Real Name: Anton Devine

Identity/Class: Human, minor magic user

Occupation: Satanic High Priest

Group Membership: High Priest of the Church of Lucifer

Affiliations: A'ishah, Isaac Christians (Gargoyle), Jaine Cutter, Hellstorm, Al Shaitan;
loose connections to Ambassat and Gabriel Rosetti

Enemies: Asura

Known Relatives: Zeo (daughter)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Fire Lake, Massachusetts; formerly San Francisco, California

First Appearance: Hellstorm#13 (April, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Devine has an extensive knowledge of the occult, as well as connection to a network used by a multitude of other occultists across the USA. He provides books, spells, altars, etc. while serving as a connection between various cults.
He's also a big fan of hard liquor, especially as a morning "eye opener."

History: Much of Devine's past life is unknown. He built and came to head the Church of Lucifer, a hub of occult activity in the USA, over a period of twenty-five years.

(HellSt#13) - One of the Asura attempted to assassinate Devine, but was instead slain by Jaine Cutter. Around the same time, Hellstorm, investigating the Zahgurim's Armorer, learned of Devine's connections. Hellstorm met up with Cutter and Devine and the three combined information to decipher the pattern behind the Armorer's attacks.

(HellSt#14) - Devine accompanied Hellstorm back to his Fire Lake mansion, where he could achieve sanctuary against further attacks by the Asura. In addition, Hellstorm allowed him to make the mansion his new base for his Church of Lucifer. While Hellstorm and Cutter left to take out the Armorer, Anton stayed behind and discussed philosophical matters with Isaac Christians, such as: "Who's sexier--Wilma or Betty?"

(HellSt#15) - A'ishah, his priestess in Palm Beach, Florida, informed him of the attacks on Jack Wintergarden by Inanna, her Bailiff, and her corner of Hell. Devine, in turn, informed Hellstorm and Cutter, who investigated.

(HellSt#16) - After learning that Hellstorm had succeeded his father as ruler of his realm of Hell, Anton and Jaine discussed how this affected them.

(HellSt#18-BTS) - Gabriel Rosetti destroyed a branch of Ambassat, a cult loosely connected to Devine.

(HellSt#19) - Devine began narrating his autobiography. After recalling his daughter Zeo, who had developed the image of the vamp, he joined Isaac in watching a marathon of old British TV shows.
Devine received a fax notifying him of the angelic possession in Bend Sinister, Utah--which he passed on to Hellstorm.

(HellSt#21) - After Hellstorm subdued Rosetti, Devine helped treat both of their wounds

(Thunderbolts Annual 2000) - Hellstorm sent Devine to contact Hawkeye and inform him that he had information regarding his dead wife, Bobbi Morse, Mockingbird.

Comments: Created by Warren Ellis and Leonardo Manco.


Devine is connected to a vast network of occult groups, so a connection to Anton Lupeski's Black Church/Church of Satan/etc. is possible, but otherwise unexplored.

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Hellstorm#13, p16, pan5 (main image)

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