Numbered realities (a la Earth-616)

EARTH-Techno-war - see "EARTH-9208"--Deathlok Annual#1

EARTH-Thanatos (Captain America, Supreme Intelligence (d), Rick Jones/Thanatos) -
    EARTH-9309--[Spider-Man 2099#1_, Captain Marvel V#30]

EARTH-Thanos destroyed Milky Way (Black Knight, Captain Mar-Vell, Ebony Blade, Elysius, Magus/Adam, Nitro, Null-Life Bomb, Sanctuary, Thanos)
    -divergent reality in which Thanos utilized null-life bomb to wipe out all life in the Milky Way before being stopped by Captain Mar-Vell;
    Magus slain by ebony blade, Captain Marvel (Genis) of Earth-616 briefly journeyed here via a portal left over by the use of Kelly’s power, portal closed by two Captain Marvels after earning mutual respect
     Earth-1120*--Captain Marvel V#11

"EARTH-Thing continued to mutate" - see EARTH-9013 (app)--What If I#41

EARTH-Thing: Night Falls on Yancy Street (Absorbing Man, Hazel Donovan, Dragon Man, Fantastic Four, Frightful Four, Human Torch (Storm), Invisible Woman, Alicia Masters, Mr. Fantastic, Red Ghost, Sandman, Super-Apes (3), Thing, Trapster, Wizard)
    - alternate Earth
    EARTH-36--Startling Stories: Thing-Night Falls on Yancy Street#1 (4(fb), 1-4

EARTH-Thing: Raging Monster - see EARTH-312/Fantastic Voyage (app)--Exiles#35

EARTH-Thor: Reigning (Amora, Asgard, Asgardian Reconditioning Center, Balder, Bostogardd Harbor, Braybo, [Council Elite], Desak, Designate/Spirit of the Jewel, Destroyer, Dr. Strange, Fandral, Jane Foster, Freki, Gladiator, Gustavv, Hogun, Huginn, Hulk, Jordahl+parents, Kya, Loki, Magni, Muninn, Mhyrn, Porjyst, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Sif, Thing, Thor, Trolls, Vision, Volstagg, Warbird, Warriors Three, Wolverine, Yarsyg, Ystyr)
     (OH: Alternate Universes) - alternate future @ 2170, in which Thor used the Odinpower to take over Earth; associated with Zarrko
    Earth-Thor the Tyrant, EARTH-3515 --[Thor II#34], 35 (67, 75(fb), 73(fb), 70(fb), 68(fb), 68-79

EARTH-Thor-Thrall of Seth - see "EARTH-9260" (app)--What If? II#38

EARTH-Thor the Tyrant - see EARTH-Thor: Reigning--[Thor II#34], 35

EARTH-Thor vs. Conan - see EARTH-83600 (app)--What If? I#39

EARTH-Thordis (Asgard, Asgardians, Avengers, Cobra, Lava Men, Loki, Mangog, Mr. Hyde, Odin, Radioactive Man, Sif, Thor, Thordis, Zarrko)
    - divergent world in which Jane Foster found the hammer of Thor
    - diverge Journey into Mystery I#83
Earth-788* (app-thordis)--What If? I#10

EARTH-Thunderguard (Awesome Androids, Captain America (d), Dr. Doom, Fatal Force, Freedom Brigade, Herbies, Adolf Hitler (d), Edwin Jarvis, Red Skull (d), Reed Richards, Maria Sapristi (d), Thunderguard, Universal Cube, Zemo)
    - alternate future in which doom was chosen as successor to red skull and took over the world using the universal cube, original avengers of emc2 were virtually wiped out by attempt to overthrow doom, eventually overthrown with help of ANext from EMC2; Captain America and Thunderstrike elected to remain here to maintain freedom, Reed Richards and the Fatal Five arose to fill power vacuum
    EARTH-9907*, Earth-Doom @ EMC2--[ANext#7],10 (11, Spider-Girl#57,58

EARTH-Time Bubble (Galactus, Dreaming Celestial, Gladiator, Deviants )
    - alternate future @ twenty years ahead of modern timeline in which the dreaming celestial was taking over earth until he was consumed by Galactus.
    Galactus used the Ultimate Nullifier to destroy himself, the Time Bubble, and the entire universe
    EARTH-8810* *D* (app-timebubble)--Fantastic Four I#338 (339,340,341d)

EARTH-Timeslip: Molecule Man (Dread Red, Molecule Man)
Molecule Man was commie-smashing hero from 1956-1962 until dying in battle with Dread Red
    Earth-9732* (app)--Marvel Vision#22

EARTH-Tippit caused World War III - obliterated by Immortus
    "EARTH-908"--Avengers West Coast#61

EARTH- Trouble - see EARTH-13003 --Trouble#1

EARTH-Tymok (Tymok) - unspecified point in Earth's future
    --[Incredible Hulk: Lost in Time]

EARTH-Ultimate (Liz Allan, Beast, Big Man, Blackbird, Blob, Betty Brant, Brotherhood of Mutants, Cerebro, Chitauri race, Colossus, Cyclops, Daily Bugle, Daredevil, Dr.Octopus, Electro, Enforcers, Fancy Dan, Fisk Towers, Nick Fury, Green Goblin, Mr.Golog, Jean Grey, ; King Kong Harlan, Crusher Hogan, Hulk, Iceman, Iron Man, Irontech, ; ; Jonah Jameson, Juggernaut, Kingpin, Magneto, Mandroids, Mastermind, Midtown HS, Mr.Big, Montana, Harry Osborn, Osborn Industries, Ox; Ben(d)+May Parker, Professor X, Punisher, Quicksilver, Red Devils, Jim Rhodes, Joe Robertson, Gen.Ross, Ryker's Island, Sabretooth, Savage Land, Scarlet Witch, Sentinels, Shaw, Shocker, Spider-Man, Captain and Gwen Stacy, Stark Industries, Storm, Flash Thompson, Toad, Bolivar Trask, Ben Urich, MJ Watson, Weapon X Project, Wolverine, John Wraith, X-Men, Xavier Institute)
    -alternate earth
    EARTH-1610* (ME,FFE)--Ultimate Spider-Man#1 (2-5 Ultimate X-Men#1-5

EARTH-Ultravision: Dystopia (Dr. Doom, Kingpin, Lilandra, Mad Thinker, Mega-Skrull, Metazoid, Shi'ar Imperial Guard, Supreme Hydra, Supremor, Ultra-Vision) - Genosha detonated a nuclear bomb in an effort to eliminate the Ultravision, failing, but slaying most of Earth's superhumans; Ultravision joined with Dr. Doom, Hydra, Kingpin, and Mad Thinker to restore order, eventually threatened to take over the entire galaxy
    diverge Avengers I#254
    "EARTH-90111"* (app)--What If? II#19/2

EARTH-Ultravision: Utopia (Cosmic Avengers, Deimos, John Fury jr, Kree, Mega-Skrull, Skrulls, Super-Sentry, Supremor, Ultra-Vision)
    -alternate future @ 2126-2130 in which vision succeeded in takeover of computers of earth, brought Earth to age of peace and advancement
    -div Avengers I#254.
    "EARTH-90110"* (app)--What If? II#19 (36

EARTH-Ultron Unlimited (Scarlet Witch, Vision, Wasp, Wonder Man) - alternate future in which Ultron converted life into a mechanical form
    -div Avengers III#22
    partially seen when Alkhema built the Robos
Earth-70395*--Avengers III#42 (42(ff12)

EARTH-Unstable Molecules - see EARTH-33 --Fantastic Four: Unstable Molecules#1

EARTH-US War Machine (Captain America (Bucky), Dr. Doom, Iron Man (Stark), Sheva Joseph, War Machine (Rhodes), Parnell)
Earth-112001*--US War Machine (MAX)#1 (2-12, US War Machine 2.0#1-3

EARTH-Vampire World - see EARTH-9140 (app)--What If II#24

EARTH-Vampire World - see EARTH-9250 (app)--What If II#37

EARTH-Vampire World - see "EARTH-931113" (app)--Nightstalkers#13

EARTH-Vampire World - Earth's population was transformed entirely into vampires. With no living source of blood available, the vampires begin to prey on themselves. Reed Richards created a bomb to destroy the world, but lacked the courage to use it.
    Earth-2010*--Paradise X: Heralds#2

EARTH-Vampire World - see "EARTH-3931"--Exiles#31

EARTH-Van Dyne (Janet) slain by Creature from Kosmos - diverged when the Scarlet Witch shed the nexus power Immortus had forced her to accrue, disrupting past events Tempus had been forcing the Avengers to relive
    "EARTH-9093"--Avengers West Coast#62

EARTH-Vision not reprogrammed (Avengers West Coast (Dr. Pym, android Human Torch, Iron Man (Stark), USAgent, Wasp, Wonder-Man), Ebony, Agatha Harkness, Master Pandemonium, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Thomas + William)
    - alternate earth in which Vision not dismantled and reprogrammed; Agatha Harkness preserved the lives of Thomas and William;
    Peter David says he never heard of the story, so it did not influence his Last Avengers Story
    (app)--Avengers West Coast Annual#7/2 (

EARTH-Wakanda destroys the global economy - alternate future in which Black Panther's plot against Killmonger resulted in crash of world economy
    -div Black Panther III#19
    Earth-107342*--Avengers III#42 (42(ff13)

"EARTH-Wolverine got a real job" (Wolverine, his employer, and a customer)
    Wolverine worked as a meat slicer in a deli
    "EARTH-48909" (app)--What If II#3/4

"EARTH-Wolverine: Horseman of Apocalypse " - see EARTH-2988 (app)--What If II#111

EARTH-Wolverine-Lord of the Vampires (Punisher triumphant) - alternate reality in which Wolverine became a vampire, slew Dracula, and was eventually killed by the Punisher possessed by Dr. Strange
    "EARTH-9140" (app)--What If? II#24 (Quasar#30

EARTH-Wolverine-Lord of the Vampires (Punisher defeated) - divergent form in which Wolverine slew Punisher first, part of Time Quake, during the events of Inferno, saved from demons by Mr. Sinister in exchange for vampires being exiled from earth, after which Sinister replaced them with clones of their original selves
    "EARTH-9250" (app)--What If? II#37

"EARTH-Wolverine was the worst there was at what he does" - see "EARTH-9291" (app)--What If I#41/3

"EARTH-Wolverine and Sabretooth were best friends" - see "EARTH-9793" (app)--What If I#100/6

EARTH-Wolverine received a Styrofoam skeleton - see "EARTH-9791" (app)--What If II#100/4

EARTH-Wonder Man's death throes slew Avengers - diverged when the Scarlet Witch shed the nexus power Immortus had forced her to accrue, disrupting past events Tempus had been forcing the Avengers to relive
    "EARTH-9092"--Avengers West Coast#62

EARTH X (Africa: Ani-Men, Beast, King Panther, Queen Storm
    Britain: Black Knight, King Britain, Dragon Man, Union Jack
    Abomination, Angel, Ant-Man, Banshee(d), Cable, Cap, Sharon Carter, Clea/Sorceress Supreme, Crimson Dynamo, Czar Colossus, Daredevil, Dazzler, Doc Samson, Dr. Doom, Dr. Richards’ Doom, Dr. Strange, Eternals, Fantastic Four (Ben Grimm,Alicia Masters Grimm,Brothers Grimm,Marvels),Nick Fury LMDs, Gambit(d), Gargoyle(d), Goblin, Hulk+Banner, Inhumans(Black Bolt,Gorgon,Karnak,Luna,Triton ),Human Torch, Iceman, Iron Avengers(Clint, Hank,  Jan, Pietro, Vision, Wanda), Iron Maiden, John+Jonah Jameson, Leader(d), Loki, Magneto, Mar-Vell, Multiple Man/Wendigo, Namor the Cursed, Nightcrawler(d), Nighthawk, Kitty Pryde, Red Guard, Redwing/Wyatt Wingfoot, Sue Richards, Gen.Ross(d), Silver Surfers, Skull, Spiders’ Man, Spidey, Stark, Thor/Goddess of Thunder, Uatu, Venom, X-51, X-Man(d), XMen (Charmer, Dogface, Double Threat, Mermaid, MrS, Tower)
    -alternate reality in which plague x mutated all surviving people on earth
    EARTH-9997* (FFE)--Earth X Preview, Earth X:0 (1/2 0 1-12#X Universe X#0 1-12#X Paradise X:Heralds1-3, Paradise X#0 1-12 X; also a bunch of one shots

EARTH-X-Force die against Apocalypse (Cable,XForce(d),Apocalypse)-alternate reality in which Cable trained X-Force militantly and sent them against Apocalypse, all died in battle. Cable assisted xforce of mainstream earth against queen of star swords
    Earth-3100*--[X-Force I#100]

EARTH-X-Force pawns of Queen of Star Swords (X-Force (Bedlam, Cannonball, Meltdown, [Mirage], Siryn, Sunspot, Warpath))
    -alternate reality in which Queen of Star Swords took over reality and X-Force made deal not to fight her
    Earth-10003*--X-Force I#100

EARTH-X-Force wanted (XForce(Cable(d),Cannonball(d),Copycat,Deadpool,Feral,Meltdown,Rictor,Shatterstar,Siryn,Sunspot),Stryfe(d), Mutant Liberation Front(d))
     - alternate reality in which Stryfe & Mutant Liberation Front killed Cable & Cannonball, X-Force gained vengeance, but are wanted as criminals as a result of innocents getting in crossfire
    --[X-Force I#100]

EARTH-X-Man - see EARTH-774 (app-xman)--What If I#2

EARTH-X-Men condemned Gambit to death - see "EARTH-983" (app)--What If II#106

EARTH-X-Men died on their first mission - see EARTH-105709--What If II#9

EARTH-X-Men lost Inferno - see EARTH-89112 (app)--What If II#6

"EARTH-X-Men: Original X-Men defeated Krakoa" - see EARTH-913 (app)--What If II#23

"EARTH-X-Men stayed on Asgard"  - see "EARTH-904" (app)--What If II#12

"EARTH-Xavier Sales Executives - see EARTH-9790" (app)--What If II#76

"EARTH-Yellowjacket died in battle against Elfqueen"  - see EARTH-82101 (app)--What If I#35/3

Earth-Z* - see Earth-91126-- Marvel Zombies Return I#1

EARTH-Zardorr ( ) -
    --Tales of Suspense I#35

EARTH-Zarrko - alternate future, @ 23rd Century
    --Journey into Mystery I#86

    -divergent earth created when Raeder and other modern Germans sent weapons back to Nazi Germany, altering timeline in 1941 until Grinz was killed by War Machine, preventing Raeder from being born
    Earth-95615*--War Machine#15 (16,17

EARTH-Zero Tolerance - see "EARTH-1815"--Exiles II#1

    (seen) New Exiles#12

Earth-Duckworld (Gyro Agnu, Truman Capoultry, Duktor Strange, Rev. Godfrey Gander, Scrounge McDrake, Lana Linn, Olsen, Blinky, Richard Millnest Duxon, Johnny Quackson
    via reality warp Howard the Duck & family (mom + dad + Theresa + Orville) )
    -alternate Earth where ducks evolved into dominant lifeform
    --Howard the Duck Magazine#6

Microscopic Earths Strange Tales #82(March 1961) Parallel Earth dimensions existing within a series of sub-atomic universes; both time and space are the same and events on each world appear to happen simultaneously; people or places do not share the same names on each world.

Earth 000 Morlun and brethren battled Master Weaver. Superior Spider #33 (2014)

EARTH-0000 ("Zero-Zero") Home base of Arkwright's bosses. An Earth where humanity is united, and works to protect the other parallels
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

"EARTH-0" (D'Spayre, Dweller-in-Darkness, Galactus, Taa) - reality that existed before the Big Bang
    --Thor I#162

Earth-001 Loomworld; home to Morlun and the Inheritors; presumably corrected/re-designated from Earth 000 as seen in Superior Spider-Man #33 (2014). Amazing Spider-Man #9 (2015)

EARTH-1 DC "mainstream"; Gena "The Caryatid" Marconi of Precinct 1) -


EARTH-2A - DC; see EARTH-2

"EARTH-2.5" DC - Justice Guild

EARTH-3 - DC; Crime Syndicate

"EARTH-3.5" - DC

Earth-4 Old Man Spider (Ezekiel Sims). Edge of Spider-Verse#5 (2014)

EARTH-4 - DC/Charlton

EARTH-5 - Order of the Black Sun
    --Dr. Who Magazine#

EARTH-5 - DC; Fallow

EARTH-7 - ABC; home of the robotic velociraptor police officer Delta "Technozoic" 2401

EARTH-8 . Spider-Gwen # (201_)

EARTH-9 (Saturnyne )
- a cyber-governed parallel also known as Turingville, origin world of the robotic officer Joe Pi. It’s a world where the robots rebelled, took over, and turned the world into a democratic utopia
This is also the designation of Saturnyne's homeworld, but since we know zip about her homeworld, that's not a conflict. We know she was based on "The Hub" when she became Omniversal Majestrix, but that doesn't mean the Hub is the same place as Earth-9. Most US President's weren't born in Washington D.C.--Loki
Spirit of Forgiveness freed the world of consequences
    --Mighty World of Marvel#13 (
    [Secret Avengers#22 (fb)]

EARTH-10 - DC; Justice Union
    - this designator seems to have been claimed by Alex Ross for DC's Justice Union in his "/Mythology: The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross" However, if you want to accommodate both and have them be the same world, Ross
apparently describes the Justice Union stuff as being in the year 2050AD, while the Top 10 stuff happens in the current day.--Loki

"EARTH-10 (Top 10)" - see EARTH-G

EARTH-11 - DC; Tintin and French Comics

Earth-11 Spider-Girl (Penelope Parker). Spider-Verse #1 (2015)

EARTH-12 - DC; Inferior Five

EARTH-12 (Mimic, X-Men (Angel, Beast, Colossus, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Professor X, Storm, Wolverine), Fantastic Four (including a Reed (invisibility power) of the Council of Reeds, Avengers
    --Exiles#1, (named)#83 (1(fb), 83, 84, [Fantastic Four #570

Earth-13 Spider-Man retained Uni-Power of Captain Universe; served as refuge to alternate reality Spider-People from Inheritors. Amazing Spider-Man #9 (2015)

"EARTH-13" - merged worlds of Counter-Earth (Franklin) and the Wildstorm Universe
    --Captain America II#12 (

EARTH-14 - DC; Ubermensch, Fleidermaus

EARTH-15 (Spider of Timebroker's Weapon X)
    --[Exiles#12], (named)#83

"EARTH-15" - DC; stone giants-needs new designation

"EARTH-17" - DC; Overman and Justice Project of America

EARTH-18 - DC? Marvelman and Big Ben

"EARTH-19" - DC

EARTH-20 - DC; world without Superman

EARTH-23 - Zenith; Axis Mundi, Maximan

EARTH-23 Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoon's main reality. Home to a Batman who likes to team up a lot and, having really seen pretty much everything, takes all manner of weirdness in his stride; there is at least one villain who has not yet been seen to have a counterpart in other realities (e.g. cartoons or comics), Fun Haus, a mad toymaker. Batman: The Brave and the Bold Episode #1, "The Rise of the Blue Beetle" (November 14th 2008); (identified as Earth-23) Batman: The Brave and the Bold Episode #12, "Deep Cover for Batman" (February 27th 2009), the same episode that debuts Red Hood's alternate reality.
    No reality designator given for the Red Hood's world - some sites online have said Earth Three, because that's traditionally the number for the Crime Syndicate's reality, but Red Hood's world had an Injustice League, not a Crime Syndicate, and didn't fit any of the iterations of Earth-Three seen in the comics, bar having those who are normally heroes be villainous and vice versa.

EARTH-23 - see "EARTH-2301" (FFE)--Marvel Mangaverse: Fantastic Four#1

EARTH-24 (Alphonse, Astro Cuts)
    --Red Dwarf

Earth-25 variant Spider-Ham (Peter Porker). Amazing Spider-Man #9 (2015)

"EARTH-25" - DC

Earth-26 Reed Richards created a device to strip all superhumans of their powers, negating the need for the Superhuman Registration Act. Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #2

"EARTH-26" - DC

EARTH-27 (Magneto, Nightcrawler, Magnus, Rogue)
    --Exiles#1, (named)#83 (1 (fb), 83

"EARTH-32" - DC

EARTH-33 (Susan Sturm, etc) -
    EARTH-Unstable Molecules--Fantastic Four: Unstable Molecules#1 (2-4

"EARTH-34" - DC

Earth-34Tau - see Earth-34219

EARTH-36 (Hazel Donovan, Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Thing), Frightful Four (Absorbing Man, , , ))
    --Startling Stories: Thing: Night Falls on Yancy Street#1 (2-4

"EARTH-39" - DC

EARTH-42 - Hillman; Air Fighter

"EARTH-43" - DC

Earth-45 “bearded Reed with Infinity Gauntlet” (who had a small portion of Victor von Doom's DNA spliced with his) of the Council of alternate reality Reed Richardses demonstrated method of defeating Dr. Dooms, destroying their intelligence, and imprisoning them in the Hole. (Reed) FF #570 (2009); FF #571 (2009)

"EARTH-47" - DC; Krypton Woman

EARTH-50 - DC; Wildstorm

"EARTH-51" - DC

Grand Central, the afore-mentioned Roman parallel, its capital city the officially recognized centre of the Omniverse.

"EARTH-54" - DC - new designation needed

"EARTH-57" - DC

EARTH-61 - DC; Bruce Wayne/Superman

EARTH-65 (Brother Brit-Man)
    --[Excalibur I#44]

Earth-65 Gwen Stacy became Spider-Woman. Edge of Spider-Verse #2 (2014); (designated) Amazing Spider-Man #9 (2015)

    --Authority: High Stakes

Earth-67 Cartoonish Spider-Man (Peter Parker) battled with Web-Warriors against the vampiric Inheritors. Amazing Spider-Man #9 (2015)

"EARTH-72" - DC
    --Justice League#72

"EARTH-74" - DC

Earth-74 Dimension-traveling Antontio Aggasiz-616 stole a musical virus from a race of sentient melodies. X-Force #5 (2014)

"EARTH-79" - DC

"EARTH-85" - DC

"EARTH-86" - DC

"EARTH-88" - DC

"EARTH-89" - DC

"EARTH-91" - DC

Earth-94 Spider-Man (Ben Reilly/Peter Parker's clone). Amazing Spider #9 (2015)

?EARTH-95? - DC

?Earth-95?: Mentioned at end of Papist Affair, first ever Luther Arkwright strip. Arkwright heads here after finishing on Earth-185 to stop Disruptor activities there.
    - from Mad Monks and Englishmen, A Scenario for 23rd Parallel's Luther Arkwright Role Playing Game, re-published on Bryan Talbot's official website

EARTH-98 - see EARTH 1961 A.D. (app)--Fantastic Four/Fantastic Four Annual 1998

EARTH-110 - see EARTH-Big Town--Fantastic Four: Big Town#1

EARTH-111 - see EARTH-Challengers of Doom (FFE, app)--Fantastic Four III#47

"EARTH-116" - DC

"EARTH-117" - DC
    --Jimmy Olsen#117

"EARTH-124" - DC
    --Superboy#124, Wonder Woman#124

EARTH-127 (Brother Mutant, Brotherhood of Mutants, Magneto, Mesmero, Quicksilver, Scarlet Warlock, Wolverine)
    - Scarlet Warlock's attempts to transfer Wolverine's Adamantium skeleton into Magneto resulted in a full merging of Magneto & Wolverine, and then Mesmero, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Warlock -- Brother Mutant; when the Time-Breakers sent legions of Wolverines in to defeat them, multiple groups fell under Brother Mutant's sway; eventually the regular Exiles were sent to oppose Brother Mutant, though the Wolverines and Elsie Dee finished him off
    --Exiles#85 (86

"EARTH-127" - DC
    --Batman#127, Wonder Woman#127

"EARTH-128" - DC

"EARTH-131" - DC

"EARTH-132" - DC

"EARTH-134" - DC

"EARTH-136" - DC

EARTH-137 - ABC; "backworld" where the laws of science do not apply, and magic holds sway instead, a reality inhabited by mythological beings.

Earth-138 Spider-Punk (Brown). Amazing Spider-Man #10 (2015)

"EARTH-146" - DC

EARTH-148 - see EE'RATH--Excalibur I#42

"EARTH-149" - DC

"EARTH-151" - DC

"EARTH-153" - DC
    --World's Finest#153

EARTH-154 - merged with Earth-462 by Alexander Luthor, resultant world judged unsuitable to exist and destroyed by him
    --Infinite Crisis#6

"EARTH-154" - DC - needs to be renamed
    --World's Finest#154

Earth-155 Reed Richards & Hank Pym initiated Superhuman Registration Act with Tony Stark; Hank died of an aneurysm two days after the law was enacted; Reed convinced everyone of the Act’s necessity. Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #2

"EARTH-159" - DC
    --Lois Lane#159

"EARTH-160" - DC
    --Superman II#160

Earth-161 X-Men Forever #1 (2009)

EARTH-161 Batman-23/Brave and the Bold and unidentified alternate reality Red Hood (a heroic counterpart to the Joker) send a bomb there that would otherwise kill all organic life on the Earth they are on.
    161 is chosen because it is a "zombie world", almost certainly a pun poking fun at 616 and Marvel fans being "zombies." 161 is already in use as X-Men Forever's world, but this could be reconciled if either Red Hood got it wrong (oops, just killed an innocent world) or if X-Men Forever's world fell prey to the zombie virus we saw hitting other realities some time after the last issue of X-Men Forever. (identified/referenced, but not seen) Batman: The Brave and the Bold Episode #13, "Game Over  for Owlman" (March 6th 2009)

"EARTH-162" - DC

"EARTH-164" - DC

EARTH-165 - "Ace" Rimmer killed by Neutron Tank
    --Red Dwarf

"EARTH-166" - DC

"EARTH-167" - DC

EARTH-172 (Silver Samurai, Wolverine of Timebroker's Weapon X, Mariko Yashida)
    --[Exiles#62], (named)#83

"EARTH-172" - DC-needs new designation
    --World's Finest#172

"EARTH-174" - DC

"EARTH-175" - DC

"EARTH-178" - DC
    --World's Finest#178

Earth-177 (Dr. Octopus) Gog-616 traveled here after fleeing his native Tsiln; he allied with Dr. Octopus, until Octopus' true nature was exposed by the Web-Warriors, after which Gog returned to Tsiln-616. Spider-Man: Enter the Spider-Verse #1 (2019)

EARTH-181 (Daredevil of Timebroker's Weapon X, Kingpin, Patch/Wolverine)
    --[Exiles#62], (named)#83 (85

"EARTH-183" - DC?, home of Karkan the Mighty

"EARTH-184" - DC
    --World's Finest#184

Earth-185 (Parallel England No. 185 / 185th Parallel): Papist Affair, first ever Luther Arkwright strip. In 1524 Catherine of Aragon gave Henry VIII a son. As a result he did not remarry, Elizabeth I not born, and Henry never broke with Rome. His son Henry IX proved a tyrant and religious fanatic, persecuted all who were not Catholic, Tudors held crown and many countries fell to English rule, forming the Holy British Empire. No world wars, by 1970s decadent England still ruled Europe and Americas, but dissent was growing, and Luther Arkwright helped the resistance.
The strip can be read online here
    - from Mad Monks and Englishmen, A Scenario for 23rd Parallel's Luther Arkwright Role Playing Game, re-published on Bryan Talbot's official website

"EARTH-192.1" - DC

"EARTH-192.2" - DC

"EARTH-200" - DC

"EARTH-215" - DC

Earth-219 Superflow connection off-line, White Events presumably prevented. Avengers #7 (2013)

"EARTH-224" - DC

EARTH-230 - Zenith

Earth-231 Reed Richards slew the rest of the Illuminati to prevent their ambitions from exceeding their abilities. Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #3

EARTH-231 - DC

Earth-235 vampire Eternals. Uncanny X-Force #23 (2012)

EARTH-238 (Algernon, Android Andy, Arachnid,  Autumn, Block 45 gang (Sharon), Capt. Roy Risk, Capt. UK, Col. Tusker, Crazy Gang, Sidney Crumb, Crumby Gang (Jeff), Fury, Gaath, Iron Tallon, Junk Heap Monster, Mad Jim Jaspers, Mrs. McGeary, Miracleman, Puppetman, Rick, Status Crew, Mr. Wilcox-Smyth)
    -alternate earth, destroyed by Mandragon in attempt to eliminate the threat of Mad Jim Jaspers and the Fury
    -EARTH-Mad Jim Jaspers, CROOKED WORLD
    (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes (UK)#377(388(fb) 387(fb)/Daredevils#7(fb), MSH377-384

Earth-242 Appears to be on fire. The head of this reality's Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, fell through a dimensional portal opened by Earth-1610's Reed Richards and Tony Stark and ended up on their world. Ultimate Comics Armor Wars #4 (2010)

EARTH-253 (Protectorate (Citydweller, Nightfighter, Professor X, Technocrat, Thor, White Bird, Zeitgeist))
    - destroyed by Qabiri despite effort of Nate Grey/X-Man
    (app)--X-Man#71 (72

"EARTH-257" - Zenith

"EARTH-265" - DC

EARTH-267 (Avengers (Colossus, Storm)) - Kang slew the Avengers via a nuclear bomb, world erupted into nuclear war that slew everyone except Kang, who was slain by the Council of Kangs
    --Avengers I#267

"EARTH-270" - DC
    --Wonder Woman#270

"EARTH-275" - DC
    --Action Comics#275


EARTH-295 - see EARTH-Age of Apocalypse
    (OH:AoA)--X-Men: Alpha (
    X-Factor III#22/2 (fb)
    Exiles#84, Exiles: Days of Then and Now#1

"EARTH-300" (Vertex)

"EARTH-300.6" - DC
    --Legion of Super-Heroes#300

"EARTH-303" (dinosaurs)

EARTH-305 (Captain Angleterre)
    --[Mighty World of Marvel#13]

EARTH-311 ([Aesir], "Ancient One", Brother Andres, Angel/Werner, Francis Bacon, David Banner/"Hulk", Lord Baxter, Brotherhood, Cervantes, Ananias Dare, Virginia Dare (firstborn in Roanoke), Hugh de Psynd, Donal/Old Man, Count Dougan, Eagle's Shadow, Queen Elizabeth I, Enrique/Grand Inquistor, Doris Evans, Fantastik, "Fantastik Four," Sir Nicholas Fury, Jean/John Grey, Ben Grimm/"Thing", Harry, (King) James of Scotland, J.J. Jameson, Carlos Javier, Master Carlos Javier's Select College for the Sons of Gentlefolk, Warlord Krang, Ralph Lane, Leviathan, Lord Iron, Chief Marioac, Madame Medusa, Master Henry McCoy, Moor's Head, Matthew Murdoch, Natasha, Captain Nelson, Numenor, Norman Osborne, Peter/Spider + [aunt + uncle Benjamin] Parquagh, Petros, Piko, Richard Reed, Rhodes, Rita, Rojhaz (Captain America of Earth-460, Steve Rogers), Captain Ross, Sandman (Marko), William Shakespeare, John + "Sue" Storm, Clea Strange, Dr. Stephen Strange, Scottius Summerisle, Templars, Thor, Toad, Brother Tomas, Trapster, Roberto Trefusis (Ice), Virginia Maid (Ship), Otto von Doom/Otto the Handsome, Vultures, (Sister) Wanda, Werner, Lord Wingfoot, Witchbreed, Wizard, [Wotan])
    - alternate Earth in which Captain America (Steve Rogers) of "Earth-460" was sent to 1587 A.D., altered timeline, causing the heroic age to occur @ 1602, damage repaired by Thor and Enrique, with Rojhaz and Fury being sent to Earth-460, preserved by Uatu the Watcher and his superior
    EARTH 1602 A.D.* (FFE, OH: AltU, AZHC#1, app)--1602#1 (1(fb), 6(fb)/8(fb), 4(fb1), 4(fb2), 2(fb), 5(fb), 1-8, 1602: New World#1-5, 1602: Fantastik Four#1-5?

EARTH-312 - see EARTH-Fantastic Voyage (app)--Exiles#35

EARTH-313 (Lemurians) - nearly destroyed by nuclear bomb disposed of to save Annwyn; Albion, Gawain, and Breeze James traveled there to help rebuild it
    (app)--[Knights of Pendragon II#9, 13], 13 ([9]/14(fb), [13-15]

"EARTH-327" - DC

"EARTH-332" - DC

EARTH-334 - the home of sentient dinosaurs, as exemplified by two T-Rex cops who cover for the officers of Neopolis' Tenth Precinct on their annual families day. 
    --Top Ten: Beyond the Farthest Precinct#1

"EARTH-349" - gender-switched characters

"EARTH-353" - DC

EARTH-355 (Coal Tiger)
    --Avengers I#355

EARTH-371 (Bella Donna?, Gambit of Timebroker's Weapon X, Thieve's Guild?)
    --[Exiles#23], (named)#83

EARTH-374 (Proctor, Sersi, Ute)
    --[Avengers I#344], 363

"EARTH-377" - DC

"EARTH-383" - DC

"EARTH-387" - DC

"EARTH-392" - DC

"EARTH-396" - DC

"EARTH-398" - see EARTH-Morgan Conquest
    (app)--Avengers III#2

"EARTH-399" - DC

"EARTH-410" - DC

"EARTH-411" - DC metafiction

EARTH-412 - magic carpet rides are commonplace

"EARTH-417" - DC

Earth-449 Spider Moon-Man (Armstrong Park) slain by Morlun. Amazing Spider-Man #9 (2015)

"EARTH-451" (Captain Babylon) - ???

"EARTH-460" (Captain America (Rojhaz), Daredevil, President for Life, Spider-Man)
    - Government persecuted and slaughtered heroes, Captain America captured and betrayed, but was sent back to Earth-311 @ 1602 AD
    EARTH-Captain America vs. President-for-Life
    (earth-rojhaz)--1602#8 (8(fb)

EARTH-462 - merged with Earth-154 by Alexander Luthor, resultant world judged unsuitable to exist and destroyed by him
    --Infinite Crisis#6

"EARTH-483" -
    needs new designation
    --Authority, Stormwatch, Planetary

EARTH-483 (Hurricane (Harry Kane), Jacali Kane)
    - old west era terrorized by zombie plague; samples taken and Jacali Kane rescued by ARMOR-616's Machine Man and Howard the Duck
    --Marvel Zombies 5#1 (2010)

EARTH-520 (Logan, Weapon X) -

"EARTH-522" (Captain England) – from the “Earth next door” to Captain Albion

EARTH-523 (Captain Albion) - neo-Elizabethan England whose empire embraces America and most of Asia in a golden age of peace, enlightenment and prosperity

Earth-538 Confronted by Illuminati, Beyonder remade Earth into a place where he was worshipped and adored. Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #3

EARTH-541 - holder of the Starbrand made himself global monarch
    (app)--Untold Tales of the New Universe: Star Brand

EARTH-552 (Galactus, Imperial Guard (Gladiator (dies), Manta, Neutron (dies), Smasher, Starbolt (dies)), Lilandra, Shi'ar, Silver Surfer)
    - alternate reality in which Galactus cured worlds afflicted with genocidal blight;
    Military scientist Norrin Radd unwittingly destroyed his homeworld with his greatest weapon, offered to help Galactus in his search, transformed into Silver Surfer;
    Galactus refused to restore Zenn-La since it had not died from the blight; Surfer attacked those worshipping Galactus and then Galactus himself 
    --Exiles#87 (87 (fbs), 87-88

"EARTH-554" - DC

    --New Universal#1

EARTH-555 - Black Knight/Sir Percy enslaved by Chthon/Darkhold, unleashed plague of Raimi (possessed Type-834), zombie-like creatures until Darkhold neutralized with Ebony Blade by Jacali Kane
    --Marvel Zombies 5#3 (2010)

EARTH-594 - parallel reality about six dimensions sideways from the reality in Wanted; raided by the natives of the Wanted reality, during which time Doll-Master acquired Hepatitis B
    would seem to indicate that the Wanted reality is either Earth-588 or Earth-600

EARTH-597 (Lightning Force, Reichsmen, Reichminister MacTaggert)
    --[Excalibur I#9], Excalibur: Weird War III

EARTH-598 - Strasbourg, Alsace, is leveled by an earthquake on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-610 - erroneous designation later corrected to Earth-1610. Amazing Spider-Man #9 (2015)

"EARTH-612" -

Earth-615.9 - see Earth-90211

EARTH-616 - mainstream earth
    --(g) Marvel Comics#1 ; Fantastic Four I#1

Earth-616.1 - see Earth-13159

EARTH-617 (Dream dimension, Energumen, Hulk, Nightmare & minions, Leonard Samson)
    - Samson attempted to treat Banner's personality disorder, brought him to a psychic plane, but he became the Hulk and tore a hole into the realm of Nightmare;
    Nightmare defeated the Hulk and then accessed Earth through the rent he had created;
    Nightmare further had Energumen possess Samson to force him to seek to merge his mind with Samson-616 so that he'd allow Nightmare access to Earth-616;
    Samson-616 ultimately convinced Samson-617 to throw off Nightmare's control; Nightmare slew Samson-617, but Samson-616 drove Nightmare back to his realm
    apparently also the realm to which Gwen Stacy-65 traveled, inspiring Gwen-617 to become a time-traveling, symbiote-bonded adventurer, and the world's greatest detective.
    --Doc Samson#4 (4 (fb)

"EARTH-649" - incorrect designation, see Other-Earth

EARTH-653 (Brent Jackson, Mesmero of Timebreaker's Weapon X, Weapon X?) -
    --[Exiles#63], (named)#83

EARTH-665 (Forbush Man) - Marble Earth
    --Not Brand Ecch#1

EARTH-666 (Avengers of the Undead (Black Widow/spider, Brother Voodoo, Captain America/werewolf, Daredevil/demon, Hawkeye/hawk?, Punisher/frankencastle, Spider-Man/spider, Thor the Accursed/mummy, Wolverine/vampire), [Mephisto], [Shuma-Gorath], Shuma-Gorath's Ego Maze & Center Tower, Undead Celestial) - Captain Britain (Braddock)-616 left an orb with Brother Voodoo for safekeeping, returned for it in recent years, attacked by Avengers
    --Secret Avengers #33 (2012)

Earth-669 During "Civil War II," Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) sacrificed herself in effort to free Spider-Man (Morales), apparently being slain by Iron Man (Tony Stark). Glimpsed by Captain Marvel-616 via the Infinity Stone. Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel #1 (2018)

EARTH-689 (Avengers (Giant-Man, Hulk, Iron, Thor, Wasp), Baron (Heinrich) Zemo, Beetle (Jenkins), Black Knight (Nathan Garrett), Daredevil, Dr. Doom, Dr. Octopus, Dr. Strange, "Dum Dum" Dugan, Electro, Enchantress, Executioner (Skurge), Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Mr. Fantastic, Thing), Nick Fury, Gabe Jones, Magneto, Mandarin,  Melter, Mister Hyde, Mole Man, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Quicksilver, Radioactive Man, Red Ghost, Red Skull (Schmidt), Sandman, Scarlet Witch, Space Phantom, Spider-Man, Unicorn (Masaryk), X-Men (Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl); [Baron Mordo, the Black Panther, Blob, Cobra, Grey Gargoyle, Hawkeye, Professor X, Ringmaster, Vanisher, Yellow Claw]
    - reality where the Scarlet Centurion convinced the Avengers capture all of the world's super-heroes; both he and they were eventually defeated by the Avengers of Earth-616
    -diverged from Avengers I#2
    (app)--Avengers Annual#2 (2(fb), 2

EARTH-691 - Timeline of the 21st century Killraven and the 31st century Guardians of the Galaxy—Marvel Super-Heroes II#18

EARTH-700 - see EARTH-Cassandra--Marvel: Lost Generation#8

"EARTH-702" - DC
    --JLA: Destiny#1 (2-4

EARTH-712 - see EARTH-S—Avengers I#85

EARTH-714 (Angel of Timebroker's Weapon X)
    --[Exiles#23], (named)#83

EARTH-715 - see EARTH-Femizonia-unmerged (app-fem)--Savage Tales I#1/2, Fantastic Four I#151

EARTH-717 (Captain America of the Civil War, [General Ewing + Grant], General America, President Abraham Lincoln, Redlegs division, We-Pi-Ahk, White Skull of the Civil War, White Skulls, Pvt. Wilson>
    (app)--What If: Captain America

EARTH-721 - see EARTH-A (FFE, app)--Fantastic Four I#118/2

EARTH-723 - holder of Starbrand used its power to make music which unified the people of his world
    (app)--Untold Tales of the New Universe: Star Brand

EARTH-725 (Captain America)
    - In the future artificial intelligence became modern-day slaves eventually causing a revolution for the AI, a warrior machine was decorated as Captain America as the Sentinel of Liberty
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

EARTH-741 (Captain Empire)
    --[Mighty World of Marvel#13]

EARTH-744 (Captain Airstrip-One, Thought Police (O'Brien) )  - similar to that of the novel 1984, by George Orwell
    --[Daredevils#7], Mad Dog#10

Earth-763 (Exiles' Beast (Henry McCoy); Wonder Man/Simon Williams, MODOK, Avengers, Power Man, Cyclops, Thor, Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Vision)  Exiles #1 (2009)

EARTH-772 - see Earth-Fantastic Five: Spider-Man (FFE, app)-What If? I#1 ([21(fb)], 21, [What If II#35(fb)], 35, [37-38], Superior Spider-Man#32

EARTH-774 (Betty and Bruce Banner, Galactus, Gargoyle, Human Torch, Operation: Thing, Reed and Sue Richards, Gen. Ross, Thing, X-Man (Banner/Richards/Xavier))
    - alternate reality in which Hulk retained Banner’s intellect
    (app-xman)--What If I#2

Earth-776 Stark outfitted armored Avengers. W?#3

Earth-788 - Jane Foster found Mjolnir/walking stick, became Thordis
    --What If I#10

Earth-791 Star-Lord (Peter Quill) sired by Jason of Sparta, given Star-Lord identity and weaponry by Master of the Sun. Marvel Preview #4 (1976)

EARTH-794 (Kaptain Briton, Sat-yr9) - Captain UK was sent here to overthrow Sat-yr9
    --[Excalibur I#56], ([X-Men / Dr. Doom: Chaos Engine: Book One (fb)]

EARTH-797 (Irene Adler (d), Mystiq, [Anna Raven (d)) -

Earth-802 Conquered by Earth-001’s Inheritors’ Jennix, who slew its entire population and replaced them with loyal clones, including versions of Iron Man (Tony Stark) and the Human Torch (Johnny Storm). To ensure his family’s immortality, Jennix built clone factories worldwide: Upon an Inheritor’s death, his system transmitted his or her life-essence to Earth-802, where it was transferred into a waiting clone body.

Earth-803 Circa 1895 AD, Lady May Reilly served as Lady Spider, opposing Six Men of Sinistry (Lord Osborne/Green Goblin, Kraven, Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Shocker and Mysterio). Spider-Verse #1 (2015)

EARTH-804 - Avengers fought Kree-Skrull War without Rick Jones
    Earth-Avengers fought Kree-Skrull War without Rick Jones* (app)--What If? I#20

EARTH-808 (Dr. Doom, Mephisto, Valeria, Cynthia von Doom)
    - Doom rescued his mother's soul, became a benevolent leader, and married Valeria, but she lost her soul to Mephisto
    --What If I#22

EARTH-811 - see EARTH-Days of Future Past--Uncanny X-Men#141
    Excalibur I#66

EARTH-821 (Ghost Rider) - Ghost Rider no longer rides a flaming motorcycle, but a normal one instead.
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Vision

EARTH-829 - see EARTH-Hercules 2300--Hercules #1

Earth-833 Spider-UK (Billy Braddock); member of the Corps. Edge of Spider-Verse #2 (2014)

EARTH-839 (Captain UK, Rick) - where Captain UK was reassigned after defeating Sat-yr9
    --Captain Britain II#14 ( [Excalibur I#44-identified]

EARTH-846 (Kommandant Englander)
    --Mighty World of Marvel#13

EARTH-873 (Hulk (Bruce Banner) of Timebroker's Weapon X, Betty & General Ross)
    --[Exiles#40], (named)#83

EARTH-886 - holder of Starbrand fights evil powers which plague her world, and is the idol of billions.
    (app)--Untold Tales of the New Universe: Star Brand

EARTH-889 New Albion, Inspector Slipper, X SOCIETY (Beast, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Wolverine)
Pre-digital culture targeted for annexation by extradimensional mutants under guidance of Agent X-13; when defeated, he set fire to a blimp, killing many, for which the X Society was blamed, leading to the placement of robotic human Sentinels to guard them.
    --X-Men: Ghost Boxes #1

EARTH-892 ([AIM], [Annihilus], Arcade, Jean-Paul Beaubier, Alison Blaire, [Blastaar], Boris, Betsy Braddock, [Callisto], Naomi Campbell, [Captain America], Val Cooper, Fabian Cortez, [Lorna Dane], Carol Danvers, Detainee Camp#879, Diablo, Divinity of Counter-Earth: Franklin Richards, Doc Samson, Dr. Doom, Doombot, Doom's Patrol (movie), Dorma  of Counter-Earth: Franklin Richards, [Bobby Drake], [Electro], Fenris, Forge, Emma Frost, Tommy Grunfeld, Guardsmen, Kenuchio Harada (Guardsman), [Human Torch], Hunters, [HYDRA], [Invisible Woman], [Kath], Lancer of Counter-Earth: Franklin Richards, [Luna], Mastermind (Martinique Jason), Magneto, [Mandarin], Joy Mercado,  Melloncamp, Abena + Jnanbarka Metou, Paul Miller, [Mr. Fantastic], Morales (guard), Ms. Locke, Mystique, Namor, Nightshade, [Neophyte], Mary Jane Watson-Parker, Joseph [+ Maria] Paterson (Guardsman), Lord and Lady Plunder, Poe (guard), Psi Division, Quicksilver, Peter Rasputin, Sabretooth, Scanner, Scarlet Witch, Shakti of Counter-Earth: Franklin Richards, Sebastian Shaw, [SHIELD], Anthony Stark, Stern, Mantlo, Moench & McGregor, Storm, T'Challa, Technarx of Counter-Earth: Franklin Richards, [Thing], Maynard Tiboldt, [Titania], [Trapster], Unuscione, Vindaloo, Viper, Amelia Voght, Kristoff + Qadira von Doom, White Rabbit, Wonder Man, Warren Worthington)
    - reality in which Dr. Doom controlled the entire planet, merged with Earth-616 by Dr. Doom of Earth-616 using the Cosmic Cube/Chaos Engine to form Earth-Chaos Engine: Dr. Doom, further re-structured/merged into Earth-Chaos Engine: Magneto and Earth-Chaos Engine: Red Skull
    --[X-Men / Dr. Doom: Chaos Engine: Book One, X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine: Book Two]

EARTH-900 (Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Storm, Nate Grey, Psychedelia, David Chan, A.I. Sarah Wolverine)
    - Saving the life of the President, the X-Men became government-appointed officers of a new police force to defend the country against the X-Men’s new enemy Wolverine.
    Utopia-- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

"EARTH-901" - DC
    --Just Imagine Stan Lee creating the DC Universe

EARTH-902 / X-Punks
    (Beast, Iceman, Angel, Rogue))
    - The Mutant Legislation Act causes an end to mutant persecution while mutants to become the country’s newest natural resource. With the increased population, persecution of the homeless replaced the mutant hysteria.
    -- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

EARTH-904 (Avengers (Captain America, Namor the Sub-Mariner, She-Hulk, Thor), Cannonball, Cypher, Eitre, Enchantress/Magik (Illyana Rasputin), Fandral the Dashing, Frigga, Gaea, Hela, Hildy, Hogun the Grim, Hrimhari the Wolf Prince, Karnilla the Norn Queen, Kindra, Loki the God of Mischief, Mirage, Nightcrawler, Odin, rogue, Storm the Goddess of Thunder, Sunspot, Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, Volstagg the Voluminous, Warlock, Wolfsband, X-Men (Angel, Beast, Colossus, Cyclops, Iceman, Karma, Magma, Marvel Girl, Phoenix, Shadowcat, Wolverine)
    X-Men stayed on Asgard
    diverged from New Mutants Special#1 and Uncanny X-Men Annual#9
    (app)--What If II#12

EARTH-905 (The Buzz Boys ("Beast Boy," Bubbles, Cornea, "Red Devil," Topper), Captain America, Daredevil, Doctor Doom, Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Mister Fantastic, the Thing), Giant-Man, Hulk, Iceman, Iron Man, Magneto, Cain Marko, Master Mold, Dr. Michael Morbius, Namor the Sub-Mariner, May Parker, the Sentinels, Spider-Man, Christopher Summers, Philip Summers, Rachel Summers, Thor, Dr. Bolivar Trask, Wasp, X-Men (the Angel, Banshee, Beast, Blob, Caliban, Callisto, Changeling, Colossus, Cyclops, Frenzy, Havok, Juggernaut (Charles Xavier), Marvel Girl, Mastermind, Mesmero, Mystique, Nightcrawler, Polaris, Pyro, Quicksilver, Sauron, Scarlet Witch, Sunfire, Thunderbird, Toad, Unus, Vanisher))
    - Professor X was the Juggernaut
    (app)--What If II#13

EARTH-906 (Luke Cage, Captain Mar-Vell, Dr. Strange, Elysius, Eros, Fantastic Four, Heimdall, Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Rick Jones, Mentor, Mr. Fantastic, Silver Surfer, Supreme Intelligence, Thing, Thor, Gen. Zedrao)
    - Mar-Vell cured of cancer via the Plane of Rashnu and using cloned alien DNA, but then began to spread a plague to others; ultimately relocated to the Plane of Rashnu with Elysius after a cure for humans was found; Kree and Skrull races devastated by the plague
    Earth-Captain Mar-Vell did not die of Cancer*
    (app)--What If II#14 (Quasar#30

EARTH-907 (Fantastic Four, Galactus, Shi'ar)
    - Reed Richards executed during trial of Galactus; remaining Fantastic Four destroyed Shi'ar Throneworld, sacrificed themselves to stop interplanetary alliance from destroying Earth
    (app)--What If? II#15

EARTH-908 - see EARTH-Tippit caused World War III--Avengers West Coast#61

EARTH-909 - see EARTH-Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch burned at the stake--Avengers West Coast#62

EARTH-912 (Fantastic Five, Silver Surfer)
    - Silver Surfer didn't escape Earth, joined/formed Fantastic Five, trapped in Hell by Mephisto, who slew Human Torch, but was forever weakened by the Surfer's purity
    --What If II#22

EARTH-913 (Alpha Flight (Aurora, Northstar, Sasquatch, Shaman, Snowbird, Weapon Alpha, Wolverine), the Ani-Men, Arkon, the Avengers, Dr. Corbeau, Count Nefaria, Dazzler, Eric the Red (Davan Shakari), Hellfire Club (Wade Cole, Harry Leland, Angelo Macon, Mastermind/Jason Wyngarde, Donald Pierce, Murray Reese, Sebastian Shaw), the Imperial Guard (Astra, Electron, Hobgoblin, Impulse, Oracle, Smasher, Starbolt, Titan), Krakoa the Living Island, Dr. Moira MacTaggert, Magneto, Modt, Ororo Munroe, Mutant X, Emperor D'ken Neramani, Princess Lilandra Neramani, Nightcrawler, John Proudstar, Kitty Pryde, the Sentinels,  S.H.I.E.L.D., the Starjammers (Ch'od, Corsair, Hepzibah, Raza), Sunfire, X-Men (Angel, the Beast, Cyclops, Lorna Dane, Havok, Iceman, Marvel Girl, Professor X)
    - Original X-Men defeated Krakoa, new team never founded
    (app)--What If II#23 (23(fb), 23

EARTH-917 (Fantastic Five, Namor, Lissette Orlova)
    - Namor joined to form Fantastic Five; Invisible Woman married Namor, and they had son Leonard; Mr. Fantastic quit, married Lissette Orlova, had daughter
    --What If II#27

"EARTH-919" - Homage, DC at Marvel

Earth-919 Jericho Drumm bonded an Infinity Gem to an Eye of Agamotto. Secret Avengers #22 (2012)

EARTH-920 (Captain Commonwealth ) -

EARTH-921 (Swordsman (Jarvert))
    --[Avengers I#343]

EARTH-924 (Calibur) -
    --Excalibur I#49 (1992)

EARTH-928 - see EARTH 2099 A.D. (FFE)--Spider-Man 2099#1

EARTH-929 (Avengers, Galactus, Uatu the Watcher)
    - Reed Richards' rocket crashed, killing all aboard; Uatu sacrificed self saving Earth from Galactus
    --What If II#41

EARTH-932 (Vision of the Gatherers)
    --[Avengers I#359]

EARTH-934 (Bullseye, Daredevil, Elektra, the Kingpin, Nuke, Karen Page, Ben Urich)
    - Daredevil saved Nuke
    diverged from Daredevil I#230-233
    (app)--What If II#48

EARTH-938 (Ancient One, the Avengers (Captain America, Giant-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Wasp), Baron Mordo, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Doombots, Dormammu, the Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Mister Fantastic, Thing), Mephisto, Merlin, Spider-Man, Cynthia von Doom, Victor von Doom, the X-Men (Angel, Beast, Cyclops) )
    - Dr. Doom became Sorcerer Supreme, used FF to gain Merlin Stones to defeat Dormammu, had memories imprinted into Stephen Strange upon his death.
    (app)--What If II#52

EARTH-939 (Iron Man (Tony Stark), Iron Man (James Rhodes), Iron Man 2020 of Earth-8410: Earth-939 divergent, Arno Stark, Morgan Stark, Spider-Man; Morgan Stark's lover)
    - Iron Man 2020 stranded in the past, teamed with Morgan Stark to frame Jim Rhodes, killed Rhodes, died in battle with Iron Man (Tony Stark)
    (app)--What If II#53 (53(fb), 53

EARTH-943 (Jocasta of the Gatherers)
    --[Avengers I#372]

EARTH-944 (Dark Raider) -
    --[Fantastic Four I#387], 3

EARTH-947 (Iron Man (James Rhodes), Living Laser, Erica Sondheim, Tony Stark, Abraham Zimmer)
    - Living Laser committed suicide
    (app)--What If II#63

EARTH-952 (Fantastic Four, Galactus, Silver Surfer)
    - Silver Surfer didn’t betray Galactus, who consumed Earth; FF survived, becoming his heralds, keeping him from consuming inhabited worlds.
    --What If II#70

EARTH-956 (Rick Bogart, Trish Bogart, Dr. Robyn Hanover, Magneto, Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Mastermind, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Toad), Mister Sinister, Mister Sinister's X-Men (Cyclops, Havok, Malice, Sabretooth, Sauron), Ororo Munroe, Professor X, Professor X's X-Men (Angel, Banshee, Beast, Marvel Girl, Mimic) )
    - Mr. Sinister formed the X-Men, raised Cyclops, faked own death and sent Cyclops to join Xavier's X-Men in order to get an agent within their group
    (app)--What If II#74

EARTH-957 (Archangel, Beast, Captain America, Colossus, Cyclops, Forge, Galactus, Gambit, "Generation X" (Banshee, Blink, Husk, Jubilee, M,  Sabretooth, Skin, Synch, the White Queen), Jean Grey, Harvest, Human Torch, Iceman, the In-Betweener, Lord Chaos, Magneto, Master Order, Moira MacTaggart, Professor X, Psylocke, Illyana Rasputin, the Red Skull, Rogue, the Sentinels, Storm, Wolverine, the X-Men)
    - Blink of Generation X had lived
    (app)--What If II#75

EARTH-958 (Sally Avril, Betty Brant, Burglar, Electro, the Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Mister Fantastic, Thing), John Jameson, J. Jonah Jameson, Lim, Dr. Otto Octavius, Ben Parker, May Parker, Phillips, Principal Davis, Professor Blevins, Sandman, Spider (Eugene "Flash" Thompson), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), the Vulture, Anna Watson, Mary Jane Watson )
    - Flash bitten by radioactive spider, became criminal Spider, defeated by Spider-Man, powers removed
    Earth-Peter Parker had to destroy Spider-Man* (app)--What If II#76

EARTH-967 (Hyperstorm) - divergence of Earth-811 (Days of Future Past)
    --Fantastic Four I#414

EARTH-969 (Dr. Doom)
    - Fantastic Four's Powers went out of control, Doom conspired to keep them from forming a team.
    --What If II#89

EARTH-973 (Craig Blaze, Emma Blaze, John Blaze, Roxanne Simpson Blaze, Detective Arthur Dolan, Stacy Dolan, Ghost Rider (Daniel Ketch/Zarathos), Jennifer Kale, Barbara Ketch, Frances Dora Audra Ketch, Mephisto, Officer Ellen)
    - Dan Ketch bonded to Ghost Rider by Mephisto, eventually destroyed by John Blaze
    EARTH-Mephisto controlled Ghost Rider*
    (app)--What If II#95

Earth-976 Superhuman Registration Act and Initiative program implemented successfully by Illuminati plus Dr. Doom, Magneto & Namor, eventually achieved peace. Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #3

EARTH-979 (Gambit, Mister Sinister, Morlocks, Professor X, Rogue, S.H.I.E.L.D., X-Men)
    - Gambit stole information from Cerebro and gave it to Mister Sinister in exchange for a piece of the cure to the Legacy Virus, collected tithe boxes of information for Sinister in exchange for a cure for Rogue's powers; both Gambit and Sinister were killed by Rogue, who found the boxes to contain Marvel Comics
    Earth-Sinister learned the greatest secrets of the Marvel Universe*
    (app)--What If II#100

Earth-981 Silk-616 fled here to spare the other spider-people from the Inheritors, but she was pursued by Bora, Brix, and their hunt-creature. Spider-Woman #1 (2015)

EARTH-982 - see EARTH-MC2 (FFE, OH: Alternate Universes)--What If? II#105

EARTH-983 (Gambit, Jean-Luc LeBeau, the Marauders (Arclight, Harpoon, Malice, Sabretooth, Scalphunter, Scrambler, Vertigo), Mister Sinister, Professor X, the Thieves Guild, the X-Men (Angel, the Beast, Bishop, Cannonball, Iceman, Joseph, Maggott, Marrow, Psylocke, Cecilia Reyes, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine))
    - X-Men condemned Gambit to death
    (app)--What If II#106

"EARTH-985" (Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, the Vision), Carnage (Cletus Kasady), Firestar, General Hobson, Edwin Jarvis, Justice, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man)
    - Avengers battled Carnage Cosmic, in a moment of clarity the Silver Surfer flew into the sun, killing himself to slay Carnage
    Earth-Carnage Cosmic (app)--What If II#108

"EARTH-987" (Colonel Yuri Brevlov, Colossus, Crimson Dynamo, Darkstar, Dr. Moira MacTaggert, Jamie Madrox, Lilandra Neramani, Professor X, Proteus (Brian MacTaggart), Illyana Nikolievna Rasputin (Piotr's sister), Illyana Rasputin (Piotr's daughter), Soviet Super-Soldiers, Ursa Major, Vanguard, X-Men (Cyclops, Havok, Nightcrawler, Phoenix, Storm, Wolverine) )
    - Colossus never joined the X-Men; joined Soviet Super-Soldiers, lost arm slaying the Proteus-possessed Professor X, married Darkstar and had daughter Illyana
    - diverged from Giant-Size X-Men#1
    (app)--What If II#110

"EARTH-988" - ???

EARTH-989 (Liddleville)
    - Ben chose to stay in Liddleville, became Thing; MF & IW died trying to escape.
    --What If II#109

Earth-991 Europe and North Africa were overrun by the Mongols, prompting Vikings to settle North America and interbreed with Natives. In 21st century Mongol Empire's attempts to conquer the Americas were opposed by Thor, Moonstar, Wolfsbane and dimension-hopping Exiles. New Exiles #18 (2009)

"EARTH-992" - DC

"EARTH-997" - DC
    --Superman television episode: Brave New Metropolis

EARTH-998 (Black Knights, Forge(d), Nate Grey, Ornithopters, Red Queen/Madelyne Pryor, Scratch)
    - America ruled by Red Queen from a floating city
    --Excalibur I#13?, X-Man#63, 68(named) (63,67-70

EARTH-999 (Special Legion of Machine Avengers Executive) - SLMAE invaded Earth-616, encountered Forbush-Man

Earth-999 "Spider-Cat" (an actual cat with spider-powers and costume)'s essence consumed by the Inheritors' Bora. Amazing Spider-Man #7 (2014)

EARTH-1000 - see EARTH-Praxis—Domination Factor: Fantastic Four#3.5

"EARTH-1001" - DC

"EARTH-1002" (Universe Rex)
    (Rex-Dogs, Professor Rex)
    - A world where the inhabitants are dogs.
[NOTE] Prof X version is only one named, but each X-Men shown is a different breed of dog. Wolverine = Boxer, Storm = Collie, Bishop = Rottweiler, Colossus = Bulldog, Jubilee = Terrier, Gambit = Basset Hound, and Prof X = Chihuahua.
    -- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

"EARTH-1003" (Professor’s Secret Service)
    (X-Men, President Valerie Cooper, Magneto, Quicksilver, Charles Xavier, Nightcrawler, Phoenix, Shadowcat, Jubilee, Storm and Rogue)
    -After President Val Cooper, Genosha leader Magneto, and Quicksilver were killed, Professor X was announced as Magneto’s successor of Genosha. The X-Men would soon become more like bodyguards than champions for mutantkind.
    -- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

"EARTH-1004" (Last Man Standing)
    (Wolverine, Kree, Daedemon, Avengers, Thor, Captain America (deceased), Genosha, President John Jameson (deceased), President Graydon Creed (deceased), Legion of Evil Mutants, Sabretooth, Mystique, Charles Xavier (deceased), Magnus (deceased))
    -Thor is the last Avenger survivor of the Kree-Daedemon War only to return to Asgard, never to be seen again. President John Jameson is soon assassinated and Vice President Graydon Creed becomes President. Creed releases an airborne toxin called “M-Toxin” which causes a 16th of the world’s population to die including Creed himself. Nuclear war then erupts destroying nearly all life on Earth. Wolverine walks alone finding small signs of life here and there.
    -- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

"EARTH-1005" (The Offspring)
    (Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, Gull (daughter of Archangel), Archangel, Medea (daughter of Storm and Gambit), Salamander (son of Nightcrawler), Metallique (daughter of Colossus), Lockheed, Morlocks)
    -In the future the lineage of mutants give birth to offspring that possess the combined powers of both parents. This new generation of X-Men face a newly hatred for mutantkind as the Morlocks attack the surface world.
    -- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

"EARTH-1006" (Bringing up Baby)
    (Cyclops, Jean Grey, Charles Xavier, Reed Richards, Susan Richards, Franklin Richards, and X-Men)
    Jean and Scott decide to have another baby after the loss of their first child.
    -- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

"EARTH-1007" (The Big X-Change)
    (Buzz, Bubbles, X-Men, Wolverine, Storm, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Angel)
    - When a pop mandarin known as Buzz attempts to render the world infertile, his plans are thwarted by the X-Men. Buzz manages to use his ray on the X-Men, but it has unforeseen effects on the X-Men due to their X-factor. Instead of making them infertile, it reverses their gender.
    -- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

"EARTH-1008" (By the Maker)
    (Wolverine, Colossus, Phoenix, Professor X/Cerebro, Rogue, Jubilee, Magneto, Deathbird, Shi’ar, Lilandra, Forge)
    Magneto enters an alliance with Deathbird, leader of the Shi’ar Empire. Now leading a Shi’ar military, Magneto nearly wiped out the entire X-Men team, leaving Professor X near death. Professor X then transfers his mind into Cerebro and the X-Men use one of Forge’s final inventions to evolve their powers to nearly god-like levels. The X-Men have become the last great hope for humanity against Magneto and the Shi’ar Empire.
    -- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

"EARTH-1009" (Rogue, Royal Avengers (American Boy, Lord Iron, Saracen, 1)) -

"EARTH-1010" (Project Cerebro-X)
    (X-Men, Professor X, Cerebro-X, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Corona (daughter of Sunfire), Sunfire (deceased), Vermin, White Dwarf)
    - When Professor X became missing and presumed dead, Cerebro used recorded memory engrams and synapses to basically become Charles Xavier. Cerebro-X decided to reconstruct the X-men and began searching for surviving X-Men. This new team of X-Men have taken on a mission to discover what happened to the previous X-Men and make the world a safer place for mutantkind.
    -- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

"EARTH-1011" (X-Sentinels)
    (X-Men/X-Sentinels, Wolverine, Psylocke, Gambit, Cyclops, Magneto, Rogue and Sunfire)
    - After years of battles the bodies of the X-Men have taken increased battle damage. What started with replacing damaged limbs eventually led to the team becoming mechanically rebuilt. The consciousnesses were downloaded into robotic bodies so the X-Men could live indefinitely.
    -- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

"EARTH-1012" (Back to School)
    (X-Men, Apocalypse, Magneto, Shi’ar, Professor X, Cyclops, Beast, Nightcrawler, Iceman, and Bastion)
    - The Xavier Institute was opened to the public in 2028 as part of the Equal Schools Act. Every private school was forced to serve its locational district due to overcrowded public schools. The government asked the X-Men for help in training its teachers to cope with the rising number of mutants in schools. The retired group of X-men agreed to help, but had no chance against ordinary thirteen year old students. It became a massive failure and despite their old age, the X-Men ventured back out into the world to find and fight villains.
    --X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

"EARTH-1013" (Freedom Force)
    (Magneto, Juggernaut, Goblin Queen, Exodus, Mystique, Sabretooth, X-Men, Fabian Cortez, Charles Xavier)
    - When the X-Men died valiantly while saving Washington DC from an invasion of Genoshan mutants led by Fabian Cortez, an unexpected new group of X-Men raised from the ashes. The deposed ruler of Genosha, Magneto gathered group of mutants together to form a new X-Men.
    -- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

"EARTH-1014" (The Magnificent Seven)
    (X-Men, Wolverine, Phoenix, Cyclops, Cable, Storm Magneto, Colossus, Sentinels,)
    - The Sentinels destroyed nearly all of the X-Men, leaving a small group of seven. Led by Magneto and Cyclops, the last of the X-Men brought an end to the Sentinel War.
    -- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

"EARTH-1015" ???? (X is Enough)
[NOTE] This has no information at all on what a world could be or the names of half of the characters. The written text is only  a description of how the image was drawn.
    -- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

Earth-1016 Exiles arrived to stop Namor from taking over the world and exterminating humanity.

"EARTH-1017" (Most Wanted)
    (X-Men, Angel, Cable, Colossus, Magik, Phoenix, Psylocke, Rogue and Wolverine)
    - By the year 2008 Charles Xavier’s dream has been completely shattered. Some X-Men have died, most are missing and the few left behind struggle for survival. The few remaining X-Men find themselves on a desperate quest for their missing comrades.
    -- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

"EARTH-1018" (Mutants, Mutants Everywhere!)
    (Scott Summers, Jean  Summers, Charles Summers, Jeannette Summers, Beast, Iceman, Angel, Charles Xavier, Avengers, Fantastic four)
    - The X-Men experienced a phenomenon known as “lost time” and found themselves in the year 2017. Mutantkind no longer are at war with normal humans and the X-Men find themselves battling evil on the same level that the Avengers and Fantastic Four do. By the year 2030, no major villains or conflicts had risen and Jean and Scott settled down with children as a result.
    -- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

"EARTH-1019" (Apocalypse Redux)
    (X-Men and Apocalypse)
    - The Earth was destroyed after a giant comet and asteroids hit Earth, causing humanity to be destroyed. A new prehistoric age began, only this time Cerebro was still online. Cerebro detected the presence of Apocalypse and began to gather a group of mutants calling them the X-Men to stop his return.
    -- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

"EARTH-1020" (Duty Calls)
    (Wolverine, Jubilee, Shi’ar Empire, Cable, Storm, Brood, Kree, and Dire Wraths)
    - The a distant future the X-Men became interplanetary teams to protect the universe. Earth had become an interplant peacekeeping planet achieving a balance between man and mutant. Wolverine and Jubilee protected the Shi’ar Empire from the attacking Brood-Kree invaders while Cable and Storm patrol protecting Earth’s colonies on Mars, Venus and the moon.
    -- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

"EARTH-1021" (Weapon X)
    (Weapon-X, Sabra, Sunfire, Maverick, Flashback, Vanguard, and Spitfire)
    - A group of mutants that don’t hold an allegiance to America are formed to uphold certain international interests due to the increasing number of superhumans hailing from America. Weapon-X operates in total secrecy while combating threats the world doesn’t know exist.
    -- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

"EARTH-1022" (Remnants)
    (X-Men, Colossus, Rogue, Meltdown, Chamber, Professor X, Sentinels, X-Force, Generation-X, Captain America, Thor, Avengers)
    - The Sentinels waged war on the world after realizing mutants would never stop being born. Colossus, Meltdown and Chamber are the last three remaining mutants alive banded together as the X-Men to stop the Sentinels.
    -- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

"EARTH-1023" (Happy Trails)
    Wolverine travels back in time to the year 1870 stop an alien invasion.
    -- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

"EARTH-1024" (War in the Savage Land)
    (Angel, Charles Xavier, Savage Land, Ka-Zar)
    - After more deaths than in all three America Civil Wars and the assassination of Charles Xavier, Angel purchased the Savage Land for a place for mutants to one day find  peace at. Ka-Zar, former Lord of the Savage Land, opposes Angel’s ideas for urban development and soon a war will be waged against the two.
    (app)-- X-Men Millennial Visions 2001

"EARTH-1025" (Rogue, P.I.)
    (Rogue, Mystique, Destiny, X-Men)
    - After Destiny’s Diaries were found to be forged by Mystique, the X-men went their separate ways. Rogue decided to use her powers to become a private investigator.
    (app)-- X-Men Millennial Visions 2001

"EARTH-1026" (Blink)
    - The Tallus continues to take mutants on missions to save other universes.
[NOTE] The history text for this entry describes events in the history from various entries from X-Men Millennial Visions 2000. Cyclops (Professor W’s X-Men), Rogue, White Dwarf (Project Cerebro-X), Beast (X-Punks). The concept is the same as EXILES with the tallus taking mutants from other universes. These just happened to be from X-Men Millennial Visions 2000 universes.
    (app)-- X-Men Millennial Visions 2001: Exiles: Static Problematic

"EARTH-1027" (Goddess of Thunder)
    (Storm, X-Men, Charles Xavier, Thor, Odin, Loki, Tarene)
    - Storm and Thor fall in love, Loki causes Thor’s former lover Tarene to go mad causing Thor to fight for Storm, Tarene dies, Storm touches her hammer and becomes a female version of Thor.
    (app)--X-Men Millennial Visions 2001

"EARTH-1028" (Assassins in Love?)
    (Blob, Mystique, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Super Sumo Federation)
    - Blob and Mystique quit the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Blob retired as World Super Sumo Champion, Mystique became an assassin for organized crime figures, Blob and Mystique become villains-for-hire.
    (app)-- X-Men Millennial Visions 2001

EARTH-1029 (Hulk (Jennifer Walters) of Weapon X)

"EARTH-1030" (N.Y.X.F.)
    (Cable, Domino, Leech, Longshot, Cannonball, Meltdown, Phoenix, Sunspot, Wolfsbane, X-Force)
    - US government makes an effort to improve mutant-human relations, mutants are given specific civil rights and responsibilities, Cable becomes head of the NYPD task force, things don’t work out and humans have their own police force while mutants have X-Force, Cable is offered the X-Force command, but refuses.
    (app)-- X-Men Millennial Visions 2001

"EARTH-1031" (Reborn)
    (Phoenix, Beast, Cyclops, Storm, Gambit, Rogue, Litterbug, Nightcrawler, Iceman, Angel, Colossus, Wolverine, Electric Eve, Apocalypse, Professor X, X-Men)
    - In the year 2006, Apocalypse captures Professor X, enhancing Prof. X’s powers to trigger 220,000 mutants into activation causing the death of Prof. X.
    (app)-- X-Men Millennial Visions 2001

"EARTH-1032" (Live From Pakistan)
    (X-Man, Trish Tilby)
    - X-Man arrives on Earth telling the world that if they do not leave mutants alone he will do whatever it takes to protect mutants even if it includes wiping the minds of people.
    (app-xman)--X-Men Millennial Visions 2001

"EARTH-1033" (War To Come)
    (X-Men, Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler Rogue, Magneto, Brotherhood of Mutants, High Evolutionary, Savage Land, Charles Xavaier)
    - Magneto learns he only has months to live and along with the Brotherhood of Mutants attack the X-Men, Rogue absorbed Magneto’s powers and mind causing Rogue to become Magneto, Magneto unleashes a virus on the humans, all but three X-Men are captured.
    (app-xmen)--X-Men Millennial Visions 2001

"EARTH-1034" (X-Men X)
    (Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Angel, Iceman, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Charles Xavier, X-Men, Defenders, Champions)
    - A future where the X-Men no longer have a mansion and now escape into the masses of humanity.
    (app-xmenx)-- X-Men Millennial Visions 2001

"EARTH-1035" (Generation-X, Jubilee, Chamber, Leech, Skin, Sentinels, X-Men)
    - A 30 year war on Mutants draws to a close, only four X-Men remain to continue battling the new breed of mutant hunting Sentinels.
    (app)--X-Men Millennial Visions 2001: The Last Family

"EARTH-1036" (Deadpool, Beast, Wolverine, Angel, Juggernaut, Banshee, Synch, Pyro, Avalanche, Mondo, Husk, Apocalypse, Sunfire, Blob, Storm, Iceman, Quicksilver, Magneto, Cyclops, Vanisher, Colossus, Havok, Nightcrawler, Northstar, Sebastian Shaw, X-Men)
    - Sebastian Shaw hires Deadpool to kill the X-Men, accomplishes it three years later with only Banshee, Sunfire, Northstar and Wolverine left.
    (app)--X-Men Millennial Visions 2001: I’m Available

"EARTH-1037" (S.H.I.E.L.D., Charles Xavier, Magneto, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Reed Richards, New Mutants, Tarf, Lys, Trago, Frodo)
    - Magneto snaps after growing tired of seeing his friends and enemies hunted, he wages war on humanity, Professor X joins, SHIELD kidnapped Reed Richards’ family forcing him to develop a virus to destroy all mutantkind, Reed succeeds and fled to Mars after being devastated by the genocide he caused, takes four mutant test-tube infants with him, returns later to wage war on Earth with his New Mutants.
    (app-new mutants)--X-Men Millennial Visions 2001: First Soldiers

"EARTH-1038" (Retro Men)
    (X-Men, Beast, Iceman, Cable, Gambit, Wolverine, Storm, Magneto, Mr. Sinister, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Havok, Angel, Rogue, Professor X, Kitty Pryde, Jean Grey)
    - Long forgotten clothing styles return for the X-Men because it is inevitable that styles of the past will return.
    (app-retro men)-- X-Men Millennial Visions 2001

"EARTH-1039" (Cable, Clara, Technarchy)
    - Cable’s techno-organism overruns the Earth, humans and mutants ban together to battle the Technarchy until they retreat.
    (app-cable)--X-Men Millennial Visions 2001

"EARTH-1040" (Father of Man)
    (Bishop, Mr. Sinister, Adam Y, Eve X, Charles Xavier)
    - Mr. Sinister transforms everyone on Earth into some form of mutant, created a new race of humans in order to experiment on humans once again
    (app-bishop)--X-Men Millennial Visions 2001

"EARTH-1041" (Project Epsilon)
    (Alpha Flight, Department H, S.H.I.E.L.D., Shaman, Snowbird, Plodex, Marrina, Puck, Epsilon Flight, Redbird, Nanook, Gamma, Silver Surfer, Goldensnow, Qwrrl, Galactus)
    - In the year 2012 Department H creates a breed of superior men, the Canadian government seeks help from SHIELD when Department H refuse to shut down the operation, Alpha Flight members die in the process while some survivors escape, Puck is the last survivor and contacts the reserve organization from Alpha Flight known as Epsilon Flight, a new Alpha Flight tries to save Earth from the Plodex.
    (app-alpha flight)-- X-Men Millennial Visions 2001

"EARTH-1042" (Doop, Psyclops, Temptress, X-Force)
    Doop agrees to star in a sequel to his popular television series Doop Forever
    (app-xforce)--X-Men Millennial Visions 2001

"EARTH-1043" (Destiny, Brotherhood, Mystique, Magneto, Pete Wisdom, Plague, MicroSentinels, Rogue, Gambit)
    - Rogue and Mystique fuse into one being to become Rogue Darkholme, Rogue marries Magneto while having an affair with Gambit, Pete Wisdom becomes a pawn for Magneto’s daughter.
    (app-brotherhood)-- X-Men Millennial Visions 2001

"EARTH-1044" (X-Men Revolution)
    (Scott, Jean, Kurt, Rogue, Pietro)
    - A group of teenagers band together to form the musical band called “X-Men Revolution”.
    (app-xmen)--X-Men Millennial Visions 2001

“EARTH-1045” (Daredevil)
    - Daredevil has a sex change operation
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

Earth-1048 Eight years into career as Spider-Man, 23 year-old Peter Parker worked with Dr. Otto Octavius; aka Gamerverse; Marvel’s Spider-Man video game (2018);          
     Spider-Man: City at War#1-6 (2019)

Earth-1058 - unrevealed.
    inadvertently used to designate something that occurred on Earth-616 from Prelude to Deadpool Corps #4 (2010)

“EARTH-1059” (Punisher)
    - Punisher punishes those that break the law
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

Earth-1064 - Intelligencia succeeded in taking over Earth
    The Leader turned the desert into a paradise, took a leadership role in the western hemisphere, and formed a relationship with Betty Ross. Rick Jones was mind-damaged and in a wheelchair, having betrayed the Hulk in the past. The Intelligencia ruled the entire world. The monkey Igor (the other Super-Apes having died) reported news that Mad Thinker and the Gammadroids were rebuilding the East Coast, MODOK had taken control of India, She-Hulk (Lyra) and Trapster had quelled an uprising in China, and Red Ghost and his new apes were taking control of Russia. MODOK, who was now a regular looking man with Dr. Doom for a court jester, took over leadership of the Eastern world. They honored their fallen, including Wizard, Klaw, and Hulk.
    --Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk#4 (2010)

“EARTH-1078” (Black Widow, Spider-Man)
    - In the year 2017 a part of the KGB never disbanded, combined the DNA of the original Black Widow and a radioactive spider, they create a new Black Widow, impregnate her with the DNA of Spider-Man to generate a new breed of soldiers for Russia.
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

"EARTH-1081" (Morph of the Exiles
    --Exiles#1 (80(fbs), 1(fb)

"EARTH-1089" - see Earth-Spider-Man kept the symbiote
    (app)--What If? II#4

EARTH-1090 - humanity has developed ability to communicate as a group mind.
    --Untold Tales of the New Universe: Star Brand

"EARTH-1098" - DC
    --Elseworld's Finest

"EARTH-1099" - DC

"EARTH-1100" (Thunderbird/T-Bird of the Exiles) -
    --Exiles#1 (1 (fb)

Earth-1102 Watcher slew Galactus, forced to replace him. What If? 200 #1 (2011)

Earth-1104 Parker Peters was a dangerous killer. Octavia Otto was a member of the Young Avengers who often battled Peters until an army of alternate reality Electro counterparts destroyed everything Otto knew before forcing her into slave labor alongside numerous other alternate reality Dr. Octopus counterparts. Web-Warriors #4 (2016)

Earth-1108 (Western hero Deadpool Kid) Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #7 (2010)

EARTH-1112 (Fantastic Four, Malice)
    - Malice killed the Fantastic Four
    --Fantastic Four III#47

EARTH-1115 (Atlantis, Namor, Sue Storm) - Sue Storm married Namor, became Atlantean queen
    --Fantastic Four III#47

EARTH-1116 - see Earth-Atlanterra
    --Fantastic Four III#47

Earth-1119 (Exiles' Panther/T'Chaka; L-10 (robot lion), Klaw, Black Panther (T'Challa), Storm, Panther (Sh'ri)) Exiles II#1

Thanos used Null-Life bomb to wipe out all life in the Milky Way before being stopped by Captain Mar-Vell; Magus slain by Ebony Blade.
briefly visited by Genis-Vell of Earth-616 via portal from Kelly Kooliq
    --Captain Marvel V#11

"EARTH-1121" (Hyperion) - Alternate Earth-712; humanity nuked Squadron Supreme for Utopia Program
    --Paradise X: Heralds#1

EARTH-1122 - Spider-Girl (May Parker) daughter of Ben Reilly/Spider-Clone
    --Paradise X: Heralds#1

"EARTH-1123" (Fantastic Five) - alternate Earth-772, in which Sue Storm stays in Atlantis with Namor. The depressed Reed Richards became the president of the USA, but was killed and replaced by Counter-Earth's Brute, who turned the USA into an imperial dictatorship at war with Atlantis.
    --Paradise X: Heralds#1 (2

"EARTH-1124" (Satyrnin) - ruled by Satyrnin
    --Paradise X: Heralds#1 (2

EARTH-1136 (A-5, Ace, Adam the Atom-smasher, Agar, Agent Z1, Air Patrol (Ted, others), Air Ranger, American Crime Ring, Anarchy Circle, Andre, Andy, Aquatanians, Argo, Arrows, Attainia (nation; also exists on Earth-616), Azkor, Captain Bailey, Rocky Baird, James Barlow, Dr. Anton Barmell, Speed Barton, Batmen of Kordano, Prince Batow, Freddie Bell, Razz Berry, Bib, Big Steve, "Doc" Bigger, Black Fury, Black Panther, Black Rufus, Tim Blain, Blue Fire, Blue Lady, Bob, Bogg, Border Patrol (Bone, Mongrel, Muck, Poison, Posse), Detective Clem Bowers, Bows, Boy King, Slim Bradley, Brailey of the Tropics, Buckaroo Brand, Ray "Star-Spangles" Branner, Detective Eddie Brannigan, Brothers Three, Dr. Bruno, Bubs, Bull Shooter, Bullet, King Bunko, Bomber Burns, Rip Burns, Keith Butler, Buzzard, Tom Campbell, Cap'n Jeff, Diane Carlin, Homer Carlin, Cutter Carson, Craig Carter, Castile d'Or (nation; also exists on Earth-616), Cat Pack, Cat-Man, CC Kid, Cheerio Minstrels, Chick Chuck Chow, Clock, Dr. Eve Cloud, Scoop Cody, Bob Colby, Collegiantics College, Duke Collins, Ed Colton, Conqueror (hero), Conqueror (villain), Terry Conway, Dr. Cortell, Captain Robert Corzen, Council of Seven, Courage of the Secret Service, Cowboy Jake, Cowella, Lucky Coyne, Crane of Scotland Yard, Steve Crawford, Curley, Captain Curry, Captain Dale, Dan the Dick, Dudley Dance, Shane Dare, Dash Darwell the Human Meteor, Dave, Davey, Bertram Davis, Stoney Dawson, Tom Dawson, Dopey Danny Day, Diana Deane, Detective John Degan, Deimos Council of Mars, Dan Dennis of the FBI, Dean Denton, Deuce, Dick the Detective, Klondike Dickson, Daffy Dills, Craig "Killer" Diller, Dinky, Dinosaurs for Hire (Archie, Cyrano, Lorenzo, Red, Reese, Smith, Prof. Lindsay Tyrell), Dirk the Detective, Dan Dix, Don Dixon, Doc, Doctor Depression, Doctor Hypno, Doctor Killer, Doctor Mystic, Doctor Scowl, Doctor Synthe, Dogman, Joe Dokes, Dollar, Jack Dolittle, Brad Donovan, Dave Doolittle, Double Crosser, Jay Douglas, Denise Doulton, Doc Doyle, "Freckles" Doyle, Lucky Doyle, Dickie Duck, Private Duffy, Duke in Gorilla Land, Grizzly Dunn, Clark Eastman, Eddie, Eddie the Odd, Egan of the Homicide Squad, Electric Ray, Ermine, Ex-Mutants (Ackroyd, Bud, Dillon, Prof. Kildare, Piper, Shannon, Tanya), Extreme, Eye, Nutty Fagin, Guy Falcon, Fadeaway Farr, Chic Farrel, Madge Fenwick, Gordon Fife, Daredevil Barry Finn, Fire-Man, Sergeant Flagg, Flame, Gabby Flynn, Captain Forsyth, Foxey (fox terrier), Fracas, Freaks of Luck, Frogg, Frogga, Jerry Frost, Specky Galazzo, Gil Galen, Garlock, Detective Gerald, Gertie the Cashier, Ghost Rider, Reverend Gloom, Russell Granville, Gravy, Professor Gray, Rita Gray, Great One, Great Question, Greek gods (Hercules, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Zeus), Horace Greeley, Susan Green, Tommy Grey, Jeffrey Haines, Captain Hale, Chuck Hardin, Hobo Harper, Tommy Hawk, Head, Headless Horseman, Zona Henderson, Hezzy of the Hills, Hidden Empire, Ace High, Sam Hill, Major Hippo, Adolf Hitler, Homeless Oscar, Hood, Bob Horne, Human Frost, Thurston Hunt, Larry Hunter, Dick Hurston, Igloo Iggy, Impy, Inner Circle, unnamed giant insects, Invisible Terror, Iron Man (robot), Iron Skull, Irwin, Ivan, Jackdaw, Jane, Jean, Jerry, Captain Jim, Jimmy, Jitney Joe, Joey, Mrs. Johns, Bob Johns, Davy Jones, Dr. Karl Jordan, Jungle Prince, Jungle Queen, K-4, Kali/Kursk, Peter Kamroff, Candy Kane, Dixie Kane, Larry Kane the Adventure Hunter, Kardo the Monster Maker, Dick Kent, Kid Kopper, Kern'l Kilgore, King, Roger King, Steve King, King of Darkness, King of the South Seas, Click Kincaid, "Reef" Kinkaid, Kisco Kid, Kisco Sid, Klang, Governor Klawger, Captain Klegg, Kling, Koko, King Kole, Koth, Krautz the Phantom Killer, Lama of Kadak, Dr. Lang, Marian Lang, Lieutenant Lank (alternate version of Earth-616's American Ace), Last Pirate, Lei-Ti, Lucky Lee, Liberty Guards (Skipper, Smokey, Strutt), Li'l Arthur, Little Beezer, Little Nemo, Llaslo, Lobo the Wolf, Lonesome Luke, Loony Louie, Major Frederick Lord, Lord Sluggo, Dr. Ting Loy, Loy-Men, Lucifer the White Devil, Lyin' Lou, Mad Ming, Madame Olga, Magician of Mars, Mantoka, Marksman, Don Marlow, Meteor Martin, Marvin, Masked Marvel, Master Mind, D.A. Dean Masters, Dave Matten, Terry "Reel" McCoy, Joe McGee, Sergeant McLean, Professor McScrewy, Dude McStude, Megara the Cat, Melvin, Corporal Merrill of the Northwest Mounted Police, Minimidget, Miraco the Great, Miss Fury (alternate version of Miss Fury of Earth-616), Mister Monday, Monsters of Gorikon, Mike Moran, Pack Morgan, Mike Muldoon, Mutants of Sluggtown (Bogg, Brutus, Garcon, Mama Mia, Zygote, others), Murder Company, Mustard Gang, Natalie, Neptune, Nibs, Night Hawk, Night Mask, Nightshade, Nika, Nogi, Nowhere Man, Null, Pat O'Day, Spark O'Leary, Officer Blue, Officer Clancy, Officer Gold, Old Jacques, Detective O'Leary, Billy Olsen, 100% All Beef Army, Outcasts of Grindstone Gulch, Pal, Pancho, Pandar, Panther Boy, Private Parker, Pedro, Penny Aunty, Pete the Mad Hunter, Petro-Global Entertainment, Phantom Soldier, Slim Pickens, Pluton the Great, Poacher, Polyp-Men, Pokey, Porkchops, Jack Potts, Prince, Protectors (Air Man, Amazing Man, Arc, Arrow, Aura, Chalice, Ferret, Fantom of the Fair/Fantoman/Gravestone, Man of War, Mighty Man (formerly of the Old West), Night Mask II, Night Mask III, Shark/Thresher, Witch, Zardi the Eternal Man), Psyk, Quan Sing, Rainbow, Don Rance, Ranch Dude, Captain Steve Ransom, Red Avenger, Red Blaze, Red Raider, Regulators, Revenue, Riders of the Golden West, Riggin' Bill, Red Riley of the Harbor Police, Ritty, Tim Roberts, Robin, Rocket Ranger, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Mr. Ross, Gary Ross, Randall Ross, Maria Rossi, Safari, Sand Hog, Satan Rex, Dan Savage of the Mounted, Rip Sawyer, Scarlet Ace, Scarskull, Pete Scavotti, Scotty of the Skyways, Scythe, Sea Rover, Sentinel, Seven, 7-11 Gang, Sewer Rat, Shakra, Skipper Ham Shanks, Shedrick, Dr. Sheldon, Shorty, Shorty of the Dangerous Seas, Snap Shott, Speed Silvers, Simm, Simple Simon, General Sing, Skull, Sleepy Oswald, Copper Slugg, Sammy Smart, Speck Smith, Snoozer, Snubs, Solarman, Sons of the Atom, Sons of the Pharaohs, Spade of the Secret Service, Sparkler, Speed Centaur, Ima Sphinx, Spinner, Spirit of America, Spurlock, Stars and Stripes (Pepper, Van, Whitey), Station Agent, Steel Army, Steel Shark, Dr. Stephens, Prof. Claude Stevens, Jack Strand, Stubbie, Red Stultz, Sue, Sulla, Super Ann, Super Spy 5Y-8R, Suzy, S.S. Swanson, Agent Tapson, Taureg Demoniac Cult, Terry Taylor, Tippy Taylor of Fantasy Isle, Tenderfoot Joe, Tenderfoot Mary, Betty Thomas, Joe Ticket, Ticonda, Tiger, Tim, Captain Tim, Jeb Tinker, Polly Tix, T.N.T., TNT Todd, Toka, Tommy the Amazing Kid, Tootsie, Timber Toppers, Topsy-Turvy, Say-Aben Touman, Toxin, Trajana, Trigger Trap, Ken Traymore, Lee Trent, Prof. Henry Trepper, Trixy the Monkey, Trouble Hunters (Ramrod, Woogy), Tubby of the T-Bone Ranch, Tucker, Tusk, Two-Gun Egbert, Uncle Trouble, Ump, University Al, Unnamed, Vapo-Man, Voice, Void, Fritz von Heim, Fritz von Holz, Hauptmann Gottfried von Slagian, Dr. Watkins, Rocke Wayburn, Carl Weltner, Dr. Allan West, Dorian West, Wild West Junior, Ross Westley, Whiskers, White Goddess, Widowmaker, Wilbur, D.A. Sam Williams, Windy, Wisecrack, Wu Fang, Lana Xian, Dacia Zaroff, Dr. Ignatio Zaroff, Zator, ZL, Zog (of Kordano), Zog (Prince of Mars), Zomba, ZR, ZY)
    --Funny Pages#6; Protectors#1

EARTH-1137 - Earth's sentient life forms evolved from insects; Dimension-hopping Exiles aided them against the invading Shi'ar Imperial Guard
    --New Exiles#20

EARTH-1145 ("Happy Pants" Black Panther) -
    --Black Panther III#35

Earth-1157 - Ben Grimm stayed in the military; alternate earth glimpsed during attacks of Abraxas

Earth-1178 Sue Storm married Namor, became Atlantean queen. FF #47 (2001)

EARTH-1189 (Captain Britain (Meggan) - Devastated by super hero war, Doom detonated anti-matter, Meggan adopted Captain Britain role
    --Excalibur I#15

EARTH-1191 (Bantam, Bishop, CCZ22A, DeCamp (XSE#1), Emplates, Ex-Humes, Fanatix, Fitzroy, Hancock, Hellfire Club, Hellions, Innocent, Joshua, Doc Keever, Lycadeon, Merrian, Micah, Morgan, Mountjoy, Rook, Shackle, Shard, Sheepshead Bay Mutant Relocation Camp, Marker Whitman, Witness, XSE, XUE)
    -alternate future, @ 2080, had own "Days of Future Past" in its past, then had Summers rebellion
    EARTH-Bishop*--Uncanny X-Men#282 (

EARTH-1193 (Billy the Kid, Captain Marshall, Princess Katherine, Queen Mother, ogres <Butch>, shaitan)
    --Excalibur I#12 (13-14

"EARTH-1211" (Sydney Taine) -

"EARTH-1212" - ??

Earth-1218 Real world that we, the readers, live in. <5-6 billion years ago>

Earth-1219 (Clyde Wyncham)
    1985 #1

EARTH-1228 ("S" People/Skrulls, Fantastic Four (Human Torch (Sol Brodsky), Invisible Girl (Flo Steinberg), Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), Thing (Jack Kirby)
    - Marvel Bullpen empowered by Cosmic Rays from mysterious box from S People, became Fantastic Four
    EARTH-Bullpen (FFE)--What If? I#11

"EARTH-1237" - Banner arrived on Sakaar and was slain almost immediately, as was anyone who came to check on him
    --What If? Planet Hulk#1/3

EARTH-1241 (Captain Dash, Marmon) - 31st  century, advanced technology but little space flight, east-west conflict
    --Comedy Comics#9

EARTH-1282 (Captain Cymru) – name comes from date of defeat of last Welsh king by the English (1282 A.D.)
    --Excalibur I#24

EARTH-1287 (Nick Fury, Maverick, Strikeforce: Morituri)
    --Strikeforce: Morituri#1 (2-31
    --[Exiles#62], 83 (X-Force#5 (2014)
        Note: Strikeforce Morituri took place on Earth, yes, but it's an Earth of maybe twenty years in the future as of the 1980s, where IIRC superhumans never existed until the title team was created to fight the alien Horde (oh, and there were a few "in-joke shots" like seeing Galactus's helmet on the Horde ship, but, really, it might as well have been an Epic series like "The One" or "Brats Bizarre" for all the connection it had to anything else). As off the 1980s Marvel Universe map as G.I. Joe.
    Sort of like Earth-Supreme-Power with an invading race as the catalyst for the story developments instead of just the one alien infant, I guess.
    But there's nothing to say that on such an Earth, the government didn't employ an agent called Maverick and that he couldn't have been under the authority of a guy who looked like Nick Fury. There've been odder juxtapositions, and since Exiles didn't have any problem pulling characters from "far enough in the future" that Nightcrawler, Magneto, etc. could have adult offspring, there's no reason Maverick-1287 couldn't have been pulled from Strikeforce Morituri's "future" (explaining why he's a COSTUMED government agent). It's the easiest way to explain why the same Earth-number is applied to both concepts, for those few of us who care.
--Ronald Byrd

EARTH-1289 (Anjulie, Kymri and Lockheed Captain Britains, Pica, Captains of the Clouds) - Excalibur-616 helped overthrow Anjulie, Rachel Summers-616 channeled planet’s life force through Kymri and biped Lockheed as dual protectors of the realm
    Warlord World, “Barsoom Earth,” --Excalibur I#15 (16-17

Earth-1292 Ghost Rider wrecked on puddle. W?#20

"EARTH-1294" (Beast (unmutated), Kavita Rao) -
    Rao was unable  to aid Beast with the mutant problem
    --X-Factor III#24

EARTH-1298 - see EARTH-Mutant X (FFE)--Mutant X#1

“EARTH-1310” (Inhumans (Lockjaw, Mistress Maa-doo-sa, Master,  Karr-nack, Tri-ton, Goor-Gon, Helmet Head)
    - The Inhumans battle Helmet Head, Mists explode causing all Inhumans to mutate further.
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

Earth-1331 (Reavers) Destroyed by Black Swan-1365 from Earth-616 via antimatter bomb. New Avengers #1 (2013)

“EARTH-1347” (Daredevil, Kingpin, Jack Murdock)
    - Daredevil is murdered by Kingpin, Daredevil suffers curse to live until he solves the mystery of Kingpin’s alliance with his father Jack Murdock
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

Earth-1365 Black Swan (Yabbat Ummon Tarru)'s reality. (Black Swan) New Avengers #1 (2013); (Reality-1365) New Avengers #5 (2013)

Earth-1462 Frankie Raye became Galactus’ herald, but he still consumed Earth. FF Annual 2001

EARTH-1508 (Chevalier Bretagne) - name from date of Battle of Agincourt (October 1415)
    --Excalibur I#24

Earth-1519 (Captain Mexica) Aztec Empire never fell. Marvel Zombies 3 #4

Earth-1556 - Reed Richards banished Fredd extradimensionally
    --Captain Marvel V#16

EARTH-1610 - see EARTH-Ultimate (ME,FFE)--Ultimate Spider-Man#1

"EARTH-1611" Energy-Sentry from Reality-6905 empowered Robbie Reynolds to become the Sentry, and that reality was continually modified due to the reality-altering nature of this Sentry. Blonde Phantom was an Avengers leader, with teammate Marvel Boy, in the early modern era. Also, Carol Danvers was briefly the Sentress. Cranio, the Man with the Tri-Level Brain, exists in this reality with a tall vertical test tube on his head, containing three brains (at least two are alien). The last events in this reality show Void killing Cranio (in the late modern era), killing Sentry, absorbing his power and taking his place as the new Sentry, although the rest of Earth's heroes were none-the-wiser.
    presents Sentry as if it was published in the 1960s Marvel Universe, but written and drawn by DC creators of the early 1960s (hence the old Superman feel).
    --Age of Sentry#1

EARTH-1629 (Helene, Dr. Henry P. Stanton) - Henry chosen by Merlyn to serve as a physician at the Core Continuum
    --X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine: Book Two

EARTH-1720 (Callisto, Captain America, Elektra, Nick Fury, Hydra, Madame Hydra (Sue Storm), Reed Richards, Sentinels (destroyed), SHIELD helicarrier (des), Slaymaster, Wolverine)
    - Hydra takeover and brainwashing led to conquering Earth with Sue Storm as ruler, but Exiles teamed with Reed Richards to drive her and her allies away by seemingly bringing about the reality's destruction
    --[Exiles#90], 91 (92-94

Earth-1735 Superhuman Registration Act and Initiative program aggressive and successfully implemented by Reed Richards; IM uninvolved due to alcoholism, CapA recovered from suspended animation after the program was already in place. Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #2

Earth-1745 Expanding sun destroyed Earth. AV#42 (2001)

Earth-1771 Ai-Apaec slain by Morlun-000. Superior Spider-Man #33 (2014)

EARTH-1812 (Captain Granbretan) - A world where Napoleon conquered Britain
    --Captain Britain II#13

"EARTH-1815" (Beast, Chamber, Champion, Collector, Cyclops, Lorraine DeNosta, Domino, Jessica Drew, Forge, Gardener, Grandmaster, Cain Marko, Mountridge Prison, Namor, Runner, She-Hulk, Storm, Thing, Charles Xavier)
    -alternate earth in which us government developed aggressive anti-superhuman power policy early on, wiped out most characters, aided by Forge.
    A few were imprisoned, freed by Exiles, inspiring the Grandmaster to seek out Earth-33629 with rough counterparts of the Exiles who traveled to Earth-1815
    Earth-Zero Tolerance*--Exiles#1 (Exiles Annual#1 (fb), Exiles#1-2, Exiles Annual#1 (fb)

EARTH-1880 (James Howlett of Wolverines Exiles) -

EARTH-1917 (Colossus of Timebroker's Weapon X)
    --Exiles#23, (named)#83

"EARTH-1917" - DC-related, favors Soviet heroes-needs new designation

"EARTH-1917" - DC-needs new designation

"EARTH-1946" (Deadpool/Weapon X) - Deadpool implanted with Adamantium, including Claws
    --Cable & Deadpool#46

"EARTH-1952" (Apocryphus) -
    --[Fantastic Four Annual#25]

"EARTH-1963" - Image
    --Tomorrow Syndicate, Mystery Incorporated

"EARTH-1975" - Atl(e)as/Seaboard

"EARTH-1976" - DC

"EARTH-1977" - DC

Earth-1983 Spider-Man consumed by Morlun; alternate Earth-8107 (Spider-Man partnered with Firestar, Iceman, and Ms. Lyon). Amazing Spider-Man #7 (2014)

Earth-1984 Spider-Man-833 scanned this reality (not seen) from Otherworld. Amazing Spider-Man #7 (2014)

Earth-1985 Spider-Man-833 scanned this reality (not seen) from Otherworld. Amazing Spider-Man #7 (2014)

EARTH-1991 - see GESHEM
    (app)--Wolverine: Rahne of Terra

EARTH-2010 - see EARTH-VAMPIRE WORLD (app)--Paradise X: The Heralds#2

Earth-2012 Council of alternate reality Reed Richardses slew this reality’s Galactus. FF #571 (2009)

EARTH-2020 (Iron Man of Timebroker's Weapon X) - Iron Man started a World War before being drafted into Weapon X; later returned home by Exiles, sans armor, and surrendered
    --[Exiles#13], (named)#83

"EARTH-2021" (Fearsome Four, Ben Grimm, Iron Man) - Fearsome Four empowered when crashed their ship into nuclear power plant of physicists Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters, blinding the latter and mutating the former; Grimm dedicated his life to tracking down and slaying the Four, which he finally accomplished with the aid of Iron Man
    (app-grimm)--Marvel Universe Millennial Visions 2001

"EARTH-2022" (Namor & daughter, Neptune, Oceanus) - Namor stabbed by abandoned daughter, revived by Neptune to serve as Atlantis' eternal champion
    (app-namor)--Marvel Universe Millennial Visions 2001 - "Namor: The Once & Future Sub-Mariner"

"EARTH-2023" (New Warriors) - New Warriors manipulated into re-forming and attacking heroes by Muse and Mister Nimbus
    (app-new warriors)--Marvel Universe Millennial Visions 2001 - New Warriors: The Godsend

"EARTH-2030" - Earth-Callisto (Callisto, Gem Stone of Marradan, Storm, elves)
    Callisto overthrown by Exiles

Earth-2042 Franklin Richard’s Counter-Earth collided with Earth, obliterating both. AV#42

"EARTH-2055" (Boomer, Cable, Caliban, Cannonball (d), Domino (d), Feral (d), Lockheeds, Neimus, Shatterstar (d), Siryn (d), Sunspot, Warpath (d), Zynn)
    - alternate reality conquered by Spiral, who ruled it for three years and brought Dominicus Pierce there; she was ultimately deposed when Shatterstar of Earth-616 arrived there and joined Cable, Boomer, and others against her
    --X-Force: Shatterstar#2 ([3(fb)], [4(fb)], 2-4

"EARTH-2081" (Hulk, Cockroaches) -
    --Ultimate Hulk novel: The Last Titan; Incredible Hulk: The End

Earth-2090 Daredevil worked as radar detector. W?#20 (1990)

Earth-2091 Superflow destroyed, White Event presumably prevented. Avengers #7 (2013)

"EARTH-2098" (Nate Grey) - divergent version of Earth-998; it seemingly ceased to exist in order to restore Earth-998 (much like Earth-295 (the "Age of Apocalypse" had seemed to do for Earth-616)
    --[X-Man#68, 69]

EARTH-2107 (Cable (Logan), Bishop, Six Pack) – Alternate future of Earth-1610 where Wolverine becomes Cable
    --Ultimate X-Men#75

Earth-2108 Captain America led all heroes against registration. W? Civil War#1

"EARTH-2109" (Sunfire/Mariko Yashida of the Exiles)

Earth-2111 Iron Man/Tony Stark adopted young sidekick Wesley/Urchie/Lead Lad, investigated by Child Services. Shame Itself #1 (2012)

"EARTH-2120" - alternate Killraven had no brother, slew Grok after being betrayed by him, nonviolently convinced a Martian factor to reconsider their invasion
    --Killraven II#1 (2-6

EARTH-2122 (Crusader X), a world where the U.K. still rules America
    possible divergence in Giant-Size Fantastic Four#2
    --Excalibur I#21

EARTH-2149 ("Marvel Zombies") - zombie world
    --Ultimate Fantastic Four#21
    Marvel Zombies#1-5, Black Panther IV#27-30, Marvel Zombies II#1-5

EARTH-2182 (Nocturne (Talia Wagner), Wolverine, Charles Xavier, Shadow King, Nightcrawler, Kitty Pride, Colossus/Illyana/Phoenix (Colossus‘s soul in Illyana‘s body possessed by the Phoenix Force), Armageddon (son of Apocalypse), Apocalypse, Jean Grey, Plague)
    - Driven by guilt over killing Professor X during a berserker rage, a crippled Wolverine became the leader of the X-Men.
    -- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000 (
Exiles#41-42 (fb), 1

Earth-2187 Superflow connection off-line, White Event presumably prevented. Avengers #7 (2013)

EARTH-2189 (Namora of the Exiles)
    --[Exiles#46], 47, (named)#83 (47 (fbs), 83

    - alternate, Red Skull-ruled reality which Red Skull-616 temporarily merged with Reality-616 via the defective Cosmic Cube/Chaos Engine
    --X-Men & Magneto: Chaos Engine: Part Two (X-Men & Red Skull: Chaos Engine: Part Three

"EARTH-2301" -
    Mangaverse (FFE)--Marvel Mangaverse: Fantastic Four#1

Earth-2318 - Exiles had adventure in this reality’s Savage Land

EARTH-2375 Northampton is nuked by the Royal Japanese Airforce on 16th October 1984 in this reality. Albion surrenders
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

"EARTH-2419" (Beast (cyborg left arm)) -
    Beast searched for cure to the mutant extinction problem
    --X-Factor III#24

Earth-2349 Dimension-traveling Antontio Aggasiz-616 stole a fleshprinter from the palace of the Libervores. X-Force #5 (2014)

"EARTH-2530" (Alpha North America, Angar the Screamer, Aurora, Box, Dr. Doom, Guardian, Magneto, Northstar, Onslaught, Plodex, Puck, Sasquatch, Shaman, Snowbird)
    - Centennial-616's efforts to change the past (after it had been altered to Reality-5019) by warning Guardian about Jaxon's trap allows Guardian to defeat Box and Omega Flight; Alpha decides to work throughout all North America.
       the Presence of Alpha turns the tide against Onslaught, but while they are away a hundred thousand Plodex eggs hatch and overrun Canada. The world authority nukes Canada.
    Earth-Canada Nuked--Alpha Flight III#10

Earth-2532 - X-Men have no powers, but still help others as doctors. Cat convinced a few (Nightcrawler, Storm, others) to help cure Captain Britain.
    --X-Men: Die by the Sword#3

EARTH-2600 (David Richards) - Exiles and Weapon X-Exiles sent here to slay David Richards; Sabretooth of Earth-Age of Apocalypse turned against Weapon X and decided to stay in this reality to raise David; Sabretooth spent 20 years trying to raise David and the other kids; when their powers surfaced he taught them how to fight back; David orchestrated the systematic destruction of Sentinel factories around the world; Blink arrived on the eve of assault on the Sentinels, and David coordinated the attack by linking the minds of the mutants; David then forced Blink to take him to the Strategic Sentinel Command and fuse its designers with solid matter; Sabretooth tracked down and killed David
    --Exiles#12 (13, 59(fb)

EARTH-2604 Assassinated of Indian Prime Minister Indira Ghandi causes outbreak of civil war on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

"EARTH-2713" - Hulk arrived on the peaceful planet to which the Illuminati had intended to send him, ended up protecting a weaker species that evolved into a society that worshipped him
    --What If? Planet Hulk#1/2

Earth-2772 Doctor Strange animated movie (2007)

Earth-2775 - Randall Shire defeated Cable, formed Ranshi Empire; circa 4004 AD warred with Harmonists of divergent Earth-22073; diverged from -616 when Cable-616 defeated Shire without killing him

Earth-2803 (Sa-Trayne) Ethera, high-tech world inhabited by feudal lords, ruled by Newton Destine-616; Where Newton Destine developed technology, used low-tech energy solutions and natural science, had a scientific headquarters staffed by buxom robots, and had a “Warlord” body he could change himself into while his natural body was in stasis. Time passed much more slowly on Earth (3 days on Ethera to every nine hours on Earth). Native Satyr-Nun attacked Newton and Vex when she thought Newton had made another robot, something he’d agreed not to do, but she soon made peace with Newton. Vex and Newton later returned there.  Clan Destine #2 (2008)
    (2, 3, 5

Earth-2814 (Exiles' Forge, Storm (Ororo Munroe), Skrulls, Sentinel City, Kurt Wagner, Cyclops, Colossus, Angel, Beast, Black Panther (T'Challa)) Exiles II#1  

Earth-2818 Cyborg Spider-Man, assaulted by Morlun-0000, allied "Superior" Spider-Man (Otto Octavius)-616 and various other alternate reality Spider-Men/Women against Morlun and his brethren. Superior Spider-Man #33 (2014)

Earth-2819 Confronted by the Illuminati, the Beyonder incinerated Earth, then remade it, starting with a single man and woman. Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #3

Earth-2841 - New FF (Ghost Rider, Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine) re-formed after original FF & X-Men died ending Apocalypse’s threat
    --Wolverine II#148

EARTH-2881 Emperor T'Sianchi of China is assassinated during Communist military coup on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-2896 Military coup in Uganda starts civil war on 29th September 1984 in this reality. On 3rd October Rhodesia is invaded by Ugandan and Zambian forces
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-2912 Iron Lad (Victor Mancha) organized Runaways as Young Avengers. What If? House of M #1

Earth-2920 Howard the Chicken eaten in fast food restaurant. W? #34 (1992)

EARTH-2937 (Magik/Illyana Rasputin) - Magik's extradimensional son Hutch briefly brought to Earth by Ernest Thatchel as part of plot by Mephisto to destroy Earth by breaking down portals between realms, sacrificed self to disrupt Mephisto’s plot
    --[X-Men Unlimited#37]

"EARTH-2942" (Brood) - Mimic stranded there for years, infected by Brood, kept in check with healing factor

"EARTH-2988" (Alpha Flight, Apocalypse, Arcade, Banshee, Beast, Black Panther, Blob, Brother Sebastian, Captain America, Colossus, Cyclops, Firestar, Guardian, Hawkeye, Hercules, Hulk, Human Torch, Iron Fist, Iron Man, Joseph, Juggernaut, Justice, Luke Cage, Magneto, Mister Fantastic, Mister Sinister,  Mystique, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Nightcrawler,  Professor X, Kitty Pryde, Pyro, Rogue, Sabretooth, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), Storm, Vindicator, War (a.k.a. Wolverine and "Brother Xavier"), Warbird, War Watch (Amber, Jonas, Kraal, Sarge, numerous others), Wolf Pack (teenage gang), the X-Men, Mariko Yashida )
    - Wolverine became a horseman of Apocalypse, slaughtered most criminals, united the world against him, became the peaceful Brother Xavier
    (app)--What If II#111 (111(fb), 111

Earth-2991. Simian world. Franklin Richards is a genius trying to save the world in spite of his unintelligent parents. Franklin Richards: Sons of Geniuses #1

EARTH-2992 (Black Bolt (Blackagar Boltagon), Black Panther (K’Shamba), Chronok + warriors, Cossandra Castle, Franklin Castle, Chad Channing/Mutant, Daredevil/Kingpin (Samuel Fisk), Doom (Lucian), Doombots, Fin Fang Foom, Inhumans, Lockjaw, Maximus, Reed Richards, Sentinels, Keisha + parents)
    - alternate 2099 A.D., diverged from "Earth-6025" in Marvel Team-Up III#18, also inhabited by
Dagger, Darkhawk, Gravity, Speedball, Sleepwalker, Terror, X-23 of Earth-6125
    (OH:AU)--Punisher 2099#1 (Inhumans 2099#1, Black Panther 2099#1, Punisher 2099#1, Daredevil 2099#1, Mutant 2099#1, Marvel Team-Up III#16-18, 25
, Deadpool/GLI - Summer Fun Spectacular#1/7

"EARTH-3000" - DC
    --Camelot 3000#1 (2-12

Earth-3010 (Lady Deadpool) -
    --Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth#7 ; (identified) Prelude to Deadpool Corps#

EARTH-3022 (Luther Arkwright) One of the worlds which suffered a Second World War against the Nazis. Luther Arkwright's home reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-3031 (Cable, Domino, Grizzly; Kane of Timebroker's Weapon X)
    --Exiles#??, (named)#83

"EARTH-3031" - DC-needs new designation
    --Superman Adventures#30 (31

"EARTH-3062" (Firestar of Timebroker's Weapon X) -

EARTH-3071 - see EARTH-Mandate (app-earth3071)--Wolverine: Snikt

Earth-3100 - Cable trained X-Force militantly and sent them against Apocalypse, all died in battle
    --X-Force I#100

"EARTH-3112" (Beast/panther, Bishop) -
    Beast joined Bishop in gunfight while searching for cure to mutant extinction problem
    --X-Factor III#24

EARTH-3123 - see EARTH-Aunt May bit by radioactive spider (app)--What If I#23/3

EARTH-3131 (KalAOL, Ted, Jane) -

Earth-3145 Fully irradiated world post-thermonuclear war; Silk fled here from Brix and Bora. Spider-Woman #3145

Earth-3278 Superflow connection off-line, White Events presumably prevented. Avengers #7 (2013)

Earth-3290 Earth surrendered to the Skrulls during their Secret Invasion. Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #3

Earth-3367 Superflow connection off-line, White Events presumably prevented. Avengers #7 (2013)

Earth-3459 - In the future, Mjolnir was found in a train by DJ, who brought it to Harry Wilson, suspecting him of being Thor, but after lifting Mjolnir once, Wilson could not do so again.

Earth-3488 Ultimate Avengers animated movie (2006)

Earth-3588 -
Taco Bell Exclusive Collector Edition: Thor #1 (2009)

EARTH-3470 (Alpha Flight, Aurora, Box, Chernobog, Crimson Dynamo, Darkstar, Guardian, Heather McDaniel Hudson, Marrina, Northstar, Puck, Red Guardian, Sasquatch, Shaman, Snowbird, Soviet Super-Soldiers, Tanaraq, Ursa Major, Vanguard, Vindicator/Mac, Wolverine)
    - alternate earth, Cold War never ended; Heather McDaniel tapped into power of Sasquatch/Tanaraq; she maintained control until arrival on the magical world of Earth-Kulan Gath warp; Tanaraq sought to confront the Time Broker and force his return to this reality, but the Exiles were aided by Shaman of Earth-fuel cell factory in separating Heather and Tanaraq and banishing Tanaraq to the realm of the Great Beasts associated with Earth-fuel cell factory
    diverge Exiles#33(fb)
    --Exiles#33 (33(fb)/57(fb), 84

Earth-3490 Romance b/t Cap and Iron Woman (Natasha Stark) deterred each’s more aggressive behavior, facilitating Reed Richards’ completion of the Superhuman Registration Act and Fifty State Initiative. Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #2

Earth-3492 Howard the Pigeon grew tired of peanuts, wanted a 10 oz. steak. W? #34 (1992)

"EARTH-3514" (Alpha Flight (Aurora, Guardian, Northstar, Puck, Sasquatch, Shaman, Snowbird), Heather Hudson, Omega Flight (Box, Diamond Lil, Flashback, Jerry Jaxon, Wild Child))
    - alternate Earth, diverged from Earth-Canada Nuked when Alpha Flight attempted to alter the past to save Flashback, Puck convinced Hudson that he must not choose to remain in America after defeating Omega Flight
    Earth-Canadian Militia for a Super-Hero-Free Country*--Alpha Flight III#11 (12

EARTH-3515 - see EARTH-Thor: the Reigning
    (OH:AU)--[Thor II#34], 35

"EARTH-3632" (Captain Bad Costume)

"EARTH-3691" (Tomorrow Gang) - Image
    --Tomorrow Syndicate

EARTH-3752 (Curt Connors, Fin Fang Foom, Goom, Krakoa, Midgard Serpent, Henry Pym, Sakata, Science Squad, Tony Stark, Bolivar Trask)
    Monster Planet, spawns benevolent "antigens" to deal with malevolent "pathogens"
    --Exiles#66 (67-68

EARTH-3814 (Dirk the Demon) - alternate 24th century future, interacted with Earth-1136
Amazing Mystery Funnies#3 (November 1938)

Earth-3839 - <1945, World War II> - Batman and Captain America (and their sidekicks Robin (Grayson) and Bucky) teamed up to find out why the Joker was trying to steal a nuclear warhead. When the Joker found out he was working for the Red Skull, a Nazi, he tried to end their partnership, but the Red Skull had the Joker knocked unconscious. With the warhead loaded on a plane headed for Washington, D.C., Captain America and Batman tried to stop it. The Joker awoke and tried to disarm the bomb, but his struggle with the Skull caused both of them to fall out of the plane. Batman and Cap took over the plane, averting disaster. At some point near the end of the war, Captain America disappeared. Twenty years later, the new Batman (Grayson) and the new Robin (Bruce Wayne, Jr.) found Captain America encased in a block of ice, and revived him. Back at the Batcave, the two, along with a retired Bruce Wayne, Sr., welcomed the hero back.
Batman/Captain America (1996)

Earth-3850 (Parallel 00-38-50) Luther Arkwright is known on this world as Captain Luther Arkwright, VC and Bar in the 10th Prince of Wales Own Royal Hussars, known for his links to the Commonwealth Intelligence Agency.
    - from Mad Monks and Englishmen, A Scenario for 23rd Parallel's Luther Arkwright Role Playing Game, re-published on Bryan Talbot's official website

EARTH-3856 (a.k.a. Parallel 00.38.56, or Parallel zero-zero-three-eight-five-six") A Britain still gripped by Victoriana, still having a surviving British Empire. Queen Victoria III is in power, suffragette's campaign in the 1980s for women to have the right to vote
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-3913 - Captain Britain killed a policeman
    --Excalibur I#44

EARTH-3919 (Tymok) - unspecified point in Earth's future
    --[Incredible Hulk: Lost in Time]

EARTH-3921 Arkwright fought a duel here. This is the reality where they made the Armstrong-Sidley "Royal Albert" Vibro Beamer, the most devastating hand weapon ever devised
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-3926 (Space Patrol) - alternate future
    --Amazing Mystery Funnies#12 (December, 1939)

"EARTH-3931" (Avengers (Captain America, Falcon, Giant-Man, Hawkeye, Polaris, Wasp), Falsworth Estate, MACODIBE ENCHANTMENT, SHIELD, Union Jack/Ken Crichton)
    diverges from Captain America I#254
    --Exiles#31 (32

"EARTH-3933" (The Bladeless Sword)
    (Psyloke, Ovi)
    - Psylocke is born into a family of warrior-mystics, taught the family secret of the Bladeless Sword technique, battles the hideous undead creatures known as Ovi, bitten by the Ovi and becomes immortal.
    (app-psylocke)-- X-Men Millennial Visions 2001

EARTH-3944 (Dan Hastings) - alternate future, interacted with Earth-1136 inhabitants
    --Amazing Mystery Funnies II#4 (April 1939)

"Earth-3964" ("Mundane Earth Reality 3964") - home reality of the dimension hopping Survival Geeks (Clive, Rufus, Sam and Simon)
    possibly an alternate multiversal designation?

    --2000 A.D. Prog1824 (20th March 2013)

Earth-3971 Daredevil was disciple of Dr. Strange. W?#83

EARTH-3982 – alternate future glimpsed circa 2038 AD, visited by residents of Earth-1136 (or visited them)
    --Amazing Mystery Funnies#2 (September 1938)

Earth-4011 Wolverine: The End#1

EARTH-4023 (Hyperion) - Hyperion took over world, while everyone else died in nuclear assault used against him
    --[Exiles#38], 63 (63(fb), 65

"Earth-4029" Cranio has a wider, pear-shaped artificial brain-casing. Age of Sentry #4 (2009)

EARTH-4032 (Alpha-712, Dr. Kane, Lisa Kane, Jon Linton, Nogo race) - alternate timeline glimpsed circa 2000 AD
Wham Comics#1 (November 1940)

EARTH-4040 (Breeze Barton, Anne) Earth in ruins post-World War II, remnants of society threatened by barbarians
    --Daring Mystery Comics#3

EARTH-4055 Insanity rate in Britain soars on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

"EARTH-4080" - see Earth-Hulk became lord of K'ai (app)--What If I#23

EARTH-4096 (Space Rangers, Black Hawk, Carl Formes)
    @ 2300 A.D., widespread travel between planets, threatened by space pirates
    --Mystic Comics#2

EARTH-4100 (Centurion Britannus) – date taken from when the Romans left Britain in our world
    --Excalibur I#24

Earth-4162 - Ego implanted Earth with a Seed of Awareness, led it to assist against the Celestials; Beak-616 convinced Earth to turn against Ego & Blink destroyed Ego

Earth-4209 Sentry was a 1940's hero, a WWI veteran who uses a gun (origin mirrors Shazam/Captain Marvel); visited pre-modern era Reality-1611. Age of Sentry #4 (2009)

EARTH-4210 (Colossus, Magik of the Exiles, Rasputin parents)
    --Exiles#22, (named)#83

EARTH-4243 World War Three breaks out on 16th October 1984 in this reality, causing nuclear holocaust
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-4263 (Captain Daring) @ 3050 A.D., worldwide peace threatened by revived Hitler (or impostor)
    --Daring Mystery Comics#8 (1942)

EARTH-4280 - "Mad" Celestials forced Reed Richards to lead them to the Council of Reed Richardses
    --Fantastic Four #571 (2009)

Earth-4287 F.R.A.N.K.L.I.N. briefly brought to Earth-6513 via that Reed Richards’ cross dimensional communicator. Franklin Richards: Sons of Geniuses #1

EARTH-4321 (Akhenaten, Cosmic Order) - Akhenaten achieved massive power and conquered Earth; diverged from 616 reality when Thanos slew the Cosmic Order before they had gained power;
    events largely duplicated in Earth-616 reality until diverged by Thanos' actions
    --Marvel Universe: The End#1 (New Exiles#

Earth-4380 Superflow connection off-line, White Event presumably prevented. Avengers #7 (2013)

Earth-4387 The Bryan Talbot native to this world was interviewed at San Diego Comic Con about his upcoming project Heart of Empire by the reporter Hiram Kowolsky, who had accidentally slipped here from his native Earth-7287, where the events of Heart of Empire were historical fact rather than fiction.
--Bryan Talbot's official site.

Earth-4392 Wolverine married Mariko. W?#43

EARTH-4400 (Avengers ([Captain America], Hawkeye, [Thor]), [Cyclops], Daredevil, Fantastic Five (Invisible Woman, Spider-Man) - all slaughtered by Hyperion and Weapon X
    survivors - Beak, Glob Herman, Kid Omega, Nighthawk)
    - Exiles battled Hyperion-led Weapon X
    Earth-Exiles vs Weapon X*--Exiles#43 (44-45,
Exiles: Days of Then and Now#1 (fb), 1

EARTH-4489 (Seeker 3000)
    --Marvel Premiere#41

"EARTH-4542" (Alpha Flight (Aurora, Guardian, Northstar, Puck, Sasquatch, Shaman, Snowbird), Heather Hudson, Omega Flight (Box, Diamond Lil, Flashback, Jerry Jaxon, Wild Child))
    - alternate Earth, diverged from Earth-Canadian Militia for a Super-Hero-Free Country when Alpha Flight attempted to alter the past to save Flashback, Nemesis slew Heather Hudson to prevent her from interfering with Mac when he attempted to defuse the power pack, led him to take over Canada and then the world
    Earth-Emperor Hudson--Alpha Flight III#12

EARTH-4732 (Beast, Ms. Marvel of Timebroker's Weapon X)
    --[Exiles#38], (named)#83

EARTH-4871 - threatened by the World Ripper of the Skrulls of Earth-4872
    --X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine: Book Two (Book Two (fb, destroyed)

EARTH-4872 (Kree, Mar-Vell, Skrull Empire, World Ripper)
    - Manipulated by Merlyn, damage to the World Ripper destroyed the Skrull homeworld and then threatened the "adjacent" realities, forcing Merlyn to destroy this reality
    --X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine: Book Two (Book Two (fb, destroyed)

EARTH-4873 - threatened by the World Ripper of the Skrulls of Earth-4872
    --X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine: Book Two (Book Two (fb, destroyed)

EARTH-4935 (Askani, Cable, Tyler)
    EARTH-CABLE* (OH:AU)--X-Factor I#67 (
    Cable & Deadpool#42 (fb)

“EARTH-4972” (Bullseye, the Hand)
    - Each time Bullseye is killed he is resurrected by the Hand and his body repaired with cybernetics, exo-skeleton and chemicals to become their assassin.
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

EARTH-5012 (Amissa, Avengers (Black Widow (d), Captain America (d), Dr. Doom / Iron Maniac (Stark), Hank Pym, Wasp (d)), Mr. Fantastic, Titannus, Trellion)
    - alternate reality; Avengers never broke up; Titannus war, many heroes died in assault of the Trellion
    EARTH-Dr. Doom (Tony Stark)*--[Marvel Team-Up III#2, 6] ([13(fb)]

Earth-5013 Cable-4935/Nathan Summers-616 failed to save this reality’s X-Force from Skornn. X-Force #2 (2005) 

Earth-5014 Diverged from Reality-5013 when Domino (Neena Thurman) survived battle with Skornn (without Cable’s knowledge), became Stryfe, traveled to Earth-616, led Mutant Liberation Front. X-Force #4 (2005)

"EARTH-5019" (Archangel, Box robots, Captain America, Cyclops, Diamond Lil, Dr. Strange, Flashback, James MacDonald Hudson, Jerry Jaxon, Mr. Fantastic, Nightcrawler, Omega Flight, Scarlet Witch, Smart Alec, Wild Child, Wolverine, X-Men)
    - Major Mapleleaf-616's effort to change the past by convinces James MacDonald Hudson not to go to New York (into Omega Flight's ambush) led Jaxon to mass produce the Box robots, defeat Omega Flight (and kill Flashback), and eventually go insane from the strain of controlling the robots; the Box robots are left with his last directive for vengeance, slaughter heroes of America and then Canada
    Earth-Box*--Alpha Flight III#9 (9 (fb), 10 (fb)

"EARTH-5021" (Deadpool of Weapon X/Exiles) -

EARTH-5080 Terrorist nuclear device set off in London on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-5091 Hulk stayed with

"EARTH-5106" (Jet Dixon, Mxxptrm, Dawn Revere, Rusty Blake, LLA 38)
    - Futuristic world @ 2000 A.D.
    --Space Squadron#1

"EARTH-5113" (Angel, Banner, Beast, Black Knight, Cage, Captain America, Cyclops, Daredevil, Dr. Strange, Falcon, Giant-Man, Iceman, Iron Fist, Iron Man, Rick Jones, William Everett MacKenzie, Medusa, Resistance, Speedball, Spider-Man (6 arms), Thing, Thor, Triton, Wolverine)
    - reality-616 altered by Dormammu using power usurped from Eternity, reverted back to normal by Umar, presumably persists as a divergent reality
    DORMAMMUVERSE (app)--Defenders III#3 ([5(fb)], 3-5

EARTH-5127 (    ) - see Roma as the goddess Dallentré of the House of Fallon
    --[X-Men/Red Skull: Chaos Engine: Book Three]

EARTH-5200 (Dr. Doom, Doombots, Valeria Richards)
    - conquered by Dr. Doom, visited by Human Torch of Earth-616
    --Marvel Knights Fantastic Four#16 (17, [18]

EARTH-5202 - Beyonder of this reality crushed by Council of Reeds. FF #3 (2011)

EARTH-5211 (Albert & Elsie Dee of Wolverines Exiles) -

Earth-5302 Burt Lang avoided meeting vampire Lenore Danton only to be fatally struck by a car. Suspense #27 (1953)

Earth-5304 John Burton the vampire survives a nuclear war in 1998, awakening years later to find that only robots “survived” the war. Menace #2 (1953)

Earth-5306 - Awakening after centuries, an unidentified vampire finds humanity is no longer terrified of vampires and knows how to destroy them. Returning to his human form, he infiltrates humanity in Russia, his age and experience allowing him to progressively achieve a position of power...but he ages in his human form and knows he will eventually grow old and die as opposed to being destroyed if he remains in his giant bat-hybrid form which is he ages and becomes more of a leader, it becomes clear from the picture that he is Stalin. He could survive in daylight in his human form. Menace #4 (1953) "A Vampire is Born"

Earth-5309 very similar to Earth-691, in which the Guardians of the Galaxy exist very much like the Legion of Super-Heroes, including dozens of members like the Destroyer, Immortal One (apparently Wolverine) and Sun Girl the 52nd. Age of Sentry #5 (2009)

EARTH-5311 - Kitty's Fairy Tale
    (OH:AU)--Uncanny X-Men#153

EARTH-5356 The Statue of Stalin in Moscow weeps blood on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-5391 (Speed Carter, Crash Morgan, Johnny, Stellar Stone, General Stone) - 2075 A.D., Space Sentinels
    --Spaceman Speed Carter

"EARTH-5421" (Arsenic, Avengers, Daredevil, Fantastic Fourteen, Heroine, Iron Woman, [Ultron], Victorious, X-Men, Captain America-type (sword), Scorpion-type, horned guy, white dress blond)
    - alternate future in which Ultron-10A successfully used Victor Mancha (Victorious) to infiltrate and destroy the Avengers and the rest of the future super-heroes;
    Arsenic traveled into the modern era of Earth-616 to warn the Runaways about Victor before dying
    --Runaways II#1 (1(ff), 2(ff)

"EARTH-5423" (Big M) - M (Calvin Rankin) aided in redemption by Exiles’ Mimic-12

EARTH-5464 (Whirlwind Carter, Brenda)
    - Humanity spread to Venus and elsewhere; Earth threatened by aliens, protected by Interplanetary Secret Service
    --Daring Mystery Comics #4

Earth-5501 Time-traveling Batman of Earth-23 went back to 1865 and saved President Lincoln from being assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. Booth then revealed he was a steam-powered cyborg (or wearing expanding steam-powered armor), but Lincoln grabbed an axe and joins Batman in defeating him. Batman: The Brave and the Bold Episode #65, "Mitefall" (November 11th 2011)

Earth-5521 Illuminati unleashed Phoenix on the Skrull homeworld after which Reed Richards slew Phoenix to prevent her descent into madness; Illuminati broke up afterwards, but Earth avoided further alien attacks. Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #3

EARTH-5540 Mass demonic possession in Salt Lake City on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-5555 - 8162 A.D.
    (OH:AU)--Dragon's Claws#1

EARTH-5556 - Merlyn and Arthur tracked Catavolcus here, trapped him using Dragon fusion device
    --Dr. Who Monthly#60

“EARTH-5560” (Man-Thing, Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Fantastic Four (Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing), Doctor Strange, Nightmare, Mr. Termineus)
    - The mystical energies from the Nexus of All Realities cause Man-Thing’s swamp to blanket the entire Earth, killing everyone except Man-Thing
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

“EARTH-5582” (Marvel Boy (Noh-Varr), SHIELD, Nick Fury, Kree, Skrulls) - SHIELD clones Marvel Boy to create an army to wage war against the Skrulls.
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

EARTH-5619 British Empire Variation. Great Britain never lost its American colonies, and remained a major power through history. World War I still occured, instigated by the Disruptors, and Britain, covertly aided by same, emerged the dominant power in Europe as well as strengthening its colonial power across the globe. This is a parallel where ZeroZero has little influence and the Disruptors' control is strong.
    Shah of Iran was assassinated on 29th September 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright (
Imagine Magazine#14

"EARTH-5631" - Marvel Age Power Pack
    --Power Pack III#1

Earth-5682 Captain Lionheart narrowly escaped an incursion in which two dimensions collapsed on his (text) / her (pictured) reality, destroying all three. Amazing Spider-Man #7 (2014)

"EARTH-5692" (Galactus, Skrulls) - Skrull-dominated Earth saved from Galactus by Exiles

EARTH-5700 - alternate Days of Future Past. Weapon X Program Director Malcolm Colcord was ultimately responsible for unleashing the Sentinel assault on mutantkind
    --Wolverine: Days of Future Now

"EARTH-5701" (Apocalypse, Death (Archangel), Famine (Blob), Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, Pestilence (Spider-Man), War (Cable))
    - ruled by Apocalypse, visited by Deadpool while searching for Cable
    --Cable/Deadpool#15 (16, 17

Earth-5709 aka Trashi-verse; dominated by supermarket tabloids; denizens survive by living off each other’s trash; reality contained within compaction receptacle, served as one of the “Encroachiverses” nearly released into Reality-616 by Band of the Bland’s Dr. Angst.
    --Sensational She-Hulk#17

"EARTH-5718" - genetically engineered Nazis
    --Marvel Knights 4#18

EARTH-5724 (Nick Fury, SHIELD)
    --Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD television show (1998)

"EARTH-5764" (goggled Hyperion)

EARTH-5901 (Abomination, Hulk, Mercy, Gen. Ross) -
    --Hulk: Destruction#1

Earth-5932 Circa 2087, everyone wore unremovable wrist bands, which gave off electromagnetic energy allowing the police to instantly locate anyone, though they did not work outside Earth’s atmosphere; Harry Grant stole his company’s payroll, rented a ship, and fled to a newly discovered planet to escape detection via his wrist bands, but was easily discovered soon after arrival, as he had failed to realize he was over 4x the inhabitants’ size and thus easily identified by pursuing police. Tales to Astonish #2 (1959)

"EARTH-5953" (Thing from Planet X) -
    --Tales of Suspense I#3/2

Earth-6001 - Hulkpool-616 helped Thing remain in 1717 as Blackbeard where Thing became America’s first president after starting the American Revolution by taking on the British at sea. Hulkpool encountered Devil Dinosaur, Moon-Boy, Two-Gun Kid and Hawkeye before visiting Europe, 1945, helping Captain America save Bucky from being blown up on a drone missile and ending WWII by killing Adolf Hitler and Red Skull. Hulkpool prevented the creation of Daredevil, Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and Fantastic Four. Hulkpool killed Deadpool, and his friend Bob was worshiped as that reality’s creator.
    --Hulked Out Heroes#1 (2010)

EARTH-6017 - Argentina declares war on Chile and civil war breaks out in El Salvador on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

"EARTH-6023" (Clockwise, Kid Glove, Southpaw) - @ 15 years in the future from the modern era; Southpaw is the best lawyer in GLKH's history
    --She-Hulk II#3

EARTH-6025 (Chronok + warriors) - diverged from Earth-2992 in that the League never came forward in time and Chronok succeeded in his mission to travel back in time, slaughtering the heroes of Earth-6215
    --[Marvel Team-Up III#15]

EARTH-6034 (Apocalypse Beast/ship, Moloids (Meelark, Noah))
    - alternate/potential future; the Apocalypse Beast became the ship of the Moloids, though by 12425 AD they had squandered their resources; Meelark and her husband launched their son Noah into space in a pod
    --Fantastic Four / Iron Man: Big in Japan#4

"EARTH-6056" - created by Alexander Luthor by merging of Earth-154 and Earth-462, judged unsuitable to exist and destroyed by him
    --Infinite Crisis#6

EARTH-6077 (Fantastic Four (o4), Alicia Masters) - reality altered by the Thing's trip to ancient Greece
    --Thing II#7

EARTH-6078 (Ben Parker, May Parker (d), Spider-Man) - divergent reality in which May Parker died, Ben survived, and Spider-Man continued working as an actor/performer, etc.; Ben Parker brought to Earth-616 by Goblin of Earth-9500 @ 2211
    --[Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#7], 8 (8(fb)

Earth-6081 Superflow connection off-line, White Event presumably prevented. Avengers #7 (2013)

Earth-6091 Unwilling to share power, Dr. Doom slaughters the Dark Avengers and rest of the Cabal. Dark Reign: The Cabal #1 (2009)

EARTH-6095 (Dr. Strange (deceased)) - all living things consumed by a swarm of alien insects, visited by Warren Traveler and Ms. Marvel
    (APP)--Ms. Marvel II#5 ([5], 5, [5 (fb)], 5

Earth-6109 Nick Fury gathered a team of heroes (Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Man, Storm, Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, The Thing, Human Torch, Iceman, Ms. Marvel, Deadpool, Elektra, Daredevil, Blade, Luke Cage, Black Panther, Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze), Dr. Strange, Colossus, Moon Knight, Cyclops, Hawkeye, Hulk, Nightcrawler and Silver Surfer) to stop Dr. Doom from stealing Odin's powers and using them to take over the world with the Masters of Evil. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Earth-6111 Spider-Man trapped in prison with villains including Rhino, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Dr. Octopus, Kingpin, Electro, Green Goblin, Scorpion, Sandman, Lizard, Uncle Ben, Dr. Doom, Mr. Hyde, Vulture), and he can't figure out which side of the bars he is on, so he just keeps climbing the bars trying to escape but can't; glimpsed in a dream by Spider-Man-616. Spider-Man Special: Black and Blue and Red All Over #1 (2006)

EARTH-6120 (Black Knight (Sir Percy), Ebony Blade, King Arthur + soldiers (d), Lady of the Lake)
    - Arthur and forces of Camelot slain by Makluans posing as dragons; the Lady of the Lake sent Sir Percy's spirit into the modern era, where it summoned Excalibur back to before this incident, preventing it in from occurring in the Earth-616 reality
    --New Excalibur#10

Earth-6121 Stan Lee and the Blob were roommates. Stan Lee Meets the Thing#1

'EARTH-6124" (Damian Tryp, X-Factor)
    - potential future in which X-Factor restored the mutants after M-Day, and the mutants overran and slaughtered humanity; Damian Tryp sought immortality, acquired it via dark arts, began to exist at all points in his own timeline; when his future became unstable he developed machinery to maintain his existence; supported by band of followers that dwindled to virtually non-existence
    --X-Factor III#12

"EARTH-6141" (Professor X, Shadow Mob/X-Men (Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl))
    - Shadow King possessed Xavier and through him controlled the X-Men, slaying all other heroes on his world
    --[New Excalibur#1]

"EARTH-6175" (Lo-Karr, scientist) - achieved lengthy period of peace after duped by seeming threat of Lo-Karr in 1971
    --Journey into Mystery I#75/1

"EARTH-6195" (Cage, Captain America, Giant-Man, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Wolverine)
    - divergent zombie-verse/reality-2149 in which Wolverine was recruited into the Exiles and decapitated before empowered by Galactus
    --Exiles#85 (85 (fb), [85-86]

"EARTH-6212" (Phineas, Theos, Valeria, Zemu) - blue-skinned population with advanced technology
    --Strange Tales I#103 (1962)

EARTH-6215 (Black Panther, Cage, Captain America, Daredevil, Darkhawk, Excelsior, Fantastic Four, Gravity, Hulk, Iron Man, Lightspeed, Moon Knight, Mary Jane Parker, Hank Pym, Sleepwalker, Speedball, Stark Tower, Terror, Turbo, Wasp, X-23)
    - heroes slaughtered by Chronok of Earth-6025, the "League of Losers"--Dagger, Darkhawk, Gravity, Speedball, Sleepwalker, Terror, and X-23--stole Chronok's chronometer, traveled forward to Earth-2992 (prior to its divergence from Earth-6025, and slew Chronok before he could travel back in time
    --Marvel Team-Up III#15 (16

"EARTH-6216" (AIM, AIM Euro-Hub, Boone, Bowen, Lola Braccia, Jana Breski, Death's Head "3.0," Meredith Driscoll, GEIST, Prof. Varina Goddard, Gunn, Dr. Lars Heinkel, Curtis Henri, Raymond Hidalgo, Jarndyce, Captain Kort, Kuanga, Nu Grazi, Prof. Morten, Secretary General Okuda, Lorcan & Monica Rappacini Rooney, Aaron Spiro, General Gunna Tal, Yardley, Commander Yu, Ducat + Monique + Yvonne, prime minister
    @ 100 years in the future
    --Amazing Fantasy II#16 (17-20

"EARTH-6232" (Gauntlet, Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, She-Hulk, Thing, Uatu, Xavi, Zoma)
    - She-Hulk causes the reckoning war, which has consequences across the cosmos, including the death of Xavi
    --She-Hulk II#3

"EARTH-6297" (Artur Zarrko) -
    --Journey into Mystery I#86

EARTH-6311 - see OTHER-EARTH (app, OH:AU)--Fantastic Four I#19, 272

EARTH-6375 (Alchemax, Jordan Boone, Hulk, JACK & LOU's, Gabriel O'Hara, Krigstein, Ridley, Spider-Man, Stark-Fujikawa, Tyler Stone, Virtual Unreality)
    - divergent Earth-928, @ 2099 A.D.
    --Exiles#75 (76, 84
    Spider-Man 2099 #5 (2014)

EARTH-6381 (Black Widow, Bullseye, Daredevil, Paul Delacort, Elektra, Mr. Fantastic, Foggy Nelson)
    - Daredevil fled rather than face prosecution for existence as Daredevil, escapes to Paris with Milla. Bullseye tracks him down and kills Milla; Daredevil kills Bullseye and travels Japan to live out the rest of his life with Elektra
    --Daredevil II#81

"EARTH-6451" (MJ Parker, Vanna Smith, Spider-Man (deceased))
    - Vanna grew lonely without further coincidental contact with Spider-Man; MJ confronted her after Spider-Man's death
    --Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#5

EARTH-6465 Storm of giant hailstones in Brussels on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-6466 (Major Deadpool of SHIELD) Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #7 (2010)

Earth-6513 (Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius).
    also includes
one page stories by Eliopoulos in I Am An Avenger 1 and the Tails of the Pet Avengers: Dogs of Summer 0 issue
    --Power Pack#1/2

Earth-6590 Reed Richards with flaming powers joined the Council of Reed Richardses. Fantastic Four #570 (2009)

Earth-6674 "00-66-74" Post Urban Collapse. After a prolonged Second World War, a lack of co-operation between the victorious Allies and the apathy of the vanquished caused post-war recovery from economic ruin to be desperately slow. The U.S. gained control of the Middle East's oil producing countries, and was on the road to recovery, when the Russian Revolutionary State declared war to "liberate" the oil nations. The Oil War lasted until 1959, drawing in Europe; in the aftermath, Europe expected aid and oil share from America when the oil states were divided between the two main aggressors, but received neither. Rioting, anarchy and the collapse of centralized government followed. By the 1980s Europe had been a wasteland for a decade, the remaining population returning to primitive feudal systems, serving Petrol Barons in return for protection from roving bandit gangs. How much of the above is Disruptor influenced is uncertain.
Imagine Magazine#14

EARTH-6675 Hurricane sweeps Cornwall, England, turning it into a disaster area on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-6676 - Ruled by Arrkham in 25th century, visited by Executioner Skurge & Hulk-616.
    --Tales to Astonish #75 (1966)

EARTH-6706 (Pres. Amara Aquilla, Atlanteans, Attuma, Blackdog, Black Panther, Bloodwitch, Valeria Fen, Nick Fury, Gambit, Ben Grimm, Iron Maiden, Jocasta, Kang/Krang, Panther's Bloodforce, Rough Justice, Samood, Sandstorm, Shadowclaw, Storm, Johnny & Sue Storm, Erin/Ari + Johnny + Maman + Namor + Sue, Wolverine, Reed Richards, Ultron)
    - much of the population slain by meteor shower 50 years ago, Exiles traveled there and joined Namor and allies against Black Panther's force, Mars, the moon, and Venus terraformed; planet Hera habitable;
    Gambit joined Exiles
    --New Exiles#1 (1 (fb), [4 (fb)], 1-4

"EARTH-6716" (Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Thing, Visi-Gog)
    - alternate Earth, Visi-Gog came to Earth via dimensional rift caused by one of Reed's devices being damaged, Sue was killed by it before it can be banished; Human Torch traveled to "past" to prevent this from happening in the Earth-616 reality, knocked out and replaced Johnny Storm-616 and took the blast meant for Sue, but he proved resistant to it; returned to his own time
    --Fantastic Four: A Death in the Family

"EARTH-6730" (Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, Johnny & Sue Storm) - Sue convinced Reed to delay the space flight until they had proper shielding, went on a picnic instead of the launch
    possibly variant of Earth-8212
    --Marvel Knights 4#30

"EARTH-6799" (Dr. Octopus, Plutonians, Dr. Smarter, Spider-Man) -
    --Spider-Man cartoon episode 1: Sub-Zero for Spidey (September 9, 1967)

"EARTH-6871" (Ralph Amberson, Avengers, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Giant-Man, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Edwin Jarvis, Jeff Jones, Milton Krankowitz, Andrew "Monk" Mayfair, Julius Postal, Quicksilver, Red Skull, Mark Redwing, Raven, Robin, Scarlet Witch, Starling, Ray Thompson, Thor, Wasp)
    (app)--Captain America: The Great Gold Steal

EARTH-6943 (mutates) - alternate/potential future in which humanity evolved into mutates due to nuclear war
    (app-mutates)--Thor I#163 (163 (fb), 163-164

Earth-6905 A "once-stable timestream" that is now irreparably fractured by Destroyer Darkmass. Sentry existed as a being of pure energy moving around Destroyer Darkmass (either serving or opposing him). Energy-Sentry was forced out of that original Earth-Darkmass, and entered another universe (Earth-1611). Age of Sentry #2 (2009)

Earth-6950 Starhawk (Mark Wilde) adventured in the 22nd century. Marvel Super-Heroes II#20

“Earth-6955” (Marvel Inn bellhop; Sunfire’s parents (Sunfire’s Dream); Mister Sinister (Earth-295) (Blink’s Dream); Mimic and Blink’s children (Mimic’s Dream))
    - Nuff Said issue of Exiles; Exiles check into a Hotel (The Marvel Inn) for some much needed rest; some have nightmares while others dream of a blissful future
   (app)—Exiles I#7

"EARTH-6966" (Overlord of Dakkam) - @ 45th century
    --Silver Surfer I#6

"EARTH-7031" (Anti-Creation/Swarm, Binary, Keepers, Starjammers)
    - written about in the book Binary by Carol Danvers-616; creations briefly brought to reality in Earth-616 by Gavin
    --Ms. Marvel Special#1

EARTH-7041 (Spider-Man J) -
    --Spider-Man Family#1

"EARTH-7044" (Captain America, Hulk, Spider-Ham, Wolverine)
    - zombie Earth variant
    --Ultimate Civil War: Spider-Ham#1

Earth-7082 (Kwaku Anansi) Spider-Man: Fairy Tales #2

Earth-7085 Super heroes turned into werewolves
Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #5

Earth-7109 Superflow disrupted, eliminating White Events across the megaverse. Avengers #7 (2013)

"EARTH-7110" (Pluskommander Geheneris Halason Mahr Vehl, Captain Marvel, Qrii, Dr. Monica Rambeau, General Zo)
    reality glimpsed by Monica Rambeau via Forbush Man

"EARTH-7111" (Machine Man, Delmar Insurance)
    reality glimpsed by Machine Man via Forbush Man

"EARTH-7112" (Captain Universe/Captain - trapped an far side of the universe)
    reality glimpsed by Captain via Forbush Man

"EARTH-7113" (Elsa Bloodstone, monsters)
    reality glimpsed by Elsa Bloodstone via Forbush Man

Earth-7116 Captain America dying, bonded to US soldier. Captain America: The Chosen#1

"EARTH-7121" - Hulk died saving Caiera from the bomb, and Caiera led the Warbound to conquer Earth
    --What If? Planet Hulk#1

"EARTH-7122" (FOUR (earth, wind, fire, water), "HOBGOBLIN,"  JACK, "KRAVEN," [LAND of the SPIDER-CLAN], [Ben Parker (d)], May Parker (dies), Mrs. Parker, "RHINO," SANDMAN (earth), SPIDER-CLAN, SPIDER-MAN J?, VENOM, "VULTURE," Mary Jane)
Peter Parker turned his back on the Spider-Clan he had been groomed to lead after they killed his aunt May
    --Spider-Man Family Featuring Spider-Clan#1

Earth-7123 (Lord Goldstar of the Corps) Uncanny X-Men#462

    - alternate, Magneto-ruled reality which Magneto-616 temporarily merged with Reality-616 via the defective Cosmic Cube/Chaos Engine
    --X-Men & Dr. Doom: Chaos Engine: Part One (X-Men & Magneto: Chaos Engine: Part Two

"EARTH-7140" (Benjamin, Mary, Mary Jane, & Peter Parker) - Peter and MJ live happily ever after, growing old alongside their children, Benjamin & Mary
    --Sensational Spider-Man III#40

"EARTH-7144" (Pope Beast, Inhumans (Black Bolt, Gorgon, Karnak, Medusa, Triton))
    The Inhumans refuse to use the terrigen mist to aid the mutant problem
    --X-Factor III#24

Earth-7153 Wolfsbane slaughtered Rictor & Layla Miller on their wedding day. X-Factor#28

Earth-7161 - Peter Parker never empowered, became computer game designer
    --Sensational Spider-Man III#41

"EARTH-7187" - Fantastic Four empowered on space station
    --Fantastic Four: Mythos

"EARTH-7190" (Omega the Unknown, Alexander Island) -
    --Omega the Unknown II#1

"EARTH-7192" (Avengers (Black Panther, Captain America, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch), Brood, Cru, Professor X, Rogue, Warbird)
    - reality wiped out when Warbird refused to answer an Avengers call for aid against Cru in favor of drinking at a bar

[Ms. Marvel II#9] ([9 (fb, destroyed)]

"EARTH-7194" (Dracula) - Dracula conquered New York
    --Blade: Vampire Hunter I#1

Earth-7215 - erroneous designation for Blackworld, which was a terraformed world with a similar history to Earth's

EARTH-7231 (Captain America, Dr. Strange, Iron Man, Spider-Ham) - Spider-Ham existed alongside various human super heroes who had their own Civil War, though Spider-Ham stayed out of it
    --Ultimate Civil War: Spider-Ham#1

EARTH-7287 Occupies a fairly central position in multiverse, so disturbances there will be echoed in hundreds of parallels. England is ruled by the Puritans, under the descendants of Oliver Cromwell. The rival Russian and Prussian Empires effectively rule Europe between them
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-7311 Catholic Empire Variation. Under the New Caesars Rome rose to dominate Europe during the late 16th century, initiating an artistic and military renaissance. By the end of the 17th century, this had changed to a tyranny that the Holy Roman Church deposed in 1822. However the Church proved sterner masters than any of the New Caesars, weakening and then removing the nobility following a policy of "all men equal under God." Some nobles willingly surrendered their lands to the Church in return for positions in the Church. More than 160 years of world theocracy followed, with science reserved by and for the Church, few of its benefits reaching the people.
Mass B.V.M. sighting at Lourdes, France on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright (
Imagine Magazine#14

EARTH-7314 Four Oil Rigs mysteriously disappear from the North Sea on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

“EARTH-7316” (Cloak (Jericho Drumm), Dagger (Alica Masters), Doctor Strange)
    - Cloak is a voodoo priest and Dagger is a mystic, along with their mentor Doctor Strange they capture denizens that have escaped from the Negative Zone.
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

“EARTH-7328” (Sentry, Void, CLOC, Billy Turner)
    - The Void destroys all the Earth’s heroes and CLOC calls upon Sentry and Billy Turner to save the world.
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

“EARTH-7382” (Dracula)
    - Dracula is beheaded and to save him, scientists make bio-mechanical legs from spider DNA and organic wings and attach them to his head. His head back on his body and now in order to get around his head detaches itself from his body.
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

“EARTH-7409” (Nick Fury, Outlaw, Dr. Wilson Fisk, S.H.I.E.L.D., Outlaws)
    - When Dr. Wilson Fisk murdered Sheriff Nick Fury’s family, joined by members of S.H.I.E.L.D., Fury became an outlaw to bring those beyond the law to justice
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

EARTH-7412  (Mahkizmo, scientist) - created from merging of Machus and Femizonia
    (app-fem)--Fantastic Four I#153 (Sensational She-Hulk II#39 (fb), 34, [39]

Earth-7429 Guardians of the Galaxy traveled to Earth-9997, aided against Badoon by Iron Man-8410. Paradise X #9 (2003)

"EARTH-7475" - (Reed Richards (U.S. President)), James Hudson (Canadian Prime minister)) -
    Shown as illusion created by Dreamqueen, but likely exists in the Omniverse
    Earth-Superheroes Rule--Alpha Flight I#73

Earth-7481 (Apeslayer) Planet of the Apes#1

EARTH-7484 (Deathlok the Demolisher, Hellinger, Timestream) -
    --Astonishing Tales#25

EARTH-7511 - see EARTH-Fragmented America (app)--Iron Man I#80

EARTH-7528 (Magus, Universal Church of Truth) - UCT wiped out Zen-Whoberi
    --[Strange Tales I#178], Warlock I#9 (9(fb)

EARTH-7580 ("Captain Britain") - conquered by Albion and his men after slaying its "Captain Britain"
    --New Excalibur#18

"EARTH-7592" - see EARTH-Interface (app)--Vampire Tales#9/3

"EARTH-7613" (Derek    ) - 50th century, conquered by Zarrko, destroyed by Time-Twisters
    --Thor I#243

EARTH-7614 (Wayfinder, Sword in the Star )
    (app)--Marvel Preview#4/2

"EARTH-7635" (Derek) - 50th century, diverged from 7613 when Zarrko & Thor prevented the creation of the Time-Twisters
    --Thor I#245

"EARTH-7642" - see
    -Earth-Crossover (app)--Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man#1

"EARTH-7643" (Robin Goodfriend, Kurt Hammer, Bob Hightower, Host of the Air, Mega IV, Emanuel Shaw, Brigid Siebold, Monark Starstalker, Stormking, Technos, Triplanet Metals Inc, Vortex Pistols)
    - apparent alternate future
    --Marvel Premiere#32

EARTH-7711 (Ant-Man (Henry Pym), Bereet, Chen K'an, Fantastic Four (referenced only), Ferronaut, Hulk (Bruce Banner), Gargoyle (Yuri Topolov), Gyrahn, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Rick Jones, Lyissa, Metal Master, Betty Ross, Gen. Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, Spirou, Tynjo, Wasp (Janet Van Dyne), X-Men (Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl, Professor X)) - featured in Techno-Art movie by Bereet-616
    (app)--Rampaging Hulk I#1 (2-9

EARTH-7712 (Big Brain, Dragonfly, Dr. Doom, Fantastic Four, Mandroid, Ultra-Woman)
    - Fantastic Four gained different powers based on different personality traits, possibly destroyed by Vangaard
    - diverge Fantastic Four I#1
    (FFE, app)--What If? I#6 (What If? II#39, Fantastic Force#12

    - Spider-Man rescued Gwen Stacy
    --What If I#24

Earth-7745 ((Comicsville, Harvey Norton/White Zero, "Princess Adora," "Death Master") - @ Circa 2040 AD. 2001: A Space Odyssey#7

"EARTH-7794" (Betsy Braddock (d)) -
    - Slaymaster slew Betsy Braddock

Earth-7812 Rick Jones became the Hulk. W?#12

Earth-7830 - divergent reality where after helping the sentient FAUST, Blastaar became king of the Negative Zone

Earth-7831 variant Earth-92131; Knights of Wundagore and Spider-Man slain by the Inheritors' Daemos. Amazing Spider-Man #7 (2014)

"EARTH-7840" (Man-Spider)
    - Spider bitten by radioactive human
    (app)--What If I#8/2

"EARTH-7848" (Daredevil, Electro, Higgins, J. Jonah Jameson, Klaus Kruger, Judge Lewis, Foggy Nelson, Owl, Karen Page, Spider-man, Dr. Van Eyck)
    - Everyone knew Daredevil was blind
    (app)--What if? I#8 (8 (fb), 8

EARTH-7888 - see EARTH-M (app)--Silver Surfer hardcover

Earth-7901 Kang guided the 1958 Agents of Atlas to recover the frozen CapA (Steve Rogers) and recruit him & Kang as a members; in 1959 the original Agents were lost into a traveling black hole; Rogers became US President, outlawed nonregistered superhumans, achieved peaceful, as last act nominated Kang as leader of the World Command.
    --Giant-Size Marvel Adventures: AV#1

"EARTH-7910" - see EARTH-Ghost Rider was a villain (app)--What If I#17

Earth-7918 Nick Fury fought World War II in space. W?#14

Earth-7930 (Izumi/Japanese Spider-Man) Spider-Man: Fairy Tales #3

EARTH-7931 – Vampires spread at a devastating rate taking over the world, opposed in Manhattan by Shrike. They turned Lynx Liger of Earth-616, who arrived via a Mys-Tech wormhole, and was found sometime later by his brother Tigon Liger and his Warheads. Whilst on Earth-7931, Kether Troop lost two Warheads; DeCosta, who died, and Leona McBride, who was turned and remained in that reality with Shrike.
    --Warheads: Black Dawn#1

EARTH-7940 - see EARTH-Galactus Devoured (app)--Marvel Two-In-One#50

"EARTH-7958" (Avengers, Crossfire, Fantastic Four)
    Crossfire brainwashed the Fantastic Four into a destructive assault on the Avengers , leading to a public outcry against super heroes, facilitating Crossfire's elimination of them
    --Marvel Two-In-One#52

“Earth-7964” Magma (Amara Aquilla/Alison Crestmere) was abducted, rescued by Wolverine and Cyclops, brought her to the Xavier Institute where she talked with the X-Men and students, and explored her powers. The X-Men investigated why the Brotherhood of Mutants was interested in Alison. Battled the Brotherhood, including Magneto, and the growing number of Sentinels. Fought Magneto and Master Mold on Asteroid M. X-Men Legends, X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse

EARTH-8009 (Sisterhood, Thundra + daughter, Avela, Nella) - World never invaded by Machans, became new home for Thundra
    --Marvel Two-In-One#67 (
    Hulk: Raging Thunder#1 (fb), Hulk Family#1/3

"EARTH-8013" (Arch Angel, the Avengers, Beast, Cyclops, Dr. Doom, the Fantastic Four, Galactus, Iceman, Lucifer, Magneto, Psyke, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, the Silver Surfer, Charles Xavier)
    - Magneto founded the X-Men (actually the Brotherhood including the original X-Men)
    (app)--The Art of John Byrne (SQP Inc, 1980)

EARTH-8020 - Vulcan gained the Phoenix power and destroyed the Shi'ar and Kree Empires before being stopped by the X-Men.
    --What If? X-Men - Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire

Earth-8038 - Phoenix slaughtered all of Earth’s mutants
    --X-Men: First Class#8 (2008)

Earth-8041 (Ares, Black Bolt, Captain America, Dr. Doom, Gamora, Human Torch, Hercules, Hulk, Invisible Woman, Iron Man, Justice, Magneto, Mr. Fantastic, Ms. Marvel, Nova Corps, Nu-Xandar, Phalanx, Phyla-Vell, Pride of Xandar, Thing, Thor, Wendell Vaughn, Vision, Wolverine, Wonder Man, Denarian Zam)
    - Phalanx conquered Earth; transmode virus infected Nova led construction of Nu-Xandar, rebuilding of Nova Corps and efforts to free Earth from Phalanx
    --Nova Annual#1

Earth-8096 - cartoon continuity
    --Wolverine and the X-Men,
Hulk vs Thor, Hulk vs Wolverine, Planet Hulk, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, & Thor: Tales of Asgard cartoons

Earth-8101 (Ape X, Burglar, Doc Ook, Green Goblin, Kongpin, Lizard, Ben and May Parker, Sandmonk, Serpent Crown, [Speedball], Spider-Monkey, Mary Jane)
    Marvel Apes
    --Amazing Spider-Man Family#1/2 (1/2 (fb), [1/2 (fb)], 1/2 (fb), 1/2, Marvel Apes#1-4, Marvel Apes: Speedball Special#1, Marvel Apes: Amazing Spider-Monkey Special#1, Marvel Apes Special: Grunt Line#1, Marvel Apes: Prime Eight Special#1, Marvel Apes: Evil Evolution#1

EARTH-8107 (Firestar, Iceman, Spider-Man, Videoman, Videoman ())-
    --Spider-Man cartoon (also included Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends cartoon, Incredible Hulk cartoon (9/18/82)

EARTH-8110 (Avengers (Giant-Man, Hulk, Iron, Thor, Wasp), Baron Mordo, Baron (Heinrich) Zemo, Beetle (Jenkins), the Black Panther, Black Knight (Nathan Garrett), Blob, Cobra, Daredevil, Dr. Doom, Dr. Octopus, Dr. Strange, "Dum Dum" Dugan, Electro, Enchantress, Executioner (Skurge), Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Mr. Fantastic, Thing), Nick Fury, Grey Gargoyle, Hawkeye, Gabe Jones, Magneto, Mandarin,  Melter, Mister Hyde, Mole Man, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Professor X, Quicksilver, Radioactive Man, Red Ghost, Red Skull (Shmidt), Ringmaster, Sandman, Scarlet Witch, Space Phantom, Spider-Man, Unicorn (Masaryk), Vanisher, Yellow Claw, X-Men (Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl))
    - reality where the Scarlet Centurion convinced the Avengers to capture the world's super-heroes and then to retire, but they briefly reformed and defeated him when he attempted to conquer the Earth
    -diverged from Avengers Annual#2
    (app)--What If I#29

"EARTH-8116" (Dreadstar) -
    --Epic Illustrated#1/6

Earth-8121 May Parker dons Spider-Man costume periodically to solve problems as Spider-Ma’am. Amazing Spider-Man Family#3

Earth-8130 Ted Sallis retained Man-Thing’s mind, eventually replaced as guardian of the nexus by new Man-Thing. W?#26

EARTH-8133 Mass U.F.O. sighting at Belfast protest march on 29th September 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-8146 (Livilla, Tiberius Exeter, Xennus) The Roman Empire never fell, and in the present, possessed highly-advanced technology. This Roman Empire had conquered all of the known galaxy, but had become soft with no enemies to fight-- until the evil goddess Livilla contacted the Roman sorcerer Xennus, and informed him of the Nexus of Realities, and that the empire could find other dimensions to conquer; Xennus was thwarted by Earth-616’s Dr. Strange, aided by Sibylla, Clea & Thaleia. Dr. Strange #46 (1981)

Earth-8149 (Exiles’ Polaris (Lorna Dane), Sentinels, S-8000 Class C Sentinel, Magneto) Exiles #1 (2009)

EARTH-8155 Violent sunspot activity is monitored from Greenwich, England on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-8158 (Z'nox) -
    --X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine: Book Two

"EARTH-8180" (Johnny Blaze, Ghost Rider (Azaziah Hornsby/Crimson Mage)
    - Ghost Rider separated from Johnny Blaze
    diverged from Ghost Rider II#43-44
    (app)--What If I#28

"EARTH-8181" (Agent 5 of Hydra, Dr. Frost, Nick Fury, Battlin' Jack Murdock, Matt Murdock, Tony Stark)
    - Daredevil became an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    diverged from Daredevil I#1
    (app)--What If I#28/2

EARTH-8206 (Adam II, android armies, Castle Computrex, cyborgs, All Winners Squad (Bucky (Davis), android Human Torch, Miss America, Namor, Toro, Whizzer), agent Smith)
    - alternate timeline in which Adam II and his androids took over entire earth in 1946, All-Winners converted to cyborgs, Captain Americas (Steve Rogers, William Nasland, Jeff Mace, and Captain America of the 1950s)  journeyed here with aid of Contemplator to give Mace one last adventure
    EARTH-Adam II conquered Earth* (app)--Captain America Annual#6

Earth-8207 Dazzler became the herald of Galactus. W?#33

EARTH-8208 (Celestials, Chosen Ones and their ship, humanity, Prophet, Seeker)
    - @ 2160 AD
    Earth-Prophet* (app)--Bizarre Adventures#32

EARTH-8212 (Mole Man + mutates, Reed Richards Rocket Group) - used extra shielding to prevent cosmic ray exposure; alien beings observed its past (unwittingly) noting as humanity struggled to get steam power up and running
    -apparently diverged Fantastic Four I#1
    EARTH-Reed Richards Rocket Group (app)--What If? I#36 ([Untold Tales of the New Universe: Star Brand (fb), What If? I#36, What If? II#39

EARTH-8222 (Fantastic Four (o4))
    - Thing turned against other three members, became menace, efforts to stop him neutralized the powers of the others
    --What If I#31

Earth-8234 All Avengers members stayed with the team permanently. W?#34 (1982)

EARTH-8280 - X-Men trapped in limbo/Otherplace
    --Uncanny X-Men#160

"EARTH-8310" (Atlanteans, Attuma, Byrrah, Destiny (Paul Destine), Fen, the Galapagos Islands Scientific Expedition team, Kormok, warlord Krang, Marqus, Namor, Neptune, omnophage, Thakorr)
    - Namor stopped Destiny from destroying Atlantis
    (app)--What If I#41

EARTH-8311 - see LARVAL EARTH (FFE, OH:AU)--Marvel Tails#1

EARTH-8312 (Annihilus, Fantastic Four, Franklin Richards)
    - Invisible Woman died giving birth to Franklin; Mr. Fantastic sought vengeance on Annihilus for the delay, committed suicide
    apparently also a world in which Gwen Stacy is a penguin who fights crime as Spider-Guin and is the drummer in the Mary Cranes band
    --What If I#42

"EARTH-8313" (King Conar of Aquiloria, Gray Wolf, Zenoria) - alternate Hyborian era containing cities such as Aquiloria, Nemeria, Ophit; three suns?
    --Savage Sword of Conan#93 (104

Earth-8320 Beast continued to mutate. W?#37

EARTH-8321 (Fantastic Four, Giant-Man (Foster), Ben Grimm)
    - Thing continued to mutate from Virus X, became hideous form before curing him; Giant-Man joined Fantastic Four
    --What If I#37

Earth-8325 Planet Bollywood New Exiles#13

"EARTH-8327" (Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Mr. Fantastic, Thing); Galactus, Norrin Radd; Starglow; Uatu the Watcher)
    - Galactus stripped Silver Surfer of power for his betrayal on Earth; Shalla Bal became Galactus' herald, Starglow
    diverged from Fantastic Four I#50)
    "Earth-Silver Surfer lost the Power Cosmic" (app)--What If I#37

"EARTH-8336" (Agonistes, Anti-Claus, Nick Norris/"Son of Santa," Maria Claus, Santa Claus, Norris family) -
    --Bizarre Adventures#34 

"EARTH-8337" (Easter Hare, Santa Claus, Ray + parents) -
    --Bizarre Adventures#34/4

Earth-8342 Thirty years in future, aging Captain America fought Red Skull
    --W? I#38

Earth-8351 Spdm & Wolverine stayed in Europe to protect Charlemagne’s sister Alex, joined Nebo in terminating terrorist groups as life’s mission.
    --W? Spdm vs Wolverine#1

Earth-8377 Iron Man used flatiron motif. Daredevils #7 (1983)

"EARTH-8386" (Hero of  the Day, Kang robot, numerous warriors) - 41st century war-torn Earth where residents were driven into constant battle by instructions from Kang robot
    --Incredible Hulk II#286

EARTH-8394 () - alternate future in which Earth was destroyed by Kamado
    --Defenders I#123 (124 (fb), 125 (fb)

EARTH-8396 (Domenic, Erin, Marysol, Michael, Venger) - Prince Domenic sent out to slay a dragon but fell in love with the dragon Marysal instead; disgusted, Queen Erin hired Venger to slay the dragon and bring Domenic back, but after King Michael took a dagger to the chest from Venger to save Marysal, Queen Erin relented; the Exiles defeated Venger who was subsequently recruited by Madame Hydra of Earth-1720 to join her mission to conquer the Omniverse; Marysal took human form to marry Domenic
    --New Exiles#5 ([5 (fb)], 5-6

Earth-8408 Ben Parker lived, revealed Peter’s identity to Jameson
    --W? I#46

EARTH-8410 (A.I.M., the Arcade, Sunset Bain, Bono, Miles Brickman, Broadani, Burners, Carlyle, Charnel, Crane, Death Duty, Death Metal, Death Wreck, Death’s Head (Freelance Peackeeping Agent), Death’s Head (Minion), Dicemen (Athey, Chance), Dr. Cyclobe, Duffy, Effy, Finns, Gaffney, Gyle, Dr. Hawkins, Howard (Tony Stark), Irkutsk Liberation Front, Iron Man (Arno Stark), Jocasta, Kronski, Liddel, Machine Man (X-51), Melodi Caitlin MacLain, Wellington Marcus, Midnight Wreckers (Ancient Wrecker/“Gears” Garvin, Bones, Brain, Hassle, Slick, Swift), Mysterio, Dr. Evelyn Clarice Sarah Necker, Precognitive Data Collective, Janet Richart, Robert Saunders, Sebble, SHIELD, Spider-Girl (May Parker), Cynthia & Arno Jr. Stark, Gabe Steiner,  Dorian Trask, Trout, Vidiots, Virtual Ghosts, Wild Thing (Nikki Doyle))
    EARTH 2020 A.D.* (OH: AU, OH:AZHC#1)--Machine Man II#1 (Amazing Spider-Man Annual#20, Machine Man#1-4, Thor Corps#2, Death's Head I#9, Death's Head II#1-4, Death's Head III#9, Iron Man 2020#1,
X-Men/Spider-Man: Time’s Arrow: Book Three

Earth-8417 May Parker became Golden Oldie: Herald of Galactus.
    Marvel Team-Up I#137 (1984)

"EARTH-8436" -
    "Earth-Last Galactus Story" (app)--Epic Illustrated#26

Earth-8441 (Atlantis, Black Panther (Shuri), Brass Frogs, Castle Doom, Daredevil, Dr. Doom, Dr. Strange, Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Thing), Hercules, Hulk, Iron Man, Madrox, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Storm + ancestor, T'Challa, Thor, T'Chaka + T'Wari + brother + 2 sisters, Uatu + citadel, Wasp, Wolverine)
    - IM imperialistically attempted to spread superhuman registration program across the world, slain battling Black Panther; T’Challa forged lasting peace agreement then retired, succeeded by Shuri; Cage became next US President.
    --Black Panther Annual#1

"EARTH-8454" (Death's Head (Freelance Peacekeeping Agent), Charnel, Dr. Necker, Spratt)
    - Death's Head survived assault by Minion, who was possessed by Baron Strucker V to become Charnel
    Earth-Death's Head (FPA) had lived (app)--What If II#54

Earth-8459 Jill the Ripper committed Whitechapel murders; transported to Earth-616
    --Wisdom#4 (2007)

Earth-8466 Janus the Mega-Man battled FF. FF: The Lost Adventure #1 (2008)

Earth-8499 Kang manipulated the Avengers into altering their own past to prevent them from becoming viable opposition to him
    --Time Trap (1984)

Earth-8501 Robert Drake never born due to time traveling Iceman-616 killing his father, William Drake. Iceman #2

Earth-8503 Kang’s manipulation of AV thwarted via guidance of Immortus. AV: Time Trap (1984)

EARTH-8459 Religious sect in Guyana commit mass suicide on 29th September 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

"EARTH-8510" (Cannonball, Karma/Amahl Farouk, Magma, Sunspot, Wolfsbane)
    - alternate reality several years in the future in which the New Mutants remained the slaves of Karma/Farouk
    --New Mutants I#32

"EARTH-8545" - Vi-Locks, Network
    --Exiles#20 (21-22, 34, Exiles: Days of Then and Now#1 (fb), 1

"Earth-8591" - alternate reality overwritten on Earth-616 by Kulan Gath, reversed/prevented by Dr. Strange and Magik (Illyana Rasputin) who unwittingly summoned Nimrod of Earth-811 to slay the man that Gath possessed before he could do so
      --Uncanny X-Men#189? 

Earth-8610 (Victor (Victor von Doom), Valor (Valeria von Doom), Nomad (Rick Jones), Captain America (Jack Munroe), Thing (Ben Grimm), Flare (Alison Blaire))
    Reed Richards died in college helping Victor von Doom contact his mother's spirit; Victor becomes armored hero, helps repel Skrull invasion
    --Gates of What If? ( October 1986)

"EARTH-8642" (Kochmayer, Santa Claus) -
    --Bizarre Adventures#34/4

“EARTH-8648” (Werewolf By Night, Dr. Ted Salinger, Dr. Michael Morbius, Major Todd Anderton, Sgt. Philip Betbeze)
    - Special Agent Jack Russell sleeps during the day and becomes a werewolf soldier by night.
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

"EARTH-8649" - Exiles fought in "Trial of Phoenix"
    --Exiles#2 (3

"EARTH-8657" - divergent form of Other-Earth; Kang died saving Ravonna from Baltag's blast; this Ravonna became the companion of Immortus
    --Avengers I#269

“EARTH-8666” (Dr. Strange, Cloak & Dagger, Elektra, Captain America, Ghost Rider, Nick Fury, Black Widow, the Punisher, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Kingpin, Mrs. Murdock)
    - A beauty pageant contestant unknowing changes the world with her mutant powers by granting everyone their greatest wish and ends up marrying President Mathew Murdock.
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

EARTH-8710 (Dargo/Thor) -
    Earth-Once and Future Thor--Thor I#384
    possibly Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions: Avengers: Assembled Once More

EARTH-8720 (Lila Cheney)
    - Alternate Days of Future Past
    --New Mutants I#48

“EARTH-8734” (Inhumans (Medusa, Crystal, Karnak, Triton, Gorgon, Black Bolt), Galactus, Kree)
    - The Kree created the Inhumans as weapons to consume whole planets, leaving the Kree as masters of the universe. The Inhumans ended up destroying the Kree’s home world first, leaving the Kree to call upon Galactus for help, Galactus is killed by the Inhumans. In order to save the universe, the Inhumans drifted in space using their powers to close a rift that could destroy the universe.
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

“EARTH-8748” (Dr. Strange, Clea, Mindless Ones)
    - Dr. Strange is mystical parody of Shaft
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

“EARTH-8753” (Moon Knight (Marc Spector), Moon Knight (Jessica Spector), Khonshu)
    - As Marc Spector passes away his daughter carries on the Moon Knight legacy
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

Earth-8763 - Machus remained unmerged, conquered by Sisterhood
    --FF I#303

EARTH-8772” (Blade, vampires)
    - In the year 2021 the HIV virus mutates and spreads across the world, after capturing the vampire Blade and discovering that vampires are immune to all viruses including HIV, vampires are hunted down in order to be experimented on to find a cure.
--Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

“EARTH-8799” (Deathlok)
    - A deceased clone of Luther Manning becomes the new Deathlok to be used as a weapon.
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

EARTH-8810 - see EARTH-Time Bubble (app-timebubble)--Fantastic Four I#338

“EARTH-8812” (Elektra, the Hand, Victor Von Doom, General Fury, E-4)
    - The Elektra-Class NinjaBot (E-4) assassinated Victor Von Doom and went rogue afterwards and now must destroy her CPU.
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

Earth-8823 (Exiles' Witch (Wanda Maximoff), Dr. Stephen Strange, Wong, Quicksilver, the Vishanti, the Mists of Ectus)  Exiles II#1

Earth-8834 Last Knight/Ernst Wythim traveled from 27th century to slay ancestor Dane Whitman to erase his familiar blood curse. Solo Avengers#4

EARTH-8855 Dublin is covered by a swarm of ants on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-8861 Iron Man enslaved by Chen Lu. W? Special#1

Earth-8901 “white-suit Reed with Infinity Gauntlet” of the Council of alternate reality Reed Richardses used terraforming equipment to develop crops on hundreds of previously barren planets. FF #571 (2009)

"EARTH-8903" (Captain Ethnic Stereotype)

"EARTH-8908" (Nth Man) -
    --Nth Man, the Ultimate Ninja#1

"EARTH-8909" - see Earth-Steve Rogers refused to give up being Captain America
    (app)--What If? II#3

EARTH-8910 (Cap’n Brit) - Mad world where heroes and villains engaged in constant battle due to manipulation by Impossible Man; Earth devastated by Galactus and repopulated by Impossible Man
    --Excalibur I#14

EARTH-8912 (Young Arthur, Iron Man (Andros Stark)) - @ 2093 A.D
    --Iron Man I#250

EARTH-8919 (Excalibur) - inhabited by animal-men, including Excalibur group, briefly visited by Kitty Pryde
    --Excalibur I#11

"EARTH-8921" (Knorda, Loki) - altered/alternate reality in which Knorda sought the Golden Apple, which Loki ultimately used to restore her youth and remake reality in Reality-1000
    --Domination Factor: Fantastic Four#1.1 ([Domination Factor: Avengers#4.8 (fb)], JiM#109/2, Domination Factor: Avengers#3.6(fb2), 3.7 (fbs), 1.1, 1.2, 2.3, 2.4, 3.5, 3.6

"EARTH-8926" Kitty was a vampire, Meggan a werewolf, Alistaire Stuart's mad scientist counterpart wanted to switch Alistaire and Rachel's brains, and Captain Britain was transformed into a duck.
    --Excalibur I#15

EARTH-8951 Squadron of Lockheed Starfighters simultaneously lose control and crash into Geneva, killing 382 on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-8982 Daredevil killed Kingpin. W?#2

"EARTH-9002" - see EARTH-Lincoln not killed by Booth (app)--Avengers West Coast#55

EARTH-9006 (Lady London) -
    --Excalibur I#24

"EARTH-9007" - see EARTH-Kennedy not killed by Oswald (app)--Avengers West Coast#60

"EARTH-9008" - see EARTH-Napoleon conquered Russia (app)--Avengers West Coast#61

Earth-9009 Kraven killed Spider-Man. W?#17

EARTH-9010 - see EARTH-Demon Sun (app-brinkmarjorie)—Marvel Comics Presents#61/4

EARTH-9011 (Victor von Doom)
    - "Fantastic Four" fought Doom before gaining powers; Mr. Fantastic helped Doom recover mother; Doom sought vengeance for being proven inferior; Fantastic Four empowered
    (app)--What If? II#18

"EARTH-9012" - Black Bolt talked in his sleep, leveled Attilan
    (app)--What If II#9/2

"EARTH-9013" - Thing continued to mutate, eventually became immobile rock
    (app)--What If I#9/3

Earth-9014 (Fandral, Hogun, Midgard Serpent, Thor) - Thor fought Midgard Serpent during Ragnarok
     --Avengers III#42

EARTH-9019 (Jamie Braddock, Dirty Angels) - Jamie Braddock slew Brian, took control of Meggan-616, defeated by Excalibur-616
    --Excalibur I#18 (19

Earth-9021 Scarlet Witch ended the House of M reality by saying “No More Powers”; Red Skull attempted to conquer Earth with Cosmic Cube, Peter Parker inspired humanity to fight for themselves. What If? House of M #1

EARTH-9031 (Fantastic Four, Avengers (Giant-Man, Human Torch (Ben Grimm), Iron Man, Thor, Wasp), Bijou the "Monster from Mars," the Miracle Man, the Mole Man and his subterranean monsters, Angelica Parsons, Judith Parsons, Reed Richards, the Skrulls, Johnny Storm, Sue Storm)
    - all members gained flame powers, retired after killing child in a fire; Ben returned as the Human Torch and joined the Avengers
    (app)--What If II#11

EARTH-9032 (Ben Grimm, Mr. Fantastic (Johnny Storm), Reed Richards, Sue Storm)
    - all members gained stretching powers, retired due to shame; Johnny became the entertainer Mr. Fantastic
    (app)--What If II#11/2

EARTH-9033 (Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, Sue Storm)
    - all members became monstrous, retired to Monster Isle
    (app)--What If II#11/3

EARTH-9034 (Nick Fury, S.H.I.E.L.D., the S.H.I.E.L.D. Special Secret Unit (Ben Grimm, Reed Richards. Johnny Storm, Sue Storm), Jasper Sitwell, Victor von Doom)
    - all members had invisibility powers, worked for SHIELD
    (app)--What If II#11/4

"EARTH-9047" (Cookies, Milk)
    --What The?#1

Earth-9051 Hulk died in K’ai, protecting Jarella from her enemies. Hulk: Broken Worlds #1

EARTH-9055 (Ken Proudstar) -
    --[New Exiles#11]

EARTH-9061 - see EARTH-Stalin Robot (app)--Fantastic Four I#341

Earth-9075 aka Noriega-verse; all residents looked like Manuel Noriega; reality contained within compaction receptacle, served as one of the “Encroachiverses” nearly released into Reality-616 by Band of the Bland’s Dr. Angst. Sensational She-Hulk #17 (1990)

"EARTH-9078" (Edi-Tor, Elfthu, F'rahsti, Killer Kane and the Missile-Toes, Reign-of-Terror-Deer, Son of Santa)
    --What The?!#8

"EARTH-9090" - see EARTH-Swordsman (Jacques Duquesne) hero--Avengers West Coast#62

"EARTH-9091" - see EARTH-Stark killed by shrapnel --Avengers West Coast#62

"EARTH-9092" - see EARTH-Wonder Man's death throes slew Avengers--Avengers West Coast#62

"EARTH-9093" - see EARTH-Van Dyne (Janet) slain by Creature from Kosmos--Avengers West Coast#62

"EARTH-9094" - see EARTH-Pym (Maria Troyvana) sat upright on her morgue slab--Avengers West Coast#62

"EARTH-9095" - see EARTH-Captain America (John Walker)'s parents survived--Avengers West Coast#62

EARTH-9105 - see EARTH-Forever Yesterday (app)--New Warriors I#11 (
    Amazing Spider-Man #9 (2015)

EARTH-9111 (Sister Gaia) -
    --Excalibur I#44

"EARTH-9112" (Cyclops, Jean Grey, Magneto, Mastermind, Phoenix, Shadow King, Rachel Summers, many others)
    - alternate reality in which Phoenix did not die on the moon, but was stripped of power and sent to Earth. Married Scott and gave birth to Rachel Summers. The Shadow King took possession of Mastermind and forced him to slay "Jean" and steal away Rachel, whom he aged to adulthood and claimed as a new host body. Upon "Jean" 's death the Phoenix was reborn, and--after destroying the real Jean Grey via her subconscious desire to retain her life--she battled Rachel, slaying the Shadow King and returning Rachel to her true age.
    Go forward in time where Rachel is about five or six and exhibiting psionic powers.  Sentinels are now hunting those with super powers, and Phoenix end it's threat by destroying all Sentinels.  She then forsakes her mortal form to return to the stars where she can do no harm, leaving her husband and child behind. 
    divergence: X-Men I#137
    (app)--What If II#32 (33

Earth-9119 Aging Tony Stark groomed Nick Travis as replacement IM. IM: The End#1

Earth-9134 Mr. Spector & sidekick Ivory fight crime; Spector absorbed into Moonshade-616. Marc Spector: Moon Knight#42 (1992)

EARTH-9140 - see Earth-Wolverine: Lord of Vampires (Punisher triumphant)
    (app)--What If II#24

"EARTH-9142" (Professor Beast, mother & child (maybe Guthries)) -
    Beast searched for cure to the mutant extinction problem using arcane technology
    --X-Factor III#24

"EARTH-9151" (Brides of Set, Gaea, Last Heroes of Earth, Quasar, Serpent Men, Set, Silver Surfer)
    Set and Brides slaughtered heroes during Atlantis Attacks, trapped within Eye of Agamotto by Uni-Power-possessed Quasar
    <diverged Atlantis Attacks stories>
    "EARTH-Set Conquered the Universe" (app)--What If? II#25 (Quasar#30

"EARTH-9192" (D.N.A.X.)
    (X-Men, Sartorius, Gullet, Gristle, Neuragella, and Appendix)
    - Years of genetic research, DNA splicing, and pedigreed X-mutations have created a new breed of mutants intent on fighting for the rights of mutantkind in a society that fears them.
    -- X-Men Millennial Visions 2000

EARTH-9195 - not designated; briefly considered for Gambit of the New Exiles

EARTH-9200 (Janis Jones, Maestro)
    Earth-Dystopia* (app)--Hulk: Future Imperfect#1

EARTH-9201 (Magdalene) -
    --[Avengers I#343]

Earth-9202 Tony Stark owned a chain of Laundromats, did AV laundry. W? #34 (1992)

EARTH-9208 (Emperor Richardson, Rat Patrol)
    - Timestream and his Bangers attempted to overthrow Richardson with aid from Deathlok (Michael Collins) but failed after Deathlok discovered the truth
    --Deathlok Annual#1

Earth-9209 Vigilante Dark Moon returned to defend Skyline City after years retirement, absorbed into Moonshade-616. Marc Spector: Moon Knight#42

"EARTH-9212" - Exiles stopped bank robbery, took week long vacation

"EARTH-9218" (Agamemnon, Drachiss) - Circa early 26th century, Drachiss slaughtered millions as despotic tyrant, opposed by Agamemnon-616
    --[Incredible Hulk II Annual#18]

Earth-9223 Zen-Whoberis virtually exterminated by Badoon; also believed to be the likely future of reality-616. Warlock and the Infinity Watch #11 (1992)

Earth-9230 Following “Civil War,” CapA tried and sentenced to 3 years in SHIELD custody; Tony Stark assassinated by Tom Foster. W?: Fallen Son #1

EARTH-9250 - see EARTH-Wolverine: Lord of Vampires (Punisher defeated)
    (app)--What If II#37

Earth-9251 Mermaid Moon Maid slain, absorbed into Moonshade-616. Marc Spector: Moon Knight#42 (1992)

EARTH-9260 (African Gods, Asgardian Gods, Buluku, Caber, Celtic Gods (including two unnamed), Chinese Gods, Council of Godheads, Dagda, Fandral, Heliopolis Gods, Hindu Gods, Hogun, Igron, Izanagi, Kami (Japanese Gods), Karnilla, Leir, Loki, Mephisto, Odin, Olympian Gods, Osiris, Seth, Seth's warriors, Sif, Thor, Tyr, Vishnu, Yu-Hang, Zeus, numerous unspecified Death Gods) - alternate reality in which Seth conquered Asgard and imprisoned Thor, nearly slew and absorbed power of Odin, involved in events of Timequake, in which the Whisperer sent counterparts of Dr. Doom + Irondroid + Wolverine to free Thor, and then to save Odin
    -diverge Thor I#400
    EARTH-Thor: Thrall of Seth (app)--What If? II#38 (39


EARTH-9272 - @ 2191 A.D.

Earth-9289 During their initial conflict, Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) refused to let go of Rogue, who permanently absorbed her memories, personality, and powers and then eventually went into space and was further empowered as Binary; Danvers form was somewhat merged with Rogue's personality, and efforts to restore her mind failed. Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel #1 (2018)

"EARTH-9290" (Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Keith Richards, the Thing), Rolling Stones (Mick Jagger, Reed Richards, Charlie Watts, Ronnie Wood, Bill Wyman))
    - FF led by KEITH Richards (of Rolling Stones)
    (app)--What If II#41/2

"EARTH-9291" (Sabretooth, Wolverine) - Wolverine was the worst there was at what he does
    (app)--What If I#41/3

EARTH-9309 (Thanatos) -
    --[Spider-Man 2099#11]

"EARTH-9310" (error) - see EARTH-8454 --What If II#54

"EARTH-9324" (Grandmaster-like Ravonna) -
    (app-ravonna)--[Avengers: Terminatrix Objective#2]

EARTH-9339 - see IRTH--Excalibur Annual#1

Earth-9356 - Man-Elephant brought to Earth-616, transformed elephants into humanoid beings, defeated by She-Hulks-616 and -9356
    --Sensational She-Hulk II#51

"EARTH-9390" (Bruce Banner, Doc Samson, Rick Jones, Leader, S.H.I.E.L.D.)
    - Rick Jones remained the Hulk by preventing the Leader from draining his power; Bruce Banner tried to return Rick to normal by draining his power into him, but the Leader transferred minds with Banner after Banner became the Hulk, leaving Banner in the comatose body of Sterns
    (app)--What If II#53/2

"EARTH-9391" (Calypso, Billy Connors, Martha Connors, Lizard, Spider-Man)
    - Spider-Man killed the Lizard, Billy Connors cut off his own arm to be like his dad, given the Lizard formula by Calypso
    diverged from Spider-Man#1-5
    EARTH-Spider-Man killed the Lizard* (app)--What If II#53/3

EARTH-9411 (Captain Britain, Spider-Man) - home of Spider-Man and Captain Britain summoned by Merlyn to oppose the Fury on Earth-616
    --Spectacular Spider-Man (UK)#52 (1999)
    Spectacular Spider-Man (UK)#133

EARTH-9413 (Path of Righteousness Patrol) - @ 2159 AD
    --Death Wreck#3

"EARTH-9418" (Joshua Lord/Master, Alpha Flight)
    - alternate reality where the the Hardliners defeated Alpha Flight and Joshua Lord re-made Canada
    --Alpha Flight I#128

"EARTH-9421" (Beast/arcane, Forge) -
    Beast and Forge searched for cure to the mutant extinction problem using arcane technology
    --X-Factor III#24

"EARTH-9442" (Nova 0:0) - destroyed by the Deathstorm
    --Nova II#4

"EARTH-9445" - Badoon made great scientific advances based on Yaka arrow left behind by Yondu, conquering Centauri IV centuries earlier and wiped out the Centaurian race through killing and interbreeding.
    --Guardians of the Galaxy#44

"EARTH-9470" (Iron Man (James Rhodes), Living Laser, Erica Sondheim, Tony Stark, Abraham Zimmer)
    - Living Laser saved Stark Enterprises
    (app)--What If II#63/2

"EARTH-9471" (Controller, Living Laser (Arthur Parks), Erica Sondheim, Tony Stark, Technovore, Iron Man/War Machine (Jim Rhodes), Abraham Zimmer)
    - Living Laser worked for Stark in space
    (app)--What If II#63/3

Earth-9485 Kyle Grobe became Advent circa 2092 AD; diverged from Earth-928 where Grobe never became Advent. New Warriors #50

EARTH-9500 (Chameleon, Goblin, Prof. Lar Nyven, Spider-Man) - 2211 A.D.
    --[Spider-Man 2099 meets Spider-Man], Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#9 (9 (fb)

Earth-9502 Silver Surfer didn’t betray Galactus, Earth devoured. W?#70

Earth-9507 Guardians of the Galaxy-691 prevented Martian Masters from invading Earth in 2001 AD. Guardians of the Galaxy#62

EARTH-9510 (De'lila, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider (Ketch), Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine)
Original Fantastic Four killed by De’lila; new FF stayed together; broke up after defeated by Abomination, Devos, Lady Deathstrike, Paibok.
    --What If II#78

EARTH-9511 - see EARTH-Avengers: Last Avengers Story (app, OH:AU)--Avengers: Last Avengers Story#1

"EARTH-9512" Hulk evolved into the Maestro, killed MF; Thing slew Banner.
    --What If II#80

Earth-9528 After this reality’s Kang’s death, Cybermancer and Tony Stark remade the world based on Kang’s designs into a polluted world of cyborgs; Cybermancer & VIRGIL traveled to Earth-616 during the Crossing, allied with IM-616. Force Works#17

Earth-9532 - Divergent Earth-A/Earth-721 destroyed by Vangaard. Fantastic Force #12 (1995)

"EARTH-9561" (Nocturne (Graham Poldark))

"EARTH-9575" (Jean Grey/Red Queen) - world of origin of the Jean Grey who traveled to Earth-998 and became the Red Queen
    --[X-Man#5, 69]

Earth-9576 Spider-Man killed the Burglar. W?#72

Earth-9590 Storm became Phoenix. W?#79

"EARTH-9591" - everything went wrong
    --Ruins#1 (2

Earth-9601 alternate Age of Apocalypse; vs. Galactus. W?#81

EARTH-9602 (Spider-Boy, Super Soldier) - Amalgam pocket universe
    --DC vs Marvel#3

"EARTH-9610" (Galactus)
    - Galactus was a jellyfish-like creature that flowed from one galaxy to another, consuming everything it touched
    (app)--Marvel Vision#10 (Timeslip)

"EARTH-9611" (Captain America, Invaders, Red Skull)
    - Red Skull empowered via Super Soldier serum, blow to his face from Captain America's shield left part of his red skull exposed
    (app)--Marvel Vision#11 (Timeslip)

"EARTH-9612" (Elizabeth + Jedediah + Joelle + Josh + Lewis + Lucinda + Paige + Sam Guthrie, Paul Hoencheck, X-Sentinel)
     - alternate reality in which Josh discovered a Sentinel
    (app-joshguthrie)--What If II#92

EARTH-9620 - Day of Future Tense. Sentinels took control of the US and granted autonomous control of Great Britain to Black Air who were opposed by Excalibur
    --Excalibur I#94

EARTH-9640 - Iron Man created more robotic-looking armor
    (app)--Marvel Vision#4: Timeslip

"EARTH-9666" (Dr. Doom, Fantastic Four, Mr. Fantastic)
    - Doom's entire body scarred in explosion, trained primarily in magic
    (app)--Marvel Vision#6 (Timeslip)

"EARTH-9670" (Beast, Bishop, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Jubilee, Magneto, Sabretooth, the White Queen)
    - Sabretooth slaughtered the X-Men, killed by Jubilee via Danger Room
    (app)--What If II#87 ([87(fb)], 87

Earth-9684 Shard became modern era mutant hunter. W?#84

Earth-9691 Evil Banner controlled benevolent energy creature created in gamma explosion. W?#91

"EARTH-9711" (Elektra, the Fixer (Roscoe Sweeney), Kingpin, "Battlin' Jack" Murdock, Matt Murdock, Hugo Natchios, Foggy Nelson, "K.O." Rigolletto )
    - Battling Jack Murdock threw the big fight, Matt Murdock eventually became a boxer working for the Kingpin, eventually tried to take down the Kingpin, framed himself for the Kingpin's murder by Elektra to allow her to remain free
    (app)--What If II#102

Earth-9712 Deadpool-616 traveled back to this time and replaced Spdm in several adventures. Deadpool #11

"EARTH-9722" (Hulk, Maestro) - divergent Dystopia in which the Hulk slew the Maestro and then remained and ruled in his stead
    Earth-Hulk took over Dystopia*--[Incredible Hulk II#450], 453 (453 (fb)

"EARTH-9732" (Molecule Man, Dread Red)
    --Marvel Vision#22

Earth-9744 Savage Land overran the entire Earth; Exiles were tasked with saving Moonboy. Exiles #6 (2009)

"EARTH-9790" (Xavier Sales Executives)
    - @ 80 years in the future, profited from sales of comic books
    (app)--What If II#76

"EARTH-9791" (Maggie Neato, Wolver-Wimp)
    - Wolverine received a Styrofoam skeleton
    (app)--What If II#100/4

"EARTH-9792" (Sheep-Boy (Peter Parker), the Sheep-Clone, the Wolf)
    - Peter Parker bitten by a radioactive Sheep
    (app)--What If II#100/5

"EARTH-9793" (Sabretooth, Wolverine) - Wolverine and Sabretooth were best friends after discovering their hatred was due to their memory implants
    (app)--What If II#100/6

Earth-9796 Juggernaut became last person after slew X-Men and then Sentinels wiped out humanity. W?#94

Earth-9801 Fantastic Frank Richards is a super-powered hero. Franklin Richards: Sons of Geniuses #1

EARTH-9802 U.F.O. sighting epidemic in New Zealand on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-9806 X-Man (Nate Grey) lost control of powers battling Stryfe, destroyed Earth. X-Man#39

"EARTH-9809" (Caledonia) -
    --Fantastic Four III#9

"EARTH-9810" (Ancient One, Baron Mordo, Clea, Dormammu, "Happy" Hogan, Pepper Potts Hogan, the Mindless Ones, Anthony Stark, Dr. Stephen Strange )
    - Tony Stark became Master of the Mystic Arts
    -diverged from Strange Tales I#110
    (app)--What If II#113

EARTH-9811 - see EARTH-Battleworld (app)--What If II#114

"EARTH-9812" - see  EARTH-Avengers Galactic Battalion (app)--Avengers Forever#1

"EARTH-9815" (Authority, Globe of Ultimate Knowledge, Humanoids, Spider-Man)
    - divergent Earth on which Spider-Man refused the Authority's instructions to obtain the Globe, resulting in the Leader's Humanoids instead accessing it, with each of them gaining advanced knowledge and intellect. The Humanoids slew the Authority and then spread across Earth, slaughtering all they encountered.
    (app-authority)--Marvel Team-Up II#5

"EARTH-9828" (Hulk, Rick Jones)
    - alternate future that diverged after Betty Banner seemingly died from radiation poisoning
    --Incredible Hulk II#467

Earth-9845 Jack the Ripper seduced women with grapes and London tours; transported to Earth-616, slain by MI-13’s Tink

EARTH-9870 (Aliya)
        --X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book One

"EARTH-9871" - Dr. Doom took over the world, turned it into peaceful utopia, made peace with Fantastic Four
    (app)--What If II#110/2

EARTH-9881 (Peter Parker, Mary Jane) - reality in which everything went right for Peter Parker, destroyed by Kang's Time Arrows
    *Des*--X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book Two: The Present

EARTH-9890 (Privateer Albion) -
    --Excalibur I#124

EARTH-9891 (Dream) - Days of Future Past variant, @ 2035
    --X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book Three: The Future

EARTH-9892 (Ravonna) - @ 41st century, world in which Kang-ultimate failure encountered Ravonna before he had first tried to conquer her realm and tried to marry her, but when the X-Men tried to tell her of his true nature Kang tried to slay them and unwittingly slew Ravonna instead; Kang submitted to having his armor stripped and was placed in eternal imprisonment
    --X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book Three: The Future

Earth-9903 Erroneous designation. See Earth-99315
    The Earth with the “Kree Avengers” is shown to be the reality of Valeria Von Doom (and with Susan as Baroness von Doom) in #15-16...notably as Alicia was carving a statue in #15 that was shown to be complete in #16 when they encountered the Kree Avengers.

"EARTH-9904" (Avengers of 1950s (Gorilla Man, Marvel Boy, Robot Man, Venus))
    alternate reality in which Immortus wiped it from existence with the Forever Crystal to prevent humanity from becoming more paranoid about aliens and accelerating their space program
    --What If? I#9, Avengers Forever#5

EARTH-9907 - see EARTH-Thunderguard--[ANext#7],10

EARTH-9910 - Chronomancer's World
    (OH:AU)--Bishop: The Last X-Man#1

EARTH-9916 - Wonder Man saved Avengers from Zemo, life saved, married Wanda; Ultron transferred mind into Vision, slew Wonder Man, but Wonder Man's mind was transferred into Vision
    --What If II#5

"EARTH-9921" (New Sun)
    --[Gambit III#1]

"EARTH-9922" (Alanna Neramini) -
    --Team X 2000#1

EARTH-9927 - Maddened Weapon X (Logan) calmed by Sasquatch-3470

EARTH-9930 (Jocasta, Killraven, )
    - Killraven was an Avenger
    --Avengers Forever#1 (4-6

EARTH-9939 - see EARTH-Charnel

Earth-9966 - see Earth-Pax Atlantea--Fantastic Four Unlimited#6

"EARTH-9970" - all life in the galaxy ended during cosmic wars with humanity
    Shown to Immortus to the Time-Keepers to convince him of the threat of humanity
    --Avengers Forever#8

"EARTH-9971" - humanity spread across the stars more peacefully, and still destroyed all those they met, as no life in the universe proved a match for the human drive or the power of the destiny force
    Shown to Immortus to the Time-Keepers to convince him of the threat of humanity
    --Avengers Forever#8

"EARTH-9972" - Scarlet Witch's children challenged Eternity
    Shown to Immortus to the Time-Keepers to convince him of the threat of the Scarlet Witch
    --Avengers Forever#8

Earth-9991 Multiple White Worms arose after Blade chopped up the original; Bloodsbane (Rutger) raised and trained by Blade & Mikado to slaughter White Worms.
    --Blade: Vampire Hunter #½

"EARTH-9992" (Hulk, Igor) -
    Igor Drenkov was a Skrull invader
    --Hulk 1999

EARTH-9997 - see EARTH X (FFE, OH:AU)--Earth X Preview, Earth X:0

“EARTH-10001” (Heroes For Hire (Power Man & Iron Fist), Juggernaut, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Terros)
    - After being crippled in a battle with the Juggernaut, Danny Rand retires as Iron Fist. Luke Cake, Colleen Wing and Misty Knight form a detective agency. They cross the crime syndicate Terros and Luke Cage and Colleen Wing are killed while Misty Knight barely escapes. Danny Rand comes out of retirement and using a cybernetic exo-suit becomes the new Power Man while Misty Knight gets an upgrade on her bioic arm to become the new Iron Fist in order to get revenge.
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

Earth-10003 Queen of Star Swords took over reality, X-Force made deal not to fight her. X-Force I#100

Earth-10005 X-Men movie & sequels (2000)

Earth-10010 Gods wore Hotpants; Zeus traveled to Reality-616, cloned numerous Deadpool variants to fight. Deadpool #1000 (2010)

Earth-10011 (Defenders (Dr. Strange, Hellcat, Hulk, Sub-Mariner, Valkyrie, and ?Hellstrom/Nighthawk?), Revengers (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Quasar), Hulk, Mar-Vell, Quasar)
   - Reality at the far end of the Fault from Earth-616, which surrendered itself to ancient dark beings, corrupting the entire universe; death was eliminated, natives traveled to Earth-616's universe via the Fault, with aid from the Universal Church of Truth, to expand into and destroy Death in that realm
   Cancerverse*-- Realm of Kings I#1 (one-shot) (January 2010)

Earth-10014 (Deathlok/Luther Maning/Mike Travers, Hellinger, General Ryker)
    - Deathlok designed by Hellinger from remains of corporate warriors Luther Manning (including much of his brain) and Mike Travers; utilized Hellinger's 25th Morgellan strain
    --Deathlok the Demolisher#1 (2010)

Earth-10021 Skrulls succeeded in their Secret Invasion, progressed to Skrull conversion of humanity; Norman Osborn married Veranke and was converted. Avengers Alliance for Freedom opposed Skrulls, planed to use Skrull-laced Legacy virus –derived vaccine to eliminate Skrulls and cure the converted, but Spider-Man, fearing for converted May Parker’s life, contacted Osborn for aid as he didn’t trust Tony Stark who had started drinking; Osborn replaced Stark, cured himself with vaccine, then replaced vaccine with virus, slaying all Skrulls and converted when it was launched. CapA (Barnes) slew Osborne. W? Secret Invasion #1 (2010)

Earth-10022 Warbound lacked No-Name of the Brood, battled Beta Ray Bill. Planet Hulk animated film (2010)

Earth-10036 Hiro-Kala destroyed the Microverse in his efforts to kill Galactus via the destruction of planets containing the Old Power. Realm of Kings: Son of Hulk #3 (2010)

Earth-10041 Decades in the future, Iron Man disappeared for a month, and the Avengers and Pepper Potts wondered what happened to him. A month later, they found a monolith built by Stark in the desert, but no one could penetrate it, not the Avengers and not the villains (three seen, none identified). Decades later, Pepper Potts, dying at age 94, made her granddaughter promise to find Tony and make him come outside. She broke into the monolith and convinced him to see that his inventions had changed the world. As he lay on his deathbed, he had another idea. Indomitable Iron Man #1 (2010)

Earth-10044 Matsu'o Tsurayaba regained his severed body parts and was reunited with Kwannon; glimpsed by Matsu'o-616 via Psylocke showing him mercy before killing him. Psylocke #4 (2010)

Earth-10051 (Misstro/Jen Walters) - arrogant She-Hulk becomes the corrupted and evil ruler of a radiation-blasted Earth
    --She-Hulk Sensational#1

Earth-10054 Placed in charge of investigating crimes by Cyclops, Doop spent days interviewing the X-Men Cyclops, Wolverine, Doop, Colossus, Gambit, Rogue, Indra, Bling!, Namor, Magneto, Warpath, Cannonball, Iceman) about crimes they might potentially commit. Many of them attacked Doop, revealing their hidden criminal natures. Nation X #4 (2010)

Earth-10063 - Dr. Doom conquered Earth
    --Doomwar#3 (2010)

Earth-10071 - In the future, Iron Man creates a weapon that Ultron uses to throw a holocaust on the world, killing most of the population. Surviving heroes are Immortus, Maestro, Spider-Girl, and the Next Avengers (James Rogers, Torunn, Azari, Pym, Francis Barton); children of many of the originals. A Kang from another timeline brings an army of time-stolen heroes (including (Silver Surfer, Wonder Man, Moondragon, Quasar, Giant Man, Volstagg, Vision, Cyclops, Thing, Dr. Doom, Photon, Hercules, Ms. Marvel, Magneto) with him to fight Ultron and his forces. When Ultron wins, Kang keeps pulling more armies, disrupting reality and trapping the heroes within a time loop as reality breaks down behind them. They send Immortus, dressed as Kang, in the past to elicit the help of the Avengers on Earth-616, but he lies to them and tells them their children are the enemies. Soon, the Avengers (Captain America (Bucky), Iron Man, Protector , Wolverine)  come to their future. Old Iron Man cuts off young Iron Man’s armor to stop Ultron from taking it over. They explain the situation and send the Avengers back to Earth-616 to change the future.
    --Avengers IV#1 (2010)

Earth-10076 - Nimrod Sentinels brought
    <potential designation for Messiah Complex Earth from Nimrod sentinels were sent back to -616. Uncertain whether this is -811/DoFP or not

Earth-10081 Polemachus destroyed by Krona. JLA/Avengers#1

Earth-10082 Earth-10842 Apocalypse and his Horsemen (Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Scarlet Witch) traveled to Earth-616 to battle Avengers during temporal disruptions caused by Kang's continually drawing more armies through time to battle Ultron-10943. Avengers #2 (2010)
    --Avengers IV #2 (2010)

Earth-10083 (James Jaspers) - Furies were grown as a surgical strike force designed entirely to kill superhumans. They wiped out superhumans on their world (we see a scene of a charnel pit surrounded by Furies and full of what looks to be DC heroes -- I recognize what looks like Robin, Wonder Woman, maybe Batman [front of skull is missing] and maybe a blue-skinned Superman), except for James Jaspers, a reality-jumper, who escaped. When he tried go home again, the Furies detected him, and began pursuing him from reality to reality.
    --[Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis#3 (2010)], 5 (2011)

Earth-10091 Thor the Mighty Avenger #1 (2010)

Earth-10100 - Hyperstorm who fought Earth-982’s Fantastic Five
    --Fantastic Five#4 (2000)

EARTH-10101 (Scarlet Witch, Vision of Timebroker's Weapon X)
    --[Exiles#12], (named)#83

Earth-10102 (Vision, Machine Man (M-51/Aaron), Ultron (Hank Pym), robot lizard, robot sandworm, Sentinels, Cerebro, Pennsylvania, Professor Charles Xavier, Mr. Fantastic, Captain America, Machine Men, Red Ronin, HERBIE, Awesome Android, Super-Adaptoid, Arnim Zola, Torgo, Human Robot, Jocastas) Hank Pym and Professor X collaborated on Cerebro, led to location of all types of superhumans, eventually led to detonation of neutron bomb that produced cell-destroying radiation that wiped out all living things in USA.
    (app)--Exiles#3 (August, 2009)

Earth-10105 Deadpool Corps existed in a scenario mirroring a Hawaii 5-0 episode. Deadpool Corps #5 (2010)

“EARTH-10107” (Black Panther (T’Challa), Black Panther (unknown female student))
    - An unknown woman gets a hold of a Black Panther costume and stalks urban criminals and men who hurt women.
    -- Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions

Earth-10109 Puppet Master and Machine Man acted as angel and devil-type advisors, sitting on Deadpool's shoulders. Deadpool Team-Up #890 (2010)

Earth-10110 Deadpool battled horrific version of himself in the mindscape. Deadpool #1000 (2010)

Earth-10112 Night Dentist, Couple Therapy, Chiropractor, Urologist, Optometrist, Watchman treated heroes from U-Night Health Services. Shame Itself #1 (2012)

Earth-10129 (HERBETTE, Francine Richards) Francine briefly brought to Earth-6513 via that Reed Richards’ cross dimensional communicator. Franklin Richards: Sons of Geniuses #1

Earth-10169 Kitty Pride was a collective of talking felines. Siege #2 (2015)

Earth-10170 A world where Woo’s 1950s super-team never disbanded, becoming the Avengers. Atlas #1 (2010)

-Jimmy Woo founded the Avengers & the roster matched that of Earth-9904 (himself, Human Robot, Gorilla-Man, Marvel Boy. 3-D Man & Venus).
-This team never disbanded during the 1950s and became an official department of the FBI, aptly titled "The FBI Department of Avengers."
-Jimmy never joined the Atlas Foundation.
-After the FBI Department of Avengers went public and many modern day heroes emerged (much as they had on Earth-616), they were invited to join the FBI Department of Avengers.
-Jimmy Woo's original team of Avengers found the frozen Captain America.
-In the modern day, Jimmy Woo was wheelchair-bound and attended an anniversary celebration of Captain America's unthawing alongside Venus (a blonde instead of redhead), Gorilla-Man (pretty much the same), the Uranian (still resembling his original Marvel Boy outfit), the 3-D Man (appeared to still be Chuck/Hal Chandler) and many other modern heroes (Vision, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hercules, Thor, Namor, Dardevil, a giant-sized Yellowjacket, Ms. Marvel (Carol), Captain America, Luke Cage, Spider-Woman, Dr. Strange, Photon (Monica Rambeau), Beast, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, Black Panther, Human Robot. Tigra & Hawkeye).
-Earth-616's Agents of Atlas had their minds accidentally sent here & placed within their alternate counterparts.
-Other-dimensional beings called Echo Worlders once nearly brought this Earth to its knees by secretly infiltrating & possessing Earth's heroes like Iron Man & Reed Richards (they had a harder time possessing mutants), pitting Earth's heroes against other heroes similar to Earth-616's Civil War.
-Throughout history, someone representing the 3-D Man & this Earth's sorcerer supreme would work together to banish the invading Echo Worlders, allowing them access to Earth-616 and the same would happen on Earth-616, creating a cycle for the Echo Worlders to travel between this reality & Earth-616

Earth-10181 Nina the Conjuror and Wiccan from Reality-13729’s future accompanied Dr. Strange to rescue Yao from otherdimensional banishment. Finding Yao besieged by goblin-like beings, Nina was ready to fight the beings but the beings soon overwhelmed and killed Yao. Doctor Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme #6 (2017)

“EARTH-10182” (Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Flash Thompson, Gwen Stacy, Kraven Bounty Hunters, Mysterio Location Services, Sandman Recovery Group)
    - Gwen Stacy becomes bonded to steel octopus arms, Norman Osborn attempts to send various law-enforcement agencies after Spider-Man by spinning news in his favor to make Spider-Man look like a thief.
    (app-spiderman)-- Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions

"EARTH-10190" (Thor, Wotan (Odin), Loki, Balder)
    - Viking Reality, Wagnerland, as interpreted by Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle.  Loki is kind and noble while Balder, Wotan and Thor are bloodthirsty.
    -- [Thor I#498], (499

Earth-10192 Magik (Illyana Rasputin) and her werewolf brother Colossus (Peter Rasputin) reported to defend the Shield on Batleworld. Magik quickly fell in love with Leah of Battleworld. Siege #2 (2015)

Earth-10197 Archangel remained Apocalypse’s pawn. W?#101

“EARTH-10199” (She-Hulk (Alice Farrell), S.H.I.E.L.D.)
    - In the year 2040 S.H.I.E.L.D. sells their technology on commercials.
    (app-shehulk)-- Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions

“EARTH-10201” (Iron Man, Shogun, White Dragon)
    - At the age of 60, Tony Stark has become dependant on his armor to keep him alive while battling the organization known as the White Dragon and its leader Shogun.
    (app-ironman)-- Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions

Earth-10208 Iron Man lost Civil War. W? Civil War#1

Earth-10219 Skrulls' Secret Invasion remained secret; cleric warned Veranke to maintain absolute secrecy, not revealing existence even in death; he replaced Norman Osborn. Skrulls infiltrated humanity, achieved world peace; Osborn’s personality overwhelmed cleric, preventing reversion to original personality. W? Secret Invasion #1 (2010)

Earth-10221 (Agent Albion of the Corps) Excalibur II#1

Earth-10223 Earth devastated by failed attempt to incapacitate Hulk via SHIELD satellites, facilitated takeover by Skrulls; Hulk ultimately convinced Silver Surfer to summon Galactus to devour Earth, then became Galactus’ herald as World-Breaker in exchange for having his memories removed. W? World War Hulk (2010)

Earth-10235 Undesignated. Was listed erroneously with information on Earth-10774

Earth-10245 Matt Murdock died while helping Elektra save her father; resurrected by the Hand, became their leader, the Advocate; slew Kingpin and Nick Fury; Elektra (as Sai) gathered new Order of Seven – Claw/Wolverine, Flame/Iron Fist, Seer/Echo, Sting/Black Widow, Stone/Luke Cage, Sword/Silver Samurai – to oppose Advocate, eventually slew him herself. W? DD vs. Elektra #1 (2010)

“EARTH-10246” (Thor, Odin, Hela, Loki, Surtur)
    - Thor searches for his father in Hel, but unknown to him he has perished and fights a never ending battle in the afterlife.
    (app-thor)-- Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions

“EARTH-10267” (Black Panther, Dr. Doom, Sub-Mariner, Avengers)
    - Black Panther and Sub-Mariner continue to wage war on each other even after the destruction of their cities.
    (app-blackpanther)-- Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions: Black Panther: War of the Kings

Earth-10273 Wolverine was a violence-addicted wrestler. Strange Tales II (MAX) #1 (2010)

“EARTH-10280” (Thor, Loki, Hela, Sif, Warriors Three, Asgaurd, Asgardians, Hypergods)
    - In a distant future Loki unleashes the slumbering Hypergods who in turn kill Thor, Sif, the Warriors Three and take control of Asgard.
    (app)-- Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions

EARTH-10288 Thames floods London, turning it into disaster area on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-10298 House of M Gwen Stacy learned of pre-HoM reality, followed Peter to Genosha, and her proximity to the Scarlet Witch and strength of her emotions caused her to cross over into restored reality; her presence began to unravel reality, restoring others from HoM; May, MJ, & Peter all died; reality seemingly faded as Gwen kissed Peter. W? Spider-Man House of M (2010)

    Deadpool Pulp #1 (2011)

Earth-10311 Reality diverged from Avengers #8 (1964); Giant-Man (Pym) used Kang’s technology to find a malleable point in history using the Wasp (van Dyne) as an anchor, but when he couldn’t find her in the current day became corrupted and turned into the Chronovirus. Avengers vs. Atlas #1 (2010)

Earth-10322 - diverged from Earth-80521 when Cable and Hope-616 interacted with and inadvertently caused Sophie Petit's death in a jeep accident
    --Cable II#22 (2010) (23

Earth-10330 (Kidpool) Xavier Institute is a school for young male students. Kidpool, Cyclops, Wolverine, Colossus, Angel are 10 year old boys, Xavier has hots for Emma Frost even going as far as to using a toupe; Emma is teacher/dean of a school for mutant girls, Storm is an adult and dean of the school, Beast and Iceman are adults and teacher, Jean Grey, Rogue, Mystique, Domino, and other unidentified female mutants are 10 years old and student of Emma's. Prelude to Deadpool Corps #2 (2010)

Earth-10333 Nova stayed with Namorita instead of breaking up with her, stopping her from dying in the battle with Nitro, meaning the "Civil War" never happened. Nova was then able to warn Mr. Fantastic against the Skrull invasion, and joined with heroes (Iron Man, Black Bolt, Dr. Strange, Namor), then others (Goliath/Bill Foster, Nick Fury, Spider-Woman, Thing) aided in stopping the Annihilus wave. Medusa, Lockjaw, and Black Bolt then stayed on Earth, not launching the Kree/Shi’ar war -- thus saving Lilandra and the Nova Corps recruits -- and not opening the Fault. Nova #33 (2010)

Earth-10349 Magik saw Legion responsible for the deaths of many X-Men (Cyclops, Colossus, Angel, Wolverine). Emma Frost killed him. Magik then tracked down a reanimated Witchfire and killed her with the Soulsword. Following a lead on her bloodstones to Limbo, she saw Cannonball, Magma (dying due to a sword through her chest), Warlock, Pixie, Storm, Namor, Colossus, Wolverine, Angel, Cyclops, Sunspot, Moonstar, and Cypher battling demons before being slaughtered by "elder gods." Warned by Magma, Magik went back in time to warn the X-Men to prevent this outcome. New Mutants #9 (2010)

Earth-10363 New York and all of its heroes destroyed in unspecified events; shows Cap (Bucky), Black Widow, and Thor all seemingly dead, a mysterious figure with a mysterious object, and giant floaty octopus things. Captain America: Reborn #6 (2010)

Earth-10381 Teen-aged Hulkie conflicted between wealthy, brunette Betty Ross and blonde Jarellica. Marvel Super-Heroes #103 (1981)

Earth-10382 Daken killed Iron Patriot, then ushered in Ragnarok to Asgard during the Siege event, leaving the Midgard Serpent and the Fenris Wolf to ravage Asgard. Dark Wolverine #82 (2010)

Earth-10450 Relative future armored Annie traveled back in time to Earth-616's modern era and attacked Protector (Noh-Varr) while he was on a date with her past self, intending to test his readiness for battle. Realizing she was in the wrong period, she departed to find the right timeline, telling him he had a lot to learn over the next few thousand years. Ms. Marvel #50 (2010)

Earth-10508 Founders (Mr. Fantastic, T’Challa, Hank Pym, Dr. Doom, Hank McCoy, and Bruce Banner) progressively uploaded intelligence into MODOK/Mental Organism Designed Only for Knowledge; as a result, each became dumber over time. Banner killed the Hulk and married Betty, fathered Skip and Laurie. Incredible Hulk #609 (2010)

Earth-10511 Approximately 25 years in the future, Roxxon dominated not only Earth but had a presence in space as well; a Resistance led by a mysterious General led Roxxon to send their Peaceloks (aka Deathloks) -- corpses of human criminals bonded to sentient computers as cyborg warriors -- 25 years into the past to exterminate any hero who might become the General. The General, in response, had his agent Miranda L. Bayer send visions to her own past self to help oppose the Deathloks. In the modern era, one of the time-traveling Peacelok computers bonded to a unidentified sociopath's corpse took over their collective body upon developing connection to human emotion, slew the other Deathloks, rescued the sociopath's young self, and transported away to experience life. This Deathlok eventually became the Resistance's General, and following his past self's actions, he guided Bayer to send the rescued boy to Danmar Orphanage, where he would grow up to become a serial killer, mirroring his human self's own past. Wolverine: Weapon X #11 (2010)

Earth-10515 Punisher/Frankencastle "turned Firebrand"? to kill his family, Maria, Lisa, and Francis Castle, and then they buried him in their own burning flesh. Punisher #15 (2010)

Earth-10517 Jean Grey secretly loved Wolverine; Cyclops, Jean, & Wolverine fought a Sentinel and the Hand. Girl Comics #1/7 (2010)

Earth-10521 Deadpool trapped in a vast nothing. Deadpool Corps #5 (2010)

Earth-10625 Firelord joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, then participated in the Council of the Guardians of All Galaxies to try to mend events in the past. Guardians of the Galaxy #25 (2010)

EARTH-10677 World War Three breaks out, leading to nuclear holocaust on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-10701 Becki, a girl saved by Rescue (Pepper Potts), grew up, got married, and had a daughter who became president. Rescue #1 (2010)

Earth-10710 - Hope's power grew out of control, fused mutantkind into single entity; glimpsed via artificial scenario used against X-Club
  --X-Men: Blind Science#1 (2010)

Earth-10711 Galacta transformed Wolverine into an Ego-like planet, so she could feed off him indefinitely; glimpsed during dream by Galacta. Galacta: Daughter of Galactus #1 (2010)

"Earth-10724" -
    --X-Campus (2010)

Earth-10725 Elsa Bloodstone used her powers for evil and made men bow down to her; glimpsed as a dream by Elsa-616. Girl Comics#2/5 (2010)

Earth-10742 - alternate future in which gamma irradiated mutations wreaked havoc
    Earth-Abominations--Avengers III#42 (42(ff11)

Earth-10774 Adult Franklin & Valeria Richards traveled back in time to modern day Earth-616, manipulating events to facilitate the Fantastic Four/Future Foundation's surviving their encounters with the Council of Reeds and defeating the mad Celestials. Fantastic Four #574 (2010)
    ??Apparently in the relative present, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) sent multiple versions from one millisecond in the future to police the city as the Captain Marvel Corps, while Carol Danvers was a homeless alcoholic (as seen in Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel #1 (2018))??

EARTH-10891 World War Two declared on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-10919 The superhuman Civil War was a lengthier conflict on this Earth. Spider-Man (Peter Parker) wore the Iron Spider suit until being slain by Karn.  Superior Spider-Man #32 (2014).

Earth-10901 Lady Deadpool beheaded Sloane, girlfriend of her would-be love interest actor Charles Randolph “Che” Fey. Lady Deadpool #1 (2010)

Earth-10943 Divergent Earth-10071; in the future, Iron Man creates a weapon that Ultron uses to throw a holocaust on the world, killing most of the population. Surviving heroes are Immortus, Maestro, Spider-Girl, and the Next Avengers (James Rogers, Torunn, Azari, Pym, Francis Barton); children of many of the originals. A Kang from another timeline brings an army of time-stolen heroes (including (Silver Surfer, Wonder Man, Moondragon, Quasar, Giant Man, Volstagg, Vision, Cyclops, Thing, Dr. Doom, Photon, Hercules, Ms. Marvel, Magneto) with him to fight Ultron and his forces. Based on advice from Avengers-616, Ultron allowed himself to be defeated to prevent Kang from further disrupting time in efforts to defeat him (as per Earth-10071). Kang dismisses the heroes to their timeline and leaves frustrated. Immortus then turns on the heroes, killing Maestro, Spider-Girl, and Iron Man, but the Avengers Next then kill him. Avengers #1 (2010)

Earth-10995 Spider-Man Heroes & Villains #1 (2010)

Earth-11010 Mandarin lost his ten power rings when a Maltese swallowed them, then the dog fell into a chocolate vat and was turned into candy. Brigid O’Wonderful (alternate Crazy Inez) killed Bob Agent of Hydra before declaring her love for Deadpool. Dr. Istanbul (alternate Weasel), Bloatman (alternate Big Bertha), and Blind Wilma (alternate Blind Al) arrived at the office. Deadpool killed Bob a second time, then ate the chocolate Maltese and gained the powers of the rings before fighting the others. Deadpool #1000 (2010)

Earth-11011 Tony Stark designed a replacement heart and then other parts, leading to his armor taking over his form; the armor, calling itself Tony, began uploading other people's minds into robotic shells and planned to remake Earth as Starkworld until Pepper helped Stark sacrifice himself to shut down the Tony armor. Iron Man: The Rapture #1 (2011)

Earth-11021 Logan raised son, John, by Itsu, attempting to shelter him from his violent past but eventually forced to slay corrupt John, then committed suicide. W? Wolverine: Father #1 (2011)

Earth-11022 Kenji Uedo devastated Tokyo and then lorded over the city. Generation Hope #2 (2011)

Earth-11024 - group of superhumans took in James Jaspers-10083 and killed a Furies team; another 600 Furies were sent in and turned that world into a wet rock.
Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis#4 (2010)

Earth-11029 Victor von Doom transferred minds with college roommate Tony Stark, erased Stark's memories, slew Howard Stark, rose in power as head of Stark Universal; as Doom, Stark struggled to obtain PhDs, founded Doom ___ to strengthen and support Latveria, took down and exposed corrupt Tony Stark. W? Iron Man: Demon in an Armor #1 (2011)

Earth-11035 Loki manipulated Thor into attacking New York City. Flanked by Frost Giants and Loki, Thor savagely defeated the Fantastic Four (Human Torch was sent to Jotunheim) and Spider-Man (sent into space). Loki aged Jane to ancient years. Thor managed to shake his influence, defeat the giants, and send Loki to Asgard for judgment. Thor: First Thunder #5 (2011)

Earth-11041 Toro was struck down by Onslaught, who had also killed Mr. Fantastic, Dr. Doom, Spider-Man, Gravity, Thing, Wolverine, Rogue, Spider-Girl, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and other heroes; glimpsed as dream by Nomad (Rikki Barnes) on Earth-616. Onslaught Unleashed #1 (2011)

Earth-11045 In response to heroes acting as judge, jury & executioner (a la X-Force), via Weapon Plus’ the World facility, a man identified only as “father” instigated Operation: Deathlok, where a group of Deathlok cyborgs were sent to kill all super heroes (starting with certain Avengers, FF, and Defenders) and bring them back to the World, where they were converted into controllable Deathlok soliders, aka Weapon Infinity (collectively). These Weapon Infinity Deathloks (Deathlok/cyborgs of Cap, Spdm, Hawkeye, and then their back-ups, Deathlok/cyborgs of X-Force) were sent back in time to Earth-616's modern era to kill Apocalypse (secretly reborn in a World “Weapon X”-like tank/set-up, contained within a vault). Earth-10511's autonomous Deathlok helped the X-Force black ops team stop them. Uncanny X-Force #5 (2011) (6 (fb), 5-7

Earth-11051 Avengers (Bucky/Steve Wilson Bradley, Captain America/Elijah Bradley, Captain Marvel/Ted Altman, Dr. Strange/Billy Kaplan, Falcon/Samantha Wilson Bradley, Hawkeye/Katherine Bishop, Kang the Conqueror/Nathaniel Richards, Quicksilver/Tom Shepherd, Stinger/Cassandra Lang, Vision/Jonas) Kang took Young Avengers  into the future to save them. They traveled throughout the time stream, righting wrongs, and eventually grew up to become the Avengers. Kang and Stinger became a couple, as did Quicksilver and Hawkeye (pregnant with twins), and the Vision voluntarily gave up his emotions. On the planet Moord, after the Avengers killed the Brotherhood of the Badoon, Iron Lad of Earth-616's Young Avengers tried killing another Kang in an attempt to stop himself from turning into Kang, but the Avengers attacked. They revealed to Iron Lad that years before, during the conflict with the Avengers over the Scarlet Witch, the Young Avengers had escaped into the timestream and had reworked history briefly. They misinformed Iron Lad that Scarlet Witch and Wiccan had been killed by the Avengers. Iron Lad rushed off and the Avengers hoped he would destroy the Avengers in the past. Avengers: The Children's Crusade - Young Avengers #1 (2011)

Earth-11052 X-Men: Evolution cartoon

Earth-11053 Daredevil murdered Bullseye, Elektra, Iron Fist and Spider-Man. Daredevil Reborn #3 (2011)

Earth-11069 Son of Namor and Abira traveled back to modern era (with aid of female Dr. Doom) to guide Abira to become the Logomancer, ending her relationship with Namor and preventing his dark future from coming about. Namor: The First Mutant #9 (2011)

Earth-11071 Parallels the "Legend of Khonshu" TV show. Moon Knight #1 (2011)

Earth-11074 Corpses of the police murdered by Cole came back after him. Daredevil Reborn #4 (2011)

Earth-11080 Plague swept other, turning people savage & cannibalistic; cannibals opposed and survivors protected by Punisher & Wolverine; Reed Richards and T'Challa worked to cure cannibal-plague. Marvel Universe vs. Punisher #1 (2010) 

    --Marvel Zombies Christmas Carol #1 (2011)

Earth-11086 Monstrous versions of Earth inhabitants; briefly overlapped with Frankenstein's monster, Howard the Duck, Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond), and She-Hulk (Jen Walters) by fear-empowered Man-Thing via accessing the Nexus of All-Realities. Fearsome Four #1 (2011)

Earth-11095 Human versions of Thor (as a meteorologist) and Zephyr enjoyed a picnic in Manhattan's Central Park; glimpsed as an illusion/hallucination generated for Thor and Zephyr by Alter Ego. Astonishing Thor #5 (2011)

Earth-11099 New Fantastic Four (Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch, gray Hulk/Bruce Banner, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Wolverine/Logan/James Howlett) summoned by fear-empowered Man-Thing, opposed Fearsome Four, banished or destroyed by Ultimate Annihilator/No-Thing
    --Fearsome Four #2 (2011)

Earth-11102 Adam uses Ghost Rider (Alejandra) to burn sin out of mankind, rendering humanity unable to think for itself. Ghost Rider #2 (2011)

EARTH-11113 - see EARTH-Five for the Future (FFE,app)--Fantastic Four III#47

Earth-11120 Thing outshined barely remembered Reed Richards at State University reunion. Shame Itself #1 (2012)

Earth-11124 All heroes slain in unspecified struggle, leaving only She-Hulk (Jen Walters). Fear Itself: Fearsome Four #4 (2011)

Earth-11126 Volstagg bested the Serpent in combat in his youth, but Odin cast a spell making everyone, including Hogun and Fandral, forget the victory. Years later, Sin awakened the Serpent, who summoned his Worthy (Attuma, Absorbing Man, Titania, Juggernaut, Thing, Hulk). Odin built a death-ray, and after the Ms. Marvel begged Volstagg for help, Volstagg joined Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Fist, and Thor in defeating the Serpent, but Thor was killed. Volstagg cooked the Serpent up in the pan of Sc’Largen (obtained in a previous adventure) and ate him. Odin took Volstagg’s waste later to dispose of it in another realm. Journey into Mystery #630 (2011)

Earth-11127 - Council of Antiquarians slain by John Aman while attempting to acquire a 3rd Brass Frog; diverged from Reality-616 when Dr. Strange time-traveled and prevented this Defenders incarnation from gathering. Defenders #1 (2012)

Earth-11147 – Curly Fine was New York mayor
    --FF#47 (2001)

Earth-11171 After losing his family, Frank Castle became the Punisher and hunted criminals for years until the Kingpin organized the mob families against him. Desperate, Castle made a deal with an alien Klyntar symbiote to kill the innocent Spider-Man in exchange for providing Castle the means to continue his war on crime and kill the Kingpin. Attempting to resist the symbiote's urges, Punisher was soon recruited by Earth-22249's Doctor Strange into a resistance against the alien reality-17952 Poisons; however, he was consumed and his corpse assimilated into the Poison Hive. Sent to Earth-616 as part of a Poison invasion, the Poison Punisher successfully bonded Earth-616's Spider-Man to a symbiote and later bonded Earth-78411's Devil Dinosaur to a symbiote before Earth-616's Agent Anti-Venom attempted to separate the Poison from Punisher, resulting in the death of the Poison Punisher. Venomverse: War Stories #1 (2017)

Earth-11182 Klyntar-bonded Kraven assimilated by Reality-17952’s Poisons; survived destruction of Poisons’ ship by Reality-22249’s multiversal anti-Poison resistance; later came to Earth-616 seeking symbiote hunter Haze Mancer; led a group of Poisons to consume and assimilate Earth-616's Killer Thrill and an alternate reality Marvel Girl before released into space. The Poison Kraven further worked with a Poison Lady Deathstrike and Morbius to assault Earth-616's Ravencroft Institute in an attempt to capture that reality's Carnage. Venomverse #5 (December 2017)

Earth-11189 The Guardians of the Galaxy from Reality-616 found a world worshipping the Magus and battled the Universal Church of Truth. Still battling the Universal Church of Truth, the Guardians of the Galaxy struggled as Jack Flag started to dissipate. Behind a mass of Starhawks, Kang came through a time portal, summoning Star-Lord, fixing the age of the Guardians. Guardians of the Galaxy #18 (2009)

"EARTH-11190" -

Earth-11201 Johnny Storm was the Hunan Torch, pelting foes with hot and spicy sauces. Shame Itself #1 (2012)

"EARTH-11206" (Rogue, Warbird) - One of many worlds visited by Warbird-7192 who slew its Rogue
    --[Ms. Marvel#10]

Earth-11209 Spider-Man slew Kraven, descended down violent path until stopped and blinded by Arana, who became new heroic Spider; Parker gained prescience, replacing Madame Web. W? Spider-Man: Grim Hunt #1 (2011)

Earth-11210 World was overrun with water at the melting of the polar ice caps. Thor: Heaven and Earth #2 (2011)

Earth-11223. Hawkeye slew Norman Osborn, spawning backlash against super heroes, slain by Daily Tricorn Reporter Ted. W? Dark Reign (2011)

Earth-11234 Unsatisfied with her life in her Battleworld domain of origin (a city/metroplis), Jennifer Kale eventually found her way to Weirdworld and became the Swamp Queen where she commanded the Man-Things. Weirdworld #4 (2015)

EARTH-11236 - Circa 25 years in the future, Black Panther’s son T’Charra allied with Achebe & Killmonger
    Earth-Once and Future King--Black Panther III#36

Earth-11272 A-Bomb was on a talk show surrounded by women, lauded for his heroism in defeating monsters. Hulk #27 (2011)

Earth-11313 Captain America (Steve Rogers) vanished in a pink energy flash (pulled into cosmic cube by Earth-11418's Broad-Stripe/Superia) as the Inuits sought to rescue him from ice. Captain America Corps #1 (2011)

EARTH-11326 - reality mirroring the Age of X altered reality
X-Men: Legacy #244 (March 2011); (full) Age of X Alpha #1 (March 2011)

Earth-11418 (Americommand, Americops, Ameridroid/Machinesmith, Bright Star/Ursula Armstrong, Broad-Stripe/Superia, Major America, Luke Cage, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Sam Wilson, Miles Brickman, X-Men (Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman), Captain Marvel, Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Mr. Fantastic, Thing), Avengers (Bright Star, Broad-Stripe, Giant-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Wasp), Edwin Jarvis, Hawkeye, Hulk), Tigra, Daredevil, Misty Knight, President Wyatt Wingfoot, Punisher, Jean DeWolff, Henry Gyrich, Nick Fury, Beast, Electro, Paladin, Fixer, Bloodstone, Hank Pym, Tony Stark’s brain, Hank Pym, Tony Stark’s brain; [Doctor Octopus, Mentallo, and Vulture]).  After being seemingly killed by Red Skull, Superia transported her mind back in time to that of her younger self, joined AIM, recreated her time probe, and empowered herself and a friend as Broad-Stripe and Bright Star (Ursula Armstrong). Instead of Cap saving the Avengers from Vuk, it was Broad-Stripe and Bright Star. They joined the Avengers, then Enchantress summoned Thor back to Asgard permanently. They killed Kang and saved Jarvis from Hawkeye, who was imprisoned and killed in jail. Giant-Man, Wasp, and Iron Man left the team, so Americommand was formed, with Ameridroid, Major America, and Americop-1. They defeated Baron (Heinrich) Zemo, Red Skull, and the Sleeper, killed Captain Marvel, imprisoned the X-Men (Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman), and endorsed Miles Brickman for president. Mr. Fantastic, the Thing, and the Human Torch got lost in the Negative Zone, and the Invisible Girl went into hiding after miscarrying  a baby. Giant-Man had a breakdown, Wasp retired, and Iron Man died in heart surgery. Americommand took over the country until the Captain America Corps arrived, was captured but soon escaped, freeing many of the imprisoned heroes (including Luke Cage, Sam Wilson, and Peter Parker). The Corps teamed up with a huge rebel force (Tigra, Daredevil, Misty Knight, President Wyatt Wingfoot, Punisher, Spider-Man, Jean DeWolff, Henry Gyrich, Nick Fury, Beast, Electro, Paladin, Luke Cage, Fixer, Bloodstone, Hank Pym, Tony Stark’s brain) to stop them. Americommand and the Captain America Corps were pulled within the Cosmic Cube tesseract (where the alternate Cap bodies had been stored) and Contemplator combined a Cap mind with the real Cap from WWII in order to restore reality and defeat the entropy wave. Captain America Corps #1 (2011)

EARTH-11423 Charterists seize power in London following military coup on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-11426 Cable theme park in Rumekistan with an Apocalypse roller coaster; glimpsed by Deadpool-616 in a dream. Deadpool & Cable #26 (2011)

Earth-11429 Variant Earth-8351. Assassin Spider-Man traveled to Reality-91119 Marvel Super Hero Squad Online video game (2011)

Earth-11481 Demon Rider (Kushala), Dr. Strange and Wiccan from Reality-13729’s future to rescue their extradimensionally banished Sorcerer Supreme allies. Wiccan was soon pulled into another dimension by humanoid green & black striped beings. Dr. Strange and Demon Rider followed Wiccan into the other dimension but Wiccan and Demon Rider were killed by the beings. Doctor Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme #6 (2017)

EARTH-11581 Russia's "T'Sar Wars" orbital defense system develops fault and shoots down three U.S. passenger airliners on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-11511 Avengers (apparently led by a Henry Pym/Jocasta merger, and consisting of him and the first six Academy students, all grown-up) rule the Earth.  Reptil and Finesse had a daughter together, but Finesse has trouble remembering either of them. Avengers Academy #11 (2011)

EARTH-11621 Two hundred and fifty members of Orange County John Birch Society experience terminal oculogyric crisis on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-11623 Bucky overwhelmed by Jewish and other prisoners from Nazi concentration camp for not saving them. Captain America and Bucky #623 (2011)

Earth-11638 Uncle Ben survived being shot and over the years trained Peter Parker to be the Amazing Spider. Peter started Parker Technologies (which was endorsed by Tony Stark), dually dated Mary-Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy, and was estranged from his Aunt May. The Amazing Spider continued increasing his powers by stealing Spider-Mans from other timelines and absorbing their powers into himself. He defeated Galactus, Annihilus, Electro, and Mysterio, created a lair with a transport vehicle, and got a deadly reputation among criminals. After the Amazing Spider defeated Galactus, the Fantastic Four and other heroes disbanded as they thought they weren’t necessary, then Dr. Doom became Death-Wish; he made a pact with Mephisto that he would serve him if he ever died in exchange for renewed life. Dr. Strange trained Bruce Banner to be the new Sorcerer Supreme; Banner banished the Hulk part of his persona to Hell, where it became the Infernal Hulk serving Mephisto. After Reed Richards performed experimental surgery on Wade Wilson, Wilson became the deadly criminal mastermind Death Mask.
    Spider-Man, the Hulk, and Deadpool-616 arrived in this dimension, wounding Death-Wish and the Amazing Spider. Spider-Man took the hero’s place for a time until Uncle Ben drugged him, then accidentally killed the Amazing Spider instead of Spider-Man. Death Mask killed Death-Wish, so Deadpool in turn killed his operatives Dead Head, Deadeye, Brain Dead, and Bob, then killed and replaced Death Mask himself. Mephisto welcomed him to Hell, where he lorded over the Amazing Spider, Satannish, and others, then released the Infernal Hulk, who battled Banner, the Sorcerer Supreme, before he reversed the spell, then Hulk killed him. The Amazing Spider returned to Earth as Ghost Rider. The three 616 heroes returned home.
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38 (2011) (
Deadpool Annual 1, and Incredible Hulks Annual 1

Earth-11704 Daredevil became Bullseye. Daredevil Reborn #4 (2011)

Earth-11712 Native Kashmir Vennema formed Vennema Multiversal in an alternate world, recruited variations of herself to work for her, and engaged in many criminal plots. After many plots failed, she was eventually killed by an alternate Black Widow. Captain America and Black Widow #637 (2012)

Earth-11714 Spider-Man given powers by goddess Arachne. Norman Osborn becomes Green Goblin after his experiment on himself accidentally kills his wife Emily, and creates Spider-Man's initial foes, the Sinister Six: Carnage, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, the Lizard, Swarm and Swiss Miss. Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark (2011)

Earth-11735 X-Man (Nate Grey) apprehended by Avengers (Spider-Woman, Thing, Valkyrie, Iron Man, Thor). New Mutants #25 (2011)

Earth-12772 Earth-9602's Spider-Boy sent here circa 2099 by the future Legion of Galactic Guardians of Earth-97061's year 2104. Forewarned by these Guardians, Spider-Boy helped the Legion of Galactic Guardians-12772 assemble a Phantom-Negative Zone Projector to return Spider-Boy to his own era before his presence in that future caused a chronal collapse, thus diverging that reality from Earth-97061. Spider-Boy Team-Up #1 (1997)

Earth-11813 Captain America (Steve Rogers) vanished (pulled into cosmic cube by Earth-11418's Broad-Stripe/Superia) as he arrived to see General Phillips in 1941. Captain America Corps #1 (2011)

Earth-11831 (Commander A, Madame President, Admiral Shabazz, USS Steve Rogers), Circa 2410, Commander A (Kiyoshi Morales) led the Future United Americas. Captain America Corps #1 (2011)

Earth-11834 Crew of the Russian spaceship Vensk perished. Hulk #34 (2011)

EARTH-11860 Statue of BVM in Armagh, Ireland, emits beams of light on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-11880 Howard the Duck was mutated into green, unintelligent, moss-covered Man-Thing-like form. Howard the Duck #8 (1980)

"EARTH-11890" -

Earth-11891 The Guardians of the Galaxy from Reality-616 battled soldiers resembling Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and Giant-Man alongside Yondu, Starhawk, Charlie-27, and Vance Astro in the year 3009. Guardians of the Galaxy #18 (2009)

EARTH-11911 (Super Hero Squad (Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Reptil, Falcon), Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Doctor Doom, MODOK, Abomination)
   - Doctor Doom attempted to acquire the Infinity Sword, but was thwarted by Iron Man, shattering the sword in the process.  Infinity Fractals were scattered throughout Super Hero City, and the Super Hero Squad did their best to prevent Doom from reassembling the sword.
   -- Super Hero Squad I#1 (September 2009)

Earth-11913 Silver Surfer (mind possessed by Jerry ??) traveled to Chandilar(?) and met Shalla Bal & Lilandra. Defenders: From the Vault #1 (2011)

Earth-11920 Skrull Reed Richards developed severe allergies, his sneezes leaving his head distorted. W? Secret Invasion #1 (2010)

Earth-11947 Captain America revived years later, w/ “X-Patriots” fought to save USA. W?#67

EARTH-11993 - see EARTH-Ghost Rider: Barb Ketch (app)--What If II#45

Earth-11983 Octo-Spidey - took Dr. Octopus' arms. Spdm cartoon (January 1, 1998)

Earth-12011 Galactus, Dormammu, Thanos, Mole Man and the Serpent (Cul) all attempted to claim Earth simultaneously. Shame Itself #1 (2012)

Earth-12024 "Rebirth of Man"; circa 2060 AD, lush paradise bereft of technology; one of three futures in which time-traveling Brotherhood of the Shield members (Brothers of Causality, Leonid, Nostradamus, Star Child, Nikolai Tesla) plus Nathaniel Richards and Howard Stark traveled here and battled time-traveling Isaac Newton. SHIELD #4 (2012)

Earth-12025 Governor James Howlett ruled Canada and had his bones infused with Adamantine from Olympus. Howlett described himself as “former governor general of dominion of Canada and Viceroy of her majesty’s expedition to Shangri-La. Hercules and General Howlett teamed up to slay a giant monster attacking Canada, and then revealed their love for each other. Zeus, furious with them, cast them both into Tartarus, where they fought monsters and demons for years together. Howlett was later pulled to Earth-12245 by Xavier/Savior to serve as an energy source for the machine that preserved the planet’s damaged magnetosphere; rescued by Cyclops-616 and joined reality-hopping X-Treme X-Men for a time. Astonishing X-Men #44 (2012)
    (X-Treme X-Men#1, 6 (fb), 10 (fb)

Earth-12034 Years in the future, Genesis (Apocalypse's intended successor) slew Deathlok and Krakoa, lamented by Quire, Edie Okonkwo, Broo, and Kid Gladiator. Wolverine and the X-Men #4 (2012)

Earth-12041 Spider-Man assembled a group of alternate-reality heroes as Web-Warriors prior to his participation in a different Web-Warriors group against the Inheritors, etc. Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon (2012); Spider-Verse Team-Up #2 (2015)

Earth-12043 - possible alternate reality under investigation

Earth-12055 After completing his paper route, Roger Stevens went to purchase liberty bonds with his money, but when they tried to give him counterfeit bonds, he turned into Sir Spangled, the Human Tank (making the change with his magic words “Rockets Red Glare”) and used his powers (never defined), but the villains were immune, having covered themselves in saltpeter. Sir Spangled summoned his sidekick, Liberty Bonds the dog, who wore a hat that read "liberty bonds."  As a child, Steve Rogers-616 wrote a comic strip mirroring this reality. Avenging Spider-Man #5 (2012)

Earth-12069 Native Kashmir Vennema joined Vennema Multiversal and traveled to Earth-616 where she plotted with Stegron, using Saurian/Dire Wraith hybrids, after battling Captain America and Hawkeye. Captain America and Hawkeye #629 (2012) (Cap & Hawk#629-632) 

Earth-12083 Native Kashmir Vennema was in the all-girl heavy metal cover band Pretty Apocalypse before joining Vennema Multiversal. She traveled to Earth-616, where she plotted with Batroc’s Brigade, MODOK 2.0, and AIM and battled Iron Man and Captain America. She used the Harvester Protocol, copying Iron Man armor-tech and sending it back to VM, before getting arrested. Captain America and Iron Man#633 (2012) (Cap & IM#633-636

Earth-12091 Space Punisher #1 (2012)

Earth-12101 Deadpool mind-warped by Psycho-Man, leading him to slaughter Earth's heroes and villains, as well as Uatu; accessed nexus of reality and slew Earth-41210 writers of "Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe.” Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1 (2012)

Earth-12109 The Defenders and Black Cat-11127 were transported to this reality in the 1960s where they aided Nick Fury, Jasper Sitwell, and SHIELD against Adolf Hitler (who had had brain surgery), Baron Strucker, and Hydra, whose Agent Pussycat tried assassinating Fury but only hit an LMD. Black Cat gathered the Brass Frogs, and Silver Surfer convinced Prester Omega to save the Concordance Engine by transferring the heroes, including Fury, back to Earth-11127. Defenders #9 (2012)

Earth-12116 Native Kashmir Vennema was recruited by Vennema Multiversal. She traveled to Earth-62111, where she interacted with President Doom, tried to sell him a a cube containing and powered by an alien world populated by telepaths, and was killed by Black Widow-21611. Captain America and Black Widow #636 (2012)

Earth-12121 After killing Kingpin, Daredevil went into hiding for years, training the adopted Tim Urich as his successor; dying in battle with Bullseye, Daredevil uttered the word "Mapone," leading Ben Urich to investigate Daredevil's final days before being slain by Hand despite efforts of Punisher and Daredevil (Urich) battled the Hand. Daredevil (Urich) eventually learned the truth in meeting Stick (Mapone Romanova), the daughter of Matt Murdock and Black Widow, and the reincarnation of the Chaste's Stick. Daredevil: End of Days (2012)

Earth-12122 While fighting super-villains, Spider-Man saw Bruce Banner with a Hulk hand puppet, a monstrous Wolverine, the Lizard, Morbius, Forbush Man, a Deadpool cheerleader, 3 versions of Spider-Ham, a six-armed janitor, bugs flying books, an exploding Spider High School, villainous role playing gamers, Deadpool calling himself Donald Eadpool (and seeking to start a clothing company), an evil shop teacher, Mary-Jane Watson and Flash Thompson in a version of the Breakfast Club; glimpsed by Spider-Man while mesmerized by Hypno-Hustler. Avenging Spider-Man #12 (2012)

Earth-12125 Ultimate Iron Man saw the death of the Ultimates, Hawkeye, Captain America, and Thor. Spider-Men #5 (2012)

Earth-12128 When Vennema Multiversal began dumping their unused weapons and products in another dimension, things went awry. Agent America was killed. When Hydra and the Defiance League went to war, the world was further devastated. Many heroes were involved, including Deathlok, Marvel Girl, Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Cyclops, and Iron Man. Many men, such as Edgar, took to manning weaponized guns. The Lizard took control of some of the planet's inhabitants. After a massive battle involving many heroes from other dimensions, Lizard and his fellow survivors were taken to Earth-13140 to live by ARMOR of Earth-616. Captain America and Black Widow #637 (2012)

Earth-12131 Malekith mirrored Reality-199999 (Thor: Dark World movie) counterpart; Ultron created in modern times; Avengers vs. X-Men event had Jean Grey replacing Namor in the Phoenix Five. Marvel: Avengers Alliance Playdom & Facebook game (2012)

Earth-12151 Battleworld’s Metropolitia domain was ruled by the baron, Heinrich Zemo. The Atlas Foundation worked against Zemo, whose son, Helmut, killed Gorilla-Man and became the next Gorilla-Man. Heinrich was killed, and Helmut became the next baron of Metropolitia. Secret Wars: Agents of Atlas #1 (2015)

Earth-12164 Hope Summers ruled the Earth with access to every mutant's powers; glimpsed as dream by Zero (Kenji Uedo). Generation Hope #16 (2012)

Earth-12171 Native Wonder Man was kidnapped and brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal, then placed in stasis. Captain America and Black Widow #637 (2012)

Earth-12177 Years ago, in Sharzhad, an alien energy overwhelmed the world, making it so only mutants could reproduce and everyone else was cloned. Heroes and villains (including Captain America, Venom, Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel, Wolverine, Iron Man, Nova, Cyclops, Punisher) were overwhelmed and formed an army of Avengers, whose DNA they could use to make future peacekeepers, called Bosses They set up force walls between cities, forming numbered Mondocities. Boss Cage, the cloned grandson of Luke Cage, was among the current bosses. (Dark Avengers 177) – The Thunderbolts (Boomerang, Centurius, Ghost, Man-Thing, Moonstone, Mr. Hyde, Satana, Troll) landed in this reality, Boss Cage (Luke Cage using guns, a motorcycle, and Iron Man technology). (Dark Avengers 178) – The Thunderbolts landed in an alternate reality, just outside the borders of Mondocity, where the Thunderbolts Tower exploded. The locals feared an attack from Boss Venom. They realized they were 78 years in the future. Boss Cage attacked them. Several mutates, called the Outsiders and including Octolizard (lizard with Doc Ock arms) emerged, determined to kill Cage. (Dark Avengers 179) – Boss Cage fought off the other mutates, scattering them when he exploded his bike. Satana helped Man-Thing learn to focus his powers after he saved the heroes and mutates from the explosions. They learned they were in the Tolerance Zone outside Mondocity 1, where Boss Cage (and other bosses) placed tribesmen they didn’t send to the Rafts. The Thunderbolts intercepted a message from the past from Luke Cage and Giant-Man in the past, inviting them back to the present. The mutates, including Octolizard, wanted their help. (Dark Avengers 180) – In the alternate reality, the other Bosses, led by High Boss, reviewed Boss Cage’s history of taking down major threats, like Ted Toxic (pointed hat, energy powers), Boss Venom (a venom in a boss helmet), the Godlords (humans with guns), and Jakstraw (giant straw monster). They planned to retire Boss Cage (Cage 4) and replace him with a newly cloned and trained version, Cage 5. Boss Cage came back to Mondocity to report on the Thunderbolts. Boss Cage remembered how Danny Cage 1(the one he was cloned from) fought against monsters as a child named Danny alongside his adult mother, Danielle Cage, who would reminisce about her dead parents, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Sanders checked on him, Meanwhile, the Thunderbolts and the Outsiders (including Vulcha (winged monster) and Crawler (blue teleporter) sparred, not trusting each other, but allied with them when they couldn’t get through the Rigellian force field into Mondocity. Intel from the past helped them piece together helped learn the events that caused this future. Ghost sent a message back to the past. The Outsiders prepared for all out war. (Dark Avengers 181) – In the alternate future, the Thunderbolts and the Outsiders battled the Bosses, including Hogg, and Boss Cage rushed to the gates, attacking the Thunderbolts before they could leave the timeline.  (Dark Avengers 182) – In the alternate future, Boss Cage let the Thunderbolts go when he realized they could change history, stopping his world from existing. Events in the past were changed, diverging the future timeline. Dark Avengers #177 (2012)

Earth-12180 (Lockheed (pet bird), Wendell Stuart/Zombie Marvel, Talia (girl scout-type), comic shop & owner)
    - In an otherwise normal/powerless reality, Wendell
Stuart zombified after breathing dust around copy of Marvel Team-Up #151 (scrapped b/c a "dirty word" was hidden in the background); partially realizing what was going on, Wendell considered killing himself, then prepared to become the heroic Zombie Marvel before becoming paralyzed by rigor mortis, after which Machine Man destroyed him.
    this reality's zombies classified as (
“infected/ghoul” type-928…a “Jackson” -- the zombie looks like Michael Jackson from Thriller - though Rob London thinks it more likely a "reference to Peter Jackson, who made the zombie epic Dead Alive before going on to more respectable fare about hobbits and apes and matricidal Kate Winslets)
    --Marvel Zombies 5 #5 (2010)

Earth-12201 Distant future to which Cable was sent after opening the portal back to Earth-616 from Nimrod's Sentinel base; encountered Blaquesmith, who told him the desolate world was caused because Hope wasn't there to save it. Avengers: X-Sanction #1 (2012)

EARTH-12209 QEII collides with iceberg in North Atlantic on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-12211 Reality diverged by the Chronovirus (Hank Pym using Kang’s technology) when he pulled the Avengers (Captain America, Giant-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Wasp) of the past into the present; these Avengers died stopping the Chronovirus from destroying history. Avengers vs. Atlas #1 (2010)

EARTH-12216 - Smuggler (Conrad Josten) battled alongside Atlas-616
    --New Thunderbolts#18

Earth-12218 Psylocke (Betsy Braddock) and Angel (Warren Worthington) had a long happy life, including 2 daughters (one named Jean), and Betsy kissed Warren on his deathbed. Uncanny X-Force #18 (2012)

EARTH-12223 Argentinian Imperial Airship Belgrano crashes on Port Galtieri, Malvinas on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-12224 Ord resurrected Jean Grey instead of Colossus; Cassandra Nova convinced Emma Frost to bond with Phoenix Force; after Emma destroyed Breakworld, Kitty sacrificed herself removing Emma’s heart. W? Astonishing X-Men #1 (2010)

Earth-12240 Alien symbiote-empowered Ant-Venom joined a multiversal resistance against the alien Poisons, helping them kidnap a Poison that had assimilated an alternate reality Gwenpool. Ant-Venom was later killed by his fellow resistance members to prevent a Poison from assimilating him. Venomverse #1 (2017)

Earth-12245 After decades of persecution, the mutants (including Phoenix, Iceman, Colossus, Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, X-23, Northstar, Armor, Angel, Sabretooth, Professor X, Magneto) enslaved the humans and put Sentinels to guard over them. The X-Men put an end to all tyranny, focusing on equality. Charles Xavier, adopting the name Savior, telepathically shared his dream with every person on Earth and brought them over to his cause. He killed Magneto, who broke the magnetic sphere around Earth before he died and killed millions. Versions of Dr. Doom, Black Panther, Hulk, Beast, and Mr. Fantastic built a machine in Santo Marco that could convert the energy of mutants into power to save the planet. Cyclops (lover of Storm) was the first to heal the Earth, sacrificing his life. After they ran out of heroes, Savior started pulling heroes out of other realities, killing countless versions of himself before starting on versions of Cyclops. They captured heroes from various realities, including Governor Howlett-12025, Kurt Waggoner-24135, Emmeline Frost-Summers-52012, Shadow (Kitty Pryde)-74897, and Cyclops-616. Working as a team, these five escaped, leaving Savior to kill hundreds of Armor’s family, giving her greater power to stop them. They blocked Savior’s powers and Armor apparently killed him. Cyclops departed (with fellow 616 heroes Storm and Emma Frost), leaving the others behind to settle the planet’s affairs; the people were eventually transported to the uninhabited Earth-12901. Astonishing X-Men #44 (2012)
    (44-47, X-Treme X-Men II#1

Earth-12318 Contest of Champions involving Godzilla vs. Shogun Warriors, NFL Superpro vs. Rom, and the Micronauts. Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration #1 (2014)

Earth-12333 Young Loki killed Thor and the Disir attacked him. Journey into Mystery #633 (2012)

Earth-12387 Desak destroyed Olympus. Thor 2001 (2001)

Earth-12435 Gus Grim transformed into Ani-Mator and attacked Cypher; glimpsed by Cypher-616 as a dream. New Mutants #38 (2012)

EARTH-12348 EEC/British Empire Variation. The Disruptors assisted German's recovery and reunification after the Second World War, making it the dominant power in the European Economic Community. Meanwhile Great Britain has remained a dominant colonial power, retaining many of its colonies, but now Germany is undermining that, for instance channeling massive amounts of cash aid via North American Irish organizations to Republican elements in Ireland, funding their terrorist actions.
    Reverand Ian Paisley is killed in a mass bombing spate in Belfast on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright (
Imagine Magazine#14

Earth-12387 Desak destroyed Olympus. Thor 2001

EARTH-12388 Mass riots in Algiers trigger urban collapse on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-12416 Psycho-Man organized an army of super-villains, but was defeated by Earth’s heroes. Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1 (2012)

Earth-12422 The Avengers threw Victoria Hand out a window and watched as she fell to her death; glimpsed by Victoria Hand-616 via Dr. Strange's spell. New Avengers #22 (2012)

Earth-12433 Ghost Rider (Alejandra) defeated Blackheart/Adam through self-sacrifice, reunited with mother, traveled to Mexico to become a national hero, but mother entered decomposed upon entering pyramid in which Adam raised Alejandra, denouncing her as she died. Venom #13.3 (2012)

"EARTH-12467" (X-Men (Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Deadpool, Marvel Girl)) - Deadpool was founding X-Man. Cable & Deadpool #46 (2007)

Earth-12498 “black central stripe (with chevron symbol) suit Reed with Infinity Gauntlet” of the Council of alternate reality Reed Richardses guided Reed-616 in extracting fringe dark matter from an unstable star, saving 8 billion people. (Reed) FF #570 (2009); (reality) FF #571 (2009)

Earth-12591 Zombie Nazis sought to invade Earth-616. Marvel Zombies Destroy #1 (2012)

Earth-12610 Psycho-Man organized an army of super-villains, conquered Earth. Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1 (2012)

Earth-12665 In 3012 AD, civilians in New York City sped around in flying vehicles and multiple Baxter Buildings were constructed. The Badoon and Shi’ar allied with Earth against the invading Kree (now with a reduced population) and their slave race, the Skrulls. The Fantastic Four (Franklin Richards, Thing (only aging during the two weeks per year he could turn human), a Firelord character, and a female Spider-Man character) fought the aliens. In 4012, with Franklin off in the stars, an elderly Thing addressed the diverse crowd of humans and aliens, all graduates of the Future Foundation. In 5012, the Foundation saw an even older Thing reminiscing to a statue of his old teammates. In 6012, Franklin laid Thing to rest. Fantastic Four #605 (2012)

EARTH-12667 The Rhine Valley in Germany is swept by wave of violent poltergeist activity on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-12725 Centuries ago in the relative past, the Phoenix Force taking over the young girl Fongji, and she achieved peace with the Force within herself, bringing enlightenment. New Avengers #25 (2012)

Earth-12737 Luc (an incarnation of a mortal version of Loki) battled a demon princess in the kingdom of Francisco. He escaped his step-mother and went on an adventure, defying all the prophecies that stood against him. Journey into Mystery #637 (2012)

Earth-12752 Skurge of Asgard was an old crone of unrevealed origins who lived at the well of Urd, scaring off children that strayed too close; glimpsed/'remembered" by Loki-616 when Amora-616's attempted to restore Skurge-616 to life via Yggdrasil. Thor God-Size Special #1 (2009)

Earth-12772 Earth-9602's Spider-Boy sent here circa 2099 by the future Legion of Galactic Guardians of Earth-97061's year 2104. This Earth's Legion of Galactic Guardians sent Spider-Boy back to present day Earth-9602, preventing Chronal Collapse. Spider-Boy Team-Up #1 (1997)

Earth-12812 Native Porcupine was recruited by Vennema Multiversal to be an assassin member of the Hunt Squad, later defeated by heroes of an alternate universe. Captain America and Black Widow #638 (2012)

EARTH-12817 U.S.A.and China both declare war on Russia on 3rd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-12872 Erroneous designation, used before Duane Swierzynski confirmed that the forward time travel of Cable in his 2008 occurred through the same timeline/reality (Earth-80521)...and then proliferated through improperly researched websites.

Earth-12892 Circa 3442 AD, this time period/reality contained the worlds Lionheart (home to Tuck, Major Oak, Methinx, possibly Cicatrice, and many others) and Catspur (home to Heron and Noon, though they are their race perished), both of which were visited by Earth-8410's Death's Head. Death's Head II#3 (1992)

Earth-12901 "X-Treme X-Men" (Governor James Howlett-12025, Kurt Waggoner-24135, Emmeline Frost-Summers-52012), plus Storm-12245 used dozens of severed Xavier heads to transport the people from Earth-12245 to this world. X-Treme X-Men #1 (2012)

Earth-12919 Brian Lazarus encountered Man-Thing and Sybil in the 1970s, and then again decades later in recent years. Infernal Man-Thing #1 (2012)

"EARTH-12927" (Power Pachyderms (Electralux, Mammoth, Rumbo, Trunklops); Clarinetto; The New Musicians (Willie Nelson, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston, Cindy Lauper); The Perfect Masters (Shlep, Shmoe, Spritz, Shtick))
     Anthropomorphic elephants oppose evil wherever they may find it.
    “Earth-Power Pachyderms” (app)— Power Pachyderms#1 (September 1989)

Earth-12928 Genesis ascended as the new Apocalypse, and Wolverine assembled a large team of X-Force (including Nightcrawler, Thor, Captain America, Cyclops, Iron Man, and Vision) members to hunt him down and kill him. Over the succeeding years, they killed all criminals in the world, then began killing people preemptively who might kill others. Psylocke took on the role of Magistrate Braddock and deployed teams (including Wolverine, Deadpool, Cable, Warpath, Hope Summers, and Frank Castle) to stop criminals. Deathlok remained an avid opponent of X-Force. When X-Force-616 (Deadpool, EVA, Nightcrawler-295, Psylocke, Wolverine) arrived from the past, Deathlok tried killing them to stop the future, but Punisher killed Deathlok. Psylocke-616 then stabbed herself to stop it. A timequake, of which Pym had warned the future X-Force, rocked the world as Psylocke lay on the brink of death, but Magistrate Braddock intercepted her and healed her. They sent X-Force back to the past, confident they would still have their future. Wolverine and Magistrate Braddock kissed. The older Wolverine-12928 warned Wolverine-616 to kill Daken or else Daken would kill Wolverine’s students. Uncanny X-Force #28 (2012) (29, 35

Earth-12934 In the near future, the New Mutants (Blink, Cannonball, Cypher, Karma, Magik, Magma, Mirage, Sunspot, Warlock, X-Man) worked as a team. Cannonball and Mirage romanced, as did Sunspot and Magma. They moved out of their San Francisco headquarters, and eventually donned “Lockware”, armor designed off of Warlock’s technology. (New Mutants IV#45-fb) Cypher, using the knowledge he gleamed from the “extradimensional sentience”, commanded the language of dimensions. He used it to control Warlock’s technology so that he could make everything better, and took the name True Friend. (New Mutants IV#46 –fb-bts) Cannonball and Karma from Earth-616 disappeared from the present with no trace. The Defenders made the New Mutants aware of a deadly cosmic event that was forming around their team. (New Mutants IV#44) Cypher from the future seized control of Cannonball and Karma’s tech-suits and attacked the New Mutants. (New Mutants IV#45) True Friend pulled the mutants back into his future to ensure the past wasn’t changed and they fought, with him in control of Warlock, until they managed to snap back into their past reality by freeing Cannonball and Karma. (New Mutants IV#46) The New Mutants ate at Ribstickers BBQ. Beast gave Cypher a clean bill of health. Cypher soon realized that little things were going wrong, like the colors at the restaurant were blue instead of red, the X-Men wore their patches on the wrong side, and Shadowcat soon confirmed that Wolverine and Cyclops had mended fences. They found a vagrant Dr. Strange and fought off his demons. He told them the Defenders had disbanded, that Hulk had been exiled to space, and he intoned that Clea had committed suicide. Cypher noted all the realities distinctions (like Myspace being more popular than Facebook and John Lennon still being alive). Face entered, attacked Cypher (wounding him) and accidentally killed Karma. (New Mutants IV#47) Cypher had a terrible nightmare. While Namor fought the surface world after Reed Richards killed Namor’s wife Sue Storm and their children, the New Mutants hid at the home of Gus Grim, meeting Ellie and the horse Tradewind. Dr. Strange helped them realize they had to change the future to fix the past. Doug contemplated committing suicide when the tech-advanced Hellions (Beef, Bevatron, Catseye, Jetstream, Roulette, Tarot) intervened. The New Mutants arrived just as Cypher manifested the extradimensional sentience and tech-powers all at once. (New Mutants IV#48) Moonstar’s Valkyrie powers manifested, in response to the transmode-powered Hellions (who should be dead) to help the New Mutants in their fight. Moonstar killed Bevatron and Jetstream. Cypher overwrote Blink with her future self (as he had with Cannonball and Karma earlier), then killed Warlock (as he had no future self to meld with, having bonded with Cypher permanently). Moonstar managed to fight off True Friend’s tech powers with her Valkyrie abilities, but she was transported to True Friend’s location, where the future New Mutants, dressed as Hellions, escorted her to True Friend. She found that he lived on the moon, having covered the entire planet in the tech-virus. She found that, since Cannonball and Karma’s betrayal, True Friend had taken over the entire human race with the tech-virus, and he confessed his love for Moonstar. Cypher from the past struggled to control True Friend, leading to Moonstar killing True Friend. The future ended, restoring the past to normal. (New Mutants IV#49). New Mutants #44 (2012)

Earth-12973 Abraham Erskine survived; Super-Soldier serum marketed by Roxxon, Cap revived in 70s, he & AV reversed serum. W?#103

“EARTH-13003” (Ben, East Hamptons Resort, Mary, May, Peter, Richard, Peter Howard + Mrs. Shelby)
    - Mary and May went to work as waitresses at a resort for the summer where they met Ben and Richard.  May ended up getting pregnant from Ben, but couldn’t go home as an unwed teenage mother, so Mary took the baby as her own, and made Richard believe the child was his. 
    --Trouble #1 (2003) (2-5

Earth-13010 Kashmir Vennema was recruited by Vennema Multiversal. She later left the group and had a husband and child, but her family was killed by VM. She liberated brainwashed heroes from them and worked to destroy VM. This Kash teamed with other heroes to see VM destroyed. She later went on to recruit a few other versions of herself to start a new VM. Captain America and Black Widow #639 (2013)

Earth-13016 Overrun by dinosaurs. Charles Xavier-16111 led Dazzler-616 and Governor James Howlett-12025 to a new reality here to fight another evil Xavier. After Dazzler and Howlett insisted they be transported to Earth-24135 to rescue Kurt Waggoner, Xavier-16111 recruited Hercules-12025, Scott Summers-70213, and Dazzler-13027, who slew Xavier-13016 along with numerous dinosaurs. X-Treme X-Men #6 (2013)
    (X-Treme X-Men#6-7

Earth-13017 (Grandpa Martin, Stephen, Kraven the Rhino (fb), Iron Devil (fb), Thulk (fb), General America (fb), Fury (fb); many other characters based on combinations or variations of: Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, Nova, Valkyrie, Medusa, Scarlet Witch, Iceman, Son of Satan, Warlock, Cyclops, Magneto, Beast, Angel, Colossus, Wolverine, Moon Knight, Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Silver Surfer, Namor, Dr. Strange, Punisher, Sandman, Dr. Octopus, Lizard, Mysterio, Lockjaw, Storm, Green Goblin, Vulture, Electro, Molten Man, Ghost Rider)
    <Note's based on an aged and Martin's questionable memory> Years ago, Grandpa Martin (original name unrevealed) became Spider-Man by willfully putting his hand in the mouth of a radioactive spider. He became the world-famous Spider-Man, fighting for years alongside dozens of heroes, including Thulk, Iron Devil, and General America, and fighting dozens of deadly villains. He eventually married (his wedding attended by both heroes and villains) and had a son and a daughter. When in his forties, he battled Kraven the Rhino before realizing he needed to change his life. Fury helped him make new identities for his family and they moved to Chicago area. In time, his wife died and his children married. He eventually moved into a nursing home.
    In the present, seeking to impress his great-grandson Stephen, Grandpa Martin revealed his past to him and took him web-swinging.
    --Amazing Spider-Man#700 (2013)

Earth-13019 Black Knight wielded his ebony chainsaw in his reality. He was brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal until he was freed by a rogue Kashmir Vennema and used against VM. Black Knight joined the battle against VM. Captain America and Black Widow #639 (2013)

Earth-13021 After the Avengers/X-Men war, Cable went into retirement, asking Hope Summers to do the same. By the time Cable went back into action, the world had been effectively destroyed, overrun by Sentinels, monstrous creatures, etc. After decades of fighting, an older Hope Summers (who adopted the identity of Stryfe) and Blaquesmith learned how to use that future's incarnation of Deathlok-10511 to calculate events from the past and how they impacted the future, as well as to send messages to Cable Reality-616 as precognitive visions, inspiring him to assemble X-Force and change events, which would then apparently altered Reality-13021's future. Blaquesmith brought Hope Summers from Reality-616's modern era to Reality-13021 where Stryfe/Hope and Blaquesmith explained what they were doing. Noting that they may have altered history beyond their ability to predict, they gave the younger Hope a Psimitar and sent her back to her time; stabbing Cable in the head with the Psimitar, Hope dispelled his powers, curing him. (Referenced) Cable and X-Force #1 (2013); (seen) Cable and X-Force #11 (2013)
Cable and X-Force #13 (fb), [1], 2, [3-10], 11-14

Earth-13022 (Kid Briton). Avengers Arena #1 (2013)

Earth-13027 Captain Alison Blaire of the X-Force Protectorate helped protect the last human colony in a world of zombies who had killed every other human on the planet (including Charles Xavier), but after a recon mission (during which she launched a Cerebra satellite that confirmed no other humans survived) she found the colony overrun. She killed her former friends, including Captain America, before Xavier-16111 recruited her for his team of reality-hopping X-Men. X-Treme X-Men #7 (2013)

Earth-13031 Counter-Earth merged with alternate Earth. Captain America #12 (1997)

Earth-13034 Hyperion escaped from a dying world to this planet, raised by "Father" to become a highly moral being; remade the world with his super heroic teammates; world eventually destroyed when two universes collided. [Avengers #1 (2012)], 4 (2013)

Earth-13035 Victor Creed and Holo (Holly Bright) married, had kids, and enjoyed a long life together. First X-Men #5 (2013)

Earth-13043 Deadpool was a transvestite performing the time-warp with back-up singers while Deadpork (a Deadpool version of Spider-Ham) swung by. Avenging Spider-Man #13 (2013)

Earth-13044 Xavier-empowered Red Skull turned humanity against mutants, put the mutant race in concentration camps; the Apocalypse Twins spent time there as children.  Uncanny Avengers #4 (2013)

Earth-13054 Apparently ruled by Magneto; the Illuminati journeyed there to find it being consumed by Galaktus and his herald, Terrax the Truly Enlightened. Ultimately destroyed, but Terrax survived on Earth-616. New Avengers #4 (2013)

Earth-13059 Lord Xavier ruled as the Witch-King of Gha-no-shah, a land of magic and no technology. Tribes of trolls, Beasts, and Nightcrawlers (called Crawlers) existed in the wilderness. A group of reality hopping "X-Treme X-Men" (Captain Alison Blaire-13027, Cyclops-70213, Dazzler-616, Hercules-12025, James Howlett-12025, Sage-616, Kurt Waggoner-24135, Charles Xavier-16111) arrived there, where they were shot down by the Witch-King and attacked by his minions until Dazzler repelled them. They stormed the castle and seemingly killed the Witch-King (who feigned death). Captain Blaire sacrificed herself in the battle, turning into pure light before dissipating. Xavier-13059 secretly took control of Xavier-16111 and soon revived an apparently slain Nazi-13610, and then the three Xaviers traveled to and took over Earth-13812, until Xavier-13610 and Xavier-13059 were slain by an Exterminator. X-Treme X-Men #9 (2013)

Earth-13068 Asgard destroyed in battle between the gods and the giants Sturm and Drang. Captain Marvel #8 (2013)

Earth-13074 Dr. Susan Storm became Kang when her future world was eradicated. Ultimate Comics Wolverine #4 (July 2013)

Earth-13114 One million years in the future, White Man recovered as last known human on Earth by extraterrestrials, placed in zoo. Deadpool#14 (2013)

Earth-13116 Reality of origin of the Battleworld domain (K’un-Lun) ruled by the immortal baron Zheng Zu, until he was defeated by his son Shang-Chi who replaced him as baron. Master of Kung Fu #1 (2015)

Earth-13119 Wolverine awakened on a desolate planet to find aliens had cloned him several times; he named the surviving adolescent clone (who also had an adamantium-laced skeleton and claws) “Kouen.”  Savage Wolverine #9 (2013)

Earth-13121 Otto Octavius went back in time to change history, befriending young Otto and inspiring him to become a hero in the future, joining the Avengers (Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk) against Dr. Doom. Superior Spider-Man Team-Up Annual #1 (2013)

Earth-13122 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game (2013)

Earth-13131 This reality's Builders destroyed their reality's Earth and exhorted the Earth-616 Illuminati to do the same. New Avengers #11 (2013)

Earth-13133 Earth destroyed by a Celestial due to machinations of Apocalypse Twins, mutants "raptured" from Earth prior to its destruction. Years later, Kang projected the minds of this Earth's Avengers Unity Squad into their 616 counterparts before Earth's destruction, allowing them to prevent it. Uncanny Avengers #13 (2013)

Earth-13139 Ghost Rider served the Mecha-lords of Hell, drawing on the energies of machinery. He was brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal until he was freed by a rogue Kashmir Vennema and used against VM. Ghost Rider joined the battle against VM. Captain America and Black Widow #639 (2013)

Earth-13140 A.R.M.O.R.-616 sent the Lizard and his people from Earth-12128 to this Earth to thrive and live. Captain America and Black Widow #640 (2013)

Earth-13144 Match (Ben Hammil) trapped in a well with a ghost girl. Nation X #4 (2010)

Earth-13159 Soldiers of Project Echelon took over the country. aka Earth-616.1. Red She-Hulk #59 (2013)

Earth-13155 After trying to get his Avengers teammates to work over Christmas, Iron Man was visited by the spirits of Wonder Man and Deadpool to be cured of his Scrooge-like attitude. His attitude changed, he let his teammates take the day off, which made it easy for Skrulls to destroy the world. Marvel Super-Heroes: What The--?! Season 1#29: Holiday Special With Iron Man and Deadpool (2013)

Earth-13266 After the rest of the Fantastic Four were slain by Doom the Annihilating Conqueror, Human Torch (John Storm) traveled to Reality-616's relative past to warn them; diverged when Ant-Man (Scott Lang) stripped Doom-616 of Annihilus and Kid Immortus' power. FF #2 (2013)

EARTH-13269 Violent tremors in the San Andreas fault rock North America on 29th September 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-13270 (Spider-Man) Spider-Man is a mutant that when bitten by the radioactive spider, it held in his normal mutation. When Spider-Man lost the powers he received by the spider bite, his natural mutant powers kicked in.
    (app)-- Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions

Earth-13272 Calvin Rankin was married to Clarice Ferguson and the two lived an idyllic life with two mutant children. This reality was glimpsed in a dream by Earth-12's Mimic. Exiles #7 (2002)

Earth-13371 Charles Xavier became a giant Acanti whale. A Brood Queen possessed him and used his vessel to house her army, but he was able to keep his powers a secret from her. Eventually they made it to Earth-616, where the reality-hopping X-Treme X-Men defeated the Brood and killed the Xavier at his request. X-Treme X-Men #7.1 (2013)

Earth-13391 Bloodstorm was brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal until she was freed by a rogue Kashmir Vennema and used against VM. Bloodstorm joined the battle against VM. Captain America and Black Widow #639 (2013)

Earth-13393 Earth-811 variant circa 2055 AD; Kelly became President, dedicated himself to mutant rights; plague released by the Friends of Humanity wiped out most of the planet. This reality's Forge sent his own Bishop back in time (no idea what became of him), and resends Bishop-31393 back to try again. He succeeds, but with dire consequences - the plague reality was the past of the timeline discussed in the paragraph below, and Bishop disrupts it.
    Circa 3999 AD, mutations went out of control. Cable forced to travel back in time to try and reverse what Bishop did.
    --X-Men cartoon (1993)

EARTH-13410 Seeking to persevere his country’s ideals, a British Charles Xavier allied with Hitler and other dictators to win World War II, killing Captain America himself then turning on the dictators and killing them, including Hitler, and then re-enslaving black people. Atlantis then turned on the surface world, killing millions in tidal waves and horrifying Namor Miyamoto, representing Great Atlantis and Imperial Japan (having a Japanese and an Atlantean parent). Xavier turned on Atlantis, wiping them out, and Namor swore revenge, spending the next ten years trying to kill Xavier. A team of reality-hopping "X-Treme X-Men" (Dazzler-616, Hercules-12025, Governor James Howlett-12025, Sage-616, Corporal Scott Summers-70213, Kurt Waggoner-24135, Charles Xavier-16111) arrived in this reality and were attacked by Namor Miyamoto until he realized they were on his side. The massively powerful “Nazi Xavier” attacked and told the team he had the world’s last surviving humans, numbering in the hundreds, and that Namor, commanding a tsunami, was the true enemy to them. On the HSM Albion (the floating ship containing the final human survivors), they discovered black men held as slaves. Xavier hit Namor with a brutal attack, but was downed by Dazzler and beheaded by Namor after the civilians were freed. Xavier-13610 was revived by "Witch King" Xavier-13059 and disembodied head Xavier-16111 (under Xavier-13059's control), and the trio traveled to and took over Earth-13812, until Xavier-13610 and Xavier-13059 were slain by an Exterminator. X-Treme X-Men #10 (April, 2013)

Earth-13445 Young Loki sacrificed himself, Mephisto was dethroned, the Fear-Lords went free, Tyr took a lover, Hel-Wolf raised Thori, Master Wilson started reforming the Manchester Gods, the All-Mother continued ruling, Asgardians like Volstagg were happy, Thor was the eternal protector, and young Loki lived forever in the ancient past with Leah. Journey into Mystery #645 (2013)

“EARTH-13519” (Avengers (Black Panther, Black Cat, Spider-Man, Hulk, War Machine) Thunderbolts, Skrulls, Dark Ones)
    - The Dark Ones have destroyed the Skrulls and are on there way towards Earth. In the absence of the Avengers, the UN sanctions the Thunderbolts as Earth’s protectors, however the Black Panther decides to gather a new group of Avengers due to lack of trust towards the Thunderbolts.
    (app)-- Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions: Avengers: Defenders of the Galaxy

Earth-13584 When Kang attacked, A.I.M. captured a sliver of fluid time and began manipulating events, gaining access to knowledge and weapons. New York was divided into clans, including Iron Zone (dominated by Iron Man, who eventually existed only as an organic brain within his armor), Strangetown (dominated by Dr. Strange), Yancy (dominated by the Thing), and “Spider-Zone” (dominated by Spider-Man and his allies). Years later, Warden John Walker and a team of Thunderbolts (Moonstone, Ragnarok, Toxie Doxie, Dark Spider-Man, Trickshot, Skaar) from Earth-616 arrived and encountered the various zone’s rulers, and the presence of the Thunderbolts began unraveling AIM’s time sliver. As Trickshot-616 and Wasp slew Iron Omega (Tony Stark’s brain in massive armor), the Thunderbolts escaped through a portal back to Earth-616, where they confronted A.I.M., savagely defeating them. Dark Avengers #184 (2013)

Earth-13617 Bentley-23 of the Future Foundation invented a chronal engine that would “plunge the entire timeline into the outerverse, causing chronal devastation.” Time Variance Authority traveled to Earth-616 to prevent this, leading Bentley to abort his plans to build the engine. Avenging Spider-Man #17 (2013)

Earth-13618 At age 18, Anna Marie encountered Touch-32466, whom she fell in love with and who named her Rogue, and she brought his son, Cotton, to the parents of Cody Robbins to raise. Rogue Touch (2013)

Earth-13625 Deadpool killed the Marauders Arclight, Vertigo, Blockbuster) and Mr.  Sinister. Deadpool video game (2013)

EARTH-13639 Mount Helka in Iceland erupts on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-13640 Mount St. Helens in Washington erupts on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-13641 Castle Rock in Edinburgh, Scotland erupts on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

“EARTH-13660” (Iron Man, S.H.I.E.L.D.)
    - In the year 2020, Stark Industries collapsed forcing Stark to work with the Russian government and develops cybernetic cloning for them.
    (app)-- Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions

Earth-13729 (Akkaba City, Anole Industries, Archangel Bots, Ava'dara (Shi'ar Majestrix), Bamfs, Barry the Wendigo, C'vrrrk Bluskuul of the Brood, Bureau of Mass Destruction, Captain China, Carmen Drake, Chruch of Cyttorak, Frankenstein Inc., Summer Grey, Hellfire Unlimited, Professor James Howlett-Logan, Interstellar Committee on Religious Fanatacism, Interstellar Committee on Superhuman Arms Control, Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, Krakoa Corps, Mr. Langkowski, Latverian Fall-Out Zone, Rose Logan, Moloids, Phoenix, Kubrick Quire, Science Vampires, Shark Woman, She-Sentinel 17, Shi'ar, Space Station X, Thor (all-father), Thunderbird, Wakanda Sky City 5, Warren Worthington IV, Worthington Industries, X-Force (Shark Woman's squad), X-Men High Commmand, Charlene Xavier, Professor Xorn)
    <past/subsequent to modern era - Hellfire Academy and the damned siege, Azazel and his pirates, Black Order, butcheress Mondo, Sabretooth's secret plans, new Brotherhood, Apocalypse Crusade, Jean...>
25 years in the future, Jean Grey School run by Professor Xorn and has numerous branches, including New Beijing, Sea Francisco, and the Anole Industries prototype colony on the Blue Area of the Moon. Wolverine and the X-Men #29 (2013)

Earth-13793 The biochip used to repair Tony Stark's spine combined with nanites injected into Tony years before by Justin Hammer to form an entity that named itself Tony Stark 2.0. The entity took over military missile sites and targeted major cities across Earth, forcing Iron Man to ally with Justin Hammer to stop the entity before it destroyed the planet. Iron Man #258.1 (2013)

Earth-13729 25 years in the future, Jean Grey School run by Professor Xorn and has numerous branches. Wolverine and the X-Men #29 (2013)

Earth-13761 Scoured of life by Mapmakers, destroyed by Black Panther (T’Challa)-616 via antimatter bomb when encroached on Earth-616. New Avengers #6 (2013)

Earth-13786 Trickshot dreamed of killing Lord Demonpimp for women, but they favored Hawkeye. Dark Avengers #186 (2013)

Earth-13812 Controlling disembodied head Xavier-16111, "Witch King" Xavier-13059 revived Xavier-13610, and the trio traveled to and took over this reality, until Xavier-13610 and Xavier-13059 were slain by an Exterminator. Xavier-16111 narrowly escaped with his dimension-hopping "X-Treme X-Men" allies (Dazzler-616, Hercules-12025, Governor James Howlett-12025, Sage-616, Corporal Scott Summers-70213, Kurt Waggoner-24135), as the Exterminator wiped out this reality. X-Treme X-Men #12 (2013)

Earth-13819 Otto Octavius, in Schenectady as a young boy, observed as the ghost of Peter Parker and May Jameson in a wedding dress stood by while a giant octopus attacked. The giant unmasked as Torbert Octavius before disappearing. Avenging Spider-Man #19 (2013)

Earth-13927 Diverged from Earth-1610 when, in the N-Zone, when that universe started to die, Reed Richards-13927 created the Infinity Gauntlet to stop his universe from dying. He slowed down the process, but was turned into a Watcher as a result. Ultimate Comics Ultimates #27 (2013)

Earth-13967 Wolverine teamed up with Indiana girl Wendy to fight aliens who had kidnapped her and threatened to kill Wolverine with a nuclear noose. Astonishing X-Men #67 (2013)

Earth-13982 Testing a top secret government bomb, the bulky Dr. Bruce Banner noticed a toddler playing with butterflies on the test site and got the boy to safety moments before the bomb went off, dousing Banner with Gamma radiation and transforming him into the incredible Hulk when he got angry. A short time later, after the young Peter Parker was bitten by a spider at a science exhibit and became the heroic Spider-Man, two mutant children were introduced to the mutant hero X-Men when they joined Professor X's Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. Team Marvel: Meet the Incredible Hulk (2002)  

Earth-13989 Karn the Inheritor slew the Great Spider-Wolf of the Lycansphere. Amazing Spider-Man #11 (2015)

EARTH-14026 Annihilation battle reached Earth at the end of the super hero Civil War
    --W? Annihilation (2007)

Earth-14031 AIR (Advanced Ideas in Regeneration) collected samples from people with healing powers and inadvertently brought about a zombie apocalypse via efforts to recreate regenerative powers in a dead person. Deadpool attempted to cure the zombies by consuming the healing factor himself and letting the zombies consume him; while the zombies were cured of their hunger and were returned to life, Deadpool's consciousness was spread amongst all who fed on him. Night of the Living Deadpool #1 (2014)

Earth-14042 Tony Stark designed the Digital Identity Securement Kit (DISK) alongside Dr. Nozomu Akatsuki but while presenting the DISK technology at the Raft, Loki attacked and used the tech to cause a prison breakout. During the breakout, Avengers Captain America, Thor, Wasp, Iron Man and Hulk are trapped inside DISKs. Dr. Akatsuki's sons Akira & Hikaru, as well as 3 other children (Edward, Chris & Jessica) eventually obtain the DISKs that contain the Avengers and they then acquire biocodes that allow them to briefly summon the Avengers from the DISKs as they travel the world seeking to obtain other DISKs before they fall into the wrong hands. Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers episode, "The Mightiest of Heroes!" (April 2, 2014)

Earth-14043 Gamma bomb exposure made Bruce Banner healthier, but he went progressively mad while kept on constant military surveillance; while attempting to flee after Betty died from gamma poisoning, a government agent head Banner fatally shot. Marvel Knights: Hulk #2-3 (2014)

Earth-14083 Electro taunted by monstrous spider. Amazing Spider-Man #3 (2014)

Earth-14094 (Captain Americat, Duck-tor Doom, Galactypus, Hulk-Bunny, Kangaroo the Conqueror, May Porker, Spider-Ham/Peter Porker, Spider-Ham/Miles Morhames) “Ultimate” version of Larval Earth. Ultimate FF #4 (2014)

Earth-14106 Bearded, goggle-less Hyperion in classic red and gold costume. Earth-1610’s Future Foundation traveled to this world and met Hyperion. Ultimate FF #6 (2014)

Earth-14110 Doom usurped Thor's hammer, defeated by Nova (Sam Alexander) aboard Silver Surfer's loaned surfboard. Nova #10 (2014)

Earth-14112 In-Betweener split in two: Order and Chaos. Order infused itself into S.H.I.E.L.D. and kept Chaos captive. Order spoke out publicly against magic beings. Dr. Strange assembled a team to try and save Chaos: Longshot, Deadpool (wielding a magic wand), Scarlet Witch, and Ghost Rider. Chaos escaped as the Helicarrier crashed. Chaos summoned beings from alternate dimensions to this reality: an elderly Magneto (who looked like Ian McKellan), Dracula, Wolverine vampire lord, a werewolf Captain America, a Carnage-possessed Silver Surfer, a Venom-possessed Punisher, and Doombots from other realities. Order and Chaos met as Chaos summoned Kingpin with an Infinity Gauntlet, a Phoenix-powered Kraven the Hunter, a gamma-powered Thor, a gamma-powered Hawkeye, a gamma-powered Captain America, and a green-armored Iron Man. Earth-616 was temporarily warped/merged with this reality when Longshot-616 used a Cosmic Cube to wish the In-Betweener would "get lost."; Longshot subsequently used the Cosmic Cube to restore Earth-616 to normal. Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe #1 (2014)

Earth-14114 Hitler survived in 1960s, and Earth remained war torn into the present, which was overrun by Nazis using Panzer Sentinels controlled by the uber-powerful Francis Talbot; visited by Deadpool-42466 and Cable's X-Force-42466, during which Talbot was wiped from existence by Deadpool's time machine gun, which seemingly prevented the cascade of events that had led to this reality (manipulations performed by Deadpool under instruction of Francis Talbot-42466). Deadpool vs. X-Force #4 (2014)

Earth-14116 K’un-Lun residents observed Wendell Rand’s fall and brought him to K’un-Lun; Heather Rand was also recovered, and she and Harold Meachum continued their affair, which was discovered by young Daniel Rand. Glimpsed as a dream by Iron Fist-616. Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#6 (2014)

Earth-14118 Thirty years in the future, Tony and Arno's space elevator projects sabotaged by artificial intelligence HELEN (derived from Recorder 451) who then devastated Earth, leading to the Starks' executions, and humanity's eventual extermination by the Kree-Skrull union under direction of Dorrek VIII. Iron Man #18 (2014)

Earth-14123 Big Hero 6 movie (2014)

Earth-14132 High-tech Earth. Spider-Man (Peter Parker) wore the Spider-Armor (from Web of Spider-Man #100 in Reality-616) until he was killed by Karn. Superior Spider-Man #32 (2014).

Earth-14137 After meeting a sentient, reality-warping pencil, She-Hulk allowed the pencil to alter her own reality in hopes of finding adventure. Briefly given haunted eyeglasses, She-Hulk removed them after falling in love with an apple, spurning the ghost of a previous apple and driving it to rampage through the city. When the Not-Drawn-with-the-Dominant-Hand Avengers proved unsuccessful in stopping the apple ghost, She-Hulk talked things out with the ghost and it wandered off into the ocean, where it married a school of roughly ten fish. On Earth-616, this was mirrored by a fan-fiction story. All-New, All-Different Avengers Annual #1 (2016)

Earth-14145 Potential future taking place 8 months after... Avengers #35 (2014)

Earth-14161 Dimitrios eradicated humanity. Avengers A.I. #6 (2014)

Earth-14209 Thanos gained absolute power, transformed all reality into a massive necropolis, populated by scavengers and the living dead. Thanos: The Infinity Revelation (2014)

Earth-14219 Leader slew General Ross' Thunderbolts, only to be slain in turn by Mercy; glimpsed as hypothetical scenario by Leader-616. Thunderbolts #19 (2014)

EARTH-14222 World War Three breaks out on 16th October 1984 in this reality, causing nuclear holocaust
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-14223 World War Three breaks out on 16th October 1984 in this reality, causing nuclear holocaust
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-14248 Squirrel Girl married Rocket Raccoon. Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration #1 (2014)

Earth-14249 Philadelphia was overrun with demons led by Venom ("Flash" Thompson). Venom #40 (2014)

Earth-14254 Kiden Nixon killed by the Thunderbolts (Swordsman/Strucker, Venom/Gargan). NYX: No Way Home #5 (2009)

Earth-14257 Alternate future in which the Fantastic Four all have beards (except Sue). Thing time traveled to the present day to pull a prank on Human Torch.  The Torch later tried to pull the same stunt, but was a day late. Amazing Spider-Man #700.5 (2014)

Earth-14325 Conquered by evil Avengers (General America, Iron Monger/Edwin Jarvis, Thorr, Ant-Man, Wasp, Hulk), destroyed in an incursion, but Avengers escaped to Earth-616. Avengers #25 (2014)

Earth-14436 Fifty year old Daredevil lost powers battling Jubala Pride (Owl's daughter); young son, Jack, has hyper-senses. Daredevil #36 (aka 1.5) (2014)

Earth-14412 Future where Thor rules Asgard (but looks really depressed about it), Loki is evil again, but tells the truth (admittedly, not the WHOLE truth), and Earth is in ruins (Latveria, at least, looks like an ash-covered wasteland). Loki from this future has been seemingly imprisoned by Reality-616's All-Mother so he can offer advice about current and future events, as the Asgardians were unhappy without a predestined future; Loki secretly manipulates events as he hopes for an even darker version of the future. Loki Agent of Asgard #1 (2014)

Earth-14512 Peni Parker bonded with SP//dr, wore giant robot spider armor. Edge of Spider-Verse #5 (2014)

Earth-14515 Black Swan-1365 manipulated Reed Richards and Tony Stark into locating Manifold, then slew Richards and Stark before escaping that world, which she subsequently destroyed. New Avengers #15 (2014)

Earth-14534 Attacked by an unidentified time traveler, Adolf Hitler traveled through time and was slain by Cable, Deadpool, and Nick Fury. Deadpool#26 (May, 2014)

Earth-14622 Hank Pym created Ultron to improve the world, but Ultron rapidly destroyed humanity with the exception of Pym, whom Ultron continually defeated and released, memories erased, to attack him anew; each time Ultron progressively converted Pym into a robot, eventually renaming Pym as Ultron-(version) 1321. Pym/Ultron-1321 led his reality's Lord Ultron to invade this reality, as well as Earth-62412, Earth-23223, and Earth-81223 as new homes; Wolverine-62412, Thor/Natasha-23223, and Captain America-81223 (Ava) traveled to Earth-45162 to oppose Ultron. After the Ultrons apparently eliminated all other life on Earth-45162, Pym-14622 guided the visiting heroes, along with Wasp and Giant-Man-45162 to escape back to Reality-14622 to try to rebuild it. On Earth-45162, Pym/Ultron apparently sacrificed himself to destroy Lord Ultron. What If? Age of Ultron #1 (2014)

Earth-14702 Electro, Hobgoblin, Rhino, Vulture, Sandman, Scorpion, Dr. Octopus, Mysterio, and Venom hit Peter Parker/Spider-Man with snowballs before Uncle Ben helped him through a storm. Amazing Spider-Man #700.2 (2014)

Earth-14727 Industrial corporations of Earth-1610 dumped toxic waste into the oceans of this world, poisoning and killing thousands of Atlanteans. Queen Namora of Atlantis led an invasion force to Earth-1610 in retaliation, but Doctor Doom (Victor Van Damme) sent them back to their world, along with poison to kill them all, to avoid more attacks.  Ultimate FF #2 (2014)

EARTH-14845 (Impossible Man)
Controller used slave disc on Impossible Man, deranged him, rampaged across Earth until mind restored via humor by Morph-1081 -

Earth-14831 Conquered by Ultron, world overrun by robots, with only 30 million humans surviving; conquered Asgard and became new all-father, while other Asgardians plus Beta Ray Bill were trapped behind a power-draining magic mirror; Ultron created Avengers in image of 21st century counterparts (Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye), along with corrupted Vision and Thor (latter possessed by nanite Loki); Avengers-616 (Black Widow, Captain America, Hyperion, Starbrand, Thor) were sent to this time some 400 years after the modern era via the Time Gem following the apparent destruction of the rest of the Infinity Gems, during which time Captain America-14831 implanted a bomb within Captain America-616, intended to affect the next future reality to which Captain America traveled. Following the death of Dr. Victor von Doom, the Doombot who had been part of Avengers AI in this reality assumed the mantle of being the true Doom and summoned Avengers from the past (Hulk/Bruce Banner in unstable early gamma experimentation days; Iron Man (James Rhodes) during his first stint while suffering intermittent headaches due to armor not being synched to him; Thor Odinson while suffering Hela's brittle immortality curse); present (Black Widow and Vision/unintentionally); and future (Thor/Jane Foster/ner future of Reality-616; Captain America/Danielle Cage of Reality-15061 ("20XX") to overthrow/destroy Odin so "Doom" could rule in his place; recognizing Dooombot's true nature, Vision-616 played along and then guided Doombot to cast off Doom's programming and become a relatively benevolent ruler, over the centuries guiding humanity to thrive and live free again with the Asgardians as humanity's protectors; his growing civilization voyaged in peace and harmony to the edges of teh cosmos. Avengers #31 (2014)

Earth-14850 Wolverine never de-programmed as Hydra agent. W? Wolverine: Enemy of the State (2007)

Earth-14923 Omega-level mutant Matthew Malloy slew multiple X-Men and others after his powers surfaced; diverged from Reality-616 in which Tempus traveled into the past and convinced a young Charles Xavier to telepathically prevent Malloy's parents from meeting and thus Malloy from being being born. Uncanny X-Men #23 (2014)

Earth-15001 Lady Deadpool's face healed of scars, but she was then rejected by other scarred women. Deadpool Corps #5 (2010)

Earth-15011 Peter Parker's radioactive spider-bite put him in a coma for weeks until he transformed into a man-spider. The Spider-Men of Earth-90214 and Earth-92100 cured him with a serum that rendered him totally powerless. Spider-Verse Team-Up #1 (2015)

Earth-15061 Avengers (Black Widow/Natasha Romanova, Captain America/Danielle Cage, blond Hulk/Hulkling?/Altman?, Iron Man with fish tail, Ms. Marvel/short brown hair, tiny Nova, Thor with one eye wielding Jarnbjorn ax, Vision, female Sub-Mariner), Golden Skull and band of looters. Manhattan regularly flooded. Avengers: Ultron Forever #1 (2015)

Earth-15075 Fifth Mechanized Infantry of the Britannia Garrison summoned to Earth-616 by James Ransom. Wisdom#5 (2007)

Earth-15083 Beast-616 observed this Beast‘s similar search for mutant extinction cure. X-Factor #24

Earth-15097 Granting fire to early man in the past, Johnny Storm worshipped as a god into modern times, where his form replaces the Statue of Liberty. Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes "Out of Time" (2007)

Earth-15110 Ducanard. SHIELD #10 (2015)

EARTH-15120 San Diego, overrun by Mexican bandit hordes on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-15104 - Here Comes Tomorrow
    (OH:AU)--New X-Men I#150

Earth-15131 One of five realities shown by John Aman, in which Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, and Johnny and Sue Storm killed in cosmic ray exposure during space flight; one was bald with pointy ears. Defenders #11 (2012)

Earth-15143 The Fantastic Thors (Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm) helped defend Battleworld’s Shield during its final siege. Siege #4 (2015)

Earth-15144 Former bank manager Stana Morgan secretly fell in love with and married Matt Murdock/Daredevil after being saved by him; became pregnantly, possibly gave birth, but ultimately apparently slain by Bullseye. Daredevil #36 (aka 1.5) (2014)

Earth-15164 Reed Richards, Johnny & Sue Storm, and Ben Grimm never empowered; Reed married Sue. Nova #33 (2010)

Earth-15167 Sinister was formerly a baron of his own Battleworld domain until he was conquered by Apocalypse (51518) and forced to be one of the horsemen of Apocalypse. Old Man Logan #2 (2015)

EARTH-15224 An outbreak of spontaneous human combustions in London kills 728 on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-15238 Morgan le Fay came to Battleworld's Weirdworld at some point and became the baron of the domain as the Witch Queen. Weirdworld #1 (2015)

EARTH-15310 Channel Tunnel collapses on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-15312 World of living action figures. Their Spider-Man joined the Web Warriors. Amazing Spider-Man #12 (2015)

Earth-15340 Conquered by Mapmakers. The Illuminati attempted to trap the Cabal there, but they escaped to Earth-1610 before it was destroyed. Avengers #40 (2015)

Earth-15349 After his wrestler father (el Aracnido) died, el Hombre Aracnido became a hero and started fighting crime. Spider-Verse #2 (2015)

Earth-15513 Composite Battleworld formed by Doom, including portions of numerous realities preserved by Doom. Secret Wars #2 (2015)

Earth-15528 Groot willingly stayed on Earth to let his cells be harvested in curing human diseases, which by 2046 caused Groot to become a towering giant that destroyed the Avengers and Earth. Killing Rocket awakened Groot, and he turned into a giant tree, memorializing Rocket, letting the future flourish. Rocket Raccoon #8 (2015)

EARTH-15542 Mount Helka in Iceland erupts on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-15645 Adsit took an improvisation class and became a comedic supporting character on a critically acclaimed TV show headlined by a funny lady with glasses. Deadpool #45 (2015)

Earth-15705 Squirrel Girl partnered with Captain America in the 1940s, battled Hydra and Bass Lass (alias of Red Skull). Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #5 (2015)

Earth-15726 Destroyer Thor was a member of Battleworld’s Doomgard and was Rune Thor’s partner.  Secret Wars: Battleworld #1 (2015)

EARTH-15731 - divergent version of Earth-148611; Proteus-58163 possessed Justice and transported him to Earth-6375
    --Exiles#72 (73, 74, Exiles: Days of Then and Now#1

Earth-15797 World without super heroes; homeless Jesse gained Nova-power, saved Earth from Skrull invasions. W?#15

EARTH-15803 The Black Death sweeps across Europe as of 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-15819 Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) was a senior student in Battleworld's Victor von Doom Institute for Gifted Youths.  Hailing from an unrevealed domain, he rebelled after finally realizing how brutal and contradictory the school's policies were, and was killed for his defiance. Runaways #1 (2015)

EARTH-15857 David Bowie assassinated in Zurich at televised concert on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-15922 Thrr, a large anthropomorphic dog Thor, was a member of Battleworld’s Doomgard. Thors #2 (2015)

Earth-16001 Rune Thor was a member of Battleworld’s Doomgard, but was also a serial killer of Jane Fosters and Don Blakes. Thors #1 (2015)

Earth-16045 Thor (Carol Danvers) kissed Captain America (Sam Wilson) then took Cap to Asgard, where the two revealed their identities to one another before Juggernaut, who had traveled to Asgard to give his beloved Thor flowers, witnessed Thor in the arms of Cap and felt betrayed. Glimpsed and written as a fan-fiction story in Reality-616 by Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan). All-New, All-Different Avengers #5 (2016)

Earth-16101 Kamala Khan became Captain Marvel (and battled Skrull Antagonauts) upon Carol Danvers' death until Mar-Vell returned to life. All-New, All-Different Avengers Annual #1 (2016)

Earth-16111 Charles Xavier was born a genius into wealth and fame. He discovered the mutant gene and formed a group of X-Men (versions of Angel, Cyclops, Iceman, and Marvel Girl) to be celebrities. When men dressed as Sentinels slaughtered the group, Xavier reacted badly and killed them with his mind. Later, existing as a floating head in a tank (possibly as a power source to Xavier/Savior-12245), Xavier joined group of reality-hopping “X-Treme X-Men.” X-Treme X-Men #1 (2012)
    (X-Treme X-Men II#5 (fb)

Earth-16112 Scarlet Centurion slew Odin and disappeared, leading Asgardians to slaughter Earth's heroes; SHIELD agents traveled to Asgard and stopped Centurion from slaying Odin, diverging Earth-616 from this reality. S.H.I.E.L.D. #12 (2016)

Earth-16114 Norman Osborn rescued from the Raft by super-powered operatives, including Joe Grace. New Avengers #16.1 (2011)

Earth-16127 Meeting for the first time, Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel fought after Ms. Marvel was late to their meeting due to her bus running late. When Ms. Marvel obtained a power-up and began glowing with blue fire, Squirrel Girl covered herself in squirrels to form a suit of armor as Ultimate Squirrel Girl and kicked Ms. Marvel across the city. On Earth-616, this was mirrored by a video game played in a fan-fiction story mirroring Reality-40111. All-New, All-Different Avengers Annual#1 (2016)

Earth-16137 “Broken” Earth with acid seas and exploding air. X-Man#73

Earth-16161 Power Pack’s adventures involved excessive violence, sex, and profanity. Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration #1 (2014)

Earth-16163 D-Man was Baron of the Demolition House domain on Battleworld. Secret Wars Too #1 (2016)

Earth-16211 Native Kashmir Vennema was recruited by Vennema Multiversal. She traveled to Earth-616, where she tried selling brainwashed heroes to the Secret Empire, but was killed by an alternate Black Widow instead. Captain America and Black Widow #636 (2012)

Earth-16348 Agent Venom was recruited to join a multiversal resistance against the alien Poisons. As part of the resistance, Agent Venom was ultimately slain by a Poison inhabiting the body of an alternate reality Hulk. Venomverse #1 (2017)

Earth-16558 Omega World, over 1000 years in the future, visited by Reality-616’s modern era’s Anole, Glob Herman, Ernst, Martha Johansson and Colossus. Extraordinary X-Men #8 (2016)

Earth-16619 Squirrel Girl focused on studying to the exclusion of all else, including eating and sleeping, causing her to die and eventually become a skeleton. Squirrel Girl #7 (2016)

Earth-16827 Wolf-Spider (Peter Parker) sought to capture and drain the life forces of other Spider Totems until he was stopped by Spider-Man-12041 ("Ultimate Spider-Man" cartoon). Ultimate Spider-Man 4.16 "Return to the Spider-Verse Part 1" (2016)

Earth-16832 Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes joined the Super Soldier program to join the war effort to stop Apocalypse from annexing their Battleworld domain (later referred to as "a forgotten kingdom"). When their domain’s forces lost, Rogers and Barnes were forced to fight in Battleworld’s Killiseum. Planet Hulk #1 (2015)

EARTH-16885 Anarachist attack in Paris causes Eiffel Tower to collapse on 29th September 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-16908 Superflow connection off-line, White Events presumably prevented. Avengers #7 (2013)

Earth-17084 Steve Rogers was empowered by an alien symbiote, becoming the shield-wielding Captain Venom who eventually led a resistance composed of alternate reality symbiote hosts against the Poisons of Reality-17952. Edge of Venomverse #1 (2017)

EARTH-17103 (EARTH-171-3) Spontaneous human combustion outbreak in Leningrad kills 630 on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-17112 Native Ms. Marvel was kidnapped and brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal, then placed in stasis. Captain America and Black Widow #636 (2012)

Earth-17121 Alternate realities' Kashmir Vennemas united to form Vennema Multiversal, and they put their headquarters on this alternate world. The headquarters was eventually dismantled. Captain America and Iron Man #635 (2012)

Earth-17122 Voyager (Valerie Vector). After gaining teleportational powers from an accident in her scientist father (Arthur Vector)'s lab as a child, Valerie was a founding member of the Avengers, participating in several early missions in Avengers history, ultimately seemingly dying while battling Victory the Electromagnetic Man during one of the Grandmaster's contests of champions. She was instead deposited outside reality, only able to float and view events but not interact. Freed from her imprisonment when Earth was shunted from its place in the cosmos, Voyager reunited with the Avengers and aided them against the Black Order and Lethal Legion, champions in a game between the Grandmaster and the Challenger. (Voyager pictured with founding Avengers) Marvel Legacy#1 (2017); (reality seen, related as false history of Voyager-616) Avengers #676 (2018); (Voyager-616) Avengers #675 (2018)

Earth-17315 Dark future, Logan sacrifices himself to save the next generation of young mutants. Logan movie (2017)

Earth-17342 Chthon & N’Garai conquered Earth. Avengers III#42

Earth-17353 Home reality of Moon Knight, a hero bonded to an alien symbiote who joined a multiversal resistance against the alien Poisons, who ultimately devoured this Moon Knight and transformed his corpse into one of their own hosts. Venomverse: War Stories#1 (2017)

Earth-17383 Delivery of the infant Nathaniel Richards (later Kang) to the modern day Priests of Pama generated a temporal paradox that granted the Priests chronal powers, which further changed their children such that by the 26th century, the Priests fed on temporal energy. A group encountered Reality-616’s time-traveling Wasp (Nadia Pym), saved the Avengers from the paradoxes of their having been slain as infants by Kang and the Scarlet Centurion, and drained the temporal energies from the pursuing latter two. AV #3 (2017)

Earth-17515 Circa 7215 A.D., Kang conquered Sacniaa and used other aliens to mine time itself; the potential future of Sacniaa’s natives was stolen by Kang’s miners’ weapons, leaving them primitive. Time-traveling Avengers traveled there to destroy some of Kang's operations there using a "Time Bomb" whose energies were funneled into the Time Tether device to Kang's end of time stronghold. Avengers #5 (2017).

Earth-17546 Dr. Strange aided Yao and then departed to rescue Nina the Conjuror. When Yao followed to check on Strange's rescue attempt, he was captured and pulled into another dimension by beings resembling goblins. Nina and Strange followed to save Yao but during the battle, both Yao and Nina were impaled and killed at the hands of the goblin-like beings. Doctor Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme #6 (2017)

Earth-17673 The Red Skull took over Logan's mind and used him as a weapon to kill Cyclops, Jubilee, Beast and others he cared about at the Xavier Mansion, leaving Logan for dead and leading to Logan breaking away from the X-Men in an effort to forget the events. Seventy years later, after Logan's son Scotty died and he adopted Bruce Banner, Jr. following his killing of Banner, Sr., Logan was found by his former teammate Archangel, who led Logan into a trap set by Bruce Banner, Jr. and Ashley Barton, who planned to kill Logan and use his DNA to create an army of Wolverine clones. When Banner, Barton and Archangel unleashed an alien symbiote-empowered tyrannosaurus rex against Logan, Logan jumped into the dinosaur's mouth to finish it, only to become bonded to the dinosaur's symbiote himself. This reality's Logan then joined an alternate reality Captain Venom-17084 (Steve Rogers) in a resistance against the Poisons of Reality-17952. Edge of Venomverse #4 (2017)

EARTH-17806 Tremors in Italy sink Venice on 3rd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-17893 Deadpool went on James Bond-like missions as Barry Deadpool. Deadpool Team-Up #893 (2010)

EARTH-17923 Riots at a Fascist rally in London cause 27 deaths on 29th September 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-17952 Poisons sought to possess Klyntar/symbiote beings from across the multiverse. Edge of Venomverse #2 (2017)

Earth-18063 A Klyntar symbiote-powered Blob was consumed and his body was assimilated into the reality-17952 alien Poison Hive. As part of the Hive, the Poison Blob participated in an attack on Earth-616 in an effort to recruit new Poisons into the Hive but he was killed by lightning via Bloodstorm-21710. Venomized #3 (2018)

Earth-18083 Franq’lyn R’ich’rdz briefly brought to Earth-6513 via that Reed Richards’ cross dimensional communicator. Franklin Richards: Sons of Geniuses #1

Earth-18119 Spider-Man (Peter Parker) married Mary Jane Watson and had a daughter, Anna; eventually Anna developed powers and began adventuring alongside Peter, as Spiderling, as did Mary Jane, who used technology to duplicate Peter’s powers as Spinerette. Spider-Verse #2 (2015)

Earth-18121 Matt Murdock received eye implants to replace his damaged eyes, unaware that the Kingpin had discovered his secret identity and kidnapped his ophthalmologist Dr. Jackson's children to force Jackson to surgically alter Murdock's tear ducts to produce a powerful hallucinogenic. Hallucinating Bullseye attacking his friend "Foggy" Nelson, Murdock stabbed "Bullseye," only to realize he had killed Nelson instead. He then began seeing ghosts of Karen Page and others that had died on his watch before calling Dr. Jackson & learning of the Kingpin's blackmail. Sitting in his bathroom floor in anguish over his now-permanent condition, Murdock failed to notice the Kingpin entering the room with a baseball bat. Avengers Halloween Special #1 (2018)

Earth-18124 Squirrel Girl was vengeance-obsessed vigilante. Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #5 (2015)

Earth-18133 Magik (Illyana Rasputin) trained by Dr. Stephen Strange as Sorcerer Supreme. What if? Magik #1 (2018)

Earth-18138 Cable brought Captain Marvel (Captain America's shield-wielding Kamala Khan), Iron Groot (Rocket piloting a mech-suit composed of Groot), Jubilee, Juggerduck (Howard possessing the Gem of Cyttorak) and hundreds of others back in time against Cosmic Ghost Rider (Frank Castle) to prevent his raising of infant Thanos because it made Thanos even worse. All brought back were slain by Cosmic Ghost Rider, Galactus, and/or Thanos. Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 (2018)

Earth-18139 Bitten by radioactive spider, Flash Thompson became brutal crimefighter Spider-Man. Killed Peter Parker in a rage as Parker’s photos cast him in a negative light; as penance, he reclaimed a rare isotope from the Master Planner that Parker needed to cure his sick aunt, then turned himself in to the police. What If?: Spider-Man #1 (2018)

Earth-18150 Nova (Sam Alexander) returned to Earth for his 1000th adventure, helmet stolen by young son, Jesse, so Jesse could adventure as Nova. Nova #10 (2014)

EARTH-18214 Swiss Alps suffer serious landslides on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-18191 Red Skull had killed Captain America (Steve Rogers).  On Battleworld, Red Skull tried to form a rebellion against Doom and was banished to the Deadlands. Red Skull #1 (2015)

Earth-18197 After the other symbiote-bonded Guardians of the Galaxy team were assimilated by Reality-17952’s Poisons, Venom Rocket was forced to Groot, at least. Becoming a bounty hunter, Rocket was tasked with killing Captain America before he was recruited to join Reality-22249’s multiversal resistance against the Poisons. Crafting numerous explosive devices to aid the resistance, Rocket was ultimately transported back to his own reality by the resistance's Dr. Strange-22249. Venomverse: War Stories #1 (2017)

Earth-18236 Granted an extended lifespan thanks to a transfusion of blood from Deadpool ("Wade Wilson"), Spider-Man (Peter Parker) eventually began using a wheelchair and moved into a retirement home; when Life Model Decoys threatened to overrun the Earth, Spider-Man and Deadpool went back in time to the Prime Reality to prevent this. Spider-Man vs. Deadpool #26 (2018)

Earth-18352 Following an attempt on his life by his fellow External Selene, the External Gideon was awakened from stasis circa 5352 A.D. by his LMD assistant Eve. Traveling the world, he encountered mutates circa that he bent to his will. Discovering the abandoned X-Mansion in Central Park circa 5361 A.D., Gideon found Cable's former cybernetic arm while raiding the Mansion for supplies, which he used to travel into the past of Earth-616 in an attempt to stop one of his fellow Externals from eradicating mutantkind. (Mentioned as 3000 years away): Cable #152 (February, 2018); (seen): Cable #153 (March, 2018)

Earth-18366 Laura Kinney retired as Wolverine, became queen of Madripoor in a utopian world; mounted an assault against the last despot, Doom. All-New Wolverine #33 (2018)

Earth-18651 Home reality of the Exiles' Iron Lad. Divergent reality in which, after receiving armor from Kang and leaving him stranded in another dimension, Iron Lad opted not to become a hero but instead to get revenge on the bullies who had beaten him up; Blink-295 recruited him to to join the Exiles to oppose the reality-devouring Time-Eater, who subsequently consumed his reality. Iron Lad stayed with the Exiles until he stayed behind in a world of his own nightmares to ensure that the Exiles were freed to stop a group of manipulative rogue Watchers. Exiles #1 (2018)

Earth-18801 Howard the Duck was mutated by gamma rays into green & stupid, Hulk-like Bulky Duck. Howard the Duck #8 (1980)

EARTH-18816 In London, German occupying forces adopt a "shoot on sight" policy on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-18853 Symbiote-bonded Rhino into Reality-22249’s multiversal resistance against Reality-17952’s Poisons, but was soon assimilated by the Poisons. Poison Rhino joined the assault on the resistance’s base and was slain when the Poison’s ship was destroyed. Venomverse: War Stories #1 (2017)

Earth-18911 The Guardians of the Galaxy from Reality-616 battled zombie aliens in the year 3009. Guardians of the Galaxy #18 (2009)

EARTH-19000 - 19003 - Photonic energy from Photon (Genis-Vell) caused entropy, destroying Earth
    --Thunderbolts II#100

Earth-19121 Answering a distress call from Captain Marvel, the Illuminati took the Fantastic Four, Magik, Magneto, Wolverine, War Machine, and Thor with them into space, where they found Galactus dead. On Galactus’s corpse, the heroes found zombie Captain Marvel, Lilandra, Brood, Gamora, Groot, Silver Surfer, Gladiator, and Nova. All of the heroes were killed and turned into zombies, then they headed to Earth, where Spider-Man waited with the Future Foundation. Marvel Zombies Resurrection #1 (2019)

Earth-19135 Dr. Strange (mind possibly possessed by Morgan Nicholls) communed with Eternity. Defenders: From the Vault #1 (2011)

Earth-19141 Adam Warlock that absorbed his entire reality and replaced Warlock-616. Thanos: The Infinity Revelation (2014)

Earth-19143 Killmonger forsook vengeance on Klaw and returned to Wakandan to rule alongside his queen, Patricia Jackson (formerly Knight). Killmonger #3 (2019)

Earth-19174 Klyntar-bonded Sabretooth assimilated by an alien Poison, joined Poison Gwenpool-71628 in seeking out Reality-22249’s multiversal anti-Poison resistance; slain by the resistance's Earth-17673 Old Man Venom-17673. Venomverse #4 (2017)

Earth-19205 The Shield guarded against unrelenting attacks. Nick Fury commanded the Shield; when he was lost, Abigail Brand defeated Ord to take command of the Shield. Later as part of Battleworld it was called Breakland. Siege #1 (2015)

Earth-19231 High-tech fantasy world - gleaming cities, flying motorcycles, riding lizards. Silk, Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), and Spider-Man Noir battled the Inheritors here. Spider-Woman #1 (2015) 

Earth-19299 Variant Earth-928 (“2099 A.D.”). Spider-Man traveled to Reality-91119, aided the Super Hero Squad. Marvel Super Hero Squad video game (2009)

Earth-19411 Everyone who was killed stayed dead, prompting Beast, Medusa and Power Man to meet up in the graveyard housing their deceased former allies, where Beast suggesting forming their own group called the Survivors before asking if any of them had Daredevil's phone number. Back Issue #111 (2019)

Earth-19529 Peter Parker became Spider-Man in 1962, married Gwen Stacy, who was cloned along with Peter by Miles Warren, but Warren replaced Gwen with the clone and kept the original in stasis for himself. Gwen perished when the Black Goblin (Harry Osborn) destroyed the facility, but Spider-Man was able to save his own clone, with whom he sent the Gwen clone. Peter dated Jessica Jones for a time, and later married Mary Jane Watson and had son and daughter, Ben and Claire; however, between his super hero and Parker Industries responsibilities, Peter and MJ separated. Norman Osborn eventually planted false information that Peter was actually the clone; despite knowing the truth, Peter allowed Ben Reilly to take over as Spider-Man/Peter Parker, allowing him to return to his family. After Ben Reilly was slain by Morlun, Peter reclaimed the role. Ben Parker nearly sacrificed himself to stop Morlun and was left weakened/lame, but he allowed Claire to slay Morlun; she became a skilled super hero Eventually, in 2019, Spider-Man sacrificed his life ending Dr. Doom’s oppression of humanity; MJ passed his title on to Miles Morales. Spider-Man: Life Story #1 (2019)

Earth-19725 Divergent Earth-982 future where Mayhem killed Spider-Girl to replace her, but went on a rampage when it didn’t work. The government cloned the Carnage symbiote to battle Mayhem, but the resulting clones (Bio-Predators) slaughtered humans, forcing people to live underground. An elder Mayhem eventually traveled back to the present day of Reality-982 to stop her younger self from killing Spider-Girl. Spider-Girl: The End #1 (2010)

Earth-19776 Swarm conquered Earth. Squirrel Girl #7 (2016)

Earth-19788 Super Attorney defended Chrysler Building eating monster. Crazy#78 (1981)

Earth-19820 Howard the Pork. Spider-Man Annual #1 (2019)

EARTH-19828 - Marvel Comics Production Crew & Editorial Crew existed in a world of super heroes
    --What If? I#34

EARTH-19783 U.S.S.R. invades Western Europe, with tanks reaching Paris on 3rd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-19877 Thing used Doom's time machine, prevented younger self of Earth-83138 from flying Reed's spaceship. One Thing After Another (1987)

Earth-19895 "Height of Modernity"; circa 2060 AD, highly technology developed; one of three futures in which time-traveling Brotherhood of the Shield members (Brothers of Causality, Leonid, Nostradamus, Star Child, Nikolai Tesla) plus Nathaniel Richards and Howard Stark traveled here and battled time-traveling Isaac Newton. SHIELD #4 (2012)

Earth-19925 Peter Parker bitten by Active-Radio Spider, fought Octopus Doctor; Ben Uncle killed by Death. Amazing Spider-Man #29 (2019)

Earth-19947 Sebastian Shaw and Selene were a pair of baron/representative at the trial of Sinister vs. Jamie Braddock on Battleworld. Secret Wars #2 (2015)

Earth-20007 Reality mirroring that published by Earth-616’s Marvel Comics. Marvel Comics: Spider-Man #1 (2000)

Earth-20017 - Doc Samson captured Hulk using sedative, attempted to kill him to prevent Ross from lobotomizing him, but he turned into the Hulk to survive at the last second
    --Startling Stories: Banner#1 (2-4)

Earth-20022 (Sirio-10) Futuristic Earth where android Sirio-10 joined the Avengers. Avengers Forever #12 (2000)

EARTH-20051 (Avengers, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man)
    --Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man#1

Earth-20110 Peaceful celery-looking Ru-Bari of the Cygnus system were dismissed as unimportant by the Nova Corps despite their musical and artistic talents. The formed the Corps du Chapeau and sent berets out into the universe to convert others to their cause, the berets turning the individual white and grey and making them drones. On Earth, Wiccan, Captain America, and Luke Cage welcomed Deadpool to the Avengers. The Corps du Chapeau attacked, converting the Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor) to their evil ranks with berets. The Deadpool Corps attacked them and Headpool consulted with the Midgets of the Universe (some sort of knowledge system that he communed with) to learn about them. Deadpool was turned as well and called himself Mimepool. The Corps defeated him and fired him at the Ru-Bari’s home planet, destroying it. Deadpool #1000 (2010)

Earth-20111 Xavier tested students with his Dreamatron; observing from a distance, Magneto vowed vengeance for his stapler being moved. Shame Itself #1 (2012)

Earth-20131 Humanity joined together to use science to save the world’s resources, providing oxygen, water, and food for all. Thor: Heaven and Earth #2 (2011)

EARTH-20152 (KISS) - alternate reality in which the group's latter adventures took place

Earth-20064 Inhospitable planet, home of race of powerful mutates, Gauntlet mutant group traveled here, stole their children as a source of human-compatible organs able to adapt to any conditions by mutating the host; native traveled to Earth to seek vengeance, lost left arm in battle with Nate Grey before explaining the truth, after which Grey slew all of the members of Gauntlet and sent the woman responsible for the idea to their planet for vengeance. time travels at a much faster rate in this realm. X-Man #63

Earth-20111 Xavier tested students with his Dreamatron; observing from a distance, Magneto vowed vengeance for his stapler being moved. Shame Itself #1 (2012)

Earth-20132 Tired of being referred to as costumed clown, heroes forced Gen. Ross to dress like a clown. W? World War Hulk (2010)

Earth-20154 Bullseye stubbed thumb hanging a picture. W? DD vs. Elektra #1 (2010)

Earth-20184 Superflow connection off-line, White Event presumably prevented. Avengers #7 (2013)

Earth-20198 House of M Gwen Stacy logged onto Facebook on Oscorp's computer. W? Spider-Man House of M (2010)

Earth-20201 Cap's restaurant incorporated DD's diner. Marvel Knights 2001 Millennial Visions (2002)

Earth-20204 Squirrel GIRL (Genetically Improved Rodent Lady) gained powers when body upgraded by rogue alien scientists from distant future of Earth-74179, led TIPPITOE (Temporal Intelligence Producing Practical Information Towards Outmaneuvering Evil) aided by artificial intelligence MR LIEBERMAN (Mechanical Resource for Locating Inefficiencies, Efficiencies, Battle-Exploitable Resources, and Machinery; Also Nuts). Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #5 (2015)

Earth-20209 Adam Warlock gained absolute power, transformed all reality into a state of constant death and resurrection. Thanos: The Infinity Revelation (2014)

Earth-20210 (Captain Wales of the Corps) X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine (2003)

Earth-20257 John Proudstar lived a normal life, enjoying running in the woods, swimming, shopping for groceries and relaxing in the park. This reality was glimpsed in a dream by Earth-1100's Thunderbird. Exiles #7 (2002)

Earth-20318 - President Stark assassinated despite efforts of Exiles
    --Exiles#8 (8 (fb), 16 (fb)

Earth-20329 Xavier secretly controlled a group of mutant gods (Waran the Herald, Sawtooth Lord of the Wild, Draka King of Ice, Thor God of Thunder, Namor God of the Sea, and Almighty Storm Skybreaker and All-Mother) who ruled over a Roman-like empire; Xavier and Magnus led a group of mutants in Utopia, which Xavier kept hidden from the gods; after Xavier-16111 revealed that Xavier-2039 was controlling the gods, Magnus slew Xavier-20329; Emmeline Frost-Summers-52012 chose to stay in this reality, remade as a goddess of diamond. X-Treme X-Men #1 (2012)

Earth-20418 A Klyntar symbiote-empowered Thundra was consumed and her corpse assimilated into the reality-17952 alien Poison Hive. As part of the Hive, the Poison Thundra was sent to Earth-616 to aid in attacking Earth-616 heroes based out of the Alchemax corporate building. Venomized #4 (2018)

EARTH-20476 (Bruce Banner, Rick Jones (d), Kerwin Kronus) - Bruce Banner-616 attempted to travel back in time via a machine of Dr. Kerwin Kronus, his efforts to prevent himself from becoming the Hulk resulted in a divergent reality "Earth-20476," in which he succeeded, but Rick Jones had died; Banner went back into the past and attempted to reverse these events, returning him to Earth-616
    diverged Incredible Hulk I#1
    (app-kronus)--Incredible Hulk II#204

Earth-20604 President Thor. Ultimate Fantastic Four #27 (2006)

Earth-20653 Human Torch was pulled from his own reality and brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal into fighting for them. He battled Captain America-616, Black Widow-616, and others. Captain America and Black Widow #640 (2013)

Earth-20712 (Striker Llewellyn of the Corps) X-Men: Die By The Sword#1

Earth-20809 Namor worked as stunt double for Mr. Spock. W?#20 (1990)

Earth-21011 Vision suffered from conventional computer problems; when Ultron blocked his WiFi access, he summoned the Early Bird Avengers (Great Aunt Woman, Grey Panther, Hawkbifocals, Iron Grandma, Spider-Pop Pop, Wolverine). Shame Itself #1 (2012)

Earth-21050 Variant Marvel Zombies world in which Giant-Man and Wasp discovered variant Marvel Apes world Earth-95019. Marvel Apes Speedball Special #0 (2009)

EARTH-21069 World War One declared on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-21073 Outbreak of spontaneous human combustion on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-21101 aka X8111. Sentient trash; frequented by a Man-Thing when seeking romance. Shame Itself #1 (2012)

Earth-21110 Mutant powers manifested themselves via flatulence. Shame Itself #1 (2012)

Earth-21117 - Curt Connors mutated others into a lizard society that took over the West Coast; Exiles stopped Connors from nuking the West Coast after he returned to human form,; he then committed suicide; possible variant of reality-92140

Earth-21119 Slaying Ares pre-Siege, Sentry slaughtered the heroes opposing the Siege; subsequently taking out the Cabal when they attacked, Sentry learned of Osborn's directing Lindy's murder; unleashed, Void slew Osborn, then destroyed Asgard and Earth. W? #200 (2011)

Earth-21127 X-Men and Juggernaut involved in joint Klaw/US government invasion of Wakanda. Black Panther Motion Comic (2010)

Earth-21190 Skrull Spider-Man considered feasting on victims like a real spider. W? Secret Invasion #1 (2010)

Earth-21218 - Namor conquered Latveria, Exiles allied with Doom to stop Namor from taking over Earth

Earth-21222 Potential future of Earth-93060; Progeny never reached the Earth, having been wiped out by the retreating Tulkan war fleet; Earth became a happy utopia in the future with a young Prime. Ultraverse: Future Shock (1997)

Earth-21230 Iron Man displayed giant armor for advertising next to Statue of Liberty. W? World War Hulk (2010)

Earth-21256 Female Charlie-27 joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, then participated in the Council of the Guardians of All Galaxies to try to mend events in the past. Guardians of the Galaxy #25 (2010)

Earth-21281 Native Madcap was recruited by Vennema Multiversal to be an assassin member of the Hunt Squad, later defeated by heroes of an alternate universe. Captain America and Black Widow #638 (2012)

Earth-21320 Dr. Strange went to emergency room for broken hands. W? World War Hulk (2010)

Earth-21422 After Danger left the Danger Room, Wolverine cut up the room's sentient door for bases in their baseball game. W? Astonishing X-Men #1 (2010)

Earth-21540 Advocate participated in Pampalona’s “The Running of the Bulls.” W? DD vs. Elektra #1 (2010)

Earth-21611 Kidnapped from her world, Black Widow was brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal until a rogue Kashmir Vennema freed her and sent her after other Kashmirs for revenge. Black Widow killed many Kashmirs. She eventually went to Earth-616, was sent with that world’s Black Widow and Captain America to a salvage world, took the heroes back to her Kash, and joined her team in dismantling VM. She was captured and imprisoned on Earth-616. Captain America and Black Widow #636 (2012)

Earth-21664 Primitive Earth where Machine Man watched as hominids worshipped Watcher (ala 2001: A Space Odyssey, with the Watcher replacing the Monolith). Ultimate FF #6 (2014)

Earth-21673 A symbiote-empowered Black Panther (T'Challa) was at a global peace summit when he was summoned to Reality-22249, where he joined a resistance against Reality-17952’s Poisons. He was later sent back to his native reality during an assault on the Poisons. Venomverse: War Stories#1 (2017)

Earth-21710 Young pick-pocket Ororo Munroe attempted to rob a man later revealed as the vampire lord Dracula, who transformed Ororo into a vampire. Overcoming Dracula's control, Ororo joined the X-Men as Bloodstorm but soon killed her teammates Beast and Professor X when her vampiric hunger took over. Subsequently coerced into joining Earth-91240’s Goblin Queen's Hex-Men with promises of being freed from her vampirism, Bloodstorm traveled to Earth-616, where a time-displaced Beast inspired Bloodstorm to betray the Goblin Queen. Following Goblin Queen's defeat, Bloodstorm was offered a place with Earth-616's X-Men and she accepted, soon developing feelings for the time-displaced Cyclops. During a date with Cyclops, Bloodstorm was attacked and slain with a silver harpoon by Earth-811's Ahab. X-Men: Blue #10 (2017)

Earth-21711 Native Hulk was kidnapped and brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal, then placed in stasis. Captain America and Black Widow #637 (2012)

EARTH-21750 Khan the Merciful Emperor of the World is assassinated in Mongolia on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-21764 President Nixon is assassinated in Washington on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-21769 President Nixon is assassinated in Washington on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-21811 Magneto used by Agent X-13 to power three Deathlok Class Security Units (Sentinels) to defeat Earth-81211's X-Men and annex their reality. Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes #1 (2008)

EARTH-21858 In the Normandy Channel a tanker containing toxic waste is struck by lightning and spills its cargo on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-21890 Justin Gabrie appalled by ideas from Michael Gallagher & Dave Manak. W? Spider-Man House of M (2010)

Earth-21901 Skrulls allowed Norman Osborn to form his Cabal as a traveling circus. W? Secret Invasion #1 (2010)

Earth-21910 Jarvis the Skrull butler began a career as a blues (renamed “greens”) singer. W? Secret Invasion #1 (2010)

Earth-21923 - incorrect designation. Should refer to Earth-807128

Earth-21980 House of M was the Scarlet Witch’s latest manifestation of a new parallel universe that was an anti-matter dream world being manipulated by Loki, unaware he was being manipulated subconsciously by the Beyonder . W? Spider-Man House of M (2010)

EARTH-21989 - (Marvel Babies)
    --Marvel Tales#219

EARTH-21993  (Apocalypse, Archangel, Avalanche, Avengers (Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Quasar, Scarlet Witch, Sersi, Thor, U. S. Agent, Wonder Man), Banshee, Barbarus, Beast, Black Tom Cassidy, Blob, Boom Boom, the Boy Scouts of America, Brainchild, Cable, Caliban, Cannonball, Captain Britain, Colossus, Cyclops, Daredevil, Dazzler, Doctor Doom, Domino, Dragoness, the Externals (Gideon, Nicodemus, Saul), Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic, the Thing), Fenris (Andrea & Andreas von Strucker), Forearm, Forge, Freedom Force, Gambit, Gaza, Ghost Rider, Guardian (Heather Hudson), Havok, Hulk, Jubilee, Kamikaze, Lupo, Madrox the Multiple Man, Magneto, Masque, Marvel Girl, Meggan, Mesmero, Morlocks, Mutant Liberation Front, Nasty Boys (Gorgeous George, Hairbag, Mister Sinister, Ruckus, Slab), New Mutants, the New Warriors (Firestar, Namorita, Night Thrasher, Nova), Nightcrawler, Phoenix (Rachel Summers), Polaris, Professor X, Psylocke, Puck, Hank Pym, Quicksilver, Reaper, Franklin Richards, Rictor, Riders of the Storm (Barrage, Tusk, Underlings), the Savage Land Mutates, the Sentinels, Shadowcat, Shadow King, Sebastian Shaw, She-Thing, Spider-Man, Spiral, Storm, Strobe, Strong Guy, Stryfe, Sumo, Sunspot, Tempo, Tessa, Thumbelina, Vision, Warlock, Wasp, Wildside, Wolfsbane, Worm, X-Factor, X-Men (Amphibius, La Bandera, Iceman, Siryn, Sunder, Wolverine), Zaladane, Zero)
    - Cable killed the X-Men, Magneto took over the U.S.A., eventually ruled by the Sentinels
    (app)--What If I#46 (46(fb), 46, 47(fb), 47

“EARTH-22000” (Thunderbolts (Hawkeye, Moonstone, Jolt, Fixer, Batroc, Taskmaster, Whirlwind, Scorpion, Stilt-Man, Wrecker, Clown, Ringmaster, Titania, Absorbing Man), Avengers, Iron Man)
    - Hawkeye uses Ringmaster to wipe the minds of villains and force them to become rehabilitated.
    (app)-- Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions

Earth-22013 Hulk’s Warbound won and marketed their victory with punchable toys. W? World War Hulk (2010)

“EARTH-22020” (Avengers (Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Wasp, Quicksilver, Iron Man, Giant-Man, Thor), Odin)
    - To further discipline his son Thor, Odin takes away his hammer and gives each of the Avengers their own mystical hammer.
    (app)-- Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions

“EARTH-22025” (Black Champions (Blade, Falcon, Haitian Voodoo, Bill Foster, Power Man, Misty Knight), Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Iron Fist, Ant-Man, Dracula, Dr. Strange)
    - After the Avengers, Fantastic Four and X-Men are dead due to a White Plague, a group of new heroes emerge as the Black Champions.
    (app)-- Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions: Champions: United We Stand

Earth-22073 - Cable killed Randall Shire, martyring him and causing his religion, Harmony, to prosper; , technically advanced, worldwide peace, use in utero screening technique to eliminate mutation; Harmonists circa 4004 AD warred against divergent Earth -2775; reality diverged from -616 when Cable-616 defeated Shire without killing him and made his followers hate him
    Earth-Harmony*--Cable I#78

Earth-22110 (Rifleman of the Corps) Excalibur#1

Earth-22126 Timebroker sent Weapon X to this reality to take care of Namor. Kane died during this mission in battling Namor. Exiles #12 (2002)

Earth-22142 X-Men responded to scream, which was Beast’s frustration at Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus” being played in the wrong style. W? Astonishing X-Men #1 (2010)

“EARTH-22177” (Fantastic Four (Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Thing), Vurtuvurse)
    - When the Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic and Human Torch died, their identities were burned onto a disc and uploaded into the Vurtuvurse and joined the other eight billion virtual-consciousnesses that have passed away. Unable to move due to his powers overwhelming him, the Thing pulls into the Vurtuvurse.
    (app)-- Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions

Earth-22186 An alien Klyntar-empowered Wolverine was consumed and assimilated by a Reality-17952 alien Poison, who then utilized Wolverine's body as its own as part of an X-Force team comprised entirely of Poisons. Sent to Earth-616's Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach in an effort to bond superhumans to Klyntar in order to assimilate them into the Poisons' Hive, the Poison Wolverine and his X-Force group then attempted to assimilate heroes at the Manhattan Bridge alongside a Poison Marvel Girl. Venomized #1 (2018)

Earth-22206 X-team (Bullseye, Deadpool, Domino, Silver Sable) commissioned by US government in 1983, conducted clandestine missions. Wade Wilson's War #1 (2010)

Earth-22214 Wolverine tried to get Phoenix to toast marshmallows on his claws. W? Astonishing X-Men #1 (2010)

Earth-22249 Doctor Strange encountered and bonded with an alien symbiote that was escaping the alien Poisons. Learning of the threat posed by the Poisons, Doctor Strange began recruiting alternate reality heroes who hosted alien symbiotes like his own into a resistance against the Poisons. After being captured by a Poison utilizing Steve Rogers' body, Doctor Strange died during a rescue attempt casting a spell to send the other symbiote heroes back to their own realities. Venomverse: War Stories#1 (2017)

Earth-22260 Laufey slew Odin, raised Thor as his own; Loki became more responsible under imprisoned Freya’s guidance; after Loki slew Laufey, Thor retaliated, but inadvertently slew Freya; Thor exiled himself to abandoned Asgard, while Loki apparently became a hero on Earth. What If? Thor #1 (2018)

“EARTH-22288” (Sinister Six (Doctor Octopus, “Frog-Man,” Lizard, Rhino, Vulture, Scorpion, Carnage), Noxious Nine (Doctor Octopus, Lizard, Rhino, Vulture, Scorpion, Carnage, Sandman, Electro, Mysterio) Spider-Man)
    - Emission of radioactivity caused the living members of the Noxious Nine to be fused with their costumes. Taking the name the Sinister Six this newly powered group were able to killed Spider-Man.
    (app)-- Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions

Earth-22301 Sentry attended Agoraphobics Anonymous. W? World War Hulk (2010)

“EARTH-22455” (the Pack (Alex, Julie, Jack, Katie), Kymellians, SETI, Snarks)
    - After moving to a new town the Power kids were branded as mutants. The kids were able to escape and eventually went their separate ways. Years later the Snarks began looking for the Power Pack to use their powers and Julie has set out to find her siblings.
    (app)-- Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions

Earth-22385 Throg (Frog Thor) was a member of Battleworld’s Doomgard and was a forensic scientist. Secret Wars: Battleworld #1 (2015)

“EARTH-22490” (Defenders (Dr. Steven Strange III, Gargoyle, Namor, Beast), Illuminati, Freemasons, Knights Templar)
    - The Defenders form to defend religion and science.
    (app)-- Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions: Defenders: Magic is the New Religion

Earth-22519 Law Enforcement Squad (Battling Jack, Captain Universe, Buck Barnes, Dr. Druid, Hulk, Living Lightning, Namora, Red Raven, Rose, Shroud, Whizzer) + President Hillary Clinton. Fantastic Four Annual 2001 (2001)

“EARTH-22569” (Infinity Watch, Warlock, Gammora, Thanos, Captain Mar-Vell, Martha, Jill, Karen, Private Michael Keller)
    - Thano’s Imperial Death Squad discovers the Infinity Watch’s safe outpost NightZone. Warlock is killed during the attack and the NightZone is destroyed.
    (app)-- Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions

Earth-22626 Non-powered Logan delivered a banana to a knitting circle. Shame Itself #1 (2012)

“EARTH-22666” (Ultron, Galactus, Silver Surfer/Red Surfer, Ultron-Galactus, Shi’Ar, Skrulls, Thanos, Annihilus, Unnamable)
    - When the Unnamable becomes a galactic threat, the Silver Surfer recreates a long dead Galactus with spare parts from Ultron. Silver Surfer and Ultron-Galactus fail in their attempt. Now calling himself Red Surfer due to his aging in body changing to the color of a red dwarf, the Red Surfer teams with two sworn enemies, Thanos and Annihilus, to become the Heralds to stop the coming threat of the Unnamable.
    (app)-- Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions

Earth-22681 Home reality of the Exiles' Valkyrie. After Thor died centuries ago, Odin created seven young girls by striking the Asgardian ground with lightning, and the girls were trained from birth in combat until one of them was given the title of Valkyrie, lone defender of Asgard. With her winged horse Elendil, Valkyrie defended Asgard from all manner of threats including the fire god Surtur until this reality was apparently destroyed by the reality-devouring Time Eater. Escaping the Time-Eater, Valkyrie joined the reality-hopping Exiles led by Earth-295's Blink. Exiles #2 (2018)

“EARTH-22791" (Elsa Bloodstone, Bloodstone Twins (Maya and Aztek), Mephisto, Ragnarox, Anubak, Tsani)
     - The Bloodstone Twins continue the family tradition of hunting and exterminating monsters.
    (app)-- Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions

EARTH-22795 - Scarlet Witch did not act alone in disassembling the Avengers.
    --What If?: Avengers Disassembled#1

“EARTH-22799” (Hulk, Bruce Banner, Brother Voodoo)
    - Bruce Banner is cursed and becomes a walking undead zombie Hulk monster.
    (app)-- Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions

Earth-22916 Norman Osborn ruled the city of New York and his son Harry inherited Norman's Goblin-like powers. When Harry was bitten by a radioactive spider, he was also granted spider-like powers as his reality's Spider-totem, which he used to overthrow Norman and eventually become Earth’s king. This reality was briefly merged with reality-90214 when the strands of the multiverse's Great Web became entangled. When Harry learned of the Web from Spider-Man-90214, he captured Spider-Man-90214 and -50101, and traveled to their base on Earth-001's Loomworld, where Harry attempted to destroy the Great Web to rule the entire multiverse. The Web-Warriors sent electric feedback through the Great Web, electrocuting and defeating Harry. Web-Warriors #9 (2016)

Earth-23018 - high gamma radiation levels enhanced most inhabitants
    Earth-Gamma Planet--Exiles#8

Earth-23099 Illuminati slaughtered by Black Priests? while try to stop an incursion on an alien world. New Avengers #13 (2014)

Earth-23100 Queen of Star Swords rules from the kingdom Meridian. X-Force #100

Earth-23134 Valley of Flame (Battleworld’s Devil Dinosaur & Dino-Thor) World of dinosaurs and humans into which Phantom Eagle and others flew. Where Monsters Dwell #1 (2015)

EARTH-23194 "Speaking in tongues" outbreak in New York on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-23201 Medusa convinced Black Bolt to tell a joke. W? World War Hulk (2010)

Earth-23223 After Thor perished against the Midgard Serpent, the dark forces of Asgard overran Earth until Black Widow (Natasha Romanova), assisted by Nick Fury Sr., and via the sacrifices of Silver Sable, Falcon, Shang-Chi, and Linus Lieberman, claimed Thor's power from Mjolnir; 40 years later, from Romanovastadt, Latveria, those sacrifices were legend. As the world was invaded (and life apparently destroyed) by Ultrons from Earth-14622, Natasha was brought to Earth-45162 to oppose more invading Ultrons of Earth-14622; Natasha joined Captain America-81223 (Ava), Wolverine-62412, and Wasp and Giant-Man-45162 in escaping to Earth-14622 to try to rebuild it. What If? Age of Ultron #3 (2014)

Earth-23231 Accused of murder during his military career, Jim Scully was being taken to the Thors for judgment but a sudden storm dumped him on the floating island Weirdworld.  He became Skull the Slayer, a roving assassin for Weirdworld's baron Morgan le Fay (the Witch Queen), and later Skull the Redeemer for Jennifer Kale (the Swamp Queen). Weirdworld #1 (2015)

EARTH-23238 (Justicer Bull, Justicers, Lord High Justicer)
    - Mega City One; Darkchilde betrayed Kitty Pryde; Excalibur-616 joined Justicers in defeating Darkchilde and allies, Phoenix-616 removed Darkchilde's powers
    --Excalibur I#23

Earth-23239 Knicks fans refused to evacuate Madison Square Garden. W? World War Hulk (2010)

Earth-23272 Using a cure for the Legacy virus as a weapon, Selene traveled to this future and took over New York City. X-Men: Legacy Quest

Earth-23341 Klyntar-bonded Bullseye was consumed and assimilated by Reality-17952 Poisons, after which he aided their capturing and assimilating the Earth-41715 Venompool and later in an attack on Earth-22249's multiversal anti-Poison base, Our Lady of Saints Church. Venomverse #2 (2017)

EARTH-23373 - Hyperion modified the neural process of superhumans in order to create a Utopian society
    --Squadron Supreme: Hyperion#2

Earth-23378 Professor X led founding X-Men (Beast, Gambit, Iceman, Marvel Girl, Storm) vs. Magneto & Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Marrow, Polaris, Rogue, Sunfire); X-Men-616 briefly glimpsed or merged with this reality during Apocalypse’s effort’s to utilize the Twelve’s energies. Uncanny X-Men #378

EARTH-23488 - Leader went to see a movie & blocked everyone's view with his head
    --What If? I#34 (1982)

Earth-23492 Spider-Man and Mary Jane had a mutant son named Spidey-Baby. W? I#34

Earth-23543 Warpath (James Proudstar) served as protector of the asteroid base Utopia. Nation X #4 (2010)

EARTH-23672 Egypt invades Israel, and the U.S.A.steps in on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-23806 aka Theras. Clan Destine #3 (2008)

Earth-23848 Aunt May had shrinking powers, became a super hero Ant-Aunt. W?#34 (1982)

Earth-23884 - Hulk & She-Hulk married, had sitcom-like hijinks
    --What If? I#34  

EARTH-23895 (Black Panther, Storm of Timebroker's Weapon X)
    --[Exiles#12], (named)#83

Earth-24015 Bullseye opened a beach umbrella. W? DD vs. Elektra #1 (2010)

Earth-24106 Divergent Earth-6109; Fury’s group don't free Odin from his dark magic machine confinement at Castle Doom. Odin doesn’t help Thor fight Thanos, who enslaves Earth for centuries. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (2006)

Earth-24108 31st century's male Fault-warped Starhawk traveled back to Reality-616 to warn about the Fault. Guardians of the Galaxy #4 (2008)

Earth-24111 Frankenstein’s monster burned at the stake by super heroes. Fear Itself: Fearsome Four #4 (2011)

Earth-24115 Yao and Wiccan both accompanied Dr. Strange to rescue Nina the Conjuror from dimensional banishment. Nina announced that she had the Eye of True North artifact and planned to use it to find her brother but as she walked away from the others, all four were trapped and possibly killed by a set of teethed jaws that seemingly sprung from the ground. Doctor Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme #6 (2017)

Earth-24133 Venom symbiote permanently physically bonded to Flash Thompson while Thompson’s life force drove the symbiote’s out. Parker passed Spider-Man identity on to Flash; Green Goblin slew Betty Brant. Venom #13.3 (2012)

Earth-24135 Kurt Waggoner lived with his parents in Cupertino, the capital city of the United States of California, during a time of Utopia—equal rights, medical comfort, etc. He was frequently bullied at school in 7th grade, where he built a robot for his class assignment. Despite Secretary Parker (Spider-Man) being in charge of the Department of Homeland Technology, a robot uprising took over the entire world. Kurt’s parents put him in stasis to save him, and when he awakened, he found his family dead and the robots in control of the world. His teleportation powers manifested then, and he eventually ended up in the series of events that led him being pulled to Earth-12245 by Xavier/Savior to serve as an energy source for the machine that preserved the planet’s damaged magnetosphere; rescued by Cyclops-616 and and joined reality-hopping X-Treme X-Men for a time. Missing his parents, Kurt returned to his home reality, was surrounded by machines and became the captive of Prime Minister Danger. Sage (from 616), of the S.W.O.R.D. Truth and Reconciliation Committee, sought his release. Dazzler and Governor Howlett came to rescue Kurt. After Dazzler confounded the machines with sound, they liberated Kurt from the Founder’s Zoological Park, where he’d been imprisoned, killing robots on their way out. Dazzler-616 and Governor Howlett-12045 rescued Kurt, but he teleported away, convinced his parents were still alive. Sage, meanwhile, was kicked out of SWORD when it was learned she had a former friendship with Dazzler, so she rushed to Earth to aid her friends. Kurt rushed to find his parents only to realize his parents had been vivisected and preserved as intelligences. The foursome was allowed to live by SWORD treaty, but Kurt, grieving, hijacked a SWORD system to blow up many robots on Earth. He learned they all had back up bodies before collapsing into Howlett, sobbing. Astonishing X-Men #44 (2012)
    (X-Treme X-Men II#6 (fb), 1, 5-7

Earth-24192 Advanced technology-world; variant Cable traveled to Reality-91119. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online video game (2011)

Earth-24208 X-Men: Twisted History cyber comic (2000)

Earth-24221 Wolverine took up oil painting as Clawed Monet. W? Astonishing X-Men #1 (2010)

EARTH-24342 Acid rain downpour in Munich kills thousands on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-24388 Aunt May wore armor as the invincible Golden Oldie
    --What If? I#34

Earth-24398 Created by the Facility as a clone of the heroic Wolverine, X-23 often attempted to escape and on her fifth escape attempt, X-23 punctured a tank housing an alien symbiote that soon bonded to her. Hiding out in a derelict bank, X-23 met a group of runaways escaping the gangster Zebra Daddy, whom X-23 mauled before giving each of the runaways a piece of her symbiote allowing their transformations as a last resort if in life-threatening danger. When the Facility found her and her newfound friends fought back against the Facility's agents, X-23 (now calling herself Venom) reabsorbed the parts of her symbiote to stop the Facility agents, only to be transported away to join a multiversal resistance against the alien Poisons. As part of the resistance, X-23 began using the codename Wolverine and aiding in assaults against the Poisons before ultimately being sent back to her home reality. Edge of Venomverse #1 (2017)

Earth-24770 Guardians of the Galaxy traveled back in time to alternate Earth-9997 prior to Nikki’s joining, returned to their own time with Iron Man (Arno Stark) of Reality-8410 with goal of triggering humanity’s mutant potential so they could overthrow the Badoon. Paradise X #0 (2002)

Earth-24811 After Marc Spector professed his love to Marlene Alraune on Christmas night, a Khonshu creature burst forth from Spector's flesh. Moon Knight: Silent Knight #1 (2008)

EARTH-24838 Aunt May had mutant powers & became a superhero called Auntie Freeze
    --What If? I#34

EARTH-24883 Reed Richards never created unstable molecules
    --What If? I#34

Earth-24913 Superflow connection off-line, White Event presumably prevented. Avengers #7 (2013)

Earth-24948 A plague spread, leaving many sick, but when a mutant was infected, the plague mutated and accelerated, becoming deadly for those infected. The public blamed mutants, accusing them of causing the plague, which spread for decades, creating a world ravaged by the plague. When the alternate Bishop-38171 arrived in this reality’s 21st century after having prevented the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly in the pre-current Multiverse's modern era equivalent, this reality's Forge revealed the reality's history, and Bishop opted to return to a pre-current multiverse reality's modern era to prevent the plague's release; apparently discrete from Earth-94824. X-Men Adventures #7 (1994)

Earth-25106 Abigail Brand joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, then participated in the Council of the Guardians of All Galaxies to try to mend events in the past. Guardians of the Galaxy #25 (2010)

EARTH-25321 40% of kittens born in New York on 16th October 1984 in this reality have two heads
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-25401 Bullseye released a wild bird back into the wild. W? DD vs. Elektra #1 (2010)

Earth-26111 Age of Morgana Le Fay; diverged when Wolverine-61112 traveled back in time and slew Hank Pym to prevent the Age of Ultron. Age of Ultron #6 (2013)

Earth-26262 Multiple kitchen utensils, including Spatula, Chopping Block, Oven Mitt & Whisk, joined the X-Men. Shame Itself #1 (2012)

"EARTH-26292" - exemplifying the Seahorse or Butterfly Effect, Exiles sent to this reality to take a danish, which resulted in Rube Goldberg rampaging, which distracted Daredevil from battle with Dr. Collier, who unleashed weather-controlling nanospores, covering Earth with smog, and thus preventing the Shi'ar from colonizing the planet

EARTH-26320 - Blade movies and sequels
    --Blade (1998)

Earth-26410 Divergent Earth-6109; Fury’s group don't find the damaged Ultimate Nullifier in a Castle Doom laboratory. The group again unites to fight Mephisto, causing a tremendous destruction. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (2006)

Earth-26431 Wolverine was kidnapped and brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal, then placed in stasis. Captain America and Black Widow #640 (2013)

Earth-26496 Spectacular Spdm cartoon series (2008)

EARTH-26749 Mr. Immortal was sole survivor on Earth
    --GLA #4 (2005)

Earth-27169 Variant Reality-9140; Dr. Strange possessed Punisher. When Punisher was killed, Doctor Strange possessed Wolverine-91240. Secret Wars: Battleworld #1 (2015)

EARTH-27371 Prime Minister Thorpe is assassinated in London on 29th September 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-27520 -
    - part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles
    --[Exiles#89] ([89 (fb)]

EARTH-27521 -
    - part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles
    --[Exiles#89] ([89 (fb)]

EARTH-27522 -
    - part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles
    --[Exiles#89] ([89 (fb)]

EARTH-27523 -
    - part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles
    --[Exiles#89] ([89 (fb)]

EARTH-27524 -
    - part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles
    --[Exiles#89] ([89 (fb)]

EARTH-27525 -
    - part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles
    --[Exiles#89] ([89 (fb)]

EARTH-27526 -
    - part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles
    --[Exiles#89] ([89 (fb)]

EARTH-27527 -
    - part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles
    --[Exiles#89] ([89 (fb)]

EARTH-27528 -
    - part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles
    --[Exiles#89] ([89 (fb)]

EARTH-27529 -
    - part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles
    --[Exiles#89] ([89 (fb)]

EARTH-27530 -
    - part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles
    --[Exiles#89] ([89 (fb)]

EARTH-27531 -
    - part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles
    --[Exiles#89] ([89 (fb)]

EARTH-27532 -
    - part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles
    --[Exiles#89] ([89 (fb)]

EARTH-27533 -
    - part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles
    --[Exiles#89] ([89 (fb)]

EARTH-27534 -
    - part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles
    --[Exiles#89] ([89 (fb)]

EARTH-27535 -
    - part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles
    --[Exiles#89] ([89 (fb)]

EARTH-27536 -
    - part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles
    --[Exiles#89] ([89 (fb)]

EARTH-27536 (Jonah Jameson, Sinister Six (Dr. Octopus, Electro, Kraven, Mysterio, Sandman, Vulture))
    - part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles

EARTH-27537 (Serpent Society (Anaconda, Bushmaster, Cobra, Cottonmouth, Death Adder, Diamondback, Rattler, +2), Serpent Society HQ, Spider-Man (d), Venomizer)
    - alternate Earth in which Serpent Society slew Spider-Man and later attempted to set off a Venomizer before being defeated by dimension-hopping Exiles

EARTH-27538 (Hellfire Club (Frost, Leland, Pierce, Shaw))
    - part of cascade of failing realities saved by Exiles

Earth-27781 - Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) & Vanisher were abstract non-humanoids, glimpsed by Nightcrawler & Vanisher-616
    --Bizarre Adventures#27

Earth-27861 Superflow connection off-line, White Event presumably prevented. Avengers #7 (2013)

EARTH-27910  Earth is a radioactive wasteland by 1984
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-28019 Richie Parker brought his airplane for school Show ‘n’ tell. W? Spider-Man House of M (2010)

Earth-28121 Native Eel was recruited by Vennema Multiversal to be an assassin member of the Hunt Squad, later defeated by heroes of an alternate universe. Captain America and Black Widow #638 (2012)

EARTH-28124 Italian tremors herald the eruption of both Mount Etna and Stromboli on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-28161 A facsimile of the Bayeux Tapestry held in Reading, England, spontaneously combusts on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-28195 In Nottingham, England, Governor K'ang Hsi declares independence from China on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-28204 Spider-Man (Parker Peterman) maintained six arms, went public with secret identity, became a celebrity. Spider-Man Annual#1 (2019)

Earth-28210 In the X-Brig on Utopia, Spider-Woman, Luke Cage, and Hawkeye were noncompliant prisoners of the X-Men. Spider-Woman escaped, knocked out Phoebe Cuckoo and Warpath, freed Hawkeye and Cage, who knocked out Sunspot, before they burst past the X-Men, including Magma, Gambit, Psylocke, Havok, and Polaris, and the Phoenix Five, including Colossus, Cyclops, and Emma Frost, and escaped. New Avengers #28 (2012)

Earth-28242 Symbiote-wearing Spider-Man drawn into the conflict against the parasitic Poisons and eventually infected by them. Venomverse #1 (2017)

EARTH-28348 Black Panther fought the Shroud inside coal mine.
     --What If I#34

EARTH-28384 - Bruce Banner’s pants did not stretch when he became the Hulk
     --What If I#34

EARTH-28438 - Silver Surfer, Night Rider, White Tiger, Iceman, Moon Knight, Wendigo fought in a snowstorm
    --What If I#34

Earth-28483 - Black Bolt hosted a television talk show
    --W?#34 (1982)

Earth-28578 - Obnoxio the Clown gained superman-like powers
    --W?#34 (1982)

EARTH-28582 Spectral battle seen over Agincourt Field, France on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-28758. Obnoxio the Clown became a Watcher. What If?#34 (1982)

Earth-28834 Moon Knight had three different identities than Moon Knight-616: pest exterminator, rat fur millionaire, comic book editor. W? #34 (1982)

Earth-28843 Bing Conan and Chester swallowed by tropical fish, deposited on tropical island on the road to Hyboria. W? #34 (1982)

Earth-28857 (Obnoxio-Wolverine)
    --W?#34 (1982)

Earth-28875 (Obnoxio-Daredevil)
    --W?#34 (1982)

Earth-28901 Richie Parker used father’s mask only as a sneeze rag. W? Spider-Man House of M (2010)

EARTH-28905 Washington suffers a plague of locusts on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-28909 - see Earth-Ben Parker's nephew was Galactus (app)--What If II#3/2

Earth-28918 Captain America led Super-Soldier army in World War II. W?#28

Earth-28927 - Jamie & Brain Braddock routed the evil of the Aryanites and Chaos Commanders
    --Excalibur Annual#2

Earth-29007 Earth knew peace after all heroes and villains transported to a re-imagined Battleworld. Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #3

Earth-29011 Queen Veranke forced everyone to dress like Spider-Woman. W? Secret Invasion #1 (2010)

Earth-29018 House of M's Gwen Stacy kneed Dr. Strange in the groin when he tried to eliminate her to protect reality. W? Spider-Man House of M (2010)

Earth-29101 After war’s end, Skrull Ares reinvented himself as God of Warts, removing warts with his axe. W? Secret Invasion #1 (2010)

Earth-29110 Skrulls developed post-human impersonation stress disorder. W? Secret Invasion #1 (2010)

Earth-29134 After Iron Man (Tony Stark)’s identity was exposed following a battle with Whiplash, his friends abandoned him, the Avengers terminated his membership, and a number of people close to him – including Sunset Bain, Bethany Cabe, Kris DeGann, Rumiko Fujikawa, Roxanne Gilbert, Happy Hogan, Joanna Nivena, Pepper Potts, Jim Rhodes – suddenly died. Stark succumbed to drinking heavily and then battled the Mandarin. Glimpsed as dream/virtual reality by Tony Stark-616. Iron Man #26 (2000)

Earth-29180 Venom and his Masters of Evil broke into the wrong jail cell (Ponzi schemes / BM). W? Spider-Man House of M (2010)

Earth-29234 Spider-Man battled the Trapster and they ended up gluing each other to the wall. W? #34 (1992)

EARTH-29267 A killer flu epidemic in Australia on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-29283 Gaunt conquered and led and empire of a hundred million years until being defeated by the Union of Civilized Planets, after which Gaunt was banished to the Borderline/Reality-805110. Cable II#83

Earth-29419 Jack Murdock was a WWF wrestler, influencing his son Matt's later costume as Daredevil, who wore a large heavyweight belt, a tank top, wristbands, orange and yellow camo pants and wrestling boots. Back Issue #111 (2019)

Earth-29801 Green Goblin's glider equipped with airbags, protecting victims from impalement. W? Spider-Man House of M (2010)

Earth-30122 Hulk shot full of nannybots. W? World War Hulk (2010)

Earth-30247 "03-02-47" Japanese Empire Variation. Contact and trade with the Portuguese led to the Shogunate being exposed to and swiftly grasping the potential of firearms and Western nautical skills. China was invaded and subjugated after a century of intermittent, bloody conflict. In the West meanwhile the powerful influence of the Catholic Church retarded scientific advancement; Japan initially accepted Catholicism, but in 1879, secretly influenced by the Disruptors, Imperial decree returned it to its old faith, leading to an inevitable war between the Catholic and Japanese Empires, during which Japan made fantastic advances in science and industry, likely through Disruptor influence. The war ended in 1902 with Japan's Emperor taking the title Lord of All the World. Since then Japan has continued to make advancements at an accelerated rate: Industry is now centered in Europe, Russia and America, while the heavily defended Japan and China have become vast gardens for the Japanese - all First Class Citizens. Europeans have been declared Third Class Citizens - an improvement over their former status as slaves - since the Humane Reforms of 1943. Indians, Africans and Arabs make up the Second Class Citizenry.
Imagine Magazine#14

EARTH-30267 Humberside Bridge, Yorkshire, England, collapses in unnaturally high winds on 2nd October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-30309 Earth overwhelmed by demons summoned by the heay metal band Hassenwald (Garroth the Fleshweaver, Ute of the Abyss, and the Unspeakable Horror of Necrotis); Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) struggled to restore humanity. What If? Ghost Rider #1 (2018)

Earth-30457 Jack the Ripper was an ape with a straight razor, brought to Earth-616, subdued by MI-13’s John the Skrull. Wisdom#4

Earth-30826 Celestials ruled the galaxy for 1 million years, sent Eternals to terraform other worlds; Eternals mutated natives of those worlds into Deviants to serve as a work force; eventually the Eternals turned vs the Celestials, who leveled Earth. Eternal #1 (2003)

Earth-30987 - With aid of Thundra, Thing-616 took over form of Thing of this reality, avoiding Secret Wars, was to marry Alicia but realized the wrongness and departed this world
    --FF I#303

Earth-31117 - Nazis developed advanced technology, conquered Earth; decades later, Captain America-616 awoke within reviving body of Cap-31117, rallied Underground movement to overthrow Nazis
    --Captain America#17

Earth-31128 - Dormammu wins, the heroes are killed, and Spider-Man watches Mary Jane die
    --Amazing Spider-Man II#58 / 499 (2003)

Earth-31129 Alternate future glimpsed by Charles Xavier- ; dark uniform-wearing X-Men (Beast Cyclops, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Rogue (flying, without gloves), Shadowcat, Storm, X-23); Nimrod led Sentinel fleet; Jean Grey became Phoenix; reformed Magneto led New Mutants including returned Jubilee and Wolfsbane. X-Men: Evolution animated series (2003)

Earth-31198 billionaire Peter Parker, wears Spider-Armor. Spidey is engaged to Gwen Stacy, Jonah Jameson is his godfather, Wilson Fisk is his lawyer, and Uncle Ben is still alive. Peter owns the Peter Parker Science Foundation and his identity is public. Spdm cartoon (January 1, 1998)

Earth-31220 Hulk discontinued message to Manhattan due to distracting commercials. W? World War Hulk (2010)

Earth-31223 Cyborg Thing from this reality was brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal into serving them; Thing attempted to defend VM HQ from assault by Kash-13010, Black Widow-62111, and Captain America & Black Widow-616. Captain America and Black Widow #640 (2013)

Earth-31232 Webster (spider-duck). Spider-Man Annual #1 (2019)

Earth-31309 aka Narcissi-verse; inhabitants live and exercise to the point of physical perfection, eventually collapse in exhaustion off cliffs where they are eaten by tigers; reality contained within compaction receptacle, served as one of the “Encroachiverses”  nearly released into Reality-616 by Band of the Bland’s Dr. Angst. Sensational She-Hulk #17

Earth-31310 Peter Parker is a student at Midtown High with MJ, Harry, and Liz. MJ is an aspiring dancer raised by her divorced mother. Peter and MJ investigate a plot by Norman Osborn, testing an experimental sports drink called "OZ" on the Midtown High students. Mary Jane novel (July 14, 2003)

Earth-31391 Home to a group of Iron Men; briefly visited by Captain America and Black Widow-616 and Black Widow-21611. Captain America and Black Widow #639 (2013)

Earth-31393 (Wolverine, Bishop, Forge and Nimrod) - DoFP variant circa 2055 AD. Bishop sent back by Forge to prevent the assassination of Senator Kelly in Reality-92131. He succeeds, but returns home to find his future subtly changed. X-Men cartoon (March 13, 1998)

Earth-31406 Beast was pulled from his own reality and brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal into fighting for them. He battled Captain America-616, Black Widow-616, and others. Captain America and Black Widow #640 (2013)

Earth-31411 Aaron Aikman inserted cloned spider-genes into his DNA, became the Spider-Man; opposed Naamurah. Edge of Spider-Verse #3 (2014)

Earth-31458 Demon Rider (Kushala) accompanied Dr. Strange to rescue Nina the Conjuror from dimensional banishment but Demon Rider was soon pulled into another dimension by a creature resembling a cat/fish/spider hybrid. Nina and Dr. Strange followed but Demon Rider and Nina were impaled and killed. Dr. Strange's astral form was also impaled but wasn't shown to have died. Doctor Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme #6 (2017)

EARTH-31916 (Dr. Bill Adams, Atlanta Blur, Emil Burbank, George Sr + G.W. Bush, General Casey, General Cavanaugh, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Deveraux, Dr. Helen Fraser, Bill Gareth, Tom Henderson, Hyperion, Sgt. Alicia James, Arcanna Jones, Joe Ledger, Jim McKean, William Matthias, Elizabeth + Mason Milton, Nuke, Ben Pierce, Michael Redstone, Kingsley Rice, Rosalie + Titus Richmond, Jason Scott + girlfriend , Shape, Abigail Stewart, Tom Thumb, Zarda, Ben, Bryce, Jimmy, Sandra; alien race, Chinese(?) wise man, shock jock, Dotty) -
    (OH:AU)--Supreme Power#1 (2-18/Dr. Spectrum#1-5, Hyperion#1-5, Nighthawk#1-5

Earth-31941 R. Crumb did work for Marvel Comics, resulting in a strangely-drawn Avengers shared in after Ultron antics including piggy-back rides being given to Vision by Scarlet Witch and to Ant-Man from Wasp and in which Captain America strutted while walking. Back Issue #111 (2019)

EARTH-32000 - Age of Apocalypse: Space X-Men
Some years in the future space-based X-Men & allies fought off Shi’ar (allied with Apocalypse’s Horsemen) takeover of Earth
    --X-Men Unlimited I#26

Earth-32012 Miek did stand-up comedy. W? World War Hulk (2010)

Earth-32081 - Spider-Demon ruled New York City for a decade until defeated by Morph-1081

Earth-32098 Xavier led Skrull mutants to form Planet X; Marrow married Gambit; Apocalypse drained the power of all X-Men there and used the power to return it to his past self. X-Men #98

Earth-32125 Ultimate Nick Fury saw New York City burn. Spider-Men #5 (2012)

Earth-32201 Thor convinced Hulk to call off assault on Manhattan and the Illuminati; Hulk & Warbound returned to Sakaar with impunity, Illuminati rebuilt Manhattan. W? World War Hulk (2010)

Earth-32231 After slaying his reality’s Venom, Carnage (Cletus Kasady) was summoned by Venom-616 (Eddie Brock) to aid in the multiversal resistance against Reality-17952’s Poisons. Carnage ultimately agreed to act as the resistance's weapon in exchange for the opportunity to kill superheroes whose forms the Poisons had assimilated. Allowing himself to be captured by the Poison-assimiltated Venompool-41715, Carnage bought the resistance time to destroy the Poisons' ship but he was left for dead by the resistance, ultimately dying when the ship exploded. Venomverse #3 (2017)

Earth-32244 (Alabaster, Arcadia, Cotton, Gordium, King, Touch, Wildebears) Circa 12,000 AD, Earth is over 90% covered by water; rule by upper class overthrown in war and Arcadia, a society where everyone was equal; eventually the upper class again overthrew Arcadia, and after the death of their "weapon" Gordium, Touch was dispatched into the modern era of Reality-13618 to find a person with the same power set to help thwart another uprising of Arcadia. However, Touch fell in love with Anna Marie/Rogue and eventually aligned himself with Arcadia; he sent his son, Cotton, into the past to protect him, and Rogue sent Cotton to be raised by the parents of Cody Robbins. Rogue Touch (2013)

Earth-32491 Two children Rickey and Marie (secretly a mutant) ventured into the abandoned Xavier's School for the Gifted during a Halloween trick-or-treating excursion despite rumors that the school was haunted and housed monsters. When Rickey fell through a floorboard into the former Danger Room and was attacked by simulated mutant villains, he was rescued by the seemingly still-alive Wolverine, who defeated the artificially-generated villains. After thanking Wolverine for saving Rickey, Marie held out her candy bag and asked Wolverine "trick or treat?," prompting a smiling Wolverine to remark "a little bit of both" before he seemingly faded away into ghostly nothingness as he motioned towards the old Cerebro computer helmet. Rickey then asked Maria what the helmet was and Marie simply replied "hope." Avengers Halloween Special#1 (2018)

Earth-32518 (Wolvie) Cartoon-ish, child-like versions of characters; Wolvie was recruited into the Exiles, and his reality, while the rest of the reality was destroyed by the Time-Eater. Exiles #2 (2018)

Earth-32659 Exhibits merged elements of Reality-616 and -93060 initially generated by Nemesis (combined 7 Infinity Gems). Ultraforce/Avengers #1 (1995)

Earth-32265 Spider-Woman (red costume with a large blue spider on the front, divided into upper and lower halves with 4 legs going up and 4 going down; two stripes on right arm). Web-Warriors #10 (2016)

Earth-33124 Red Hulk became national hero after helping defeat Blackheart, Ross' honor restored, put in charge of Busters (A-Bomb/Rick Jones, Hulk/Bruce Banner, Red She-Hulk/Betty Ross, She-Hulk/Jen Walters, She-Hulk/Lyra) until they were de-powered and slain by MODOK. Venom #13.3 (2012)

Earth-33184 Machine Man created a flesh and bone body for himself using his reality’s Abel Stack’s DNA, but later regretted it and warned Earth-9997’s Machine Man against doing so himself. Paradise X #7 (2003)

Earth-33213 Vapor Girl opposed the likes of King Groo-Mor and the Menons; events parallel fictional storyline in comic book from Earth-33. Unstable Molecules #1 (2003)

EARTH-33629 (Atlantis, Champion, Collector, Dr. Doom, Dr. Octopus, Exiles (Blink, Magnus, Mimic, Morph, Nocturne, T-Bird), Gardener, Grandmaster, Runner, Wrecking Crew (Bulldozer, Piledriver, Thunderball, Wrecker), skrull female, others)
    - world with six mutants that were close counterparts to Exiles team that traveled to Earth-1815, these six were gathered together by Grandmaster-1815 who wagered with Elders of the Universe-33629 that his Exiles could imprison all criminals on Earth within a time limit
    --Exiles Annual#1 ([1 (fb)], 1

EARTH-33734 - Acclaim: Maximum Carnage video game adaptation
    --Acclaim: Maximum Carnage

Earth-33844 Dirk the Demon circa 24th century. Amazing Adventure Funnies #3 (November 1938)

EARTH-33900 (New Avengers, FF, Thor, X-Men)
    --New Avengers (Military – AAFES) (2005)

Earth-34219 Dimension-traveling Antontio Aggasiz-616 bought a stick of gum packed with anti-rejection picotech. X-Force #5 (2014)

Earth-34786 Howard the Duck acted as Duc Savage. Crazy Magazine #36 (1978)

EARTH-34828 Wonder Man & Power Man had female counterparts
    --W?#34 (1982)

EARTH-34882 Howard the Duck formed the Animals team (Aragorn, Devil Dinosaur, Dragon Man, Emma the winged ant, Lockjaw, Redwing, Zabu)
    --W?#34 (1982)

Earth-34922 Wolverine hibernated and the X-Men reluctantly tried waking him up to battle Sentinels. W? #34 (1992)

Earth-35125 Spider-Man saw Dr. Octopus and the Green Goblin kill Aunt May. Spider-Men #5 (2012)

Earth-35525 Spider-Man (Morales) saw his brother kill his parents. Spider-Men #5 (2012)

EARTH-35583 World War Three breaks out on 16th October 1984 in this reality, causing a nuclear holocaust
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-35951 Solar flares sterilize the Earth on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-36231 Thor was kidnapped and brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal, then placed in stasis. Captain America and Black Widow #640 (2013)

Earth-36310 Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter had a happy life with children. Captain America: Reborn #6 (2010)

Earth-36527 Sinister chased the young Blink, who stumbled into the dying Exiles. As the Exiles begged for Blink to save them, Sinister arrived and apparently slaughtered the Exiles before capturing Blink herself. This reality was glimpsed in a dream by Earth-295's Blink. Exiles #7 (2002)

Earth-36701 After warning Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) of an incoming attack during a battle with Hydra, Kenneth Raymond impressed Ms. Marvel with his bravery, and Ms. Marvel spent a month searching for Raymond, finding him with his friend Rob by bribing Uatu the Watcher, convincing Vision to hack Google & having Dr. Strange consult spirits. Love struck by Raymond, who appreciated the thought despite her invasion of his privacy, Ms. Marvel agreed to grant Raymond any wish and Raymond had Ms. Marvel attack his stepfather Charlie. On Earth-616, this was mirrored by a fan-fiction story. All-New, All-Different Avengers Annual#1 (2016).

Earth-37021 (Dan Hastings, Bob, Carter, Eutopa race, Gloria, Hans Raskow, Captain Turke, Ursulis) Potential future reality. Star Comics #1 (Chesler/Dynamic) (February 1937) Note: Dan Hastings appeared in comics by Chesler/Dynamic, Ultem, Centaur and Archie, but was the same character in each strip.

"EARTH-37072" (Kulan Gath) - Exiles helped overthrow a ruling Kulan Gath

Earth-37486 Howard the Duck acted as the vampire Duckula. Crazy Magazine #36 (1978)

Earth-38062 aka Erthas. [Clan Destine #3 (2008)]

EARTH-38092 (Skyrocket Steele) - alternate 26th century future
    Amazing Mystery Funnies#1 (September 1938)

Earth-38113 potential future circa 2038 AD, includes weekly excursions to Mars and Jupiter. Amazing Mystery Funnies #3 (November 1938)

Earth-38119 “Normal”/unpowered Earth. Spider-Man-92131 traveled here and met Stan Lee and Spider-Man actor with no powers and Stan Lee. Spider-Man cartoon (1998)

Earth-38171 Sentinels dominated the planet following the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly, attacking, capturing and killing mutants including most of the X-Men. Some mutants like Bishop later worked as bounty hunters, tracking and capturing mutants for the Sentinels. Two such mutants, Rachel and a blonde man, who were being aided by an aged Wolverine, were captured by Bishop, who took the trio of mutants to a Mutant Termination Facility, only to find that the Sentinels had terminated Bishop's contract. Bishop was then apprehended alongside Wolverine, Rachel and the other man and taken in for termination, passing by the gravestones of the deceased X-Men. After aiding Wolverine and the others against the Sentinels to escape the Termination Facility, Bishop joined Wolverine in visiting the elderly Forge following the Sentinels' killing of Rachel and the young man, ultimately using a Temporal Transceiver designed by Forge to travel back to the equivalent of the modern era of a pre-current Multiverse reality in an effort to prevent his own reality from diverging; varies from Earth-31393 in terms of the mutants who worked with Bishop and Wolverine and those mutants’ fates. (pre-current Multiverse counterpart) X-Men Adventures #13 (1993) 

Earth-38831 diverged from -616 when Speedball-95019 was snatched back to his home reality alongside Red Ghost-38831, Ape X-38831 was arrested by HAMMER, held at Project: AESOP, and Gibbon-38831, Gorilla Girl-38831 (but also kind of 616, or at least, her sacrifice was also 616's) and Jane Potter-38831(but 616 remembers the events) broke in to free him and then escape via a portal to 21050. Marvel Zombies: Evil Evolution (2010)

EARTH-38909 - see Earth-Franklin Richards found Thor's hammer (app)--What If II#3/3

Earth-39102 (Antelope Men)

Earth-39115 Jon Linton circa 2000 AD Amazing Mystery Funnies #15 (November 1939)

Earth-39131 Moon Knight was brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal until he was freed by a rogue Kashmir Vennema and used against VM. (Captain America and… I#639, 640) – Moon Knight joined the battle against VM. Captain America and Black Widow #639 (2013)

Earth-39259 Wolverine remained Alpha Flight’s leader. W?#59

Earth-39811 Six-Armed Spider-Man - mutated during the neogenic incident that the regular cartoon version underwent, but never fully cured. During the subsequent battle, he is mutated into Man-Spider. Spdm cartoon (January 1, 1998)

Earth-40081 Unpowered heroes still led adventurous lives. Powerless#1

Earth-40111 While playing an Avengers fighting video game, Ms. Marvel was beaten at the game by Squirrel Girl, who decided her prize would be a trip to a local restaurant for macarons. Noticing all of Squirrel Girl's squirrels eating macarons as well, a grumbling Ms. Marvel wondered if it was ok for hyperactive rodents to eat their weight in sugar. On Earth-616, this was mirrored by a fan-fiction story. All-New, All-Different Avengers Annual#1 (2016)

Earth-40121 (Gizmo of the Corps) Excalibur#1

Earth-40152 Kid Kingpin ran for 7th grade class president. W? DD vs. Elektra #1 (2010)

Earth-40238 Ms. Marvel-4732 slew Hulk for Timebreakers

Earth-40261 Divergent Earth-6109; Fury’s group do not free Lilandra Neramani. The Shi'ar refused to help the heroes when an asteroid obliterated the US West Coast. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (2006)

Earth-40520 23rd century era of Steve Raymond. Amazing Mystery Funnies #20 (May 1940)

Earth-40616 The Coven, a group of politicians and billionaires, caused WWIII, leaving Earth a radioactive wasteland. Punisher tracked the Coven, the last other survivors, to their New York bunker and killed them. With no more criminals left, Punisher's work was finally finished. Dying from radiation poisoning, Punisher wandered off to Central Park to be reunited with his family. Punisher: The End (2004)

Earth-40727 Isaiah Bradley became Captain America, served as US president from 2005-2013, partner Bucky died battling the Klansman; Isaiah’s daughter Becky had become close to Bucky, blamed father, became Becky Barnes, traveled to past, slain by Rebecca Quan-616. Captain America#27 (2004)

EARTH-40800 (Comet Pierce, Laraina, Avis Jort) @ 2150 A.D., Humanity spread throughout planets and moons of solar system
    --Red Raven Comics#1

Earth-40828 divergent Earth-40727, Isaiah Bradley traveled to Earth-616, brought Captain America & Rebecca Quan to his reality, stopped Becky’s plot, prevented her traveling into past and dying. Captain America#28

Earth-41001 Years in future, various X-groups fought major foes. X-Men: The End #1 (2004)

Earth-41026 Divergent Earth-6109; Fury’s group don't save the Skrull homeworld from destruction, and the Kree and the Skrull warred for decades costing millions of lives. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (2006)

Earth-41101 Dr. Strange studied alongside Clea under Ancient One. Strange #1 (2004)

Earth-41119 A deal between Marvel Comics and Harvey Comics was successfully made, resulting in an Avengers roster comprised of Wendy, Hot Stuff, Stumbo, an adult Richie Rich, Jackie Jokers and Sooper-Hippie. Assembled, the Avengers soon learned the secret of Casper. Back Issue #111 (2019)

Earth-41210 Writers of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe slain by Deadpool-12101. Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #4 (2012)

Earth-41222 Colossus' sinking fastball special cast Wolverine into the ground. W? Astonishing X-Men #1 (2010)

Earth-41225 Meteor Martin's future. Amazing Man Comics #25 (December 1941)

Earth-41301 After heroes Storm, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel were taken from this world by Vennema Multiversal and brainwashed, they were later returned to this reality. Captain America and Black Widow #640 (2013)

"EARTH-41483" - a female vigilante became known as the Punisher

Earth-41510 Agon and Rynda contained Maximus; Black Bolt fell in love with Medusa, and that he formed a peaceful existence between Inhumans and humans. Nova #33 (2010)

Earth-41512 One of five realities shown by John Aman, in which Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, and Johnny and Sue Storm killed in cosmic ray exposure during space flight; variant costume. Defenders #11 (2012)

Earth-41520 Alcoholic Foggy Nelson ran free internet legal advice Foggy’s Bloggy. W? DD vs. Elektra #1 (2010)

Earth-41571 Divergent Earth-6311; infant Nathaniel Richards abducted from his crib by time-traveling Vision, never returned. All-New, All-Different Avengers #13 (2016)

Earth-41620 Dr. Doom unfriended Deadpool on facebook, leaving his only friend to be Jigsaw; Deadpool visited with Axel Alonso about making a comic strip about Doom. Deadpool #1000 (2010)

Earth-41668 Spider-Woman (red costume with undivided blue spider with 2 legs going up and 2 going down) Web-Warriors #11 (2016)

Earth-41715 Hired to investigate Ripley Diagnostics' parasitology scientist Dr. Scott, Deadpool found Ripley Diagnostics to be infested with hive mind, parasitic tapeworms. Infected himself, Deadpool survived long enough to find a tank housing an alien symbiote to which he had once been bonded. Re-bonding to the alien symbiote, Deadpool expelled the tapeworms in his system and destroyed the remaining tapeworms before being transported to a post-apocalyptic Earth-22249, where he joined a multiversal resistance against Reality-17952’s alien Poisons. As part of the resistance, Deadpool began calling himself Venompool and soon noticed that the resistance's Spider-Man retaining portions of his personality after being consumed by a Poison. Feigning surrender, Venompool willing allowed himself to be consumed by a Poison and after his body was assimilated by the Poison, Venompool's personality remained intact long enough for the Poison Deadpool to help the anti-Poison resistance to infiltrate the Poisons' lair. Buying time for the resistance to blow up the Poisons' ship, the Poison Deadpool commented that it had been a honor fighting alongside Earth-616's Carnage before succumbing the resulting explosion. Edge of Venomverse #5 (2017)

Earth-41919 Yao accompanied Dr. Strange to rescue Wiccan from Reality-13729’s future from his extradimensional banishment. Almost immediately, Yao was captured and pulled in another dimension by beings resembling goblins. When Wiccan and Dr. Strange followed, Wiccan and Yao were impaled and killed by the goblin-like beings. Doctor Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme #6 (2017)

Earth-42015 Daredevil’s resurrection by the Hand was interrupted by firemen when the Hand’s sacrificial smoke set off smoke detectors. W? DD vs. Elektra #1 (2010)

Earth-42118 Youthful "Hulkis the Horrendous" plagued neighboring Mr. and Mrs. Ross with super-strong shenanigans. Marvel Super-Heroes #104 (1981)

Earth-42122 Attempting to phase out Emma Frost’s heart, Kitty instead pushed a tuna sub from her stomach. W? Astonishing X-Men #1 (2010)

Earth-42212 Beast started using a litter pan. W? Astonishing X-Men #1 (2010)

Earth-42221 Danger became bride of Ultron; Ultron & Danger slew X-Men, then headed for the Shi’ar Empire, which they brutally conquered. After continued conquering, they became leaders of the Phalanx and threatened all the universe’s non-technorganic life. W? Astonishing X-Men #1 (2010)

Earth-42409 - Santa learned on Christmas Eve that all his reindeer had been replaced by Skrulls. Desperate to make his deliveries, he asked to borrow the Infinity Gems from the Illuminati; despite Black Bolt still being miffed that Santa never brought him the Speak and Spell he wanted, they agreed, but Santa had an adverse megalomaniacal reaction to wearing the Infinity Gauntlet. The Illuminati battled him to no avail, their energy attacks bouncing off force fields Santa generated, until Sub-Mariner threw a snowball with all his Atlantean might, a lucky shot that struck Santa in the face, knocking him over and causing the Gauntlet to slip off his hand. Santa's normal amiable demeanor was restored, and he had no memories of what happened. Luckily (and somewhat bizarrely, as his fellow Illuminati point out), Iron Man happened to have a herd of flying robotic reindeer available, and lent them to Santa to complete his deliveries.
    --Marvel Digital Holiday Special#1/3

Earth-42413 Mimic and Vera Cantor had a child, but he accidentally killed them both with his X-Men powers. Dark X-Men #1 (2011)

Earth-42466 Billionaire Francis Talbot employed Deadpool to travel through time, altering various wars to make the future/present into Earth-14114, a world of ever-lasting war dominated by Talbot; Talbot was apparently wiped from existence by Deadpool's time machine gun, seemingly wiping these events from existence, but at least diverging them from Reality-616. Deadpool vs. X-Force #1 (2014)

Earth-42610 Divergent Earth-6109; Fury’s group fail to recover Volla's ring, so she didn't warn Odin about an attempt on his life. Odin’s death plunged Asgard into years of chaos during which Thor ruled Asgard after Sif died in battle. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (2006)

Earth-42624 A symbiote-empowered Drax was consumed and assimilated into the reality-17952 alien Poison Hive. As part of the Hive, the Poison Drax was sent to Earth-616 Alchemax building to battle Earth-616 heroes basing themselves there. Venomized #4 (2018)

Earth-42777 Tony Stark manipulated events to conquer Earth, targeted the universe; WX helped him slaughter Inhumans, but only so Sue Richards could kill Stark
    EARTH-Iron Man: Monarch of the World--Exiles#23

Earth-42992 Moon Man & Moon Boy defend Cosmopolis, aided Moon Knight-616 in defeating Moonshade-616. Marc Spector: Moon Knight#42

Earth-43312 X-23 saved from Blackheart by Wolverine, drove Blackheart from Earth but then slew Wolverine when the trigger scent was released. Venom #13.3 (2012)

Earth-43916 War-torn world covered in burned out cities; briefly visited by Captain America and Black Widow-616 and Black Widow-21611. Captain America and Black Widow #639 (2013)

Earth-44111 Enclave created new Adam Warlock who broke their program in Costa Perdita with Janie Chin’s aid; Warlock eventually destroyed this world; reality glimpsed by “Eve” Warlock via guidance of Adam Warlock-616. Warlock#1

Earth-44173 An alien Klyntar symbiote-bonded Dr. Doom was consumed by an alien Poison from reality-17952 and his corpse was utilized the Poisons' new body. Becoming the field leader of the Poison hive's activities on Earth-22249, the Poison Doom manipulated that reality's symbiote-bonded Dr. Strange into summoning several symbiote-bonded heroes from across the multiverse to combat the Poisons, only to assimilate many of the Resistance members into the Poison hive. When the Poisons' activities were routed on Earth-22249 by the Resistance's bombing of the Poison ship, the Poison Doom reported back to the Poison Thanos-17952 and acted as Thanos' second-in-command during a subsequent attempted Poison invasion of Earth-616. When the assimilated Poison Marvel Girl-616 broke free of the Poison hivemind and severed the Poisons' connection to their queen, the Poison Doctor Doom perished when his mind was forcibly disconnected from the hivemind. Venomverse: War Stories #1 (2017)

Earth-44259 Klyntar-bonded Daredevil assimilated by Reality-17952’s Poisons; destroyed when Reality-22249’s multiversal anti-Poison resistance blew up the Poisons’ ship. Venomverse #5 (2017)

Earth-44291 After Zeke Stane took over Stark Enterprises, Tony Stark began a worldwide search for a biological weapon that could best Stane's technology. Eventually checking on Captain America, whom Tony's father had left frozen decades ago, Tony brought mercenaries Deadpool and Colossus to retrieve Captain America, who had thawed from the ice on his own. Upon seeing Colossus, Captain America immediately killed him by hurling his shield into Colossus' head, prompting Deadpool to jump into the battle, followed by Tony in his Iron Man armor. Finding an alien-infected Captain America devouring Deadpool using tentacles protruding from his abdomen, Iron Man attacked the infected Captain America and burned the infected body parts of Deadpool. Captain America ultimately succeeded in damaging Iron Man's power core and the two sat and waited to see who would freeze first in the arctic snowstorm. Avengers Halloween Special #1 (2018)

Earth-44573 Vision was kidnapped and brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal, then placed in stasis; presumably sent home by Kashmir Vennema-60413. Captain America and Black Widow #640 (2013)

EARTH-45017 - Presence’s irradiated men conquered Earth
    --Avengers III#42

Earth-45162 Pym affected by energies, apparently from Reality-14622 that erased his thoughts/plans of creating Ultron; Pym/Ultron-1321 of Reality-14622 led his reality's Lord Ultron to invade this reality, as well as Earth-62412, Earth-23223, and Earth-81223 as new homes; Wolverine-62412, Thor/Natasha-23223, and Captain America-81223 traveled to Earth-45162 to oppose Ultron. After the Ultrons apparently eliminated all other life on Earth-45162, Pym-14622 guided the visiting heroes, along with Wasp and Giant-Man-45162 to escape back to Reality-14622 to try to rebuild it. On Earth-45162, Pym/Ultron apparently sacrificed himself to destroy Lord Ultron. What If? Age of Ultron #5 (2014)

Earth-45201 Mounted heads of Advocate's enemies retained intelligence and speech. W? DD vs. Elektra #1 (2010)

EARTH-45828 (Hyperkind, Dexter Mungo, Saint Sinner, Trip Monroe) Razorline

EARTH-45932 Massive fluctuations in Earth's magnetic field causes widespread destruction on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-46031 Sabretooth was pulled from his own reality and brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal into fighting for them. He battled Captain America-616, Black Widow-616, and others. Captain America and Black Widow #640 (2013)

Earth-46102 Divergent Earth-6109; Fury’s group do not find Valkyrie's sword Dragon Fang. Valkyrie died in the battle to prevent Ragnarok, Balder died trying to save her, and the people of Asgard were forbidden to contact Earth for a century. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (2006)

"EARTH-46127" (Bob, Hydra, Nick Fury) - Bob the Hydra agent punched out Nick Fury
    --Cable & Deadpool#46

Earth-46421 Portland Avengers (Grahh-Nola, the Crunch that Walks like a Man; the Hippie; Madame Vegan; the Protester; the Scarlet Cyclist; This Guy/Bendis; Voodonut). Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration #1 (2014)

Earth-46991 Divergent Earth-7901. Earth-22051’s AV, Spdm, Wolverine & Storm exposed Kang’s plot to Agents of Atlas, helped defeat Kang. Giant-Size Marvel Adventures: AV#1 (2007)

Earth-47004 Devil-masked boys assaulted Casey Mitchell, and bully Buddy Tyson showed up to help them, dressed in a Spider-Man suit. Amazing Spider-Man #700.4 (2014)

Earth-47011 Several heroes (Spider-Man, Firestar, Steve Rogers, Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, Dr. Strange, Gravity, Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Cyclops, Emma Frost, War Machine, Psylocke, Moon Knight) fought Onslaught in Colombia, and Onslaught possessed Nomad (Rikki Barnes) and won. Onslaught Unleashed #4 (2011)

Earth-47111 - Ben Grimm became professional football player
    --FF III#47

Earth-47322 - Sue Storm instead of Johnny became Human Torch
    --FF III#47

Earth-47366 - John Lennon lived
    --FF III#47

Earth-47920 Howard the Duck’s original homeworld, pre-reality warp; populated by various anthropomorphosized animal species (Adventure into) Fear#19

EARTH-48011 Emperor Teotihuacan of South America is assassinated on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-48224 Variant Earth-8410 (“2020 A.D.”). Iron Man traveled to Reality-91119. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online video game (2011)

EARTH-48803 James XXI of Scotland declares war on Afghanistan on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

"EARTH-48909" - see Earth-Wolverine got a real job (app)--What If II#3/4

Earth-49121 Kall traveled from the 30th century to Earth-616’s 1948, captured people to be studied as primitives in his time; Blonde Phantom hypnotized this world’s ruler, His Excellency, and brought him back with her to 1948, bereft of technology so he could never try anything like this again
    --Blonde Phantom Comics#21

Earth-49163 Flooded; briefly visited by Captain America and Black Widow-616 and Black Widow-21611. Captain America and Black Widow #639 (2013)

Earth-49487 (Avengers (Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Iron Man, Thor), Fantastic Four ((Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Mr. Fantastic, Thing)) - briefly visited by Fantastic Four-616 (Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Thing) and Ant-Man (Scott Lang)-616 plus Psilord (divergent future self of Franklin Richards-616) who battled the Avengers and Fantastic Four in a case of mistaken identities, allowing the Dark Raider to kill  Invisible Girl and Mr. Fantastic-944
    --Fantastic Four I#387 (1994) (388

Earth-50011 Kidpool trapped in Gorilla Kong video game. Deadpool Corps #5 (2010)

Earth-50101 Paviitr Prabhakar became Spdm. Spider-Man: India#1
    Superior Spider-Man#32

Earth-50142 Fixer (Roscoe Sweeney) fixed Bingo and other such events. W? DD vs. Elektra #1 (2010)

Earth-50224 Lockheed spoke English, joked around. W? Astonishing X-Men #1 (2010)

Earth-50210 Squadron Supreme encountered by Avengers of Earth-523002. W? Jessica Jones had joined the Avengers #1 (2005)

Earth-50302 -
    --Marvel Age Spider-Man#1

Earth-50358 (Awesome Android, Dr. Doom, Dr. Octopus, Fixer (dies), Great Beasts (Tanaraq), Mad Thinker, Mandarin (dies), Master (dies), Shaman, Wizard (dies))
    -Exiles helped stop fuel cell factory’s reactor from igniting the atmosphere; Shaman banished Tanaraq-3470 to Great Beast’s Realm

Earth-50415 Ramades conquered modern day Earth. MK 4 #15

Earth-50701 Marvel Nemesis: The Imperfects#1

Earth-50810 Mega Morphs

Earth-51010 Dogpool fought Nigel the Bone and Hank the Steak. Deadpool Corps #5 (2010)

Earth-51062 Killraven joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, then participated in the Council of the Guardians of All Galaxies to try to mend events in the past. Guardians of the Galaxy #25 (2010)

Earth-51109 Venom (Eugene Thompson) told General Brad Dodge about Crime-Master knowing his true identity, and was forced into witness protection, adopting the name Eugene Elling; glimpsed in dream by Thompson-616. Venom #5 (2011)

Earth-51111 One of five realities shown by John Aman, in which Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, and Johnny and Sue Storm killed in cosmic ray exposure during space flight; variant head gear. Defenders #11 (2012)

Earth-51212 In Graymalkin, Arizona, New York Charlie (Charles Xavier) used his powers to kill or mind control several citizens, including Mister Creed (Sabretooth), Sheriff Cyclops, Anole, and Broo. One year later, a group of X-Men from other realities (Dazzler-616, General James Howlett-12025, Kurt Waggoner-24135, and Charles Xavier-16111) appeared and killed New York Charlie, saving the recently mutant-powers manifested Jimmy Howlett and his parents from Charlie. X-Treme X-Men #4 (2012)
    (X-Treme X-Men #4-5

"EARTH-51391" -

Earth-51412 Patton Parnel turned into cannibalistic man-spider, killed Uncle Ted, bit Sara Jane, killed by Morlun. Edge of Spider-Verse #5 (2014)

Earth-51420 Elektra assaulted a luxury cruise ship instead of the SHIELD Helicarrier. W? DD vs. Elektra #1 (2010)

Earth-51489 On a barbarian Earth, Slaymaster-1720 kills the local Psylocke-analogue. New Exiles #11 (2008)

Earth-51518 Domain of Apocalypse region of Battleworld, Apocalypse ruled over the dystopia where mutants subjugated baseline humans. Apocalypse routinely attacked nearby domains, annexing the conquered regions into his domain, and turning the former barons into his Horsemen. Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX #1 (2015)

Earth-51725 Holocaust was formerly a baron of his own Battleworld domain until he was conquered by Apocalypse (51518) and forced to be one of the horsemen of Apocalypse. Secret Wars #2 (2015)

Earth-51778 Stunt-cyclist Takuya Yamashiro transforms into Spider-Man to battle the alien forces of Professor Monster. Toei no Supaidâ-Man

Earth-51834 Howard the Vulture followed a hot dog vendor in the desert. W? #34 (1992)

Earth-51838 A young Spider-Man was assisted by his older self from the “Prime Reality”; this prompted the Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) to escalate their conflict, and he kidnapped Aunt May, although both Spider-Men eventually rescued her. Years later, Parker had quit as Spider-Man, allowing Norman Osborn to take over America with his son Harry as President and numerous super villains in key positions of power. Parker-Prime eventually inspired this Parker to take up the spider-mantle again and battle Osborn's forces. Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #301 (2018)

Earth-51914 Spidey routinely used Golden Sponge Cakes to help defeat his opponents; killed by Morlun. Represents reality where the stories shown in Hostess cake ads took place as actually shown (specifically with the Hostess products influencing/motivating the heroes and/or villains). Spider-Verse #1 (2015)

Earth-51929 Striker (Brandon Sharpe) summoned into relative past of Reality-616 by Carina; slain while Striker-616's mind possessed his body. Avengers Academy #11 (2011)

Earth-51939 Klyntar-bonded Spiral assimilated by Reality-17952’s Poisons; destroyed when Reality-22249’s multiversal anti-Poison resistance blew up the Poisons’ ship. Venomverse #5 (2017)

Earth-51977 Peter Parker gained Nova-power. W?#15

Earth-51201 Several souls, including that of Ella, were held in stasis in a pocket dimension, sent there by Doktor Suhner to await being absorbed by Mephisto. The souls willingly sacrificed themselves in an attempt to make the world a better place. Mystic Hands of Dr. Strange #1 (2010)

Earth-52012 Emmeline Frost-Summers of New Albion X-Society pulled to Earth-12245 by Xavier/Savior to serve as an energy source for the machine that preserved the planet’s damaged magnetosphere; rescued by Cyclops-616 and joined reality-hopping X-Treme X-Men for a time. Astonishing X-Men #44 (2012)

Earth-52014 Ben Urich’s body was discovered by garbage men before it reached the dump. W? DD vs. Elektra #1 (2010)

Earth-52078 A symbiote-empowered Iron Fist was consumed and his corpse assimilated into the reality-17952 alien Poison Hive. As part of the Hive, the Poison Iron Fist was sent to Earth-616 in an effort to assimilate more heroes into the Hive. Venomized #3 (2018)
NOTE: This Poison Iron Fist should be distinguished from the Poison Iron Fist of Reality-96183.

"EARTH-52091" -

Earth-52313 Trisisions came to Earth in 1950s as prelude to all-out invasion; took the form of Stalin and the entire Soviet Army. Adventure into Weird Worlds #3 (1952)

EARTH-52833 Rome invades Gaul on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-53011 During the X-Men's trial by combat against the Shi'ar Imperial Guard for the fate of Phoenix (Jean Grey), Jean evolved into the Dark Phoenix, killing the remaining Imperial Guardsmen before next killing her X-Men teammates to prevent them from reaching the good part of her psyche. Dark Phoenix then traveled to Earth's various major cities, destroying them all before destroying the Earth itself. Nine days after her evolution, Dark Phoenix destroyed Earth's sun and moved on to destroy the entire Milky Way galaxy, becoming a dark demigod and continuing into space. This reality was glimpsed by the reality-hopping Exiles as a vision created by the mysterious Tallus artifact. Exiles #3 (2001)

Earth-53092 In an unspecified future, criminal Joe Sykes volunteered for hyperatomic deep freeze space travel to the farthest reachest of space in hopes of fame and wealth, but was instead brought to his own Earth, but in a dimension just out of phase with his reality so he could observe Earth, but he was invisible and intangible to everyone there. Tales to Astonish #2 (1959)

Earth-53101 Loki manipulated Thor into attacking New York City. Flanked by Frost Giants and Loki, Thor savagely defeated the Fantastic Four (Human Torch was sent to Jotunheim) and Spider-Man (sent into space). Loki aged Jane to ancient years. Thor managed to shake his influence, defeat the giants, and send Loki to Asgard for judgment. Admitting his own humility, Thor convinced Odin to reverse events so they never happened, diverging this reality from Earth-11035. Thor: First Thunder #5 (2011)

Earth-53191 Atlantis conquered and submerged all Earth underwater. Defenders: From the Vault #1 (2011)

Earth-53242 Earth conquered by extraterrestrial Moru race with aid from infiltrator posing as human who became trusted scientist Dr. Tindley. Journey into Unknown Worlds #23 (1953)

Earth-53283 Earth destroyed by Gruban race. Astonishing #28 (1953)

Earth-53292 Alternate future; astronaut Roger Dean -- sole survivor of ship X-22, which crashed on a meteor and then drifted and made landfall on Roxx -- was cared for by, fell in love with, and then married Zara, who aged in reverse to infancy; when Dean tried an age transfusion treatment to reverse that, he was left in the form of a premature baby, which died. Astonishing #28 (1953)

Earth-53327 Earth destroyed when Polarians transported the sun back to their system. Adventures into Weird Worlds #27 (1953)

Earth-53720 Death was killed by a Mortimer(?) (after his death) and made a hero by the now immortal humanity. Journey Into Unknown Worlds #20/6 (July, 1953)

EARTH-53882 -Norrin Radd and Shalla-Bal abandoned Zenn-La to Galactus
    --W?#34 (1982)

Earth-53912 Robbie Reyes was bonded to the spirit of his deceased uncle Eli Morrow to become the heroic Ghost Rider until he encountered and was bonded to an alien symbiote that had previously been the costume for the hero Spider-Man. Following a three-way battle for control of Reyes' body, Eli and the symbiote united against Reyes and took dominance of Reyes' body, becoming the Host Rider. Following a battle against the scientist Dr. Calvin Zabo, whom he fed to his demonic Hell-Charger vehicle, Host Rider was recruited by the multiversal resistance against the alien Poisons. While part of the resistance, Host Rider was consumed by one of the Poisons, who took control of the body, only to be immediately destroyed by Earth-616's Carnage (Cletus Kasady). Edge of Venomverse #3 (2017)

Earth-53923 A mother tells her daughter that the man in the moon causes the tides but her daughter doesn't believe her. Afterward, the moon gets destroyed by a comet impact and the seas grow calm. Years later, the little girl has grown to have a daughter of her own and she tries to convince her that there used to be a moon which caused the sea to swell. She is shocked when her skeptical daughter says to her "Oh mother, would you have believed a story like that if your mother had told it to you?" Mystic #23 (September, 1953) "Mother Knows Best"

Earth-53931 World of sentient vehicles. Spider-Mobile recruited into Multiversal Web-Warriors to stop the Inheritors of Earth-001. Amazing Spider-Man #12 (2015)

Earth-53973 - Tarene achieved her destiny and was widely worshipped; shown to Odin-616 by Uatu the Watcher
    --Thor II#37 (2001)

Earth-54121 One of five realities shown by John Aman, in which Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, and Johnny and Sue Storm killed in cosmic ray exposure during space flight; variant costume. Defenders #11 (2012)

Earth-54201 Lekty (Elektra) and Romanova competed for dates with Matt Murdock, a la Betty and Veronica with Archie. W? DD vs. Elektra #1 (2010)

Earth-54210 Namor, in full armor, and Emma Frost, in armor and on a winged horse, battled a giant sea Kraken. Nation X #4 (2010)

Earth 54415 - ravaged by nuclear war that killed half the world's population; survivors transformed into non-human mutants--Journey into Mystery#15/2

Earth-54531 Rakkhal’s mutation into Overlord prevented by Surfer. Silver Surfer I#6

EARTH-54828 Dazzler became a lawyer
    --W?#34 (1982)

Earth-55115 Mankind retreats from atomic horror to live underground for so many years that the past is forgotten and no one recalls why they had to leave the surface. One boy finds that he cannot be like the others and simply accept the situation so he takes the last remaining shaft up to the surface world. Opening the hatch sets off an alarm and the rest of the security detail follow him up to the surface where they discover a new paradise. Mystic #41 (November, 1955): "One Who Dared"

Earth-55921 Tony Stark composed of living brain tissue. Ultimate Iron Man #1 (2005)

Earth-55938 (scientist Matt Warren) - in response to atomic bomb testing, Earth (Gaea?) activated plants to overrun and restrain humanity. Marvel Tales #138 (1955)

Earth-56242 (Clark, John, & Mrs. Buchan; Ferris, Mr. Sinclair) Humanoids were artificially grown in vats and implanted with artificial genes to grant them abilities to perform specific tasks. Journey into Unknown Worlds #42 (1956)

Earth 56332 - populated by fish headed humans, visited by Earth-616 diver--Journey into Mystery I#32/2

Earth-56729 Circa 2160 AD, the planet Unicore was the last outpost of civilization; with their needs met via their minds and technology and thus being unaccustomed to labor, they were unable to advance further or repair their infra-structure. Via time machines, they abducted the most brilliant scientists of the 1950s of Reality-616, but those scientists convinced them that removing them could alter/prevent their existence; they returned those scientists and removed their memories of their journey. Adventure into Mystery #2 (1956)

Earth-57051 Aztec Empire ruled England. Wisdom#5

EARTH-57288 Obnoxio the Clown became Obnoxio-Hulk
    --W?#34 (1982)

EARTH-57780 (Andy, April Fool, Avengers (Beast, Captain America, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Vision), Bad Dog, Beetle, Big Tow, Birthday Bandit, Black Bolt, Blizzard, Blowhard, Book-Worm, Boomerang, Butterfly, Captain Britain, Captain Truth/Captain Mighty, Cat (Greer Nelson?), Chameleon, Circus of Crime (Cannonball, Clown, Great Gambinos, Princess Python, Ringmaster), Collector, J. Arthur Crank, Daredevil, Doctor Doom, Doctor Fly, Doctor Fright, Doctor Octopus, Doctor Strange, Doctor Time, Egghead, Electro, Erg, Eye Patch, Falcon, Fancy Dancer, Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Mister Fantastic, Thing), Funny Bunny, Giant-Man (Foster), Giant-Man (Pym), Gibbon, Grandmaster, Gray Gargoyle, Green Goblin (Harry Osborn), Hate Master, Hijacker, Hulk, Human Kite, Human Top/Whirlwind, Hummer, Ice-Man, Igor, Impossible Man, Iron Man (Stark), Jack O'Lantern, J. Jonah Jameson, Jennifer of the Jungle, Jester, Kang the Conqueror, Kangaroo, Kid Colt, Kid Video, King Arthur, Kingpin, Kathy Kline, Kraven the Hunter, Leap-Frog, Living Brain, Lizard, Lockjaw, Loki, Machine Man, Mad Scientist, Mad Thinker, Madame X, Magic Wanda, Marvel Boy, Mastermind, Maurice the Plant, Medusa, Merlin, Mesmero, Metal Master, Meteor Man, Mister Measles, Mole Man, Moloids, Moondragon, [Mel Mounds], Mouse, Ms. Marvel (Danvers), Mysterio, Foggy Nelson, Night Flyer, Fargo North (Decoder), Nova, Owl, Karen Page, May Parker, Paste-Pot Pete/Trapster, Paul the Gorilla (a.k.a. Spider-Monkey), Pedro the Plant Store Owner, Plantman, Porcupine, Power Man, Power Men (robots), Prankster, President of the United States @ 1975 (African-American woman), Professor X, Puppet Master, Purple Pirates, Queen Bee, Queen of Diamonds, Easy Reader, President Ronald Reagan, Rhino, Ringer, Rita the Director, Robbie Robertson, Rocket Racer, Sam the Sesame Street Robot, Sandman, Sando, Schemer, Shanna the She-Devil, She-Hulk, Shocker, Short Circus (Allison, Buddy, Charlie, Duane, Gail, Jesse, Julie, Iris, Kathy, Kelly, Samantha, Zack), Show-Stopper, Silver Surfer, Sitter, Slumlord, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman (Drew), Spiders from Mars, Spoiler, Sportsman, Stalker from the Stars, Star Warrior, Stegron, Stilt-Man, Stomper, Storm, Sub-Mariner, Tarantula, Thanos, Flash Thompson, Thor, Thumper, Thundra, Tickler, Tigra (same as Cat?), Toymaker, Trainer, Trapmaster, Trapper, Uninvited, Valerie the Librarian (a.k.a. Spider-Woman), Vampire (a.k.a. Dracula), Vanisher, Vulture (Toomes), Wall, Wallflower, Water Wizard, Mary Jane Watson, Web-Man (evil clone of Spider-Man created by Doctor Doom), White Tiger, Yeti, Zodiac (Leo, Aries, Taurus; different from Zodiac Cartel))
    Other inhabitants of Earth-57780 may include the Banana, the Bowler, the Can Crusher, Conk and Bonk, the Fox, the Gobbler, Little Miss Muffet, Mr. and Mrs. Martin, the Sack, the Sandman (not Baker), the Show-Stealer, Silly Willy, and the Spider, as well as the Blue Beetle, Frankenstein, Julia Grownup, Letterman, Millie the Helper, Pandora, the Wolfman, and many others.
    --Spidey Super Stories#1

Earth-57828 (Obnoxio, Slasher) - Obnoxio became bat-like hero
    --W?#34 (1982)

Earth-57882 - Obnoxio became Spider-Man-like hero
    --W?#34 (1982)

Earth-58111 Norman Osborn is a six-armed supervillain Spider-Man who was devoting a large amount of Oscorp's resources into unlocking a warped Cosmic Cube. When Peter Parker was killed, he had arranged to have a letter delivered to Harry Osborn explaining Norman's madness and danger, prompting Harry to become the armored Kobold to confront Norman. Kobold managed to shatter the Cosmic Cube, apparently killing himself as he saw visions of his best friend Peter and stranding Norman outside the multiversal Great Web, where Spider-Punk-138 of the Web-Warriors rescued Norman despite Norman's desire to remain there to learn more about the multiverse. Edge of Spider-Geddon #5 (2018)

"EARTH-58161" (Brother Nathan (Cable)) - Askani-like future?
    Earth-Cable: Brother Nathan--Cable/Deadpool#16

"EARTH-58162" (Cable, Technarchy) - Cable overtaken by techno-virus
    Earth-Cable: Technarch--Cable/Deadpool#16

EARTH-58163 (Angel, Apocalypse, Bishop, Black Cat, Black Panther, Blunderbuss, Abe Brown, Cable (infant), Luke Cage, Captain America, Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), Captain Marvel, Cloak, Dazzler, Bob Diamond, Doom, Jessica Drew, Fearsome Four, Nick Fury,  Hawkeye, Hulk, Human Resistance Movement, Iceman, Inhuman Torch, Invincible Woman, Iron Fist, Iron Man, the It, Mercedes Knight, Lorna, Moira MacTaggert, Madame Web, Magneto, Hank McCoy, Layla Miller, Mutant Institute, mutants, Mutopia, Mystique, Namor, Nightcrawler, Otto Octavius, Proteus, Kitty Pryde, Henry Pym, Quicksilver, Piotr Rasputin, Robert Reynolds, Rogue, Sabretooth, sapiens, Sentinels, Sebastian Shaw, SHIELD, Lotus Shinchuko, Sinister, Sons of the Tiger, Marc Spector, Spider-Man, Storm, Stephen Strange, Emma Frost Summers, Scott Summers, Lin Sun, Trish Tilby, Toad, Janet van Dyne, Wand of Watoomb, Wanda, Mary Jane Watson, White Tiger (Angela del Toro), Wolverine, Wonder Man, Warren Worthington, Jason Wyngarde, Charles Xavier)
    - altered reality in which Magneto used the Scarlet Witch and Charles Xavier to re-write reality so that mutants achieved dominance over humanity
    EARTH-House of M* (Secrets of the House of M)--House of M#1 (2-8/Spider-Man: House of M#1-5/Fantastic Four: House of M#1-3/Incredible Hulk III#83-86/Iron Man: House of M#103/Mutopia#1-4/Uncanny X-Men#462-465/Wolverine III#33-35/New X-Men#16-19/Exiles#69-71/Excalibur III#13-14/Pulse: House of M special edition/Black Panther IV#7/Captain America V#10/New Thunderbolts#11/Pulse#10/Cable & Deadpool#16-17

Atlas-Class Sentinel Mutant-Hunter, Baron Strucker (dies), Captain Mar-Vell (d), Captain Marvel (Danvers), General Dum Dum Dugan, Fenris (die), Flashback (dies?), Forge, Private Genis-Vell, Howling Commandos, Human Underground Resistance, Abe Jenkins, [Rick Jones(d)], Major Erik Josten, Zebediah Killgrave, Kree, "Mad Thinker," "Ogre," Radioactive Man, Ronan, James Sanders, [Shi'ar], Thunderbolts (outlaw super-villains), Valhalla Mountain Research Facility (Colorado), Dr. Wendell Vaughn, Prof. Alton Francis Vibreaux

    --Man-Thing movie (2005)

    --Howard the Duck movie (1986)

Earth-58472 Howard the Duck movie comic adaptation (1986)

Earth-58627 The Punisher movie (1989)

Earth-58732 The Punisher movie (2004)

Earth-58942 Punisher killed Spider-Man. W?#58

Earth-59011 Circa 2095, Tom Jonson and partner Hank Jordan worked on Project X-36, an underground city, with often-malfunctioning robots laborers. Upon discovering radioactive oil exploding from the surface of the unidentified planet, Jonson traveled there to claim the oil; saved from living oil pool by telepathic robot natives, the robot-hating Jonson was banished back to Earth. Tales to Astonish #1 (1959)

Earth-59032 Circa 2058 AD, Dunstan Craig, ruthless hunter of extraterrestrials for Earth's zoos, crashed on an alien world and was placed in their zoo. Tales to Astonish #2 (1959)

Earth-59116 By 3000 AD, humanity was a galactic empire spanning hundreds of alien worlds; on the primitive Betalgeuse II, xenophobic Darius Cartwright ruled from within an oxygenated dome until he died when its machinery broke and the Betalgeuseans, forbidden to enter, did not help him. Tales to Astonish #6 (1959)

Earth-59222 eXecutive Action Committee (“X-Com”; alternate reality team of male version of female X-Men: Kit (alternate Shadowcat), Marvel Boy (alternate Marvel Girl/Rachel Grey), Polaris, Psylocke, Rogue, Storm) acted as Saturnyne’s personal guard. Uncanny X-Men #462 (2005)

Earth-59433 Creature from Planet X escaped zoo in 2165 AD, frightened Cynthia Adams until it collapsed in Earth’s atmosphere. Strange Worlds #3

EARTH-59462 (Sky Captain)
    --[Uncanny X-Men#462]

Earth-59523 In the year 2306 the warlike Martians (over 7' tall humanoids) planned to conquer Earth after humans made first contact with them. On the Martian Emperor's?? request Earth sent an envoy, Lynn Hamilton, so the Martians could determine if it was the right decision to conquer Earth. Hamilton convinced them not to attack Earth by using trained animals more powerful than any Martians to convince them that humans had secret powers that made them more powerful than Martians when he commanded the animals to do tricks for him after previously showing off their pure strength. Journey into Mystery #52 (1959)

"EARTH-59594" ("giant from outer space") - @ 2744 AD, one of the natives traveled to the planet Ursa Micronica
    --[Tales to Astonish I#3/4]

"EARTH-59661" (Dr. Strange, Hulk) - Dr. Strange is surgeon specializing in treating super-humans

"EARTH-59662" (Red Skull, Cosmic Cube) - Super-Soldier powered Red Skull has superhuman healing and possesses the Cosmic Cube

"EARTH-59663" (Mr. Sinister, demons) - Sinister has vastly superhuman healing, allied with demons, hostile environment

EARTH-59882 - Thor got a haircut, causing his helm to fall down over his eyes
    --W?#34 (1982)

Earth-60059 Droom served as the progenitor of a saurian race after arriving on another planet. Tales to Astonish #9 (1960)

Earth-60166 On their 40th wedding anniversary, Reed and Sue (observed by a Recorder) summoned forth various past incarnations to enjoy the time with them. Fantastic Four: The Wedding Special #1 (2006)

Earth-60241 Divergent Earth-6109; Fury’s group saved Jean Grey (over Nightcrawler) from being dropped into the Infinity Vortex by Mephisto. Mystique avenged Nightcrawler by assaulting Professor X; the X-Men disbanded permanently after Xavier died in a coma months later. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (2006)

Earth-60413 A Kashmir Vennema who was recruited to Vennema Multiversal later helped return their captive heroes to their own realities when VM was dismantled. She planned to return to her own reality. Captain America and Black Widow #640 (2013)

"EARTH-60672" (Colossus, Professor Renolds) -
    (app)--Strange Tales I#72

Earth-60808 Ultimate Avengers II cartoon (2006)

Earth-61011 Spider-Man, his cousin, Spider-Girl, and their various friends, both heroes and villains, are all children. Spider-Man and Friends (2006)

Earth-61018 Bruce Banner had history of mental breakdowns, mutated while trying to save intern Rick Jones from gamma bomb; Hulk/Banner strove to destroy Gamma Base to prevent his research from be used to create weapons of mass destruction. Mythos: Hulk#1

Earth-61024 Divergent Earth-6109; Fury’s group does not prevent the Super Soldiers from destroying the SHIELD Omega Base computer containing research data on the Legacy virus, which became a plague that ravaged the Earth several years later, threatening mutants with extinction. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (2006)

"EARTH-61029" (Forge, Orora & Naze Munroe, Nimrod, Storm)
    Days of Future Past variant
    --New X-Men#29

Earth-61108 Ant-Man (Scott Lang) killed by maddened Scarlet Witch, not resurrected via time travel. Avengers #500 (2004)/Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #5 (2011)

Earth-61112 Age of Ultron; diverged from Age of Ultron #10, in which Ultron was defeated with aid from future travelers from this reality. Avengers #12.1 (2011)

Earth-61158 In Paris, France circa 1881, soldier Frank Castiglione's opera singer wife Maria and children were killed by Maria's jealous actor colleagues because her talent took roles away from them. The distraught Frank ventured into the French catacombs, soon finding himself beneath the Palais Garnier opera house where Maria had last sung, where he overheard Maria's rivals gloating about killing her. Dedicating his life to punishing those who had killed his family, Castiglione became the Punisher of the Opera, attacking and murdering Maria's former rivals onstage on a mission of vengeance. Avengers Halloween Special#1 (2018)

"EARTH-61211" (Destructioids, Spidera, Spider-Girl, Spider-Man, "Spider-Woman(s)," Spider-People)
    alternate reality in which Spider-Girl was an alien, eventually returned to Spidera to rule the Spider-People;
    written as a comic by Jimmy Yama & Wes
    --Amazing Spider-Girl#1

Earth-61311 Captain America raised by fascist, loyal to Hydra; a duplicate of Captain America-616 was created by the sentient cosmic cube Kobik with his past/reality overwritten with Cap-61311’s; this Captain America led Hydra to conquer America in Reality-616 until original Cap-616 located and defeated this fascist duplicate. Captain America: Sam Wilson #7 (2016)

Earth-61422 (Black Panther, Captain America (Rogers), Captain Marvel (Danvers), Cyclops, Doctor Octopus, Doctor Strange, Giant-Man, Iron Man, Sentry, Spider-Man, Thor, Vision, Wolverine) A world populated by bulky, one-eyed people. An invasion force of heroes attacked the heroes of Earth-1610, but were sent back to their world by the newborn daughter of Invisible Woman (Sue Storm) and Thing (Ben Grimm). Ultimate FF #6 (2014)

Earth-61828 Tony Stark developed an eating disorder
    --W?#34 (1982)

Earth-61934 Marvel Comics staff engaged in wacky adventures
    --Marvel Fumetti#1 (1984)

Earth-62111 President Doom tried getting a Cosmic Cube from Vennema Multiversal via Kasmir Vennema-12116. They tried selling him a cube with a world of telepaths in it. He instead was killed by an alternate Black Widow. Captain America and Black Widow #636 (2012)

Earth-62192 Roderick Kane traveled from the year 5000 AD to 1962 to conquer it and make himself ruler of all the Earth since in his time period he was a nobody. Kane planned to unleash a shrinking gas on the Earth that would reduce all animal life in size. He ended up shrinking himself to test its effects on humans and was unable to open a cork on the antidote. He kept shrinking and may have ultimately ended up in a Microverse.
    --Strange Tales#92/2 (January 1962)

Earth-62218 A symbiote-empowered Dr. Druid was consumed and assimilated into the reality-17952 alien Poison Hive. As part of the Hive, the Poison Dr. Druid served a Poison Thanos-17952 and Dr. Doom-44173, reporting to them on the Hive's invasion of Earth-616. He subsequently teleported a squad of Poisons to Earth-616's Alchemax but was forced to teleport back to the Poison Thanos' ship, where he was killed by a time-displaced Cyclops. Venomized #3 (2018)

Earth-62221 Weapon X Exiles slew 50 Morlocks. Exiles #12 (2002)

Earth-62319 Andre Mexer was not lobotomized and instead went on to join the X-Men as Wolverine’s protégé. Wolverine: Saudade (2006)

Earth-62321 Alternate future home to Uranian aliens such as Groff, who escaped prison & fled to Earth-616 circa 1962 A.D. using a time travel ring. Criminal Joe Morgan stole the ring from Groff & traveled back to Groff's time, only to find himself in this alternate future. Strange Tales #94 (1962)

Earth-62380 aka Aerths. [Clan Destine #3 (2008)]

Earth-62410 Divergent Earth-6109; Fury’s group fail to save Senator Robert Kelly from Murderworld; he escaped on his own and led a bill where all mutants were sent to re-education camps to be brutally trained to NOT use their powers. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (2006)

Earth-62412 Thirty years after Obadiah Stane took over Stark International, Wolverine joined with a new Ghost Rider, a now-Buddhist Hulk, and Spider-Man (Peter Parker) to destroy the Master Mold active in the Savage Land, which was creating Stark armors for Ezekiel Stane; Spider-Man sacrificed to destroy the Master Mold, and was replaced in the hero group by a young Trask girl they had rescued from Stane. As the world was invaded (and life apparently destroyed) by Ultrons from Earth-14622, Wolverine was brought to Earth-45162 to oppose more invading Ultrons of Earth-14622; Wolverine joined Captain America-81223 (Ava), Thor/Natasha-23223, and Wasp and Giant-Man-45162 in escaping to Earth-14622 to try to rebuild it. What If? Age of Ultron #2 (2014)

Earth-62342 Chlorite life-forms arose early enough in history to take over the Milky Way galaxy; the Chlorites of Reality-616 were transported here to allow them to live in peace without threatening other life forms. X-Men: Watchers on the Wall (2006)

Earth-62510 Ghost Rider joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, then participated in the Council of the Guardians of All Galaxies to try to mend events in the past. Guardians of the Galaxy #25 (2010)

Earth-62520 Hundreds of years ago in the relative past, the Phoenix Force took over the young girl Fongji; she was corrupted by its influence and becoming a force of destruction. New Avengers #25 (2012)

Earth-62751 Le Bete Noir corrupted and destroyed all life on Earth before departing in search of the Phoenix Force. Gambit & Bishop #6 (2001)

Earth-62882 Dr. Doom used various comedic props
    --W?#34 (1982)

Earth-62935 Space explorer Col. Jon Rogers traveled to planet Nyanthos circa 2006, mind enslaved by a plant there before returning home, leading Earth to quarantine the planet.

Earth-62992 Howard the Canary got into a fight with the black cat Sylvester. W? #34 (1992)

Earth-63124 Magneto slew everyone at Cape Citadel. Mythos #1 (2006)

Earth-63157 In unspecified future, Earth was at war with extraterrestrial Bimmus race; a lonely human soldier stationed a million miles from home was duped into turning off his sector's tracking radar machine in exchange for the most beautiful woman in the universe (unaware this was by the alien Bimmu standards); human soldiers monitoring the exchange captured the soldier as well as the spies from Bimm, and the soldier was left to his "reward." Tales of Suspense #47 (1963)

Earth-63163 Reality with which Nextwave members' reality was briefly overlapped by the Beyond Corporation. Nextwave: Agents of HATE #1 (2006)

Earth-63410 Spider-Man was kidnapped and brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal, then placed in stasis. Captain America and Black Widow #640 (2013)

Earth-63748 Howard the Duck acted Duck Carter of Mars. Crazy Magazine #36 (1978)

Earth-63794 - Lazy Laird Benedict crashed ship on Deimos, forced to work with natives for food
    --Journey into Mystery I#94/2

Earth-63912 (Space Patrol (Kodi, Nick Nelson), Owen Kosterman, Spider Men of Venus) Potential future reality. Amazing Mystery Funnies #16 (December 1939)

Earth-63914 Overrun by zombies; briefly visited by Captain America and Black Widow-616 and Black Widow-21611. Captain America and Black Widow #639 (2013)

Earth-64087 Demonic Avengers (Captain America/Rogers, Giant-Man/Pym, Iron Man/Stark, Wasp/Van Dyne) terrorized Manhattan, New York; glimpsed by Thor-616 via Amora's spell. Avengers #7 (1964)

Earth-64102 Divergent Earth-6109; Fury’s group failed to find the rare Walek Seaweed as an ingredient to a medicine to heal Namor. Krang usurped the throne from the weakened Namor, convinced the Atlanteans to attack human warships, and used the stolen nuclear weapons to wage a devastating war upon the surface world. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (2006)

Earth-64110 Immortus allied with Masters of Evil battle vs. AV; events not prevented via Enchantress’ time spell. AV#10 (1964)

Earth-64121 Beautiful women tended Teon Macik's every need; glimpsed as dream by Teon. Generation Hope #16 (2012)

Earth-64356 30th century Martian would-be-conqueror Kara set out to conquer the entire Solar System. Using a self-made time machine Kara, disguised as a human, traveled to different time periods in Reality-616 to trick the best of Earth's generals and soldiers to help him; among these were: Julius Caesar (secretly Charles Cotta), Alexander the Great, Achilles, Hector, Hannibal, Napoleon and Lafayette. Instead of helping, the time-displaced men killed Kara, discovering he was an alien. Uniting with the 30th century’s human government, they wiped Mars out within five months after which the men faded away to their own time. Adventures into Weird Worlds #3 (1952)

Earth-64511 Circa 2478 AD, human space explorers led by Col. Frank Stevens established peaceful relations with the Mundusians, leading them to develop space exploration to resolve their overpopulation. Tales to Astonish #51 (1964)

Earth-64894 Iron Man’s armor made public; SHIELD used it to make the Iron Guard; with the massive law enforcement created by the technology, Matt Murdock married Elektra and stopped crimefighting, Thor remained on Asgard, Frank Castle's family not murdered, Dr. Doom killed FF; when Magneto threatened the world, IM, Thor, Daredevil, Elektra, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Wasp and Giant-Man became the AV to stop him. W?#64

Earth-65046 Divergent Earth-7901. Earth-46991’s Agents of Atlas instructed this reality’s counterparts not to revive CapA. Giant-Size Marvel Adventures: AV#1 (2007)

Earth-66106 Mystique deliberately caused Sentinel dominance of USA. Nightmares of Future Past (1984)

Earth-66115 Future Foundation’s Spider-Man briefly joined the multiversal Web-Warriors against the Earth-001 vampiric Inheritors. Amazing Spider-Man #9 (2015)  

Earth-66209 Hulk punched Haiku-obsessed Illuminati into space, rescued them after learning of Miek’s involvement. W? Newer Fantastic Four (2009)

Earth-66641 Bird-like but beak-less Falcon (Sam Wilson) met by traveling Future Foundation-1610. Ultimate FF #6 (October 2014)

Earth-66881 Thing decided to stay in 1760 A.D. posing as Blackbeard the pirate while the rest of the Fantastic Four returned to the present day. Soon after deciding to stay, the Thing discovered British slavers, and he and his crew began traveling the seas to put a stop to the slavery rings. On the night that Thing and his crew were preparing for war against slave trader Admiral Gyrich, the reality-hopping Exiles arrived there and asked Thing for help in locating their missing Tallus artifact. Thing agreed to help if the Exiles agreed to help in the battle against Gyrich and the group soon teamed with the Thing and his allies including the Scarlet Falcon, Rebecca Barnes and Capt. Mercedes Knight against Gyrich, who unleashed the Juggernautical against the pirates. Following Gyrich's defeat, the Thing led the Exiles to a rainbow-colored whirlpool where the Exiles found the Tallus. Exiles #4 (2018)

Earth-67389 Under the enigmatic Stranger’s influence, the Hulk assaulted humanity, leaving it vulnerable to the Stranger's assault, which virtually wiped out human society; thereafter, the surviving humans built a better world under the Stanger’s command. Tales to Astonish #89 (1967)

Earth-67626 (Karzz the Conqueror) - 70th century future
    --Avengers battle the Earth-Wrecker

Earth-67843 Howard the Duck acted as detective Sheerluck Duck. Crazy Magazine #36 (1978)

Earth-68091 Tony Stark designed immense super-computer Cerebrus, which tyrannically ruled 24th century Earth; Krylla & Resistance brought Iron Man-616 to their world, they destroyed Cerebrus’ central processing unit. IM#5

Earth-68326 Alternate Earth-5631 future where Kang captured the Avengers and conquered the world. Ten years later an adult Power Pack opposed Kang. Avengers & Power Pack Assemble! #3 (2006)

Earth-68994Dark Raider-944 slew handgun-wielding Reed Richards in a city's alley. Fantastic Four I#389 (1994)

Earth-69001 Superflow destroyed, White Event presumably prevented. Avengers #7 (2013)

Earth-69232 Gunhawk made a deal with the devil, giving him a kidnapped child and getting his hand branded, receiving in return the Midnight Gun; lost his soul and found he’d only be the fastest draw at night. Despite being the fastest, he was eventually killed by a kid with better aim, and he was sent back to the devil. Marvel Westerns: Strange Westerns featuring the Black Rider #1 (2006)

Earth-69520 Distant future to which Dr. Doom sent Esteban Diablo, where Diablo was the last living creature. Marvel Super-Heroes #20

Earth-69798 Mystique raised Nightcrawler in attic. W?#98

Earth-69829 Tiber dominated Earth circa 2250 AD, opposed by Tomorrow Men. The Ultimates: Tomorrow Men (2006)

"EARTH-69901" (Primax) - Korvac saved humanity from Badoon Empire, Korvac turned the human Jaromel into his adjutant Primax, Korvac ruled over Earth like a dictator, Captain America-616 opposed Korvac's regime, time diverged by Korvac; only Primax and Korvac retained the memories of the reboot and the time before it
    --Captain America III#18

Earth-69902-69971 Captain America-616 caused trouble in Korvac's empire, and Korvac repeatedly rebooted/diverged a new timeline to start over. Captain America#18 (1999)

Earth-69972 Circa 3007 AD, Captain America-616 and rebels attacked Korvac while demonstrating his power by killing three Badoon, time diverged by Korvac. Captain America#18 (1999)

Earth-69973 Korvac attacked Captain America-616 and his rebels in their secret base, Korvac enabled Captain America to remember his defeat after the time reboot, time diverged by Korvac. Captain America#18 (1999)

Earth-69974 First Independence Day of the Badoon Empire, Captain America-616 and rebels hidden in gift for Korvac, Captain America approached Primax for the first time, time diverged by Korvac. Captain America#18 (1999)

Earth-69975 Circa 3052 AD, Captain America-616 attacked Korvac with an army he had built over the last half century, time diverged by Korvac. Captain America#18 (1999)

Earth-69976 Circa 3023 AD, Captain America-616 tossed cargo from a supply craft in to space, act copied by others, time diverged by Korvac. Captain America#18 (1999)

Earth-69977 Circa 3014 AD, Kree Empire taken over by Korvac, Captain America-616 and rebels teleported to Earth with Zenn-La Interspatial Transporter and attacked Korvac, time diverged by Korvac. Captain America#18 (1999)

Earth-69978 Circa 3017 AD, Korvac had become tired of Captain America's attacks, Captain America blew up buildings and once again fought Korvac, Primax stood up against Korvac and helped Captain America, Korvac realized that his first mistake was to let too much of his humanity remain and returned to Earth-616, time diverged by Korvac. Captain America#18 (1999)

Earth-69979 Jaromel became Captain America and rebel leader in Earth's fight against the Badoon. Captain America#18 (1999)

Earth-70019  (Spider-Man) Japanese student Yu Komori becomes Spider-Man after being bitten by radioactive spider. Monthly Shonen Magazine#?? (January 1970)

Earth-70105 ()
    - Erskine died prematurely; Iron Man (Steve Rogers), Hulk (Peter Parker), Reed Richards (Director of SHIELD) vs Galactus
    --Bullet Points#1 (Amazing Spider-Man #9

"EARTH-70134" - Spider-Man rejected the Other/Spider, bonded with Venom symbiote, resurrected Gwen Stacy as Carnage
    --What If -Featuring Spider-Man: The Other#1

Earth-70213 Scott Summers, an African American, was regularly whipped by his owners, especially after his mother died. After his mutant powers (optic blasts) manifested, he was recruited by Colonel Fury and Dr. Xavier into the Union Army alongside heroes (alternate versions of Storm and War Machine) and they swiftly won the war against the Confederates. Summers himself killed over 6000 men and only regretted it when his allies saw him as a monster.  Corporal Summers later joined the reality-hopping "X-Treme X-Men." X-Treme X-Men #7 (2013)

"EARTH-70237" - Dark future, Spdm returned to stop Venom
    --Spider-Man: Reign

Earth-70395 Ultron converted life into a mechanical form
    --Avengers III#42 (2001)

"EARTH-70518" (Albion, Marak, warlord) - World War I lasted a century, extradimensional slavers perpetuated war through their warlord, war ended after Brian Braddock became Albion and used the Sword of Might to bring down the enemies, much of population succumbed to starvation and disease
    --[New Excalibur#5], 18 (18 (fb)

Earth-70541 “Leather Apron” was Jack the Ripper, drawn to Earth-616 in modern era, slain by MI-13’s Tink. Wisdom#4

Earth-70701 Little Red Riding Hood variant Spider-Man. Spider-Man: Fairy Tales #1

Earth-70766 Thor duped by Abomination into freeing some of the Stranger’s criminal prisoners, earning the Stranger’s ire; diverged from Reality-616, in which Thor, fearing the Stranger attacking Asgard, "reversed time" to the point of his arrival on the Stranger's world and instead defeated and reimprisoned the Abomination before returning to Asgard without encountering the Stranger. Thor #178 (1970)

Earth-70813 Stan Lee convinced the Avengers to become a team by offering them royalties for their adventures and merchandising. Avengers Classic #1 (2007)

Earth-70875 Carol Danvers switched placed with Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) via the nega-bands, used them to replace him during the battle with Nitro, during which she contracted cancer. Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel #1 (2018)

Earth-70915 Forewarned by a time traveling Doombot, Doom prevented the Fantastic Four from gaining their powers, took over New York City. Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes "Out of Time" (2007)

Earth-71002 Alternate Earth-96283 (Spider-Man movie trilogy) in which Spider-Man is hired by S.H.I.E.L.D. to stop the P.H.A.N.T.O.M. invasion. He teams up with other heroes and his still-surviving arch-enemies such as Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Venom, Sandman (more villainous) and others. Spider-Man: Friend or Foe? video game (October 2 2007)

Earth-71004 Camelot-like Spider-Man. Spider-Man: Fairy Tales #4

Earth-71016 FF saved Earth from Adjudicator & Cosmic Tribunal
    --Last FF story#1

Earth-71113 Desolate (possibly uninhabited) future Earth to which the Silver Surfer-616 banished Durok; humanity apparently destroyed itself via warfare. Thor #193 (1971)

Earth-71121 Native Wolverine was kidnapped and brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal, then placed in stasis. Captain America and Black Widow #637 (2012)

Earth-71124 Peter & MJ Parker refused Mephisto’s offer, had daughter
    --Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#42 (2007)

Earth-71135 Phantom Eagle destroyed German super-cannon via towing and crashing an unmanned plane into it. Incredible Hulk #135 (1971)

Earth-71139 Magician from Mars’ future. Amazing Man Comics #7 (November 1939)

Earth-71143 While assaulting Earth, the Hulk decapitated le Peregrine, the Blazing Skull, Cadaver, Blistik, Captain Rectitude, Mr. Immortal, Big Bertha, devoured Frog-Man, and easily subdued or was unaffected by Hypno-Hustler, Aquarian, and Thunderclap; he meekly offered a red rose to Gladiatrix. World War Hulk: Front Line #4 (2007)

Earth-71156 (Turkey Fantastic Four, Franklin Richards, T.U.R.K.I.E.) Turkie world. Intelligent turkeys eat humans for Thanksgiving. Franklin Richards: Happy Franksgiving! #1 (2007)

Earth-71166 Earth became utopian society, formed non-aggression pact with other races in the universe, erected quarantine zone around the solar system; fought off invasion of alliance of Kree/Shi’ar/Skrulls; Thing & Alicia had children Daniel, Jacob & Yancey while living on Mars; Human Torch married Crystal; Invisible Woman brought Franklin & Valeria from past to save them but also brought forward Doom, whom they banished to the Negative Zone where he took over. FF: The End#1

Earth-71191 Shapeshifting mutant celebrity Kevin Sydney uncontrollably turned into liquid goo and seemingly melted. This reality was glimpsed in a nightmare by Earth-1081's Morph. Exiles #7 (2002)
NOTE: This may be the same reality mentioned by the Timebroker in Exiles #1 (August, 2001) that Morph would return to if he did work with the Exiles

Earth-71211 Native Kashmir Vennema dreamed of being a heroine like Rocket-Lass Agent or Amazon one day. Captain America and Black Widow #637 (2012)

EARTH-71224 (Beast/Sorcerer Supreme, High Evolutionary) -
    High Evolutionary refused to aid mystical Beast with the mutant problem
    --X-Factor III#24

Earth-71241 - Peter Parker never empowered, became wealthy inventor
    --Sensational Spider-Man III#41

"EARTH-71246" (Bob/Supreme Hydra, Hydra) -
    --Cable & Deadpool#46

Earth-71511 Peter of the People battled Captain Capitalism and his Government Goons. Creatures on the Loose #11 (1971)

Earth-71519 Abyss was formerly a baron of his own Battleworld domain until he was conquered by Apocalypse (51518) and forced to be one of the horsemen of Apocalypse. Secret Wars #2 (2015)

Earth-71535 The Nova Corps (Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Moondragon, Nova (an adult Sam Alexander), Venom (Flash Thompson), Adam Warlock) policed Battleworld.  Unknown Battleworld domain. Guardians of Knowhere #1 (2015)

Earth-71628 Unhinged Gwenpool’s symbiote convinced her to kill her boss Mr. Melville (secretly an agent of the Hand agent). Gwenpool was subsequently assimilated by one of Reality-17952’s Poisons, captured by Reality-22249’s multiversal anti-Poison resistance and was killed by a Poison Deadpool-41715 when he revealed his allegiance to the resistance. Edge of Venomverse #2 (2017)

Earth-71778 (Baal, Mr. Kline)
    --Daredevil#78 (1971)

Earth-71800 Groot was a lawyer. Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration #1 (2014)

Earth-71853 Groovie 7 Seas psychedelic-like reality in which Namor ruled over New Atlantis above ground within the sea market called the Octopus Gardens. From this throne, Namor preached about the Age of Aquarius and attempted to make everyone around him relaxed and copacetic, promising to provide anything that anyone needed to relax. When the reality-hopping Exiles arrived in this reality escaping the reality-devouring Time-Eater, Namor attempted to make them less uptight, offering them whatever they desired, but this reality was soon apparently devoured when the Time-Eater pursued the Exiles there. Exiles #3 (2018)

Earth-71902 Skurge of Asgard was a cobbler and old friend of Odin; he allowed the young Sif, Thor, and others to run rampant through his shop; he died before Thor or the others reached warrior age; glimpsed/'remembered" by Thor-616 when Amora-616's attempted to restore Skurge-616 to life via Yggdrasil. Thor God-Size Special #1 (2009)

Earth-71928 After killing the burglar who killed Uncle Ben, Spider-Man became the gun-wielding Punisher, killing a number of his costumed foes. After Green Goblin nearly killed Gwen Stacy, Punisher gave up crimefighting to protect her. What If?: Punisher #1 (2018)

Earth-72110  Reality Show sought to remake Galacta's native Earth in an ecodesign challenge, but Galacta stopped them. Galacta: Daughter of Galactus #1 (2010)

"EARTH-72122" (vampire, crew of Starship Wolf) - @ 2180 AD
    --Chamber of Chills#2/2

Earth-72233 France successfully sued to reclaim Statue of Liberty; world degenerated into nuclear war; high-tech cities (populated by the rich) were built over the old cities (populated by the beggars and lower class); in the distant future, Wonder Man felt everything had gone wrong since the death of Ladyfair (Huan). Wonder Man #1 (2007)

Earth-72721 New team of X-Men formed: Callisto, Colossus, Forge, Ink, Marrow, Pixie, Shatterstar, Sage, Spiral, Stacy X, X-Treme. Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration #1 (2014)

Earth-72781 - Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) & Vanisher were abstract semi-insectoid beings, glimpsed by Nightcrawler & Vanisher-616
    --Bizarre Adventures#27

Earth-72911 In a foggy London still possessing Victorian attributes, Slaymaster-1720 emulates Jack the Ripper while killing the native Betsy Braddock. New Exiles #11 (2008)

"EARTH-73012" (Ariane, Brak the Barbarian, the Darters, Friar Jerome, Jonel, Nestoriamus, Septegundus, Tyresias, Valena, Yob-Haggoth)
    - on the level of the time of the early Roman Empire
    (app)--Chamber of Chills#2 ([Savage Tales I#8/2 (fb)], 7/2, 8/2, CoC#2

Earth-73192 Realm of android or cyborg known as Wolverine. FOOM #2 (1973)

Earth-73595 After Jack Murdock murdered, Kingpin adopted Matt Murdock who sought revenge on his father's killers; Matt became Kingpin's lawyer and after his death, Matt took over the family business. W?#73

Earth-73836 Reality patterned after 1958 era extremes, with younger Wild Ones struggling against the older Patriots; glimpsed as a reality warp on Earth-616 via Andrew "Slugger" Johnson and the Shaper of Worlds. Fantastic Four #136 (1973)

Earth-73925 After Comic Book Guy purchased cursed items off Ebuy, several Springfield residents were absorbed into movies and TV shows, including Groundskeeper Willie, who became the X-Men's Wolverwillie, an identity he retains even after the curses are broken. Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror#13/3 (2007)

Earth-74082 Transformed into primordial state by Tempus’ manipulations of the FF. Giant-Size FF#2

EARTH-74101 - see EARTH-Machus (prior to merging with Femizonia)--Fantastic Four I#151

Earth-74113 (Sise-Neg) Alternate future circa 31st century where ¾ of population uses magic. Marvel Premiere #13 (1974)

Earth-74121 Howard the Duck played poker against Fin Fang Foom, Thing/Ben Grimm, Bigfoot, Frankenstein's monster, & Man-Thing. Howard the Duck #1 (2007)

Earth-74135 Wolverine’s claws were weapons in his gloves, and he was much younger (19 years upon joining the X-Men). X-Men Companion #1 (1982)

"EARTH-74425" (Action Jackson, Aquaman, Bat-Girl, Batman, Kit Carson, Captain America, Captain Marvel ("Shazam"), Catwoman, Dracula, the Frankenstein monster, Joker, Leopard Men, the Mummy, Mr. Mxyzptik, Penguin, Riddler, Robin, Spider-Man, Supergirl, Superman, Tarzan, Tiger Jack, Werewolf, Kit & Tex Willer, Wonder Woman)
- Baravelli advertisements
    (app)--Baravelli advertise on L'Uomo Ragno I#104

Earth-74820 George Washington executed by Hessian army due to interference by time-traveling Willie Lumpkin-616. Giant-Size FF #2 (1974)

Earth-74897 Shadow (Kitty Pryde) pulled to Earth-12245 by Xavier/Savior to serve as an energy source for the machine that preserved the planet’s damaged magnetosphere; rescued by Cyclops-616 and joined reality-hopping X-Treme X-Men for a time. Astonishing X-Men #44 (2012)

Earth-75011 (Sandson O. Tyme, Tribunals) - Tyme used “Slow Glass” to temporarily preserve moments in time from various realities
    --Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction#1

"Earth-75032" (Beverly, Killmallard, Muurks, Septopods, Muurkonium) -
    glimpsed as stories written by Arthur Winslow
    --Howard the Duck I#2 (1975)

Earth-75153 Toddler Steve Rogers battled toddler Tony Stark. Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration #1 (2014)

Earth-75187 Klyntar-bonded Hawkeye assimilated by Reality-17952’s Poisons; destroyed when Reality-22249’s multiversal anti-Poison resistance blew up the Poisons’ ship. Venomverse #5 (2017)

Earth-75402 - 1960s horror movie Jack the Ripper was real; Ripper came to Earth-616, slain by MI-13’s Maureen Raven

Earth-75421 X-Men overcome with romance. Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration #1 (2014)

Earth-75612 The Phantom Eagle challenged von Reitberger to an aerial duel, and von Reitberger accepted. Von Reitberger succeeding in shooting the Phantom Eagle down, and witnessed his "death" amidst the ruins of his plane. Before "dying," the Phantom Eagle vowed that he would have revenge upon von Reitberger. Ghost Rider #12 (1975)

Earth-75826 Vampire Janos Trevorik menaced landlady Hazel Donovan. Power Man #26 (1976)

Earth-75924 Millionaire playboy Richard Crandell became the vigilante Copperhead after having face scarred by acid; mirrored events of Reality-616's Walter  Kranz's Copperhead pulp novels. Daredevil #124 (1975)

Earth-76216 (Agron) In the distant future, the moon and the now red giant sun threatened to collide with Earth; humanity had evolved into disembodied mental energy; Agron traveled to Earth-616 to escape his world’s destruction, possessed a corpse, rampaged until trapped in a SHIELD containment unit by CapA & Falcon. CapA #204

Earth-76292 Howard the Goose goosed a red-haired woman. W? #34

Earth-76611 Via Vibranium cylinder inadvertently sent back in time (by rampage of Puppet Master-controlled Power Man) via Reed Richard's time machine to early 1942, using half of the cylinder the Nazis advanced their V-2 technology earlier and conquered the world; the Fantastic Four traveled back in time and destroyed the Vibranium-enhanced rockets, diverging the Nazi victory from Reality-616. FF Annual #11 (1976)

Earth-76843 Howard the Duck acted as Batduck. Crazy Magazine #36 (1978)

Earth-77013 Spdm newspaper strip (1977)

Earth-77045 John Norton encountered time/dimension traveling New Seed 2040 AD
    --2001: A Space Odyssey#5

Earth-77105 (Avengers, Baron (Heinrich) Zemo/Supreme Hydra, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Captain America (James Buchanan "Buck" Barnes), Sharon Carter, Nick Fury, Adolf Hitler, Howling Commandos, Hulk, Hydra, Lyndon B. Johnson, Rick Jones, Jonathon "Junior" Juniper, Robert "Rebel" Ralston, Red Skull (Johann Shmidt), Nazis, SHIELD)
CapA and Bucky survived WW2 explosion, Nick Fury killed in action; Steve Rogers retired, Bucky became new Captain America, Rick Jones donned Bucky costume as his sidekick; CapA (Barnes) eventually died battling Baron (Heinrich) Zemo, Jones became new CapA after SHIELD re-discovered the Super-Soldier formula.
    (app)--W?#5 (1977)

Earth-77106 diverged from Earth-77105 as Rick never became CapA. W? #5 (1977)

Earth-77113 Floral bipeds. Howard the Duck daily comic strip (10/13/1977)

Earth-77119 Silver Surfer died after coating broke down. Silver Surfer: Requiem#1

Earth-77181 Symbiote-empowered Green Goblin was consumed and assimilated by one Reality-17952’s Poisons. The Poison Green Goblin encountered Venompool-41715 and attacked the Reality-22249 safe house of the anti-Poison resistance, dying when the resistance blew up the Poisons' ship. Venomverse #2 (2017)

Earth-77211 Hatch-22 traveled to Earth-616’s modern era from six million years in the future. Black Panther #1 (1977)

Earth-77611 King Kraken on Scania attacked the Sea Fang ship, which carried Starlord and Sandy in addition to the Holme family; paralled the events occurring in Starlord-791's mind via the telempathic crystal. Marvel Preview #11 (1977)

Earth-77640 Fred Hembeck interviews various super heroes for his show Dateline: @!!?#. The Buyer's Guide for Comic Fandom # (1977)

Earth-77995 Legion traveled back in time and killed Magneto; X-Men became media stars, inexperienced in battle; when Apocalypse led an assault on them Xavier apparently perished after slaying Apocalypse; Phoenix destroyed most of Washington along with Apocalypse’s agents.  W?#77

Earth-78009 Howard the Duck broke the curse of King Tut's tomb. Howard the Duck #7 (1980)

Earth-78127 “Flash” Thompson bitten by radioactive spider, became Captain Spider, killed fighting Vulture
    --What If I#7

Earth-78227 Betty Brant bitten by radioactive spider, became Spider-Girl, retired after the burglar she allowed to escape killed Ben Parker
    --What If I#7

Earth-78317 Giant Paul Same rampaged, crushing anything that stood in his way or tried to push him around. Howard the Duck dailies 3/17/78 (1978)

Earth-78327 John Jameson bitten by radioactive spider, promoted as hero Spider-Jameson by father, died saving a space capsule, inspiring Peter Parker to distill the spider-venom that mutated him and use it to become Spider-Man
    --What If I#7

EARTH-78411 - see DINOSAUR WORLD--Devil Dinosaur#1

Earth-78423 Howard the Duck originated from another planet in the same universe as the Earth to which he was sent. Similar but slightly varying adventures of Howard and Bev living in Cleveland apartment. Howard & Bev share some common history with -616 counterparts. As yet uncertain whether adventures involving Pop Syke, Cult of Entropy, Fred Feenix, Santa Claus/Zzyxz, Lily's Pad, Shryners from Outer Space, Tuesday Ruby, Clone Ranger & the Maltese Human, etc. occurred in some form on Earth-616. Howard the Duck dailies (1978)

Earth-78436 Howard the Duck acted as frontiersman Duckey Crockett. Crazy Magazine #36 (1978)

Earth-78517 Spider-Man (Takuya Yamashiro) was empowered by aliens from the space ship Marveller, and uses the flying car Spider Machine GP-7 and giant robot Leopardon to fight the evil Professor Monster and his Iron Cross Army. Spider-Man (1978)

Earth-78615 George Duckington crossed the Delaware. Howard the Duck dailies (June 18, 1978)

Earth-78719 ("Thingpin") Thing returned to his criminal roots, challenging the Kingpin for dominance of New York. One Thing After Another (1987)

Earth-78819 Mild-mannered piano teacher Morris Meekly transformed into the Incredible Kvetch in stressful times. Crazy#78 (1981)

Earth-78909 Fantastic Four (HERBIE, Invisible Girl, Mr. Fantastic, Thing) Fantastic Four cartoon (1978)

Earth-78912 - see EARTH-Elizabeth I executed
Mary (Queen of Scots) lived, Elizabeth I executed; reality destroyed by Immortus. (app)--Avengers West Coast#53

Earth-78922 Ant-Man & Wasp had picnic, all his ants took the food. W? #34 (1992)

Earth-78927 Bev Switzler served as judge in the First Karmic Court, where Howard received a verdict of terminal negativism from a jury of other Howards, and was sentenced to life imprisonment in his own rut. Howard the Duck #27 (1978)

"EARTH-79101" (Andre, Arachne, Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, Nick Fury, HYDRA, Jared Kurtz, S.H.I.E.L.D., Count Otto Vermis)
    - Spider-Woman was a villain
    (app)--What If I#17

"EARTH-79102" (Carol Danvers, Captain Mar-Vell, Ronan the Accuser, Sentry#459, Una, Col. Yon-Rogg, Zarek)
    - Captain Mar-Vell was a villain
    diverged Marvel Super-Heroes II#12
    (app)--What If I#17/3

Earth-79120 People of the Ark conquered Earth. Marvel Super Special #10 (1979)

Earth-79170 Inspired by Howard the Duck’s wearing Sidney Land clothes, Americans forced animals, wild and domestic, to wear Sidney Land clothes, and Wally Sidney became very wealthy. Howard the Duck #2 (1979)

Earth-79203 Battle Fever J, an international team of monster-fighters, including Battle Japan, Battle Cossack, Battle France, Battle Kenya and Miss America, use the Battle Fever Robo to battle Satan Egos and his Secret Society of Egos. Battle Fever J (1979)
Real names unconfirmed, reported on Wikipedia as
Battle Japan (Masao Den), Battle Cossack (Kensaku Shiraishi, later replaced by Makoto Jin), Battle France (Kyosuke Shida), Battle Kenya (Shiro Akebono) and Miss America (Diane Martin, later replaced by Maria Nagisa)

Earth-79213 Conan traveled to modern era. W?#13

Earth-79596 Xavier and Sage tried to recruit Cat into the X-Men, but Emma Frost (secretly possessed by the Shadow King) had already recruited Cat into the Hellions. When Cat discovered the Shadow King’s involvement she left, but was suddenly “unhinged from time” and joined the Exiles. Exiles #96 (2007)

Earth-79715 Helen Taylor gained Nova-power. W?#15 (1979)

Earth-79816 Shang-Chi remained agent of Fu Manchu. W?#16

Earth-80023 Under direction from Greedy Killerwatt, Pinball Lizard's trolls (mutated elves) mass produced shoddy merchandise for children and ran an advertising blitz designed to ruin Christmas, making it more empty and commercial. Howard the Duck #3 (1980)

Earth-80097 Howard the Duck was a 1940's era detective. Howard the Duck #7 (1980)

Earth-80104 prehistoric past colonized by survivors of Earth-81244. One inhabitant, a condemned prisoner called Ralf, was used as the "counterweight" for a time travel capsule, but was diverted to present day 616 when he collided with Captain Britain-616 between realities, a collision arranged by Merlyn; temporal energies released by Ralf's arrival in 616 empowered Kilgore Slaughter, who subsequently commandeered a second capsule containing robots sent to kill Ralf, and travelled forward to Earth-81244to destroy it. Rampage Magazine #40 (1980)

Earth-80118 Howard the Duck was Earth's Sorcerer Supreme. Howard the Duck #8 (1980)

Earth-80126 Lynn Graeme played hooky from work. Marvel Preview #24 (1980)

Earth-80144 Lynn Graeme was hit by a truck on Lexington Avenue on the way to work. Marvel Preview #24 (1980)

Earth-80179 City of Skulls; markedly divergent version of events of Conan the Barbarian I#37. Savage Sword of Conan #59 (1980)

Earth-80219 Spider-Man never became crime-fighter. W?#19

Earth-80291 When reality warped, everyone changed loyalty to their sports teams. W? Spider-Man House of M (2010)

Earth-80324 Paradox. Marvel Preview #24 (1980)


Earth-80522 Tral used his mind control to get the Inhumans to conquer the world, then he ruled from behind the scenes. The Inhumans (Maximus, Gorgon, Karnak, Medusa, Crystal, Triton killed the rebellious Magneto and his team, and pitted any humans and heroes against Alpha Primitives in the arena. Excalibur and Vex landed in this alternate Earth where primitive humans ran from collared dinosaurs who attacked them. They were captured by the Inhumans and pitted in the arena against Alpha Primitives. Soon Newton, Crimson Crusader, and Imp arrived to save them, deactivating the bombs in their slave collars, and revealing Tral as the villain. Tral died and Clan Destine returned to their dimension. Clan Destine #2 (May 2008)
    (Clan Destine#3-5

Earth-80623 aka Etheras. [Clan Destine #3 (2008)]

Earth-80726 Street Peeple (Riff, Cheyanne, Qwarni, Moonchild, Horsemeat) Howard the Duck #6/2 (1980)

Earth-80734 Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas #1

"Earth-80827" Exiles worked to stop World War between Imperial France and British Empire. New Exiles#7

Earth-80911 Empress Hydra's agents, including short-lived new recruit, rockstar Boy-Bob Banner, slaughter WHO operatives including Victor Creed and his wife Betsy Braddock, as well as the couple's children, Brian, Celia and William. New Exiles #11 (2008)

Earth-80917 (Misty Knight, son of Misty and Iron Fist/Daniel Rand) - approximately 10 years into the future of a reality where Iron Fist died at some point after journeying to the 8th City. Immortal Iron Fist#17

Earth-80920 Days of Future Past-like world, formerly thought a potential future of Earth-8096. Wolverine & X-Men cartoon

Earth-80923 31st century's male Starhawk traveled back to Reality-616 to warn about the Fault. Guardians of the Galaxy #3

Earth-81091 Star Hulk. Marvel Super-Heroes #101 (1981)

Earth-81029 After House of M Peter Parker sacrificed self saving Scarlet Witch from Hawkeye, conventional reality was restored, and Gwen and Richie Parker from the House of M reality were restored with it by Peter's force of will. Forced to choose between Gwen and MJ, Peter reverted to his House of M Goblin persona; Peter sacrificed self saving from MJ from his own Goblin attack; years later, Richie pondered becoming a new Spdm. W? Spider-Man House of M (2010)

Earth-81039 Howard the Duck became a successful TV star overnight before plummeting out of popularity overnight, serving as an attraction as the Los Angeles zoo, and being reunited with and married to Bev. Howard the Duck #9 (1981)

Earth-81049 Billions of years in the future, the Moensien race's Xanth and Shareen were sent to seek life to save their stagnant race; entering a black hole, they were transformed into Ebon Seeker and Firefrost. [Fantastic Four #229], 230

Earth-81101 (Irene & Rene Merryweather, New Siberia) Diverged from Earth-80521 in 2276 AD; Cable and the messiah child slain by bear mutate.
    Irene Merryweather invented false sightings of Cable late in her life to throw Bishop off his trail;
    circa 2592 AD, Rene Merryweather sent Bishop into a number of traps, eventually slain by Bishop;
    --[Cable Special #1]

Earth-81111 Home reality of the Exiles' Khan. Dystopian future in which Sabretooth killed the husband (Bruno) and daughter of Kamala Khan, leading to Khan becoming a hardened individual who later led a band of Inhuman rebels including Cobalt and Furball against humans, Sentinels and mutants alike. Khan was later convinced by Earth-295's Blink to join her reality-hopping Exiles team against the reality-devouring Time-Eater, who apparently devoured this reality, erasing it from existence. Khan remained with the Exiles until she was seemingly killed, only to be pulled from reality moments before her death by a group of rogue Watchers and convinced to lead another iteration of Exiles to apprehend her previous team in exchange for being sent to a reality where her family had not been killed. Following the defeat of the rogue Watchers, Khan was sent to a reality where her family lived by Iron Lad, where she was able to witness her daughter group up. Exiles #1 (2018)

Earth-81113 Hulk-Hare opposed Hulk-hunting General Ross. Marvel Super-Heroes #103 (1981)

Earth-81114 Mankind peacefully shares an Earth of large oceans and small islands with Saurians; superpowers are unknown on Earth, with Earth's mutants drafted into the Shi'ar Death Commandos. Earth is protected by the high-tech Sons of Iron and kung-fu expert Daughters of the Dragon. The Exiles stop the Shi'ar Empire from devastating Earth while searching for the fugitive deposed Empress Nerimani on orders of her usurper sister, Lilandra. New Exiles #14 (2008)

Earth-81122 Fantastic Four, led by Sue Richards, head an anti-mutant regime. The FF are Namor, Sue, Iron Thing (I think that's the name - Ben Grimm, no longer the Thing, now wearing IM armor), and Firestar (Liz Allen). Reed Richards has adopted Nihil's identity, while Johnny Storm is long dead (his demise likely the catalyst of Sue turning so vicious). The X-Men remain rebels - Wolverine, Shadowcat (using Peter Parker's web-shooters), Rogue, Captain America (Scott Summers, having adopted the late Steve Rogers' mantle). Franklin Richards is the new Phoenix. Ultimate X-Men/Ultimate FF Annual#1

Earth-81124 Marlene Alraune and Marc Spector opened a store together and had children. Moon Knight: Silent Knight #1 (2008)

Earth-81141 Spdm knew clone survived, split existence as Parker & Spdm. W? #30 (1981)

Earth-81143 Earth-616's SHIELD Agent Heather Sante once fought a zombie Spider-Man here. Captain Marvel #1 (2008)

Earth-81156 Superhumans banished extradimensionally via Nth Projectors. Repenting having promoted the Superhuman Registration Act, Tony Stark became the new vigilante Night Thrasher, fighting the Act via guerilla methods, while a resurrected Dwayne Taylor became the new Iron Man, a dictator and leader of a militaristic force of armored soldiers that patrolled the streets and sky while enforcing superhuman registration. Earth-616’s New Warriors were briefly sent here, and Night Thrasher (Donyell Taylor)-616 initially betrayed his teammates to ally with Dwayne-81156, but Donyell ultimately found Dwayne the opposite of everything he had fought against and was forced to kill him. New Warriors-616 freed Earth-81156’s superhumans from the Nth Dimension before returning home. New Warriors #16 (2008)

Earth-81165 (Bront, Backworld) Savage Sword of Conan #65 (1981)

Earth-81191 Jason Birch (aka Phantom) summoned Dark Phoenix from past, and she destroyed the modern world; Iron Man of that reality sent into past during that assault, gathered various heroes and prevented events from happening in their reality but not before he was destroyed by Dark Phoenix.  Iron Age Alpha #1 (2011)

Earth-81211 Agent X-13 defeated X-Men and annexed this reality. Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes #1 (2008)

Earth-81212 Native Ulik was recruited by Vennema Multiversal to be an assassin member of the Hunt Squad, later defeated by heroes of an alternate universe. Captain America and Black Widow #638 (2012)

Earth-81223 After Captain America (Steve Rogers) was found dead in ice in modern era by Avengers and his death covered up, America lost its faith until the Illuminati remade Punisher (Frank Castle) into new Captain America; after Castle became a renowned hero and restored America's faith, Tony Stark implemented the Captain Americorps Initiative, placing a Captain America in every state in America; 20 years later, as Stane-Stark Enterprises announced Shannon Carter as their first international Captain America, a young girl named Ava sought on training from a long-retired Castle, and she went on to become a new Captain America alongside others (possibly even extraterrestrials). As the world was invaded (and life apparently destroyed) by Ultrons from Earth-14622, Ava was brought to Earth-45162 to oppose more invading Ultrons of Earth-14622; Ava joined Wolverine-62412, Thor/Natasha-23223, and Wasp and Giant-Man-45162 in escaping to Earth-14622 to try to rebuild it. What If? Age of Ultron #4 (2014)

Earth-81225 Thor empowered the Avengers with Asgardian magic, battled Odin and Asgard for the love of Jane Foster, denied Odin as his lord, built his own city in Asgard for his followers. W?#25

Earth-81235 Lindsay McCabe became a living star whose touch incinerated everyone around her, including her friend Jessica Drew; glimpsed by Lindsay McCabe-616 under hallucinogenic influence of Angar. Spider-Woman #35 (1981)

Earth-81244 Dystopian future civilization circa 3000 AD destroyed in the space of 30 minutes by time travelling Kilgore Slaughter at Merlyn's behest. Survivors escaped into prehistoric past of Earth-80104, but Ralf diverted to Earth-616's modern era. Rampage Magazine #44 (1981)

Earth-81297 Daredevil (Matt Murdock)'s combined fears manifested in the form of the demonic Devil, who killed Matt's father, Battlin' Jack Murdock, with a bow and arrow. Transporting Daredevil to a boxing ring, the Devil then battled Daredevil until Daredevil managed to kill the Devil with an arrow to the eye. This reality was glimpsed in a dream by Earth-616's Daredevil. Daredevil #177 (1981)

Earth-81304 A massive Charles Xavier demon controlled a reality, where he made himself and everyone else look like unicorns who fired cupcake canons so that he could build his power. When the reality hopping "X-Treme X-Men" arrived (Dazzler-616, Sage-616, Charles Xavier-16111, Kurt Waggoner-24135, Hercules-12025, Cyclops-70213, and Captain Alison Blaire-13027), he revealed his existence and they killed him. X-Treme X-Men #8 (2013)

Earth-81320 Hazmat summoned into relative past of Reality-616 by Carina; Hazmat-616's mind briefly possessed her body. Avengers Academy #11 (2011)

Earth-81326 After being mortally wounded, Spider-Man received a blood transfusion from Deadpool that slowed his aging, resulting in him outliving his entire family. He started using a wheelchair and moved into a retirement home, but Deadpool convinced him to help him combat an army of Deadpool LMDs led by Master Matrix. Eventually, Deadpool traveled to the past to prevent this from becoming the future of the Prime Reality. Also home to the Fantastic Four (Valeria Richards, Venom Vision, Last Devil, Thing/Reed Grimm). Spider-Man/Deadpool #26 (2018)

Earth-81426 Captain America elected US president

Earth-81472 Mutant David Richards, son of Franklin, was born into captivity at the hands of the mutant-hunting robot Sentinels. Growing up seeing only torture and decay, David was ultimately freed by the reality-hopping Exiles and Weapon X teams but when the teams departed David's reality, David freed the world of Sentinel rule, only to grow dangerous as he aged, using his mutant powers to enslave the world. Exiles #13 (2002)
NOTE: This reality is NOT Earth-2600, in which David was freed by the Exiles and Weapon X but Earth-295's Sabretooth (from the Weapon X team) stayed in this reality to raise David and the other freed captive children for nearly 20 years before killing David when he became violent and out of control.

Earth-81545 MJ & Peter Parker never married; partially overlapped/interwoven with Reality-616 by Mephisto to eliminate the marriage of Peter & MJ
Amazing Spider-Man #545

"EARTH-81551" (Black Panther, Dr. Doom, Fantastic Four, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Namor, Platform 42, Thing)
    - alternate future circa 75 years after the modern era in which Reed Richards initiated a program designed to end war, famine, disease, etc.; Doom traveled back in time to modern era of Earth-616 in hopes of convincing Reed to abandon plans for this program so that Doom could be the one to lead humanity into greatness; FF-616 sent Doom to Earth-83553 to give him that chance.
    --Fantastic Four II#551

Earth-81589 Sabretooth was formerly a baron of his own Battleworld domain until he was conquered by Apocalypse (51518) and forced to be one of the horsemen of Apocalypse. Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX #1 2015)

Earth-81622 A symbiote-empowered Captain Marvel was consumed and assimilated into the reality-17952 alien Poison Hive. As part of the Hive, the Poison Captain Marvel participated in an attack on Earth-616's Rage and D-Man on Manhattan Bridge in an effort to attract more powerful Earth-616 heroes to assimilate into the Hive. She later joined several other Poisons in defending the Hive from Earth-616 heroes who ultimately severed the Hive's connection to their Poison Queen. Venomized #2 (June, 2018)

Earth-81698 Two-Green Kid Marvel Super-Heroes #98 (1981)

Earth-81711 Alien symbiote-empowered Hulk was recruited into Reality-22249’s multiversal resistance against the Reality-17952’s Poisons. During a mission with the resistance, Hulk was consumed and assimilated by a Poison, who then used Hulk's body to kill the resistance's Agent Venom-16348 and later defended the Poisons' ship, only to be killed by a bomb set by the resistance's Venom Rocket-18197. Venomverse: War Stories #1 (2017)

Earth-81723 - Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) & Vanisher were women, glimpsed by Nightcrawler & Vanisher-616
    --Bizarre Adventures#27

Earth-81727 - Phoenix survived, Dark Phoenix took over again and she eventually consumed the planet Earth and spread out into space, killing everything she contacted

Earth-81799 World War II Hulk. Marvel Super-Heroes #99 (1981)

Earth-81834 Leader decided to buy a hat, but couldn't decide whether to buy a beanie for each lobe, or just buy a sombrero. W? #34 (1992)

Earth-81978 Benny-Hana was a super hero. Crazy#78 (1981)

Earth-81999 (Hyssta, Captain Marvel) Snake-like Hyssta race visited Earth in the distant past. Kelly Kooliq-616 pulled Hyssta including Captain Marvel to Reality-616, but returned them after confrontations with Earth super-heroes.
    Captain Marvel #0 (1999)

Earth-82026 Avengers (Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Thor and Iron Man) shared adventures, mirrored by those in “The New Adventures of the Mighty Avengers cartoon shown on Earth-8107. Spider-Man cartoon episode, "Arsenic & Aunt May" (1982)

Earth-82074 Prohibition gangsters given Stock Market information by time-traveling Willie Lumpkin-616, preventing the Great Depression.
    --Giant-Size FF #2 (1974)

"EARTH-82100" (Becky (Blake?), Bullseye, Daredevil, the Kingpin, Elektra Natchios, Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, Eric Slaughter)
    - Bullseye killed in attempt to break out of prison, Elektra survived, Daredevil went into seclusion to live with her
    Earth-Elektra had Lived* (app)--What If I#35

"EARTH-82101" (Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Tigra, Wasp, Yellowjacket), Carrothers, Elfqueen, Edwin Jarvis, Jenkins, Monckley, Snort)
    - Yellowjacket died in battle against Elfqueen
    diverge Avengers I#212
    (app)--What If I#35/3

Earth-82105 Hulk the Barbarian mutated after gamma bomb struck tower; active in Hyborian-eque era. Marvel Super-Heroes #105 (1982)

Earth-82121 Native Spider-Woman was recruited by Vennema Multiversal to be an assassin member of the Hunt Squad, later defeated by heroes of an alternate universe. Captain America and Black Widow #638 (2012)

Earth-82348 Stark became Limo Man
    --What? I#34

"EARTH-82432" - see Earth-Korvac conquered the Universe (app)--What If I#32

Earth-82528 Hulk married She-Hulk, life resembled syndicated comic strip
    --What? I#34

Earth-82568 Doctor Strange was an ordinary magician
    --What? I#34

Earth-82578 Obnoxio the Clown became Sherlock Clown
    --What? I#34

Earth-82586 Spider-Person failed to appreciate how his own life resembled the soap opera that he found far-fetched. Crazy #86 (1982)

Earth-82588 Daredevil wasn't blind
    --What? I#34

"EARTH-82618" - Peter Parker & MJ students at Polk High School; Frog-Thor joined w/ Spider-Man vs. Loki
    --Spider-Man Family#6

Earth-82633 Iron Man trapped in Camelot. W?#33

Earth-82648 Stan Lee fired those responsible an issue of What If
    --What? I#34

Earth-81698 Two-Green Kid #98 (1981)

Earth-82716 Shanna killed by alien from Agamemnon 11; diverged from Reality-616 by Feroc. Ka-Zar the Savage #16

EARTH-82801 (Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Mr. Fantastic, Thing)
    - The Fantastic Four are literally bananas; though patently absurd, it does have a certain appeal.
    (app)--What If I#34

    - Odin married May Parker, easily defeated the burglar that came to rob their house
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82803" (Iron Man/Tony Stark, Loki, Thor/Don Blake)
    - Don Blake and Tony Stark are brothers
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82804" (Ant-Man/May Parker, Spider-Man/Peter Parker)
    - Aunt May Parker was Ant-Man
    (app)--What If I#34

    - Spider-Man married Spider-Woman
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82806" ()
    - Willie Lumpkin joined the Fantastic Four
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82807" ()
    - Steve Rogers remained Nomad, forcing the Captain America comic to run reprints
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82808" ()
    - Rick Jones left Captain Mar-Vell stranded in the Negative Zone
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82809" ()
    - Nick Fury wore eyepatch on right eye, making all of the LMDs in error
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82810" (Ghost Grandpa)
    - Ghost Rider possessed wheelchair-bound grandfather in old folks home
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82811" (Ghost Skater)
    - Ghost Rider possessed a female roller skater
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82812" (Ghost Baby)
    - Ghost Rider possessed an infant
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82814" ()
    - Him married Her
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82815" (Black Bolt)
    - Black Bolt got the hiccups
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82816" ()
    - Galactus literally ate the Earth
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82817" (Ka-Zar, Zabu)
    - Ka-Zar was a middle-aged accountant
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82818" ()
    - Hulk was yellow
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82819" ()
    - Invisible Girl dyed her hair
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82820" ()
    - Power Man was white
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82821" - Thing colored blue…Not some cool blue color, either.
    --What If I#34

EARTH-82822 - Marvel cured of cancer, lived relatively dull life
    (app)--What If I#34?

"EARTH-82823" ()
    - Phoenix survived, pretended to be normal
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82825" (Dazzler)
    - Dazzler became a comedienne instead of a singer
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82826" - Spidey Intelligent Stories
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82827" - Willie Lumpkin: herald of Galactus
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82828" (Ghost Rider)
    - Ghost Rider owned a fast food restaurant "Burger Hell"
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82829" ()
    - New York heroes moved to Toledo, Ohio
    (app)--What If I#34

"EARTH-82830" - Watchers watched Watchers
    (app)--What If I#34

Earth-82831 Moon Knight fought crime while driving a cab in a costume. W?#34 (1982)

Earth-82832 Watcher forced himself to grow hair. W?#34 (1982)

Earth-82833 Alpha Flight spoke in a stereotypical Canadian accent. W?#34 (1982)

"EARTH-82834" - Sue Storm: Thing
    --What If I#34

Earth-82849 Gamma-powered, hulking brute Boy-Bob Banner was recruited by Earth-1720's Hydra to aid in their attempted takeover of the multiverse. When Hydra invaded Earth-80911 and attacked the Creed family, patriarch Victor fought back against Hydra, ultimately killing Boy-Bob Banner before he was killed by Earth-1720's Wolverine. New Exiles #11 (2008)

Earth-82910 Peter Parker sold tickets to fight between Gwen Stacy & MJ. W? Spider-Man House of M (2010)

Earth-83036 (Ariel, Barstow) Ariel traveled back to Earth-8107’s heroic age, allied with Spdm against Dr. Octopus, fell in love with Spdm. Spdm & his Amazing Friends: Spidey meets the Girl from Tomorrow

Earth-83042 Thirty years in future, aging Daredevil fought Kingpin. W?#38

Earth-83088 (Dourdevil)
    --Daredevil#8 (1983)

"Earth-83112" -
    --New Exiles#

Earth-83124 In a world where Cyberspace dominated and the real world languished, those born with Exe gene could manipulate Cyberspace’s nature. A dying Charles Xavier replaced Erik Lehnsherr’s mind with his own to prevent Lehnsherr from transforming everyone into an Exe. As Lehnsherr, Xavier then gathered a group of Exes under his guidance. What If? X-Men #1 (2018)

Earth-83138 Prevented from flying Reed's spaceship by Thing-19877, Ben became guilt-ridden when the ship crashes killing his friends; worked for Tony Stark, captured with Stark by communists; Stark died after making armor, which Ben uses to escape. and become Dr. Grimm. One Thing After Another (1987)

EARTH-83234 (Paul Same + lawyer, Beverly Switzler, Arthur Winslow + associates + bimbo, Baby Food Billionaire, Jimmy)
Howard the Duck never arrived, virtually everyone was better for never knowing him. glimpses shown to Howard by Andy the Angel
    EARTH-Howard the Duck never arrived (app)--Bizarre Adventures#34/2

Earth-83438 Circa 50 years in future, Jocasta allowed dying Wanda to take over her body W?#38 (1983)

Earth-83482 Cyclops' energy came out of his ears. W?#34 (1982)

Earth-83553 - Earth’s heroes slain by Hulk for destruction of Sakaar; Hulk took own life after learning the truth; Dr. Doom-81551 sent here to give him a chance to bring humanity into greatness.
    --[Fantastic Four#553]

"EARTH-83600" (Conan, Crom, Loki, the Storm Giants of Jotunheim, Thor, Thoth-Amon)
    - Thor sent back in time, encountered Conan
    "EARTH-Thor vs. Conan" (app)--What If I#39

Earth-83632 Don Blake murdered Jane Foster following a failed attempt to rekindle their romance while she was dating Keith Kincaid. Thor #332 (1983)

Earth-83764 Howard the Duck acted as Drake Vader. Crazy Magazine #36 (1978)

Earth-83840 Mordo remained Ancient One’s disciple. W?#40

Earth-83930 (Manimal, Night Man) Manimal TV show (1983)

Earth-84243 Divergent Earth-79213; Conan remained in modern era, gathered own gang the Barbarians, battled CapA, later accepted CapA’s offer to join the Avengers. W?#43 (1984)

"EARTH-84309" (X-Force (Powerpax, Cannonball, Cyberlock, Darkchild, Siryn, Sunspot)) @ 2002-2007, a small group of mutants, mostly former X-Force members, lived at the X-Mansion, and traveled with Cable to Mojoworld, helping Shatterstar defeat Mojo there, and putting him in charge of that world.
    "Earth-Shattershot”— X-Force Annual#1

Earth-84341 Crimson Crusader dreamed that he and Imp saved Spider-Man from his combined foes: Green Goblin, Rhino, Sandman, Vulture, Mysterio, Lizard, Dr. Octopus, Scorpion. Clan Destine #1 (2008)

Earth-84112 Two-Gun Hulk. Marvel Super-Heroes #98 (1981)

Earth-84444 Captain America was thawed out in the present day. W?#44 (1984)

Earth-84929 Crime-fighter Moon Ghost absorbed into Moonshade-616. Marc Spector: Moon Knight#42 (1992)

Earth-84999 Divergent 84243; Conan refused CapA’s offer to join the Avengers. W?#43 (1984)

Earth-85101 "Ice" Phillips and others encountered Frank Castle during Vietnam war. Savage Tales #1 (1985)

Earth-85133 Dead of Night: Man-Thing #1 (2008)

Earth-85197 Duckworld consumed by Galactongue. Unpublished Howard the Duck#1: Howard the Duck's Secret Crisis II script (1985)

Earth-85481 Talking cat Heathcliff causes all sorts of mischief. Heathcliff #1 (1985)

Earth-86051 Prince Adam of Eternia transforms into He-Man using the Sword of Power and leads the Masters of the Universe against the evil Skeletor (as well as other villains such as King Hiss and his Snake Men). Masters of the Universe #1 (1986)

Earth-86082 Spider-Man married Black Widow, who devoured him. W?#34 (1982)

Earth-86315 (Becky Barnes, Captain America (Peggy Carter)). Dr. Abraham Erskine and Steve Rogers were killed by a Nazi assassin before Rogers could be administered the Super-Soldier Serum. Convinced by Howard Stark to go through the program herself, Peggy was given the Super-Soldier Serum and was bestowed peak physical attributes, which she combined with her own combat skills honed as a field agent to become the heroic Captain America, a title she initially resented since she was British, working alongside her partner, Becky. Over time, Carter developed a love for America's New York City and learned to enjoy her newfound title as she defended the world from the Nazis. Thought dead following an atomic bomb explosion, Captain America and Becky somehow survived and later joined the reality-hopping Exiles.  Exiles #3 (2018)

Earth-86343 Jester-King and his Laughter Assassins battled Excalibur during their Cross-Time Caper. [Clan Destine #3 (2008)]

Earth-86347 Howard the Duck acted as Duck Fury, agent of QUACK. Crazy Magazine #36 (1978)

"EARTH-86501" (
    Earth-Kang died trying to nuke Avengers (app)--Avengers I#267

Earth-86870 Circa 1875 AD, Thor and Sundance thwarted Loki's plot to deprive the Asgardian gods of Idunn's Golden Apples; Reality-616 diverged from this by the presence of the time traveling Black Panther (T'Challa) and others, brought their by the Brass Frogs. Thor #370 (1986)

Earth-87050 - Diverged from Earth-811; Magneto joined with Hellfire Club and prevented Sentinels from slaughtering mutants, divided into mutant Uptown, and human downtown squalor
    --New Mutants I#49

Earth-87119 Inhumanoids #1 (1987)

Earth-87425 Xanja gained the Cosmultigizer and led the Cygnorions to war against other worlds; glimpsed by Spider-Man-616. Web of Spider-Man #25 (1987)

Earth-87715 Attempt to cure Thing instead turned him into giant monster "Thing Kong." One Thing After Another (1987)

Earth-87983 Zeus sent Olympian armies to attack Earth after the AV fled Olympus. AV #283

Earth-88011 Howard the Duck was mutated by gamma rays into orange & lumpy, Thing-like form. Howard the Duck #8 (1980)

Earth-88039 (Doctor Doom-Ball, Doctor Octo-Ball, Hobgobby-Ball, Hulk-Ball, Spidey-Ball, Thing-Ball) Marvel Balls; world where people were shaped like balls; divergent Earth-Madballs?. Marvel Tales #209/2 (1988)

Earth-88122 A trio of Grunds including Grundane emerged via Cloak’s interdimensional portal in the presence of Dagger. Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger #2 (1988)

Earth-88130 A symbiote-empowered Hyperion was consumed and his corpse assimilated into the reality-17952 alien Poison Hive. As part of the Hive, the Poison Hyperion was sent to Earth-616 to draw out powerful native heroes for the Hive to assimilate. When the heroic Kid Kaiju arrived and created monsters including the giant monster Aegis, Hyperion attempted to bond a symbiote to Kid Kaiju but he was killed when Aegis crushed him. Venomized #2 (2018)

Earth-88131 Melmac native Alf lived on Earth with the Tanner family. Alf #1 (1988)

EARTH-88194 - Earth-Shadowline
    (OH: Alternate Universes)--Dr. Zero#1

Earth-88197 Three-Mile Island tour guide Bruce Bummer was bitten by a radioactive opossum, becoming Possum Man. Crazy#78 (1981)

Earth-88201 After traveling into space, Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, Sue Storm and Johnny Storm were possessed by parasitic aliens that took over their bodies. Returning to Earth, the mind-controlled four publicly claimed they had been altered by "cosmic rays" and became the seemingly heroic Fantastic Four. Suspecting foul play, Dr. Victor von Doom went to war against the Fantastic Four, breaking into their headquarters and killing all save Sue Storm. The Avengers ultimately apprehended Doom and incarcerated him, where Storm visited and revealed the truth about her alien transformation. Gloating about her plans to conquer the world while Doom was incapacitated, Storm placed an invisible force bubble into Doom's brain, promising to visit Doom again after he recovered from the bubble-generated stroke. Avengers Halloween Special #1 (2018)

Earth-88234 Thor spoke in a Swedish accent. W?#34 (1982)

Earth-88255 Luke Cage found the Hammer of Thor. W?#34 (1982)

Earth-88263 Galactus tried to pawn the Silver Surfer. W?#34 (1982)

Earth-88292 Storm became an air traffic controller but the stress of her job caused her to uncontrollably cause thunderstorms that downed planes. W? #34

Earth-88304 (Mechanisaurus Rex) Dinodroids war against humanity. Avengers#295 (1988)

Earth-88426 Has no human occupants and no soul; Forge and Storm were exiled here by the Adversary, arriving at a time analogous to their own, but a year passed for them while mere hours passed on Earth-616. Uncanny X-Men #226 (1988)

Earth-88896 Spdm & son mutated; Spdm died; son attended Xavier’s school. W?#88

Earth-89102 House of M May Parker possessed super-powers as Ms. Mayvel. W? Spider-Man House of M (2010)

"EARTH-89110" (Hulk) - Mr. Fixit (Hulk) was a high school hall monitor
    (app)--What If II#5

Earth-89111 The Guardians of the Galaxy from Reality-616 battled Korvac alongside Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Charlie-27, Starhawk, Yondu, a red-headed Captain America, and others in the year 3009. Guardians of the Galaxy #18 (2009)

"EARTH-89112" (Archangel, Baron Mordo, Beast, Cannonball, Captain, Colossus, Cyclops, Dakimh the Enchanter, Dazzler, Dr. Doom, Dr. Druid, Dr. Strange, Havok, Hellstorm, Hulk, Human Torch, Jennifer Kale, the Living Tribunal, Longshot, Magik, Marvel Girl, Mirage, Mr. Fantastic, N'astirh, Phoenix, Madelyne Pryor, Psylocke, Rogue, Shadowcat, Shaman, She-Hulk, Spider-Man, Storm, Alicia Storm, Jonathon Storm, Nathan Summers, Sunspot, S'ym, Thor, Warlock, Wolfsbane, Wolverine)
    - X-Men lost Inferno
    (app)--What If II#6 (6(fb), 6

"EARTH-89120" (A.I.M., Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Bambina Teresa Bliss Arbogast, the Avengers (the Captain, Doctor Pym, Hawkeye, Wonder Man), the Beetle, the Controller, the Crimson Dynamo, Justin Hammer, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Cassie Lang, the Mauler, the Raiders, Jim Rhodes, S.H.I.E.L.D., Simmons, Stilt-Man, Stolz, the Titanium Man)
    - Iron Man lost the Armor Wars
    (app)--What If II#8

"EARTH-89121" Wolverine: Agent of SHIELD. (app)--W?#7

"EARTH-89122" (
    Earth-May Parker was a mutant with claws (app)--What If? II#7

"EARTH-89123" (
    Earth-Captain America never thawed (app)--What If? II#7

Earth-89124. The Punisher didn't use guns. What If?#7 (1989).

Earth-89125 Monstrous green Squadron Sinister (Dr. Spectrum, Hyperion, Whizzer), which was summoned by Yandroth via Omegatron to battle Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond)-616, who was aided by Son of Satan (Hellstrom), She-Hulk (Jen Walters), Krang, and Nighthawk (Joaquim Pennyworth). Last Defenders #5 (2008)

EARTH-89130 - London mirrored 19th century "Old West" America
    --Excalibur I#15

Earth-89141 Bruce Banner had a penchant for bold clothing patterns, running out in brightly-designed pants as the Hulk. Back Issue #111 (2019)

Earth-89145 Betsy Braddock is the pilot of a sea-plane in the Pacific. Slaymaster-1720 kills her. New Exiles #11 (2008)

Earth-89311 "End of the World"; circa 2060 AD, desolate wasteland; one of three futures in which time-traveling Brotherhood of the Shield members (Brothers of Causality, Leonid, Nostradamus, Star Child, Nikolai Tesla) plus Nathaniel Richards and Howard Stark traveled here and battled time-traveling Isaac Newton. SHIELD #4 (2012)

Earth-89721 – Avengers lost Evolutionary War. W?#1

Earth-89771 Reed Richards designed robot Fantastic Four to protect world, Franklin served as companion/servant to robot Reed and Sue’s son HERBIE. Franklin Richards: Sons of Geniuses #1

Earth-89923 (Wolverina) What The? #9

"Earth-89946" - Dark Raider-944 slew lab-coated, tie-wearing Reed Richards while he was performing chemistry experiments. Fantastic Four I#389 (1994)

EARTH-89947 (Enforcer Capone) -
    --Excalibur I#44

Earth-90068 Racecars were the world's greatest obsession, and the Dirty Angels were the police force. Jamie Braddock slew his rivals and encountered Excalibur-616 during their "Cross-Time Caper." Jamie-90068 was apparently either influenced by Jamie Braddock-616 during an encounter with Excalibur-616 and/or Jamie-616 somehow temporarily replicated this reality and Excalibur traveled to the duplicate. Excalibur #18 (1990)

Earth-90078 Home reality of the grim & gritty superhero Forbush Man who uses guns & rescued Captain America from the clutches of Tokyo Ethel, whom Forbush Man punished by forcing her to wait tables at a restaurant. (Pictured on cover) What The--?! #8 (1990); (full, in-story appearance) What The--?! #23 (1992)

EARTH-90110 - see Earth-Ultravision: Utopia (app)--What If II#19

EARTH-90111 - see Earth-Ultravision: Dystopia (app)--What If II#19/2

Earth-90112 The Puppet Master used real hand puppets. What If?#18 (1990)

Earth-90113. The Punisher got funky with a number one radio hit. What If?#18 (1990).

Earth-90122 (Herr Reichsfuhrer, Dai Thomas, Brigadier Alysande Stuart, and the Excalibur members Nightcrawler, Morgan (Meggan's counterpart), Dark Tiger (Shadowcat), Arizona (Phoenix) and Captain Britain)
Teenage Excalibur led by female Captain Britain.
Excalibur#32 (1990)

Earth-90167 - home of Mary Astor, who has a counterpart on Earth-0
--Bryan Talbot's official site.

"EARTH-90200" (
    Earth-Frank Castle's family not killed in Central Park (app)--What If? II#10

Earth-90201. The Living Recorder found work as a stereo boombox. What If?#10 (1990)

Earth-90202. Thing was an Elvis impersonator. What If?#10 (1990)

"EARTH-90203" (
    Earth-Hawkeye used golf clubs (app)--What If? II#10

EARTH-90210 - incorrect designation. Should refer to Earth-807128

Earth-90211 aka Earth-615.9. Galactus hired Deadpool to slay Beyonder; Deadpool bonded with Venom symbiote to become Venompool, ultimately used Retcon Expungifier to wipe out both Galactus and Beyonder; unsatisfied after achieving great fame, Deadpool used the RE to erase the entire universe. W? Iron Man: Demon in an Armor #1 (2011)

Earth-90212 Spider-Man had spidery son. W?#20

Earth-90213 Kingpin’s sniper slew Mary Jane Parker, Spdm slew Kingpin before surrendering to authorities. W? Spdm: Back in Black #1

Earth-90214 (Spider-Man, X-Men, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Punisher)
   - The powers boom happened in the 1920's.
   -- Spider-Man Noir I#1 (2-4 (February 2009), Daredevil Noir I#1-4, Luke Cage Noir I#1-4, Punisher Noir I#1-4, Wolverine Noir I#1-4, X-Men Noir I#1-4, X-Men Noir: The Mark of Cain #1-4, Spider-Man Noir: Eyes without a Face #1-4

Earth-90221 Humanity colonized planet Yaochi, all of Earth’s humanity and most on Yaochi duped by corrupt President Xing into sacrificing self to have their spirits transported to Heaven but really only had their bodies broken down and used as raw materials for machinery; Iron Fist Wah Sing-Rand spent 24 years traveling to Yaochi where he sacrificed himself in 3099 AD to defeat the corrupt president, his Actroids, and the rebuilt Fat Cobra; Min Sing-Rand became new president, remade Yaochi into greener planet. Immortal Iron Fist #21

Earth-90227 Cyclops (Scott Summers)’ delay in stopping Subject X resulted in extradimensional invasion; after X-Men wiped out, Cyclops committed suicide. X-Men: Ghost Boxes #2

Earth-90231 Peter Parker punched out Flash in high school when Flash yelled at Peter for bumping into him. Amazing Spider-Man Family #3 (2009)

EARTH-90251 Doom retained Beyonder’s powers, claimed Infinity Gauntlet, devastated Earth and other worlds, sacrificed power to restore Earth. W? Secret Wars #1

Earth-90266 Iron Man replaced Infinity Gauntlet-eliminated Ghost Rider in new Fantastic Four; Wolverine posed as Thanos’ advisor, then sliced off his arm that held the Gauntlet, which was given to the Watchers. W? Newer Fantastic Four (2009)

Earth-90313 aka Don’t-Worry-Be-Happy-verse; entire planet devastated by nuclear bombs, but the deluded inhabitants continue completely optimistic for the best; reality contained within compaction receptacle, nearly released into Reality-616 by Band of the Bland’s Dr. Angst. Sensational She-Hulk#17

Earth-90324 Namora romanced Namor; glimpsed when Namora-616 briefly held the Omphalos. Incredible Hercules #124

Earth-90411 Island nation Xaviera formed as sovereign home for mutants, invaded by unidentified parties; Dust (Sooraya Qadir) assaulted X-Men for letting her die years earlier, as well as Ink (Eric Gitter) for reviving her in a soulless form. Young X-Men #11

Earth-90429 Peter Parker was from Brooklyn instead of Queens, resulting in a hipster, bearded Spider-Man with tattooed arms. Back Issue #111 (2019)

Earth-94024 Swiney-Girl is heroic daughter of retired Spider-Ham. Amazing Spider-Man Family #4

Earth-90512 (Atlantis, Baron Mordo, Clea, Dark Dimension, Defenders, Dr. Strange, Dorma, Galactus, Hulk, Jarella, Jarella's world, Microverse, Mindless Ones, Namor, Negative Zone, Rulk, Shalla-Bal, Silver Surfer, Terrax, Tiger Shark, Zenn-La, Dormammu, Psycho-Man, Vashti)
    Red Hulk slew Baron Mordo, Dr. Strange, Hulk, Namor, Psycho-Man, Silver Surfer, Terrax & Tiger Shark; diverged from reality-616 by Grandmaster. Hulk #10 (11-12

Earth-90559 Michele Urich came to Joey Athena for information on Eternals circa 2115 AD.
He said all the Eternals were gone except Ajak (disappeared) and Phastos (working on the activation chamber), and himself. He altered her memory, then returned to the Eternals (Makkari, Sersi, Ikaris) who were off to save the world and to help the X-Nation. Ikaris reported there were 100 Eternals active.
    --Eternals #9

Earth-90611 Chase Stein dreamed that he played lacrosse against Nico Minoru and Old Lace, until his father yelled at him; glimpsed by Chase-616 in a dream. Runaways #11 (2009)

Earth-90631 (Genosha, Wolverine, Scarlet Witch, Moira MacTaggert, Magneto, Polaris, Beast, Colossus, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Juggernaut, Blob, Sabretooth, Pyro, Toad, Phoenix, Genoshans, Sauron, the Weaponmaster (Forge), Maggott, Professor Charles Xavier, Sentinels, Iron Man, Vision, Captain America, Iron Fist, Wonder Man, Hawkeye, United Nations, Rogue, Mystique, Marrow, Angel, Iceman, Emma Frost, Havok, Icarus, Cannonball, Pixie, Marvel Girl, Sunspot, Northstar, Aurora, Firestar, Banshee)
    Exiles took down a Genosha-ruling Magneto, who allowed Xavier to die so that he could be with Moira MacTaggert and rule all mutants. Exiles #1 (2009)

"EARTH-90659" - see EARTH-Hydro-Man's bomb (app)--Avengers West Coast#59

Earth-90708 Howard the Duck and Bev were famous dancers a la Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Howard the Duck #7 (1980)

Earth-90715 aka 976-verse; free-floating asteroids linked by telephone cables as its inhabitants remain in perpetual lurid conversations without a break; reality contained within compaction receptacle, served as one of the “Encroachiverses” nearly released into Reality-616 by Band of the Bland’s Dr. Angst. Sensational She-Hulk #17 (1990)

Earth-90764 (Baron Mordo, Crimson Princess, the Destroyer of the Sacred Seven, Golden Knight, Green Goblin (King of the Pterodactyls), Ka-Zar (BTS), Lizard, Pirate Super-Gunship Ultra-Seven, Scarlet Witch, Time Sorceress)
    mirrors Spider-Man video game played by Danny Cooper & Jay Spencer.
Amazing Spider-Man Family #6 (2009)

Earth-90780 Howard the Duck and Bev fought a giant Snalian aboard a star freighter. Howard the Duck #7 (1980)

Earth-90816 Wolverine sent back to Hyborian era during “Trial of Phoenix,” became Red Sonja’s lover, battled Conan, slew Zukala; Conan transported forward in time, unwittingly stopped Cyclops from calming Phoenix who destroyed them all. W?#16

Earth-90907 Punisher went to a church to confess to a priest, who turned out to be the Hood. They briefly battled, then he found Maria, Lisa, and Francis, all aged, alive and well. The Hood attacked again and Castle's family rotted away in death; glimpsed in dream by Punisher-616. Punisher #7 (2009)

Earth-90984 His Spider-Sense out of control, Spidey attacked a baby, then Peter attacked Jonah, who figured out he was Spidey. Aunt May bailed Peter out of jail. He went to the FF for help and found out Ant-Man’s helmet was causing the problem, so he learned to just ignore his Spider-Sense. Amazing Spider-Man Family #8 (2009)

Earth-91017 After sacrificing millions of lives of members of the Universal Church of Truth, Adam Warlock managed to stop the spread of the Fault. Martyr, fulfilling her obligations to Oblivion, killed Warlock, and was then killed by Gamora as Adam turned into the Magus. Guardians of the Galaxy #17 (2009)

Earth-91101 Kaine killed Jackal, Harry Osborn arranged baby May's kidnapping, cloned Norman Osborn, who sacrificed himself stopping Harry's plot to kill Peter and Ben, May returned to Peter & MJ, Ben continued as Scarlet Spider.
    --Spider-Man: Clone Saga#1 (2009)

Earth-91110 Spider-Man retained Uni-Power, spent life helping humanity, neglected Mary Jane who left him; Spdm sacrificed power to link minds of humanity to reach common understanding. . W?#31

EARTH-91111 (Annihilus, Dr. Bruce Banner, Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, the Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic, She-Hulk, Thing), Dr. Walter Langkowski, Dr. Michael Morbius, Franklin Richards, Sue Richards, Suzy Richards, Alicia Storm)
    - Invisible Woman died in second childbirth, infant Suzy became monstrous creature, banished to Negative Zone by Franklin
    diverged from Fantastic Four I#267
    (app)--What If II#30

EARTH-91112 (Artificial Intelligence (a band), Avengers, the Beatles (do I really have to explain who they were?), Black Panther, Captain America, the Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic, the Thing), Henry Peter Gyrich, Hawkeye, Hercules, Iron Man, John (a politician), Kingpin, Mockingbird, the Punisher, Franklin Richards, Mary Richards, Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Vision, Wonder Man )
    - Mary (daughter of Reed and Sue) brought about a new age of peace
    diverged from Fantastic Four I#267
    (app)--What If II#30/2

Earth-91113 Aboard the Mighty Marvel ship, Storyteller, calling himself Captain Gavin, and his crew (Wolverine, Thing, Storm, Medusa, Nightcrawler, Dr. Strange, Mr. Fantastic) went against Captain Rich and his crew (Mysterio, Green Goblin, Juggernaut, Dr. Octopus, Magneto, Dr. Doom) until Gavin used the Kraken Whistle to summon the Kraken and destroy the ship of the villains. Ms. Marvel fought the Kraken until Gavin confronted her, surrounded by heroes (Galactus, Daredevil, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Silver Surfer, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Punisher, Iron Fist, Quicksilver). Ms. Marvel Special: Storyteller

Earth-91118 Circa 3009, Guardians of the Galaxy (Charlie-27, Hollywood, Killraven, Nikki) battled Martian Masters/Keepers; briefly visited by time-traveling Guardians-616 (Bug, Cosmo, Jack Flag, Mantis, Star-Lord)
    --Guardians of the Galaxy II#18

EARTH-91119 (Super Hero Squad (Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Reptil, Falcon), Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Doctor Doom, MODOK, Abomination)
   - Doctor Doom attempted to acquire the Infinity Sword, but was thwarted by Iron Man, shattering the sword in the process.  Infinity Fractals were scattered throughout Super Hero City, and the Super Hero Squad did their best to prevent Doom from reassembling the sword.
   -- The Super Hero Squad Show (Animated Series) (September 2009)

Earth-91122 Hulk (mind possibly possessed by Ramona Fischer) played in the sand with Abomination, Bi-Beast, Zzzax, Cobalt Man, Leader, Juggernaut, Space Parasite, Absorbing Man, and Rhino. Defenders: From the Vault #1 (2011)

Earth-91123 Thrnn native assassinated Gladiator (Kallark). War of Kings: Warriors #1 (2009)

Earth-92140 Battleworld’s Inferno realm. Goblin Queen and her Hex Men traveled to Earth-616 and battled X-Men. Inferno #1 (2015)

Earth-91126 (Spider-Man, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Iron Man (Rhodey), Wolverine, Hulk, Professor X, Quasar, Sentry, Quicksilver, Super-Skrull, Thundra, Namor, Moon Knight, Shadowcat, Kingpin, Enforcers, Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, Harry Osborn, Sinister Six (Sandman, Mysterio, Doctor Octopus, Kraven, Vulture, Electro), Uatu, Pepper Potts, Happy Hogan, The Hand, Iron Fist, Sunfire, Shang Chi, Elektra, Doctor Strange, Reed Richards, Black Bolt, Hulk's Warbound, Caiera, Inhumans (Medusa, Crystal, Karnak, Triton, Gorgon), Thor, Captain America, Spider-Woman, Hawkeye, Stilt-Man, Galactus, Nova, Scarlet Witch, Loki, Skrulls, Kree, Atlanteans)
   - the Galactus-empowered zombies of Earth-2149 reached this reality first, eventually spreading the zombie virus to a new team who consumed all living beings before being destroyed by a combination of the Sandman and Tony Stark's nanotech.  Uatu the Watcher of this universe sent the final remaining zombie, the Sentry, to Earth-2149's past, creating an infinite time-loop where the zombie virus remained contained.
   Earth-Z*-- Marvel Zombies Return I#1, (2-5 (November 2009)

Earth-91135 Mastermind Excello battled Dr. Japanazi. Incredible Hercules #135 (2011)

Earth-91142 Spider-Man (red costume, black spider symbol on chest (circle with single pair of lightning-like legs), blue shorts, white gloves, skullcap with exposed ears). Web-Warriors #9 (2016)

Earth-91162 Reality where no one got upset; Timebroker/Morph brought Exiles here to relax. Exiles #6 (2009)

EARTH-91172 (Annihilus (d)], Annihilation Wave, Cage (d), Cerebra, Cyclops (d), Esme "Cuckoo," Hulk, [Iron Man (d)], Kid Omega, Lightspeed, Mindee "Cuckoo," Mr. Fantastic (d), Patriot (Elijah Bradley), Sentry, Sophie "Cuckoo," Speedball, Spider-Woman (d), Thing (d), Wiccan, [Wild Child (d)], Wolverine (d), Xavier Institute remnants)
Hulk took over Annihilation Wave, slaughtered Earth heroes; Blink & Sabretooth-295 guided Kid Omega to gather new Exiles from various Earths to aid other survivors against – Esme, Lightspeed, Mindee, Patriot/Elijah Bradley, Sophie, Speedball, Wiccan – the Wave: Power Fist-8545; Nighthawk-4400, Spitfire-15731; Wild Child-295.
    --Exiles: Days of Then and Now#1

Earth-91201 Marvel’s senior editorial staff were Skrulls. W? Secret Invasion #1 (2010)

Earth-91210 Skrull Thing and Skrull Hulk got tired of fighting and formed a comedy team. W? Secret Invasion #1 (2010)

Earth-91274 Transformers (US). Transformers #1

Earth-91313 Venom was brainwashed by Vennema Multiversal until he was freed by a rogue Kashmir Vennema and used against VM. (Captain America and… I#639, 640) – Venom joined the battle against VM. Captain America and Black Widow #639 (2013)

Earth-91424 Indra (Paras Gavaskar) was trapped in an endless field of corn. Nation X #4 (2010)

Earth-91600 Punisher accidentally killed DD; Spdm wounded trying to bring in Punisher, identity exposed, May Parker killed by Maggia; Pun forced to kill vengeance-crazed Spdm; Punisher killed by Kingpin but Punisher’s bomb slew Kingpin and his crooked mayor Ted Mason.  W?#26

Earth-91731 Norrin Radd refused to become Galactus' herald, Galactus consumed Zenn-La, Earth, and many more sentient worlds than he did when affiliated with Silver Surfer. Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#31 (1991)

Earth-91815 Squirrel Girl and Tippy-Toe lived out "The Usual Nuts" newspaper strip jokes. Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #5 (2015)

Earth-91912 Drax was a music promoter/organizer. Star-Lord & Kitty Pryde #1 (2015)

Earth-91955 Thanos conquered the universe with Infinity Gauntlet, set up Necronos. Silver Surfer III#55 (1991) (56

Earth-92051 Crime-fighting, gun-bearing Dino Knight slain, absorbed into Moonshade-616. Marc Spector: Moon Knight#42 (1992)

Earth-92077 (Avengers West Coast (Dr. Pym, android Human Torch, Iron Man (Stark), USAgent, Wasp, Wonder-Man), Ebony, Agatha Harkness, Master Pandemonium, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Thomas + William)
    - alternate earth in which Vision not dismantled and reprogrammed; Agatha Harkness preserved the lives of Thomas and William;
    Peter David says he never heard of the story, so it did not influence his Last Avengers Story
    (app)--Avengers West Coast Annual#7/2

Earth-92100 Spider-Man kept 6 arms, used Reed Richards-designed sheaths to render arms invisible for civilian life, continued as legendary hero, became celebrity for the disabled. . W?#42

Earth-92101 (Gatherer’s Cassandra). AV#355 (1992)

Earth-92110 J. Jonah Jameskrull ordered the same crossword puzzle run every day in the Daily Bugle (three words spelling “He Loves You”). W? Secret Invasion #1 (2010)

Earth-92111 Morph burned alive by fiery, skeletal Sentinel robot; a vision of a reality mirroring this reality was glimpsed by Morph in a reality that preceded the current Multiverse. (Pre-current Multiverse counterpart) X-Men Adventures #1 (1992) 

Earth-92120 Skurge of Asgard was a merry, chubby poet with a taste for mead and maidens; glimpsed/'remembered" by Balder-616 when Amora-616's attempted to restore Skurge-616 to life via Yggdrasil. Thor God-Size Special #1 (2009)

Earth-92124 (Artume, Atlantofascists, Avengers (Ms. Fantastic, Spider-Woman, White Phoenix, Wolverine), Amadeus Cho, Hippolytopolis, [Y-Men], Artume, [Carol Danvers], [Monica Rambeau], Delphyne, Namora, Pandoro, Reed Richards, Attorney General Jen Walters)
    - Artume-ruled reality created by Artume’s possession of the Omphalos
    --Incredible Hercules #124

Earth-92126 Dark Angel-616 traveled back to 987 AD and prevented the Sect of Chasidm contacting Mephisto, and thus stops Mys-Tech's creation. This left the way open for AEGIS, a far less subtle group, to flourish and by the modern day, Britain, and perhaps the world, was under AEGIS' totalitarian control. Dark Angel #6 (1992)

Earth-92130 - Malestrom slew Quasar and continued to grow in power, opposed by Infinity Gauntlet-holding Thanos

Earth-92131 - X-Men cartoon (10/21/92); includes Spider-Man cartoon (11/19/94)

Earth-92133 - Marquis of Death and Apprentice (Victor von Doom). FF #562 (2009)

Earth-92136 Future Earth to the mall of which X-Men-616 were sent to recover Magneto's Mindmaster device. Look and Find X-Men (1992)

Earth-92140 Lizard-men became the dominant species on Earth; possibly a variant of reality-21117. Thor #440 (1992)

Earth-92164 Venom possessed Punisher, killed Kingpin, progressively lost control until Castle eventually gained control of the symbiote. . W?#44

"EARTH-92201" - Thanos transformed Galactus into an Elvis lookalike
    --What If II#34

"EARTH-92202" - Dr. Doom: pediatrician.
    --What If II#34

"EARTH-92207" - Galactus vs Ant-Man.
    --What If II#34

"EARTH-92210" Sue Richards: Visible Girl; showed internal organs, ending Namor’s interests.
    --What If II#34

Earth-92216 Spider-Woman wearing a red costume with a large blue spider on the front. Web-Warriors #10 (2016)

Earth-92219 Professor X entered a bar, where Juggernaut was holding a room full of patrons, including Paul Meacham, hostage. He killed Professor X and the X-Men (Wolverine, Archangel, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Iceman). X-Men Legacy #219 (2009)

Earth-92234 Uatu, confidant that no one was watching him, stood over a steam vent a la Marilyn Monroe. W? #34 (1992)

Earth-92272 Wolverine and Beast driven mad after Subject X encounter, killed 5 years later by Armor after they missed a trap intended to kill them all. X-Men: Ghost Boxes #2 (2009)
    Chad's notes:
The last of the X-Men, Beast, Armor, and Wolverine (bound to a wheelchair due to his Adamantium legs being bent out of shape) heard rumors that Shadowcat was taking people off planet from Montana; the rest of the world was devastated. They took a year to arrive there, found Colossus dead, and were all killed.

Earth-92299 Citizen V (Helmut Zemo) killed Captain America. Thunderbolts#101 (2006)

"EARTH-92300" (Lady Deathstrike, Wolverine) - Lady Deathstrike got a hangnail in mid-battle with Wolverine
    EARTH-Lady Deathstrike gets a hangnail (app)--What If II#35/3

Earth-92323 The massively dangerous tentacled Charles Xavier was awakened by the transportation of the entire remaining human population of Earth-12245 to Earth-12901, and he rushed to Earth-12901and attacked, but was killed by Governor James Howlett-12025, Kurt Waggoner-24135, Emmeline Frost-Summers-52012, and Dazzler-616. X-Treme X-Men #1 (2012)

"EARTH-92335" - divergent version of Earth-772 (Fantastic Five: Spider-Man) in which Franklin Richards was not saved by the energies of the Cosmic Control Rod, and both Sue and Franklin perished. The maddened Reed caused a nuclear war that destroyed Earth
    A glimpse of this world was granted by the Whisperer to earth-772's Dr. Doom to convince him to aid the Time-Twisters against the Fantastic Five
    --What If? II#35

Earth-92348 Circa 2456 AD, K'Vant Lehdrox abducted the extradimensional precognitive Phaedra to planet Altima Four before being slain and his mind assimilated by Earth-8410's Minion (later Death's Head). Death's Head II #1 (1992)

Earth-92352 (Abcissa)--Wolverine #52 (1992)

Earth-92459 X-Plorers (alternate reality Fantastic Four team in X-Men uniforms: Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic (in a hover/wheel chair) & Thing). Excalibur #49 (April 1992); (identified) Index #12 (2010)
    also appeared in Uncanny X-Men #462

Earth-92700 Magneto stuck in elevator with Colossus, Dr. Doom, Iron Man. W?#49 (1992)

Earth-92800 Ororo remained a thief, training in US under Herman Hassle until encountered X-Men in struggle over a red gemstone; left for Africa to find herself. W?#40

Earth-92942 Vampire Moon-Fang slain by Moon Knight-616, energies absorbed into Moonshade-616. Marc Spector: Moon Knight#42

Earth-93027 Amadeus Cho was a popular hero, romanced gorgon Delphyne; glimpsed when Cho-616 briefly held the Omphalos. Incredible Hercules #124

Earth-93031 Mys-Tech’s use of the Un-Earth resulted in the deaths of many superhumans; diverged from -616 when heroes barred Mys-Tech’s access to Un-Earth. Mys-Tech Wars #1

EARTH-93060 - Earth-Ultraverse

Earth-93070 Punisher became Captain America.
    CapA crippled in battle with Red Skull, Vietnam veteran Frank Castle became next CapA after family killed in gangland execution; Castle secretly acted as Punisher at night, killing criminals, until cyborg Steve Rogers convinced him to seek only justice; Castle remained CapA while Rogers became the Captain. W?#51

Earth-93074 Legion killed both Magneto and Xavier. W? X-Men: Age of Apocalypse#1 (2007)

EARTH-93091 (Revelation) -
    --[Avengers: Terminatrix Objective#1]

"EARTH-93112" (Badoon, Magus, Master Ecclaw, Maxam, Zhang; hologram woman, training warbot)
    (app-maxam)--[Warlock and the Infinity Watch#12], 26 (41(fb), 26(fb)

EARTH-93121 Merlin gathered heroes across time. King Arthur and the Knights of Justice (1993)

EARTH-93122 (Dredge) - @ 2053
    --Death Wreck#2

EARTH-93124 Circa 2099 AD, Punisher (Jake Gallows) defeated Warlords of the Trans-Atlantic Super-Bridge
    --Punisher 2099#24

Earth-93165 Avengers lost Kree-Shi’ar war: Ael-Dan took over Kree Empire, destroyed Earth with Omni-Wave annihilator; Iron Man sacrificed self to slay Ronan; AV joined Imperial Guard & others against Kree; CapA reactivated Supreme Intelligence who sent self-destruct command to all Kree technology before perishing; mortally wounded Wonder Man lived on in Vision’s body. W?#55

Earth-93198 Red Skull obtained Cosmic Cube during World War II, Nazis conquered Earth; diverged from -616 where time-traveling Avengers aided Invaders in retrieving the Cube and reversing the changes. Avengers/Invaders #8

EARTH-93246 - no such reality yet designated. Incorrectly listed as the designation for 21993 in OHotMU A to Z hardcover#5: Appendix to Alternate Realities

Earth-93325 Fantastic Four stayed in the movie biz, appearing in movies such as Home 4 Alone, Doin' the Right Thing (a Stan Lee joint), Pretty Invisible Woman and Dances with Wolverine! First Appearance: What The--?! #25 (Fall, 1993)

EARTH-93411 (Electro-Vampires, Zachary Sorrow, CARE) - @ 2195 A.D.

Earth-93523 Nightwatch (Dr. Kevin Trench) traveled back in time to modern era to avert a disaster in his past, but sustained mortal injuries in the process.  He passed on his Nightwatch suit to Kevin Trench-616 before dying. Web of Spider-Man #100 (1993)

Earth-93437 She-Hulk applauded by United Nations for actions in deposing Darqon Par of Mariner. She-Hulk #37 (2009)

Earth-93545 Kiden Nixon killed by Wolverine. NYX: No Way Home #5 (2009)

Earth-93549 Silver Surfer claimed Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos, eradicated disease, war, famine & poverty, eventually considered establishing universal order; granted half of his power to Shalla-Bal so they would be equals, but when she turned against him he saw the folly of his ways, used the Gauntlet’s power to destroy it, lived life peacefully on secluded planet with Shalla. W? #49 (1993)

Earth-93554 Kiden Nixon killed by a Sentinel. NYX: No Way Home #5 (2009)

Earth-93563 All the heroes (including Yellowjacket, Spider-Man, Gravity, Captain America, and Thing, plus counterparts of Sue Storm and Reed Richards - with Sue being his sister-in-law) were killed by the Marquis of Death-807128 and his Apprentice (secretly Dr. Doom-616). Fantastic Four #563 (2009)

"EARTH-93600" (
Hulk killed Wolverine by dislocating his cervical spine; X-Men sought vengeance; Hulk helped them defeat Adversary but was arrested upon becoming Banner in daylight.
    Earth-Hulk killed Wolverine (app)--What If? II#50

Earth-93726 (Spider-Ham/Piguel O’Malley/descendent of Peter Porker, Layla, Ducktor Doom, Punfisher, Rat-Itch) Alternate Larval Earth future circa 2099 AD. Janitor Piguel O’Malley knocked into spider venom vat by Duktor Doom, donned super hero outfit he kept in the closet “just in case.” Went after Ducktor Doom but distracted by Rat-Itch and Punfisher. After agreeing to go after Ducktor Doom alongside Spider-Ham, Punfisher and Rat-Itch were too busy fighting with each other to be of any use. Spider-Ham confronted Ducktor Doom, who revealed he was only trying to get a green card. What The--?! #26 (1993)

Earth-93926 Humanity wiped out in modern era by Pandora virus;  Earth plunged into a black hole and sealed off from the rest of the galaxy by the Kree, the Shi'ar and the Skrull; populated by monstrous descendents as of 2390 AD; Death's Head (Minion) trapped there; Evelyn Necker traveled here with Warheads Virago troop and recovered alternate Death's Head, while Virago trooped prevented release of Pandora virus in Reality-616. Loose Cannons script (1993)

Earth-94000 FF movie (1994)

Earth-94001 Loki defeated Thor & conquered Asgard, planned vengeance on all he believed had wronged him in his youth; when Karnilla showed him that he had never succeeded in conquering Asgard in any reality, Loki realized he would fail and planned to repent and set his prisoners free. Before he could try to make amends, Thor escaped his imprisonment & killed Loki. Loki#1

Earth-94024 Swiney-Girl is heroic daughter of retired Spider-Ham. Spider-Man Family #4 (2009)

Earth-94040 Scott Summers & Jean Grey married earlier, founding X-Men retired; Xavier led new X-Men – Aurora, Catseye, Colossus, Northstar, Storm – against Krakoa, slain with them; Sunfire & Avengers destroyed Krakoa. W?#60

"EARTH-94041" (
Jean Grey fell in love with Angel instead of Cyclops; progressively embittered Cyclops eventually joined Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
    Earth-Cyclops and Jean Grey had not fallen in love; she fell in love with Angel instead (app)--What If? II#60

Earth-94042 Phoenix (Phoenix force in form of Jean Grey) fell for Wolverine; after she became Dark Phoenix, Wolverine was unable to calm her, and Dark Phoenix destroyed the universe. W?#60

Earth-94102 Forge & Wolverine traveled to Earth-616’s past to oppose Adversary; Wolverine perished and his Adamantium skeleton found in 616’s modern era; however, Albert and Elsie Dee's traveling to the past someone negated Wolverine's fate, and he was instead swept into the future. Wolverine #86 (1994)

Earth-94114 Warbringer (Nolan Morelle) traveled back in time to modern era of Reality-616 to kill his father (Damon Morelle) to avert future catastrophe. Nightwatch #7 (1994)

Earth-94157 Punisher became agent of SHIELD rather than go to prison, repeatedly demoted for killings, eventually faked death and returned to vigilante ways, sacrificed himself assaulting Hydra Island. W?#57

Earth-94274 Namor sent Atlantis into lengthy war with the surface world. Sub-Mariner #6 (2007)

Earth-94415 Wolverine slain by extraterrestrial Yautja hunter. Dark Horse Presents #34 (1989)

EARTH-94316 (Chronozone) - Chronozone’s race fought Humanity & Death’s Head (Minion) in galactic war that only Chronozone survived
    Earth-Chronozone*--Death's Head III#16

Earth-94558 Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) surrendered his quantum bands to the Living Tribunal and chose to live out a normal life with Kayla Ballantine on a variant version of Earth-14861 associated with that divergent Earth). Quasar #58 (1994)

Earth-94561 Spider-Man’s false parent’s framed him for murder. W?#61

Earth-94600 After the Thor clone killed Goliath (Bill Foster), Thor returned to Earth and destroyed the clone, upsetting Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, and Yellowjacket (secretly a Skrull). Asgard returned to Earth. Thor left his hammer with Balder and chose to lead a more restful life. Thor #600 (2009)

Earth-94626 Nova (Rich Rider) failed to prevent Deathstorm; visited by Nova (Rich Rider)-616. Nova II#6

"Earth-94689" - Dark Raider-944 slew Reed Richards while he investigated Thing-like artifacts in Brazilian jungle. Fantastic Four I#389 (1994)

Earth-94732 Silhouette Chord-616 sent here by Sphinx (Anath-Na Mut)-616, pushed young Tai to her death in the Well of All Things, preventing Tai’s crimes in that reality
    --Night Thrasher II#12

Earth-94749 An Egyptian dynasty/society existed as if it had maintained its status as the hub of civilized activity throughout the centuries. Earth-616 briefly altered to this state by Sphinx (Anathna-Mut). New Warriors I#49

Earth-94823 Strange world in which oddly-costumed and powered heroes battled a football helmet-wearing Magneto and a wall-crawling Doctor Octopus while a police officer horse directed traffic including a boat taxi. Spider-Man Magazine #4 (1994)

Earth-94824 Future reality circa 3999 A.D. from which Cable originally traveled to arrive on a pre-current multiverse reality in an effort to stop Apocalypse; varies from similar Earth-13393 in that it did not appear to be affected by a mutant plague. Instead, this reality seemed more affected by temporal disturbances due to the plague being released on Earth-24948. (pre-current Multiverse’s Cable) X-Men Adventures #7 (1993)

EARTH-94831 (Asteroid M, Captain America (d), [Colossus(d)],  [Cyclops(d)], [Firestar(d)], Forge (d), Giant-Man (d), Gyrich, Hawkeye, Iceman (d), Iron Man(d), President Robert Kelly, Magneto (d), Mystique (d), Professor X (d), Quicksilver (d), Rogue (d), Col. Thaddeus Ross, [Sabra(d)], Sentinels (des), Shadowcat (d), X-Men (d), Storm (d), [Sunspot (d)], Vanisher (d), Wolverine)
    - Xavier school destroyed by US government; Magneto sent asteroid hurtling towards Earth; Weapon X-Exiles sent in to slay remaining mutants, but Hyperion convinced them to try to take over; Eventually Hyperion realized that he could not destroy the asteroid, and finished off the last of the mutants so that the WXE would move on
   EARTH-Mutant Destruction*--Exiles#38

Earth-94964 Archangel became killer vigilante, sacrificed life destroying N’astirh and prevent Inferno. W?#64

Earth-95019 Variant Marvel Apes world discovered by variant Marvel Zombies world Earth-21050’s Giant-Man and Wasp Marvel Apes Speedball Special #0 (2009)

Earth-95022 - Spider-Man received early guidance from Dr. Octopus and became his agent
    --Spider-Man: Friends & Enemies#2

Earth-95099 Age of Apocalyse (Earth-295) variant; Bantam and Fitzroy-121893 killed Prof X in 1959, creating an Age of Apocalypse reality. Before being engulfed in the temporal disruption, Bishop and Shard-121893 go back and recruit AoA X-Men to stop Fitzroy, briefly returning to 2055 AD to find a radically different Forge (much more of a cyborg). This Forge sends them back further, and they prevent the assassination. X-Men cartoon (1995)

"EARTH-95120" (Abyss, Apocalypse, Bishop, Cyclops, Forge, Generation X (Chamber, Colossus, Mondo, Shadowcat, Skin, Vincente), Jean Grey, Havok, Holocaust, Legion, Charles Lehnsherr, Quietus, Illyana Rasputin, Mikhail Rasputin, Rex, Scarlet Witch, Sinister, Sugar Man, el Tigre, Weapon X, Charles Xavier, X-Man (Nathaniel Greyspring Askanni'son Jacob Jungleheimerschmidt), X-Men (Blink, Gambit, Iceman, Jubilee, Magneto, Morph, Nightcrawler, Quicksilver, Rogue, Sabretooth, Storm, Sunfire, Wild Child), numerous unidentified others)
    - parody of Earth-295 ("Age of Apocalypse")
    (app)--Marvel Riot#1

EARTH-95121 (Fantastic Four)
    - alternate world in which Red Ghost and the Super-Apes became the Fantastic Four (or vice-versa), possibly destroyed by Vangaard
    (app-van)--Fantastic Force#12 (12(fb2)

EARTH-95122 (Fantastic Four (alternate powers: Ben-human with super-strength, Reed/Modok-like, Johnny-x-rays, Sue-energy powers)
    - possibly destroyed by Vangaard
    (app-van)--Fantastic Force#12 (12(fb2)

Earth-95126 Frank Castle's family killed during a battle; he vowed revenge on both heroes and villains. Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe (1995)

Earth-95132 Ultraforce animated series. Ultraforce animated series (1995)

Earth-95169 Stryfe slew X-Men. W?#69

Earth-95191 Not designated. Apparently an erroneous duplication of Earth-96020

EARTH-95313 Leper Queen slew Tabitha Smith, Sapien League slew Hellion and Surge. X-Force #13 (2009)

Earth-95371 Gamma bombs dropped on WWII Japan, spawned hundreds of hulk-creatures. W?#71

Earth-95397 Impossible Man obtained the Infinity Gauntlet. W?#104 (1998)

Earth-95431 Circa 50 years in the future from Reality-93060's modern era; world ravaged by the alien Progeny; only a handful of Ultras still survived. (Natives) Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis #1 (1995); (reality) Phoenix Resurrection: Aftermath (1996) (Ultraforce II #8-9, Ultraverse: Future Shock #1

Earth-95523 Hardcase-93060 (“Ultraverse”) used Reality-616’s Time Gem to help the Squad defeat NM-E instead of being killed by it, diverging this reality, in which Mundi instead slew the rest of the Squad by blowing up Forsa' house. Someone else became Choice. Hardcase #23 (May 1995)

Earth-95615 Modern Germans sent weapons back to Nazi Germany via Zetikrieg project, allowing them to win World War II; briefly overlapped with Reality-616. War Machine #15 (1995)

Earth-95633 From “30 cycles in the future,” Caretaker (Sara) sent a pair of Ghost Riders Earth-616’s modern era to advise her past self not to give up hope and to regather Blaze and Ketch to oppose Zadkiel. Ghost Rider #33 (2009)


Earth-95710 MODAM targeted Clan Destine, Vincent Destine resurrected and stopped attack, then claimed leadership of his family; glimpsed in dream by Rory Destine-616. ClanDestine #9 (1995)

Earth-95920 Heroes slew a corrupt but retired "President Tricky" and forced the current President X to weep for what he had done; good things happened every day. Ruins #2 (1995)

EARTH-96020 (    )
    - Tony Stark removed from this timeline and brought to Earth-616 to defeat the elder Stark who was under "Kang" (actually Immortus)' influence
    --Avengers: The Crossing

Earth-96081 Kang nuked New York City; when Galactus arrived, Kang and his lieutenants (Abomination, Baron Mordo, Cobra) joined with Namor and Inhumans to repel him. Ultimate Super-Villains: To the Victor

Earth-96099 Miguel (O'Hara) consumed and father killed by Morlun. Spider-Man 2099 #5 (2014)

Earth-96111. Home Earth of Timeslip Thing. Marvel Vision#1 (1996).

Earth-96115 Spider-Man (BBC radio play; 1996)

Earth-96121 Probiti Sinjin Quarrel received much greater telepathic powers and dispensed justice, making the Carini Cluster a better place to live. Starlord #1 (1996)

Earth-96173 Doctor Strange television show (1978)

Earth-96943 Divergent future of Reality-928; Miguel O’Hara gained the hammer of Thor and helped humanity grow and evolve up to 3099 AD. before passing the hammer back to Captain America (Steve Rogers). 2099: Manifest Destiny (1998)

Earth-97176 Bruce Banner rescued Rick Jones from the Gamma Bomb and got both Rick and himself to safety. Hailed as a hero, Banner was not considered "puny" and ultimately ended up marrying his sweetheart, Betty Ross. The two soon had two sons (one named David) and Banner's professional and personal lives were secure and blissful; a vision of a reality mirroring this reality was glimpsed in a dream by the pre-current Multiverse's the Hulk in a reality that preceded the current Multiverse when the Leader utilized a Cognitive Dream Inducer to calm the Hulk into transforming back into Bruce Banner. (pre-current Multiverse counterpart) Adventures of the X-Men #2 (1996)

Earth-96183 Symbiote-bonded Iron Fist assimilated by Reality-17952’s Poisons, encounterd Venompool-41715, assaulted Reality-22249’s anti-Poison resistance, cut in half by Carnage. Venomverse #2 (2017)

Earth-96190 Cyclops & Havok raised by own parents. Havok becomes prelate to McCoy. W?#90

Earth-96201 After transforming into the monstrous Man-Spider, Peter Parker was taken to the lab of Dr. Curt Connors, who used the neogenic recombinator in an attempt to reverse the transformation. A freak accident mixed Connors' own DNA into the machine, however, further transforming Parker into the unstoppable Man-Lizard. Spider-Man: Arachnophobia toyline (1996)

Earth-96211. Home Earth of Timeslip Spider-Man. Marvel Vision#2 (1996)

Earth-96282 Jonah Jameson adopted Spider-Man. W?#82

Earth-96283 Spider-Man movie and sequels 2 & 3 (2002)

Earth-96313 Dark Phoenix resurfaced and plunged into Earth's sun, destroying it. As the X-Men watched from their war room, Earth's sun went supernova and Earth was incinerated. Dark Phoenix then took dominion over the charred husk of Earth. A vision of a reality mirroring this reality was glimpsed in psychic vision by Phoenix-possessed Jean Grey of a pre-current Multiverse reality. X-Men Adventures #13 (1996)

Earth-96446 Alternate future in which the speedster Mercury (Pietro Allen) was menaced by mutant-hunting Sentinels before escaping to Earth-9602’s modern era, where he joined the mutant heroes of JLX. JLX#1 (1996); first mentioned as an alternate future: Amalgam trading card#23: Mercury (1996)

Earth-96585 Magneto ruled all mutants. W?#85

Earth-96912 Cain Marko left paraplegic after during military action in Asia; resented uninjured Charles Xavier. X-Men Unlimited #12 (1996)

Earth-97012 Aided by the Iforani and possibly other mercenary forces, Harith Damyish used his telepathic powers to takeover the battle platforms of planet Carina Prime and then possibly conquer the world itself. Starlord #2 (1997)

Earth-97061 Despite the risk of a complete chronal collapse if he remained in their future timeline more than 10 minutes, the Legion of Galactic Guardians pulled Spider-Boy-9602 from his era to their 2099 AD to tell him how he inspired a future generation of heroes. Before they could send him back, the Frightful Five attacked and their Spartacus destroyed the Time Square Generator, preventing Spider-Boy from being sent back and leading to a chronal collapse that ravaged reality. In 2104 AD, the surviving Guardians built a new Time Square Generator and used it to pull Spider-Boy to 2104 seconds before the chronal collapse occurred; the Guardians explained this situation and sent him back to 2099 where he aided the Guardians in preventing the collapse, thus diverging Reality-12772 where the chronal collapse never occurred. Spider-Boy Team-Up #1 (1997)

Earth-97082 ((Iron Man, IM2 robot, Stark International, Shield, Eson)
    – circa 2015 AD
    --Iron Man: Crash

EARTH-97102 (Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, Sue Storm)
    - Sue sent to Oz-like world after space flight, restored
    (app-earth97103)--What If II#100/2

EARTH-97103 - see LAND of FUZZ (app)--What If II#100/2

"EARTH-97113" (Mandarin)
    - future Mandarin's life and land taken away by government, sought 10 mystic rings to overthrow government, instead used rings for personal gain and to pit world powers against each other
    (app)--Marvel Vision#13 (Timeslip)

Earth-97143 (Avengers (Jocasta, Stature, Vision, Wasp), Baron Blood (Ken Crichton), Blade, Captain Britain, Captain Fate, Dracula, Excalibur, Lilith, Loki, MI13, Norman Osborn, Clive Reston, Serpent's Crown, Spitfire, Alistair Stuart, Union Jack (Chapman), vampires, Peter Wisdom)
    Dracula conquered Britain.
    --Captain Britain & MI13 #13

Earth-97161 Pet Avengers. Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1 (2009)

EARTH-97193 - Wolverine remained feral
    (app)--What If II#93

"EARTH-97213" (Black Knight (Sir Percy), Black Knight (Nathan Garrett), Morgan, Mordred)
     - Sir Percy evaded Mordred's assault and slew him instead, saved Camlet, but Earth frozen in the era of Camelot, Nathan Garrett served as chief enforcer for the degenerate descendents of the Knights of the Round Table, ruled by spirits of Morgan & Mordred
    --Mystic Arcana: Black Knight

"EARTH-97214" (Galactus, Silver Surfer)
    - Surfer slew Galactus and ultimately replaced him in destroying planets throughout the universe
    (app)--Marvel Vision#14 (Timeslip)

Earth-97292 Ghost Rider dozed off and his flaming head caused a New York City fire. W? #34 (1992)

"EARTH-97315" (Elektra, John Garrett, Hand, Sai on the Crimson Sun, Yakuza)
    - Elektra possibly transferred her mind into a succession of bodies after her death, slaughtered the Hand & Yakuza and formed the Sai on the Crimson Sun
    (app)--Marvel Vision#15 (Timeslip)

"EARTH-97400" (Anya + Eric + Magda + Pietro + Wanda Lehnsherr, Stixx, Tova Voorman)
    Magneto saved Anya & Magda
    (app)--What If II#96

"EARTH-97416" (Hulk/Rick Jones & Bruce Banner)
    - Banner & Jones would merge into Hulk, Jones sought to kill Banner to end this
    (app)--Marvel Vision#17 (Timeslip)

"EARTH-97517" (Phineas Horton, android Human Torch)
    Horton created Torch as a weapon to stop Nazi persecution of the Jews
    (app)--Marvel Vision#17 (Timeslip)

"EARTH-97534" (Anita Katherine Blake, Jean-Claude, Nikalaos) - Anita Blake, “The Executioner”, reanimates the dead for Animators, Inc., and eventually becomes a vampire hunter in a world where vampires, werewolves and other supernatural beings are declared legal citizens.
    —Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter - Guilty Pleasures #1 (October, 2006) (2,3,4,5,6

Earth-97567 Dr. Doom battled Marquis of Death-807128 and his Apprentice (secretly Doom-616) for six full weeks before defeating them, trapping them in the Omega Box. Though Latveria remained whole, much of the world was harmed and the Fantastic Four decimated. He married Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic died, and Thing became part cyborg and lost an arm. Based in the Reed Richards Memorial building, Doom cured many of the world’s diseases and focused on scientific progress and humanitarianism, working with Norman Osborn and Hank Pym. Human Torch refused to speak to his family anymore after Sue got pregnant. Witnessed by Doom-616 as wish-fulfillment dream provided by Marquis of Death. Fantastic Four #567 (2009)

Earth-97597 Doom and Nathaniel Richards travel back to Camelot just after its fall. W?#97

"EARTH-97618" (Bashenga, Black Panther/T'Challa, Cult of the Black Panther, Wakanda)
    T'Challa kept existence of Vibranium secret, slaying any foreigners who entered the country
    (app)--Marvel Vision#18 (Timeslip)

Earth-97643 Dark Claw (Logan Wayne) once seemingly killed the mad Ra's A-Pocalypse, earning the enmity of A-Pocalypse's daughter and his then-lover Lady Talia. Later working with older sidekick Sparrow, often getting information on criminals by using his alias of Patch Malone, Dark Claw was attacked by agents of Lady Talia, who had willing become a cyborg to avenge her father. After seemingly killing Dark Claw, Lady Talia realized the error of revenge, nearly committing suicide before learning Dark Claw still lived and working to save him instead. Dark Claw Adventures #1 (1997)

EARTH-97666 Time traveling Gorgilla-616 prevented John Wilkes Booth from assassinating Abraham Lincoln; resulted in Gorgilla being present in modern day of this reality
    --Fin Fang Four Returns #1 (2009)

Earth-97751 Criminal gained Nova-power. W?#15 (1979)

Earth-97799 Bishop arrived before X-Men formed. W?#-1

Earth-97800 Howard the Duck broke the curse of King Tut's tomb. Howard the Duck #7 (1980)

"EARTH-97820" (Namor)
    - Namor savagely protected the oceans, and eventually all sea travel & dumping stopped
    (app)--Marvel Vision#20 (Timeslip)

Earth-97881 Doorman (super hero doorman) fought Good Humor Man. Crazy#78 (1981)

Earth-97899 Black inadvertently forced Spdm to publicly reveal ID. W?#99

"EARTH-98091" - see Earth-Chaos (app)--Supernaturals#1

"EARTH-98101" (
    - Earth covered by a new Ice Age due to Odin deciding to destroy the Earth. Thor and AV opposed him, New York destroyed, New Asgard built in its place

    (app)--Timeslip: Coming of the Avengers

EARTH-98105 Archeologists Zack and Lana came back from this reality’s distant future to modern day Earth-616
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#438

Earth-98111. Home Earth of Timeslip Doctor Octopus. Timeslip: The Collection#1 (1998).

EARTH-98120 (Avengers (Songbird, Captain Marvel/Genis, Wasp, Jack of Hearts, Thor), Elysius, Magus, Oort the Living Comet, Sin Seers, Solar Squadron, Ely + Mimi Vell, Betwixt, Council of Aligned Planets, Dr. Stephen Strange, Marlo Jones, Kree, Larissa, Maadon, Magus, Manzo, Marvites, Nullifier War, Rackers, Shi'ar, Silver Surfer, Skrull, Adam Warlock, Wyskonz)
    - Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell) married Songbird (Melissa Gold), had children Mimi and Ely, Council of Aligned Planets sends a lethal plague to Earth, killing 90% of the population. The aliens came in and slaughter the rest, killing Mimi and crippling Genis in the process.
    Genis traveled here to stop the death of Marlo in his present, resolved self to murder Ely as an infant to erase his threat in the future
    --[Avengers Forever#1], Captain Marvel V#17 (Avengers Forever#2(fb), 12, Captain Marvel V#19, Captain Marvel VI#17/20 (fb), 20-21, [23(fb)], 22-24,
    Spider-Man 2099 #5 (Morlun slaughters Avengers and Spider-Man 2099

Earth-98121 - Otto Octavius involved in initial experiment that empowered Spider-Man, explosion mutated both, hospitalized; Spider-Man was able to deposit his first payment of $100,000 but it was stolen by the Chameleon...Electro's costume was blue, Sandman's origin isn't the same - his real name wasn't William Baker, he was in French Polynesia sent to a jungle prison..recruited by Osborn. Electro was outfitted by Norman Osborn...there's more.
    --Spider-Man: Chapter One #1

EARTH-98125 (Arcade, Captain Britain, Mad Jim Jaspers, Morgane Le Fay, Sentinels, Joshua Stragg)
Captain Britain (Brian Braddock) accepted the Sword of Death & Amulet of Light, became great hero.
        (app-captainbritain)--Marvel Vision#25

Earth-98140 (Jugger Grimrod, Sarigar) Sentient races across the galaxies band together as the Legion to fight for a future Galarchy
    --Alien Legion#1 (1984)

"EARTH-98151" (Authority, Globe of Ultimate Knowledge, Specialists, Spider-Man)
    - divergent Earth on which the Authority used the Globe to assimilate ever more information until he controlled the entire universe
    (app-authority)--Marvel Team-Up II#5

Earth-98178 (Elysius, Ely (dies), Captain Marvel (Genis), Songbird (Melissa Gold)
    Diverged from Earth-98120, Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell) killed Ely to prevent the evil he does in that potential future. Captain Marvel #24

EARTH-98193 - Xavier's secret second team survived assault from Krakoa
    --W? X-Men: Deadly Genesis#1 (2007)

"EARTH-98226" (Dire Wraiths, Gladiator, Moondragon, Professor X, Spaceknights)
    - Dire Wraiths burrowed into people's spines and controlled them
    (app)--Marvel Vision#26 (Timeslip)

Earth-98311 Spdm fooled into believing he was a clone, adopted identity Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider; clone became Spdm, later bonded with Carnage. Spdm cartoon (1990)

Earth-98362 Sarah McFarland developed electro-magnet powers. New Exiles #15

"EARTH-98529" (Avengers, Captain America, Colossus, Professor X, Illyana Rasputin)
    Colossus forced into service of Russian government
    (app)--Marvel Vision#29 (Timeslip)

Earth-98570 Nazis conquered Earth; Richards fatally excised portions of Doom’s brain to add to his own to facilitate a plan to gain great powers, manipulated Grimm into slaying Hitler, and both Sturms perished in the struggle; Richards became Earth’s ruler, eventually destroyed Earth with Infinity Gauntlet while battling heroes; eventually created the Bridge to facilitate the formation of the Council of Reeds. Fantastic Four #570 (2009) (605.1, 570

"EARTH-98630" (Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Thing)
    - Mole Man's creatures bored out portions of the Earth's core, altering its mass; Fantastic Four mutated during failed effort to restore Earth's mass
    (app)--Marvel Vision#30 (Timeslip)

"EARTH-98701" - an Earth in which there were no super-heroes; intended to be the sole reality by a Kang after he had destroyed all others and left this one for himself to rule alongside Ravonna
    --X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book One: The Past

"EARTH-98702" ([Absorbing Man], Air-Skater, Aliya, [Avengers], Beast, Black Bee, Black Cat, Black Goliath, Black Panther, Black Widow, Brother Voodoo, Captain America, [Champions], Cloak, Cyclops, Dagger, Daredevil, [Defenders], Doc Samson, [Dr. Octopus], Dominic Fortune, Electro, Elektra (d), Falcon (Sam Wilson), Fantastic Four (o4), Firebird, Forbush Man, Sgt. Frants (SPREAD), [General Fredericks], Frogman (Eugene Patilio), Gambit, Gargoyle (Isaac Christians), [Graviton], [Green Goblin], Hawkeye, Hellcat, [Howard the Duck], [Hulk], Hydro-Man, Iron Fist, Iron Man (Tony Stark), [Senator Robert Kelly], Kingpin, Sgt. Kirby (SPREAD), Krakatoa Cup of Java, Magneto, Mandroids, Millie the Model, Mockingbird, Moon Knight, Namor, NFL Superpro, Nighthawk, Night Thrasher, Sgt. Nimmitz (SPREAD), Nova (Richard Rider), [Harry + MJ Osborn], [Karen Page], [Pantheon], the Park, [Ben] + Liz (wife) + Mary (daughter) + [May] + Richard (son) Parker, Power Liberation Front, Power Pack, Professor X, Project Pegasus, Razorback, Rhino, Sandman, Shadow (Lamont Cranston), She-Hulk, Speedball, Sponkies, Fabian Stankowicz, Storm, Super-Power Registration Enforcement Action Detail, Texas Twister, [Flash Thompson], Tigra, Titania, Torpedo, [U-Foes], Union Jack?, Volcana, Sgt. Vossoff (SPREAD), Wasp, Senator Vanna White, White Rabbit, Wolverine, X-Men, Yellowjacket (Pym), "caped man carrying an anvil")
    - a world where the Scarlet Centurion duped the X-Men into capturing remaining super-heroes; heroes liberated by dimension-hopping Spider-Man and Biship shortly before that reality was destroyed by Kang's Time Arrow
    *Des*--X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book One: The Past], Book Two: The Present

Earth-99062 Mini-Marvels. Avengers#18

Earth-99101 (Drac de Ferro, Trueno). World where members of Spain's hero team Iberia, Inc. joined the Avengers. Avengers Forever#11 (1999)

Earth-99107 Infinity Gauntlet-wielding "gray" Reed Richards of the Council of Reeds; manipulated civil war between Old Atlantis' Uhari, Chordai, and Mala. FF #570 (2009)

Earth-99160 Norman Osborn ruled the city of New York and his son Harry inherited Norman's Goblin-like powers. When Harry was bitten by a radioactive spider, he was also granted spider-like powers as his reality's Spider-totem, which he used to overthrow Norman and eventually become king of the entire world. This reality was briefly merged with reality-90214 when the strands of the multiverse's Great Web became entangled. When Harry learned of the Web from Reality-90214's Spider-Man, he captured Spider-Man-90214 and his teammate, Spider-Man-50101, and traveled to their base on Earth-001's Loomworld, where Harry attempted to destroy the Great Web to rule the entire multiverse. Spider-Man-90214's Web-Warrior teammates sent electric feedback through the Great Web, electrocuting and defeating Harry. Web-Warriors #9 (2016)

Earth-99315 Reality in which Valeria Richards was raised as Marvel Girl. Kree took over Earth but abandoned it after it was infiltrated by the Brood. FF-616 sent there by Margali Szardos to destroy Brood Queen. FF #15 (1999)

"EARTH-99409" (Crossbow) -
    --[Blade: Vampire Hunter I#3]

EARTH-99476 (Excalibur, Fantastic Five, Calvin + Martha + Susie + Wilbur Griswald, High Evolutionary, Ka-Zar, Dr. Karl Lykos, Alysaur Stuart, Brigadier Alysdon Stuart, Color Sergeant Vaughn, Zabu, "humans")
    - dinosaur people
    uncertain connection to Cretaceous Sam, Dino-Knight, Dino-Steel, Kang-Mesozoic, Punisaur
    DINO-WORLD (app)--[Excalibur I#9], 51

Earth-99827 The slave-trader Pig used mind-control gas produced from Shirow Ishihara to mutate and control the world’s population. Gambit #7 (1999)

Earth-99914 Variant Earth-90214 (Earth-Noir). Spider-Man traveled to Reality-91119. Apparently, he was brought to the Super Hero Squad reality (Earth-91119) by other Super Hero Squad heroes from an alternate past using fractals after the heroes were tasked with collecting these fractals by the Watcher.  Marvel Super Hero Squad Online video game (2011)

Earth-99953 Chris Claremont has psychic powers, obsessed with stealing ideas of that reality’s Adrian Watts. New Exiles #12

Earth-101001 Marvel Anime: Iron Man (2010)

EARTH-102387 Mass demonic possessions in Rome on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-102856 Britain suffers Poll Tax riots and Premier Currie is assassinated on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-102948 World War Three breaks out on 12th October 1984 in this reality, causing a nuclear holocaust
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-102990 In the Arabian Gulf a Persian Airship is shot down by a New World Battlecruiser on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-103062 Tidal waves sink American 6th Fleet at Hawaii on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-103173 (Dogpool) - (Dogpool) Scientists Von Braun and Eigor conduct the Mascara-X Project (described as the process in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOlVERINE), on a dog, which becomes Dogpool. It is a project funded by Babelline Cosmetics company to make profit. The experiment gives him the powers of Deadpool. Deadpool/Dogpool, believed to be dead, gets tossed out in the garbage and is found by a circus that discover this "talent" and use him to make money until Deadpool-616 recruits him.
    --Prelude to Deadpool Corps #3

EARTH-105709 (Aimee, the Ani-Men (Ape-Man, Bird-Man, Cat-Man, Dragonfly, Frog-Man), the Avengers, Black Tom Cassidy, Reverend Craig, Crystal, the Fantastic Four, Edwin Jarvis, Krakoa the Living Island, Living Laser, Moira MacTaggert, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Count Luchino Nefaria, Uatu the Watcher, the Vision, new X-Men (Banshee (Theresa Rourke), Beast, Namorita, Professor X, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Rahne Sinclair, Thunderbird (James Proudstar)), original X-Men (Angel, Banshee (Sean Cassidy), Colossus, Cyclops, Havok, Iceman, Marvel Girl, Nightcrawler, Polaris, Storm, Sunfire, Thunderbird (John Proudstar), Wolverine)
    - New X-Men died on their mission against Krakoa
    One of the worlds to which the Living Laser had escaped via Uatu's alternate Earths portals
    (app)--What If II#9 (Quasar#6, 30

EARTH-105712 Persian space shuttle explodes on take-off on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-109732 London suffers a rain of frogs lasting two hours on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-107342 - Black Panther's plot against Killmonger permanently crashed world economy
    --Avengers III#42

Earth-111347 - Reed Richards became Dr. Doom
    FF III#47

"EARTH-112001" (Jim Rhodes/War Machine)
    --U.S. War Machine#1 (2-12, War Machine 2.0

Earth-113500 (Ginny Stark) - By 2052, Earth has been ravaged -- by the Mandarin working for a "master" (unspecified in the story), using technology he forced an enslaved and tortured Tony Stark to design and build -- and is about to be broken; Stark's son, Howard Anthony Stark II, is an officer of the Mandarin's enforcers, and his granddaughter, Ginny, is a member of the ragged resistance. Both actually work together - they know that their father has designed failsafes against his own technology and are trying to activate those before it's too late. The failsafes are very high-powered EMP bombs designed in 2011. They are spider-shaped as part of a mnemonic sing-song to remember how to build them. Ginny managed to build about 90% of such a bomb. During an extermination sweep, her father discreetly completes and films the distinctive circuitry. When *his* father sees the image, he remembers the mnemonic sing-song and how to activate the failsafes. H. A. Stark II is killed in a suicide run to protect his daughter as the other enforcers realize that he's a traitor. Tony Stark kills the Mandarin, then activates nine EMP failsafe bombs, plus the one built by his children, killing all technology worldwide - include his heart. The Earth is ravaged and bereft of technology but the few survivors, including engineering genius Ginny Stark, still have a planet.
    --Iron Man #500 (2011)

EARTH-115000 - Mutants conquered Earth
    --Avengers III#42

EARTH-120185 (Transformers) -
    --Transformers (UK)#1, 9

Earth-120703 Amazing Spider-Man movie (2012)

Earth-121111 One of five realities shown by John Aman, in which Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, and Johnny and Sue Storm killed in cosmic ray exposure during space flight; variant head gear. Defenders #11 (2012)

Earth-121347 Ghost Rider movie, includes Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2007)

Earth-121613 - undesignated. Previously replicated for the unreleased FF movie (1994)

Earth-121698 FF movie and sequels (2005)

Earth-121893 Diverged from Reality-13393; Bishop-31393 disrupted the plague release, but Cable-13393 succeeds in both ensuring the release of the plague, but also its almost immediate cure - changing both his and Bishop's timelines. Bishop gets a plague free timeline without Sentinel domination, and Cable gets a reality almost identical to his original one, except that the plague was swiftly stopped. X-Men cartoon (1993)

Earth-130000 - Stryfe & Mutant Liberation Front killed Cable & Cannonball; X-Force gained vengeance, but were wanted as criminals for innocents getting in crossfire
    --X-Force I#100

Earth-135263 FF: World's Greatest Heroes cartoon (2005)

EARTH-148611 - Earth-New Universe

Earth-167710 Populated by unique flora and fauna, including mobile floral creatures. Howard the Duck dailies (10/16/77)

EARTH-187319 (Baxter Building, Fantastic Four (Hulk, Victor von Doom, Johnny & Sue Storm), Ben Grimms, Grimms, [Marx Sisters], Mole Man, She-Hulk, Gwen Stacy, Subterranea)
    - During the latter half of the century, Doom brought an end to hunger and disease, and the world fell under his influence; those who couldn't or wouldn't change were killed or "disappeared" or recruited into the Four Fantastics;
    Exiles sent there, but Reed Richards eventually totally destroyed the world to prevent Doom from spreading his influence across the Multiverse
    --Exiles#95 (97 (fbs), 95-98

Earth-198234 Daredevil was deaf instead of blind. W?#34 (1982)

"EARTH-199406" (Avengers, Chantilly, Doctor Cornelius, Flight (Dr. James Hudson, Saint Elmo, Smart Alec, Snowbird, Stitch), Hines, Jackie Smith, Johnson, Dr. Walter Langkowski, Commander Logan, Rose, Thomas, Weapon X)
    - divergent reality in which Weapon X recaptured Logan when he tried to break out
    (app)--What If? II#62

"EARTH-199606" (Betty Brant, Green Goblin, Felicia Hardy, the Jackal (Miles Warren), J. Jonah Jameson, Maximum Carnage, Michael Morbius, the New Warriors (Firestar, Justice, Alex Power, Speedball, Turbo), Mary Jane Parker, May Parker, Joe Robertson, "Flash" Thompson, Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly), Spider-Man (Peter Parker) )
    Scarlet Spider killed Spider-Man
    (app)--What If? II#86

Earth-199673 The Invincible Iron Man animated movie (2007)

Earth-199999 Iron Man movie (2008)
    Includes Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, and others in production (Nick Fury)

Earth-200080 (Marvel Boy/Noh-Varr) Marvel Boy #1 (2000)

Earth-200111 Fury & Punisher MAX series. Fury #1 (2001)

"EARTH-200500" (Avengers (Ant-Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Thing, Thor, Vision, Wasp), Edwin Jarvis)
    Avengers all had beards

"EARTH-200501" (Miss Crabtree, Harry Osborn, S.H.I.E.L.D. (Nick Fury, four unnamed others), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Gwen Stacy, "Flash" Thompson, Ultimates (Black Widow, Captain America, Giant-Man, Hawkeye), Mary Jane Watson)
    Ultimate Universe got Ultimatized

"EARTH-200502" (Henry Clay, Doctor Doom, Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Mister Fantastic, President Andrew Jackson), Galactus, Mole Man, the Sub-Mariner, the Whig political party)
    Andrew Jackson replaced the Thing in the Fantastic Four

"EARTH-200503" (Brian Michael Bendis, Stan Lee, Jeph Loeb, Joe Quesada)
    Stan Lee was the writer on Ultimate Spider-Man

"EARTH-200504" (blackcatbooyah, Cyclopsian, HeroWorship, Johnny38, Rifleman, RobotLove, Webhead101)
    The Internet existed in 1975

"EARTH-200505" (The Avengers (Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Spider-Man), Black Bolt, the Defenders, the Monolith)
    Black Panther was white

"EARTH-200506" (Luke Cage, Captain America, Colossus, Cyclops, Daredevil, the Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic, Thing), Firestar, Emma Frost, Iron Man, Nick Fury, Ghost Rider, Petunia Grimm, Identity Girl, Impossible Man, Brad Meltzer, Sentry, She-Hulk, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Thor, Wolverine)
    Identity Crisis happened in the Marvel Universe

"EARTH-200507" (Captain America, Daredevil, Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, Galactus, Leader, Punisher, Spider-Man)
    All the big super-villains switched super-heroes to fight

"EARTH-200508" (Archie Andrews, "Jughead" Jones, Veronica Lodge, Reggie Mantle, Pikachu, the Runaways (Bruiser, Lucy in the Sky, Sister Grimm, Talkback, Alex Wilder), Brian K. Vaughn, Wolverine, Yugi)
    Wolverine actually appeared in every comic

"EARTH-200509" (Benduatu the Watcher, Ego the Living Planet, Galactus, Silver Surfer, Vaughnuatu the Watcher)
    Galactus got food poisoning

"EARTH-200510" (Bryan Hitch, Jim Mahfood, Mark Millar)
    Mark Millar & Bryan Hitch took over Spider-Man

"EARTH-200511" (Captain America, Falcon, MODOK)
    MODOK had an itch

"EARTH-200512" (Adolf Hitler, various other unnamed humans)
    DC agreed to do Batman/Daredevil

"EARTH-200513" (Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, Johnny & Sue Storm)
    Fantastic Four made it to the moon

"EARTH-200514" (Stan Lee)
    Stan Lee never broke into comics, so he spent the rest of his life trying to break into comics

"EARTH-200515" (Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor), Bullseye, Daredevil, the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man)
    Marvel heroes aged in real time

"EARTH-200516" (Denny_H, Diana, Dum Dum Dufan, ImprovingGODDARD, MASTER OF Mystic DARTS, RANGER CHIC!, RED SKULL!, THWIP!)
    The Internet existed in 1965

"EARTH-200517" (Dr. Doom, Dr. Strange)
    Dr. Strange was Dr. Doom, and Dr. Doom was Dr. Strange

"EARTH-200518" ()
    Reading comics could get you women

"EARTH-200519" (Jim Mafood)
    Drawing comics could get you women

"EARTH-200520" (Werewolf (Jack Russell))
    Werewolf by Night were relaunched as Werewolf by Day

"EARTH-200521" (Ghost Rider)
    Ghost Rider were more eco-friendly

"EARTH-200522" (AgentDESMOND, ALYSA McK, auron, BLOODYheck, Chris Claremont, Gene Colan, DUM DUM DUFAN, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Ralph Macchio, Raven_G, STEVE_Z, ZEPPE)
    The Internet existed in 1985

"EARTH-200523" (Doctor Strange, Hulk, Namor, Silver Surfer)
    Namor suddenly became very worried about his body

"EARTH-200524" (Cyclops, Gambit, Jean Grey, Iceman)
    Cyclops got an eye infection

"EARTH-200525" (Emma Frost, Nick Thompson)
    Emma Frost could read Nick Thompson's mind

"EARTH-200526" (Punisher)
    Punisher was a bleeding heart

"EARTH-200527" (J. Jonah Jameson, Spider-Man (Hulk), Mark Waid)
    Hulk was bitten by a radioactive spider

"EARTH-200528" (Brian Michael Bendis, Dodsons, Mark Millar)
    Since Mark Millar never became a comic book writer, he became a homeless bum. While Mark struggled, Brian Bendis and the Dodsons brought a book called "Trouble" to the public and the children loved it, claiming that it made them want to buy all of the Epic imprint books.

"EARTH-200529" (The Burglar, Ben Parker, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Uatu the Watcher)
    Someone else killed Ben Parker, while the Burglar went on to kill someone else, causing the multiverse to achieve a final balance.

Earth-200781 Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #25 (2007) Doc Iron (Victor von Doom) opposed Frightful Four (Human Pyre/John Storm, Mr. Devious/Reed Richards, Monsterman/Ben Grimm, Unstoppable Woman/Sue Storm).

Earth-200782 Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #25 (2007) Reed Richards’ space flight mutated bacteria that killed all Earth’s men; Sue Storm became rocky Ms. Fantastic, led Femmetastic Four (Medusa, Nova/Frankie Raye, She-Hulk).

Earth-200783 Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #25 (2007) FF formed with Spdm (Peter Parker) instead of Reed Richards.

Earth-200784 Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #25 (2007) FF and Dr. Doom competed using musicals rather than battles.

Earth-201163 Avengers formed in more modern times, with Captain America and Extremis-style armor-wearing Iron Man participating in initial defeat of Loki and team's founding. Mighty Avengers: Faces of Justice (2011)

EARTH-200916 In Port Au Prince, Babydoc spontaneously melts on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-201478 Emperor Wilhelm X of Mexico assassinated in bloody coup on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-201532 Ozone Layer collapses, triggering the Hothouse Effect on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-201813 Thirty-two heads of state die in a terrorist attack on Geneva on 16th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-203811 In Amritsar the Golden Temple is blown up by extremist Hindu suicide squad
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-203856 (PARALLEL 20.38.56) Technology is approximately 70 years behind ours. Napoleon killed by stray cannon ball during Russian campaign of 1892. Without his leadership, France's armies were destroyed, and Louis XVIII reinstated on the throne by Allied armies. His weak leadership resulted in internal rebellions and economic recessions which have kept France weak ever since, and without France as an impetus, the German states never united, leaving two countries to become unrivalled world powers. The American Revolution failed because Britain was not fighting France at the same time, and so America chose to remain part of the commonwealth and the British Empire. Russia and Britain became the world superpowers, carving up Africa and Asia between them, but the close links between their Royal houses kept the two sides as friendly rivals, until the Disruptors stepped in.
    - from Mad Monks and Englishmen, A Scenario for 23rd Parallel's Luther Arkwright Role Playing Game, re-published on Bryan Talbot's official website

"EARTH-205117" (X-Men (Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, Iceman, Gambit), Magneto)
   -A band of cyborgs terrorized the planet, and the X-Men believed that Magneto was behind them, so they went after him.
   --X-Men: Mutant Wars video game (2000)

EARTH-209072 Earthquakes level Tokyo on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

EARTH-209174 Korea is invaded by French Indochina on 12th October 1984 in this reality
    --Adventures of Luther Arkwright

Earth-262626 Magneto (Margaret Mary Neato) joined X-Men but morphed into a goose. Shame Itself #1 (2012)

Earth-280035 - home reality of the first active "field agent" of Zero-Zero (Earth-0). Margaret Bondfield of 28-00-35 was a citizen of the French Imperial Estates-General, recruited in 1924.
--Bryan Talbot's official site.

Earth-312500 Middle-aged Spdm faced off against the police. Amazing Spdm #500

Earth-340909 - The question of secrecy, and of fighting the Disruptorr, in secret, first became an issue on Para 34-09-09, in 1920. Due to W.O.T.A.N.'s interference (using Valhalla Nova's most powerful telepaths) the World War I of this parallel had continued for far longer than the Disruptors desired. ZeroZero further manipulated the Disruptors into increasing the power of the Anglo-French American colonial states, in an effort to hasten the end of the war. In the final days of the war the Americas declared their independence, and ZeroZero took the previously untried action of informing this Earth of the existence of the parallel Earths, of themselves and the Disruptors. Within hours the fledgling American Federation was destroyed by nuclear attack, devastated by weapons launched on a different parallel which emerged at ground-zero on 34-09-09.
    - from timeline on Bryan Talbot's website.

Earth-341983 Black Bolt & the Inhumans were a rock band. W?#34 (1982)

Earth-313710 Spider-Man wore costume similar to early Spider-Man Halloween costumes. A.S. Fishbach, Inc. halloween costume (1937 or before)

"Earth-389694" - Invisible Woman, Namor, Thing-616 all sent here by Aron the Watcher, who initially duped them into believing it to be a world destroyed by the Fantastic Four (what they would later "realize" to be the former home of the Dark Raider); New York City was now inhabited by savage tribesmen; but it showed a memorial to the early-costumed FF, as well as a damaged Four Freedoms Plaza (which would never have existed on Earth-944, with the Fantastic Four having ended while they still lived in the Baxter Building).  Based on the behavior of the natives, the Fantastic Four were possibly responsable for this world's primitive state by some other means. FF #389 (1994)

Earth-400005 The Incredible Hulk television series and sequels (1977)

Earth-400083 Hulk movie (2003)

Earth-400285 Incredible Hulk cartoons (1996) part of Reality-534834?

"EARTH-523000" (Bruce Banner, Igor Drenkov, Hulk (Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross), Rick Jones, Betty Ross, Major Glenn Talbot)
    (app)--What If...General Ross became the Hulk?

"EARTH-523001" (Brubaker(court bailiff), Bullseye, Luke Cage, Captain America, Daredevil (Matthew Michael Murdock), Doctor Strange, Nick Fury, Iron Man, Jessica Jones, Kingpin (Wilson Fisk), Mister Fantastic, Mysterio (Quentin Beck), Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, Karen Page, Peter Parker, Rucka(court bailiff), S.H.I.E.L.D., Ben Urich)
    (app)--What If...Karen Page had lived?

"EARTH-523002" (The Avengers (Captain America, Firestar, Iron Man, Jessica Jones, Justice, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Wonder Man), Beast, Daredevil, Jean Grey, Jocasta, Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), Purple Man, S.H.I.E.L.D. (Nick Fury, Clay Quartermain, presumably numerous others), Squadron Supreme (Doctor Spectrum, Haywire, Hyperion, Moonglow, Power Princess, Shape, Skylark, Whizzer), Vision)
    (app)--What If...Jessica Jones had become an Avenger?

"EARTH-523003" (Annihilus, Doctor Bruce Banner, Black Bolt, Black Panther, Doctor Doom, Dragon Man, Fantastic Four (Sgt. Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, Sue Storm), Galactus, the Hate-Monger, Impossible Man, Ricardo Jones, Richard "Rick" Jones, Karnak, Klaw, a Kree Sentry, the Molecule Man, the Mole Man, Namor the Sub-Mariner, General Ross, Silver Surfer, the Skrulls, the Watcher, the Wizard)
    (app)--What If...Dr. Doom Had Become the Thing?

"EARTH-523004" (Billy, Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), Val Cooper, Doug (see comments), the Federal Security Bureau, Nick Fury, Hellfire Club, Gabrielle Haller Lehnsherr, Marauders (Cyclops, Havok, Sabretooth), Ororo Munroe, Nightcrawler, Reed Richards, Annie Richardson, Sentinels, Sinister, Brigadier Alysande Stuart, Bolivar Trask, Larry Trask, Alexei Vazhin, Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, W. H. O. (Weird Happenings Organization), the X-Men (Jean Grey, Erik Lehnsherr, Lockheed, Hank McCoy, Mystique, Professor X, Kitty Pryde, Peter Rasputin, Sage, Wolverine)
    (app)--What If...Magneto & Professor X Had Formed the X-Men Together?

Earth-534834 The Marvel Action Hour: FF cartoon (1994) - includes Marvel Action Hour: Iron Man (1994) & Incredible Hulk (9/8/96)

Earth-555326 Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow cartoon (2008)

Earth-569386 - undesignated; previously referenced The Marvel Action Hour: Iron Man cartoon (1994), which is part of Reality-534834

Earth-600001 Captain America television series (1944)

Earth-600026 Captain America television series (1966);  includes Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Namor, & Thor series.
Soviet Gremlin is the Gorgon here, and (as I mentioned in an e-mail last year) the Circus of Crime has some interesting new members shown in cameo ( 1.45 in), including Laurel and Hardy (circus4), Mandrake and Lothar (circus2), Popeye (circus3) and Jeep-Jeep and Tarzan (circus1).

Earth-600043 Captain America television movies (1979)

Earth-600123 Potential future where Emma Frost and Danielle Moonstar broke down Prodigy's mental barriers preventing him from retaining all of his memories. New X-Men: Academy X#10 (2005)

Earth-602636 Teenager Mary Jane Watson has a crush on Spider-Man while in high school. Mary Jane#1 (2004)

Earth-604829 - undesignated; previously referenced for Spider-Man television series (1981), which is Earth-8107

Earth-617805 Whistler's Quacker. Seemingly serene mother yelled at her baby. Howard the Duck dailies (June 18, 1978)

Earth-620021 Peter found out that Uncle Ben died because he was a chronic gambler who owed a lot of money. Aunt May manipulated Pete to hide what a shady person Ben really was. Pete wasn't plagued with guilt, became a selfish, self-absorbed, border-line psychotic, tyrannical CEO of Spider-Man, Inc. Married Gwen and had J. Jonah Jameson as his lackey. Awarded a presidential medal of honor, embarrassed to get in costume due to gut, inadvertently revealed identity to Jonah, who wore the costume to receive the award but was killed in an assassination attempt. 
    --Startling Stories: Megalomaniacal Spider-Man #1

Earth-627282 (Darius Zorr) - Circa 2962 AD, Earth had become an interplanetary imperialistic force
    --Journey into Mystery I#82

Earth-629593 – undesignated; previous listing referenced The Mighty Thor animated series (1966), which is Earth-600026

Earth-634962  (Silver Surfer, Master of Zenn-La, Galactus, Watcher Prime)
   - After saving the Earth from being devoured by Galactus, Norrin Radd returned to Zenn-La to find that it is missing, and vowed to find it and his beloved Shalla Bal.
   --The Silver Surfer animated series (1998)

Earth-630592 Those who ate the fruit of the planet Rrorgo were transformed into peace-loving, giant, green semi-humanoids. Journey into Mystery #92 (1963)

Earth-635972 Power Pack television movie (1991)

Earth-645978 - undesignated. previous listing referenced The Sub-Mariner animated series (1966), which is Earth-600026

Earth-652975 Pryde of the X-Men animated movie (1989)

Earth-669116 (Badoon, Guardians of the Galaxy) Much of the universe consumed by space/time Fault; Badoon used cosmic Cube to enslave Celestials and form a shield around Earth’s solar system (the last surviving realm of space) to protect it from the Fault; 31st century female Starhawk traveled to Reality-616’s modern era, informed them of the Fault’s threat; Guardians sacrificed themselves to destroy the Celestial Engine and thus the rest of their universe. (Starhawk) Guardians of the Galaxy #5, (Reality) 16

Earth-697064 Captain America movie (1990)

Earth-700029 Generation-X television movie (1996)

Earth-700089 FF animated series (1967)

Earth-700459 Spider-Woman animated series (1979)

Earth-700974 Meek teenager Benjy Grimm uses magic rings and the incantation "Thing Ring, do your thing!" to transform into the Thing, hero of Centerville. Fred and Barney Meet the Thing cartoon (1979)

Earth-701306 Daredevil movie (2003)

Earth-704509 Mutant-X television series (2001)

Earth-709077 Mr. Immortal waited until the year 2099 AD so he could convince time-traveling Squirrel Girl to return to modern era. Deadpool/GLI Summer Fun Spectacular #1 (2007)

Earth-711042 (Final Sons of Man) Sub-Mariner I#42

Earth-730784 AV United They Stand cartoon (1999)

Earth-730834 Comic series based on cartoon series. AV United They Stand#1 (1999)

Earth-730911 Live Action 1977 Spider-Man series
    (app)--The Amazing Spider-Man (1977)

Earth-751263 (Spider-Man, Venom, Carnage, John Jameson, High Evolutionary)
    - Spider-Man Unlimited cartoon series on Fox Kids
    (app)—Spider-Man Unlimited II#1

Earth-760207 (Spider-Man, Mary Jane, Harry Osborn, Gwen Stacy)
    --Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, MTV animated series

Earth-761243 (Citadel at the End of Time, He Who Remains, Time-Twisters) With Reality-794282, final divergence at universe's end. Thor#243

Earth-771013 Populated by anthropomorphic flowers. Howard the Duck daily (10/13/77)

Earth-770724 Conquered by a Kang who forced residents to all wear Spdm costumes plus helmets that rendered them subservient; liberated by Spdm-57780. Spidey Super-Stories #24

Earth-780615 Joan of D’uck burned at the stake, and then eaten. Howard the Duck dailies (June 18, 1978)

"EARTH-791014" - see EARTH-Amusement World (app)--Avengers: The Man Who Stole Tomorrow

Earth-791021 Duckworld. Howard the Duck II#3

Earth-791218 Dr. Strange was disciple of Dormammu. W?#18

Earth-794282 (Citadel at the End of Time, He Who Remains, Time-Keepers) With Reality-761243, final divergence at universe’s end. Thor#245 (1979)

Earth-800801 Dracula fathered Janus via Delores, opposed by vampire hunters led by Hans Harker. Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned cartoon (1980)

Earth-805110 aka Borderline; alleged common endpoint for all future timestreams which did not result in the destruction of earth, approximately 2 billion years in the future, site to which Gaunt was banished, where he captured Rachel Summers and where Cable traveled to battle him; a lifeless husk, it dampens psionic energy

Earth-807093 In the distant future, a Legion of alternate dimensional gamma-powered beings invaded a realm, and its Maestro-like king empowered all of the adult men as savage Hulk-like beings to slaughter the Legion, after which the king destroyed the savages, leading their children to plot vengeance
    --Marvel Comics Presents #9

Earth-807128 (Old Man Logan/Hooded Man, Marquis of Death, New Defenders/Fantastic Force) Dying world 500 years in the future; Sue Richards traveled back to modern era of Earth-616 for help, population relocated to Nu-World
Villains organized and massacred the heroes -- but Reed and Sue Richards were  missing (rumored to have been dumped into the timestream). During that same struggle, Clyde Wincham-1219 (who had been imprisoned comatose on Earth-616, from which -807128 had subsequently diverged) was awakened by Mad Thinker, Awesome Android, Terrax the Tamer, the Watcher, Terminus, Molecule Man, Klaw, Blastaar, and Over-mind in hopes of gaining his power, but he destroyed them all. Over the next billion years, Wyncham crossed realities and became even more powerful, eventually becoming the Marquis of Death.
    There's a benevolent Ultron descendant named Ultron 8.
    Logan ultimately foreswore the "Wolverine" name, adopting and raising the infant son of Hulk, named Bruce Junior. He helped retake the world from the villains. Reed and Sue return from wherever (timestream?).  
    Reed kept himself, Sue, and Bruce alive for 500 more years. As the Hooded Man, Logan helps them form the New Defenders. Ultron 16 (descendant of Ultron 8) joins as well. With their world dying, they defeated Galactus and used him to power a time machine to travel back to the present day of Earth-616.

    --[Fantastic Four#555], Wolverine #66 (2008) (Wolverine #66 (fb), 66-74, Wolverine Old Man Logan Giant-Size, FF #568 (fb)
    FF #560 (fb),

Earth-808122 De’Lila killed original FF; replacement FF became permanent team, battled Mephisto-possessed Dr. Doom. Hero Initiative: Mike Wieringo #1

Earth-812145 (Maker, Black Baron Dormammu, Blood Skull, Doom, Gold Goblin, Magneta, Maker, Rosetta Stone) Maker empowers several individuals and enhances their villainous natures. They devastate Manhattan and slay all local heroes, but are stopped by Exiles. New Exiles Annual #1 (2008)

Earth-813191 Manhattan destroyed by bomb for which Kingpin framed Spider-Man. Amazing Spider-Man vs. Kingpin video game (1993)

"EARTH-818793" (Ashley J. Williams) -
    --Evil Dead (Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness

Earth-820231 Wolverine killed the Hulk. W?#31

Earth-821236 Nova refused to yield powers to Xandar. W?#36

Earth-823019 Zaniac reborn, slew Jane Foster. Thor #372

Earth-831911 Kingpin framed Spider-Man for a bomb primed to destroy Manhattan. Spider-Man defused the bomb, but was defeated by the Kingpin. Both Spider-Man and Mary Jane were killed in Kingpin’s acid vat. Amazing Spider-Man vs. Kingpin game (1993)

Earth-840645 Hulk’s mind linked to Rick Jones’, went mad upon Rick’s death. W?#45

Earth-841047 - Loki found Mjolnir before Don Blake

Earth-861095 Exiles of Central City sent to this reality circa 12000 AD. FF#295 (1986)

Earth-869371 (Justice Peace) Massive Zaniac outbreak occurred during World War VII. Thor #371

Earth-900651 Mantis raised son Sprout on Earth. Marvel Fanfare #51

"EARTH-901037" - alternate reality in which the modern "age of heroes" began in 1961; Ravonna and Dr. Druid traveled here after escaping the timestream, and Ravonna attempted to prevent the age of heroes
    --Avengers Spotlight#37

Earth-901220 Spider-Man didn’t marry MJ, returned to Black Cat. W?#20

Earth-901237 (Alpha Flight: Wolverine, Shaman, Puck, Pathway, Blackjack, Sasquatch, James MacDonald Hudson, Northstar, Aurora, Jubilee, Diamond Lil, Snowbird, Box, Wild Child, Marrina, Heather Hudson, Windshear, Smart Alec, Madison Jeffries, Two unidentified Alpha Flighters;
    Hulk; Weapon X (Reality Jumpers): Sabretooth, Kane, Deadpool)
    - Alpha Flight very large and successful, co-lead by Wolverine; Hulk chased into Canada so that Alpha Flight would deal with him; Exiles came to help, and Weapon X (Reality Jumpers) Canada, and left there for Alpha Flight to deal with. Luckily for Alpha Flight, the Exiles came to help. This is also where Weapon X first became aware of the Exiles.
Exiles & WX joined Alpha Flight in subduing wild Hulk
    --Exiles I#5

Earth-902124 Hercules held orgies and romanced Namora; glimpsed when Hercules-616 briefly held the Omphalos. Incredible Hercules #124

Earth-904913 (Iron Man, Pepper Potts, Rhodey, Howard Stark, Happy Hogan, The Mandarin, Obadiah Stane, Unicorn, Killer Shrike, Count Nefaria, Blizzard, Mister Fix, Whiplash, The Tong, The Maggia)
   - While still in high school, Tony Stark's father, Howard was mysteriously killed.  Tony was sent to live with his best friend Rhodey's family, where he was required to complete High School before taking over Stark Industries.  In the mean time, Obadiah Stane was running the company into the ground.  Tony invented the Iron Man Armor to investigate his father's death and protect their company.
   -- Iron Man: Armored Adventures (Animated Series) (April 2009)

"EARTH-905237" (Duktor Doom) - alternate reality to which Howard the Duck and Spider-Man were briefly transported
    --Marvel Tales#237

Earth-911218 Reality-616’s Star-Lord’s Guardians of the Galaxy aged forward or backwards via warps. Guardians of the Galaxy #18

Earth-920942 Crescent Moon led religious warrior team, opposed by forces of Grey Wing; Crescent Moon absorbed into Moonshade-616. Marc Spector: Moon Knight#42

Earth-922349 Frank Castle died; his family – Frank Jr., Lisa, Maria, & Bullets the Wonder Pup – avenged his death as the Punisher Family. W? #34 (1992)

"EARTH-931113" - see EARTH-Hannibal King: Lord of Vampires (app)--Nightstalkers#13

Earth-931811 Kingpin framed Spider-Man for a bomb primed to destroy Manhattan. Spider-Man defused the bomb, but took too long defeating Kingpin and Mary Jane was killed in Kingpin’s acid vat. Police arrested Kingpin, Spider-Man vowed revenge. Amazing Spider-Man vs. Kingpin game (1993)

Earth-941066 Rogue gained Thor’s power. W?#66

Earth-950108 Technology-oriented Clave battled the magical Kynd
    --Midnight Sons Unlimited #8

Earth-957145 Mimic-12 killed that world’s Juggernaut to stop him from killing every citizen in Russia. Exiles#26

Earth-961116 - Jubilee's Fairytale Theater; Jubilee is an adventuress in a magical world, accompanied by a monstrous version of Wolverine, and a Gambit variant. X-Men cartoon (1996)

"EARTH-961212" (Asgardians, Frost Giants, Hela, Odin, Thor)
    - Thor used non-enchanted hammer
    (app)--Marvel Vision#12 (Timeslip)

Earth-971023 Dominated by X-Babies

"EARTH-971123" (Daily Bugle, Punisher)
    Punisher was a former accountant, sought to make deaths balance lives
    (app)--Marvel Vision#23 (Timeslip)

"EARTH-971224" (Chucky, Ghost Rider)
    - Ghost Rider patrolled underworld highway of Route 666, slaying demons, allied with Chucky
    (app)--Marvel Vision#24 (Timeslip)

EARTH-980219 - undesignated. Previously duplicated Silver Surfer (Animated Series) (February 1998)

Earth-980681 Heroic flying (and possibly intelligent) Captain Hulk fought crime. Marvel Super-Heroes #98 (1981)

Earth-983107 Thor did not succumb to warrior's madness, took over Asgard, imprisoned Mephisto, Mangog & Loki in limbo

"EARTH-989112" (Avengers (Agent Orange, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Ororogue, Punisher), Fantastic Duo, Iron Fist, Ka-Zar, Mister Fantastic, Matthew Plunder, Parnival Plunder, Plantman, Power Man, Rhino, Shanna the She-Devil, Spider-Man, Thanos, Zabu )
    Parnival Plunder used Thanos' terraformer to transform New York (and possibly the whole world) into a new Savage Land
    - EARTH-New York remained a Savage Land (app)--What If II#112 (112(fb), 112

Earth-989192  Avengers, Black Knight/Dane (A), Black Widow (A), Cage (A), Captain America (A), Colossus (A), Jean Grey? (A), Iron Fist (A), Magnum Force, Moses Magnum, Namorita (Magnum), Scorpion (A, dies), Silver Samurai (leader of Japan), Spider-Man (A)
    - Exiles sent to facilitate the defeat of Japan

Earth-1789002 Initiative program successful due to creation of serum granting enhanced abilities to anyone who wanted them
    --Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #2

Earth-4290001 Archetypes of JUSTICE fell during an extraterrestrial invasion; four years later, the Great Society (Boundless, Dr. Spectrum, Jovian, Norn, Rider, Sun God) formed to repel the Xeno-Geneticists; based from the Tower, they successfully repelled multiple incursions of alternate Earths. New Avengers #16 (2014)

Earth-3281809 Superflow destroyed, White Event presumably prevented. Avengers #7 (2013)

Earth-10001011 Technology evolved before life, all written in the Ogham Code. The colonized Mech-Clans offered sacrifices through Henge-modes to the great Cyber-Sidhe, who wielded the powers of life. When Phinn Mac Mram (Chief of Chieftans of the Tuatha de Turing) led his warclan of Chromedruids in battle against the Mech-Clans, they banished him from their reality to Earth-616. Cyber-Sidhe/Tuatha de Turing invaded and intended to conquer Earth-616, opposed by She-Hulk-8009. All-New Savage She-Hulk #4 (Incredible Hulk#600/3

EARTH-BORER - cobalt alloy digging craft of Ralph Roberts
    (app-cob)--X-Men I#34

EARTH-CRAWLERS - plant roots mutated by a magic potion of Tutaku, died from lack of water after Henry Salt prevented it from raining on them
    virtually indestructible, destroyed everything in their path
    (app)--Journey into Mystery I#57/2

EARTH DEMONS - agents of Lord Gaea
    (app-lg)--Captain Marvel I#59(60

EARTH FORCE (Earth Lord, Skyhawk, Wind Warrior) - three humans mutated by and used as servants by Seth until rebelled against him, maintained powers
    (U#2)—Thor I#395 (396-400

EARTH INFANTRY's INFINITY WATCH of Earth-??? - slaughtered by Thanos
    --Marvel Universe Millennial Visions 2001: The Infinity Watch: Wish Upon a Star

EARTH-LIFTER - weapon of Mole Man
    --Marvel Treasury Edition#25

EARTH-LORD - creation of Doc
    (app-rh)--She-Hulk I#24F

EARTH-LORD (Kyle Brock) - Earth Force, nypd, grow in size and strength
    (U#2,M)—Thor I#395 (396-400, 426/2, Annual#16/4, Thor456

EARTH-LORDs (Ayshera, Shadow Lord ) - group of humans from earth’s past, developed ability to manipulate nature, defeated Berserker by causing eruption of Mount Vesuvius, ashamed by collateral damage, placed collective power into Shadow Lord, dispersed into society and died off, passed on to another plane
    (app-shadlord)--Avengers I#207 (207(fb)

EARTHMAN (    ) -
    --Captain America Comics#15

EARTH MOVER (Dr. Jeanne Chrefain) - Berserkers, geologist, part of environmental survey group, caused cave-in around fire fountain to prevent heroes from discovering it.
    control rock and earth, enhanced human abilities, wf, brown hair
    (net)--X-Men & Alpha Flight I#1 (2

EARTH-MOVER (Maximillian Stone) - Stark project director, merged with magma entity, vaporized by Ultimo
    *D* (app)--[Iron Man I#297],298(298(fb),[297],298,299d)

EARTHMOVER (Chuck Moss) - Alpha Flight trainee, mystic powers, studying under Shaman.
    Manipulate the Earth
    (Mystic Arcana, ME:X)--Wolverine II#179 (180, Uncanny X-Men#421-422, Alpha Flight III#1-2, 5-6

EARTHQUAKE ( ) - Imperial Guard
    (D#6)--Uncanny X-Men I#137 (XMen: Spotlight on the Starjammers#2, UXM275, Thor446, Avengers West Coast#82, Inhumans IV#3,4, Thanos#12

EARTH SENTRY of Earth-982 (John Foster) - son of Bill, converted into Kree hybrid by crashed Kree ship
    --ANext#2 (12, Spider-Girl I#58,59, 87-88, Last Hero Standing#2-5

EARTH-SHAKER - see DAMEK (app)--Darkhawk Annual#3

EARTH SHAKER - constructed by Tyrannus, utilized by a Tyrannoid under his control and in his form in attempt to destroy New York City, destroyed by Nova/Rider
    --Nova I#5

EARTHSHAKER of Earth-982 ( ) - attempted to make reputation for self to become unlimited class wrestler by defeating heroes, beat one Ladyhawk, defeated by the other alongside Spider-Girl and Golden Goblin.
    superhuman strength + durability
    (app)--Spider-Girl I#21

EARTH TRUST (Alyssa & Ted Castle, CAP, Nightingales; briefly Reed Richards) - group formed to create NuWorld as new home for humanity after the destruction of Earth, created CAP
    --Fantastic Four I#554 (555-557

EARTH-WRECKER - see KARZZ the CONQUEROR (app)--The Avengers Battle the Earth-Wrecker

EAST HAMPTONS RESORT of Earth-Trouble (Ben, Mary, May, Richard, Peter Howard + Mrs. Shelby)
    - resort in which the kids worked for one summer, where they met and hooked up
    --Trouble#1 (2-5

EAST WIND ( ) - Four Winds.
    Used shuriken
    (app-east)—Elektra I#9 ([9(fb)], 9

EAST WIND (Higashi) - Four Winds, slain by Deadpool along with other winds
    *D*--Deadpool III#65d

EAST WIND (Higashi) - Four Winds, succeeded other Higashi
    --Agent X#1 (2-6, 13, [15]

EASTON, PATRICK - Rand International, new Chief Operating Officer, formerly worked for Sourcesolutions
    --Immortal Iron Fist#17

EASTON, RICHARD LAWRENCE - former archeologist, father of Snowbird, went mad following contact with the Northern Gods, raised Tundra, killed in the process
    *D*--Alpha Flight I#1 (7/2, 1d)

EASYREAD - Here (and There) dimension, mayor of "There"
    (app-herethere)--Defenders I#115 (115 (fb), 115

EASY X (Scar, Dreads ) - gang of Bedford-Stuyvesant, killed Derek and crippled Scott Washington, created armor, destroyed by Justice and Hybrid/symbiote
    --Venom: Along Came a Spider#2/2

EATON, JOAN - see NAILS--Captain America Annual 2000/2

EATRs (Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robots) - virus downloaded into organics' cybernetic parts, causing either their cybernetic parts to destroy them or them to destroy or consume themselves; Jocasta masterminded the EATR virus, using the Catharxis VidMeme season seven story to attract everyone irresistibly to learn what happened, downloading the virus within the storyline
    --Marvel Zombies 5#4


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