Illyrie demands recognition

Real Name: Lady Illyrie

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Microverse) Extraterrestrial (Acroyear)

Occupation: Second-in-command to Prince Acroyear

Group Membership: Acroyear Military

Affiliations: Prince Acroyear, Polibos (loose)
   formerly Laios

Enemies: Black Fleet, Ecbatani rebels, Laios

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile across the Microverse with the Acroyear fleet, notably Ecbatan;
   originally Spartak

First Appearance: Micronauts II#7 (April, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Illyrie was at optimum levels for her race, which included enhanced strength and a height of over 6' tall with a powerful and muscular frame from many years service to the Acroyear military. Her skin was the usual Acroyear gray and she had long black hair in a Mohawk-style. Illyrie was a skilled pilot and a good soldier, with a good knowledge of weapons and technology. Her distinctively Acroyear armor was colored white and purple, and she armed herself with the standard Acroyear energy sword. She also had a very strong sense of honor.

Illyrie explains her blood-debt to LaiosHistory:
(Micronauts II#7 (fb)) - Lady Illyrie commanded her own distinct Acroyear warship and accompanied Acroyear on a mission to the troubled tri-world of Ecbatan, which had been lain siege to by the mercenary force known as the Black Fleet. Acroyear gave the order to defend the tri-world using the move called "the demon". Illyrie's force then separated from Acroyear's group of ships, which remained at the battle zone in orbit defending Ecbatani ships. Illyrie's ships plowed into the planet's upper atmosphere, setting it ablaze in a fiery plasma with trails that followed each ship. These ships then approached the Black Fleet, each ship of Illyrie's force trailing long destructive fingers that devastated the low-shielded Black Fleet ships. All the Acroyear ships had extra shielding and so were not affected.

    Acroyear commended her valor in the battle, then stated that he wanted to find out the reason for the attack by traveling to the planet's surface. Illyrie and Acroyear landed their personal shuttles at the Ecbatan Spaceport, expecting to be welcomed by the local population, but finding it instead deserted. Illyrie commanded recognition from the token Honor Guard, one of whom had been distracted by the plasma effect that still lingered in the sky and left the sky literally ablaze with fire. The two Acroyear warriors were then greeted by the Ecbatan Regent, Laios, and taken to an open-top large six-wheeled vehicle that Laios himself drove and with no other escort.

    While traveling, they were suddenly attacked by two Ecbatani skimmers, which fired powerful harpoons at the exposed people on the oversized vehicle. However, this was a staged attack by Laios to reinforce loyalty from the Acroyears as he sought greater intervention against the Ecbatani rebels. A spear was fired at Illyrie, but Laios jumped in the way and the spear pierced both. Finally, two Ecbatani Security cruisers arrived and drove off the skimmers. The two cruisers then used their tractor beams to carry the vehicle aloft and carried them to the Medical Center for medical attention.

    While Laios received new body parts to revitalize him, Illyrie refused such treatment, stating that Acroyears must survive their wounds independently. Illyrie stopped Acoyear's interrogation of Laios, stating that she was bound by honor to Laios for saving her life, and that honor is the driving force of the Acroyear people. Later at dinner, Laios lied about his past to gain sympathy from the Acroyears and aid in defeating the rebels. Illyrie then affirmed her blood-debt to Laios for saving her life. Laios then bade them goodnight, while his Seneschal escorted them to their sleeping quarters. Unfortunately, the Seneschal had assumed that were partnered to each other, but Illyrie then requested her own room and one was quickly found. However, Illyrie revealed her feelings for her commander, Prince Acroyear, but he stated that he was betrothed to Cilicia. Honor had bound him as well.
Illyrie entraps Laios

    Later, Illyrie found Polibos, leader of the rebellion on Ecbatan, in her new quarters. He then revealed the truth of the political situation to Illyrie, that Laios was actually his son who had murdered his mother. Polibos' son then had his brain grafted to the damaged nervous system of the reigning monarch, Polibos' father. Polibos also told Illyrie that the attack that day had been staged, although she stated that this did not absolve her of her blood-debt. Illyrie tied Polibos up securely then departed to discuss the matter with Acroyear.

(Micronauts II#7 - BTS) - Polibos escaped from Illyrie's room. Meanwhile, Illyrie and Acoyear decided that Polibos' incredible allegation needed to be tested and a bioscan unit was installed in Illyrie's room, then disguised as a bed. Eight Acroyear warriors in full armor, as well as Acroyear, were then hidden in Illyrie's room. The trap was set.

(Micronauts II#7) - Illyrie requested Laios' presence in her quarters, becoming slightly amorous toward Laios, she guided him to sit on the bed. Further talk was minimal as she soon identified that Polibos' statement was true. Laios became enraged like a petulant child having a tantrum and admitted the whole charade. Illyrie called him an abomination and told him that she did not bed children. Becoming even more angry, Laios pulled out a handgun and threatened to kill her if she did not follow his wishes. Illyrie refused and he shot her at point blank range. Acroyear then emerged, signaling that the blood-debt was ended, and commanded that Laios be destroyed. With that, his fellow Acroyear warriors emerged and gunned the child-monster down. Barely alive, Illyrie still asked for a kiss from Acroyear. He did so and then she died in his arms. Acroyear recognized then that the price of honor of the blood-debt was too high.

Comments: Created by Peter B. Gillid (writer), Rod Whigham (penciler), and Akin & Garvey (inkers).

The story of Acroyear's past with Illyrie and the liberation of Ecbatan are told as a flashback.

Profile by Grendel Prime

Illyrie has no known connections to:

Micronauts II#7, p9, panel 2 (in armor)

p14, panel 3 (head)
p18, panel 6 (in civvies)

Micronauts II#7 (April, 1985) - Peter B. Gillid (writer), Rod Whigham (pencils), Akin & Garvey (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)

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