Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Microverse) energy manipulator

Occupation: Adventurer

Group Membership: Micronauts (Acroyear, Biotron, Bug, Fireflyte, Huntarr, Marionette, Microtron, Arcturus Rann, Scion), Prime Beings

Affiliations: The Acroyears, the Beyonder, Cilicia, Enigma Force, the Makers, Time Travelers, the Wanderers; the entire population of the Microverse

Enemies: The Pain of the Microverse;
    formerly the Micronauts and the Wanderers

Known Relatives: The Makers ("grandparents");
Child of the Makers (parent);
Scion (spawn of the Children of the Makers);
    Virtually all beings in the Microverse (distant relatives)

Aliases: Child of the Makers

Base of Operations: Currently unknown:
    formerly mobile throughout the Microverse; 
    formerly the planet of the Children of the Dreaming Stars;
    formerly within a Child of the Makers

First Appearance: Micronauts II#5 (February, 1985);
    (Named) Micronauts II#6 (March, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Solitaire's primary ability used was metamorphing. However, as she demonstrated in battle against Scion, she possessed superhuman strength and durability. She could alter her size, form and appearance at will, and possibly recover from injuries. She could communicate with certain beings across the dimensional walls.

    As a Prime Being, Solitaire could seed a world with life by dispersing her own molecules, each of which became a new being.






(Micronauts II#1 (fb) - BTS / Micronauts II#5 (fb) - BTS) - The being who would become Solitaire was amongst the eggs spawned and incubated by one of the Child of the Makers. These eggs were intended to be Prime Beings who would seed the Microverse with life.

(Micronauts II#19 (fb) - BTS) <ten million years ago> - One of these Prime Beings refused to scatter its cells in the waters of its world so that a new race of beings would populate the planet. Unwilling to surrender its own life, it turned away from the plan of the Makers, spent fifty thousand years discovering its world, eventually devising the technology to leave that nameless world for the stars. This being traveled the Microverse, living, loving, learning, and taking on a thousand forms. It learned how sweet existence was in all of its diversity, unity, and ascendancy. This being eventually became Solitaire, who eventually came to pose as one of the Children of the Dreaming Star, living near the Confluence of Stars.

(Micronauts II#19 (fb) - BTS) - Solitaire retained guilt over thwarting the will of the Makers.

(Micronauts II#4 - BTS) - The Micronauts encountered the Children of the Dreaming Star.

(Micronauts II#5) - The Children of the Dreaming Star brought the Micronauts to Central City within the Confluence of Stars. Intrigued by the Micronauts, Solitaire adopted a form to match Marionette's and then further adapted it to take on some of the characteristics of one of the Insectivorids so that she could get close to Bug. She swiftly convinced the lonely Bug to join her aboard her personal spacecraft and to leave the Micronauts behind.

(Micronauts II#19 (fb) - BTS) - Bug's heroism convinced Solitaire that she could enter the Spiral Path and confront the Hand of the Makers, and that Bug would save her.

(Micronauts II#6) - Aboard Solitaire's ship, Bug definitely enjoyed the...attention that she gave him, but he began to imagine a series of ambushes and attacks on the Micronauts. Between daydreams, Bug saw Solitaire glowing brightly, but she blew it off and distracted him with some affection. When Bug accidentally sent her ship into battle alert while playing with the controls, Solitaire scolded him and then instructed the ship that all inputs were to be verified by her until further notice.
    Eventually Bug began to miss and worry about his friends too much, and so he turned the ship around and returned to the Micronauts.

(Micronauts II#8) - En route to the Central City, Bug began to succumb to the effects of radiation poisoning from exposure to the energies of the Child of the Makers. Recognizing how sick Bug was, Solitaire commanded her ship to return at full emergency power and to send out a distress call to the Children of the Dreaming Star. Upon returning, she found that the Micronauts Arcturus Rann, Marionette, and Acroyear were similarly affected. While even the advanced science of the Children was insufficient to save the Micronauts, another spawn of the Child of the Makers (the future Scion) appeared and struggled with Huntarr. Mistaking the spawn's intentions, Solitaire tried to command the Death Watch guards to kill it, but they refused to harm one of the sacred Prime Beings. The spawn mutated Huntarr, and Solitaire and the Death Watch guards fled as his body erupted into a monstrous and growing form. However, this gave Huntarr the power to save the other Micronauts, after which he regained control.




(Micronauts II#9) - The fully recovered Bug introduced Solitaire to the Micronauts, and she took the form of Sepsis Rann, the mother of Arcturus, which she had seen in their tapes, for the meeting. She expressed her extreme pleasure at meeting the Micronauts, and told them the name of the Children of the Dreaming Star. She further instructed the Children to take the Micronauts to the Dreaming Star.
    Later when they learned how the former Micronaut Devil had been terribly injured by the Pain and a teleportation gone awry, Solitaire volunteered that the Children would take them back to Homeworld to investigate. One of the Children questioned whether she was overstepping her authority, but he(?) quickly backed down when Solitaire challenged him. She prepared the arrangements for their return trip, aboard the Endeavor II.







(Micronauts II#10 (fb) - BTS) - Solitaire stowed away aboard the Endeavor II.

(Micronauts II#10) - Solitaire, in a new form, revealed her presence to the Micronauts, and--after some discussion--they agreed to make her a member. Later, when Bug tried to romance her, she casually pushed him aside. As the ship and the Micronauts attempted to breach the Spacewall, the Time-Traveler appeared and forbade it, decimating the Grand Fleet of the Children when they attacked it (under Rann's command)

(Micronauts II#11) - Solitaire listened as Arcturus Rann explained how and why he had aged during his experience with the Time-Traveler. She was also witness to the approach of the Spartak fleet, Acroyear's response to them, and their futile attempt to pierce the Spacewall via the Breachpoint. She was also present when Scion arrived on the bridge of the Endeavor II and announced that he was assuming captaincy.

(Micronauts II#12) - Solitaire stood by as Scion fought Acroyear, but when Huntarr--under Scion's control--restrained Acroyear, Solitaire told Scion to release him. Both realized that while Solitaire could not stop Scion, neither could he stop her. She worked under the scrutiny of the other Micronauts as Scion allowed the Micronauts to pierce the Spacewall. Acroyear questioned whether Solitaire knew exactly what Scion's deal was, but she was reluctant to detail this, telling Acroyear only that Scion's purpose was to save all life in the Microverse and beyond, and that in doing so Scion would destroy her.

(Micronauts II#13) - When Huntarr was overcome with pain while trying to interact with Devil, Solitaire laid her hands on Huntarr, easing his pain. She was present as Scion told the Micronauts of the Pain which was sweeping the Microverse. When they arrived on the planet Fiame, Solitaire joined the others in fighting their way into a spaceship past its owners, the Wanderers. The Micronauts found  a pylon marked with the glyphs of the three Keys to the Enigma Force. When the glyphs on Solitaire's necklace were pressed against the glyphs on the pylon, the Micronauts were spoken to by the ship's owners, the Wanderers, and the glyphs projected the Keys to the Enigma Force, which Scion claimed so that he could use them to save the Microverse.








(Micronauts II#14) - When Scion delayed the Micronauts mission to return to Homeworld to save Devil, Huntarr asked Solitaire if she could stop him. She said there was little she could do, but warned him against listening to Scion's words. She accompanied the others to Scion's goal, the planet Aegis. While holding one of the Keys, Scion secretly caused Bug to mutate, devolve, and dissolve. Solitaire tried to save him, but found that she was also devolved by the field and began losing control of her metamorph power. Marionette helped Solitaire save Bug.

(Micronauts II#15) - Solitaire was present when Marionette explained how her legs had been taken from the dancer Diarmid.

(Micronauts II#16) - Solitaire was present as Scion summoned the Beyonder to the Microverse, having him destroy several strategic planets in an effort to stop the spread of the Pain. Scion then revealed to the Micronauts the origin of the Pain to the Micronauts, telling them why he had done what he did, but they didn't trust him. Solitaire joined the Micronauts in  attacking Scion, and Huntarr spread his energies--power granted from the Child of the Makers--enabling the Micronauts to seemingly destroy Scion, though he secretly recovered soon after.

(Micronauts II#17) - Solitaire pondered her fate after the seeming death of Scion. When Bug checked on her, she complemented him on his heroic nature, which led to romance. The Micronauts arrived on Homeworld, and Solitaire was present as Devil was freed and then--possessed by the Pain--attempted to destroy the Micronauts and spread the Pain across the Microverse. She remained in the background as the others fought and slew Devil, and Bug saved her from falling into a pit Devil had created. Solitaire was surprised when Arcturus Rann returned to Homeworld and announced that he had met the Makers.

(Micronauts II#19 (fb) - BTS) - Solitaire resolved to try to convince the Micronauts not to sacrifice themselves to save the Microverse.

(Micronauts II#18) - Solitaire expressed sadness at how Homeworld had been devastated. When the Spartak fleet arrived to destroy Homeworld in an effort to stop the spread of the Pain, Solitaire asked Bug to leave the Microverse with her, to travel perhaps to the Confluence of Stars or to the Earth dimension. After Bug had refused and left her alone, Solitaire expressed her anguish in an inhuman wail. As the destruction of Homeworld seemed imminent, Solitaire appeared before the Micronauts, opening a portal in space and asking them all to use it to escape with her (in the process revealing that she had never needed a ship to travel). As Homeworld's various world-spheres were uncoupled rather than destroyed, the Micronauts declined her offer.

(Micronauts II#19) - As Acroyear questioned what Solitaire's purpose was, Scion appeared, revealing his survival and telling the Micronauts that Solitaire intended to destroy the Microverse. Solitaire blasted Scion, and the two fought, changing forms throughout the struggle, but Fireflyte calmed them both. Solitaire revealed her true origins and motives. She forced Scion to admit that his plan to save the Microverse would require the Micronauts to sacrifice their lives.
    Scion was the first to enter Baron Karza's Prometheus Pit in an effort to use his status as a Prime Being to spread his essence across another world and repopulate it. However, without Karza's control, the energies of the Prometheus Pit lashed out, setting Solitaire on fire and causing her great agony. Rann donned Karza's armor and calmed the energies. Bug asked Solitaire to join him within the Pit, but she found herself unable to sacrifice her life and so Bug went without her, offering her his understanding, as well as a farewell. Solitaire wandered off.

(Micronauts II#20 - BTS) - Bug lamented that Solitaire was not there to sacrifice herself by his side. He regretted never having had the chance to tell her he loved her or to give her something beautiful. He sadly blew his nose, and butterflies came out. He yelled that the butterflies were for Solitaire.

Comments: Created by Peter Gillis, Kelley Jones, and Danny Bulanadi.

While Bug, Marionette, and Arcturus Rann were reborn at some point, Scion and the rest of the Micronauts apparently met their final end in restoring the Microverse.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:

Micronauts II#5, p21, panel 1 (Marionette/Insectivorid form)
    #9, p7, panel 1 (Sepsis)
    #10, p6, panel 2 (main form, full body)
    #12, p7, panel 5 (main form, close-up)
    #14, p19, panels 3-6 (mutating forms)

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