Type: Alternate Earth (Earth-7642; see comments)

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Presumably vibrational attunement

Dominant Life Form: Humanity

Significant Inhabitants: Abomination, Absorbing Man, Archie Andrews, Autobots (Bumblebee, Jazz, Optimus Prime, Prowl, Ratchet, Wheeljack), (Avengers (Luke Cage, Captain America, Falcon, Hulk, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Thor, Wolverine, others), Backlash, Badrock, Betty Ross-Banner, Banshee (Cassidy), Batman (Azrael), Batman (Wayne), Cassandra Briar, the Brood race, Brunt (Josef Skala), Harvey Bullock, Butcher (Zaniolo Joyce), Carlos the Jackal, Carnage (Kasady), Catwoman (Kyle), Circus of Crime, Betty Cooper, Cranny, Miles Craven, Cyberforce (Ballistic, Cyblade, Heatwave, Impact, Ripclaw, Velocity), D (Emplate's servant), the Daemonite race, Dante,  Daredevil (Murdock), Dark Phoenix, Darkseid, the D'bari race, Deathblow (Michael Cray), Rancor Deathstrike, Deathstroke the Terminator, Peter DeNyse, Desaad, the Dinosauroids, Doc Samson, Decepticons (Blitzwing, Megatron, Ramjet, Runabout, Runamuck, Skywarp, Thundercracker), Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus (Octavius), Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Madamoiselle Mirielle Duplessis, Ebron, Morgan Edge, Eikert, Elektra, Emplate, Jackie Estacado, Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, the Thing), Vanessa Fisk, Nick Fury, Gabriel, Gen 13 (Burnout, Fairchild, Freefall, Grunge, John Lynch, Qeelocke, Rainmaker), Generation X (Banshee, Chamber, Husk, Jubilee, M, Skin, Synch), Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze), Gladiator (Kallark), Patrick Gleason, Glider, Commissioner James "Jim" W. Gordon, Gloria "Glory" Grant, Green Goblin, the Hand, the Hellfire Club (Blair Cameron, Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw), HERBIE, Maria Hill, Hobgoblin, Hulk (Banner), the Hybrids, Injustice Gang, Jackal (Warren), J. Jonah Jameson, the Joker, Jughead Jones, Rick Jones, Josie and the Pussycats, Dr. Ashley Kafka, Kaylie, Ka-Zar, Katy Keene, Kenyan, Killer Moth, Kingpin (Wilson Fisk), Kraven the Hunter, Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Leader (Stern), Remy LeBeau, Simyon Lebedev, Betty Brant-Leeds, Ned Leeds, Sung Li/the Librarian, Lilandra, Steve Lombard, Lord of All That is Not, Hiram Lodge, Veronica Lodge, Lex Luthor, Magneto, the Makato, Makato-Oni, Metal Master, Dino Manelli, Reginald "Reggie" Mantle III, Microchip (Lieberman), Millie the Model, Mister Hyde (Zabo), Mister Sinister, Mysterio, Mystique, Franklin P. "Foggy" Nelson, New Gods (Black Racer, Highfather, Lightray, Metron, Orion), Nook, Nuke (Simpson), Jimmy Olsen, Omega Red, Painkiller Jane, Parademons, Parasite, May Parker, Alfred Pennyworth, Pike, Pretorious, Punisher (Castle), Ra's Al Ghul, Ravok the Ravager, Red Fever, Rhino, Cass Rimer, Ringmaster, Joe "Robbie" Robertson, Robin (Drake), General Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross, "Salty", Sauron, Savage Land Mutates (Amphibius, Barbarus, Brainchild, Equilibrius, Gaza, Lorelei, Lupos), Savant, Scarecrow (Crane), Sentinels, Shalla-Bal, Shaper of Worlds, Shi, the Shi'ar race, SHIELD, Silver Sable, Silver Surfer, Sister Maggie (Murdock), Skinner, the Skrull race, Spaniard (Roberto Estacado), Spider-Man (Parker), Spider-Man (Reilly), Starjammers (Carol Danvers, others),  Stormwatch, Superman, Supreme, Taboo (Amanda Reed), Talia, Team 7 (Cole Cash, Philip Chang, Michael Cray, Jackson Dane, John Lynch), Team X (Victor Creed, Logan, David North, John Wraith), Teen Brigade, Teen Titans (Changeling, Cyborg, Kid Flash, Raven, Robin (Dick Grayson), Starfire, Wonder Girl), Stephen Timmons, Trance, Trance's Freaks (Albino, Baby, Doll, Nymph, Phobia), (Bolivar?) Trask, Two-Face, Tyrax, Ben Urich, Venom (Brock), Vinnie Veronica, Vortex, Vulture (Tooms), Patsy Walker, Mary Jane Watson-Parker, Mr. Weatherbee, Perry White, WildC.A.T.s (Emp, Grifter, Maul, Spartan, Void, Voodoo, Warblade, Zealot), Witchblade (Sara Pezzini), Witchblade (Danielle "Dani" Baptiste), Hedy Wolfe, Wolverine (Logan), Wonder Woman (Diana), Wong, X-Men (Angel, Beast, Colossus, Cyclops, Gambit, Jean Grey/Marvel Girl/Phoenix, Iceman, Jubilee, Nightcrawler, Professor X, Kitty Pryde, Psylocke, Rogue, Sage, Storm, Sunfire, Wolverine), Youngblood (Badrock, Combat, Diehard, Alan Keever, Knightsabre, Masada, Shaft, Troll, Vogue, others), Zabu, Zannah (Zealot)

Significant Locations: Gotham City (including Arkham Asylum, Wayne Manor, and other locales);
                                         La Casa del Sol, Mexico;
                                         La Jolla, California;
                                         Manhattan, New York (and other areas of New York City);
                                         Maximum-X Federal Prison, New Mexico;
                                         Numidia, Middle East;
                                         New Mexico desert;
                                         Paris, France;
                                         Ravencroft Institute, New York;
                                         San Francisco, California;
                                         Savage Land;
                                         Tokyo, Japan;
                                         Denuvi-7, Tavi Star System;
                                         New Genesis;

First Appearance: Superman Vs. the Amazing Spider-Man (April, 1976)

History: (Darkseid Vs. Galactus: The Hunger (fb)) - <centuries ago> - As in the mainsteam DC Universe, the planets New Genesis and Apokolips were created from the remains of one original planet.

(Deathblow/Wolverine#1 (fb)) - <@5,000 years ago> - An advanced civilization in China sought to rule the world. However, a natural disaster almost destroyed them, and their high priestess used her powers to contain all of their souls in an urn, where they would remain until the time was right for them to return to the world and conquer it.

(Darkness/Wolverine#1) - <1942, World War II> - The mercenary known as the Spaniard was hired by the Nazis to find Logan in France, as the Canadian had been running missions against the Germans. The Spaniard, who possessed the Darkness powers, found and confronted Logan in a Paris bar, where he offered him a drink. Logan escaped, and the Spaniard gave chase. After a cat-and-mouse hunt, Logan managed to kill the Spaniard. Afterwards, Dante, one of the creatures that resided within the Darkness, promised to avenge his host, no matter how long it took.

(WildC.A.T.s/X-Men: The Golden Age#1) - <World War II> - Logan was sent by Allied agents to recover the Lazarus Scroll from the Nazis. He was caught by the Nazi Eikert, who attempted to take the Scroll. Eikert ordered his men to kill Logan, who fought and tried to escape. The Coda member Zannah arrived seeking the Scroll as well, and helped Logan escape. They tracked Eikert and he revealed himself as an alien Daemonite. Zannah killed him, and the two retrieved the Scroll. After Logan met with Nick Fury, he and Zannah met up again and boarded a train for Vienna. Zannah began to explain the significance of the Scroll, which was a Daemonite item that they were seeking to reclaim. Logan's senses gave away the presence of another Daemonite on the train with them, but found themselves confronted by not only it, but a mysterious man named Kenyan whom both Logan and Zannah were familiar with. As the two battled Kenyan and the alien, Kenyan got possession of the Scroll and escaped the train before a bomb on it exploded. Logan and Zannah managed to jump from the train in time as well. They tracked Kenyan to a cave where he was attempting to use the Scroll to revive Ebron, the Queen Daemonite. Logan attacked Kenyan, and Zannah threw a powerful crystal into the forehead of a weak Ebron, causing the area to explode. Logan managed to pull himself from the rubble, but could only find one of Zannah's broken swords.

(Gladiator/Supreme#1 (fb)-BTS) - Some time after World War II, the superhuman Supreme left Earth and traveled the spaceways. At some point, he visited the planet Denuvi-7.

(Team X/Team 7#1 (fb)-BTS) - <@20-30 years ago> - Mystique (posing as Leni Zauber) was hired by one government agency to infiltrate Numidia's Super Soldier Program just as Miles Craven hired Madamoiselle Mirielle Duplessis to do the same.  Neither was aware of the other's true purpose, but both suspected the other of being a covert op.

(Team X/Team 7#1) - Shortly after, two separate teams of covert soldiers, Team 7 (Craven's team) and Team X were sent in after her to locate and destroy a location that was trying to produce Super Soldiers. Team 7's helicopter was targeted by Numidian forces and shot down, but the men survived.  Elsewhere, Team X found their way into the base.  There, Omega Red and Madamoiselle Mirielle Duplessis met and attacked them.  Outside, Team 7 arrived and launched an assault on the compound.  "Zauber" attempted to cause friction between Duplessis and Omega Red by claiming Duplessis was a spy.  During the chaos, Team 7 and Team X met up, and after a stand-off, realized they were working towards the same goal.  They searched the compound and found a lab with several Super Soldiers in stasis tubes.  Omega Red released the soldiers, who attacked the two Teams.  Meanwhile, "Zauber" and Duplessis continued to fight, each accusing the other of being a double agent.  Craven's assistant Gabriel telepathically contacted Team 7 to warn them that Craven was going to blow up the complex with them inside.  The two teams escaped, and the members of Team 7 used their psychic link to psionically blast the compound apart.  As they began to fly away, Duplessis appeared out of the rubble. She was rescued by them, but revealed herself to actually be "Zauber", and then shapeshifted to her true form of Mystique, Team X's covert op.  As they flew away in a helicopter, Omega Red dug himself out of the ruins.

(Gen13/Generation X#1 (fb)) - <@1970s> - Interpol sent Sean Cassidy to protect some nuclear warheads from international terrorist Carlos the Jackal. The Jackal showed up, with a superhuman named Vortex in tow, and they attacked Cassidy's squad, killing most. Before Cassidy could take them down, a group of Black Razors led by John Lynch arrived and shot down Carlos' operatives, hitting Cassidy as well by accident. Sean was taken to a hospital to recover. Vortex, whose powers were barely controlable, was placed in a containment unit.

(Darkseid Vs. Galactus: The Hunger (fb) - As in Earth-616's timeline, Galactus arrived on Zenn-La, and was only swayed to spare the planet when Norrin Radd offered to become his herald, the Silver Surfer.

(Darkseid Vs. Galactus: The Hunger) - The Source revealed to Highfather of New Genesis the impending arrival of Galactus. To save his planet, he hid it from sight, and Galactus'  herald the Silver Surfer found the planet's twin Apokolips instead. There, the Surfer was attacked by Darkseid's soldiers, the Parademons. He sent a signal back to Galactus that he had found a suitable planet, and the world-devourer set forth towards it.  When Galactus arrived, Darkseid sent every available weapon against the being.  Orion, Darkseid's son, could not stay on New Genesis and watch the events, and went to aid his bitter rival and father. When he did arrive, he attacked the Silver Surfer but was defeated and severely injured. When the Black Racer arrived to take Orion to the land of death, the Surfer, realizing Orion's nobility, tried to stop him. Instead, the Surfer had his long-supressed memories of Zenn-La and Shalla-Bal return and he attacked Galactus as well. Galactus easily subdued his herald, and Darkseid used the moment to try to destroy Galactus with his Omega Effect. This proved futile, and Galactus shrugged off the effects. He wiped the Surfer's memories again and commanded him to hold off anyone while he drained the planet of its life-force. To his surprise, Galactus found that Apokolips had no life-sustaining forces within it. Angered, he confronted Darkseid, who explained that while Apokolips was barren, it was his and he would not let Galactus try to take it without a fight. Seeing there was little more to do, Galactus and the Surfer exited, in search of another planet.

(Daredevil and Batman (fb)) - Matt Murdock and Harvey Dent, both aspiring lawyers, attended a Columbia University debate invitation, where they became friends.

(Superman Vs. the Amazing Spider-Man#1 (fb)/Superman and Spider-Man#1 (fb)-BTS/Batman Vs. the Incredible Hulk (fb)) - The origins of Superman, Spider-Man, Dr. Octopus, Parasite, Batman, Hulk and Lex Luthor occured much the same way they had on Earth-616 and Earth-DC.

(Incredible Hulk Vs. Superman (fb)) - The Hulk (along with Rick Jones) encountered the Circus of Crime and the Metal Master. At some point, the Hulk also helped form the Avengers, though he left the group shortly afterwards.

(Incredible Hulk Vs. Superman (fb)) - A rampaging Hulk was tracked down by Superman in the Southwest desert. The two fought for a few minutes before the Hulk managed to escape and Superman returned to Metropolis. Lois Lane arrived in New Mexico to follow up on the Hulk sightings, and began to interview people who had seen him. Clark Kent, too, was sent to the area, to interview Dr. Bruce Banner regarding his work. Meanwhile, Rick Jones had managed to find the Hulk and tricked him into reverting back to Banner. No sooner did Kent introduce himself to Banner at the military base than Lex Luthor arrived, offering Banner a job with LexCorp. Luthor had supplied the military with most of their armament, but he was actually in search of the Hulk, hoping to use the creature to destroy Superman.

Luthor used a fake Hulk to attack an surprised Betty Ross and Lois Lane, hoping to draw out the real thing. The Hulk found his robotic counterpart and destroyed it. Superman arrived and realized what was going on, but the Hulk's rage was too great for Superman to calm down, and the brute attacked him. At that time, Luthor and Ross launched a weapon called the Gamma Gun, hoping to destroy the Hulk (and Superman as well, for Luthor), but the Hulk destroyed the machine. Luthor fled the scene, and Superman explained to Ross that it was a fake Hulk that attacked his daughter.

(WildC.A.T.s/X-Men: The Silver Age#1 (fb)-BTS) - The Brood arrived on Earth, only to discover the Daemonites, a similar race, were already here. At some point, they were both discovered by Mister Sinister, who used his expertise in genetics to create hybrids of the two races. Sinister also captured Zannah (now calling herself Zealot) at some point.

(WildC.A.T.s/X-Men: The Silver Age#1 (fb)-BTS) - For unknown reasons, Cole Cash was imprisoned in a South American prison, where Remy LeBeau was one of his fellow inmates.

(WildC.A.T.s/X-Men: The Silver Age#1) - Nick Fury arrived at the South American prison and offered Cash a job in exchange for his freedom. Agreeing, Cash was brought out and they were immediately attacked by a group of beings that were Brood/Daemonite hybrids. They escaped to a S.H.I.E.L.D. Heli-Carrier, where they were met by Ms. Honeygate (actually the Coda member Savant). Elsewhere, the X-Men saw their teammate Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) off, as she flew to a modeling job in Australia. On the plane, Grey's mental powers caused her to briefly hallucinate the Brood and Deamonites attacking her, calling her Agent Maslow. She awoke and used her powers to find the real Maslow aboard, but waited until they got off the plane to confront him. At the airport, Maslow was being waited for by Cash, but a couple of alien agents shot Maslow. Before he died, Grey asked him to open his mind and transfer his knowledge of the aliens to her. Cash's own psychic powers got out of hand during the battle, and after Grey helped take down the aliens, she used hers to bring his back down. They then departed the airport. Using the information she gleaned from Maslow, the two went undercover aboard the cruise ship Heaven's Wave. Pike, a half-human, half-Daemonite, arrived with the hybrids, but were attacked by the two heroes. The fight took them into the bowels of the ship, where they found Sinister's lab. During the conflict, the X-Men arrived and Sinister made his escape. Cyclops immediately tried to attack Cash, but Grey stopped both of them. With the aliens defeated (none of the heroes except Zealot were aware of Sinister's involvement), the X-Men departed. Zealot then offered to begin training Cash.

(Backlash/Spider-Man#1 (fb)-BTS) - <"five years ago"> - The Jackal cloned Spider-Man much as he did on Earth-616.

(Superman Vs. the Amazing Spider-Man) - A giant robot launched an assault on Metropolis, and was confronted by Superman. The robot held off Superman long enough to steal a computer chip from a S.T.A.R. Labs building. Superman tried to drive the robot into the ground, but it's head, a decoy, launched into the air. As Superman went to contain it, the robot's pilot, Lex Luthor escaped. Later, Superman tracked Luthor down to another robot he was using under the sea. Luthor managed to hide the computer chip he had stolen, but he was quickly defeated and placed in custody.

Similarly, in Manhattan, Spider-Man encountered Dr. Octopus and a group of his hired thugs, but Octopus managed to evade him. Spider-Man managed to defeat him in a second encounter soon after. Dr. Octopus was taken to the Maximum-X prison, where Luthor was soon placed as well. Luthor set in motion a plan to escape, and set off a sonic contraption he had smuggled in. The two villains then escaped together.

Clark Kent, along with several other staff members of the Daily Planet, travelled to New York City to attend the World News Conference. Also in attendance was Peter Parker, along with staff members of the Daily Bugle. A fake Superman (Luthor) arrived and kidnapped Lois Lane and Mary Jane Watson. Parker donned his Spider-Man garb and went to investigate, where he encountered the real Superman. Believing each other to be the culprit, the two heroes fought. Realizing they'd been duped, Superman calmed Spider-Man down and they agreed to work together. They tracked down Luthor and Octopus, but the villains escaped to the Injustice Gang's satellite. Superman and Spider-Man tracked them there as well, but when Octopus learned Luthor was planning to use the computer chip he stole to destroy the world, he turned on his partner and attacked him. The heroes used the opportunity to defeat both of them, sending them back to prison. Afterwards, Kent and Parker both gave scoops of the ordeal to their respective newspapers.

(WildC.A.T.s/X-Men: the Modern Age#1 (fb)-BTS) - A young mutant runaway was kidnapped by the Hellfire Club in England.

(WildC.A.T.s/X-Men: The Modern Age#1) - Professor X, having sensed through Cerebro the runaway's disappearance, sent Nightcrawler to scout the estate of Blair Cameron, a member of the British arm of the Hellfire Club. While there, he was attacked by the WildC.A.T. known as Warblade, who believed him to be an alien Daemonite. The two battled briefly beore a trio of Hellfire soldiers attacked both of them. Warblade then realized that one of the guards was the Daemonite he was seeking, not Nightcrawler and killed him. Warblade left, leaving Nightcrawler with many questions. Two months later, the WildC.A.T.s leader, Lord Emp (Jacob Marlowe), received an invitation to join the Hellfire Club, and sent Spartan and Voodoo with him to investigate undercover. At the same time, Professor X sent a small team of X-Men to the area to investigate. Marlowe, Voodoo (his "secretary") and Spartan (his "assistant") arrived at Cameron's estate. They were welcomed and treated to decadence. The team of X-Men arrived on the location, and Wolverine recognized the Daemonites. he led an attack against them. They were aided by the arrival of the WildC.A.T. members Warblade and Zealot, whom Wolverine remembered from their encounter decades earlier. Cameron's troops assaulted the undercover C.A.T.s and took them prisoner. Cameron revealed to them that he had joined forces with the Daemonites to help raise hell on Earth.  To unleash a demon, he required two beings: a virgin (the runaway) and an immortal (Emp). Cameron invoked a spell that gave rise to the demonic Lord of All That is Not. Before the creature could claim its sacrifices, Spartan broke free and tried to attack it. Just then, the combined units of X-Men and WildC.A.T.s broke in and attacked Cameron's followers. The demon, without a sacrifice, returned to its dimension, causing a large explosion that apparently killed Cameron, but the others survived. They found themselves face to face with a large number of Daemonites and Hellfire soliders.  In the ensuing battle, many of the Daemonites and Hellfire Club soldiers were slain by the WildCA.T.s. The X-Men, disgusted by the WildC.A.T.s' bloodthirsty ways, left, warning them not to cross paths again.

(Uncanny X-Men/New Teen Titans#1 (fb)-BTS) - Phoenix was corrupted by her power, becoming Dark Phoenix. She destroyed the D'bari homeworld and ultimately died sacrificing her life and redeeming herself.

(Superman and Spider-Man) - Spider-Man stopped a group of burglars who were attempting to break into a bank. All of them were unaware that below the construction site next to the bank Doctor Doom resided in an underground lair. After Doom was sure the robbers and Spider-Man were away from his location, he turned his attention to monitoring the Hulk via a television screen. The next day, J. Jonah Jameson sent Peter Parker to Metropolis to follow the Hulk, who had been spotted there. In Metropolis, the Hulk made his presence known, causing massive destruction, and was confronted by Superman. Spider-Man arrived and tried to help, but Superman saved the day by letting the Hulk take out all of his rage, after which he reverted to Bruce Banner. Superman realized that Hulk had been controlled by somebody, and had the local authorities take Banner to S.T.A.R. Labs. Unbeknownst to any of them, a short ways away, the Parasite escaped his underground prison, precisely as Doom promised him would happen during the Hulk's rampage. Superman, now aware that the Parasite was deliberately set loose, deducted that Doom was behind it, as Luthor was still locked up. Superman arrived at the Latverian embassy in New York, and confronted Doom. Doctor Doom attacked Superman with Kryptonite, but the Man of Steel quickly encased himself in the lead that Doom had proofed the room in and threw the alien rock back into space. During their downtime in cities that they weren't native to, both Clark Kent and Peter Parker took up freelance jobs for each other's newspapers. Finding no clues to Doom's plans in New York, Superman flew to Latveria. Meanwhile, Spider-Man came across a construction site exactly like the one he saw in New York, and like that one, it alerted his spider-sense. Exploring, he found a trap door and entered. Doom and the Parasite, both still in Manhattan, looked on as Spider-Man came across Wonder Woman, whom Doom had lured there earlier. Doom tricked Wonder Woman into believing Spider-Man was his henchman and she attacked him. Just as Spider-Man convinced her otherwise, Doom's servants attacked, rendering Wonder Woman unconscious. Spider-Man escaped, and met Superman as he made it back to the surface. The two launched an assault on Doom's lair, but after a hard fight, were defeated. Spider-Man awoke to find himself prisoner, just as Superman, Hulk and Wonder Woman were. Doom asked Parasite to use a special harness to drain Superman's powers, knowing that it would kill the energy-drainer. Parasite, using the spider-sense he had drained from Spider-Man, realized it was a trap and turned against Doom. Their fighting gave Spider-Man the chance to free himself and Superman. The two heroes defeated Parasite, but Doom courted his diplomatic immunity and left without them being able to do anything. They returned and freed Wonder Woman, but the Hulk, whose stasis chamber had been cracked during the fight, escaped. With the ordeal done, Kent and Parker returned to their respective cities and newspaper jobs.

(Batman Vs. the Incredible Hulk (fb)-BTS) - The Shaper of Worlds was found, powerless, by the Joker, whose mind intrigued the Shaper. The two made an agreement that if the Joker could restore the Shaper's dwindling power and mind, the Shaper would grant the lunatic his greatest wish.

(Batman Vs. the Incredible Hulk) - Later on, Banner, under the false name David Banks, gained a job at Wayne Research in Gotham City. There, he kept an eye on the experimental gamma-gun they were working on, hoping it would be the cure for his condition. A week into the new job, Banner/Banks was at work when the Joker and his goons arrived, spraying the place with laughing gas. Banner thought quickly and put on a biohazard suit, but Joker's goons attacked him. He turned into the Hulk and lashed out at them. Batman arrived and took out the rest, only to find a puzzled Hulk holding the gamma-gun. Both Batman and the Joker pleaded with him to put it down, and Joker fast-talked Hulk into believing Batman was out to get him. The Hulk attacked Batman and the Joker used the opportunity to escape with the weapon. Batman defeated the Hulk, and later, when the behemoth reverted back into Banner, Bruce Wayne "arrived" and offered Banner a job to help build a replacement gun. Elsewhere, the Joker used the gamma-gun on the Shaper, bringing him back to full power. The energization did not last long, and the Shaper felt himself slipping away again. A group of the Joker's men posed as military and arrived at a Wayne Research facility, demanding the arrest of Banner. Banner realized they were not who they said they were and turned back into the Hulk. When one of the fake soldiers wished for something to stop the Hulk, the Shaper used the last vestiges of his power to create an even bigger creature, which defeated the Hulk. They returned to the Joker's lair, but the Hulk's anger couldn't be contained. He broke free and escaped, but not before the Shaper realized he needed the Hulk himself, not the gamma-gun, to bring himself back to full power. The Joker sought out Batman and convinced him to help track down the Hulk and take him back to the Shaper to stop him. They found the Hulk and led him back, but the Shaper's out-of-control powers caused various manifestations of Hulk's and Batman's old villains appear and attack them. They got through them, and Shaper managed to drain enough of the Hulk's power to cure himself. The Joker demanded that the Shaper live up to his part of their deal, and Joker was transformed into the "King of the World." With the power to alter reality himself now, he transformed the world into a clownish Hell, but when he thought out loud that he never dreamed it would be like that, he lost his powers, which were responding to his dreams. His normal self once more, the Joker was defeated by Batman and the Hulk.  The Shaper, his power and mind restored, returned to outer space. Joker was remanded to an asylum, and Batman let Banner go free to find his own way.

(Uncanny X-Men/New Teen Titans) - Seeking to explore the mysterious cosmic area known as the Wall, the New God known as Metron agreed to give Darkseid an item called the Psychon-Wave in return for Darkseid's Omega-Phase Helmet, which he believed would allow Metron to enter the Wall. Donning the Helmet, Metron entered the Wall. Darkseid then set in motion his grand scheme. On Earth, members of the X-Men and the Teen Titans were assaulted by dreams and visions of Dark Phoenix. In Gotham City, Robin encountered Deathstroke the Terminator, who, along with a squad of Darkseid's Parademons, were trying to steal some technology from S.T.A.R. Labs. They defeated Robin and made off with it. When the Titans recovered Robin, they decided to find the X-Men, whom they were aware of having a former member named Phoenix. On Apokolips, Deathstroke was treated well by Darkseid for his part in helping the tyrant gather the technology. Darkseid sent his minion Ravok the Ravager to track and capture the X-Men, and sent Deathstroke on his own mission. The Titans arrived at Xavier's school, and Starfire, angered over what their former member did, violently attacked Professor X. The other Titans stopped her, but Ravok's group of Parademons arrived and, believing the Titans to be the X-Men, took them captive. Changeling used his abilities to morph into a Parademon lookalike and followed them. Elsewhere, the X-Men confronted Deathstroke, who had been visiting places on Earth where Phoenix had previously been, using the stolen technology to absorb any energy residue she had left behind. The X-Men fell to the Terminator's prowess, and he took them prisoner. Ravok arrived on Apokolips, and was chided for bringing Darkseid the wrong people, save for Professor X. Deathstroke then arrived with the actual X-Men, and Darkseid realized Changeling was among his Parademons.

The X-Men were strapped to the Psychon-Wave, and their memories, combined with the energy residue, resurrected Dark Phoenix, or at least what appeared to be her. Together, the two and Darkseid's army teleported to Earth in order to turn it into New Apokolips. The heroes freed themselves and set aside their differences. Stuck in space, they used their powers to try to pilot the asteroid they were on, and came across Metron's chair, empty and floating in the void. They recovered it, and while they discussed what it was, Kitty Pryde and Changeling rested on it. When Kitty wished she was home, the chair teleported her there. She and Changeling quickly returned, and the others realized the chair worked on telepathic thought. The combined teams used the chair to return to Earth, arriving in New York City. They quickly found Darkseid's base below the Earth and attacked his armies. As the others kept Darkseid, Deathstroke and the hordes occupied, Xavier and Raven combined their powers to assault Dark Phoenix, trying to cause her to disperse back into the myriad remnatnts of her essence. She tried to possess the body of Cyclops to keep from discorporating, but his memories of her caused her confusion. Realizing she was more than Dark Phoenix, she lashed out at Darkseid for bringing her back. The entirety of the Phoenix Force tore at Darkseid, draggin him into space and into the Wall, of which he became part of. Metron emerged from the Wall and left, content in the events. On Earth, the X-Men and Titans wondered what, since this Dark Phoenix was only a creation of Darkseid's, had actually warned them of the oncoming events.

(New Avengers/Transformers#2 (fb)-BTS) - At some point around this time, Carol Danvers and her space-faring team the Starjammers found worlds ravaged by the Decepticons.

(Deathblow and Wolverine#1) - Logan returned to San Francisco and home to his girlfriend Sung Li, who was in tears. She explained that she had called her mother, and the woman told her she didn't have a daughter. When Li then went to her home, her mother threatened to call the police. Logan and Li went back to her mother's home, and she greeted them happily. She claimed not to know what they were talking about concerning the earlier incidents. Sung's mother then attacked her, and a small group of ninjas crashed through the window. They attacked Logan, but Sung's mother was cut and killed by one on accident. Logan fell out of a window with some of them, and the rest launched a rain of arrows down at him. Michael Cray, aka Deathblow, witnessed the events, and shot one of the ninjas to keep him from killing Logan. Cray then escaped with Logan, taking him to his home to recover.  Once he did, Cray told him that he was in the area because he was following a letter sent to him regarding his old Team 7 mate Phil Chang. The address on the letter was Logan and Sung's home, but Logan did not know anything about the letter. The group of ninjas arrived, almost destroying Cray's home in the process, and the two made another escape. They returned to Logan's place to find it in shambles and Sung Li missing. However, a mysterious grinning man in a top hat was there.

(Deathblow and Wolverine#2) - The strange man, after Wolverine unsuccessfully tried to kill him, explained he was working for the Librarian, a mystical being who is held prisoner in a library that contained all knowledge. The top hat-wearing man then transported Logan and Cray to the Library, where they encountered the Librarian. The Librarian explained that Sung Li was a direct descendent of the high priestess that had put her followers' souls into an urn to await the day they would return to the world. The odd behavior in Li's mother was one sign that the time was near. The Librarian gave Logan a talisman to place on the urn to keep this from happening and returned the two to Earth. Cray offered to help Logan in his search, and the two suited up. They followed the Librarian's directions and found a group of the high priestess' followers who had kidnapped her. They ran through many of them before Logan located the urn. A mysterious group of archers appeared to help Logan and Cray, and when Logan placed the talisman on the urn, all of the ninjas fell over, their life forces drained. Li emerged from a dimensional door and the three left the area. Cray departed, and Logan took Sung Li home. Later on, he caught her putting away a robe resembling the Librarian's, and realized she was indeed the Librarian the entire time. She tried to explain that she did what she had to to save the world, but Logan, disillusioned that she may have only used him instead of actually loving him, left her.

(Backlash/Spider-Man#2 (fb)-BTS) - Spider-Man and "several heroes" were called to "an alien planet" where Parker found the symbiote that he would eventually use as his costume. After returning to Earth, he and Reed Richards discovered it was actually alive. It would later bond with Eddie Brock.

(Spider-Man/Badrock#1B (fb)-BTS) - The "Kraven's Last Hunt" event apparently occured on this world as it did on Earth-616.

(Spider-Man and Batman (fb)-BTS) - The "Maximum Carnage" event apparently occured on this world much like it did on Earth-616.

(Batman/Punisher: Lake of Fire (fb)-BTS) - A man named Cass Rimer stole an experimental rocket fuel from the U.S. government, and having struck up a partnership with Jigsaw, planned to use the fuel to destroy Gotham City's water reservoir.  With a construction company Jigsaw had forced away from another crimelord named Tony Bressi, the two planned to force Gotham to hire them to rebuild.

(Batman/Punisher: Lake of Fire) - As the new Batman (the former Azrael) tracked Rimer, the Punisher arrived in Gotham City, having learned that his enemy Jigsaw was there.  Jigsaw planted clues for the Punisher to find in order to lure him into a trap.  It worked, and the Punisher was drugged by a fake nun at a church he was sent to.  He was rescued by Batman, who hesitantly agreed to work with the Punisher in order to track down their respective targets.  Batman found Rimer and Jigsaw, and forced Rimer to reveal his plans, but Jigsaw escaped, only to run into the Punisher.  After a brief fight, the Punisher threw Jigsaw off the top of a building, but the criminal was rescued by Batman.  Batman tied up Jigsaw for the authorities, and left to confront the Punisher, who he realized he had to take down as well.  As soon as he left, the Joker revealed his presence to Jigsaw and mocked him.  The two vigilantes fought, but the Punisher used a gas to cover his escape, and left Gotham.

(Punisher Meets Archie#1) - The Punisher and his ally Micro Chip tracked the criminal Red Fever to the small town of Springdale, where he was posing as an entrepreneur. Fever, as Melvin Jay, had been invited to a 1950's-style dance by socialite Veronica Lodge. A group of thugs looking for Red Fever mistook local teen Archie Andrews (who greatly resembled Fever) for the criminal and abducted him. The Punisher found them, and was about to kill Archie when he realized that he had the wrong man. Archie and his friend Jughead escaped while the Punisher contended with the other thugs and tried to convince the local officials that the vigilante was in their town. The Punisher tracked down Fever to the dance, just as Andrews arrived, causing a bit of mistaken identities as some people believed Fever to be Archie, and the Punisher to be the new school coach. Fever recognized the Punisher and made his escape, abducting Veronica. The Punisher tracked the criminal down, but Red was ultimately defeated when Andrews caused him to become entangled in a balloon's wiring, and Red Fever floating into the air. His mission completed, Punisher met back up with Micro and the two discussed returning to Gotham City.  Elsewhere, the X-Men's computer system Cerebro somehow alerted Wolverine to the possibility that Andrews' friend Jughead was a powerful mutant.

(Punisher/Batman: Deadly Knights#1 (fb)-BTS) - The Joker had reconstructive surgery performed on Jigsaw's face. The two planned to take over Gotham's crime families after the death of Tony Bressi left a vaccuum.

(Punisher/Batman: Deadly Knights#1) - Some time later, the Punisher returned to Gotham City to finish the job on Jigsaw, who never left as the Punisher had expected him to.  He began a massive assault on the criminal element, trying to draw Jigsaw out.  His actions drew the attention of the original Batman, who had recently resumed his mantle from Azrael.  The two fought before the Punisher again made an escape.  After this, Jigsaw and the Joker discussed the ramifications of the Punisher's return to Gotham.  The Punisher had his asssistant Microchip hack into local crime bosses' computers at the same time Robin was doing the same for Batman. Information led the Punisher to a club, where he was greeted by Jigsaw, his face healed from its previous damage.  As Microchip and Robin attempted to shut each other down, the Punisher found himself between Jigsaw and the Joker, and a local crimelord they were about to take out.  Batman arrived to witness the situation turn into a gun battle, and joined the conflict.  In the chaos, the Punisher tried to kill Jigsaw with a makeshift grenade, but only ended up disfiguring his enemy again.  Soon after, Jigsaw tried to fight Batman, but was quickly defeated.  Meanwhile, the Punisher had run after the Joker, but before he could kill him, Batman arrived and held off the vigilante.  He told the Joker to run, and after the maniac was gone, told the Punisher that he would be responsible for the Joker and that the Punisher had to leave Gotham City.  The Punisher complied, but only after a fistfight that left him on the losing end.

(Spider-Man and Batman#1) - Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne both began having disturbing dreams that recalled traumas in their life, but with slight twists. In Parker's dream, the burglar who shot his Uncle Ben was none other than the Joker, and Wayne dreamed that the man who gunned down his parents was the super-villain Carnage. Spider-Man later was called to Ravencroft Institute by Dr. Kafka, regarding the imprisoned Carnage. He arrived there shortly before Carnage attempted to break out, only to be contained again.  Kafka introduced Spider-Man to Cassandra Briar, a scientist who believed she could rehabilitate Carnage through the use of biotechnic computer chips. The procedure was performed on Carnage.  Elsewhere, Batman had defeated the Joker and imprisoned him once again in Arkham Asylum.  Briar arrived there with a timid Cletus Kasady (Carnage's human host), and offered her treatment on the Joker. The surgery was a success on the Joker, and the two were given a press conference where Briar announced the surgery. While being driven away, Kasady killed the driver of the car he was in, revealing that his symbiote had short-circuited the chip that was planted within him. He then tried to abduct Briar and the Joker, but was confronted by Batman. Spider-Man arrived, having come to Gotham City to follow up on Carnage, and got Briar away from the psychopath, and the two vigilantes attacked Carnage. Carnage escaped with the Joker and, after finding a safe haven, removed the Joker's chip, returning him to his former self. Spider-Man offered his aid to Batman, who refused it, preferring to track the two escapees on his own. The Joker and Carnage did not mesh as well as they'd hoped, and attempted to kill one another. Batman, realizing he needed Spider-Man's help, found him and the two went looking for Carnage, only to find the aftermath of a confrontation between him and the Joker. Carnage attacked the two, and had the upper hand, but the Joker made his appearance known, threatening to blow them all up with a deadly toxin.  Carnage hesitated in fear, and Batman took him down. Spider-Man got the toxic bomb away from the Joker and chased him. He almost killed the villain, but held back at the last minute. Instead, he knocked the Joker unconscious. After the two killers were taken into custody, Spider-Man and Batman shook hands before parting ways.

(Batman & Spider-Man#1) - Ra's Al Ghul sent his daughter to the United States to try to form a partnership with Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime. They briefly flirted with the idea before Kingpin backed out, not wanting to deal with what he perceived as terrorists that may be bringing their "cause" to his streets.  Batman, aware that Talia was in America, had followed her from Gotham City and while he was trailing her, Spider-Man found him. Batman again declined Spider-Man's offer to help, but the hero persisted and Batman relented. Meanwhile, Fisk had agreed to help Talia and her father, as he was led to believe they could cure his ailing wife Vanessa. Fisk took Vanessa to Tibet to meet Ra's Al Ghul in person, and Batman and Spider-Man followed, having disguised themselves as two of Fisk's henchmen.  Ra's immediately spotted them and the two heroes revealed themselves. While they easily handled a group of hired thugs, Ra's and Kingpin made their escape to one of Ra's cavernous hideouts. Spider-Man and Batman tracked them there as well. Ra's demanded Kingpin punch in a computer code to destroy New York City in return for the antidote to Vanessa's illness, which Ra's had led him to believe was not cancer but a synthetic version that Ra's himself had created. Kingpin finally gave in and pushed the button, but instead of New York being destroyed, the terrorist's satellite was destroyed instead, thanks to some rewiring by Batman. The Kingpin then revealed that he had been working with Batman and Spider-Man all along, having wanted no part in Ra's Al Ghul's scheme. Ra's, surprised by this turn of events, allowed all of them to leave his base, even giving them safe transport (but also telling Kingpin that no antidote ever existed). However, once back in the States, Batman was secretly given the antidote by Talia, and he relayed it to Spider-Man, who then left it with Fisk.

(Spider-Man/Badrock#1B (fb)-BTS) - Somewhere around this point, Dr. Octopus apparently "died" in the same manner he did on Earth-616.

(Badrock/Wolverine#1) - The other-dimensional being known as Tyrax joined with Sauron and the Savage Land Mutates to plunder the Savage Land.  As Sauron was scouting the area around their base, he came across Wolverine, who was in the Savage Land on a hunting retreat.  Sauron attacked the X-Man, but soon retreated. In Washington, D.C., the member of Youngblood known as Badrock was studying when he accidentally received part of Wolverine's radio transmission to the X-Men.  Deciding to meet his hero, Badrock took a Youngblood jet and headed for the Savage Land.  There, Wolverine found the Mutates base and was about to attack when he found Zabu, the sabertoothed pet of Ka-Zar, who had been captured by the Mutates. Badrock arrived and was attacked by the Mutates, but quckly defeated them.  He and Wolverine soon met up and discussed the situation.  Sauron managed to take Badrock under his mental control and had the teen hero attack Wolverine.  The two soon recovered their senses.  Meanwhile, Tyrax announced the completion of his newest experiment to Sauron: The Dinosauroids; human/dinosaur hybrids.  After some arguing, Sauron attacked Tyrax.  Wolverine, Badrock and Zabu made their way into the compound.  Zabu freed Ka-Zar while the others battled the rest of the Mutates and the Dinosauroids.  Knowing he was nearing defeat, Tyrax opened a dimensional portal and escaped.  The power used in fighting Tyrax caused Sauron to revert back into his human form of Karl Lykos, who aided the heroes in reverting the Dinosauroids back into regular dinosaurs.  Logan and Badrock left Ka-Zar and Lykos to finish up and headed for home.

(Backlash/Spider-Man#1) - The Cabal member Pike attacked a facility looking for his enemies Backlash and Taboo. There, he ran into Venom, who was searching out Taboo himself, as he'd learned she possessed a living symbiotic suit similar to his own, and believed it to be a spawn of Carnage's sybiote. After a brief fight, Pike convinced Venom that he could lead him to Taboo. Sometime after, Backlash, in his Marc Slayton identity, was summoned to the facility to investigate by the FBI. Meanwhile, his partner Taboo was kidnapped by Venom after she attended her brother's grave. As the two battled in public, they were spotted by Ben Reilly, who had recently been led to believe he was the original Spider-Man and had taken up the mantle. Spider-Man helped turn the tables, but Pike used a baby to distract the hero, and he and Venom made off with Taboo. Later, Spider-Man encountered Backlash, who demanded that Spider-Man aid him in rescuing Taboo. Reilly agreed and the two went in search of her and her captors.

(Backlash/Spider-Man#2) - While they kept Taboo prisoner inside an abandoned cathedral, Venom realized that her suit was indeed not related to his own. Elsewhere, Backlash and Spider-Man examined a small piece of Venom's suit that had been lost during the battle. Using it as a sort of tracking device, they found the cathedral and attacked the villains. In the midst of the battle, Pike took control of the piece of Venom's suit and bonded with it, becoming even more powerful. Venom joined the heroes in battling this new menace, and shortly after, Spider-Man realized that they were in a church with bell-towers. He lured the empowered Pike there, and used the bells' sound to drive the symbiote from Pike.  It returned to Venom, but Pike tried to use Taboo as a hostage. Venom knocked Pike, Taboo and the bomb Pike had just activated off the top of the church.  Backlash caught Taboo, but the building exploded just as they escaped. In the aftermath, Backlash and Taboo found no trace of any of the others, though Spider-Man emerged shortly after they left.

(Spider-Man/Gen 13#1 (fb)-BTS) - At some point, Peter Parker took the Spider-Man role back from Reilly.

(Spider-Man/Gen 13#1) - The villainess Glider attacked Spider-Man, who crashed into a music concert he was in town (as Peter Parker) to cover.  The concert was attended by members of the team Gen 13.  After Glider teleported away, Spider-Man passed out, and the Gen13 kids took him to their headquarters.  This was part of Glider's plan, as she had been hired to capture the Gen 13 members.  As Glider (who suffered multiple-personality disorder) contended with a custody case over her daughter, Alissa, Spider-Man awoke at Gen 13's base, just as Glider and a squad of troops arrived.  The battle took the combatants to a nearby school where Alissa attended.  When one of Glider's soldiers tried to use the girl as a hostage, Glider shot and killed all of her own team.  As the last soldier fell, he shot Glider, who managed to teleport away.  Spider-Man boarded a plane to return to New York, leaving Gen 13 to explain the situation to their leader, Lynch.  Elsewhere, Glider had been taken to a hospital, where she slipped into a coma.

(Daredevil and Batman#1) - Batman encountered Daredevil in the sewers of New York while tracking a lead on some murders he believed were committed by Two-Face. The two fought briefly, but stopped when they realized they were searching for the same thing. Unknown to him, Two-Face had begun working with the murderous Mr. Hyde, and were after a number of pieces of technology. Even together, Batman and Daredevil didn't get along, with Daredevil believing his old friend Dent was still somewhere inside Two-Face. After more investigating, Batman and Daredevil learned that Two-Face had stolen a neuro-chip that could grow within a human body and was using Hyde as his unwitting guinea pig. The two tracked down the villains, and while Batman had his hands full with Hyde, Daredevil tried to get into Two-Face's mind. He finally convinced Dent to give Hyde the antidote to stop the chip from killing him, and the two villains were taken into custody. Afterwards, Matt Murdock encountered Bruce Wayne, both realizing who the other was, and Wayne told Murdock to stay out of Gotham.

(Daredevil/Shi#1) - Shortly after confronting a rogue band of Hand ninjas called the Makoto, Daredevil returned to his normal identity of Matt Murdock, and proceeded to defend Stephen Timmons, a client in a civil suit brought on by Peter DeNyse, a detective who believed Timmons had sought to kill him. While questioning DeNyse on the stand, Murdock could tell he was lying, and realized it may have had something to do with a mysterious woman in attendance. As Daredevil, he later confronted the woman, in actuality the assassin known as Shi, on the grounds of Timmons' home. She escaped, though.  Later, the Makoto confronted Shi, and offered to help heal DeNyse, who had been severely injured, if she joined them. They had her read from an ancient scroll of the Makoto-Oni (a demon), and the Makoto-Oni possessed her. She/it then confronted Daredevil.

(Shi/Daredevil: Honor Thy Mother#1) - Shi attacked Daredevil, and the two battled ferociously. Daredevil tried to convince Shi to stop fighting, and when her own mind tried to reassert itself over the demon, the Makoto-Oni attempted to strangle her through the possessed medallion she wore. Daredevil performed CPR and revived her. He left her with her mother and went to Sister Maggie for advice. There, a repossessed Shi attacked him again, rendering both of them unconcsious. The Makoto kidnapped both and took them to an underground lair. They released the Makoto-Oni into a physical form, which tried to kill Shi, but the two held the demon off. With little left to lose, Shi used the words her mother gave her, and instead of fighting the demon, she embraced it, causing it to disperse. The two then went their separate ways.

(Spider-Man/Badrock#1A (fb)/#1B (fb)-BTS) - Spider-Man stopped a robbery at a diamond store. Unbeknownst to him, the robbers were working for Mysterio, and they planted a holographic device on Spider-Man during the encounter.

(Spider-Man/Badrock#1A) - J. Jonah Jameson scored an interview with Youngblood leader Shaft, determined to expose the government heroes as shams. Shaft, not wanting part of the interview, convinced his teammate Badrock to take his place, lying and telling the young hero that Jameson owned a lost episode of Battlestar Galactica. Elsewhere, Mysterio began to set his plan to kill Spider-Man into motion. Jameson and his photographer Peter Parker arrived at the hotel and found Badrock waiting for them instead of Shaft. As Jameson complained, a being they believed to be the Rhino attacked the building. Parker slipped away and changed into his Spider-Man outfit, and he and Badrock easily defeated the "Rhino." No sooner had they done so when Venom attacked them.

(Spider-Man/Badrock#1B) - After defeating Venom as well, the two heroes then had to deal with what they believed to be Carnage, the Green Goblin, the Hobgoblin and the Vulture as well. Spider-Man realized they defeated his deadliest foes too easily and went to investigate. They discovered the holographic device on Spider-Man, which led them back to Mysterio, who they quickly defeated. Badrock, glad to have helped Spider-Man out, agreed to send the entire Youngblood team with Parker to the Daily Bugle to take the interview. Parker demanded, and got, triple his usual rate from Jameson for the job.

(Gladiator/Supreme#1 (fb) - Supreme, now insane with his religious zealousness, returned to Denuvi-7. There, he first destroyed a Shi'ar orbiting outpost above the planet, killing everyone aboard. The Shi'ar sent the Imperial Guard member Gladiator to investigate and deal with Supreme.  Supreme explored Denuvi-7 and when he discovered that in the years since his first visit they had come to worship him, he went into a rage.  After killing several of the aliens, Supreme was confronted by Gladiator.  The two fought (a LOT), with neither gaining the upper hand due to their similar power levels.  The conflict took the two into space, where they continued their battle.  Meanwhile, the denizens of Denuvi-7 began to burn their symbols of the worship of Supreme, including priests.  When Gladiator realized he could not defeat Supreme, he pretended to be dead.  Supreme, content with his victory, left Denuvi-7.  Afterwards, the Shi'ar sent missionaries of their own faith to the planet to try and help restructure the world's theology and bring balance to their shattered views.

(Gen 13/Generation X#1) - Trance tracked down Carlos the Jackal in a bar, and used his mind powers to discover the location of Vortex. He then commanded Carlos to kill himself. Trance and his Freaks found and abducted Vortex from his containment center. This caused the mutant Emplate to sense the being's existance, and he began to search for this new potential power source. The abduction also set off Cerebro, alerting Banshee to the situation, just as Lynch was alerted to it by the government. Cassidy's team Generation X and Lynch's team Gen 13 arrived moments apart, and the three groups had a stand-off, Emplate, from his dimensional prison revealed himself and tried to feed on the power source he sensed earlier, but Trance convinced him to work with him in return for the secrets to the powers of Qeelocke, Gen 13's teleporting "pet." Emplate, Trance and the Freaks escaped just as Vortex woke up from his containment.  At first startled to see Lynch, the being responsible for imprisoning him, the two teams pleaded with him to trust them. As Emplate and Trance's alliance began to quickly crumble, Vortex transported the heroes to their location. During the fight, the villains were defeated and escaped. Generation X and Gen 13 parted on amicable terms, leaving Vortex to find his own destiny.

(Generation X/Gen 13#1 (fb)-BTS): While perfecting his organ-transplant process utilizing the organs of super-powered beings to normal humans, Pretorious learned of the existence of Gen 13, a group of superhuman teens and their mentor John Lynch. Deciding to create a situation in which he could capture these children without anyone realizing he was behind it, he invited several private schools to visit his castle, La Casa Del Sol, which he purposely misrepresented to be a modern resort hotel.

(Generation X/Gen13#1 (fb)): Pretorious welcomed the arriving members of Gen 13 to his home, and had his assistants, Nook and Cranny, carry their bags. After they were attacked in a hallway by his ape-hybrid, Pretorious told them it was just a normal ape that he kept in his lab for studies that got loose. He then left to welcome the next group of students to arrive.

(Generation X/Gen13#1): Pretorious welcomed the arriving members of Generation X to his home, not realizing they too, had superpowers. The next morning, the two groups of students and Pretorious enjoyed breakfast. Later that day, while at the beach, the teen heroes were attacked by "Salty," Pretorious’s man-fish hybrid. The creature returned to the castle, bringing the unconscious bodies of Freefall and Synch with him. Realizing this creature was tied into their host somehow, the members of Generation X and Gen 13 returned to the castle, where they witnessed the professor explaining his plans. They crashed through the ceiling and confronted Pretorious, but he quickly subdued them with poison gas. When he learned one, Burnout, was missing and had gone back to town for help, he took the Hybrids with him to track the teen down. Shortly after finding Burnout, the rest of the members of the two teams, having escaped, joined in the fight against the Hybrids, many of whom escaped. Trying to get away, Pretorious was cornered by M and Freefall. John Lynch later handed him over to a government project where he could use his knowledge for their benefit.

(Incredible Hulk Vs. Superman) - Lois Lane watched a television program documenting the history of the Hulk, and when her husband Superman arrived, they discussed Superman's first encounter with the creature.

(Batman/Daredevil: King of New York (fb)-BTS) - Jonathan Crane, the Gotham City villain known as the Scarecrow, hired Catwoman to go to New York to steal files pertaining to the Kingpin from the law offices of Shane, Murdock & Nelson. Murdock, as Daredevil, followed her back to Gotham.

(Batman/Daredevil: King of New York) - Daredevil watched as Catwoman was about to hand over a briefcase containing the files to a couple of thugs when Batman arrived on the scene. Hoping to keep Batman from messing up his sting, Daredevil attacked him, and the two fell onto the roof where Catwoman and the thugs were. Catwoman got away, taking the files to Scarecrow. In the meantime, Batman and Daredevil had stopped their fight and decided to work together, and Batman found traces of Scarecrow's fear gas on the thugs. Scarecrow arrived in New York City, ready to take over as the new crimelord. He used his gas to take control of many of the Kingpin's minions and sent them to start a gang war. He also sent to of the hynotized thugs to the Kingpin to tell him he was taking over. Batman and Daredevil confronted the Kingpin, who steered them in the wrong direction while he personally went after the Scarecrow. In an armed helicopter, he tracked the madman down to the Statue of Liberty, where Scarecrow was prepared to set off his gas during a storm, causing it to sweep across the city. He tried to kill Scarecrow, who blew up the helicopter, though Kingpin managed to survive, grabbing on to the side of the Statue and gaining entry. Daredevil and Batman arrived and the two seperately confronted the villains. While Batman fought Kingpin to a standstill, Daredevil came face to face with the Scarecrow. Scarecrow tried to douse Daredevil with his fear gas, but the vigilante fought the effects, and Scarecrow was sent plunging from the side of the Statue. With his rival dealt with, Kingpin gloated that there was nothing the two heroes could do to him and walked away free.

(Wolverine/Shi: Dark Night of Judgement) - As representatives of two clans, Shi and Wolverine met to duel, to see which clan's members would be allowed in heaven. They fought. A lot.

(Punisher/Painkiller Jane#1) - Painkiller Jane witnessed the Punisher's raid on one of Vinnie Veronica's mob groups.  She fell instantly in love with him and began to follow him.  She broke into his house, and began to imagine what life would be like if the two of them were married.  The Punisher arrived and after she professed her love for him, he kicked her out.  She began to continue hounding him, with him even attempting to put her on a one-way plane trip to Anchorage, Alaska.  She returned and resumed her search.  The Punisher found Veronica and launched an assault on his yacht, but was taken down by Vinnie's hired goon, Skinner.  Jane tracked them down, just in time to see Veronica's gang torturing the Punisher.  She made her presence known, killing several of the mob boss's men, but when she saw Skinner about to fire a grappling hook at Castle, Painkiller Jane jumped in between them, taking the hook through her abdomen.  The Punisher recovered and apparently killed Skinner.  With their enemies disposed of, the Punisher agreed to sleep with Jane, on the condition she leave him alone for the rest of her life. The next morning, she awoke to find the Punisher gone.


(Gen 13/Fantastic Four) - Gen 13 visited New York City, but decided to leave their pet Qeelocke in their hotel room while they went site-seeing. When a bizarre creature entered Earth's dimension in the Atlantic Ocean, Qeelocke sensed it and began to act violently. Later, Gen 13 returned to find that Qeelocke had busted out of the room and gone on a rampage, and had also begun to grow. While they were out killing their evening, Spider-Man and the Human Torch came across Qeelocke, and, not knowing what it was, captured it. Torch told Spider-Man to bring it to the Baxter Building. As he flew back there, the Torch caught the attention of Freefal, who mistook him for her teammate Burnout. After Spider-Man delivered the still-growing Qeelocke to the Fantastic Four, the team went to investigate the new creature that was seen in the ocean. Gen 13 realized that the Fantastic Four were holding Qeelocke and Freefall went to the Baxter Building to talk to the Torch. When the Torch explained that Qeelocke was growing and violent, Freefall flew through the building looking for him. When she did, the rest of her team, who had followed her, arrived and confronted the Thing and Torch, and fought them while trying to free their pet. Before things could go too horribly wrong, Mr. Fantastic arrived and settled things down, but just as he did, the other creature made its way on to land. Qeelocke broke free and in its frenzied state, went to meet the other creature.  Mr. Fantastic theorized that the two now-gigantic creatures must be mortal enemies and were tracking each other down by instinct. This proved to be quite incorrect when the two monsters finally confronted each other and, instead of fighting, began to mate. When they were finished, the other creature disappeared, apparently back to its original dimension, while Qeelocke returned to its normal size and attitude. The two teams, somewhat embarrased over the situation, parted ways.

(Witchblade/Wolverine#1 (fb)-BTS) - A mutant named Kaylie was turned over to the Xavier Institute when her father turned states witness against crimelord Simyon Lebedev. Somehow, she came to possess the Digitabulum (aka the Witchblade), taking it away from Detective Sara  Pezzini. She used her mental powers to try to give Sara a new life, and had her and Wolverine fall in love.

(Witchblade/Wolverine#1) - Pezzini and Wolverine, whom Sara was remembering as "Scott," were married in Las Vegas. As they left the chapel, Wolverine felt a pain in his chest, and a spike shot out of it. He quickly healed, but before the two could figure out what was going on, they found a briefcase in their limo with at least a million dollars in it and a note wishing them happiness in their new life. At a bar, they tried to figure out what had happened and why they had lost their memories, with both subconsciously drawing pictures with their blades of Kaylie. They even called phone numbers they remembered, with Sara getting her own answering machine and Logan made contact with Sage at the Xavier Institute. Once they figured out who they were, Lebedev arrived, with Kaylie in tow. Lebedev ordered his men to kill Wolverine. He then ordered Kaylie to force Sara to jump from a ledge, but Wolverine recovered from the gunshot wounds and saved her. The two took down most of Lebedev's men and Sara reclaimed the Witchblade from Kaylie. Wolverine killed Lebedev and Kaylie was placed under observation. Afterwards, Logan and Pezzini decided they may really be in love after all.

(Darkness/The Incredible Hulk#1) - While riding on a subway, mafia hitman Jackie Estacado recognized a fellow passenger as Dr. Bruce Banner. He followed Banner, who pulled a gun on him, demanding to know who he was. Estacado asked for an autograph, as he didn't really believe Banner existed. Banner conceeded and the two parted. Moments later, Estacado, through the powers of the Darkness which he possessed, saw that everyone in the subway system would soon die. At that moment, a group of Chechnyan terrorists had taken over the oncoming train and loaded it with a bomb. As the area was too bright for Jackie to release his own powers, he pushed Banner in the way of the train, knowing he would transform in the Hulk. Banner did so, destroying the front end of the oncoming train. Jackie tried to explain his actions to the Hulk, but the brute lashed out at him. Estacado then tried to attack the Hulk with his Darkness imps, but they were no match. The terrorists tried to attack both of them, and the Hulk and Estacado made quick work of most of them. As the Hulk transformed back into Banner, he witnessed Jackie kill the last one with his Darkness powers. Estacado offered Banner a job in his organization, but Banner declined and retreated into the subway tunnels. A team of police arrived, and Estacado saw their upcoming deaths before they went into the tunnel after the Hulk.

(Darkness/Wolverine#1) - Jackie Estacado, the Spaniard's grandson and current bearer of the Darkness, was sent by Dante to find Logan. He found him in a bar in Brooklyn, and confronted him. Dante egged Jackie on to kill Logan and avenge his grandfather, but after a brief fight, Jackie called for a truce as he was uninterested in avenging a man who he knew to be worthless. Angered, Dante emerged from the Darkness and was cut down by Jackie and Logan, who then shared a round of drinks.

(Cyberforce/X-Men#1 (fb)-BTS) - The Hand kidnapped Cyberforce member Cyblade and began a ritual to brainwash her.

(Cyberforce/X-Men#1) - Cyblade's teammate Ripclaw tracked her down and tore through the Hand members to recover his partner.  After defeating the ninjas, the two were attacked by two malfunctioning Sentinels which had been left in a storage lab below the city and which misread the Cyberforce members' patterns as mutants. The Sentinels captured the two and returned to their base.

Later, the X-Men Wolverine and Psylocke, in Japan for their own reasons, stumpled upon the battle scene and Wolverine used his sense of smell to track the Sentinels through the Tokyo sewer systems. In their lab, he found the Cyberforce members placed in containment tubes and freed them. The deactivated Sentinels awoke and the battle was carried to the streets of Tokyo, where the four heroes destroyed the two Sentinels. Wolverine offered the two a place with the X-Men, but they declined.

(Witchblade/Punisher#1) - Detective Sara Pezzini and her partner Patrick Gleason were tasked with transporting Russian hitman Brunt as he turned state's evidence against his employers. The Punisher comandeered the truck, intent on killing Brunt. He forced the two detectives to bound themselves but Pezzini broke free and used the Witchblade to transform into her super-powered form. She tried to reason with the Punisher to spare Brunt. Taking advantage of the situation, Brunt attacked Pezzini, but was shot and killed by the Punisher. The vigilante then departed, leaving Pezzini with doubts about which of their paths was the right one.

(Unholy Union#1 (fb)-BTS) - Brought up on trumped-up charges (for once), mob leader Estacado hired lawyer Matt Murdock to defend him. The defense was successful and Estacado was released.

(Unholy Union#1) - Dr. Strange felt a disturbance threatening the balance of the Earth. Elsewhere, Estacado celebrated his freedom with his friend Butcher in a bar. Unknowingly, a very pregnant Detective Pezzini and her friend Dani Baptiste (the new wielder of the Witchblade) entered the bar and confronted Estacado. Pezzini warned him to not get in trouble again, but was interrupted when Ghost Rider burst through the window, demanding vengeance against Estacado. Estacado transformed into his Darkness form to confront Ghost Rider, but unbeknownst to all, Bruce Banner was in the same bar, trying to drown his troubles with alcohol. The disturbance caused him to become the Hulk, whom the Darkness unwisely tried to talk to, remembering their previous encounter (unfortunately, so did the Hulk). Baptiste unleashed the Witchblade in an effort to help Estacado against his two assailants, and after much fighting, Dr. Strange arrived, teleported Ghost Rider and Hulk away (washing their memories of the encounter) and explained to Darkness and Witchblade that a time of crisis was about to occur that required their aid, thus his actions to protect them. Elsewhere, members of Cyberforce worked on something (see comments).

(New Avengers/Transformers#1-4 (fb)-BTS) - The Decepticons, a group of evil robots from the planet Cybertron who had recently arrived on Earth, set about a new phase in their plot to dominate the world. They arrived in Latveria with a building called the Array, and launched an attack on Dr. Doom's robot forces, destroying them and taking the Psycho-Prism from his possession. They then began to attack neighboring country Symkaria in hopes of triggering a nuclear war, using the Psycho-Prism to radiate the Aggression Wave, which built up rage in humans. To stop the impending war between Latveria and Symkaria, SHIELD requested the Avengers travel to Latveria to investigate.

(New Avengers/Transformers#1) - Four of the Avengers (Cage, Captain America, Spider-Man and Wolverine) found the remains of Doom's robots before stumbling upon the Array. Realizing that Spider-Man's blood could infuse their bodies with greater power through a process called "mirror response mode" the Decepticons captured Spider-Man, taking him to their leader, Megatron. As Falcon and Ms. Marvel arrived to aid the Avengers, the Aggression Wave caused the heroes to begin fighting amongst themselves. Having observed the activity, the Autbots (the Decepticons' mortal enemies) opted to reveal their presence in hopes to stop their enemies. However, the maddened Avengers immediately attacked the robots.

(New Avengers/Transformers#2) - As the Avengers fought the Autobots, Dr. Doom arrived and helped the Autobots calm down the heroes. Explaining his situation, Doom became frustrated with the heroes, and departed, claiming to go to Symkaria to broker peace. Shortly afterwards, Iron Man, wearing a giant suit of armor he had developed after hearing rumors of the Autobots and Decepticons, arrived to help his allies against the Decepticons.

(New Avengers/Transformers#3 (fb)-BTS) - Instead of going to Symkaria, Doom instead chose to ally himself with the Decepticons.

(New Avengers/Transformers#3) - As the two sides clashed, Cage, along with Autobots Prowl and Ratchet, entered the Array to find Spider-Man and destroy the Psycho-Prism. Megatron, now empowered by the mirror response mode, taunted the heroes from inside the Array and revealed Doom's presence by his side. This did not last long, as Megatron soon turned on Doom, knocking him out with a powerful blast. The ultra-powered Megatron then left the Array to confront his enemies.

(New Avengers/Transformers#4) - Spider-Man broke free of captivity and a recovered Dr. Doom took down the Decepticon guard that stood nearby. Outside, Megatron clashed with the giant Iron Man, ultimately destroying the Avenger's new armor. At the battle continued, Cage, Spider-Man, Doom, Prowl and Ratchet located the Psycho-Prism, which was being guarded by Ramjet, a Decepticon with designs of conquest all his own. Not wishing to take part in Megatron's defeat, Ramjet departed, leaving the Prism unguarded for Wolverine to destroy. With its power source gone, the Array began to crumble and the heroes escaped, though Doom remained inside to gather the shards of the Prism. With his power ebbing, Megatron was defeated, and the Autobots silently departed the battle scene. As they observed the Avengers from afar, they noticed the Quinjet used by the heroes had a design that appeared to be Cybertronian.

Comments: First utilized by Gerry Conway, Ross Andru and Dick Giordano.

What is Earth-Crossover, and why aren't all crossovers with other companies included?

This profile only deals with crossovers involving Marvel characters and those of other companies in which there is no explanation for why they share the same Earth, and there is a sense of history showing that these characters are natural to this Earth.  There are many crossovers involving Marvel characters that are not included in this profile, for various reasons. These crossovers include:

Conceivably, this Earth-Crossover could theoretically contain most other inter-company crossovers involving two (or more) non-Marvel universes as well, but since we're only dealing with Marvel (and that I don't think we need to do the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon game of linking Spider-Man to Cherry Poptart) only books concerning Marvel characters are included.
Also, as is obvious by certain remarks, many of the events that occured on Earth-616 occured here as well. However, only the ones that are directly referenced in these books (Maximum Carnage, Secret Wars) are mentioned in History. Even if it's something fairly obvious, unless it was in these actual books, it is omitted. For instance, it's a given that most people familiar with the character know that Azrael took over the role of Batman after Bane broke Bruce Wayne's back. However, just going by what is presented, we only know that in this universe, Azrael replaced Wayne temporarily, but we are never explicitly told why. Thus, it is not mentioned.

There's also the odd chance that every single one of these crossovers occured on the alternate Earth that was created when Krona merged Earth-616 and the DC Earth in JLA/Avengers#2-3. As evidenced in #3 of that series, the characters shared that world for some time (to them at least), with little change to the characters themselves. It is possible that Krona created not only a contemporary Earth when doing so, but also created its past and future as well. Time is tricky that way. As to how other characters from non-DC or Marvel universes show up on it...I don't know. Maybe they were briefly merged as well. Either way, this can NOT be the same world that was created by the Brothers (Earth-Amalgam) or any other similar event where the characters were changed entirely from their Earth-616 versions.

For the most part, almost all of these stories could have conceivably occured on Earth-616 as well, as there isn't too much that would automatically exclude them. There may very well be a Darkseid or Archie, but we've never seen them. Generally, the stories don't mess around with any of the characters in terms of development, so that's not a problem. There may even be a Gotham City on Earth-616 that we've never seen before (hey, if Genosha can "suddenly" exist, why can't Gotham?). That said, it's better to exclude these crossovers from Earth-616, but there's not much that directly says so, outside of someone else owning the characters.

It should also be noted that, as far as we know, each and every single one of these crossovers could have occured on different alternate Earths. However, for simplicity's sake, and since they generally don't have anything in them that contradicts one another, they're included in one all-encompassing entry.

So, why can't any or all of these have occured on Earth-616 or Earth-DC during a temporary merger? Because as pointed out in JLA/Avengers, a merger of the two worlds causes a lot of wide-ranging havoc.

So, why can't any of these adventures deal with, say, Earth-616 characters briefly visiting Earth-DC? Because as stated, none of these characters give any indication that this world isn't natural to them. Spider-Man, Logan, Superman...they all have histories on this world.
About how Crisis on Infinite Earths ties in: It doesn't. It may very well have happened on this world, but there's no direct reference to it, and so I have opted to consider pre- and post-Crisis versions of characters (Superman, Luthor, etc.) the same along the way. If it did happen, then it affected certain characters as it did on Earth-DC, but I'm still going with a linear history here, with that acting only as a theoretical reality change, not a full-blown wipe as happened on Earth-DC. Since it's not referenced, I really don't care.

This entry also does not include crossovers with Marvel characters where they met non-Marvel owned characters published by Marvel. Many of those appearances were licensed and considered part of Earth-616, even if they can't be fully referenced anymore (Rom, Team America, etc.). Others like the Spider-Man, Nick Fury appearances in Transformers#3 (as well as the Godzilla reference in it) are considered part of Earth-Transformers. Either way, they exist elsewhere, not on this world.

The one crossover that doesn't fit:

Generally, virtually ever single crossover Marvel has taken part in that doesn't require dimension/time travel can be placed on this one world with very little difficulty. As none of them have wide-ranging ramifications on the main players, and they usually end up pretty much where they were at the start of the stories, there's nothing precluding them from this. There is, however, one Marvel/DC crossover that simply can't fit on this world without a lot of retconning and reworking, and considering the type of world this is, that will not only never be dealt with, but is useless to even try.  This would be the Captain America/Batman crossover. While Captain America was active in World War II and in modern times, there never was an Earth-DC Batman that did the same. The WWII-era Batman was a different character from a different reality (Earth-2, DC Universe) and not the same exact character we see now (Earth-2 was DC's way of having an alternate Earth in which all of their characters' adventures during WWII could occur, as the characters were around then instead of the modern era). Because there's no way we can discern why Batman, Robin and the Joker would have been around then without time-travel (which wasn't involved) and because this entire entry only deals with what is actually seen in the books, this one book must be considered a separate alternate-Earth (John McDonagh pointed out that this Earth was designated as Earth-3839 by John Wells in the Crisis Compendium that shipped with the Absolute Edition of the Crisis). It was dealt with as an Elseworlds title (DC's answer to What If?), and was written and drawn by John Byrne. Here's the synopsis for it:

(Captain America/Batman) - <1945, World War II> - Batman and Captain America (and their sidekicks Robin (Grayson) and Bucky) teamed up to find out why the Joker why the Joker was trying to steal a nuclear warhead. When the Joker found out he was working for the Red Skull, a Nazi, he tried to end their partnership, but the Red Skull had the Joker knocked unconscious. With the warhead loaded on a plane headed for Washington, D.C., Captain America and Batman tried to stop it. The Joker awoke and tried to disarm the bomb, but his struggle with the Skull caused both of them to fall out of the plane. Batman and Cap took over the plane, averting disaster. At some point near the end of the war, Captain America disappeared. Twenty years later, the new Batman (Grayson) and the new Robin (Bruce Wayne, Jr.) found Captain America encased in a block of ice, and revived him. Back at the Batcave, the two, along with a retired Bruce Wayne, Sr., welcomed the hero back.

...and the alternate future timeline crossover:

The fourth issue in the X-Men/WildC.A.T.s crossover takes place in the year 2019. As such, it is treated here like any alternate/divergent future, and is not neccessarily part of the reality seen in the other books. (Note that the first three issues were called WildC.A.T.s/X-Men, but this one was called X-Men/Wild.C.A.T.s, as it was the only part of the crossover publishe by Marvel).

(X-Men/WildC.A.T.s: The Dark Age#1) - At some point, the alien race known as the Kherans (of which the Coda members Zealot and Savant belonged) finally defeated their ages-long enemies the Daemonites. Driven mad by the news, the Daemonites on Earth began to search for a way to strike back, and fused themselves with Sentinels. They then began to take over America, turn it into a wasteland by the year 2019. Many members of the X-Men and other heroes were killed, while Jean Grey, Cable, Majestic and Zealot went missing. A small group of former X-Men and WildC.A.T.s tried to survive in these times. Elsewhere, Grifter and Logan encountered the members of DV8, who had allied themselves with the Daemonites. Eventually, Grey and the others were freed from their captivity, and Kitty Pryde realized that the only way to stop the madness was for several of the heroes to use their powers together to go back in time and destroy the first Kheran ship that arrived on Earth a thousand years ago. They did so, and their world blinked out of existence.

Why certain issues were placed where they were:

For the most part, the stories are chronologically listed in their order of publication.  However, there are a few that could not work in that format. Darkseid Vs. Galactus, for instance, uses a time-period in which the Silver Surfer was still the willing Herald of Galactus.  Using that as a basis, I placed this before a theoretical Fantastic Four I#50 would have been published in this line.

Deathblow/Wolverine states that it takes place in 1982. However, this is topical, and is only used to lend credence to the narrative in that it takes place earlier in the characters' lives. Logan has pictures of himself with Nightcrawler and Colossus, so he was already an X-Man. I decided to relate this into the history by using the 1982 reference as a point in which this story would have been published in the real world, and not actual "Marvel time." It doesn't help that Wolverine is wearing his classic yellow-and-blue outfit, but since he was "off duty" at the time, I think we can chalk that up to that being the only one he had at the moment.

WildC.A.T.s/X-Men: The Modern Age#1 is a little difficult to place for one reason: it features a pre-Dark Phoenix Jean Grey in her Phoenix garb as well as Wolverine in his yellow/brown outfit. He didn't wear this until after her "death." I went ahead and placed it somewhere in 1979-1980 (real time, not Marvel time) and he just got his new outfit a little earlier in this reality.
Some are more obvious: WildC.A.T.S/X-Men: The Golden Age#1 is a World War II-era story.  Team X/Team 7 takes place in the early lives of these teams, which would probably be in the 1960s or '70s (though that's becoming topical).

Teen Titans Index#3 referenced the X-Men/Teen Titans book, and stated that it would have taken place between X-Men I#153-154 and around New Teen Titans I#26 (if those adventures happened on this world as they did on their respective mainstream worlds, of course).

The Spider-Man/Batman crossover was placed where it was as a note in the story says it takes place before the "Clone Saga." Since we have the Batman/Spider-Man crossover occuring right before a reference to Doc Ock being killed (by Kaine during said Saga), it has to go where it does.

The Crossover Craze

Marvel and DC collaborated on four (five if you include the Oz book, see below) co-publications in the late 70s/early 80s before legal tape ended their work together. The next project was going to be a Justice League/Avengers team-up that wouldn't be revitalized until much later. In 1994, Marvel and DC began working together again, and after the first Batman/Punisher crossover, helped fuel a boom of inter-company crossovers that lasted about six years before (mostly) petering out. Virtually every major and indy superhero publisher released some book in which their homebred heroes teamed up with some other company's. Marvel, realizing the glut, ended their part in this around 1999 or so, but have returned to it for the occasional shot. The Painkiller Jane character was one created by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti at their Event Comics, and when Quesada went to work for Marvel, he had the chance to bring the character back. The two latest crossovers with Image/Top Cow characters was part of a deal with Top Cow in which former X-Men artist (and Top Cow head) Marc Silvesti would return to Marvel to pencil a four-issue stint of X-Men in return for his company producing two crossovers with Marvel chracters.

Odds and Ends

Names in red in significant inhabitants refer to characters that are not Marvel characters. To see who they are owned by, or at least usually published by, see the issue matrix below.
For the record, Marvel and DC had one previous collaboration, though it featured characters neither owned. They co-published an adaptation of MGM's Wizard of Oz film in 1975, before the first Superman/Spider-Man book.

Events on Earth-Crossover were witnessed at least twice by beings native to Earth-616. Uatu the Watcher looked in on the world in What If I#1 and Thor of the Avengers saw a brief image of it in Avengers Forever#8 (Thor is with the Space Phantom (in a fb to Thor I#281-282) and he sees Luthor and Doctor Octopus during the events of the first story where Superman met Spider-Man. )

The old X-Men Index book also referenced Earth-Crossover, calling it Crossover Earth. It was included in their glossary. To quote from it: "Distinguishing what does and does not exist in Crossover Earth is a tentative situation at best...However, it is probably futile to conjecture on the Crossover Earth existence of heroes or elements of the Marvel and DC mythos not directly named."

Who owns the characters that made their only appearances in these crossovers? Who knows. Marvel probably owns the ones that first appeared in the books they published (Glider, Pretorious, etc.) and the others probably own the ones that debuted in their parts of the crossovers (Kaylie, Blair Cameron). In all likelyhood, they'll never appear again, and in 20 or 30 years, a new group of Handbook writers will have the new editors have the new legal department look into it.  However, that said, several of the mobsters from the Batman/Punisher books were referenced later on in the regular DC Batman books, and there was mention of a vigilante who showed up to kill them (including a play on his name: "Pulverizer.").

When they first met Marvel characters, the team Gen 13 was published by Image Comics. Later on, Jim Lee, the owner of Wildstom Studios (a branch within Image), sold his properties to DC Comics, and thus, Gen 13 became DC characters. For those not familiar with Wildstorm's characters, the studio built an extensive backhistory for them. John Lynch was a member of Team 7 early on, then became a member of the government organization Black Razors before ultimately leading the team of teens known as Gen 13. Likewise, Cole Cash was a Team 7 member who eventually joined the WildC.A.T.s.

Similarly, Rob Liefeld's various characters began at Image as well, under his Extreme Studios banner, before he struck out on his own with Maximum Press. Supreme is basically a Superman clone with (depending on who writes him) a god complex. Badrock is a member of Youngblood, a government superhero team that was often more concerned with their merchandising rights than saving the world (years before X-Statics).

Top Cow was a studio within Image that struck out on its own briefly (and did the Devil's Reign crossover (not covered here)) before returning to Image.

It's never revealed which member of the Trask family was responisble for the Sentinels in Cyberforce/X-Men#1, just "a" Trask.

About the cameos in Punisher/Archie: Millie the Model and Patsy Walker were some of Marvel's old female-directed stars of years past (Patsy mentions to "Hedy" that she feels just like a kid again at the dance. "Hedy" is Hedy Wolfe, Patsy's old friend. Their dialogue makes it clear that they are not teens, but are just reliving their past a little). The "Katy" in the scene is Katy Keene, one of Archie Comics' old characters and a major competitor in the market to books like Millie the Model in decades past. There's probably a good number of Archie characters I missed but I'm not quite familiar with them.

It should be noted, the same month Marvel published Punisher Meets Archie, Archie Comics published the same book (with a different cover), and called it Archie Meets the Punisher.

Will U. sent along a fairly detailed report distinguishing the differences between how Earth-616 and Earth-DC work, and how those differences caused the incompatibility between the two worlds (as seen in JLA/Avengers). This would include, of course, the size and make-up of Earth-DC being physically larger than Earth-616, and how the Speed Force of Earth-DC and the Chaos Magic of Earth-Marvel don't work well on each other's plane of existence. That said, Earth-Crossover does not seem to have these problems, as there appears to be a perfectly functioning world in which both of the original realities seem to co-exist peacefully. However, even back in the 1970s, they managed to point out some of the differences between the two companies' characters and the worlds they lived in. In Superman and Spider-Man, Parker is in awe of how Metropolis idolizes Superman, and in Superman Vs. the Amazing Spider-Man, Clark Kent considers New York City to be a "filthy" city, unlike his home town.  In any event, this world does not seem to suffer from the problems seen in Marvel/DC crossovers that require dimensional travel, so it's best to leave all of this aside for the moment.

Some characters from other companies have unofficially shown up on Earth-616, but these should be considered separate characters from those dealt with here. These include Clark, Lois, Fastforward (Barry Allen), and Officer Dragon (who even had a Skrull impersonate him).

Unholy Union led into an Image/Top Cow series called First Born, which explained the Cyberforce cameo at the end. However, since that series featured no Marvel characters, it is being left out here. It COULD be considered, though, to have taken place both on Earth-Crossover and whatever world the Top Cow characters who haven't met Marvel characters exist.

The New Avengers/Transformers deal: Okay, we know at least some Marvel characters exist on Earth-Transformers (and Earth-Transformers UK, which is slightly different but had similar beginnings), but this was part of a deal that dealt with the Transformers series getting a reboot and fresh start from those. Thus it is part of neither, and is easier to place here instead.

Earth-74425 - This reality could conceivably be Earth-Crossover, but given its date of origins and other details, I feel it's best to make it its own reality, a sort of Earth-Captain Action, which happens to be populated by Marvel and DC heroes as well.

Two more crossovers were discussed in various news sources, but neither appears to be ever happening. Brian Michael Bendis had wanted to do a third Daredevil/Batman crossover, but that turned into a debacle thanks to some convention appearances that still aren't completely clear. Also, Joe Quesada has long been challenging Todd McFarlane to do a Spider-Man/Spawn crossover, but McFarlane appears to have little interest.

Seriously, though...Gladiator/Supreme? Why not Night Nurse/Prez while we're at it? Devil Dinosaur Vs. Steve Bissette's Tyrant? Skrull Kill Krew on Beanworld?

Thanks to docsavage, who alerted me to the work done regarding Earth-Crossover in the various Index series, as well as its appearance in What If. Major props to him as well for sending me a copy of Batman/Daredevil to work with. Thanks to Will U. who sent me his version of this profile to work with. Both are much appreciated.
For a (near) complete list of all inter-company crossovers, even the ones that don't involve Marvel, check out this site.

Kyle Smith, Per Degaton and Carycomic agree that Earth-Crossover still exists as part of a parallel-Marvel Universe. Carycomic stated that for that reason, it should be numerically designated Earth-7642 (and so it was in OHotMU Hardcover#3). Because, according to a certain back-issue Overstreet guide, April 1976 was when the two publishing giants released SUPERMAN VS. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN to newstands!

Who knows? Perhaps, on that Earth, there was no JLA/Avengers clash, in the mid-1980's, due to the Onslaught Crisis. In which case, DC and Marvel have the potential for their next corporate crossover. --Carycomic

A curious homage "obviously [Darkseid] had to escape [from the Wall,where he was imprisoned in X-Men/New Teen Titans] somehow for later DCU appearances. He did -- in Showcase '95#12, a Sovereign Seven prequel by Claremont and Alan Davis. Hinting that, as far as the DCU goes at least, X-Men/New Teen Titans is canon.
-Jeph! - - - - - (or Darkseid did something else in the DCU to get put in the Wall - Madison)

And finally, a personal note:

I fully realize that not everyone will be satisfied with how this profile was handled. Some people will have preferred to kept the Marvel/DC crossovers on their own world separate from the other companies, others will have preferred to have just limited it to the very first four Marvel/DC crossovers. Others even will argue that some or most of this could have occured on Earth-616. Until something happens within the books themselves to nullify anything presented here, I am fully confident that this is the best way to index these adventures and chronicle their history.

Profile by Madison Carter, who officially went bat#&@* insane doing this profile.


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