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Real Name: Lady Cilicia

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Microverse extraterrestrial (Spartakian - Acroyear race))

Occupation: Regent; commander of the nomadic Acroyear space fleet

Group Membership: Royal House of Spartak;
   formerly Micronauts

Affiliations: Acroyear, Acroyear elders, Ant-Man (Scott Lang) , Argon/Force Commander, Enigma Force/Time Traveler, Esmera, Jasmine, Micronauts (Acroyear, Biotron, Marionette/Mari, Microtron, Arcturus Rann, Scion, Solitaire), Slug, Spartak's Worldmind;

Enemies: Antrons, Baron Karza and his forces, "Best Darned Burglar", Computrex, Dagon, Major D'ark, Dog Soldiers, Fixer, HYDRA, Helen Lipinski, Mentallo, Odd John, Psycho-Man, Shaitan

Known Relatives: Acroyear (husband), son (name unrevealed), Shaitan (brother-in-law), King of Spartak (father-in-law, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile across the Microverse;
   formerly Spartak

First Appearance: Micronauts I#9 (September, 1979)

Powers/Abilities: Cilicia has the enhanced strength and durability afforded to her by denser Acroyear physiology. Her metallic armor augmented these capabilities and was capable of withstanding extreme heat and could stop a bullet fired at point-blank range. Part of her armament included an energy sword that could cut through almost anything, as well as anti-gravitational glider wings that she used with considerable skill, yielding great speed and maneuverability. She had a strong sense of honor and tremendous loyalty to the Acroyear race.

Height: (Microverse) 5'6"; (Earth) 5.7" (by approximation)
Weight: (Microverse) 185 lbs.; (Earth) 1.7 oz. (by approximation)
Eyes: Black
Hair: Auburn


(Micronauts I#59 (fb)) - Lady Cilicia loved an Acroyear male (name unrevealed) but she was forced to forgo this to marry Prince Acroyear to ensure continuity on their planet Spartak. Her loyalty and love for her people meant that she make sacrifices and, wearing the mask and armor of courtship, she crushed her crystal-flower (symbolizing her love for her previous mate) as she spoke to the similarly forlorn Prince Acroyear, who was likewise forced to surrender his beloved, that with sacrifices, love may grow greatly in time. The Prince realized at that moment what true love was.

(Micronauts I#9 (fb) - BTS) - With the aid of tyrant Baron Karza, the traitorous Acroyear Shaitan thoughtwashed his people to ally themselves with Karza, with only Prince Acroyear able to resist.

(Micronauts I#9) - After fleetingly defeating Karza, the rebel team Micronauts (Biotron, Bug, Marionette/Mari, Microtron, Arcturus Rann) arrived back in the Microverse in their spaceship Endeavor using the Prometheus Pit only to be surrounded by an Acroyear battle-fleet, which towed them to Spartak. There, Cilicia and the Acroyear people welcomed back Prince Acroyear as king, the thoughtwash of Shaitan removed when the traitor returned home, although judgment was deferred in favor of a war council meeting, including Cilicia. Karza knew the Acroyears' loyalty had shifted and launched a full-scale attack on Spartak led by Major D'ark. Acroyear ordered that the attackers be forced to land while he became one with the incredible power of the Worldmind of Spartak; Cilicia feared for his safety.

(Micronauts I#10) - Cilicia guarded Shaitan, who tried to turn her against Spartak. Prince Acroyear had Spartak destroy the opposing fleet while Cilicia led the Acroyear ground forces until victory was secured against Karza's Dog Soldiers. While Prince Acroyear disengaged from the Worldmind, Cilicia showed Spartakian mercy to a captured Dog Soldier on his knees by beheading him.

(Micronauts I#11) - The Acroyear fleet led by Acroyear (with Cilicia at his side) sided with the Micronauts on Homeworld and flew against Karza and his forces, thereby helping to bring about the Baron's physical destruction and ending his despotic reign.

(Micronauts I#12) - The Acroyears stood side by side with the Homeworld victors and then left for Spartak. There, Cilicia joined those condemning Shaitan a traitor. Acroyear accepted Shaitan's traditional challenge of blood-feud, which Acroyear proved victor with Shaitan's death.

(Micronauts I#14) - Back in the royal palace, Acroyear told Cilicia he would rejoin the Micronauts and leave ruling Spartak to a more able monarch. Bonded to him, Cilicia affirmed she would follow him. The two then met and were welcomed by the other Micronauts on the Endeavor, including Bug's paramour Jasmine.

(Micronauts I#15) - Cilicia helped the rest of the crew defeat a sudden attack by Antrons that had been sent by Psycho-Man, only to have a dire warning sent from the master manipulator's starship.

(Micronauts I#16) - The Micronauts were taken on board the spacecraft and put before Psycho-Man, who used his Psycho-Ray panel against them. Acroyear was struck with hate for Cilicia, and the two repeatedly and fiercely punched each other until the sudden arrival of the Fantastic Four (except the Human Torch), but the fighting instead expanded between the two teams. This quickly ended when the full-sized Human Torch arrived after he went through the Prometheus Pit.

(Micronauts I#17) - The Human Torch's flaming arrival began rapidly depleting the finite oxygen stores in the worldship, causing them to quickly grow weary or collapse. Rann saved them but Psycho-Man recovered the fastest and imprisoned each of his opponents in his Psycho-Manipulator, intending to siphon their emotions to dominate the Microverse. However, teamwork between the Fantastic Four and the Micronauts helped them escape, and they launched a direct attack against Psycho-Man. The teams escaped in their respective crafts but lost Jasmine.

(Micronauts I#18) - Breaching the Spacewall, the Micronauts landed on Earth, but did not recognize it as such. Bug mourned Jasmine's death and Cilicia helped in her burial. They left the ship for the robots to repair, with Bug bounding off to be alone. The others rolled off in their Star-Searcher, coming across a furnished house their size amidst giant vegetation. What they considered lifeless mannequins inside were actually dolls in a dollhouse controlled by the child Helen Lipinski. Cilicia fought by Acroyear's side as the Micronauts battled the assembled mannequins and drove back to their ship, still unaware that they were on Earth.

(Micronauts I#19) - Looking vainly for Bug before going into the Endeavor, the Micronauts saw a telepathic image of what Bug could see of a malformed insect. They followed the origins and came across Odd John, who was mutating insects to make an army and intended to do the same with the tiny team, who finally realized that they were on Earth. Cilicia stayed on the Endeavor with the others while Acroyear and Rann flew out and attacked, but Odd John disabled their ship, trapping those inside and unleashed his mutated insect horde against them, led by the now monstrously deformed Bug.

(Micronauts I#20) - Marionette knocked out Odd John, and Acroyear and Cilicia bound him in chains. They then pursued Bug aboard the Endeavor and fought the mutated insect horde at a nearby supermarket. The timely arrival of Ant-Man (Scott Lang) and use of his shrinking gas returned all the insects back to normal, including Bug. Although separated from the rest of the the Micronauts, Acroyear, Bug, Cilicia and Microtron left the scene.

(Micronauts I#21/1) - Acroyear, Cilicia, Bug and Microtron scoured the local area for their teammates.

(Micronauts I#22/1) - Flying on the NY state thruway, the small group believed themselves to be pursued by semi-trailer and ultimately resulted in the truck careening off into a fast food outlet where a robbery was in progress by Rodney, the "Best Darned Burglar". Cilcia helped overpower Rodney and the Micronauts fled in the Astrostation as the police arrived, meeting up with Rann and Marionette.

(Micronauts I#23/1) - The Micronauts found their way back to the Endeavor and Biotron. All of them assisted in the repairs, with Acroyear and Cilicia attending to the Star-Searcher.

(Micronauts I#23/2) - Later, Acroyear and Cilicia recalibrated the Star-Searcher unit on the Endeavor; Cilicia asked Microtron for food, but the robot nervously rolled away.

(Micronauts I#24) - The Endeavor fixed, the team flew off. The onboard computer was activated, but this allowed the nefarious Computrex, the so-called living computer, to take control and force the ship to Computrex's base. The roboids were taken over while the rest of the Micronauts flew out and fought off other technological devices sent to kill them. Cilicia and the others watched on a viewscreen the now-captive bodies of Rann and Biotron, held inside Computrex's hardware, until Marionette was able to free them.

(Micronauts I#25/1) - In their quarters on the ship, Acroyear and Cilicia revealed their emotions for each other and bonded. However, an attack by the criminals Fixer and Mentallo, eager to gain information on subatomic space for HYDRA and following in anti-grav harnesses, left the Endeavor encased in a shroud fired by the Fixer, but the Micronauts retaliated in a fight that forced the two villains to the ground. Acroyear and Cilicia were encased in a crystal shatter-sphere, but the two broke free despite the feedback, and they knocked the Fixer out. The two Acroyears then joined the other Micronauts as Mentallo was telepathically interrogated and they learnt that Karza had been resurrected and was now controlling the terrorist organization HYDRA.

(Micronauts I#26/1) - In the Endeavor, the Micronauts joined S.H.I.E.L.D.'s fight against the invading HYDRA forces using glider-pacs, helping Nick Fury and Dugan along the way. The Micronauts rejoined with new Acroyear warrior Dagon (actually a Karza agent), despite Cilicia's suspicions of him. They discovered that Karza was reborn with the aid of likewise resurrected Shaitan and the faceless priests, with the villain also imprisoning the Enigma Force.

(Micronauts I#27) - Onboard a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, the Micronauts discussed how to thwart Karza's planned conquest of Earth, but remained suspicious of Dagon's ability to traverse the Spacewall. Excepting the roboids and Dagon, the Micronauts then joined S.H.I.E.L.D. against the HYDRA troops and invading Microverse forces, which were arriving through Karza's interdimensional transporter at a Florida fun-park, with Acroyear and Cilicia silencing HYDRA snipers hidden in roller coaster cars.

(Micronauts I#28) - Acroyear and Cilicia continued battling, then joined the others on the Endeavor, discovering that Rann had been captured by Karza and that Biotron had been destroyed (secretly by Dagon). Cilicia asserted Dagon's cowardly excuse came from Acroyears mixing with other races. The Micronauts rejoined the fight, bravely tackling Karza head on. Acroyear used the Worldmind to stop Karza,  aware this would result in Spartak dying. Cilicia could only watch with the other Micronauts as Acroyear battled Karza, the two evenly matched until Queen Esmera of Kaliklak impaled Karza on her suicide sting, weakening the despot. The last of the Worldmind's power blasted Karza, seemingly destroying him, but really only suppressing his consciousness with the host body of Argon.

(Micronauts I#29) - The surviving Micronauts stood solemnly before caskets of fallen friends. Acroyear revealed to Cilicia the terrible price paid by Spartak and the Acroyear people, but she turned away from him and called him traitor. She departed for the Microverse with the Acroyear forces.

(Micronauts I#52 (fb)) - Cilicia found Spartak had become a cold dead world after the Worldmind had sacrificed itself fighting Karza. She rallied her people against Acroyear and became regent as her people boarded space arks and spaceships, becoming a refugee fleet.

(Micronauts I#39) - Force Commander (possessed by the spirit of Karza) delivered an ultimatum to Cilicia to join him on Homeworld, offering information where Acroyear was on Earth. Still seeing her former betrothed as a traitor, she dispatched an Acroyear elite strike team to kill him, but they proved unsuccessful.

(Micronauts I#51) - Seeking to warn others of Karza's carnage on Homeworld, as well as secure allies against the despot, the Micronauts chanced upon the homeless Acroyear fleet commanded by Cilicia, who recognized the Micronauts' Bioship design. Cilicia ordered the aggressive hull breaching and boarding of the Bioship to extract and punish Acroyear, who had since burnt the traitor's brand on his own forehead. Acroyear invoked Spartakian law with trial by combat against Cilicia as she was the Acroyears' commander and his accuser.

(Micronauts I#52) - The other Micronauts could only watch as Acroyear sought peaceful resolution, but Cilicia wanted battle. She fought him in the arena but he would only block her blows, refusing to fight the woman he still loved. He was able to grip her in a tight embrace that cracked her abdominal armor, revealing the shining skin of her pregnancy. The duel was halted with the welfare of the unborn ruler seen as paramount. Acroyear was no longer considered king, nor Cilicia regent. Cilicia was forlorn that her vengeance had to be delayed and she had to bear the son of the "traitor" Acroyear.

(Micronauts I#53) - Cilicia sat nearby as Acroyear prepared to depart. As she had rejected him, she could not rise to queen, nor he to king, so the Acroyear people would remain neutral against Karza until Kingbirth. However, the traitor's mark on Acroyear was seared over, signifying redemption.

(Micronauts II#7) - Acroyear reflected on his time with past paramour Illyrie while talking to a phantom vision of Cilicia.

(Micronauts II#11) - Cilicia and the Acroyear fleet flew near the Spacewall when they were contacted by Acroyear and the Micronauts onboard the Endeavor II, who were on the other side side of the Spacewall and sought to cross over. Initially angered at Acroyear, Cilicia chose to help the Micronauts and directed them to Breachpoint, an ancient powerful citadel that pierced the Spacewall. Cilicia and Acroyear confirmed their love for each other, but she still considered him a traitor. Breachpoint became unstable and Acroyear used royal command codes that forced the Acroyear fleet to flee at maximum speed to safety.

(Micronauts II#18) - Cilicia and the Acroyear fleet arrived at the desolate Homeworld, joining the Micronauts there, intent on stopping the Pain Wave that threatened all of the Microverse. But Cilicia's plan was to destroy the Pain Wave's origin, Homeworld. Despite their differences, she still wanted to see her estranged husband again. Although he disagreed with her plan, he insisted on staying for the birth, aiding by slashing open her armor with precision to allow his son to be born. The segments of Homeworld were separated and Acroyear was called away to sacrifice himself rebuilding the Microverse. Cilicia and Acroyear parted tearfully, each confessing their love. After Acroyear teleported away, Cilicia, caught in mixed emotions and holding her son, ordered the fleet away at maximum speed.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo, Michael Golden, Al Milgrom.

Interestingly, the name Cilicia is associated with a region in southern Turkey and has a long history.

This profile was completed 7/23/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Cilicia has no known connections to:


The son of Lady Cilicia and Prince Acroyear was born in space in a deliberately delayed birth to strengthen the baby's body. He was left in the care of Cilicia and her fellow Acroyears as they traversed the Microverse, and was destined to be the next ruler of the Acroyear people. Not named in-story, Acroyear tradition decreed that he be named after his race, but given his people's dramatic upheaval, it's uncertain.



--Micronauts II#18

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Micronauts II#18, p22, pan4 (son)

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