Lady Coral

Real Name: Coral

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Microverse - Oceania) humanoid

Occupation: Rebel;

formerly leader of the dolphin riders armed defense

Group Membership: None;

formerly the Royal House of Seazone

Affiliations: Micronauts (Bug, Marionette, Microtron Arcturus Rann), Prince Pharoid, Ryak, Huntarr (loose)

Enemies: Baron Karza, DeGrayde, Dog Soldiers, Leviathans, Time Traveler

Known Relatives: Aquon (brother), Tybalt (father), unnamed mother

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Homeworld, Microverse

First Appearance: Micronauts I#30 (June, 1981)

Powers/Abilities: Lady Coral was an able ruler who fit and commanding, and could skillfully ride giant dolphins as steeds. She was stubborn and had a fierce will.


(Micronauts I#30 (fb)) - Tybalt and his people defied Baron Karza's rule and crossed one of Homeworld's molecular bridges to Oceania, which was almost entirely covered by water. Tybalt took his children with him, Coral and Aquon, with him where they established a floating city that never stayed in the one spot called Seazone. Over the years, Coral would play with Aquon until she saw him one day go into the water guided by a Time Traveler and disappear beneath the waves. She saw her mother die from grief and her father's spirit broken from this, and so she assumed control of Seazone's armed dolphin riders and began organizing an assault on the depths of Oceania from where the Leviathans came and kidnapped Seazoners.

(Micronauts I#30) - The quest for the three keys to access the Enigma Force took Bug, Marionette, Prince Pharoid, Arcturus Rann and Microtron to Oceania. Scouting in the Astrostation flying vehicle, they were beset by a Leviathan, which captured Rann and Marionette. Then a band of armored Seazoners riding giant dolphin steeds and led by Lady Coral arrived and drove the Leviathan away. Already informed of the Micronauts' arrival by Argon, Coral took them back to the city where she introduced them to the king and her father, Tybalt, and his bodyguard Ryak, and told them of her imminent attack against the lower depths with Pharoid and Bug agreeing to assist her.

(Micronauts I#31) - The dolphin riders, along with Pharoid and Bug, were swept underwater by Leviathans, which were guided by mer-humans under the command of Aquon. A battle followed until Coral recognized her brother, who had already been changed into a mer-human with the aid of an Enigma key; this change was meant to save the Seazoners from the impending war with Karza. The floating city collapsed with Aquon using the key to transform the survivors into mer-humans. However, his sister fiercely resisted until she recognized the salvation offered to her people. The key later changed her back into her human form and she rode away from her brother, hoping in time to forgive herself for waging war against the Oceanians.

(Micronauts I#52) - For their resistance, Baron Karza used the Sunscope to destroy the people of Seazone, boiling the mer-humans alive and drying it so that there was no water left. Lady Coral, the only one not mutated, was the only survivor, hidden on what had once been a small island in a vast ocean. As Karza and DeGrayde left the genocide, Coral found her dead brother and swore vengeance.

(Micronauts I#55) - Coral had arrived on Homeworld, seeking new recruits for her campaign of resistance against Karza. She saw Huntarr and hoped that he could be one of her small rebel force, but recognized that he was already on a personal mission of rebellion.

(Micronauts I#58) - Coral died at the feet of Baron Karza and his mutates before the Body Banks just as the Micronauts returned from Earth.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo (writer), Pat Broderick (pencils) and Danny Bulanadi (inks).

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Coral has no known connections to:



The aging and frail man called Tybalt was the Lord Regent of Seazone and Coral's father. Ryak was his bodyguard. He led the escape from Karza's brutal reign into Oceania where he established its city of Seazone. However, he lost his son beneath the waves which broke his spirit. He later died when the floating city of Seazone collapsed into the seas.




--Micronauts I#30 (31



Ryak was Tybalt's bodyguard. He was a powerfully strong man who had been deaf and mute since birth.  He later died when the floating city of Seazone collapsed into the seas.




--Micronauts I#30 (31

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Micronauts I#30, p17, pan4 (Ryak)

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