The Endeavor II about to land on Fiame

Type: Planet in the Microverse

Environment: Earthlike (paradise)

Usual means of access: Starship

Dominant Life Form: Wanderers' Descendants

Significant Inhabitants: None named

Significant Locations: Wanderer spacecraft

First Appearance: Micronauts II#1 (October, 1984)

(Micronauts II#1 (fb)) - In his thousand-year voyage around the Microverse, Commander Rann journeyed to Fiame in Endeavor I with Biotron, but decided against the planet's exploitation (except perhaps for tourism), partly because it was distant from Homeworld, but also because of its characteristics with poor metal reserves and no life higher than primitive mammals.

The planet Fiame viewed from space

(Micronauts II#1) - Many years later, and having just defeated Karza in an extremely bloody battle, the Micronauts sought some peace and relaxation, so the Micronauts set course for Fiame in Endeavor II, but the ship was thrown dramatically off course.

(Micronauts II#13) - Scion returned the Micronauts (now Acroyear, Biotron, Bug, Huntarr, Microtron and Solitaire) on a course for Fiame in an effort to counter the Pain, which was threatening the Microverse. The Micronauts' ship, the Endeavor II, then entered the atmosphere of the pink planet and the crew admired the beauty and paradisiacal nature of what they saw, even if it was somewhat overly pink. The crew then disembarked and rested on the Homeworld-like surface, taking the time to reflect on recent events. Meanwhile, Scion had flown around and detected something worth investigating in the next valley. Huntarr was dubious, but the team of Micronauts left in a hovercar to take a look.

The Wanderers' ship on Fiame The Micronauts soon approached a massive blue, green and purple spacecraft that was nestled in a small pink forest. They then saw a fleet of Wanderer spacecraft suddenly and silently appear, but still decided to enter the landed craft, and found the interior to be semi-organic and unlike the artificial environments normally found inside spacecraft. The team observed unusual creatures--namely red slug-like creatures and large spidery creatures with six legs--which initially paid no attention to the Micronauts. However, Acroyear unwittingly rested his hand on a rock-like outcrop, only to see it eat into the rock like acid. This agitated the creatures they saw, with red slugs leaping into green coral-like tunnels and the spidery creatures standing near the hole's opening. The creatures then transmogrified into large green beasts that menaced the Micronauts. In reality, they were reacting to Acroyear's touch, as metal was poisonous to them. A skirmish ensued between the green composite creatures and the Micronauts, with the Micronuats easily dispatching the creatures ... until the more offensive and warlike versions showed up, with blaster-hands that shot flames. Huntarr noticed the absence of metal onboard. The Micronauts then retreated into the ship and found the three glyphs connected with the Enigma Keys. Once the Micronauts connected to this, the Wanderers' Descendants stopped attacking and Huntarr translated their messages. Scion then took up the keys and told the Micronauts to prepare for their next journey.

(Micronauts II#14) - The Wanderers' Descendants escorted the Micronauts to Aegis, a green planet that had since been turned into a refugee planet, then returned home.

Comments: Created by Peter B. Gillis (writer), Kelley Jones (penciler) & Bruce Patterson (inker);
Wanderers Descendants created by Peter B. Gillis (writer), Kelley Jones (penciler) and Danny Bulanadi & Kelly Jones (inkers)

Profile by Grendel Prime


Fiame has no known connections to

The composite Wanderer

Wanderers' Descendants

The battle-version Wanderer

    Similar to other races in the Microverse, the Wanderers' Descendants were descended from the Wanderers who helped repopulate the Microverse. They found metal to be poisonous, partly from developing on a planet with low reserves of metal. There seemed to be at least two versions of the Wanderers' Descendants. The first was a composite version made up of a red slug-like creature as the brain, a six-legged spidery creature that acted like antennae, and a green general armor. When these three combined, they transformed the creatures into a composite being of over 7' tall. When Acroyear touched the inside of the ship with his metallic glove, the creatures reacted defensively against the Micronauts, but were unable to evict the travelers. This led to the more aggressive version being revealed.

    The battle version of the Wanderer's Descendants had magenta-colored dense armor that was hardier than the previous version. They also had offensive capabilities that included shooting fiery blasts from their hands and stood 8-9' tall. This version of the Wanderers' Descendants were battle-ready and kept the Micronauts at bay, who retreated further into the ship until contact was made with the three glyphs. Huntarr then was able to translate for the group and understanding was reached. At Scion's request, they then escorted the Micronauts to Aegis.

    Their ships were huge and silent, partly electromagnetically and chemically powered, and capable of extremely fast travel. They had large cavernous interiors with an organic design to them and contained no metal.

Micronauts II#13, p11, panel 1 (pink vista)

p10, panel 4 (pink planet)
p13, panel 4 (Wanderer ship in pink forest)
p17, panel 5 (Wanderer - green composite form)
p21, panel 1 (Wanderer - magenta armed form)

Micronauts II#1 (October, 1984) - Peter B. Gillis (writer), Kelley Jones (pencils), Bruce Patterson (inks), Ralph Macchio (Editor)
Micronauts II#13 (October, 1985) - Peter B. Gillis (writer), Kelley Jones (pencils), Danny Bulanadi & Kelly Jones (inks), Ralph Macchio (Editor)
Micronauts II#14 (November, 1985) - Peter B. Gillis (writer), Kelley Jones (pencils), Danny Bulanadi (inks), Ralph Macchio (Editor)

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