Real Name: Daimon Hellstrom

Dual identity: Secret

Identity/Class: Human/Demon hybrid

Occupation: Lord of a realm of Hell, demonologist, exorcist, occult investigator, parapsychology professor

Citizenship: United States of America

Legal Status: No criminal record

Group Membership: Hell-Lords (Beelzeboul, Hela, Lucifer, Mephisto, Murray, Olivier, Pluto, Satannish, Thog, and presumably Ahpuch, Eriskegal, Seth, Yama);
     presumably the Lords of the Splinter Realms (Brutus Klor, Dormammu, D'Spayre, the Haemovore Kings of the Outer Dark, Hedron the Faceted, High Seers of Nox, Magik (Amanda Sefton), Malevolence/King of Pain, Mephisto, Mulgotha, Muranai, Nightmare, Phemous, Pluto, Siffror the Lifeless, Skarabrous the Stalker, Surtur, Thog, Umar, Villiven, plus "daemon lords astride phantom dragons, tyrant wizards in air-machines, queens of the damned with endless retinues, formless things that materialize in pentagrams," presumably
Dweller-in-Darkness, Satannish, (and all other demons lords), all gods of the underworld, and millions of others (including Aggamon, Tiboro, and countless others))
    ruler of a group of demons of Hell;
    formerly Defenders (Nighthawk (Joaquin Pennysworth), Krang, She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) ), God Squad, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Howling Commandos unit (Abominable Snowman, Bradley Beemer, Brother Voodoo, Clone of Frankenstein, Glob/Joe Timms, Gorilla Man/Ken Hale, Groot,  It the Living Colossus, Lilith, Living Mummy, Joshua Pryce, Clay Quartermain, Sasquatch/Walter Langkowski, Vampire by Night, Warwolf/Vince Marcus, Zombie "John Doe", many others); (see comments), the Defenders, the "Defenders for a Day", Hellstrom & Hellstrom: Occult Investigators; Lords of the Living Lightning, Midnight Sons;
    alleged unofficial member of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle

Affiliations: Bailiff of Madness, Lisa Beckman, Black Panther (T'Challa), Isaac Christians (Gargoyle), Bruno Coffee, Jaine Cutter, Demon-Steeds (Malah, Zulum, one unnamed), Anton Devine, Fantastic Four, Gadriel, Howard the Duck, Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Invisible Woman, Father Raymond Gossett, Dust Johannsen, Misty Knight, Manphibian, Margali of the Winding Way, Mechamage, Mr. Fantastic, Nekra, Jack Norriss, Gabriel Rosetti, Satanists, Avram Siegel, Shadow-Hunters, Al Shaitan, Thing (Ben Grimm), Jakita Wegener, Wolverine (Logan/James Howlett);

    formerly (or current relationship unknown): Dr. Brian Anderson, Avengers (West Coast), Dr. Avery, Beast (Hank McCoy), Blade (Eric Brooks), Luke Cage, Vera Cantor, Brett Carson, Brother Voodoo, Centerville population, Clea,
Carson "Coot" Collier, Sr., Alan Crandall, Harry Crun, Cutlass, Damask, Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Father Francis Delgado, Demon-Steeds (Amon, Hecate, Set), Devil-Slayer, Dizzy the Hun, Dr. Strange, Dr. Voodoo, Dolly Donahue, Dormammu, Dracula, Eternity, Melita Garner, Joseph Gerhardt/Nicholas, Ghost Rider (Alejandra), Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze), Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Rufus T. Hackstabber, Nan Hale, Tom "Tubs" Hale, Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Lewis Hefford, Hellcat, Hellfire Serpent, Hulk (Bruce Banner), Byron Hyatt, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Keewazi tribe, Khonshu, Hannibal King, Lavoisin, Lisa, Albert + Mary + Melissa Manners, Man-Thing, Sophia McConnell, Mephisto, Lt. Ken Mishima, Mockingbird (Bobbi Barton), Mockingbird (H'rpra), Moon Knight, Mystique, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Nightfire, Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond), Nikki/Kim Porter, Dr. Wilfred Noble, Nova (Richard Rider), Father Ortega, Over-Mind (possessed by the psychic collective), Phantom Rider (Carter Slade), Phantom Rider (Hamilton Slade), Richard and Wendy Pini, Polaris, Proffet, Hank Pym (as Dr. Pym, Yellowjacket), Quasar (Wendell Vaughn), Red Guardian (Belinsky), Katherine Reynolds, Kim & Mariel Riley, Rodney, Rose of Purity, Christine Sandt, Satana, Satannish, Amelia Sefton, Silent Fox, Sam Silvercloud, Silver Surfer, Roxanne Simpson, Slorioth, Snake Dance, Soulfire, Souls of the Damned, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Beverly Switzler, Tagak the Leopard Lord, Michael Taine, Saripha Thames, Thor, Tigra, Trog, Typhoon, Valkyrie (Brunnhilde), Mr. Van Vliet, Joshua + Beatrice Walker (and family), Winda Wester, Wyatt Wingfoot, Hedy Wolfe, Wonder Man, Zaffer, Zhered-Na;
    Squadron Supreme of Earth-S / Earth-712 (Amphibian, Arcanna, Cap'n Hawk, Dr. Spectrum, Golden Archer, Hyperion, Lady Lark, Nighthawk, Nuke, Power Princess, Tom Thumb, Whizzer);
    Nightman of the Ultraverse / "Earth-93060";
    allegedly Dormammu and Satannish, and possibly
Daboia and Nicholas Scratch

Enemies: Acolytes of the Temple of Rama, Angels of Heaven, Ervil Allred, Sai Anand, Anubis, "Armorer", Asmodeus (Dr. Charles Benton), Asura, Avarrish, Bailiff of Inanna, Minerva Bannister, Charles & Beckman, Sarah, Black Cat, Black School, Blackheart, Cat People, Challenger, Chaos King, Father Joshua Crow, "Big Daddy" Dawson and the Ruthless Raiders, Death, Erik Delano, Doctor Reich, Dormammu, Druid (Anthony Ludgate Druid), Encephalon, Enchantress, Fashima, Father Darklyte, Firestar, Deacon Frost, Gordski and his vampires, Grandmaster, Detective Gunyon, Tyrone D. Gus, "Hanuman" construct, Gari Oyle, Gloria Hefford, Hellfire Club, Daimon Hellstrom imposter, "Hellverine", the Hood, House of Blue Lights, Hyppokri, Ikthalon, Inanna, Asmodeus Jones, Kamuu (pre-Cataclysmic), Cameron Kilburn, Kometes, Ingenuity Lee, Marduk Kurios (Satan), Legion, Legion of Nihilists, Legions of Boreas, Stephen Loss, Madame Swabada, Mad Dog, Master Pandemonium, Mephisto, Messiah (David Kessler), Mindstar, Miracle Man, Moloids, Mutant Force (Burner, Lifter, Shocker, Slither), Nebulon, Nightmare, Null the Living Darkness, Ogun (ninja), Olivier and his demons, Father Ortega, Norman Osborn, J.C. Pennysworth, Phantom Rider (Lincoln Slade), Possessor, Puishannt, Monica Rambeau, Jedediah Ravenstorm, Resurrection Stone, Jack Riley, Gabriel Rosetti, Satana, Selene, Scurve, Secret Empire, Seth and his Demons of Death, a Navaho Shaman, Sam Silvercloud, Six Fingered Hand, Snake Dance, sociopath Soul of the Damned, Sons of Satannish, Sons of the Serpent, Spyros (Adam K'ad-Mon), Tetragrammaton, Thog, Tzadqiel, Unthinnk, Witch Woman, Reverend Joon Moon Yuc, Zahgurim, Zartra (pre-Cataclysmic), the prankster kid and his father from Defenders I#63-64;
"Damask," Gargoyle, Riley, Kim, Riley, Mariel, Rose of Purity, Satannish, Thog, "Zaffer," his own Darksoul;
    Unknown current relationship:
Agathon, Allatou, Baphomet, Basilisk, Dame Aramanthe, Dansker, Dryminextes, Kthara, Maledril, Nergal, Netherhounds, Nightbeast, Sammael, Somnambulist, Zannarth, "Xaphan" (possibly Xaphan), the chess demon, and the rest of the demons of Marduk Kurios' realm of Hell, as well as the other Hell-Lords;
    Presumably the
Hellphyr, S'ym, and the Archenemy

Marital Status: Widowed;
    Has since taken a consort

Known Relatives: Marduk Kurios ("Satan", father (and son)), Victoria Wingate Hellstrom (mother, deceased), Satana Hellstrom (sister), Patsy Walker (ex-wife), Jaine Cutter (consort);
    Blackheart, Mikal Drakonmegas (
Hellfire), Mephista (alleged quasi-half-siblings);
    possible direct or indirect relationship to Asmodeus,
Beelzeboul, Lucifer, Mephisto, Satannish, Thog, and allegedly Dormammu

Aliases: Antichrist, Black Halo, the Devil, King of Hell, Prince of Lies, Satan, Son of Satan;
    briefly the "Son of Satannish" and the White King of the Hellfire Club

Place of Birth: Fire Lake, Greentown, Massachusetts, USA

Base of Operations: mobile, notably Fire Lake, Greentown, Massachusetts; a realm of Hell;
    occasionally Area 13, Pine Barrens, New Jersey;
    formerly San Francisco, California;
    formerly Gateway University, St. Louis, Missouri;
    formerly Washington, DC

Extent of Education: Advanced degree in theology;
    self-taught in demonology;
    briefly trained as a priest

First Appearance: (In shadows) Ghost Rider II#1 (September, 1973);
    (fully seen, as Son of Satan) Marvel Spotlight I#12 (October, 1973);
    (as Hellstorm) West Coast Avengers II#14 (November, 1986);
    (as Lord of Hell) Hellstorm#15 (June, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Daimon possesses a Darksoul, the demonic counterpart to a human soul, which physically manifests itself in the inverted pentagram-shaped birthmark on his chest (inverted as a mark of Baphomet). He can project hellfire (a.k.a. soulfire), a fire-like mystic energy capable of causing excruciating pain within living beings through direct stimulation of a person's life force. Soulfire does not physically burn in the sense that true fire does, but it can be perceived by its target as heat if its wielder so wills it. In addition, Daimon can generate true fire. He can project soulfire or true fire through his fingertips. He can also use his powers to heal others from life-threatening injuries and ailments.
    He can also teleport by passing through a portal to Hell and emerging back on Earth through another portal. He only utilized this power after his rebirth, and it initially seemed that he was required to use existing portals. Since becoming the Lord of Hell he has been seen to travel across the world to a number of spots, indicating that he may be able to open portals virtually anywhere.

    Daimon has above normal intelligence and peak physical abilities (as the Son of Satan) to enhanced human physical abilities (as the Lord of Hell; presumably able to further enhanced by his magical powers).

    In the past, Daimon was able to magically change into his demonic costume at will by extending the three middle fingers on each hand in the shape of a trident. He could, however, use his demonic powers without being in costume. Early on after discovering his powers, Daimon was transformed into the Son of Satan at nighttime, much like a werewolf, and his personality was markedly different as well. At that time he would have his wrists bound in a chain of ankhs to keep his Darksoul under control. This phase lasted only a very short time, after which Daimon merged with his Darksoul, and his transformations from that point on merely represented the change in costume.

    Daimon once used his powers to travel through time to pre-Cataclysmic Atlantis. Since he did not travel through time more frequently, it was likely exceedingly difficult to accomplish.

    Daimon is an expert in demonology, a highly experienced exorcist, and has extensive knowledge of the occult and various mystic rites.

    He uses a trident composed of Netheranium, a "psychosensitive" metal found only in his father's realm of Hell, which allows him to focus his hellfire power, increase the magnitude of and the distance across which he can project it, and even fly via projecting a mystical jet of flame. This method of transportation requires great concentration, limiting his speed to 30 mph and his length of time of flight to 30 minutes.
    It could also amplify and project other magical energies.
    Since becoming the Lord of Hell, Daimon has proven able to create/summon/restore his trident at will

    He also uses a mystic chariot, drawn by a trio of demon-steeds, Amon, Hecate, and Set, for extended journeys. The horses are actually demons and are only kept in control by Daimon's command; left on their own, they will consume any human flesh that gets within their reach. The steeds remain in an extradimensional netherworld until summoned. Their maximum speed is unknown, but their magical powers would presumably allow them to cross any distance almost instantly. They can also travel to other dimensions.

    As the Lord of Hell, Daimon's powers are exponentially amplified. He can form magical wards or shields, shatter many magical fields/shields, tear thoughts from the minds of others, slay most beings with a thought, and destroy even demons with a high-ranking in the infernal court. His powers are amplified by the number of people worshipping him, as well as the strength of their worship and presumably by the number of souls inhabiting his particular realm of Hell. One would also assume that his powers are greatest within his own realm of Hell.
    Despite his great power, Hellstorm is not invulnerable. A bullet from the magically-empowered
Breathing Gun left him lame in his left leg for a period of time.

    Hellstorm also possesses a number of magical artifacts, such as the Necromanteion (a magical scrying crystal) and the Grimorium Verum (an ancient arcane text).

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Red (formerly Blue)
Hair: Red
Other distinguishing features: Pointed ears, circled inverted pentagram birthmark on chest

History: See Satan (Marduk Kurios) and Victoria Wingate Hellstrom entries for more background on his parents.

(Hellstorm#16 (fb) - BTS / Hellstorm#18 (fb) - BTS) - The Hellstroms, throughout the generations were Satanists. Victoria was sold by her parents to the Chapel of Dresden, a group of occult psychopaths, once closely associated with Hitler. They sought to breed a new high priest and priestess: Half human , half hell--messiahs from the pit, to lead the Chapel into a new century...as rulers of men. To this end, they magically altered in brutal fashion, tattooing her womb with Satanic symbols, making her suitable to mother these children, as well as perhaps drawing "Satan" to her.

(Marvel Spotlight#13(fb)/Hellstorm#2(fb)/Hellstorm#16(fb)/Terror INC#2(fb)) - Satan came to Earth in search of a wife--seeking one to train as his heir. Likely drawn to Victoria by the Chapel's magic, he took human form and seemingly seduced the innocent woman. They were soon married, and moved almost immediately to Fire Lake, Massachusetts.

(Marvel Spotlight#13 (fb) / Hellstorm#2(fb) / Hellstorm#16 (fb) / Terror INC#2 (fb)) - Daimon was born little more than a year after his parents' marriage, and Victoria gave birth to Daimon at home, tended by strangers who served her husband. He grew up in their mansion on Fire Lake.

(Hellstorm#11 (fb)) - As an infant, Daimon was weaned on human blood.

(Marvel Spotlight#13 (fb) / Hellstorm#2(fb) / Hellstorm#16 (fb) / Terror INC#2 (fb)) - When Daimon was a year and a half, his father began taking extended trips, leaving Daimon alone with Victoria.

(Marvel Spotlight I#13 (fb)) - Daimon was three years old when his sister, Satana, was born.

(Marvel Spotlight#13 (fb) / Hellstorm#2(fb) / Hellstorm#16 (fb) / Terror INC#2 (fb)) - Over the next six years, Daimon and Victoria grew closer, as Satan focused his efforts on Satana, who showed more interest in his teachings.

(Son of Satan#4 (fb) / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition: Daimon Hellstrom) - Despite his pentagram-shaped birthmark, Daimon grew up not knowing his father's true nature, believing Satan to be nothing more than a theatrical bogeyman with which to scare children.

(Marvel Spotlight I#13 (fb)) - Daimon's mother was driven mad by the sight of the true face of her husband.

(Marvel Spotlight I#13 (fb)) - Daimon and Satana were separated and put in different homes after his mother was institutionalized and his father vanished back to Hell.

(Marvel Spotlight I#13 (fb)) - Daimon visited his mother in the asylum, and she gave him an ankh chain, telling him it was the only thing that could save him from his father.

(Marvel Spotlight I#13 (fb) - BTS) - Victoria told Daimon that Netheranium, a metal existing only in Hell, could weaken Satan.

(Marvel Spotlight I#13 (fb)) - Daimon grew up in an orphanage, never hearing a word from his father or sister.

(Marvel Spotlight I#13 (fb) / Son of Satan#4 (fb)) - Daimon entered a Jesuit monastery and spent over three years studying to become a priest under Father Raymond Gossett.

(Marvel Spotlight I#13 (fb)) - Daimon turned twenty-one years old.

(Ghost Rider II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Daimon's mother died when he was 21 years old.

(Marvel Spotlight I#13 (fb)) - Daimon was on his way to being ordained as a priest, when he received the note about inheriting the Fire Lake mansion. There he discovered his mother's diary and learned his origins. He then heard the call of his father, following its orders to remove his chain of ankhs and follow the stairs to the gateway of Hell. Satan offered him life eternal and power incarnate if he would join him. Satan then sent him back to think over his options.
    After hours of deliberation, Daimon decided that since Satan stood for the opposite of everything he believed in, he had no choice but to fight him. He then reopened the portal to Hell and made his way to the Netheranium mines, battling and destroying the demon that guarded the mines. Daimon enlisted the souls imprisoned in Hell to aid him against Satan's hordes, but then Satan himself arrived and commanded all others to stay out of the battle between him and his son. Daimon struggled, using his own hellfire against his father, but he seemed hopelessly outmatched. However, he managed to distract Satan by causing a piece of rock to fall towards him, and he used the distraction to steal Satan's trident, forged from Netheranium. Daimon then used the trident to summon the Demon-Steeds and their Satanic Chariot, while Satan was powerless to challenge the Netheranium trident. Daimon taunted his father as he escaped, telling him he now had the means to bring about his final destruction.
    Returning to Fire Lake, Daimon sealed the entrance to Hell with melted Netheranium.

(Ghost Rider II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Daimon spent years wallowing in a quagmire of indecision.

(Last Defenders#1 (fb)) - At some point he sought out the venerated Ancient One, offering to become his mystic disciple. After much meditation, the Ancient One decided that Daimon's destiny laid elsewhere.

(Last Defenders#2 (fb) ) - Hellstorm was contacted by the time-travelling Yandroth, who revealed to him that Hellstorm would become a hero in the future.

(Ghost Rider II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Daimon placed an advertisement in newspapers across the country, offering his services as an exorcist.

(Ghost Rider II#1) - After several weeks, Daimon received his first case: Sam Silvercloud contacted Daimon, seeking his aid in exorcising the demon possessing his girlfriend, Linda Littletress. Daimon made plans to catch the next flight to Arizona to treat her.
    He was happy that his future was now set and he now stood determined to stamp out the heritage of his birth and forever rid himself of the stigma of evil attached to his Satanic birthmark.
    Daimon arrived shortly thereafter, but "Satan" (see comments) had already taken possession of Linda and escaped from her father's shack. Nonetheless, Daimon felt that he could still help Linda.

(Ghost Rider II#2) - After learning of Linda's origins from Sam Silvercloud and her father (formerly Snake Dance), Daimon told them he could help, but not until after the night had past. He instructed them to bind his wrists in the chain of ankhs, to lock him in a room, and not to let him out no matter what he said. As night fell, however, his Darksoul gained ascendance and he tricked Sam into opening the door by telling him that Linda would die if he was not released to help her immediately.

(Marvel Spotlight I#12) - The Son of Satan revealed his true nature to Sam and Mr. Littletrees, forcefully convincing them to reveal where Linda had gone, though they only knew that she had fled into the desert. He then summoned his Demon-Steeds to transport him as he followed the trail. He first encountered Big Daddy Dawson and his Ruthless Raiders cycle gang, laughing off their assaults as they tried to punish him for disrespecting them. From their former prisoner, Roxanne Simpson, he learned that Linda called herself the Witch Woman, which he recognized as an aspect of Satan. Leaving his chariot on Earth, he walked down the cavern of a portal to Hell, accessed via a cavern in the Arizona desert.

(Ghost Rider II#2) - The Son of Satan traveled to Hell, where he confronted "Satan," who had transported the Ghost Rider (John Blaze) there. The Son of Satan stopped the Ghost Rider's execution and challenged Satan to first answer to him.

(Marvel Spotlight I#12) - "Satan" tormented him with his two prisoners, Ghost Rider and Linda Littletrees, but the Son of Satan threatened him with his Netheranium trident, causing "Satan" to send an army of demons to attack him. The Son of Satan fought off all attackers until he heard "Satan" telling his minions not to let him reach the rock bridge, which Daimon remembered supported the roof of Hell itself. Fighting his way to the bridge, the Son of Satan threatened to shatter it and cause Hell to collapse on itself. Via this threat, he convinced "Satan" to release his two prisoners and allow them safe return to Earth. As soon as they had returned, however, "Satan" set off a volcanic eruption, but the Son of Satan summoned his Demon-Steeds, carrying them all to safety once again.

(Ghost Rider II#3) - Aboard his demonic chariot, Daimon dropped Ghost Rider and the unconscious Linda Littletrees off at a long-deserted Indian Pueblo, telling Ghost Rider that Linda 's possession had ended. He left them a hundred miles from civilization, caring little how they would survive the harsh desert.

(Marvel Spotlight I#13) - The Son of Satan returned to the Fire Lake mansion, where he was attacked by demon agents of his father, who had broken the seal blocking the portal to Hell. After slaying and/or sending them back to Hell, he reviewed his mother's diary and his origins.

(Marvel Spotlight I#14) - Daimon received a request from Katherine Reynolds to come to Gateway University to investigate a haunting. There he encountered Ikthalon and his demons from the realm of Boreas, whom he narrowly defeated. Ikthalon took Katherine hostage, and the Son of Satan agreed to let him go free, only to incinerate him with hellfire as soon as he let her go, citing his nature as the Son of Satan being grounds for breaking promises. He slapped Katherine, whose interference had nearly cost the battle, though he would never have escaped Ikthalon's imprisonment without her finding and touching his trident.

(Marvel Spotlight I#15) - On Daimon's  birthday, he was visited during a dream by his father who tormented him with a number of hellish visions. Upon awakening, Daimon found that the pentagram on his chest had inverted (into the mark of Baphomet); his father then appeared, telling him that he would no longer be two separate beings separated by daylight, that his aspects had merged. He later met with Katherine Reynolds and divinity student Byron Hyatt, who asked him to help break up a Satanic Cult--as its existence was threatening the continuance of the Parapsychology program. Arriving at a ritual in Babler State Park, Daimon was literally entranced by their Satanic spell, but his appearance disrupted the ritual and he regained his mind. When he was recognized as the Son of Satan, Baphomet (an aspect of Satan, or one of his demon servants), appeared and confronted Daimon. Baphomet attempted to force Daimon to submit to his father, but ultimately Daimon destroyed him and his demon-servants with his hellfire.

(Marvel Spotlight I#16) - Daimon accompanied Katherine and Byron to investigate the sudden appearance of 4000 mysterious holes in Forest Park. Assaulted by the Legion of Nihilists who recognized him from his struggle against Baphomet, Daimon unwittingly hit one of the holes with his hellfire, starting a chain reaction that formed the fiery serpent Kometes. Unable to affect the serpent, Daimon researched it to a prophecy of Zhered-Na indicating its appearance heralded impending destruction. He then used his powers to transport himself, Katherine, and Byron back in time 20, 000 years to within a day of the Great Cataclysm; once there, they allowed themselves to be captured, so that they would be brought to Atlantis proper.

(Marvel Spotlight I#17) - Encountering King Kamuu and Queen Zartra, Daimon and his allies were banished to sea for heresy, but Daimon was contacted by Zhered-Na, who led him to the Primal Matrix, where he battled its guardian Spyros in an effort to avert the destruction. In the course of their battle, Spyros accidentally destroyed Kometes, whose form vanished in the modern era; Daimon and his allies returned home.

(Marvel Spotlight I#18, 19) - Following the murder of Gateway University's Dr. Wilfred Noble and his dog, Cerberus, Daimon investigated a series of possessions of the Manners family (Albert, Mary, and Melissa) by the demon Allatou, one of Satan's court. Hellstrom eventually managed to trap Allatou in the form of the reporter Alan Crandall, and succeeded in forcing her to flee back to her realm in Hell by threatening to force her to live out the rest of her days as a mortal.

(Ghost Rider II#8 - BTS) - After Roxanne Simpson had been brought to Hell by Satan, Ghost Rider saw a billboard of Daimon, and considered enlisting his aid to rescue Roxanne, but was soon distracted by a fight with the demon Inferno.

(Marvel Spotlight I#20-22) - Hellstrom accompanied Katherine Reynolds and student Christine Sandt to a tarot reading by the spirit of Madame Swabada, who sought vengeance on Sandt's father and Hellstorm for a tabloid article that labeled her as a fake--leading to her fatal heart attack--and Hellstorm as genuine. He fell victim to a surreal series of tarot-related assaults, while Swabada actually possessed him. Finally, Swabada confronted him on the Astral Plane, creating simulacrums of his friends and family to erode his confidence. This culminated in a struggle between Hellstrom and his own Darksoul which threatened to destroy both forms. Hellstrom managed to convince his Darksoul that they must accept each other, and they re-merged. The Son of Satan then blasted Swabada's astral form with a burst of Hellfire, apparently exorcising her from his mind at last

(Giant-Size Defenders#2) - After the Hulk was abducted (actually taken prisoner by the Sons of Satannish's Asmodeus (who had made a deal with Satannish)), Dr. Strange summoned the Son of Satan to assist in his rescue. He joined forces with Strange and the other Defenders (Nighthawk and Valkyrie), using his trident to trace the Hulk to an underground portal that led them to Asmodeus. The sorcerer attempted to trade the Defenders' souls to Satannish to replace his own, but the Son of Satan, shielded from his power by his trident, proved immune. Daimon held off Asmodeus long enough for Asmodeus' allotted time to expire, and Satannish reclaimed Asmodeus.

(Marvel Team-Up I#32 (fb) - BTS) - The demon Dryminextes, one of Satan's court, seeking to curry favor by destroying Daimon, possessed Wyatt Wingfoot, planning that the Human Torch would come to Daimon to cure him, and that Daimon's rage would destroy them both.

(Marvel Team-Up I#32) - Wingfoot's grandfather, Silent Fox, contacted the Human Torch for assistance. Johnny Storm in turn contacted Daimon Hellstrom for aid, and Johnny transported them both via the Fantasticar to the Keewazi reservation in Oklahoma. Daimon drove the demon out of Wyatt's form with a blast of hellfire, but Dryminextes then possessed several of the tribesmen simultaneously. As the two heroes struggled, Daimon's Darksoul began to rise, and the Torch had to stop him from killing some of the people they were fighting to save. Daimon then attacked Johnny, but came to his senses just before strangling him to death.
    Under Daimon's direction, Johnny Storm created a brilliant light that blinded Dryminextes' hosts, weakening the demon and enabling Daimon to exorcise him.

(Defenders I#24) - When Dr. Strange, Nighthawk, Valkyrie, and Yellowjacket were captured by the Sons of the Serpent, Clea sought aid from other Defenders allies, including the Son of Satan, Daredevil, and Luke Cage (Power Man). Daimon used his Satanic chariot to travel from Fire Lake to Dr. Strange's Sanctum. Daimon used his psychic powers to force a captured Son of the Serpent to reveal the group's secret location, but they found that the man had been mentally programmed to resist hypnosis. However, the Sons of the Serpent then publicly appeared, revealing the Valkyrie as their prisoner. The three recruits joined the Hulk in rushing to the Valkyrie's rescue, but as they approached, Daimon, his chariot, and Power Man suddenly vanished into a portal.

(Defenders I#25) - Daimon and Cage had been transported by Dr. Strange to himself and the other prisoners, whom they freed; Yellowjacket had escaped earlier, but was unable to find the way out. Daimon sensed and opened a portal to the tunnel to the surface, through which the heroes traveled. They arrived in the office of J.C. Pennysworth, which Nighthawk recognized, enabling him to confront Pennysworth. The Son of Satan was with the others when Nighthawk returned with Pennysworth, and he accompanied them to the Serpents' base, where they overpowered the remaining Serpents.

(Defenders I#32) - The Son of Satan probed the soul of the possessed-Nighthawk, discerning that there was no demon involved; Dr. Strange subsequently revealed that it was Chondu the Mystic.

(Marvel Spotlight I#23) - Hellstrom was assaulted by Father Darklyte and his Legion of Nihilists, overcoming their attacks (including Trog), though he could make no sense of the whole affair.

(Howard the Duck I#13 (fb) - BTS) - While at Gateway University, Daimon was colleagues with psychiatrist Dr. Avery.

(Marvel Spotlight I#24) - Hellstrom moved away from St. Louis, following a request by Lewis Hefford to go to Southern California to investigate his daughter, Gloria, who had become possessed by Kthara, Mother of Demons. In the course of the investigation, Daimon mistook his own sister, Satana, as the evil affecting Gloria, and he attacked her. His hellfire actually destroyed her, though her Basilisk restored her. Daimon himself proved powerless against Kthara, but Satana's Basilisk destroyed her. Daimon apologized for his error, but she turned her back on him and threatened to take his soul when next they met.

(Son of Satan#3 (fb) - BTS) - Raphael Zoran, the Possessor, was driven mad by the uncontrolled power unleashed from the demons inside him. He regained his senses after an unknown period of time, and found himself outside of the mansion at Fire Lake. Zoran entered the mansion, and made it his own. As he recovered his strength, he read the diaries of Victoria Wingate Hellstrom, and learned of the true nature and history of the mansion. Zoran decided to test Hellstrom to see if the stories were true, and if they were, to use him to become the Lord of Hell.

(Son of Satan#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Possessor defaced the Fire Lake mansion.

(Son of Satan#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Possessor invaded Hell, tormenting the demons he encountered there.

(Son of Satan#1) -  Daimon steered the Demon-Steeds back to Fire Lake where he found the mansion has been vandalized and Satanic symbols had been placed. He opened the portal to Hell and sought out his father's demon-servants. Seeking his aid against the Possessor, the demons rushed out to greet Daimon, but he mistook their actions for an attack and assaulted them before they could explain themselves or that they had had nothing to do with the Fire Mansion. Ultimately Satan himself appeared, telling Daimon that the perpetrator was still in the Mansion and then banishing his son from Hell after a short argument. Searching the Mansion, Daimon eventually was confronted by the Possessor; the fact that two of Daimon's father's demon-servants were bound to and controlled by the Possessor unnerved Daimon, and the Possessor teleported away after the demons had pleaded with Daimon to save them.

(Marvel Two-In-One#14 (fb) - BTS) - Daimon was drawn to the ghost town of Lawless, Arizona by the mystic energies he had sensed there.

(Marvel Two-In-One#14) - In Lawless, Daimon encountered the Thing, who had been sent there to investigate forces which had disrupted Mr. Fantastic's equipment. The two were soon assaulted by what initially appeared to be the spirit of Jedediah Ravenstorm, but ultimately turned out to be the demon Kthara possessing Ravenstorm's corpse. After fighting both "Ravenstorm" and a briefly-possessed Thing, Daimon recognized Kthara's involvement. While the arch demon focused its forces against the Thing, Daimon skewered Ravenstorm's body through the chest, driving Kthara from his form, and the vengeful spirits of the people of Lawless overwhelmed and destroyed Kthara.

(Ghost Rider II#17) - Johnny Blaze contacted Daimon for assistance against the demon-possessed Katy Milner (who was actually a magically transformed Roxanne Simpson). Daimon arrived there by nightfall, and he joined Ghost Rider in visiting "Katy", forcing the demon to reveal itself as Legion, sending a horde of demons to attack the two anti-heroes. Working together, they destroyed the demons, but were then confronted by the Challenger, who encased "Katy" within a mystic shield and told Ghost Rider that "Katy" 's life would be forfeit unless he agreed to risk his own life running the Challenger's deadly race course. Ghost Rider accepted the challenge, and Daimon hoped that Heaven might protect Blaze.

(Ghost Rider II#18) - Daimon stood watch over "Katy," meeting Blaze's friends Richard and Wendy Pini and "Coot" Collier. He showed them that not even he could penetrate the force field surrounding her and also revealed his concerns that the demons might attempt to re-enter her body.

(Ghost Rider II#19) - Daimon greeted a returning and victorious Johnny Blaze, who was elated to see that "Katy" had not only been cured, but that she had reverted to her true form.

(Marvel Preview#7) - While Satana was under a spell of the Camarilla of the N'Garai, she had a moment of clarity and attempted to call Daimon for help, but the moment swiftly faded, and she forgot who she was calling and why. Daimon answered the phone and requested that the calling party speak, but he soon gave up and hung up the phone.

(Son of Satan#2) - Daimon followed the Possessor's trail to Arizona, where he uses his trident to call forth a message left by the Possessor, which revealed the origins of his foe. Daimon used his Demon-Steeds to continue tracking the Possessor until the trail faded. A Navaho Shaman psychically contact him for aid, but Daimon mistakenly assumed it to be another of the Possessor's tricks and dispelled the projection. Daimon then realized that the Possessor had come to the Arizona to access the portal to Hell there. Rushing into the cavern, Daimon was confronted by Baphomet, whom he mistook as a manifestation of his father. When Baphomet requested that Daimon open the portal to summon Satan to destroy the Possessor, Daimon attacked him, but the Possessor then appeared alongside his minions, Nightfire and a group of mind-controlled Navaho. With a simple energy blast, the Possessor pulled Daimon into himself, achieving dominance over him as well.

(Son of Satan#3) - Daimon psychically summoned his trident to skewer the Possessor, who casually struck it away with an eyeblast. Drawing on Daimon's Darksoul's power, the Possessor fired a blast towards the portal to Hell, causing an explosion as well as summoning Satan to Earth to confront him.
    Meanwhile, Nightfire attempted to use Daimon's trident against Baphomet, but its energies instead dispelled the Possessor's influence from the Navaho mystic. The Possessor,  however, easily neutralized Nightfire and Baphomet, as well as the latter's legions. When Satan arrived and challenged him, the Possessor instead teleported away, using the Fire Lake portal (blowing up the mansion in the process) to arrive in Hell and swiftly take command of it. Satan followed him there, preparing to battle him for control of Hell, but Daimon, knowing that the Possessor could only control Daimon's Darksoul while it was contained within Daimon, had let loose the Darksoul into both himself and the Possessor. The Darksoul destroyed the Possessor from the inside before he could realize it, and he collapsed into a mindless heap before Daimon and his father.
    When Daimon revealed that he had saved his father, Satan cursed him, sealing the gateways between Hell and Earth until the day Satan chose to return, which he claimed would be the day he slew Daimon.

(Son of Satan#4 (fb) - BTS) - "Much happened," leading Daimon to feel strangely apart from the world, yet still wishing to dwell amongst people again.

(Son of Satan#4 (fb)) - Daimon decided to divorce himself from his father, selling the land on Fire Lake and leaving the Mansion in its destroyed condition.

(Son of Satan#4 (fb)) - Daimon briefly entertained notions of returning to St. Louis, but knew it could never be.

(Son of Satan#4 (fb) - BTS) - Daimon received a positive recommendation from Katherine Reynolds to the Georgetown Campus' University of the District of Columbia's Dr. Brian Anderson.

(Son of Satan#4 (fb)) - Daimon received a letter from Dr. Brian Anderson, telling him he had been accepted as the head of the institution's newly formed Division of Parapsychology studies / Paranormal phenomenon research.

(Son of Satan#4) - Daimon arrived at District University, where he met with Saripha Thames who showed him his room. Meanwhile, Dr. Anderson made every effort to determine if he had made the correct choice at the earliest opportunity. Daimon took a nap, dreaming of ancient Egypt and of his long-lost mother. His dream was visited by Proffet, the Celestial Fool, who showed him further visions of the god Anubis and the Ankh. Mistaking the visitation for an assault, Daimon allowed his Darksoul to rise and he struck out Proffet, who vanished. He had final visions of Saripha lying in a grave and of being confronted by both his Son of Satan guise and his Darksoul, where he was able to use a cross to merge the trinity of his existence. As he awakened, he was again confronted by Proffet.

(Son of Satan#5 (fb) - BTS / 7 (fb) - BTS)  - Daimon's neighbor, occultist Michael Taine, had become host to an enigmatic soul sought by the Egyptian God Anubis. He performed a ceremonial ritual and was struck down by a destructive psychic burst from Anubis' agent, Mindstar, who had been charged with recovering the soul. However, Mindstar's attack proved fatal, and the soul escaped from Taine's dead body. To cover up his failure, Mindstar duped Anubis into believing that the Son of Satan's Darksoul was the spirit he sought.

(Son of Satan#4) - Daimon felt a great psychic pain.

(Son of Satan#4) - The room next to Daimon's exploded, leaving its deceased occupant hanging upside down, bent into the shape of an Ankh (to prevent Anubis from discovering Mindstar's involvement).

(Son of Satan#5) - Alongside Lt. Ken Mishima, Daimon investigated the site of the explosion, sensing a mystical connection, but he was unable to use his trident to divine further with the police present. Later, at a meeting in the office of Dr. Anderson, attended by student researcher Amelia Sefton and others, they were targets of a psychic assault; Daimon drove off the image that appeared to be their attacker, recognizing it as a farce. When Daimon was later able to dedicate himself fully to the investigation of the explosion, he was able to review Taine's actions and fate. Proffet arrived, followed by Mindstar, who revealed himself to be the psychic assassin and then attacked Daimon. When Daimon fought back, allowing his Darksoul to partially arise, the indignant Mindstar snatched up Amelia Sefton, figuring Daimon would not risk injuring her. With Daimon distracted, Mindstar used his psychic power to cause Daimon great pain from holding his trident, causing him to release it and fall to the ground. Only stunned by the impact, Daimon was still able to unleash hellfire from the trident without touching it, blasting Mindstar, who then hurled Amelia down at him. Daimon saved Amelia, but with his Darksoul near the the surface, he lashed out, slapping her for failing to escape when she had had the chance.

(Son of Satan#6) - During his first class with students, Daimon's nervousness and stress allowed his Darksoul to briefly rise, but he dismissed the incineration of a book he had caused as simple stage magic that they must learn to distinguish. He later met Saripha at her home, and the two shared some of their true natures, with Saripha revealing herself to be a Wiccan. Later, he visited a new house recommended by Silas Warden (secretly Mindstar), and he was attacked by a number of demons or illusions thereof, and then by undines, indicating he had been rejected by the elements water. He then fell through a pit, and at the bottom he was confronted by Mindstar, who welcomed him to the Court of Anubis.

(Son of Satan#7) - Daimon battled Mindstar until the two were confronted by Anubis, who accused his agent Mindstar of betrayal. With Mindstar holding a Ankh to ward off Anubis, the god sent his servant, the transformed Brett Carson, to attack him. Meanwhile, Saripha Thames (secretly watched over by Proffet) performed a mystical ritual, distantly backed by her coven, adding their support to Daimon. The Son of Satan teamed up with Mindstar against Anubis' agent, who nonetheless stunned Mindstar. Anubis then turned his attentions to Daimon, revealing the reasons for his assaults. Anubis attempted to draw out Daimon's Darksoul, but only succeeded in bringing it the fore, and Daimon blasted Anubis back. Daimon then tried to force the transformed Carson to release Mindstar, but succeeded only in driving both they and himself through a portal that brought them into Anubis' Palace of Death and Rebirth, where they were at his mercy.
    However, Daimon intervened, convincing Anubis to settle for Daimon defeating Mindstar so that he could be reimprisoned in his powerless human form. Daimon did just that, though in the course of the struggle, Proffet wandered into the battlefield and was struck by a stray blast that left her powerless and human (though not quite normal). Anubis returned them all to Earth, erasing Carson's memory of his involvement. Daimon was happily reunited with Saripha, sensing that her intervention had prevented his Darksoul from taking control of him. Daimon and Saripha confessed their need for each other.

(Son of Satan#8 - BTS) - On Christmas Eve, Satan was tormented by dreams which culminated in Daimon rejecting him once again.

(Howard the Duck I#13) - Daimon was summoned to Sauerbraten Mental Health Facility in Sauerbraten, Ohio by psychiatrist Dr. Avery to investigate the possible possession of his patient, Winda Wester. Daimon swiftly determined that her powers were latent psychic abilities, with no demonic influence. As Avery showed him out, however, they encountered the YUCchies, who indicated the presence of their leader, Reverend Joon Moon Yuc. Correctly suspecting that Avery's superior, Dr. Reich, had summoned Yuc for his own evaluation of Winda, Avery led Daimon back into the facility, and they found Winda missing from her room. Her roommate, Howard the Duck, accompanied them to Reich's testing chamber, where Daimon began his transformation into the Son of Satan. However, Yuc disrupted the transformation, somehow shunting Daimon's Darksoul into Howard.

(Howard the Duck I#14) - The Darksoul-possessed Howard grabbed Winda and flew away, but he eventually grew annoyed with her incessant chatter and so he dropped her off in the middle of nowhere. Howard then went after Beverly Switzler, but Daimon was able to follow their trail by car, picking up Winda along the way. Daimon smashed his car into the possessed duck, then went after Howard himself, dodging his bursts of hellfire long enough to grab his trident and draw the Darksoul back into himself. Howard lost his own soul in the transfer, but Daimon tracked it down and returned it to him.

(Tomb of Dracula I#53) - Daimon was summoned to Boston(?) by Hannibal King to help Blade, who had been possessed by one of Deacon Frost's vampiric doppelgangers and then staked. Working together, they unearthed Blade's dual form and removed the stake, and Daimon then split to two Blades apart, and King staked the doppelganger, destroying it. Daimon accepted Blade's thanks and then departed.

(Marvel Comics Super Special#1) - Daimon was one of the heroes present (others included Daredevil and the Defenders Hulk, Nighthawk, Red Guardian and Valkyrie) at the Sanctum Sanctorum that were told by Dr. Strange (accompanied by KISS ally Dizzy) that they wouldn't help KISS because they had to endure their trials on their own.

(Defenders I#62) - Daimon observed Dollar Bill's television special inviting others to join the Defenders, and he headed to Richmond Riding Academy, in Long Island New York to do so.

(Defenders I#62) - Daimon arrived, alongside a couple dozen or so others, surprising the existing Defenders. When Valkyrie (Brunnhilde) made coffee, Stingray cursed it as the Devil's Brew, then apologized to Daimon, who took no offense.

(Defenders I#63) - When it was learned that a group of super-villains were storming the city claiming to also be Defenders, Daimon became one of the heroic "Defenders for a Day," and he was put in the group serving under Nighthawk, alongside Nova, Polaris, Quasar, and Tagak. Their first effort proved to be a waste as they stopped the seeming theft of a car by a boy from his father, which turned out to be just a prank anyway

(Defenders I#64) - Nighthawk's group's second effort proved no better, as they stopped a seeming mugger, which turned out to be the same boy trying to get his allowance from his mother. Daimon commented about the waste of their efforts, and when Nighthawk tried to lay down his authority, Daimon and the others quit, leaving Nighthawk behind.

(Marvel Team-Up I#81 - BTS) - Daimon was 27 years old when Satana was slain by the Basilisk.

(Defenders I#94 (fb)) - A young student at District University was brought to Daimon's office to investigate a possible possession. Daimon probed her soul, only to learn it was her mind that had been affected: She had been driven mad, and could only repeat the name of the Six-Fingered Hand. Probing deeper, Daimon could only draw forth an image of a hellish six-fingered hand, as well as the faces of Dr. Strange, Hellcat, Nighthawk, and the Valkyrie.

(Defenders I#94 (fb) - BTS / Defenders I#92) - Daimon decided he must contact Dr. Strange to warn him of the threat, but before he could do so, he was instead contacted by Strange. The Son of Satan was one of several Defenders allies summoned by Dr. Strange to help restore fragments of the cosmic being Eternity which threatened to destroy the entire universe. Strange magically transported pairs of Defenders around the world to locate the fragments as swiftly as possible. Daimon was sent alongside Hellcat to a secluded Indian temple of Rama, where they were attacked as Infidels, before Daimon subdued their attackers. He then coerced information from one of the acolytes, who revealed that their target was the guru Sai Anand, who had been abducted by an immense statue in the form of the monkey-god Hanuman. They located and defeated the false Hanuman, only to find that "Sai Anand" and the other fragments of Eternity had initiated their own disappearances and were refusing to rejoin with the whole of Eternity. Daimon's efforts to force the Eternity fragments to rejoin the the whole were easily dismissed by the fragments, but Nighthawk was able to convince them to rejoin via an impassioned plea to think about the people they had known and loved while on Earth.

(Defenders I#93) - Daimon attempted to inform Strange of the dark threat of which he had learned, but they were distracted when Nighthawk first became stricken with his daytime paralysis. Daimon subsequently joined the Defenders as Dr. Strange magically transported them to London to oppose an Atlantean invasion led by Namor who had been manipulated by Nebulon in the form of Dorma. Daimon and the others were easily overpowering the Atlanteans, but the Defenders fell before Namor's Sonic-Scrambler weapon. However, Namor's efforts ceased after Nebulon was forced to reveal his true identity after being provoked by the Valkyrie, and the Ul'lula'n High Tribunal recaptured Nebulon after he had been defeated by the Defenders.

(Defenders I#94 (fb) - BTS) - The Defenders were warned off a distress call from Patsy Walker, and Daimon, Dr. Strange, and the Valkyrie went off to the rescue.

(Defenders I#94) - Via his Demon-Steeds, Daimon traveled alongside Dr. Strange and the Valkyrie to Patsy Walker's Montclair, New Jersey home, where they found she had been abducted by the Gargoyle, a pawn of Avarrish of the Six-Fingered Hand. Daimon's trident allowed the Defenders to track Patsy to the Gargoyle in Christianboro, where they were attacked by Avarrish's demon-hordes. Daimon battled the Gargoyle himself until he was assaulted by the hellishly transformed Avarrish-possessed Hellcat, who resisted Daimon's effort to exorcise the demon. Daimon and Strange both fell before the Hellcat, but the Valkyrie's words of loving friendship proved able to strengthen Patsy's soul and allow her to cast Avarrish out.
    Later, after learning the truth about the Gargoyle, Dr. Strange agreed to allow him to join them in tracking down the Six-Fingered Hand, despite strong reservations from Daimon. The Son of Satan comforted Patsy, who had learned that her possession had been arranged by her own dying mother in an effort to save herself.

(Defenders I#95) - Daimon accompanied Patsy to the grave of Dorothy Walker, where he used his trident to conjure forth images of her involvement with Avarrish. Later, both were back at Dr. Strange's sanctum when the demon-possessed Dracula crashed through a window, shattering Strange's defenses and attacking the Defenders before Daimon--with help/mystical restraint by Strange--exorcised the demons. After learning of the Six-Fingered Hand's involvement, Daimon, Strange, and the rest of the Defenders agreed to a temporary truce, wherein Daimon and Dracula each questioned their respective senses of honor. Strange transported the group to Dracula's Transylvanian Castle, where they were assaulted by the Puishannt-possessed vampire Gordski and his legions. After a fierce struggle, Daimon led the Defenders and Dracula to the roof, where he used his trident to transport the entire region forward in time, to daylight. Initially intending to destroy Dracula as well, Daimon ultimately decided to prove his own honor by warning the vampire off, allowing him to escape the sunlight which destroyed Gordski and the others.

(Defenders I#96) - Daimon used his powers to heal Dolly Donahue--injured in the Gargoyle's initial assault on Patsy, saving her life. Dr. Strange then transported the Defenders to his side, informed them of his divination of the Six-Fingered Hand's next striking point in Detroit, Michigan, and transported the entire team there. They located the Ghost Rider, and Daimon transformed him back into John Blaze, with whom they discussed the threat and their plan. Working together, the Defenders and the Ghost Rider caused a psychic overlord in Asmodeus Jones, the pawn and power receptacle of Fashima, dispelling the demon as well.

(Defenders I#97) - Daimon and the rest of the Defenders joined Strange and Devil-Slayer in mystic transport to Israel to confront the alleged Messiah, David Kessler. Even the Defenders began to believe in Kessler when he cured Kyle Richmond's paralysis, but Daimon and the Gargoyle (both appearing in human/civilian form due to Strange's spell) then confronted Kessler, and his efforts to merge them with part of the divinity he believed he possess instead exposed them as the Son of Satan and the Gargoyle, leading Kessler to fight back. As Daimon and the other Defenders fought back against the "angels" summoned by Kessler, Strange exposed them as demons. Though temporarily overcome by Hyppokri, his possessor and the true source of his power, Kessler briefly regained his own mind and committed suicide, driving Hyppokri and the other demons from the mortal plane.

(Defenders I#98) - Strange returned the Defenders to his mansion, but was then forced to transport them to Citrusville, Florida to combat the next threat from the Six-Fingered Hand. Still affected by her demonic possession, Patsy clawed at and taunted Daimon, and he was narrowly able to keep his Darksoul from rising and assaulting her. Daimon and the rest of the Defenders swiftly fell before the Unnthinnk-possessed Man-Thing, but Strange's astral self was able to enter the creature's mind, and Theodore Sallis assisted Strange in dispelling Unnthinnk. Daimon and the Defenders then accessed the nexus portal to the Six-Fingered Hand's realm, where they encountered the demons who had already captured Clea, the Hulk, Namor, and the Silver Surfer.

(Defenders I#99) - Daimon hurled his trident at the Six-Fingered Hand's leader, Maya to no avail. The demons led the Defenders around their realm, showing them how the residents of Citrusville were being tortured as if they were the damned, and Daimon responded with a blast of soulfire that pained the group. Maya then sent the rest of the Six-Fingered Hand to attack the Defenders, but as the struggle continued, Avarrish, Fashima, Hyppokri, Puishannt, and Unnthinnk all began to dwindle to tiny size. Maya then revealed himself to be Mephisto, and he revealed his alliance with the true orchestrators of the plot, himself, Satan, Satannish, and Thog, showing the Defenders their intent to create Hell on Earth.

(Defenders I#100) - The four Hell-lords revealed how they had manipulated Strange and the Defenders to magically teleport across the planet repeatedly to exacerbate the damage done to the dimensional walls by Eternity's fragmentation, thus enabling them to initiate the merging of Earth and their realms of Hell. While Satan had transformed Hellcat back into her demon-form, claiming to be her true father, the rest of the Defenders--except Daimon, who stayed behind along with Patsy and Satan--were sent to oppose the other Hell-Lords: the heroes needed to unleash the light in darkness' heart or the Hell-Lords would permanently transform Earth to mirror their own realms of Hell. While the others were gone, Satan tormented Daimon with having fallen in love with Patsy (whom Satan was claiming to be Daimon's sister). Ultimately the Defenders achieved some level of victory against the other Hell-Lords, finding a light in darkness' heart, but not the light. Furious at the manipulation, Daimon overpowered the demonic Hellcat and then challenged Satan to single combat. Daimon was no match for Satan, so Strange and the others channeled their energies into Daimon's demonic Darksoul, granting it free reign. Nonetheless, even the fully demonic Daimon fell before Satan, but when it came time to kill Daimon, Satan relented, claiming he could not kill the one he loved. By this, the Defenders achieved true victory by unleashing THE light in darkness' heart.
    However, Daimon, now fully given over to his Darksoul, realized that he could not return to Earth, and he elected to remain in Hell with Satan. Restoring Patsy to normal, Satan returned the Defenders to Earth, leaving the Defenders to wonder if reclaiming his son had not been Satan's goal all along.

(Defenders I#101) - Daimon sat at his father's knees, learning the lessons of the damned.

(Defenders I#104 (fb) - BTS) - As part of a several months long ordeal, Satan sent Daimon to the desert of Arizona to purge the remaining humanity from his soul.

(Defenders I#104) - The exhausted Daimon collapsed on the desert sand, begging Satan to let him return to him in Hell, but Satan mocked him, indicating he had not yet purified himself.

(Defenders I#105) - In the Arizona desert, Daimon attempted to prove that he had purged his humanity by sacrificing an innocent baby to his father. However, Daimon could not bring himself to go through with it, and the baby then took its true form as the demon Maledril and brutally attacked him. Satan banished Maledril and struck Daimon, telling him he must make the final choice between humanity and following his Satanic heritage. Shortly thereafter, Daimon participated in a Satanic crucifixion, but again he could not go through with it, and he told his father that he would never rule him.
    Back in Hell, Daimon confronted Satan, telling him that he had chosen the path of decency, and he was astounded when he father called his choice a wise one and revealed the aspect of the holy that existed within Satan. Satan then banished Daimon back to Earth, causing that last memory to fade from his uncomprehending mind.
    As Daimon arrived back in Dr. Strange's Sanctum, the spirit of the Resurrection Stone attempted to seduce him, but having resisted the ultimate temptation, Daimon refused its call and shattered the gem, dispersing its spirit and releasing the heroes it had entrapped, Dr. Strange, the Beast, and Mr. Fantastic. Just as the Beast was prepared to give up hope on his dying lover Vera Cantor, Daimon stepped in, using his powers to cure and revive her.

(Defenders I#106) - Daimon drove his Demon-Steed chariot back to Dr. Strange's Sanctum in response to a summons to from Strange and he joined Strange, Daredevil, and the Beast in traveling to the Colorado Rocky Mountains to rescue Captain America, Gargoyle, Hellcat, Nighthawk, and the Valkyrie from the Secret Empire. After Daredevil detected the hidden base, Daimon exposed the (secondary?) Adamantium shielding buried beneath the mountain. Using Strange's illusion power, the heroes infiltrated the base, and Daimon found the brainwashed Kyle Richmond, but then Strange was discovered and knocked out, causing the illusion to fade. Daimon overpowered the attacking guards, but then Kyle, having regained his own mind, activated the base's self-destruct sequence. The stunned Dr. Strange was able to teleport the rest of his allies out in time, but Nighthawk used his connection to the Secret Empire's imprisoned psychics to deflect Strange's efforts.

(Defenders I#107) - Daimon was reunited with Patsy only seconds before a surviving Secret Empire agent ambushed and slew the Valkyrie (in her mortal form of Barbara Norriss). Later, Daimon attempted to soothe the anguished Patsy by discussing his belief in God, and later still Daimon attended the funeral for Valkyrie and Nighthawk--also attended by Beast, Luke Cage, Vera Cantor, Daredevil, Dr. Strange, Gargoyle, Hawkeye, Hulk, Namor, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, and Thor--where Daimon used his power in conjunction with that of Thor and Dr. Strange to light a celestial flame to burn eternally for their fallen comrade. Daimon later attended a sťance--including Beast, Vera Cantor, Dr. Strange, Gargoyle, Hawkeye, Hellcat, Hulk, Namor, and Spider-Man--where they communicated with the true spirit of the Valkyrie (Brunnhilde) which was trapped by the Enchantress.

(Defenders I#108) - Daimon joined Hellcat, the Hulk, and Namor in traveling to a planetoid in the Wasteland dimension where they sought to take the Rose of Purity from "Zaffer" and "Damask", so they could give it to the Enchantress who would then restore Brunnhilde to life. Daimon, Namor, and the Husk battled Zaffer, but ultimately the Defenders realized that they could not take the Rose and deprive Zaffer and Damask of their god. As punishment, the Enchantress left them stranded there.

(Defenders I#112 (fb) - BTS) - Hyperion of Earth-S (Earth-712) sent an interdimensional S.O.S. to Earth-616, which was apparently intercepted by the psychic collective which included Mindy Williams.

(Defenders I#109) - Dr. Strange attempted to recall Daimon, Namor, and the Hulk, but they were instead pulled to Earth-S by Nighthawk and the Psychics (whom they thought was their Nighthawk, but who was instead the Squadron Supreme's Nighthawk), with Strange arriving soon after when he went looking for his lost teammates.

(Defenders I#111) - Nighthawk brought the visiting Defenders to the fallen Hyperion.

(Defenders I#112) - Daimon was present as Hyperion explained how the Squadron Supreme had fallen under the sway of the Over-Mind (who was possessed by Null, the Living Darkness).

(Defenders I#113) - Daimon used his healing power to help Hyperion recover from the Argonite radiation poisoning he had received at the hands of the Over-Mind. Daimon then followed the lead of the psychic collective to assault the Over-Mind's lunar base, resulting in a battle against the mind-controlled Squadron Supreme, and the Over-Mind, and ultimately Null.

(Defenders I#114) - Daimon advised the use of the psychic collective to bind the heroes' spirits as a unifying force against Null. His spirit joined in the assault that eventually destroyed Null, but he was distraught to learn that the Nighthawk he had recently fought beside was the Nighthawk of Earth-712.

(Defenders I#115) - Daimon learned that the Nighthawk of Earth-616 had perished in the final battle with Secret Empire. Daimon and the rest of the Defenders were sent home by the Squadron's teleporter, though some of the other members were briefly diverted to another realm.

(Defenders I#116) - Daimon happily greeted Patsy when she returned to Dr. Strange's sanctum.

(Incredible Hulk II#277) - Daimon was present at the sanctum alongside the Beast, Gargoyle, and Patsy as the Hulk's capture by the U-Foes was broadcast across the planet. They waited for Dr. Strange's spells to locate the site of the battle so that they might assist their old ally, though Vector's powers repelled all such efforts.

(Defenders I#116) - Daimon and Patsy went out on a date, but Daimon grew irate when Patsy kept blowing up his attentions. When he finally transformed into his Son of Satan aspect and confronted her with his love, she responded only with uncertainty. Furious, he cast her to the ground and flew away into the night.

(Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#1) - As Daimon battled a horned demon-creature ("Xaphan"), he was transported away to the arena in which the Grandmaster had gathered the heroes of Earth to challenge the Unknown in a contest of champions to gain the power to resurrect the Collector.

(Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#2 - BTS / Marvel Super Heroes: Contest of Champions#3 - BTS) - Daimon waited in the arena as the chosen heroes participated in the Grandmaster's contest. Daimon was present at the conflict's resolution when the Unknown was revealed as Death, and the Grandmaster sacrificed his own life to resurrect the Collector.
    Following this, Daimon was presumably returned to the exact moment and location he had left Earth.

(Marvel Team-Up I#126) - After the standard battle-of-mistaken-identities/intentions, Daimon teamed up with Luke Cage, Power Man, in investigating the mystical death of Cage's old friend, Tyrone D. Gus, which led them into a trap orchestrated by Gus himself, who led a sect of the Sons of Satannish and wished to use Cage's form as a vessel to be possessed by Satannish. However, Daimon's power weakened their mystical restraints, Cage broke them free, and the two defeated the Sons of Satannish, though they were unable to stop Satannish from slaying Gus as punishment for his failure.

(Defenders I#118) - Uncertain of his direction in life, Daimon returned to District University, and he was very surprised to observe the familiarity with which he was greeted, especially by Saripha Thames, when he had been absent for so long. Investigating further, he found that he had been replaced by another Daimon Hellstrom, who--with Saripha's silent magical assistance--caused him to doubt himself, leading very nearly to his defeat. Ultimately, Daimon drew on his love for Patsy to continue the struggle, and he channeled a bust of hellfire through the imposter's trident, incapacitating the imposter and revealing him to be one of his father's demons who had escaped during the "Hell on Earth" conflict. With Saripha's pleas, Daimon spared the demon, allowing he and Saripha to make a new life for themselves.

(Defenders I#120) - Uncertain of his purpose in life, Daimon traveled to a Massachusetts monastery, seeking strength from his old teacher Father Raymond Gosset. Though comforted by Gosset and the rituals and solitude of the monastery, Daimon also encountered Brother Joshua, and Daimon's own demonic nature stirred Joshua' memory of his true nature, causing him to return to the form of the Miracle Man, who stole Daimon's Darksoul
    Back in New York, Patsy senses that Daimon was in trouble, which she voiced to the other Defenders. They borrowed an Avengers Quinjet and flew to rescue him.

(Defenders I#121 (fb) - BTS) - The Miracle Man turned the powerless Daimon into a statue.

(Defenders I#121) - The Defenders (Beast, Gargoyle, Hellcat, Over-Mind (possessed by the psychic collective), Valkyrie) arrived at the abbot, confronting the Miracle Man, who turned Daimon back to human form and then transported them all to Java, Indonesia. When the Miracle Man preached of divine power, Daimon revealed the usurped pentagram on his chest. The Miracle Man's attempts to prove his benevolence failed when he assaulted any who refused his gifts of healing. The Defenders fell before his power, but Daimon managed to contact his own Darksoul, offering to allow it to take him over completely if it returned to him. As it attempted to do so, however, the Over-Mind and Patsy combined their psychic powers, casting the disembodied Darksoul into a nearby snake (the Hellfire Serpent), which slithered off into the woods.

(Defenders I#122) - Left a normal man by the loss of his Darksoul, Daimon planned to return to Father Gosset's abbey, but found that he could not deny his love for Patsy, and so he instead left with her.

(Defenders I#122 - BTS) - Daimon and Patsy were engaged to be married.

(Defenders I#122) - Back in New York, Daimon and Patsy announced their engagement to the Defenders, as well as their intention to sell the Fire Lake mansion and move out to California, where Daimon could continue serving as an occult investigator. After a brief visit with friends, they left to prepare for their wedding.

(Defenders I#125) - Daimon and Patsy had their wedding at her father's place in Greentown, Ohio. It was attended by the Defenders and some of Patsy's family and friends. Mad-Dog ("Buzz" Baxter, Patsy's first husband) led the Mutant Force to ambush the wedding for the Secret Empire, who wished to capture the Defenders. Daimon rushed Mad-Dog, but was easily tossed aside. Later, however, after the active Defenders had stopped the Mutant Force and Moondragon was distracting Mad-Dog with a psychic blast, Daimon finished him off a trio of punches. The wedding was then completed without further incident.

(Hellstorm#3 (fb)) - Daimon and Patsy moved to San Francisco, where they bought a large house and established themselves as Hellstrom & Hellstrom: Occult Investigators.

(Marvel Fanfare I#20 (fb) - BTS) - Daimon and Patsy were summoned to Dr. Strange's sanctum, in hopes that they might be able to help restore Banner's mind to the mindless Hulk who had been banished to the Crossroads. Strange pulled the Hulk to his sanctum, using a spell of somnambulance to keep him in line.

(Marvel Fanfare I#20) - Daimon and Patsy were present at the sanctum, wearing their old costumes (see comments), but when Strange initiated his spell, he fell into a trap of Xandu, who captured him. Strange summoned the Thing to help free him, while Xandu entered Strange's sanctum and took control of the Hulk with the Ruby of Domination.

(Marvel Fanfare I#21 - BTS) - The Thing manipulated his struggle with the Hulk to shatter the Ruby of Domination, freeing Strange from Xandu's power and allowing Strange to banish Xandu to a nether dimension. The Hulk was sent back to the Crossroads.

(Defenders I#147) - Daimon and Patsy were recruited, alongside the Beast and Gargoyle, as well as Cutlass & Typhoon, by Captain Van Vliet to locate the occult item known as the Lesser Grey God (apparently an ancient creation of the Six-Fingered Hand). "Assisted" by Rufus. T. Hackstabber and private detective Harry Crun, the heroes eventually learned that artifact, or a replica thereof, was in the possession of Minerva Bannister, who sought it to transform herself into a vampire. See the Minerva Bannister profile, b/c it's too confusing to get into here.

(Cloak & Dagger II#8) - Daimon was summoned to New York's Holy Ghost Church by Father Francis Delgado who believed that the mutant vigilante Cloak was a demon who threatened his innocent partner, Dagger. Daimon dismissed Delgado, telling him that the lord would see to them; Daimon suspected that if anyone was possessed (or obsessed) by demons, it was Delgado himself.

(West Coast Avengers II#14 (fb) - BTS) - Hellstrom & Hellstrom developed a reputation as being very successful. As Daimon's mystical powers began to resurface, he designed a costume, acting as the superhero Hellstorm whenever he wished to work in anonymity.

(West Coast Avengers II#14) - Daimon and Patsy were visited by the West Coast contingent of the Avengers, who wished their help against Master Pandemonium and the demon Allatou. As Hellstorm, he transported himself, Hellcat, and the Avengers to the portion of his father's Hell under the domain of Allatou; as they vanished, Master Pandemonium and his familiar Azmodeus arrived at his house and latched onto his magical energies, accessing Allatou's domain as well. While the Avengers fought Allatou's demon legions, Hellstorm and Hellcat fought Master Pandemonium and Azmodeus, but ultimately Allatou cast the heroes and Pandemonium adrift on a ship on the River of Death, which they could not leave for fear of being obliterated outside of the ship's protection.

(West Coast Avengers II#15) - With the Avengers and Pandemonium, Hellstorm and Hellcat arrived in the Land Within, home of the Cat People who had degenerated into demons. Hellstorm's reputation helped protect the Avengers, and he later comforted Tigra after her alliance with the Cat People to kill Pandemonium was revealed. When the heroes fought back against the Cat People, Daimon fought along with them. The battle was resolved when Tigra fully merged her human and cat souls.

(West Coast Avengers II#16 (fb) - BTS) - Hellstorm, Hellcat, and the Avengers returned to Earth.

(West Coast Avengers II#16) - Daimon and Hellcat took Tigra and Hank Pym out on their boat, the Hell's Belle. They ended up fighting and defeating the fleeing Tiger Shark, though Daimon stayed out of the struggle. Daimon and Patsy listened to Pym's tale of his fall from grace, offering their sympathies and understanding. After he and Patsy had some...recreation back in their home, Daimon gave his approval to Hellcat helping Tigra and Pym take out Whirlwind.

(West Coast Avengers II#41) - Daimon accompanied Mockingbird, Moon Knight, and Tigra to the University of Nevada, where they confronted Dr. Hamilton Slade. As Hellstorm, he exorcised the spirits of both Carter and Lincoln Slade, both of whom had preceded him as Phantom Rider, back in the 19th century. Hellstorm then unleashed the spirit of Khonshu from Moon Knight, so that he could directly oppose the renegade Lincoln Slade, but the presence of the Egyptian God Khonshu led his enemy Seth to send his armies to Earth to attack him. Hellstorm participated in the fight against Seth's men, and afterwards he prepared to banish both Lincoln and Carter from the Earthly plane, but Hamilton summoned the benevolent Carter into himself at the last second, saving him from oblivion. Daimon promised to watch over Carter and make sure he stayed on the side of the good. He also offered words of comfort to Tigra when both Mockingbird and Moon Knight left the Avengers.

(Marvel Fanfare I#59/2) - Daimon accompanied Patsy back to her hometown of Centerville, New York, where they faced the ire of her aunt Sophia (and the rest of the town, including Hedy Wolfe, Tubs, Nan, Rodney), for having seemingly besmirched the reputation of the idyllic comic book character Patsy Walker, on whom a large portion of the town's income was based. Ultimately, Daimon made the peace between Patsy and Sophia, forcing them to look past their differences and to focus on the love they had for each other. With Sophia's backing, the rest of Patsy and Daimon's trip was much more friendly.

(Hellstorm#3 (fb)) - When his powers began to fade again, Daimon burned his costume, abandoning the Hellstorm identity. Patsy tried to hide her pleasure of the loss of his soulfire, which indicated that he was finally a mortal man. They retired to live their lives in relative peace.

(Hellstorm#3 (fb)) - Daimon and Patsy were joined by their old Defenders ally Isaac Christians, the Gargoyle, who had nowhere else to go. As they unpacked, Daimon took special note of the Grimorium Verum; one of the oldest textbooks on Earth, nearly as powerful as the Darkhold, the Grimorium was bound in flesh and contained a spell to summon the Devil. Daimon locked the book into a glass case where it hovered, but Daimon then suffered a pang of weakness.

(Hellstorm#3 (fb)) - A few weeks later, Daimon collapsed in agony, and he began to die. A conventional physician had no idea what was going on, so they called in Dr. Strange, who revealed that without his Darksoul, Daimon would die. In desperation, Patsy shattered the casing around the Grimorium and used it to summon Satan, telling him that if Daimon died the the game would be over and that there would be no one to challenge him, to test his power. Satan agreed to restore Daimon as  only if she would break the seal around her protective pentagram. Satan promised Patsy would not be harmed, but also told her to ask herself whether Daimon would do the same thing for her. Patsy broke the seal, and Satan restored the Darksoul to Daimon, and Daimon screamed in agony as it coursed through his body like an infernal cancer. Reborn as the Son of Satan, Daimon tried to hide face from Patsy, but she saw his true visage and was driven mad.

(Hellstorm#2 (fb) - BTS) - Daimon transported Patsy and Isaac to the Fire Lake mansion.

(Hellstorm#17 (fb)) <January> - Daimon took a road trip.

(Hellstorm#17 (fb)) - Daimon traveled to Nevada's(?) Jericho Monastery, where he interrupted a plot of the Somnambulist:

    While visiting the Monastery, Devil-Breaker Stephen Loss had apparently unwittingly left behind a page from one of his arcane texts. This had been used by sociopath Ervil Allred, who had taken refuge amongst the monks, to summon the demonic Somnambulist. The demon had promised Allred great power, having him consume the "host/flesh of the devil" (actually the Somnabulist's own heart) in exchange for helping to free the Somnabulist from Satan's slavery.
    The Somnabulist intended to take his first step towards promotion, claiming his first soul when Allred died (regaining his heart in the process). However, Hellstorm showed up, recognized the "host" for what it really was, and rammed his trident into Allred's abdomen, causing him to disgorge the ingested heart, which Hellstorm then incinerated--destroying the Somnambulist and depriving him of his intended soul.
    Per Hellstorm, "...a destroyed slave of the Devil never completely dies. They spend millennia in a corroded husk, cleaning out the mass toilets of Hell, waiting to be reconstituted."

    Daimon then traveled a few hundred miles away to Nevada's Underpass, a way station for those who wish to lose their souls, lifting a glass in tribute to Ervil Allred.

(Hellstorm#1 (fb) - BTS) - Seeking to reclaim the demon who had impersonated Daimon, Satan found him, promising him Daimon's power and legacy if he followed his orders, knowing that this would draw at Daimon himself, who was the only one who had the power to send him back to Hell.

(Hellstorm#16 (fb)) - Daimon gained the acquaintance of Al Shaitan, satanist and Nightclub owner, and he listened for ways to kill Satan.

(Hellstorm#16 (fb) - BTS / Hellstorm#20 (fb) - BTS) - For the price of impregnating her, the witch using the name Lavoisin gave Daimon the true name of his father.

(Hellstorm#1) - Six months later, Daimon journeyed to Manhattan, where he manipulated the fallen exorcist Gabriel Rosetti into opposing the Black Church, which was being led to ritual sacrifice by the Daimon Hellstrom imposter. After the demon defeated Gabriel, Daimon himself appeared and defeated the imposter. After communicating with Satan and learning his motives, Daimon channeled his full power into the demon, destroying it and apparently sending it back to Hell. Daimon allowed the directionless disciples of the Black Church to flee, and he tolerated the admonishment of the demon's wife, Saripha. When only Gabriel was left, Daimon revealed his true nature to him, telling him he needed Gabriel to regain his focus because his help would be required in the future.
    Daimon chose to retain the name Hellstorm after a worker accidentally wrote it on a plaque on his office door.

(Hellstorm#2) - Daimon met with Dr. Strange at Al Shaitan's San Francisco club, Hellzapoppin, feeding Strange half-truths about his origins and motivations, but making it clear to Strange that they were friends no more. Daimon also humiliated a drunken club-goer who challenged his authority.
    Returning to his San Francisco mansion, he opened a portal to Hell through which he traveled to the Fire Lake mansion, visiting his maddened wife.

(Hellstorm#3) - Daimon reviewed his recent return with the stuporous Patsy, telling her that he loved her for saving him, but that in her place, he would have let her die. Daimon then contacted his father, telling him that they would soon battle to the death.

(Hellstorm#4) - Daimon visited his old friend Rabbi Avram Siegel, playing him in chess and taunting him with an offer of a journey to Hell. As he left, a driver requested Daimon accompany him to JFK airport, where he happened upon excommunicated priest Jack Riley, who performed a spell to summon demons to oppose him. These demons possessed Riley's sister and niece Mariel and Kim and attacked Daimon. Unbeknownst to them all, a minor demon in Hell happened across a symbolic chessboard used in an ancient struggle between Heaven and Hell, unwittingly disturbing the game and forcing young Jason Maldonado to manifest his demonic power as Soulfire.
    Soulfire attacked Daimon as well.

(Hellstorm#5) - Regaining control of himself, Soulfire helped Daimon defeat and dispel the demons, restoring Mariel and Kim, though Jack Riley was slain by the forces he had unleashed. Satan punished the demon who had upset his carefully played game, and Daimon realized that he had been manipulated, but by a hand far less subtle than his father's.

(Hellstorm#6) - Daimon was contacted by father Ortega, who requested his aid in investigating the haunting of the Beckman house. Though initially disgusted that the Church was calling him in to handle their mess, Daimon ultimately agreed to help. He quickly discovered that the spirit was Lisa Beckman, who had been abused and finally slain by her father, Charles, and Daimon brought Charles into the house, where Lisa's spirit drove him mad. Daimon realized that both Father Ortega and Lisa's mother, Sarah, had realized the truth, and had called him in to do their dirty work.
    Charles Beckman died in prison two weeks later.

(Marvel Swimsuit Special#2) - Hellstorm was transported to Monster Island for the Monster Island Party after the Infinity War.

(Hellstorm#7 / #8) - Avram revealed to Daimon a plot in which souls of the Damned were being placed in comatose people by Father Joshua Crow via the power of Satan. These souls included repentant former Nazi soldier Joseph Gerhardt in the body of Nicholas; Lisa, a lesbian inside the body of another Lisa; Nikki, a hedonist drug-addict in the body of Kim Porter; repentant, but still deviant child molester Mr. Wilson; and an unnamed sociopath. Hellstorm realized that there was a sixth damned soul on Earth, but did not know that it was Satana, who took the body of a woman named Julia.
    Crow, meanwhile, convinced Gabriel Rosetti of his divine mission and asked him to defend him against Hellstorm.

(Hellstorm#8) - Gabriel confronted Hellstorm, but Crow convinced him to put down the gun, and he then revealed what he had truly done. Hellstorm then instructed Avram, Joseph, and Gabriel to help him track down the Souls of the Damned. Daimon cast the sociopath back to Hell, but he rescued Niki. Mr. Wilson was consumed by his own desires, but Avram and Joseph rescued Lisa. Daimon led the Souls through Hell to Fire Lake to escape the Netherhounds seeking to drag them back to Hell. Judging the trio and feeling them undeserving of Hell, Daimon promised to bring Joseph, Lisa, and Nikki to Heaven.

(Hellstorm#9) - Daimon used his Demon-Steed chariot to transport Joseph, Lisa, and Nikki across the planes of Purgatorius towards a meeting with the Tetragrammaton. As they approached Mount Qaf, the means by which they could ascend to Heaven or fall back down to Hell, they were assaulted by demons, who slew his Demon-Steeds. Daimon was forced to grant his Darksoul ascendance in order to combat the demons, and his body mirrored the changes in his spirit, taking on a more demonic appearance. As he drove off the demons, he completely forgot the reason he had come there, and the voices of the three Souls of the Damned forced him to claw his way back towards sanity. They began their ascent of Mount Qaf.

(Hellstorm#10) - As they climbed, Joseph and Lisa were able to free themselves from their burdens of guilt, etc., while Nikki was unwilling to give up on the fond memories of her past, and she let go, falling back to Hell. The Angels at the Gates of Heaven agreed to let the who purged souls to enter, but barred Daimon entry. Determined to see what he had fought for, Daimon sprouted demonic wings and fought back against the Angels. He lasted long enough to see Joseph and Lisa cast off their individuality and be absorbed into the Treasury of Light, before one of the Angels blasted him from the sky and he began the long plunge down to Hell.



(Hellstorm#11) - Having crashed in the pits of Hell, Daimon was confronted by Simon Garth, who gave him a tour of Hell. Daimon eventually realized that "Garth" knew more than any prisoner of Hell would, and correctly named him as his father, who then took on his true form.

(Hellstorm#16 (fb)) - Invoking his father's true name--Marduk Kurios, drawing his symbol, and invoking blood right and ancient, Daimon slew his father. By this action, Daimon took on the Black Halo, the mark of regency, and he became ruler of his father's realm of Hell.

(Hellstorm#16 (fb)) - Daimon spoke to his father's attendants, convincing them to keep Satan's death a secret, and he returned to Earth with no one the wiser. The rest of Hell noted only that Satan's rule had gone lax. Some of them sought to claim pieces of Earth for themselves.

(Hellstorm#16 (fb) - BTS) - Due to the apparent power vacuum in Hell, Heaven began to push the war, sending the Asura, soldiers of the Lord, to kill Satanists, reducing the power of Hell on Earth.
    Also of apparent import and relation--though no further explanation was given--were the Virgin pregnancy in Soho and the Policeman Herod. Devil-Breaker Stephen Loss also began to take a more active role.

(Hellstorm#12 (fb) - BTS) - Months later, Daimon, having grown more callous and introverted, allegedly roasted a stray dog.

(Hellstorm#12) - Daimon's lengthy period of isolation ended when Isaac effectively told him to get up off of his @$$. Daimon decided to go see his old friend Avram Siegel, only to learn that he had been slaughtered by the Armorer of Zahgurim. Daimon questioned Detective Gunyon about what had gone on, and when Gunyon attempted to blow him off, Daimon ripped the answers from Gunyon's mind, driving him insane. Sensing a demonic presence, Daimon forced Zahgurim to reveal himself. Daimon battled Zahgurim, who escaped back to Hell.

(Hellstorm#13) - Seeking information, Daimon tortured the minor Satanist Cameron Kilburn, who told him of Anton Devine, head of a large occult network. After a brief visit with Patsy, Daimon headed out to Al Shaitan's bar (now the Wasp Factory), hoping Shaitan would have information on Devine. Instead, he found Devine at the Wasp Factory, and he met Devine and his bodyguard Jaine Cutter. Daimon sensed Jaine's involvement with Zahgurim, and the three of them traced the Armorer's murder sites, recognizing them to be making a pattern: the symbol of Zahgurim. Despite their differences, Daimon found himself uncontrollably attracted to Jaine; the feeling was mutual, and they were soon kissing passionately.

(Hellstorm#14) - Unaware that Patsy was regaining coherence, Daimon brought Jaine and Anton back to Fire Lake, and he took Jaine into the basement and...sealed the deal. Daimon and Jained later traveled to Central Park in Manhattan and investigated the corpse of Dust Johannsen, another of the Armorer's victims. Jaine summoned Dust's spirit, from which they learned that the Armorer wished to send all of Manhattan to Hell as a dowry to Zahgurim. They continued to track the Armorer, failing to arrive in time to save a "minor adversary of Dr. Strange," but they did manage to save Jakita Wegener. Daimon slew the Armorer, and Daimon and Jaine slew Zahgurim when he arrived to punish them for foiling his plans.
    Meanwhile, Deathurge appeared to Patsy, guiding her into suicide.

(Hellstorm#15 (fb) - BTS) - Daimon returned home to find Patsy dead. Her family came and took her away, blaming Daimon for her death.

(Hellstorm#15) - One of Anton's occultists informed of the psychic disturbance at mansion of Jack Wintergarden. Daimon and Jaine investigated, encountering the Bailiff of Madness and the antimuse Inanna. Daimon revealed himself to be in possession of Black Halo and destroyed the Bailiff, while Jaine used her Breathing Gun to slay Inanna when she arrived. Distraught by Daimon's revelation, Jaine threatened to use the Breathing Gun on him unless he explained himself.

(Hellstorm#16) - Daimon was visited by Stephen Loss, Devil-Breaker, who shared with him knowledge of Patsy's current existence, of the true nature of Daimon's mothers' involvement with Satan, and of the death of Satan at Daimon's hand. In return, Daimon revealed how he had gained knowledge of his father's true name from the witch known as Lavoisin. Stephen commented on the Asura stepping up the war, as well as mentioning the Virgin pregnancy in Soho and the Policeman Herod. Having evened the odds between himself and Hellstorm by sharing this information, Loss departed, leaving Hellstorm to finally deal with (and weep over) the fate of Patsy.

(Hellstorm#18) - Daimon discussed his current existence with Jaine, taking her to Hell and making her his consort. He vowed to continue to struggle to keep Earth safe from both Heaven and Hell.






(Hellstorm#19) - After two days in bed with Jaine, Daimon followed information from Anton Devine, traveling to Bend Sinister, Utah where the angel Tzadqiel had possessed a Satanist as part of a plan to eradicate worship of Satan by punishing his worshippers. Daimon sacrificed the Satanists, but permanently trapped the Angel within a small shack, driving him mad, showing Satanists everywhere that while he would not be providing omnipresent protection, Angels could not just take their bodies at will.
    Hellstorm believed that his punishment of the Angel would drive the Satanists to worship him further, which in turn would enhance his power.

(Hellstorm#20 - BTS) - Satana continued to amass power, recruiting Detective Gunyon as her agent.
    The Asura-controlled Gabriel Rosetti ambushed Jaine Cutter, stealing her Breathing Gun.
    Lavoisin discovered that she was going to have a boy, and she instructed word to be sent to the father, Daimon.
    Stephen Loss continued to gather secrets and plot the eradication of Daimon Hellstorm.













(Hellstorm#21) - Gabriel, armed with the Breathing Gun, arrived at the Fire Lake mansion and confronted Hellstorm, who manifested his trident by reflex. Gabriel fired the Gun, shattering the trident, and Daimon and Gabriel then grappled with the Gun, with another shot hitting Daimon in the left leg. Daimon pulled Gabriel into the mansion, which contained wards to bar the entry of Angels, and this proved able to tear the narcotic sacrament K from Gabriel's mind, sending him into massive withdrawal and insanity.
    Learning that Loss had created the House of Blue Lights which had manipulated Gabriel, Daimon teleported into Loss' apartment and slew him.
    Returning to Fire Lake, Daimon asked Isaac to care for Gabriel as he had done for Patsy. He then utterly destroyed the House of Blue Lights, sending it and Ingenuity Lee, and the people and Angels within it into Hell.
    Back at Fire Lake again, Daimon received Lavoisin's news, and he decided to refrain from telling her that their son would almost certainly be the reincarnation of his father. Jaine--ignorant of this news--consoled Daimon, reminding him that they were just on one big ride, and he should just enjoy it.

(Secret Defenders#25) - Daimon noticed, but was unconcerned by, the shift of the grand balance between Heaven and Hell caused by the actions of the demon Slorioth.






(Druid#1) - Scurve, one of the followers of Dr. Druid, used one of Druid's texts to summon the devil, bringing Hellstorm to the site. Druid arrived and tried to protect Scurve from the indignant Hellstorm, who slew Scurve nonetheless. Druid ignored Hellstorm's warnings to stay out of it, and Daimon simply beat him senseless, threatening to eviscerate Druid if he saw him again.

(Druid#4 (fb) - BTS) - Having noticed Druid's accumulation of occult power, Hellstorm reanimated Nekra--who had been imprisoned in the pits of Hell--and sent her to discover how unstable Druid was and whether he could handle his new power. She was to defuse him if he proved dangerous.

(Druid#3 - BTS) - When Druid plotted against the Dry Academy--who allegedly maintained the illusion of normal existence on Earth--Nekra seduced him, knowing that to love a witch was Druid's Geis (a type of Celtic Achilles' heel that would negate one's power if performed).

(Druid#4) - Druid sacrificed another of his followers, Hemingway, to the Celtic Goddesses to regain his power, and he managed to interrupt the Dry Academy's work, exposing all existence as its true(?) putrid and diseased state. Nekra began shooting at Druid, and Hellstorm appeared and ended his life.

(Nightman II#2/2) - As Daimon lay with Jaine, he sensed the dimensional portal opening between Earth-616 and the Ultraverse, a result of the Phoenix Force's interactions between the two realms. As the Night Man peered through the portal, Daimon told him of the doom with which the Phoenix Force threatened the Ultraverse.

(Wolverine II#113) - At Fire Lake, Daimon used the Necromanteion to discover the threat posed by an ancient artifact, a box thought to have been lost to the nether regions forever.

(Wolverine II#114) - Hellstorm teleported into the East Village of Manhattan, where he gave cryptic warning to Wolverine about an ancient box once possessed by the Ancient One. Hellsorm told him to make certain that the box did not make it into the hands of Ogun.

(Punisher IV#1) - Hellstorm encountered the angel-employed Punisher while he sought out his fallen guardian angel, Gadriel.

(Punisher IV#2) - The Hell-Lord Olivier sent his demons to assault Hellstorm (again wielding his trident) as part of his bid to conquer all of Hell, though Hellstorm knew not who had sent his attackers. Gadriel, followed soon after by the Punisher, arrived to assist Hellstorm, and the trio drove of the demons. Hellstorm then summoned his Demon-Steeds (a new group, including Malah and Zulum) to bring him back to his realm to defend it from Olivier; before leaving he warned Gadriel that he had not told the Punisher the truth about Olivier and his Stalkers.

(Punisher IV#3 - BTS) - While Olivier's forces laid siege on Satannish's realm, one of Olivier's servants (actually the Stalker who was Bruno Costa) reported that another of the Nether Realms had fallen under his sway. Olivier's Stalkers later captured the Punisher and Gadriel.

(Punisher IV#4) - The Punisher and Gadriel destroyed Olivier, ending his forces' assaults on the Nether Realms. Back on Earth, Hellstorm decided that this Punisher would bear watching, a sentiment echoed by Dr. Strange. Hellstorm told Strange that he needn't worry himself, but Strange told him it was no trouble. Presumably Strange did not trust Hellstorm and didn't want him to influence the Punisher in any way.

(Avengers III#11 - BTS / Thunderbolts Annual 2000 (fb)) - After Mockingbird vanished in mid-sentence from Earth during her brief resurrection as one of the Grim Reaper's Legion of the Unliving, she allegedly appeared in Hellstorm's throne room in Hell. Her message had stated that she wished Hawkeye to help Daimon, as Patsy Walker was going to be used by Mephisto as a pawn to kill him.

(Fantastic Four Annual 1999) - Under unspecified circumstances, Hellstorm allegedly (see comments) became the prisoner of Blackheart (son of Mephisto), who had joined forces with Selene, serving as the Black King of the Hellfire Club. Blackheart apparently intended to use the Hellfire Club to lay claim to Earth while also eliminating his main rival to the throne of the abyss.

(Fantastic Four Annual 1999) - Mechamage freed the oddly costumed Hellstorm (see comments) from Blackheart's prison, and Hellstorm then freed Mechamage, Margali Szardos, and the Invisible Woman break from within Blackheart himself. Hellstorm then joined forces with Margali, drawing on the ancient element archetypes represented by the Fantastic Four and using Mechamage as a conduit, making Blackheart's seat of power, within the Hellfire Club's Fifth Avenue Manhattan base, instead his eternal prison. Margali used a stepping disk to travel through Limbo/Otherplace, allowing herself, Hellstorm, the Fantastic Four, and Mechamage to escape the Club mansion and then return to Earth without disrupting the mystic wards imprisoning Blackheart.

    Margali noted that with the Hellfire Club's new Inner Circle, with Blackheart as Black King, that the mantle of his opposition, the White King, would fall to Daimon. He told them that he would seek a consort to be his White Queen, apparently not wishing to reveal the existence of his already existing consort, Jaine Cutter.


(Thunderbolts Annual 2000 (fb)) - Hellstorm realized that he himself could not storm Mephisto's realm to recover Patsy without threatening the existence of the Nether Realms and Earth, as well.

(Thunderbolts Annual 2000 (fb) - BTS) - Hellstorm had Anton Devine contact Hawkeye and instruct him to come to Fire Lake for information about Mockingbird.

(Thunderbolts Annual 2000) - Hellstorm toyed with Hawkeye as he entered the Fire Lake portal to Hell, briefly appearing in his goofy super-heroic Hellstorm costume before returning to his current appearance. Hellstorm revealed how he had worn such a costume simply to mock Reed Richards and the rest of the Fantastic Four. Hellstorm also described an encounter with a demon fleeing Mephisto's realm who was carrying one of Mockingbird's battle-staves. He told Hawkeye that he considered this as Mockingbird again trying to contact Hawkeye from the Arena of Tainted Souls in which she was trapped. After a brief argument, Hellstorm allowed Hawkeye to access the portal to the Arena of Tainted Souls.
    There, with the help of the Thunderbolts who had reached Hell with the aid of Pluto, Hawkeye used an arrow the Scarlet Witch had impregnated with Chaos Energy (back before Bendis said it didn't exist) and the combined psychic energy of the once-noble souls of the Arena, to temporarily disperse Mephisto. Hawkeye took what he thought was Mockingbird back to Earth with him, only to find that it was actually Patsy. Thus Patsy/Hellcat was restored to life.
    The angry Hawkeye confronted Hellstorm over his manipulations, but Hellstorm told him that he was only doing what Mockingbird had wanted him to do: to save Patsy and avoid a black war. Hellstorm accepted when Hawkeye told him that Patsy didn't want anything to do with him anymore.

(Hellcat#2 (fb) - BTS) - Dormammu plotted to conquer the realms of Hell in progression and then use them as a stepping stone to invade and conquer Earth, starting with Mephisto's realm.

(Hellcat#1) - When Hellcat defeated Dormammu's agent, Nicholas Scratch, Dormammu abducted Hellcat to the Dark Dimension to prevent Mephisto from learning of his plot, though Mephisto was actually observing these events from his own realm.

(Hellcat#2) - In a neutral realm, Hellstorm met with Mephisto, Satannish, Hela, and Pluto. The latter two refused to unite against Dormammu, believing that their respective Pantheons who come to their aid if Dormammu threatened their realms. Hellstorm entered into an alliance with Satannish and Mephisto, but he refused to allow either of them into his realm and left them to fight Dormammu's forces on their own. In mid-battle, Satannish struck down Mephisto, revealing his allegiance to Dormammu, even referring to him as his creator.
    After Mephisto had been imprisoned, Hellcat arrived, having obtained the G'uranthic Gemstone from the Dark Dimension, and she offered to set Mephisto free (despite their past involvement) as their interests currently coincided.

(Hellcat#3) - Patsy freed Mephisto and convinced him that he would need to join with Hellstorm to defeat Dormammu and Satannish, and she led Mephisto into Hellstorm's realm. She then recruited Pluto and Hela, convincing them to unite against the major threat to their realms. Based on the fact that the environments of Hell were subconsciously shaped by those within them, Hellstorm, Mephisto, Hela, and Pluto united their wills to temporarily transform the combined realms of Mephisto and Satannish's Hells (inhabited by Satannish and Dormammu) into a frozen wasteland. This mystic winter served to neutralize Dormammu's Faltinian flames, causing his power to dwindle, and Dormammu took Nicholas Scratch and fled back to the Dark Dimension.
    Distraught by his "master" 's  departure, Satannish was then struck down from behind by Mephisto, who fortified the mystic barrier preventing Dormammu from returning to his realm. After Pluto and Hela returned to their own realms, Mephisto thanked Patsy, but then told her that she was his forever. However, Patsy, apparently addled by her recent experiences, made an extremely odd set of conclusions that led to her believing that Hellstorm was actually the son of Satannish and the grandson of Dormammu.

(Marvel Encyclopedia: Marvel Knights / Hellcat#3) - Wishing to keep Patsy distant from the horrors of his current existence, he then deceived her by agreeing to her conclusions. Posing as a more malevolent being, Daimon magically assaulted her, but Mephisto, wishing to use her against Daimon in the future, defended her from his seeming attacks.

(Hellcat#3) - Mephisto teleported Patsy back to Earth.

(Magik II#4 (fb), 1-4 - all BTS) - Magik (Amanda Sefton) had her agent Nugent compile a computer program to gather all arcane lore into a single place. The collection of arcane lore took on a life of its own, joined forces with the Otherplace demon S'ym, and proceeding to begin slaughtering and conquering the various "splinter realms", including the Dark Dimension, Otherplace, Muspelheim, Mephisto's Hell, and the Nightmare dimension. Magik called a convocation of the Lords of the Splinter Realms in an effort to unite them against this Archenemy, but unwittingly played into its hands by doing so. Ultimately Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) destroyed the computer program, neutralizing the spell, and dispersing the Archenemy.
    Hellstorm would certainly have been aware of this, though it is unknown if he were actually directly involved.

(Witches#1 (fb) - BTS, 1-4 - BTS) - His powers at their low ebb and seeking to lower his competition, Satan made plans to unleash the Hellphyr to slaughter the magic users on Earth. Daimon would almost certainly--like every other magic user associated with Earth--have sensed the awakening of the Hellphyr, as well as Satana joining forces with Jennifer Kale and Topaz to destroy the Hellphyr.
    Satana refused Satan's offer to join him in reclaiming Hell after the Hellphyr had destroyed all other magic-users.

(Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#1 (Director's Cut)) - For reasons unknown, Hellstorm became a member of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Howling Commandos unit of supernatural agents.

(Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#6 (fb)-BTS) - Hellstorm was sent to infiltrate the Lords of the Living Lightning as an undercover agent.

(Nick Fury's Howling Commandso#3) - When Merlin's return to Earth caused the death of several of the Lords' ESPer agents, Hellstorm was sent by them to form an alliance with the wizard.

(Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#4) - Donning his familiar original costume (as opposed to the white tuxedo he arrived in), Hellstorm bargained with Merlin. Unbeknownst to Hellstorm, Merlin's forces had already invaded the Lords' base and killed some of them before forcing the others to swear allegiance to Merlin. Merlin told Hellstorm he already knew of Daimon's allegiances, as he did of Lilith (Dracula's Daughter), who had also infiltrated the wizard's forces. Hellstorm was not pleased to see Lilith.

(Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#5) - Hellstorm and Lilith continued by Merlin's side while their teammates began to build their forces elsewhere.

(Nick Fury's Howling Commandos#6) - Hellstorm discussed Merlin's failure to kill Lilith with Telesti of the Folk, one of Merlin's enchanted followers. When the Howling Commandos assaulted Merlin's forces, Hellstorm revealed his true colors and slew Telesti. After Merlin retreated in defeat, Hellstorm berated Clay Quartermain for wrecking his cover with the Lords of the Living Lightning, but Quartermain merely told him to watch his tone. Hellstorm angrily stormed off.

(Marvel Tarot#1 - BTS) - The First Tarot showed Ian McNee there were two Devil cards, one of them was Daimon, the other Satana. McNee noted Daimon was the one to watch. He continued that his spies in the splinter realms had revealed trouble was brewing in the lake of fire, chances are Daimon and Satana were involved.

(Last Defenders#3) - Hellstorm killed stampeding dark spectral horses from the Dream Dimension to save Dr. Strange from them. They talked about Nighthawk (Richmond)'s Initiative sanctioned Defenders and Strange assured Hellstorm that Hellstorm's path would soon be interwined with Nighthawk again.

(Last Defenders#4) - Hellstorm broke into Hellcat's apartment in Chinatown and nearly scared her to death when she woke up. He tried to reconcile with her, but she had no interest in it. Hellstorm later approached Kyle Richmond to talk about his Defenders.

(Last Defenders#5) - Hellstorm wanted to join the Defenders, but unfortunately Kyle informed him that the Defenders had been disbanded and Kyle wasn't allowed to work as Nighthawk anymore. Disappointed that Kyle would give up so easily Hellstorm left.

(Last Defenders#6) - Hellstorm approached Krang, who had just taken down some pirates, to tell Krang that he was destined to become a member of the Defenders. Hellstorm opened a portal and Krang followed him. They met with their new teammates She-Hulk and Joaquin Pennysworth at the Initiative's Defenders HQ Richmond Enterprises had recently purchased. With Kyle as their advisor and financial backer the Defenders began to serve mankind.

(OHotMU A-Z HC#8 - Nighthawk (Richmond)) - Stark gave Kyle's Defenders some leeway, but when Norman Osborn took control over the Initiative the unsanctioned Defenders were quickly shut down by him leaving Hellstorm without a team once again.

(New Avengers I#52) - The Hood, empowered by Dormammu, began hunting down candidates for the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme and teleported into New Orleans where he fired bullets at the Son of Satan, who had just been having a phone discussion with Hellcat to return to his side.

(New Avengers I#53) - Hellstrom easily stopped the Hood's bullets. Angered, he demanded to speak directly to the demon possessing the gunman when the Eye of Agamotto, seeking a new Sorcerer Supreme, briefly blinked in and out. Hellstrom attacked with his mystical trident, forcing the Hood and his "demon" to take on a more monstrous aspect.

(New Avengers I#54) - The Avengers arrived and provided distraction while Hellstrom, Dr. Strange and Brother Voodoo were able to trap the monster and forced Dormammu to fully reveal himself. Voodoo then expelled him from this dimension, Hellstrom then warned Voodoo and the assembled Avengers that dimensional barriers were weakening, allowing unholy and magical creatures better access to this world. 

(Marvel Divas#1) – Secretly keeping an eye on Hellcat and slighted at barely being mentioned in her latest book, Hellstrom contacted her while she was in a bookstore, hoping to rekindle past romance.

(Marvel Divas#2) – Hellstrom again found Hellcat and said he would cure Firestar’s cancer in exchange for Hellcat’s soul, but she declined.

(Marvel Divas#3) – Hellstrom appeared again, revising the deal: one night in Hell for Firestar’s complete recovery. Hellcat agreed and the two teleported away, although Hellstrom stated that one night in Hell could last forever.

(Marvel Divas#4) – With demons cheering on, Hellstrom engaged Hellcat in a cage fight, offering to end it for one night of sex. Hellcat refused. Meanwhile, Hellcat's friends, Firestar, Black Cat and Monica Rambeau, teleported into Hell. Hellstrom easily averted the attacks and agreed to release the four women when Hellcat offered to add two chapters to her revised book that she still wasn't over him. However, the new deal returned Firestar to her cancer-affected state.

(Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural#2) - Under the influence of Nightmare, Hellstrom smashed open the gateway to Earth in Dr. Voodoo's chamber in New  Orleans, setting Nightmarre free.

(Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural#3) - Still controlled by Nightmare, Hellstrom fought Dr. Voodoo until Daniel Drumm, Voodoo's spectral brother and aid, possessed Hellstrom and they escaped Voodoo's invaded sanctum, appearing in New York. However, they were attacked by the Nightmare-influenced Hood, who was eager for revenge against Dr. Voodoo.

(Strange II#4) - With magic in violent chaos due to the meddling of the demon Virilian, Dr. Strange beseeched other magic users, including Hellstrom, to stop using magic. Unable to defend himself, Hellstrom was injured in the magical melee.

(Tomb of Terror II#1/2) - Hellstrom traveled to New Mexico where he stopped Erik Delano, who had become murderous after listening to an otherworldy creature that used Erik's father's voice.

(Incredible Hulks#619) - Amadeus Cho and Hercules hoped to recruit the Hulks as part of their God Squad to battle the Chaos King, but Hellstrom saw that the Hulks fought the Chaos King on another front. Hercules nevertheless later summoned the Hulk and his allies to fight alongside the God Squad.

(Wolverine IV#2) -

(Wolverine IV#3) -

(Wolverine IV#5) -

(Wolverine IV#6) -

(Legion of Monsters II#2) - Manphibian and N'Kantu the Living Mummy visited Hellstrom to find out what was plaguing Monster Metropolis, but it instead resulted in N'Kantu becoming possessed. Hellstrom burnt him with his trident before dismissing Manphibian.

(Villains for Hire#0.1) - Although unable to pay his fee of a virgin's tears, Misty Knight hired Hellstrom to help the Black Panther against Moloids and a Monster Island creature.

(Journey Into Mystery IV#633) -

(Journey Into Mystery IV#634) -

(Journey Into Mystery IV#635) -

(Journey Into Mystery IV#636) -

Hellstrom fends off Blackheart's Hell (Venom II#13.1) - Hellstrom and Dr. Strange arrived at the Las Vegas city limits to investigate an incursion of Hell, the sorcerer recognizing the amulet that placed a mystical barrier around the city.

(Venom II#13.2) - The two watched Ghost Rider (Alejandra) apparently die inside the barrier, destroying the amulet as she fell. Hellstrom expected the worst.

(Venom II#13.4) - Hellstrom and Dr. Strange stopped the newly freed Spirit of Vengeance from leaving the city limits, so it instead zoomed inward in search of its former host, Johnny Blaze. However, while holding back Hell with Dr. Strange, Blackheart tempted him with ruling his own piece of Hell. Hellstrom's defenses fell and he was held down unconscious by Blackheart's minion, Encephalon.

(Venom II#14) - Venom (Thompson), X-23, Red Hulk and Johnny Blaze were able to stop Blackheart and Hellstrom recovered, but he saw the otherwise invisible mystical pentagram brands on the chests of Red Hulk, Venom and X-23 as a result of their making a secret deal with Mephisto; he chose not to speak of this. He then watched as Venom was welcomed into the (Secret) Avengers.

Created by Gary Friedrich and Tom Sutton (Interesting concepts, but the story-telling was a little bland).
    Steve Gerber, Jim Mooney, and Sal Trapani took over with Marvel Spotlight I#14, marking a major improvement in my eyes.
    Claremont, Sal Buscema, and Bob McLeod did the final Son of Satan issue in Marvel Spotlight, #24.
    Son of Satan#1-7 were written by John Warner, with Jim Mooney doing the art for #1, and then Sonny Trinidad drawing #2-7;
        #8 was Bill Mantlo and Russ Heath.
    The whole Defenders saga, from Six-Fingered Hand up to Daimon's marriage was by J.M. DeMatteis, with art usually by Don Perlin; good stuff!
    Hellstorm#1-6 was by Rafael Nieves and Michael Blair--best Hellstorm team, EVER!
    Hellstorm#7-11 was by Len Kaminski and Peter Gross...no, wait...this was the best Hellstorm team, EVER!
    Hellstorm#12-23 (most of it, anyway) was by Warren Ellis and Leonardo Manco...OK, seriously...this is absolutely, positively the best Hellstorm team ever. But their predecessors were pretty damn good, too.
    Daimon's goofy superhero Hellstorm costume and the idea that he was the son of Satannish and the grandson of Satannish all comes from Steve Englehart.
    I pretty much wince when anyone uses Hellstorm anymore, b/c Ellis' version was so good that the rest seem painful in comparison. I thought Fabian Nicieza did a nice job in Thunderbolts Annual 2000.

    Daimon is Greek for intermediary spirits standing between man and the supernatural.

Who is the Son of Satan's father?

Who the devil is in Ghost Rider II#1-2/Marvel Spotlight I#12?

    Typically, Mephisto is the "Satan" seen in stories involving the Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider, while Marduk Kurios is the "Satan" seen in stories involving Hellstorm/Son of Satan. However, the initial stories appeared to intend them to be the same being, as both the Ghost Rider and the Son of Satan believe they are fighting "their Satan" in these issues.

    Son of Satan#8 has Morgan le Fay and Mordred as residents of Satan's Hell, but the whole issue turns out to be Satan's nightmare on Christmas Eve, so I don't think it confirms anything.

    Marvel Fanfare I#20-21 take place AFTER the Hulk had been sent to the Crossroads by Dr. Strange (@ Incredible Hulk II#300), which is after the intelligent Hulk degenerated into a totally mindless state. At any rate, it pretty much has to be AFTER Defenders I#125 (which has the intelligent Hulk in it), but before Daimon regained his full power, b/c that was chronologically around the time that the Hulk was working with the Pantheon, which is WAY after his return from the Crossroads. Either Daimon drew the Pentagram on his chest for dramatic purposes/old times sake, OR it was artistic license/error, OR it actually represented the first signs that Daimon retained some mystic power. He might have taken to wearing that god-awful superhero costume to cover up the fact that his pentagram had returned.
    The reality is that the story had probably been written way before it was published, and had to be sandwiched into more recent continuity. That happened a lot with Marvel Fanfare issues.

    Hellfire's origin is about as confusing as you can get. Originally, he was meant to be Hellstorm and Satana's half-brother, as he even had nightmares of Victoria Wingate's life. But Terror's information led him to Cassandra Drakonmegas as his mother.

    It is highly unlikely Beelzeboul is really Daimon Hellstrom's father, though it is possible that Beelzeboul is just another alias of Marduk Kurios. I personally believe that Rekrab was just mixing his myths up, and Beelzeboul is just the ruler of a (much) smaller Hell dimension who also claims to be Satan (it's all the rage with demon types), thus leading to confusion (Hellstrom = the Son of Satan, after all)
    See also the comments on the entry on Marduk Kurios for discussion (ad nauseum) on this issue--Snood.
Another good idea is that Satan is actual a conglomeration of demons who merge and split off from each other at different intervals, taking on aspects like Mephisto, Satannish, Thog, Marduk Kurios, Beelzeboul, etc. Thus there could be SOME relationship b/t Hellstorm and Hellfire.

    In Thunderbolts Annual 2000, Hellstorm told Hawkeye that he dons the "cape and tights" to make the superhero set more comfortable. He specifically mentioned "fooling a boy scout like Reed Richards." If he had been captured by Blackheart, he may have taken on the costume so that the FF and others would see him as more benevolent than a lord of Hell. It's equally possible that the whole capture by Blackheart was just a ruse as well, though its true purpose, other than $#!+$ and giggles is unclear.

Even worse is Hellstorm's appearances in the Howling Commandos series. Giffen is usually a master with continuity, so it comes as a surprise that he reverted Hellstorm back thirty years without a peep. Maybe it was all a ploy on Hellstorm's part to ingratiate himself into a huge army of supernatural beings, or perhaps Hellstorm has a "part" of himself still running around on Earth doing his former work. Who knows. His history with Lilith, which is strongly alluded to, is never revealed, nor why they hate each other.

    Thanks to Markus Raymond for suggesting the name "Xaphan" for the one-panel demon from Contest of Champions#1:

Dictionnaire Infernal - Collin de Plancy (1863)

Xaphan is a demon of the second order with an inventive spirit and bellows as an emblem. During the rebellion in heaven, he proposed to set Heaven on fire. He was thrown into the abyss with the other rebels & fans the flames of the furnaces with his mouth & hands.
If that's who it was, then that demon would be one of those associated with

    In Hellstorm#2, Daimon referenced "a Brit in a--similar line of work--smoked like a fiend...a lot of people were afraid he'd die. Many more were afraid he wouldn't. My father included." I think he was referring to DC/Vertigo's Constantine.
    In Marvel Comics Presents#55/2, a British accented man resembling Constantine can be seen in an occult book store.
--Per Degaton

Other Death Gods that might have some affiliation with Hellstorm include:  

Other, older gods (either known to have passed or unknown whether they are still active) Borri, Crom, Dagon, ErlikStag God, Yamaai

and then there's the alien death god Walker and the Grateful Undead's God of the Dead

Per Degaton's synopsis for Hellstorm's appearance in X-Men: Legacy Quest, Book 3:
Selene sent her astral form to Hong Kong to taunt Sebastian Shaw in Hong Kong. Later that night Hellstorm and Emma Frost met with Sebastian Shaw, who had had a falling out with Selene. They were introduced by Tessa to Shaw.

Would it kill a writer to read Hellstorm's OHotMU or Marvel.com profile before writing him? Inconsistencies and contradictions are really annoying.

An alternate version of Hellstorm was seen in Last Defenders#5-6 as part of a future version of the Defenders Yandroth had foreseen.

Hellstrom's inverted pentagram on his chest is shown right side up in the Legion of Monsters limited series (2012). Artistic license, wheel of fortune, time clock...?
--Grendel Prime

Either Yandroth was wrong about this destined, perfect incarnation of the Defenders or they will be back together at some point. Only time can tell.
--Markus Raymond
    Check out the Vengeance (2011) limited series for more on this...
    --Grendel Prime

Profile by Snood. (with various updates from Grendel Prime)

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