Real Name: Jaine Cutter

Identity/Class: Human magic user

Occupation: Warrior, occult terrorist

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Hellstorm (lover), Anton Devine (employer); Caretaker (Sara), Gargoyle (Isaac Christians), Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze/Zarathos), Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch), Jasmine (youthful friend); Dust Johannsen (summoned his ghost)

Enemies: Armorer, the Asura, Kid Blackheart (Anton Satan), Inanna, Inanna's Bailiff, Madcap, Master Pandemonium, Gabriel Rosetti, Scarecrow (Ebenezer Laughton), Zadkiel, Zahgurim; forces of Heaven and Hell

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Terrorist, Presidential Partner (a name she prefers over Satanic Consort), Angelkiller

Place of Birth: Unrevealed

Base of Operations: Fire Lake, Massachusetts; Hellstorm's branch of Hell; formerly San Francisco, California

Extent of Education: Unrevealed

First Appearance: Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#12 (March, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Jaine is able to raise a second skin, forged from minerals of the River Styx. This skin makes her virtually invulnerable to most forms of attack, although certain high levels of magic can still affect her. In this state, her hands are transformed into razor-sharp talons able to rend virtually any substance. They can even cut through the bones of angels. She is a skilled and savage warrior, and may possess some degree of superhuman strength in her transformed state (enhanced human). She apparently possesses a normal degree of vulnerability without her armor raised.
Jaine also has other magical powers, only a few of which have been seen, including Sciomancy, the ability to summon and communicate with ghosts or spirits. She can apparently recognize the scent of both angels and demons. Jaine appears to be immune to fear-inducing powers, claiming she flushes her fears out every morning with a bottle of scotch specially brewed in Hell from the fermented nightmares of cannibal psychopaths and TV evangelists.

Her gun jammed when she tried to fire on Sara; whether this was because of Sara’s unblemished faith, secretly hosting a Heavenly gateway, or another reason entirely, is unrevealed.

Jaine also utilizes one of the two legendary Breathing Guns, one of the few weapons on Earth able to kill demons. It hisses when either danger or occult forces are present, and its bullets are apparently sentient.
It was apparently made by unknown parties for Al Capone in the 1920s, but was lost shortly thereafter. One of the Breathing Guns was held and used by Stephen Loss, in 1923. Her Breathing Gun's bullets allegedly nest in a bed of barbed wire and broken glass, while feeding off hummingbird hearts and the festering remains of defrocked priests; the bullets only know how to eat, kill and breed. Some bullets are bloodhound rounds; once they have a scent, they can follow their victim to the ends of the Earth.


   Even in her normal form, Jaine can be identified by the mark of Zahgurim on her abdomen, and the tear-like tattoos or markings below her eyes. Her skin is the palest of whites, which may be natural, or a result of make up.
In her armored form she has multiple red spikes protruding from her skin, long dagger-like fingers with sharp red nails, and extended, fang-like teeth.

Lastly, she smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish.

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes: (human) Blue; (armored) Red
Hair: Black




(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#20 (fb) - BTS) - At the age of 16, she posed for a trashy "fashion magazine" that didn't really exist, but was more likely for the sole benefit of the photographer.

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#20 (fb) - BTS) - By the age of 18, she had made two "albums" on her friend Jasmine's portastudio--She was a big fan of MTV. She sold over 100 copies of each, but her elderly record producer wanted more than money from her.




(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#12/Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#13 (fb) - BTS) - In exchange for the souls of seven policemen, Zahgurim granted magical armor to Jaine Cutter. This armor was derived from minerals panned from the river Styx, in Hell. Jaine was also granted the legendary Breathing Gun. She was branded with the mark of Zahgurim across her abdomen.

BTS - Jaine decided that she would prevent either the forces of Heaven or Hell from attempting to control Earth.



(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#13) - Jaine slew an angel, one of the Asura, who was attempting to kill Anton Devine. She then joined Devine at the club, the Wasp Factory, where they met with Daimon Hellstrom, aka Hellstorm. Combining their information, Anton, Jaine, and Daimon deduced the plans of "the Armorer" in Manhattan. Daimon questioned Jaine further, but she convinced him to cut the small talk and go straight for the sweet stuff.

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#14) - Daimon brought Jaine back to Fire Lake, and they had another rendezvous in his basement, while his wife, Patsy was just beginning to regain her coherence. Afterwards, they traveled to Manhattan where she raised the ghost of one of the Armorer's victims, Dust Johannsen, to learn more about the Armorer's abilities. They tracked down the Armorer and Jaine fought him first. He overpowered her and smashed his Sumerian Ritual Execution blade into her head. While she was incapacitated by this, her invulnerable skull saved her. Daimon destroyed the Armorer, but then Zahgurim himself appeared. Jaine skewered Zahgurim with her claws and Daimon blew his head off. While they celebrated their victory, Patsy was assisted into death by Deathurge.

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#15) - Devine sent Jaine and Daimon to Jack Wintergarden's mansion, where they encountered Inanna's Bailiff. The Bailiff incapacitated Jaine and prepared to use the Spanish Mouth Pear on her, until Daimon destroyed him. Inanna arrived and prepared to take her vengeance on Daimon, but Jaine fired the Breathing Gun, killing her.
Jaine recognized that Daimon was now one of the lords of Hell, and threatened to use the Breathing Gun on him, too, unless he explained to her what was going on.

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#16) - Jaine discussed her knowledge with Anton, wondering whether she was sleeping with the enemy.

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#18) - Daimon revealed his full past to Jaine, and told her that he shared her goals: to prevent either Heaven or Hell from taking over Earth. He then brought her to his throne room in Hell and let her have a seat on the throne.


(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#19) - Jaine spent two days in bed with the son of Satan. She then sat around watching Robert Powell movies with Isaac Christians, while Daimon went off to Bend Sinister, Utah, to torture an angel and some Satanists.

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#20) - Jaine returned to San Francisco to pick up some gear from her old apartment. While there, she was ambushed by Gabriel Rosetti (whom she failed to recognize, having never met him). Believing he was a burglar trying to kill her, she was unprepared when he sliced off the pocket of her jacket, stealing the Breathing Gun from her. One of the angels of the Asura magically barricaded her door after Rosetti escaped, preventing her from following him.

(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#21) - Gabriel Rosetti arrived at Fire Lake and attacked Daimon, both shattering his trident and shooting him in the leg with the Breathing Gun before being incapacitated. Jaine retook the gun and nursed Daimon back to health. As he wandered through the courtyard, wondering about the potential rebirth of his father, and of other weighty matters, Jaine found him, told him not to worry, and planted a big, wet kiss on him. "Life is just a ride...Ride on."

(Night Man II#2/2) <Phoenix Resurrection: Red Shift, chapter two> - Night Man, a native of the Ultraverse, saw through a portal to Earth-616 to the bedroom of Jaine and Daimon. They were understandably upset, and threatened his life before Daimon forcibly closed the portal.

(Thunderbolts Annual 2000) - Hawkeye came to Fire Lake, seeking the help of Daimon in helping his wife (Bobbi Morse, Mockingbird), who was trapped in Hell. Jaine led Hawkeye to the door to Hell. After the mission (in which he was joined by the rest of the Thunderbolts), Jaine admired their Champscraft
Nice Boat. Got a CD Player on board?

(Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire#2 (fb) - BTS) - Sick of his orgies Jaine walked out on Hellstorm and was disappointed when he didn't chase after her.

(Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire#2 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Jaine Cutter had killed an unidentified Spirit of Vengeance.

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report) - Tony Stark listed Jaine's status as undetermined.

(Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire#1) - To keep a supernatural balance between the forces of Heaven and Hell Jaine Cutter saved the Satanist-bred and possible Antichrist A. Satan (later known as Kid Blackheart) from agents of the angel Zadkiel. During the escape from the angelically empowered humans Jaine Cutter was knocked out in an explosion.

(Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire#2) - Shortly after Kid Blackheart was bitten by Jaine's Breathing Gun, Jaine awakened. Surrounded by Zadkiel's agents the two gained another enemy when Jaine's ex-boyfriend Hellstorm arrived to slay Kid Blackheart. Jaine stopped Hellstorm and when the agents of Zadkiel attacked them both they worked together to protect Kid Blackheart from them. Kid Blackheart ran to safety and was picked up by Dan Ketch while Hellstorm and Jaine were tackled through a window by Zadkiel's agents. Jaine's fall was stopped by a car and she survived due to her second skin. Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) and Caretaker (Sara) arrived on the scene and Jaine tried to shoot Sara, but her Breathing Gun jammed on the nun. Hellstorm introduced Blaze to Jaine. They were then joined by Ketch and Kid Blackheart, the former telling them that he had made a deal with Satan to protect the child.

(Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire#3 (fb) ) - Jaine watched as Johnny Blaze went off on Dan Ketch for making a deal with Satan.

(Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire#4) - Jaine, Hellstorm and Sara took Kid Blackheart to a Hell portal in one of Satan's safehouses on Earth, but Zadkiel, using his growing control over Earth, had moved the safehouse. Hellstorm had enough and once again threatened to kill Kid Blackheart, but Sara and Jaine stopped him.

   The quartet moved on and Hellstorm located the Hell portal in Jasper County, but he felt that the place wasn't what if seemed. While stealing a cold beer Jaine was surprised by the insane Madcap, now an agent of Zadkiel. She beat him up and he fled into an alley when she shot at him. Madcap called the Breathing Gun's bullet and used his powers to drive the bullet insane. A bit surprised by that Jaine was easy prey for him and fell under Madcap's control. Madcap took Jaine to the nearby fair where Hellstorm was fighting Scarecrow and Jaine shot her ex-boyfriend.

(Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire#5) - Jaine shot Hellstorm's ear off and he hit her with a Hellfire blast, which freed her from Madcap's control. They then worked together to take down Madcap and Scarecrow. Aferward they searched for Kid Blackheart, Sara and the Hell portal, actually Master Pandemonium. They arrived in time to see Kid Blackheart utilizing Sara, secretly a portal to Heaven, to transfer demon troops from Hell to Heaven. Kid Blackheart fled to Heaven, taking Sara with him, and left a few demons behind to fight Hellstorm and Jaine.

(Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire#6) - Hellstorm and Jaine Cutter defeated the demons and closed the portal to Hell by knocking out Master Pandemonium. (Meanwhile a horde of Ghost Riders defeated Zadkiel and Kid Blackheart's demon horde in Heaven)

Comments: Created by Warren Ellis and Leonardo Manco.

The River Styx is the source of the invulnerability of the legendary Achilles.

While Jaine is a very interesting character in Ellis' hands, there are few other people who could handle her in the right fashion. I'm thinking Alan Moore, Garth Ennis, and Grant Morrison. Any of which I'd love to see.

...And yes, that is an Ultraverse appearance down towards the end.

Jaine Cutter's appearance kind of reminds me of Melinda Clarke in Return of the Living Dead III.
--Per Degaton

Jaine Cutter received a profile in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#3 (May, 2006).

Profile by Snood. Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire update by Markus Raymond.

Jaine should not be confused with:

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