The Soul Survivors rescue Arcturus Rann

Classification: Extradimensional (Microverse) humanoids mutated into miniature psionic vampires

Location/Base of Operations: An unidentified island in the Bermuda Triangle;
    (pre-mutation) Sylos VII, mobile through the Microverse in the Biotron spaceship

Known Members: King, none named

Affiliations: (Pre-mutation) Biotron, Arcturus Rann

First Appearance: Micronauts I#46 (October, 1982)

Powers/Abilities: The Soul Survivors were the same height as the Micronauts on Earth and were humanoid, although as mutated humans, they had opaque domed eyes, amber skin, no hair and are digitigrade (walking up on their toes, like a dog). They were psionic vampires who could drain the life energies of sentient beings on contact. When they joined hands in communion, their power to overwhelm even highly durable species, such as Devil, was formidable and they even gave off a glow. However, this energy-draining power seemed weaker when there was just one Soul Survivor. They were not that durable, but could sink into, and rise from, soil and sand with little effort. They seemed to communicate semi-telepathically with each other, as well as with other species as they had no discernible mouth.

Traits: A spiritual and religious race, the Soul Survivors were also patient survivors who could adapt reasonably well to a new situation. They would persevere to reach their tasks. However, they also felt betrayal deeply and sought vengeance. They had a King who did not appear any different than the rest of them.


The Sylosians kneel before Biotron

(Micronauts I#47 (fb)) - Long ago, the primitive denizens of Sylos VII lived in isolation, contentedly ignorant of the other races in the Microverse. However, there came a day when Arcturus Rann and Biotron, in their thousand-year quest to explore the Microverse, landed on the planet. The inhabitants were astonished to be greeted by the man of metal, Biotron, and Arcturus Rann, who existed before them in a radiant light state. Biotron soon mastered their language, blessed babies, and healed some of the infirm people. Rann revealed that they were travelers through time and space, then asked the Sylosians to develop at their pace. But the Sylosians saw it as a divine invitation and they focused on advancing their race. Hundreds of years later, they had created a spaceship in the image of Biotron, but much larger. The entire race then took off from Sylos VII in a quest for their deities. Encountering the Spacewall, they breached it and reached Earth, but were unexpectedly transformed, mutated forever from their human form into mouthless psionic vampires, and called themselves Soul Survivors. Like the Micronauts, they were now about 6" in height compared to Earth's humans. Their ship crashed into the sea and most of the race perished, although the survivors scrambled ashore on a nearby island in the Bermuda Triangle and awaited the hopeful return of Rann. They soon found that they could drain the life energies of humans who had crashed on the island for sustenance.

The Sylosians mutate into the Soul Survivors

(Micronauts I#46) - After battling Arcade and an enraged Devil, Rann was swept under the waves and carried by the undertow to the island of the Soul Survivors. Several Soul Survivors then rose up from the sand around the unconscious body of Rann and carried him toward a mass open-air graveyard that included the large bleached bones of their victims, plus various craft including ships, planes and a submarine. The Micronauts leader was then carried into the temple of the Soul Survivors - a human skeleton - and placed inside a hibernation couch that approximated his suspended animation chamber from his exploratory quest in the Microverse. Some time later, he awoke and found himself surrounded by Soul Survivors, who revered him as the Time Traveler from their distant past.

(Micronauts I#47 - BTS) - Devil swam to shore, following Rann's trail.

(Micronauts I#47) - Beneath the water near the island, Microtron and Nanotron discovered the Biotron-shaped Sylosian ship and were able to get the ship running again. The recovered Rann was then carried by the chanting and worshipful Soul Survivors to a nearby altar of Earth-human skulls, where one Soul Survivor then revealed their history and Rann's part in their evolution to him. They then requested Rann to guide them back home to the Microverse, but Rann thought to himself that he could not, but also felt guilty for their transformation. At that moment, Devil, who was hidden and had been observing events, then leapt at the gathered Soul Survivors, ripping and tearing at them with his claws. Feeling responsible for Devil's more bestial change, Rann then sought to stop his attack, only to have Devil turn on him. The remaining Soul Survivors then formed a protective ring around Rann and chanted as they held hands, glowing also. Their chants reminded Devil of the soothing songs of his former friend, Fireflyte, and he recovered from his rage. The King then touched Devil on his chest and drained away most of Devil's life essence before Rann charged in swinging a bone as a club to protect the withered Devil. At that same point, the Biotron ship piloted by Microtron appeared, blasting at the Soul Survivors.

(Micronauts I#48) - Biotron's blasts scattered the Soul Survivors, with many sinking below the soil to escape. Biotron landed and asked Rann to come onboard, with Devil placed on a mobile bed and taken to the medical facility onboard the ship.

The last Soul Survivor plots revenge

(Micronauts I#49 (fb) - BTS) - All but one of the Soul Survivors perished because they were deprived psionic nourishment by Rann from Devil. The last Soul Survivor was able to stow away onboard the Biotron ship undetected, presumably because it had been a passenger before.

(Micronauts I#49) - The last Soul Survivor chose revenge against Rann. Initially, he believed Rann to be a god, but now discovered him to be a man. This would-be betrayal was to be answered by killing off Devil, Rann's friend and companion.

(Micronauts I#50 (fb)) - The Soul Survivor stowaway then attacked the inert Devil and tried to siphon the rest of his life-force. However, possibly because it was just one Soul Survivor, he was unable to kill Devil, so he died and fell to the ground.

(Micronauts I#50) - Rann entered the medical bay to check on Devil and found him near death. Devil related the immediate events but stated that the attack killed him as well, and he passed away.

(Micronauts I#50 - BTS) - The body of the last Soul Survivor was disposed of.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo (writer), Luke McDonnell (penciler) & Danny Bulanadi (inker).

Profile by Grendel Prime


The Soul Survivors have no known connection to:

Sylos VII from space

Sylos VII

    Sylos VII, because of its isolation, probably lay on the outer fringes of the Microverse. It had a pinky-purple color plus a molecular structure characteristic of many worlds in the Microverse. However, its surface (or at least that of one of the molecule worlds) was Earthlike with snow-capped mountains and grassy plains. The dominant race was human Caucasian. They initially lived in a primitive state, contentedly unaware of worlds beyond them, until the arrival of Arcturus Rann and Biotron on an exploratory mission. The natives were first fearful, then embraced the two as deities and revered them as gods. When the two future Micronauts left, the Sylosians sought to follow their gods, and they rapidly advanced their technology over several centuries. They constructed a huge replica of Biotron and searched for their gods, but encountered the Spacewall. After crossing the barrier, they became permanently transformed into the psionic vampires known as the Soul Survivors.

Micronauts I#47

Micronauts I#46 cover (group)
Micronauts I#49, p8, panel 1 (solo)
Micronauts I#47, p11, panel 1 (transformation)

p9, panel 1 (Sylosians)
p7, panel 2 (Sylos VII)

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