Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Alternate Reality (Earth-93060/"Ultraverse") extraterrestrial (Godwheel) resident;
    part of the "Prime race" collective (union of multiple races)

Occupation: Leader of the "Prime race" collective

Group Membership: "Prime race" (Homebringer, others unidentified)

Affiliations: Culebra, Dragonfly, Duey, Elven, Gunk, Phade, Prime (Kevin Green), Turbocharge (Michael Hardaway), Wicca (Steffi)
    formerly Doc Gross (Dr. Vincent Gross), Duey

Enemies: Doc Gross, Duey, Homebringer;
Culebra, Dragonfly, Duey, Elven, Gunk, Phade, Prime (Kevin Green), Turbocharge (Michael Hardaway), Wicca (Steffi)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unspecified region of the Godwheel, Earth universe, Reality-93060

First Appearance: (Behind-the-scenes; unidentified) Power of Prime#1 (July, 1995);
Prime I#26 (August, 1995);

Powers/Abilities: For brief periods of time, the Primogenitor can generate a large and powerful form, which surrounds, protects, and provided life support his true form.

    This form is superhumanly strong (perhaps lifting 100 tons) and durable, and it enables him to fly at great speeds. It also allows him to fire eyeblasts .

    When he originally gained the ability to develop this body, the form would degenerate every 20 years, during which time he would need to rest and renew his godlike form. This renewal cycle shortened and accelerated over time, and now he can only generate his primal body briefly for ceremonial functions and for specific needs.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 3'); (Prime form) approximately 6'8"
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 50 lbs.)
Eyes: Possibly green
Hair: Gray (sparese, mostly just a shock atop his skull) with mustache and goatee; (Prime form) gray (full head of hair) without mustache or goateee
Other distinguishing features: His true form has large ears as well as three fingers and a thumb on each hand.

(Power of Prime#2 (fb) - BTS) <According to the legends of the Prime race> - In the beginning, the gods created the Godwheel (or perhaps just a region of it) and brought races from many planets to reside there and worship them.
    The being who would become the Primogenitor was brought to the Godwheel with or without other members of his race.

    Eventually, the gods fought, either destroying themselves or otherwise vanishing

(Power of Prime#2 (fb) - BTS) - One valley had been spared the destruction, and many races took refuge there. Though at first they could not communicate with one another and found each other's visages repulsive, they put aside their differences. United by their love for their gods, they built a temple and worshipped in the hopes that their gods would return and take care of them. primogentior-93060-pop2-primo&home

    It was decided in a great council that the various people would employ their best makers, of both magic and technology, to labor together and produced a wondrous tool that would allow them to cover themselves with powerful forms, all in the form of those they had worshipped.

(Power of Prime#2 (fb)) - The being who would become the Primogenitor was apparently amongst the first of these beings, and he became their ruler.

(Power of Prime#2 (fb)) - As primal beings or the "Prime race," they lived like they believed their gods had lived, cultivating the arts and aiding the less fortunate.

    Every score of year, they needed to rest and renew their godlike forms. They needed to briefly return to what they were before, although these previous forms were now disguating to them.

    However, approximately 15 years before the main story, something happened to their renewal cycle, and it became accelerated or protracted, and their bodies did not last as long: In some cases, only minutes or seconds. Additionally, they lost many of their number, and they believed that their genetic code had become damaged, duplicated too many times until it was no longer whole.

(Power of Prime#3 (fb) - BTS) - Those whose Prime bodies were too broken down to repair or regenerate were "humanely disposed of" as genetic failures. The others considered that this was best for them due to their being weakened by illness. They felt there was no point in living when their outer bodies had become corrupt and all that was left was one's weak and disgusting inner body.

(Power of Prime#2 (fb) - BTS) - Realizing the problem they had, the Prime race sent Homebringer to Earth to seek help. Bringing with him genetic samples from his people's oldest records -- samples they hoped were uncorrupted -- Homebringer sought out what they believed to be Earth's most brilliant and daring geneticist, Dr. Vincent Gross.

(Power of Prime#1 (fb) - BTS) - Gross had been working in genetic manipulation for some time without success before receiving the information from Homebringer. primogenitor-93060-pop2-face-stable

(Power of Prime#2 (fb) - BTS) - Gross promised to cultivate a new code but said it would take years to develop.

    Finally, Homebringer discovered that Gross' work had come to fruition in Prime (Kevin Green).

(Power of Prime#1 (fb) - BTS / Power of Prime#2 (fb) - BTS / other sources) - Gross used these techniques on a number of women, leading to numerous children who developed the ability to generate a second, superhuman form around their bodies. These included Culebra, Dragonfly, Duey, Elven, Gunk, Prime, and Wicca.

(Power of Prime#1 - BTS / Prime I#25 - BTS / Power of Prime#2 (fb) - BTS) - Homebringer transported Duey (and Doc Gross), Culebra, Wicca, Gunk, and Dragonfly to the Godwheel; the latter were imprisoned in translucent chambers, while Duey and Gross forged an alliance with Homebringer.

(Prime I#26 - BTS) - Homebringer opened a portal to bring Prime and Elven to the Godwheel, and Prime's allies Phade and Turbocharge entered as well.

(Prime I#26) - After Phade had destroyed the Homebringer's form, the king and Primogenitor of the realm then appeared, noting that the Primogenitor was just a shell, as was that entire world, a shell over a core of corruptions. He then told Prime that he desperately needed his help.

(Power of Prime#2) - The Primogenitor discussed and pointed out how he and the rest of his once-great people and their world were falling apart. Focusing his concentration, the Primogenitor stabilized his own body, noting that he would be fine for awhile, although these moments of weakness were an embarassment.

    When a female's primal body degenerated and she collapsed, scheming, the Primogenitor noted that the gods knew that he wanted to help her, but that he could not...the only one who could help her was Prime. As the woman spoke in an alien tongue, others of her races picked her up, and the Primogenitor noted that her struggle was over: She had failed to maintain her integrity and would be taken to the...infirmary.primogenitor-93060-pop4-true-detail

    Noting that his father was a doctor, Turbocharge suggested that he might be able to help; however, Primogenitor dismissed the idea, insisting that they knew what must be done and that it was Prime who must make the sacrifice to help them.

    Prime agreed to help (volunteering his allies' help as well) but asked what was going on. When Primogenitor noted that he thought they would understand, Elven assured him that they understood but that the degeneration was not like that with them. Prime agreed, noting that it was like the people were sick or something.

    Primogenitor explained that it was more than just a sickness, but rather the undoing of them all: It was the destruction of all that they had tried to be. Admitting that his people's story was more legend than history, Primogenitor related the tale of the creation of their world.

    Confirming that the Gross Babies were from Earth but that the genetic code that granted them powerful forms was the Prime race's legacy, Primogenitor then detailed how they had sent the Homebringer to Earth to seek help, and that Prime was the fruition of those efforts. Primogenitor clarified that Prime had the new genetic code to save them.

(Power of Prime#2 - BTS) - Turbocharge discovered the plan to incinerate the woman with the failed primal body, saved her, as well as discovering and freeing the rest of the Gross Babies.

(Power of Prime#2) - Prime clarfiied that his Prime body would only last a week or so, and when Phade expressed confusion (as she did not realize that the Prime to whom she was attracted was really a young teenage boy), Primogenitor told her that it was none of her concern and that she should not even be there.

    Elven warned that if Primogenitor wanted their help he needed to ask nicely, but Primogenitor stated that if Prime's code was stable enough, they could stabilize their people and improve his stability as well. He continued that while Prime may not be perfect, he was a fresh version of the transformation code, and they could genetically engineer it to full efficacy.He offered that they could make Prime's bodies last years...or forever.

    While Prime was intrigued, Phade warned that it sounded like they wanted more than Prime's genetic code, and then Turbocharge arrived, alongside the Gross Babies, warning that the Primogenitor was not some benevolent god.

(Power of Prime#3) - Turbocharge further explained that the other Gross Babies -- who were considered "flawed" -- had been slated to be incinerated along with the members of the Prime race who could no longer generate Prime bodies. At Elven's query, Primogenitor confirmed this, explained their reasons, and punctuated his point by tearing open Culebra's form to expose the youth inside. primogenitor-93060-pop4-collective form

    When Prime was enraged by this, Primogenitor assured him that they would never need to destroy another one of their number again if he helped them. When Culebra stated that he wanted to be returned home and be cured of his transformations (leaving him only in his normal form), Primogenitor considered using their holy science to undo godly bodies to be blasphemy. 

    Prime agreed to let the Primogenitor use his genetic code to help his people and make him Prime forever on the condition that they also sent home the Gross Babies and helped fix their powers however they wanted them.

    As Primogenitor prepared to accept these terms, however, Duey interrupted, advising Primogenitor to refuse to let the others dictate their terms but rather take the genetic material that they needed. Primogenitor countered that his people aspired to be gods, not thieves, and when Duey continued his argument, Primogenitor noted that the council must discuss this.

    At that point, Duey revealed his alliance with the Homebringer, who exclaimed that the genetic material was their legacy and that he would not see it dispersed to "the world of these feeble imitations (Earth)."

    As the Gross Babies assaulted Homebringer, Primogenitor insisted that Homebringer must not be hurt and that Prime stop his friends or all deals were off. Though not wanting to lose his chance, Prime ultimately sided with his friends and joined the fight against Homebringer.

    As Duey urged Primogenitor to aid Homebringer against the other Gross Babies to avoid losing the genetic code they sought, the others of the Prime race asked Primogenitor what they should do, but Primogenitor exclaimed that everything was falling apart, and he began to lose cohesion as well. Regardless, the Prime people made their decision, and they collectively attacked Prime and the others.

    Prime confronted Primogenitor, convincing him to call of his people so they could continue their deal, but Duey then impaled Primogenitor and led the other Primes to restrain Prime, at which point Duey drew out Doc Gross from within him and then cut into Prime's body and pulled out his heart, which was the source that generated his Prime bodies.

(Power of Prime#4) - Homebringer then exclaimed how no one understood the primal ways better than him, which is why he would rule as the new god of this world.

    When Primogenitor argued that they worshipped the ones who had gone before, Homebringer mocked him as a fool, retorting that their bodies were power and that he should show everyone how to use that power to walk between worlds and conquer them.

    Countering that this was against everything they stood for, Primogenitor charged Homebringer, only to be punched back by Duey. Homebringer then beat down Primogenitor, proclaiming that it was time for his benevolent rule to end and for Homebringer's leadership to begin.

    The other members of the Prime race asked Primogenitor what they should do, but now reduced to his original/unpowered form, Primogenitor considered that he was no longer significant or one of the Prime race; and his people considered that they would be left as nothing creatures, revolting to each other.

    Turbocharge told them they did not have to all have the same forms and should instead be true to themselves.

primogenitor-93060-pop4-collective form-smash-duey&homeb    Meanwhile, Gunk sacrificed his prime body's energy to restore Prime's form and power, and Prime attacked the Homebringer.

    Appreciating that he had caused this problem of fear of turning back into what they truly were, Primogenitor considered that Turbocharge had been right, and he led his people to combine their power to generate an immense manifestation of his prime form.

    In that form, Primogenitor grabbed Duey and the Homebringer and smashed them into each other. As his immense Primogenitor body began to degenerate, he.exhorted the others to bind Duey and the Homebringer and  to prevent them from using their powers.

    The Primogenitor subsequently resolved that their crusade had been misguided, that they should have abanonded it before ever seeking out Dr. Gross, and that they would not try to build a new community as different beings but with a common goal. He thanked Prime and his allies for their aid.

    The Primogenitor further announced that they would keep Gross and Duey with them where they could do no damage. They then sent Phade, Turbocharge, and all of the other Gross Babies back to Earth.

Comments: Created by Gerard Jones, Len Strazewski, John Statema, Mark Pacella, Bob Smith, and Chris Ivey.

    It is unclear to me whether the "gods" were the original inhabitants of the Godwheel, or just the "goopy world" of the Prime race.

    Were they calling themselves the "Prime race" or "Primal beings" before Prime?

    How long were they around?

Profile by Snood.

The Primogenitor should be distinguished from:

images: (without ads)
Prime I#26, pg. 22 (Primogenitor, full);
Power of Prime#2, pg. 4, panel 3 (Primogenitor, face, stable);
       pg. 7, panel 2 (Primogenitor, full, rear) - Add this?
    #4, pg. 13, panel 2 (Primogenitor, true form);
       pg. 15, panel 6 (Primogenitor, true form; less detail, but straight-on);
       pg. 16-17 (Primogenitor leads his people to combine their powers to create a giant form);
       pg. 18, panel 2 (collective form subdues Homebringer and Duey)

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