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Real Name: Nanotron

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Microverse) roboid

Occupation: Personal assistant to Microtron

Group Membership: Micronauts

Affiliations: Acroyear, Biotron (ship), Bug, Devil, Fireflyte, Margrace, Marionette (Princess Mari), Microtron, Prince Pharoid, Arcturus Rann, Slug, Wasp (Janet van Dyne);
    formerly Argon

Enemies: Arcade, Argon, Baron Karza, Computrex, Death Squad (Ampzilla, an Antron, Battleaxe, Centauria, Galactic Destroyer, a Lobros, a Repto), DeGrayde, Dog Soldiers, Dr. Nemesis, Professor Prometheus

Known Relatives: Inapplicable

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile across the Microverse;
    briefly USA, Earth

First Appearance: Micronauts I#30 (June, 1981)

Powers/Abilities: As a roboid from Homeworld, she was a fusion of organics and machine, and was programmed to provide domestic duties to Microtron and the Micronauts. Nanotron moved by way of a rolling sphere, which could also roll up vertical surfaces. Her extendable arms could act as flails against enemies. Nanotron stood about 3' tall and could still function underwater. She was extremely loyal to Microtron.


(Micronauts I#30) - Amongst the other Micronauts in King Argon's royal palace on Homeworld's First Zone, Microtron was introduced to his new personal assistant, Nanotron, and was instantly love-smitten.

(Micronauts I#34) - Now on Sandzone, Nanotron helped Margrace, Slug and Prince Pharoid free the captive Micronauts (Acroyear, Bug, Devil, Marionette, Microtron, Arcturus Rann). Nanotron helped the others overcome Dog Soldiers to escape. Rann then sent Microtron and Nanotron to cross the deserts to First Zone and retrieve the Micronauts' spaceship, Endeavor.

(Micronauts I#35) - Microtron and Nanotron continued across the desert, finding an old abandoned sand-skimmer (actually once used by Karza). With this, they quickly made their way to First Zone and took off in the Endeavor, shooting back to rescue the other Micronauts from the forces of the Karza-possessed Argon.

(Micronauts I#36) - Pursued by the Death Squad, the Endeavor left the Microverse and arrived on Earth. While the other Micronauts battled Argon's Death Squad headed by Battleaxe, Microtron piloted the ship while Nanotron fired the cannons.

(Micronauts I#37) - Nanotron watched in concern while Microtron investigated damage to the ship and nursed his injuries. Huntarr's sudden attack sent the Endeavor crashing into the X-Men's Danger Room until Nightcrawler helped free them.

(Micronauts I#38/1) - Nanotron, Microtron and Devil monitored Rann's duel with a bird much larger than himself.

(Micronauts I#38/2) - With the other Micronauts, Nanotron listened to Bug telling how he had rescued Acroyear in their first encounter.

(Micronauts I#39) - Seeking to warp back into the Microverse, the small ship instead appeared inside a comics shop with the crew surprised to see a toy figure of Karza, but soon flew out. Their ship was suddenly attacked by the Acroyear Elite dispatched by Cilicia from the Microverse and Nanotron stayed by Microtron while he dispatched several of the Acroyear warriors, who fled back to the Microverse. Their own ship damaged, the Micronauts fell into a New York drain awash with new rain.

(Micronauts I#40) - Nanotron stayed with the damaged ship while the other Micronauts sought help.

(Micronauts I#41) - Reunited, all the Micronauts abandoned the sinking Endeavor in favor of the hovering Astrostation and flew to  Dr. Doom's Adirondack Castle where they discovered Liddleville. The roboids stayed at the walls while the other Micronauts entered the miniature construct.

(Micronauts I#42) - Later, Microtron spoke to Nanotron about how he missed his old roboid friend, Biotron. After discussing ways to get back to the Microverse, the Micronauts ran to save the Wasp from Dr. Nemesis. Nanotron piloted the Astrostation while Microtron fired its rocket cannons. However, eliminating Dr. Nemesis left the Micronauts without Bug, Marionette and Acroyear (who had actually reduced back to the Microverse due to Dr. Nemesis' rays).

(Micronauts I#43) - Wasp took Rann, Devil and the roboids to the Avengers, who were unable to send them home. The remaining Micronauts flew to the ruins of the Human Engineering Life Laboratories (H.E.L.L.) in Florida to access the Microverse doorway, the Prometheus Pit, but were attacked by Computrex, the Living Computer.

I'm spinning around, get out of my way (Micronauts I#44) - Computrex used the machine parts of Professor Prometheus' corpse to trap Rann, with the roboids almost falling into the deactivated Prometheus Pit; however, the two were able instead to trip up Prometheus instead so that he fell in. Soon defeated, Computrex was able to transform the four Micronauts into lightwaves.

(Micronauts I#45) - The light beam was intercepted by Arcade and the four Micronauts were digitally shunted into his Murder Machine's computer game environments, with Nanotron trapped in a digital maze and struck by vehicles. Nanotron used her arms like a flail to destroy the attacking vehicles until the four were able to break out and attack Arcade directly. Arcade escaped and his sea-base self-destructed.

(Micronauts I#46) - The four tried to make their way to a nearby island, but Nanotron slipped from Microtron's arms into the ocean, with Microtron diving in after her.

(Micronauts I#47) - Microtron defended Nanotron from a shark and they then discovered on the seabed the deactivated shell of a sentient spaceship fashioned to look like Rann's old roboid companion, Biotron.

(Micronauts I#48 (fb)) - Within its hull, Nanotron and Microtron listened to the spaceship tell of how it came to be. Microtron offered up his memories of the original Biotron to recreate his lost friend. Nanotron would not leave her companion, so her memory banks joined with those of Microtron in the new Biotron's brain.

(Micronauts I#48) - Rann came across the inert bodies of Nanotron and Microtron.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo (writer), Pat Broderick (pencils) and Danny Bulanadi (inks).

In Micronauts I#56, artist Butch Guice commented on fans praising the killing off of Nanotron ... until he did the same to other supporting cast.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Nanotron has no known connections to:

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Micronauts I#38, cover (main image)
Micronauts I#45, p24, pan2 (headshot)
Micronauts I#45, p24, pan4 (flailing arms)

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