The massive Breachpoint lodged in the Spacewall

Classification: Massive ancient technological station

Creator: Unidentified alien race (Way of Greatness?) in the Microverse

User/Possessors: Micronauts (Acroyear, Bug, Huntarr, Marionette, Solitaire);
    formerly unnamed alien race in the Microverse

First Appearance: Micronauts II#11 (August, 1985)

Powers and Functions: Breachpoint was a massive and powerful citadel that had been built to breach the tremendously strong barrier known as the Spacewall that surrounded the Microverse (specifically, the Spiral Path), separating it from the surrounding universe and from other dimensions. The large station had structure on either side of the wall, with a passageway piercing the Spacewall. The station matched the dimensions of the aliens who had constructed Breachpoint and who were significantly larger than the Micronauts. Despite millennia of not being used, Breachpoint remained functional with an automated system to keep the station working and could be easily reactivated. It had a barely noticeable membrane that covered access points from the outside, thereby allowing for an inner atmosphere (although no oxygen), and had a communications system. When fully functional, it drained whole suns for its power. It was extremely durable and ALMOST indestructible.

It also fired massive magenta-colored and highly destructive beams that dwarfed huge Acroyear warships.







Profile of Breachpoint and the Spacewall


(Micronauts II#11 (fb)) - Calling themselves the Way of Greatness, a powerful race developed on one side of the immense Spacewall. They conquered and ruled for ten thousand years and were very advanced technologically. However, they encountered the Spacewall and unable to cross it, they generated Breachpoint, their greatest creation, in order to pass through to the other side of the Microverse. For one hundred thousand years they strove and built, but their genetic pool eventually faltered, generating "monsters". They became fearful of reproducing and died out, leaving an abandoned but huge station lodged in the Spacewall.





(Micronauts II#11) - The Micronauts chanced upon a fleet of Acroyear warships that were on the other side of the Spacewall. Prince Acroyear asked for passage through the Spacewall, but Cilicia of the Acroyear fleet did not know of any access. However, she commented that they had come across a structure that was actually fixed to the Spacewall. The Acroyear fleet led the way and the Micronauts followed in their ship, the Endeavor II, until Breachpoint loomed in font of them. Bug, Huntarr, Marionette, Prince Acroyear and Solitaire boarded the immense and ancient station and inspected the controls. Bug discovered the partially decayed remains of a Breachpoint alien and called the other Micronauts over. Huntarr launched sensors into the huge form and was able to generate an analogue in his chest, which detailed its race's history.
    Prince Acroyear also used Breachpoint's communication device to speak with Cilicia on her ship, firing a huge and thick energy beam toward the Acroyear fleet, but deliberately missed to prove that he could destroy them if he desired, but that he had only sought their full attention

(Micronauts II#11 - BTS) - The Enigma Force (or its manifestation, the Time Traveler), which was pursuing the Micronauts, finally caught up with them at Breachpoint. Unseen, it began to destroy Breachpoint, which sent quakes throughout its internal structure.

(Micronauts II#11) - As Breachpoint rumbled with imminent destruction, the Micronauts scurried back to their ship and managed to withdraw while the huge station collapsed outside the ship, only to be distracted by the sudden appearance of Scion.

Overhead view of Breachpoint

(Micronauts II#12) - Temporarily ignoring the threat of Scion for the greater threat of the destructing Breachpoint, the Micronauts fled in their spacecraft. Breachpoint exploded behind them, with the spaceship narrowly escaping the blast. The Spacewall remained intact, although Breachpoint had been completely obliterated.

Comments: Created by Peter B. Gillis, Kelley Jones, and Danny Bulandi.

It appears that the scene where the Micros find the giant seated alien's body is an homage to a very similar scene from the first ALIEN film from 1979.
--Madison Carter

Profile by Grendel Prime

Breachpoint has no known connections to:

Fossilized remains of a Breachpoint alien

Breachpoint alien

Dubbing themselves the Way of Greatness, a powerful race developed on one side of the immense Spacewall. On their side of the Microverse, these aliens conquered and ruled for ten thousand years, receiving homage from ten thousand conquered races. Their science was incredibly advanced; they controlled life, matter and energy. But then they encountered the Spacewall and were constrained by it. For one hundred thousand years, the aliens strove and built a massive station called Breachpoint, which successfully pierced the Spacewall. However, their genetic pool began to falter and they bred "monsters". Because they were fearful of reproducing, they died out as a race. One such monster, the last of his race, returned to Breachpoint to die.

Many centuries later, the Micronauts (Bug, Huntarr, Marionette, Prince Acroyear and Solitaire) encountered the semi-fossilized corpse of the last of this species. Huntarr bonded with dead body, identified its genetic make-up, and a small analogue version of the alien's head protruded from his chest. Huntarr then translated the alien's account of its race.

Although calling itself a "monster", it would be fair to say that it was roughly representative of its race's size, which was huge compared to the Micronauts. The dead body had reclined in a chair-like device, revealing only the upper torso. It appeared to have one set of arms, with a smaller set immediately below. It had three horns across a heavy-set brow.

--Micronauts II#11



Micronauts II#11, p11-12 (main view)

p15, panel 9 (overhead view)
p21, panel 4 (side view)
p14, panel 1 (fossilized alien)

Micronauts II#11 (August, 1985) - Peter B. Gillis (writer), Kelley Jones (pencils), Danny Bulandi (inks), Ralph Macchio (Editor)
Micronauts II#12 (September, 1985) - Peter B. Gillis (writer), Kelley Jones (pencils), Danny Bulandi (inks), Ralph Macchio (Editor)

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