duey, Entity, Fifi,  Fire People, Fold, Frago, Gate, Gormada, Gun Nut, Homebringer, Hybrid, Kutt, Lizardspawn, Lord Pumpkin, Manhattan Project, Maxi-Man, Meat Hook, Meat Rack, Metabio Corporation, Coach Meyer, Monsters of the Fire People, Mosely, Needler, Nemesis, NM-E, Organism 8, Papa Verite, Planet Class, All-American Prime/Prime of the New World, Primevil, "Prime gang," the Progeny, Rafferty, Rawborgs, Rex Mundi, Colonel Roberto Rinaldo, Mr. Riordan, Rune, Rush, Colonel Samuels, the Shifters, agent Shoat, Shogun, Keith Singles (Prime imposter), Specimen 13, King Tegor, Techuza, Temblor and his terrorists, Tengu, Terrordyne, Tulkan Fleet and the Alien Elite, Whistler, unidentified Frost Giant, unidentified sea monster, unidentified terrorists, unidentified witch & her son & his minions;
    formerly Flood, Hirujo, Liberty, Wreckage; Thor of Earth-616

Earth-616: Gateway, Grandmaster, Hulk (Bruce Banner), Lizardspawn, Loki, Phoenix Force, Sersi, Eugene Wildeman

Known Relatives: Russell Green (father), Ruth Green (mother), Judy Glick (maternal aunt)

Aliases: "Rogue Prime," Phoenix-Prime, Spider-Prime

Base of Operations: Ultraforce base, Headless Cross, Arkansas;
    Washington, D.C. (civilian life);
    formerly New York City, New York;
    formerly Canoga Park, California;
    all within the

First Appearance: Prime I#1 (June, 1993)












Powers/Abilities: Kevin can alter his DNA to create an artificial body around his own, transforming into the massively muscled, super-heroic, seemingly adult Prime. At his peak, Prime is incredibly strong (Class 100) and virtually invulnerable, can fly at super-sonic speeds(?), and release powerful bursts of energy. Kevin has finite levels of energy and once he exhausts these the Prime body will degenerate. These Prime bodies are unstable and become weaker over time before breaking down and collapsing completely. Through will power he can retain and regenerate a Prime form after it starts to break down, tapping into hidden energy stores, but he cannot do this indefinitely.

    These Prime-bodies lack internal organs and are primarily an outer casing containing a green liquid which delivers oxygen to and transports out carbon dioxide and other ventilatory waste products so that Kevin can survive inside of the Prime body. Prime's flesh can be damaged, especially by penetrating injuries, which cause the green liquid to leak through. With concentration he can heal wounds to his Prime body and restore it from seemingly mortal wounds (such as virtual decapitation), though badly damaged Prime bodies usually undergo degeneration, collapsing into a more flimsy lining around Kevin and the fluid, and Kevin has to tear his way out of a degenerated Prime body in order to breathe. Prime's costume was made of the same material as the Prime-body, and it was part of him, non-removable. Despite lack of organ structure, Kevin saw through Prime's eyes, heard through his ears, and felt through his skin. The Prime body could eat and drink.

    Kevin subconsciously influenced the appearance of Prime, occasionally adopting slightly different forms. Under certain conditioning, his body could be trained to create alternate Prime-bodies, such as a form designed to survive in outer space. When exhausted, he once generated a Prime body with its head facing backwards.

    Each of the Prime-bodies' cells contained a DNA signature marked by Doc Gross.

    Doc Gross commented that he designed Prime to have a reproductive system, but wasn't sure if he actually had one because there had been so many variables.

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown










(Power of Prime#2 (fb) - BTS) - Via a combination of science and sorcery, a collection of alien beings on the Godwheel created god-like forms for themselves as an homage to the gods that had vanished following a cataclysmic war. These aliens then considered themselves to be of one race, the Prime race, though every score of years they had to rest and renew their godlike forms, returning briefly to their original forms, which now disgusted them. <Over 15 years before Prime I#1> their renewal cycle became accelerated, so that some bodies lasted only minutes or seconds, and many of their number perished.
    The Prime sent their Homebringer to Earth, carrying genetic samples from their oldest records. They sought out Dr. Vincent Gross, a brilliant and daring geneticist, whom they hoped could cultivate a fresh code. Gross told them it would take years to develop.

(Prime I#11 (fb) - BTS) - Russell Green served under Col. Samuels in the army, and he overheard a conversation where Samuels demanded that Dr. Vincent Gross perfect a means to create Super-Soldiers; Gross found genetic programming to be the most effective route, but had difficulty in making his products stable.

(Prime I#3 (fb)) <nearly 15 years before Prime I#1> - Fertility researcher Dr. Vincent Gross obtained government funding by promising that his research had a military application. Gross' experiments were designed to grow ultra-powered soldiers in the bodies of ordinary women by implanting fast-mutating genes--using their babies as a catalyst.

(Origins#1 /Prime I#11 (fb) - BTS) <thirteen years before Prime's first transformation> Ruth and Russell Green had been having trouble conceiving a child. Russell sought out Doc Gross, who agreed to use his experimental techniques. Russell happily signed all wavers. Ruth went through a number of treatments, and many samples were taken from Russell, but finally they conceived a son; Gross was excited about the special baby, a prime specimen.

(Prime I#24 (fb) - BTS) - Doc Gross obtained a "genetic virus" from an extraterrestrial source.

(Prime I#24 (fb)) - Late during Ruth's pregnancy, Gross applied some sort of epidermal patch that transported a genetic virus into her fetus and latched onto his DNA.

(Prime I#11 (fb) - BTS) - Kevin Green was born, a seemingly normal baby boy. Gross told them to come back for frequent check-ups, and he also instructed Russell that he must never let another doctor examine Kevin, because some of the techniques he had used were not legal.

(Prime I#3 (fb) - BTS) - After a Senator threatened an investigation on Gross, he was forced to destroy many of his records, and he lost touch with those he had mutated.

(Prime I#11 (fb) - BTS) - Kevin grew up a healthy and well-behaved child, never getting sick. No doctor ever gave him more than a preschool check-up.

(Prime I#4 (fb)) - Kevin talked to Kelly at the movie theater until some of the Locos gang begin harassing him, and he walked away.

(Prime I#3 (fb)) - Burning with fever, Kevin was put to bed by his mother, but he suddenly morphed into a giant adonis-like form for the first time, though he was virtually paralyzed and blinded by his acutely swollen. Suddenly he returned to normal inside the giant body, which had decayed into a liquid that was drowning him. Forcing himself to go back to sleep, he thought he had dreamed it all until he found the empty skin on his bedroom floor. Panicked, he tore free from the body then disposed of its remains.

(Ultraverse Premiere#0) - After a night spend dreaming of himself as a monster, Kevin went to school and saw coach Meyer apparently grab Kelly Cantrell. Kevin was furious both at this action and at his own inability to do anything about it, but he then transformed into Prime. Excited, he flew into the air and accidentally hit a jet, knocking off one of its wings. He caught the plane and helped it land safely then flew back to school to teach Meyer a lesson.

(Prime I#1 (fb)) - At John F. Kennedy Junior High School in Canoga Park, California, Prime made his first public appearance, confronting coach Meyer, telling him he knew what he had been doing to the girls he coached, assaulting and threatening him to force him to stop. When Meyer tried to fight back, Prime inadvertently broke his left arm. Before he left, Prime told Kelly that he was her protector.

(Prime I#1 (fb)) - Prime smashed through the roof of a drug dealer's house, telling them not to deal in his neighborhood or anywhere else. The dealers attacked him with various firearm, but Prime defeated them all. The head dealer obtained a small sample of the liquid that leaked from Prime after he had been shot.

(Prime I#1) - Doc Gross and Duey  interviewed Coach Meyer and the drug dealer, getting the details on their encounters with Prime. Upon learning the dealer had a sample of Prime, Gross had the dealer slain so he could take the sample for himself.
    While Gross watched a TV report, Prime flew to the rebel-held relief station near Baigane, Solmalia and assisted the United Nation troops against terrorists. Prime was standing up to everything the terrorists threw at him, but then his body began to dissolve. Panicking, he flew back home, barely making it to crash through a window into an empty room, at which point the body died and Kevin began to drown. He tore his way out of the Prime skin and then threw up.

(Prime I#2) - Naked, exhausted, and covered in slime, Kevin returned home and collapsed in front of his mother. His parents took him to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with fatigue and dehydration, and he pretended to not remember what had happened to him. Upon returning to school, Kevin tried to talk to Kelly, but she tried to avoid him until he asked her about Prime.
    Meanwhile, a cleaning crew looked at their shattered window and the decaying slime on their floor. They were waiting for the police to get their samples when Organism 8 appeared, sniffed the slime, and then tracked it to Kevin at his school. At the same time, Kevin began to transform into Prime and had to run out class. Prime later met with Kelly, taking her for a ride as he flew through the sky, but they were assaulted in mid-air by Organism 8, and Prime barely caught Kelly before she hit the ground. Prime fought Organism 8 savagely, ultimately decapitating it, but after he left it simply grew a new head in its chest and came after him again. Organism 8 engulfed and captured Prime.

(Prime I#3) - Organism 8 brought Prime to Doc Gross, who chained him up and electrically shocked him when he tried to escape. Gross told Prime something of his origins, but when he tried to take further samples, Prime broke free and attacked him. Gross' lab assistant, Duey, transformed into Organism 8 to protect his creator and to obtain the samples Gross wanted. As they fought, the refreshed Organism 8 repeatedly injured Prime, even tearing off his cape, which was part of his body. Frightened and enraged, Prime hurled Organism 8 into the computer banks, causing an explosion that electrified both Gross and Organism 8 and then set the laboratory on fire. Prime fled, but then came across the scene of a tank falling on someone. Prime rushed to the rescue, unwittingly ruining the scene in a Prototype movie.

(Prime I#4) - Prototype and Prime got in a fight over Prime's ruining of the movie. The fight eventually started a fire, which they teamed together to stop, but in mid-effort Prime's body began to break down and he was forced to flee, leaving a large piece of flaming debris to land on Prototype. Assuming that Prime had set him up, Prototype vowed vengeance. Prime crashed into a car outside of his house, and his father found him and pulled him out of the Prime body. Telling Kevin he didn't know what was going on, Russell Green nonetheless got him a change of clothes, brought him into the house, and told Kevin that no tests could be run on him, nor could anyone else find out about him or their family would be at risk.

(Flood Relief#1) - Hearing reports of the massive flooding in Des Moines, Iowa, Prime flew out to help and encountered Prototype, Hardcase, and Zip-Zap. As Prime stacked sandbags to hold back the waters, the sentient nanotech that had infected Leann Butler -- who had unwittingly caused the flooding -- then took physical form as a giant water monster. The monster grabbed Prime and Hardcase, holding them tightly while they could not harm its watery form. Zip-Zap formed a vortex around the water monster, draining the power from Leann and causing the water monster to weaken. The heroes broke free, and Prototype and Hardcase used Prime's cape to catch the shrinking water monster, then super-heated it, turning it into steam. Pained by the use of his cape, Prime threatened to attack Prototype, but backed up when Prototype picked up Leann and flew to the hospital.

(Prime I#4) - The next day Kevin ignored his mother's requests to stay home, and he annoyed his friend Scott by behaving secretively. He met up with Kelly and convinced her to talk to him by bringing up their mutual friend, Prime. He vaguely spoke of connections to Prime and told Kelly that Prime thought she was special. Meanwhile a demonic agent of Boneyard had arrived on Earth, adopted the form of the cartoon character Maxi-Man, and began rampaging nearby. "Maxi-Man" saw the two youths (Kelly and Kevin) and cornered them, intending to teach them about fear.

(Prime I#5) - Kevin avoided "Maxi-Man" 's assaults and transformed into Prime unseen by Kelly. Weaker than normal, Prime nonetheless fought back savagely, destroying the form of  "Maxi-Man" with an energy blast and forcing the demon to flee. He also unwittingly referred to Kelly as his girlfriend, a statement that did not go unheard by Kelly. Meanwhile, Russell Green contacted Colonel Samuels who met him at his house and became quite intrigued upon learning that Kevin was Prime. Prime collapsed after the battle, having completely exhausted himself, and he began to melt right in front of Kelly. Samuels and his men arrived, threw Prime in the back of a truck and took him away. Using epidermal stabilizer, injecting his fluid component with antibiotics to avoid putrefaction, and pumping oxygen into his chest cavity, they restored Prime. When he began to awake, however, they sedated him and took him back to their base.

(Prime I#6) - Prime underwent a number of virtual reality simulations in Col. Samuel's laboratory. While he proved successful against giant dinosaurs and other foes, every time he was sent into space he passed out from lack of oxygen and his Prime body inflated and exploded in the vacuum. Upon recovering, Prime initially assaulted Samuels, but the Colonel convinced Prime that he was an enemy of Doc Gross. He further brought Prime to meet President Clinton, and Prime was convinced to serve the government, though he was much more interested in Chelsea Clinton.
    Col. Samuels then explained to Prime that he would be going to the moon to investigate a series of energy blasts released from there that had empowered a number of beings. Samuels also told Prime that the world would be told that Prime himself had been mutated by one of these energy blasts (jumpstarts). When Samuels told Prime that after the mission he'd be sent back home he agreed to go. Despite training and scientific instruction, Prime was unable to adapt his body for space. Kevin grew discouraged, but Samuels then used a doctored video of Russell Green to convince him to continue to obey Samuels. Around the same time, Samuels overheard Russell Green starting to share some of the truth with Ruth Green, and he spoke to him through a speaker phone, instructing him to stop.







    Samuels' scientists designed a failsafe suit-canister for Kevin if his Prime body began to dissolve, and they outfitted him with oxygen tanks and then used bio-implants to develop a space worthy form for him.





(Break-Thru#1) - At the Pentagon, Colonel Samuels wondered if the freshly mutated and now space-worthy Prime should investigate the spectrally burning and perception-altering Amber Hunt, but decided to wait and held back sending Prime out. However, battles between ultras began to escalate rapidly as some fought to attack Hunt while others sought to defend her. Col. Samuels then dispatched Prime to the source of the energy readings - the moon. The ultra manipulator, Rex Mundi, who sought to keep the energy source secret, sent his agents (Book, Death Dance, Gate, Gun-Nut, Meat Hook, Needler, Trouble) in pursuit of Prime in Gate's flying saucer.

(Prime I#7) - Wearing a belt to track the energies of the entity, Prime flew to the moon. There the entity began to assault him, growing giant stalagmites from the moon's surface, firing lasers, and creating doppelgangers of his family, Col. Samuels, and Kelly  Cantrell from the moondust. Overcoming the attacks and recognizing the entity's duplicity, Prime confronted the entity itself, and it shared memories of its observations of Earth with him. As their minds touched, Prime fell under the entity's sway.

(Break-Thru#2) - Protecting the entity, Prime attacked Gate's approaching saucer and a battle ensued. However, Mantra, in an effort to survive on the lifeless moon, tapped into Prime's life energy, tipping the scales against Prime, although the Strangers, Choice and Prototype stepped in to help Prime. Hardcase leapt for the entity's cave, but was stopped by a weakened Prime. Hardcase punched him hard, penetrating Prime's hardened skin causing the green Prime body fluids to drift away. Prime left scared but was rescued by Mantra; reverting back to Kevin Green, he then told Mantra what he knew of the entity. Mantra, revitalized by Kevin's Prime energy, then left him safe in an oxygen cocoon as she left to fight for the entity. Rex Mundi's agents attacked again and Kevin sought his Prime power to be returned from Mantra, and he blasted out in his space-modified Prime body. Mundi's agents teleported away just before the entity exploded, but the heroes' minds had been linked by magic and they saw multiple incredible worlds. The explosion destroyed the entity's physical form and the ultras were left on the moon, but had discovered their purpose as heroes.

(Prototype#6 (fb)) - The Strangers' Lady Killer recommend that Prototype fly back to Earth by following Prime and allowing his body to dissipate the friction of re-entry. Soon after the pair started their journey

(Prime I#8/Prototype#6) - Prime attempted to help Prototype return to Earth, but his weakened Prime-body was unable to withstand the heat of re-entry and it began to melt. Prototype's armor melted into a fused position and he crashed in the ocean, but a fishing ship retrieved him in their nets.

(Prime I#8) - Recalling the cloth given to him by Mantra, he touched it and thought of her, and she helped guide him to crash into a pool, which softened the impact enough for him to survive. Mantra saved the dazed Kevin from drowning and took him back to her house, but Samuels agents traced his arrival and headed out to re-collect him. An organism planted in Samuels base by Dr. Gross then contacted Gross (in superhuman form), and he headed out after Prime as well.

    Kelly was surprised to find Kevin at Eden Blake (Mantra's host)'s house when she came to collect her babysitting money, but Eden sent her away. Eden tried and failed to convince Kevin that Samuels was not to be trusted, but Kevin stuck to his vow to the president. When Samuels showed up at her door shortly thereafter, Kevin went with him willingly, but then Gross assaulted Samuels' truck (and Kelly was struck by a piece of debris from the truck). Mantra arrived to help Kevin, but Gross then summoned three agents, including Organism 8 to stop her. Mantra sent power into Kevin, but she was too weakened by the effort, and Gross knocked her out. Gross--who failed to realize that Kevin/Prime was almost within his grasp, and who also mistakenly assumed that Mantra was one of his creations--took Mantra and escaped along with agents. Kevin turned into Prime, and when Samuels threatened his parents to try to force him to stay, Prime flipped out; he threatened to kill Samuels if he even touched them. Prime then headed out to try to save Mantra.

(Mantra I#7) - Prime tore open the top of Gross' van and joined Mantra against Gross and his agents, and Mantra took control of the van but crashed it off a bridge. Gross then drugged Mantra and took her hostage but she gave Prime one of her rings before she passed out. Prime forced Samuels to flee, but Gross escaped with Mantra. Prime eventually figured out how to turn Mantra's ring into the Sword of Fangs, and he used it to track her to Gross' lab and free Mantra. She defeated Duey and fought another tentacled creature, but Prime began to breakdown in mid-battle with Gross. When the two were briefly separated, Mantra grabbed Kevin and flew him home, where he revealed that he knew she was Eden Blake. Asking him to keep her secret, she gave him a kiss on the cheek before flying off.

(Prime I#9) - Mantra dropped Kevin off back at his home, but after she left, Kevin was ambushed by Samuels' men, who attached a control collar to him. When Samuels confronted Kevin, he tried to turn into Prime, but the collar delivered an electric shock that shorted out his biogenetic powers. Samuels then forced Kevin to accompany him back to his base. Samuels had the President give Prime further instructions over a radio transmission, and then he allowed Kevin to turn into Prime and sent him to break up a group of terrorists taking over the Los Verdes nuclear base. In reality there was a peaceful demonstration at the abandoned base, but Samuels had previously hidden a stockpile of nuclear weapons there; further Samuels commented that he had expected that the demonstrators might have tripped the proximity sensors that might arm the bombs--and he wanted to frame Prime for causing the explosion to avoid the blame. Prime arrived at Los Verdes but found the demonstrators to be peaceful nuclear protestors; and after Prime heard Pres. Clinton speaking on television about appeasing the protestors he realized that he was being deceived. The protestors discovered the nuclear bombs, which had indeed been activated, and he flew into the nuclear arsenal. Prime grabbed the detonator and flew it deep into the Earth, but before he could escape, the detonator went off. Glowing with radiation from the detonator explosion, Prime flew into the air, bellowing with rage.

(Prime I#10) - Still glowing and enraged, Prime burst into Samuels' base, but Samuels simply flattened him with the control collar and then bound him in chains.

(Firearm I#6) - Meanwhile, Russell Green contacted private investigator Alec Swan (aka Firearm) to find his kidnapped son before informing him that his son is actually Prime. Firearm then identified that it was Col. Samuels who kidnapped Kevin and stealthily crept into the Samuels' military compound. Along the way, he saw the figure of Prime fly overhead. Later, deep inside the military compound, Firearm came across Prime strapped down with chains.

(Prime I#10) - Firearm shot the device powering Prime's shackles. Prime broke free, but Samuels then shot him repeatedly; weakened by the control collar, Prime's body began to degenerate. Firearm swung down, grabbed Kevin, and escaped with him. Firearm defended Kevin from Samuel's soldiers, and Kevin was astounded that a man with no powers could accomplish so much. Firearm told him that it isn't the powers that count, it's the man. The soldiers eventually managed to restrain Firearm and hold guns to his head, and the desperate Kevin--inspired by Firearm--managed to overcome the control collar. Kevin transformed into Prime, but in a new, more rogue form (complete with a scar over his right eye to match Firearm's). Samuels activated the collar again, but Firearm encouraged Prime to resist, and Prime reached into his own neck and tore out the collar. Firearm shot the two soldiers, and Prime charged Samuels, shrugging off his bullets. As Prime cornered Samuels, Samuels pulled out a knife and slit his throat. Firearm acknowledged that Prime had learned several of life's lessons.
    Meanwhile, Kelly woke up from her injuries (in Prime I#8), shouting, "Kevin Green is Prime!"

(Prime I#1/2) - Prime thwarted an attempted terrorist attack by Terrordyne agents on a popular animation firm. Later, he thought about telling his mother that he was Prime, but decided against it when she referred to ultras in a TV report as monsters.

(Prime I#11) - Prime went to "Le Python Nightclub," where an attractive model named Charlene bought him a drink and began flirting with him. Charlene's boyfriend, Justin Kuttner, approached and became abusive towards her, and Prime decked him, starting a bar fight in the process; even Charlene turned against him as she was trying to use Kuttner for his money. Prime's face began to degenerate, but he managed to focus and restore it, after which he flew out to party some more. Returning home in the morning, he turned back into Kevin and shoved his degenerated Prime body into a bag he took from some construction equipment. Ruth Green was full of questions, but Kevin blew her off and went to sleep. Ruth and Russell Green argued, and Russell agreed to temporarily move out while he investigated the people who had assaulted them and their house. When Russell met with Kevin, Kevin dumped his decayed Prime body on the floor to shock him. Russell explained their past with Doc Gross and Col. Samuels, after which Russell moved out. Kevin blew off his mom again in the morning as he daydreamed about becoming Prime forever.

(Prime I#12) - Kuttner was enhanced by the Cabal, gaining the power to slice through anything with his hands as "Kutt."
    At school, Kevin found himself an outcast, even with his old friend Scott, as everyone thought he likely had a disease or something after the army had assaulted his house and abducted him. Kevin learned about Kelly being in the hospital from her friend Courtney, who taunted him about being seen at Eden Blake's house, wearing nothing but a towel. Turning into Prime, he was seen flying away from the school. He arrived at the Cantrell's house, but Kelly was taking a bath, and her mother, Debbie, began hitting on Prime, so he got nervous and left. Full of himself for attracting an adult woman, Prime then flew to the beach, where he lifted an entire weight room over his head, showing up Hector Ortiz, who was being billed as the strongest man on the planet. Bunz Beach Gear dropped their contract with Ortiz and sought one with Prime, and Ortiz swore vengeance (intending to use his own ultra-powers against him). When Prime returned to Le Python, Kuttner sliced his chains in half. Prime grabbed Kuttner, but got sliced in the chest and arm, and was forced to hurl Kuttner away and flee. Prime crashed into the "HOLLYWOOD" sign and his Prime body fell apart, while Ortiz, now the giant & super-strong Planet Class, met with Kuttner, and they agreed to join forces to destroy Prime.

(Prime I#13) - Kevin tried to hitch a ride home, but ended up with a pedophile and fled home on foot. He continued to push his mom away the next morning. At school he saw a TV spot with Planet Class and Kutt challenging him to a televised fight. Prime met them at the agreed spot, and when Kutt sliced his hand open during their handshake, Prime willed his hand to heal. Planet Class then attacked, and he and Kutt double-teamed Prime, each assaulting and distracting him while he fought the other. Prime finally punched a hole in the ground into which Kutt fell, and then Prime beat Planet Class unconscious. When Kutt crawled out of the hole, Prime unleashed a blast of "Primal Power" that knocked him out, too. Kevin forced himself to stay together--his previous Prime bodies having broken down after using the energy blasts--and then exulted in his victory, promising to show the world that Prime was the toughest ultra ever.

(Prime I#13/2) - Prime traveled to the Midwest in an effort to confront the monsters of the Fire People that had crawled up from their underground city.  Along the way the military tried to stop him, even firing on him, so he flew into the ground and tunneled the rest of the way there. The Freex (Anything, Cayman, Plug, Pressure, Sweetface, ) were also investigating this--under the direction of the Old Man--and they ran into Prime while searching the China Lake Naval base. Mistaking them for the monsters he had been seeking, Prime punched out Anything and then threatened the others.

(Giant-Size Freex#1) - After the standard fight of mistaken identities/motives, Prime realized the Freex were super-powered youths like himself. Prime found himself greatly drained by his recent struggles, but forced himself to hold it together. He distracted the military, allowing the Freex to head down the tunnel, and then joined the Freex and the Old Man in an investigation of the tunnels of the Fire People. In the depths of the realm of the Fire People, they found a number of statues with the appearance of the a number of unidentified superhumans, but also of what appeared to be the Freex themselves.

(Freex#12//Ultraforce I#1/2) - The Freex, Old Man, and Prime were attacked by several of the Monsters of the Fire People, but Michael located a group of headpieces that the Freex put on, allowing them to control the Monsters. Prime had run out of power in mid-battle and reverted to Kevin, and he returned to the surface as the rest of the Freex continued their journey, though he felt a kinship with these fellow outcasts.

(Prime I#14) - Prime returned to the Bunz Gear show on Venice Beach, but his battle with the Marines made them more reluctant to deal with him. When he shoved a police officer who was harassing some skaters, the Bunz Gear guys realized the deal was off. Prime took the kids to safety and then crashed through a window at Ultra Monthly, offering an exclusive interview to Al Baker in exchange for $20, 000 cash. Prime spoke about helping misunderstood youths, and punishing those who would manipulate them, but then the police--summoned by one of Baker's underlings without his instruction--arrived. Believing Baker had set him up, Prime flew out and destroyed the police helicopters, unwittingly leaving behind his backpack; Baker and the police opened the backpack and found a young boy (Kevin)'s clothing, making them suspect his true motivations. Kevin then flew to Kelly's house, considering revealing his true identity, but when Debbie hit on him again, he screamed at her for wanting him and not caring about Kelly; as he flew off, Debbie decided that his interest in Kelly was unnatural and that she needed to do something about it.
    Prime then found one of the skaters he had met and tried to help him to find his father, finding instead that the boy's mother was a drug addict and their house was in terrible condition. Prime sought out the local drug dealer, destroyed his base, and forced him to reveal his supplier: Papa Verite (who received word of Prime's investigations).

(Prime I#15 (fb)) - Prime savagely beat another drug dealer, forcing him to reveal Papa Verite's location.

(Prime I#15) - Prime tracked Papa Verite to his Hollywood house, Prime tried to chase out all of the users there, but Verite began affecting his perceptions, making it appear that he was being attacked by Zombies, seduced by Debbie Cantrell (who turned into a constricting snake), confronted by his father (who appeared to be Papa Verite) and Col. Samuels. They told Prime that he, himself, was a drug and that he had blood on his hands. Papa Verite then appeared, goading Prime into attacking him, but then apparently transformed into a skeleton immune to his assaults. Prime resisted Verite's influence and flew from the building, and Verite apparently left in the form of green smoke, though he promised to overcome him in their next battle. One of the skaters thanked Prime for helping him find his parents, but Prime was still spooked by two of Verites "voodoo dolls."

(Mantra I#23 (see comments)) - Temblor and a group of terrorists took hostage most of the people of Canoga Park. Mantra sought out Kevin and gave him an energy boost so he could help her as Prime, but before he could complete the transformation Temblor's agents shot Kevin with a pair of tranquilizer darts, and he fell unconscious, reverting back to normal form. Mantra defeated Temblor and his agents, and Kevin apologized for letting Mantra down.

(Ultraverse Premiere#3/Prime I#12) - An unidentified terrorist group launched a desert storm surplus scud missile at the village of Westwood. Prime flew into the sky and stopped the missile, which then exploded. Prime crashed to the ground, and his Prime body began to fall apart. Kevin climbed out and walked away, but funeral home director Sy Bernstein found the body and preserved it to prevent it from degrading further. Entering the body, Bernstein accessed its power and acted as Prime to protect his neighborhood.

(Ultraverse Premiere#4/Strangers#13 - BTS) - After a number of criminals were killed when their rocket launcher's projectile hit Bernstein's Prime body and bounced back towards them, Sy buried the Prime body.

(Firearm#11/Ultraverse Premiere#4/2) - Elven, another Gross Baby who had fallen under the control of Anton Delacroix, attacked Prime. After taking several hits, Prime fought back, trying to wear her down rather than injure her. He punched her out after she slashed his face, after which her Elven body broke down, leaving the helpless Elvia Swenson. Prime realized she was just like him.

(Elven#0/4) - Elvia found herself free of Delcroix's influence, and Prime convinced her to lead him back to Delacroix, though she feared Delacroix would take control of her again. After they arrived, Delacroix mentally assaulted Prime, and while he was able to resist Delacroix's power he feigned defeat so that Elven would find the strength to fight him. Elven overpowered Delacroix, and Prime stopped her from killing him. Elven and Prime departed on good terms.

(Ultraforce I#0A) - After hearing Ultra icon Hardcase (after rescuing Ghoul from a mob) comment on television that only Ultras would be able to police Ultras, Prime was inspired to form a team of Ultras. This same idea was separately pursued by Prototype (Jimmy Ruiz) and Contrary with her young ward Pixx.
    Around the same time, Atalon, leader of the Fire People, launched an attack on the surface world that drew the attention of all of the above.

(Ultraforce I#0B) - Prime made an announcement on national TV promoting a new police force by ultras for ultras. While Contrary sought to recruit Hardcase and Ghoul to her side, the teenage Prime and Prototype fought over who could form a better group, and who could do it first. Meanwhile, Atalon continued his invasion.

(Ultraforce I#1) - Topaz, one of the three queens of Gwendor, somehow arrived on Earth and went on a rampage until being recruited by Contrary, whom she trusted because she was a woman. Prime and Prototype went after Atalon; Prime smashed a tunnel down into the realm of the Fire People and flew down to confront Atalon, who splattered his head with a single punch. Prototype, too, was nearly killed. Hardcase arrived in time to save them, and he, Contrary, Ghoul, Pixx, Prime, Prototype, and Topaz joined together as Ultraforce, with Hardcase as leader (though Contrary had her own agenda).

(Ultraforce I#2) - Ultraforce received official government sanction from President Bill Clinton, and they had a press conference announcing their goals, the first of which was to stop Atalon and the Fire People. The group split up to try to recruit aid from Mantra, Night Man,  and/or the Strangers.

(Giant-Size Mantra#1) - Prime sought out Mantra to recruit her into Ultraforce, surprising her in meditation and receiving an energy blast in the face. She refused his invitation, telling him that she didn't have time to join some club just because a little boy wanted her to.

(Freex#14) - Contrary tried and failed to recruit the Freex, she then regathered Prime, Prototype, and Hardcase, pulling them away from their previous negotiations, to inform them that the Fire People were assaulting a nuclear weapons base in Russia.

(Ultraforce I#2) - As Hardcase tried to formulate a plan, Contrary's manipulations of the younger males in the team caused Prime to lash out at him, and a fight erupted, that ended with Prime leaving the team.

(Prime I#16) - Prime brought in a man who physically abused his own son, but was then overwhelmed by reporters questioning him about his interests in kids, especially when they brought up his backpack which contained a young boy's clothing. Frustrated, Prime shouted out that he was a hero, trying to do some good in the world, as he shattered the sidewalk with his fist. He then took out a police helicopter that tried to arrest him, but was then assaulted by the super-fast Turbocharge, who ran circles around him and tricked him into crashing into an electronics store. Further frustrated upon hearing Hardcase discuss Prime's actions and allegations on television, followed by a report of Debbie Cantrell filing a restraining order against Prime, Prime flew out and secretly met with Kelly, taking her to where they could speak privately. Kelly revealed her dreams that Kevin was Prime, but she also revealed that she was uncomfortable with the idea of an adult liking her. Prime then kissed Kelly and prepared to reveal the truth, but then Turbocharge zipped in and grabbed Kelly, taking her away while asking her how he could get in good with Prime. Kelly punched him and made him let her go. Turbocharge then crashed into Prime head-on, knocking Prime on his butt, and then introduced himself as his new partner.
    Prime then took Kelly and flew her home, where he found a "Prime Gang" (radical Prime supporters) had grabbed Debbie Cantrell and were trying to harass her into saying she had been lying about Prime. Prime swatted his supporters and raged how no one understood him. When Kelly told him she never wanted to see him again he began to lose his confidence and fall apart, so he flew home. Feeling betrayed by Prime, the Prime Gang left.
    Falling apart as he crashed into his own lawn, Kevin sneaked into his house, but his mom heard him and told him to pack, because they were moving to New York to leave all of their current problems behind. Kevin vowed to make Al Baker pay for besmirching his image before they left.

(Rune I#6) - A trio of bullies beat up Kevin, who then became Prime and confronted them anew. Before he could do anything, he was summoned to the side of Mantra, who was under assault by Rune, seeking to claim the Sword of Fangs for himself. Prime punched Rune away, little realizing he had already claimed the Sword, and Rune then flew off. Mantra (wounded by Rune's bite) had Prime follow Rune and the Sword's trail to Mixcotl, Mexico, and he detected them despite their efforts to sneak up on him. Prime tackled Rune into some Aztec (?) ruins, but Rune swiftly overpowered him and then tore off his Prime form. Rune had dropped the Sword of Fangs during their struggle, and Mantra reclaimed it, using it to slice off his star stone necklace. She then used the Sword to shatter some of the star stones, allowing the souls they held to assault Rune. Mantra flew off with Kevin, telling him she couldn't have done it without him.

(Prime Annual#1: Gross & Disgusting) - Doc Gross and Duey took hostage the comatose body of Linda Warren (formerly Starburst), forcing Hardcase to obey their command to capture Prime for them; Gross further sent his flying monster poodle Fifi to follow Hardcase and transmit events back to Gross to prevent Hardcase from tipping Prime off on what was going on.
    Meanwhile, Prime confronted one of the dirt-mongers who had been writing bad stories about him, leaving his car hanging from a billboard as a warning. Hardcase attracted Prime's attention by draping a giant "PRIME" label over the Hollywood sign, and then ambushed him. Prime fought back, initially ignoring Hardcases efforts to get him far from Fifi so he could tell him the truth, but ultimately Prime listened and faked being choked into submission. Hardcase brought Prime back to Gross, and Gross trapped Prime within Organism 8. Gross' entire office building was revealed to be another mutate, and it spit out Hardcase and Linda before flying away, but then "Linda" decomposed, revealing itself to be yet another unstable mutate.
    With Prime held in improved nullification electrodes, Gross explained his plan to breed Prime with Linda to make a race of mutates. Prime refused to cooperate, but Gross began showing him holographic images of beautiful women to test his...capabilities. After Gross left, Prime forced his Prime body to collapse, enabling him to escape the manacles. Organism 39 altered Gross of this occurrence, and Duey chased after Prime, but Hardcase arrived to help him (having followed an injured Fifi there). Duey battled Hardcase, and Kevin turned back into Prime -- in yet another form, closer to his original. Kevin defeated Gross, destroying his mutate form, and Gross decomposed completely. Hardcase stunned Duey, and the two heroes rescued Linda and escaped the building before it collapsed completely.
    Duey found Gross' still living remains and then absorbed them into himself, taking control of Gross and his own destiny.

(Mantra I#15) - Wishing to have Doc Gross make a male body for Lukasz, the male warrior possessing her form, Mantra met with Kevin, giving him an energy boost to become Prime and asking his help. The two traveled to Gross' old sewer base where they found Duey and pressured him to make a perfect male body, but the body then savagely attacked Prime, tearing him open, dumping out Kevin, and absorbing his Prime body. Mantra then recharged the Prime body it had consumed until both exploded, after which Mantra took Kevin home again.

(Mantra I#16) - Mantra dropped Kevin off and he told her he was sorry things hadn't worked out the way she wanted.

(Prime I#17 (fb) - BTS) - Kevin and Ruth Green moved to New York.

(Ultraforce I#2 - BTS) - The rest of Ultraforce (minus Prime) headed out after the Fire People.

(Ultraforce I#3) - Atalon raised an entire new island for the Fire People, and Ultraforce engaged them there. They initially took the advantage of surprise, but Atalon captured Ghoul, nearly killed Pixx and Contrary, and sent Prototype out to stop a missile he had launched. Prototype stopped the missile, and the timely return of Prime saved Pixx and Contrary. However, Atalon detonated a nuke on the surface of his island, making it too inhospitable for any of them to return to continue the fight.

(Ultraforce I#4) - As the rest of Ultraforce regrouped and began to plan a new strategy against the massive power of Atalon, an unidentified plague began to spread across the USA. Prime comforted Prototype over his frustration in having allowed Atalon to capture Ghoul. Prime also reached out to Pixx, telling her that it was natural to feel insecure, even when you' adult.
    Realizing her mistakes in causing strife, Contrary made efforts to use her influence to unite the group. Pixx announced her plan to have the others distract Atalon while she would diffuse his arsenal.

(Ultraforce I#5) - Prime tried to empathize with Pixx for her lack of control of her powers, but she shut him out. Contrary, Hardcase, Prime, Prototype, and Topaz distracted Atalon and the Fire People, while Pixx snuck into the chamber where he had stockpiled a massive nuclear arsenal. She succeeded in disabling the entire arsenal, and refused to heed Ghoul's pleading for her to stop when her radiation suit was damaged. By the time the others arrived, Pixx was dead from the radiation present from the previous explosion.

(Ultraforce I#6) - Ultraforce teamed up against Atalon, driving him back, but he then collapsed the entire chamber on them. Realizing that his plans were falling to pieces, Atalon unleashed his full power into the Earth, causing powerful waves of gravity that would destroy the entire planet. Contrary teleported him into her ship and negotiated with him to grant him his own island nation for the Fire People if he would declare a truce against the world. Prime was furious that they were letting the bad guy get away with what he'd done, but Hardcase told him that this wasn't a comic book, and that they had to accept the best they could get.

(Prime I#17) - Atalon's raising of an island from floor of the Atlantic Ocean released a giant sea monster that traveled to New York and went on a rampage.
    Ruth Green showed Kevin around New York, and when they arrived in Staten Island to see the Statue of Liberty they saw the monster, so Kevin sneaked away, became Prime and fought it. Prime underestimated the monster, which swallowed him whole. Upon seeing the bodies of other people the monster had eaten, Prime tore his way out of the monster's stomach and abdomen, after which he knocked the monster back into the water, and it sank beneath the surface.
    Prime then was met by reporters, and he told them he had moved to New York. He also explained his changing appearances, admitting his mistakes and that celebrity had gone to his head. Prime promised not to let the public down again, but then Joe Blades from Ultra Update confronted him with the young boy's clothes that had been found in Prime's knapsack. Prime was unable to respond, but then Turbocharge arrived, claiming that the clothes were his because he was Prime's partner.
    Ruth Green was none to happy to encounter Prime in New York, because he was part of the problem she had left California to escape. She also recognized the clothes as being Kevin's.

(Prime I#18) - After the crowd accepted Turbocharge's explanation, Prime flew away with him, thanked him for his help, but refused to accept a partner. Upon returning home, Ruth Green was suspicious of Kevin's disappearance, change of clothes, and fishy odor.
    Turbocharge told his father, Dr. Hardaway, about his proposed partnership with Prime, and his father approved. Later, government officials gave  (Turbocharge's father) a file on Kevin Green salvaged from Col. Samuels office.
    Prime was tracked by the Manhattan Project, a robot designed to neutralize ultras for public safety, and when it stopped the subway Kevin was taking, he turned into Prime and fought it. As the fight moved to the sky above Manhattan, Dr. Hardaway was notified of Prime's battle, and he had his son informed.
    The Manhattan Project absorbed Prime's power as they fought, and Prime was unable to defeat it. Turbo then arrived and kicked the Manhattan Project, which unintentionally absorbed his speed power and launched into space. After some thought, Prime agreed to accept Turbocharge as his partner, hoping to find a friend with which to share his problems.

(Wrath#9) - Appealing to his sense of patriotism, Colonel Carpenter secured the cooperation of Kevin Green in his efforts to destroy Wrath. Carpenter lied to Green so that he would cooperate in his Prime alter ego, claiming that Wrath was trying to kill his own father. Prime then confronted Wrath and the two fought, with Prime's strength seriously outclassing Wrath. Recognizing he was defeated, Wrath appealed to Prime to end this fight but to save his father. Prime then became convinced that Wrath was telling the truth and, along with Mantra and Warstrike, aided him in confronting Carpenter, but they were too late to save Wrath's father from being killed. Prime apologized to Wrath and left with Warstrike and Mantra.

(Elven#1) - Prime stopped Elven from killing a man who had been abusing his girlfriend, and Elven then attacked him for his interference. Prime fought defensively and tried to convince Elven that she was like his little sister. Finally he restrained her and forced her to remember her past, after which he explained to her about her ultra powers. Exhausted, Elven reverted to Elvia, and Prime took her home.

(Elven#3) - Prime met with Elven, who attacked him and accused him of lying to her about the origins of their powers after she had received confirmation of her magical origins. Prime recognized the demon who had told her this as the demon he had fought while it was using the name Maxi-Man. As she continued to accuse and attack him, Prime got tired of it and left, telling her she would have to learn to stop brutally attacking others, or he would have to stop her.

(Elven#4) - Sensing that Elven planned to attack Mr. Riordan (the boss of her mother who was planning to coerce her mother into having sex to keep her job), Prime instead held her back, allowing her to see that her mother had already contacted the police and set up a sting operation against Riordan. Nonetheless, she vowed that when the system didn't work, Elven would be waiting.

(Ultraverse Double Feature: Prime and Solitaire#1) - Prime flew over the jungles of Africa, annoyed at the mistrusting people back home, to revisit his origins, hoping to help Africa, but was shot down by one of the violent "ultra apes", who had been mentally advanced generations before by extraterrestrials. Kevin's Prime body disintegrated and he fell naked into the jungle. He was then taken before King Tegor, a white gorilla, who commanded that Dr. Chee-keh dissect the boy to discover the secret behind the super-powered body. Kevin was initially unable to generate a new Prime body to escape. Dr. Chee-keh sympathized with the human boy and explained the apes' past, but was discovered by the evil mandrill, Frago. Kevin was then thrown into a pit that served as a prison, which also held the deposed and injured King Melitor. However, the former King had been secretly given a regenerative potion by the Doctor, but instead chose to give it to Kevin so that he could power up as Prime. He then helped reinstall Melitor as the King before taking the ultra apes to an abandoned underground city so that they could live away from prying and violent humans. Kevin seemed to rediscover his purpose and flew back to humankind.

(Sludge#12) - An unidentified witch (brought to Earth by Mr. Mischief) used a magic spell to take control of Sludge, forcing him to seek out the other half of the Wertham Stone for her so that she could free her son and his minions that had been trapped in the stone by the wizard Fredrick. At the same time, Kevin awakened from his sleep and transformed into Prime, peripherally affected by the same spell used against Sludge. The ensorcelled Sludge retrieved the other half from a museum, but was observed by Prime, who mistook him for a criminal and attacked him. The witch's hold over Sludge was weakened by the distraction, but the witch cast a multi-conjuration that simultaneously weakened Prime while strengthening her control over Sludge. As a result, Sludge overpowered Prime and then returned to the witch. Prime revived and followed Sludge's trail, so the witch sent Sludge to battle Prime while she performed her spell. Without the witch's weakening spell in effect, Prime defeated Sludge (even proving immune to the effects of Sludge's slime), but the witch successfully completed her spell; however, her newly freed giant son unwittingly stepped on and crushed her.
    Prime observed the monsters running rampant and flew out to face them.

flip! - see comments

(Ultraverse Premiere#8) - Recovering from his beating at Prime's hands, Sludge was attacked by one of the witch's son's minions, "Snort," whom he slew. While Prime continued to fight the other monsters, Sludge recalled the Wertham Stone, located it, and broke it back in half, creating a vortex that pulled the son and his minions back into the stone. Prime was pulled into the vortex, but Sludge saved him from being trapped within the stone. Prime correctly suspected that a connection existed between himself and Sludge, but the irate Sludge told him, "If we're twins, you got all the looks," and then he wandered off.

(Prime I#19) - Prime was interviewed on TV and a Prime float was featured in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Prime later shared his lack-of-money woes with Turbocharge but became angry when Turbo suggested he take money for the work he did. Returning to his mom and aunt, Kevin promised her that he would work harder to be part of the family and not disappear during the Hanukkah season. Not long after, however, Kelly Cantrell called Kevin, frantic about seeing Doc Gross' mutates watching her all the time, and Kevin ran out in the middle of the lighting of the Menorah. Kevin flew over to Kelly's house, causing Debbie Cantrell to blame him for Kelly's sudden disappearance. Prime looked for some of Gross' mutates' slime and then followed the trail of slime to save her from a mutate that had abducted her, though it decomposed before he could learn any more than "Big Brother" (presumably Duey) had sent it to follow anything that had approached Kevin Green's house.
    Prime returned Kelly to her home, and Debbie apologized, offering to pay the promised $10,000 reward for Debbie's return. Prime accepted $200 (to get presents for his mom) and told Debbie to give the rest to charity. Returning home with an armful of presents, Kevin quickly earned his mom's forgiveness, and they were pleased to receive another batch of presents from Russell Green. In addition, Ruth then received a call offering her a job in Washington DC (arranged by Dr. Hardaway).

(Godwheel#0 (see comments)) - Argus used Rune's Starstones to locate beings powerful enough to locate the the components of the Crucible of Life (the Crystal Crown, the Roc's Egg, and the Windsword). Prime was one of those visualized (though in "Rogue Prime" form -- either indicating (most likely) the last form in which Prime had encountered Rune; or perhaps a temporal warp between the Godwheel and Earth).
    Soon after, Argus attempted to summon Prime to the Godwheel, though he instead latched on to a Prime body in stasis and brought that there instead.

(Godwheel#1) - Necromantra transformed the Prime body into Primevil, a monstrous and savage being of similar power to the original Prime.

(Prime I#20) - Ruth Green brought Kevin to an opera, which he didn't mind that much since he could see himself in the heroic role. Kevin then called Kelly and arranged a meeting later that night. En route, he stopped to help put out an oil fire. Kelly gave Prime a big kiss upon seeing him and then asked if he was Kevin. As Prime tried to think of a way to explain, the ultra-killer Rafferty fired an arrow through Prime's ear, coming out the other side of his head. Prime didn't even feel the arrow and was unsure why Kelly had started screaming when the arrow then exploded.
    Meanwhile, government agent Shoat plotted to make a prostitute-turned-ultra into Prime's new partner.

(Prime I#21) - Prime's decapitated body stumbled back into the water, and the public mourned Prime's death; Russell hoped that he was still alive, while Ruth--as yet unaware of Kevin's secret--wished him good riddance. When Ruth complained about the problems she had had controlling Kevin, her sister Judy talked to her about tough love. Sometime later, Prime's body washed up on the Pacific Coast, but Kevin was still trapped inside it.

(Prime I#22) - Kevin forced the Prime body back onto land and used a pointed stick to tear it off of him. The body was found by a pair of beach-combers, while Kevin--suffering a concussion from the explosion--wandered around in a daze until being confronted by Primevil, who sought to devour Kevin to claim his power. Kevin forced himself to turn back into Prime, but in his dazed state he formed a body with its head turned backwards. Disadvantaged by this deformity and the concussion, Prime was overpowered, and Primevil began to absorb him.

(Prime I#23) - Scientists examined the decaying Prime body found by the beach-combers, and Shoat recognized it as Doc Gross' handywork. Shoat sent his ultra to find and seduce Prime, though she was weakened and nauseated by recent treatments to enhance her powers. Nonetheless, using a Shoat-given device keyed to Prime's "pseudo-genetic structure," she found him and used her density-altering power to pull Prime out from within Primevil. Prime then twisted his head to face front, and then marshaled his will to regain his clarity of mind and form. Prime then beat Primevil into submission.
    When Kevin returned home, Ruth gave him the tough love talk, grounding him.

(Prime I#24) - Kevin transformed into Prime in front of his mother and aunt, forcing them to understand his disappearances and strange behavior. Russell Green returned home and discussed the research he had been doing, and Ruth accepted him back into their family.
    Meanwhile, inspired by Prime, Shoat's ultra refused to be his servant any longer.

(Hardcase#16) - Seeing a television report of Hardcase being attacked by NM-E, Kevin ran out of house and turned into Prime to help Hardcase. Arriving just as NM-E had defeated Hardcase and prepared to blow his head off, Prime told NM-E to drop Hardcase because he was going to make it pay for hurting his friend.

(Hardcase#17) - NM-E dropped Hardcase and attacked Prime, weathering his strongest blows and then burning, cutting, and blasting him in return. Ultimately, despite Prime's efforts, NM-E overpowered him, and his Prime body collapsed into ooze. NM-E prepared to execute the helpless Kevin, but then Prototype (partially recovered with the help of the Alternate) leapt atop NM-E and attacked it anew. As the two battled savagely, Kevin ran away.

(Hardcase#18) - Kevin eventually regained enough power to turn back into Prime and rushed to Hardcase's side, finding that he had already defeated NM-E though only with severe injury to himself. They stopped others from digging through NM-E's remains, but then Hardcase vanished (summoned to the Godwheel by Argus).

(Hardcase#19) - Posing as Mantra, the Alternate convinced Prime to gather NM-E's remains and let her take them away. Prime tried to follow, but she simply vanished.

(Firearm I#17) - Firearm tracked the ultra killer, Rafferty, to Reverend August's cathedral in San Diego, where a siege had developed against the murderous Rafferty and his armed men. However, Rafferty had an ultra-sensing device connected to explosive charges that kept ultra heroes at bay, which included Prime, Hardcase, Nightman, and the Strangers. Prime stopped several police snipers who sought to stop Firearm entering the cathedral to avoid extra bloodshed. Firearm was glad to see that Prime had survived Rafferty's attack and entered the besieged cathedral.

(Firearm I#18) - As Firearm came closer to stopping Rafferty, he asked the ultras gathered outside to ensure that no ultras in Rafferty's employ got close. Firearm's battle with Rafferty escalated, but he was able to escape the now-burning cathedral. Seemingly dead, Firearm was resuscitated, witnessed by the assembled ultras, which included the hovering Prime.

(Ultraforce I#8, 9) - Prime and Prototype encountered the Black Knight as he arrived in the Ultraverse from Earth-616, which of course led to the obligatory fight of mistaken intentions. The Black Knight slashed open Prime's chest, but he soon healed the wounds. All three were then recruited by Siren to stop the Angels which had been unleashed inside of the Metabio Corporation. They were joined by the rest of the team, and Prime was nearly converted into one of the angels, but Ghoul's power, assisted by the Black Knight's flying him around on a skysled, enabled him to contain the Angels and restore Prime. The group welcomed the Black Knight into its membership.

(Mantra I#24) - Contrary, Ghoul, Prime, and Prototype accompanied Topaz on her quest to confront Mantra and reclaim the Sword of Fangs (aka Gwendor's Claw). Prime knocked on Eden Blake's door, surprising her young daughter, Evie, and then convinced Mantra to meet with Topaz. They ended up falling into a trap of Hybrid, who sent them on a pair of dead end quests to Egypt and to a deserted aircraft carrier.  Ghoul and Prototype went with Mantra to Egypt, where they were attacked by pharaoh Ahmed-Set who Ghoul unwittingly revived, though Mantra and Prototype drove him off. Prime, Contrary, and Topaz went to the carrier, where they were trapped inside a force field in the midst of a missile test. Prime successfully pushed the carrier out of the missile's trajectory and they escaped.
    Both groups then followed the energy trails back to Hybrid, who attacked them, armed with the power of the Sword of Fangs. Together, Prototype and Mantra stunned Hybrid, and Mantra impaled him with the Sword. Topaz then made her peace with Mantra and agreed to let her keep the Sword.

(Prime I#25) - The Greens moved to Washington, D.C., accepting a temporary government residence until they could get housing settled there.
    Meanwhile, Dr. Hardaway--who had trouble accepting his son's revelation that he was gay--hoped that Prime could prove a positive male role model for him.
    Ruth and Russell argued some, and when Russell told Kevin about the files in Gross' New York lab, Kevin turned into Prime and flew off. Looking for someone to talk to and unable to find Turbocharge, Prime sought out Chelsea Clinton, but their brief conversation was interrupted by fireworks in the form of a Prime-stylized "P." Prime flew Chelsea back to school and followed the signal to the press conference, where Newt Ginggrich welcomed and introduced him to his new partner; though they introduced her as Ultrawoman (and Shoat had wanted to call her Ultragirl), she instead took the name Phade. Prime was stunned by her beauty, but Turbocharge then arrived, arguing that Prime only needed one partner and he was it. When Shoat started whispering sexual innuendos to Prime about Phade, Prime became disturbed and agreed to leave with Turbocharge, though Phade followed them. Prime talked to Turbocharge about how hot Phade was, and Turbo pretended to agree, unable to bring himself to reveal his sexuality to Prime. When Phade caught up to them, Prime allowed her to join them in investigating Doc Gross' lab.

(Power of Prime#1) - Duey noticed Prime's approach to the lab.

(Prime I#25) - Within the abandoned lab, Duey ambushed Prime, but then a portal opened to the Godwheel, and the Homebringer abducted Duey.

(Prime I#26) - The Homebringer opened the portal and latched on to Prime, but Turbocharge and Phade pulled him back. Prime then sought out Elven, another of Gross' babies, to discuss the abductions with her. After stopping her from killing a wife-beater, Prime convinced Elven to accompany him to the lab. There she goaded the Homebringer into taking her as well, and Prime, Phade, and Turbocharge followed her. Prime, Elven, and Turbocharge were no match for the strength of the giant Homebringer, but Phade solidified a fist inside of him, destroying his Prime-body. They were then confronted by the Primogenitor, who told Prime that he desperately needed his help.

(Power of Prime#2) - The Primogenitor revealed the history and the fate of the Prime race, with their Prime bodies unstable and dissolving. He further revealed that Prime himself carried the genetic code that could be used to save the Prime race. The Primogenitor told Prime that they could complete Gross' work and make his Prime form stable so that he could stay Prime for years at a time, or possibly even forever.
    Around this time Turbocharge observed some of the Prime natives preparing to dispose of a failing member via fire, and he also found several other human "Gross Babies" who were trapped in containment units and set to be destroyed as well. Turbocharge freed them and brought them back to Prime, revealing the Primogenitor's less-than-completely-benevolent nature, but the Primogenitor announced that his offer to Prime had to decided on immediately or lost forever.

(Power of Prime#3) - When Prime questioned the Primogenitor, it agreed to stabilize all of the Gross Babies, leaving them in their "Prime" forms permanently. Prime agreed, on the condition that they fix the abilities of the Gross Babies however the host wanted them to be fixed. Duey became enraged at Prime's efforts to dictate terms, and he revealed his alliance with the Homebringer, who then re-formed. Duey and many of the other Prime race natives assaulted Prime, the other Gross Babies, Turbocharge, and Phade. Ultimately Prime was captured, and Duey extruded Gross' head from his own body and then preceded to tear Prime's heart from his chest.

(Power of Prime#4) - Wicca (one of the Gross Babies) and the rest of Prime's allies continued to fight, and Wicca blasted Duey and magically restored Prime's heart to his body. Another Gross Baby, Gunk, merged his own energies with Prime, restoring Prime's full power, and he joined the fight. Ultimately, the Primogenitor--who had been reduced to his natural, dwarfish form--convinced the rest of the Prime race that they had allowed their former goals to become corrupted, and to join their power to him so he could aid Prime. Assuming massive form, the Primogenitor incapacitated the Homebringer, but then all of the Prime race was reverted to their normal forms. Having learned a lesson from the humans, the Primogenitor vowed that his people would learn to live with their differences and form a new society, and they would also keep Duey and Doc Gross prisoner. The Primogenitor then sent them all back to Earth.

(Hardcase#21) - Hardcase contacted Prime to let him know he was alright, and Prime told him that "Mantra" had taken away NM-E's remains. Prime gave Hardcase Mantra's address so he could check into things further.

(Ultraforce I#10 - BTS) - Ultraforce fought a frost giant construct created and sent by Earth-616's Loki to occupy them while he plotted to obtain the Infinity Gems. After the construct vanished, they were led into the mysterious Dark Shoppe, where they were attacked by Earth-616's Sersi, who had apparently gone mad as a result of her trip to the Ultraverse and separation from the Black Knight, her Gann Josin.

(Ultraforce/Avengers Prelude) - Sersi continued her assault on the Ultraforce, challenging them with illusions in which they each were tempted with one of the Infinity Gems (she may have been somehow linked to the Ego Gem and actually tapping into the true gems' power). Prime and Prototype sought the Power Gem, but found that with each effort to obtain it, one of them would gain vast power while the other would become extremely weak. They realized that they could not risk each other's life by continued efforts, so they stopped trying.
    Ultimately, the Black Knight convinced her to return Ultraforce, but she vanished once again.

(Avengers/Ultraforce) - The Grandmaster, seeking the Infinity Gems, came to the Ultraverse and challenged Loki to a contest, offering as a reward the heretofore unknown 7th Infinity Gem, the Ego Gem. The Grandmaster picked the Avengers (Black Widow, Captain America, Crystal, Iron Man, Starfox, Thor) as his warriors and the Ultraforce as Loki's.
    Prime battled Thor in the halls of Vahdala, ignoring the wiser Thor's efforts to make him realize that they were pawns in a larger game. As Prime fought furiously, Thor was forced to strike him down with lightning; but Thor was greatly anguished in realizing he had possibly done serious harm to a young boy.
    Although the various struggles had mixed results ending in a draw, Loki's trickery won the day as he had named his goal as not to lose, which he did not. The Grandmaster conceded, awarding him the Ego Gem, which was linked to Sersi, who merged with Loki, uniting the 7th Gem with its long-lost six brethren, and recreating Nemesis, the being from which the Infinity Gems had originally been spawned. Nemesis then unleashed a reality warp across both the Ultraverse and Earth-616.

(Ultraforce/Avengers) - Nemesis created a new pocket world, combining various aspects of Earth-Ultraverse and Earth-616. A struggle between that world's Avengers and Loki opened a portal into the true Ultraverse and destroyed the mysterious Godwheel.
    Ultraforce, the Avengers (Black Widow, Captain America, Crystal, Giant-Man, Iron Man, Starfox, Thor, Vision), and the Avengers of the New World joined together and attacked Nemesis to prevent her from destroying their timelines. Finally under direction of the Black Knight of Earth-616, Prime and several others kept Nemesis off balance long enough for him to use an alternate dimensional counterpart of the Ebony Blade to cut Nemesis in half.
    The energies released from Nemesis' form remade the Ultraverse, altering it on some levels (kind of like the Crisis on Infinite Earths), and the Infinity Gems were dispersed to parts unknown.

(Black September Infinity - BTS) - Reality was revealed to have actually been changed twice, once by the renegade Time Gem (Earth-Ultraverse-Time Gem), and then reversed and permanently changed by Amber Hunt using the Reality Gem.

BTS - As a result of the reality waves alterations, Hardcase and Contrary were removed from the team, and from the memories of their former teammates, and possibly from everyone else on Earth as well. In addition, Prototype (Jimmy Ruiz) was also removed, though he was replaced by his predecessor in the Prototype armor, Bob Campbell. The Black Knight became the leader of the new group.

(Ultraforce Infinity) - Ultraforce investigated the death of Trinity Kirkbride , an Ultra, and the Fold, a cult led by Pascal. Ghoul's powers revealed the location of Pascal from Trinity, where they found him dead. From Pascal's corpse, Ghoul learned that the Fold had killed him, and that they had used him as a pawn to enforce their beliefs.

??? - Kevin was transported to Earth-616, leaving behind a Prime-body on Earth-93060 (Ultraverse)

(Prime vs. the Incredible Hulk#0) - On Earth-616, Prime fought a giant monster near Staten Island, inadvertently nearly killing the creature when it deliberately moved its head directly into his flight path; the monster turned back into a young man upon collapsing. Prime was sited by Prof. Wildeman, who sought to gamma irradiate him.
    Seeking the familiar, Kevin went to what would have been his aunt Judy Glick's apartment, but ran away upon finding someone else living there. Back on the streets, Kevin saw Wildeman pick up a homeless/runaway girl, and he turned into Prime and assaulted Wildeman's car. Passing nearby, the Hulk mistook Prime's intentions and attacked him. As the two fought, Wildeman summoned his gamma-irradiated legions. The Hulk and Prime teamed up to fight them off, but then Wildeman turned into giant monstrous form and grabbed them both. The Hulk & Prime overpowered Wildeman, who collapsed back into normal form, but Prime then began to lose his cohesion, and he left a melting Prime body with the Hulk while he took off down the street.






(Prime Infinity) - Kevin tried to turn back into Prime, resulting in an unstable slime creature that inadvertently helped free the Lizardspawn, which then chased down and caught the helpless Kevin. Spider-Man arrived to save Kevin, and the Lizardspawn fled after some struggle. Spider-Man left Kevin behind to follow the Lizardspawn, and Kevin tried to force himself to change into Prime, instead becoming a six-armed Spider-Prime (a Prime-body loosely patterned after Spider-Man). Still unstable, Spider-Prime fought the Lizardspawn with every ounce of his power, and as his Prime-body began to degenerate, both he and the Lizardspawn vanished in a flash of light that transported them to the Ultraverse.
    Back on the Ultraverse, the Kevin-less Prime demonstrated its arrogance and lack of conscience by demolishing efforts to repair the Statue of Liberty.









(Prime II#1) - The Kevin-less Prime destroyed a terrorist jet approaching the White House, then captured its pilot, insulted his would-be partner Turbo, gave Phade a big kiss, and flew off.
    Spider-Prime and the Lizardspawn emerged through a portal into the Amazon rainforest, and Kevin fell out of his degenerating Prime-body and was found by the Spider People tribe. He was wrapped in web-like bandages to heal his injuries, and the shaman of the tribe used a Spider-Totem to allow them to understand each other's language and to show Kevin the Lizard's battles with would-be deforester DaSilva. When DaSilva's men approached the Spider-People's village, threatening to demolish it with their construction equipment, Kevin drew power from the Spider-Totem and transformed again into Spider-Prime. He incapacitated all of the earth-movers, and the villagers helped him subdue all of the construction workers, at which point the Lizardspawn arrived.










(Prime II#2) - Spider-Prime fought the Lizardspawn, drawing further power as needed from the totem. As his power continued to fade, however, he convinced the Lizard that in order to get home, he had to help stop DaSilva's men. After they had been stopped, Kevin shed his Prime-body and attempted to use the totem to help the Lizardspawn (believing it to be a transformed Curt Connors), but it resisted and was transported back to Earth-616. The shaman of the Spider-People had been killed by the deforesters, and other members of the tribe told Kevin to keep the totem, because he had the soul of the seer and it was his right.













    Meanwhile, the Kevin-less Prime attempted to put the moves on Phade, expressing his lack of concern for civilians and what they thought of him. Because Phade was worried about the media, this Prime demolished a television station, warning them not to try to watch him, because they were costing him his fun with his woman.
    Via the totem, Kevin saw what the other Prime was doing and realized he had to find it and make it his again.

(Prime II#2/2) - While basking in his adoring fans, (presumably) the Kevin-less Prime saw Earth-616's Gateway snickering at him. Annoyed, he confronted Gateway and was briefly transported to Earth-616. As he returned, he saw a painting in the sand of a Phoenix.





(Rune vs. Venom#1) - Prime (either with or without Kevin) flew across the New York sky, unaware that Rune was returning to Earth in a desert far away.







(Prime II#3) - DaSilva, unaware of he was dealing with, transported Kevin back to America, hoping to steal the power of the Spider-Totem from him. En route, Kevin glimpsed the other Prime savagely attacking criminals on a subway where Turbocharge had to stop him from killing them, after which Prime swatted him aside. When DaSilva tried to take the Totem by force, Kevin kicked him in the jibs and then unleashed his Prime-power, which took the form of a monstrous creature that engulfed the jet. The other Prime flew up and brought the jet down safely and tore the Prime-creature to pieces. Exiting the plane, Kevin introduced himself to Phade, telling her that he was the true Prime. Later that night, the Prime-body tried to force himself on Phade, who phased out his grasp and called Kevin into the room. Kevin told the Prime-body that he would be reclaiming it, by force if necessary, but the Prime-body had no intention of allowing this.

(Prime II#4) - The Prime-body attacked Kevin and Phade (when she tried to help Kevin), and Kevin used the Spider-Totem to force the Prime-body to see his memories. Still the Prime-body refused to accept the truth, attacking anew, and Kevin turned into Spider-Prime to face him. Unable to match the Prime-body's raw power, Spider-Prime latched onto his back (where Prime's muscle-bound form couldn't reach him), then used the Spider-Totem to merge himself with the Prime-body, retaking control of it.


(Prime II#9) - Still holding the Spider-Totem, Prime returned home and explained recent events to his parents. After complaining about his dad never being around, he promised to get him a good job locally.





(Ultraforce II#1) - Ultraforce received a new headquarters in Headless Cross, Arkansas, and Prime stepped on a hidden panel that activated a defense mechanism that skewered him in the chest. Swiftly recovering, Prime shattered the mechanism. Ultraforce was then sent to take down the Ultra known as Wreckage who was believed to have been responsible for a series of murders

(Ultraforce II#2) - Ultraforce traveled to Manhattan and Prime -- the Black Knight's suggestion -- pretended to be a cannibal to scare off a police detective trying to prevent them from getting involved. Prime was the first to locate Wreckage, who used his shudderers to briefly vibrate Prime partially out of reality, causing him extreme agony. By the time Prime recovered, Prototype had defeated Wreckage. Another Ultra, Lament, convinced the Black Knight that Wreckage was not the real killer, so the Knight took Wreckage into Ultraforce custody rather than turn him over to the authorities.

(Ultraforce II#3) - After learning Wreckage's story, Prime encouraged the Knight to allow Wreckage to help lead them to the real killer, Bonehammer, an agent of the Commission (an organized crime organization). Returning to Manhattan, Prime and the others raided a series of Commission bases until finding the one containing Bonehammer. Wreckage incapacitated Bonehammer, and both Wreckage and Lament joined Ultraforce.








(Ultraforce II#2/2) - Ultraforce fought and defeated Meat Rack, but then observed a portal which briefly opened and closed into Earth-616.

(Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis#1) - The Earth-616 Australian aboriginal teleporter, Gateway, inscribed images of various ultras (including Prime) and mutants in the sand around a large phoenix-like bird before using his bullroarer to teleport the X-Men (Banshee, Beast, Bishop, Jubilee, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine) to the Ultraverse, where they encountered the Phoenix Force. Prime then arrived and confronted the X-Men, punching away Wolverine before getting pounded by Rogue, Bishop, Banshee, Storm and the others, but to no effect. The Phoenix Force then descended on Prime, transforming the ultra into Phoenix-Prime. The vengeful Phoenix Force threatened to destroy the planet, but was temporarily resisted by Prime at which point the X-Men attacked en masse. Ultraforce then appeared (Black Knight, Ghoul, Prototype, Topaz) to aid Prime, and the X-Men halted their assault. This gave the Phoenix-possessed Prime time to recover, and it sought to drain the lifeforces of the assembled heroes, using the Prime body as a conduit. However, Prime resisted again and once more the heroes attacked together until Prime was finally able to expel the Phoenix Force. Ultraforce, the X-Men and Prime then pursued the maddened Phoenix Force.

(Phoenix Resurrection: Revelations#1) - Ultraforce and the X-Men tracked the Phoenix Force, which had now possessed Amber Hunt. While Rex Mundi's agents attacked her, she was defended by the Solution, with the Exiles joining the fray. As the others engaged in battle, the Ultraforce/X-Men team attacked Amber Hunt, and were quickly joined by the Solution and the Exiles. Mantra (Lauren Sherwood) and the Nightman also arrived to lend assistance. The Phoenix Force then left Amber Hunt, and the large team of mutants and ultras departed through one of Gate's portals for the alien ship that had captured the Phoenix's energies. Arriving at the ship, they were fiercely attacked by defensive technorganic drones. Splitting the team, Prime traveled with Beast, Bishop, Black Knight, Ghoul, Amber Hunt, Prototype, Rogue, Topaz and Wolverine to get to the ship's control room. After the others entered the control room, Prime stayed back to halt the advancing technorganic drones. The others succeeded in disabling the ship and quickly departed, with Prime carrying the formerly captive Rex Mundi and Regina. The Phoenix Force, no longer held in check by the alien ship, began to manifest its destructive capabilities, so the gathered fighters quickly departed using one of Gate's teleportation portals augmented by Book's spells. The teams arrived on a nearby tanker on the sea and saw the Phoenix Force rise up then obliterate the alien ship where it had been held captive. To prevent further destruction, the heroes, including Prime, attacked the Phoenix Force and forced it into a portal that sent it back through time. Prime joined the others back on the tanker and found only the Exiles and the X-Men left, the others having teleported away. Gateway arrived with the Ultraforce dropship and Prime recognized him straightaway. Prime then carried the Ultraforce craft with the Exiles and Ultraforce inside, while Gateway transported the mutants back to Earth 616.

(Foxfire#1 - BTS) - Prime and the rest of Ultraforce were sent to bring in Rose Autumn, who had used her powers to escape police custody after she had been brought in on suspicion of murdering her father.

(Foxfire#1) - Ultraforce found Rose unconscious in the New York sewers amidst piles of human remains (she had been knocked out in battle with the cannibalistic Mastodon). As she revived, they announced she would be coming with them.

(Foxfire#2) - Rose feigned ignorance to Rose Autumn, claiming instead to be Foxfire, and telling them of the monstrous being who had attacked her. She told them how she had been helped by a big, blue, slimy guy, whom Prime correctly figured to be Sludge. Black Knight spit up the group to search the sewers , and Prime went off with Ghoul, though he was nauseated by the sewers and the body parts they encountered.
    After Foxfire had defeated Mastodon, Prime and the others showed up. Foxfire talked Mastodon down, and he reverted to Timothy Halloran. Prime retrieved a medi-kit for Halloran, whom they then sent to the hospital.

(Ultraforce/Spider-Man#1A/1B (fb) - BTS) - An extraterrestrial race of metamorphs known only as the Shifters attempted to manipulate the Ultraverse into a war with Earth-616, planting evidence of plots in which each side was planning to invade Earth.

(Ultraforce/Spider-Man#1A/1B) - A shifter posing as an aged form of Prime from the future appeared in Headless Cross, warning them that all ultras save himself and Ghoul would be hunted down and slain; Ghoul would be dissected into a thousand pieces but kept alive. Shifter-Prime named Earth-616's Green Goblin (Phil Urich) as the architect of this slaughter, and also told them that one of Ultraforce was a traitor and would ally himself with the Goblin. Shifter-Prime gave Ultraforce a displacer that would open a dimensional portal to Earth, and a message from Aladdin reiterated the threat from Earth-616. Shift-Prime discorporated just before the true, modern era Prime showed up.
    Prime and Ultraforce arrived on Earth-616 and encountered Spider-Man (Peter Parker, though he was mistakenly drawn in the costume of the Ben Reilly Spider-Man) aiding the Green Goblin against criminals attempting to loot Stark International. Prime took off after the Goblin, but Spidey convinced him that this Goblin was a good guy. Ultraforce, Spider-Man, and the Green Goblin teamed up to investigate whoever had manipulated them, and they split up into two groups.

(Ultraforce/Spider-Man#1B) - Prime accompanied Ghoul, Topaz, and Spidey to the Stark International facility in Maui, Hawaii, near the long dormant volcano, Mt. Haleakala, where they found a number of corpses. One of these revealed to Ghoul that they had been slain by the Shifters, who had come through computers from the Ultraverse. Investigating the facility, they found that the Stark Computers had re-focused a SHIELD solar-satellite on the volcano; Prime suspected Lament to be the traitor since she had a connection with computers. The heroes fled the collapsing facility, but were then attacked by the Shifters themselves who snared them with powerful tendrils. Apparently some rogue Shifters released Prime, after which Prime into the volcano and destroyed the Stark International tectonic monitoring equipment that the Shifters had modified to cause the volcano's eruption. The military arrived and mistakenly assumed the heroes were part of the threat from the Ultraverse they had heard about. A call to Stark International clarified this, and the group returned to SI's Brooklyn facility

(Ultraforce/Spider-Man#1A/1B) - As Ultraforce, Spider-Man, and the Goblin traveled to the Ultraforce and to an Aladdin, Prime learned about this "older self's appearance," and he realized it almost certainly wasn't truly his future self, as his Prime Body wouldn't age. At the Aladdin facility they found many dead agents. Traveling to the lower levels, they found and battled a number of Shifters, but the Shifter's masters eventually recalled them, believing that the information they had spread to SHIELD and Aladdin was sufficient to foment the war between the worlds they sought, and that the heroes' arguments would not sway this.
    Spider-Man and the Green Goblin returned to Earth-616 and Spider-Man sent a report to SHIELD, and Ultraforce shared their information with Aladdin, but both organizations continued to believe that the other Earth intended to destroy them.

(Ultraforce II#8 (fb) - BTS) - Unbeknownst to all, Foxfire was the carrier of a viral neurotoxin from the Progeny, which she apparently transmitted to Ultraforce.

(Prime II#5) - As an emissary of Ultraforce, Prime was transported to Japan to meet with the "Shogunate," who asked his defense against Hiruko, a scion of the gods, that intended to level Japan. He was joined with Arena, an unwilling agent of the Shogunate, and sent to the Crossroads where they passed a series of tests under Yomi No Kuni, earning the reward they sought. Arena was trapped in a wraith-like form, while Prime was sent back to Earth where he learned the Shogunate to actually be the Techuza. The Techuza used the reward (a tree of some magical significance) to summon Hiruko, which was their goal all along. The Techuza sent Hiruko after Prime, but Prime was able to appeal to the monstrous Hiruko's feelings of being an outcast and earn his sympathy. Hiruko restored Arena to physical form and returned her to Earth and then forbade the Techuza from trying to coerce Arena into killing Prime. Hiruko slew the leader of the Techuza, freeing Arena from his service, and she commended Prime on having developed mastery of bushido.

(Prime II#6) - After a quiet day as Prime, Kevin made friends with another student, Tanya, due to his Los Angeles history and also encountered Keith Singles, a fellow student with apparent drug problems. Keith--empowered by past exposure to a chemical known only as "the Drug"--turned into a Prime-look-alike and destroyed a crackhouse, injuring those present; the real Prime was blamed for the assault.
    That night Prime saved a young girl from being run over by a truck-driver hopped up on drugs to stay awake.
    Later, after being refused a new supply of "the Drug" by Coco, an addict turned vigilante, Keith turned into the Prime-look-alike and assaulted Coco and her friend Solitaire. The real Prime investigated the sounds of battle shortly thereafter, and was mistaken by Solitaire as his previous attacker.

(Prime II#7) - Solitaire shot Prime in each eye and then shoved a grenade down his throat, allowing Solitaire to flee with Coco. Prime recovered and went after them, but stopped to save Keith when he leapt off a building. Keith was initially happy to seem him, but became angry when Prime questioned his drug problem. Prime later confronted some of the Drug's pushers and coerced them into naming the couriers who brought them the Drug.
    The next day Prime appeared at an anti-drug assembly meeting at his high school, where he acknowledged the stresses on America's youths and encouraged them to avoid drug use, but not to simply believe everything they were told, either. Prime's search led him (and Solitaire who had been following the same leads) to a church where the drug's suppliers worked, and they battled some of the Drug-enhanced employees, but Prime was then ambushed by the enraged Keith/Prime, who named himself as the one, true Prime.

(Prime II#8) - While Prime battled Keith/Prime, Coco arrived and helped Solitaire fight off the Drug-mutates. The church blew up in the ensuing battle, and Prime stunned Keith/Prime and then watched as the injured Keith ran home. Observing his ill-suited father, Prime attempted to offer Keith his sympathies, but Keith then angrily deliberately overdosed on the Drug and collapsed. Prime rushed him to the hospital, fearing it was too late to save him.
    Prime later caught up with Solitaire and offered to work together in the future, but Solitaire told him to learn to be smaller and to walk lighter, then drove off.
    Back at school, Tanya invited Kevin to a party where she wanted to get stoned for the first time. Kevin told her he didn't want to go, but that he did still want to hang out with her.

(Prime/Captain America#1 (fb) - BTS) - Prime was summoned by President Clinton to help him shut down an internal threat from a government research project.

(Prime/Captain America#1 (fb) - BTS) - Shoat's scientists opened a portal to the New World (a pocket dimension formed during Black Infinity) and Shoat recruited its Prime (who was still in his "Rogue Prime" phase) and convinced him to join forces with him as All-American Prime. Shoat further allied with the New World's Bill Clinton.

(Prime/Captain America#1) - On Earth-616, the POTUS (President of the United States, see comments) summoned Captain America to deal with a similar threat, but Captain America was somehow teleported to the Ultraverse. Cap and Prime initially mistook each other for terrorists out to get the President, but Clinton stopped the fight and asked them both to help. Shortly afterward, they were assaulted by Liberty (the now-ulta-powered former soldier of Col. Samuels who had helped Prime in the past) and All-American Prime. Both injured in the ensuing struggle, Prime escaped with Captain America back to his house before his Prime-body decomposed.
    Kevin introduced Captain America to his mother who drove them to the White House while Kevin recouped his strength, and then Prime and Captain America broke in. Captain America freed the real Clinton, while Prime defeated the All-American Prime, and Liberty--seeing the corruption in Shoat--knocked out Shoat and the New World's Clinton.
    The New World's Kevin Green and Clinton were then shunted back to their reality; Shoat escaped, and Clinton ASSumed that Shoat had been an imposter, too, and that their world's Shoat was innocent. Captain America, too, was sent back to his world, saluting Prime as he left.
    Chelsea Clinton noticed the young boy that had been inside of the alternate Prime and wondered if the same was true of her world's Prime.

(Prime II#9) - <One week after the first part of the story> Prime still had done nothing to get his dad a job. Tanya tried to cheer him up and invited him to another pot party; he promised not to tell anyone but then ran away because he was tired of secrets. Soon after, Prime confronted Shoat, using his bedroom tapes of Phade to blackmail him into leaving both he and Phade alone; but after they left, Shoat plotted vengeance. Prime was dejected upon learning that Phade no longer was attracted to him after learning he was 13 years old, though she thought of him as a younger brother. Prime sought out Turbocharge who shocked him by telling him he was gay. Prime was worried that Turbocharge was attracted to him, and when Turbo became offended and ran off, Prime further doubted the value of the truth.
    Prime then flew to Boston and sought out Wicca, saving her from an attack, but found out about her insecurities about her powers and how they would prevent her from being accepted publicly.
    One week later, Kevin graduated from junior high school.

(Prime II#10) - With Phade's help, Prime located Turbocharge and apologized for the way he had reacted. Prime agreed to race Turbo in an AIDS fundraiser, and they were further joined by Zip Zap and then Rush. Prime cut out of the race to stop Rush from cheating, though his chase after Rush led to a big crash at the finish line. No one won the race, and it reminded Prime and Turbo of the comics they used to read. Afterwards, Prime revealed his true age and identity to Turbo, and hoped they could be better friends.

(Ultraforce II#4) - Ultraforce were sent out on a mission without the Black Knight when he was away taking some time off, though they had no idea he ended up fighting an "Alpha Class Stalker."

(All New Exiles II#4) - After the slaughter of the people at a hospital, culminating in the shredding of the technorganically enhanced ultra called Catapult (Kevin Albers), Ultraforce (Prime, Ghoul, Lament, Prototype, Topaz) were called in to help; seeking to learn more about his former teammate, Ghoul removed his commbug and sought out Catapult in the morgue. From there, Ghoul went to a derelict refinery to investigate and encountered Amber Hunt, who was also investigating the Exiles' bodies desecration. Ultraforce tracked Ghoul, and the Exiles (Siena Blaze, Juggernaut, Reaper, Shuriken, ‘Strike) tracked Amber Hunt to the refinery. Ultraforce and the Exiles encountered each other, and a brief but vicious fight ensued, with Prime tackling Juggernaut. 

    Still fighting, Prime and Juggernaut broke through a wall that revealed the embedded technorganic structure of an alien ship (associated with the Progeny?, which had been collecting animal, vegetable, and mineral specimens for an unknown purpose) within. As a defense, the ship released its powerful insectoid symbiote, with both teams then uniting to repel it, until Prime and Juggernaut teamed up to down the technorganic beast. The Exiles and Ultraforce abandoned the ship as it took off before exploding. The two teams then departed, with Juggernaut issuing a warning that they may not meet as allies next time.

(Ultraforce II#5) - Ultraforce investigated the murder of Senator Robert Shine, which involved several ultras, including Garrison Whistler and Helen Volcano. Prime, Prototype, and Ghoul confronted Whistler, learning he had been hired to cover for another Ultra, but they were then attacked by the Rawborgs.

(Ultraforce II#6) - Prime, Prototype, and Ghoul defeated the Rawborgs, but not before one of them slew Whistler. Ghoul sought further information from Whistler's corpse, but he had told them all he knew. Helen Volcano was slain by the Ultra known as Dog shortly after she had revealed that she had been hired to incinerate Shine's corpse before it could be autopsied. Ultraforce's investigations led them to suspect an Aladdin agent, but they (sans Prime) ran into Dog, who attacked them.

(Ultraforce II#7 - BTS) - Without Prime, defeating Dog required several exertions of lethal force to stop him once and for all. They ultimately learned Hunt's assassin to be J.D. Hunt who was affiliated with Metabio and had infiltrated Aladdin.

(Ultraforce II#7) - After Ultraforce took down Hunt, Prime rejoined the rest of Ultraforce at Headless Cross where the Black Knight flipped out over the bloodlust exhibited during the fight, and fired Ghoul, Lament, Topaz, and Wreckage.

(Ultraforce II#8 (fb))) - A viral neurotoxin plague from an alien race known as the Progeny, unwittingly brought from the future to the modern era by Foxfire took effect, driving the ultras of the team members crazy, including Prime, and Lament and Topaz (the latter two having hung around despite being ordered to leave). Prime uncharacteristic tried to grope Topaz while she was in the shower, and he, Topaz, and Lament gradually became more hostile until they began to attack the others. The Black Knight narrowly took out Topaz.

(Ultraforce II#8 (fb) - BTS) - Prototype tried to stop Prime with non-lethal force but was eventually knocked out.

(Ultraforce II#8) - Prime attacked the Black Knight and Cromwell, and the Knight's photonic sword only served to briefly slow him. Prototype recovered and blasted Prime, stunning him so that the others could flee. Prime, Topaz, and Lament caught up to them, but then Earthforce (Angel of Destruction, Hellblade, Painkiller, and Whipslash) of the future Earth-96535, joined by Prime-15180, arrived to help them.

(Ultraforce II#9/Ultraverse: Future Shock) - Earthforce helped the modern era group subdue their crazed members and prepare an anti-viral agent to treat them. They also revealed that Foxfire was the carrier, and brought her back to their world (see comments).
    The future Earthforce wiped the memories of their adventures of the last 24 hours to prevent it from disrupting the future though they did feel a sense of reassurance. Nonetheless, the Black Knight forced Lament to leave, though he gave Topaz a second chance due to her long-standing membership.

(Ultraforce II#10, 11) - While cleaning up the mess from their recent adventure -- which pleased Prime not in the least -- in hopes of finding out what had just happened to them, Ultraforce (specifically the Black Knight) unwittingly unleashed Specimen 13, one of a large number of beings kept inert in their basement. Specimen 13 proved more than a match from Ultraforce, and after recovering from being beaten down in their first struggle Prime twisted a girder to have a spiked end and prepared to attack anew. Cromwell interrupted the struggle and talked it down, revealing it to be his brother. Cromwell convinced it to return to its cold sleep chamber.
    Ultraforce was then dispatched to stop Maxis.

(Ultraforce II#12) - Ultraforce flew to New York and confronted Maxis, who had overpowered the Exiles and several others who had tried to stop it. After a lengthy battle, the Black Knight directed all of the others to collapse a building on the Maxis, temporarily stopping it, but they were then confronted by a massive armada of the Tulkan Fleet.

(Ultraverse Unlimited#2) - Ultraforce, the Exiles, Ironclad, Ripfire, Siren, and the others split up to deal with separate groups of the Tulkan Fleet. Prime joined Amber Hunt, Reaper, and Siren against the the massive Gormada and the underwater whirlwind known as Aquan by the Statue of Liberty. Prime flew at Gormada who slammed him against the statue, but after Amber took out Aquan, Reaper knocked Gormada off balance and Prime punched him out.
    The Tulkan Fleet developed problems in their starships due to pursuit of Demonseed through a sabotaged warp, and were forced to return to their homeworld for repairs. Maxis recovered and confronted the heroes again, but the leader of the Tulkan Fleet revealed that they had long ago destroyed Ozama, the planet for which Maxis had been accruing power. Maxis was despondent without purpose, but the ultras convinced him to join forces with them. Maxis opened a dimensional warp, sending the Black Knight, Sienna Blaze, and Reaper back to Earth 616.
    Prototype (Campbell) succeeded the Black Knight as leader.

(Ultraforce#13) - Aladdin showed up to arrest the Exiles, but Ultraforce vouched for them, and attempted to explain the Tulkan Empire's involvement. The Aladdin agents agreed to grant amnesty to Amber Hunt and Hellblade, as long as they joined and were watched over by Ultraforce. A similar offer was made to Maxis, and two others who had participated in the recent battle, Ironclad and Ripfire, also joined.
    Prime took a leave of absence to take care of some personal business, and Ghoul rejoined the group (since it was the Black Knight who had tossed him out).

(Prime II#11) - Wealthy, eccentric, Honduran megalomaniac/arms merchant Col. Roberto Rinaldo targeted Prime, instructing his scientists (led by Dr. Costanzo) to devise the means to drain Prime's power into his body. Rinaldo ignored the cautions of his scientists, and began the process. His scientists granted him the power to drain the mass and essence from others in close proximity and add it to his own; he absorbed the mass of one of his test subjects, slaying that person. Realizing there was a limit to how much mass he could absorb and still have the power to move, he decided that he should target Prime soon rather than later.
    Meanwhile, Prime pondered how to divest himself of his "bad boy" image, and he decided to study chivalry.

(Prime II#12) - Prime saved some children from an out-of-control car, only to receive complaints from the driver and the owner of the fruit stand she wrecked into. After reading an article accusing him of child smuggling, Kevin saw a television spot where Rinaldo challenged him to a fight for 1 million dollars to be donated to a charity of Prime's choice. Prime accepted the challenge, but as he approached the Civic Arena, Costanzo locked on his aura and began draining his power into Rinaldo. Ignoring the sudden weakness (and even passing through a lamp post). Rinaldo taunted Prime, and as they fought he swiftly achieved dominance. He continued to drain Prime's power until the prime body collapsed, exposing the naked, slime-covered Kevin on national television.

(Prime II#13) - Rinaldo assumed that Prime had vanished and left Kevin in his place. Kevin was swarmed with reporters until his parents rushed in and took him away. With reporters at their home, the Greens checked into a hotel.
    Meanwhile, Rinaldo -- who had slipped away in the resultant chaos -- found that the power he had taken from Prime had faded. Rinaldo's agents tracked down the Greens and coerced them (Kevin remained powerless) into accompanying him back to his compound in Honduras.

(Prime II#14) - At Rinaldo's compound, Russell & Ruth Green were held prisoner separate from Kevin while Rinaldo's scientists worked to learn how to make the power transfer to Rinaldo permanent. Rinaldo's girlfriend, Carmilla, visited and comforted him.
    Meanwhile, another of Rinaldo's projects had been sabotaged by his employee Dr. Giles Gittelsohn, resulting in the gradual recreation of Lord Pumpkin, whose vines spread across the compound. Rinaldo brought Kevin to his lab to drain his life force, but Kevin forced the change back to Prime and attacked Rinaldo. Suddenly they were both overwhelmed by massive vines, and Gittelsohn was apparently consumed by them. Lord Pumpkin then confronted Prime.

(Prime II#15) - Lord Pumpkin, now superhumanly strong, traded blows with Prime and attacked anyone else in sight, including Ruth and Russell Green. When Lord Pumpkin realized the Greens were related to Prime, he took them hostage and forced Prime to stand down and turn back to Kevin. Carmilla fled the compound, casting her cigarette atop Lord Pumpkin's vines as she left, setting them afire.
    Pumpkin considered what he might next force Prime to do, but Dr. Costanzo swiftly cultivated the rival squash that had developed during the pumpkin project, and the monstrous Squash soon attacked and overwhelmed Lord Pumpkin. Kevin turned back into Prime, grabbed his parents, and fled the compound with Costanzo aboard a jet just before the compound blew up.
    They stopped so Prime could rescue Gittelsohn (whose sabotage had been discovered by Rinaldo), after which Prime and his parents returned home, as Kevin had a lot of homework to catch up on before the next school day.

(Ultraforce II#15) - Prime returned to aid Hardcase - whom no one had remembered due to the reality re-write of the Infinity Effect' Amber Hunt, Maxis, Ripfire, and Ghoul against Demonseed. In the final battle, Hardcase trapped himself and Demonseed within their former pocket dimension prison, though he required Prime's aid for the final push. Upon touching Hardcase, Prime regained all of his memories (and his former hero worship) of him. Prime and the remaining members of Ultraforce vowed to stay together.

Comments: Created by Bob Jacob, Gerard Jones, & Len Strazewski (per a note on the first page of Prime I#1).

    Prime is/was basically the Ultraverse's Superman (or closer to Captain Marvel/Shazam)-type, though he had some major twists.

    You know, I was going to hit all of the little guys first and work my way up to the big guys, but then I decided to just try to knock out the big guns first.

Big Guns: Warstrike's Exiles, Mantra, Prototype (Campbell - in progress), Solution, Strangers, Warstrike
Lesser big guns: Elven, Foxfire
Big villains: Alternate, Boneyward, NM-E, Necromantra, Prime-Evil, Rex Mundi
other: Godwheel start with

    I'll cover the alternate reality Primes later....much later.

   Prime I#1/2 (April, 1994 Malibu print date) was (re?)packaged as Wizard Presents Prime I#1/2 (May, 1994 Wizard print date), a promotion from Wizard the comics magazine with all new art that featured mostly established background details and flashbacks, plus a couple of extra new scenes.

    A footnote in Prime#Infinity notes that the story occurs prior to Spectacular Spider-Man#229.

    POTUS - In the Earth-616 reality, the timescale slides to keep it current, so that FF#1 always started about 13 years before the current time, so that whoever was president in one story is probably irrelevant.

    Prime II#9 starts out with Prime explaining to his parents about the bad Prime and his being split in two when he was sent to Earth-616. He's even got the Spider Totem, so it pretty much has to follow #4.

    Despite graduating junior high in #9, issue #15 referenced him going to school. Maybe he was just taking an advanced prep summer course, or a make-up course. Or a whole summer passed before the start of issue#11.

    Prime frequently refers to himself in the third the Hulk...or Homey the Clown.

    I'm not sure if Duey was Organism 8 or someone else...I lost track.

    Mantra I#23 gives an internal date of January, 1994. It is trying to indicate that the story took place around Mantra I#7, back when Kevin still lived in Canoga Park, near Mantra's home. Further, it references their encounter on the moon, but the problem is that there is no seem for this story to take place in. The adventure on the moon leads directly into Mantra & Prime's team-up against Gross and Samuels, which is immediately followed by Kevin being abducted by Samuels, which in turn leads directly into Prime turning into "Rogue Prime." When Mantra powers Kevin up in Mantra I#23, he takes on his original appearance, not his rogue Prime appearance. The ways it could fit are:

  1. There is somehow a break right at the start of Prime I#9 and so it took place before the rogue Prime business
  2. It took place while he was rogue Prime, but Mantra's magical energies and her subconscious wishes re-created him in his original form.
  3. It took place post-rogue Prime and pre- move to New York. His costume was slightly different, but see the the explanation for #2

    They flip, they float, they fly (off the ranks). A novel idea, Ultraverse Premiere was an anthology comic that would appear on the flip side of a different title each month (floating from title to title).
Ultraverse Premiere#8 was on the flip side of Sludge#12.
    #10 was on the flip side of the Solution#16.
    #11 was on the flip side of Night Man I#16

    All the time travel and divergent realities associated with Foxfire were very confusing. Pending a Foxfire profile, they are discussed in the comments for Alex Autumn.

Profile by Snood and Grendel Prime.

Prime should be distinguished from:

images: (without ads)
Prime I#1 cover
        second to last page, panel 1 (Kevin trapped within Prime body)
    #6, p19 (numbered), panel 6 (Kevin)
        p25 (Primed for outer space)
    #10, p16, full page ("rogue" Prime)
    #14, p7 (close-up of "rogue" Prime face)
Prime Annual#1: Gross & Disgusting (Prime & Kevin together)
        p41 ("new" Prime)
Prime I#21, last page
    #24, p14, panel 3-5 (DNA spiral)
Prime Infinity, p16 (Spider-Prime, standing)
    p21 (fighting lizard)
Prime II#4, p14, panel 2
    Prime II#2 cover
Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis, p23, panel 1 (Phoenix-Prime)

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