Real Name: Heather Hite

Identity/Class: Extra-temporal human (mutant? mutate? technology user?) (Earth-Crossover)

Occupation: Mercenary

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Cone;
    formerly Mr. Bartlett

Enemies: Gen 13 (Burnout, Fairchild, Freefall, Grunge, Rainmaker), Spider-Man (Parker)

Known Relatives: Alissa (daughter), Paul (ex-husband)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: La Jolla, California, Earth-Crossover

First Appearance: Spider-Man/Gen 13#1 (November, 1996)

Powers/Abilities: Glider can teleport and fly/glide. She carries two blades with her that glow, though the function of this is mostly unknown. She is well-versed in the use of firearms. She also apparently suffers from multiple-personality disorder.

History: (Spider-Man/Gen 13#1 (fb)-BTS) - Glider was a mercenary who worked both sides of the law. She had previously performed operations in Egypt, London and Madrid.

(Spider-Man/Gen 13#1 (fb)-BTS) - Mr. Bartlett hired Glider and Cone to find Gen 13. Bartlett's son had lost his job at a secret complex when Gen 13 originally escaped it, and Bartlett wanted revenge.

(Spider-Man/Gen 13#1 (fb) - Seeking out Gen 13, Glider instead came across Spider-Man, who was in town as Peter Parker to cover a music concert. She attacked him, hoping to use him as bait.

(Spider-Man/Gen 13#1) - Glider continued her attack on Spider-Man, who couldn't figure out why she was assaulting him. At some point, she left a tracking device on him. When he fell into the crowd at the concert, he landed right into the arms of the Gen13 member known as Freefall. Glider saw this, and as it worked out perfectly to plan, she teleported away. Gen 13 took the injured Spider-Man to their headquarters.

The next morning, Glider, in her civilian identity of Heather Hite, took her daughter Alissa to work before confronting a private detective hired by her ex-husband. She then attended a custody hearing over Alissa. While in the court, Heather received a high-frequency signal from her employers that Gen 13 had been located, and Glider's personality took over. The judge adjourned for the day, chiding Heather for her actions. Glider and her lawyer Cone then talked, with Cone reprimanding Glider for emerging at the wrong time. Glider then teleported away.

Glider, along with a squadron of Bartlett's men (including his son), arrived at Gen 13's headquarters and attacked the team and Spider-Man. The battle made its way down the street, with both sides ending up on the grounds of a school. There, Bartlett's son tried to use a group of young children as hostages, but when Glider recognized one of them as Alissa, she told the younger Bartlett to stand down. Bartlett refused, and Glider turned on her own men, gunning them down. As Bartlett fell, he shot Glider. Wounded, she teleported away again, this time to her home. She was found there by Cone, who had her taken to a hospital. There, she fell into a coma. Paul Hite and Alissa visited her, and as Paul left with Alissa, headed out of the country, a tear fell down Heather's face.

Comments: Created by Peter David, Stuart Imonnen, Cam Smith and Andrew Pepoy.

    Published by Marvel, this was a crossover with characters (Gen 13) from Image Comics. As this was done by Marvel, it is ASSumed that they own Glider. As with any characters that appear in these inter-company crossovers, she'll probably never appear again, so it's probably not a big deal. For the record, since its original publication, Gen 13 and all other characters owned by Jim Lee's Wildstorm imprint (a sub-label of Image) have been sold off to DC Comics, and so Gen 13 are now DC characters.

    I'm currently working on a profile for Earth-Crossover that will explain more in-detail these adventures.

Profile by Madison Carter


Glider has no known connections to


Glider's lawyer, Cone also served as her contact to her mercenary employers. He helped her get the job to track down Gen 13, and tried to get her custody of her daughter Alissa. He found her seriously wounded after the battle with Gen 13 and took her to a hospital.

--Spider-Man/Gen 13#1


Heather's daughter, Alissa was the focal point of a custody battle between Heather and her ex-husband Paul. She was among the children Mr. Bartlett's son tried to take hostage. After Heather fell into a coma, Paul took her out of the country.

--Spider-Man/Gen 13#1


Heather's ex-husband. He fought her for custody of Alissa and left the country with his daughter after Heather fell into a coma.

--Spider-Man/Gen 13#1

Spider-Man/Gen 13#1, page 5, panel 3 (main image)
                                         page 27, panel 4 (unmasked)
                                         page 6, panel 2 (using blades)
                                         page 27, panel 2 (Cone)
                                         page 22, panel 3 (Alissa)
                                         page 28, panel 4 (Paul)

Spider-Man/Gen 13#1 (November, 1996) (Peter David (writer), Stuart Imonnen (penciler), Cam Smith & Andrew Pepoy (inkers), Tom Brevoort (editor)


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