el AMIR, FAROUK - Sheikh of unnamed Middle Eastern nation, tyrant
    (app-haddad)--Marvel Comics Presents#159

ELAINE ?? - FOOM, not actually a former mutant, joined after her UFO group broke up
    --Generation M#3

ELAMRON - extraterrestrial psionic entity, wanted for previous crimes by Imperial Guard
    takes on other life forms and memories
    -the Troyjan, David Banner--[Incredible Hulk II#415], Incredible Hulk Annual 1997

ELAN race (Infant Terrible, parents) - extraterrestrial, Milky Way Galaxy, planet Elanis, Intergalactic Council, many slaughtered by Star Stalker (Biawak)
    Virtually limitless psionic energy, project from antennae, rearrange + attract + repel matter, 10’ tall, green skin, multi-faceted eyes
    (I#3,D#15)--Fantastic Four I#21 (
Thor I#335 (fb) - BTS, 335, Power Pack I#56-59,61,62, Avengers Spotlight#25/2, Quasar#25, Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet, [Maximum Security#1,2],3

ELANNA - @ 6000 BC, Homo mermani, Atlantean, formerly of the Western Sea Tribe, widow of Tanas, mother of Zartra, arranged union of Kamuu and Zartra
    (app)--Sub-Mariner I#64/2

ELASTI-GIRL of Earth-Amalgam (Janet van Dyne) - Wasp + Elasti-Girl + Domino
    --XPatrol#1(1(fb#5),1,Exciting X-Patrol#1

ELATA - blue-skinned sorceress, appeared to challenge Ian McNee for the role of sorcerer supreme and seemingly slain in battle by him
    (app)--Marvel Fanfare I#6/2

ELATHAN - Fomor, leader, father of Bres,
    energy manipulating powers
    (app-fom)—Avengers I#225 (226

ELDAR - Dark Dimension, general in the Resistance

ELDER COTATI - see COTATI ELDER--Giant-Size Avengers#2

elder demon - imprisoned millennia ago and used as a power source by extraterrestrial race, later inadvertently freed by White Raven, destroyed by her and Silver Surfer
    vastly powerful
    (app)--Silver Surfer: Dangerous Artifacts#1 ([1(fb)], 1

ELDER GODS (Chthon, Gaea, Hyppus, Issus, Oshtur, Set,  ) - first life on earth, created by Demiurge, most degenerated into demons and were slain by Demogorge
    --Conan the Barbarian I#7 (Silver Surfer III An2/7(fb)//ThorAn10(fb)

ELDER GODS of the HYBORIAN ERA (Asura? + Crom? + Mitra?)
    - possibly created the Cornerstones of Creation
    -PRIMAL GODS (app-dev)--Conan the Barbarian I#193?([Kull the Conqueror III#4(fb4)], CtB#199(fb), An12(fb), CtB#193, 194, 199, An12, CtB#200

elder race - existed circa 500 million years ago, eventually degenerated into demonic form, slaughtered each other until only the winged horror remained
    *D* (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#100 (100 (fb, die)

elders - race of extradimensional gods which created the Bloodgem in order to conquer other dimensions, native dimension ruled by chaos
    --Rampaging Hulk I#4/2(fb)

ELDERS of the UNIVERSE ([Architect], Astronomer, Caregiver, Champion, Collector, Contemplator, Explorer, Father Time, Gardener, Grand Astrogater([Q47]), Grandmaster, Judicator, Obliterator, Possessor, Runner, Trader )
    -sole survivors of long dead races, have dedicated long lives to focusing certain abilities (I#4,D#4)--Avengers I#28

ELDER EARTH (Andrax, Argon + pet, Chane, the Devil, Hound of Hell, Lord of the Realm of Shadows?, Seela, Zakura, demon)
    - swords and sorcery world, possibly the past of Earth-616...or not
    --Savage Sword of Conan#63/2 (64/3, 67/3

ELDER RACE (Demonolater, Thulsa Doom, Tuzun Thune, possibly Xaltotun) - preceded even pre-cataclysmic Atlantis

ELDER RACES (Elderspawn, People of the Dust, Raptor's race, Silent Ones, the society (Starseed), Undying Ones)
    - ruled (or at least dwelled on) Earth before age of man
    --REH’ The Shadow Kingdom; Kull the Conqueror I#2

ELDERSPAWN (Harpies, N'Garai (including Y'Garon and the triad), Serpent Men, Spider Men, Wolf Men, Belathauzer and his race)
    - offspring of the Elder Gods
    --REH’ The Shadow Kingdom; Kull the Conqueror I#2

el DORADO - home of the Incan Gods
    --Thor I#301

el DORADO (Keeper of the Flame, Prince Rey, They Who Wield Power, Sacred Flame, Tulak)
    - destroyed when Tyrannus usurped the Sacred Flame
    -CITY of GOLD (app)--Avengers I#30 (Incredible Hulk II#240(fb), Av31(fb), 30,31, Hulk#240(fb3)/241(fb), Hulk#240-243, Namor Annual#1/2

ELDRED - Asgardian sorcerer, trained Loki in magic, then sacrificed to Surtur by Loki in order to gain his power
    *D*--Thor I#400/5

ELDRITES of Reality-928 circa 2099 AD - uni-celled creatures of the planet Va 2099
    (app)--Doom 2099#18

"ELEC BOY" - mutant, powers duplicated by Phantome
    powers uncertain
    (app-phant)--Marvel Comics Presents #156/3

ELECT - see POWER PLATOON (app-pp)--[Quasar#4],14(15

ELECTRALUX of Earth-Power Pachyderms - Power Pachyderms, former waitress, briefly transformed into Rogue Elephant, attracted to Mammoth
    Martial arts master
    ROGUE ELEPHANT* (app-pp)--Power Pachyderms#1 (1(fb), 1

    (app-swampcity)--Howard the Duck II#7 ([7(fb)], 7

ELECTRIC EVE ( ) - Morlocks-Chicago sect, former heroin addict and prostitute, tracked down and electrocuted old abusive boyfriend
    electrical powers
    (app)--Morlocks#1 (2-4

ELECTRIC PENTAGRAM - magic item, created by Stephen Loss apparently via a spell from the Fur Journal, later used by Jennifer Silence to briefly bind Satana
    (app-loss)--Hellstorm#20 (Legion of Monsters: Satana#1

ELECTRIC WHIP - Deviant weapon used to discipline gladiators in Lemuria
    --Eternals I#8

ELECTRIQUE ( ) - Medusa Web
    *D*--Psi-Force (nu)#18

ELEC’TRIX ( ) - Cybersamurai
    --New Warriors I#20

ELECTRO the robot - created by Professor Zog, who recruited twelve operatives to banish evil and crime, who could summon him via wireless phone.
    Superhuman strength and durability, run at 100mph
    (g)--Marvel Mystery Comics#4 (5-19; Marvels#1

ELECTRO of 1950s (Ivan Kronov) - Soviet soldier mutated into electrical being by military, attempted to assassinate Captain America of the 1950s, rendered comatose by immersion in water, revived by Red Skull/Malik to retrieve Hitler’s strongbox, mind addled by near-death experience, re-empowered by Yellow Claw and fought the "G-Men."
    large + strong, release electricity
    (app)--(g) Captain America Comics#78; Captain America I#155, What If? I#9 (Cap Comics 78, Captain America Annual#13(fb), What If? I#9

ELECTRO (Maxwell Dillon) - Sinister Six, Sinister Twelve, Emissaries of Evil, Frightful Four, Doom's Brigade, costumed criminal, former lineman for Consolidated Edison, mutated by near electrocution.        
    Generate + manipulate large amounts of electricity
    (I#4,D#4,M, OH: Spdm2004, New Avengers#1 Director's Cut, ME,ME:Sp, net)--Amazing Spider-Man I#9 (A422(fb), 9(fb), 9, Untold Tales of Spider-Man#7,11, Daredevil I#2, Amazing Spider-Man Annual#1, Fantastic Four Annual#3/Marvel: Heroes & Legends#1, DD An1, Spider-Man Family#3, AmzSp82, DD#87,89, Omega the Unknown#2,3, Marvel Team-Up I#56, Defenders I#63,64, Amz187, Marvel Two-In-One#57, Spectacular Spider-Man II#38,39,42,F4#218, Marvel Fanfare I#22, Spec66, Avengers I#236,237, Falcon#3,4, Power Man/Iron Fist#113, Secret Wars II#7, AmzSpAn24, Spec134-136, 157, Avengers Spotlight#26, Spider-Man and Captain America in Dr. Doom's Revenge, Amz334-339, Marvel Comics Presents#97/4, Spider-Man#18-23, A369, Captain America I#411-414, Spider-Man: Funeral for an Octopus#1-3, S38-40, Avengers: Deathtrap: the Vault GN, Spider-Man Unlimited#9, A422,423,425, Amazing Spider-Man II#12,Peter Parker: Spider-Man#12, A17,P17, Tangled Web of Spider-Man#10, Spider-Man: Get Kraven#1, Hood#1, [PP:Sp51], [Underworld#1 (fb)], She-Hulk III#5,6, New Avengers#1,2,3(fb), 4, Marvel Knights Spider-Man#3(fb), 2-4, 10-11, Spider-Man Unlimited II#9, 11, Underworld#3, X-Men II#187/2, Civil War: Choosing Sides#1/6, Amazing Spider-Man#533, Civil War: War Crimes#1, She-Hulk II#17

ELECTROCUTE of Earth-93060 (Candy) - Strangers
    --Strangers(uv)#1 (Solution#6(fb), Strangers#1

ELECTRO-DEATH ROD - weapon designed for Kulla of Slaveworld by the scientists he kidnapped
    (app-kulla)--Tales to Astonish I#41

ELECTROLANG - small electronics company formerly run by Scott Lang/Ant-Man
    --Iron Man I#225

ELECTROLL - electric elemental created by Diablo

ELECTROMAGNETIC CONSTRICTOR - built into Peg mandroid by Dr. Frances Bervin, overloaded and killed the Expatriate
    crush objects within its field
    --Generation X: Crossroads

ELECTRO-MAG NETS - SHIELD I, used against Godzilla, failed by interference of the Champions of LA.
    Giant electrified nets, dropped from Helicarrier (app-gs)--Godzilla#3

ELECTRO-MAN (Robert Tunstall) - super-hero, seen only as figure in a wax museum at Waxman's Hall of Super-Heroes
    (app)--[Captain Britain I#244]

ELECTRON ( ) - Imperial Guard Royal Elite, Shiar.
    manipulate electricity
    (I#5,D#6,M)--Uncanny X-Men#107 ([108,109], Rom Annual#4, X-Men: Spotlight on the Starjammers#2, Avengers West Coast#80, Quasar#33, Avengers I#347, Starjammers#4, Imperial Guard#1-3

ELECTRON - Retrievers of Atlantis
    yellow, release electric blasts
    (app-ret)--Fantastic Four I#195

ELECTRONICA FABRIZZI limited - electronics firm in Rome Italy, sought as potential subsidiary of Stark Enterprises, actually served as a front to company owned by Justin Hammer, sabotaged and destroyed by Ghost
    --Iron Man I#238 (239, 240d)

ELECTRONIC MASS INFLUENCER - created by Charles Xavier
    amplify the telepathic abilities of Charles Xavier so that he could erase memories from entire crowds of people all at once
    possibly served as the basis for the Mento-Wave Amplifier
    (app)--X-Men I#3

ELECTRO-RIFLES - designed by Barnabus Cross, used by mercenaries of Mr. Dice in effort to capture Tiger Shark
    unleashed powerful electric blast
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents #77/4

ELECTRO-VAMPIRES of Earth-2195 (Rakulon/Dark Leader  ) - androdems (robots created by techno-magic of Mys-Tech),
    Consume blood of humans in effort to become human
    --Motormouth & Killpower#11

ELECTRYON - Eternal, Sword of Damocles, with Astarte attempted to siphon power of Moonstar for Odysseus Indigo, dedicated life to understanding and harnessing energy in all of its forms.
    wm, yellow face, purple uniform
    --[X-Force I#92],93 ([92],93(fb),93

ELEGGUA - Yoruba deity of crossroads & communication

ELEGGUA (Nestor Rodriguez) - Santerians, named for the Yoruba god
    Cause acute confusion and alter the communication abilities of others.
    NeRo--Daredevil: Father#1; (Eleggua) #2 (1 (fb) / 4 (fb) / 5 (fb), 1-5

ELEHA'AL - Sakaar, plant, grew from spot where the Hulk's blood was spilled
    (app)--Incredible Hulk III#95

ELEJEA - Inhumans, aid to Mendicus
    (app)--Inhumans III#5 (6

ELEKTRA (Elektra Natchios) - ninja, former lover of Daredevil, father killed by terrorists, rejected by the Chaste, corrupted by the Hand, former assassin for Kingpin, killed by Bullseye, resurrected and purified by the Chaste and Daredevil.
    Master of armed + unarmed combat
    EPSILON, LITTLE AMBER (I#4, D#4, M, OH: DD, ME, net)—Daredevil I#168 ( Elektra I#18(fb4) Elek#18(fb1,<9y>), Elektra: Assassin#1(fb1)/Elektra: Root of Evil #4(fb2), E:Ass1(fb2), E:RoE#3(fb1), E:RoE#4(fb1), E:RoE#1(fb2), 2(fb1)/E:Ass1(fb3), E:RoE#3(fb3),E:RoE#1(fb1), E:Ass1(fb4)/DD#1??(fb)/Daredevil: Man without Fear# /Elektra minus 1/E:RoE#2(fb3), E:RoE#3(fb#2),2(fb#4,5), Elek#2(fb4), E:Ass1(fb5), Bizarre Adventures#28, Elektra minus 1, Code of Honor #2, Elektra II#33(fb), DD#168,169,174-181"d" 190("d") Elek:Ass#1-8, DD#319,320,324,325, Elektra/Wolverine: The Redeemer#1-3, Daredevil An10, DD#330,334/2,336/2, E:RoE#1-4, Over the Edge#8, Wolverine II#100,Uncanny X-Men#332, Wolv101-104,106, Elektra I#1-3 4-8, Amazing Spider-Man I#424, Elek9-18, DD#375, Elek19, I (heart) Marvel: Ai#1/3, Spider-Man/Elektra Annual 1998, [Daredevil II#72(fb)], Elektra II#1-5, [Daredevil II#28], Elek#6 7-9, DD36,37 E10 Elektra: Glimpse+Echo#1-4, E11-14, 15-22, 24/[23(fbs)], 23, 25-27, 28, 29-31, 34(fb), 32-34, 35, Wolverine III#20-25, 26-31, Elektra: The Hand, Daredevil II#77-80, [88]

ELEKTRO the robot - Fin Fang Four, built as a supercomputer by Wilbur Poole, gained intelligence in lab accident, enslaved Poole & forced him to build him a powerful body, attacked mankind, power source removed by Poole, rebuilt as mailroom employee at the Baxter Building, fell in love with Roberta
    Created force fields, hurl gamma ray beams, magnetize + dematerialize matter
    (app, Marvel Monsters)--Tales of Suspense I#13 (Fin Fang Four#1(fb), 1, Giant-Size Avengers II#1/9

ELEMATRIX - a creation of Diablo, released by him when Alpha Flight foiled his plans to take over South American country of Tierra del Maiz, destroyed by Sasquatch and Box (Madison Jeffries).
    Gigantic being composed of earth, air, fire, and water
    *Des* (net)--Alpha Flight I#103

    --[ ],Dr. Strange III#83

ELEMENTAL OBLITERATOR - weapon from Galactus’ store, used by the Elan to remove excess/maddening power from Nova
    --Power Pack I#58

ELEMENTALS (Hellfire, Hydron, Magnum, Zephyr) - four extra-dimensional beings that gained the ability to manipulate four ancient elements under unknown circumstances, attempted to take over earth @ 3500 bc, banished to xd realm by Dann + Garret using the Ruby Scarab, in recent times returned to earth, repelled by Living Mummy + allies using Ruby Scarab, Zephyr turned against the other three, returned to Earth with aid of Hecate, but turned on each other and then her once regained the Scarab, defeated by Hecate and Ms. Marvel
    (AZU#2, app)--[Supernatural Thrillers#7], 8 (8(fb), 8-15, Ms Marvel#11,12, [13]

ELEMENTALs of DOOM (Air, Earth, Fire, Water) - nonsentient creatures created by Diablo via the Talismans of Power, later utilized by Taaru; Diablo later re-formed them either without the Talismans or via secretly rebuilding the Talismans
    humanoid manifestations of four ancient elements
    (app-taaru-partial)--Fantastic Four I#232( 306, Marvel Comics Presents#168/4, Fantastic Four II#35,36

ELEMENTALs of EVIL (Earth, Fire, Water) - component parts of Rok-Korr
    (app-rok)--Shogun Warriors#2 (3

    Earth-Morgan, Queen's Vengeance
    (app-emorgan)--Avengers III#2 (3)

ELEMENT GUN - weapon of Starlord, given by the Master of the Sun
    (app-sl)--Marvel Preview#4

ELEMENTS of DOOM (Carbon, Chlorine, Cobalt, Neon, Phosphorus, Plutonium, Radium, Titanium, Vanadium)
    - humans converted into pure elemental form by Dr. Vassily Khandruvitch, initially under his control, rebelled, took over nuclear power plant in Russia, destroyed by Avengers, recovered + revived by Diablo
    -MASTERS of ALCHEMY* *D* (OH2006#4, app)--Avengers I#188 (Avengers Collector Edition#1

ELEMENTs of DOOM (Arsenic, Beryllium, Bromine, Cadmium, Californium, Carbon, Cesium, Chlorine, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Disprosium, Erbium, Europium, Gold, Halfnium, Helium, Iron, Magnesium, Mercury, Neodymium, Neptunium, Nickel, Nobelium, Phosphorus, Platinum, Radium, Ruthenium, Scandium, Silver , Sodium, Thallium, Tungsten, Uranium, Vanadium, Zirconium)
    - creations of Dr. Vassily Khandruvitch, created out of pure elements, rebelled against him, sought to takeover planet, battled and defeated by Thunderbolts and numerous other heroes with assistance from Khandruvitch, reformed by AIM, destroyed by Avengers with aid from Khandruvitch
    (app)--Thunderbolts#6 (7,8, Avengers III#56(fb), [Heroes for Hire II#13/2 (fb)], 13/2

ELENA ?? - waitress, saved from Stone Perfs by Hawkeye
    (app-stoneperfs)--Avengers Spotlight#32

ELENA ?? - mutant, twin sister of Ivan, great-grandmother of Colossus and many others, impregnated by Grigory Rasputin @ 1915, died during Mikhail Rasputin's youth
    --X-Men: Colossus: Bloodline#1 (3(fb), 4(fb), 5(fbs)

ELEPHANTUS - Changelings, created by and loyal to Leoninus
    —Incredible Hulk II#252,253(named)

11-BALL (    ) - 8-Ball's gang
    (app-8ball)--[Sleepwalker#1], 2

ELEVEN of earth-cable - wavelength displacement unit,"zero"-style,utilized by clan chosen
    ADAM unit#11(net)--Cable II#1 (2

ELEVEN-BALL - see 11-BALL (app-8ball)--[Sleepwalker#1], 2

ELEVENFOLD - see TABISSARIA. Slorenian translation--Force Works#5

ELEYN - witch-queen of Amazar, victim of Lore, assisted in her defeat
    (app-lore)--Scarlet Witch#1

E.L.F. (Sunquist) - protects the rights of Elves to prevent their exploitation
    Elf Labor Union (app-sunquist)--Howard the Duck II#3

ELF - enigmatic entities. possible agents of Tribunals, possible genetic creations (OH2006#4, app)--Defenders I#25

ELFQUEEN (Linnea) - "ten (twenty more likely) thousand year old sorceress, widow of Gorn, lived sequestered in an isolated glade in hills of Virginia, maintained youth of herself and Gorn until modern times, went on rampage after Gorn was killed by police in outside world, convinced to leave in peace by Captain America.
    Project energy bolts, levitate, control nature, superhuman strength
    (app)—Avengers I#212 ([212(fb)], 212

el-GAMAL,KHALID - al Quaeda, interred at Guantanamo Bay, broke out and framed Ferdnand Hedayet, killed
    *D*--Captain America IV#23 (24d)

EL GIBAR, ACHMED - master thief of Cairo, trained Storm/Ororo and others
    *D*--X-Men I#102(fb) (113(fb), X-Men Unlimited#7

ELI ?? - film director, employed Dirk Studley as actor and Wonder Man as stunt-man, film destroyed by Takumer
    (app-tak)--Solo Avengers#13/2

ELI ?? - ally of Goddess (Martinique Myngarde)
    --Uncanny X-Men#496 (498 (fb), 496-499

ELIAS ?? - form duplicated by Un-Human, his feelings of empathy also acquired and influenced alien to stop invasion
    (app-unhuman)--Journey into Mystery I#19/2

ELIJAH - character created by the Writer
    (app-writer)--Marvel Comics Presents#165 (166

ELIJAH ?? - Confederate soldier alongside Travis Parham, slain by Union soldiers
    *D*--Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears#1 (2007)

ELIMINATOR - armored warrior created by witches of New Salem to erase proof of their existence, encountered and battled Fantastic Four, destroyed self after believing it had destroyed them
    *D* (app)--Fantastic Four I#184

ELIMINATOR of Earth-93060 (Rick Pearson, a.k.a. Jack Bodick) - Mercenary, mutated and mind-reprogrammed by Aladdin, father of Siren
    (app)--Solution (uv)#16/Ultraverse Premiere#10 (Nightman#16/Ultraverse Premiere#11, Eliminator#0-3

ELIMINATOR 2020 - see IU-104/E
    (app-bain2020)--Machine Man II#1 (2-4)

ELIOT, EDGAR - US Department of Defense, former soldier, became irate when Stark refused to sell a new motor to the Department of Defense, sabotaged the motor, killed in the resultant explosion
    (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes III#2

ELIOT, JOEY - son of Thena and Thomas Eliot
    --Eternals III#4 (5-7

    identity used after turned human by Sprite's manipulation of the Uni-Mind
    --Eternals III#1 (2-5-->Thena)

ELIOT, THOMAS - husband of Thena, father of Joey, killed by Vorozheikan terrorists
    *D*--Eternals III#1 (2d)

    --District X#10

ELITE (William Taurey, Cheer + Hesperus Chadwick, Gloucester) - secret network of the rich + powerful + privileged, organized by Taurey, formed Royalist Forces of America and Secret Empire, funded by Baron (Helmut) Zemo
    --Captain America I#193 (193-200,[Thunderbolts#19, 30], 31,32

ELITE ( ) - vigilante, sought to defend his neighborhood from crime and corruption, killed any perpetrators from anything from felony to minor misdemeanor, father of , husband of , partnered with the Holy and Mr. Payback in Vigilante Squad, killed by Punisher/Castle
    Wears white three piece suit and white face mask, wm, blond hair
    (app-vigilante)--Punisher V#5 (6,7,9-11,12d)

ELITE (    ) - son and successor

ELITE AGENTS of SHIELD-see SHIELD II ELITE AGENTS--Captain America Annual 2000/2

ELITE MUTANT FORCE of E-295 (Apocalypse, Abyss, Aurora(Xman28(fb)), Bedlam Brothers, Black Beast/McCoy, Brain Trust, Cyclops, Elizabeth+Sam Guthrie, Havok(Xman28(fb)), Holocaust/Nemesis, Magma II (d), Mr. Sinister/Essex,Northstar(Xman28(fb)), Pale Riders, Mikhail Rasputin, Rex,Richter,Shadow King,Unus)
    -alpha level mutants enforcing will of Apocalypse
    --X-Men: Alpha?

ELITE PURSUER-9 ASSAULT TANK - robot tanks created by Mako, several destroyed by Coldblood
    (app-mako)--Marvel Comics Presents#26/3 (27/3, 34/3

ELIXIR (Josh Foley*) - mutant, New Mutants, discovered powers while trying to join Reavers, skin turned gold after healing from injuries at the hands of Wolfsbane
    healing power, golden skin
    (New X-Men Yearbook, 198)--New: X-Men: Academy X#2 (3-6, X165, Astonishing X-Men#11, X180
    New X-Men#24-27, 31

ELIXIR of OKTID - see OKTID's ELIXIR --Dr. Strange: The Oath#1

ELIXIR of the ROCK of ETAM  - retrieved from portal in the Ark of Bezalel by Deacon.
    One sip grants the drinker the strength of Samson.
    --Ghost Rider VI#25

ELIXIR of WISDOM - Asgard, fatal to mortals, consumed by reporter Shelly
    --Thor II#62

ELIXIR of XUTHAL of the Hyborian era - used to maintain youthful vitality, healed Conan after his battle with Thog
    --REH’s The Slithering Shadow; Savage Sword of Conan#20

ELIXIR VITAE - maintained Fu Manchu's eternal life, created by Shaka Kharn
    -ELIXIR of LIFE--Master of Kung Fu#

ELIZABETH I - queen of England, born1533, ruled from 1558-1603 (her death), died @ 1603, had her rival and half-sister, Mary, Queen of Scots, executed
    [Eternals IV Annual#1 (fb)]

Elizabeth Huskie of Sgt. Preston Dudley of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
    --Howard the Duck #9 (1977)

    *D*--She-Hulk: Ceremony#1

ELL ?? - mutant, friend of Ruth, taken in and captured by Poppa and the Underground, freed by Magneto
    --X-Men Unlimited#36/2

ELLA ?? - servant of Selene
    --X-Man#14 (15,16, 20,21

ELLA ?? - worked at Skin and Bones club
   (app-Skin and Bones)--Ghost Rider III#55

ELLEN ?? - University of Wisconsin, friend of Nahrees
    (app-hart_damon)--Inhumans V#9 (10-12

ELLENE of Earth-Thor: Once and Future Thor - lover of Harlan Gorko/Demonstaff
    (app-demon)--Thor Corps#1 (1-4(fb), 104

ELLENTHORPE, MARIA - mercenary, hired by X-Cutioner after fired by Elysian Enterprises, apparently killed by X-Cutioner while in stupor after battle with Gambit. bf    
    *D*--Gambit III#1 (2, 4

ELLIN ( ) - the Four, posed as snake-headed demon
    *D* (app-four)--Haunt of Horror#2/6(4d)

ELLINGTON, Dr. - former scientist at Octagon, along side three other scientists developed an intellect enhancing drug, created human level intelligence in a pack of dogs which hunted down and killed the other three scientists, injected self with drug, developed telepathy, destroyed evidence of drug to prevent Octagon from exploiting it, established bootleg radio personality to bring city of Manhattan together for a single song, presumably died from the drug.
    Travis T. Hipp *D* (app)--Marvel Comics Presents #69/3 (69/3(fb), 70/3(fb), 69/3-71/3, [72/3d])

ELLIOT ?? - cousin of Microchip, gave Exo-Armor to Punisher, killed by Reavers
    *D* (app-exo)--Punisher II#34

ELLIOT, HANK  - marshal of Wade County circa 1956, investigated cheating of Clem Sykes
    (app)--Cowboy Action#11/2

ELLIS, ALEX - see ANNEX (app-an)--Amazing Spider-Man An27

ELLIS, AMBROSE - Dragon Circle, former employer of Angela Lynne
    Ezra Wilkinson (app-dc)--Jungle Action#21, 24 (24(fb), 24

ELLIS, KEN - Daily Bugle reporter.
    wm, brown hair
    --Web of Spider-Man#118(Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1996/2, Web118,Spider-Man#52,Web119,Spdm53,Venom: Separation Anxiety#1-4, Web120,S54,Spider-Man Unlimited#8,W124,SpdmU#9,Spectacular Spider-Man II#225,226,[227], Scarlet Spider#1,Web of Scarlet Spider#2,Amazing Scarlet Spider#2,ScSp2,Spider-Man: the Final Adventure#1,2,SU#11,S:tFA#3,DailyBugle1-3, A409,S:tFA4,S66,69,Sensational Spider-Man II#7, Green Goblin#11, [A415,GG12],SU#14,S75,SU#22, Cable/Deadpool#24, 28, [Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special#1], [Civil War: Fallen Son: Daily Bugle Special#1]

ELLIS, admiral - on mission aboard USS Cochrane to stop Stane International from selling weapons to both the Iranians and Iraquis, encountered le Peregrine
    (app)--Marvel Comics Presents#51/4

ELLIS, Col. - introduced Col. Sam Sawyer to Nick Fury and Red Hargrove
    --according to Marvels Project#1 (2009)

ELLISSYA - Genespawn, linked to memories of Lysander, fought him; believed self to be the ruler of Elysium
    (app-bloodseed)--Bloodseed#1, 2

ELMAK the LIGHT-SHAPER - Protector of the Seven Planets of Lemne, lived in the Citadel of 1000 Lamps, defended planets from Kurudred, killed when Kurudred melted the Citadel with him in it
    *D* (app-cloud)--[Spider-Man: Hooky GN ([GN(fb)]

ELMER ( ) -
    (net-lostgen)--(g) Sub-Mariner Comics#35

ELMO (    ) - strongman, Calliope's Carnival and Circus, employed by Swami Rhiva, set trained tigers after Werewolf, killed by Mige
    BIG ELMO *D* (app)--Werewolf By Night I#6 (7(fb), 6, 7d)

ELMO - Technet, killed by natives of Wereworld, connection to Waxworks?
    small with tentacles, dampen energy levels of other beings, Transform victims into gooey, rubber-like state?
    *D*--(UK) [Captain Britain II#3], 4 (5-7, 12(fb,d)

ELMORE ?? – became jealous when Annie showed off disguised Moloids Dennis, Umbu, & Yonkashi as her boyfriend, chased off the Moloids
   --Avengers Classics#12/2 (July, 2008)

ELO - Moloid possessed by Mosaic

ELO, MASTER - see MASTER ELO--Quasar I#12

ELOGANTO, MANUEL - formerly the Matador, retired, spared from assassination by Scourge/Lyons
    (app-mat)--Daredevil I#5 (5(fb) ->Mat. USAgent I#1, Daredevil II#23

ELONGATED ARMSTRONG (Joseph Armstrong) - Delta City, former member of Fight Brigade, possibly lost stretching powers
    --Fight Man#1

ELOWAN race - yellow-skinned semi-humanoids; guided into mass suicide by Garnok Rebbahn.
    (app)--Silver Surfer Annual #3 (1990)

ELRIC of MELNIBONE - extradimensional, traveled to Earth-616 during the Hyborian age, encountered Conan
    albino sorcerer, used the sword Stormbringer
    (app)--Stormbringer; Conan the Barbarian I#14 ([14(fb), 15(fb)], 14-15
    Marvel Graphic Novel#2: Elric: The Dreaming City

EL-RON - see of Zukala, attempted to marry Red Sonja to father a son that Zukala could possess, slain in the process by Conan; body briefly possessed by Zukala
    *D* (app)--Conan the Barbarian I#242 ([242(fb)], 242(fb), 242, 243d)

ELSA ?? - see AMES, ELSA (app-maher_peter)--Strange Tales I#41/2

ELSA ?? - nurse, took care of Milla Donovan until Milla lost it upon seeing Lily Lucca again and savagely assaulted her
    --Daredevil II#101 (102, 103, 104 (fb)

ELSEPLACE dimension - empowered G-Force
    -"Universe G"-Dice-Cut vs G-Force#1 (2

    --Generation X

ELSEWHEN dimension (barbarian warriors, Kargul, Koshima, Psi-Warriors)
    - dimension close to the center of the Chosen Realities, ruled by Warlord Kargul
    (app-kargul)--Thor Corps#1 (Fantastic Four I#390(fb), [Thor Corps4(fb)], 1,2,4, Fantastic Four I#390, [Fantastic Force#11(fb)], 11-13

ELSEWHERE dimension (Bossko, Cleaners, king McManus, Rocs, queen Sen Suwanda, woman & children )
    - realm where Power Pack stored their costumes when not in use
    (app)--Power Pack I#47 ([47 (ffb)], 47

ELSIE DEE - robot, created by Donald Pierce, partner of Albert, originally designed as bomb to kill Wolverine, but rebelled against Pierce and became Wolverine's ally, travels across the world and through time with Albert in search of adventures.
    Built in form of 3-4 year old girl, wf, blond
    (OH2006#1)--Wolverine II#37,38 (39-43,45,46,51-53, 86(fb), 82-84, 86, Generation X#42

EL-TA - Uranian Eternals' Science Council
    --The Uranian#2

ÉLUKE - Shi'ar, Science Officer onboard Battle Cruiser destroyed by Dark Phoenix
    *D* X-Men I#135

ELVEN of Earth-93060 (Elvia Swenson) - empowered by Doc Gross
    --Rune(uv)3/Ultraverse Premiere#1/3 (Mantra I#10/UVP#2/2, Firearm#11/UVP#4/2, Elven#0-4

ELVES of ASGARD - see DARK ELVES + LIGHT ELVES—Journey into Mystery I#

ELVES of OTHERWORLD (Buckthorn, Jackdaw, Moondog, Sparrowhawk, Sundog(14,d), )
    --(UK) Hulk Comic#11/2,13/2 (14/2, 15/2, Mighty World of Marvel#13

ELVES of the NORTH POLE (Sunquist, Sydney) - based in Santa Claus's North Pole Workshop
    (app-sunquist)--Howard the Duck II#3 (Howard the Duck Christmas Special

ELVES of WEIRDWORLD (Tyndall, Velanna)
    --Marvel Super-Action#1/3 (Marvel Premiere#38, Marvel Super Special#11-13, Marvel Fanfare I#24-27

E.L.V.I.S. - Elvis-like MODOK-types, creations of SILENT, defeated by Nextwave

ELVIS ?? - brother of Veronica, sought to invest in Johann Bessler's perpetual motion machine, trapped in it by Bessler/Stonecold, saved by Nightstalkers

ELVISH DENYRI - see DENYRI--[Avengers 1959#4 (2012)]

ELWOOD, Mr. - head of Elwood Corporation, hired Goldeneye to destroy Madball Express before it could have a chance to fail
    (app-ge)--Power Man/Iron Fist#86

ELWOOD the POOKA - mystical creature in form of humanoid weasel, appears only to those he wishes to see him, assisted Generation X in rescuing Synch from Emplate, as well Trace Authier from the Token
    (net)--[Generation X#35], 36 (37-39

ELWOOD CORPORATION (Mr. Elwood, Harry Graco) -
    (app-ge)--Power Man/Iron Fist#86

ELYMA - demon, possessed dead man, along with four other demons, exorcised by Gabriel Rosetti
    --Monsters Unleashed#11

ELYSIA ( ) - Neo, young female, brown hair.
    generate illusions of greatest desires
    --X-Men II#101

ELYSIA - see MAHKUS and ELYSIA--Marvel Team-Up I#143?

ELYSIA - imaginary? kingdom of Lysander and/or Ellissya, possibly just a memory implant from Genecorp
    --Bloodseed#1, 2

ELYSIAN ENTERPRISES (Anwar Anubar, Elysian Field )
    --Gambit III#1( Gambit Cyber Comic: Hunt for the Tomorrow Stone

ELYSIAN GUARD (Cosmo, Ellenthrope, Farley) - Elysian Enterprises field security
    --Gambit III#1

ELYSIUM (Helen & Phillip Cho, Ben Parker) - realm within Hades where the happy and virtuous dead are sent
    --[Fantastic Four III#21], Incredible Hercules#130

ELYSIUM - potential realm within Hell, construction directed by Gloriana, a sanctuary for souls seeking happiness to escape to
    --[Captain Britain and MI13 Annual#1]

ELYSIUS - artificial life formed created by ISAAC based on the DNA of Eternals of Titan, former pawn of ISAAC, assisted him in takeover of Titan, fell in love with Mar-Vell and aided he + Drax + Rick Jones in opposing ISAAC, mother of Captain Marvel (Genis), killed by Lord Syphonn animating body of Mar-Vell, revived by Genis in an alternate reality that was then woven into Earth-616 reality when Genis had Entropy remake the universe.
    Telepathy, formerly utilized pair of winged lions, wf, dark hair
    *D*-"Mistress of Paradise" (M, OH2006#4)--Captain Marvel I#58 (59-62, Marvel Spotlight II#1?,2,3, Incredible Hulk II#245,247,248, Death of Captain Marvel GN, Silver Surfer III An6(fb), Avengers I#230, Surf II An6(fb), Surf III An6, Cosmic Powers#4, Surf III Annual#7/2, Captain Marvel IV#1,5,6, Captain Marvel V#14(fb1), Warlock II#1d, Captain Marvel#32, Captain Marvel VI#15-18

ELY-VELL of Earth-Songbird - son of Songbird and Captain Marvel (Genis), went mad after humanity was slaughtered and Genis vanished, became allied with Magus and slaughtered who races in efforts to restore him, one reality's version of him ceased to exist after Genis vowed to slay him as an infant
    --Captain Marvel V#19 (Captain Marvel VI#

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