EGALITERNS (Trusivor) - nation/world power on Eopia, opposed the Technarchy, led by governor Trusivor, manipulated by Permafrost and Sunder
    --Dark Guard#1, (named) #2 (3, 4

EGAN, HY - NYPD, arrested Morrie Bench for smuggling, later assaulted by Hydro-Man
    (app)--Amazing Spider-Man I#212

EGEUS - Universal Church of Truth, general of Black Knights, absorbed into Soul World
    (app-uct)--Warlock I#10 (11

EGG, Mr. - owner of Egg's grocery store
    --Amazing Spider-Man Family#1/4

"EGG-BOTS" - see EGGHEAD's robots (app)--Avengers I#64

EGGBREAKER - Sakaar Wildebot, destroyed by Hulk
    *D* (app)--Incredible Hulk III#93

EGG-HEAD (    ) -
    --Young Allies#4

EGGHEAD (Elihas Starr) - Emissaries of Evil, led Masters of Evil, former partner of Mad Thinker + Puppet Master, criminal genius, atomic scientist, uncle? of Trish Starr, planted carbomb that caused her to lose her left arm after she had helped Pym, longtime enemy of Hank Pym, framed him for stealing US government supply of Adamantium died when attempted to shoot Pym in the back and Hawkeye plugged his weapon
    -Carl Striker *D* (I#13,D#17,M)--Tales to Astonish I#38 (45, 57,61 Alpha Flight Special Edition#1m Sub-Mariner I#14(fb), Avengers I#63, Sub-Mariner I##14, [Captain Marvel I#14], Av64,65, Marvel Feature I#5, GS Defenders I#4, Defenders I#42,43, Avengers I#228(fb), 217,222,224,227-229d,230(d))

EGGHEAD ( ) - Bunsen Burners
    (app-dam)--Punisher War Journal#8

EGGHEAD - Young Masters, "Young Avengers", synthozoid, reprogrammed by Big Zero
   --Dark Reign: Young Avengers#1 (1-5, Age of Heroes#2/3

EGGSMEN (Coffee, Eyeclops, OJ, Sizzler, Toast) - economical breakfast foods animated by Pro-Rata, destroyed by Howard and Beverly
    (app-pr)--Howard the Duck II#2/2

EGGTHER - Giant of Jotunheim from previous Ragnarok; bones found by Strybiorn along with Arrow of Hoder, which he presented to Draugr (Geist)
    --Captain America: Hail Hydra#2 (2011)

EGMA the WATCHER - Female Watcher, observed Maelstromís use of a supermassive black hole to end the universe

EGO - sentient planet, apparently originated in Black Galaxy/Bioverse, vast powers, enemy of Galactus, former ally of Elders of the Universe, Ego-Prime was a clonal scion, had sidereal propulsion unit placed on side by Galactus to drive him away in uncontrolled flight, learned to control unit over time, seemingly consumed by Super-Ego, driven insane, captured and sent to Earth in spore form in order to consume the planet  as it grew, absorbed by Quasar to prevent this; corresponds to Gaea per Ian McNee's Catalogue of Correspondence
    Transform own matter, project energy bolts.
    -THE LIVING PLANET* *D* (D#4, M, OH2006#4)--Thor I#132 (Fantastic Four I#235(fb),Thor132,133 155 160,161 226(fb) 226-228, F4#234,235, Rom#69, Silver Surfer III#4, 22, Thor Annual#16/4, Thor I#448/2-450/2d, Avengers III#35(fb), Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet, Iron Man III#34, Maximum Security#1, IM35, Gambit III#23, MaxSec2,3, [Fantastic Four III#46], Marvel Universe: The End#5, 6,

EGO GEM - 7th Infinity Gem, allowed all to merge into Nemesis, later divided between Mind + Power + Soul + Space Gems
    (app-nemesis)--[Ultraforce/Avengers Prelude#1], Avengers/Ultraforce#1 (Ultraforce/Avengers#1, Black September Infinity

EGO-PRIME - sentient portion of Ego, cloned from him when Tana Nile took a sample of Ego, hoping to use it to transform inhospitable planets into those capable of supporting life, took humanoid form, irradiated 3 beings who would become Brightsword + Harvest + Genii, seemingly disintegrated after exhausting energy, somehow ended up as prisoner on Strangerís labworld
    (net)--Thor I#199 (201-203, Quasar14,15

EGO-SPAWN - aspect of Franklin Richards, generated via bio-feedback, represented his frustrations and resentments, originally possessed body of Franco, attacked Human Torch (Storm) until recognized and calmed by Fantastic Four
    --Fantastic Four I#228 (Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising#2, Fantastic Force#10-12

EGOLIX-7 (Maya) - dimension formerly ruled by the Teraxtola royal family, conquered by Count Abyss, later liberated by Adam Warlock and Darklore, Maya became queen with Darklore as her consort
    --[Warlock and the Infinity Watch#29], 33

EGRESSOR of Earth-691 - Inhuman
    --Guardians of the Galaxy Annual#4

EGVALDA - Dwarf of Nidavellir
    --New Mutants Special Edition

EHESTES KHAN of the Hyborian era - see KHAN, EHESTES--Savage Sword of Conan#54

EHRET, SARA - possible alias or associate of Jackpot
    --[Amazing Spider-Man#550], 551

EHRTHOLD - minor demon from Hell, summoned to Atlanta by novice cultists, banished by Man-Thing
    Devourer of Babes (app)--Giant-Size Man-Thing#5

EIBON, BOOK of - see BOOK of EIBON--Dr. Strange II#81

8-BALL (Jeff Hagees) - former defense contractor designing missile propulsion systems, fired after developing large gambling debt in pool, assassinated by the Wrecker for Ricadonna after unwittingly stealing from her
    Created pool cue and hovercraft in shape of pool rack, leads gang costumed as other pool balls, cue can amplify applied force by 1000
    EIGHTBALL*, The Crook with the Jet-Propelled Cue Stick* *D* (M, OH2006#4, app)--Sleepwalker#1 (2(fb), 1,2, Captain America I#395, Sleepwalker#19, 21,22, She-Hulk III#5,6, Daughters of the Dragon#1, 2d

EIGHT-BALL ( ) - Fatboys, boyfriend of Darla
    --Daredevil I#248 (253,261, Daredevil An4B/3, Daredevil An5/2, Daredevil An5/3, Daredevil An6/2, Daredevil An7/4, Daredevil An8/4, Daredevil II#8

EIGHTBALL - see 8-BALL (M, app)--Sleepwalker#1

EIGHTBALL () -worked as bouncer for Mr. Pow, idolized the James Bond character Oddjob

EIGHTBALL (    ) - Yancy Street Gang
    --Thing II#6

EIGHTBALL ?? - University of Wisconsin-Madison, friend of Randy
    (app-nahrees)--Inhumans V#5

EIGHT IMMORTALS (Chuan Chung Li, Chang Kuo-Lao, Lu Dong-Pin, Tsao Guao-chiu, Tieh Guai Li, Han Hsian Tzu, Lan Tsai Ho, Ho Hsien Ku) - Chinese warriors, chosen protectors of their homeland, fought to defend Xorn
    --X-Men II#158 (159, 160, <remaining six members besides Chung Li  and Tsao identified in Marvel Atlas>

EIGHTH CITY (Changming) - realm to which K'un-Lun banished the monsters and corrupt who had infiltrated it, but later included those opposing Yu-Ti (Nu-An)
    --[Immortal Iron Fist#14]. 22

EIGHTH DAY - name for the creation of the Exemplars, eight avatars of mystic entities, who would battle for control of the Earth
    -- Juggernaut: 8th Day

18th KREE DIPLOMATIC GESTALT(Captain Glory, Doc Wonder, Merree, Marvel Boy (Noh-Varr), Rogue Fantastic, Star Splendor, others),
    --Marvel Boy II#1

EIGHTY-SIX of Earth-691 - Force, Kree, name refers to cell block number into which he was born, where blue Kree tortured white Kree, freed by interface
    (net-for)--Guardians of the Galaxy#3

EIGHTY-EIGHT ( ) - Aryan super-soldier, based in Clutier, Iowa, killed infant Bucky's mother, killed by Nomad (Monroe)
    used SICCAEL gun
    *D* (app)--Nomad II#23 (24, 25d)

EIGHTY-NINERS (Mick(53),Charlie(34) ) - Burton Canyon high school, white supremacists
    --[Thunderbolts#34], 53

EINARSON, HARALD - Asgardian. possibly named for Harlan Ellison?
    --New Mutant Special Edition#1

EINER - South African, partner of Eugne van der Merwe
    (app-ecdm)--Marvel Comics Presents#19/2 (20/2-22/2

EINHAR - Asgardian, child of Volstagg
    Einar?--Thor I#367

EINHERJAR (Big Sigrid, Elif Dragonslayer, Harokin, Erik Lonnroth, Magnus the Dane, Skurge )
    - honorable dead of Asgard, apparently slain in the destruction of Asgard at the hands of Thor
    --Thor I#154,351(named) (Thor: Vikings#5(fb4),
    Thor II#81(d)

EINSTEIN, ALBERT - Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots, German physicist @ 1879-1955
    --[Captain America I#269]

EINU the WATCHER - one of the Watchers who sought the advice of the Stranger regarding the Oblivion Plague
    (app)--Quasar I#16

EISELY, - SHIELD II tech directorate, allied with Branson and Lewis, sought to sell SHIELD secrets on black market, exposed by Scorpion & Doc Samson
    --Doc Samson II#3 ([3 (fb)], 3 (fb), 3

EISEN, JAKOB - A.R.M., leader
    --Uncanny X-Men#403(404

EISENHART, MARIAN - 2099, sister of hulk
    --2099 Unlimted#5 (Hulk2099#5,9,10

EISKALT, ADRIAN - German citizen, former soldier, employed by Genetech and Gabrielle Haller to take down Magneto
    (app)--X-Men Unlimited#2 (2(fb) 2

EISKALT, UTE - brother of Adrian, killed by Magneto in past mission
    *D* (app-ae)--X-Men Unlimited#2 (2(fb,d)

    wore power vest for flight and enhanced strength, used fist-rams patterned after Jackhammers
    (app)--Thunderbolts#0 ([0(fb)], 0

EISNER, father - @ 1750, adopted Marie, captured and staked Dracula, had heart attack after terrified by Dracula, heart ripped out by Dracula while hospitalized
    *D* (app-marie)--Tomb of Dracula II#4/3 (4/3(fb, dies))

EISNER, MARIE - @ 1740, adopted by Father Eisner, duped into freeing Dracula with false promises of saving Father Eisner, drove off Dracula and refused his vamping all the way to the point of her death
    *D* (app)--Tomb of Dracula II#4/3 (4/3(fb), 4/3d)

    Iriquois name

EITHRIALL of the Hyborian era - sorcerer, used gem to separate astral self and grant it physical form (Ormraxes) in effort to gain greater power, slain by Conan
    *D* (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#29 ([29 (fb)], 29

EITRI - dwarf of Nidavellir, father of Kindra, husband of Egvanda, created Mjolnir and Stormbreaker
    --Journey into Mystery I# ( Thor339, New Mutants Special Edition#1, Uncanny X-Men Annual#9, [Thor#376], New Mutants I#79,80,82-87

EJECTOR, TRANSISTOR-POWERED - invented by Tony Stark, used by Iron Man against Radioactive Man
    (app)--Avengers I#6

EJULP - dimension of Trion, brought X-Men to his dimension to help against Juggernaut
    --Uncanny X-Men#368, X-Men II#88(named) (UX369

EKAK - Asgardian Rock Troll
    --Thor I#500

EKCHUAH - Mexican god of merchants and travelers (not seen in MU)

EKKER, Dr. ROSS - used supersonic device to destroy brains, assisted by Hugo; encountered Vision (Aarkus)
    (app)--Marvel Mystery Comics#41

    --Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD  II#36

EK'LR - demon, promotes hopelessness and despair, battled Captain Ultra, exploded after laughed at a joke told by Captain Ultra.
    green skin, enlarged head
    -The Demon without a Sense of Humor (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#50/3

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