These profiles refer to other realms outside of the mainstream Earth of Marvel Comics (also sometimes referred to as Earth-Prime, Earth-616). They include alternate realities and timelines, alien worlds, pocket realms, etc.

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Dimensions (with descriptions)

Note: In addition, at the bottom, there's a link to some of the past eras of the Marvel Universe (just started it)

Aegis (Microverse planet) - by Grendel Prime

Amalgam Universe (Earth-9602) - by Skullogeist

Amazar (destroyed by Lore)

Anesthesia (Fantastic Four story) - by Markus Raymond

Ankh Dimension (Zodiac Cartel)

Apokolips of Reality-9602 (Amalgam Universe)

Arakne (Knights of Pendragon story)

Astral Wastes (Inner Space)

Avalon (home of Celtic Gods, etc) - by William & Snood

Badlands (Demon Bear dimension, New Mutants/X-Force) - by Proto-Man

Baloney-verse (Encroachiverse) - by Will U

Bast (Microverse realm, Iron Man story)

Bermuda Triangle (Skull the Slayer)

Bewilderness (realm of Psyphon)

Biphasia (encountered by Werewolf)

Black Sea Dimension (Namor story)

Boreas (Iceworld of Ikthalon)

Borders of the Land of the Dead (Defenders story) - by Chadman

Brilliant City (X-Man story)

Cloudsea (Spindrifter, encountered by Spider-Man)

Cosmic Void (Inner Space)

Court of Anubis

Creation II (Creators)

Crooked World (Earth-238) - by Loki

Crossroads (and it's associated dimensions, former prison of Hulk) - by Anti-Grimm

Crossroads of Time (Time Guardian)

Crystalium (home of Crystar) - by David Lawrence

Cyclopedia Universum (Watcher dimension) - by Proto-Man

Dark Dimension (home of Dark Crawler)

Dark Place (accessed by Mercy)

Death Dimension (ruled by Melinda Morrison, Spider-Man/Dr. Strange stories)

Defiler's realm

demon realm (alien dimension, connected to Black Mirror)

Dimension II (Otkid's dimension)

Dimension of Doom (2-D Men) - by Ben Penberdy

Dimension of Mad Jim Jaspers

Dimension of Suicide (Encroachiverse) - by Will U

Dimension of the Eye of Odin (Thor story)

Dimension which the Creature was shunted into by Giggles (might by Dormmamu’s)

Dimension Z (Living Eraser(s) )

Don't-Worry-Be-Happy-Verse (Encroachiverse, Earth-90313) - by Will U

"Drakos" (Shazana)

Dread Veil plane of reality-8116 (home of Taurus Killgaren)

"Duckworld" (Howard the Duck's altered reality homeworld)

Earth - links to all Alternate Earths

Egolix-7 (xd realm, home of Maya, adoptive home of Darklore, Adam Warlock stories)

Elsewhen (Warlord Kargul)

Elsewhere (Power Pack costume dimension)

Encroachiverses (She-Hulk dimensions) - by Will U

Enitharmon's dimension (Dr. Strange story)

Far Place of New Universe (imaginary world)

Femizonia (Earth-715)

Feng-Tu (Realm of Death for Chinese Gods and K'un L'un) - by Will U

Fiame (Microverse planet) - by Grendel Prime

Fifth Dimension (Xemu)

Fractal Mountain Range (Inner Space)

"Garden" of Lost Angel

Guildern (Dark Angel & Wild Thing story, Marvel Italia)

Half-World Dimension (ruled by Witch Queen)

Halls of Fear (Dweller-in-Darkness)

Haven (Phaedra's dimension)

Hell of Vârcolac (Werewolf by Night story)

Here (And There) (Defenders world) - by Chadman

Inner Space (Dark Angel (Shevaun Haldane) astral dimension) - by Changeling

Inniverse (Fantastic four realm)

Insipiverse (Encroachiverse) - by Will U

Interzone (junction b/t Nexi of Reality)

Iskelior's realm (Dr. Strange story)

Iuriale's realm (Dr. Strange story)

Jakar's World

Kageumbra (shadowy home dimension of Kimora) - by Proto-Man

Khaa (home of Bellil; Conan story)

Kingdom of Coma (Fantastic Four story) - by Markus Raymond

Kingdom of Tazza

Kosmos (Creatures)

Krampus' Hell (ruled by Krampus)

K'un-Lun of reality-14116 (Wendell Rand survived)

Land of Legends (Captain America story) - by Proto-Man

Land of Shades (Olympian banishment realm) - by Proto-Man

Land of Shades (Death Dimension)

Land of Spring of New Universe (Far Place)

Land of Winter of New Universe (Far Place)

Last Hills of Earth-13729 (underworld of dimension K'Vore) - by Proto-Man

Lost Land (Jaggta-Noga's home-dimension)

Luminia (Iron Man story)

Machus (Earth-74101)

Media-verse (Encroachiverse) - by Will U

Mega IV (unknown destination, Monark Starstalker reality)

Megrim (Sombra/Bzzk'Joh)

Microverse (links only)

Mindscape (Sleepwalker's realm) - by Changeling

Mojoverse (links only)

Mystic Wates of the Lowlands (Inner Space)

Myth-Realm (alien world visited by Hulk)

Narcissi-verse (Encroachiverse) - by Will U

Narcisson (dimension and city of the Dark Gods)

Negative Zone (links only)

Netherworld of Eternal Doom (Demon of the Mask)

Never Hills (ever-changing Dark Dimension region) - by Proto-Man

Never-Summer (Microverse planet) - by Grendel Prime

New Asgard of Reality-9602 (Amalgam Universe)

976-verse (Encroachiverse, Earth-90715) - by Will U

Noriega-verse (Encroachiverse) - by Will U

No-Space (Time Guardian)

Other Earth (Fantastic Four story)

Other Realm (Home dimension of Star-God)

Otherworld (Avalon) - by Will U & Snood

Palace of Death and Rebirth (Anubis)

Paradise and the City of Death (Crossworlds, Hulk characters) - by Anti-Grimm

Perrinois (Spider-Man/Fantastic Four story)

Phaedra's dimension (Haven)

Planets Perilous (home dimension of Nebulos)

Puppet-verse (Encroachiverse) - by Will U

Purple Dimension (Aggamon)

Purple Veil (Purple Dimension)

Quadriverse (Dr. Strange)

Rammatpolen (home of Dragon Riders) - by Prime Eternal

Realm of Abstract Perception (Muse's dimension, Blonde Phantom story)

Realm of Exiles (Nightmare story)

Realm of Madness (demon dimension) - by Markus Raymond

Realm of Nothingness (Abysss)

Realm of Shadows (Death Dimension)

"Realm of Unreality" (Rom story)

Runestaff dimension (Thor story)

Saku (Spider-Man story)

Sandt (dimension, Man-Thing story)

Schwarzraum (realm associated with Mephisto's Hell)

Searland (Biphasia)

Shadow-Earth (Genghis Grimtoad's world)

Shadow-Lands (Jugarta home dimension, Chane story)

Shadow Realm (alien dimension) - by Prim Eternal

Shadow-Realm (Biphasia)

Shadow Realm (home of Dark Crawler)

Shadowverse (Shadow Realm)

"Shadowy" dimension (Fates home dimension)

Shattered Lands (Great Beasts' realm, Alpha Flight stories) - by Proto-Man

Sixth Dimension (Tiboro)

Slaveworld (Kulla)

Sphere (Microverse planet)

Stormking (planet, Monark Starstalker reality)

Strange Matter dimension (Shanzar)

Styrakos (Death’s Head (FPA) )

Super-Hero Dead Zone (Inner Space)

Sylos VII (Microverse planet)

Tagak's World

Tartarus (realm of Pluto) - by Will U & Prime Eternal

Tartessus' extradimensional realm (Dr. Strange story)

Terragonia (Kronak the Barbarian)

Therea (Zokk/Maftra, Man-Thing story)

"Timestream" (Conan story)

Trashi-verse (Encroachiverse) - by Will U

Tunnelworld (Defenders saga)

"Twilight World" (1960s, prehistory world) - by Ron Fredricks

Universe-Two of Reality-9602 (Amalgam Universe)

Upper Realm (Inner Space)

Vidiot dimension (television-obsessed realm) - by Proto-Man

Void (Realm of Nothingness, Abyss)

Wasteland (Rose of Purity)

Web (Web-Spinners)

Weirdworld (fantasy realm) - by Prime Eternal

White Room (alien dimension) - by Prime Eternal

Wildways (dimensional crossroads) - by Proto-Man

"Will This Be the End of The World?" world (micro-world) - by Prime Eternal

Winterland of New Universe (Far Place)

World Beyond (Odin aspect Infinity's dimension)

Xandu's dimension (Spider-Man/Dr. Strange stories)

Yann (xd, Yandroth homeworld) - by Chadman

Zendu (Tales to Astonish)

Zephyrland (Namor characters)

Zero Street (actually the dimension around it)

Zianon (Cloak & Dagger/Ghost Rider story)

other Eras (different periods in the past)

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