EBBING, ALICE - wife of Harry, had an affair with Dermot Leary, killed by a shark after the Punisher bombed Dynaco's ship
    *D*--Punisher VII#31 (32-36, 37d

EBBING, HARRY - former CEO of Dynaco, husband of Alice, plotted to black out Florida for a profit, possibly leapt to his death from a helicopter after Alice brutally confronted him regarding her affair with his second-in-command, Dermot Leary
    *D*?--Punisher VII#31 (32-36, 37d?

EBBTIDE ( ) - Pipeline enforcer, bm
  --Nomad II#7 (8,9d)

EBER - New Berlin, created by Horton Cells, burst into flames after entering a hidden part of New Berlin
    --Torch#6 (2010)

EBERS, AUGSTINE - formerly held the Yazdi Gem
    *D* (app-yg)--Tomb of Dracula I#1 (1(fb), 1

EBERS, FLORENCE - wife of Augustine, resurrected Dracula to help her relocate the Yazdi Gem, allowed herself to perish in flames to be reunited with Augustus
    *D* (app-yg)--Tomb of Dracula I#1

EBLIS, NICHOLIS - demon, agent of Satan (Marduk Kurios), signed contract with Bronx Bombers/Brimstone, battled Man-Thing, summoned back to Hell
    (app)--[Defenders I#111], Marvel Fanfare I#9 (9(fb), 9

EBLIS, NICOLIS - see SATAN (Marduk Kurios) (app-kurios)--Defenders I#111

EBON FLAME ( ) - false identity created by Lottie Hederman to pose as leader of Freedomslight, briefly impersonated by Black Widow
    --Journey into Mystery I#517 (518, 519)

EBON KNIGHTS - Hellfire Club, agents of Shinobi Shaw in Rite of Challenge
    (app-kinebendict)--Spider-Man Team-Up#1

EBON ROSE - Cornerstones of Creation, associated with Gaea
    (app)--[Mystic Arcana: Magik#1/3], Mystic Arcana: Black Knight#1/3 ([Mystic Arcana#3 (fb), Mystic Arcana#3/3], Mystic Arcana: Sister Grimm#1

EBON SAMURAI (Kioshi Keishicho) - former member of Big Hero Six, former member of Japan's Imperial Guard, slain by Silver Samurai, bonded to armor and restored to life by Mikaboshi, replaced Silver Samurai, later left to track down the Silver Samurai after learning he was still alive
    (app, BH6 II#2)--Alpha Flight III#9 ([9 (fb) - BTS], 9/#12, Civil War Battle Damage Report

EBON SEEKER (Xanth) - extraterrestrial being, lover of Firefrost, in distant future was sent on a mission to find intelligent extra-terrestrial life, traveled into a black hole in the attempt, driven mad and converted into living form of black hole, escaped into his past (modern era) and continued mission to find intelligent life only to destroy everything he touched and be destroyed by planets he encountered, then be reborn to continue cycle, convinced to return to black hole by Fantastic Four and Shareen/Firefrost
    -NEG-STAR, DARK DREADNOUGHT, COSMIC SHADE (app)--Fantastic Four I#229 (230(fb), 229,230

EBONSHIRE of Earth-Cable - base of the Askani, former site of plant genetic experimentation

EBON VEIN - life energy source, guarded by Tar, mutated Psylocke
    --Uncanny X-Men#330

EBONY - familiar of Agatha Harkness, appears as Black Cat
    --Fantastic Four I#94 (Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Magazine #4,5, F4#103 107 111 112 117 127 141(fb) [134] 140,141 Avengers I#128-130 133, Avengers West Coast#50-52, Av313, AWC#55, 61-63, Avengers Spotlight#38, Dr. Strange III#46,47, Fantastic Four I#371, 416, Silver Surfer III#135, Avengers III#10,11

EBONY BLADE - forged by Sir Percy from meteorite Starstone, enchanted by Merlin via the Pool of Blood, able to cleave through nearly any substance, renders user immune to death except from weapon carved of same object, caries curse that slowly corrupts user when contacts blood
    (Mystic Arcana-Swords)--(g) Black Knight I#1; Marvel Super-Heroes II#17 (Mystic Arcana: Black Knight#1/2 (fb),
    Avengers Unplugged#6, Quicksilver#6
    Black Panther IV#1
    22, 39-41

EBONY BLADE (false) - composed of or implanted with vampire fangs and replaced original by vampires to weaken Black Knight as an enemy against Dracula
    (app)--New Excalibur#13 (Captain Britain and MI13#11 (fb), NE#13

EBONY CHALICE - one of the four items fashioned from the Starstone by the Black Knight (Sir Percy of Scandia), enchanted by Merlin with magic from the Pool of Blood; destroyed by Merlin to prevent future use against the Ebony Blade
    *Des*--Mystic Arcana: Black Knight#1/2 (1/2 (fb, des)

EBONY DAGGER - forged from the Ebony Staff by Mordred, used to kill the Black Knight (Sir Percy of Scandia), later passed to le Sabre
    --Marvel Super-Heroes II#17

EBONY SHIELD - one of the four items fashioned from the Starstone by the Black Knight (Sir Percy of Scandia), enchanted by Merlin with magic from the Pool of Blood; destroyed by Merlin to prevent future use against the Ebony Blade
    *Des*--Mystic Arcana: Black Knight#1/2 (1/2 (fb, des)

EBONY STAFF - one of the four items fashioned from the Starstone by the Black Knight (Sir Percy of Scandia), enchanted by Merlin with magic from the Pool of Blood; intended for destruction by Merlin to prevent future use against the Ebony Blade, saved by Mordred via Morgan's magic and fashioned into the Ebony Dagger
    --Mystic Arcana: Black Knight#1/2 (1/2 (fb), [1/2 (fb)]

EBORA - dark priestess of Sligguth, agent of Shuma-Gorath + Sligguth + N'gabthoth.
    limited magical power
    (app-slig)--Marvel Premiere#5 (6

EBROK - @ dark ages, sorcerer who created Cat People
    (app)--(Adventures into) Fear#22, What If...? I#35/2 ([Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#27/2], Fear#22, What If#35

EBRON of Earth-Slow Glass (Liala, unnamed male) - the last male sought Slow Glass to preserve Liala (the last female)'s memories of Ebron, but she traded her memories to the Historians to restore their people and gain a new world
    teleport orbital distances, project images, use starships for interstellar travel
    STAR MAGI* (app-earthslowglass)--Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction#3

ECBATAN - Microverse, planet, home of Ectabani
    --Micronauts II#7 (7(fb2+1)

ECBATANI race (Laios(d), Polibos, Polibos’s wife + father(d) )
    --Micronauts II#7 (7(fb2+1)

ECCE - watcher, witnessed incubation and hatching of Galactus, had the opportunity to destroy him, but did not act on it
    --Super-Villain Classics#1

ECCLAW of "Earth-93112" - Badoon of alternate future, raised Maxam, sent him back in time to kill Adam Warlock
    (app-maxam)--Warlock & the Infinity Watch#26, (named) #41

ECCLES,chief inspector ALBERT  - Department F.66, false left eye
    (app-df66)--Pryde & Wisdom#1 (2,3

ECCO, DETROIT MIKE - brother of Rikki, joined with Sophia Strange in search for his sister
    --Epic Anthology#1/3

ECCO, RIKKI - vamped by
     --Epic Anthology#1/3

ECDYSIAST (    ) - stripper at Rick Jones' bachelor party, unwittingly hired by Captain America on the recommendation of Nick Fury
    (app)--Incredible Hulk II#417 ([417(fb)], 417

"ECH" - Outcasts of New Mexico, cactus
    (app-outcasts)--Incredible Hulk II#329

ECHIDNA - Greek myth, spawn of Chrysaor, grand-daughter of Medusa, wife of Typhon, mother of Chimera + Hydra + Ladon + Orthus + Phaea + Sphinx
    --[All-New OHotMU A-Z#11: Typhon]

    --[Secret Warriors#1/2]

"ECHINO" - mutated by Roger Fieldston
    (app)--X-Men/Captain Universe#1

ECHO (Maya Lopez) - agent of Kingpin, daughter of Willie Lincoln(?) or Crazy Horse, interpretative dancer, pianist + boxer, father formerly worked for and killed by the Kingpin, who duped her into believing Daredevil had killed him, mistakenly believed to be retarded as a child, slain & resurrected by Hand, purged of brainwashing by Dr. Strange
    Photographic reflexes, duplicate any physical skill she observes, deaf
    RONIN* (MKE, OH: DD)--Daredevil II#9, (Echo) 10  (51/52(fbs), 9, 10, 11/12, 13-15, 51-55, New Avengers#11-13, New Avengers#27 (fb), 28-33, 34-36, 37 (fb), Annual#2, NA37, 38

ECKHARDT, JONAS WILHELM - Axis Mundi, developed the Pterorists
    "NECROMANCER" (app)--Invaders III#6 (6(fb), 6-7, [9]

ECLIPSE - Tony Stark's polo pony in his younger days; black
    --Iron Man Legacy#3

ECLIPTIC ( ) - prophet, advises Scorpio of Zodiac-Ecliptic.
    female?, apparently helped Scorpio gain power
    (net)--Alpha Flight II#1 (7

ECO, RIKKI - sister of Detroit Mike, girlfriend of Ize, captured by Diana & mother, spirit of General Butler placed within her body
    (app-sophia+strange)--Epic Anthology#1/3

    --Ravage 2099#1

"ECOTAGE" (Monkey Wrench, Pick Axis, Paul + Bunyan) - extreme faction of the Nature Defense League, kidnapped Alice Hoff
    --Wolverine II#58 (59

ECSTACY (Renee Deladier) - French woman, distributes drug ecstasy, twice usurped Cloak's power when he was trapped in the Darkforce dimension, also used Cloak to form semi-solid tentacles of Darkforce
    (U#2)--Dr. Strange II#74( 78, Cloak & Dagger III#5-8, [Union Jack II#1], 3

ECTOR, THANE - see THANE ECTOR (app-brethren)--Avengers I#334

ECTUS - invoked for power by Scarlet Witch-8823
    "Mists of Ectus"--Exiles II#1

ED ?? - Cross Technological Enterprises, monitored the security camera
    (app-keeshan)--Avengers I#189

ED ?? - base of Rave
    (app-rave)--Marvel Comics Presents#141/4

EDAN - Tunnelworld, merchant
    --Defenders I#81

EDDA the ELDER - Asgardian prophet
    --[Marvel Preview#10]


EDDAS - account of previous incarnation of Asgard
    --Thor i#293

EDDIE ?? - drugged by Midas the Golden Man
    (app-midas)--Marvel Team-Up I#30 (30(fb), 30

EDDIE ?? - employee at the Inn Flight nightclub, attempted to shoot Ray and Ricky Johnson when they asked about the Committee of Five.
    (app-co5)--Moon Knight I#4

EDDIE ?? - NYPD, attempted to help Spider-Man save a bus from falling off a bridge
    --Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill#6

EDDIE ?? - former chauffeur to Ione Damasco
    --Spider-Man Family#2

EDDIE X (        ) - New York Police Department, co-worker of Kasper Cole
    --Black Panther III#59 (61

EDDINGS - SHIELD II, involved in destruction of the facility holding Inali Redpath’s clones
    --Captain America IV#11

EDDY, NURSE LEE - Veterans Care Hospital
    --Avengers Classics#5/3

EDEN - former member of Tiboldt's Circus, former lover of Hawkeye, sent to prison by him after participated in art theft alongside Tiboldt, visited by Hawkeye when released ten years later
    --Hawkeye III#7 (7(fb), 8(fb), 8

EDEN, KIRK - Damage Control
    --Ghost Rider III#86

EDEN, SAMANTHA - pawn of Conspiracy, journalist, former lover of Brad Carter, used as publicity agent by Ulysses Bloodstone, diverted from relationship with Bloodstone by Conspiracy to prevent awakening of his emotions
    (app)--Rampaging Hulk I#1/2 (2/2, 4/2, 5/2, 6/2, 8/2)

EDEN ISLAND - base of Dr. Claw, populated by variety of plants and animals mutated by him
    --Super-Spider-Man & Captain Britain#239 (240-242

EDEV - see EVED (app)--Micronauts II#15

EDGE, Dr. DARKOS - mercenary/assassin, hired by Harry Gotham to kill Satana, killed Ruth Cummins, slain by Satana
    *D* (app-gotham)--Vampire Tales#3

EDGE of INTRADOS - mystical knife, used by Blade to summon and examine visions of his life

EDGERTON, Dr. - worked in UK; operated on Lockheed; reported to be the world's best surgeon by Brian Braddock
    --Excalibur I#40

EDGERTON, GAYLE - Hellions, heiress, former girlfriend of Chamber, crippled(?) by energy released during the initial manifestation of his powers, allied with Emplate to avenge self on Chamber, mutated to vampiric form by him
    (net-hellions)--XMen: Prime (Generation X#10

EDIFICE REX (Rex Randolph) - former worker for Damage Control, mutated by unknown energy, sought to use power to clean up entire universe by re-crunching it into a cosmic egg, ceased plans when fired from Damage Control
    (app)--Damage Control I#1 (Damage Control III#1-4

EDISON, DIXIE - daughter of Emmette, tried to force him to sell his land until he learned he was holding it to protect it from a Corporation that wanted to use it as a toxic waste dump
    (app-intergalacticwarlords)--Marvel Comics Presents#21/3

EDISON, EMMETTE - Chicago's most famous newspaper publisher, father of Dixie
    (app-intergalacticwarlords)--Marvel Comics Presents#21/3

E.D.I.T. (Entities Displaced In Time) - support group run by Doc Samson
    (app)--She-Hulk II#5

EDITOR ( ) - Latverian, alters records according to Doom's wishes
    (app)--Fantastic Four I#358/2

EDI-TOR of "Earth-9078" - instructed Daimon through a series of name changes, from Son of Satan to Son of Santa to Son of Stan
    (app-son of santa)--What The!?#8

EDMOND PROJECT (Ann + Stephen Beckley) - joint effort by NASA and MIT to investigate comets and other related phenomena, culminated Stephen piloting a ship in the proximity of Halley's Comet, which resulted in his transformation into the Comet Man
    --Comet Man#1

EDMUNDS, GARY - SHIELD II, patient of Dr. Benjamin (actually Dr. Faustus)
    AGENT 982*--Captain America V#30

EDOR - magical entity/place/etc., invoked by Shiwa ven Garmchee of Perrinois -
    "Multiple Eyes of Edor"--Spider-Man Team-Up#3


EDRIC of the Hyborian era - Aquilonian scout, allied with Lucian in betraying armies to Sagayetha
    *D* (app)--Moon of Blood; Savage Sword of Conan#46

EDUARDO ?? - Triune Understanding
    --Avengers III#26

EDWARDS, - Daily Bugle
    --Tangled Web of Spider-Man#11

EDWARDS, BOB - reporter, associated with Neal Conan and Manoli Wetherall
    --X-Treme X-Men#46

EDWARDS, CURTIS - romanticized slaughter of Native Americans, sought visionquest, merged with Clown demon by Iktomi
    (app)--Marvel Frontier Comics Special#1/2 ([MFCS#1/2 (fb)], 1/2 (fb), 1/2

EDWARDS, ETHAN - Skrull, given powers greater than the Super-Skrull and sent to Earth by his father to escape the destruction of his world by Galactus, raised by the Edwards, briefly became super-hero, went on a rampage upon learning true powers, calmed by May Parker and convinced to use powers to heal others (which was not a power granted by his father)
    Super-strength, durability, speed; fly, fire eye-blasts, heal others
    MORAL MAN*, TILLER*, VIRTUE*, "GIMP*," "LEATHERFACE*" (OH2006#3)--Marvel Knights Spider-Man#13 (16(fb), 15(fb), 13-18

EDWARDS, GINNY - publicist for Peter Parker on tour to promote Webs book.
    wf, brown hair
    --Amazing Spider-Man I#304 ( 305, 307, 308

EDWARDS, MATHEW K. of Earth 10511 - killed by Roxxon-generated Deathlok L17 for publicly slandering Roxxon
   *D* (app-earth10511)--Wolverine: Weapon X#14

EDWARDS, SEBASTIAN - FI-6, killed by Necrom?
    --Excalibur I#49 (49d)

EDWARDS, Mr. - Ethan's adoptive father; father of unnamed daughter
    --Marvel Knights Spider-Man#15 (16(fb), 15(fb), 15, 17

EDWARDS, Mrs. - Ethan's adoptive mother; mother of unnamed daughter
    --Marvel Knights Spider-Man#15 (16(fb), 15(fb), 15, 17

EDWARDS, . - Ethan's adoptive sister, mentally challenged
    --Marvel Knights Spider-Man#15

EEEK - Outcasts of New Mexico, small mammal
    (app-outcasts)--Incredible Hulk II#329

EEL ( ) Nazi costumed agent that had secret hideout near an American harbor and used a giant octopus to mysteriously sink ships that left port, fell into a pit belonging his hungry octopus and presumed dead by Captain America.
    His costume was grey and the mask looked like a fish head.
    --Captain America Comics#24/3 (March 1943) “Meet the Eel of Horror Harbor”

EEL (Leopold Stryke) - Fellowship of Fear, Serpent Squad, former agent of Count Nefaria and follower of Nebulon, former aquarium caretaker and marine life expert, killed by Gladiator (Potter).
    release electrical blasts from suit
    *D* (D#17,M, app)--Strange Tales I#112 (117, Untold Tales of Spider-Man#11, Daredevil I#6, Fantastic Four Annual#3/Marvel: Heroes & Legends, XMen I#22,23, Alpha Flight Special Edition#1, Captain America I#158,159, 163, 180,181, Defenders I#36-38, Ghost Rider II#21d)

EEL (Edward Lavell) - Masters of Evil, Thunderbolts army, Red Skull's Serpent Squad, criminal, adopted costume of Stryke, back broken by Toad
    trained in martial arts, release electrical blasts, graphite dust on costume renders him nearly frictionless
    -"Snake Marston" (D#4,M,net)--Power Man/Iron Fist#92 (110, Fantastic Four I#335, Avengers Spotlight#29/2, #9; Web of Spider-Man#99,100, Captain America I#410-414, Daredevil I#357(fb),356,357, Thunderbolts#25(fb),33(fb) 24,25, Avengers III#31 Spider-Man: Lifeline#1-3, Wolverine II#167"d", Thunderbolts II#104, 107-108, Punisher War Journal II#4, Captain America V#28, 29 (fb), 29, 35-36

EEL ( ) - Atlantean, Surf, female.
    able to flatten and stretch body
    (app-surf)--New Mutants Annual#5 ([5(fb)], 5, Avengers West Coast Annual#5/3

eel - Lost Lake, briefly hosted and mutated by a Brain Parasite, destroyed by Franklin Richards
    *D (app-brain)--Fantastic Four I#227

eel of TAMAR-SHAR-KUN - see TAMAR-SHAR-KHUN's eel  (app-tamarsharkhun)--Savage Sword of Conan#61

EELAK the AGILE - Inhuman, Crimson Cadre
    --Fantastic Four I#398 (399, Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#1, Fantastic Force#8, F4:AR#2, Fantastic Four Unlimited#11

EELAR - eel mutated by Badoon Mento-Programmer
    (app)--Giant-Size Defenders#5

EE'RATH (Necrom + druids, Sa’tneen, Kylun) - alternate earth, formerly ruled by Necrom, dominated by magic, Kylun grew to adulthood there while a short time passed on earth
    -EARTH-148*--Excalibur I#42

EEROK - giant ape, rampaged through Tokyo as the Apocalypse Beast approached
    --Fantastic Four / Iron Man: Big in Japan#2

EEV - Forest People on Dinosaur World, helped by Devil Dinosaur and Moonboy to escape Prime Computer
    (app)--Devil Dinosaur#6 (7

EFFENDI Mahomad (Eddie Lorey) -
    --Daring Mystery Comics#8

EFFEX (  )-criminal,uses illusions and other special effects, apparently died in battle with ultragirl
    *D* (app)—[Ultra Girl#1],2(3d)

EFFIGY (Lt. Velmax) - Skrull, First Line, ship crashed on Earth in 1947, posed as human, used exposure to Skrull weapon to fake mutation and development of powers, fought as hero, killed in explosion of Skrull ship while fighting their invasion
    -undersecretary Scott, Deep Throat, Lt. Colby
    (OH: BoD, net)--Marvel: Lost Generation#12 ( 4(fb1,3-5) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 #9; 10(fb) 11 12d)

EFFORD, dame RUTH - cultural scholar, formerly employed at Cambridge, interest in Native Americans, came to Benson, Arizona to investigate "Wendy's Friends"
    (app-friends)--Fantastic Four I#238

EFFY of Earth-8410 circa 2020 -

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