Classification: Uncertain; extraterrestrial/extradimensional cosmic beings

Location/Base of Operations: Unrevealed (a thinly veiled realm just outside the Microverse)

Known Members: None named

Affiliations: Children of the Dreaming Star; Children of the Makers (creations); Micronauts (Acroyear, Biotron, Bug, Huntarr, Marionette, Microtron, Arcturus Rann); Scion, Solitaire (Prime Beings, spawn of the Children of the Makers)

First Appearance:
    (Mentioned) Micronauts II#1 (October, 1984)
    (Pictured) Micronauts II#20 (May, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: They are presumably immensely powerful, on the level of the Celestials, the Beyonders, or even the Infinites. They may or may not actually be associated with one of those groups.

Traits: Unrevealed. They sought to create a universe that would live forever. They created a dimension and seeded it with life.








(Micronauts II#14 (fb) - BTS) - The Makers looked upon a multitude of universes and saw their processes from the Big Bang to their entropy-death. Feeling that such an ending seemed inappropriate, they decided to alter a universe to give it the constituents of life. By this means they intended the universe to move from lesser to greater complexity, evolving as needed to survive, just as living beings did.

(Micronauts II#4 (fb) - BTS) - The Makers embarked on a quest for infinite life.

(Micronauts II#1 (fb) - BTS / Micronauts II#5 (fb) - BTS / Micronauts II#14 (fb) - BTS) - The Makers created the Microverse. They took an existing universe and remade its stars, planets, and galaxies.

(Micronauts II#5 (fb) - BTS) - The Makers created the Spiral Path, an immense galaxy whose stars were arranged in a pattern that mimicked a DNA spiral, one of the building blocks of life. They took the fabric of the cosmos and wove it anew, changing its form from that of randomness to that of structured and renewing life...infinite life. Within the Spiral Path was the section of the Microverse known to the Micronauts, including their world, Homeworld.

(Micronauts II#5 (fb) - BTS / Micronauts II#19 (fb) - BTS) - The Makers configured Homeworld in the shape of numerous planetoids connected by cylinders, and it was designed to resemble the structure of a linear molecule. The Makers empowered the planetoids to counter the normal gravitational forces that would destroy such a configuration, and the planetoids also powered the miniature suns that orbited them.

(Micronauts II#13 (fb) - BTS / Micronauts II#14 (fb) - BTS) - The Wanderers, the people of Prince Wayfinder, were souls from the scattered universes of infinity, incredibly diverse with but one thing in common--the DNA code of life. The Makers brought Wayfinder and the Wanderers to the Microverse, using them to populate the Spiral Path, to give life and meaning to the structure they had created. They intended the beings populating the Microverse to be champions of the life that they intended for their universe.

(Micronauts II#4 (fb) - BTS) - The Makers created the Confluence of Stars, an immense grouping of stars, as well as the planets that surrounded the Confluence. Amongst the planets of the Confluence was the laser planet--which was coated by reflective surfaces and whose atmosphere generated lasers when exposed to the light of the sun--and the  and the star system around it.

(Micronauts II#9 - BTS) - The Makers created a Dreaming Star, a psychoactive star that absorbs the impressions of the thoughts of beings in its vicinity.

(Micronauts II#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Makers created beings, "the Children of the Makers" to spawn eggs that would seed the Microverse with life.

(Micronauts II#5 (fb) - BTS) - The eggs crashed into the ocean of each planet where they hatched a Prime Being (or Primordial One). These Prime Beings, each different in form, then stretched out its forces and gathered a vast proto-lie matrix to them, giving it shape and order. For eons the Prime Being worked and waited until it finally created a genetic complement to itself, and so each race began.

(Micronauts II#19 (fb) - BTS) - The Prime Beings seeded their worlds with life by dispersing their own molecules, each of which became a new being (see comments).

(Micronauts II#4 (fb) - BTS / Micronauts II#5 (fb) - BTS) - The Children of the Dreaming Star were created by one of the Prime Beings spawned from the Children of the Makers.

(Micronauts II#19 (fb) - BTS) <ten million years ago> - One of these Prime Beings refused to scatter its cells in the waters of its world so that a new race of beings would populate the planet. Unwilling to surrender its own life, it turned away from the plan of the Makers, spent fifty thousand years discovering its world, eventually devising the technology to leave that nameless world for the stars. This being traveled the Microverse, living, loving, learning, and taking on a thousand forms. It learned how sweet existence was in all of its diversity, unity, and ascendancy. This being eventually became Solitaire, who eventually came to pose as one of the Children of the Dreaming Star.

(Micronauts II#19 (fb) - BTS) - Baron Karza re-created the Prometheus Pit, this time designed to punch though the Makers' barrier that held the power of the planetoids in check so that he could take that power for himself. Upon completion, he had similar Pits built on each of the planetoids of Homeworld.

(Micronauts I#58-59 - BTS / Micronauts II#16 (fb) - BTS) - Baron Karza used the power derived from the Prometheus Pits to slaughter all life on Homeworld, tearing a gaping wound in the planet's worldmind. Karza was slain in the subsequent battle with the Micronauts. Without life to soothe the wound, the worldmind went mad. This madness manifested itself as a searing pain, which began to spread across the Spiral Path. The Pain corrupted the Enigma Force itself, and the delicate life-like structure of the Microverse was threatened.

(Micronauts II#1-2 - BTS) - As one of the Children of the Makers prepared to spawn new eggs, it encountered the Micronauts. It transformed Huntarr into new form, allowed him to take one of its eggs, unwittingly exposed the Micronauts to radiation which would soon begin killing them, and helped the Micronauts escape being trapped in space. It then delivered its eggs and began approaching infinite speed, which would place it everywhere at once and all it to touch the Makers and all of their work.

(Micronauts II#3-5, 7-8 - BTS / Micronauts II#13 (fb) - BTS) - The Micronauts approached the Confluence of Stars and landed on the laser planet. Biotron & Microtron, as well as the Endeavor II, were destroyed by the laser-light that covered the planet during daylight. This laser-light also burnt glyphs--symbols through which the Makers could be communicated with--onto Microtron's circuitry.
    They Micronauts eventually rescued by the Children of the Dreaming Star, who told them of the Makers.

(Micronauts II#19 (fb) - BTS) - Solitaire met the Micronauts, finding them to have an air of true heroism, and she thought that by their side she could walk the Spiral Path and confront the Hand of the Makers and that the Micronauts would protect her. She became Bug's lover.

(Micronauts II#3-5, 7-8 - BTS) - The Micronauts--except Huntarr--began dying from the radiation they had been exposed to from the Child of the Makers. The egg taken by Huntarr then hatched, releasing a monstrous creature that seemingly attacked Huntarr, mutating him into a giant amorphous form which then cured the remaining Micronauts before reverting to its standard form.

(Micronauts II#9 - BTS) - The Children of the Dreaming Star rebuilt Biotron, Microtron, and the Endeavor, after which they revealed the Dreaming Star to the Micronauts. When the Micronauts decided to return to their sector of the Microverse to investigate the pain sweeping over it, Solitaire and several fleets of the Children of the Dreaming Star went with them.

(Micronauts II#10 - BTS) - In their hyperdrive travels the Micronauts encountered immense field created by the Makers, and avoided it at Solitaire's recommendation. The Endeavor and the Children's fleet came to an abrupt halt at the Spacewall; when they combined their power to try to penetrate the Spacewall, the Time Traveler (a manifestation of the Enigma Force) appeared and forbade them passage, destroying most of the Children's fleets.

(Micronauts II#11-12 - BTS) - The fleet of the Children of the Dreaming Star returned to the Confluence of Star, and the Micronauts located the Breachpoint, an immense and ancient structure built by a long-dead race, but the Enigma Force caught up to them and destroyed Breachpoint before they could utilize it. The egg's hatchling, now calling itself Scion, confronted the Micronauts, convincing them to locate a fold in the Spacewall, far down the spiral path, through which his power allowed them to pass.

(Micronauts II#13 - BTS) - Scion led the Micronauts to the planet Fiame, where the found a ship which they accessed via the glyphs burnt into Microtron by the laser planet. Within the ship they found  a pylon marked with the glyphs of the three Keys to the Enigma Force. When the glyphs on Solitaire's necklace were pressed against the glyphs on the pylon, the Micronauts were spoken to by the ship's owners, the Wanderers. To ensure that the design of the Makers not perish, Scion claimed the glyphs of the Keys to the Enigma Force (or the Keys themselves), taking up their power and the promises that they represented. Armed with them, Scion intended to save the Microverse.

(Micronauts II#14 - BTS) - Scion revealed the Keys to the Enigma Force as glyphs from the language of the Makers, part of the code which embodies the power they used to create the Spiral Path. Scion then brought the Micronauts to the planet Aegis, the refuge for all those driven from their homes by the Pain sweeping the Microverse.
    Scion secretly caused Bug to mutate, devolving and dissolving, but Solitaire and Marionette saved him.

(Micronauts II#14) - From orbit around the Dreaming Star, Arcturus Rann was granted a glimpse of one of the Makers.

(Micronauts II#16 - BTS) - Scion summoned the Beyonder to the Microverse, convincing him to obliterate the planets Darijan, Athaurus, and Hytras in an effort to slow the spread of the Pain. This was done to create a firebreak, destroying the planets in the Pain's path before it could spread to them.
    Scion then revealed to the Micronauts the origin of the Pain to the Micronauts, telling them why he had done what he did, but they didn't trust him. They attacked Scion, and Huntarr spread his energies--power granted from the Child of the Makers--enabling the Micronauts to seemingly destroyed Scion. Reforming after the Micronauts had departed, Scion thanked the Beyonder for his involvement, revealing that he had manipulated the Micronauts to attack him so that they could be "fully activated" by Huntarr. Acknowledging that the Beyonder could remake the entire cosmos with a thought, Scion explained that the Microverse must be healed as life is healed--by its own forces.

(Micronauts II#17 - BTS) - The Micronauts returned to the devastated Homeworld, and the organic members began glowing as they approached (this glow-field was an apparent product of Huntarr's 'activation' of them and made them immune to the Pain). After arriving they were attacked by their former member, Devil, who had become a living host for the Pain. Huntarr was forced to kill Devil before it could use a teleporter to spread across the Microverse in hours. With Devil's death, he moved on to the next stage of his life, becoming a new Fireflyte.

(Micronauts II#18 (fb) - BTS) - Scion allied himself with the Acroyear war fleet.

(Micronauts II#18 - BTS) - Rann told the Micronauts that he had learned from the Makers that the Micronauts would have to sacrifice themselves to save the Microverse. Huntarr activated Rann, making him, too, immune to the Pain. The Acroyear fleet then arrived, intending to destroy Homeworld to end the Pain, but Scion altered their controls so that they merely severed the columns connecting the individual planetoids of Homeworld, sending the planetoids to "their necessary positions." Solitaire tried unsuccessfully to convince Bug, and the Micronauts as a group, to flee Homeworld.

(Micronauts II#19 - BTS) - When Solitaire again tried to convince the Micronauts to leave Homeworld, Scion revealed his presence and fought Solitaire, who was convinced to reveal her true nature. Scion and Solitaire confirmed Rann's statement that the Micronauts would have to sacrifice their lives to save the Microverse. Rann then showed them how they could use the Prometheus Pits to make the spheres--now spread across the Spiral Path--to serve as a blockade against the advance of Pain and fear.
    Scion further revealed that the Micronauts recent experiences had changed them into Prime Beings like himself and Solitaire. They would each give birth to life on one of the former planetoids of Homeworld, and that that life would grow out of the Pain that assailed the Microverse. Each cell in their bodies would become a seed sown over the world and a refutation of the power of Pain.
    Scion then led the Micronauts into one of the Pits, but they were assailed by defense mechanisms as the Pits were designed only to follow the commands of Karza. Rann rushed to don a suit of Karza's armor, after which the Pits obeyed his orders. Scion, Bug, Fireflyte, Acroyear, and Huntarr all entered the pits, but Solitaire refused to join Bug in his sacrifice. Rann and Marionette stayed behind to control the instrumentation.

(Micronauts II#20) - The Makers watched from their thinly veiled realm as the wave of Pain spread across the Microverse. Scion first had to gain doubt before he could fully enter into his role as a Prime Being. The armor of Karza clouded Rann's mind, making him tell Marionette that they need not sacrifice themselves. At the last second, Marionette tackled him into the Prometheus Pit, and they joined Scion, Bug, Fireflyte, Acroyear, and Huntarr in sacrificing themselves to form new life across the former planetoids of Homeworld. Their life energies became a force of hope that contained the Pain of the Microverse, allowing life to begin again.

Comments: Created by Peter Gillis, Kelley Jones, and Danny Bulanadi.

    Micronauts II, aka Micronauts: The New Voyages, is CRAZY! Take something with a little known, self-contained secret origin, and turn it into a complicated plot that is hard to wrap your head around.

    I really haven't figured out what the deal is with the universe outside of the Microverse (beyond the Spacewall) yet. I'm not sure if the Child of the Makers seen in Micronauts II#1 & 2 is the same Child that seeded the Microverse with life.

    To further confuse things, both the entire universe surrounding the Spiral Path (beyond the Spacewall), and the galaxy(?) that is the Spiral Path itself (within the Spacewall), are referred to as the Microverse.

    To confuse things even more, the Keys to the Enigma Force are referred to as the Keys to the Zodiac. Certainly the third Key is identical to the Scorpio/Cosmic Key and the Zodiac Key and the others associated with them. How that fits into all of this is yet another mess.

    Karza returned at least once more, teaming with Thanos in an effort to destroy all of the "Sub-Atomic" realms, and Bug, Mari, and Rann were reborn in the struggle. All of these realms were merged into a single Microverse, but the fate of the Makers, the Spiral Path, and the Spacewall remain a mystery.

    The exact relationship between the Makers and the Enigma Force is unknown. Wayfinder located the Sword in the Star in the future (@ 12, 000 - 17, 000 A.D.) of "Earth-7414" (Earth-Sword in the Star), gathered the scattered survivors of his era (and apparently other universes), brought them to Earth-616 @ 1 million B.C., and then opened a portal in space that allegedly created the Microverse, with Wayfinder's people populating it. The Sword in the Star was transformed into the Enigma Force, while Wayfinder became the first Time Traveler.
    For all versions to be true, the Makers had to have created the Sword or at least directed its actions.

    Given their nature of restructuring galaxies for a more harmonious living, the Makers most resemble the Infinites.

    The two stories of how the Prime Beings created life (from Micronauts I#5 and #19) are conflicting. However, the one from #5 is told from the Children of the Dreaming Star, who worshipped the Makers, and their version is most likely biased by their worship, and possibly some of the exact details are off. The version from #19 is told by Solitaire, who actually was one of the Prime Beings, and the events as seen in #20 are consistent with her version, so that is probably more accurate. Alternatively, it might be that different Prime Beings created life in different fashions.

My brain hurts now.

The final shot (main picture of your profile) reminds me of the Micronauts themselves, and that they may have been aspects of these beings (l-r Actarus, Marionette, Acroyear, Hunter, Bug)
--Grendel Prime

With regard to your comments in the Makers (Microverse creators) profile, I can realise that it might seem that way, but the Spacewall is FAR smaller than the Spiral Path. The Spacewall is a very local phenomenon, as those things go.

The Keys to the Enigma Force did indeed contain Scorpio's Zodiac Key. But that was all Bill Mantlo's work, not Peter's.

As with other things, Peter Gillis left the Makers' designs up to Kelley Jones. But the Makers were the Celestials of the Microverse.

And just because you worship gods doesn't mean you understand them. Or that they even talk to you.

And with the Micronauts, Gillis was aware of their cancellation early enough that he threw away whatever long-term plans he had to the point that he really doesn't remember them. Had they not been moving steadily to the wrap-up, he probably would not have brought Baron Karza back - but as long as this was going to be the Micronauts' last hurrah (cancelling Micronauts, again was different from cancelling the Defenders: cancellation meant breaking the contract with the licensor.) In went the kitchen sink.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:

Micronauts II#20, p18-19 (main image, group)
    #14, p14-15 (single Maker)

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