Huntarr debuts and is sent against the Micronauts

Real Name: Iann-23

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Microverse) human mutate bioengineered to be a living weapon

Occupation: Adventurer/rebel;
formerly assassin/guard for Force Commander

Group Membership: Micronauts

Affiliations: Acroyear, Aegis refugees, the Beyonder, Bioship, Biotron, Bug, Child of the Makers, Children of the Dreaming Star, Colossus (Peter Rasputin), Fireflyte, Little D, Marionette, Microtron, Murder-1, Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner), Kitty Pryde, Arcturus Rann, Scion, Solitaire, Storm, Treefern, Wanderers' descendants, Wolverine;
    formerly Baron Karza, Force Commander

Enemies: Baron Karza, Battle Beetles, Captain D'ark, Death Squad (Ampzilla, Battleaxe, Centauria, Lobros), DeGrayde, Devil, Dog Soldiers of Baron Karza, the Entity, Force Commander, G-Men, humanoid robots of the Proving Ground, Pain wave, "red-head" alien, Time Traveler, Tri-Bunal, Unmen;
    formerly the Micronauts (Acroyear, Bug, Devil, Marionette, Microtron, Nanotron, Arcturus Rann), Colossus, Nightcrawler, Scion

Known Relatives: Unnamed and unseen father, Seelia-23 (mother), Janna-23 (sister)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the Microverse;

occasional foray to Earth 616

First Appearance: Micronauts I#37 (January, 1982)

Powers/Abilities: Huntarr's body had been initially mutated in Karza's Body Banks to be phenomenally powerful, so that he could instantly morph any part of his body to suit his needs for defensive or offensive purposes, such as bio-shields, massive hammers, or projectile weapons and beam weapons, even bio-sensors. As a pantomorphic living weapon, he stood over 6' tall when still and had an amber skin, even his morphed forms. He could also generate bioplasma blasts from his feet allowing him to fly, even in space, and could emit his own light. His form was also malleable and he could extend himself into spheres to cocoon others and could take the form of a raft that floated. He had no need for food or oxygen and could survive indefinitely in space. He also had a basic knowledge of shipboard systems and was at one of the posts of the Endeavor II. His initial form was covered in craters, but later became smoother as he mastered his new body's functions more. His ability to master Microverse computers indicates at least above normal intelligence. Flight speed was at least escape velocity to sub-light, but showed normal water speed in his morphed forms. His strength was about enhanced human. He displayed metahuman regenerative durability and metahuman stamina (Micronauts I#37 - Micronauts II#2).

After the transformation by the Child of the Makers, Huntarr could adapt his body into other forms that suited his requirements beyond being just a living weapon. He retained his amber appearance but now had visible tendrils that formed part of his musculature and a pronounced lower jaw with fanged teeth, as well as a heavy brow plus an octopus-like tendril extending from the back of his head. He could access electrical systems and was capable of healing others. He initially had four multi-joint bone-like claws that wrapped around his waist for protection or could be extended to grab onto something. His fingers had long fingernails and he once extended four bio-claws similar to Wolverine. He could access the mind of a long-dead creature, translate its language, and speak for it. His internal sensors had been improved too, so that he could create a weapon specially suited to a particular lifeform, although it severely reduced his energy levels too. He had blue eyes. However, he no longer seemed to be able to morph for flight, underwater or rafts/spheres. In this new form, Huntarr usually accessed electrical systems or the like via tendrils extended from his forearms (Micronauts II#2 - 20).

After being augmented by Scion, he was also able to resurrect his fellow Micronauts and could pass on the enhancement to counter the powerful Pain wave. The Beyonder later gave him the gift to be able to transform into his human self, but he rarely used this, being seemingly at peace with his mutated form. The Beyonder's gift let him change into anything, including his much younger child self.

Height: 6' 8"; previously 6' (variable in Body Banks form); (on Earth) 6"
Weight: 401 lbs. (originally 178 lbs.); (on Earth) 3.7 oz.
Eyes: Blue (variable)
Hair: None (originally black; also shaved or dyed light brown)

Huntarr does some huntingHistory:
(Micronauts I#55 (fb) - BTS) - Huntarr's father was taken away to become a dog soldier while Huntarr was still in his mother's womb. Born Iann-23, he was one of the "lowlies" who survived in the rank depths of Homeworld.

(Micronauts I#59 (fb) - BTS) - Huntarr killed a man when he was 12 years old, and his friends were captured by body-gangs and informed upon by spies.

(Micronauts I#59 (fb)) - As a rebellious youth, and out of despairing rage, Iann-23 divided his time between just surviving and taunting Karza's dog soldiers. One day, two dog soldiers were pursuing Iann-23 after he had sprayed graffiti on a sentry house, but he ducked into sewer duct to hide, dropping his red spray can. The two soldiers then began to question their absolute loyalty to Karza by chasing disaffected youth. As the soldiers laughed, Iann-23 discovered that hope could lie in the sound of laughter.

(Micronauts II#20 (fb) - BTS) - As an adult, Iann-23 had become a dog-slave for Karza, demeaned, kicked and kicking.

(Micronauts I#55 (fb)) - Iann-23 had stolen some life credits from a rich First Zoner who sought his favors. Iann-23 had hoped to barter them for food for his mother and sister. However, that proved very difficult, and he returned home to find dog soldiers attacking his mother and sister. The dog soldiers had come for Iann-23, as he was now of draft age and had been chosen by Force Commander to become part of a new warrior elite.

Iann-23 gets thrown into the Body Banks

(Micronauts I#55 (fb) - BTS) - Troops were then sent for his mother, Seelia-23, to be experimented upon and his sister, Janna-23, was taken as a breeder. Released, Seelia-23 returned to her home, which rapidly became more derelict.

(Micronauts I#37) - Iann-23 was taken and thrown into the decontamination pools. Force Commander was there, and Iann-23 lashed out him. Beaten by dog soldiers, the man was sent into the Body Banks and reborn as Huntarr, the living weapon, a monstrously powerful mutate implanted with memories. He carried out Force Commander's will in the hope that he could redeem his humanity. He was briefed on the Micronauts and told that Bug and Acroyear were the most powerful, then dispatched to Earth to hunt and kill the Micronauts. He attacked the Micronauts ship, the Endeavor, firing biobursts and deflecting thorium blasts with his bio-shields. Bug jumped out of the ship to tackle the mutate, but was blasted away with neuro-electric energy from Huntarr, who then blasted the Endeavor, causing it to crash into the nearby Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, smashing into the damaged Danger Room where Nightcrawler was doing repairs. Huntarr pursued and used his sensors to detect the dormant energy of the Danger Room and blasted a control panel, activating the offensive capabilities of the Danger Room. Nightcrawler then bounded across the room and grabbed the Endeavor, where the Micronauts had retreated to. The mutant then smacked Huntarr away before teleporting away with the Micronauts. This left Huntarr alone against the attacks of the Danger Room.

Huntarr uses his sensors in the Danger Room

(Micronauts I#37 - BTS) - Huntarr returned to the Microverse by unspecified means.

(Micronauts I#39) - At the Body Banks, a despondent Huntarr knelt before Force Commander and begged to be killed for his failure at killing the Micronauts. However, Force Commander instead sent Huntarr off to the vats of the Body Banks to undergo further genetic mutation by the scientists there. Force Commander then strode off, amazed at the differences between Iann-23 and Huntarr, all because of subtle genetic manipulations.

(Micronauts I#42) - Arcturus Rann was concerned at the growing number of assassins, including Huntarr and the Death Squad, sent through the Spacewall by Force Commander to attack the then Earth-bound Micronauts.

Huntarr shoots a spikey load at Marionette

(Micronauts I#47 - BTS) - Huntarr was assigned as guardian of the weather tower, with orders to kill anyone not meant to be there.

(Micronauts I#47) - Marionette attacked the weather tower on Homeworld in an effort to bring a storm upon the wedding of Force Commander to Slug, but was suddenly halted by Huntarr.

(Micronauts I#48) - Huntarr challenged Marionette who fired upon the weather-controlling machinery, but Huntarr extended living shields to protect the machines. They then battled; Huntarr used tendrils to grab her sword, fired bio-blasts from his head and hand, and shot pointed projectiles from his hand, which he also morphed as battering rams. However, Marionette was too agile for Huntarr who, in trying to kill the Micronaut, instead damaged the machinery he had been assigned to protect. His final effort was an amplified sonic scream that blew up the weather machine's delicate instruments. Marionette then pointed her lasersonic pistol at Huntarr and offered a choice of facing Force Commander's wrath or aiding the rebellion.

Huntarr lets loose his sonic scream

(Micronauts I#48 - BTS) - Huntarr chose to follow Marionette and accompanied her to the stadium where Force Commander had ordered brutal "games" to celebrate his forthcoming wedding to Slug/Belladonna.

(Micronauts I#49) - Huntarr, disguised in clothing and a mask, infiltrated with Marionette the games arena in the viewing stands among the people who had gathered for Force Commander's wedding. As the rain storm hit, Huntarr and Marionette revealed themselves and attacked the Death Squad (Ampzilla, Battleaxe, Centauria, Lobros). The sight of Huntarr joining the resistance stirred the crowd to turn against the dog soldiers. Marionette and Huntarr then joined Acroyear, Bug and Prince Pharoid in the arena below, as Karza ripped Force Commander's armor asunder and exposed himself to all. Arcturus Rann arrived in Bioship at that point over the arena.

(Micronauts I#50) - Huntarr joined Acroyear, Bug, Marionette, Rann and the newly risen Fireflyte in battle against the Death Squad. Huntarr aided Marionette in breaking the spine of Centauria. The Micronauts then briefly engaged dog soldiers in an effort to assault the newly resurrected Karza, but fell in a disjointed attack against the despot. Fireflyte then distracted Karza, and her song teleported the fallen Micronauts, who escaped in Bioship away from an enraged Karza.

(Micronauts I#51) - With Acroyear, Bug and Marionette, Huntarr attacked some pursuing ships loyal to Karza, easily dispatching the fighters. They then flew toward the approaching Acroyear fleet under the command of Lady Cilicia. The Micronauts' ship was then boarded and all except Acroyear himself engaged in fierce battle. Acroyear then commanded an end to the fighting and the four Micronauts were then taken to the main Acroyear vessel. Acroyear was ready to begin his trial by combat against Cilicia while Huntarr, Bug and Marionette watched on.

(Micronauts I#52) - Huntarr watched Acroyear fight Cilicia until the fighting stopped when it was revealed that she was carrying Acroyear's child.

Huntarr shoots off solo to the Body Banks

(Micronauts I#53) - Huntarr witnessed Acroyear be welded into his armor. Back on the Micronauts' ship, he later launched a powerful attack from penumbras made of his own skin to wake Rann from his meditation, but this was intercepted and dissipated by Fireflyte who wished Rann to complete his meditations and reach the Time Travelers.
    Huntarr then journeyed with Acroyear, Bug and Marionette to find allies on Prisonworld, which resembled prohibition-era Earth, a planet filled with criminals and Karza's enemies, many of whom had been deformed and mutated by Karza's and DeGrayde's vicious and hideous experimentations. They were initially attacked, Huntarr forming a living bioshield formed of his own flesh to deflect bullets. He also used bullets absorbed into his flesh and fired them back at his attackers. Dog soldiers attacked next, with Huntarr showing particular brutality and hatred for fellow mutates of Karza's oppression. The Micronauts then encountered Little D and his den of thieves and made an alliance, but were then challenged by the G-Men, a team of monstrous mutates who served Karza.

(Micronauts I#54) - Along with Huntarr, the Micronauts battled the G-Men but were captured and placed into a cell with many other would-be criminals. They encountered and befriended Murder-1, a former freedom fighter who had been mutated by Karza into a deformed oversized humanoid. The Micronauts were then taken to be judged by a vindictive robot called Tri-Bunal, but the Micronauts helped start a rebellion that led to the rapid destruction of Tri-Bunal and the ousting of Karza's forces there. Huntarr used shield and hammer formations. The planet was then united under Little D's reign.

Huntarr in amphibious mode

(Micronauts I#55) - On a personal solo mission, Huntarr left the other Micronauts on Bioship and journeyed back to Homeworld on a mission to find his family, using bioplasma to propel himself forward. He engaged many of Karza's spaceships there, but was finally blasted by one and fell, easily surviving re-entry, before falling into the sea. Karza's forces then reported him as dead. He first adopted an amphibious form to swim into the sewers, then climbed his way up, using his eye beams for light. There, he found his mother, hideously mutated and hunting a rat. They exchanged personal horror stories from the Body Banks. They consoled each other, but Seelia-23 could no longer live with having her child see what she had become and she stabbed herself and died. Huntarr raged at this and exploded the building he was in. Lady Coral watched him from nearby but suspected that he was involved in his own personal rebellion.
    Huntarr then very determinedly climbed upwards, killing and brutalizing dog soldiers and guards that he encountered until he reached the Body Banks, where Karza, perched high up on a balcony, sensed someone with a strength of spirit that surpassed the others there. Huntarr passed the charnel of bodies herded to be experimented upon, and swam through a decontamination pool. He climbed upwards using spider-like extensions until reaching the Computer Command Center, where he slaughtered the scientists there. He bio-tapped the computers and deciphered the binary code to find her location, before blasting away, destroying the computer centre in the process. He smashed his way into the nursery and ripped apart the birthing machine in which were plugged many women. He found his sister, partly mad and less beautiful. She had been forced into breeding and the delivery of babies to increase Karza's ranks of dog soldiers. Once freed by Huntarr, the women chose suicide rather than be brutally forced into abhorrent reproductive slavery, and they clutched babies that they found and claimed as their own, as they leapt over the edge of a platform to their deaths. Huntarr was not able to morph fast enough to save any them. Huntarr screamed at the carnage, destroying the nursery. He left Homeworld with a heavy heart and returned to the Micronauts, who then offered him formal membership, which he accepted.

Huntarr accesses the computer at the Body Banks

(Micronauts I#56) - The Micronauts, including Huntarr, traveled to Bug's home planet of Kaliklak and battled Karza's battle-beetles. Huntarr used an arm as a propeller to help the Micronauts escape in a makeshift raft from some huge angry bees. With Treefern and her rebels, the Micronauts flew to the Nest, specifically the Hatchery, to halt the battle-beetles' main attack. Huntarr then witnessed the new Queen of Kaliklak hatch. The Micronauts proved vital in countering Karza's attack to assassinate the new Queen.

(Micronauts I#57) - After intercepting the courier craft helmed by Captain D'ark, the Micronauts learnt of Baron Karza's next target: the planet of Never-Summer. With Huntarr, they journeyed to the wintry planet and engaged Karza's dog soldiers, before battling Baron Karza himself. However, Karza opened a dimensional portal and escaped. Before leaving to continue the war, the Micronauts, along with Huntarr, admired the beauty of Never-Summer, no longer in the thrall of winter.

(X-Men/Micronauts#1 (fb) - BTS) - When the Entity (the dark side of the X-Men's Professor X, somehow gaining a life of its own, traveling to the Microverse, and gain vast telekinetic powers in addition to its telepathy) assaulted the Microverse, slaughtering and enslaving entire races in rapid succession, Huntarr and the Micronauts were forced to join with Baron Karza to oppose him.

(X-Men/Micronauts#1) - Investigating the destruction, the Micronauts found the frontier worlds devastated and battled the Entity-controlled D'arnellians. However, the Entity then entered the fray, captured the Micronauts, and destroyed D'arnell, while Karza fled aboard the Bioship.

(X-Men/Micronauts#2) - The Entity toyed with the Micronauts in the mindscape--in Huntarr's case, making a group of savage weirdlings claim him as one of their brethren, eventually bending their wills to his own. Each of the Micronauts was then given a costume mimicking that of the original X-Men. When the real X-Men (Colossus, Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde, Storm, Wolverine) traveled to the Microverse to oppose the entity, the relative giant Micronaut X-Men overpowered them. Huntarr squeezed Colossus into submission, shrugging off cuts by Wolverine's tiny claws.

(X-Men/Micronauts#3) - Alongside the other Micronauts and the similarly enslaved X-Men, Huntarr fought against Karza's Dog Soldiers, forcing their surrender, only for the Entity to chastise them for not killing their prisoners. The Entity then slew the prisoners himself. Later, back within a prison cell on the world created by the Entity, the X-Men and Micronauts rallied themselves to again oppose the Entity, despite his seemingly limitless power and otherwise hopeless odds. Commander Rann explained to Huntarr that by laughing in the face of such circumstances showed them that their wills were at least partly their own.
    During this time, the Entity switched his astral self for that of Professor X, while Karza (his own mind trapped in the body of Kitty Pryde) stabbed the Entity's body.

(X-Men/Micronauts#4) - The X-Men and Micronauts again joined forces with Karza, and Fireflyte sang for them a portal through the Spacewall, enabling them to return to Earth, though they remained at relatively reduced size. They fought the New Mutants, who were mind-controlled by the Entity in Professor X's body. Eventually Xavier bluffed the entity by nearly causing a fatal stroke in his own body, forcing it to flee back to its own body, which had already perished from the stab wound. Fireflyte transported the Micronauts back to the Microverse, where Karza had been sent minutes before after having his mind restored to his own body.

(Micronauts I#58) - Protected by Fireflyte, the Micronauts, including Huntarr, traveled back to the Microverse. Huntarr saw the Time Travelers and revealed that he had almost come to doubt their existence. With Fireflyte's sound shield gone with her collapse, Huntarr acted quickly a enveloped the Micronauts in a living bioshield; his biosensors revealed the way to Homeworld and bio-thrusters carried them there. The heat of re-entry on Huntarr's body was cooled by the waters of First Zone. Huntarr formed a raft and the Micronauts soon landed and inspected the destruction wrought by Karza. They quickly encountered Karza at the Body Banks and he unleashed the monsters he had created. The Micronauts fiercely engaged Karza's Unmen but won. Huntarr then protected Marionette from Karza's chest cannons as the Micronauts battled Karza as a team, until Marionette plunged her sword into Karza's heart between his damaged armor. Later, Huntarr lay bandaged as he healed, and told Marionette that they had to unlearn their ways of war. Fleets of various Microverse race then approached to ensure that the despot was truly dead and Huntarr saw them go as well. The Micronauts then also left Homeworld.

(Micronauts I#59) - With the end of the Karza wars and the Micronauts next mission planned away from the massive carnage of Homeworld, Huntarr felt that the Micronauts were running away from Homeworld; Acroyear agreed. The Micronauts then resolved to record a short memorial piece each in memory of the countless lives lost in the Karza wars. A telepathic beacon was then launched to orbit Homeworld's sun, holding short poems from each of the Micronauts, including Huntarr.

(Micronauts II#1) - Onboard the bridge of the Endeavor II, Huntarr joined in the discussion regarding their next destination in the wake of Karza's defeat and Fiame was decided upon. However, Huntarr still brooded over the destruction of Karza's Body Banks on Homeworld, believing that they could have changed him back to human. Acroyear offered some advice when the ship's alarms suddenly sounded. A hull breach while in hyperspace required urgent repair by Rann, but he was injured and began to fall unconscious outside the ship, and Huntarr extended tendrils to pull the Commander back in.
    Falling out of hyperspace, the Micronauts found themselves near the asteroid-like Child of the Makers, which initially blasted their ship with gamma rays. Despite this, Rann ordered the ship to land. Huntarr, not requiring a protective spacesuit, went out with Acroyear, Bug, Marionette and Rann onto the surface of the planetoid lifeform. As they descended into the asteroid, Huntarr shed light on their bizarre surroundings using eye beams. They then went into a giant chamber that held thousands of eggs. Huntarr extended his "fingers" as sensors, identifying each egg to be slightly different. However, radiation from the nearby sun then flooded the asteroid.

Huntarr is mutated and augmented

(Micronauts II#2) - Energy beams shot out from within the planetoid being's egg-chamber, and all but Huntarr retreated. Huntarr felt something from within an egg but the planetoid sought to commune with him by grasping his arms and body, spurting yellowish liquid over him that prevented Huntarr from morphing away. The other Micronauts retreated back to the ship. The planetoid then probed Huntarr and began to adjust his genetic code, forcibly changing his appearance and powers in an experience that reminded him of his time in the Body Banks.
    Meanwhile, Rann sought to achieve a mindlink with planetoid, which did not consider that it had done any harm. As the planetoid began to reconfigure itself for interstellar travel, Rann hoped to escape, but Acroyear demanded that they stay to rescue Huntarr. However, Huntarr had been released and pounded on the ship to be let in. The others marveled at his changed appearance, and he carried an egg that he hoped would unravel some mysteries. The planetoid seeded its eggs into the Microverse, but bled power from the Endeavor II as it warped off to meet its Makers.
    Huntarr knew that his body had been significantly transformed with strange new abilities and ordered the others to leave the engine section as he rigged a siphon from the egg to the hyperdrive, using conduits that curled out of his arms to return the ship into normal space. This halted the Endeavor II from being caught up in the planetoid's journey to the Makers. However, Acroyear, Bug, Marionette and Rann had absorbed too much radiation and were dying.

(Micronauts II#3) - Later, in the engine room of the Endeavor II, Huntarr commented to Acroyear that the egg he had brought onboard was an energy source. However, Acroyear was more concerned for Huntarr in his new form, and Huntarr stated that while he had lost some abilities, he had gained new ones, going from a living weapon of Karza to a living sculpture of the Child of the Makers, and had felt more at peace now than before. The Micronauts then traveled to a nearby planet with a breathable atmosphere, which was actually a natural Proving Ground for an alien race. The Micronauts then went by shuttlecraft down to the planet and marveled at the shiny surface and metallic coated lifeforms and vegetation. Bug had an electro-torch and tried burning a leaf, but was hit by a laser from the leaf. Huntarr scanned Bug but found no biological damage. Acroyear observed some large objects that bounded across the landscape toward them and they all agreed to leave the planet. However, the bounding creatures then began to clog up the shuttle's engines and tear at the spacecraft. Rann turned on the searchlight, only to find that the atmosphere magnified light to laser intensity and burned off the creatures. While Huntarr thought of the opportunity for power recharges, Rann recognized the immediate danger from the imminent sunrise and ordered Biotron to rescue them. But the shuttlecraft was instead pulled underground with Micronauts inside, just as the Endeavor II arrived, only to be burned up by the laser-intensity sunrays.

(Micronauts II#4) - Inside the shuttlecraft, the Micronauts were safe, but decided to explore the new environment below the surface. Huntarr followed silently while the others guessed at the immense but power-rich locations they cam across. Meanwhile, Biotron and Microtron were blasted by the daylight lasers inside the Endeavor II. Deep below ground, the Micronauts came across a room filled with instruments, except for a plain panel. This was actually an ordnance chamber. Marionette inquisitively touched it and looked at the now-glowing panel. She phased red for a second before collapsing, her mind transported into a computer game simulation. Rann caught her before she fell, looked at the panel too and had the same happen to him. The two then appeared in an elaborate dance game program. Huntarr scanned their inert but unconscious bodies. However, humanoid robots then appeared armed with wrist-mounted blasters and fired upon Acroyear, Huntarr and Bug. The three then retaliated fiercely, Huntarr using his eyes to blast at the robots, then his arm tendrils to snag another robot, before skewering him with claws, a trick he learnt from Wolverine. Huntarr also pummeled at them until his body grew two large tusks from him chin that emitted electro-magnetic waves ideally tuned to the robots, destroying more, until the other robots fled. Huntarr then heard circuitry switching but the three responded too late to an energy vortex that flung them around until Acroyear's sword dissipated its energy. The walls then closed until Bug's lance assisted and they all then tore at the walls and circuitry, demolishing the equipment. Meanwhile, Rann and Marionette revived and were greeted by the weapons testers of the Children of the Dreaming Star. Huntarr became aggressive but Rann asked him to stand down. The Children were astonished at the range of the Micronauts' forms.

(Micronauts II#5) - Huntarr watched with his fellow Micronauts as their badly damaged ship, the Endeavor II, was lifted inside a giant crane. They rushed to the spaceship to inspect the damage, while Huntarr found the roboids, Biotron and Microtron. Cables from his forearms examined the roboids and found that they were still intact, but then watched as Biotron seemingly attacked Marionette. Rann then shot Biotron and ordered his colleagues to find Marionette some medical attention. At the sick bay, Huntarr advised the Children of the Dreaming Star against assisting due to their remarkably different physiologies. A discarded candy wrapper dropped absent-mindedly by Bug revealed the structure of Homeworld to the Children, and Huntarr explained the image. They were then invited and taken onboard a light freighter and taken to Sphere, the capital planet of the Children. There Huntarr saw the splendor of Central City and saw a version of himself with Rann's beard, a combination created by one of the admiring shapeshifting Children. Huntarr then asked about the Children's talk of the Spiral Path and the Micronauts were then shown it at nighttime. Huntarr heard the Children's origins, how an egg led to the birthing of the Children's species, and was about to tell them that they had an egg too, but was hushed by Acroyear.

(Micronauts II#6 - BTS) - Leaving Sphere with Solitaire, Bug imagined how his fellow Micronauts were getting along without him, and imagined Huntarr, along with the other Micronauts, getting into all sorts of dire trouble without him. He then resolved to return to them.

(Micronauts II#7) - Onboard the Endeavour II, Acroyear passed Marionette and Arcturus Rann as they enjoyed a meal in the company of Huntarr.

(Micronauts II#8 - BTS) - Arcturus Rann, Marionette, then Acroyear, were afflicted with severe radiation poisoning from their adventure to the Child of the Makers and were placed in one of the facilities of the Children of the Dreaming Star, watched over by Huntarr and guarded by Death Watch minions. Huntarr removed the medical computers from the Endeavor II to help in the prognosis.

(Micronauts II#8) - Solitaire brought Bug back who had come down with the same affliction as his comrades. Huntarr cried out against the apparent injustice of being the survivor, the one worth the least (in his mind) and called his teammates heroes. Huntarr wanted to fight the affliction, but the Children instead offered a program that would let those dying be more at peace in their last hours, which Marionette agreed to and asked that he join the Micronauts for "one last dance". In the program, Huntarr saw his fellows in dance costumes and saw himself change back into human form and his dance partner was his sister.

It was then that Solitaire, sensing the approach of another Prime Being, woke Huntarr from the joint reverie with his friends. However, the Prime Being, later to be known as Scion, appeared in his first many-legged form and apparently lunged at Huntarr, who fought fiercely back. Solitaire then ordered the Death Watch minions to aid Huntarr; they hesitated at first, siding with the new Prime Being, but then followed Solitaire's command. Scion then generated a harpoon from its head and fired it at Huntarr, piercing him in the chest. Huntarr's insides then spilled out and his body exploded outward uncontrollably, tendrils filling up the room. Scion, Solitaire and the Death Watch minions escaped, but Huntarr's now amorphous mass then wrapped his four dying fellow Micronauts in a thin cocoon. Huntarr's body, now completely filling the room, created an internal cavern where he resurrected his colleagues, by bone, then muscle, sinew and flesh, recreating them as they were in the idyllic setting of the dance program. Huntarr then morphed back into his normal fanged self and was welcomed by his regenerated friends. Huntarr recognized his own worth to himself and the team, but was unsure about Scion's role as attacker or helper.

(Micronauts II#9) - Huntarr joined the now fully healed Micronauts in the medical facility of the Children of the Dreaming Star. Bug then introduced the other Micronauts to Solitaire, who had taken on the form of Sepsis. Along with the other Micronauts, Huntarr learned more of the Children and accompanied them to the Dreaming Star itself in a shuttle of the Children. They then docked at the Station of the Star and the Micronauts were told more of the telepathic linkages that the Dreaming Star facilitated. Feeling the Pain wave, Arctarus Rann achieved communion with the Star and sensed Devil's pain. Huntarr watched as Rann's body was transformed and heard him order a teleporter be made ready for Devil's teleport signal. Huntarr saw Devil materialize in a distorted form and Rann quickly transmitted Devil's degraded matrix to Biotron for storage. Rann then returned to his normal form and Huntarr was concerned for his welfare. He joined in the discussion that resulted in the Micronauts deciding to travel back to Homeworld to repair Devil's damaged signal. Solitaire then ordered the Grand Fleet be assembled to join the Micronauts in their new quest and Huntarr joined his fellow Micronauts on the bridge of the Endeavor II as they journeyed onward.

(Micronauts II#10) - Onboard the Endeavor II, the Micronauts, along with Huntarr, were accompanied by the Grand Fleet. Huntarr approved Solitaire's membership in the Micronauts. Later, Huntarr saw the Spacewall on sensors, but was too late in his warning as they came to a sudden stop. Huntarr, without a space suit, then went onto the Spacewall with the suited Bug, Rann, Marionette and Solitaire, and the armored Acroyear, while Microtron and Biotron assembled a petard that Rann hoped would help breach the Spacewall, but which was ultimately thwarted by the the manifestation of the Enigma Force, the giant Time Traveler. Rann and Marionette were still in the petard when the Traveler struck. Huntarr saw the Traveler appear in a giant form as he smashed apart the Grand Fleet. Amidst the maelstrom, using the ship's computers, Huntarr detected two metal objects and tractor beamed them aboard, suspecting them to be his crewmates. He then helped Acroyear tear apart the remains of the petard to discover the injured forms of Rann and Marionette.

(Micronauts II#11) - Holding the partially paralyzed Marionette, Huntarr wondered what had happened to Rann and Marionette in the petard. Huntarr scanned the now dramatically aged Rann and found only subtle changes. Acroyear, now carrying the exhausted Rann, told him that his soul had been crushed. Next to the other Micronauts, Huntarr heard the Children of the Dreaming Star report that they wanted to return home given the damage wrought by the Time Traveler, then watched as Rann went with the Children. Huntarr, with Acroyear, then resolved to continue to breach the Spacewall in order to reach Homeworld and save their teammate, Devil. They chanced upon the Acroyear fleet on the other side of the Spacewall, who then led the Micronauts to the massive alien citadel of Breachpoint, which actually pierced the Spacewall.
    The Micronauts docked and Huntarr, along with Acroyear, Bug and Marionette, explored the long-abandoned alien superstructure. Huntarr's neurosensors detected their passing through a membrane too thin to feel but which kept a minimal atmosphere in. Huntarr detected no oxygen and advised the others to stay in their suits. They then found the huge, partially decayed corpse of the Breachpoint alien, and Huntarr was still able to make contact using tendrils from his arm, forming a miniature analogue of the alien's head protruding from his chest. Huntarr then translated the alien's message. From this, Huntarr was able to identify how Breachpoint could be reactivated and how the Spacewall could be penetrated. Acroyear then fired a massive energy beam past the Acroyear fleet and asked his fellow Micronauts to leave the room so that he could speak to Cilicia alone. However, the Time Traveler soon attacked Breachpoint and the Micronauts escaped in the Endeavor II just before the station completely blew up. Huntarr, along with the other Micronauts, then encountered the more human form of Scion, who announced that he would be taking over as captain.

Huntarr rages against Scion

(Micronauts II#12) - Acroyear challenged Scion before his fellow Micronauts, but first had to focus on escaping the blast from Breachpoint's destruction. Scion and Acroyear then fought fairly evenly before the Micronauts, until Scion forced Huntarr to unwillingly smother Acroyear with his fluid-like arms. Solitaire stepped in and ended the brawl. The Micronauts then went to their stations and entered hyperspace. However, Huntarr then raged against Scion, his hands and head tentacle glowing with energy, declaring that he would never again be someone's puppet. Scion stopped Huntarr and asserted that he was not their enemy.
    As they approached the Spacewall once more, Scion asked for their obedience as he went outside to use his abilities to let them breach the barrier. Huntarr doubted Scion's plan but they were all astonished to see that Scion had already pushed them halfway inside the Spacewall, but was screaming. Huntarr asserted that as a Micronaut, he could not sit and watch another being die. Microtron insisted on traveling outside to get Scion but was blown away by the neuro-defense field of the Spacewall, which was broadcasting sheer pain. Huntarr grabbed Microtron and pulled him inside. The partially paralyzed Marionette was the next to try, using Huntarr to animate her legs. The Endeavor II then broke through the Spacewall and Huntarr used his tendrils to bring both Scion and Marionette in.

(Micronauts II#13) - Biotron issued an alarm that Devil's matrix was degrading, to which Acroyear, Solitaire and Huntarr responded. Huntarr then extended his forearm tendrils to Biotron's operating system, but in attempting to reach Devil's matrix, he was instead touched by the Pain, and small heads appeared on his skin screaming. Huntarr began to lose corporeality by melting when Acroyear sought to help him. Solitaire then approached with glowing hands and stilled Huntarr's pain before calling her "mother" as he regained full consciousness. Huntarr then instructed that Biotron be disconnected from the ship, and revealed that he sensed Devil's pain and fear.
    The Micronauts then went in search of Scion, who was curiously absent. On the bridge, Scion told them briefly of the Pain and that they would soon be going to Fiame. They all briefly enjoyed the peaceful planet, until Scion gathered them and told them that he had found something that they should all investigate. Huntarr was mistrusting but they all went in a hovercar until they reached the huge ship of the Wanderers' descendants. Scion told Huntarr to extend his nervous system to probe the ship's surface, but they were pushed back. Escaping in the hovercar, Scion instructed Microtron on how to access the Wanderers' descendants' ships that had suddenly and silently appeared. They flew in and encountered a surreal and organic interior. Finding metal poisonous, the Wanderers' descendants reacted violently against Acroyear's armor. The other Micronauts joined in the fray, including Huntarr, until stronger more aggressive versions arrived. They succeeded in breaking past the huge aliens' until they found a large worm that Huntarr surmised could be the ship's brain. Following Scion's instruction, Acroyear and Huntarr carefully removed the worm, then Huntarr placed Solitaire's amulet onto the pylon that the worm was perched on. The attackers stopped and explained themselves and their history. Scion then moved to the pylon and took the three Zodiac keys that then appeared.

(Micronauts II#14) - Scion revealed the secret behind the Zodiac Keys to the Micronauts, including Huntarr, who later spoke to Solitaire about overthrowing Scion. They arrived at the planet Aegis and Huntarr considered the desolation there because of the huge refugee population seeking to escape the Pain to be horrible. With the Micronauts, Huntarr listened to some Insectivoroids' account of the Pain's devastation. Huntarr later sat with the Micronauts around a fire as Bug crept away to reflect by himself. Solitaire soon went to search for him, but screamed when she saw the transformation starting (which had been initiated by Scion). The other Micronauts then ran to her; Huntarr stayed in the background and watched as Solitaire successfully halted the process.

(Micronauts II#15) - Along with Acroyear, Bug and Solitaire, Huntarr listened to Marionette's sorrowful tale of how, once paralyzed from the waist down, she had been given the legs of her close friend, Diarmid, a dancer, given the manipulations of Baron Karza.

(Micronauts II#16) - The Micronauts comforted Marionette, but a mayday signal suddenly set Huntarr into action. Acroyear, Bug and Huntarr then left to a nearby refugee facility, where they encountered a panicked red-head alien, seeking to escape the Pain, attempting to lift off from Aegis, but having completely disregarded the encampment surrounding the spaceship for energy. Huntarr ripped open the outside of the spaceship as the three charged in to stop the sentient lifeform, but were too late, as the ship's engines ignited, obliterating the camp for miles around. However, the engines suddenly stopped, and the three then left to investigate. Seeing Scion and the Beyonder below, they landed and were introduced. The Beyonder had answered Scion's distress call, but Huntarr interrupted and demanded that the Beyonder aid in finding shelter for those affected by the blast. The Beyonder twinkled and recreated the refugee camp as if it had never been destroyed, astonishing the three Micronauts. The Beyonder then revitalized the flora of Aegis, repaired Marionette's legs and changed Huntarr back into his human form. The Beyonder informed Huntarr that he still retained the powers of his former self. The Beyonder and Scion then left for the Endeavor II and Bug followed secretly, but alerted the others when the Beyonder destroyed three worlds (a secret effort to halt the spread of the Pain). The others then rushed back to their ship, Huntarr in his old form once more, and attacked Scion. The Beyonder then held the Micronauts in a stasis field while Scion explained the origin and immense threat of the Pain wave, before releasing them. However, Huntarr refused to believe Scion and linked the Micronauts via tendrils and they fired energy blasts through their hands together at Scion, seemingly destroying him. The Micronauts then left for Homeworld. Scion, resurrecting himself in a new form, told the Beyonder that Huntarr's actions had now activated the Micronauts.

Huntarr takes aim at Devil

(Micronauts II#17) - In hyperspace, Huntarr, back in his mutated form, explained that he had no idea how he had triggered the changes. Approaching Homeworld and exiting from hyperspace, the Micronauts, including Huntarr, found themselves glowing. They landed on the desolate remains of Homeworld, which burned with telepathic fire, then traveled underground to the teleport chamber and found the twisted transmitter that had trapped and pained Devil. While the others set about repairing the teleporter, Marionette and Huntarr returned to the surface to view the sunset on their literal home world. The two reflected on their connection with Homeworld, Huntarr commenting that one had to give up something in order to possess it. Meanwhile, Devil had escaped and--maddened and possessed by the Pain--was raging in giant form. Huntarr and Marionette returned to find the others fighting the possessed Devil, although the Micronauts were holding back so as not to hurt their former teammate. Huntarr fired eye beams at Devil but to little effect. The Micronauts then decided to destroy the teleporter as the Pain wave could spread much faster with that power. The Pain-wracked Devil caused an abyss to appear, and Huntarr saved Marionette by using tendrils from his arms to hold onto the edge. Devil then smashed the Endeavor II apart. But Huntarr then morphed a specially configured bio-gun from his right arm and aimed it at Devil, knowing that one shot would drain him, but also end the target's life. Bug wanted the teleporter destroyed, but Biotron warned that it could simply be rebuilt; Marionette encouraged Huntarr to shoot Devil to end Devil's personal pain. He fired and the Pain wave no longer had hold of Devil, who fell reduced to normal size. Devil suffered massive systemic failure and died in Huntarr's arms, just as Rann teleported in. However, Devil's death triggered the metamorphosis into Fireflyte, who now joined the team.

(Micronauts II#18) - With his fellow Micronauts, Huntarr was silent as they looked at the desolation of Homeworld all about them. While the other Micronauts had been immunized by Scion against the Pain, Rann had not, and he suddenly fell down. Huntarr rushed forward; tendrils issued from his hand and to Rann's head, and Rann changed and began to glow like the other Micronauts. Biotron and Microtron then informed the group of an approaching fleet - the Acroyears, which very soon appeared overhead. Acroyear then boarded a vessel of his fellow Spartakians that had come for him. Huntarr was with the remaining Micronauts as Solitaire ordered them to follow her. Shortly after, the connecting spheres of Homeworld broke up (a result of Scion's manipulation of the Acroyears, intended to further slow the spread of the Pain).

(Micronauts II#19) - Huntarr, along with the other Micronauts, was shocked at the sudden decimation across the Homeworld spheres, but then Scion approached and challenged her with the truth. The two prime beings then clashed intensely until Fireflyte eased their fighting. Solitaire then told the Micronauts of her origins as a prime being and challenged Scion to admit that his plan to save the Microverse required the Micronauts' sacrifice. Huntarr then declared that he'd never trusted Scion. However, Rann then led the Micronauts, including Scion and Solitaire, to the Prometheus Pit on Homeworld, stating that these teleportation Pits could halt the Pain wave that was ravaging the Microverse. Scion stated that the Micronauts had been slowly transformed into prime beings themselves to each generate a new planet to counter the Pain wave, but they had to enter the Pit and sacrifice themselves for the good of the Microverse. However, the Pits were corrupted and could not be so easily controlled, as Scion and Solitaire burned in their fires, with Huntarr quite anxious about Solitaire, until Rann donned some empty armor of Karza's that stood nearby and quelled the Pit's destructive force. Scion entered first and willingly; Acroyear then asked Huntarr to accompany him into the Pit and Huntarr was honored. They then disappeared into the Pit.Huntarr changes into his former body

(Micronauts II#20) - Huntarr emerged from the Prometheus Pit at the top of an extinct volcano. Its deceptive red glow yielded no warmth against the cold. Huntarr then reflected that although he was prepared to sacrifice himself for the Micronauts before, he hesitated by himself now, possibly because he was now able to change into any form he wanted. He morphed as he reflected, from Iann-23 as a man to a child. However, each stage of his journey had been breaking free of imposed bonds that were also gifts. Yet now, he sought to break all those prisons and escape. Huntarr then disintegrated himself, offering his gifts to the planet, laughing as he died, dying as a hero, screaming farewell to his friends, the Micronauts.
    Meanwhile, Rann, slowly being corrupted by Karza's armor, monitored the situation with Marionette and witnessed the slow rebirth of the worlds, until they too joined their compatriots against the Pain wave. Against Huntarr's planet, the Pain wave found a multitude of varied but interlocking lifeforms with a wind that almost whispered "Huntarr". Against these new planets that comprised the Micronauts, the Pain wave ended and the Microverse was saved.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo (writer), Keith Giffen & Greg Laroque (pencilers), and Danny Bulanadi (inker).

He was meant to be part of a new warrior elite for Karza, but we never seemingly encounter the term again. Was there meant to be a cohort of Huntarrs? Alternatively, this elite may have been the G-Men or the Unmen.

After their sacrifice, the Micronauts would later re-appear, but inexplicably without Huntarr.
    This is odd to me: since he wasn't one of the toys (or was he?), they should be able to use him at will.

Not quite sure why he only wore boots, especially given he didn't need any.

In Micronauts II#20, he mistakenly referred to himself as Iann-27.

Micronauts I#55 showcases a wide range of his configurations.

Huntarr has a profile in the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update#1.

Profile by Grendel Prime and Snood
I only did the X-Men/Micronauts issues...Grendel did everything else--Snood

Huntarr has no known connections to:

Seelia-23 has no known connections to:

Janna-23 has no known connections to:

Seelia-23 is pleased to see her son


Seelia-23 after being deformed in the Body Banks

Seelia-23 was a normal human in the lower slums of Homeworld who enjoyed life and was mother to Iann-23 and Seelia-23. She saw her son arrive home one day with some life-credits he had taken from an upworlder, but was later beaten by some dog soldiers who had arrived to take Iann-23 away to be experimented upon.
    Later, dog soldiers came back and took her to be used as human stock to be experimented upon. She hid in her now derelict house and hunted for rats until her son found her. They exchanged horror stories of Karza's mutating experiments and she told him of what had happened to his sister. However, while she welcomed his survival, she could not bear to be seen in her deformed state by her child and killed herself by stabbing her stomach.

--Micronauts I#55

Janna-23 is pleased to see her brother


Janna-23 was a normal human in the lower slums of Homeworld, sister to Iann-23 and daughter to Seelia-23. She saw her brother arrive home with some life-credits he had taken from an upworlder, but was later beaten by some dog soldiers who had arrived to take Iann-23 away to be experimented upon.
    Later, dog soldiers came back and took Janna to be used as a breeder, locked in a perpetual prison of ceaselessly bearing children who would become dog soldiers. She was eventually rescued by her brother after he had been transformed into Huntarr, who found her mad and disoriented, but she chose suicide with her offspring before Huntarr could stop her.

    Huntarr later encountered an internalized mental version of her when he was connected to a program of the Children of the Dreaming Star to act as his dance partner.

--Micronauts I#55 ((Micronauts II#8)

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