Real Name: Unrevealed, sort of.

Identity/Class: Extra-Dimensional, mutated human from Alternate Earth

Occupation: Racer, formerly unknown, possibly a costumed adventurer and police chemist

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Ally of Makkari and Quasar, associate of Runner

Enemies: Fooferah

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Buried Alien" (or something like that)

Base of Operations: Mobile

Appearances: (Buried Alien) Quasar#17 (December, 1990); (Fastforward) Quasar#58 (May, 1994)

Powers: Fastforward possessed vast superhuman speed. He was capable of faster-than-light travel propelled by his own legs. His body and mind were adapted to survive these speeds.

History: The man known as Fastforward was first observed during the midst of a marathon held by the Elder known as the Runner to determine the fastest man on Earth. The Eternal Makkari held the lead until a mystery man suddenly appeared behind them and outran the remaining competitors; despite not starting with everyone else, the man (who couldn't remember his real name, and called himself "Buried Alien") was crowned the winner and qualified to compete in the Galactic Marathon.

At the Galactic Marathon, the winner of Earth's race (now calling himself Fastforward) met up with and again befriended Makkari. During the race, he was in the lead, but he saw that the competitor known as Fooferah was cheating and attempting to take Makkari out of the competition. Fastforward sacrificed his position in the race to save Makkari and take out Fooferah. Makkari went on to win the race, but the entire event was disqualified due to Fooferah's cheating.

Makkari, having achieved "ultimate speed", found himself trapped at a rate of motion so rapid that he could no longer interact with normally moving beings. Fastforward and Makkari both relinquished their rights to compete in a repeat marathon in order to help Makkari readjust to normal speed. Makkari has been seen since, so they must have been successful.

Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald, Peter Sanderson, Mike Manley, and John Heebink.

When he was originally created, he was an homage to Barry Allen, DC's second Flash, who had just died by running himself out of existence during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Buried Alien...Barry Allen. More info on this character.

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